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*David Graeber - radical alternative economics genius - or deep state disinfo agent??
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*Taking on the CBC et-al measles/vaccination mafia/witch hunt mob in 2015
*As goes democracy so goes journalism
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Capitalism is the astounding belief that the most wickedest of men will do the most wickedest of things for the greatest good of everyone.
John Maynard Keynes

The Great Green Island Road Show and Democracy Chatauqua - get involved

Really ....

Feb 2017 - more whining from the Canadian media and related places about how the public doesn't trust them (the silly fools!) and their financial situation, none of which got anywhere near the obvious 'reality' of the situation, so I thought I'd make one more attempt to enlighten them - The Shattered Truth - an open Letter to Canadian Journalism Students (and anyone interested in the sorry state of 'journalism' in Canada (not a single response, of course, I had a wee tiny smidgen of hope that there'd be one real journalism student out there - but apparently not ...) {shortly thereafter came this piece from the same J-Source website - Canadian journalists can learn a lot from the US media's Trump coverage, says Toronto Star's Washington correspondent - these people are completely in lalaland - they seem to really believe that 'the people' don't listen to them or believe their incessant lies because the people are just too stupid - it's entirely unbelievable - some of them have to know the 'truth' here, the real truth, that these people themselves, those calling themselves 'journalists', have been lying so long, and recently lying so fucking stupidly, that 'the people' see the lies, finally, that are so very outrageous, and reject them - I guess they can't talk about that, but this is getting to be a real clown show, people drugged up on something doing incredibly stupid things they are going to be very seriously ashamed of if they ever wake up. Which doesn't seem all that likely, actually - we're very close to off the cliff here, if we're not off it already - no waking up at the bottom of a cliff, just a new civilisation some time in the distant future trying to figure out what happened ...) - and then this Without evidence, Trump alleges 'bad (or sick) guy' Obama had his phones wiretapped during election !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - the hypocricy is stunning, these people have been blasting unsourced allegations all over their media for months about Trump, pretending it's 'news' or something, but have the unbelievable gall to accuse Trump of what they are doing!!!!!!!!!!!!! - the world is surely turned on its head (it's a planted story obviously also - all the major media had pretty much exactly the same headline)

Feb 2017 - One of our great commentators challenging the US-led NWO is Paul Craig Roberts, but like so many people, he has one bit of deep, deep indoctrination to shed yet, and I give him some advice about this ... The Crazy Demented Irrelevant Left - Really??!! - reality check from a **true** leftist, a voice which has been barred from the corporate media for decades (I actually caught his attention, briefly, as he answered, also showing his honesty - he inquired where 'the true left' was, and I didn't hear from him again after I told him to look in the mirror.)

Jan 2017 - Lots of talk about Canada's 150th birthday, I have some thoughts ... In our name - 'we the people' of Canada have a whole lot NOT to be celebrating this year - rather, we ought to be finally getting on our feet and freeing our brains with a Howard Beale 'mad as hell and not taking it anymore' moment. I try, but I'm not holding my breath ....

Nov 2016 - time for a Green Island voice in the Canadian public debate

September 2016 - came across a website I had not encountered before, Unwelcome Guests, with over 700 radio interviews with interesting people, most of the ones I've sampled so far being very well done - but with one notable exception (I've heard so far). They seem to have become entranced by David Graeber and his Debt: 5000 Years book, about which I have some considerably different opinions, as I wrote to them David Graeber - radical alternative economics genius - or deep state disinfo agent??. (with their somewhat hasty, short and patronising response and my followup here - to which there was no response from them - the Libertarian form of (I suspect self-) brainwashing is very, very deep, I have observed many times ... we 'want' to believe something, so don't bother us with belief-destroying facts ...)

