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Dec 19 - CBC all a flutter about the killings in Australia - no doubt a terrible thing for the people killed, but fuck, as they say, I don't know what the daily death count is around the world, although some quick googling indicates it's around 150,000 per day - so how is it most deaths are irrelevant, and the chosen few get picked for "WOW LOOK AT THIS!!!!!' treatment from the CBC???? Tribal spectacle for children explains part of it, no doubt - somewhere between 400,000 and 4 million children die from malnutrition in Africa alone every year, slow, lingering, terrible deaths, and basically we never hear a word about them - sure maybe once a year somebody from some aid program will get a short interview on one of the local stations, but basically, we care far, far more about the local sports teams we talk about every day with great enthusiasm than hundreds of thousands of terribly dying children in Africa - or a lot of other countries. And lots and lots of other things - how many innocent people are being killed these days by American and British drones? Funny we NEVER hear a word about those innocent people - maybe they suffer less in the mideast than they do in Australia or Canada or one of we white countries, who knows what goes on in the CBC news-controller's mind these days - they're obviously right-wing enough to be pretty out of touch with real people, and evil enough to happily betray so many people every day with their lies and propaganda and gatekeeping and spectacle and dumbing down.

There's a related element of getting really unpleasant stories out of the short-attention-span minds of the citizens, as well - no need to think about the US torturing 'folks', folks, move on now - HEY!!! LOOK WHAT HAPPENED IN AUSTRALIA OMG!!!!! etc etc - the Dalhousie hysteria is probably related to this - certainly haven't heard anyone on the CBC wondering about Mahar Arar being tortured by the CIA rendition program with the full assistance, and awareness, of the Cdn government - hey, hey, nothing to see here folks OH LOOK AT THE TERRIBLE DALHOUSIE STUDENTS MAKING STUPID JOKES ON FACEBOOK!!!! OMGOMG!! - now THERE is something we can spend a few days getting all self-righteously pompous about - boy, WE never did that on facebook!!!! and etc. we're on the Titanic, and it's going down.

>> and the story about the 'school shooting' in Pakistan - evil fucking taliban!!! - great opportunity for crying ladies (crying lady, sobbing sobbing, my heart is just so hurt for all those poor children in Pakistan..' - fuck, you can only wonder how she feels about half a million kids starving to death in Africa every year - funny the CBC doesn't get on that, the tear potential should be almost endless. haha just kidding). But we get a bit more nuanced, not to say truthful, offering from (surprise surprise!!) RT - Going Underground - in which a rather important adjective is added - 'military' - this was not a 'girls' school or something as they are leading us to believe so we really, really 'get' what endlessly evil fucking monsters those Taliban are, in case anyone ever forgot - no no, it was a *military* school, with Muslim students being trained to go and hunt the Taliban. !!!!! My my. Certainly a terrible thing to be attacking schools anytime, by anyone - but just put your Einstein hat on for a second - if the US decided to get one of their drones over there fired up, and bomb a school with children being trained to be Taliban fighters, how do you suppose the Cdn media would be approaching the story? I could ramble on, but why bother - I leave it to you as an exercise. Try to be truthful!! (hint, can't control myself!!! - would the Canadian media say the Americans accidentally bombed a school of nice children, terrible tragedy, big mistake, investigations are underway, etc etc - or would the immediate spin be 'Taliban military academy taken out by Americans - world a safer place, less terrorists YEEAAAAA AMERICA!!!! - congratulatory quotes from Cdn pols, etc etc)

Dec 18 - CBC in a big tizzy about some typical young make university stupidities - terrible, terrible dentistry students OMFG!!! - a 'shocking!!' story, according to other stories - the thing is, of course this is a bit beyond the pale, but nobody was hurt and it is highly unlikely anyone ever would have been hurt - just a bunch of kids being encouraged by the media to deal with thing like this by going hysterically ballistic - kind of like kids, rather than adults. And the thing is, it would be really, really nice to see even a fraction of the outrage about some other things - child poverty in Canada for example - this MAY have got a couple of comments on the CBC, oh darn we should try to do better!! - but nothing approaching the hysteria about the dental students young make stupidities. Or any number of other things we really should be spending extended time on, until the are dealt with, like they are making sure the dental students face the full wrath of the media NOW BY GOD!!! - this, for example - 1200 raped, missing, murdered native women in Canada - again, every now and then there is a short news (haha sorry "news") story on the CBC about this, with maybe a short interview with some outraged native advocate - but that's it, nothing sustained, back on the back burner again, until a quick look again this time next year or something - and this is utterly and completely outrageous, and unacceptable, especially when compared to the mindless hysteria driving the 'story' abut the dental students. I guess the reason is not too hard to figure, from here in 'thinking' land outside the box - the students are easy pickings, cannot really defend themselves, and it's a good opportunity to advance the mind control of the country, you will think what you are told to think, etc etc - but the aboriginal women case would work its way into some pretty high places, places we do not want average Cdns getting a look at, so we'll do the lip service thing now and then, while making big things out of minor stories like the dental students to distract the children - for that is very obviously the mental level of anything you might put together and call 'the average Canadian' these days.

>> same thing here - fuck, kill, marry - tasteless, stupid, but arousing hysteria?? calm down, people, we have real problems in the world, this is not one of them.

>>> CBC, all propaganda, all the time - Can Putin survive the falling ruble? - odd, the Cdn dollar has been falling just as far and almost as fast the last few months, and not a SINGLE person has bothered to ask if Harper can 'survive' the falling Cdn dollar. Odd unless you understand propaganda, at any rate. This is common - all of the torture revealed in the CIA report recently has also been kept pretty sandboxed - also reported pretty calmly, if you can imagine the same report about Russia - which again would be blasting Putin as responsible for everything, demanding this fucking monster be bombed back to atoms, etc etc - but in the US, a mild coverage, lots of time for everyone to make excuses and denials, etc etc. So obvious, to anyone with a functioning brain, none of whom are going to darken the CBC about any of these things ..

>> Louise Elliot in Ottawa, "reporting" (LOL!!!!!) on the new supreme court appointment, and her clothing expenses. She sounds exACTly like a teenager talking about some person she is offended by, the voice going up and down highlighting the REALly bad things. and the"NEWScaster" (hahahaha!!) doing the same - superior children (in their own minds at any rate) talking about their inferiors. AKA the "news" on the CBC. hahaha. crycrycry - we need one of those two sided theater faces, laughing on one side, crying on the other. the country is pretty close to finished. don't know if I can save it with the Great Green Island Road Show - Democracy Chautauqua. Suppose I have to try.

