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Aug 24 - Maritimes news - nice heartwarming story about PEI folks preparing 'glad bag kits' for kids starting school without some basic gear - such nice folks. Of course. BUT - - OUT OF THE BOX - we might ask some other questions - what in the hell is going on that so many people are so poor in our great free prosperous democracy these days? In a 'real' media, we might be asking some other people for their comments - i.e. poverty is not inevitable - it's a choice we make as a society. Wow - haha, sure as hell don't want to be going THERE on the Capitalist Broadcast Media. haha.

The Russian Aggression Prevention Act (RAPA): A Direct Path to Nuclear War with Russia - fuck these people are right out of their fucking minds. Certifiably insane people in charge of the most powerful country in the world. And supported by the Canadians currently running our country very illegitimately any way you count things. Odd we're not hearing anything about this on the CBC - guess there's no way they figure they can spin it to make it look like the Russians are trying to start a war, or something - it's obvious from various signs that regardless of 30+ years of serious dumbing down, there are still quite a few people in Canada with at least partially functioning brains.

>> ongoing 'good children indoctrination maintenance' - is it the job of the CBC to be a government programmer? They seem to think so - you notice the regular drive-by indoctrination maintenance (well, you might not, but I do - when you have your head in outside-the-boxland, such things tend to be quite obvious) - when they have any kind of phone-in stuff, and somebody says they're calling from in a car somewhere, **ALL** of the on-air personalities have obviously received orders from 'the master' to immediately interrupt with some form of, "Oh golly!! I hope you have pulled off the road! We children are not allowed to use a telephone while we're driving!!' - and etc. It's a contentious law at best, like other 'for your own protection citizens!!!!' shit like seatbelt and helmet laws, certainly never debated during any election, and is just more Big Momma in action - and again shows the central function of the CBC - making sure the children behave as Big Brother wants them to - I mean, really, nobody wants to get tut-tutted by the CBC hosts we listen to and love. This is one of the things that is simply not debatable (they know that they would lose by big numbers and honest debate) - democracy is for small things - like the 'participatory budgeting' thing above - but for the serious stuff - you people just do what you're fucking well told, or we'll have the cops all over you. Soon. Remember, if you don't do what momma tells you willingly with a smile on your face and get your little pat on the head like good children, we very quickly escalate. Doing As You Are Told!!! is zero-tolerance territory, assholes, in our Brave New World - when Big Brother speaks, you have one response and one response only - SIR YESSIR!!! - or the tasers are coming out, if they're in a good mood and don't go straight for the guns. The only good 'dissident' is the one with several bullet holes in his body, as a lesson to others who might think of resisting. (but it's ok, Dave!!! If you do as your told, they won't hurt you!!)

>> 'national "news"' - Libya has been in some turmoil since 'the overthrow of Gaddaffi' - fuck these people. 'the overthrow' - like, this had nothing to do with US, folks!! Nonono!! It was just like an act of god!! - 'the overthrow'!! - nothing at ALL to do with the US, with the support of Canada and massive lies and propaganda from the Cdn media, including we here at the CBC, bombing the fuck out of anything remotely associated with Gaddaffi until the gang of rabble calling themselves 'rebels' could finally manage to catch and kill him, etc etc. Orwell really was pretty prescient, with his 'Ministry of Truth' stuff - we certainly have it today, with MofT branch Canada led by the CBC.

Aug 23 - NOT the CBC: as we hear pretty much daily the CBC, along with most of the western media, demonizing the leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin, a little context would be nice. RT is usually good for some voices never to be allowed near the CBC, such as this - The Putin Phenomenon - as usual, there's quite a bit more to any story than the propagandists want their indoctrinees to believe.

>> They've built the box, and you're in it: the 2014 People's Social Forum is taking place in Ottawa - and getting some notice in the media (as noted frequently, an immediate red flag for anyone truly fighting the NWO who understands what is really happening here - the enemy does NOT give sanction or publicity to anyone they truly consider dangerous - why would they?). This has obviously been an undertaking by many people truly interested in trying to get our country back onto a better path, with a lot of time and money involved, and has been built up as a great moment in the struggle against the NWO. But it is exactly the reverse, when seen in the bigger picture, through the lens of a mature, talented and confident military strategist fighting an enthusiastic but naive foe, such as those coordinating the NWO takeover - this is only in a small sense a 'great protest' from the masses - in a much bigger, and more important way, it is a great triumph for the strategists of the NWO, who, like a black belt martial artist allowing their enemy to expend much energy whilst being prepared at any time to expertly throw them to the mat with a simple movement, have allowed this great effort by their enemy to happen under very controlled circumstances, and they have arranged everything to ensure that after all of this time and effort, although it will be lauded as a great thing, and everyone will feel something has been done - at the end of the day, this is going to have exactly zero influence on changing any government policy.

