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Oct 7 - US changing story about Afghan hospital slaughter - my my, haven't seen a word about this bombing and slaughter on the CBC since the day it happened, when it got the 'my my, look at this - but obviously even though it looks bad, the US denies responsibility, just a sad accident - hell, move on folks, we have more important things in Canada to talk about! - you know, NIQABS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, or letting folks know that now the news about the secret TPP has leaked, it's really all ok, you know, or maybe making snide jokes about how we're basically too stupid to talk about physics like adults, but hey! Great a Cdn won something big, eh! clapclap. Now back to Sports!!!! - LOOK!!!! Montreal Toronto pre season hockey game - get the sports panel on!!!!' and etc.

as always, the saddest part is observing, again and again every day, how most Cdns are so deeply indoctrinated they just don't ask any questions - can't ask any questions, I suppose, the CBC et al have been **telling** them what they think for so long they can't think for themselves anymore.

07:00 maritime/national "news" - once again, LET'S TALK ABOUT THE NIQAB!!!!!!!!!! (yea yea a lot of people are saying WTF??? this is a non-issue - BUT NOT THE CBC!!!! WE LOVE MAKING AN ISSUE OF THIS NON-ISSUE!!!!!! (that's pretty much our mandate, right? Pushing important things into a dark corner, getting people all excited about trivia? Sure it is!!! (but we can't talk about that of course NIQAB NIQAB!!!!!!!)

- oh look, another candidate dumped for stupid comments BIG NEWS BIG NEWS

>> Ottawa Morning - Robyn once again showing whose side she is on, as she interviews a rep of Ontario teachers who are not answering a door buzzer. (and again Deeper Truth must interject - what in the Fuck are we doing putting schools on permanent lockdown, only screened applicants to be admitted????? This is the kind of society we want our children growing up in and getting used to??? (trick question!!!! - the answer is, yes, that is indeed the kind of society we want our children acclimated to - all citizens are under continual watch, and you may be asked to id yourself at anytime, and you have one response and one response only - OBEY AUTHORITY!!!! - kids naturally do this, it's just a matter of keeping them in that state as they pass into the normally rebellious teen years, and later into adulthood when, at one time in the not that distant past, it was kind of naturally accepted that 'adults' would be pretty much free to do as they liked, and of course as intelligent, independent, responsible adults, most of them would behave responsibly - not now, now the assuption is that if some guy isn't watching over you with a gun, you'll go berserk, so we all have to be under constant surveillance. Get used to it kids - like in the Brave New World Robyn and the CBC are creating for you!!! YEA ROBYN!!!!!!! YEA CBC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> followed by really important stuff - a 'story' about a guy who conveiled his way out of a jury duty to go to a Blue Jays game - stuff for kids. (haha of course it is, that's what the CBC is all about these days ..)

>> more "news" - some lady telling us *why* 'Harper' is 'keeping the niqab debate open' (although the media is doing a lot of that) - he is 'speaking to his base' and etc - the thing is, of course, she is not saying 'maybe' this or that, she is giving a lecture like to children - this is the story, children, we know his thoughts, his motivations, etc - of course, this is just the narrative creation, as they have been doing forever - these things will be in the history books, as 'fact'. etc

- too clever - the 'reader' finishes with 'some group projects the end of the world - I hope they are wrong, and suspect they are..' - hahahahaha!!!!!! Such humor from our news guy - cool eh kids???? hahaha!!!

- and more 'good to have friends at the CBC!!!!!' 'features' - some guy made a film about schwarma restaurants in Ottawa, and luckily this is the kind of 'non-story story' they love at the CBC - and here he goes. (yes, it's legit 'local interest' - but where is the interview today with somebody who has some serious info on why they think the TPP is a bad idea (hint - not a farmer, but somebody deeper, somebody talking about the 'investor state dispute mechanism'?? - right. there ARE fucking limits here, dave. seriously.

BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!! - there was a football game last night, Toronto and Ottawa - but it was supposed to be a TORONTO home game, and some fans are upset!!!!! Holy FUCK batman - aren't we all just fucking outraged, and so sympathetic for them poor fans who didn't get their home game?????? (haha see dave - important stories our people in Ottawa want to know about - really, who in the fuck wants to hear boring old shit about the 'investor dispute - ?? what? I mean, really, who gives a fuck dave? But football now, that's IMPORTANT shit in our city, dave - do you get it dave? What - Americans bombed a hospital? Killed doctors? Where? Are you fucking serious dave? The Americans are the Good Guys, like we in Canada here - we don't do that shit - it's the fucking Russians who do that - geezus dave if you don't like our country MOVE to fucking russia, eh? now go away, Robyn's telling us about the mustsee bands this weekend ...

>> Current - again, some lady letting us know she knows what a farce this all is, as she sayd 'the election will be over in 2 weeks (yay!!)' - we're all supposed to get out and vote, yea, because it's really important yea!!!! - but of course, they know it's a joke, and it is tedious for them keeping up the pretence of doing important stuff.. but think about this - THE CURRENT: _ MAJOR DECONSTRUCTION NEEDED HERE - the 'political' discussion is some major narrative creation going on - the big thing is that they are 'coming out of the closet' re pushing people away from the NDP and into the Liberal 'camp', by creating a 'bandwagon' effect - they bring out their main talking points here. behind the scenes stuff evident too, as always, if you know what to watch for - they're all having a very friendly and light 'talk' - they know they're all playing part of a script, they're all old proes doing it, having a great time.

>>and must be Big Tuesday or something - a discussion on 'health care' (why should it be a top election issue?? asks Ms Tremonti - really, you can only laugh) - no point in deconstructing here, unless you want some box examples - EVERYBODY says health care is important and EVERYbody says money is short, so we have to prioritize and spend efficiently. Supposed to be politicians from the 3 main parties tomorrow - I will fucking GUARANTEE!!!!! they'll all say the same general idea - we all support great health care, we all know we have to do more with less. I don't know why anybody listens to these people anymore. Including the CBC, who facilitate the lies. as always, not a word about money - the doc from the Cdn med assoc journal sounded like a decent guy - maybe I'll drop him a line ...

- and more - the last part is a New York cop who just wrote a book reminding us what great danger we are all in from 'terrorists' and how our lovely cops are just protecting us - etc etc.

Oct 6 - "news" haha - the 'news'reader (hahahaha) telling us about a Cdn winning the Nobel for physics - '... I really don't understand what this is all about, but it's a great accomplishment..' - these people really have no fucking idea what 'professional journalism' is all about either. fuck - have I mentioned that before??

>> and more 'news' - interviews with a few people telling us how great the TPP is going to be for them - 'although there may be some downside, Canada really should accept this deal'. right. from the 'neutral' CBC. fuck.

>> oh look!!!! fucking RUSSIANS!!!! flying over Turkey!! Turkey protests!! Kerry says 'baaaaaadddddddRussians!!!! - nobody says WTF???? the Americans fly all over the place and nobody says a word!!!! (well, on the media - I expect a lot of people are saying a lot of stuff, the CBC just isn't too interested .... case in point, it was two days ago the US bombed a MSF hospital in Afghanistan and killed a bunch of MSF docs - a clear war crime, but hey!!!! we're all on the same team here!!! Let's just kind of forget about that, eh? The Americans blamed the Afghanis, and they blamed the Taliban, and nobody on our side ever lies, so I guess it was just, well, who knows, but our Great Buds the Americans are the very Heart of God, so let's not say bad stuff, right? I mean, you can make up any bad shit you want about THEM FUCKING RUSSIAN MONSTERS!!!!!!!! - and we'll push it, but the - uh - who were we talking about? Oh, right .... nobody - THEM FUCKING RUSSIANS LOOK WHAT THEY DID NOW!!!!!

>> later 'news' - the physicist described how he felt when he was told he won - fuck, they are so fucking childish - 'how did you feel' is not fucking news, you assholes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck. - it's what hubristic, stupid, self-centered children think, of course, and no doubt the equally useless 'teachers' are telling them this is modern 'journalism'. (there is stuff for adults out there, the Guardian, while still playing the 'capitalist light' role, still has some self-respect and allows some adults on their pages - Nobel prize for science (read it and weep for what we have lost so completely in Canada)

- the irony is too much sometimes - we are hearing Muslim woman after Muslim woman saying this is a completely non-issue, and the CBC keeps talking about it. Too fucking stupid to talk to. (and also more evidence of how the media drives and creates the narrative - you can be certain that in years gone by this will be written in every "history" as a 'major issue in the 2015 election'. Created by the media - nah, you won't read that haha, only old fogies somewhere down the line will know that. Or actually, maybe not - I'm probabaly close to the last generation of old fogies - all the young people now are completely brainwashed, and they'll all agree that the niqab was a big issue.

