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Apr 21 - Duffy cousin gets $500 for media monitoring - the pettiness of this, from a 'national broadcaster', is stunning. Trying to solidify their hold on 'gossip central for Canada' I guess - teenage girls vindictively going through every detail of someone's life looking for things to criticize. I truly weep for my country these days. GGIRSDC - muchly needed DLP - get at it get at it.

Apr 19 - pretty much finished - judge orders girl vaccinated - when we allow the government to have to power to 'legally' force us to undergo medical procedures we don't want, we've pretty much let them close the field gate. As always, the scariest part is how many Cdns have been so thoroughly indoctrinated they agree with this - trusting their government only wants what is best for them. News flash - a whole lot of Germans in the early 30s thought the same about Hitler. Do you recall how that turned out? Really scary shit - the measles is such an insignificant disease in Canada, there's obviously a lot going on behind the scenes the last few months to get people to get vaccinated - but the few who ask questions are immediately mobbed by witless 'do as you are told!!!'-ers.

Apr 18 - 'angela something, CBC "news", Halifax: '..the allegations are serious and the Brit navy is treating it that way..' - sic. Cdn "journalism" school grads. haha.

Apr 17 - full bore propaganda maintenance - Island Morning doing a 'recap' drive-by on those damned anti-vaxxers, the 'news' 'reminding' us how Syria was gassing its citizens.

>> still on the story from a few days ago about the people trying to get to Italy from Libya - Italy is having problems dealing with them - and not a WORD about how Canada cheered on the destruction of the Gaddaffi government, as our air force assisted in the bombing of Libya. War criminals all.

Apr 16 - Putin doing a true 'answer questions from the people' thing, as he does every year, and the CBC, knowing absolutely nothing about it, claims it is just farce, a set up, etc. Just another excuse to slander and demonize Russia and Putin - the irony, to use a very mild word, is that Putin and the Russian media are far, far more open and honest than the CBC propaganda corporate state media, all day every day functioning as the Ministry of Truth for the NWO. (For a good example of how the CBC is nothing more than propaganda and indoctrination maintenance for well-indoctrinated Canadians, have a listen here, where one of the main RT shows has a look at the same Putin phone-in.)

>> the 'new q' - using a small q instead of a big one - and advertised as amazingly creative!!! - fuck.

- and the Cdn MSM endless attack on Duffy, lead by the CBC, is very amazing - not a pretence of impartiality or fairness (well, that could be a small exaggeration, there might be a bit of pretence) - but overall, they're all acting like a gang of smartass kids, they know he's guilty, and are just 'reporting' the trial through a big veil of sarcastic comments. Christie Blatchford of the NP has been particularly 'teenage pissed off vindictive girl' - obviously deeper things going on there she is taking out here - there's almost nothing left in the Cdn media you could even sort of call 'professional'. (GM editorial on new Ontario 'beer rules' being a good case in point - the last media in Canada that even pretended sometimes to be 'professional' putting out over-the-top 'analysis' like this is beyond pathetic.

Apr 15 - Ottawa Morning - big discussion about 'transgender kids' - fuck, a completely idiotic deck chair, but obviously very effective for a society of dumbed down people who have been well indoctrinated to think sex is dirty and to be curious about it. The very idea of a kid being 'sexually confused' is complete nonsense - leave em alone, they'll get over it - but the rulers have obviously seen a GREAT new deck chair to keep a lot of people involved with navel gazing (and the big 'support industry' around them, etc) - and NOT doing anything to make our society actually better - instead of actually helping the few kids with actual issues get through this stuff with as little fuss as problem, they're out there with BIG paddles stirring up the waters - YOU BET YOU HAVE A PROBLEM!!!! EVERYBODY GATHER ROUND!!! and etc.

Apr 13 - fuck, it just gets worse and worse, more juvenile, more useless - 'news' this morning -

  • a) - talking about Duffy, and the endless gossip they're getting from his 'daily diary' - '.. not many entries about senate reform, but lots about Swiss Chalet..' {{and obviously a 'talking point' of some kind sent out to everyone - later the PEI 'news' repeats the same thing - appropriate tone of voice (do you believe this?!?), etc }}
  • b) Hilary is the front runner - 'but of course she was the front runner last time, and we all know how that worked out..' - this is the kind of shit that qualifies as the 'new news' I suppose - kids running the national broadcaster, needing to show how clever they are - how can you trust anything they say (haha rhetorical question again - you haven't been able to trust the CBC about anything important for a very long time now)
  • c) a rather blatant drug company promo - some story about some new 'study' in Toronto says the HPV vaccine is now recommended for boys as well as girls - all read from a script by some lady who obviously is talking to what she sees as a group of grade 4 students, her voice up and down as she sells her lesson ... of course, not a contrary word to be heard, or anything about 'only one study' or what pharma company might be involved here selling something, etc - our citizens don't need to be confused with boring old facts like that, when the CBC is selling something, no sir. Good Cdns, we all know, do as the CBC tells them these days.
  • d) - some guy from BC and a 'human entertainment' story, I guess, about some guy in a small accident, and the CBC "reporter" (haha) calling for a comment, the guys says 'Put the Beachcomber back on, and I'll give you a comment' - and the 'main news reader' then gets clever - 'not sure about the Beachcombers, but we'll look into it..' - haha they're so cool at the CBC!!
- fuck just high school level everything - on the CBC - just tragic, on top of pathetic, and dangerous - but absolutely nothing we could call real 'news' anymore (not for a long time, of course)

- gotta get at it GGIRSDC - these people really need to be stopped

- and a bit later - 'leftist leaning writer Gunter Grasse' - have to listen for any use of the term 'right leaning' - don't think those words ever are heard on the CBC, else every time they talk about Harper or any Con stuff they'd have to qualify it, and they never do - odd, no?

Apr 12 - Enright - good box deconstruction - going to the edge of the box, with the topic 'Is western intervention in the mideast a good idea??' - and they open with a bit of history - but then they just lie about important things - '(Iraq, Libya, Syria - all terrible brutal dictators massacring their own people, hated by their people!!' - lies. The US et al were going into these places with only good and altruistic ideas, bringing democracy to those poor people, and etc - lies and lies. In Libya and Syria, the 'revolution' was really local, with only a bit of US support!! - fuck. But well sold, of course, and to a people most of whom already believe the desired dogma, but may have been reading a few things raising some questions where 'real journalism' is found, the net - the 'expert' is some big prof with a good English accent from Britain, selling the official dogma. And who ya gonna believe?? This guy on the CBC, or some nuts on the internet??? haha.

Apr 10 - nice to have friends in the right places, as I've noted often - but I guess it works the other way - when the CBC people decide they don't like you for some reason, you're fair game - some business advertising they make you smarter or something - the CBC says they don't. There are a whole lot of people selling snake oil of various kinds out there - how does the CBC pick someone to go after? (haha - they might look at themselves someday - i certainly hope to - in terms of the propaganda they sell as 'news' - haha)

Apr 7 - fuck the propaganda for stupid people gets worse and worse - some story about some 'massacre' in Iraq by the monster ISIS says something like '..forensic pathologists used to death wiped tears from their eyes..' - fuck, "news"?????? - it's getting past scary - don't give up on the fucking book, boy, you are needed ...

- and of course all of the gossip-erati totally going crazy over the Duffy trial that starts today - gossip on steroids, for the next two months - so happy!!!!!

Apr 5 - Winnipeg beating - 'he made the fateful decision to step in' - they probably think this is good reporting ... inexperienced wouldbe-reporters do stuff like this ...

- some talk on Maritime morning about people staying in the Maritimes - aside from teen slang, she says at one point - 'for time immemorial we've relied on transfer payments..' - good grasp of history there for someone teaching kids at a university. yea. wicked.

> 'news' again - telling the 'bible story' as if it was actually factual - 'jesus died and was then raised from the dead' - buck.

>> Enright show - the propaganda is blindly stupid - 'on the side of Assad, whose family has been slaughtering civilians for decades' -

>> and of course more propaganda 'why are people so afraid??' - sounds interesting, but a complete whitewash - obviously, 'the people' are so afraid because they're all dumbed down to a childhood level where they are less able to deal with fear, and, big reason, the media is all over them every day telling them to be afraid - and although the lady mentions the media as part of the problem for about 10 seconds, Enright moves right on to something else - cover the ass, I suppose, if challenged they can say they mentioned it, but it's all lies. The media is 99% of the problem, not 'one small thing among many' - actually, it's mostly 'our' own fault, for being susceptible, they'd have us believe - good 'in the box' deconstruction if anyone ever wants something to look at -

Apr 4 - "news" - 'to PEI now, where Islanders are still bracing for an election call' - ????? do these people learn about dictionaries in school? you 'brace for' a big storm, but an election??? - and then they 'make their argument' I guess - some interviews with people complaining about 'election signs, and people knocking on your door' - really CBC??? - pushing the line that 'who wants those nasty old elections' ??