Look a bit deeper at what is happening.

First, there are '17 key themes' - which sounds great and inclusive, but is an absolute guarantee that nothing useful will be done about any of these things, and a great deal of effort is going to be diverted into an endless stream of 'divide and conquer' energy. One of the enemy's ever-useful strategies.

Second - we all know *what* needs to be done, or changed, or stopped, to make our country better - there are hundreds of manifestoes of various kinds out there written by knowledgeable people over the last 30 years detailing the problems with our country and world, and offering scenarios to make things better, most of which would be a great improvement on the current situation - we don't need more demands and ideas, we need to figure out how to start getting some power so we can start implementing some democratic ideas. And although the '17 themes' do include some questions on 'democracy', it is obvious that for anyone controlling the message here, as someone obviously is, such questions, or any useful answers, get buried in the stampede of every small interest group to be equally, or firstly, heard. So another bunch of months wasted running down another dead end canyon, another list of 'demands' for the rulers to ignore, and another few steps down the slippery slope.

Ottawa Morning - has an interview with a carefully selected person from the forum - some lawyer with a great idea (not new, but great!! (so they tell us, I guess the sarcasm font isn't ready yet ..) - 'participatory budgeting!!' - you know, although a city council will continue controlling most things, maybe we can let the kids, sorry citizens, have a talk about some small percent of what the city budget gets spent on - you know, Ella wants a small new park on her street, and the neighbors agree - but Bob wants a bit of money for a guard at the crosswalk where the kids cross to the school - Democracy in Action folks!!! - couldn't possible be less important, but that is the kind of stuff that will be going on - as the NWO tightens their chains and continues looting. Kids in the box, getting led around as always.

Aug 21 - the Current - excellent Box exemplar - the 'analysis' of the ISIS beheading of the American journalist - so 'box' in so many ways. (audio ) - let's take a minute and do a bit of deconstruction here -

a) This is a 'barbarous act' that 'shocked and outraged the world' etc etc - no doubt it is such a thing, but the US does stuff as bad and worse than this regularly, and has been for decades and longer (as far as I have heard, the CBC has never, for a recent example, even talked about the shooting of several civilians by an American helicopter in cold blood, which certainly shocked and outraged much of the world also - many, many other examples - when they are forced to acknowledge any of *our* atrocities and murders (usually US atrocities, but fully supported by the Cdn gov and CBC propaganda), it is very 'newsy' - allegations are made, the US denies, is investigating, etc etc - pour some oil on the current outrage, then forget about it etc - but when "the enemy" does something, the outrage is expressed and fired, etc etc - simple point being, this is not 'news' coverage, it is propaganda. (not to mention, of course, that the 'outrage' of Obama for the US is almost risibly hypocritical, but that is hardly new..)

b) we're going to try to make a case about how 'savagery' attracts people to ISIS - but of course we are NOT going to get into how the exact same savagery attracts many, many people to the US, and Cdn, and any military - young not-too-bright or educated men who like violence, who like intimidating and killing, are attracted to the military, and police, in pretty much every country, no doubt the odd exception, and more historically, but in the modern NWO world of chaos and violence, such people are highly valued in the world's militaries. Stories leak out about Cdn soldiers sometimes, but they're mostly covered up, and the odd time we do hear about Cdn torturing people etc, it is, as above, presented very, very differently than when we talk about 'them' the 'evil other;. (and she keeps on about 'he had an English accent, but we English are more civilized! Isn't that surprising?!?' - not really - as noted, think of what the Americans have been doing for the last long time, and ask why we don't talk about their savagery, and the entire American culture of violence - the cop killing the kid a couple of days ago being just the most recent example - but did we ever talk about 'outrageous barbarism' and 'savagery' when the Toronto cop pumped 8 or 10 bullets into a harmless kid on a streetcar last year? People were very, very outraged at that, you bet - but the coverage was very, very different .... )

( ''Everybody's talking about it and that's exactly what they want,' says former CIA analyst - kind of the reverse of the US murders and "collateral damage' killings - NOBODY in the corporate press is talking about these endless atrocities - which is exactly what THEY want. And as long as they keep getting what they want, we are not going to get to 'our' democracy.)