>> some new guy on the "news" telling us how we really really need to accept the TTP, eh???? Don't you naughty children be reading any shit on the internet about this - just listen to nice mother telling you the medicine really is good for you - you'll all love it!!

- the Current - some popular 'news' reader gets interviewed about raising his gay son. media people talking to media people - we're just so interesting to each other!!!!

Oct 5 - CBC steering people towards triviality whilst covering important stuff - note this 'analysis' of issues around the niqab, while barely a word about the TTIP or TTP, and then only in carefully corralled 'single issue' minor things like the farmers worried about supply management - not a decent overall view to be had, such as true people's media all over the web are doing - this look at the current 'trade' negotiations from Popular Resistance, for example.

nononononononono!!!!!!! dave - far far FAR more important things for Cdns to get worried and chattering about than stupid old 'trade' things that will be good for us - look here now - women want gender parity in political candidates!!!! - now what could possibly be more important, eh???? fuck dave (AHHHH THE F WORD!!!!!) get with the program eh??

NOT the CBC: Excellent interview with Paul Craig Roberts, someone whose voice will never, never never fucking NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! darken the airspace of the CBC, talking about Putin and Russia as serious players, and the good guys, and what the US has really been up, and other 'adult' stuff the CBC doesn't consider appropriate mushroom food for its listeners.

- do gooders getting their space on Island Morning - 'we're seeing a lot of people not wearing their bike helmets - you children have to start doing what we who know what is best tell you to do now!!!' and etc .

- and it seems my complaints about the CBC not covering important things like trade deals is being heard - both the "news" and island morning talk a bit about it, with some little approaches to the criticisms of them.

- and then Robyn - Ottawa Morning - boy, they're getting out the propaganda after the TPP has gotten into the news a bit - she tells us Cdn dairy farmers are worried - and then we have an interview with some guy from New Zealand telling us nothing to worry about mate, life is better with free trade, eh?? So there Cdns - nothing to worry about!! (obviously pre-semi scripted to cover the stuff they wanted to cover.) - meme - got a question folks - given the great problems with the environment these days - what in the sweet fuck are we doing shipping milk, or pork (they talked about) from Canada to New Zealand and vice versa, and all the other shipping back and forth of things we all make (the one that got me a few years back was learning we shipped chickens from Canada to Thailand, and vv - I mean, really - really?????????????? fucking capitalism - just stupid...

- from the propaganda to the stupid - zombie walk on parliament hill - great stuff kids!!!!!! (so-called 'adults' screaming like they think a monster would scream - fuck. CBC. dead journos still walking, but pretty short on brains, not surprisingly

- report from damage in s carolina - the governor - 'we haven't seen this kind of damage in the last 1000 years' - there you go - I'll have to check around and see about getting the records that show that, probably be interesting ... good ol CBC. completely in juvenile land, clueless.

- Robyn doing her public service - hey folks! the TPP has been signed... oh, our listeners want to know a bit more about this 'biggest trade deal in the history of the world!!!' - and we're going to give you more info!! - but other questions - why in the fuck haven't we been told about this before now???

>> the Current joining in on the big damage control move - hey look what we found!!!!! TPP - and like the great public service we are, we're going to tell you how great it is!!!!! - here's some guy (Perrin Beatty) from the gov to tell you how great it is now!!!!!! - carefully scripted, of course - 'oh, some people say this might be a problem! - oh, well, here is why they're wrong..' and etc.

>> well, a good followup with Jim Stanford credit where credit due - but obviously some 'progressive' types have been asking some pointed questions of the CBC, and they had to bend a bit to retain a bit of credibility - that's all it was, damage control. Guaranteed.

- followed by a return to the standard trivia, a 'big story!!' about some guy who 'came out' as transgender - kid stuff for kids, ok but on the kids channel - what would be useful would be perhaps an exploration of why this society is so entirely fucked up about sexual things, and how that has been used for control, etc - but haha that would adult ideas for adults to talk about, all of which are very carefully kept away from the CBC..

- some people think this is important - Canada's military to 'weaponize' its public affairs branch - but the CBC, Hey!!, we got far more interesting stuff - you know, like Justin Trudeau vows to 'bring Canadians together' at Brampton rally - now there's a story with veritas, and gravitas, and, you know, meat on the bones for the CBC crowd, when they get finished talking about the latest 'transgender' story.

the week in nos and yesses - this is why we're losing - kids just wanna have fun, and those running things make sure they have more than they can handle. And they make sure 'kidhood' lasts, like, forever. Some significant number of them won't even wake up when they go off the cliff with the rest of the lemmings - they'll think it's all just some neat new game until they hit the bottom. And then think no more.

Oct 4 - first responders with PTSD - ????? - this speaks to quite a few things going on the last few years, from so many Afghanistan vets coming back and claiming PTSD to a circle of cops with guns filling some kid with a knife full of bullet holes. That is to say, what kind of fantasy land were these people living in before the 'traumatic event' that caused their breakdown, or, with the cops, being so completely poorly trained in dealing with situations such as a kid with a knife they felt their only response was to kill him. Or airline staff in a plane at 30,000 feet facing an unruly passenger thinking their only response was to turn around and go home? It's part of the dumbing down of society, where citizens believe in mommy's nice world where bad things don't happen to the nice children, where you go to work as a 'police officer' and think it's like in your grade 4 Civics class where smiling policemen help little children cross the street safely - things you can do in your nice safe backyard. And then when you get into a real situation, like a kid or drunk with a knife, you panic like a little child out of their comfort zone and start shooting. Or the 'first responders' or even soldiers - who's training these people? Do they think all they're going to have to do is put on a hero's smile when they come home? Are they clearly told that in these lines of work, the norm is blood and death, and mutilated bodies? If they can't handle that kind of thing, what in the fuck are they doing signing up? And as importantly, why are the people in charge of hiring not screening a bit more carefully? Sure blood and guts can be traumatic - that is why you need to be sure you have actual adults going into such situations. But the 'dumbed down' society is creating child-adults who have a tv-version of 'reality', where soldiers come home heroes, and the 'first responders' are heros like they see on tv, with the 'blood and guts' passing by very quickly, and nobody having any problems.

Oct 3 - well, let's not hide in the bushes - the CBC, proud as any asslicker holding the bully's coat, standing tall and proud in defence of the latest round of 'trade' talks - a somewhat more honest look here - The Trans-Pacific Free-Trade Charade - not much of this on the CBC (they do have a bit, very much 'limited hangout' stuff - farmer says I'm worried about supply management, a chorus is found to tell him not to worry, it's fine it's fine!!!!!! - never a word about serious things, like the ISDM (I know I know you have no idea what that is because the CBC doesn't want you to - investor state dispute mechanism, whereby big corps have more power than ever to challenge governments, and get BIG money from them if they feel the government has been reducing their chanes of making huge profits).

It has to go. Soon.

Three Medecins Sans Frontieres staff killed in suspected US airstrike on Afghan hospital - MSF say 30 staff are still unaccounted for after the attack in the war-torn city of Kunduz as the US admits an airstrike may have caused ‘collateral damage’. As they say, holy fuck batman, can you just IMAGINE the fucking rage from the western media and CBC if a Russian airstrike in Syria, let us say, hit a hospital and killed some of the nice Medicine Sans Frontieres docs, who have not that long ago been interviewed on the CBC, and praised for their great work in helping out in the refugee crisis caused by that fucking Assad (Cdn content, of course ...) - but of course, as Cdn Propaganda Central for the US Hegemon, we really don't want to be telling Cdns about the 'real' stuff the Great Freedom and Democracy Fighters of the Mighty US (on your fucking knees peasants!!!!) get up to. Silly dave, that's not what propaganda is all about!!!! (ok they get around to the story later - airstrike on Afghanistan hospital - but it is a very 'neutral' 'reporting', the US is looking into the allegation, etc - again, imaging if there was some story about a Russian airstrike - there would be no 'alleged', no attempt to contact the Russians to see what they said, etc - just outrage, demands to get rid of Putin, etc. Fact. You know it.

