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Sept 13 - aiiii! head whirling!!!!! - having a Sunday morning browse through some of the recent CBC stuff, come along this Current show on 'critical thinking' - and Ms Tremonti is front and center rewriting history!!!! (again, of course, not that this is new - but this is very brazen). One could get into a long deconstruction of this, as their guests, and AM, completely avoid the central idea of 'critical thinking' (gather information from various sources about any point of contention, or if you are not sure the person giving you some information about something important is telling it correctly, whether from ignorance or is just lying, and then critically examine that evidence and make your own mind up about something) (the opening few minutes try to define 'critical thinking' as challenging some idea you don't like, which is not at all what it is) - but the first thing that one outside the box thinks is, WTF??????!!!!!!!! - the CBC has been in the very forefront of indoctrinating people and pushing the uncritical acceptance of very bad propaganda the last few decades, the very reverse of critical thinking - of course, they have been pretending to be the old CBC, which did indeed foster all good things in Cdns, and public participation is based on critical thinking of all issues, but it has been glaringly obvious to anyone actually engaging in 'critical thinking' (c'est moi c'est moi!!) that the CBC is very much doing all it can to KILL critical thinking in Cdns, and have done a very good job of it - I suppose in one way this is an 'in your face' challenge to people, or a demonstration to the rulers, of how successfully they have indeed killed critical thinking in most Canadians, and more importantly, most progressives, who now apparently accept whatever limits to thought the CBC wants to put around them. But then the second thing really almost knocked me off the chair - Ms Tremonti then goes on to challenge one of her guests, pointing out how so many (so-called) 'journalists' were wrong about the Iraq war (and got roundly pummeled later), and saying isn't critical thinking necessary to challenge dangerous agendas of governments?????

(the guy they have seems pretty clueless - to this question (I'm so glad you asked that!) - he first says he thinks 'critical' means 'important', and I suppose one meaning is this, but this is not what 'critical thinking' is all about ('important' thinking) - but based on this, he goes on to say the people who instigated the Iraq war were obviously very critical, and strong and important, thinkers, so it was logical for them to win the argument (or something like that - he rambles a lot, like somebody who wants to pretend they know more than they do - he obviously knows little - the lady guest does challenge him a bit on this, but the whole show goes nowhere 'important')

- but again, back to Ms Tremonti, the very obvious 'unspoken implication' in her 'challenging' question, since there was not even a hint at a 'mea culpa' ('even some of us here at the CBC' or something) is that the CBC was above this, by golly we at the CBC were doing critical thinking and asking hard questions - but those other people, boy, why weren't THEY asking questions? -

- and what can you say, really, other than holy fuck batman or something we're in wonderland where the CBC just rewrites history as it pleases - for of course, the CBC has been in the very forefront of pushing dangerous government agendas for a long, long time now with not a whisper of 'critical thinking-based questioning', not only the Iraq invasion she talks about, but the Libya bombing a few years back, and the ongoing destruction of Syria, the lies about Putin and the Ukraine, and many other things - the CBC has been right in the front lines telling Canadians to bomb bomb bomb!!!! - it's just almost unbelievable to hear Ms Tremonti defending critical. thinking, when the CBC, and very much with her and her show's full and enthusiastic participation, has been in the very forefront of the media telling Canadians 'NO THINKING NECESSARY THIS IS A MONSTER HATE HATE HATE HATE!!!!' and etc. She opines that 'people who had the ability to question, just didn't bother' - exactly the CBC the last few years - as I have pointed out at length here before, there is a massive amount of very credible questioning of everything the CBC has been promoting the last few years - but absolutely NONE of it on the CBC, who are 100% war propagandists, and 100% involved in concealing the true causes of the current chaos and devastation in the entire middle east and north African regions. And are surely going to be held to account some day.

fuck no point in writing more. just needed to get this on the record, I suppose, for when someone writes some honest history of the times. The CBC is going to be getting a very long chapter about its criminal activities (precedent Nuremburg, lies in support of wars are very serious crimes, check the Nuremburg records for how they regarded the work of a certain Mr Goebbels

Sept 12 - the House - more of the same, mostly, box reinforcement - good interview with Ms May, I guess in the nature of the rulers having a laugh - she talks about the things we need very honestly, but the rulers know so few people are listening that they have nothing to worry about. The NDP is in the running though, and they have a 'conversation' with a couple of people, including an NDPer, who finally makes it clear the NDP are right out of the closet - this lady is actually telling everyone that the NDP no longer thinks big tax-avoiding corps are the enemy, and they have no intention of asking the corps to pay more taxes. And I guess that's what the people like - don't make the masters angry. Pretty hopeless sort of country.

>> Ideas had a show last week that sounded like it could stand some deconstruction, It's the Economists, Stupid! - sounds promising, but after so many years of broken promises and worse from all sides of the CBC, one approaches with caution. Rightfully so. It's just a diversion, a rather amateurish bit of trying to cover up a real story - obviously, the rulers are aware there is some considerable mistrust of economists these days, and decided they'd better lay some false trails for the dangerous demographic, the CBC listeners, who seem to pretty faithfully follow any stupid paths the CBC points them to (I wrote about one a few weeks ago - Siege on science - not - wrote them about it, nobody interested, not this story). This 'economists' faux-expose is actually very shallow, as are most 'docs' on the CBC these days, shallow docs by shallow people for other shallow people, all pretending to be not shallow, a big Cdn circle jerk, propaganda for the already indoctrinated - stop that - the basic thesis here is, that economists have decided they want to be considered as 'professionals', so try to pretend what they do is 'science' rather than 'social analysis', then all by themselves set up false modeling things and give unsound studies to others - notably the gov and/or media - and the poor well-meaning media people then tell the citizens they are supposedly serving questionable things because those stupid lying economists made them. Darn darn ol economists.

All of which sounds cute, few people have much use for economists these days, so they're an easy target, and all of which is bullshit. It's like blaming the guys who flew the planes for the bombs that decimated two Japanese cities 70 years ago. In reality, of course, the relevant history is that in the beginning we had real intelligent people like Smith Marx, Mills, and others back in the late 17- and through the 1800s doing what was becoming the fashion for a while as the world took some giant steps in many ways, observing and thinking, and writing down what they observed and how they analysed it with some considerable perception, people looking for the 'truth' and 'facts' and doing a good job of it. This 'thinking' stuff was a bit of a fad that did a WHOLE lot of really good stuff, and lasted right up until sometime in the 70s, when the rulers decided it was getting too dangerous, and introduced 'dumbing down' to the schools and got the media on board, and the 'thinking' bug was soon pretty much a thing of the past, at least in the populace at large; books by 'real thinking' people were no longer published, being entirely replaced by books by propagandists of various sorts. But one digresses. In those early days, what we call 'economics' today was called 'political economy', because, of course, the two things go hand in hand. All these early writers clearly saw the dangers of allowing the concentration of wealth in a small elite, wealth which was very equatable with Power of course, and wrote with much warning about letting this happen.

But those with the ruthless nature to rule gathered the money to their control nonetheless, and by the early 1900s were pretty much completely in control of the money-creation and managing systems in the western world, and in order to maintain the pretence of 'democracy' which they were completely subverting by buying up governments with all that money, had to hide this nexus (control of money = control of government) from the people who opposed them, and thus began the separation of these soft disciplines into 'economics' and 'political science'.

And without writing a longish essay here, as the book is coming soon which explains this in more detail, the people with money took over the places giving out economics degrees, and turned the profession into a priest casts whose job was to sell and justify the Great Wonders of Capitalism!!!! - and so they have been doing every since.

True. But don't look for a 'documentary' on Ideas, or anywhere else on the CBC. Or in the corporate press, for that matter. This is one of those things 'the people' aren't supposed to grok. So far so good, at least for them - few people have any fucking idea at all about what is going on with economics, and when people like me try to educate, they just hold up a hex sign of some kind and get another glass of the CBC's economics koolaid to sustain their brains in the states of suspended animation-stupidity to which they've become accustomed.

Hey - don't blame me, I'm just the messenger.

- other stupid stuff on the CBC today? Sure - fuck, what, you kidding? All day every day, never ends - most of it just too stupid to comment on, some just gets me mad - gonna quit this soon, I think, I see the Green Island ship coming in soon, at which point we will have to be getting together our 'not the CBC' media of some kind - but more today -

Sept 11 - "news" - the Libs had a bad day - a candidate stepped down. news. penetrating reporting - 'a bad day for Trudeau can be a good day for Harper!!' (aka GOTCHA!!!!!! - we are NOT TALKING ABOUT THE FUCKING TPP STOP WRITING THIS SHIT DAVID!!!!!!!) - and the media found some tweets from somebody SIX FUCKING YEARS AGO!!!!!! - GOTCHA!!!!! - fuck.) - (apparently the Lib lady said Marijuana can have useful aspects - and this is grounds for GOTCHA?!?!?! - Harper of course all self-righteous - this is what will happen if Trudeau gets elected!!!

>> and they still have some reporter on the Hungary border, where people are crossing - no big deal, no people dying, just ??????? "news-hahafuckinghaha' from the CBC, the kids are running the show. They know some things - we do NOT EVER EVER EVER ask where money comes from, we do NOT EVER EVER allow anyone to ask if Canada is really a democracy, and most of all we DO NOT EVER EVER EVER use the words propaganda and CBC in the same sentence. Oh - and WE'RE ALL IN DANGER FROM TERRORISM EVERY DAY!!!!!

{{Ahhhh!!!!! the light - a lady interviewed on Island Morning, about getting a refugee family - 'on the news last night I saw a baby dropped off a bus, it couldn't get back on - it was heartbreaking!' - the Hungary border stuff - not news, but pushing the emotion button for well-meaning but not overly bright Cdns in the ways of the world - feel sorry for babies, hate monsters like Assad for causing these terrible things - support Cdn gov who wants to kill evil people - do we need more 'analysis' dave????? do you support them fucking evil terrorists dave??? why would we listen to an evil bastard like you dave who supports evil terrorists????) (note, the lady seems like a very nice lady, I'd have nothing bad to say about her, other than she is too fucking naive in these days when evil rules us, and uses people like her as drones in their plans)

- nice lady says, others have pointed this out - it takes two years for a private sponsorship of a refugee - what the fuck is this????? TWO years????? fuck.

>> the 'great tax fraud' investigation of the CBC - guess who's jaunting off to the Isle of Mann on a 'big CBC investigation'??? sure. Bank of Canada HQ is a lot closer, and the fraud is about a million times bigger.


- then a more serious 'story' - propaganda - sniper lost legs in Afghanistan - I find it amazing how they glorify snipers - you hide in the distance in someone else's country, and shoot people. If you kill a lot of people, you're a hero. Not to me bud. (note - if someone hid in the distance and shot a Canadian soldier in Afghanistan, they'd be vilified as a fucking coward and terrorist. Life in capitalistland - turn off your brain and repeat after me ..... )

the Current - a real religious nutcase - god gave us resources to use - we are not following his word if we don't use all the oil and gas he gave us - fuck, dangerous, dangerous people (later - 'we have been watching all the things the conservatives do to bring peace to the troubled peoples of the world' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck. canada 2015 has people like this - and apparently a LOT of them. the orcs arise in-fucking-deed.

- can't have a day without some serious Syria propaganda and lies - 'by one count, Assad has killed more of his citizens with barrel bombs than all deaths by al Quada and ISIS'- sure pia - you wouldn't care to tell us whose 'count' would you?? Somebody working for the US propaganda machine who will tell any lies to demonise anyone they don't like????? - listen to the open propaganda - 'tell us how Assad's regime is doing bad things, and how destructive his regime has been..' - listening kids??? Momma's telling you fucking BADDDDDD the bogeyman is!!!!!!

good deconstruction stuff - the 'basic assumption' is that Assad is evil, we don't even need to put that on the table - the only question is what are we going to do about him? - and of course, this is complete bullshit - and people who believe this and accept this starting point are completely fucking brainwashed. And she say '..russia "admitted" having advisors in Syria' - well - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - that is bad????? But the US, Canada, all western powers under US control are 'advising' and arming and bombing themselves - but that's fine!!!!! But anybody tries to HELP Syria - OMFG!!!!! - and etc -

Sept 11 - jeezus crist they don't even think - 'there was a crush to get on busses and some parents almost got separated from their children' - 'report' from 'refugee crisis' on Hungary border - it's just getting frightening to hear, the utter fucking incompetence of these people running our national news - I guess it doesn't matter, nobody listening appears to be competent to do anything more than be the blank slate the CBC writes any fucking garbage on at all - there's a very large number of things they could be covering on the "news" - *some* parents *almost* got separated from their children!!! - is NOT even in the top million today - but for 'filler' to a dumbed down population, any stupid thing goes.

- all stations, I guess, have their marching orders - let's show how we support democracy!!! (Ottawa Morning has a 'feature' on young people urging other young people to vote, obviously completely oblivious to the fact it doesn't matter who you vote for, you get Bay St Tweedle X, and nothing is going to change.

- I've been wondering about 'adbusters' for awhile, they seem a bit too stuck in 'change things by demonstrating!!!' which is never going to change anything - this is not a good sign - Powerful attack ad!! - with the CBC, traitor supreme of Canada - you cannot be doing serious protest and not understand the CBC is the enemy, and neither can you be doing serious protest and not understand that Harper is not the problem - he is, actually, right now a central part of the enemy strategy to arrange a change of managers, without any change in ultimate power - everyone is so worked up, that once Harper is gone, and the media starts with the new chapter of the narrative about how everything is going to get better now because we have a new face in the PM's office - even though we'll still be doing austerity, and believing propaganda for halfwits, and closing down our democracy - everyone will go back home with a big sigh of relief that Harper is gone, and the NWO will continue doing as it wishes, no protest at all for a few years, until the 'great new leader' becomes revealed as just another NWO pawn, and the protests will start again, and a new Con will be presented as the Great New Saviour, and around and around and down and down we go.

- "news" - Canada going after 'rich' tax avoiders - the thing of course is they are going after 'upper middle class' sorts - the MAX 'recovery', obviously inflated figures, is 'a few hundred million' - which sounds like a lot, but obviously over a lot of people over a lot of years, that's pretty small dollars, compared to the $50++ **Billion** the debt scam is claiming every year, a couple of trillion so far. And equally of course, there is NO fucking way anyone in the corporate media is going to be doing that.

>> and a Big Scoop!!!!! - the campaign manager for the Cons is being sent back to Ottawa!!!!! - wow, more trivia, being presented as 'big election news!!!' and etc. ' the message the cons wanted to present is off track' - 'how did they get through the screening process' - talking points, oft repeated - the CBC never gets off message, man!!!

>>> and again - if an MP loses his seat - he gets a severance package - maybe 80 thousand bucks!!! - yep, we sure need to be reminded of that. farfarFar more important than, oh, our good buds bombing Yemen, or the TTIP, or dying kids in Africa, or kids living in misery in Canada - you know, we talk about that stuff every now and again, once a year or something, and that's enough, you know - but serious shit like the MPs who don't get elected might get a severance package of 80 thou - well, Canadians fucking NEED to know that, right????

>> and reporters (haha "reporters" of course) talking to reporters - some lady on Ottawa Morning talking to Don Newman, one of the old guard, about the closing of a restaurant popular with pols a journos - he does let one quite telling thing slip - he has no problem with pols and journos meeting 'out of the limelight' and talking about things - it's true that 'in public' the pols are all about talking points and staying on message and it's almost impossible to get any truth from them - but, to question Newman, it is also true that when you are buds with one another, the journo isn't going to write about anything that would really get the politician in trouble, and the pol isn't going to tell the journo anything useful either. Creating the situation we have - the political-media class on one side, the Cdn people on the other. not a good situation conducive to anything we might call 'democracy'. haha - which we haven't had for the last 40 or so years, of course, the last many of which we have had both the journos and the pols controlled by the same big money, to create together the spectacle that keeps the Cdn citizens well in the box, as the rulers get on with changing over the country to the kind of place they want to rule.

- the Current - only on the CBC - ms AM (obviously from the tone of her interview with the first guest pretty much on the Con side - 'we gotta be careful, fucking terrorists just dying to get here and kill us all!!' and etc) - 'but how do we know that Bashar al-Assad's soldiers won't be trying to sneak into Canada as refugees?' - YOU HEAR THAT CANADIANS?????

Sept 10 - the ' we will talk about ANYthing but the TPP!!!' CBC - MPs get generous severance!! - (in rightwingland, the ONLY thing that matters in money - we've turned into little scrooges and start whining any time someone starts complaining about 'public money being wasted!!' (yea these clowns all ought to be in jail and they get paid too much, but this is ongoing) - but more worryingly, this 'oh, we care so much about public money!!!!' shit is just rightwingers trying to shut down the government they hate so much, and it's more than worrying to see so many Cdns stupidly leaping on board, - or wow - reporters at Harper event shouted down!! - the media with their hyper-inflated egos more and more think THEY are the story. Actually the media is the story these days, as I talk about a lot, but not the same way THEY think they're the story.

Sept 9 - 'death of a thousand cuts' - Ottawa Morning, a little interview with 3 religious people, all sad at how the refugees are being treated because of Harper - no outright condemnations, just that 'mature sadness' at how he is failing so many - Robyn right on board, with her 'disappointed' sort of voice - CBC comptrollers - master gamesplayers - the Cdn public hardly has a chance. It is absolute fact that if I was suddenly given a free 5 minute spot on every media outlet, and talked about what I know, 95+% of Cdns would just dismiss me as some kind of crank. As always, not sure there's any hope left, but one has to keep trying. There must be a way. Remember Frodo. or something.

- the Current - a completely Alice in Wonderland 'discussion' about the 'election race' - politics as they **want** you to believe it happens, or is happening, in Canada, completely divorces from the reality. The Box in action, the CBC creating the narrative in action. Very good acting by well prepared actors. (their hubris is quite amazing - at the end, AM mentions Donald Trump, and of course immediately there are chuckles all around indicating how very superior all of these people are, EVERYbody knows he's just a clown!! And then she plays a clip, apparently to mock him, in which he talks about other politicians reading from teleprompters, while he tries to be real - I don't quite get it, except the CBC programmers again showing their complete ignorance in their little ivory towers. - I suspect the rulers are a bit worried about Trump, he has a lot of crazy ideas sure, but a lot of not so bad ideas, and is obviously not controlled by (other people's) Money, which really worries those other people - so all guns a blazing to make him out as a nutcase - the people in Power do NOT want anyone in high office they do not completely control.

