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July 2 - swatting pranks dangerous for everyone - I'll say - look at that picture, it's just fucking ridiculous, but in a Dr Strangelove insane-scary way from people who REALLY ought to know the fuck better - a gang of heavily armed thugs calling themselves 'police' COMPLETELY out of fucking control, running around with big guns looking for things to shoot. One prank phone call and this happens????? This is fucking insanity - Chicken Little gone crazy on modern steroids. These people, and the ones who command them, ought to all be fired, and some sane people hired, who have at least some small understanding that before you go in with guns blazing, you just check around a bit and make sure there's really a problem of some sort. And if there is a problem, the LAST resort is going in with guns blazing, not the immediate knee-jerk response. This is real police state shit, and people ought to be protesting more. ( and when the 'swatting pranksters' are caught, they ought to be pretty harshly dealt with - there are 'practical jokes' and 'practical jokes' - this sort of shit is *not*, it is dangerous, and our treatment of the perps needs to reflect that. (and then we might do a bit of soul searching with some actually intelligent people and try to figure why some kids think this is funny, or acceptable - we raised em to at least some extent collectively, and what are they seeing on tv or their 'smart' phones or from their leaders that make them think this is 'cool'?

July 2 - Ottawa Morning provides a good example of how 'the narrative' gets firmly instilled in people's minds - they're talking about the federal election and who's doing well and stuff, and just in passing, the "reporter" refers to the Libs as 'for the last 4 elections they've shot themselves in the foot' - and that's the 'dogma', the created narrative - in reality, of course, to those (evidently few) of us who lived through these times thinking with our own brains rather than accepting the media narrative, it was the media pretty much 100% who derailed the Libs and put the Cons in power - explained in more detail here The Canadian Media: Creating the Narrative of the 2008 election - you could write exactly the same kind of story about the 2011 election, and the destruction of Ignatieff. I think this is meant to be one of, perhaps the, big lesson of this time in my life for me - really accepting the fact that although most Canadians 9and no doubt many others in the world, but my job these days is with Canada and Canadians) seem so smart, so aware, so thoughtful and thinking - and yet in every important way are completely under the control of the Wizard, the Masters, whoever you want to call them. I know I've talked about it a lot, but I've always felt I was exaggerating a bit, that there were at least a lot of people out there going along to get along, as it were, but really understood these lies - but more and more I am having to go this place I don't want to really go - I am one of the few here who have actually escaped a very deep and powerful indoctrination that is controlling most 'progressive' Canadians. More later. Working on it.

July 1 - RCMP musical ride oops! Swat Team Canada Day Celebrations yayyy!!! - how far behind can Canada Youth be? And mindless rampaging mobs with brutal beatings for anyone not standing tall and screaming how wonderful their country is and how they love their great soldiers!!! (yes, it was nice to see some protest from those present - but when Der Fuhrer has his mind made up, as he obviously does, the dissidents will start getting visits from people in masks, and soon there won't be many daring to speak up .... )

June 30 - Ottawa morning - a little drive by indoc reinforcement - they're joking about how 'unsafely' Australian children are taught to swim, and get into a little joke session about they're all wearing helmets etc, all quite happy in their protected little worlds I guess - then some clever kid 'reporter' laughing like he's so superior about politicians trying to wear jeans and hats at the Calgary stampede as if they were 'normal' people (haha giggle), and treating us to his opinion of what the leaders will be doing this summer, as if his opinion mattered any more than anyone else's - and then an interview with a lady who is making some kind of spread with cashew nuts and wants to call it cheese cashew or something and can't understand why the labeling people won't let her call it a 'cheese' product when there's no milk in it, and says calling it 'cashew spread' is not very clear - not only for kids, but stupider kids every day (what actually is not clear about a (something flavored) cashew spread? (she says she has different flavors of her 'cheese flavored cashew spread). Fuck - Anissa from In the Now on RT is off for the summer - not much left to listen to for a bit of daily intelligent commentary about what's going on in the world (other than the other RT shows of course but I like Anissa the best .. )

- CBC - flacking for Big Pharma again - you just know these days when the drug industry suddenly discovers some 'really big new problem that could be cured with a Miracle Drug we made for you nice people!!!!' - there's always another side to the story - but you won't get it on 'propaganda central' CBC.

>> and the CBC, like all corporate media, has been tolling mournful bells the last few days about the terrible Greek debt crisis, and how they won't do as nice but 'tough love' momma the IMF and EU banks want them to do (which is actually get down on their knees and do things really bad men like to make those they have brutally beaten do) - as always, much better explanations of important things are to be found elsewhere - such as Bill Black and Michael Hudson talk about what is really going on in Greece - never, never NEVER to be heard on the CBC - momma would be very angry with the CBC were she to tell THIS kind of truth - boy, believe it!!!!

June 29 - island Morning - a little story on a guy taking pictures of old places - the teen cub-reporter "don't you get creeped out when you go into some of these places?' - cbc - of, by and for the kids ... serious journos need not apply ...

- and more - CBC PEI headline - Why did Lucy Duck cross the road? To get to the other side?. Gotta go to RT for 'adult' stuff any more.

Dalhousie University's Faculty of Dentistry permitted a culture of "sexism, misogyny, homophobia and racism," an independent report into a controversial Facebook group has found - what utter shit. The zealots are running the country, with hysteria like this. it really is dangerous - when these kind of people get the power, and have the vindictiveness to go after anyone who disagrees with them, we get the worst kind of repression. It's related to the 'rape culture' shit others peddle. I don't know what the real numbers would be, but it would be a very, very VERY small number of Canadians who support any of this shit, and to identify Canada as a 'rape' culture, or 'racist' or 'misogynistic' because a few people are ignorant assholes is really dangerous, a kind of 'politically correct' thought control. And like we see so often - the Hunt story a week or two ago, for example - the much more likely outcome of this kind of zealotry is to severely hurt someone who is completely undeserving of their attacks. (and it's very telling that the CBC is pushing this kind of shit, pushing stupidity and obedience to these zealots - it may rate as a story, but any sane, intelligent media would have people on pointing out how hysterical this kind of shit is, how most Canadians do not agree with this stuff, therefore identifying some fringe assholes as representing 'the culture' is just another kind of extremist view (I would be very, very certain that any calm and rational canvassing of Dalhousie would find that a very, very small percentage of its students are any of the things the whole student body is accused of - they ought to be outraged by this kind of shit, rather than meekly asking the Masters how they can atone for the lies being told about them .. )