Apr 1 - never listen to Radio Noon, but just heard the advert on Ottawa Morning - some health people complaining about cuts, cuts and more cuts - and they tell us they are going to have some 'health economist' on, with the message - get used to it, we still have a terrible deficit, so have to keep cutting. Lies lies and more lies - they must be getting a bit worried about some stories getting around, though, to be doing this ...

>> and then the Current, doing a bit on how municipalities are also feeling serious money problems, and can't look for help from 'the feds' because nobody has any money, so what are we going to do???? - again, in the box, blatant propaganda.

Mar 26 - Ottawa Morning - 15 minute 'discussion' about Syria and ISIS - complete lies and propaganda, stupid people speaking for other stupid people - just scary as hell anymore, I think my chances of getting any serious democracy movement going is pretty much zero - but if there is any chance, every day counts, so get at it - wasting way too much time on the cbc measles show letter =

Mar 24 - "news(haha)" - they inform us the gov is going to 'extend' the 'mission' in Syria (don't want to be too truthful here, I suppose, like 'illegal bombing') - and then we hear from the widow of the soldier killed last year telling us what a good idea it is. There's your 'neutral' news on the CBC!!!

>> Ottawa Morning - nice friends to have, promoting some job-finding business ...

>> they're on now (the Current) about a revolution in Yemen - great! - oh, wait - this is a BAD revolution! The 'rebels' here are 'bad guys', and supported by (low voice) Iran!!! - ohoh. Funny, I know that it's a pretty open secret that the US has been dropping a very large number of drone bombs all over Yemen - is that contributing to any of this???? Well, we don't need to talk about it on the CBC - anyway - can't be important

Mar 22 - Enright doing a hit piece on Putin. Surprise surprise (opening bit - 'A year ago Putin annexed Crimea..' - hmm, seems to me that 'A year ago Crimea held a referendum and chose to join Russia..' would be a tad more accurate - but of course, accuracy and propaganda don't much go together - as always, the most disappointing thing by far is how readily propaganda and Cdn beliefs go together ... ) - the main 'guest' is obviously a top-level 'write bad stuff against Putin' propaganda expert - good deconstruction if anyone wants it ... had to turn it off, worried about blood pressure with the endless lies ..

{happy bday out here in the wilderness ...}

May 18 - don't even know why I do this anymore, same old same old - the propaganda against Russia is just unbelievable in the lies, and the general 'reporting' bordering on the illiterate - teenage girls running the CBC for their friends.

(next day) - either Tues or Wed, on Island Morning, talking about people over 50 getting a checkup for colo-rectal cancer - 'but of course we have to get over the yuck factor' - the dumbed down new CBC citizen - adults, of course, don't have a 'yuck' factor, it's completely a children's thing - and very good evidence of the dumbing down that has been going on the last few decades that so many think this is just normal behaviour for 'adults' - like so much else they do, things for kids on the CBC, the new 'adult kids' doing as momma tells them ..

Mar 17 - the Current 'relooking at the 'annexation' of Crimea - AMT setting herself up as a stats expert - 'you did the poll - how many people did the poll? What was the margin of error?' etc - fuck. - polls she likes, well, no questions at all - but this one, she picks apart (as the 'polling expert' she is - of course, we are supposed to believe all 'journalists' are 'experts' about anything they want to be, as they tell us what we are supposed to believe about anything they want to talk about - creating the narrative as the modern 'ministry of truth' - as always, the most amazing thing is how many Cdns seem too witless to resist this shit.

Mar 16 - "news" haha - 'it seems Putin is alive..' - fuck. gossip gossip gossip ....

>> and then some cub reporter talking about the 3 Brit girls 'caught' trying to join ISIS in Turkey - 'tactics right out of the ISIS handbook, don't fly direct, fly in groups of less than 3', etc - fuck ...

Mar 15 - away for a couple of days - nothing changes - still leading the "news" with 'oh those poor people in Syria - why won't the world help?!?!' - pathetic. And then the 'news' caster, some woman, is all joky about some race car driver talking to Arnold Shwartzen whatever - news for us all.

- and Enright has a little lecture about how the darned ol police are misleading journalists haha sorry ""journalists"" - they spin stories about arresting people (handcuffing lady lawyers and kids for the 'perp walk') as if the journos were just computers to be programmed - Enright showing his age, the brain deterioration that comes from doing as you're told for too long - the 'journos' are part of the game, they're not 'fooled' by this shit - and apparently a lot of the public aren't very fooled either, hence, I suppose, Enright's sad attempt at damage control -

Mar 12 - "news" - report on 'worse for civilians than ever in Syria' - and after that, just lies - not a word of 'mea culpa' - the US, with the full backing of Canada, caused this by supporting 'rebels' trying to overthrow Assad, of course, but now not a word - and the outright lie that Assad 'continues murdering civilians at will dropping barrel bombs - **while the world looks away**' etc - fuck, just nasty, nasty people, trying to get YOU to feel guilty about what they started, and cannot finish because Assad is stronger, and much more popular in his country, than they could handle - I really, really want to expose these people before I die

>> Ottawa Morning - Robyn interviewing somebody about the C-51 bill, but obviously supporting the gov - 'do you like anything about this bill?' - that snarky CBC tone

>> Island Morning - someone from Fair Vote Canada gets 5 minutes - but a very poor spokesperson, raising questions about everyone involved ... there are very strong, very persuasive arguments, she managed none of them - Mitch wasn't exactly friendly to her, but he did give her opportunities she did not, or could not, take

Mar 11 - ' .. you guessed it, the jewels are gone' - 'prison food is not considered haute cuisine' - etc - fuck. news for the Sat morning cartoon crowd. (of course, that's the citizen they've been creating for years ..)

>> Ottawa Morning - ad for Radio noon - talking about 'the mission' in Iraq, as are most others I guess - the thing is, what it actually is, is not a 'mission', it is an international war crime, as have every other bombing we've participated in the last 15 years - it's an illegal attack by our military on another country. And nobody cares.

- the Current looking at 'Generation Z' or whatever - kids. McLuhan perspective, the media is the message - these are just kids, the CBC, as part of the Big Game, just stirring up divide and conquer shit, to keep them from looking at the real source of their problems -

Mar 10 - "news" - of, by and for precocious kids

Mar 8 - little report on the Malaysian plane loss last year - completely amateurish, as they talk about Chinese relatives pushing the Malaysian government, 'something they are not used to..' ??? The reporter knows this, does he??? sure .... just the 'new news' - MY prejudices and opinions are NEWS, jack ...

Mar 5 - Current - a hit piece on homeopathy - blatant hit job, they let the lady defend her experiment, but the guy attacking her is completely ridiculous - 'better ways to spend money' 'hundreds of studies proving nothing to homeopathy' etc - standing completely on sand

Mar 4 - "news" - 70% of Cdns concerned about 'radicalization' and other 'OIMG TERRORISTS!!!!' stuff - what they don't talk about, and won't - the real message about this is the power of propaganda, and the susceptibility of Cdns to it, after 30+ years of endless, ongoing, increasingly powerful indoctrination. - there has to be something bigger going on here - they're really planning some version of Orwell's 1984 Endless War or something, and getting the proles into the places they need to be to make it happen - otherwise this endless litany of story after story about 'radicals' and 'terrorism' etc etc

>>> then the "economics" (fuck..) 'reporter' - 'imagine being a banker today!' - the clever framing of the story, etc - nothing to do with 'reporting', everything to do with the ongoing creation of the narrative. He's not a 'reporter' no!! He is a God of some kind, he knows EXACTLY what is going on - the bankers aren't very bright compared to this guy - he is far above those people, just observing like some omnipotent being, and sharing his unmatchable wisdom with you lucky peasants listening to the CBC. Fuck. And I may well be the only one who sees this shit happening. No, I shouldn't say that - there are others out there aware the media are not to be believed etc.