c) 'using social media as a recruitment tool' - these people hate any competition that might expose their lies, and the internet has been doing a very, very good job of that the last few years, and they use any opportunity to try to turn people away from what they see on the net - of course, the HUGE!!!! elephant in the room (we are of course not going to get anywhere near talking about) is the west's use of the MAINSTREAM media as a massive propaganda tool - and recruitment tool of course. And they use the 'social media' as well - I am sure this story has gained far, far more attention on 'social media' than anything the Islamists are doing. Something else we are never, never going to talk about, re 'recruitment', is the simple root cause of all this stuff - the US, and Britain in earlier years, now supported by Canada, and its bombing and killing all over the world, esp the last 60 years or so - the young people going off to ISIS or anywhere else to fight the US are, I would suggest, doing so largely in response to US actions. If the US is not over there bombing weddings and killing millions and destroying countries, there is going to be no serious impetus for such young people to go over there to defend their ancestral homelands, maybe with some 'revenge' motives as well if US bombs have killed some or many family members.

d) final interview with some 'think tank' about 'how to prevent radicalisation' - kind of makes one laugh cynically, of course. As noted above, by far, the US is the most violent country in the world, and does the most killing and bombing everywhere - what we all need to do is figure out how to stop them. But of course, one of the great capitalist tricks is screaming loud and long about somebody else doing in a small way what they are doing in a big way. and etc.

e) quote from our hero who has been killed - '"It's our job. I've been covering conflict since Iraq since 2008. I'm drawn to the human rights side and so many of the reporters are ... there's extreme violence but there's a certain sense of trying to find out who these people really are.". But again, one must consider the broader picture. NO doubt the murder of any person is a terrible thing, but this is not some random act of our enemy out of the blue, with no context, that we should all be outraged about - this is not the only journalist who has been murdered, in actual fact, the US probably murders more journalists than anyone else, the same as they murder more civilians, and torture more people, and destroy the infrastructure of many countries casting people into poverty and chaos and short brutal lives. The true journalists in the world who want to talk about these things, who are going after the true enemy - the USA - are not 'heroes' in the corporate propaganda press, they are noticed only marginally, and then portrayed not as heroes, but only as enemies. Bradley Manning, Edward Snowdon - doing the work any real journalist should be doing, and vilified and jailed if stupid enough to believe American lies about their 'great free and impartial justice system'. John Pilger, many others, real journalists in the world - completely gatekept from the American, and Canadian, media. Americans have been known to target journalists in Iraq and other places for trying to give a bit of perspective on what was really happening ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/April_8,_2003_journalist_deaths_by_U.S._fire ) So again, blatant propaganda - sure it's bad when ISIS kills reporters - it is just as bad, if not badder, when the US does it (ISIS at least is not pretending to be a 'free and democratic' state respecting and allowing media freedom)

(Final note - for some odd reason, I haven't heard one single question or comment about 'Well, it's not that bad - hell, anything we have now is better than Saddam, eh!' - never. not once. Saddam, a la Ministry of Truth, has been written completely out of the new history. This is a brand new phenomenon, crazy Muslims who hate us because of our freedoms, nothing more nothing less, and the damned monsters are brainwashing our poor young children over the internet to go and kill for them. etc etc.)

(and a bit of coverage elsewhere about the ISIS stuf - >> NOT THE CBC!!! - again, historical context, pure anathema on the Ministry of Truth 'Believe what we tell you TODAY!!" CBC - Isis, Khmer Rouge, Taliban: the awful products of US intervention

Aug 20 - the juvenile 'reporting' is just taking over - story from Hiroshima about the rains and landslides - 'and some people started running for their lives!' - wow. news reporting to live for. Next a story from the north, look it up. sad.

Aug 19 - >> 'news' - ".. today, the people of Lak Megantic will find out what caused the train to explode.." - ?? Really?? How do they know that? A report will be released today, but there is at least some possibility they are going to say they have no idea what caused the explosion - they might have some insights as to what caused the train to run wild, but again, that is not the 'direct' cause of the explosion, just the accident. Once again, the CBC people showing they don't have the language skills necessary to be running a national broadcaster. Actually, it's been quite a day for this kind of thing. Actually, quite a year. Quite a few years.