(fuck, just had a quick read of the 'report' - this is nothing but a screed, very blatantly written by a gang of zealots given a 'bully pulpit' to promote their extremist ideas, and given 'official sanction'. In other words, 'officialdom' is backing this serious addition to the creation of a thought-control society. We see this kind of stuff in dystopian societies, where the 'priests' have a zero-tolerance acceptance of contrary ideas, and are continually lurking around trying to trap someone into any tiny slipup for which they can be humiliated in public or worse, as an example to the masses - Hitler's SS wandering around looking for any tiny sign of less than complete obedience to 'Der Fuhrer', various strict religious sects doing the same, the CSIS people in Canada looking for any tiny sign of 'support' for ISIS, these femi-nazis that are getting dangerously widespread in our society accusing anyone who dares suggest they might take a slightly more moderate approach to this problem as 'misogynistic', and etc. Deeper stuff going on here, in terms of creating a dumbed down, passive society completely incapable of resisting the Brave New Feudalism they are ever more openly creating around us today, very worthy of a deeper examination, which i may or may not get at - I only do these things for my own reading anyway, as nobody is interested in our modern already-deeply-thought-controlled Canada in thoughts from 'beyond the pale'.)

June 27 - land of the free - fuck. You can think what you like!! (as long as we like what you think). Closer and closer we get to complete fucking thought control of the munchkins. (as always, saddest part is, most of them love it, and consider their controlled thought to be 'free' - BB is so pleased at the success of his efforts, I have no doubt. If you don't think bad thoughts, dave, you have nothing to worry about - and who wants to think bad thoughts anyway??)


- headline - oil patch 'battens down' - clearly indicating both the lack of professionalism at the CBC, and the fact they take sides - 'batten down' is something you do when something bad is coming, obviously, and the corporate CBC doesn't like commie govs attacking profits. A 'leftie' headline might read 'Alberta oil patch facing reality of finally paying a fair royalty' or something. A neutral headline - well, there probably wouldn't be one, as a 'neutral' media doesn't see the usefulness of this kind of projection, they'd just wait until whatever happened, happened, and then report it. Like the media is supposed to do. 'battening down' is kind of a call to arms - on your feet, oil patch people, and get ready to scream and shout in protest at this attack on your god given right to make money, and not have those fucking commies stealing it all!!!' - like that.

June 26 - Island Morning - c'mon good Germans! What makes you proud to be a Canadian!!! (first answer - I'm proud of our soldiers and police officers! - way, way too deeply brainwashed to reach, until after the war and it's too late ... ) [?? of course there are other things we could talk about - for example, on this almost the 150th birthday of our country, which has been going seriously downhill for a long time now - what do I plan to do to make this country even better than it is, particularly with things like our 'democracy' that is more like a Harper dictatorship right now? - of course, that would take some work, and blind chanting of slogans is SOOO much easier - }}

June 25 - somebody toying with the CBC? The 'newshaha' reported a story about a guy in Nfld who hit a moose, which peeled back the roof and smashed the windshield out, and he drove a long ways without realising it, stunned - very, very much like this story from a few years ago. Hell of a coincidence. Or ... the great journalistic ability of the CBC coming to the fore again ..

- more and more boring to try to listen to the CBC - turned on Ottawa Morning, and they're talking about Dalhousie students wanting some new graduation outfits - real interesting stuff for adults!! Less and less CBC, more and more RT - the differences are stunning, with CBC speaking more and more like teachers to kids, with 'appropriate' age-level subject matter, and RT adults speaking to adults. (I listen to the CBC as at least having a roundup of the major Cdn news stories, even if in kid form, with crying ladies featured where possible - and also to get the blood circulating sometimes - they make me so fucking angry sometimes, at the mush and propaganda - most younger people wouldn't notice anything different I suppose, but we older types, who remember what it used to be like with Gzowski and many others, Cdn adults speaking with and for other Cdn adults about things adults are interested in, what we have today is getting pretty tragic. Keeps me inspired to keep trying, although I really don't see much hope anymore, we're going down into the new 1000 year NWO Reich, almost for certain. Unless we can get the Great Green Island Road Show and Democracy Chautauqua rolling ...

It's kind of important to understand that the things happening in Canada, in terms of creating a dumbed down citizenry passively accepting the NWO and their 'instant lockdown ready' state, are also happening in all the English countries - probabaly most other 'advanced' countries to a greater or lesser extent to, as we see even the Nordic countries under heavy seige by rightwing forces (although a good bit of what we read in the English press may well be 'wishful thinking') - here a recent report from the WSWS about the Australian Broadcast Corp under further attack. (lots of other stuff on the WSWS about the parallel happenings to Canada in Australia. If anyone cares anymore) (and from GB, where the voting system is as idiotic as it is in Canada, and Cameron has a 'majority' with something like 25% of the vote - and is carrying on with his neocon new feudalist mandate - Child poverty to be worsened by new cuts )

June 24 - fuck, the sexually repressed CBC, always looking for an 'off color' something - I don't know how many times today I've heard them talking about Trudeau, and his remark last year about 'pull out our (fighter, whatever it is)' -

(speaking of sexual repression - some pool guard in some pool ordered an 8-year-old girl to put a top on. fuck. lots of pushback, of course, from people, but still, that people like this can get into positions of authority, and try to push their repression and opinions on others, says a lot about the country. not to mention the CBC thinking this a story worth covering on the national 'news'.

- and island Morning, showing the innate intelligence of their j-reporters - some girl talking to some kid from the university about the PEI budget, and he says, in response to a question about how much money they are talking about, ''Well, ten dollars a week, so that's 40 a month, and over an 8 month year about twenty four hundred dollars..;' ??? get it? 40x8=320, at least in the 'old math', quite a long ways from 2400. The reporter didn't clue in to anything, just went on to her next prepared question. Probably most Canadians would have to get out a calculator to check it, so wouldn't even think something might be amiss ..