>> and the 'Boston bombing' trial getting underway - once again we are reminded of the 'official story' - more blatant lies, more evidence of the deep, deep brainwashing of most people -

Mar 3 - CBC all a giggle about some woman 'doing sex acts!!!' (OMG) in the Windsor library via web cam - the reporter, some young woman, is obviously speaking through her little self-righteous pursed lips, disapproving but interested .... and then the CBC is all a gossip about the politician shot in Russia - they never say it directly, but are very, very obviously trying to make everyone believe Putin was responsible. - if you want to hear a very, very graphic example of the CBC propaganda and outright lies they weave this story in, listen to the current today, and then go listen to some RT - beyond amazing, that so many people in Canada apparently believe this outright propaganda - just fairy tales, and that is what the people of Canada are allowing the gov to run foreign policy on (not to mention everything else, of course)

Mar 2 - "news" - somebody (CBC 'correspondent') telling us 'Iran wants to eliminate Israel altogether' - outright fucking lies, starting years ago, now presented as 'historical fact' - one of their big techniques. not to mention just fucking stupid - it's embarrassing any more to be from the country where these halfwits run the 'news'. not to mention the government.

Mar 1 - they're upping the game a bit, maybe they're reading me - Enright is trying desperately to sound like a real journo - doing a good job, but still lots of giveaways. Story on Greece - the 'left wing' gov of course - when was the last time the CBC talked about 'right wing' govs in Canada or the US, or the UK for that matter???? When was that??? - I don't think ever. death of a thousand cuts, endless indoctrination maintenance. etc. - and some guy talking about 'debt', an 'alt economist; of some sort, but still a 'capitalist light' econo - completely in the box, nothing at all dangerous - but sounding very good - good box stuff - the CBC, taking care of the more dangerous elements of our society, and doing a very good job of it ... good deconstruction stuff, if anyone ever gets around to it ...

Feb 27 - "news" - some guy feels bad about seeing someone killed a few years ago. News. The new season of House of Cards starts this weekend - really exciting folks don't y'all miss it now!! "News". The CBC is nothing more than a fucking joke anymore. Tragic joke, of course, considering what it has been part of doing the last few decades.

>> drive by propaganda - they are talking about the MPP who doesn't believe in evolution - and they have a STRONGLY PRO SCIENCE GUY!!!! - talking about how all the stupid anti vaccers ought to be educated, the morons etc, anti vaccers are just as stupid as the morons who don't believe in evolution - little circle jerk, patting each other on the back about how good citizens they are as 'pro science' people, etc etc - gotta work on this, because they are actually anti science

Feb 26 - the 'news' (fuck) people all a flutter about 'young Canadian women going to Syria to join ISIS' !! - it's really pathetic, the level to which 'news' reading has come to - both the 'reader' and the 'expert correspondent' are talking like teenagers talking to other teenagers, voices up and down, a tone of shock and disapproval - and no comparison about 'our' boys being called heroes if they go to fight against ISIS rather than 'for' them - is this some kind of dictatorship where we all have to believe the same thing? (haha rhetorical question, of course - in the modern world, you fucking well **will** think what the CBC wants you to think, or face their wrath ..)

Feb 25 - Island Morning - talk with Con leadership hopefuls - just a bunch of cliches, promising better by more of the same old same old. sad. tragic really.

>> but deeper too, after listening to it all - this is obviously making these three people look and sound good - as the mini-PEI version of the tweedledee-dum shuffle is playing out - no more infighting as the Libs continue doing what they will - time for the Cons to take over - at which time the good talk will finish, and the 'oh woe!!'s begin about no money etc.

Feb 20 - - AM et al talking about 'trolls' making 'discussions' nasty places, and what the nice people might do to discourage them. My personal experience would suggest another explanation, out of the box, of course, so we won't hear of it here on the Current or elsewhere on the CBC - but the great majority of what I see as 'trolls' are those who support the status quo, the government propaganda on anything, and troll around these discussions to attack anyone daring to question what the rulers are up to - any of the recent vaccination articles/discussions would be perfect examples. They are there to steer people away from any rational examination situations like this, which would prove damaging to the propaganda, and devolve them into juvenile name calling sessions where any impartial browser will quickly become uninterested, and thus less likely to get educated away from the propaganda. I suppose they couldn't bring up any examples because they couldn't find any that they could accuse 'out of the box' commenters like myself of 'trolling' - they could lie, of course, or certainly find examples of me getting sucked into a bit of name calling, but any even vaguely impartial perusal would find that the propaganda-supporting trolls are far and away the leaders in this kind of name-calling behaviour. As always, when the truth doesn't support you - just lie. The CBC is well practiced.

Feb 19 Cdns support anti-terror bill - Hitler has the population convinced - he will protect them. he can do as he likes. we're fucked. Sorry, that's a silly thing to say like it's some new thing - we've been fucked for a long time, just getting deeper and deeper ...

Feb 18 - like with the Ford case last year, the CBC decides something is 'right', and they become the strongest advocate for it - Ottawa Morning just did nothing more than a simple hit piece on 'homeopathy vaccines'. No balance, no defence - just 'look at this nutty idea, we have a 'Professor!!!" to tell you why you should not believe in this!!'

Feb 16 - the 'Great Massacre in Halifax Averted!!!! story - lots of interesting things - again we have a non-story story - police prevent massacre!!! - and nothing to back it up other than the police saying they did this. Comments from McKay - we really appreciate the wonderful work of the police - just like Ottawa a while ago - and comments similar from people - so when the police start wandering around ordering people around, the few of us who dare question this will be immediately pariah-ized. And people telling how scared they are that this almost happen - children being manipulated. and etc.

Feb 11 - fuck, the brainwashing is getting more blatant - some kids are presented with a 'scenario' - the damned Russians have nuked the US!!!! - what are we in Canada going to do???? (Ottawa Morning) - fuck, obviously, if a nuke war starts, the chances of Russia starting it are somewhere around nil, the chances of the US starting it are almost certain - but we are NOT going to do 'truth' when propaganda and brainwashing are the goals -

>> speaking of brainwashing - the anti-vac shit continues - 'radio noon' at least the first show going after the few resisting this stuff

>> just found this - - Current - pro and anti vaccers make their case ( - podcast same show) - the Current, Ms Tremonti claiming to have a conversation between a 'pro'vaccer and an 'anti' vaccer - but it is, of course, just another hit piece - AM very obviously supporting the vaccine, attacking the lady questioning the pro side - who is a sweet little thing, obviously not in any way prepared for the hostile attack of Tremonti. And completely irrational as they all are - they start the show with two or three anecdotes of people who had some problems with Measles - one from years ago about a kid who had been living in Morocco, and got measles, and many years later complications, and an almost laughable actor coughing and telling us how bad he felt, and a 3rd lady whose child could not be vaccinated because of a heart operation and, after listening to the media, she was just terrified her kid was going to be exposed to measles and just die - you nasty old anti-vaccers! - a few minutes later she talks to the lady not wanting vaccinations, and she says she has talked to a lot of people about this - and AM jumps right in - 'But those are only anecdotes, right, not scientific proof?!?' [[ 9:35}} (and then she goes and talks to the lady who lost her brother 'his brain was rotting!' (so Darlene, how do you feel about that (11.00 - anecdote!! - yours are unscientific and we don't need to talk about them - but how do you feel about the lady's anecdote who says her brothers brain rotted because he didn't have protection? - 'well, we don't know his other history' - perfectly reasonable, but the pros just attack - well, do you know all the history of your anecdotal patients? - and etc) - attacks one lady for not being scientific by offering an anecdote, and then offers an anecdote in return!! - I don't think they even realise they do this, they're so arrogant they think they can just patronise and slap the 'antis' around, because they have *all* the 'power' on their side, the government and media, and they can do what they want, 'truth', as any capitalist or propagandist or priest will tell you, is simply whatever you can make people believe - thus, anecdotes are great when they say what WE want them to say - but if YOU use anecdotes, that's just unscientific!! - the whole show, the whole charade these last few weeks, is just the same. AM just gets more aggressive with her attacks on the person, as she does with anyone daring resist doing what the Mother Corp tells them to do. Really fucking irritating listening to this shit- the CBC exposing itself more and more as the nasty, nasty little people they are, beating up on anyone who disagrees with them.

Feb 9 - 'business' digest - 'Greece's new leftist government' - hmm, wonder when the last time was she referred to Canada's or the US 'rightist' govs????? haha just joking - the whole CBC is pretty much a joke anymore

Feb 8 - Enright - propaganda for the handful of box people still with a bit of thinking power left - a long interview with one of the 1% Cdns telling us capitalism is still wonderful, and there are perfectly rational explanations for the problems today, and we can fix them all, so don't panic folks - in the end, no proposed solutions, just some feel-good talk, calm down, don't go looking for other solutions, we're looking out for you guys here at the CBC!!! (back to work tomorrow, now, eh? right ...) - well scripted, of course, as these things tend to be - on message all the time, no really serious problems in Canada, folks, with good ol boys like this, even though they are really rich - just like you and me, all's well ... good ol Canada, eh?

