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The indoctrination-propaganda matrix we all exist in is both built on a number of quite ridiculous premises, and is continually undertaking new initiatives for one reason and another to achieve some of their goals. Like any 'big lie', a good part of the mass belief in such things requires that nobody is allowed to 'speak truth' to these lies. Here, I try to shine a light on some of these idiocies, for those trying to get out of this great indoctrination matrix. After that - well, it's up to you. Red pill or blue -

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The pogrom against 'old people'
- a particularly despicable part of the larger capitalist program

by Dave Patterson, Feb 2013

In brief - the NWO 'return to feudalism' model involves, as one aspect of maxing their profits and minimising democracy, allowing people to have and raise kids, at their own expense, with minimal assistance anymore from the masters - and then as soon as the kids become old enough to be productive workers, the capitalists take them and exploit them to the max for the next 40-odd years of their lives, and then as soon as they are too old to work, the capitalists throw the old folks back to whatever they have left of 'family' to look after - families which are mostly already stressed capitalist broadcasting corporation - yummy koolaidfinancially in the 'pay them as little as possible' modern new-feudalist capitalism-ascendant system. And now, as these despicable creatures become even more inbred and stupid and hubristic and greedy, they are starting the big propaganda drive about how these old people are just such a burden on society, who wants to look after them, we just can't afford them anymore, whatever shall we do etc etc? Whatever money the children of these old people might spend letting those who raised them in the first place have a decent final few years, the capitalists want that for themselves!! Hard to say exactly where this is going, but wherever it is, it means lives of lesser quality for people who worked their lives away contributing to the building of this once almost-great country - beyond despicable, really, that the modern new feudalist lords are reverting to a society where an obscenely wealthy lifestyle for the few takes precedence over a decent life for the many. We certainly have the money and wealth in Canada to provide a decent life for everyone - we've just allowed these parasites to take over and claim that money and wealth for themselves, and f*** those who fall by the wayside. We almost made it to the mountain top - and they're pushing back over the cliff to the dark and cold spaces.

Any civilized, progressive society understands that people who have lived lives engaged in their communities and societies have accumulated a lot of wisdom during those years - and in any civilized society as a person's working years come to a close, many just retire peacefully for their remaining years with their families around them, and many of them move naturally into the role of 'elder' in their society, advising younger people about what might be good or bad ideas, based on their lifetime of experience. Any civilized society looks after all of its people, from the youngest children through the oldest, with welcome for all. It's a natural kind of cycle - for the first years of a human's life the parents devote a lot of time and money to raising them well - and then as the children grow up and the parents grow older, the children are happy to have a chance to return the great blessing they received of those years of thankless care (although of course while the children are too young to think about thanking anyone for their rearing, by the time they have all aged, the parents are well aware of the gift of the children in return).

The capitalist model, of course, is not civilized, it is simply a 'business'. a barbaric-based business whose *only* objective is maximizing profits, and which therefore requires maximum exploitation of the workers, maximum work for minimal pay, and minimization of 'external' costs such as raising children before they are old enough to work, or looking after people too old or otherwise unable to work 'productively', or when they become injured or ill. The capitalist manager thus, of course, wants no 'community wisdom' in their society, which might interfere with their ongoing plans to exploit everyone to the max, so are pushing this terrible idea of 'old people as nothing but burden', to turn the larger, increasingly dumbed-down, self-centered child-adult working majority against them. The capitalist does not want a relaxed, civilized society, whose central objective is maxing the quality of life for all of its members - they want the citizens turned into dumbed down consumer-worker drones, getting their instructions from the brainless consumer buy buy buy television viewing several hours each day, not regularly spending time with older people trying to suggest there might be more important things in life than consumer toys or watching television, and there might be better ways to organize the society than as a master-serf new feudalism.

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