Very interesting story - EU drafts plan to counter Russian media ‘disinformation’, targeting RT - the western corporate media are getting pretty worried - their massive propaganda is, of course, very, very vulnerable to one thing - the truth. RT is getting a lot of attention, with their far, far superior presentation, and their work of presenting truly alternative points of view to the corporate lies. The utter bullshit around what NATO is doing in eastern Europe, for example, is so stupid it has to be very vulnerable when anyone dares stand up and point out how ridiculous it is, by simply telling some truths. Maybe a good sign - even though when they get into the mindless 'hate Russia' shit on places like the NP, the completely braindead believers are all over me or anyone trying to point out how stupid all this shit is - evidently whatever secret polls and stuff they do are showing signs that a lot of people are maybe keeping away from the disucssion lists, but having trouble believing the lies, so they have to take some more direct action.

June 23 - CBC all a quiver again about 'investigative reporting' of some Cdn agency spending a few thousand bucks on 'business trips with benefits' or something. No doubt it is useful to expose things like this, and get a debate of some kind going about how much 'reward' such people deserve for doing a good job, if they actually do a good job, but the 'diversion' aspect of such stuff, for dumbed down audiences, is blatant when you realise the CBC either doesn't know about, or doesn't care to know about, the debt scam/fraud. tens of billions a year, a couple of trillion over the last few decades, now getting some people in jail for the rest of their lives because of that, and getting our finances on 'firm footing' for the first time in 40 years - now that would be something worth a journalism award. (maybe I'll get one someday (laugh to fall off the chair)

June 22 - a memo has gone to the managers! - both Island Morning and Ottawa Morning managed to remind somebody that 'we have money problems in Canada - where do you think the money for what you want would come from??'.

- "newshaha" - 'reporting' on Greece negotiations - 'the Greece finance minister is greeted with a playful slap from the Euro rep, like a father to a naughty son' - or something like that - no doubt at all that the CBC is fully supportive of the EU (that is to say, the banksters) and their assault on Greece. The banksters rule!!! (and the CBC actor/propagandists knows whose ass they have to lick if they want to keep those nice overseas 'correspondent' jobs..)

June 20 - 'news' story about some Loblaw employees having a money dispute with Loblaw. 'news' ?? fuck.

June 19 - the Greek government unleashed essentially a nuclear-level financial attack on not only their self-styled 'creditors', but the entire IMF-dominated financial system that controls everyone by debt - Greek debt committee declares debt illegitimate and odious - it is the kind of thing every citizen of every western country should read, as although the details may vary, the underlying ideas are similar - the IMF etc imposed 'debt' on sovereign natures is at heart odious and illegitimate. I have of course been saying this about the Canadian government debts for years - there were better available options for the Cdn government, the Cdn people had no idea about any 'choice' they had, and were saddled with this great debt without any real knowledge, or permission to the government to accure it.

not surprisingly, the mainstream media are completely burying this - this from the CBC, for instance, representative of all other corporate media I have checked (including the much-vaunted Guardian, proving its true 'this far and no farther' management purpose), simply talking about Greece not paying, and political problems, etc. Understandable, of course, as this could be very, very toxic to the rulers if anyone with a bit of brains and a bit of access to the public read this and thought about it and got angry enough and talking to others, it could be the crack in the dam that causes the whole thing to collapse. But the biggest thing is how scary it is, as a clear sign of how very strongly the corporate press now control public opinion in Canada (and everywhere else of course, but my fight is in Canada).

June 18 - CBC creating its own reality again, as always - more on the general and his 'unacceptable' remark about biology. In PC Canada, biology does NOT determine the assent/descent of man - the Feminist Imperative rules today - and if biology disagrees - well, we have fires for books, and people, we don't like. That's what Faith-based Science does. THERE IS NO BIOLOGICAL IMPERATIVE YOU WILL DO AS MOMMA TELLS YOU!!!!!! THE VORLD SORRY WORLD IS AS THE FEMINISTS WILL IT TO BE!! (and again - not a sweet fucking HINT of 'is there another side to this story? Is there such a thing as biology in the world? Do men and women have different sexual organs, different hormones, different 'innate instincts' that might, just occasionally, manifest at times?' and etc - no fucking way. When the CBC, or really the Cdn media anymore, including the 'politically correct' so-called 'alt' places, decide something is **right!!** and MUST NOT BE DENIED - there is no other side to the story. These people are seriously fascist, in the sense that 'For some things - you will think as you are told!!! You are NOT allowed to have any kind of thought that does not conform to what we tell you to think, or believe me buddy we well be ALL over you, until you have suffered severe consequences for daring to oppose us. (and by the way pal - that is democracy, and you don't forget it, or we'll be back to talk to you again)

- and 'London mayor swears at taxicab' !!!!!!!!!!!!!Now THERE is 'news' we really need to know about in Canada. Kind of like -

- and they're on the caitlin or whoever, and 'women's identity' or something - this is a Big Issue folks!!! fuck.

- and 'the accusation is the proof of guilt!!!' - some senator accused of having sex with teenager - and that's it folks, he's gone. You get accused around here, and the abso-fucking-lutely brainless twitter mob is screaming for blood - and the almost as clueless media are happy to give it to them. What a fucking joke of a society this has become. ( and SEX SEX SEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK SOMETHING GREAT TO GOSSIP ABOUT!!!!!!! GOGOGOGO!!!! - WE CAN SHOW WHAT GREAT FUCKING JOURNALISTS WE ARE BY DIGGING AND DIGGING INTO ALL OF THE DETAILS OF THIS GREAT SEX STORY!!!! (no crime here, just salacious gossip - but hey we live for gossip!!! - listen to all the neat (non-criminal) stuff we've dug up already!!!! Boy, when we journos decide we're on your case, you're fuckin history boy!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! GOSSIP GOSSIP GOSSIP WE LIVE FOR GOSSIP!!!!!)' - fuck fuck. fuck. sorry for all the CAPS!!! but I get so fucking mad sometimes at what these people have done, and continue doing, to the country I once had such pride in, such great hopes for, I just kind of explode sometimes.