Feb 7 - "news" - 6 people in Toronto diagnosed with measles!!!!! OMG!!!!! - they're treating this like it's the black plague or something - ramping up the fear as best they can, spreading around the guilt, or trying to, and etc -there really is something going on here besides obedient children insisting their little friends do as they're told.

- just saw this at Rabble - you couldn't ask for better proof that there is an organised control of all major media somewhere behind the scenes - this week the 4 major mainstream medias, and Rabble, the main 'alt' site for people who think they are 'progressive', have gone after their readers with the exact same arguments, about having to 'sell' the vaccines better. And again I wonder - this is so obvious to anyone thinking, but nobody else seems to see this - am I really the last comptis mentis person in Canada, or at least Canadian?

Feb 6 - the Current, a bit of a surprise, as they (the CBC) once again are telling us how wonderful the measles vaccine is, and why those who question the propaganda are anti-science nutcases, etc, endangering all of us, the bad people!!! (although they are trying to 'refine' their propaganda - less namecalling, or maybe not less, but now they add on a new argument - 'we have to do better public relations!!!' and etc - 'NOT the CBC' as always has other perspectives that an engaged public needs to be aware of - i.e. Australia vaccine mafia silencing dissent and Vaccine kills more than disease - (it's interesting, the guy they interview on the Current isn't even that good of a plant, has trouble pronouncing big words correctly, etc - tough I suppose to find good enough actors these days ... few actually intelligent people are willing to lie to the extent you need to on these issues to push the propaganda, so the second-raters get their chance to be good servants for Master, and get a few bucks and a career push ...

>> and one needs to note, the host here is no 'innocent dupe' but very much involved with a semi-scripted 'interview', making sure the main points they want made get made ...

>> and the 'big sell' - YOU ARE ENDANGERING OUR HERD IMMUNITY!!!! - a new meme in the game the last couple of years, for people who like to think they are intelligent and independent - herd pressure to run off the cliff is a far greater danger, but don't look for THAT talk on the CBC haha.

- must be noted, they try to give the impression that measles is a really deadly disease - but of course, it is not dangerous to most children at all - so leaving, in the end, the big question - why are these people so desirous that everybody gets vaccinated? It is NOT a serious public health problem or danger, so what else is going on here, behind the scenes, where everything important goes on????

>> and MORE! - they have a very obviously (to anyone above the level of Sat morning cartoon propaganda) scripted once again - some lady supposedly once an 'anti'vaccer', who has 'see the light', and tells us all the bad things these people do, etc etc, suitably guided by the host

>> NOT the CBC - a few articles on the problems with the vaccine etc

>> and then - the amazing lies about what is going on in the Ukraine, as the US et al "consider" sending weapons to Ukraine - because, of course, it's not a fair fight when the 'rebels' are armed with all the latest best stuff from Russia - just blatant lies, as far as I can see from much wider reading - but the CBC evidently believes their audience is so in their thrall they can send out any blatant lies, and the passive herd will boo and cheer as demanded ... - some American propagandist allowed several minutes of ranting, lie after lie after lie - just amazing - they do have some 'moderate' guy answering, but the basic message - who the CBC supports and who they don't - is very clear - is Putin a true fucking monster, or just a normal bad guy? Either way - we DO have to stop Russian aggression ... etc.

>> and then Big Friday - a 'discussion' about the language these pretend journos use to talk about the 'news' - in this case, how should they use 'terrorism' - and it is once again just propaganda - the people we talk about (them fucking jihadists!!!!) - are of course very evil people, that's a given - but can we use the word 'terrorist' or 'terrorism'?? - so just a good cop bad cop scenario, in the end. Not a MENTION of the endless terrorist acts of the US, and lately Canada, and other countries under US command all over the world dropping bombs on innocent people, etc etc.

- re Hamas - there is no difference between blowing up a bus in Jerusalem, and blowing up a bus in London - it is terrorism, and we can use the word - but nobody asks - what about sending a drone into a wedding party in Afghanistan, or Yemen - is that terrorism????? - again the CBC pretending to engage an 'issue' good people are worried about, and dragging it into some dead end, pretending to be the good guys. sickening.

- the brazenness of one lady is amazing - 'we have lost credibility because we use these words too much ..' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - she's lost credibility evidently because of either a terminal need to lie, or just amazing stupidity ....

- in the end, the 'consensus' seems to be that using such words is good, people - they are just being truthful, and of course as journos we have a duty to be truthful - fuck, it's really hard to accept that this kind of truly scummy people even exist in our world, but there they are, being presented as 'real good journsl' on the CBC - lower and lower and lower = there is no end to how far they will continue to fall, until we just stop them.

- one of the most disgusting 90 minutes the CBC has ever done .... and that is a very low bar .... the host is just amazing, the way she pretends to be a real journo, really trying to good stuff, a really caring person etc - the blackness is just oozing out of the computer ...

<<<<<< GOOD BIG DECONSTRUCTION DAY ON THE CBC >>>>>> (not just after you eat, can make a weak stomach barf ... ) {{ALSO - very illustrative Box examples..}}

- gotta stop, my blood pressure is really rising - this is really really bad shit.

Feb 5 - 'things in the Ukraine have never been as bad as now' - and it's all them fucking Russkies fault!!! - the propaganda is getting directed at stupider and stupider people - really fucking scary that so many Cdns seem to be so fucking brain dead that they just buy this fear mongering with no protest -

Feb 4 - Island Morning, some guy from the Globe (expert!!) telling us why some people don't want vaccinations - no rational reasons, just the fear of some simple minded people believing silly internet conspiracy theories etc. Hear that? Are you a stupid person?????? Nonononono sir!!! - I got my vaccination!! etc. CBC corporate government propaganda - absolutely no possible way we could conceive our wonderful doctors and public health people and drug companies would lie or do bad things, children??? My my what silly children! Do as momma tells you baby!!! (the host right on board - these are hard core people, how can we convince them of 'the truth!!!' that we really are doing only good things for the children??? etc etc

- '.. a column of smoke rose into the cold night air..' - new york train crash, as narrated by your CBC reporter - great story telling, eh kids?? ('news'?? whatdat???) - gov Cuomo says various things, all spectacle and emotion, nothing to do with 'news'.

>>> Jordan is seeking revenge!!! - next spectacle story kids!!! THIS is CBC NEWS!!! YEA!!!! - 'Jordan is consumed by grief...' and etc.

Feb 2 - "this could be the day (??) was waiting for!' - some guy released from jail? The 'new way of journalism!!' on the CBC. Just sitting around the table tellin stories with your friends and making them 'interesting' - exaggerating some things (MONSTERS!!!!) not talking about others, a lot of mush and trivialities ...

-- over and over again - some guy came home and smelled gas. BIG STORY PEI!!!! - hear it several times. various other complete mush stories. for a completely mush-brained population, evidently.

Feb 1 - right into the old propaganda - the brother of the Japanese guy who was, they tell us, executed by ISIS, reads a statement telling us how sad he is - and 'the Japanese PM says he will not forgive ISIS.'. Stephen Harper tells us we will not fear terrorists. As above - less and less room to dare disagree with these people - soon they'll be declaring anyone writing like this as a 'terrorist sympathiser' or something. You are free, in a democracy, to think what they tell you to think, about anything important.

- followed with the other main thing we hear from the CBC - spectacle - big super bowl report, which all good Cdns love to watch, of course, along with any other sport - that's why democratic people do, cheer for sports teams and hate terrorists.

"when a snowstorm hits, it is crucial to have a fleet of snowplows - but a small town in New Hampshire has run into a problem - all their fire trucks burned up!!!' - wow. you think they can't really get much worse, and then they do something like this. New we need to know in Canada. - and then this news - sorry ""news"" reading person gets into a long conversation about - what else - the superbowl, about how close it will be, and other things.

- and don't worry about all those stories about the richest 1% having all that money - really, there's LOTS for everyone - and the middle class is fine, just fine!!!! -

Jan 31- a 'story' worthy of extended coverage on the CBC? - some guy from Regina orders a pizza from Toronto for the Superbowl. The CBC - for serious people.

>> The House - becomes more clear what the role of ES is - the rulers *know* there are a lot of progressives pretty skeptical of what they are getting up to, and the more intelligent parts of the CBC are missioned to answer these questions, but in a certain way - people like ES are *supposed* to be 'lefty progressive' types, and they ask the questions the questioning Cdns would ask, or at least the safer ones, and allow the rulers spokespersons to have a free chance to give the official story, and add some details - ES pretends of course to be a 'hard hitting' "journalist' and not taking any shit, but of course it's all scripted (not word for word, they're not that stupid), but the general questions asked, the things that need to be addressed - and voila - there Cdns!!! We have asked the hard questions, and gotten satisfactory answers! - all is well, get back to the 'fun' stuff you really want to be doing!! Gogo!!