- 07:00 maritimes - CBC has a breaking story about the resignation of the head of the Cdn olympic committee - and the 'reporter' begins 'So ... ' - fuck. just a joke. - and the 'headline' story of the 'debate' last night? the niqab, of course. trivia for trivial minds. and Trudeau wants to know about Harper and abortion. and Duceppe believed his role was to needle other leaders. And the only thing left is two weeks of all out campaigning. Now there's a debate to remember!! And 'journalism' to remember also!!!

CBC "analysis" (haha) of the Russia-Syria situation. Filter: Russia and Putin BAAAAADDDDDD!!!!!! US GOOODDDDD!!!!! - analyse (i.e. innovate at will..our munchkins will believe ANYthing bad about Russia now, and ANYthing wonderful about we the good guys ...) : Russian airstrikes in Syria about regaining global status.

- the House - Rosemary having another good cynical laugh at the length of the election campaign - she's a very superior person thinking she's well above it all - SHE knows it's all a big farce, and doesn't mind having a laugh at the stupid peasants ... it is a bit tedious for those managing the farce of course - like herself..

- Day 6 - the kids are working overtime - another way to avoid talking about real stuff - 'the people trying to unseat leaders!!! - GREAT IDEA JAY!!!!!! (also on Day 6 - a drive by mockery of '911 truth' - 'really? You believe in 911? (round of chuckles...) etc carry on - drive by indoctrination reinforcement.

Oct 2 - Island Morning - dumbed down example - a 'nurse' in the hospital talking about looking after kids - sounds exactly like a teenager (the 'interviewer' doesn't sound much older - kids playing at reporter and nurse)

Ottawa Morning - crying lady!!!! - in vitro can be expensive and trying (sob sob...) LOVE IT CBC!!! (and we can count on Robyn - gets in a reminder about how health budgets are being squeezed - so how do you want to deal with funding limitations?

"news" - 'Marcia, what is at stake in tonight's debate?' (subtext - our listeners have no idea, so we have to tell everyone what is happening - also prevents anyone getting into anything we do NOT want them getting into haha.. - we are FUCKING NOT!!!!!! talking about the TTIP or TPP on the CBC DAVE!!!!! - AND DON'T EVEN THINK 'BANK OF CANADA'!!!!! WHEN WE START TALKING ABOUT 'BALANCED BUDGETS!!!!!')

- and look, we have to talk (on the 'news') about 'Russia's military intervention in Syria' - we are never, never NEVER going to talk about 'Canada's military intervention' - NONONONON!!!!! WE'RE THE FUCKING GOOD GUYS DAVE FUCK!!!!! - when WE do it, we all know it is for God's Purpose!!! But when those fucking Russians do anything, it's all just EVIL!!!! GET IT DAVE FUCKING EVIL FUCKING RUSSIANS!!!!!!

( actually, some people want to talk about real things, even if the CBC is doing all it can to pretend there;s the old classic 'nothing to see here folks, move on move on!!! - look at our lovely stories about mice traps!!! WOW!!!! - and SWEATSHAMING OMG!!!! - TPP about much more than 'trade'

fuck - I gotta get a better job.

>> still a LOT of talk about nice Canadians helping poor Syrian refugees - perfect example of the Big Spectacle. And to the inquiring mind, one wonders - what the fuck is happening? Canada, or those who rule it, given the way they have been enthusiastically creating refugees all over the mideast and Africa the last couple of decades, are very obviously in the 'who gives a fuck about collateral damage??' camp, so as always one needs to look behind the scene a bit - and things occur. For example, two trade deals are near completion that are going to have a very big impact on Canada for a long time to come, which the rulers very obviously do NOT want Cdns talking about - which would explain a lot of the election non-coverage of these issues, and the 'LOOK OVER HERE FOLKS!!!!!; spectacle of the refugee 'crisis' that kind of suddenly started get a lot of attention a few weeks ago, although it has of course been going on for years, with pretty much zero concern from the media that are so, so concerned now. Crocodile tears....

- SWEATSHAME!!!!!!! - the Current - SHAME!!!! - all for women, men don't feel it. what horseshit. ( !! Wow - Showdown at Starbucks!!!! - sweat-shamed!!!! - and the CBC is fucking taking this SERIOUSLY??????? - again, never, never, NEVER think these people cannot go lower. these people belong on highschool. vocational stream.) (also quite the thing coming from the CBC, given the way they have supporting 'shaming' people who do something the CBC does not improve of ... and some 'story' for halfwit kids of Sat morning cartoon age, some woman who claims she was seeing a man who pretended to be a woman - just stupid childish stories, presented as Spectacle!!!! for the ever-more dumbed-down CBC listener. (yea yea, they have a 'debate' about whether or not this is going a bit too far with 'shaming', but of course it's a child-centered, shallow 'debate' - the woman actually has this internalised, 'it's all about me!!!!! and if I feel 'shamed' it's real and you people need to stop doing this!!' and etc - not ever do we even broach the idea that maybe some of these people ought to just fucking grow up, and not just those who 'feel shamed sob sob I resent that!!' - but those doing the 'shaming' are just as childish - and the far more important notion about what we are doing to our society when so many people are encouraged to be accuser, judge and jury, and so many others immediately agree someone is 'guilty' of something with no idea at all of what is going on except it's great exciting play to join in a 'shaming' - no connection, for example, to the girl who killed herself a year or two ago because someone showed some partially nude pics of her, which is the same phenomenon when it gets serious. But we knew that would be the CBC - if it's stupid and childish and moving away from 'the adult' - we embrace it on the CBC!!!!! (just check RT or Real News or Consortium News or Global Research or many other 'real' citizen journalism places for good stories about what is going on - as I go to RT from this CBC crap, for instance, Going Underground has an interview with a lady from Yemen about the Saudi-US bombings there. And much else of interest for adults. (??? 'adults'? that's, like, you know 'sex' right? The CBC is all about SEX!!!! Dave - look tonight - that boring lady from Yemen has NOTHING on our great story about Olympic hero turned hooker OMG!!!! - that's how it's done, dave, for today's sophisticated audience - real stories about real people!!! (fuckfuckfuck)

(and this brings to mind one of the last episodes from the great HBO show Newsroom, in which they address directly the dumbing down of the media - I'd say 'Harken CBC!!!' - but it's obviously far, far too late for this bird - it needs to go up in flames, and we need the Phoenix to arise, fresh and unsullied. Dream fucking on dave.

I don't even want to think about where the CBC goes to get lower than this. Something must be coming soon - it is time to get out and establish the RT-type alternative in Canada. Just need the money. Green Island has got to start selling.

Oct 1 - the lady morning "news" reader is showing her excitement at the BLue Jays clinching first place and a playoff spot - we all love baseball, right??? Real news in Canada yea!!! (with appropriate excitement in the voices of course!! Yea blue jays!!!) I don't suppose these people would even recognize an honest definition of 'professional journalist' these days. Certainly none to be found around the CBC.

Ottawa Morning - showing the early deep indoctrination functions - a kid telling us 'well, if people don't vote they don't have a right to complain' - right kid. ( the CBC professional speaking - quote - 'they're geeking out over this election but they can't even vote' - fuck, there's no brains left here - and they're teaching the kids to be equally brainless - the election is just a big game, like the rest of their lives, while Mordor rules) (and jeezus fucking krist, endless propaganda, after 10 minutes of blatant propaganda, they finish with - drive by propaganda!!!! - '...but then comes the dreaded call from the PA - time to go to the gym for the vaccinations - and off the little munchkins go, rolling up their sleeves..' - fuck, orwell had no fucking idea how bad it was going to get)

- then a happy chat with a couple of girls telling us they got married, they're comedians - nice PC stuff, more fluff for the nice PC munchkin 'progressive' crowd

- the Current - Robert Reich - saving capitalism. limited hangout, lots of lies, lots of gatekeeping - but GOOD!!!! indoctrination for the masses. (as is Robert Fisk on what is going on in the mideast with Russia etc, a leading 'in the box' 'out of the box!!' so-called analyst - evidently a sellout of some kind, he used to be pretty good, now he's an imperialist, telling us how bad Russia is, how good we are. so it goes .. actually, you can see a bit below the surface what is happening - damage control, the US is evidently going to have to back off their plan to destroy Assad and Syria now that Russia has drawn a line in the sand which they are not prepared to cross, but can't tell the truth about it, so here comes Fisk with the fairy tale that, heck, they (the US) were really trying to do good stuff, but just got beat back by the really, really capable and evil ISIS, and now that Russia is coming, their combined forces might be able to beat this horrible enemy, even though Russia obviously has evil, self-serving motives, as evil fucks like the Russkies always do, etc etc etc - you just **know** if it's on the CBC, it's lies or propaganda or spin, the one thing you are never, never going to get on the CBC is any truthful analysis or what is going on in the world of importance.