Sept 8 >> 'news' (haha but we know that) - big 'election news' - so what if nobody has a majority, what will you do??? - is this 'news', or manipulation, or just nothing important they're trying to build up into something big? - listen to them speculate that Elizabeth May could hold the balance of power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - I mean, fuck, the chances that her one seat (even the highly unlikelyu 2-3) is very small. Really, a real news place would be finding more important stuff to talk about.

>> Island Morning - 'political' report from Ottawa - a perfect 'in the box' lady, telling us the things a good citizen will believe and think. And coverup - last question - 'what issues might there be the leaders are NOT talking about?' - are we surprised that she does NOT mention TPP or TTIP??????? haha - not at all. - pretty much official - the Cdn media are NOT talking 'trade' things this election - as important as these things are, the Cdn public is NOT going to be involved in any fucking way at all.

.. oh! Ottawa Murning!! - something more intelligent from the 'political report'???? - sigh. peegate. Gothca!! - we gotta talk about the latest gotcha moments!!! (and EVERYBODY has received, obviously, a 'talking points' list from propaganda central - 'this is important because it reflects on how well the parties vet their candidates')- and then the BIG question!!! - are the leaders tired in the middle of this long campaign?? Wow, so fascinating and important!!! - and then - 'Can one of them 'break out of the pack'???? - rehash of the stuff we've been hearing the last couple of weeks - and Robin's penetrating question!!!! - 'on the weekend, Trudeau said the 3 leaders should have a meeting about the Syria crisis!! - what does that mean??' (hmmm - Island Morning asked the same question, exactly - more talking points list - the behind-the-scenes coordinators here want EVERYBODY in Canada to be on the same page, and the CBC is going to make sure they are ...) - the 'reporter' is lost in the woods - he actually has the nerver, or stupidity, to say that the campaign has not been what he thought it might be because 'these things' keep coming up - but fuck, roy, it is YOU who bring these things up and refuse to talk about other things!!!!! - ah well, no surpirses, the Cdn Ministry of Truth, creating the narrative.

>> and again the 'news' is a reporter talking about another reporting talking to politicians - and 'what will you do if you lose the election?' is meant to be a useful and insightful question???? And the 'news' reader wondering what might happen if Elizabeth May forms the balance of power????? Oh my!!!! - it's too stupid even to laugh at - the 'news' on the CBC.

>> they're just stupid funny sometimes - some Current segment talking to "real" voters - one guy says he doesn't like soundbites, and AM is butting in (he's talking too long!!!") - and says she wants them now to listen to this, and gives them some more soundbites to comment on. fuck. the 'random' voters are all little tweedles too, all in the box, speaking from the same talking points lists all people allowed on the media use. (the lady is stupid - she says, for example, I would tell people to try to get a job in the bureaucracy, because they have good pay and job security' ( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - after 20 years of slashing jobs and attacks on wages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - she's right in neocon lalaland (perfect for the CBC!!!!)

>>> and the plot finally becomes clear - the last 10 minutes of the Current has a very cheery, bright-sounding lady **telling** us all what is going on in the election - this is the base of the narrative for the rest of the month. Ministry of Truth - in action.

Sept 7 - "news" - the 'news' is that Mansbridge inteviewed the leaders (???!!!! seriously - that's given 2-3 minutes on the 8AM Ottawa 'news' - a reporter interviewed a political leader - and she tells us some 'interesting stuff' from the interview. ???? yea, I know. The CBC. WTF???

>> followed by the **BIG!!!!*** story that some politician 'peed' in a cup, and emptied it in a sink, in some home he was visiting. GOTCHA!!!!!!! - news. yea. several hundred babies died horrible deaths in Africa today, but WTF. some guy 'peeing' in a cup is FAR more interesting to our 'audience' of dumbed down children, still really dysfunctional about - well, you know, 'dirty' things giggle giggle.

>> some 'report' about refugees landing on the Greek island of Lesbos. nice job, being a CBC "reporter", if you're willing to present things the way the rulers want them presented. (don't apply, dave hahahahaha)

>> and 'national news' - two kids with liver transplants 'facing a big day in their lives!!!' - first day at school!!! - cute story sure - but 'national news' - on the CBC. (who died in Africa??? fuck dave people die in africa all the time we don't give a fuck about that, you know that, get with the 'cute stuff!!!!' program here, bud - WE at the CBC will decide when a dead kid is worth worrying about, right??

oooo - Ottawa morning - PEEGATE!!!!! (serious. this is important gossip, sorry sorry NEWS!!!! people, get with it!!! - right after the Sports!!! GO TEAM GO!!!! - (and again - a 'reporter' 'interviewing' another 'reporter' - and this story is 3 years old!!!

>> ooooo - another big story!!!! What are the party leaders wearing??!!!!! - by fuck, don't you talk to us about some stupid 'trade agreement' dave - what these guys are wearing is so obviously SO much more important than that - you know. Really dave. -clothes are REALLY important!!! All we fabulously shallow people at the CBC understand this! - clothes and gossip and peegate - THAT'S what 'news' is all about Dave!!!! - man.

- final point - is there anything we can point at to mock any leader for their 'fashion' this year??? - fuck CBC, so shallow.

- the Current - 'myth busting' - Canada is not really welcoming to refugees at all!!! - true enough, but fuck can they find some adults to talk to sometime? The lady (creds are writing for HuffPost) - has that amazingly annoying teenage habit (common among most guests and hosts on the CBC, teenbrains all) of raising her voice to emphasize things - 'they had AAAA and they had BBBBB and they had CCCCCC' and etCETERA etCETERA etCETera. - you just reveal yourself as a non-pro doing this

((sure there's LOTS more stuff out there that might of interest to adults - as always, just browse around RT or Real News - for example, here on Crosstalk (RT) we have a discussion about what is going on with Yemen, something the western media, including of course the CBC, is keeping very quiet about, whilst telling us again how terrible ISIS is, and keep crying about that poor boy, etc etc - but we have their buds in Saudi Arabia doing some pretty bad shit in Yemen - oh, right, we don't talk about bad or questionable stuff our friends get up to, we just exaggerate and lie about things people we don't like do.)

Sept 6 - "news" - bad news proles!!! you know that horrible "civil war" in Syria???? Them fucking Russians might be sending military assistance to that fucking butcher Assad!!!! OMFG!!!! - etc - thing is, not a fucking word about how the US - with full Canadian gov and media support - has been not only behind but greatly behind the 'rebels' - no US assistance, no 'civil war', plain and simple. But 'we good guys' arming really bad fucks and trying to overthrow a government 'we' don't like is fine, but somebody trying to help the government - OMG that's not fair!!!!! and etc - no point in writing a lot here, it's obvious to anyone who knows what is going on - Canadian media lying through their fucking teeth again in service to the Hegemon. Great irony going on in some ways - the new Star Wars movie coming out this fall, and everybody watching it blindly, not a single Cdn, I imagine - well, not many for sure - recognizing that the Cdn government is actually a client state of The Empire - the bad guys. Imagine - Luke Skywalker would be on the side of Assad defending his government against Darth Vader et al if this were on Earth!!!!!!!! - ah, that's so funny.

Sept 5 - morning "news" - some kid's group protesting that Canada should take more refugees - CBC again pushing the shallow, emotional childlike perpsective front and center, keeping any talk of root causes as far away from getting talked about as possible - obviously the rulers have been doing polls or something and understand there is probabaly a fair amount of understanding among a lot of people that this is a deeper thing, and a lot of people could be asking some really hard questions about this if given the slightest encouragement, so this must be kept hushed and hidden -

>> and more evidence that ALL hosts are given instructions about the 'poltically correct' shit - the new host of Weekend Mornings just had a call from someone, highway sounds, and he immediately had to say 'hope you're driving hands free!!' - no normal fucking person would say this, but as part of the 'social management' program of the CBC, we have to keep the muppets in line.

- next "news" - 'so how are Cdsn remembering the two kids that drowned?'[ - right, just spectacle for the media. That is to say, again, 3 million kids died from preventable malnutrition and diseases last year, this year, etc - how are Cdns remember these kids - every fucking year???? (haha - led by the CBC and other corporate media, Cdns are completely pretending these kids just don't exist - nice country.)

- oh listen, the House opens with????? The REALLY FUCKING GREAT!!!!!! clip of that crying lady!!!! How many times have YOU heard that this week????? A lot, I bet - CBC just fucking LOVES the crying lady tapes!!! (oh, how did you feel when your loved ones died??? - fucking sickening.)

Hall - ' .. a little boy face down in the sand...' - gotta hear it again!!! - 'Mulcair air Trudeau offered emotional answers..' - Hall and all the CBC have obviously got their marching orders - "this refugee crisis is ALL the fault of the Cons, and we will attack attack attack, cut them off, interrupt anyone you talk to, etc" - Hall actually gets into serious warmongering - 'How much do your refugee policies help when Assad is out there murdering his own people?' !!!!!! - and etc - lies and propaganda, blatatn ...

- these people are all, I hope, some day going to be the star figures in some kind of new Nuremburg Trials, at which the general consensus was that people engaging in serious propaganda pushing lies and doing bad things to other countries (like wars and bombing) were just a guilty as those doing the actually leading. Everyone in the upper levels of the CBC the last few years qualifies.

- Libs and NDP then on, 'Oh, we will be so wonderful if we're elected' - fuck what a country. lies and lies and lies. and so many gullible people believing it all ..

. the 'panel' - Hall says 'we're more than a month into the campaign' - and Ms Barton breaks into cynical laughter, 'depressing!!!' she says, very clearly showing they all well understand the whole thing is a big tweedledee-dum-dumber farce - these are your "journalists" Canada. fucking joke. - at all times, when they get talking freely, they make it very, very clear that they have opinions, and that's what they're pushing. The 'professional' journos of the modern Big Brother Ministry of Truth - not even fucking pretending what they're up to, treating Cdns like stupid little sheep to be led around at will. (as always, saddest part is how many Cdns go along with no protest ..)

Sept 6 - imagine - this picture - famous pic of dead syrian child on beach - has gotten a huge amount of press in Canada, and emotional handwringing, and interviews with sobbing ladies and politicians, over the last few days. One dead child, a tragic death to be certain - but a bit out of context.

That is to say - this picture - malnourished Somalian baby - represents as many as two million - TWO MILLION!!!!! - every fucking year. Every fucking year - and we have had less press over these two million, four million, 8, 10, 20, 100 million kids over the last few decades since the US decided that making a few people multi-billionaires was far more important than the deaths of a few million kids in Africa or wherever, year after year after fucking year. But that's another story - what somebody might do, if anybody was thinking around here anymore, would just be to ask these people in the media why this one drowned Syrian kid, tragic though it was, should have gotten so much emotional attention, while the literally millions and millions of far worse off African and other malnourished kids around the world, most dying far, far worse deaths, as this picture shows, we could have hundreds of pictures like this **EVERY FUCKING DAY!!!!!!!** - a tragedy of simply immeasurably greater proportions - has gotten pretty much zero attention over the years - beyond question, the attention given to this one drowned Syrian kid has gotten more attention the last few days than the millions of starving kids has gotten ever. Ever in the Cdn media. Something seriously, seriously wrong here, with everyone involved, most notably the media, but the Canadian people too (the politicians are far beyond any hope, nothing whatsoever they do or say is in any way surprising).

But the whole situation is so psychotic, the rulers are completely out of control, the media propaganda such blatant lies, and, most sadly of all, the completely control the media have of apparently by far the majority of Canadians - it's just a mantra now, the Syrian civil war is the cause of this, Assad the monster not caring how many of his people he massacres, etc - all complete lies, not a single fucking WORD in the media about how the US is completely responsible for this, with the Cdn government and media completely complicit, with their lies and propaganda the last few years - it's just infuriating to listen to and read these endless lies.

Sept 5 - Interesting news - I've been recognized as a powerful enough voice that ALL of the Cdn media are carefully screening anything I try to write in their comments sections, and censoring most of it - today the Globe made it very clear I won't be welcome commenting at least on any of the serious propaganda they run - this story -

the world is watching and doing nothing! drew my ire, again, and I tried to comment: "This is really bad for the GM, this kind of rewriting of history, something you might expect in some totalitarian state brainwashing its people (oh wait ... ???) - anyway, to just try to lay what is happening today at the feet of Assad, with no mention at all of how the US, with the full support of Canada and the Cdn media with its American-sycophant propagandists like this Mason, has created the chaos in the mideast, chaos directly responsible for the rise of ISIS and the ongoing humanitarian disasters that infuse the region, is just propaganda and lies, and the GM should be having some very serious discussions about what it is doing here - if you want to carry the dissemblings (to be kind) of an American-empire propagandist warmonger like Mason, you owe it to your readers to carry some commentary from someone with their feet a little more firmly on realityland ground. It should be very clear by now that, no matter how much people disliked leaders like Saddam and Gaddaffi, they were maintaining relatively stable states, and keeping the true religious crazies such as those who run ISIS, under control. (and you should think a bit deeper - many if not most of the 'atrocities' they were accusing Saddam and Gaddaffi of were just more propaganda and lies - the US had geopolitical reasons for wanting these people gone, but going to 'the people' and saying we don't like these bast***s so are going to start bombing their countries, would be a hard sell, so the 'Iraqi soldiers throwing poor wee babies out of incubators OMG!!!!' and 'He has WMDs and wants to bomb us OMG!!!!' ***advertising*** campaigns were used to sell the removal of them to the sadly gullible western peoples. It's true Canada has some culpability here, but not because the Harper gov has strict immigration policies, but because over the last 20 years we have supported the destabilisation of the entire region in service to the American hegemon." - and it didn't even get posted, just this - 'Your comment is awaiting moderation' }} {{ and 20 minutes later my attempted post is gone, and the notice}

- so still liking to have my say, I tried this in response to another comment - '...- glad to see others are sharing my thoughts - I've tried to comment, but they won't let me ...' - and surprise surprise!!!!! - 'Your comment is awaiting moderation' ] - and a few minutes later, nothing left, as if it never existed -

>>> the thing is, of course, nobody knows about rejected comments, and thus nobody, or only a few of us, understand that the Cdn media rejects comments **not** because of what a normal person would think of as 'community standards' referring to abusive language or something, but very, very clearly for political reasons. I long ago gave up on trying the CBC or the Star, who won't allow anything suggesting the media are doing propaganda, which is of course my general entry point.

I am, as I said, somewhat pleased to note that the GM, the 'serious' paper in Canada, now also considers my political voice to be strong enough to scare them ... - this does not deter me in any way, my friends, just makes me more determined than ever to not rest until I see all of you in jail, and exposed as the traitors to our country and 'democracy' you all really are. My voice is stronger, as those who call me enemy and openly try to silence me define my strength.

Sept 4 - the whole world should help! - fuck, it's obviously a big deal to the rulers - the entire corporate press is united - not a fucking WHISPER of history here - look!! Right out of NOwhere a terrible refugee crisis!!! (a couple of comments about the basket case of some mideast governments being unable to govern themselves, so it's kind of their fault - but not a fucking WORD about the American destruction of the three governments they destroyed over the last 15 years, or Canada's enthusiastic support and even some help with the bombing - no fucking way are they going to get anywhere near the truth - this 'crisis' is 100% the fault of the west, primarily the US with the support of Canada, and other NATO countries. The brainwashing is deep - I've gotten a lot of abuse for daring mention the truth in the NP especially (not surprising, but the depth of the indoctrination is very worrisome, and the utter fucking stupidity of so many people in complete and aggressive denial of the obvious)

Toronto schools with lowest vaccination rates - Star getting in more on the action this year? Oh, look mommy!!! Those bad children aren't doing what momma says!!! Spank spank naughty disobedient children mommy!!!! Good children don't ask questions they just do as they are fucking told!!! Go get em mommy!!! {'..According to a Star analysis of the records..' - and exactly why would the Star be doing this? Just 'right out of the blue' - or ???? - sure. )

- god Island Morning has part of some interview apparently from the CBC tv with some Rosie Barton lady just attacking the Con minister Chris Alexander - just fucking amazing, it's a completely trivial thing, and she just goes after him like he was lying and doing bad stuff - I guess this is the way they try to fool people into thinking they're 'real journalists' or something - but if you have any idea of the bigger picture, you see what pretension this is - for example, obviously, as I have noted, the fact that nobody on the CBC is asking the general question 'how much is Canada responsible for this refugee crisis' tells you all you need to know - this really needs to be aired, in the general sense of questioning 'our' military policy for the last few years - has supporting the US bombing all over the middle east the last few years, and even joining at times, been successful? Of course, they can NOT go there, as the answer is so obvious, and obviously nobody is going to admit it.

Island Morning - more hype on this 'big story!!!' of the day - one of the favorite child tactics of the CBC, a crying lady - from Syria, poor families in danger from 'civil war' - and another "report" from Libya about danger there from 'civil war' - and again, not a single find tiny intimation about Canada's role in destroying the stable governments that were in these countries before Canada tagged along behind the US in destroying those governments - and of course the entire western propaganda, including the CBC, were screaming about MONSTERS HAVE TO BE DESTROYED OMFG WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU CANADIANS THAT YOU DON'T WANT TO BOMB THIS MONSTER and etc etc etc etc - it's childish and criminal, to advocate for the destruction of something, and then when that something is destroyed and the shit starts to hit the fan big time and the situation is obviously much worse than it was - to run off and hide somewhere and pretend you had nothing to do with the destruction. The new 'professionalism' of the CBC in action. Kids at play. (and this is a GREAT crying lady kids!!!! Lots of sobbing about her poor sister!!! - and the CBC purpose becomes clear - dumping on Harper, LOOK THERE LOOK THERE!!!! - but really, the major problem here was the support of the media, lying and propaganda rather than any small attempt at telling the truth about these governments, and offering honest opinion)

>> - and, just for future reference if looking for 'deconstruction' material - I heard the Island morning and Ottawa 'reports' about the 'refugee crisis', full steam ahead now on the 'Harper's got some 'splainin' to do!' spin that they're pushing - only reference to 'the Syrian civil war!!' leaves the impression that this was just a Syrian matter, nothing nothing NOTHING to do with Canada pushing the 'We gotta get Assad!!!!!' propaganda, and absolute pushing for Cdns to demand we go bombing, etc. Surprise surprise.

