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Deborah Coyne, of various claims to fame, probably the biggest media-attention getter of which would be going back to fathering Pierre Trudeau's 'daughter out of wedlock' in the 80s - now she wants to be leader of the Libs - she'd be no worse than any of the others, I suspect - but is she being truthful with *really* wanting to improve things, or not? I thought I'd send her a short note indicating what I and, I suspect, quite a few others want to see in a leader before we start getting our hopes up.

Ms Coyne's plea for support

My letter in response:

To Ms Coyne, running for the Liberal leadership ...

Two central issues, Ms Coyne, you do not touch upon, and a third almost as important. These are perhaps the most important issues of all, as they speak to the very heart of our democracy, our 'dead democracy walking', really. Nobody else is touching these issues either - which, I would suggest, is one of the main reasons that there is so little excitement out here in real-people-land with what is happening in "our" politics these days, the people who are disengaged understand what is wrong here, and nobody saying they want to be a 'leader' is talking about the most important things, the central things, which must be addressed if our country is to become a progressive democracy again, rather than the US-New Feudalist puppet state it has been morphed into, which most of us very much do not approve of. So if all you are offering is more of the 'same old same old' but with a pretty new suit - you're not going to get much enthusiasm. We need a leader who is **truly** interested in getting our country back, not just in putting pretty new suits on old lies and diversions.

Issue 1: Calling Canada a country ruled by 'democracy' has become a great fraud, and a lot of people understand this. Every major thing that has been done in this country over the last 30 years, from 'free' trade through massive corporate tax cuts through all the program cuts through getting involved in foreign military 'regime change' operations that are really international war crimes has been done by governments claiming a 'majority' mandate - but with the support of maybe 40% of people who voted, and closer to 25% of actual eligible voters, considering 40% of Cdns either don't care or are too disillusioned to bother voting. When 60+% of Cdns oppose so much, most really, of what is going on, year after year after government after government after policy after policy, and no party is even talking seriously about doing anything about this blatantly undemocratic situation - how can you be surprised at so many people disengaging? With a multi-party system such as Canada has, with notable support for at least 5 parties, it is simply ludicrous to continue with a first-past-the-post voting system, where a 'plurality' of votes wins a riding, and a party winning the most ridings through such pluralities thus gets to govern - even though they almost never represent any actual majority of Cdns - and thus great numbers of Cdns find themselves not represented in parliament at all, and most of us find our country being governed by a 'majority' government with a minority of votes. I am well aware of the arguments made against changing to a proportional representation system, and the very kindest thing that can be said about such arguments is that they are spurious and self-serving, but pushed relentlessly and given a very false ostensible credibility by those who benefit from the FPTP system, who also own the mainstream media where PR is heavily attacked by almost everyone allowed to comment therein. Anybody wanting any credibility as a leader for at least a lot of we 40% of disengaged Cdns, and the many others who are very unhappy with what is going on in our country but still get out and vote for some 'least of evils' option, *must*, as a precondition of even getting us to listen to what you are saying about other things, stand tall and strong and say they will *guarantee* that they will do all they possibly can to see that Canada moves into the modern world in terms of our electoral system, and ensure that every party running in a national election gets a number of seats in parliament closely related to the number of votes they have received. I do not proselytise for any particular PR system, there are various that would serve far, far better than the current FPTP system which regularly gives us such disproportionate and very undemocratic results - the only thing that really matters is seeing that parties get seats, and people get representation, in proportions according to the vote - no more parties with the support of 6-7 million Canadians claiming "majority" governments and undertaking programs, or closing programs, against the wishes of far more people than who support them. Absolutely critical, Ms Coyne, to anyone looking for support from we many disengaged Cdns.

2. The second major issue that nobody is talking about but is *really* the elephant in the living room these days is money - who controls it, who creates it, and how it is used to transfer massive amounts of wealth from the people creating it to a small parasite class at the top claiming absolutely unbelievable wealth and power. In essence, Ms Coyne, the entire Canadian national 'debt' is a big scam and fraud - in the 1970s the government turned control of *all* money creation over to private banks, rather than using the Bank of Canada as any truly sovereign government would and should do to create and control the nation's money - and since then the essentially fraudulent massive national and provincial debts have been needlessly incurred - debts which have been used to justify the dismantling of the programs that were put into place in the 50s and 60s and early part of the 70s by governments which did a much better job of democratic representation than modern ones to strengthen our democracy. If you want a quick figure that should shock you greatly - in the last 30 years or so, the major Cdn governments, national and provincial, have paid some two trillion dollars in 'service charges' on debts which should never have been incurred in the first place if the government was using the Bank of Canada for the very purpose for which it was created - and not only have we paid all that interest, we still owe, between the two levels of government, a trillion dollars upon which we are shovelling over completely needlessly some 50-60 billion dollars per year - as every government claims poverty and continues slashing the programs that money should be paying for! It is really, when you understand what is happening, a story that would do well in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, with the insane Red Queen running things as irrationally as she wishes.

{{In 1993, the Auditor General noted in his annual report: "..[The] cost of borrowing and its compounding effect have a significant impact on Canada's annual deficits. From Confederation up to 1991-92, the federal government accumulated a net debt of $423 billion. Of this, $37 billion represents the accumulated shortfall in meeting the cost of government programs since Confederation. The remainder, $386 billion, represents the amount the government has borrowed to service the debt created by previous annual shortfalls."