And actually, there's a really big issue happening right now that Cdns could find very useful to have some talk about - Greece declares EU debt odious - this really is the first time any western country (or any country as far as I know) has had the simple balls to stand on its feet and tell the truth about IMF debt - it's a monstrous scam, and very much qualifies as 'odious debt' - as I've been saying for years, the entire Cdn gov debt also qualifies.

June 16 - the "newshaha' - fuck, the 'news' reader finishes by saying something like 'the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup. (period - 'pregnant pause' I suppose he cleverly thinks - then) - 'living in Canada makes me care a whole lot less'. Fucking seriously - how in the FUCK can a CBC 'news' reader be saying this kind of shit? I thought they were supposed to tell people in journo school that 'MY opinion!!!' is NOT news. well. pause. actually, it is very, very clear that at least the people at the CBC have NEVER been told this - the whole fucking thing is about 'my' opinion anymore - and sadly enough, the 'maturity' level of the people they hire to host shows or read news is somewhere around 'vaguely precocious teenager' - but very hubristic teenagers, thinking their shortsighted, me first, I'm ok fuck you etc view of the world is the center of the world - I hate Rob Ford! If you don't - who cares?!?!? - and etc.

fuck fuck fuck - as I keep saying - never think they can't go lower, they have a special team ...

>> and they have the story of the London kid getting shot - and it's like a couple of teens talking, with the slang and expression, 'and this is where things went bad', etc - 'everybody just totally devastated' - fuck.

- and the Current, getting on the 'hot story' of some woman who pretended she was 'black' - BIG SCANDAL OMG!!!!!! - no, it's a very minor fucking story, what is so fucking wrong with you people??

-- in the box - the Current, drive by 'we don't have any money!!' shit - docs are talking about retiring or not, and AM says 'when should doctors retire to make way for younger doctors?' - but why not have both, when we have an obvious and serious doctor shortage in Canada? We need both younger and older, and more importantly enough - and we have lots of fucking money, we're just allowing so much to be skimmed by the greedy-beyond-belief elite that we don't have enough 'money' for doctors, so we get choices like this - completely unnecessarily ...

-- the 'credit where due' department (something one very rarely has to acknowledge in the Cdn media) - it's a tiny bit nice to see most Cdn media backing off the Tim Hunt story (you know, the Nobel laureate who made a stupid joke about female scientists and immediately got 'hung out to dry' by the politically correct by incredibly fucking stupid and petty feminazis, or whatever you want to call them), with a few tiny 'mea culpa's - well, we may have gone just a tiny bit too far, even though he is guilty of saying something nobody should ever say, let alone think; sort of shit Margaret Wente, for instance - I don't like a lot of her opinions, but she seems like she is honest about what she says, and she's not one of the extremist right wingers, and we could probably get along, in a chippy sort of way). A bit, what, I don't know, something, to see they have even a tiny bit of common sense left - a very very fucking tiny bit, obviously, but, well, as I said, I spend a lot of time pillorying the fuckers, so when they do something even a tiny bit right - well, it's only fair to acknowledge it ... I guess that won't happen again this year - surprise me!!

- globe and mail just refused to allow me to log in - they have some new system, I asked them to send me the password reset - I put the password in - and no, you can't do this (new rule, I guess) - so I changed it - no, you can't do that, changed it again - no we have to have this and this - changed again - nope, sorry, new thing they needed. fuck, there are some seriously challenged people out there getting paid a lot of money to do this shit. Lousy fucking designs, obviously some kind of people with academic training, and no experience in the real world - and big corps take them out of school with NO fucking training because they're cheap or something. Fuck - say you're changing the system, here are the basic rules for your new password - but no, guess baby!!!! - fuckin country is down the tubes.


- CBC 'journalism' - March airplane crash in Halifax - (I quote, as they say): '...The March 29 crash of the Airbus A320 caused the plane's landing gear to collapse, ripped off the plane's engine and severed the craft's nose cone ..' - 'the' engine. most A320s have two engines - now this would be a FUCK of a story if we had a new A320 with only one engine - or else we have a CBC junior reporter who just didn't really do very well in basic English. She wouldn't be alone.

fuck. and then '..The flight had left Toronto en route to Halifax..'. I better stop reading. this is painful.

June 15 - the Current - boy, listen to AM of the "neutral" CBC flacking heavily for getting rid of the senate!! - talking to the Cdn Taxpayers Federation, a far right group - so many things proving the CBC is very much on the political right, yet so many people believing, without thinking about anything or probably understanding anything, mindlessly wandering around 'thinking' the CBC is 'left wing' because that's what they've always been told, and they don't have the individual critical thinking facilities to understand what obvious nonsense this is.

>> 'news' about Alberta budget today - a kind of funny thing, responding to this, the Wild Rose leader says 'she can't be pulling money from thin air' - but of course, that is actually what the banks will do when she goes looking for gov bond sales. You wonder sometimes if these people are really so fucking naive as provincial party leaders they don't understand the scam? But they have to - to gatekeep people from do from exposing it -

June 14 Tim Hunt 'hung out to dry'" - at least the Guardian is a bit more honest than any Cdn media - we're unlikely to see any kind of 'mea culpa' a wee bit from the CBC or anyone else here - it's getting really bad the last few years, immediate jump to judgement, and then crucify someone, and then move on looking for the next victim, no matter how unjust the witch hunt has been, either from a bit of deeper analysis or in hindsight. Again - the dumbing down of Cdns - intelligent citizens do NOT get into this kind of immediate judgement, going along with the Twitter LCD gang (although according to what I read around the Cdn media, I may be somewhat of a 'group of 1' in that 'adult Cdn citizen' category - I'm sure there are others out there, there's no fucking way they'd get on the CBC trying to calm the zealots down, or any of the other media really, and many of them have probably long gone into hiding, to avoid their own personal Calvary from their neighbors. But if anyone reads this - get thee to the internet and hunt up the Rev Neimuller story, and get the fuck out there resisting these bastards. They are taking us to really, really bad places, and like ol humpty, once we've allowed ourselves to be once and for all pushed off the wall, it's going to be a pretty impossible job to try to salvage anything. Remember Rome - greatest empire ever, until this American 4th Reich anyway, and once they allowed the barbarians to take over, from the hubristic excesses of the rulers (very much like the shallow petty excesses of those running the CBC these days) - it never came back. The greatness that was Rome was missed - the days of Nero and Caligula not so much. Likewise Canada - the greatness of the 60s, here and in the English speaking world, will be missed - the NWO 'would be world rulers' days not so much. Not at all, probably, by whoever follows - if anyone survives, all the US etc are going to represent is a huge lesson about how NOT to try to run a democracy.