Sept 30 - some 'reporter' pretending to be an economics 'expert' - laughable - 'as we dissect the GDP figures, remember this is a snapshot in time' - in his 'Rod Serling' voice. fuck. kids at play at the CBC. -- and some lady "reporting" from Alberta, where 'many voters are still adjusting to last spring's election', and 'voting patterns are set in stone as hard as the rockies' - and etc. semi-precocious teens playing at being journos. Supervised by same. let's have fun!!!!

Ottawa morning - Robyn showing she's on message - doctors are facing cuts from Ontario - and Robyn reminds everyone - the gov is having money problems, so you do accept there have to be cuts?? well Robyn, not if we get the banks under control - we could actually expand their services ..(hint - Robyn ! - call us this lady and have a talk - she'll have some pretty interesting things to say - Mary Mellor on Understanding Money)

Sept 29 - 'debate' - look at the pic - these are not people who deeply dislike each other - they're friends, putting on a show for the marks.

Sept 28 - Ottawa Morning - perfect spectacle stuff for the kids - a couple whose kid died last year from some disease - really sad story, lots of sobstuff. -- and we DO get a bit of acknowledgement that there is something called the TPP!!! - of course, on the debate tonight - but nothing serious, just Harper hopes to have it finished, but that's about it -

the media our last line of defence - some guy called FreeWilly in the comments demonstrating the average Cdn - CBC is great!!! etc.

Sept 24 - Ottawa Morning - a talk with the makers of a film about Afghanistan - sounds like a grim thing showing how brave our soldiers are, not a word about the ethics or whatever of the Americans dropping bombs on wedding parties - but at one point the interviewer says 'maybe it's the journalist in me..' - and off davy goes from the fucking chair again mixed in a bag of shock and disbelief and laughter - gotcha!!! Just such a shocking thing to say - people on the CBC do NOT 'have a journalist' in them - I suppose she's one of the short pants gang who wants to pretend she's a journo and the rulers encourage her like adults encourage children to believe in santa, and of course they want Cdns to believe they are not just journalists but really fucking GREAT journalists (Hitler started that one, and the people doing the CRR-NWO-etc have put the idea on the same 'in fucking spades bud!!!!' stuff the banks have their money -credit-creation powers on - if you're going to lie, lie big...) - but they haven't had a real journalist at the CBC for a long, long time. Sadly for Canada.

- "news" - 'the debate will be at six oclock eastern - that's seven oclock central time' ???? -yea, the 'newsreader' really said that. Do they think we're all too fucking stupid to sort that out? Or we just have utterly fucking witless people 'writing' the news stuff??? (hint - mostly B, but certainly there's obviously A content in the entire CBC - sadliest of all, I wouldn't be one to contradict either idea...)

the Current - talking about the pope and his 'anti-capitalist' speech - the libertarian girl immediately clears up her attempted defence of 'caitalism' (or just her stupidity) by equating, several times, 'capitalism' with 'a free market' - not the same thing at all, indeed, capitalism is very much against 'free' markets, as every capitalist tries to control a market to max their profit ... etc - a lot of BS going around here .. as always, another pattern, when you KNOW where the CBC will be siding - there are two people 'defending' capitalism, and the libertarian lady gets more time than the others, the guy defending the pope is a weak speaker who keeps sniffing his nose, bashing whatever credibility he might have had -

- another 'drive by reinforcement of dogman' - angry tom - Robyn is on message, I have heard her say this before (her guest points out this is wrong) - and she continually supports Trudean, in 'subtle' ways

- Harper's 'tax lock' law - the childish stupidity of this kind of boggles the mind, although when you consider the depth to which the dumbed down country has fallen I suppose it's not that surprising. First, it's not a big secret that when this government at least finds a 'law' inconvenient, it just ignores it, but more importantly, if the idea is to constrain future governments, can't they just pass a new law cancelling the old one? Harper seems to be doing enough of this, rewriting older laws he didn't approve of. Just another sign of the stupid times, that this even gets proposed, and once proposed gets media attention, and no doubt we'll be hearing 'learned' (ha fucking ha) analyses of it later on the CBC shows. What a fucking joke.

- Lib candidate says Facebook posts questioning 9/11 were her 'truth' at the time - master does NOT like children questioning the central dogmas. Sadly, few do. She sounds a bit unconnected from reality though - but still interesting how the media like to front and center the 'GOTCHA!!!!' shit over anything remotely connected to important stuff.

Sept 23 - maybe just me, but I suspect quite a few Cdns would find this of interest - TPP threatens local hazardous chemicals regulations.. - odd the CBC isn't taking a bit more interest about the TPP in general during the election campaign, many of us might think it more important than stories about lawn signs or the latest polling data (still a close race!!! - sure.)

The Current - absofuckinglutely shameful lies attacking Russia and Syria - some lady who is obviously some kind of paid demoniser-propagandist of the US allowed to spew utter fucking garbage and lies about the recent Russian assistance offered to Assad (before her, they have a minute with the Russian ambassador who says Russia is trying to help - then they give this woman 10 minutes of unchallenged time to put out this absolute garbage. All the underlying assumptions from Tremonti's questioning - he is an evil bastard, we have to get rid of him, he lies, everything he does is evil, etc etc. It's just as amazing how many Cdns appear to believe this utter garbage - just the lies on the lies - oh, we sweet nice people in the west just trying to bring democracy, but that evil fuck Assad, helped by those other really evil fucks Russia and Iran, just killing everyone because they like killing people, etc - fuck, so many people who have let their minds be totally regressed into childhood stupidity, we the good guys they the bad guys, no fucking understanding of what is really going on in the world at all. ((fuck - the last speaker says 'most people don't see a transition to a multi-ethnic democracy soon' - and all you can say is @!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - I mean, what kind of utterly perverse rewriting of history is this??!! - to anybody who knows what is going on, that is just what the US, with Cdn media support, has been destroying!!!!! - all they are going to replace it with, as in Iraq and Libya, is the complete descent into chaos of the middle east. Just fucking stunning - it really is Orwell's 'Ministry of Truth' in action. (as always, reality readily available in non-corporate media - RT today - Vijay Prashad gets a LOT closer to what is going on in the mideast (hint - the US has caused it all. Adults understand this - the dumbed down koolaid drinkers who seem to comprise the CBC audience don't seem to understand much at all.)

fuck I've had about enough for today. For my life, really, there is nothing but anger and frustration at what is happening to my country, and our world, from doing this, but have to keep it up for just awhile longer I guess. There doesn't seem to be a lot of other 'witnessing' going on out there.

Sept 22 - "news" - 'the americans are worried the Russians are trying to prop up Syrian dictator Assad...' - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (as usual at the blatancy of their lies) - the Americans have been providing arms and propaganda support and other things to those trying to oust Assad for years (not to mention spreading them all around the mideast and northern Africa, causing untold deaths and destruction), and I guess that's fine - but if somebody wants to HELP Assad, they start crying foul. For fuck's sake. And 'the Americans are worried the Russians are trying to 'beef up' a military base in Syria' - again, for FUCKSSSSS!!!!! sake!!!!!! The Americans have dozens of bases all around Russia, and that's fine for the CBC - but Russia might be establishing ONE base, and they all start screaming Russian aggression??????? Does nobody see the problems here (not to mention, Syria is very close to Russia geographically speaking - but everywhere around here, the US is literally thousands of miles, and an ocean, away from its own territory - not a whisper about this from the CBC???? {{as always, some 'adult' commentary for the non-koolaid drinkers on RT - Insult to our intelligence: New information war against Russia)


- 06:30 PEI 'news' - a 'story' about a lady who had some problems with her Sears fridge. Seriously. 'news' to the CBC folk ...

