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The indoctrination-propaganda matrix we all exist in is both built on a number of quite ridiculous premises, and is continually undertaking new initiatives for one reason and another to achieve some of their goals. Like any 'big lie', a good part of the mass belief in such things requires that nobody is allowed to 'speak truth' to these lies. Here, I try to shine a light on some of these idiocies, for those trying to get out of this great indoctrination matrix. After that - well, it's up to you. Red pill or blue -

'bullying'? - not really - just another dumbing down tactic?

- - another aspect of the dumbing down movement, creating 'adults' who are mentally functioning at the level of adolescents, self-centered, easily controlled. There have always been bullies, and always will be, and 99% of bullying is harmless, little more than childish name calling, and, as they used to say in more intelligent days, the way to deal with it is simply to remember the old saying 'Sticks and stones will break my bones, names will never hurt me.' Good advice then, good advice now - but it seems to be forgotten, as the entire propaganda establishment has seized upon this to sensationalize as part of the ongoing 'dumbing down' movement to keep people in a permanent state of childishness and victimhood, neurotically obsessed with trivialities rather than intelligently recognizing what is important, and fighting for our society. Instead of telling children to ignore bullies, and carry on growing up, they are telling children that their lives are forever ruined OMG OMG! because somebody called them names, or saw some skin. It's good for those who would be kings, to have a whole big percentage of the population all in a neurotic stew because somebody called them a name than to be turning outwards a bit, and getting involved in the fight to save our society.

(and I guess necessary disclaimer - this does NOT mean I support or try to minimize violent rape or any other kind of violence - those people are seriously mentally ill themselves, and need to be taken out of society until they can be dealt with and made to understand that violence is NOT ok against anyone to get your way, or just for fun - but this has nothing to do with name-calling or 'texting' some pictures, and ridiculing someone maliciously). Seriously - your life is not ruined because a kid or a few kids call you a name! - or even if somebody took an embarrassing photo of you and put it on the internet! - really! - not ruined at all!! - it is foolish to let those people who do these childish behaviours control your lives - they can behave like children, they get enough encouragement from the 'adults' around them, and the media telling them they can get their few minutes tommy douglas - don't drink that shitof fame from such childish behavior, there's not much you can do about it - but you can control the way you react to this stuff - and by getting all upset, you just validate what they are doing, and encourage them. Try the adult way - let them wander around telling the world what childish, small-minded individuals they are - and you tell the world that you are ready to take another step towards adulthood, by just ignoring these small-minded people.

- deal with bullying:

1: Identify the main instigators: (a) right now kids look at the US, leaders of the world, and see them bullying their way around the world. They just do as those they want to become are doing; (b) - media people and child-parents stuck in adolescence themselves who blow this stuff up all out of proportion, and present the kids as victims; (c) and of course the rulers themselves, trying to create a dumbed-down, easy-to-manage population, and neurotic teenagers, or 'adults' with neurotic teenager minds, are a great deal easier to manage than intelligent, secure adults

2: reduce the incidence - don't encourage it! - everytime someone calls someone else a name it isn't bullying, don't blow it up out of proportion and blast it all over the news and tell the kid and everyone else his or her life is destroyed forever because somebody called them a name or saw a bit of skin!! - Ignore minor things as much as possible, don't encourage the perps by giving them a lot of attention - and to whatever extent it does make the news, turn the focus around, point to those acting so immaturely, so un-respective and inconsiderate of other people's rights and privacy - those kids should be censured, not the victim held up to more ridicule. What kind of society do we want to create - one where we look after one another, or a dog-eat-dog capitalist world of everyone looking out for themselves, with nothing but ridicule for those disinclined for whatever reason to join the melee?

3: When it really happens, when some kid or kids get physically violent with some smaller kid or kids - deal with it quickly and forcefully, devise some appropriate punishment to let them know this stuff is NOT going to be tolerated - depends on the age, put them under house confinement for a few days, take away their favorite toys, give them a good, painful spanking in public that brings the same kind of embarrassing tears to their eyes they find amusing to give to others so they see what it's like, make them apologise in public, do public works - there are ways to deal with this that let the perps know that this crap will not be tolerated.

4: Related - Which is also a solid sign to other kids to stand together against anyone who tries to bully them, because they will have the support of the 'adults' around them quickly. Encourage courage in these kids, encourage standing together against the bullies of the world (note again this is pretty antithetical to the sheeplike, solitary dependent dumbed down citizen that the NWO creators are trying to turn the majority of their serf-citizens into, defenceless against the real bullies taking over the country ..)

Feb 25/2013 - perfect example of blowing things out of proportion - the "story" on the Current of a young woman who tried to join the Cdn military - and during the processing, a doctor 'made her undress, touched her breasts, and 'pushed his groin against her' - that is ridiculous, in terms of an excuse for wrecking someone's life and turning them into a neurotic basket case - but with the CBC pretending this is a 'big story', that poor, poor girl, etc etc - it encourages young people to think this kind of thing wrecks their lives, rather than standing up to such people, or if you cannot, and their imposition on your life is nothing more than a bit of groping, to just shrug it off, as we must shrug off some unpleasant things that happen to us like a bee sting or something - sure the doctor should be punished one way or another, this is not a good way to behave, and certainly removed from his position - and the Cdn military should be required to do some serious thinking about who they hire and what they are really doing - but to tell the young woman her life is wrecked, and she now has licence to be neurotic and less-than-adult for the rest of her life is just ridiculous - or dumbing down -

(I am not the only one wondering if this isn't all being blown out of proportion - 'Overblown and sensationalized': Author says bullying issue is more nuanced than black and white - ) -

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