>> story on the 'sex trial' - all in the box stuff - oh, you poor abused children, that monster man! - so, so much NOT talked about - what kind of society do we have that creates 'adults' who feel so insecure, with no 'accepted' way to get sex commercially or something, that they need to prey on children? Or - what kind of society do we have that encourages children to remain silent when this kind of thing happens? What kind of society paints 'sex' as something dirty, something not to be talked about, when such oppression is a direct cause of so much of the 'sex crime' we see around us? And etc - a whole lot of things would be getting talked about here, if 'outside the box' people had anything to say about it. But of course when your main 'raison d'etre' is dumbing people down to the emotional level of children, this is what you get.

Aug 17 - Not really Aug 17, of course, but still a 'Definitely not the CBC' offering - Cory Doctorow talk on Homeland - talking about copyright, and what is really going on about this (we're not going to hear Cory on the CBC anytime soon, obviously..)

Aug 14 - interesting how many supposedly 'leftie' sites do not want to hear from me, or give even a passing reference to anything I do - Socialist Register seems to be one, yesterday they did a story on 'Responsible Capitalism' is Nonsense The Left Must Offer a Real Alternative - I added a small comment at the bottom, letting anyone interested know about Green Island, pretty much an alternative to capitalism - and it was rejected. I don't really think these people are capitalist dupes (like Rabble, for instance), but if they think they can beat these guys themselves, they're more part of the problem than the solution. It seems to be a 'well,we're serious folk, and this is fiction, and serious folk don't do fiction' or something - I don't know, nobody every says anything. But refusing to welcome me into the struggle is really setting them all back a lot.

>> once again, Island Morning showing how good they are to their friends - some 'venue menu' thing at the drivein - good idea, but most businesses do not qualify for free promos on the CBC - of course, when you are 'capitalist friendly', as they have been for quite some time now, that kind of 'professionalism' does not apply any more - money talks, doing stuff for your buds is part of the game, and etc.

>> Ottawa Morning - fuck this is beyond brazen, they have an interview with some guy telling us about a meeting in Montreal that was called because - (!!!!!!) before last month, nobody ever guessed that some bad guys might shoot down an airliner!!! (them darn ol Russians!!!!) - hand-wringing and lies, just brazen. - but an obvious after-the-fact attempt to deal with the well known (to we people who pay attention on the net) revelation that actually the Malaysian airliner was directed by Kiev control to divert from a safe course over the 'danger area', and was then shot down - odd we have never heard a word about this on the CBC (sarcasm font). just an outrageous brazen lie and coverup, as it has become very obvious that in all probability this plane was shot down by Kiev, very probably with American backing. Fuck. Big Brother is not fiction any longer. (sure there's some seriously good stuff out there - this for instance, from some pretty good 'real' journals.

Aug 13 - the Current - big conspiracy theory discussion - we KNOW them fucking Russians have hidden weapons in what they are calling a 'humanitarian' operation! We KNOW it we KNOW it!!!! - they 'annexed' the Crimea, the supplied the weapons to shoot down the plane last month!! - They're just EVIL BASTARDS!!!!!!! and EVERYTHING they do is evil evil evil!!!! (while of course the US is integrity and truth and goodness incarnate - everything they say is true, everything they do is GOOD - we believe that, really!!!!) - and etc. once again, of course, the hypocrisy is just beyond bizarre - 'we the good guys' brag about sending military aid to anyone we like, and THAT'S A GOOD!!! THING BRO!!!! - but just a hint, not even than, a foundationless accusation that MAYBE the Russkies are hiding a few small arms in a humanitarian convoy, and they go apeshit - huhh???? Does ANYbody over there at the CBC have a functioning brain??????? Do you see how blatantly you are doing nothing more than pro-US propaganda???

apparently not. But fuck, how can any thinking person believe this shit??? - really makes one despair about what I am doing ...

>> and again, there certainly are some intelligent discussions about the situation available for those with yet a functioning brain - what is going on in the Ukraine, as you will never hear on the CBC.

Aug 12 - "news" (fuck) - 'the Russians are sending trucks to Ukraine with ***what it says**** are humanitarian supplies..' - first, listen to the ominous voice of the propaganda-reader - low, somber, baaaaddd stuff, children... - and then a BIG commentary, pretending to be "news", about how of course we all here in the west do not trust them damned Russkies, and the trucks MAY have arms, or other things for an invasion, or the 'rebels', etc etc. Fuck, BB in action - and a completely somnambulant population believing any lies they are told.