- Ottawa Morning - got a new bud - here's some free advertising for our new friend who wants to start a small business delivering meals to seniors - thanks CBC!!!! - nice chat between the kids!!

- oither stuff? - of course, ALWAYS!!!! other stuff - for instance today, Canada’s party leaders tout rival right-wing programs in election debate - something we haven't heard on the CBC, but very valid POV. (haha but what if we don't WANT Cdns realising how similar all 3 parties are, dave? eh? geez!!!!)

Sept 21 - Ottawa Morning - reason 811 why we can't talk about the TPP - we have an 'advertising analyst' telling us what all the political advertising signs mean!!! Stuff ya gotta know!!!! (dave!! SHHHHHHH!!!!!!!)

"news" - '..the election is 4 weeks from today, though some voters may feel it has lasted months..' - really good 'news' yea!!

- drive by demonizing - a guy writes a book about 'explaining our politics for young people' - he talks about 'mom and dad dictators' - and Robyn jumps in 'so the kids are screaming 'Who do you think you are, Syria? This is a democracy!!' - right on. We ALL know that Syria is a terrible dictatorship, right???? Reinforcing the dogma, indoctrination by a thousand, or really uncountable, number of cuts - endless small things like this reinforcing the indoctrination (the whole book is propaganda of course, we are a pretend-democracy, and that's what it's all about - repeating the propaganda over and over, so by the time you're old enough you should be 'thinking' for yourself, you're so deep in the koolaid you really believe repeating the deeply indoctrinationed talking points really feels like 'thinking' for yourself ..

the Current - another good diversionary tactic - LOOK OVER THERE!!!!! - oh look, in Bangladesh, bloggers the government doesn't like, bravely speaking out anyway!!!! - sure, good for them. What about Canada? Do we have 'bloggers' speaking about things in Canada the government does not want them speaking about, that the CBC tells you about? (haha cue riotous laughter, outside the box here ...)

Sept 20 - quite an interesting WIDE diversion of interpretations on the US Presidential clowns haha sorry "candidates" - the Globe believes Fiorina a worthy candidate!! - yet on the Real News - Fiorina the far right warmongering nutcase - take your pick. (actually the only one of the bunch that wouldn't make you jump off the bridge in despair is the Libertarian Ron Paul, and the entire North American media tries to write HIM off as the nutcase. Very different views of reality, to be sure, between Green Island and the bigger asylum out there.) (hmmm 2 - interesting, the GM doesn't seem to mention her threat to Iran, but focuses on Trump calling her a name, maybe, and her son's death from drugs - LCD shit for the spectacle watchers...)

Sept 18 - Ottawa Morning - Robyn talking to Stephen Lewis the God - more open obsequiousness would be harder to find - a high-ranking elite talking to a wannabe, both on the same team ...

- the "news" reader too - if you just listened to her voice without the content (haha it's pretty content free anyway..), the tonation, and somebody asked you (as an adult) who you were listening to, you'd (as an adult) immediately say - oh, that is some kind of junior school teacher reading something to her students... and that's it, teacher reading to students, not a 'news' reader telling citizens what is going on. The CBC, creating the narrative of our times, in the blank slate (so-called) minds of the Cdn citizenry. C'mon Green Island, somehow sell - I gotta get out of this place. I'm obviously in a game I have zero chance of winning.

- kid stuff - some "reporter" (fuck...) talking to some relative of Terry Fox, and she's just a kid, a teenager, talking to somebody interesting - I mean, as they say, that's fine, in some times and places, at some Facebook site or something - but the CBC ???? - naaahhhhhhhh. So disappointing. Kids are not supposed to be running the CBC. In adultland anyway. I know I know.

Sept 17 - sound of waves on shore - the CBC at work!! - 'this is the beach where the kid was found dead' - and that's just too good not to use a bit more - a basically 'nothing to add to anything' 'report' from Turkey. But just think of that poor dead kid, and shed a tear - and remember that fucker Assad, the monster responsible for all this ...

- coverage of the debate last night - same stuff in all the media, the CBC shows its 'professionalism' with the final chuckle from the 'news (haha)' reader - 'three men shouting at each other'. The mantra for the kids, no doubt, who are above it all. As our country goes over the cliff, the CBC has not a single fucking useful word to say - well, why would they, they're doing the herding ...

- OMGOMG - Dear CBC, you better know about this - Pat Martin said that 'a' word ('asses'!!!!!!) - it's even in the National Post (they're just bad people, they have lots of bad words) - you ought to expose their terrible language!!!!!!!!!!!! Faithful and supporting listener ...

- Island Morning has great stuff - 10 minutes on different kinds of mice traps, and some people who use em. This would be kind of 'creative' stuff in journalism school, for practice, but normally 'adult' radio has, like, you know, more 'adult' stuff. ..... what's that? This **is** 'adult' stuff according to CBC guidelines? Ah, I see. TPP? Huh? Wha that? NGOs? hahaha sorry ....

- the NWO in action again - some new law about conservation officers carrying guns on PEI - the reporter shows where he's at - 'can you tell my why a conservation officer **shouldn't** carry a gun?' - fuck. no jack, the question is - why SHOULD they. He keeps asking - why shouldn't this group of 'officers' have guns? Why shouldn't the other group have guns??? - that's the CBC - we KNOW our job is to keep you fuckers in line, and if guns scare you, then guns we'll have - and you need to explain why we shouldn't. (he does talk to the head of the farmers or something, who keeps saying there's no reason for it, nobody has been shot on PEI, etc, but the NWO reporter is having none of it. And etc.

Sept 17- PAT MARTIN SWEARS!!!!!!! - jeezus krist, isn't this a bit much for a 'national news!!!!' story CBC?? 'son of a bitch' really?? YOU CHILDREN DO NOTTTT SAY BAD WORDS!!!!!!

fuck - but seriously, could there be any clearer evidence that the CBC people think of themselves as kindergarten teachers, and it is their job to teach the children how to behave? You're free to 'swear', sure - but momma is NOT going to like you, and momma will NOT let you on her radio or tv if you're not going to follow the rules ... good children do as momma says, and good children help momma control the bad children too ... - CBC, we don't 'really' think people don't 'swear' do we?????? Really???????? Is it really a major crime when somebody says 'son of a bitch'???? Really????????? There's thousands of important things going on in our country and world you are leaving out, that could be in this space - is 'son of a bitch' really more important than the TPP, which you have never said a fucking word about for the last 6 weeks????

'news' (hahanot) - big debate tonight folks!!! - 'this is a critical debate - one small slip could derail their campaign!!' - and further - well, call it what it is, narrative creation. This has as much to do with "news" as what series I'm going to watch tonight - it is **all** about creating the narrative - telling us what to expect, what it means, and tomorrow we'll go over it again - here's the good and bad about A, the good and bad about B, etc - you're completely free to like one or the other, as long as you do that, and stay within the limits of the narrative.

(not the CBC - a very good conversation between Chris Hedges and Leo Panitch about things economic - far, far more useful information in 25 minutes than we've had from the CBC in, oh, what? the last 30 years, probably. haha - don't look for Leo on the CBC (fall off the chair laughing - little joke!!!)

Ottawa Morning - Robyn has a nice talk with a couple of sweet young women, her kind of people - their music is quite good, but also very pablumy, as befits members of the upper middle class who write their songs at an expensive resort in Cuba, or other places - nice Canada!!!! - mush and more mush on the CBC - for **real** artists talking about real things, you need to go elsewhere - for example this talk on RT with a rapper called Immortal Technique -a real brain talking about real issues in the world, that he shares through his music. State mush or real talk, take your pick - obviously, the CBC is all about 'state mush'. And we must admit, they've had a lot of years of practice and do it very well - apparently most people lap up the mush like it's 'real' and never think to look any deeper. Munchkins in munchkin land, waiting for the wicked witch to come and eat em. Coming soon, folks.

Sept 16 - haha - Thailand the 'coup dictatorship' even believes Time for an open debate on the TPP - great free democratic media in Canada doing their very best to make sure that even during an election Canadians never even think about this might take a lesson ... Or not of course. haha.