-- the Current, 'covering' the story about Obama establishing some small diplomatic relations with Cuba - the 'coverage' is heavily anti-Cuba slanted - on the 'positive' side, some guy whose family was on the anti-Castro side right from the beginning, but who thinks this is good because it will help save them poor Cuban citizens from that really nasty commie government, and from the 'balanced' side, some far right lying nutcase propagandist from the US far republican right, a former 'diplomat' (fuck that's funny) spouting complete horseshit about the 'Stalinist regime' 'beating citizens who dare speak out against it' and etc - all the worst of the outright lies - really, it's amazing and disgusting to listen to, a complete list of the absolute lies the US has made up to demonise Cuba, with side lies at Venezuela, their other main hatred - and not a word of protest from Tremonti, on the contrary, she quotes other people supporting the same lies! no question who's running the CBC - Ms Tremonti is, of course, very close under the surface part of the 'that evil Castro bastard!!' faction (not surprisingly, given her allegiance to the US in all things - she knows who her bosses are ...). the same increasingly psychotics running the US gov these days. scary shit. note the revisionary history from the Ministry of Truth, as spouted by the first propagandist they have - before Castro, Cuba was a really nice democracy, supported by the really helpful US, we just throw that out there and skip over a lot of stuff, the name 'Batista' is not even mentioned, of course, the brutal US-supported dictator selling Cuban resources to American corps. And, not a word, also of course, about the many ways Cuba is far, far superior to the 'US model of democracy' in providing health care to its citizens, and sending doctors around the world to disaster spots (the US sends soldiers of course), or the many other positive aspects of what is happening in Cuba - and not, of course, any recognition of the fact that many of Cuba's problems, in terms of being under-developed, are not because of 'failed communism', but because of the embargo that US has had around Cuba since the 60s

Dec 16 - journalism ethics takes a hit - they are just soooooooo fucking brazen sometimes. For the CBC to be criticizing ANYone's 'journalistic ethics' is unbelievable. Well, of course, if you consider their box role, 'pretend' media, it is understandable, but it is a serious sign of how successful they all are that they can strut around pretending to have some integrity like this, when they are very near the top of the 'fucking traitors' pile in this country.

- the Australian hostage thing, blown up all out of proportion of course, but also GREAT opportunity for crying people - and we just LOVE crying people on the CBC!!!

>> on Russia too, obviously trying to push some kind of bandwagon effect about the falling ruble (Cdn dollar falling too, quite a lot, but 'reported' very differently - but that's what propaganda is all about, right??

- fuck the 'narrative creation' is blatant - they really despise the intelligence of the audience - maybe for reason, or maybe it's a matter of the news writers being intelligence challenged - anyway, here we hear 'the Wild Rose and Con parties in Alberta may be merging' - and they say 'the centrist Allison Redford' (really????) - and then 'Wild Rose has been losing ground since Prentice became premier' - fuck that is so stupid - Prentice has been premier for weeks - no fucking way they can assess that 'wild rose is losing ground' in this time period, in any meaningful way - obviously something else going on, but they can't be bothered coming up with even a semi-intelligent story - complete contempt for Cds. sadly, obviously, with reason ....

(followed by a story most Cdns will be much more interested in - some sad dog story - almost every news cast we have one of these stories - some obviously not overly intelligent country person telling some sob story - everyone can identify, this is the new NWO (Big Brother) citizen - the reporters aren't a lot better, 18 years old, well meaning, very much belonging in some setting such as a small town high school to learn how to do news, but that real stuff is not wanted anywhere the CBC ... just these small town, small people stories, well away from anything real ... )

Dec 13 RCMP beating on old woman - cannot call this anything other than a police state - the cops command about anything, serious or trivial, you have one and only one option, SIR YES SIR!!! - otherwise, you are open to any level of violence they wish to inflict, and everyone in the press and government will defend them.

Dec 10 - some kid puts out a vid and the Cdn media gets defensive - almost funny to read this - vid is 'silly' experts say - ('experts' fuck) - this is just pathetic, can't even be bothered going through it - 'Allah doesn't speak English' - haha oh the deep analysis - rightwingers tell us what 'god' said all the time, in English, with no problems - of course, I suppose 'our' god might be superior and speak English.... Just wanted to point out this - '.."There's nobody who is a balanced person who says, 'Wow, he's fighting a great cause." - unlike, of course, if you're one of OUR guys - just a few days ago we had this story, in which another young guy was over there somewhere killing people, but HE was a fucking HERO YEA!!! - fighting ISIS 'greatest day of my life - see, there you go children, you don't have to think about who is right and who is wrong Big Brother tells you - we good they bad. and etc.

>> fuck, the Royal!!!!! are in New York - it is just beyond words the braindeadness of the "reporting" here - stupid stories for stupid children - on the CBC

Dec 5 - the 'Crockwell' story from Nfld - the guy, they say, barricaded himself in the house, and the RCMP could not get him out - but they never say what his supposed original 'crime' was or anything - apparently his only crime was not falling facedown on the ground and begging for mercy at the command of a gestapo officer. or gang of them. The new Canada. The new world.

Nov 30 - 08:00 'national news' maritimes - a 2 minute 'report' on former football player David Beckham having a traffic accident somewhere - no deaths, just gossip of, by and for little minds. Things Canadians absolutely need to know. fuck.

NOv 28 - fuck it's almost funny it's so obvious - but to see endless evidence of a population completely indoctrinated, completely under the control of the Ministry of Truth, isn't really that funny in the bigger picture - the CBC, and other 'media', on and on and on with the 'Black Friday!!!!' advertising - oh sorry, "news" - YOU GUYS GET OUT THERE AND SHOP NOW!!!!! - and off the mindless masses go.

- and we note - not only after Russia with the oil price drop - our govs in Canada have less money - guess what that means folks!!! - and etc. and if you think OPEC is really just doing this on some kind of whim - well, just get back to your letter to Santa, I guess, you don't believe in places adults are talking about adult things.

Nov 24 - married woman has facebook profile saying she is unmarried and available!!!! - OMFG!!!!! - what the CBC thinks we all really need to know.

> and this - Newfoundland hockey player does CPR

> and this - Christmas shopping underway!!

- CBC - propaganda and dumbing down and mush - what Cdns need!!!

>> ahhhh - the reason the Americans are arranging the falling oil prices - Russians hit for $150 billion - had to be a reason.

Nov 24 - either very cynical, or just not believing the lies they tell you - Stephen Lewis roars in takedown of Harper!! - oh fucking great!!!! - or - wait - let's see - who was Caesar's most trusted advisor before some guy stuck a knife in his back - let's see now - some guy called - hmmm - Brutus, yea that's right - and who stuck the knife in Caesar's back - hmm - ohhhhhh - this is high, high level betrayal. This is what 'progressives' want to hear (after the last year of putting the tweedledee-dum shift into action) - WE HATE HARPER ANYBODY BUT HARPER - etc etc etc - and here's our Great Senior Statesman telling us what we want to hear yea yea yea!!! - but as I haev explained elsewhere, the one single major problem in our country is the control of the money creation process, and he says nothing about this - if you just put in tweedledum instead of tweedledee, they'll just do what Paul Martin did through the 90s - claim we have to pay down the debt, and keep cutting everything, using the big lie as an excuse. And of course Lewis supports the NDP - and again it is very clear from outside the box that the NDP is just the wannabe dee-dum-dumber of the Bay St 3-headed party, so again, very 'in the box'. And etc. They are very, very sophisticated game players, and they're leading you around by the nose, as always. Sorry, but that's the way it really is, from realityland outside the box.

And then this, just in passing - Ignatieff the FUCKING DEVIL!~!!!! - a good 'deconstruction' thing - these far rightwing propagandists are like pit bull attack dogs - give them a scent, and they're on you forever, baby. Ignatieff might not have been perfect, but in terms of intelligence he was and is far, far beyond Harper, in a different world, really, and it is not that surprising that the rightwing nutcases want to keep him out of Canada, and his memory that of some loser. Also they don't want anybody thinking back 5 years - like, hey, do you suppose that fucking loser Ignatieff might have been better than Harper???? - with the ongoing dee-dum shift, this is a bad thing for people to be wondering about, so let's stop this shit in its tracks. Who knows what he might have been like as a PM, maybe actually trying to be a capitalist light leader instead of the far right wing crap under Harper? We'll never know - but this kind of hit piece is not any place people with thinking minds should be going.