- and an aside, the 'drive by reinforcement of myths' - the Ottawa 'reporter' just lets it slip in - Mulcair is famous for his temper' - but that's ridiculous - he has NEVER shown temper in public, although the media is determined to present him as that kind of person, and keep referring to it - with no fucking evidence at all!!! - oh, of course, constantly hammering some fiction as 'true' is what they do, how silly of me. (of course, Harper has been known to show some temper when things fuck up, as they do in orc herds, but nobody ever mentions that - the 'Harper myth' is that he is calm and cool and a great manager, and haha who's going to let any silly facts get in their way. The CBC - ever on message, ever creating the narrative.

- and now the Great Consumer Protector CBC!!!!! - some guy had some problem with an airline ticket, and the lady Ottawa host is just completely offended, and talks to some people about this. Journalism is not 'personal' - the CBC is all about personal. Get a friend on the CBC - they'll do a lot for you baby!!

- holy fuck batman the Current is talking about the great refugee crisis!!! It must be really, really important eh??? (and the really really heart rending crying lady to open - again on the CBC - we so LOVE crying ladies!!!) One dead kid - sure a tragedy, but (let me see - oh just go here for one example - 3 millions kids, give or take, die every year from completely preventable diseases or just starving to death - that's 4 or 5 a fucking MINUTE, depending on how you want to work things out - and the deaths of every single one of these kids is far more horrible than the pic of this one kid - drowning is probably a bad way to go, but it takes a few seconds - starving to death, now, slowly, over months or even years, sinking slowly slowly slowly into some half-alive place, then suffering unimaginably for more months and weeks and days and hours and seconds before the spirit just finally says fuck it and leaves - short of outright torture, something else we might be thinking about, it is hard to imagine a worse way to go - yet you want to take a guess at how many pictures of kids dying of malnutrition we've seen pictures of or talked about on the CBC this year, or last year, or the last 50 years???? (or asking their sobbing mothers what they think about our food-indulgent Canada where obesity is the big food concern not giving a sweet fuck about her starved baby or all the other dying babies????) I'll guarantee it's less than what we've heard of this one starving kid the last few days. So what's going on????? Who knows what goes on in the psychotic minds running our world, but in Canada, probably just more 'bad Harper!!!!' shit - so in October or whenever the election is, we can all get self-righteous and say 'We sure got rid of THAT bastard!!!!' and then go back to sleep for a few years while dee or dum carries on with the new feudalist agenda unopposed -

{{ boy, Pia is certainly bucking for a big job at the CBC - she has her story, and she is not going to let 'the minister' have anything to say contrary to HER story. That's journalism folks!!! - fuck the politicians, we at the CBC are creating the narrative here, and don't you make any fucking mistake about it, you proles!!

- next guest - 'Have the Conservatives done anything right here?' - with the cynical chuckle telling us THAT'S a ridiculous idea haha!!! - again, a couple of years ago, we did NOT have anyone on this show wondering what happens if we go bombing the fuck out of Syria, as they all at the CBC wanted - hey guys, we bombed the fuck out of Iraq 10 years ago, and the chaos is still growing - so if we bomb the fuck out of Syria, we expect no bad stuff will happen except we wil have a really really wonderful new government overnight!!!! tra-la-la-la !!!! (you know, like the great new democratic government making life so wonderful in Libya, the last place we urged everyone to go bombing!!!) - and etc - I don't seem to recall those interviews ...

>> and then we have a 'deeper story' going on - Pia then gets some people talking about 'the power of a photo', as regards the dead kid pic, and of course this is very true, they mention again the famous running naked burning kid from the Vietnam war (invasion-slaughter actually) - but for those who think for themselves (all what, 8 of us? I don't know, it seems pretty lonely out here in realityland quite often), we recall a certain Mr McLuhan - and then wonder - yea, photos are powerful, and thus - THUS - those who choose what photos to publish hold a lot of power. For example - how many pics of terribly suffering African children close to dying from completely unnecessary starvation, directly related to capitalist economic policies which of course Canada is a central supporter, have we seen? If things were in any way proportional, news-wise, we'd be seeing some of these every day, and the Canadian people would be demanding we stop allowing the elite here to be so fucking greedy and cruel, and stop killing all these children. haha. obviously, the CBC, as the primary secretariat for Power in Canada, is not going anywhere near this stuff.

(oh well, lap it up while you can - next week the media will be up to something else - we'll learn some absofuckinglutely SHOCKING thing like Justin's wife dyes his hair can he lie to us like that?????!!!!!!!!!! or some idiotic fucking thing, and away we'll all go.

Sept 3 - fuck, the comments on the NP and GM 'stories' about the 'dead kid' picture are really, really scary - 99% apparently completely clueless, or in complete denial, about the deeper causes of this, and aggressively so - total fucking barbarians. drowned boy, boy's family tried to come to Canada.

>> and they're watching me!@!!! - no shit, some of these people are real psychos, with the very aggressive and nasty insults directed at the very few people trying to make sane comments, and of course I engage them - and at least some of my responses to their psychotic comments (on the NP story reffed above, not checking the GM) are being removed shortly after posting - I was just scrolling through, and at least 4-5 have been removed - I don't save them or try to remember them, no more than Aragorn pays attention to every passing orc he chops up - but very interesting that the MP censors think I should not be allowed to engage these fuckers, whose abusive language is far more abusive than any responses I make. (I'll save the email notices of the responses to my comments for future verification, if needed ... ) (and yes, they allow some of my comments - maybe different 'mods' have different notions on how much actual truth is acceptable or something - obviously any lies about what is going on in the mid east are fine, as any kind of idiotic propaganda is fine in their "reporting", but any attempt to counter those lies is vetted ...)

( - one comment from after this started - this seems to be the kind of thing they don't want, any recognition that the west is, ultimately, completely responsible for this dead kid, and everything else going on there these days: '..how can people living in Canada in the 21st century be so brazenly ignorant of what is really going on in the world? Assad may not be perfect, but a majority of the people of Syria realise he is far preferable than the alternative - which is the kind of uncontrolled violence we see now in Iraq and Libya, which had similar leaders before the US bombed their countries and killed them - tell me truly, how many people do you think you would find in Iraq or Libya to say that what they have today is better than life under Saddam or Gaddaffi?? You really need to be a 'strong man' to keep the real crazies in the mideast - you know, the ones calling themselves ISIS now - under control, and Saddam and Gaddaffi and Assad did that - until the US, for their own geopolitical reasons having absolutely nothing to do with 'bringing democracy' to anyone, decided they had to go. And if you don't understand that basic background, you really have no business at all trying to get into a discussion about what is going on there now.'

myths about student loans - good ol CBC, always helping everyone! - advice for young people - you get your asses chained to those work treadmills as quickly as possible, to be good citizens paying back your 'loans' - it's not 'free' money, you know!! (actually, for the banks doing the 'loaning', of course, it really is 'free' money, as they just create it out of thin air. Quite a good deal for the banks, as the students then have to pay back 'real' money (that they've put quite a lot of hundreds of hours into working for) to pay back these loans, with of course whatever number of years of compounding interest. Some of that info might be of interest to students signing up for these loans - of course, it's pretty important to the banks and those making the huge windfall profits off the money they create out of thin air that the students, and everyone else, is very much kept in the dark about how all this works, and the CBC, chief propagandist for the 'progressive' segment of the NWO-v-Canada, is doing their bit in their service.

A 'real' media working with and for progressives, of course, would have lots of other things to talk about - why, for example, do most European countries manage to fund basically free higher education for their young people? And etc.

Sept 2 - 'news' - junior cub reporters have a new scoop!!!! - "..in a practice fraught with controversy' no problems to report, but somebody apparently whispered into someone's ear that some Cdn doctors are co-signing some American prescriptions, and the rules say they can't do this - in every province (great emphasis in the self-righteous cub reporter's voice - how could they?!?!?!?!?!?!?!) - now if we could just get somebody going after the couple of trillion stolen by the bank-gov-media alliance the last few years. Oh - 'media'. 'CBC'. I suppose I shouldn't hold my breath ...

>> and still, on Wednesday, we have to get detailed information on where the 'leaders' are, and how they are reacting to the CBC revelation that we're in a recession!!! How are you dealing with THAT you leaders???? and etc. As always, the detailed narrative in creation, right in front of our eyes. And Cdns believe it just like their kids believe santa will come if they're nice children.

>> and some lady in BC is upset because a sex convict was released, and she was not told about it. She may have a point - but is this a story of 'national interest' ???? Well - anything's better than the fucking TPP people!!!!! - and everybody is still completely fucked up about anything to do with SEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in our society, so EVERYBODY LOOK HERE LOOK HERE NOTHING TO SEE OVER (TPP) THERE!!!!

etc. fuck.

Ottawa Morning - we speak to an economist about what we are going to do now that we are officially in a recession!! Did you hear that folks - RECESSION!!!! - complete bullshit for children, but nobody has a fucking clue.

- Ottawa Morning again - some guy with MS gets a park named after him - 'this is emotional right' we hear the CBC junior R-man asking - stuff for the kids, always got time for a crying kids story!!! - (TPP? TTIP? Huh?? wha that man??)

>> push the kid emotional stuff CBC!!!!! - some kids have a second anaphylactic reaction - they could have died!!!! ( of course, hundreds of young native women living in poverty, pushed to prostitution and worse, beautiful spirits brutally killed every year - how often do we hear about this absolutely unacceptable condition in Canada on the CBC???? Think you'd need the fingers of more than one hand to count how often this was mentioned on the CBC? What about 'emotional kid stories'? Probably go through the same fingers every week, between the "news" and morning shows..... the CBC priorities - want to think about that??????

- and now the Current - more on the European refugees, and not a single fucking WORD about how this all happened - which is really bad, because there is an old principle that is very valid - you break it, you own it - and the western countries with all their bombing the last 2-3 decades are 100% the cause of all this, and they really, really need to be held up to the world as 'the bastards who caused all this' or something - and most definitely including Canada, for all the support they have given to US bombing, particularly Libya a couple of years ago, which was, along with the Syria bombing also supported even more by Canada, the kind of ultimate cause of all of this. (haha dream the fuck on dave, the CBC is NEVER going to talk about this ...)

- Max as usual doing some crazy stuff, but also hitting a lot of things the CBC et al MSM won't ever go near (i.e. 'truth' about things the Masters don't want the Peasants knowin) - the last half is an interview with some guy who says some true things about 'progressives', of whom I appear to be closest to on the political scale, in some ways, but also have some pretty fundamental disagreements with - http://www.rt.com/shows/keiser-report/313595-episode-max-keiser-802/

Sept 1 - creating the narrative, as always - BIG NEWS today (according to CBC) - the report will come out today that reveals if we're in a recession or not!!!!! - actually, of course, more nothing presented by the media as a 'big deal'. Spectacle for the 'we believe we're educated' segment of society, being led around by their noses again, following charlatans. But watch for all the big, serious discussions about this by all the big, serious speakers - bullshitting every one of them. And I may well be the only person in this country knowledgeable and courageous enough to shout out 'The Emperor has no fucking clothes!!!' Which is a pretty sad comment on what's really going on around here. (and of course an 'interview' with the 'Ottawa correspondent' (haha), wherein the 'economy' is talked about, and how the Libs, Cons and NDP are going to deal with things, etc - I heard almost the same interview from PEI and Ottawa, and I would wager considerable that every morning show had the same kind of interview, and probably every afternoon show - getting all the Cdns primed, creating the narrative, also partly pre-emptively filling the 'conversation' time, nobody has a chance to wonder about what they're NOT talking about (TPP etc) - the CBC tells us all we need to know eh?? (and then right on to the sports, baby, and of course now all adults (haha) think knowing what is going on in local sports is pretty important, etc)

>> still commenting on the 'great European migrant crisis' - again, all crap and gatekeeping - as usual again, far more cogent commentary to be found on RT, this talk on Crosstalk (Western made refugees) for example.

>> and the lady reading is, once again, reading as to her children, expression all the way through about how she feels about whatever she is reading, and is letting her good children know how THEY should feel too - all good citizens feel the same emotions about important things on the CBC, don't they??? YES MOMMAA!!!!! (Nova Scotia short of gas - they're driving around looking for some before they run dry!! (hushed, upper toning, this is baddddd children!!!)

Ottawa Morning - lady host talking to lady covering Gaza 'war' (more realistically slaughter) from 'children's' perspective - Israel doing the slaughter not mentioned of course, although she is sure to note that 'Israeli children killed from Gaza missiles' - anyway, nice Ottawa lady 'finds images difficult to deal with' asks about how the BBC lady can stand to be around such violence, etc - this may be something worth exploring someday for some real Cdn journalist, if any ever arise from the ashes - the people the CBC hires as 'hosts' really are sheltered children, which may explain some of the things they do about 'being good children and obeying momma!' and getting all huffishly, and childishly, upset at someone who does not play like they think a nice child should play (Ford story, wear your helmet you silly child!!', get your vaccinations momma said they're good for you and momma wouldn't lie to you!!!', 'the f-bomb OMG!!!' and etc) - but **adults** understand bad things happen, and can deal with (bad words!!) or violent images without saying 'oh yuck' or fainting or whatever - just more very clear proof of the dumbing down that has been going on here - the CBC, a media for 'adult' children. Nothing at all left out there in the corporate press for 'real' adults. all 7 of us, I suppose, not a big enough market to attract serious advertising anymore, I suppose.

"news" - 'whatever the numbers show, the politicians will attempt to spin things in their favor' - and then a lady telling us about this - but - this is "news" ????????? - think about it ..... ('Mulcair has a long list of promises - but how will he pay for them if there's less money in the economy?' - right there, that's your talkinb point for THIS week baby!!! - you can agree or disagree - but you can NOT run around saying THIS HAS NO MEANING!!!' and etc

- busy busy bees at the CBC, creating the narrative. the Cdn Ministry of Truth, always on the job ...

- the Current - Oh wow we're in a recession!!!! All the details - all the things YOU need to know!!! All the propagandists lining up to tell you right here on the CBC!!!! (even the bank guy protesting that it's not that bad gets an earful from the REAL expert, the CBC host who has HER marching orders about getting Cdns to believe we're in a recession, and IT'S REALLY IMPORTANT PEOPLE!!!!! isn't having any of it - but we ARE in a recession, so what do you have to say about it ... And then her second guest - once again another pretend' journo, telling everyone who missed the morning shows how important this is, and what all the parties are saying about it, etc. Creating the narrative. This, folks, is what will be in the history books a few years down the road.

- later - ah, insight eventually comes, if you listen long enough - the deeper truth message is - this is nobody's fault, it's just a bad world economy, so buckle down and do your best. (and don't listen to your stupid lefty friends if you have any talking about rich people stealing from you, or big corps arranging society for their benefit and fuck the average people, etc etc, nononononoNONON!!!!! Those guys are your FRIENDS!!!!!- and it's the darn old 'world economy', a big bogeyman nobody controls, so we're all in trouble together, and just have to work harder to get through it ... etc etc etc

Aug 31 - Ottawa morning - more 'tut tut!!'-ing about the refugee crisis in Europe - as always, not a word about the root cause, Canada-supported US chaos-creating over there the last 25 years

>> back to school advice from the CBC - lots of good hints for the students in the NWO, where, sorry kids, you're on your own if your daddy ain't rich. A **real** 'for the people' media would asking what in the FUCK is going on in Canada, one of the wealthiest countries in the world, that we force our kids to go into often decades-long debt to get an education - why aren't we like most European countries, which recognize the value of an educated population and make it free (for those who qualify and keep their marks up of course, nobody's suggesting spending for endless partying - daddy can pay for those students..)

- Ottawa Morning - after the 'narrative creation' of the EU 'refugee crisis, then the sports and spectacle - some young woman from near Ottawa won some track and field thing, and that's worth a 10-minute interview with the parents, with a cub reporter who's more excited than the family - professional CBC at work.

- "news" haha - again, the CBC telling us what will be happening in the big election campaign this week - the economy, of course

- and to close the news, Marcia Young has a chuckle about the music awards last night - not clear why she is chuckling, sounds like she thinks she's such a cool person above the music awards, but with a final chuckle, she says we can check it all out on the CBC website if we want.

Aug 29 - rely on the CBC - new way to avoid talking about anything important - food is expensive in the NWT - so what are the various parties promising???? - fuck. the northern program will go on as it always has, nothing more than a bit of bluster between the various parties. But it sure beats talking about anything important ...

>>> and they really are pushing 'the economy' as the current election spectacle - stories about Trudeau on the news (he's going to have a deficit!!!! - which has been thoroughly demonised the last few years, not for any valid reason just as a spectacle) - all the House today on 'the economy' and etc. Dog and pony show for people who are attracted to dog and pony shows rather than more useful things. And CBC, as always, laying down the narrative. Fuck - they have Paul Martin, who for some reason COMPLETELY dependent on media lies, has a reputation as some financial wizard - he's actually kind of Canada's G Bush, very unintelligent person raised high by the media, completely undeserving. What a fucking country - not that the media do this, but that so many are so fucking ignorant they can't laugh at such things when laughter is very much in order.