Assad interview - and the CBC on the 'refugee crisis' today

RT on Syria - more truth and intelligence on the Syrian situation in 25 minutes on RT than we've heard in the last 3-4 years and hundreds if not thousands of hours on the CBC.

Island Morning - crying lady moment!!! 'How did you feel when you found you had breast cancer??' - fuck. How would YOU feel, lady reporter? Is this in any way at all 'news'?? (she's a good cryer, we hear from her a couple more times sobbing - great stuff eh kids???!!!! Yea CBC!!! fuck the TPP we want our crying ladies!!!!)

Fuck the absolutely blatant and shameless propaganda in ALL of the Cdn media is really hard to stomach at times, and really fucking frightening when you realise how many Cdns seem to believe all of this shit, apparently having learned not a sweet fucking thing from lies leading to invasions and slaughters and destructions (you can NOT call them 'wars' when the 'invadees' were completely outmatched in every military way by the US and whatever co-warcriminals decided to tag along for a bit of bombing and killing practice) - in the Star today - Putin's ambitions in Syria unclear, in which we learn that Putin puts a couple of hundred troops and a few armaments in its already existing base in Syria, and the west if all a panic at Russia 'interfering in Syria'. The Crosstalk ref above goes over this so no need to repeat myself yet again today, but listen to this bullshit - '...Relations between Russia and the West plummeted after it annexed Crimea in 2014. The resulting sanctions sparked a firestorm of anti-western rhetoric and reprisals...' - but jesus fucking krist batman, what about a bit more truth here - 'relations began to plummet when the US organised a rightwing neonazi coup in Kiev, and Putin told them that their planned massacre of Russia-supporting people in eastern Ukraine could not be slaughtered at will by the crazies the US had put in power..' ??? Someone more truthful, but we're not doing 'truth' in the fucking western media, are we?

'...Is Moscow’s expanded footprint — a new military base in Latakia and the arrival of more than 200 marines and a few dozen tanks, howitzers and armoured personnel carriers — a signal of new territorial ambitions?...' - god it's unbelievable how they can spread such shit - take a look at a map of US bases in the mideast, with fuck knows how many hundreds of thousands of 'troops' - and then just give a wee WTF?????? moment to the media getting all hysterical about 'Russian territorial ambitions' - and what kind of fucking totally brainwashed halfwits believe this stuff. (unfortunately I suppose I'm insulting quite a large number of munchkins, but holy fuck Frodo if you want to save the Shire you really gotta get your head out of your fucking ass soon., and quite believing this utter horseshit they are feeding you on the Cdn media - as long as you keep acting like a witless mushroom, they are going to keep treating you like one) - anyway, after a perusal of that, try googling around and finding a map of Russian bases all around the world, or esp within a couple of hundred miles of the US - and just try thinking a bit. (I'd say write little letters to the Star or CBC or whoever asking them what's happening, but that's pretty pointless, as they're not going to engage in anyone who sees through their lies) (and just for contrast, sure as always there's lots of highly relevant and interesting stuff about Syria or anything else going on available, for people interesting in non-propaganda movement - i.e. today we have The Guardian Reveals the West Ignored Russian Offer to Have Assad Step Aside in 2012 - my my my!!! - some VERY interesting conversation here. Not the CBC, as always.

back to the good ol CBC - if politics are broken - are we to blame????? - there you go, Cdns - YOU are the problem. Listen to the pablum - if we want better politicians, we need better electors. Actually, out of the box I agree, electors need to be a great deal better informed, but it's because of the CBC and other media they believe so many stupid things, which is a longer essay I've touched on many times. But here, it's again 'blaming the victim' - it doesn't matter who they elect, they get people serving money and destroying the democracy, and after a few decades of this, they're just giving up - it doesn't matter who they elect, they get traitors.

Sept 15 - Ottawa Morning - Robyn showing her 'con' stripes - interview with some rep from the striking teachers, and she is very cold and asking some questions she obviously thinks can't be well answered (note, of course, 'hard' questions are Good!! - when asked of the right people. But the real questions that need to get asked (i.e. talking to someone about student debt, she'll ask 'but where is the money coming from??' rather than getting someone on the phone or in the studio, and asking what the hell is going on here? Why are we paying 60 billion a year in fraudulent 'service' charges while forcing students in massive debts??' - and etc. Never never never on the CBC!!!! - but **working** people looking to maintain a decent job - boy, we got hard questions for YOU bud, believe it!!

- fuck I wish we had a real media around here - I'd really, really to get anyone in the 'current affairs' echelon of the CBC to tell us why the pic of the drowned kid got days and days and hours and hours of handwringing and angst on pretty much every fucking program they have, but a boat overturning near the same place in which 'dozens'!!! of fucking people drowned, including 15 children, got almost nothing (AM mentioned it in passing Monday morning, but that was all I've heard - one short sentence, no angst, like telling us a few dead fish washed up on the beach, on to the main story ..) Dozens dead in Aegean boat sinking )

- teaching grandparents!!!! - the fucking arrogance of these 'new millennials' (undoubtedly tied into the 'new feminism' - WE ARE WOMEN AND ANY CRAZY FUCKING IDEA WE GET MUST BE RIGHT BECAUSE WE ARE WOMEN AND I AM ME AND I AM SPECIAL AND I AM FUCKING RIGHT!!!!!' - and etc, tedious I know, but bobs yer fuckin uncle - new theories come along all the time about raising kids, but NOW - these people in this generation have decided that THEY ARE RIGHT!!!! - and by golly, we need classes to teach them stupid fucking old people how to do it right!!! - and without getting into a long essay, you look around at today's young people, and they;re very dumbed down and passive, the complete opposite of kids 50-100 years ago who grew up with confidence and ability. The NWO - kids doing what thy're told. Rule one - you do NOT ever think for yourself - we have experts to tell you EVERYthing. (and Robyn on board - a couple of token questions (but what about grandparents who say this??) - she's right on board - so, how do we teach the grandparents to behave the correct way, the way you want to teach them? - no fucking argument, if WE say something, WE are correct - chance of grandparent being correct in any disagreement?? - guess - zero. You arrogant, and stupid, little fuckers.

the current - what do you expect - a 'panel' talking about the parties - all they do is lay out the 'accepted' POVs for the rabble to fight over.

- Ch'town Guardian - student union encouraging students to vote - ah, the touchingness of the pictures, the innocents being trained to elect their keepers ... and so happy to be given that great honor ...

Sept 14 - getting close to enough here, it's just the same old shit over and over and over again, the CBC lying about one thing or another - today it's Syria Syria Syria, something on Island Morning, Ottawa Morning, the Current - and all somewhere between fluff and propaganda, or all three at once - Robyn on Ottawa Morning having the amazing brazenness to criticize the German Ambassador because they just put a few controls on the number of refugee/immigrants they will accept - even after the Ambassador points out they've already taken 800,000, Robyn, good bud of the Cons here who have taken how many? Is it in double digits yet? Whatever - Canada has done nothing whatsoever other than moan and whine about a dead baby, and some more tearjerker stuff from Lesbos and the Hungary border, and she tries to make this guy feel he should be doing more - we're doing absolutely fucking nothing other than whine and moan about Harper, but YOU, at 800.000 and counting, well - what are you going to tell the poor lady at the border who wants in, eh??? Answer that, you - this is the heavy-hitting CBC asking you!!

(odd - this story - Dozens dead in Aegean boat sinking has been out for at least a day, and not a whisper on the CBC - we only get emotional when we have pics, or something?? )

>> and of course, is there other stuff to talk about??? Well of course - How the TPP would impact you - the TPP will have some kind of effect on almost every aspect of our life, and not in a single instance is that going to be 'good' for thee or I - in every case, it will give international corporations more power and more profits, at your expense and mine. Give the CBC is run by the Cdn gov, and the Cdn gov is run by international corps, it's kind of understandable why they'd rather say 'SYRIA SYRIA POOR POOR PEOPLE SYRIA DAMN OL ASSAD' etc etc etc. More than a bit disappointing, as always, that so few Cdns are able or willing to stand up and tell these fuckers to stop lying and gatekeeping and all the rest of it.