Nov 23 - so sad it's funny sometimes - now according to these people, the Industrial Revolution saved the poor peasants who were being taken advantage of by 'middlemen' - uber economics the new cottage industry. Silly old Charles Dickens and others, thinking the industrial revolution was bad for the poor people, when really it saved them from exploitation by nasty middlement. The good capitalists of the industrial revolution are nothing like that, folks, the capitalists love their workers and treat them well, seems to be the implied message, although one can perhaps understand somebody not wanting to actually say that out loud. The whole article is somewhat illogical - maybe the revelation about the industrial revolution saving the poor peasants was so exciting the guy got incoherent or something, but he then goes on to seem to say that the uber taxi drivers might look good now, but watch out! The middleman is coming to exploit you - you'll be sorry someday, you left the nice capitalists! fuck

- 23rd Nov, and Weekend Mornings is right into the Xmas songs - and Stan is not there, all they say is 'on extended leave' - show going downhill ...

Enright show - divide and conquer - 'a massive transfer of wealth to baby boomers' - them fuckers. as always, scariest part is how many people are so easily drawn into this kind of crap. - very obviously scripted in general presentation, covering the points a 'legal' expert at a trial would cover to make their case - only difference here, of course, this is not a 'trial', it is a hanging. propaganda. divide and conquer, and deeper - we older people are mostly the only ones, some of us, who really understand what is going on here - and if we try to talk, the younger listener won't listen, they'll just be hostile from the beginning, etc - the masters at work preemptively again - good deconstruction, if anyone ever comes through the indoctrination with enough brains to understand the idea of deconstructing ..

Nov 22 - The House - we're going to get a bit more info about the Cdn 'mission' in Iraq, "fighting ISIS", by speaking to 4 of the leading warmongers. Way to go, impartial CBC bringing Cdns the stuff they need to know. And ES is of course very careful to go over the things they know Cdns are concerned about with these people, with scripted questions and scripted answers - nothing to worry about folks!!! We are the greatest, and you can trust us!!! (i.e. NO CIVILIAN CASUALTIES!!!! trust us!!! haha. or - what about Libya - some not very nice info has been floating around - Libya was a good example!! we don't even drop bombs every time we launch our fighters!! etc - and every other thing they talk about, directly answering the 'concerns' any thinking Cdn would have over this latest 'follow Uncle Sam bombing somewhere' crap - good deconstruction stuff for analysis, if the time ever comes ... ) (and that was the rational part! - then we have McCain from the US saying ISIS is the greatest threat humanity has ever faced, and the Cdn 'moderate' position is just useless - which, sadly, apparently many Cdns are so fucking deeply brainwashed they agree with - ) (this is big stuff - the Brit guy gets in his messages - we have to take out Assad as well as ISIS - and support the 'moderates' (anyone paying attention will know this was talked about before - it's BS) - and that we have to quit being such pansies, and beef up our national laws to go after terrorists, give more powers to secret guys, etc etc - rolling back normal democratic protections, in other words, because of this bogey man (he doesn't phrase things quite that way, of course, but that's what it's all about) - and then the coup de grace - our own Great Hero Peter McKay affirming all of these things, and assuring Cds they are really, really, truly, serious about protecting the rights and values of Cdns - but just these wee tiny changes have to be made to PROTECT US FROM TERRORISTSTERRORISTS TERRORSIST!!!!! and etc - and don't forget them fucking ENEMIES OF CANADA radicalizing themselves on the fucking internet .... )

Nov 19 - CBC 'professional' journalism - Bill Cosby being questioned about 'revelations he attacked other women years ago..' - I suppose they don't even know they're doing it now, tabloid press attitude about 'GOSSIP RULES!!!!' or whatever - actually, there are allegations from some women about Cosby, and in the legal world, or whatever is left of it, a person is presumed innocent until an allegation has been proved. I guess the CBC doesn't feel obligated by legal shit anymore - as we have seen frequently over the years - Ford, Ghomeshi, various middle east leaders - an allegation that the CBC likes needs no further proof - CBC DECLARES (pick a name( GUILTY _ LET'S GET IM!!! - I am so, so so fucking sad about my country these days.

>> fuck, the demonisation of a Muslim - the guy who did the shootings in Ottawa, now conveniently dead of course, so cannot defend himself - he had a good job in BC - but (ominous voice!!!!) - he sometimes prayed, which annoyed his fellow workers!! (that is so amateurish!!) - and etc. It's really scary - this kind of shit would never be accepted by an adult population - but apparently many Cdns still think the CBC is so great .

>> and 'the UN wants North Korea tried for 'human rights violations' - fuck, it is so transparent, and stupid - the US is the greatest human rights violator in the history of the world, just be raw numbers along - and they of course control the very farcical 'international court', so nobody does anything honest, just this kind of crap, all for propaganda

>> ow, listen to Ottawa Morning making sure you understand what your 'lunch break' is for - this is for the benefit of your employer, slave!!! - the idea is so you can refresh yourself, and be a good worker for the rest of the day!!! - you do NOT have a personal life, serf, you do personal stuff on your own time!!! - your lunch is still part of your work, you rest up so you can serve your master well for the rest of your day!! - fuck, what is WRONG with you people?!?!?! _ GET TO WORK!!! (capitalism - max the exploitation of EVERYthing ... ) (haha - the scary part is - I will bet that a very large number of the 'sheeple' are perfectly agreeable with this ... - my life is defined by my work, and I must please my boss - the industrial factories are not in any way dead ...)

Nov 17 - "news" - CBC talk - 'protesters spent two months getting in the faces of (some company)' - real professional, that's the CBC ....

PEI CBC 'reporter' - 'do you think it's appropriate for MLAs to be discussing party business outside of the legislature?' - huh???? brain not entirely engaged, I suppose, but that's the way kids are ..

NOT the CBC: sham opposition at G-20 - lots of cops, lots of lockdown, democracy in action - but we don't need to hear about that on the CBC, far more important to have a Harper acting like a pathetic bully's messenger, or the cute pics of various leaders with koala bears.

And this - Australian PM threatens to shirtfront Putin - it's obvious all of the major English speaking countries have been taken over the last few years - the US has always been the hidden leader of the dark side, of course, and Britain close behind since Thatcher, but it's a bit sad to learn that Australia and New Zealand (Harper was there a few days ago talking about some wonderful new 'trade' deals - AKA more deals to fuck workers and increase corporate power) have both been on the same slow downward path as Canada since the 80s. Makes sense, of course, but sad.

Nov 15 - G20 in Australia - they are 'reporting' (you never know if they're telling the truth or not" that Harper told Putin 'I only have one thing to say - you have to get out of Ukraine' - probably true, and if so, what a fucking asshole. I have nothing else to say about him.

Nov 14 - Ghiz resigns, big shock, except, it seems, to some at the CBC, who, on the local news, say his resignation 'came as a surprise to many' - they don't seem to have any interviews with anyone to whom it was 'not' a surprise however - just the cub reporters doing the best they can, I guess - ongoing failure to rise above a 'D' or so .... at best - add in the complete failure to cover 'real' news in any meaningful way, and you can't judge them in the adult world - as a local, small time broadcaster doing local community 'human-interest' stuff, they do a good job - but we need somebody doing the 'real' news.

Nov 13 - some guy pretended to be a soldier - and the CBC thinks this is a national interest story. Huh???? - all serious voice about this heinous crime, and their 'investigative journalism' investigation - they talked to some other soldiers, and they said they were suspicious because the beret was a bit crooked - serious voices, serious story, boy. The great CBC in action, watching out for Canadians!! fuck. I guess not entirely a farce from their part, there is a purpose, all part of the 'We great warrior nation!!! All honor to our brave soldiers!!! On your knees giving thanks when they pass by!!!' and etc. There are other POVs about all this - but in the current Cdn atmosphere, you'r really be taking your life in your hands to dare say anything. I guess in another bigger sense it's also really all just another layer on the hive mind - the onion layers all overlaying one another, if you happen to manage to get through one, there's lots of other layers to stop you.