(oh look another correction!!! Apparently there were too many of the still-somewhat-intelligent people commenting on how very fucking overboard this was, and the CBC has actually kind of repeated the Guardian story about just maybe they went a bit too far - he was still a very, very bad man, of course of course!!!! - but maybe firing his was just a wee bit too much. This time.)

>> Good stuff, not to be found around the CBC or corporate media - Cory Doctorow - Light a candle, curse the darkness and win the war on general purpose computers to save the world

June 13 - CBC on again about the 'damning findings' of the auditor general on senate spending - just more stupidity - the auditor found a million bucks worth of **questionable** spending, from 30 senators - my guess would be that most of this is basically horseshit of one type or another - we know the CBC now, when they have decided they don't like something, they go into 'teenage girl exaggerate everything to hell (or just lie, what the fuck)' mode when they get their little knickers in a twist about someone or something, so their credibility anymore, sadly, is pretty much zilch.

>> and the House of course getting in on it - a long interview with the auditor general - and for maybe the first time, after all the shit going on in Canada the last 20 years, I'm starting to think - fuck, if this is the kind of thing Canadians support, I don't really want to be part of that society any more. It's so fucking mickey mouse, and so stupid, and so petty - in the context of 'the real world', this is just so petty, a few bucks here and there - if we assume that at least a lot, and possibly most, of these people are actually doing some work they think is good for the country, then as very senior members in our government, to have small-minded bean counters peeking over their shoulders and counting pennies is just beyond anything acceptable. Sure, a few of them are no doubt padding things unreasonably, and they should be reined in, but the 'take no prisoners' approach of the media these days when they have decided to go after someone is very, very unhealthy, for we as a society, where finding the middle ground is the way to a good future. When, for example, in all this 'GET THE SENATE!!!!" shit witch hunt have we had even a smidgen of perspective - where is the 'feature news special' having a calm and rational look at the senate, at what they actually do, and wondering if we get some value for the money we are spending? There have been good senate reports in the past, and as senior representatives of government attending events, they have some value - I don't support the institution, really, as contrary to the kind of real democracy I am working for - but this kind of LCD mob witch hunt is not something I much care about either, and it's getting more than a bit worrisome to see Canada falling lower and lower overall, as a caring, rational society

>> and second - a deeper thing - this is the capitalists controlling the peasants through money - just imagine any CEO accepting this kind of petty surveillance of his 'business expenses'!!!!!! - fuck. BUT - the capitalists have agreed that we can have some kind of semi-representative gov, but by fuck they are not going to spend a penny more of THEIR fucking money on it - but of course they can't say that openly, so they push 'us' (not me obviously) into this self-righteous bean-counting exercise.

(and of course there are always other things they could be doing - rather than this witch hunt bean counting, they could be encouraging debate on some really important stuff - hours and hours of air time pontificating on how terrible all the senators are, pretty much all dead air time in terms of actual useful substance being contributed to any national debate about our country - but how about some interviews with people like this - Enough is Enough - some things we really need to be moving towards, but of course things that would be a pretty direct attack on endless obscene capitalist profits, which the CBC has become a flack for, so we're never going to see such things on the CBC. And as long as most people who think of themselves as progressive follow the CBC, we're not ever going to have a chance to get to a better place.

- last week an Ideas series called Siege on Science - quite amazing, as it got right into wonderland trying to suggest that average Canadians were responsible for this, as they/we are too stupid to understand science, and think it is nothing more than magic - the whole thesis is amazingly stupid even for the CBC, and even their nonsensical logic does not hold up - they don't try to explain, even if people did think science is magic, why they would be against something that brought such wonderful things into their lives as the Ipads everyone is addicted to, that they think come from Hogwarts. But when stupid people are talking to people they consider just a stupid, if not stupider, logic doesn't really get into a lot of things they get up to. I was just so pissed off I wrote a letter (Siege on Science by Canadians????) - don't imagine I'll get any response, but for anyone curious about it. (it was quite interesting, and worrying again - a lot of comments underneath, all saying how wonderful the series was - I don't think people commenting really believe 'they' are conducting any 'siege on science' themselves, they just have these pre-conceived ideas, that Harper is doing this, it is bad, and of course the great CBC will be attacking Harper too - I don't think they even listened, or if they did, they didn't understand. Not uncommon of course for people to do this, but intelligent people shouldn't be - but in the measles vaccine stuff earlier, very obviously a LOT of people were 'supporting science' who had no clue at all of what 'science' actually was or did or said - just yesterday, I was in a bit of a 'discussion' with some people on the NP (I do this sometimes just for mild entertainment) who obviously had no idea at all what 'left' and 'right' in politics actually refer to - all they know, or I guess more correctly think they know, is that left=Libs/NDP=commie/socialist BADDDDD!!! - simple minded barbarian trolls attacking anything their master tells them to attack.

Very, very sad days for the country though. (?? have I said that before??)

June 12 - this is a new thing I'm starting to pick up on, a new twist to the dumbing down that's been going on for years, I suppose, just more open - now we can tell you - Canadians are not smart enough to understand things - I just wrote a long letter about the Ideas show telling Canadians they were too stupid to understand science (Siege on Science more in a bit) and thought it was all just magic, and now here we have Ottawa Morning telling people they're too stupid to know what the Magna Carta means (nothing nasty, of course, just all a laughing, no problem kids, you're not supposed to know this, we know you all concentrate on your Twitter feeds and what sports games are important this week, we're just helping out smiley smiley) - there's nothing accidental going on here - you get people believing they are too stupid to figure things out for themselves, and they're just blank slates waiting for the media to tell them what to believe - exactly the direction they have been pushing us for years, but they haven't talked about it this openly before

June 11 Nobel laureate resigns over 'trouble with girls' comment - fuck the over-reaction to minor incidents and demand of the 'politically correct' for pretty much complete thought control are getting really fucking scary around here.