>> they have some people from different parties, and they all read from their respective talking points sheets - fuck, how can people give these people any credence at all??? - and you have one 'expert' saying A and another saying B, directly opposite, so either one of them is really stupid and one really smart, or they're both just making shit up. (guess which????) - fuck they sound like children - why would anybody vote for any of these fucking clowns???? - but the 'analysts' are all there, doing their jobs - in the box conversation about how all this really, really REALLY FOLKS!!!!! is important!!!! and all this stuff really interesting!!! - oh, look Trudeay says he'll run a deficit!!! Mulcair and Harper say they won't!!! Wow!!!!! Really big stuff!!!! (actually, of course, as an 'issue', this is somewhere around minus 2 on a scale of 1 to 100 - no significance at all. But of course, we have to make something really big, before somebody starts talking about the TPP or TTIP or something (SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Russia badd!!!!! - fuck, reading the comments here is just plain scary - a bunch of totally brainwashed dolts - the new Canadians.

mayor criticized for criticizing Harper's security - well by fuck, who could criticize the CBC for THIS story? Surely we really, really need to know this, far far more important than any old 'trade' (haha) talks like the TPP, which the CBC is doing all it can to never, never NEVER fucking mention. Be interesting for some future research - write down all the CBC headlines about 'the big election!!', and categorize into 'trivia' and 'important' and 'pretend important' - trivia wins by a big margin, 'really important' doesn't even make the starting gate!!! (sadly but pointedly telling how many Cdns are 'outraged' by the 'story', not even thinking about how the CBC et al are leading them around by their little noses and even littler brains)

Aug 27 - new stuff for 'the stupid essay: fincance minster cancels speech at 'men's only' club after twitter outrage ?????????????????? fuck. unbelievably petty and stupid (actually, I guess, very very scarily, not actually 'unblievable' after some of the ridiculous shit from the last few years, addressed herein) (and reading the story (haha "story") we learn that the 'scandal' is based on misinformation (amounting to outright lies if such stuff is spread around knowing it is 'mischaracterizing' what happened intentionally for some petty 'in the moment' gotcha thing) - where they guy was going to speak was a dining room where women were allowed, and had purchased tickets - and that the person making the complaint was not some halfwit twitterhead, but a Liberal candidate of supposedly good credentials, and thus intelliegence - although this kind of pettiness certainly puts a BIG question mark behind those 'creds' ...) - if someone did some research looking for times the last few years when women pols or candidates spoke to women's groups, do you suppose we'd find any??? haha. Do you suppose the women are complaining about that???? (i suspect you won't find any men complaining about it, men have their problems, but that kind of pettiness is not one of the bigger ones ('real men' that it, sure found in the 'girlie men' who have denutted themselves and stand with the PC idiots shouting trivialities on twitter and elsewhere to get the little pats on the head or whatever from the feminazi bosses..)

The Current - 'the #1 issue on the election trail - the economy!!!!' - well, at least that's what they want you to believe - but maybe, if Canadians were asked, they might say 'TPP???' or something else - but no, the CBC, as always, engaged in 'narrative creation', and this is what they want in the history books, and thus it shall be - beware the bogeymen children!!! Recessions OMG!!!! Deficit OMG!!!!! - nobody has a fucking clue about these things, but they're scared like children. Unless the GGIRSADC gets underway.

people chatting - OMFG!!! - boy when the gossiping teenagers running the CBC are after somebody, absolutely NOTHING is too trivial to whine about.

Coyne - talk about deficits - and Hall - deficits!! - could be a coincidence, I suppose - oh wait - GM - deficits!!! - and more CBC - Deficits!! - hmmm. one looks in vain in these same places for anything on the TTIP or TPP, which are certainly far more important than whatever 'promises' the leaders are making about the economy. And seriously, the things the media *should* be talking about are nowhere in sight either - the way all parties refuse to talk about using the Bank of Canada to create and manage the national accounting system, so we stop paying so much money every year to banks for their great privilege/power of creating 'money' out of thin air, and following, which, of course, the media don't want to talk about either - heck, it's their JOB to not talk about important things, but divert people with whatever they can find to divert people with - Duffy trial over, darn - well, let's go to THE ECONOMY!!! THE DEFICIT!!!. No point in a big ramble, all said before.

Canadians want to know! Who is Mulcair!! - reallY????? Or is this the CBC TELLING Canadians what they want to know - whatever it is guys, we DON'T want to know about little things like the TPP or TTIP, right? Huh?? Wha' that????? - good ol CBC - working for the NWO.

- lots of stories the last few days about the 'great EU migration crisis' - and (should we be surprised???) not a single fucking word about how all of this is a very clearly **direct** result of all the US-led bombings and regime changes of the last few years. With Cdn support in most cases. 'hypocrites' doesn't even begin to cover it. (sure there are people talking about it - Chomsky talks about the US creating ISIS - don't look for any of THIS shit on the CBC by fuck!!!

Aug 26 - Current has really really important shit today - no way they could ever get some real people talking about the TPP or anything else - look here folks - are air shows safe, or should we just ban them (one guy who doesn't like air shows gets a forum to 'present his case')? {{ ah - and then we get the reason - the host says she lives near the CBC, and she and some of her friends have seen planes from the Ex in Toronto flying over her home (they believe) and are worried. That's our CBC - you work there, you can promote your friends, air personal grievances, gossip against people you don't like, etc. - that's called "professional" in the 'new journalism schools' - all about ME MEME!!! }

- Ottawa morning - (I quote more or less) - 'in that last interview our guest used a word he maybe shouldn't have, we apologise for that...' - fuck. to all the children listening. remember folks, the CBC is NOT for adults, if that is to say of course, there are any fucking adults still left in the fucking country.

politically correct stupidity taking over - Green Party rewriting platform - in their 'policy book' or whatever, in some section about abuse, they say 'false accusations are common' - true. And offensive to the PC feminazis who want people to believe all men are evil, all women victims - a blatant lie, but that's what they have more and more people bowing down to - not that unlike Hitler's people in Germany back in the 30s - demanding people believe blatant lies, or they were going to be the target of abuse too, and who wants that? really scary shit these people are getting up to. (see how long it takes the CBC to get on this .. they are sure to .. their kind of stuff ..)

Aug 25 - CBC all a chatter (as is all the media of course) about the 'big China stock market fall!!' - and of course every single fucking word bullshit. Starting with their basic terminology - they talk about 'investors' this and 'investors' that - but the people they are talking about are **not** 'investors', they are speculators and gamblers, ready to panic at any small downturn, ready to get the champagne out at any small gain. And the bigger question - what sort of idiots put the health of their economy in the hands of such shallow gamblers ready to toss the entire economy in the bucket if they think they can make some small personal financial gain???? (of course there is a lot of sane and honest commentary out there - you just won't hear any of it on the corporate-looter-supporting CBC - this interview on Real News with Michael Hudson, for instance.

Aug 24 - "news" haha - '..we're now in week 4 of the election campaign...' - and we're still focused on trivia - 4 weeks in, and still not a word on the TPP and TTIP - lots of pointing out of the obvious, of course (today the big revelation is 'whoever wants to win has to do well in Ontario, with a third of the seats..' - well holy fuck batman we couldn't have figured THAT out without your penetrating analysis!! Thanks CBC!!!!)

- and on the "news" haha - ISIS has blown up some historical site - some details, not a word about ISIS arising from the devastation of US-NATO bombing of Iraq and Libya and lots of other places, so, really, that's kind of Canada being responsible, to some extent, no????? - haha. not on the CBC. Just damned old ISIS, who 'has a history of destroying things it considers non-Muslim'. etc

- and on the Island Morning show, Mitch talks to some lady about kids doing poorly in math, and after some kind of 'research' finds that these kids often have parents not too bright in math either - and somehow reaches the conclusion that 'math anxiety' could be genetic. Talk about dumbed down. Way to go CBC, dragging Cdns back to the dark ages (of course, I suppose these are some of the Cdns engaged in the 'Siege on Science' we learned about a few months ago on Ideas...)

Aug 23 - CBC "news" (Harper's hair disappears from column, then reappears!!!!! NEWS!!!!!!

and - 'news' fucfucfuc - first a 'We're such good children look at us follow the rules mommy!!' story - somebody at Peggy's Cove starting some 'twitter story' calling people who don't 'obey the rules!!!' 'morons', and everybody agrees - if you're too stupid do obey rules designed for your own safety, well you are a moron, right???? (who makes the rules? Oh, we're not going there - momma makes the rules of course and GOOD children don't ask questions, they do what momma says. People do NOT decide for themselves what their safety limits are - momma does! Yayyy momma!!!

>> and another 'must know Cdns!!!!!' story - some football game or something from Montreal, where 'fans' were greeting some player - gotta know this, Cdns, nothing else of any fucking interest at all going on in the world!!!!

- Sunday Edition - narrative creation - the Americans really wanted to create a democracy in Iraq, that would spread to the whole area!!!! Wonderful 'shining city on the hill dream!!!' (my sarcasm) - but it was the damned Iranians supporting chaos in Iraq that shattered that dream! Damn ol Iranians!! Nice, well-meaning, but simple minded and innocent Americans (aka greatest military force in history) defeated by evil fucking bastards!!! - that's it, children, that's 'history!!!' (the host thinks her story is quite hilarious in places - no need to be serious here folks, that would show we believe the shit we're peddling ... )

Aug 22 - let it just be on the fucking record for once - the Globe and Mail is fucking terrified of letting me have any kind of voice at all. In the 'comments' after this article - no room for big ideas, I made one small comment, suggesting Mr Simpson look in a mirror, since it is the Cdn media which has been pushing trivia and gossip for years and completely avoiding serious things such as the current TPP, and made a small reply to a later comment by one Doug Broome, saying I wanted to nominate his comment as 'best of the year' or something - both were accepted, both were in no possible fucking way contravening any 'community standards', and now an hour later both are gone. In a way it's very angering, in another way it's very encouraging - obviously those who oversee the Cdn media are very concerned about letting me speak. And you fucking ought to be you bastards I AM fucking after you, and I will get you. (no it's not a threat it's a fucking promise, I am not going to rest until ALL of you fuckers who have almost completely destroyed the dream of a great Canada are in a max security jail cell for the rest of your fucking lives)

>> CBC - again creating the narrative - on the House - some sounds from outside the Duffy trial, or somewhere, and then Hall tells us - 'the Duffy trial dominates the election' - not really, Chris - the Duffy trial dominates the media - it's interesting they tackle people who are trying to find sanity directly, they have a clip of the 'confrontation' between some harper supporter telling a reporter the Duffy trial was meaningless, and the relentless CBC reporter insisting on asking questions about the trial - message - the CBC says the trial is the BIG THING!@!!!!! - and you peasants have no fucking say in anything. - and then of course we have a few guests telling us why it is important, and nobody explaining why it is trivial (sorry, actually one guy did say it was not the biggest issue in Canada, and Hall skips right on to the next question without even acknowledging that). What would you expect from corporate Canada propaganda central?? Truth???? Context??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! (ie LOL)

Aug 21 - CBC 'news' from Ottawa - they're all amazed that a Japanese chess players playing - 'not 1! not 2! not 3! But FIFTY!!!!!! opponents at once in Chicago!!!!!! And even more amazing - he's only 27!!!!' - obviously completely illiterate in terms of chess, a kind of 'intelligent adult' game, knowledge of which is thus certainly not encouraged on the CBC - but obviously, the grandmasters have been playing large numbers of opponents for the last 100 years or more, and the chess grandmaster is usually at his peak in his 20s. Fucking CBC. Pathetic.

>> all over the gossip also - some 'cheating' site got hacked or something, and the sexually immature Cdns are all a gossip over the names of 'cheating spouses' being released. Fuck, the rulers must be feeling very secure these days - the peasants are totally oblivious to important stuff, overwhelmed with the childish gossip they love so much.

fuck Harper sigh - $543 fine - it's a democracy, really. Really!!! Really!!!???? (and more proof of the immense hypocrisy of the media pretending nobody says 'the f-bomb!!!' etc.

Aug 20 - the Current - oh, the lies - the host introduces her panelists as people who 'seek the truth' - that's why she's on the radio, we can't see her nose growing - egregious lie (she did have the shame to giggle a bit as she said it) - but the whole half hour dedicated to making sure you peasants understand clearly what happened with Wright, and it IS important, you fucking peasants!!! (after listening a bit - this really could stand some lengthy deconstruction, looking at the quite openly childish behaviors all of these people are showing - you'd think they were learning good stuff if this was a bunch of high school kids - but CBC?????? - what can you say, but fuckfuckfuck - beyond pathetic. But I believe I've noted that before. ) (the quality of 'analysis' - if people already hate Harper, this will give them an excuse to not vote for Harper. ???? really. he said that. if you hated Harper before, I guess you might vote for him anyway - but NOW, by golly, you can hate him and NOT vote for him!!! - amazing logic - the CBC in action.

Aug 19 - some lady tells us about Wright 'paying the check' - fuck. kids and gossip and only marginally literate. the new CBC. NOT to be proud of.

- apparently the CBC thinks its some kind of big story to find out who knew Wright was paying Duffy the 90 grand. ????? Good ol CBC - always looking for trivia to distract the childlike Cdn mind. OH NO Breaking News!!!!NOVAK KNEW!!!!!! OMG THE WORLD WILL END NOVAK KNEW NOVAK KNEW !!!!!!!!!!!

- as with the Current - some candidate told people he comes from a holocaust-survivor family - and the CBC by god wants to know if this is 'legitimate' to tell people. Wow. And still not a fucking WORD about two major trade treaties under negotiation that will, if signed, have major ramifications for the country. And signed they will be, as soon as whoever is going to get elected gets elected - without a single fucking Cdn having any fucking idea what is going on (Cdns who rely on the CBC, at any rate ...).

>> and we have a book for gods sake about some actress's opinion on healthy eating. And the CBC thinks this worth a half hour. Fuck the TPP - we have celebrity gossip!!!!!!!

>> and we have time for a story about some damned luddites in BC not getting vaccinated up to CBC standards - with comment from some shocked mother who just can't understand why any mother would put their poor babies at risk like this. And some gobbledygook about 'anything short of herd immunity is unacceptable!!' - you hear that, people? The whole world (CBC world) will be ON YOUR FUCKING CASE!!! until you join the herd, and do as the herd wishes. (and that is Democracy, my friend, doing as the majority fucking tells you to do. Even, or maybe especially, when the herd is running off the cliff, you do NOT try to talk sense to anyone - just grit it and jump. THAT'S FREEDOM!!!!!

- man cannot board flight because female security won't frisk him - a highly, highly sexually dysfunctional, fucked-up society. Not to mention highly stupid. Dumbed down. Very childish.

>> VE VILL CONTROLL EVVVVVVVRYFUCKINGTHING!!!!! - fuck, I don't believe this. - obviously some total fucking control freak who believes they are god of some kind - listen up - '..On the upside, B.C. has recently taken the step of increasing speed limits to better fit with modern conditions. Higher speed limits reduce the tedium and cause drivers to pay attention and drive better..' - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - it's just a fact that higher speeds equal more accidents - but THIS guy obviously likes driving fast, so that's ok kids!!!!!! But get your hands in the right position!!!!! - I don't care what anyone things - the problem is when they start thinking they're fucking god and have some right to tell others what to do. Getting very, very widespread these days. They must be fought to the end.

Popes' museum - ???? not, actually - the museum does not belong to the popes, so the s-apos ending is not correct. Not hard to understand, but there is a great deal of bad punctuation floating around in our lands today - sign of dumbing down, no doubt about it.

Aug 16 - fuck, even on Sunday, push the current Big Shew!!!!! - so (our expert political correspondent!!) - Mike Duffy's trial will be on again tomorrow, Nigel Wright will be on the stand again - how does this affect the election campaign?? - and etc - utter fucking meaningless crap, day after day after fucking day. Gossip and pretend drama and utter meaningless crap - the CBC of 2015.

>> and the ongoing rewriting of history - lots of bombs in Iraq and elsewhere - all the blame laid on the Iraqis, not a fucking whisper of the Cdn-media backed bombing of Saddam way back when, and everyone else - any honest media would be analysing this kind of thing, rather than the completely trivial Duffy trial - do you suppose it was a good idea to get rid of Saddam, now, in hindsight? Was Iraq a better place with him than now??? And what about all the others we have bombed? Libya is a total fucking mess now, but, actually, the best country in Africa before we bombed him - and etc.

Aug 15 - the House - pushing the main gossip of the day, the Duffy trial - this is NOT some major issue in Canada, but they try to make it one - it's been a couple of weeks now, and I haven't heard a single word in the media about the big pseudo-trade 'treaties', the TPP and TTIP, other than the brief 'This is fucking WONDERFUL!!!' bit by Charest last week) (more here in 5 minutes of real interest than anything I've heard on the CBC in the last two weeks - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5b-99oxCEs - Assange talking briefly about why we need to be concerned about the TPP - the House wants to know if you are concerned about the economy, but oddly enough not this...) - also today aside from the gossipers dissecting the minute details of the Duffy trial, they tell us how important 'the economy!!!' is, and 'terrorism!!' - all spectacle and mush, while not talking about anything important.

Aug 14 - wow, TWO crying people this morning!! - some guy blubbering about having to run away from his campground, a lady in Indonesia crying about her husband being released from jail - great stuff!!!

- and they've got some new directive from HQ - there's a lot of 'thank you SO much!' the last few days from the 'news(haha) reader' to some 'correspondent - 'thanks' is fine, but not gushing. fuck, you people.

- the Current - 'society may not know what to do with single aging women..' ??? really, 'current'??

Aug 13 - "news" - oh, listen to the outright fucking lies from the CBC!!!! - the Assange charges are about to be dropped - ".. Swedish authorities have been trying to talk to Assange for years but he's been hiding out in the Ecuador embassy..." (they don't use 'hiding out', but same meaning) - but of course, Assange has repeatedly tried to talk to the Swedes, has invited them to come and see him, but they refuse to come to England to talk to him!!! - baaaaaaaddddddd CBC!!!!!! stupid CBC, easily provable lies!!! (they could be just stupid, of course, and of course a lot of them are, having graduated from the obvious jokes they're calling 'journalism school' these days - but THAT stupid?????? (in the situation between the US gov and Assange, of course, with the US gov wanting to lock him the fuck up forever, there is no question at all which 'side' the CBC is on, and thus no confusion about why they are lying here - can't say anything that makes our masters look bad, can we? Making those who dare question our Master look bad - well, haha, do bears shit in the woods??)

- Ottawa Morning - there are rats in Ottawa!!!!! - and the voice of the "reporter" (not haha) is just full of shock and horror as she 'reports'.