>> almost as "important" as some travel company apparently running some scam on a few people - Big News People!!! Look at what great journalists we are for uncovering stories like this yea!!!!' fuck. fuckfuckfuck.

>> and Harper off to New Zealand (nice job) - talking about various things in that good ol high school level 'reporting' - the NZ PM and Harper have lots in common - they're both financial conservatives (!!) - and they expect to increase trade, which is a paltry 2 billion dollars or whatever - but just a sec - there's also some climate talk going on here and there, and nobody wants to ask an obvious question - what in the fuck do Canada and NZ have to trade????? What possible justification is there for sending ships across oceans, polluting every mile of the way, to 'trade' NZ sheep for Canadian sheep? Or chickens, or corn, or whatever the fuck? Why worry about 'increasing it' in some artificial way? Where are the people doing balance sheets with full accounting of the 'externalities' capitalist businesses like to exclude when talking about how wonderful their latest plans are? and etc. These people are half wits. But I repeat myself, as the man said.

- fuck, the 'pic for pic' 'scandal' on PEI - if a 15 year old girl sends a picture of herself to her boyfriend, no coercion - she is committing a crime, distributing child porn. (pause in my brain - huh? What the fuck????? It is illegal to send a picture of yourself to someone else??????? Fuck, I hope somebody wakes up soon - now the state has complete control of your body???? (sure, maybe it's stupid and inadvisable these days - but a **crime**??????? - the law has ceased to have any meaning, at least any good meaning, evidently - it means what any cop wants it to mean at any time, or any judge, who very obviously make their decisions based as much on personal prejudice as any legal principle as often as not.

- the Current - fuck, the 'lefties' are all upset at the Cons family thing - give the families more money, some people stay at home and don't work - pause - ????????? Somebody not having to work is a bad thing???? Wow (oh wait - now the lefties say we have an aging population so more people have to work to support them.... - fuck, this is too deep down the rabbit hole to deal with in a short comment here - (but again noting - the CCPA lady on the Current is very clear evidence she is a certified 'in the box' pretend-economist, and is not going to say anything that does anything other than suggest certain arrangements of 'certified acceptable' deck chairs.

- more 'big national news you need to know this!!! - university prof investigated for plagiarism - just spectacle - anything at all to keep from talking about what really needs to be talked about

Nov 12 - divide and conquer always a factor - they have some 'study' about how well immigrants are accepted, and they jump off to some comments about people's varying accents as being used to define whether they are accepted - ?????? The new 'science' I guess - they've muzzled real scientists and now the propagandists can just make stuff up. Fuck fuck fuck

>> and then the blisteringly important story about how divorced clergy people get along. wow. words don't fail, but it's obvious that people who find this kind of shit interesting aren't going to have much interest in anything that involves intelligent comment. (later - they say she did her MA on church gossip. what a world they are creating.

>> the Current - the brazenness of these people - a report on Iran, on the basis of control of ideas - the CBC has been deeply involved in such control for decades - a little test run, I guess, to see if there is anyone who sees what they are doing (besides me, of course) - I suspect not too many, and certainly none who are going to be getting asked for their opinion on the CBC ...

>> Cdn opera losing money - we're becoming a country of barbarians, following the lead of the CBC and its promotion daily of whatever the current sports season is and getting out to the local bars to catch the local bands. Confirmed by checking the comments below the story - how many people care, notwithstanding the good ticket sales (of course, people who go to operas probably don't have much interest in a dumbed down press..) - but look at the comments below any of the Ghomeshi gossip stories, or the Ford gossip of times past, etc. Not much hope left.

>> CBC employee frustrated.. - fuck, now an allegation of a 'lewd comment' years ago is national "news". That's what gossip does to your brain, I guess, rots it entirely until you have no idea at all what is really important and what is junk.

Another thing nobody seems to be thinking about with this stuff - women are doing themselves some considerably damage here, really, in terms of 'equality' - if your best assertion of 'equality' is running to mommy and telling her to tell Johnny to 'stop that!' - that is just the reverse of 'equality'. If you want equality, when Johnny (or Jian) makes a 'lewd suggestion', you don't go whining to mommy, you call him right on the spot - JIAN I DO NOT WANT TO FUCK YOU IN THE HATE WAY OR THE LOVE WAY OR ANY OTHER FUCKING WAY SO FUCK OFF!!!! - now just imagine, in the middle of a CBC meeting, that erupted from a pretty little female mouth - that would be asserting very forcefully your full equality to the man - not perhaps in the business hierarchy, but that is another issue, but just as male to female - as an equal female, you decide who you want to fuck or not, and just let others know. Anyway, that's just here outside the box - I guess they're training the children well, that we do NOT engage in looking after ourselves behavior, if we have problems, just like children we run to mommy or some other 'authority' - after all, children, let's not forget who is running the country here - we give you some privileges, but only as long as you are good children. If you misbehave, mommny will spank. Ask Jian. Ask the various people the mounties have shot with no excuse other than the people were not sufficiently and quickly enough obedient to their orders. Ask all the people in Canada with ideas different than the rulers who don't get anywhere near the CBC. Ask the people in the mideast who told the US to fuck off. etc etc etc

{{ and this - boy, we really need to know (and see) this in Canada. We have gone so, so far backwards the last 40 years ....

Nov 11 - boy, everything but HEIL HITLER SORRY HARPER!!! - today - the full military state "honoring" those who 'gave us our country' (according to Harper..) - man, good reconstruction stuff here - an endless series of 'stories' about our great honorable soldiers veterans, etc - some guy finding PEI graves in the US, some teachers who felt students know enough about Flanders Fields so put it to music, all kinds of things -

-related - big NEWS for the gossip lovers - 'the big annual debate is on in PEI - is putting up Xmas decorations right after Halloween too soon?!??' stuff you need to know to be an engaged citizen, according to the CBC ...

Nov 10 - "news" - some report from China gets even more ridiculous - 'China is known for not wanting to talk about bad things, but sometimes in negotiations of this nature we need to talk about them' - fuck, the hypocrisy is, as always, stunning - Canada the good guys who like to talk about their faults?!@?!?!?! hahaha. (What, we don't have any faults to talk about? fuck.)

>> and the ramp up for Remembrance Day is just way over the top - nobody is saying it out loud, but the message is very, very clear - WE ARE A MILITARISTIC SOCIETY - and you people better get with the program. story after story, propaganda after propaganda - we great heroes, fight terrible enemies - Saturday morning cartoons coming to YOUR neighborhood NOW. Just right for a country full of very dumbed down citizens. Think of a *good* militaristic society in history. Got any????? didn't think so. When you go militaristic, you go looking for people and countries to conquer. Starting wars with dreams of grandeur of course. Not hearing any of that kind of analysis on the CBC, of course. In the 30s, Hitler was just a good guy, a strong guy, protecting his country - no big speeches about getting out an conquering the world, as he was creating the citizenry blindly standing and screaming when the soldiers walked by. Bad business. Stupid people cheering.

>> all the serious shit going on in the world we could talk about, but we have a big segment analysing what is REALLY important to the CBC demographic - the football team's season' Don't know if they had a big panel analysis of poor people and food banks on the Ottawa show (there was a report today), but I rather doubt it - we mention the report now and again to show what caring people are, but we people in the upper middle class don't really think much about that - too bad, the gov or somebody is looking after you, we kids have more fun stuff to talk about ... (including a young woman, of course, very bubbly, very knowledgable (like our host!) - yes, lady, football, and all other sports, are not just for the men these days, no no no no no! - EVERYbody loves sports now - one of the most important things going on in our fun fun fun world. For everybody. Dumbing down. Let the adults look after the country - we don't want to talk about that shit - fun stuff baby!!