Jan 30 - on the BC spill - we hear the name of some lady, and her problems - national news folks!!! - and *her* final expert opinion, 'it will be years before it is cleared up' - there you have it folks, ordinary citizen telling you how it is .. you can rely on her opinion!!

>> 'massive new spy agency legislation to be introduced today' - and faithfully sold by the corporate media, led by the CBC.

>> has anybody besides me seen this? The government tells us which side of any conflict we are supporting - and then you are a criminal or traitor if you support some other side. People killing for one side are heroes, people on the other side are enemies. And YOU have no say in which is which - you, a "free" (haha) Cdn citizen, are **TOLD** which side 'we' support, and that is what you do. Or else they're coming for you. That's freedom and democracy in Canada. SIR YES SIR!!!!

- nice hatchet job on 'the great Nordic countries!!' - bit of deconstruction if you want, about why they would feel a need to do that - generally crap of course, and completely irrelevant - for example, why not a 'myth buster' on how wonderfully amazing capitalism is????? fuck some idiot whining about trivialities in what are very commonly accepted as the best countries in the world, you could do a yearlong series on the many, many very serious problems with the US Great Capitalist Exemplar - haha just joking .. we don't do that, Dave, we're doing propaganda here haha!!! - the mouthbreathers need a bit of support here .. (to be clear - the interviewee is pretty much feet on the ground, it's the CBC guy who is obviously working under instructions to make the Nordic countries look bad ..)

- aww, we're just such a nice country - power of money in politics - simple minded myths for simple minded people, I guess

Jan 29 - CBC getting a bit untruthful - 'news' - 'as CBC revealed yesterday, the Canadian spy agency is ...' - haha, actually, of course, as they do say a bit more truthfully later, Glen Greenwald actually revealed this - obviously, the CBC is following along because when everybody knows something is going on, it would be too obvious what they are up to to not report it, but they do their best to whitewash the story by talking to people who tell us how harmless it really all is, maybe they have been a bit naughty, but really, nothing to worry about folks - oh!!!! - LOOK OVER THERE!!!! ISIS is threatening to kill somebody!!! That's FAR more important folks - and oh look over there - another terrorist killing sometime in Australia!!! FUCKING TERRORISTS!!!! (subliminal message - we need those police able to stop these fucking terrorists - who are you going to trust, those fucking murdering terrorists, or our own police in our own great country??? duhhhh )

>> lesson learned - massive propaganda programs are effective - Canadians concerned about terror attack ..

Jan 28 - Island Morning once again telling Islanders what the Cdn Taxpayers Association thinks about something - with nary a hint of 'right wing' - might be interesting to see how many times the CTA gets mentioned in a year, compared to the (always identified as 'left leaning') CCPA gets mentioned - ten to one maybe??

- Ottawa news - "news" - somebody bought a resort south of Ottawa - ??? huh???? 'news" ????

>> we're hearing lots of shit about how the coming election is 'about the middle class' - but we're not getting any other perspectives, like this - TPP

Jan 26 - mountie funeral in Alberta - and the "news" includes a tribute from a kid about how great cops are. The CBC wants us all to be sure to honor the cops - there's a 'sea of red' across Alberta. Honor your Protectors, citizen. (we just won't talk about things like this.. - at least not on the CBC

>> Island Morning - once again free advertising for their buds - big free promo for some new grocery chain store - nice to have friends ... boy let's get over and check that out Alice!!!

- the lying bastards - the news guy talking about 'the return of parliament' talks about 'an election campaign that seems almost to have started ..' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - fuck, the CBC has been TELLING people for weeks now that 'the election starts now the election starts now!!!!!' - fuck, do they do this on purpose? Start something, and then stand back innocently pretending someone else doing that????? The rulers are certainly smart enough, although these low level people like this news reader are pretty evidently not smart enough to think for themselves about much at all (you wouldn't sell your soul as these people obviously have if your brain could function at any kind of decent level ..)

>> and the Greece election - a 'far left' party of course - actually, they are very interest, it is most parties in the west which are far right - but we don't want to go anywhere near that truth, so this 'far left' shit is part of the demonisation -

>> "..it seems that Malaysian airlines can't catch a break..' - fuck, now there is how they teach you to talk 'professional journalist' in 'journalism' school these days, I guess.

- Ottawa Morning - more indoc maintenance, in the box stuff - a sob sort of story about the really tough lives our really hard working dedicated MPs have - long hours away from home, working diligently on really hard stuff like budgets and learning about issues, etc - really nice story, all horseshit of course -

Jan 22 - Richard Gwyn has long been known as a flack for the western regime, but this is getting to be a bit much - understanding the Islamic state - various reasons given for the rise of the 'Islamic State' - and not a fucking hint of the countries bombed back to the stone age by the US, destroying progressive stable governments in Iraq, Libya, and doing their best in Syria which has been at least weakened - only hint the outrageous lie that the US tried to do good things with their interference, only purpose to bring democracy to the poor suffering American people. As always, the scary part is that undoubtedly a large number of Cdns don't know any better, and are agreeing with this shit. Something for the Road Show, I guess - can't be let stand like this.

- a bit belated, just came across this - - Enright talking to some soft-spoken, apparently 'impartial expert' about the Hebdo killings, and related things - very, very sophisticated propaganda for the smarter-than-the-average-bear citizen, appearing to touch the bases a smarter, less propagandized citizen would have on the table. But, a bit of deconstruction (these people are *never* that deep - not smart enough) shows that this is just more reinforcement of the basic underlying propaganda - the Muslim countries are a threat, and we need to 'protect' ourselves from them, which, sadly, includes the ever greater presence of cops and our willingness to do as we are told by them immediately in our communities. They touch only in the very lightest way, and then quickly move on, what should be the most important aspect of any discussion here - British and then American involvement in the middle east countries for the last century is at the very root of what is going on today - and even with our interference and promotion of violence, they had still made significant strides in creating good Muslim secular societies - Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya - all doing good things for their people, until the US stepped in and bombed them back to chaos. There were no good intentions here, there were only bad intentions. And secondly, they talk about 'the press', and how it needs to stand for freedom, which all sounds very noble - but in reality, the press is completely central in being the secretariat for the western US hegemony, who very much wants to continue the chaos in the middle east by keeping the idea that they are all terrorists and we need to protect ourselves front and center in everyone's minds when they think or talk about this - a real press would be doing things very differently, first talking about the role of the US in all of this, and secondly stopping the 'we are all in danger' shit immediately, and instead of accusing whole countries of supporting terrorism and the need for us to protect ourselves, talking about how these events are mainly crimes by individuals - and whether the people were 'inspired' by jihadist talk somewhere else, or actually law-enforcement patsies set up for no other reason than to justify the continued police 'security' measures, they need to be investigated by truly competent and impartial authorities, caught, charged, and jailed. If we find evidence that some other government actually supported any of these things (including our own governments doing false flags) then steps ought to be considered as well. But only after some verifiable connection is made clear.

haha don't wait for THIS stuff to be talked about by Enright or anyone else on the CBC ....

- No hazardous materials found - fuck, the whole cop program needs to be identified as something like 'We are now looking for any stupid excuse to massively over-react' - no threat, a minor amount of some chemical, a phone call from a wife - and PANIC !!!!!! - another story on the radio, some kids did a vid 'how to kill you teacher' - and again, massive overreaction. Sure it's stupid - but were they EVER going to do anything? fuck. - but just more excuses to get the citizens more passive, more alert to their own actions (NEVER NEVER NEVER DO ANYTHING THAT THE COPS MIGHT USE AS AN EXCUSE TO GO AFTER YOU!!!!) - and etc. So when the lockdown comes - a whole country of little Rev Niemullers, staying quiet inside, helping no one else, waiting until the gestapo comes knocking.

>> krist, it's noticeably worse this year than last - the whole thing they call 'news' is like something that some semi-precocious high school kids might do, with personal opinion presented shamelessly, and apparently cluelessly, as 'news', the 'reader' reading like a kid, voice full of expression relating to whether the story is (supposed to be) serious, or something lighter, and peppered with 'cool expressions' to let everyone know they're not really taking it TOO seriously - just boring old shit, after all, and the real fun stuff comes later - so much of it just a kind of narrative, telling the other kids what they need to know-believe about what is going on in the world, saving the most time for 'real' stuff like what bands are playing, keeping up with the sports scores all 'real' citizens know about - just a 10 minute bit on PEI about a family with some kids in some sports competition - neat for them, no doubt, but where is the story about some NGO, and the many very selfless people devoting a lot of time to trying to do something useful and meaningful in the community or province? Never to be heard - that is 'outside the box' of the CBC, where propaganda and spectacle and mush fill the airwaves.