- CBC "reporter" from Rome - '..for the federal election that starts this fall..'. Really dear. And when does it finish then?? Do you suppose wouldbe young journos listen to the CBC to learn anything these days?? fuck I hope not ... I guess they don't have to, actually, they're obviously taught this shit in whatever sad place they call 'j-school' these days ...

>> and from Halifax, where 'women and girls truly learned the meaning of the word 'misogyny' few months ago..' - what utter fucking bullshit from these people - some stupid jokes do NOT mean misogyny - but these people have really got their brains fried and there'd be no point in trying to talk to them

>> followed by a 'pursed lips' story about a 23-year-old woman/girl was suing some guy she said took his clothes off in front of her. ?????????????? fuck. maybe he did, there's a lot of pretty fucked up people in this wildly sexually repressed society, but why doesn't she just make some derogatory comment and leave the room, or just leave? fuck. what a place. The CBC fruitcakes making big stories out of nothing again.

>> and the same people running the CBC 'newshaha' is sure to add their 'voice of outrage' to the Nobel scientist noted above - happy he quit his job, etc. Some comments from outraged women also happy he lost his job - no sanity at all on the fucking 'news' these days. You want respect? Quit making big issues out of trivia - if your minds are stuck in this kind of petty shit, I wouldn't want to be working with you either.

>> seems to be another 'look at how badly women are treated here!!!!' day - the Current with an update of the 'the military REALLY treats women bad!!!' report from a few weeks ago - but it occurs to me, the odd time a soldier is killed overseas (or here), we are all told to get on our knees and pray with all this hushed respect, like these are the very angels of god offering their lives in the service of our country - I'm just wondering how these things work together - can you be a misogynistic fucking bastard at the same time you are a hero of the realm? Just one of those perhaps a bit awkward questions the Cdn media don't like to deal with. But you can't have it both ways, jack.

June 10 - CBC (and the rest of the media of course) all a-shock!!!OMG!!!!! about the MASSIVE senate accounting scandal!! OMFG!!!!! - a MILLION DOLLARS of questionable expenses, among THIRTY senators!!!! - mostly spectacle, distracting simple-minded Canadians, but also the rightwing attack on government in action, pretending this sort of triviality is important - and also distraction - of course, the two trillion that politicians have enabled bankers to steal over the last 30 years, with the full cooperation of the media, and all the related stuff, is a serious major crime, but we are not ever, ever, EVER FUCKING EVER!!!!!! going to talk about THAT on the corporate media, are we children????? hahahahaahaha.

>> the thing is, in 'social democracy' settings, we just naturally trust each other, until there is some obvious problem - but capitalists are another breed - the capitalist is trying to fix whatever part of the system to ensure the maximum flow of money to his bank account, by any means he can get away with, and thus assumes everyone else is doing the same, so non-trust is the norm in capitalism. And we have been under the control of serious capitalists for the last 30 years, and this is the outcome, or one of many outcomes, in which we are all expected to assume everyone else around us is trying to game the system, and be suspicious of everyone. Not a nice way to live, for hardly anyone - sure those who manage to steal the most have a lot of toys, but one wonders really how much real 'life satisfaction' they ever have - not much, I think, for many or most. The lives of small people back in the 1950s were pretty good, by and large, in the social democracy of the times - people working at decent jobs they enjoyed, living in places where trust was the default position, not having to have both adults in a family working just to get by, and etc.

>> and the big new Evan Solomon 'scandal' - basically more gossip, mountains out of molehill shit, he did nothing really wrong here - but it is really barf-inducing to listen to the self-righteous people on the Current today with the tight little sticks up their asses, all so 'holier than thou', talking about the great responsibility of journalists, and how they would never, never NEVER!!! do anything like this, and etc - fuck fuck fuck -

>> and another 'YOU DO NOT HAVE FREE SPEECH HERE IN CANADA YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!!' story - the guy has a problem with women, and this is his life experience, but all the femi-nazis ( who obviously rule the CBC) go fucking ballistic over somebody daring to have a 'life experience' they don't approve of - fuck. again,. fuck fuck fuck. Trivia rules in Canada, while 'real' stuff gets ignored. We're really pretty close to the end, if I don't manage to get out to wake some people up - this kind of thing has to be one of the signs of 'far gone' decadence, the trivial opinions and tantrums of the children of the ruling class get turned into 'news' while the signs the empire is falling apart at the seams - well, who cares????

June 9 - Ottawa "news" - some football game, you buy a ticket for two games and are not allowed to leave between games - some people bought the ticket and then complained about the rule - and this is "news" in Ottawa!!!!!!! - fuck.

Consent to harm - '...When it comes to risk of bodily harm, what we are allowed to consent to is fraught territory...' - not much doubt about the meaning here - the basic assumption is that 'your government' rightfully controls everything you do. The CBC is telling you so, and we know the CBC only tells the truth, and is a really good momma guiding us down the paths of righteousness, don't we children?

June 8 - Montreal 'cracks down' on sex tourism - the efficient use of our cops. Fuck what a totally fucked up country this has become.

Island Morning (7:30 "newshaha") - 'Japan and Canada are seen as a holdout..' - fuck.

June 7 - "newshaha' - the lady reader is lecturing the children about how not to use English - some story about Baja California - she says 'ba-ja' as it is spelled, but of course most people who have spent a bit of time with geography know it is 'ba-ha'; then she gets into horse racing, and tells us about the winner of the 'bel-mount' stakes. good going, CBC. good news, I suppose, is that I may well be the only person out here bothered by such things, or cares what is happening to the CBC (no, the 'save the CBC' people seem to think the content is fine, they want more money from the gov so the propaganda can be spread more or something (sorry, I guess that was sarcastic - but the 'save the CBC' gang do seem to focus only on restoring CBC funding, and don't have anything to say about content - but I want the CBC management and senior staff absolutely gutted, and some real people who actually support democracy and good journalism back in there - there's lots of candidates out there writing on the web (none in the corporate media I can think of), before we give them any more money.

it was creepy - fuck, the absolutely juvenile narcissism of these 'new breed' of young women working at the CBC who thinks the world should revolve around them is getting right out of hand. Every showoff kid taunting someone by name calling etc is just looking for attention - apparently the CBC people are too immature to understand this. Some entertainer making 'crude' sexual remarks about a young woman has been going on forever, and will go on forever, like human stupidity, and all the whining and self-pity and navel gazing in the world by the CBC is not going to change it. And wouldn't it be just fucking amazing if they had a 100th of the degree of sympathy for others who really need it that they do for themselves? You could go around the poorer parts of any city in Canada and find kids going to school hungry, or getting abused by their parents or older kids, and this really is a fucking crime in this country - a crime occurring daily to what? tens of thousands of children???? And the CBC, to judge from the things they choose to cover, doesn't give a sweet fucking shit about those kid - just gossip about teenage girl stuff. Looking for new depths to fall too, I guess - I almost shudder to think what they'll find to outdo this, in terms of sheer pettiness being passed off as 'news'.