This borrowing was necessitated when the government stopped using the Bank of Canada in the 70s to meet its shortfalls (shortfalls which were exacerbated by the policy began then, and continuing today, of continually reducing taxes on the wealthiest sectors of Cdn society) and started 'borrowing' from private banks and others. What few people understand, however, is that when the government 'buys bonds' from private banks - the banks just create that money out of thin air!!! - the Bank of Canada could, and formerly did, create *exactly* the same money, but without the interest burden claimed when private banks create the money. Get more information here - COMER (Committe on Monetary Reform for Canada, or a better explanation of the closely related monetary reform movement in the US - American Monetary Institute . }}}

No sovereign government should allow privately owned businesses to control its money supply - it's really a kind of oxymoron to claim 'sovereignty' for a country, when you have voluntarily turned control of your 'money supply' over to private interests - and allow them, on top of that, to charge 'interest' on the money they create out of thin air. Ms Coyne, this is *the* central issue of the times, whether those who control our money are going to control our world, as they are in the process of consolidating, or whether or not 'we the people' are going to fight them for democratic control of our money, and governments, and world. And I, and many others, simply cannot take any politician seriously who does not acknowledge this central struggle, completely untouched in the media, of course, the same media controlled by the same people who control the money, and want this war, this silent but very deadly and serious coup, kept entirely unpublicized, and say that they will fight to get control of this all-important oil of our economy back into democratic control.

You probably would not want to jump right in where I and many would, charging a lot of people with the most terrible betrayal of our country in perpetrating this scam and fraud - but you could surely jump in by calling this situation something created by unbelievable incompetence at the highest levels, incompetence based on blind obeisance to the now thoroughly-discredited 'the market knows best!' 'greed is good!!' capitalist ideology.

Two trillion dollars, Ms Coyne - and counting. This *must* stop, if we are to get back on the road to sanity and democracy.

3. I want the CBC back in the hands of normal Canadians, or at least people who believe that speaking *for* normal Canadians is their job, rather than herding Cdns into the NWO dumbed-down-citizen, wage-and-debt-slavery cages. Over the last 20 years, the CBC I and many once loved and relied on for an intelligent and honest look at our country and world has been turned into just another propaganda outlet for the rightwing money people who are taking over the world, and their primary task seems to be as a secretariat for these new feudalists. This is unbelievably offensive to those of us who loved the old CBC dearly, and who relied on it to give us a decent and honest and intelligent picture (for we average decent, honest, intelligent and engaged-in-our-country citizens) of what was happening in the world. Now all we get is the Business Council Ministry of Truth-New Feudalist 'narrative' of 'the way they want their citizens to see the world', very much like Orwell's Ministry of Truth, creating the 'history' of the country on a daily basis as they create the narrative of what is happening around us, a narrative only paying the merest lip service to actual reality. We see this in every major way - they do not, for example, to refer to the issues I raised above, have anything to say in support of PR, but any time some group raises the issue or manages to get a referendum on it, the CBC is right there with the rest of the right wing media telling Cdns 'No you do not want this, no you do not want this, oh, it's too difficult to understand, nonono!!' and etc. And in terms of the great monetary scam defrauding us of trillions and wanting everything else, they are right there with the banking masters telling Cdns that there is no alternative, the ongoing 'austerity' must be accepted, Cdns must accept their new poverty, and allow the masters to continue gathering in the accumulated wealth of the country, with no complaints - Good citizens do as their govenrment tells them! - and never ever do we hear a single word about how the problem really is letting private banks control our money, and creating it all at interest, which is the source of all of these problems, and as such is completely fraudulent. And in things like the current demonisation of al-Assad of Syria, or the similar things that have gone on before the last few years, we hear a complete monolog of Pentagon-NWO propaganda - the same kind of propaganda we have heard over the years directed at former leaders such as Milosevic, Hussein, Gaddafi, and others - propaganda which, after the terrible bombings of countries and killings of literally countless numbers of civilians, turned out to be mostly intentional lies told for just the purpose of getting people to remain silent while the western military powers went about their work of killing and regime change - and yet not a word of rational discourse on the CBC about these previous propaganda lies, and how, knowing of these things, just maybe we should be just a little less anxious to go off bombing yet again, just maybe we should question the current alllegations of atrocities just a bit before flying off with bombs and killing more thousands or tens of thousands of people in the name of propaganda lies - no, all we hear, day after day, on our once great CBC is the rahrah drums beating for warwarwar!! kill kill kill!!! - it is entirely tragic and offensive to see the CBC reduced to yet another propaganda arm of the NWO. Betraying 'we the people' of Canada thoroughly.

Well, I'll write no more Ms Coyne, I am sure you are very busy, and it's my experience that anyone wishing to find their spot in the political limelight does as every other politician does and steers very well clear of the issues I outline briefly above - but maybe you really are sincere about this, and as you already know most of the things you talk about on your website, maybe an hour or two researching monetary reform might show you the way to engage all those Canadians you say you are reaching out for as someone truly interested in speaking *for* us rather than 'to' us on behalf of the plutocrats running everything behind the scenes - that and a bit of talk about getting serious about democratic reform, and getting the CBC speaking for Canadians again rather than simply being another propaganda secretariat for the new wouldbe international feudal lords.

There are those of us who could really get behind someone like that. And you don't have a lot of competition here ...

Dave Patterson

Dave Patterson
Green Island

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