- GGIRS looking more necessary - whether the kids will come or not I can't say, but I have to try.

>> the Current - 'Iranian backed rebels are changing the landscape' - butbut - for years now, US backed drone strikes have been murdering people indiscriminately and getting a lot of people really pissed off at the US - guess the CBC doesn't think Cdns need to be thinking about THAT - or any other of the endless US atrocities we read about elsewhere ...

- fuck the 'Ottawa terror suspect case' - bizarre details have emerged (the nice lady cub reporter says) - he was an ophthalmologist, and his wife was a US gymnast - ??????? does that strike you as 'bizarre'??? - fuck, it's the CBC, getting more and more bizarre almost by the minute - scary shit in Canada these days ... - here's the CTV version - absolutely nothing blown up into a 'potential terror threat OMG!!!!!' - according to this kind of stuff, about 99% of us could be treated the same way - mood disorder, pain killers, alcohol - this could be said of what, 50 million Americans? Maybe 100 million? half of the upper middle class would certainly fit - fuck. - and to make it all look serious, they evacuated a whole hotel - it gets self-fulfilling of course, nobody is now going to say they evacuated a hotel because they were trying to engineer a panic, so they'll all get huffy about how real the 'threat' was and etc - as always, the scariest part is how many Cdns apparently take this shit seriously, instread of standing tall in outrage at these antics, which are not just kid pranks but doing some very seriously bad stuff to our society - not sure what is going on over there these days, they may have used some gas or something, apparently nobody else in that entire country understands what is going on, at least the few internet places that have at least somewhat unindoctrinated people writing haven't said anything yet - I know there's quite a lot of things I see over here well outside of whatever koolaid they're drinking en masse over there that nobody seems to see there -

-- and we need to remember, this is not just some rogue government in Canada at work - every English speaking country, and most European countries, are doing the same thing, blowing up small incidents into major 'terrorist threats' and them immediately passing new, more restrictive laws - in Australia here, for example - and England, France, etc etc

>> CBC looking out for we children again! Good momma!!! - some story on pharmacists not playing Momma correctly - they are supposed to tell the children about possible problems with the medication they are getting, because of course in modern Canada, the citizen children are far too fucking stupid to look after themselves, or think for themselves, and these pharmacists are Important Agents of Big Momma - and big momma does want to look after her children, and make sure they are suitably dependent on doing absofuckinglutely nothing without approval from Big Momma. fuck. fuckfuckfuckfuck. The very idea that a citizen might be responsible for looking after themselves, and reading a bit before taking any potentially harmful medication, or asking the pharmacist herself about potential interactions, isn't even mentioned. Of course not - big momma has been brainwashing her children for years to be too stupid to do this, and doesn't want to get anyone thinking that maybe an adult should be at least a bit responsible for things they put in their mouths??>??? nonononononono children, you do NOT think for yourselves, Big Momma is here to tell you what to do ... one reason among many I much prefer Thailand, where you can get more or less what you want over the counter, with minimal hassle in most places none.

- fuck the stupidity that sneaks in is embarrassing - some lady from Ottawa tells us that when you travel to the US, you're going to get a shock as the Cdn dollar is not worth so much - but that's ok, when you come back to Canada, your US money will be worth more, a pleasant surprise. fuck. I guess they're just such nice folks down there they give you money or something - that is, you got the US money by buying it at a premium, so when you cash it in in Canada, you will only get back what you originally bought it for - actually, of course, minus the bank profit - so actually, if you take a hundred bucks to the US, change it to US, bring it back to Canada and change it again, you'll be doing well to get 97-8 bucks. I don't suppose that 10% of Cdns understand that anymore. more and more embarrassing to identify as Cdn these days. - our new Canada - http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/couple-ordered-to-leave-canada-over-health-care-cost-concerns-1.2200321 - I know a lot of Canadians are pretty disgusted with this - but as a group, we're still voting for politicians who do it, and a lot of people who are very prominent in our country would self-righteously stand up for this shit, in the name of 'fiscal responsibility', like they stand up for all kinds of other equally stupid shit like forcing people to wear seatbelts or helmets. Very, very much not the Canada most of us dreamed about a few decades back. Jan 25 - "the father of the Japanese man says he is hoping his son is not dead' - this is "news" on the CBC. >> and then 'local' news - somebody giving a first aid course is 'news' - someone who proposes to teach kids in the maritimes how to break dance is another "story". kids doing kids stuff. (as well of course as the 'terrorist' story - guy had chemicals in his house!!!!!!! - everyone evacuated!!!!!! - no charges, no info from the police - understandable, they have nothing that sounds remotely criminal, let alone 'potential terrorist' - but the drones, fortunately, don't ask questions, just thank the protective farmer for saving them from the terrible bogeywolfs. >> and next time - Great News!!!!! Some RCMP lady is singing the national anthem at the all star game!!! Aren't we all sooo fucking excited!!! - well, not really - great spin, but some of us are more than a bit concerned at the ongoing militarization of Canada - haven't seen anything quite like this since hitler was doing the same thing in Germany a few years back, militarizing the whole country, getting everybody worked up about how bad people were attacking Germany but by god he would save them!. And of course we all remember where THAT was going. Don't we??? People???? >> and we have just a sweet story about how the 'low dollar' is affecting wedding plans - isn't that something all we children can relate to now??? GOOOD!!!! CBC !!!!! - news we giggly shallow stupid teens find relates to our lives ... Jan 21 - once again, we are presented with a narrative of what is happening in 'our times' re 'what is the bank of Canada going to do about the dropping dollar' - 'if you're a banker these are challenging times' - there's your CBC 'factual reporting' folks (actually, if you're a banker, you're pretty much on easy street these days in the real world, with that ability to create as much money as you want ...) - not a fucking WORD of anything we could call 'news', just a story for Cdns to learn about what they want us to believe about the current situation of oil prices and dropping loonie. You don't need to figure this stuff out, citizen - we'll TELL you what you need to think!!

- fuck, just listen to the commentary passing as 'news' as they talk about Obama's speech - 'Republicans know he can't do anything 'on their watch'' - he 'speaks like a man with the swagger of nothing to lose' and etc - just blatant narrative and commentary pretending to be 'news' - like everything they do now.

Jan 19 - "news" - 'the RCMP are asking a tough question ...' - and etc - there's virtually nothing anymore that would actually pass as real 'news' - the CBC et al tell what is happening, and what we are supposed to think about it. The perpetual 'tabula rasa', with the media endlessly writing the contents of our brains.

>> now we are officially named - 'the Dalhousie dental scandal' - once again, completely created by the media - a scandal in THEIR eyes, which, of course, good PC citizens believe, and get on the bandwagon, and tell others how terrible it was, etc.

- could be the stupid essay, but most of what happens on the CBC could go there - they're doing a story on Ottawa Morning about Target closing (and everywhere) - and the lady keeps asking 'What do you suppose this will mean for the employees' - I mean fuck, it's like asking the mother of the kid who just got killed 'how do you feel?!?' - oh heck you know Canada has lots and lots of jobs, there won't be any problem, the phone will start ringing and I'll have a great new job in a few days!!! - right. your classic stupid question. by your becoming classic witless CBC junior cub reporter who would have been laughed out of the room if she asked for a job at the real CBC a few decades ago. when we had some real reporters etc.

Jan 18 - just back to the CBC after a couple days away - first thing is some 'comedy' thing - pathetically juvenile, and the audience just laughing like pathetic juveniles along with it. No fucking class at all anymore, with the dumbing down in full swing. Even weekend morning has been going seriously backwards the last few months - think I noted this before - less and less music from when it was real back in the 60s - more and more mush. Some nice mush, but still mush. >>> and - they're pushing the 'be happy!' stuff more and more too, don't complain about this great country, tell us how happy you are, what makes you happy to live here, etc - pushing a girl on Weekend Mornings singing about how her home on the Fundy shore is the best place she's ever been (followed by 'I love my dog!' - mushy song - be happy folks!!) - and a contest - tell us what brings light to your life (we have Weekend morning flashlights to give away!!!!) - Island Morning is doing the same thing - what's the odds there's something similar going on in many if not all CBC areas?????