>> listen to the narrative being created as you listen - 'news' - '..(some Con) is going on trial, but the Cons will try to shift the focus to new economic figures..' - is that so, Mr News (haha sorry """news"""") -reader - and you *know* this because???? (don't answer don't answer, trick question - I know, 'we control the vertical we control the horizontal, we control your fucking brains so don't try to fucking think for yourselves you fucking peasants!!!!!!') -- (and all of these things are all over the CBC - very, very obviously a guideline from upstairs telling them what to be sure to talk about this morning - the CBC keeps on the message, the citizens keep in the box.)

((Ottawa Morning again - hint for aspiring writers - if you want CBC attention, write about something the CBC likes talking about - Cdn Lawrence Hill figured this out, with a first book (pushed by the Cdn establishment) about a poor young black girl's slavery, and now lookee lookee!! - he has a book about refugees!! - what could be more timely - here we come CBC!! - good advice, too - make the process easier, take more, look after them when they get here (the CBC does NOTNOTNOTNOT!!!!!!!! want to talk about, you know, maybe addressing the root causes of these refugees so we don't have this problem, you know, by not destroying all these governments the US doesn't like thus creating chaos and refugees - you know, stuff the CBC doesn't talk about, and YOU don't talk about if you want to get on the CBC. haha.) and so it goes, the CBC creating and reinforcing the narrative, and making sure Cdns get nothing that might show the little wizard hiding behind the narrative. (shouldn't sound so critical of Mr Lawrence, he's undoubtedly a very nice person, and not at all doing intentional propaganda etc - it's just the rulers picking out people who are useful to them, and giving them a bit of a boost, whilst ignoring those who dare oppose them. as I said - c'est moi. I can live with it - knowing what I know, I couldn't work for these people for any amount of money.)

>> the Current - pretend-reporters talking to each other - traveling around Europe 'reporting' on refugees - nice job. No job if you want to travel anywhere talking to people about what to do about the problem caused by American bombing the fuck out of everything in the region, with a good bit of help from Canada.

{{ drive by slipup! - one of the 'reporter' ladies is saying she was trying to translate for some guy on a train - she' explain to him where he was going, and **how he felt about it***' - big giveaway - that is the 'new reporting' - HOW DO YOU FEEL??? - not in any fucking way 'news', but they have to pretend, and with a dumbed down audience, getting emotional sympathy by getting stories about how bad somebody feels is a good diversion (I can't count the number of times I have been sickened by some CBC reporter sticking a mic in someone's face and asking 'How do you feel your love one has been killed in some nasty way'?

-- other lady 'reporter' getting the propaganda - 'I was talking to some lady, and she told me how insecure she felt by barrel bombs being dropped on them for years!!!!' - one of the key talking points for the propaganda -

- Current again - some other guy on the 'crisis' - about 12 million Syrians are on the move since the start of the crisis, and most of them, frankly, not because of ISIS but because of Assad..' - there's out CBC - on the message at all times .. esp when pushing lies ... frankly, that is to say, if you believe Assad is responsible for this, you're, frankly, a brainwashed fucking dolt. (the people pushing the propaganda don't 'believe' this, they know they're lying ..)

- the lies are at least in part a 'LOOK HERE LOOK HERE!! DO NOT LOOK OVER THERE!!' strategy - that is, here is a story we have never, never, never NEVER heard on the CBC, and never will - US drones killing uncounted civilians - haha. not on the CBC.

(they get all tangled up in their lies - AM says people are concerned Syrian refugees won't be able to adapt to Canada, and the guy replies, 'Oh no no, recently in Syria they were a very advanced society, and know how to live in a good society..' (paraphrasing) - but ....... ????? my my. How did that fucking monster Assad manage to allow all that with all his crazed wanton massacres of all his people???? (fuck's sake dave, shhhhhhh!!!!!!)

Sept 13 - boy listen to Doug on Weekend Mornings chuckling every few seconds - obviously the Word has come down from on high he's not chuckly enough -

'news' - more 'get out and vote!!!' pushing - now it's Muslims who don't vote in large numbers, so let's go talk to them, so they get out and vote!!!!!! - of course, Cdns are getting so fed up with 'elections' that have nothing to do with 'democracy' (i.e. getting the will of the people done) that more and more are NOT voting, and if the turnout keeps dropping, then the talk is going to be more and more about just how 'legitimate' is a government that first gets a majority with 40% of the vote, and second that '40%' of a 40% turnout means 15% of Cdns actually voted for the 'majority' government. GET OUT AND VOTE FOLKS!!!!! - etc.

>> Atlantic Voice (repeat from April, I never heard..) - measles propaganda again - a new twist, after repeating some lies - 'anti-vaxxers believe the measles vaccine causes autism' (only rarely, not 'always'), the 'studies' asserting this connection have been discredited (they manage to get updated to 'the discreditations have been discredited, and the study re-credited), 'measles outbreaks were caused by unvaccinated people' (!! - actually, at least some of them were caused by people who HAD been vaccinated!!!!!! - we don't want to talk about that I guess haha) - anyway, the new twist - some lady is sick of people talking about autism as if it is some kind of bad thing - her autistic kid is just fine, so just you people shut up!! - followed with a bunch of anecdotal 'evidence' that 'anti-vaxxers' say autistic kids are really handicapped, etc, and that makes real autistic kids feel bad. Quite the argument to add to the bandwagon of 'YOu anti vaxxers have no right to speak at all so just shut the fuck up already!!!!'

>> 'CBC's Nick Gomash in Ottawa offering more 'analysis' of what is happening in politics - that a 16 year old rookie might be given a 'B' for, but for someone on the CBC, just pathetically 'nothing'.

The ironies under the surface never cease with the CBC, for those of us paying attention - on Enright, we hear Michael whining about the blandness of politics - after a week of so-called 'reporters' running around looking for GOTCHA!!!! moments to blast all over the media. And above, of course, the Current whining about 'critical thinking' a few days ago, and now Atlantic Voice reminding us again that you will fucking well NOT dare to think for yourself - you believe what the CBC fucking well tells you to believe, or we're just going to dismiss you as a nutcase of some kind, and lie about you and mock you on air every change we get. Etc etc.

Heath on Enright, analysing Harper speech - 'Harper leaves one interesting sentence in a speech, and journos have to use that because it's the only interesting thing he said!!' - that is one of the stupidest things I've ever heard, and I'll wager considerable that I am the ONLY one who is going to say 'oh my the emperor actually doesn't have any clothes!!' - that was just a stupid thing to say!!!

- ironic again Enright opens with a quote from Orwell - and then carries on doing EXACTLY what Orwell was talking about. haha again - me alone sees this.

- whole thing again could stand extensive deconstruction, but there's only so many hours in a fucking day in my fucking life - but the last few seconds of converstation revolve around 'Harper is the most successful politician of his generation' - and that stands with comments - not a fucking WORD about how the media has been completely central in his success. of course, we are in the Box, and this does not get talked about.

(oh surprise - Enright finishes the hour with a 'moving poem' about (GUESS GUESS GUESS!!!!!!! _ YEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! - the Syrian Refugee Crisis!!!!!! jump up and down clapping children!!!!!! )


'.. noone puts children in a boat unless the boat is safer than the land!!!! - OOOOO Penetrating poetical insight!!!!!!!! what else would you expect from the wonderful CBC??!!!!????!!!!!

(yea, I found something far far more insightful today on - guess!!! - yea, Real News - Abby Martin is back, and here's some stuff you will never never NEVER hear on the CBC (aka true stuff they don't want you thinking about) -

And why not listen to Chris Hedges - far closer to useful reality than the perhaps intelligent sounding, but (useful) content free, pap on the Enright Show, or anywhere else on the CBC.