- more on the Duffy trial of course - I wonder if they're setting up some big fall for someone here - it seems everyone allowed to talk on the CBC is missing the biggest and most obvious point - if Duffy was a senator from PEI, he, by law, **had** to have a residence there - meaning **everyone** involved with appointing him had to 'sign off' on the **fact** that he was a PEI resident, and thus, by direct implication, was eligible to claim expenses???? - it sounds like his lawyer is pretty smart, and may bring this up - but even if, why has it not been getting a lot more speculation? It seems of central importance here ...

Aug 12 - national 'news' - some lady in BC not happy about the way her doctor talked to her. Listen up children - gossip!!!! - the REAL 'national news' on the CBC!!!!

- and we get an update on the narrative of the Duffy trial - just to be sure we're all on the same page here. This is IMPORTANT folks!!! - unlike boring old shit like the TTP or something - we normal folks don't need any talk about what is going on with this stuff that, if signed, is trying to control our country for decades to come, nononoNO folks!!!! - get with interesting GOSSIP!!! - that what we live for, right?? - oh, here comes the Sports News!!! - can't miss that!

Aug 9 - Unwanted kiss OMG!!!!! - I don't know what kind of world these people are trying to build, but it's going to be a pretty dead one (note radfems - an 'unwanted kiss' like this is NOT NOT NOT!!!!!!!! the equivalent of violent sexual assault proving ALL MEN ARE FUCKING RAPISTS AND THIS IS A RAPE SOCIETY!!!! - take a fucking valium) For the lady - geezus lady, in the real world outside your feminist fantasyland studio, people actually touch each other quite a bit - if you can't stand being touched or heckled - find another job.

fuck. the very fact they make this a 'national headline story' says a great deal about what is wrong with the CBC these days. (no story about the TPP, for example - obviously 'unwanted peck on cheek of CBC female reporter OMFG!!!!' rates higher on their 'priority' list)

- maritime 'news' - some place was robbed by 'two masked men wearing masks..' - I don't think they're really trying to do comedy (the 'real' CBC 'comedy' is far less amusing than this sort of shit you get most days..)

>> '...PEI parks are recommending not swimming possibly due to rip currents..' - fuck, do they even study English? - I suppose in the new CBC, it's fine to make up any old shit as you go. Obviously - 'due to possible rip currents'. fuck.

Aug 8 - no, still kicking, just get a bit wrapped up in day job stuff the last few weeks, and making a big push to get the book done, as it is desperately needed - it may well be that noone will read it, but that's not my job, my job is to write it and put it out there, just in case anyone is ready to get serious about fighting Sauron. The Deeper Truth - Why we're losing, and how to start winning. Coming soon.

- 'news' talking about the Wynne-Harper 'fight', and she continually talks about 'Harper' and 'Wynne' - fuck, it's just disgusting to listen to this kind of disrespect of our elected leaders, no matter how much you disagree with them, as I obviously do. (So what's the deal? Who knows, maybe just stupid kids at play showing (once again) they have absolutely no idea of how a real professional journalists behaves, or maybe it's the rightwing influence - all government is bad, they're all just trying to steal from us and making stupid policies to placate the damned socialists, etc. I don't know, really - once again, you think, they're pretty much at the bottom, but they always find ways to go lower. If we ever win here, the whole place is going to have to be gutted and thoroughly fumigated before we start to phoenix it. We do need the CBC, but not the cancerous Saruman-character it has become now.)

- the House - oh, look, we ARE going to talk about the TPP, Dave, and even the TTIP!!!! What's the 'nasty corporate media propaganda here?!?!? eh??' - hahaha well - listen to it - it's just a complete whitewash, a pro-corporate trader telling us all how wonderful this is, how dangerous it would be to not sign it. Not a WORD from anyone with questions - for obvious enough reasons, of course, this stuff is SO bad they can NOT let anyone with serious questions near the corporate media, just apologists like Charest.

Aug 6 - the 'news' update about the election - debate tonight, wherein 'one misstep could mean the end for them!!' - just like advertising the next episode of your favorite tv show!! - which is all it is, of course, selling their program, the narrative they are creating - it doesn't matter what happens over the next few weeks, the CBC et al are writing the history books right now, as they have in the past.

- interesting, not surprising, the CBC joining the drive to get homeopathic products banned - I don't think there are any confirmed deaths at all from these things, while there are tens of thousands of deaths every year related to prescribed drugs, but the CBC PUSHES big pharma drugs, and has no interest at all in stories about the deaths and other things they cause. Money rules, of course. The story itself should be investigated - they say the got a licence for a fictional remedy from Health Canada with no evidence, no problem, and they say they, all by themselves!!, got Health Canada to change its licensing policy. This sounds a bit exaggerated, to say the least.

- PEI 'news' - the sweet young cub reporter talking to lady whose car has been vandalized with paint - 'How did you feel when you saw your car with paint all over it?' - and so goes the 'news'.

- office air conditioning biased against women - fuck, absolutely nothing is too petty for these people - I guess when there's nothing real to point at you just start making shit up .. as always, what is saddest is how many people you'd think were 'normal' get sucked into this kind of stuff - let the kids free on the 'news' rooms and this is what you get

Aug 5 - no surprise, the 'news' telling us the narrative of the 'campaign' - '..Harper will have to explain the economy..' - uh-huh - that's actually the Lib/NDP talking point, not 'reporting' - but haha who pays attention anymore? Big Brother tells us what to think. and who wants to question BB?

- just a reminder - on the Current, a nice conversation (sarc) with 3 women who are running some kind of 'man free' website or magazine or something - allowed to spew anti-male garbage, a good deal of it pure fantasy and/or lies - the host was pretending to be concerned about 'journalism', but it was a very tepid effort, no real challenges of the shit these people were vomiting up

- and then a bit on homeless people - sounds like they care, but for those able to think for themselves (all 3 of us??? I don't know ..) - you realise, not a word about why in the fuck a wealthy country like Canada has ANY homeless people - it's beyond shameful (she did manage to have a minute or two about how some people think this is their own fault...) - but getting to the 'deeper' places, we get a message - you plebes out there??? - this is your life, if you don't do as you're told to do - any fucking job at all is better than this shit, right???? - serious, now. Do you want to be one of these fucking losers??? - well suck it up, bud, and it doesn't matter how fucking bad that job is, it's better than this.

Aug 4 - the Current - drugs in sports, some lady soldier who died and her father by god is looking into into it. So many stories a real 'what you need to know' media could and should be doing - this, for instance - TPP to make Canada Post 'for profit' only - my, you might think that may be of interest to Cdns! - many other stories on RT the CBC won't EVER go near - Anti-ISIS US bombs kill hundreds of civilians - ooooeeeee!!!! No way the CBC wants us thinking about this!!!!! - oh well no point in carrying on, we all (here outside the box) know what the CBC is up to.

Aug 2 - the ongoing creation of the 'election of 2015 narrative' - here's the Cons doing 'attack ads' on Mulcair, and here's what it means!!! Tune in tomorrow, for the next installment of the Election Narrative 2015!!'

Aug 1 - the House - openly as possible - Harper has not called the election, but the House is telling us the campaign will begin this weekend, and sets the narrative stage for how we are supposed to follow it. And we have Trudeau on to emphasize that all these 3 parties really, really ARE very, very different, and there is a really important choice to make here, folks!! Brazen narrative creation - what Harper says is not important, Terry whats-his-name is telling us how it's going to be. The power of the media. and I may be the only person understanding this. (adds a bit of irony to the current idiotic 'controversy' in the media, or at least the discussion section of the stories, about the Ontario Superior "court" (what a joke calling this a 'judicial decision') 'finding' that people who live overseas more than 5 years should not have a vote - the case could be made that not being in the middle of the 24-7 full surround sound indoctrination all Cds are subjected to has had more than a bit to do with the way I have been able to figure out what is going on over there - making me a far, far more informed citizen than the indoctrinated dolts forming the bulk of the Cdn citizenry these days - and adding a bit of behind-the-scenes reasoning to the 'decision' they don't want to talk about - they last thing these fuckers want is truly informed citizens voting in their elections .. it's more than a bit discouraging to see the 99% support for this decision even in the neanderthal NP - apparently they believe that only people living in Canada and paying taxes are 'real' citizens. Another point on the 'I don't really want to go back there at all, do I?' side of the equation ... (of course the letter from my niece a few days ago gives quite the opposite feeling - there are a lot of good people over there too, and I guess I owe it to them to keep fighting.

July 30 - morning laugh - CBC goes after Naomi Wolf for comments on 'vocal fry' - why would we be the least surprised that the CBC champions Kim Kardashian over Naomi Wolf?????? (or that they are presenting obvious opinion/attack teenage pretend 'journalism' as 'news') - Wolf is actually on the right track, although she's not quite getting to the heart of what's going on - these vocalisations are signs of dumbing down, more noticeable in biologically submissive females, but also very evident in many males trained to be submissive, along with many other signs of the 30 year dumbing down that has been going on, such as immature ideas (my opinion is news!! gossip is news!!! entertainment and sports are FAR more interesting than economics or who's bombing who overseas (and whatever happens, We are the Good Guys!!), and etc ) (the 'reply' from some site called 99% invisible at the bottom is a good example of the advanced maturity (sarc) of the people who mindlessly 'defend' their dumbed-down-ness.. - the immature, spoiled little mind again - I AM RIGHT NO MATTER WHAT I DO SO THERE!!! and etc) (exactly what the dumbing downers are after - stupidity and stubbornness replacing calm maturity and intelligence-based opinions rather than 'Whatever I and my teenage friends think is right, and you have no right to challenge us!!)

- fuck, these people are completely lost in their stupidity - I listened to the Current segment with Naomi Wolf, who makes a very strong case about how these vocalizations make the people using them seem meek and unassertive - and then they have a woman on, using these patterns throughout, making her sound apologetic etc, DEFENDING them - and accusing Wolf and others of trying to actually DISempower women by 'controlling' the way they speak!!! - some of this is probably hubris and stupidity, but you have to figure the rulers are here too, and they know what is happening, and don't want anyone talking about it. When I tell my kids they should eat broccoli instead of ice cream, I'm not 'removing their freedom to choose' or 'controlling' them in some evil way, I'm trying to educate them in how to behave as a healthy adult - Wolf is doing the same, but the Kids now Rule and by fuck, they'll do it their way!!! (and as always, the rulers in their high towers laugh at how easy the masses are to manipulate - even when someone actually intelligent and eloquent comes along and is allowed to speak - the kids are NOT moving out of their comfort zone.) (and a second lady they have on to criticize Wolf sounds far far more credible, speaking in normal English tones (an older woman) - which don't automatically engender agreement, as she is wrong, but she sounds more credible. The idea that we can change this internal biological messaging by will is wrong, I think - when baby animals are frightened, they squeal in a high pitch, which tells everyone around them that they are helpless and under attack - try to imagine a lion roaring in a high pitched voice, and if you would feel the same fear as a 'real' lion roaring in the deep earth-shaking bass they have .... of course, the 'new kids' seem to believe that they can just 'will' biology out of existance, as with the attempt to mock the military leader a few weeks back who dared to say that men are kind of biologically driven to think a certain way about females - NO FUCKING WAY!!!!! was the instant outraged response of the people who think they can remake the world in their own childish fantasy ... )

(note for when I write this up later, if I do - don't forget the body language as well, the hand gestures that are so immature, used for emphasis because they know they can't express themselves clearly with the childish voice tones trying to carry meaning - pulling both hands up in front of the chest and flinging the palms out, etc ..... and also, they constantly say other people do such things and are not singled out - they don't seem to see the difference between doing something occasionally, and doing it as a normal pattern (fuck, one place they have a recent clip of Chomsky speaking, trying to say he does the same kind of vocalisations - not clear from the clip what they are referring to, but a 90-year-old guy will pretty naturally have a low voice, and the time his voices raises as if asking a question - he is actually reading a question from a paper, and it is normal and correct for the voice to go up when asking a question - these people are pretty clueless, and it's more than a bit indicative of what is going on that the CBC is on this bandwagon - the CBC has been central in raising the last couple of generations of child-adults, and must defend its work, I suppose ... )

- note the tone of voice of the CBC woman reading the 'news' as she tells us an election campaign could be 11 weeks - the 'OMG!!' is very evident in her voice - 'boy, we Cdns sure need 11 boring weeks of election campaign, eh?? boooooooring!!' - all 'cool' Cdns like her listening to her share her opinions, right? Of course they do!. Creating the narrative. Our CBC - ministry of truth.

July 28 - BC hotel turns away local residents. National news. We need to know this in the rest of Canada. Are there other things going on we might better be informed about? BRICS? (have yet to see a story on this) - just a tad more on TTRIP or TTP? Almost no coverage of these very, very important things. etc etc. Gossip and spectacle and propaganda - for real 'news', kind of anywhere but the CBC - RT, Real News, Global Research, etc. (it's just ridiculous - a pic of a lady with a big smile, two big-grin kids in the background - caption 'this lady and her kids left in tears after being denied service' - fuck. it's really ridiculous to the point of farce, what they get up to - but the scary part is how many 'progressive' Cdns look to the CBC for what they need to know about what is going on here and in the world. (and as we read on - later the manager apologized, and all is well, but she's not staying there again!! - fuck, now I see - this is a really, REALLY important story we need to know about all across Canada. What BRICS are getting up to in the world to resists the US-NATO hegemony is utterly MEANINGLESS!!!! besides Cdn stories of such importance - any intelligent news selector would choose to run the BC story!! Obviously!!!

- two stories of cops harassing young women with no tops on - OMG!!!!! - We need to know this!!!!

- and more distraction - longer campaign cost millions more!! - but in a country with a federal budget of over 300 billion dollars, a few million is literally nothing more than some fractions of a penny in your own pocket. But most people have no idea about this, and are impressed by 'Millions!!!'. Odd then that the CBC et al have no concern at all about odious debts in the hundreds of billions of dollars, and completely unnecessary 'debt service' charges in the tens of billions yearly. No???? well - maybe not all that odd, if the people running the CBC (via running the Cdn gov) are the same people pulling this massive scam. A little tiny bit odd that more Cdns don't see through this - but I've come to accept it. Sad so many people are so easily fooled by a very obvious scam, in modern progressive Canada.

- Eve Adams' next step unclear... - ???? the original story about her trying to get nominated was not that interesting, but this 'now what's she going to do??' is of no interest at all - nothing more than gossip. Oh - forgot (haha) - gossip is the first priority of the CBC .... much, much better for the citizens to be gossiping about people than asking hard questions about what the fuck is going on about more important stuff, as if we go THAT way, there are quite a few very serious 'what the fuck' questions to be asked - that nobody really wants to get backed into any corners having to deal with, I would be very, very sure ...

July 24 - it's just accepted wisdom now - Island Morning interviewing the new RCMP commander - one question - 'All gov agencies are facing budgetary cutbacks' - the massive fraud is part of the dogma now, we question it no more than we question the national reader at Xmas when he tells us in a somber voice about something happening in 'the birthplace of jesus..' - no question, good children believe in Jesus, and good children understand that government money is being cutback - we don't need to ask questions, the government is working for us, and is our friend and is only doing this because - well - because daddy knows best, and good children don't ask questions. What's on tv, daddy?

( and on the "newshaha" - some lady won an international soap box derby!!! - or something like that - WAY TO GO PEI!!!!!! (what about the Island Society Fighting Poverty and War? - huh???? if they exist, once every 2-3 years is all the time they need .... we gotta do what interests Islanders, eh????)

- and the Current - ladies selling breast milk in the US (or should they give it away??? - important shit man!) - and then some comedy thing about 'being Canadian' - well, always things more important than they have on the CBC, no point in carrying on.)

July 21 - Canada the police state - '..This October { Ezra Levant} will be prosecuted for one charge of being “publicly discourteous or disrespectful to a Commissioner or Tribunal Chair of the Alberta Human Rights Commission” and two charges that my “public comments regarding the Alberta Human Rights Commission were inappropriate and unbecoming and that such conduct is deserving of sanction.”..

- more and more and more - I wonder how many people understand that in the end, 'political correctness' is all about complete mind control? Brave New World is almost here. Don't worry, be happy. (but don't try to think...)

July 20 - expats can't vote - 'unfair to resident Cdns' says appeal court - the country, the "judges" on a high court, is just a fucking joke, when a high court says a Cdn-born citizen with a passport is not allowed to vote because they are not resident. (sorry, I guess that's pretty redundant - it's been a joke for quite awhile now before this - a bit ironic in a way, as there's nobody worth voting for anyway ...)

July 17 - some Cuban athletes defected to the US - and we hear that 'this is not reported in state-controlled media at home' - really???? sounds like propaganda to me, but we're not getting any contrary info on the CBC - we do get a lot of propaganda and gatekeeping from the 'private' media of course (aka corporate state propaganda media - a 'truth' you won't hear in the Canadian media haha..)

July 16 - interesting talk on a recent BRICS conference - two informed, intelligent citizens talking about important things in the world, what the 'real news' should be about - anyone who watches things like this cannot escape the rather sad conclusion that the CBC is nothing more than western propaganda, their 'experts' nothing more than paid propagandists trying to spread the narrative that 'good Canadian Winstons' are supposed to believe. happy little munchkins in munchkinland.

July 15 - 'the bank of canada has a crucial decision to make today, in terms of what is it going to do with the interest rate' - utter fucking horseshit, as is the 'analysis' by whatever CBC 'expert' is doing the 'report'. Religious BS of the first order - meaningless words to make the peasants believe something important is happening - and therefore the 'experts' really deserve their high jobs and prestige. Snake oil salesmen the bunch, and they all ought to be in jail. (the 'interest rate' is basically meaningless)

>> and the fearmongering about Iran - 'Iran's new prosperity could be used to support Syria!!!!' - OMFG!!!!! - etc. more horseshit.

- amusing pretension on the Current - Ms Tremonti talks with some self-styled writer about 'bad writing' - they chuckle about some 'examples' of 'incomprehensible' writing that are perfectly clear to anyone functioning at a literate level - of course, the CBC audience is supposed to be dumbed down well below that level now, and probably are to a large extent. At one point Ms T tells us 'many people on my show have talked about 'capacity building', but I have no idea what that means!' - wow. admitting that level of ignorance on the national radio - the idea of 'capacity building' is perfectly clear. I suppose Ms T could use a bit of 'capacity building' herself, in some of the basic ideas of 'real' journalism - of course, not if she wants to keep working at the CBC, where 'real journalism' is one of the serious enemies of what they do.