August 2016 minor update - to repeat, don't weep sad tears at the demise of another voice, grown old and weary of a hopeless struggle, or passed on into some other place - I'm still on a temporary sabbatical of a kind, another phoenix type thing - I took some time off because I had more important stuff to finish, and everything was just repetitive, same old same old, new days but the same utter shit coming out of the CBC, and other coprate media (just realised that's kind of a deeper-meaning typo think about it). The Democratic Revolution Handbook has been finished, and I think it covers the bases pretty well. I've also been working on getting everything I've written, although mainly Green Island, into EPUB form, and that's all done. I'll leave in the link to the The Great Commie Collectivist Plot To Take Over the World and Make Us All Little Drooling Commie-Bots OMFG!!! which is still relevant, as there are a LOT of people out there going on about this, and it has a lot of good stuff, and needed to be written, as the intro explains so no need for me repeating it all here - you can read it if you want to, if you're still under the influence of the 'Commies are the Root of All Evil' part of the ongoing brainwashing. Although some of these people seem to mean well, they're seriously fucked up about what 'socialism' is all about - think the most advanced countries in the world the last few decades - the Nordic countries - not Stalin or Mao etc. The very inevitable result of the kind of libertarian capitalism most of these people very naively talk about is the psychotic beast to the south of us, US capitalism. We do NOT want more of that.

It doesn't matter that I take a bit of time off, you/we're not missing anything with a short hiatus from my endless outraged disbelieving finger-pointing at what idiocies the CBC has been getting up to, it's just the same old same old, as it has been for years, the CBC, primarily, spreading around the same propaganda and lies, and mush and spectacle, continuing and reinforcing the dumbing down and indoctrination they have most Canadians fully under control with, creating their completely passive and subservient new-1984 society. New day, same shit, as one of the old sayings has it, again and again and again and again.

VGI will return in a bit, as I still feel a need to express my anger at what they are doing, and point out some of the latest utter fucking idiocies they are spouting, but more importantly, and more focus on, working with the Great Green Island Road Show, if anyone gets interested in trying to actually get to work in Canada on getting rid of the NWO vichy governments we've had for the last 30-odd years, since Mulroney, and trying to point out new places I come across where people are fighting for a better society, fighting the regression to a 'new feudalism' which is where our rulers are very obviously intent on pushing us. Still some focus on highlighting how everything we hear on the CBC, and other Canadian corporate press propaganda media, is exactly that - box reinforcement, with reference to things in the book for 'deeper truths' and connecting-the-dots explanations for those ready to start waking up.

I don't know if I'll have any more success doing that - waking people up - this time than I have in years past, but who knows? - I've had a lot of things going on this year that indicate change is coming to my life this year, and getting this going may be part of that. Whatever, I don't seem to have much choice - I'm not a Rev Neimuller type, who can hide timidly in my room with the curtains closed and pretend all is well, as so many Canadians seem to be doing, and I'm not one who can just give up on something important because it's difficult, and I'm not ready to roll over and die, and we gotta do something with our time and I'm not independently wealthy so I can't drive around a few countries seeing and learning, or buy my boat and spend what time I have left doing coral reef biology, which are what I'd really like to be doing - so I keep doing what I do. Some people, I guess, find solace in Twitter and Facebook - again, I am completely unable to degrade my mind to that extent.

Until later then. If you want to help - find a literary agent with some vision, who's not afraid to venture outside the box and challenge people who don't like being challenged - Green Island and I need a new Brian Epstein, to shout Green Island from the www rooftops like Epstein shouted BEATLES!!! to a world which was waiting for them, but the in-the-box music promoters of the time didn't have the vision or courage to step outside the box and try something new, as the mainstream publishers and agents in Canada seem very much in-the-box in terms of what they are willing to publish or promote.

We all need something new today. The 99% are waiting for someone to turn on the lights on the road to Green Island. Send people to the Great Green Island Poster - nobody could read this (aside from Cdn publishers and agents who aren't ready to challenge the rulers who do NOT care much for being challenged, and jeopardizing some government grants) and not want to be part of it. The trick is getting people there in the first place.

If you can help - if you want to be part of getting to a better world - do it.

The Great Green Island Road Show and Democracy Chatauqua - get involved

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