Sept 13 - aiiii! head whirling!!!!! - having a Sunday morning browse through some of the recent CBC stuff, come along this Current show on 'critical thinking' - and Ms Tremonti is front and center rewriting history!!!! (again, of course, not that this is new - but this is very brazen). One could get into a long deconstruction of this, as their guests, and AM, completely avoid the central idea of 'critical thinking' (gather information from various sources about any point of contention, or if you are not sure the person giving you some information about something important is telling it correctly, whether from ignorance or is just lying, and then critically examine that evidence and make your own mind up about something) (the opening few minutes try to define 'critical thinking' as challenging some idea you don't like, which is not at all what it is) - but the first thing that one outside the box thinks is, WTF??????!!!!!!!! - the CBC has been in the very forefront of indoctrinating people and pushing the uncritical acceptance of very bad propaganda the last few decades, the very reverse of critical thinking - of course, they have been pretending to be the old CBC, which did indeed foster all good things in Cdns, and public participation is based on critical thinking of all issues, but it has been glaringly obvious to anyone actually engaging in 'critical thinking' (c'est moi c'est moi!!) that the CBC is very much doing all it can to KILL critical thinking in Cdns, and have done a very good job of it - I suppose in one way this is an 'in your face' challenge to people, or a demonstration to the rulers, of how successfully they have indeed killed critical thinking in most Canadians, and more importantly, most progressives, who now apparently accept whatever limits to thought the CBC wants to put around them. But then the second thing really almost knocked me off the chair - Ms Tremonti then goes on to challenge one of her guests, pointing out how so many (so-called) 'journalists' were wrong about the Iraq war (and got roundly pummeled later), and saying isn't critical thinking necessary to challenge dangerous agendas of governments?????

(the guy they have seems pretty clueless - to this question (I'm so glad you asked that!) - he first says he thinks 'critical' means 'important', and I suppose one meaning is this, but this is not what 'critical thinking' is all about ('important' thinking) - but based on this, he goes on to say the people who instigated the Iraq war were obviously very critical, and strong and important, thinkers, so it was logical for them to win the argument (or something like that - he rambles a lot, like somebody who wants to pretend they know more than they do - he obviously knows little - the lady guest does challenge him a bit on this, but the whole show goes nowhere 'important')

- but again, back to Ms Tremonti, the very obvious 'unspoken implication' in her 'challenging' question, since there was not even a hint at a 'mea culpa' ('even some of us here at the CBC' or something) is that the CBC was above this, by golly we at the CBC were doing critical thinking and asking hard questions - but those other people, boy, why weren't THEY asking questions? -

- and what can you say, really, other than holy fuck batman or something we're in wonderland where the CBC just rewrites history as it pleases - for of course, the CBC has been in the very forefront of pushing dangerous government agendas for a long, long time now with not a whisper of 'critical thinking-based questioning', not only the Iraq invasion she talks about, but the Libya bombing a few years back, and the ongoing destruction of Syria, the lies about Putin and the Ukraine, and many other things - the CBC has been right in the front lines telling Canadians to bomb bomb bomb!!!! - it's just almost unbelievable to hear Ms Tremonti defending critical. thinking, when the CBC, and very much with her and her show's full and enthusiastic participation, has been in the very forefront of the media telling Canadians 'NO THINKING NECESSARY THIS IS A MONSTER HATE HATE HATE HATE!!!!' and etc. She opines that 'people who had the ability to question, just didn't bother' - exactly the CBC the last few years - as I have pointed out at length here before, there is a massive amount of very credible questioning of everything the CBC has been promoting the last few years - but absolutely NONE of it on the CBC, who are 100% war propagandists, and 100% involved in concealing the true causes of the current chaos and devastation in the entire middle east and north African regions. And are surely going to be held to account some day.

fuck no point in writing more. just needed to get this on the record, I suppose, for when someone writes some honest history of the times. The CBC is going to be getting a very long chapter about its criminal activities (precedent Nuremburg, lies in support of wars are very serious crimes, check the Nuremburg records for how they regarded the work of a certain Mr Goebbels

Sept 12 - the House - more of the same, mostly, box reinforcement - good interview with Ms May, I guess in the nature of the rulers having a laugh - she talks about the things we need very honestly, but the rulers know so few people are listening that they have nothing to worry about. The NDP is in the running though, and they have a 'conversation' with a couple of people, including an NDPer, who finally makes it clear the NDP are right out of the closet - this lady is actually telling everyone that the NDP no longer thinks big tax-avoiding corps are the enemy, and they have no intention of asking the corps to pay more taxes. And I guess that's what the people like - don't make the masters angry. Pretty hopeless sort of country.

>> Ideas had a show last week that sounded like it could stand some deconstruction, It's the Economists, Stupid! - sounds promising, but after so many years of broken promises and worse from all sides of the CBC, one approaches with caution. Rightfully so. It's just a diversion, a rather amateurish bit of trying to cover up a real story - obviously, the rulers are aware there is some considerable mistrust of economists these days, and decided they'd better lay some false trails for the dangerous demographic, the CBC listeners, who seem to pretty faithfully follow any stupid paths the CBC points them to (I wrote about one a few weeks ago - Siege on science - not - wrote them about it, nobody interested, not this story). This 'economists' faux-expose is actually very shallow, as are most 'docs' on the CBC these days, shallow docs by shallow people for other shallow people, all pretending to be not shallow, a big Cdn circle jerk, propaganda for the already indoctrinated - stop that - the basic thesis here is, that economists have decided they want to be considered as 'professionals', so try to pretend what they do is 'science' rather than 'social analysis', then all by themselves set up false modeling things and give unsound studies to others - notably the gov and/or media - and the poor well-meaning media people then tell the citizens they are supposedly serving questionable things because those stupid lying economists made them. Darn darn ol economists.

All of which sounds cute, few people have much use for economists these days, so they're an easy target, and all of which is bullshit. It's like blaming the guys who flew the planes for the bombs that decimated two Japanese cities 70 years ago. In reality, of course, the relevant history is that in the beginning we had real intelligent people like Smith Marx, Mills, and others back in the late 17- and through the 1800s doing what was becoming the fashion for a while as the world took some giant steps in many ways, observing and thinking, and writing down what they observed and how they analysed it with some considerable perception, people looking for the 'truth' and 'facts' and doing a good job of it. This 'thinking' stuff was a bit of a fad that did a WHOLE lot of really good stuff, and lasted right up until sometime in the 70s, when the rulers decided it was getting too dangerous, and introduced 'dumbing down' to the schools and got the media on board, and the 'thinking' bug was soon pretty much a thing of the past, at least in the populace at large; books by 'real thinking' people were no longer published, being entirely replaced by books by propagandists of various sorts. But one digresses. In those early days, what we call 'economics' today was called 'political economy', because, of course, the two things go hand in hand. All these early writers clearly saw the dangers of allowing the concentration of wealth in a small elite, wealth which was very equatable with Power of course, and wrote with much warning about letting this happen.

But those with the ruthless nature to rule gathered the money to their control nonetheless, and by the early 1900s were pretty much completely in control of the money-creation and managing systems in the western world, and in order to maintain the pretence of 'democracy' which they were completely subverting by buying up governments with all that money, had to hide this nexus (control of money = control of government) from the people who opposed them, and thus began the separation of these soft disciplines into 'economics' and 'political science'.

And without writing a longish essay here, as the book is coming soon which explains this in more detail, the people with money took over the places giving out economics degrees, and turned the profession into a priest casts whose job was to sell and justify the Great Wonders of Capitalism!!!! - and so they have been doing every since.

True. But don't look for a 'documentary' on Ideas, or anywhere else on the CBC. Or in the corporate press, for that matter. This is one of those things 'the people' aren't supposed to grok. So far so good, at least for them - few people have any fucking idea at all about what is going on with economics, and when people like me try to educate, they just hold up a hex sign of some kind and get another glass of the CBC's economics koolaid to sustain their brains in the states of suspended animation-stupidity to which they've become accustomed.

Hey - don't blame me, I'm just the messenger.

- other stupid stuff on the CBC today? Sure - fuck, what, you kidding? All day every day, never ends - most of it just too stupid to comment on, some just gets me mad - gonna quit this soon, I think, I see the Green Island ship coming in soon, at which point we will have to be getting together our 'not the CBC' media of some kind - but more today -

pretty fundamental disagreements with - http://www.rt.com/shows/keiser-report/313595-episode-max-keiser-802/

post.com/news/canada/new-ad-campaign-touts-the-value-of-professional-journalism-more-important-than-ever#comment-2077265388">a bit of a 'discussion' with some people on the NP (I do this sometimes just for mild entertainment) who obviously had no idea at all what 'left' and 'right' in politics actually refer to - all they know, or I guess more correctly think they know, is that left=Libs/NDP=commie/socialist BADDDDD!!! - simple minded barbarian trolls attacking anything their master tells them to attack.

Very, very sad days for the country though. (?? have I said that before??)

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