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Dominant memes in our society that are - well - self-serving capitalist lies ...

by Dave Patterson, Aug-Oct 2011

A 'meme' is a belief that underlies a citizen's way of perceiving her or his society and world, generally an unquestioned assumption about how things are.

If a person or group wanting to dominate a society can implant a set of memes that encourage the citizens to accept this dominance as a natural thing, rather than an enforced thing, their rule will be much more secure.

The current ruling elite - bankers, investors, capitalists, wealthy businessmen, etc - understand that they are few and the citizens whom they wish to dominate in a modern feudal society are many - but the current rulers are also quite clever, in the way of the more successful predators in nature, and have been learning how to control human behaviour for millennia, from the earliest days of simply violence through the first modern Machiavellian approaches in the early days of modern European civilisation through the techniques for shaping public opinion first explored in the early years of the last century.

The current rulers have learned they lessons well, the current western populations are very well controlled by the current rulers, to the extent most of them believe they are free, and under no-one's control at all - the ideal situation for a ruling class who are a quite small minority, and could be unseated quite easily if the people they ruled had the desire to do so.

A good part of the current management of public opinion is based on a series of 'memes', beliefs about the things in society that most people believe - things which are false, by and large, but which work to support the continued dominance of the small ruling class, which would be endangered if 'the people' actually understood the truth of things.

Herein, a look at some of the dominant memes that guide most citizens - memes which could be simply called 'lies' in other contexts.

One of the deepest memes over the last 30-40 years is that Capitalism is Great!! - everybody prospers, opportunity for Hard Workers to "get ahead", Capitalism = Democracy, etc etc. More and more people are starting to see through this deep indoctrination, hopefully not to late to stop the growing New Feudalism movement they are herding us into. One of the central 'selling points' of the 'capitalism is Great!' lie has been getting small businesspeople 'onside' by convincing them, and most everyone else, that capitalism is all about 'small businesses', therefore small business owners are the face of captialism. Which is one reason this kind of thing is not talked about in the education system - if people actually understood what 'capitalism' means, this lie would be very hard to sell. Better just to throw it out as an article of faith, with a lot of knee jerk reaction type things in response to anyone questioning the Great God Capitalism. Anyway, I've been meaning to address this for quite awhile, and finally got around to it - and herein, with a bit of editing:

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