- chuckle of the day - CBC wins multiple journalism awards - that's odd - I can't for the life of me (as the old dad might phrase it) think of a single person working at the CBC that any normal person would call a 'journalist' - lots of propagandists and gossipers - no 'journalists'. (sure they do some good quality things, and in journalism school they'd get a good grade for them - but in the real world here, 'journalism' means you go where the rulers do not want you going, and the CBC is totally under the control of the rulers - good docs about safe box things, but nothing at all about 'real' stuff - and if you're not **really** going where the powerful do not want you going, you can NOT call yourself a 'journalist'. period. )

"newshaha' next hour (07:00 Atlantic) - some 'grand reopening' of Canada House in London - and a big 'expose' of how much was spent - 'over $200,000' 'of taxpayer's money'. It gets more and more obvious - governments spending too much money (allegedly) is a bedrock of rightwing propaganda trying to convince people to 'reduce' governments etc - pretty interesting that the CBC, pretending to be 'leftie', is promoting so many rightwing issues (I mean, seriously, a couple of hundred thousand dollars for this is really trivial, given the size of the government budget. Of course, as I mention from time to time, serious spending problems, like 50-60 billion in completely fraudulent "debt service charges" every year that *would* be worth informing people about, are never mentioned. (the whole Duffy-senate 'trial' shit is another very small story blown into something way, way, way the FUCK out of proportion. But that's a big part of the job of the CBC, of course, spectacle and mush for not-too-bright teenage-mind-adult-body citizens, keeping them interested in 'the things of childhood' while leaving far bigger things out of the discussion at all. Trivia - still hearing about the 'big FIFA scandal' - more trivia - it's not a matter of national concern in any way whatsoever to most people here what corrupt shit a private soccer league gets up to. (of course, if there's a chance to go after Putin, well, that's another thing altogether... guess we won't be hearing THIS guy on the CBC anytime soon haha - FIFA and geopolitics - or here US imperialism and the FIFA corruption investigation) (but finishing with more important news!!! - oh goody - we have 'brand new pictures of Princess Charlotte on our webite!!!' - and we REALLY REALLY care about that at the CBC !!!!!)

>> and later 'newshaha' - the CBC reports 'dozens' of protesters are at the G7 media - sounds a bit suspicious - RT says 'hundreds' - G7 summit protests. Betcha anything RT is closer to reality.

June 5 - "news" - 'Harper says Russia should never be let back into the G7 as long as Putin is the leader' - fine, that's something said by Harper that should be reported - but any actual 'news' organisation not part of the corporate state propaganda media (which is of course, in the end, controlled by the US hegemon, which really, really hates Putin for standing up to them, but he's just too powerful to 'shock and awe' out of existence as they did to Saddam and Gaddaffi, and are really serious about doing to Assad now one way or another, leaving Iran next in line) would have some commentary to go along with this, explaining why Harper is a pawn, and Putin and Russia are actually not the monsters the hegemon is making him out to be, far from it actually - for example, American Paul Craig Roberts has quite a different opinion - Putin the leader of the moral world - obviously, any citizen wishing to be informed needs to read or listen to a variety of opinion and make up their own mind - it is the job of the media to provide such a variety, if they are really 'serving' the people, as they claim to be - when they continually push one side of something, it's pretty obviously propaganda - especially in cases like this, where the truly engaged reader, reading widely, understands the many lies they tell about how 'evil' those they dislike are, and how wonderful the US is - which is, really, after the last 50 or 400 years, just to laugh in cynical disgust.

June 4 - and another Libertarian type speaks up against the tobacco ruling - award should make other industries nervous -

>> CBC “news" - starts with a story - 'one year ago, there was a 911 call, and then another! - and then some shots ...' and etc, all in a suitable story telling voice, of course - and then we go on with the now-established story of the Moncton shootings. All very dramatic, for the children being instilled with the modern Cdn narrative - but 'news' ?????? I think not .... haha, but then, the CBC hasn't actually been in the 'news' business for quite a few years now .... but listening to some more “newshaha'casts, we see this is narrative in creation - little stories about some of the heroes, one about some police dog that helped somebody last year - 'now they meet eye to eye - and they know 'I've got your back' - the use of the 'tough guy' simplistic but catchy phrases they like, a 'gang' thing - we can all identify with this stuff, we all want to be like that, heroic, standing tall for our country with our comrades against some evil enemy - all teenage boys, and more and more girls, anyway - dumbing down, deep deep indoctrination

-- and it is **really** noticeable - listen to RT for an hour, and then some 'current events' and 'newshaha' on the CBC - and it is so obvious how the CBC people have been told/taught to speak as teachers would speak to young children, using the voice etc to show the reaction expected from the children - on RT, you have adults speaking to adults - (here is a very good interview, just far above anything you would hear on the CBC these days - US portrays foes as stronger than they are because they need an enemy" - Sophie and Co - current events for adults, rather than the CBC propaganda for dumbed down indoctrinated citizens being told what their narrative is ...