(and the cool guy letting us all know what is *really* at play here - 'the product has to improve' - eEVERYthing is a product these days, and we're just clients. Your fun and phony world. Like the Romans in the coliseum cheering while the empire fell apart around them. Stupid, stupider, most stupid. (bur we're having so much fun!!!!! - good. that'll really impress your kids when they asked you what the fuck you were doing when the NWO was taking over your country and creating Mordor North.)

Scary scary scary. look at the pic - tweedledee-dum-doodoo - couldn't be more clear, at least to those of us outside the box - evidently most Cdns are right into their 'reality tv' shit, and think this is all some real contest - the only contest is the rulers against the rest of us, and the score is about a trillion to zero so far, over the last 30 years or so. The sophisticated city slickers and the yokels. Not two clues to rub together, apparently, on this side of the field. So sad. So much 'what could have been' in this country these days.

Nov 9 - "newshaha" - theme they've been on the last few days, as they 'celebrate' the fall of the Berlin wall 25 years ago - the theme is 'Russian aggression' (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) in the Ukraine and other unnamed (naturally) places, perhaps starting a 'new cold war'!! damned old Russians!!!! - it is really difficult to understand how so many Cdns appear to be stupid enough to buy this shit - complete stupidity, nothing else to call it, aside from brainwashing I suppose - anyone with a brain capable of thinking has to have a rough idea of the world map, and the location of US bases completely surrounding Russia, and continually pushing to get closer and closer with 'new' NATO members, as with the Ukraine - and when Russia simply protests a bit, as they have been doing, the hysteria (you cannot call it anything else) about 'Russian aggression!! OMG!!!' vomits all over the western media - so obviously the complete reverse of the actual situation, with the US aggressing - but nobody seems to be able to see that - krist, really scary to see this going on, so many apparently braindead people - (but once again one notes, in these days of very tight money, some pretty nice perks for ""journalists"" (hahareally) willing to betray their people and work for the masters...)

-- krist, 'breaking news' - a bit breathless as they talk about an ISIS leader who may have been killed by US airstrikes - the "newsreader" just like a kid, breathless voice - 'what happened?!?' - fuck just an ongoing joke on the CBC these days - and the "correspondent" tells us 'ISIS may be in big trouble..' - just narrative creation, by amateurs reading from some script.

Enright's Sunday Edition - justice is failing women!!!! - more bandwagon stuff from the last few "scandals" - the problem is, these women may indeed be facing justice problems, but the whole fucking country is facing problems in terms of getting "justice" - and I will completely guarantee that the class of Canadians called "poor people" (including many 'middle class' people) is far, far, far bigger than this small group of women, and has far, far more problems in accessing any kind of justice (when was the last time we heard about poor people getting access to 'justice'? Maybe once or twice, but not often - and what has been done about it????? - nothing.

Nov 7 - the Box in action (as always, never sleeps...) - Mulcair, Trudeau distrust deepens.. - gotta keep the show running folks! - the ol tweedledee-dum-and-dumber political game.

>> 'CBC's Susan Lund from China...' - there are the perks if you're willing to sign on to the Good Ship Betray Your Country ...

>> they're on a 'big expose' - internet reviews of restaurants or similar things can be bought!!!! and might not be accurate!!!!! oh horrors!!!! - look how we protect you!!!! - it's just too cynical and sad for comment - the massive and very real con and scam of the national debt fraud has been going on for decades, but that is protected by the CBC et al (there is no fucking way the people at the top don't know about this - it is essential that the controllers know, so they can carefully gatekeep and make sure no innocent lower down hears of this and wants to do a story...)

>> Ghomeshi does not deserve access to our (so-called) law - the Star jumps in now with this really scary shit - there was a story a few months ago along the same line, some person who was 'obviously' guilty of something, and the CBC was getting all in a tither about how can lawyers defend this obviously guilty person? if we at the CBC have declared the person guilty, that's all we need, isn't it???? - obviously, the push is on - once a person is declared guilty of whatever by the media, that's it - we just need to talk about how to punish him or her. Gossip rules!!! - just one more step on the way to bringing the police state out of the closet - like any dictator, free to declare anyone guilty of anything with no trial required - the US crossed over long ago, we're about to join them. The whole legal system is a joke anyway the last few years like everything else in NWO Canada where lies and looting rule, but the idea is good and necessary in a free democracy, and there are obviously a lot of people out there who do want it to function impartially as it does in theory, including a lot of people who call themselves lawyers - so this kind of attack on it is a bit surprising - must be like the attacks of the last years on the CBC by the right - it's obviously gone to the dark side the last few years, but it was once a great voice of democracy, and if we ever manage to take back our government we will want it to be such again, which will just be harder to put back together if they destroy it completely. Like the legal system - and other things, we have good institutions here, put in place by our somewhat more aware ancestors, and the more of these they can 'degrade and destroy', the harder it's going to be to put the country back together. (jeezuz the writer here is a 'prof' at one of the more prestigious law schools - the whole country is becoming a bad fucking joke ...]

[[re above - ok, they have a 'fair' story elsewhere - still does not change the fact that senior people in a senior law school are recommending trial by media be added to trial by judge and/or jury - bad times and not getting better ..]]

- more whining about the European trip last month - and "the breakdown of costs are on our website' - (yes, sic..) grammar don't matter on the CBC these days - down and down and down we go ....

- and mucho propaganda about the great thing 25 years ago when the wall came down, and EVERYBODY was SOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!! DEMOCRACY WINS YEAAAAAA!!!!!!

-- and some woman talking about the terrible way women are treated in parliament. crap basically. not to mention they are all upset that, apparently, Trudeau talked about some cases that he was told about, and everybody says that is terrible, they were confidential, etc etc - but but - wait a sec - hasn't the CBC been basically screaming sexual harrassment about Ghomeshi the last few days? So ok for us, not for them? Ok, ok, double standards are what people do, I know ...

- just read this - no, we don't need a law against catcalling on Greenwald's Intercept site, and was reminded of this a few days ago on the Current - street harassment - and note that, as always, the CBC is context- and perspective free, when it is on some kind of mission. Lots missing from the propaganda, of course, but can't be bothered with a long commentary, more important stuff on the go - but just a reminder, again, of the CBC and its divide and conquer mission - get the shallow feminists all worked up again against men, never thinking that our real enemy is the people running the world, and if men and women don't get working together against our real enemy, we have no chance at all of beating them. Sure there's a few asshole men out there doing stupid things - most of which is, as the Intercept article points out, boors, but being a boor isn't a crime, and isn't threatening, so demanding some kind of law that is going to color all men with the same label is very divisive, and unfair. We need to be creating a better society where these men are not encouraged, not running around in some pathetic parody of the Quebec language police threatening anyone who looks at a woman on the street with penalties far outweighing any 'crime'.

