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Original article: Challenging Conspiracy Theory Thinking, by Scott Neigh
(appearing in Canadian Dimension, March 6 2011)


Scott - I shall keep this short, as I do not know if you would be interested in what I have to say. It is generally the case, contrary to your assertion, that those of us who believe the 911 story was a pack of lies and/or unscientific nonsense are ready to engage pretty much anyone - it is those who defend the Official Conspiracy Theory who are pretty hard to pin down - one of many fallacies the 911 'debunkers' continually, and falsely, parrot. Perhaps you will prove me wrong, at least in your case. (noting, of course, that *you* are the 'conspiracy theorist' here, as (apparently) a believer of the Bush 911 'Damned Arabs in Caves Caught Us All By Surprise, Them Damned Terrorists!!!!' and 'Plane Crash, Big Fire, Towers Just Fall Down!!!' Story and I the questioner taking a somewhat less credulous, analytical approach about all of this stuff and finding it very, very wanting ...)

Your deeper thesis interests me also, in a wider context, as I too, from the other side, have been quite puzzled about many aspects of how people who call themselves 'progressive', but refuse to challenge the obvious nonsense of the 911 story, rationalize their position - as, again, you do not do here. You do not say anything at all about *why* you yourself find the Official Story believable or the points of those of us who question that theory unsound, you just refer the reader to other people who 'debunk' 'conspiracy theories', and approvingly agree with them, and rehash, with some fancy phrasing, the old stories about 'conspiracy theory' nutcases of one type and another, with a couple of patronizing pseudo-psychological (and quite false) theories 'explaining' what we say or who we are. This type of thing is disingenuous, to say the least, and does make one wonder about your motives if you have not even read the major arguments of those of us who question the official story, as you apparently haven't.

My reasons for disbelieving the 911 story are strong and clear and well-expressed - you can read them here 911 Thought Experiment, or here Letter to Diana if you like, or my general 'creds' as a 'progressive' here - Green Island, or What Happened? And there's this - Mainstream Alternative Media - the real thing or a 5th column?

If you have not read David Ray Griffin (many books, probably the best is still his first, A New Pearl Harbour), you should ask your library to get it for you and have a read. I simply cannot understand how any intelligent, open-minded person can read these things and still believe the 'official conspiracy theory'. Or try our own Canadian, Barrie Zwicker, a long-time TVO journalist, and his Towers of Deception. Or check out Richard Gage of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth. (And let us not forget there is no society of scientists or architects or anyone else *supporting* the official conspiracy theory, and it would again be quite dishonest to suggest that silence is support - there could be many reasons for scientists in the modern neocon, very anti-science vision of 'our' world - we know how our own Harper government treats professionals who disagree with their policy ideas, and it is not much of a step to figure a lot of people might want to say something about all kinds of things, but keep silent to keep their jobs). For starters only. Sure there's cranks out there - but these people, and many others, are not, and it is dishonest to point to cranks and try to dismiss more serious people on that basis, as you should know.

Anyway, enough for now, I tend to write long, as you do, and one who likes clearly explaining and caveating things can hardly even introduce something in 500 words - but if you are interested in an exchange of some sort, it might indeed be interesting, and informative, to have a discussion "...that compares ways of knowing the world that ground materialist, radical left politics with those that are the basis of what I can only term "conspiracy theories..."

Dave Patterson
Canada, Thailand, Green Island
March 2011

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