July 14 - again, obviously the morning shows get directives about things to do - both Island and Ottawa Morning have talks with the 'Ottawa Correspondent' about government handouts going to Con ridings - all similar questions on both shows. The narrative in construction.

July 13 - CBC national news - floods near Calgary, interview resident, 'Yea, woke up to loud thunder .... getting sewer backup from the storm ...' - national news. fuck. CBC's just a national fucking joke. A couple of thousand children die in Africa every fucking day from lack of food and preventable disease - and we hear about this how often on the CBC? Basically fucking never. Talk about skewed priorities. Fuck, that is SUCH a fucking understatement (yea, I'm sure Bob's basement flooding is of interest to the people in his community, as they're sharing problems - but why is Bob's basement flooding of the remotest fucking concern to Joe in Squirrel Harbour Newfoundland? Ms X in some Toronto slum worried about 12-year-olds with knives running around the parking lot looking to show how tough they are, and her daughters have nowhere else to play? And etc - but the CBC could care the fuck less - that's why they're there, of course, getting people to believe things are basically ok in Canada and the world, aside from the phony propaganda 'crises' they manufacture, or I should say play secretariat for, for the US who does the actual manufacturing. Listen to the excitement over the Pan Am games - Big news Cdns!!!! Yea!!!

- oh, gossip time crept up - how we have a 'feature' about Caitlin Jenner - isn't that SOOOO exciting!?!?!?!! Yea!!!! gossip 'r' us at the CBC!!!

- fuck this, there's gotta be something on RT. ((like this maybe - talking to Mickey Huff about the top censored stories of last year!!!!!! - wow, do you suppose any fucking Cdns might find this more interesting than gossip about this Jenner character????? Do you think ?????? - fuck, I suppose a few, but I suppose more are interested in Jenner .... going, going gone ....

July 11 - surprise surprise the entire CBC is like totally EXCITED!!!!! about the Pan-Am games - truly high-school level radio these days, the voice going up and down like kids talking to one another, the 'cool jargon' (the first OMG!! moment of the games!! - so, like, cool, eh???)

- the House - with Chris Hall, economics expert!! - why is the Finance Minister reluctant to admit we are in recession?!? (i.e. Chris Hall **knows** this is happening - and if the finance minister disagree, then Hall by god is going to know why.. (no, i don't believe a word the gov says about economics - but the CBC has even less credibility)- the stern CBC reporter, doing his duty and holding the finance minister's feet to the fire - ain't we really great journalists at the CBC????

>> interesting how you can follow the development of the narrative if you're clued in - in the first few minutes, Hall has said 3-4 times '**if** Cdns go to the polls this fall - !!!!!! - for the last few weeks, the CBC talk has been COMPLETELY about 'campaign starts now, everybody knows about the election this fall, etc etc' - now suddenly we're not sure??????? (haha - i will bet I am the only person in the fucking country who sees or hears this stuff .... alright, that's a wee tiny bit hubristic - there might be 1-2 others ... ) - no speculation just yet about why they are doing this, just noting it ..

- don't wait for this one this one in the Cdn media.

July 9 - good comment on modern conformity - during which some recent addition to the roll, some new Randian Libertarian, once again blames everything on socialists, and I just have to quickly set him straight (haha well, I know he's not listening but ...)

"... actually, you're sounding like an indoctrinated fool now. If you go back to when socialism was strong in Canada, you go to places like the big general strikes of the first half of the century, when the workers were fighting for a decent living in the face of the capitalist berserkers - no conformist, weak-minded, unable to think sheep to be found. Think of Tommy Douglas, the last real socialist public figure we've had in Canada - a terror to the capitalists, really, very, very intelligent and courageous. Since the 70s, growing in power every year, the capitalists have been fighting back, surreptitiously of course, and using the education system and media to create your passive, dumbed down sheep - what they want for their 'newage capitalist plantations'. It's the capitalists/bankers taking over the world, and creating their desired passive citizenry, not 'socialists', who are fighting this, but the capitalists have everyone totally brainwashed to believe, as you do, 'socialists' are the enemy - the complete reverse of the truth, if you're fighting for a future of dignity and freedom. The capitalists - well, they're running Mordor, and taking you there...'

July 8 - Island Morning - it's ok to be dumbed down children, folks!!! - a 'story' about 'adult coloring books' - new trend! Makes you feel great!! - and etc - never mind them boring world problems, nobody likes to talk about boring shit like that, leave it to your leaders, who love you and look after you - just get your coloring book out, like all children, and let your troubles, and our country, go away ...

July 7 (and 6 etc) - there is such a huge difference between the CBC and other corporate press on the Greek referendum, and the reality, it's a very clear demarcation of the masses of people so completely clueless about what is really happening in the world, and our country, and pretty much anything else of importance. No need to give the corporate press propaganda, anybody paying any attention at all knows about the silly Greeks not wanting to pay their debts, all the trouble they're in, etc - and the Truth here - for example, TCBH - The Greek People Have Voted ‘No!’ to Austerity and Economic Blackmail - check out Real News if you want for more.

July 4 - fuck the 'WE KNOW BEST' fucking nazis at it again - get these fucking people a life, somebody. The utter trivial thing now - any parent with a young child on an airplane MUST buy a separate seat for the kid they used to fly for free on the parent's lap. Now, a while back, ONE fucking instance of a kid being killed in an accident, and they leap into action, with wild projections about what might happen, therefore EVERYBODY is in the future going to follow our rules. (and of course these people are working with the CBC, as the House interviews the lady behind this, explaining why all you people need to get ready for new lockdown devices in your lives. (same kind of stupid argument for the measles vaccine - no examples ever offered at all, but YOU have to get your kid vaccinated, because even if you don't, your kid MIGHT get the disease, and then MIGHT encounter some poor wee baby who can't be vaccinated because of some other condition, and the poor baby gets the measles from your unvaccinated kid and dies, you fucking monster. Utterly ludicrous, but this is what passes as 'national debate' these days.

July 2 - swatting pranks dangerous for everyone - I'll say - look at that picture, it's just fucking ridiculous, but in a Dr Strangelove insane-scary way from people who REALLY ought to know the fuck better - a gang of heavily armed thugs calling themselves 'police' COMPLETELY out of fucking control, running around with big guns looking for things to shoot. One prank phone call and this happens????? This is fucking insanity - Chicken Little gone crazy on modern steroids. These people, and the ones who command them, ought to all be fired, and some sane people hired, who have at least some small understanding that before you go in with guns blazing, you just check around a bit and make sure there's really a problem of some sort. And if there is a problem, the LAST resort is going in with guns blazing, not the immediate knee-jerk response. This is real police state shit, and people ought to be protesting more. ( and when the 'swatting pranksters' are caught, they ought to be pretty harshly dealt with - there are 'practical jokes' and 'practical jokes' - this sort of shit is *not*, it is dangerous, and our treatment of the perps needs to reflect that. (and then we might do a bit of soul searching with some actually intelligent people and try to figure why some kids think this is funny, or acceptable - we raised em to at least some extent collectively, and what are they seeing on tv or their 'smart' phones or from their leaders that make them think this is 'cool'?

July 2 - Ottawa Morning provides a good example of how 'the narrative' gets firmly instilled in people's minds - they're talking about the federal election and who's doing well and stuff, and just in passing, the "reporter" refers to the Libs as 'for the last 4 elections they've shot themselves in the foot' - and that's the 'dogma', the created narrative - in reality, of course, to those (evidently few) of us who lived through these times thinking with our own brains rather than accepting the media narrative, it was the media pretty much 100% who derailed the Libs and put the Cons in power - explained in more detail here The Canadian Media: Creating the Narrative of the 2008 election - you could write exactly the same kind of story about the 2011 election, and the destruction of Ignatieff. I think this is meant to be one of, perhaps the, big lesson of this time in my life for me - really accepting the fact that although most Canadians 9and no doubt many others in the world, but my job these days is with Canada and Canadians) seem so smart, so aware, so thoughtful and thinking - and yet in every important way are completely under the control of the Wizard, the Masters, whoever you want to call them. I know I've talked about it a lot, but I've always felt I was exaggerating a bit, that there were at least a lot of people out there going along to get along, as it were, but really understood these lies - but more and more I am having to go this place I don't want to really go - I am one of the few here who have actually escaped a very deep and powerful indoctrination that is controlling most 'progressive' Canadians. More later. Working on it.

July 1 - RCMP musical ride oops! Swat Team Canada Day Celebrations yayyy!!! - how far behind can Canada Youth be? And mindless rampaging mobs with brutal beatings for anyone not standing tall and screaming how wonderful their country is and how they love their great soldiers!!! (yes, it was nice to see some protest from those present - but when Der Fuhrer has his mind made up, as he obviously does, the dissidents will start getting visits from people in masks, and soon there won't be many daring to speak up .... )

June 30 - Ottawa morning - a little drive by indoc reinforcement - they're joking about how 'unsafely' Australian children are taught to swim, and get into a little joke session about they're all wearing helmets etc, all quite happy in their protected little worlds I guess - then some clever kid 'reporter' laughing like he's so superior about politicians trying to wear jeans and hats at the Calgary stampede as if they were 'normal' people (haha giggle), and treating us to his opinion of what the leaders will be doing this summer, as if his opinion mattered any more than anyone else's - and then an interview with a lady who is making some kind of spread with cashew nuts and wants to call it cheese cashew or something and can't understand why the labeling people won't let her call it a 'cheese' product when there's no milk in it, and says calling it 'cashew spread' is not very clear - not only for kids, but stupider kids every day (what actually is not clear about a (something flavored) cashew spread? (she says she has different flavors of her 'cheese flavored cashew spread). Fuck - Anissa from In the Now on RT is off for the summer - not much left to listen to for a bit of daily intelligent commentary about what's going on in the world (other than the other RT shows of course but I like Anissa the best .. )

- CBC - flacking for Big Pharma again - you just know these days when the drug industry suddenly discovers some 'really big new problem that could be cured with a Miracle Drug we made for you nice people!!!!' - there's always another side to the story - but you won't get it on 'propaganda central' CBC.

>> and the CBC, like all corporate media, has been tolling mournful bells the last few days about the terrible Greek debt crisis, and how they won't do as nice but 'tough love' momma the IMF and EU banks want them to do (which is actually get down on their knees and do things really bad men like to make those they have brutally beaten do) - as always, much better explanations of important things are to be found elsewhere - such as Bill Black and Michael Hudson talk about what is really going on in Greece - never, never NEVER to be heard on the CBC - momma would be very angry with the CBC were she to tell THIS kind of truth - boy, believe it!!!!

June 29 - island Morning - a little story on a guy taking pictures of old places - the teen cub-reporter "don't you get creeped out when you go into some of these places?' - cbc - of, by and for the kids ... serious journos need not apply ...

- and more - CBC PEI headline - Why did Lucy Duck cross the road? To get to the other side?. Gotta go to RT for 'adult' stuff any more.

Dalhousie University's Faculty of Dentistry permitted a culture of "sexism, misogyny, homophobia and racism," an independent report into a controversial Facebook group has found - what utter shit. The zealots are running the country, with hysteria like this. it really is dangerous - when these kind of people get the power, and have the vindictiveness to go after anyone who disagrees with them, we get the worst kind of repression. It's related to the 'rape culture' shit others peddle. I don't know what the real numbers would be, but it would be a very, very VERY small number of Canadians who support any of this shit, and to identify Canada as a 'rape' culture, or 'racist' or 'misogynistic' because a few people are ignorant assholes is really dangerous, a kind of 'politically correct' thought control. And like we see so often - the Hunt story a week or two ago, for example - the much more likely outcome of this kind of zealotry is to severely hurt someone who is completely undeserving of their attacks. (and it's very telling that the CBC is pushing this kind of shit, pushing stupidity and obedience to these zealots - it may rate as a story, but any sane, intelligent media would have people on pointing out how hysterical this kind of shit is, how most Canadians do not agree with this stuff, therefore identifying some fringe assholes as representing 'the culture' is just another kind of extremist view (I would be very, very certain that any calm and rational canvassing of Dalhousie would find that a very, very small percentage of its students are any of the things the whole student body is accused of - they ought to be outraged by this kind of shit, rather than meekly asking the Masters how they can atone for the lies being told about them .. )

(fuck, just had a quick read of the 'report' - this is nothing but a screed, very blatantly written by a gang of zealots given a 'bully pulpit' to promote their extremist ideas, and given 'official sanction'. In other words, 'officialdom' is backing this serious addition to the creation of a thought-control society. We see this kind of stuff in dystopian societies, where the 'priests' have a zero-tolerance acceptance of contrary ideas, and are continually lurking around trying to trap someone into any tiny slipup for which they can be humiliated in public or worse, as an example to the masses - Hitler's SS wandering around looking for any tiny sign of less than complete obedience to 'Der Fuhrer', various strict religious sects doing the same, the CSIS people in Canada looking for any tiny sign of 'support' for ISIS, these femi-nazis that are getting dangerously widespread in our society accusing anyone who dares suggest they might take a slightly more moderate approach to this problem as 'misogynistic', and etc. Deeper stuff going on here, in terms of creating a dumbed down, passive society completely incapable of resisting the Brave New Feudalism they are ever more openly creating around us today, very worthy of a deeper examination, which i may or may not get at - I only do these things for my own reading anyway, as nobody is interested in our modern already-deeply-thought-controlled Canada in thoughts from 'beyond the pale'.)

June 27 - land of the free - fuck. You can think what you like!! (as long as we like what you think). Closer and closer we get to complete fucking thought control of the munchkins. (as always, saddest part is, most of them love it, and consider their controlled thought to be 'free' - BB is so pleased at the success of his efforts, I have no doubt. If you don't think bad thoughts, dave, you have nothing to worry about - and who wants to think bad thoughts anyway??)


- headline - oil patch 'battens down' - clearly indicating both the lack of professionalism at the CBC, and the fact they take sides - 'batten down' is something you do when something bad is coming, obviously, and the corporate CBC doesn't like commie govs attacking profits. A 'leftie' headline might read 'Alberta oil patch facing reality of finally paying a fair royalty' or something. A neutral headline - well, there probably wouldn't be one, as a 'neutral' media doesn't see the usefulness of this kind of projection, they'd just wait until whatever happened, happened, and then report it. Like the media is supposed to do. 'battening down' is kind of a call to arms - on your feet, oil patch people, and get ready to scream and shout in protest at this attack on your god given right to make money, and not have those fucking commies stealing it all!!!' - like that.

June 26 - Island Morning - c'mon good Germans! What makes you proud to be a Canadian!!! (first answer - I'm proud of our soldiers and police officers! - way, way too deeply brainwashed to reach, until after the war and it's too late ... ) [?? of course there are other things we could talk about - for example, on this almost the 150th birthday of our country, which has been going seriously downhill for a long time now - what do I plan to do to make this country even better than it is, particularly with things like our 'democracy' that is more like a Harper dictatorship right now? - of course, that would take some work, and blind chanting of slogans is SOOO much easier - }}

June 25 - somebody toying with the CBC? The 'newshaha' reported a story about a guy in Nfld who hit a moose, which peeled back the roof and smashed the windshield out, and he drove a long ways without realising it, stunned - very, very much like this story from a few years ago. Hell of a coincidence. Or ... the great journalistic ability of the CBC coming to the fore again ..

- more and more boring to try to listen to the CBC - turned on Ottawa Morning, and they're talking about Dalhousie students wanting some new graduation outfits - real interesting stuff for adults!! Less and less CBC, more and more RT - the differences are stunning, with CBC speaking more and more like teachers to kids, with 'appropriate' age-level subject matter, and RT adults speaking to adults. (I listen to the CBC as at least having a roundup of the major Cdn news stories, even if in kid form, with crying ladies featured where possible - and also to get the blood circulating sometimes - they make me so fucking angry sometimes, at the mush and propaganda - most younger people wouldn't notice anything different I suppose, but we older types, who remember what it used to be like with Gzowski and many others, Cdn adults speaking with and for other Cdn adults about things adults are interested in, what we have today is getting pretty tragic. Keeps me inspired to keep trying, although I really don't see much hope anymore, we're going down into the new 1000 year NWO Reich, almost for certain. Unless we can get the Great Green Island Road Show and Democracy Chautauqua rolling ...

It's kind of important to understand that the things happening in Canada, in terms of creating a dumbed down citizenry passively accepting the NWO and their 'instant lockdown ready' state, are also happening in all the English countries - probabaly most other 'advanced' countries to a greater or lesser extent to, as we see even the Nordic countries under heavy seige by rightwing forces (although a good bit of what we read in the English press may well be 'wishful thinking') - here a recent report from the WSWS about the Australian Broadcast Corp under further attack. (lots of other stuff on the WSWS about the parallel happenings to Canada in Australia. If anyone cares anymore) (and from GB, where the voting system is as idiotic as it is in Canada, and Cameron has a 'majority' with something like 25% of the vote - and is carrying on with his neocon new feudalist mandate - Child poverty to be worsened by new cuts )

June 24 - fuck, the sexually repressed CBC, always looking for an 'off color' something - I don't know how many times today I've heard them talking about Trudeau, and his remark last year about 'pull out our (fighter, whatever it is)' -

(speaking of sexual repression - some pool guard in some pool ordered an 8-year-old girl to put a top on. fuck. lots of pushback, of course, from people, but still, that people like this can get into positions of authority, and try to push their repression and opinions on others, says a lot about the country. not to mention the CBC thinking this a story worth covering on the national 'news'.

- and island Morning, showing the innate intelligence of their j-reporters - some girl talking to some kid from the university about the PEI budget, and he says, in response to a question about how much money they are talking about, ''Well, ten dollars a week, so that's 40 a month, and over an 8 month year about twenty four hundred dollars..;' ??? get it? 40x8=320, at least in the 'old math', quite a long ways from 2400. The reporter didn't clue in to anything, just went on to her next prepared question. Probably most Canadians would have to get out a calculator to check it, so wouldn't even think something might be amiss ..