Jan 15 - CBC again all worried about 'young men joining ISIS' - it's really quite amazing, to any people who think of themselves as free - very clear message - YOU WILL HONOR WHO YOUR LEADERS TELL YOU TO HONOR, AND HATE WHO WE TELL YOU TO HATE - NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!! - what could be more indicative of a totally brainwashed population? - clear enough reasons, if real open talk was allowed, it would very quickly become clear that actually Canada has no fucking business at all bombing countries in other parts of the world that represent no danger to us - the propaganda and 'no exceptions!!!' indoctrination must be maintained - thus this continual pushing -

>> crying father of course talking about his lost son -

Ottawa - they're just unbelievably amateurish - some store is closing, and they find a few people to say they never went there much anyway, etc - fuck. "news" on the CBC. This kind of shit wouldn't even get them into a real journalism school.

>> and they're on some thing about some people who went to India for some treatment, and had some problems - and whatever the 'spectacle' part of this, we see that the CBC pretend-cub-reporters present themselves as scientific experts - the different people in the story have different things to say, and here we have sweet Amanda telling us who is to be believed and who is not. dumbed down all the way - I'm a teenager and I know fucking everything!!!! - etc etc

Jan 14 - "news" - fuck, they just turn it all into cute stories for kids - re Paris - "Margaret Harris spoke to a senior citizen who went out for groceries at a bad time!!!!' - wow!!! it's just theater, folks!!! - a story about a lady, going to the store to get olives for her husband - and she didn't even like olives, and more stuff for Chatelaine - fuck, no real journalism school would put up with this stuff - of course, of course, said it a million times before - we don't have ... - and a bit at the end of the crying husband - it's utter shit, but no doubt the lady high school gossip columnist is getting high marks from the propagandists (Margaret Evans of the breathless voice ...)

>> and then more on the terrible Dalhousie dental scandal - the CBC are apparently getting a bit pissed the kids have not been shot yet, or some other really, really bad punishment -

>> and for fuck's sake, on 'national news' some gossip about some mayor in BC - some sexual connection, so the CBC gets their little panties all in a twist - sex scandals - sorry ""scandals"" are almost as good as blood and crying people to the chattering little gossip mongers there ...

>> and here's something we really need - a segment on the Current about how, well, you know them celebrities who advise on diets? You shouldn't listen to them! - serious. Stuff you need, on the CBC.

>> this is kind of scary - is Canada becoming rightwing> - not so much the article, but the comments following, esp the first - "..Nice 'opinion' piece by a leftist nut job. This CBC guy is polar opposite to Fox and Sun networks. ... Why can't we get a news source that is actually middle of the road and factual rather than crazy right or crazy left?" - the piece is, for the modern rightwing press, quite rational, and very centrist - and for someone to scream out 'leftist nut job' can only make you ask, what kind of people is this country creating - somewhat 'second level analysis' would indicate the piece is actually quite overstating its thesis, as obviously Canada is becoming more right wing, more American, less intelligent, that we can even have people like the one who wrote the comment - and the comments are laced with similar ideas. These are truly barbarians - anything less than gangs of hoods fighting openly for domination is considered 'lefty nutcase' politics. We're going to have a lot of trouble with these people if we ever start to take our country back, and need to be ready to deal with them.

Jan 13 - some 'national reporter' from Ottawa having a nice conversation with Matt on Island Morning about how the gov is going to deal with all the 'terrorism' around the world. You people out there be scared! - and thank our gov for protecting us!!

Jan 12 - Ottawa Morning - boy, really pushing it - some 'expert' on telling us we really, really are in great danger from 'self radicalized' muslim crazies (who are, he says with no evidence at all, overseas doing massive amounts of killing (!!!!!)) - very obviously preparing Cdns for new and more stringent police lockdown measures. Be nice, do as you are told, and no problem, citizens.

Jan 11 - all the marches in Canada 'to show support' for something concerning the killings in Paris - seems a bit odd to me - who is organising these things? I would wager pretty much anything there is government pushing and support behind these things - part of the new militarism, we all stand together against terrorism, and you don't want to question this mindless crowd, etc etc - the people running the Nazis 80 years ago knew these techniques well .... and used them very effectively

.. notice the pushing of the spin too - 'this is an attack on Democracy!!!!!' - no it's not, it was a nasty crime, the killing of a few people publishing a satirical magazine by some radicals who did not like what was published - the killers should be treated as dangerous criminals, hunted down and dealt with ('capital' punishment is fine by me) - but that's about it. But the media is seriously pushing this 'attack on Democracy!!!' shit - and why would they be doing this, if they didn't have some plans that involved a lot of guns and bombs ready to send someone's way????? - but they needed an excuse to get 'the people' on board - and of course, knowing how fully they control 'the people' via the media - here we go, kids!

- actually, a lot of this shit going on lately when you think about it, up to and including the 'spontaneous mass protests' against Bill Cosby this week past - get a LOT of people together to protest something, no debate allowed, the 'PCers' have declared some person or persons evil (the Dal dentistry students) - and all right thinking people must stand together and condemn them. No thinking allowed, no questioning or that just puts you on the side of whoever is condemned - and by golly, you don't want this big crowd surrounding you and accusing you of terrible crimes do you?!?!?! no way baby - so join up.

Jan 10 - more on the 'falling price of oil' - a question I have not heard or seen addressed (and don't expect to) - if these people can make a profit at $50 a barrel, which seems obvious because I can't imagine they're selling this essential product they have a monopoly on at a loss - what the fuck is or was going on in recent years past at the far, far higher prices?????? - are/were we seeing a government supported massive monopoly pricing ripoff???? pretty obvious - and understanding that, of course, you carry on to - what the fuck are they actually doing right now? To say 'oh, they saw the light and are giving western consumers a break' - is just to break out laughing. So obviously - this is all about attacking Russia, and Iran - nothing more, nothing less. And we KNOW the corporate media are NOT going there. >> and lots of spinoffs - Cdn governments, among others, are going to be using this as an excuse to cut social programs and services.

Cosby cosby guilty!! - very obvious from the general tenor of the piece that the CBC has no such stupid ideas as 'innocent until proven guilty', presenting these people as somehow mistaken in their 'beliefs' - no sir, we at the CBC go with the mob - the accusation IS the proof baby

- another story we're not likely to hear on the US-loving CBC - US cops kil at 100 times the rate of other countries - now if this study had found Russia or China or Iranian police were doing all this killing by police, we'd be getting some pretty serious and unhappy people demanding we get out the bombs and get those monsters out of office - but the US? well, you know, if the people don't want to get shot they shouldn't annoy the police, who are just doing their job, etc etc ...

Jan 9 - Island Morning news - fuck, kids reporting to kids, the 'story' on the animal shelter not having doggies is just too cute

>> lovely irony here - everybody screaming about the terrible Muslim jihadists attacking 'free speech' - and apparently not at all aware of this - police monitoring online speech - of course, that is the very essence of elite capitalism - when WE do it, it's great - when THEY do it - it's terrible. Lies and looting - I suppose we could add extreme hypocrisy to that.

Jan 8 - full mode with the social control, as always - more on Cosby in London, with the CBC obviously very upset that some people are daring to go and see him, when the CBC's politically correct gang has declared the accusations against him to be proof he's a bad guy. >> and something suspicious about the 'spontaneous gatherings' in Toronto and elsewhere showing 'support' for the shooting victims in Paris - 'we stand together against Muslim terrorism!!' and etc -

>> "business" report - deflation noted in Europe - lower prices are bad. ( ????? I know, you might think lower prices would be good - but the capitalist mind just thinks 'OMG! lower profits, etc. that's just how they are)

>> there's been regular 'reporting' on the 'brave Canadians' going somewhere to 'help with the Ebola epidemic' - simple minded hero worship for the Cdn children, one expects, with appropriate 'cool' terminology like 'they take their PPE' - and a new one today - now they are 'clinicians' - boy, there's a word - like 'journalist' and 'parliamentarian' for your SPECIAL people Cdns!!

- 'an attack as exacting as a line on a page' - the current - wow, really ramping up the story

Jan 5 - Ottawa Morning - 'a night of celebration across the country!!!' - Canadian juniors win the world junior hockey championship - a very trivial story overall for adults - but the CBC is speaking to the new dumbed down citizens they have been creating of course, in depth, a lot of kids talking about how excited they are, how great they feel, etc - very obvious - the other major 'story' is telling us that things are heating up in the US between Obama and the Repubs - sit back and watch the show folks!!!! - and of course, this is election year!!!!!! let's ramp up the excitement - will it be tweedle dee?? or dum??? or dumber????? Wow!! So exciting!!!!

Dec 29 - fuck they just can't stay away from it - 'reporting' on the missing Air Asia plane, for no reason at all rather than sensantionalism, they add the 'story' of the father of the captain who is worried about losing his son on the plane. 'news' on the CBC.

Dec 23 -"news" - 'the missing Malaysian airplane may never be found, according to (some person)" - wow. News, in the CBC "newsroom" (cue laughter). Obviously, no person could ever have imagined that scenario, if the great CBC was not on top of things for us.