- and more - CBC schoolgirl vendetta - piling on they call it some places, the teen girl gang going after someone they have decided they don't like. But at the CBC???? As I have unfortunately been saying, never think these poor fucks can't get any lower, they can. (with people, here and elsewhere, who cannot even figure out that 'Gian' is not 'john', fuck, how do such stupid people get jobs in broadcasting?!?!) This is the dumbing down in action, reaching ever higher in the organisation. One wonders what happened to journalistic integrity, and impartiality, and things like this, long gone from the CBC, and other media of course, although there's probably a bit more integrity in places like the Globe. But fuck, the legal process is something like charge, presumption of innocence, defence, trial, verdict - and then punishment, if appropriate. The CBC (and Star, and others) have evidently decided that when THEY decide somebody is guilty of something, all of those boring middle steps can be dispensed with, like the smallminded teen girl gangs in high school. We desperately need to get rid of these people ASAP.

The hypocrisy gets pretty stunning too - there are at least hundreds, and probably thousands, of women being beaten every day in this country, far more seriously than any of Ghomeshi's at least semi-willing 'victims', and the CBC, and other media, do little more than pay lip service to them, a few times a year. Where is the great outrage, where is the holding up pictures of convicted beaters for the public to see, so they know who to spit at in scorn when they see him? Where are the pictures and death wishes for the people who so much more deserve it, those convicted of beating and raping young native women, something else that is surely happening daily in our country, and again, nothing more than muted, somewhat obligatory tut-tuts every now and again on the public broadcaster? This is indeed a reality in our country, and a terrible reality we really need to be doing something about - but we want to keep it quiet, of course, because the root cause of this violence, and so much other nasty stuff around here, is simply poverty - and in capitalistland, poverty is systemic, and welcome, and the rulers have no intention whatsoever of doing anything about it (other than expanding the number of people in poverty) - so we don't want to get anywhere near that reality door. But this Ghoimeshi story, now, gossip though it is at the moment, is a great opportunity for the hypocritical, shallow-minded chatering set to show how deeply they really care about poor beaten women, and stand tall and denounce someone they really don't like much anyway (that teenage jealousy thing here) - so let's turn on the spotlights and start screaming girls!!!

Seems a lot like that from outside the boxland, anyway ...

>> the House - the Libs and NDP, and ES, turning a little molehill into a big mountain. Nobody knows what actually happened - but IT'S REALLY IMPORTANT FOLKS!!!! - gossip gossip is really all they have - and that's what they thrive on these days - as always, saddest part is how many Cdns are more than happy to get sucked into this shit ... children, dumbed down to the level of gossiping teenagers turning on someone they don't like anyways ... PC gone way, way way over the fucking edge.

- interesting thing - the lady he interviews says 'I have a right to go to work and not be touched' - wow. touching is SUCH an important part of community, of people caring for one another - but the new world order, the ultimate divide and conquer - YOU MUST NOT TOUCH ANYBODY WITHOUT SIGNED PERMISSION!!!! - fuck. little drones in the sheepfarm. what about all the people who LIKE being touched???? - haha, you don't have a voice in the NWO ... ALL WOMEN ARE VICTIMS ALL MEN ARE AGGRESSIVE PREDATORS!@!!!! REMEMBER THAT CHILDREN!!!! - fuck fuck fuck. {{{good deconstruction stuff going down here}}}} - the lady is a rad fem of some sort, talking about 'rape culture' and 'abuse of women' being endemic - there is no 'rape culture' here, and a great deal of what they complain about is perfectly normal and harmless, and often desirable, behavior - you cannot equate a friendly pat on the bum among friends with a violent rape, but that is the sense of unreality they promote - a complete lack of touch with reality - which of course is where the CBC wants everyone - wonderland north. fuck. fuckfuckfuckfuck

Nov 6 - oh boy, we got a GREAT new refocused deck chair now - EVERYBODY is being abused, a la Ghomeshi - even poor sweet young men on Parliament Hill!!!!! OMFG!!!!! - everybody gather round!!!! Everybody get their opinions together about this Latest Great Amazing Scandal!!!! fuck.

Nov 5 - morning "newshaha" - 'American politics just got a lot more contentious' - so, children, is this 'reporting the news' or 'creating the narrative'? - and then some selected clips and spin to 'prove' their case. No need for you to think citizen, indeed it's quite discouraged - the CBC **tells** you what you think - get with the program, serf ... (don't look for analysis like this from the Real News on the CBC - that's not mommy's fairy tale, children ...

- fuck, the gossip is just multiplying like maggots about Ghomeshi - and we all know the CBC loves gossip ...

-- and gossip about our 'enemies' - the North Korean leader is walking. pause. huh??? this is 'news'???? - I guess they're trying to mock them - as we all know, that is what we do to this leader, he's just a clown we all laugh at. one of the great social control weapons. Very interesting talk here (Sputnik, with blogger Marcel Cartier , for various reasons, but the last part, the kid says he has been to N Korea, and finds it very, very different than the totalitarian wasteland we hear about in the western media. Which is known as only one thing to me - the great liar.

>> and don't forget our ongoing story about the del Whoever suspension - WE'RE IN ELECTION MODE FOLKS!!!!! - fuck, the narrative as it happens, being created by the CBC me, not that I care that much anynmore after figuring out the tweedle scam, NOBODY with a functioning brain thinks about an election a year ahead of time, but the Americans do it, and the plan is slowly, slowly pushing us to be more and more like the Americans - this is part of it - not too far down the line, look we're all the same, look at all the money we could save if we just kind of put our countries together, we already have elections at the same time, we're all great supporters of democracy, we have the same 'terrorist threat', we love the same movies, etc etc - let's cut the old nationalism shit and just join -and bobs yer uncle) ... these guys are so, so much better than the 'left' in staying on message until the message is internalised

>> and a bunch of MPs are off to China - nice trip, baby, one of the good perks (none of this WE HATE THOSE FUCKERS REMEMBER!!!! talk when a serious junket is in the works...)

>> pour it on boys!!! - 'this remembrance day will be especially poignant (sic haha - the 'precocious' kids doing the news showing their great (not haha) vocab...), with the death of one of our soldiers two weeks ago - an MP wants to make Remembrance Day a national holiday' - boy, ever alert for the bandwagon, some of these people are beyond despicable, the worst kind of movie caricatures - not to mention reinforcing the blind patriotism involved here, adding another layer of glue to the hive mind ...

Nov 4 - deep in the box - the US midterms are just SOOOO Important Cdns!!! - Here is all you NEED to know about this really really important election!!!! - and etc etc - very obviously, to anyone outside the box with some understanding of how the world works, this is about as important as what the characters get up to in any other television show. Basically nothing. One of the other party may do a few things a bit differently, but as both are controlled by the same Big Money, as in Canada, all major things the Big Money wants done, or not done, will continue as they have since the 70s or 80s, when the small democratic influence people had at the time was turned back completely, and spectacle took over the western media as 'news'.

Same thing here - - the ongoing Ghomeshi story - really, a very trivial story in the bigger context of Canada, and basically far too low to rate as a 'world' story - but great stuff for people who love gossiping about other people, and for the rulers and their divide and conquer stuff, and for pushing Cdns a bit deeper into the 'we must not do anything Mother tells us not to do!!!' box - and for throwing a few more deck chairs on to the deck for people to get all excited about in various ways, as actually important things get pushed a little deeper into the 'nothing to talk about here folks!!' closets they've been confined to - for instance, the small protests last week about maybe we should be checking 'root causes' a bit when talking about why the kids killed soldiers??? _ NO WAY!!!! - no, we are innocents, set upon by evil, that is the only story we can talk about, it's pretty much now part of the dogma, and will be referred to know and again in the future - the idea that just maybe people are angry, really really angry, at Canada in some parts of the world because we bombed them a lot, and killed a lot of people and stuff, and are now identified as a 'good obedient bud' of the true great evil in the world, and so have put a target on our backs - no no no no!!!!! children, we are NOT talking about that where Good People talk in Canada - are you a fucking terrorist lover eh?!?!?!?!?!?! - and etc. Or any of the various other actually important things we ought to be talking about.