Very interesting story - EU drafts plan to counter Russian media ‘disinformation’, targeting RT - the western corporate media are getting pretty worried - their massive propaganda is, of course, very, very vulnerable to one thing - the truth. RT is getting a lot of attention, with their far, far superior presentation, and their work of presenting truly alternative points of view to the corporate lies. The utter bullshit around what NATO is doing in eastern Europe, for example, is so stupid it has to be very vulnerable when anyone dares stand up and point out how ridiculous it is, by simply telling some truths. Maybe a good sign - even though when they get into the mindless 'hate Russia' shit on places like the NP, the completely braindead believers are all over me or anyone trying to point out how stupid all this shit is - evidently whatever secret polls and stuff they do are showing signs that a lot of people are maybe keeping away from the disucssion lists, but having trouble believing the lies, so they have to take some more direct action.

June 23 - CBC all a quiver again about 'investigative reporting' of some Cdn agency spending a few thousand bucks on 'business trips with benefits' or something. No doubt it is useful to expose things like this, and get a debate of some kind going about how much 'reward' such people deserve for doing a good job, if they actually do a good job, but the 'diversion' aspect of such stuff, for dumbed down audiences, is blatant when you realise the CBC either doesn't know about, or doesn't care to know about, the debt scam/fraud. tens of billions a year, a couple of trillion over the last few decades, now getting some people in jail for the rest of their lives because of that, and getting our finances on 'firm footing' for the first time in 40 years - now that would be something worth a journalism award. (maybe I'll get one someday (laugh to fall off the chair)

June 22 - a memo has gone to the managers! - both Island Morning and Ottawa Morning managed to remind somebody that 'we have money problems in Canada - where do you think the money for what you want would come from??'.

- "newshaha" - 'reporting' on Greece negotiations - 'the Greece finance minister is greeted with a playful slap from the Euro rep, like a father to a naughty son' - or something like that - no doubt at all that the CBC is fully supportive of the EU (that is to say, the banksters) and their assault on Greece. The banksters rule!!! (and the CBC actor/propagandists knows whose ass they have to lick if they want to keep those nice overseas 'correspondent' jobs..)

June 20 - 'news' story about some Loblaw employees having a money dispute with Loblaw. 'news' ?? fuck.

June 19 - the Greek government unleashed essentially a nuclear-level financial attack on not only their self-styled 'creditors', but the entire IMF-dominated financial system that controls everyone by debt - Greek debt committee declares debt illegitimate and odious - it is the kind of thing every citizen of every western country should read, as although the details may vary, the underlying ideas are similar - the IMF etc imposed 'debt' on sovereign natures is at heart odious and illegitimate. I have of course been saying this about the Canadian government debts for years - there were better available options for the Cdn government, the Cdn people had no idea about any 'choice' they had, and were saddled with this great debt without any real knowledge, or permission to the government to accure it.

not surprisingly, the mainstream media are completely burying this - this from the CBC, for instance, representative of all other corporate media I have checked (including the much-vaunted Guardian, proving its true 'this far and no farther' management purpose), simply talking about Greece not paying, and political problems, etc. Understandable, of course, as this could be very, very toxic to the rulers if anyone with a bit of brains and a bit of access to the public read this and thought about it and got angry enough and talking to others, it could be the crack in the dam that causes the whole thing to collapse. But the biggest thing is how scary it is, as a clear sign of how very strongly the corporate press now control public opinion in Canada (and everywhere else of course, but my fight is in Canada).

June 18 - CBC creating its own reality again, as always - more on the general and his 'unacceptable' remark about biology. In PC Canada, biology does NOT determine the assent/descent of man - the Feminist Imperative rules today - and if biology disagrees - well, we have fires for books, and people, we don't like. That's what Faith-based Science does. THERE IS NO BIOLOGICAL IMPERATIVE YOU WILL DO AS MOMMA TELLS YOU!!!!!! THE VORLD SORRY WORLD IS AS THE FEMINISTS WILL IT TO BE!! (and again - not a sweet fucking HINT of 'is there another side to this story? Is there such a thing as biology in the world? Do men and women have different sexual organs, different hormones, different 'innate instincts' that might, just occasionally, manifest at times?' and etc - no fucking way. When the CBC, or really the Cdn media anymore, including the 'politically correct' so-called 'alt' places, decide something is **right!!** and MUST NOT BE DENIED - there is no other side to the story. These people are seriously fascist, in the sense that 'For some things - you will think as you are told!!! You are NOT allowed to have any kind of thought that does not conform to what we tell you to think, or believe me buddy we well be ALL over you, until you have suffered severe consequences for daring to oppose us. (and by the way pal - that is democracy, and you don't forget it, or we'll be back to talk to you again)

- and 'London mayor swears at taxicab' !!!!!!!!!!!!!Now THERE is 'news' we really need to know about in Canada. Kind of like -

- and they're on the caitlin or whoever, and 'women's identity' or something - this is a Big Issue folks!!! fuck.

- and 'the accusation is the proof of guilt!!!' - some senator accused of having sex with teenager - and that's it folks, he's gone. You get accused around here, and the abso-fucking-lutely brainless twitter mob is screaming for blood - and the almost as clueless media are happy to give it to them. What a fucking joke of a society this has become. ( and SEX SEX SEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK SOMETHING GREAT TO GOSSIP ABOUT!!!!!!! GOGOGOGO!!!! - WE CAN SHOW WHAT GREAT FUCKING JOURNALISTS WE ARE BY DIGGING AND DIGGING INTO ALL OF THE DETAILS OF THIS GREAT SEX STORY!!!! (no crime here, just salacious gossip - but hey we live for gossip!!! - listen to all the neat (non-criminal) stuff we've dug up already!!!! Boy, when we journos decide we're on your case, you're fuckin history boy!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! GOSSIP GOSSIP GOSSIP WE LIVE FOR GOSSIP!!!!!)' - fuck fuck. fuck. sorry for all the CAPS!!! but I get so fucking mad sometimes at what these people have done, and continue doing, to the country I once had such pride in, such great hopes for, I just kind of explode sometimes.

And actually, there's a really big issue happening right now that Cdns could find very useful to have some talk about - Greece declares EU debt odious - this really is the first time any western country (or any country as far as I know) has had the simple balls to stand on its feet and tell the truth about IMF debt - it's a monstrous scam, and very much qualifies as 'odious debt' - as I've been saying for years, the entire Cdn gov debt also qualifies.

June 16 - the "newshaha' - fuck, the 'news' reader finishes by saying something like 'the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup. (period - 'pregnant pause' I suppose he cleverly thinks - then) - 'living in Canada makes me care a whole lot less'. Fucking seriously - how in the FUCK can a CBC 'news' reader be saying this kind of shit? I thought they were supposed to tell people in journo school that 'MY opinion!!!' is NOT news. well. pause. actually, it is very, very clear that at least the people at the CBC have NEVER been told this - the whole fucking thing is about 'my' opinion anymore - and sadly enough, the 'maturity' level of the people they hire to host shows or read news is somewhere around 'vaguely precocious teenager' - but very hubristic teenagers, thinking their shortsighted, me first, I'm ok fuck you etc view of the world is the center of the world - I hate Rob Ford! If you don't - who cares?!?!? - and etc.

fuck fuck fuck - as I keep saying - never think they can't go lower, they have a special team ...

>> and they have the story of the London kid getting shot - and it's like a couple of teens talking, with the slang and expression, 'and this is where things went bad', etc - 'everybody just totally devastated' - fuck.

- and the Current, getting on the 'hot story' of some woman who pretended she was 'black' - BIG SCANDAL OMG!!!!!! - no, it's a very minor fucking story, what is so fucking wrong with you people??

-- in the box - the Current, drive by 'we don't have any money!!' shit - docs are talking about retiring or not, and AM says 'when should doctors retire to make way for younger doctors?' - but why not have both, when we have an obvious and serious doctor shortage in Canada? We need both younger and older, and more importantly enough - and we have lots of fucking money, we're just allowing so much to be skimmed by the greedy-beyond-belief elite that we don't have enough 'money' for doctors, so we get choices like this - completely unnecessarily ...

-- the 'credit where due' department (something one very rarely has to acknowledge in the Cdn media) - it's a tiny bit nice to see most Cdn media backing off the Tim Hunt story (you know, the Nobel laureate who made a stupid joke about female scientists and immediately got 'hung out to dry' by the politically correct by incredibly fucking stupid and petty feminazis, or whatever you want to call them), with a few tiny 'mea culpa's - well, we may have gone just a tiny bit too far, even though he is guilty of saying something nobody should ever say, let alone think; sort of shit Margaret Wente, for instance - I don't like a lot of her opinions, but she seems like she is honest about what she says, and she's not one of the extremist right wingers, and we could probably get along, in a chippy sort of way). A bit, what, I don't know, something, to see they have even a tiny bit of common sense left - a very very fucking tiny bit, obviously, but, well, as I said, I spend a lot of time pillorying the fuckers, so when they do something even a tiny bit right - well, it's only fair to acknowledge it ... I guess that won't happen again this year - surprise me!!

- globe and mail just refused to allow me to log in - they have some new system, I asked them to send me the password reset - I put the password in - and no, you can't do this (new rule, I guess) - so I changed it - no, you can't do that, changed it again - no we have to have this and this - changed again - nope, sorry, new thing they needed. fuck, there are some seriously challenged people out there getting paid a lot of money to do this shit. Lousy fucking designs, obviously some kind of people with academic training, and no experience in the real world - and big corps take them out of school with NO fucking training because they're cheap or something. Fuck - say you're changing the system, here are the basic rules for your new password - but no, guess baby!!!! - fuckin country is down the tubes.


- CBC 'journalism' - March airplane crash in Halifax - (I quote, as they say): '...The March 29 crash of the Airbus A320 caused the plane's landing gear to collapse, ripped off the plane's engine and severed the craft's nose cone ..' - 'the' engine. most A320s have two engines - now this would be a FUCK of a story if we had a new A320 with only one engine - or else we have a CBC junior reporter who just didn't really do very well in basic English. She wouldn't be alone.

fuck. and then '..The flight had left Toronto en route to Halifax..'. I better stop reading. this is painful.

June 15 - the Current - boy, listen to AM of the "neutral" CBC flacking heavily for getting rid of the senate!! - talking to the Cdn Taxpayers Federation, a far right group - so many things proving the CBC is very much on the political right, yet so many people believing, without thinking about anything or probably understanding anything, mindlessly wandering around 'thinking' the CBC is 'left wing' because that's what they've always been told, and they don't have the individual critical thinking facilities to understand what obvious nonsense this is.

>> 'news' about Alberta budget today - a kind of funny thing, responding to this, the Wild Rose leader says 'she can't be pulling money from thin air' - but of course, that is actually what the banks will do when she goes looking for gov bond sales. You wonder sometimes if these people are really so fucking naive as provincial party leaders they don't understand the scam? But they have to - to gatekeep people from do from exposing it -

June 14 Tim Hunt 'hung out to dry'" - at least the Guardian is a bit more honest than any Cdn media - we're unlikely to see any kind of 'mea culpa' a wee bit from the CBC or anyone else here - it's getting really bad the last few years, immediate jump to judgement, and then crucify someone, and then move on looking for the next victim, no matter how unjust the witch hunt has been, either from a bit of deeper analysis or in hindsight. Again - the dumbing down of Cdns - intelligent citizens do NOT get into this kind of immediate judgement, going along with the Twitter LCD gang (although according to what I read around the Cdn media, I may be somewhat of a 'group of 1' in that 'adult Cdn citizen' category - I'm sure there are others out there, there's no fucking way they'd get on the CBC trying to calm the zealots down, or any of the other media really, and many of them have probably long gone into hiding, to avoid their own personal Calvary from their neighbors. But if anyone reads this - get thee to the internet and hunt up the Rev Neimuller story, and get the fuck out there resisting these bastards. They are taking us to really, really bad places, and like ol humpty, once we've allowed ourselves to be once and for all pushed off the wall, it's going to be a pretty impossible job to try to salvage anything. Remember Rome - greatest empire ever, until this American 4th Reich anyway, and once they allowed the barbarians to take over, from the hubristic excesses of the rulers (very much like the shallow petty excesses of those running the CBC these days) - it never came back. The greatness that was Rome was missed - the days of Nero and Caligula not so much. Likewise Canada - the greatness of the 60s, here and in the English speaking world, will be missed - the NWO 'would be world rulers' days not so much. Not at all, probably, by whoever follows - if anyone survives, all the US etc are going to represent is a huge lesson about how NOT to try to run a democracy.

(oh look another correction!!! Apparently there were too many of the still-somewhat-intelligent people commenting on how very fucking overboard this was, and the CBC has actually kind of repeated the Guardian story about just maybe they went a bit too far - he was still a very, very bad man, of course of course!!!! - but maybe firing his was just a wee bit too much. This time.)

>> Good stuff, not to be found around the CBC or corporate media - Cory Doctorow - Light a candle, curse the darkness and win the war on general purpose computers to save the world

June 13 - CBC on again about the 'damning findings' of the auditor general on senate spending - just more stupidity - the auditor found a million bucks worth of **questionable** spending, from 30 senators - my guess would be that most of this is basically horseshit of one type or another - we know the CBC now, when they have decided they don't like something, they go into 'teenage girl exaggerate everything to hell (or just lie, what the fuck)' mode when they get their little knickers in a twist about someone or something, so their credibility anymore, sadly, is pretty much zilch.

>> and the House of course getting in on it - a long interview with the auditor general - and for maybe the first time, after all the shit going on in Canada the last 20 years, I'm starting to think - fuck, if this is the kind of thing Canadians support, I don't really want to be part of that society any more. It's so fucking mickey mouse, and so stupid, and so petty - in the context of 'the real world', this is just so petty, a few bucks here and there - if we assume that at least a lot, and possibly most, of these people are actually doing some work they think is good for the country, then as very senior members in our government, to have small-minded bean counters peeking over their shoulders and counting pennies is just beyond anything acceptable. Sure, a few of them are no doubt padding things unreasonably, and they should be reined in, but the 'take no prisoners' approach of the media these days when they have decided to go after someone is very, very unhealthy, for we as a society, where finding the middle ground is the way to a good future. When, for example, in all this 'GET THE SENATE!!!!" shit witch hunt have we had even a smidgen of perspective - where is the 'feature news special' having a calm and rational look at the senate, at what they actually do, and wondering if we get some value for the money we are spending? There have been good senate reports in the past, and as senior representatives of government attending events, they have some value - I don't support the institution, really, as contrary to the kind of real democracy I am working for - but this kind of LCD mob witch hunt is not something I much care about either, and it's getting more than a bit worrisome to see Canada falling lower and lower overall, as a caring, rational society

>> and second - a deeper thing - this is the capitalists controlling the peasants through money - just imagine any CEO accepting this kind of petty surveillance of his 'business expenses'!!!!!! - fuck. BUT - the capitalists have agreed that we can have some kind of semi-representative gov, but by fuck they are not going to spend a penny more of THEIR fucking money on it - but of course they can't say that openly, so they push 'us' (not me obviously) into this self-righteous bean-counting exercise.

(and of course there are always other things they could be doing - rather than this witch hunt bean counting, they could be encouraging debate on some really important stuff - hours and hours of air time pontificating on how terrible all the senators are, pretty much all dead air time in terms of actual useful substance being contributed to any national debate about our country - but how about some interviews with people like this - Enough is Enough - some things we really need to be moving towards, but of course things that would be a pretty direct attack on endless obscene capitalist profits, which the CBC has become a flack for, so we're never going to see such things on the CBC. And as long as most people who think of themselves as progressive follow the CBC, we're not ever going to have a chance to get to a better place.

- last week an Ideas series called Siege on Science - quite amazing, as it got right into wonderland trying to suggest that average Canadians were responsible for this, as they/we are too stupid to understand science, and think it is nothing more than magic - the whole thesis is amazingly stupid even for the CBC, and even their nonsensical logic does not hold up - they don't try to explain, even if people did think science is magic, why they would be against something that brought such wonderful things into their lives as the Ipads everyone is addicted to, that they think come from Hogwarts. But when stupid people are talking to people they consider just a stupid, if not stupider, logic doesn't really get into a lot of things they get up to. I was just so pissed off I wrote a letter (Siege on Science by Canadians????) - don't imagine I'll get any response, but for anyone curious about it. (it was quite interesting, and worrying again - a lot of comments underneath, all saying how wonderful the series was - I don't think people commenting really believe 'they' are conducting any 'siege on science' themselves, they just have these pre-conceived ideas, that Harper is doing this, it is bad, and of course the great CBC will be attacking Harper too - I don't think they even listened, or if they did, they didn't understand. Not uncommon of course for people to do this, but intelligent people shouldn't be - but in the measles vaccine stuff earlier, very obviously a LOT of people were 'supporting science' who had no clue at all of what 'science' actually was or did or said - just yesterday, I was in a bit of a 'discussion' with some people on the NP (I do this sometimes just for mild entertainment) who obviously had no idea at all what 'left' and 'right' in politics actually refer to - all they know, or I guess more correctly think they know, is that left=Libs/NDP=commie/socialist BADDDDD!!! - simple minded barbarian trolls attacking anything their master tells them to attack.

Very, very sad days for the country though. (?? have I said that before??)

June 12 - this is a new thing I'm starting to pick up on, a new twist to the dumbing down that's been going on for years, I suppose, just more open - now we can tell you - Canadians are not smart enough to understand things - I just wrote a long letter about the Ideas show telling Canadians they were too stupid to understand science (Siege on Science more in a bit) and thought it was all just magic, and now here we have Ottawa Morning telling people they're too stupid to know what the Magna Carta means (nothing nasty, of course, just all a laughing, no problem kids, you're not supposed to know this, we know you all concentrate on your Twitter feeds and what sports games are important this week, we're just helping out smiley smiley) - there's nothing accidental going on here - you get people believing they are too stupid to figure things out for themselves, and they're just blank slates waiting for the media to tell them what to believe - exactly the direction they have been pushing us for years, but they haven't talked about it this openly before

June 11 Nobel laureate resigns over 'trouble with girls' comment - fuck the over-reaction to minor incidents and demand of the 'politically correct' for pretty much complete thought control are getting really fucking scary around here.