>> once again showing how the entire media presentation is directed from some central office - as one hears regularly if one listens to more than one 'morning show', the same guy (occasionally woman) is presented from Ottawa, talking about exactly the same thing, using the same talking points if not entirely scripted; this morning, he is talking about the return of Emery the 'pot king', and Trudeau's new book. And the place of this in the deeper story - again, the tweedle shift, slowly de-legitimizing Harper, and building up Trudeau, so all by themselves (!!!!!! haha) the voters will boot Harper and crown Trudeau next year, for the next cycle of putting the NWO in place - I strongly suspect the last cycle, they're pretty much finished establishing their lockdown 'be afraid of terrorists we will protect you!!!' state, and gotten the once-almost 'democracies' well corralled through defunding it via the fraudulent 'debt' crises and dumbing down the citizenry so most have no idea what is really happening, and those who do understand a bit are completely marginalized and mocked as 'conspiracy theorists' by the obedient masses.

Game, set and match, as they say in some game. In our real world, Frodo didn't even get out of Hobbiton with the ring - in the real world, we have Mordor and Sauron and his cronies burning and looting and creating worldwide misery in their insanity, but the 'good' wizards are long gone. The hobbits are alone, and staying inside in front of their tvs like good hobbits as the Shire burns around them, and little Jack isn't running around crying about 'The wolves are coming! The wolves are coming!!!' anymore. They've eaten him.

Aug 9 - The House - the interviewer is a bit sane, but the guy he's talking to is right in Orwellian 'make up whatever story you want' fantasyland about Russia and Putin - Putin is 'the aggressor' !!! - Putin has to be careful, he doesn't know what he's getting into challenging Canada (Holy fuck!!!!) - and etc - good deconstruction stuff for the utter stupidity and shallowness of modern Cdn propaganda (ah - the interviewee was 'the parliamentary secretary to the Cdn minister of defence' - explains the utter stupidity of everything he said - very, very terrible times we are going through in Canada - )

Case Study - the lies of the Box Economics has met the enemy, and it is economics - by Ira Basen, The Globe and Mail, Oct. 15 2011 (very old, I just found it in the Globe, reinforcing their indoctrination I guess)

This is one of the things sold as the foundation of modern 'economics' as a 'science' - "...But by the end of the 19th century, the new field of economics no longer concerned itself with moral philosophy, and less and less with political economy. What was coming to dominate was a conviction that markets could be trusted to produce the most efficient allocation of scarce resource..'

- the thing is, that is just a fairy tale. Let us try another story. Let us suppose that, by the end of the 18th century, capitalism was becoming the dominant political-economic system, and money the new god and religion - if you had a lot of money, you could control political decisions in your own interests - make yourself stronger, make the workers weaker. But you have a problem - people are starting to understand this, and fight against you. You have no intention of relinquishing the power of your money, or your control of governments, but you understand that making this an open fight could get very dangerous - the thing about capitalism, you have a LOT of workers out there, and if you engage in an open battle, there is a very good chance you could just lose, which would be bad (for you). So a better plan is needed. So create a better story to sell to the workers - invent modern economics, tell the people it is 'the market' that rules, completely impartially like the law of gravity affects everyone, nothing you can do, except try to improve your position in the neutral market. Remove any idea that those with money can control the market, etc. And sell sell sell, like any used car salesman.

The thing to note is - these people just lie when they say this stuff. They no more believe the unregulatated market will allocate things fairly than I do - but if you can get enough people to believe it, then they will leave you alone. So with your money, buy the governments, through which you can have laws passed in your favor, buy the media so nobody tells the truth, through the government control the education system so your new 'economists' will give your lies a patina of 'science' which can be sold to the ignorant peasants. The few who understand what you are really up to can be easily marginalised.

Game, set and match.