Nov 1 - the little holes in their narrative continually manifest, for those with eyes to see and a functioning brain, of whom there appear to be a few of us still around - but this MH17 Untold History is interesting not only because of the story of this, which is almost surely some kind of western false flag operation, but because for the first few minutes we once again very, very clearly see a debris field - there is no real argument about this plane somehow being shot down, and this is the kind of debris field you get when a big passenger liner crashes for whatever reason. But - just think back to the so-called 'crash site' (and here for an even better one) of so-called 'Flight 93' on 911 - so blatantly obvious no plane crashed here, yet apparently most Americans and Canadians were too deeply in the box to be able to stand up and just say 'Wait a fucking minute guys!!!' or whatever - just deeply, deeply in the box, not able to question the most blatant lies coming from their government and media. As I keep saying, this modern indoctrination is very, very deep and well done - I would have to say, given this, our chances of 'winning' here are very, very slim. But you have to keep trying.

first morning "news" - get the buttons pushed for the weekend - (a) TERRORISTS!!!! - the soldier buried, Canadians stand together in defiance of those fucking terrorists who hate us because we're just such darned good people!!! - and to back that up - (b) - thousands and thousands and THOUSANDS of evil Jihadis from EIGHTY!!!!! countries gathering in the mid east - we could be in increased danger of TERRORISTS all around the WORLD for years and years to come!!! Get used to it folks - endless danger, endless war, cops in charge GET ON YOUR KNEES CITIZEN YES SIR!! etc etc.

>> followed by gossip, so we don't get too serious - our target now, of course, is Ghomeshi - minor story in adultland, but there's only a few of us out here - in the Box, the latest deck chair to sit around getting sorted out - anything at all but something important, the CBC motto ....

>> the other soldier is buried, with suitable lamentations from a friend, whose opinion about his friend is somehow deemed to be 'news' we all need to hear about - of course, if we're creating the hive mind, this is what we get

"the Jian Ghomeshi story has been shocking Cdns all week' - note - they don't have to talk to anyone, you SHOULD be shocked, so this is the narrative in creation, in front of your eyes. - listen to the whole 'report' - 'he doesn't want to talk to the public, but now he may have to talk to the police..' - I read that a lot of times, and still don't see how it fits with 'impartial reporting of something important in our country or world', which is, really, what the CBC is supposed to be doing ... of course, if GOSSIP is the game, then we're good to go ... and of course gossip is indeed some very large part of the 'new' CBC, as part of harper's 'new' Canada

>> and then 'the power is out in Bangladesh' - ???? hunhh??? This is important for me or us to know why????

>> the House - don't forget Cdns, we are in election mode!!!! (yea, it's a year away - but the campaign is under way!!! - I guess it's good they tell us, or nobody else would think about this - as always, the narrative in process ... ) - jeezus krist, Solomon reads from a years old campaign promise, and tries to make out it is a serious promise breach because "you didn't mention the cap' - fuck, trivia masquerading as news - wait, I think I may have said that before ...

>> talking to Petraus - asked directly about root causes (is it important to understand) - dodged completely, rambled on about 'balancing security and freedom' etc - all part of what is going on this week, the 'good citizens' must be reassured that yes, we are passing more laws that will control you more, but it's ok!!!!! - we are really, really carefully considering your freedom, which is really, really important to us!!! trust us!!! - etc etc. and again, the innocent Cdn goes home, a bit worried, but reassured. - couple of US people on, both telling how happy the US people are the Canada is behind them with their great war on evil, etc - good Cdns!!! uncle loves you really!! etc etc

>> just noting - on the CBC home page, Nov 2 - 'most viewed' - Jian Ghomeshi investigators hear from 3rd woman' - just more evidence of the success of the dumbing down movement the last 30 years - the CBC people, supposedly the 'progressives' in Canada, find gossip more interesting than other 'news' - not, of course, suggesting there is actually much of substance to be found anywhere around the CBC -

Oct 31 - interesting as noted by others - the kid who killed 3 cops in Moncton being sentenced - various reports, but not a single mention of the 't-word'.

Oct 30 - kind of funny, the CBC is now totally, totally obsessed with slaying Ghomeshi, like they were totally irrational and hysterical with Ford last year - every show is pushing the accusations, in their 100% one-sided 'we are the judge this man is guilty you all must hate him now because he is a bad, bad man children!! and good children do not like bad children!!' and etc - same one-sided crap they were doing to Ford last year, and other things there is NO DEBATE ALLOWED THE CBC TELLS YOU!!! - good for lots of stuff, another 'WOW!!!!! Look at this new deck chair we all have to spend some time with, it does not really matter what your personal opinion is, although of course Momma STRONGLY suggests you hate this bad man - but the big purpose is just wasting more of your life on trivia, and ramping up a bit the male-female fight, and etc. (but what else could we talk about???? - well, if people being violent to others is of interest, then western bombing - much of it supported by, or carried out by, Canada, has caused massive deaths and injury or really maiming in the mideast countries the last decade - we have never, never heard ONE story about any of the horrors inflicted on these people by Cdns on the CBC - but a couple of women **accusing** this man of hitting them a couple of times is BIG HEADLINES BABY!!!!! - reasons as above ... ) (note - AM interview some actress on the Current - note that - **actress**!! - does anybody consider her career here???? - no, of course not, in Canada we just believe people ..) (and by fuck we on the CBC just LOVESSSS OUR GOSSIP!!!!!)

-- not unlike the interview with Michael Harris last night - sounds like 'real' stuff, featuring a book on 'hate Harper' - but of course, Harper is not the enemy, just the puppet, and the tweedledee-dum switcheroo is in place, so this is part of the plan. Ms T is, of course, as a rightwinger, somewhat hostile to Harris, but they do what they have to as part of the greater plan. Of course, they had a true rightwinger on after Harris to call him a left wing crank, and defend Harper - got to be fair haha, at least when someone dares attack the NWO in some way -

>> the stunning hypocrisy once again - but also the very sophisticated Box in action - AM talks to some NYT 'reporter' about governments spying on people, sounding like she is really concerned about what CSIS and Harper et al are planning - but careful listening shows she is very much in the box, trying to 'prove' she is a real 'journalist' working for the people, while, as always, simply reinforcing the box walls (it's a scam - some people have to show they at least pretend to oppose what is happening, to make it look like a 'real democratic discussion' is taking place - but of course Harper will do what he will do, and we will carry on, with ever and ever less freedom - until Trudeau, in a few years, constricts things further ...). {{Deconstruction stuff for those working on this..}}

Oct 29 - island Morning - fuck, you listen to some of the things you do, it's like some cross between grade school and high school - they have a 'contest' - if you could go to space with Chris Hadfield, what would you take - a question for adults to be sure!!! - and we get 'adult' responses - 'I'd take a picture of my family, because then I could always seem them' or something - the 'clever guy' - 'I;d take a kangaroo because then I'd be known as the guy who tool a kangaroo!!' - and etc. And I want to talk to these people about how commercial banks control the money?????? - it is to despair, really.

- "news" - 'we've learned some disturbing details..' - notice, 'we the people' don't have a choice here, we're all the same in the box when it comes to some things - all good box people are disturbed by some things (or terrified or excited) - as the CBC tells us. There's a good bonding deck chair folks - we can all stand around whatever our water cooler is tomorrow, and tell each other how *disturbed* we are at this disturbing story.

-- and the daily 'look at we smart kids' segment - 'next time you get a letter from Canada Revenue and you can't understand it? '- and etc. Professional 'news' reporting on the CBC. From high school to the highest national broadcaster.