- CBC "reporter" from Rome - '..for the federal election that starts this fall..'. Really dear. And when does it finish then?? Do you suppose wouldbe young journos listen to the CBC to learn anything these days?? fuck I hope not ... I guess they don't have to, actually, they're obviously taught this shit in whatever sad place they call 'j-school' these days ...

>> and from Halifax, where 'women and girls truly learned the meaning of the word 'misogyny' few months ago..' - what utter fucking bullshit from these people - some stupid jokes do NOT mean misogyny - but these people have really got their brains fried and there'd be no point in trying to talk to them

>> followed by a 'pursed lips' story about a 23-year-old woman/girl was suing some guy she said took his clothes off in front of her. ?????????????? fuck. maybe he did, there's a lot of pretty fucked up people in this wildly sexually repressed society, but why doesn't she just make some derogatory comment and leave the room, or just leave? fuck. what a place. The CBC fruitcakes making big stories out of nothing again.

>> and the same people running the CBC 'newshaha' is sure to add their 'voice of outrage' to the Nobel scientist noted above - happy he quit his job, etc. Some comments from outraged women also happy he lost his job - no sanity at all on the fucking 'news' these days. You want respect? Quit making big issues out of trivia - if your minds are stuck in this kind of petty shit, I wouldn't want to be working with you either.

>> seems to be another 'look at how badly women are treated here!!!!' day - the Current with an update of the 'the military REALLY treats women bad!!!' report from a few weeks ago - but it occurs to me, the odd time a soldier is killed overseas (or here), we are all told to get on our knees and pray with all this hushed respect, like these are the very angels of god offering their lives in the service of our country - I'm just wondering how these things work together - can you be a misogynistic fucking bastard at the same time you are a hero of the realm? Just one of those perhaps a bit awkward questions the Cdn media don't like to deal with. But you can't have it both ways, jack.

June 10 - CBC (and the rest of the media of course) all a-shock!!!OMG!!!!! about the MASSIVE senate accounting scandal!! OMFG!!!!! - a MILLION DOLLARS of questionable expenses, among THIRTY senators!!!! - mostly spectacle, distracting simple-minded Canadians, but also the rightwing attack on government in action, pretending this sort of triviality is important - and also distraction - of course, the two trillion that politicians have enabled bankers to steal over the last 30 years, with the full cooperation of the media, and all the related stuff, is a serious major crime, but we are not ever, ever, EVER FUCKING EVER!!!!!! going to talk about THAT on the corporate media, are we children????? hahahahaahaha.

>> the thing is, in 'social democracy' settings, we just naturally trust each other, until there is some obvious problem - but capitalists are another breed - the capitalist is trying to fix whatever part of the system to ensure the maximum flow of money to his bank account, by any means he can get away with, and thus assumes everyone else is doing the same, so non-trust is the norm in capitalism. And we have been under the control of serious capitalists for the last 30 years, and this is the outcome, or one of many outcomes, in which we are all expected to assume everyone else around us is trying to game the system, and be suspicious of everyone. Not a nice way to live, for hardly anyone - sure those who manage to steal the most have a lot of toys, but one wonders really how much real 'life satisfaction' they ever have - not much, I think, for many or most. The lives of small people back in the 1950s were pretty good, by and large, in the social democracy of the times - people working at decent jobs they enjoyed, living in places where trust was the default position, not having to have both adults in a family working just to get by, and etc.

>> and the big new Evan Solomon 'scandal' - basically more gossip, mountains out of molehill shit, he did nothing really wrong here - but it is really barf-inducing to listen to the self-righteous people on the Current today with the tight little sticks up their asses, all so 'holier than thou', talking about the great responsibility of journalists, and how they would never, never NEVER!!! do anything like this, and etc - fuck fuck fuck -

>> and another 'YOU DO NOT HAVE FREE SPEECH HERE IN CANADA YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!!' story - the guy has a problem with women, and this is his life experience, but all the femi-nazis ( who obviously rule the CBC) go fucking ballistic over somebody daring to have a 'life experience' they don't approve of - fuck. again,. fuck fuck fuck. Trivia rules in Canada, while 'real' stuff gets ignored. We're really pretty close to the end, if I don't manage to get out to wake some people up - this kind of thing has to be one of the signs of 'far gone' decadence, the trivial opinions and tantrums of the children of the ruling class get turned into 'news' while the signs the empire is falling apart at the seams - well, who cares????

June 9 - Ottawa "news" - some football game, you buy a ticket for two games and are not allowed to leave between games - some people bought the ticket and then complained about the rule - and this is "news" in Ottawa!!!!!!! - fuck.

Consent to harm - '...When it comes to risk of bodily harm, what we are allowed to consent to is fraught territory...' - not much doubt about the meaning here - the basic assumption is that 'your government' rightfully controls everything you do. The CBC is telling you so, and we know the CBC only tells the truth, and is a really good momma guiding us down the paths of righteousness, don't we children?

June 8 - Montreal 'cracks down' on sex tourism - the efficient use of our cops. Fuck what a totally fucked up country this has become.

Island Morning (7:30 "newshaha") - 'Japan and Canada are seen as a holdout..' - fuck.

June 7 - "newshaha' - the lady reader is lecturing the children about how not to use English - some story about Baja California - she says 'ba-ja' as it is spelled, but of course most people who have spent a bit of time with geography know it is 'ba-ha'; then she gets into horse racing, and tells us about the winner of the 'bel-mount' stakes. good going, CBC. good news, I suppose, is that I may well be the only person out here bothered by such things, or cares what is happening to the CBC (no, the 'save the CBC' people seem to think the content is fine, they want more money from the gov so the propaganda can be spread more or something (sorry, I guess that was sarcastic - but the 'save the CBC' gang do seem to focus only on restoring CBC funding, and don't have anything to say about content - but I want the CBC management and senior staff absolutely gutted, and some real people who actually support democracy and good journalism back in there - there's lots of candidates out there writing on the web (none in the corporate media I can think of), before we give them any more money.

it was creepy - fuck, the absolutely juvenile narcissism of these 'new breed' of young women working at the CBC who thinks the world should revolve around them is getting right out of hand. Every showoff kid taunting someone by name calling etc is just looking for attention - apparently the CBC people are too immature to understand this. Some entertainer making 'crude' sexual remarks about a young woman has been going on forever, and will go on forever, like human stupidity, and all the whining and self-pity and navel gazing in the world by the CBC is not going to change it. And wouldn't it be just fucking amazing if they had a 100th of the degree of sympathy for others who really need it that they do for themselves? You could go around the poorer parts of any city in Canada and find kids going to school hungry, or getting abused by their parents or older kids, and this really is a fucking crime in this country - a crime occurring daily to what? tens of thousands of children???? And the CBC, to judge from the things they choose to cover, doesn't give a sweet fucking shit about those kid - just gossip about teenage girl stuff. Looking for new depths to fall too, I guess - I almost shudder to think what they'll find to outdo this, in terms of sheer pettiness being passed off as 'news'.

- chuckle of the day - CBC wins multiple journalism awards - that's odd - I can't for the life of me (as the old dad might phrase it) think of a single person working at the CBC that any normal person would call a 'journalist' - lots of propagandists and gossipers - no 'journalists'. (sure they do some good quality things, and in journalism school they'd get a good grade for them - but in the real world here, 'journalism' means you go where the rulers do not want you going, and the CBC is totally under the control of the rulers - good docs about safe box things, but nothing at all about 'real' stuff - and if you're not **really** going where the powerful do not want you going, you can NOT call yourself a 'journalist'. period. )

"newshaha' next hour (07:00 Atlantic) - some 'grand reopening' of Canada House in London - and a big 'expose' of how much was spent - 'over $200,000' 'of taxpayer's money'. It gets more and more obvious - governments spending too much money (allegedly) is a bedrock of rightwing propaganda trying to convince people to 'reduce' governments etc - pretty interesting that the CBC, pretending to be 'leftie', is promoting so many rightwing issues (I mean, seriously, a couple of hundred thousand dollars for this is really trivial, given the size of the government budget. Of course, as I mention from time to time, serious spending problems, like 50-60 billion in completely fraudulent "debt service charges" every year that *would* be worth informing people about, are never mentioned. (the whole Duffy-senate 'trial' shit is another very small story blown into something way, way, way the FUCK out of proportion. But that's a big part of the job of the CBC, of course, spectacle and mush for not-too-bright teenage-mind-adult-body citizens, keeping them interested in 'the things of childhood' while leaving far bigger things out of the discussion at all. Trivia - still hearing about the 'big FIFA scandal' - more trivia - it's not a matter of national concern in any way whatsoever to most people here what corrupt shit a private soccer league gets up to. (of course, if there's a chance to go after Putin, well, that's another thing altogether... guess we won't be hearing THIS guy on the CBC anytime soon haha - FIFA and geopolitics - or here US imperialism and the FIFA corruption investigation) (but finishing with more important news!!! - oh goody - we have 'brand new pictures of Princess Charlotte on our webite!!!' - and we REALLY REALLY care about that at the CBC !!!!!)

>> and later 'newshaha' - the CBC reports 'dozens' of protesters are at the G7 media - sounds a bit suspicious - RT says 'hundreds' - G7 summit protests. Betcha anything RT is closer to reality.

June 5 - "news" - 'Harper says Russia should never be let back into the G7 as long as Putin is the leader' - fine, that's something said by Harper that should be reported - but any actual 'news' organisation not part of the corporate state propaganda media (which is of course, in the end, controlled by the US hegemon, which really, really hates Putin for standing up to them, but he's just too powerful to 'shock and awe' out of existence as they did to Saddam and Gaddaffi, and are really serious about doing to Assad now one way or another, leaving Iran next in line) would have some commentary to go along with this, explaining why Harper is a pawn, and Putin and Russia are actually not the monsters the hegemon is making him out to be, far from it actually - for example, American Paul Craig Roberts has quite a different opinion - Putin the leader of the moral world - obviously, any citizen wishing to be informed needs to read or listen to a variety of opinion and make up their own mind - it is the job of the media to provide such a variety, if they are really 'serving' the people, as they claim to be - when they continually push one side of something, it's pretty obviously propaganda - especially in cases like this, where the truly engaged reader, reading widely, understands the many lies they tell about how 'evil' those they dislike are, and how wonderful the US is - which is, really, after the last 50 or 400 years, just to laugh in cynical disgust.

June 4 - and another Libertarian type speaks up against the tobacco ruling - award should make other industries nervous -

>> CBC “news" - starts with a story - 'one year ago, there was a 911 call, and then another! - and then some shots ...' and etc, all in a suitable story telling voice, of course - and then we go on with the now-established story of the Moncton shootings. All very dramatic, for the children being instilled with the modern Cdn narrative - but 'news' ?????? I think not .... haha, but then, the CBC hasn't actually been in the 'news' business for quite a few years now .... but listening to some more “newshaha'casts, we see this is narrative in creation - little stories about some of the heroes, one about some police dog that helped somebody last year - 'now they meet eye to eye - and they know 'I've got your back' - the use of the 'tough guy' simplistic but catchy phrases they like, a 'gang' thing - we can all identify with this stuff, we all want to be like that, heroic, standing tall for our country with our comrades against some evil enemy - all teenage boys, and more and more girls, anyway - dumbing down, deep deep indoctrination

-- and it is **really** noticeable - listen to RT for an hour, and then some 'current events' and 'newshaha' on the CBC - and it is so obvious how the CBC people have been told/taught to speak as teachers would speak to young children, using the voice etc to show the reaction expected from the children - on RT, you have adults speaking to adults - (here is a very good interview, just far above anything you would hear on the CBC these days - US portrays foes as stronger than they are because they need an enemy" - Sophie and Co - current events for adults, rather than the CBC propaganda for dumbed down indoctrinated citizens being told what their narrative is ...

>> followed by another pretty much 'spectacle' thing, the FIFA stuff - again, more propaganda as well, as the 'deep background' story here is nothing more than the US once again going after Russia after anything at all, as the point of this seems to be denying Russia the 2022 world soccer cup, or something. Much better analysis of this on RT (surprise surprise)

>> and of course more on the Moncton shooting last year - we poor, poor Canadians!! So innocent, such a traumatic thing when somebody runs around and shoots somebody!!!! - they really encourage people to fall apart in terror and helplessness - all the better to control you, my dear. But a reality check occurs to me - you know, Cdns have been either bombing directly, or supporting the bombing of, innocent people in middle eastern and other (Yugoslavia) for the last 15 years - just fucking imagine the trauma of a bomb falling onto your house from somewhere in the sky - no 'terrorists' in sight, just you and your family, including young children and old folks, sitting around having dinner, or sleeping, when fucking BOOM!!!!! - bodies and blood and pieces of bodies all around - no reason, no rhyme, just terror from the skies - THANKS CANADA!!!! - do you suppose that's what they think over there? Kids shot off bikes, people shot in cars, drones taking out wedding parties - fuck, in the mid east, since the US decided a few years ago it wanted to control everything over there, people - big numbers of people - getting killed in a regular basis is not some once in a lifetime traumatic event, it's a fucking part of your daily life - imagine a 'good day' being a day someone in your village does NOT get killed from some fucking random American (with Canadian support) bomb or raid??? - haha, don't wait for THAT story on the Current haha.

June 3 - the mind controllers are out in force again - Ottawa Morning talking about some lady who was drunk and killed someone a few years ago, and was just found guilty this week - and they want to know if there are still any neanderthals around who think drinking and driving is ok - you listening, children??? We REALLY disapprove of this, and will be after you with all the shaming we can muster on the CBC!!! - little self-righteous teenagers or bullies going after someone. Dumbing down in action.

Really, really scary world these people are trying to build - and looking more and more like the opposition is small and fading. But you never know -

- just read this today - Canada' devolution from peace seeker to war crimes" - one of the best pieces to come out of Canada in a long, long time - evidently the guy has been around and writing awhile, and I've never heard of him, because there's no real outlet for real 'alt' stuff to get shared in Canada, so there could be a lot more out there (although the comments in the NP and other places when someone is bragging about how PC they are is pretty scary, all the brainwashed obedient drones leaping on the bandwagon telling us what good children THEY are and mocking the few who dare speak up for a bit of freedom.

(speaking of - usually Ms Blatchford is leading the gossip in the Star, but gotta give her credit for standing up to this bit of ridiculous PC stuff - lawsuit decision deserves to go up in smoke - don't suppose she'll get a chance to speak about this on the CBC, unless somebody decides to take a run at making a mockery of her, which might be dangerous, she sounds like she's quite able to stand up for herself.

>> This is just fucking amazing - battling Russian propaganda - we know the American media is 100% corporate military state propaganda, and most of it at a very stupid level (Fox 'news' etc) - but to have this in a Canadian paper, esp one of supposed stature such as the GM, is just, well, amazing - surely to god they are not all that fucking stupid that they believe this???? The lies are just atrocious, pretending the American/Cdn MSM lies about 'Russian aggression' etc are true????? And when the Russians try to respond with a bit of truth, that is 'propaganda'??? Fuck - we are truly near the end days, when the Lies shall be honored as 'truths', and the Truth mocked as propaganda, by the most respectable media organisation in the county??? Fuck - you don't even know what to say at such brazen lying - you can't talk to people who look in your face and lie like that - you can't, I think, run to the excuse that 'oh, they must believe it!' - no, I can see a lot of people believing this, obviously, I spend time commenting on articles on the NP and Globe, and obviously a lot of 'ordinary not-too-fucking-bright Cdns do believe this shit (and equally obviously there are a lot of trolls on these comment places whose job is to jump people like me trying to insert a word or two of sanity) - but it is equally obvious that the top level people, those making editorial decisions, are very aware that this shit they are peddling is lies, and that makes them, I guess, some pretty fucking evil people. Three thousand dollar suits and five hundred dollar lunches and a lot of quite pathetic brown-nosers not in any way withstanding.

June 2 - Ottawa Morning - Robyn having a patronising discussion with some guy about idiots who think they can do things themselves around the house. We're all, in CBC world, just little munchkins, helpless and relying on Mother to look after us. YOU HEAR THAT CHILDREN????? DO NOT DO THINGS YOURSELF!@!!! you poor children are just not competent, and we have specially trained people to do things for you - not to mention specially trained experts to tell you what to think - you people surely do not want to try to THINK for yourselves, OMG hahahahahahaha!!!!!

>> tobacco companies ordered to pay - more political 'legal' shit - this has nothing to do with anything any intelligent, neutral observer would call 'justice' - just 'politically correct' punishment of someone the PCers have decided they don't like. This kind of thing is accepted as “evidence" - :..."Did you stop to think what a cigarette is? It destroys you — your health is totally destroyed," she said, holding up two photos of her late husband, who died in the summer of 2012 from lung cancer at the age of 68...." - obviously just personal opinion, we all (honest people at least) know people who smoked all their lives with no apparent damage - sure some people die, a lot more don't. But balance has nothing to do when you're on a politically-driven pogrom of some sort - very disturbing how much this goes on anymore, with anything the gov wants to do, and the obviously completely indoctrinated little obey-bots screaming out insults at anyone who dares disagree with dogma and try to speak 'truth'.

May 30 - a new "humor" thing (the idea of CBC 'humor' is laughable in itself) - but they have 'famous people' reading famous lines from old movies in a 'funny' way - starting with 'I love the smell of napalm' - from Apocalypse Now, of course, laughing at the Americans dropping napalm on Vietnam, killing millions, causing birth defects that last to this day - a real laugh. Just as a comparison, what if they dragged up some line from a movie about the German-Jewish holocaust, and tried to play it for laughs? Think that would pass unremarked???? I kind of doubt it. haha. (but for some far, far better humor stuff, as always, try RT - Lee Camp and Redacted Tongith - humor for adults who care about their country, not the CBC shit for dumbed down drones mindlessly supporting the NWO as instructed by the CBC.

they saw her belly!!!!OMFG!!!!! - it's obviously an epidemic. I keep starting comments on stupidity, and they keep getting stupider. You couldn't make this shit up, as they say. If there's any people with functioning brains left out there, you better watch who you associate with - this stuff appears to be contagious.

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