Aug 2 - The House - interview (haha, that is to say, propaganda) with Jean Charest about some problems with the Canada-EU 'trade' agreement - good deconstruction stuff too - for example, this was never talked about during the last election, nor is it ever talked about in the media, beyond little promos like this - and it is a promo - he has questions like 'Should Cdns be concerned about this delay?"' - with, or course, the underlying assumption that all Canadians are really gung ho about this, really support it, and really are concerned that there are problems - which is a bit presumptive, in that Cdns have never been asked if they approve of this, or allowed to comment on it. But of course that is Big Brother in action - we TELL you what you like, understand? (just listen to the CBC, they'll tell you if you're in any doubt ...) - the House interviewer telling us, of course, 'the agreement is of huge economic importance to the country' - seems a bit awed to be in the presence of Charest, so sucking around a bit, giving himself away. >> they get up to other propaganda - the claim that China was hacking Cdn computers - just a big accusation, no proof, although China denies it (and of course, we know the NSA in the states is hacking EVERYBODY!!! - but this is not really of concern to the CBC, no outrage at all, just a report that 'some people claim this', the US denies it - nothing interesting here, just move on folks - but this claim that CHina is hacking Canada - HEY!!!! BIG STORY!!!! - just unverified accusations - the Chinese gov at one point said, what could China be interested in in Canada, re hacking things, and they just mocked it - of course, Canada is more important than China - but wait a minute?????? - actually, not really, China is a serious world player, Canada is a US puppet - haha CBC. get a grip on reality, eh??

>>> the guy is unreal - he says something like 'China does not care about rule of law, it just spies, and a few other things - but he describes the US NSA exactly!!!!!!!!!' - we KNOW the US does this to everyone but that is not a problem - the allegations that China is doing this, however, outrage us. Huh???!!!!!

>> and followed by a talk about Libya - a bunch of complete lies about what happened - god I just don't have time to keep up with all of this stuff ...

>> NOT the CBC: Good interview with Julian Assange about various things the CBC is NEVER going to talk about - Julian Assange "We Are Headed Towards A Transnational Dystopian Total Surveillance Society" - or this series of interview on Real News - Racing to a Dead End - Heiner Flassbeck on Reality Asserts Itself

Aug 1 - Ottawa Morning - a lengthy interview with some guy looking to start a basketball team or something - I guess you could make the argument this is of some interest to some people - but there are so many other things of such great importance going on in our country and world that would be a great deal more useful, and are NOT being covered, aside from a bit of very one-sided propaganda - entertainment should be always a secondary thing, when there really is nothing more useful to be doing, which would, these days, be almost never, or unless there is some seriously high-profile interest story - but of course, if your (true, never spoken out loud of course!!) mandate is getting people to not bother with important things, and get them interested in entertainment trivia, this is exactly what you would be doing. In the Box.

(followed by a MESmerising story of GREAT interest!!! - How do buskers feel about people taking pictures of them???!!!! WOW I NEED THIS INFO!!!!! HOLD THE CALLS MA!!)


(actually, a reasonably well done 'report' - you'd get an A probably in journo school, where you do this kind of thing for practice - but on the CBC??? IN Ottawa, the nation's capital, where trade treaties are being negotiated in secret, many NGOs are working to help people understand what is going on, many other things of **true** interest are happening - a story about how buskers feel about having their picture taken???? Fuck - it's like holding up a big sign, at least to anybody observing from outside the box here (hmmmm, as I look around, I see it's a pretty thin crowd out here....), it's like holding up a big sign - HEY!!! WE HERE AT THE CBC DO *****NOTNOTNOTNOT!!!!!*** do serious journalism. Spectacle, dumbing down crap, entertainment - that's our mandate here in the nation's capital (oh, a bit of propaganda now and then, of course, to show how 'serious' we are. please, please hold the laughter folks ....) ?? What? Something useful, currently of interest? Sure - got this on the browser right now - John Pilger (a **real** journalist, don't look for him on the CBC hahaha) - The War you Don't See. Stuff people REALLY need to know - which is, of course, why you are never going to even hear about it, or hear mention of the name John Pilger, on the CBC... FIGHT BACK RABBITS!!!!! THE END IS NEAR!!!! C'est moi, I think...

(hey folks we're on a roll!!! - now we have a 'report' about Canada's latest medal at the Commonwealth Games!!! Interviews!!! Expressions of awe, and gratitude, and WOW WE'RE GREAT!!!!! Stay tuned!!!! What else do they have of complete irrelevance to all Cdns??!!!)