>> followed by another pretty much 'spectacle' thing, the FIFA stuff - again, more propaganda as well, as the 'deep background' story here is nothing more than the US once again going after Russia after anything at all, as the point of this seems to be denying Russia the 2022 world soccer cup, or something. Much better analysis of this on RT (surprise surprise)

>> and of course more on the Moncton shooting last year - we poor, poor Canadians!! So innocent, such a traumatic thing when somebody runs around and shoots somebody!!!! - they really encourage people to fall apart in terror and helplessness - all the better to control you, my dear. But a reality check occurs to me - you know, Cdns have been either bombing directly, or supporting the bombing of, innocent people in middle eastern and other (Yugoslavia) for the last 15 years - just fucking imagine the trauma of a bomb falling onto your house from somewhere in the sky - no 'terrorists' in sight, just you and your family, including young children and old folks, sitting around having dinner, or sleeping, when fucking BOOM!!!!! - bodies and blood and pieces of bodies all around - no reason, no rhyme, just terror from the skies - THANKS CANADA!!!! - do you suppose that's what they think over there? Kids shot off bikes, people shot in cars, drones taking out wedding parties - fuck, in the mid east, since the US decided a few years ago it wanted to control everything over there, people - big numbers of people - getting killed in a regular basis is not some once in a lifetime traumatic event, it's a fucking part of your daily life - imagine a 'good day' being a day someone in your village does NOT get killed from some fucking random American (with Canadian support) bomb or raid??? - haha, don't wait for THAT story on the Current haha.

June 3 - the mind controllers are out in force again - Ottawa Morning talking about some lady who was drunk and killed someone a few years ago, and was just found guilty this week - and they want to know if there are still any neanderthals around who think drinking and driving is ok - you listening, children??? We REALLY disapprove of this, and will be after you with all the shaming we can muster on the CBC!!! - little self-righteous teenagers or bullies going after someone. Dumbing down in action.

Really, really scary world these people are trying to build - and looking more and more like the opposition is small and fading. But you never know -

- just read this today - Canada' devolution from peace seeker to war crimes" - one of the best pieces to come out of Canada in a long, long time - evidently the guy has been around and writing awhile, and I've never heard of him, because there's no real outlet for real 'alt' stuff to get shared in Canada, so there could be a lot more out there (although the comments in the NP and other places when someone is bragging about how PC they are is pretty scary, all the brainwashed obedient drones leaping on the bandwagon telling us what good children THEY are and mocking the few who dare speak up for a bit of freedom.

(speaking of - usually Ms Blatchford is leading the gossip in the Star, but gotta give her credit for standing up to this bit of ridiculous PC stuff - lawsuit decision deserves to go up in smoke - don't suppose she'll get a chance to speak about this on the CBC, unless somebody decides to take a run at making a mockery of her, which might be dangerous, she sounds like she's quite able to stand up for herself.

>> This is just fucking amazing - battling Russian propaganda - we know the American media is 100% corporate military state propaganda, and most of it at a very stupid level (Fox 'news' etc) - but to have this in a Canadian paper, esp one of supposed stature such as the GM, is just, well, amazing - surely to god they are not all that fucking stupid that they believe this???? The lies are just atrocious, pretending the American/Cdn MSM lies about 'Russian aggression' etc are true????? And when the Russians try to respond with a bit of truth, that is 'propaganda'??? Fuck - we are truly near the end days, when the Lies shall be honored as 'truths', and the Truth mocked as propaganda, by the most respectable media organisation in the county??? Fuck - you don't even know what to say at such brazen lying - you can't talk to people who look in your face and lie like that - you can't, I think, run to the excuse that 'oh, they must believe it!' - no, I can see a lot of people believing this, obviously, I spend time commenting on articles on the NP and Globe, and obviously a lot of 'ordinary not-too-fucking-bright Cdns do believe this shit (and equally obviously there are a lot of trolls on these comment places whose job is to jump people like me trying to insert a word or two of sanity) - but it is equally obvious that the top level people, those making editorial decisions, are very aware that this shit they are peddling is lies, and that makes them, I guess, some pretty fucking evil people. Three thousand dollar suits and five hundred dollar lunches and a lot of quite pathetic brown-nosers not in any way withstanding.

June 2 - Ottawa Morning - Robyn having a patronising discussion with some guy about idiots who think they can do things themselves around the house. We're all, in CBC world, just little munchkins, helpless and relying on Mother to look after us. YOU HEAR THAT CHILDREN????? DO NOT DO THINGS YOURSELF!@!!! you poor children are just not competent, and we have specially trained people to do things for you - not to mention specially trained experts to tell you what to think - you people surely do not want to try to THINK for yourselves, OMG hahahahahahaha!!!!!

>> tobacco companies ordered to pay - more political 'legal' shit - this has nothing to do with anything any intelligent, neutral observer would call 'justice' - just 'politically correct' punishment of someone the PCers have decided they don't like. This kind of thing is accepted as “evidence" - :..."Did you stop to think what a cigarette is? It destroys you — your health is totally destroyed," she said, holding up two photos of her late husband, who died in the summer of 2012 from lung cancer at the age of 68...." - obviously just personal opinion, we all (honest people at least) know people who smoked all their lives with no apparent damage - sure some people die, a lot more don't. But balance has nothing to do when you're on a politically-driven pogrom of some sort - very disturbing how much this goes on anymore, with anything the gov wants to do, and the obviously completely indoctrinated little obey-bots screaming out insults at anyone who dares disagree with dogma and try to speak 'truth'.

May 30 - a new "humor" thing (the idea of CBC 'humor' is laughable in itself) - but they have 'famous people' reading famous lines from old movies in a 'funny' way - starting with 'I love the smell of napalm' - from Apocalypse Now, of course, laughing at the Americans dropping napalm on Vietnam, killing millions, causing birth defects that last to this day - a real laugh. Just as a comparison, what if they dragged up some line from a movie about the German-Jewish holocaust, and tried to play it for laughs? Think that would pass unremarked???? I kind of doubt it. haha. (but for some far, far better humor stuff, as always, try RT - Lee Camp and Redacted Tongith - humor for adults who care about their country, not the CBC shit for dumbed down drones mindlessly supporting the NWO as instructed by the CBC.

they saw her belly!!!!OMFG!!!!! - it's obviously an epidemic. I keep starting comments on stupidity, and they keep getting stupider. You couldn't make this shit up, as they say. If there's any people with functioning brains left out there, you better watch who you associate with - this stuff appears to be contagious.

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