Ottawa morning - more free advertising for 'friends' - some guy with a website offering legal advice getting the big Xmas present ... what about the million other websites struggling for views???? haha your problem bud. (and we manage to mock 'conspiracy theorists' HAHAHA!!!!! - you sure don't want to be one of THOSE idiots, CBC listener, do you???? HAHAHAHA!!!! - nono!! not me!!! nononono!!! I believe what they tell me on the CBC, sure, sure!!!)

Dec 22 - Black tells some truth, which is just a 'conspiracy theory' to the CBC (laughingly called 'business digest, Island morning)

>> some story about a kid found beaten in the snow - 'warning, you may find details disturbing' - I just mean, what the fuck is this? News for adults or for children??? ............... oh right. sorry. of course.

>> utterly amazing - Canada faces cold war !!!!! - the propaganda that it seems most people believe, so utterly blatant lies and nonsense - NOBODY is threatening Canada, Canada is choosing to strut along beside the US as the world bully - and blatantly saying it is the other guy's fault!!! Putin and Russia are so very obviously the object of the US attacks for years now, and yet they all run around screaming Russian aggression when Putin dares put up the slightest show of resistance - it shows, above all, the depth and strength of the last 30 years of indoctrination that so few people seem able to understand this obvious situation ...

Dec 21 - some 'CBC moment' - Christmas in Britain - directed clearly at the new children of the CBC world - i.e. 'for Christmas in Britain we eat broccoli with dinner - I know, yucky, but it's Christmas so we eat it..' - but fuck, adults like broccoli, and prefer veggies to an endless diet of candy - but the CBC wants everyone to identify first with children, simple-minded, fun-loving, childish tastes in everything - and, most importantly of course, leaving boring important stuff for the adults to take care of, and trusting the adults who speak on the CBC when they tell them things - when adults talk about santa claus, or monsters, the children believe them, no questions asked - Mommy wouldn't lie to us!!! Nor the nice teachers and policemen and journalists and politicians who manage our lives, all for our own good!! We love and trust our teachers!!!' - the good CBC child. Things seem to be escalating - wouldn't be surprised if they all come out of the closet somehow next year, some false flag attack or something, and the Gestapo appear on the streets, the sheep's clothing off etc

>>> and later - 'this is a busy time for Canada Post - it delivers thousands of parcels and packages (!!!wow!) - but millions of letters to Santa!!' - got that kids?? Yes Virginia, there is a Santa don't all we good children believe that, and snuggle down secure in our beddies, knowing Momma Corp is watching over us??? You bet!!!

>> much serious shit going on in the country and world today, and the leading weekly public affairs show (Enright) has a story on Wonder Woman, and some really fucking bad Xmas songs.

Dec 20 - fuck, the House, deep, deep into the propaganda, aka outright, often simply stupid, lies about 'the bad guys' - excellent deconstruction show for anyone interested - can't be bothered here - Solomon obviously directly complicit, as they have an obvious script they are following. One example - they start with Putin's press conference, presenting him as a Big Brutal Nasty Bear!!! - but a completely different presentation - with actual clips rather than fantasies - on RT - you just need to listen to/watch these two things, and it is blatantly obvious who is credible and who is not. CBC - failure at journalism, A+ for propaganda as the Cdn Ministry of Truth. {{ pointing out another idiocy - to say the CBC is 'progressive' and 'anti-Harper' is obviously totally out of touch with reality, listening to something like this - very, veruy obviously the CBC is working with the masters of Canada to spread this horseshit ... and equally obviously, very sadly, only a very, very small number of Cdns seem to understand this.. fuck, I may be the only one . - can't think of anyone else offhand, from the "progressive" side of things, criticizeing the CBC as I do -the hatred of the right for the CBC is just the mindless hatred they have for everything remotely progressive, dating back to Trudeau, so is meaningless in the context I talk about)

Dec 19-20 - the 'big news' about them horrible monsters from N Korea being responsible for hacking somebody, and Sony pulling a movie, etc, is, like so much of the propaganda, just fucking stunning in its essential hypocrisy, not to mention the inevitable dragging out of the various lies about how BAD!!!! they are!!!. No doubt some countries get up to bad things about the US, or others - but the part that really gets me angry is all the finger pointing, with not a word of mea culpa to go along with it - we do it, they do it, that's life in the modern world, with various gangs competing for power - but no, it's all 'Look at those monsters!!!' - and then silence - not a word about how WE do stuff just as bad, and, really, no doubt at all, as the biggest baddest superpower in history, the US gets up to far, far worse stuff than everyone put together, but the finger pointing and accusations etc directed at the US - even when there is a serious report detailing their torture - is utterly minimal from the western media - not a sliver of outrage from the CBC about US torture, not a word about Cdn complicity (I can't listen to all the coverage of course, but in the days since the torture report, I haven't heard the name 'Mahar Arar' once ...) (are we monsters too?????) - and etc. I really don't like this place much at all - sure, sure it's better probably than a lot of countries, but how many times do I have to say 'better than something really bad' is not a very high ambition - I for one want something a great deal better - and I fight as I do because for the last 30 years and more, we have very, very demonstrably been going backwards at an ever increasing rate, and the edge, my friends, is very near, if you don't start waking up pretty soon.

Dec 19 - CBC all a flutter about the killings in Australia - no doubt a terrible thing for the people killed, but fuck, as they say, I don't know what the daily death count is around the world, although some quick googling indicates it's around 150,000 per day - so how is it most deaths are irrelevant, and the chosen few get picked for "WOW LOOK AT THIS!!!!!' treatment from the CBC???? Tribal spectacle for children explains part of it, no doubt - somewhere between 400,000 and 4 million children die from malnutrition in Africa alone every year, slow, lingering, terrible deaths, and basically we never hear a word about them - sure maybe once a year somebody from some aid program will get a short interview on one of the local stations, but basically, we care far, far more about the local sports teams we talk about every day with great enthusiasm than hundreds of thousands of terribly dying children in Africa - or a lot of other countries. And lots and lots of other things - how many innocent people are being killed these days by American and British drones? Funny we NEVER hear a word about those innocent people - maybe they suffer less in the mideast than they do in Australia or Canada or one of we white countries, who knows what goes on in the CBC news-controller's mind these days - they're obviously right-wing enough to be pretty out of touch with real people, and evil enough to happily betray so many people every day with their lies and propaganda and gatekeeping and spectacle and dumbing down.

There's a related element of getting really unpleasant stories out of the short-attention-span minds of the citizens, as well - no need to think about the US torturing 'folks', folks, move on now - HEY!!! LOOK WHAT HAPPENED IN AUSTRALIA OMG!!!!! etc etc - the Dalhousie hysteria is probably related to this - certainly haven't heard anyone on the CBC wondering about Mahar Arar being tortured by the CIA rendition program with the full assistance, and awareness, of the Cdn government - hey, hey, nothing to see here folks OH LOOK AT THE TERRIBLE DALHOUSIE STUDENTS MAKING STUPID JOKES ON FACEBOOK!!!! OMGOMG!! - now THERE is something we can spend a few days getting all self-righteously pompous about - boy, WE never did that on facebook!!!! and etc. we're on the Titanic, and it's going down.

>> and the story about the 'school shooting' in Pakistan - evil fucking taliban!!! - great opportunity for crying ladies (crying lady, sobbing sobbing, my heart is just so hurt for all those poor children in Pakistan..' - fuck, you can only wonder how she feels about half a million kids starving to death in Africa every year - funny the CBC doesn't get on that, the tear potential should be almost endless. haha just kidding). But we get a bit more nuanced, not to say truthful, offering from (surprise surprise!!) RT - Going Underground - in which a rather important adjective is added - 'military' - this was not a 'girls' school or something as they are leading us to believe so we really, really 'get' what endlessly evil fucking monsters those Taliban are, in case anyone ever forgot - no no, it was a *military* school, with Muslim students being trained to go and hunt the Taliban. !!!!! My my. Certainly a terrible thing to be attacking schools anytime, by anyone - but just put your Einstein hat on for a second - if the US decided to get one of their drones over there fired up, and bomb a school with children being trained to be Taliban fighters, how do you suppose the Cdn media would be approaching the story? I could ramble on, but why bother - I leave it to you as an exercise. Try to be truthful!! (hint, can't control myself!!! - would the Canadian media say the Americans accidentally bombed a school of nice children, terrible tragedy, big mistake, investigations are underway, etc etc - or would the immediate spin be 'Taliban military academy taken out by Americans - world a safer place, less terrorists YEEAAAAA AMERICA!!!! - congratulatory quotes from Cdn pols, etc etc)

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