July 31 - CBC ""news"" haha - Ottawa, 07:30 - heads up, George - now, in 2011, there was a 'war' in Libya. No mention of the US or NATO, or the truth - the US bombed the fuck out of Libya until the legitimate government of Gaddaffi was all killed or driven into hiding somewhere, and the US-backed "rebels" were in charge. Truth, you guys at the CBC - you should check it out someday, it's what people who legitimately call themselves 'journalists' do. (don't look around, there's none to be found at the CBC, obviously)

- good deconstruction piece on Ottawa Morning - 'terror tourists'!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! - the media once again making up a 'crime' to go after people their rulers don't like, and want to demonise. Apparently when the Cdn government declares someone to be 'an evil terrorist monster', all Cdns are supposed to agree. You are, of course, a hero if you go to one of these countries as part of the Cdn forces and bomb 'the evil terrorists!!!!!' (or even the country people of the evil terrorists wandering around minding their own business) - but if you don't agree with the western/Cdn stance, and go to fight for the other side - the Cdn government will declare you ENEMY!!! and criminal, and come looking for you, and the CBC will spread the word that you are persona nongrata around HERE!, boy. (she makes a crack about one of these guys 'speaking perfect English!!' as if to imply since he did that, he couldn't really be a serious ';terorrist' from ISIS or something - but it was just yesterday, I think, she herself (or maybe some other CBC person) was talking to some young woman about the terrible Gaddaffie regime, etc etc - and that lady was speaking perfect English too, which I myself found to be a bit de-legitimizing. But that's the NWO - a bastard is ok, as long as he's OUR bastard, as the guy said a long time ago about something or other.)

- and the Current - just blatant one-sided propaganda about Russia - they're still in the cold war, the are agressive, etc etc - just blatant lies of the kind you expect - the complete reverse of the truth - it's the US that has been massively aggressive all around the world for the last few years, Russia just defending itself - etc etc - Syria - well, the 'rebels' would have won, if not for Russian support of Assad, (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - I mean, really, how blatant can you get, the US was completely behind the 'rebels', and Russia only stepped in after they got dangerous - just complete demonisation of Putin, with of course the reverse side - the US (and its "allies" (aka sock puppets like Canada and the Cdn media) are soo GOOD guys!!!! - we just want good things for all the world, people, really, it's that damned Putin causing all the evil!!!! - fuck. fuckfuckfuckfuck

>> the host - "I have this image of Putin prowling the Kremlin late at night dreaming of ..' - fuck, and the completely lying propagandists they 'interview' - amazing that this stuff could be on the CBC (well, it SHOULD be amazing, not really after the last few years)

- this is really quite amazing, truly Ministry of Truth stuff - citizens, this is complete fiction, complete lies, but YOU WILL BELIEVE IT!!! because you are completely under our control... and it seems to be true ... again, good deconstruction if anyone is interested

July 30 - as Libya gets worse and worse out of control, a bit of propaganda - DON'T YOU PEOPLE FORGET THAT GADDAFFI WAS A MONSTER!!!!! - we got rid of him - IT WAS A GOOD THING!!!! - sure. lies and propaganda - all over the middle east (and world, the last 50-200-500 years), the US has brutally removed leaders who opposed them, and created chaos, which is fine for their purposes - some people can see this, so those who feel a bit uncomfortable about something, need to be reminded that no matter what we have today, it has no connection with the GOOD WORK!!!!! of the US (with the support of the Cdn media, although we are NOT going to go down THAT revealing road haha). (AKA the modern 'ministry of truth' in action. AKA the CBC here in good old free democratic Canada)

>> and then a complete 'spectacle' story - the grown-up 13-year-old director Roman Polanski is alleged to have had sex of some kind with a lot of years ago. HEY PEOPLE SEX SEX COME LISTEN!!!!!!! - and etc.

(welll - there's so much to choose from! yeh - but maybe me - I would find something like this a great deal more interesting from the CBC - US holds the world record for killing innocent people. haha. Still, that's why we use the net - to get all sides of any story. Believe what you want, but I hope you have at least listened to, or read, both sides of any story. You sure as fuck are NOT getting the whole picture on the CBC.

July 28 - the Current - good deconstruction bit about 'we the good guys impartial media!!!' - we really are!!! - a big straw dog "analysis" - conclusion?? haha surprise surprise - we really are a good, impartial media!!! Really!!

>> and then dumbing down and spectacle - some girl kid who says she feels like a boy - BIG STORY!!!!! - no, it's just a kid being a kid, a bit different - leave her alone, let her grow up - this is NOT a national fucking issue, you people (want a different story??? - yea, ok - let's do a story about why the media, and our rulers, are trying to make such big deals out of small things like this, while completely ignoring the serious things going on in the world (no, not the Israel-Gaza spectacle stuff - how about ongoing proposed 'trade' agreements, which are trying to enclose Canada under the laws and rules of the NWO, with no fucking awareness, let alone discussion, of Cdns?????? - sounds like a story to me that more **adults** might be interested in .... ))

July 27 - Sunday Edition - a very 'educated' trip through never-neverland, some Brit professional propagandist (aka "prof" haha) explains how shocked everyone is that the interventions of the wonderful, wonderful US has done in the middle east the last few years have not really succeeded in bringing Democracy!!! to those countries. tut tut, really, dear. tut tut. sounds convincing, no doubt, to boxers - but the hypocrisy and lies are brazen from out here in outside-the-box land. Very obviously, the US goals have succeeded - countries with strong leaders defying the US hegemon have been turned into areas of chaos. mission accomplished.