Oct 29 - among other things - Current "analysis" of Ontario elections - a panel of Ford haters saying how GOOOODDDDDD it is Ford is gone!!!! (led by Robin Dolittle, the leader of the Star Ford pogrom - not a voice to speak for Ford, or the many people who support him - the great impartiality of the CBC in action again, speaking for 'all????' Cdns???? Well ...... speaking for Cdns who take their direction from them, anyway ...

- then they do a bit on Ghomeshi's firing - juvenile. like the whole thing - not a word anywhere about the 'adult' view - look at these halfwits, so obsessed over other people's sex lives. Little repressed curious children - playing at 'adults' on the radio. >> and they are, once again, using the bully pulpit to try to influence people to their view - beyond pathetic, really - and much more, they call it 'rush to judgement'!!!!! - and the idea is, Ghomeshi got his story out first, and people believed him - before the CBC (poor CBC!!!!!) had a chance to say anything - so now they are getting all these people to say how Gomeshi was wrong, etc etc. the thing is - just a few days ago, in a much, much bigger and more important field, the CBC was front and center in 'rush to judgement' before any info was in - cop shooting MUSLIM TERRORIST MUSLIM TERRORIST etc etc etc - and even later, not a fucking word of sanity allowed. fuck, even last week, after that shit, I was thinking fuck, they have to be close to the bottom - but noooooooo - they've found a way go dig a bit deeper - the pathetic bastards

Oct 27 - Ottawa Morning - some rearguard accident - Canadian cops overseas training other cops in other countries - we are SUCH good guys!!! (by the way - never mind all that shit out there about Cdns doing bad things overseas, which some crazy people say just MIGHT have had something to do with the killings last week - NO WAY!!!!! - They LOVE us overseas - listen up now!!!! The crazies just hate us because we are such fine folks, and crazies of course hate nice folk like us .... )

. the Current - surprise surprise - more narrative building - got to keep it up while the Cdn psyche is still in shock and receptive - how the lone wolf develops and self-radicalizes... LISTEN UP FOLKS!!!! - it is very, VERY important you listen here - we do NOT want you EVER EVER EVER thinking what some of those nutcases on the internet say, that 'they hate us because we have been bombing them for years' - HAHAHA!!! NONONON!!!! They hate us because of our freedoms!!!! They hate us because they are just nutcases who want us all to be Jihadist violent religious nuts!! etc etc - and they self-radicalized - etc - complete brainwashing, nice Cdns say they don't understand it, etc

>> very obvious where this is leading - justification for more restrictive laws, to allow the cops to go after anybody they don't like, claiming 'possible terrorist - you WANT us to stop him, right??!! - sure.

>> "they came in and took advantage of the fact that Canada opened the doors..' - and the next related theme - STOP the fuckers before they get in!! - and etc

- millions of words, endless moaning the last few days in the Cdn media - all of it complete bullshit - one short talk from Glen Greenwald, showing these propagandists what real journalists do - Greenwald talk after Canada "terrorism" acts - listening to the CBC, it makes it all so, so obvious that they are just doing propaganda, nothing more, nothing less.

Oct 26 - on and on - the propaganda - I guess get the children really scared, and then when they are vulnerable, fill their heads with lies. - a 'panel' in Vancouver, talking about how we can help victims of violence - ISIS caused violence, of course, with suitable demonisation first. As always, never never never are we going to talk about helping the hundreds of thousands of victims of American and Canadian bombing of other countries, numbers and degress of misery that would make every so-called 'terrorist' organisation pale in comparison. 'part of that discussion will have to be about how we deal with terrorism at home.' - fuck. how about - why bother

-- and of course again, let's not get too serious folks!!! - here's a 2-minute description of the latest World Series game - no longer just for 'sports fans' - hell no now we're ALL sports fans, right???? Of course we are!!

- surprise surprise, Enright is on board with the 'nice Canadians, evil terrorist!!!' shit -

- lot of people talk about the Air India bombing - odd nobody ever suggested we go bombing India>>

- lots of talk about 'the peaceable kingdom' and 'we've lost our innocence oh woe!!' etc - pushing the narrative very one-sidedly - of course, as Greenwald points out, we are nowhere near 'innocents' as we have been bombing various countries around the world for many years, and are actually very much the reverse - a rogue state, blatantly smashing international laws regarding who you can or cannot go bombing, legally - odd that nobody at all wants to talk about that /?? or not odd at all, really, considering the brainwashing that has obviously been so successful among Cdns

-- all quite barf inducing, really - the lies and stupidity, depending on who is doing the talking - I guess there are very few people here 'outside the box' who can see this as clearly as I do - I am obviously not alone, but there are obviously very few of us ... obviously Bob Rae is lying, as one of the rulers (he gives about 3 seconds to the idea that we attacked them, so they are responding - 'that is simply nonsense' or something - sure Bob ... actually, it is the root cause, but as a ruler you must deny it ..

- 'we have to stop denying that bad doesn't exist' ??????? good imagination - nobody has ever denied that - except, I guess, in the narrative being created here - Bobbsy Twins take over Canada ..

-- 'ISIS is waging war on the west, on Christianity' - (margaret macmillan, one of the establishment mouthpieces - again, creating the narrative, blatant nonsense, lies even - ISIS is trying to get the west out of the middle east, out of their countries - they have declared war on western countries oppressing them in their countries, but that is all - but of course, if we talk about that, then the first part of the solution becomes obvious - GET THE FUCK OUT!!! - haha, not going there, bob ...

-- Richard Gwyn - 'Canadians are not religious, so don't understand this' - ????? again - maybe you could check out the first words of the Cdn constitution?? Maybe you could check the number of MPs who declare themselves as atheist, or even agnostic??? I'll bet that is a figure you could count on the fingers of one hand, with five fingers missing ...

- macmillan again - the kids brainwash themselves on the internet!! (this is part of it - this will be part of the reason for putting some serious controls on the net ...) - it's again a 'narrative creation' point - they say that people get 'radicalised' or brainwashed on the net, and just start adopting radical beliefs - but again what we are never, NEVER going to talk about is - maybe our current society has some faults, some things that impact some people very greatly, and they go looking for better ways to live - capitalism is great for some people, and of course the capitalists running our society hire people like we hear this morning on the net to promote their views - but there are a lot of people not doing very well at all under capitalism, including in Canada, and a WHOLE lot of people not doing very well as the capitalists bomb their countries in order to get rid of leaders they don't like - and people find a lot of information about this kind of thing on the net - so really, in 'truth' you don't talk so much about people getting 'radicalized' on the internet, as people finding out what is really going on around here, that they are not learning from the capitalist press or education system, and then they start to oppose the current system

@!!!!!! - and the French lady wants to say one thing - the coverage of the CBC was exemplary - really good!!! - holy fuck batman. one begs to differ - the CBC coverage has been absolute shit (not that they stand out from the rest of the corporate media, all shit, although I suppose there might be the odd exception like Salutin's column last Friday in the Star). time will tell which of us are right, I suppose. no, I'm right - time will tell if the Ministry of Truth prevails, or truth .... not looking good for 'truth' right now ....

- this is all really really serious Box stuff - look at what a wonderful, caring country we are!!! - almost perfect just the way we are - etc etc - but you aren't people, you are deeply deeply indoctrinated and emboxed, and that is NOT perfect - for you, although it is very, very good for the rulers - and they appear to be glorifying this - but, of course, they are not bad people, just innocent, and more than a bit naive-cum=stupid after the last 30 years of dumbing down -

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