July 26 - the thought control is getting serious - the cops and gestapo making it very, very clear that you are NOT to express any views that threaten them in any way. This stuff is pretty scary, for anyone who dreams of living in a free country, with a free mind. Man accused of making threat aboard Sunwing flight - I mean, as they say, to turn this plane around, and have it invaded by a fully armed military team to arrest this kid when it gets back on the ground - who had no weapons, was not in any way violent - is just incredible over-reaction - but with a very clear purpose - to you, and you, and you - do you see what we are doing to someone who dares simply mouth the words 'bomb'? And then all the well-trained passengers and 'reporters' telling us all what a great heroic deed it was, etc etc - It's just insane - but, as noted, the message is very clear. (in sane times, at the very most, some 'authority' figure will find this kid later, and have a talk with him, one on one, no big spectacle - I mean, seriously, a whole plane full of people - almost 200 !!!! - were 'terrorised' to the point of immobility by one small kid saying some words in anger???? We're in pretty bad shape, if we cannot just turn around and tell him to tone it down a bit, rather than immediately escalating a few words into full blown panic. But these are very insane times - and it very much appears nobody is going to actually stand up to these people until the whole country goes off the deep end. Think Germany in the 1930s - Hitler running around claiming how great Germany was, but dealing very harshly with certain elements of his country he claimed were 'dangerous enemies!!!', with, apparently, the approval of most Germans, and the intimidated silence of most of the rest, as we seem to be seeing here in Canada with this kind of absolute nonsense - he might have been stopped at that time, but most people found it easier to look at the 'accomplishments' of his economic buildup rather than challenge what he was doing with the other hand. Very, very much like today. ) ((and added later - a Sat morning "news" (haha, very loud...) ""reporter"" on the CBC was waxing all sanctimonious, about how this kid was REALLY going to be taught a lesson, boy, we can NOT have this sort of thing going on, etc etc - fuck, the crazies, and bandwagoners, are really running the place)

This too - terror tourism accused gets 10 years - I really don't believe how the entire country is not standing up screaming WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU PEOPLE DOING!"?:!?!???? - 10 years for what????????? - because some 'law official' thought the guy might go to another country, and MIGHT do something that could later be called 'terrorism'???!!!! Again, and again, and again - TEN YEARS!!!!????? - WHAT THE FUCK!!!??????

>> Day 6 - how you can tell them fucking Ruskies are lying on the internet. amazingly brazen - it is the US and the mainstream media who have been doing almost all of the serious the net lying, but they accuse 'the bad guys' of it. But just an indoctrinator reminder - if you dare to look on the net, and see something contradicting the brazen lies of the CBC et al - DON'T BELIEVE THEM NUTS ON THE INTERNET!!!! - go somewhere they TELL you they are nuts, and get back to the real propaganda you are supposed to be listening to, and believing!!!

those sad, sad kids - and them FUCKING RUSSIAN TERRORISTS!!!!! - such detail, the sad kids writing letters etc, the obvious emotional connection to the damed Russians who caused all of this destruction. The stories of the familes etc of the people who died is tragic, of course, as such stories always are when any disaster happens - the thing is, when the American drones take out wedding parties, or shoot kids on bikes, or even whole passenger planes down - we get none of this. We get American denials, then ‘balanced journalism’ with ‘he said she said’, and eventually it dies out - never, never, NEVER do we hear stories of the families of the people the Americans killed or murdered (it would of course take quite a few large volumes to even start on such stories, given the millions of people the Americans have murdered the last 20 or 50 or 200 or 500 years). When the media is out to push you somewhere, however, it’s another story - like this one. Every emotional lever they can find, they push. Sure the parents of the kids on the plane are sad - but so are the survivors of American killings. If you’re an honest media, you do this for everyone, not just one side. If you're NOT an honest media, but a massive corporate state propaganda machine, however - this is what you do. Good work guys!!!!

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