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Nov 1 - the little holes in their narrative continually manifest, for those with eyes to see and a functioning brain, of whom there appear to be a few of us still around - but this MH17 Untold History is interesting not only because of the story of this, which is almost surely some kind of western false flag operation, but because for the first few minutes we once again very, very clearly see a debris field - there is no real argument about this plane somehow being shot down, and this is the kind of debris field you get when a big passenger liner crashes for whatever reason. But - just think back to the so-called 'crash site' (and here for an even better one) of so-called 'Flight 93' on 911 - so blatantly obvious no plane crashed here, yet apparently most Americans and Canadians were too deeply in the box to be able to stand up and just say 'Wait a fucking minute guys!!!' or whatever - just deeply, deeply in the box, not able to question the most blatant lies coming from their government and media. As I keep saying, this modern indoctrination is very, very deep and well done - I would have to say, given this, our chances of 'winning' here are very, very slim. But you have to keep trying.

first morning "news" - get the buttons pushed for the weekend - (a) TERRORISTS!!!! - the soldier buried, Canadians stand together in defiance of those fucking terrorists who hate us because we're just such darned good people!!! - and to back that up - (b) - thousands and thousands and THOUSANDS of evil Jihadis from EIGHTY!!!!! countries gathering in the mid east - we could be in increased danger of TERRORISTS all around the WORLD for years and years to come!!! Get used to it folks - endless danger, endless war, cops in charge GET ON YOUR KNEES CITIZEN YES SIR!! etc etc.

>> followed by gossip, so we don't get too serious - our target now, of course, is Ghomeshi - minor story in adultland, but there's only a few of us out here - in the Box, the latest deck chair to sit around getting sorted out - anything at all but something important, the CBC motto ....

>> the other soldier is buried, with suitable lamentations from a friend, whose opinion about his friend is somehow deemed to be 'news' we all need to hear about - of course, if we're creating the hive mind, this is what we get

"the Jian Ghomeshi story has been shocking Cdns all week' - note - they don't have to talk to anyone, you SHOULD be shocked, so this is the narrative in creation, in front of your eyes. - listen to the whole 'report' - 'he doesn't want to talk to the public, but now he may have to talk to the police..' - I read that a lot of times, and still don't see how it fits with 'impartial reporting of something important in our country or world', which is, really, what the CBC is supposed to be doing ... of course, if GOSSIP is the game, then we're good to go ... and of course gossip is indeed some very large part of the 'new' CBC, as part of harper's 'new' Canada

>> and then 'the power is out in Bangladesh' - ???? hunhh??? This is important for me or us to know why????

>> the House - don't forget Cdns, we are in election mode!!!! (yea, it's a year away - but the campaign is under way!!! - I guess it's good they tell us, or nobody else would think about this - as always, the narrative in process ... ) - jeezus krist, Solomon reads from a years old campaign promise, and tries to make out it is a serious promise breach because "you didn't mention the cap' - fuck, trivia masquerading as news - wait, I think I may have said that before ...

>> talking to Petraus - asked directly about root causes (is it important to understand) - dodged completely, rambled on about 'balancing security and freedom' etc - all part of what is going on this week, the 'good citizens' must be reassured that yes, we are passing more laws that will control you more, but it's ok!!!!! - we are really, really carefully considering your freedom, which is really, really important to us!!! trust us!!! - etc etc. and again, the innocent Cdn goes home, a bit worried, but reassured. - couple of US people on, both telling how happy the US people are the Canada is behind them with their great war on evil, etc - good Cdns!!! uncle loves you really!! etc etc

>> just noting - on the CBC home page, Nov 2 - 'most viewed' - Jian Ghomeshi investigators hear from 3rd woman' - just more evidence of the success of the dumbing down movement the last 30 years - the CBC people, supposedly the 'progressives' in Canada, find gossip more interesting than other 'news' - not, of course, suggesting there is actually much of substance to be found anywhere around the CBC -

Oct 31 - interesting as noted by others - the kid who killed 3 cops in Moncton being sentenced - various reports, but not a single mention of the 't-word'.

Oct 30 - kind of funny, the CBC is now totally, totally obsessed with slaying Ghomeshi, like they were totally irrational and hysterical with Ford last year - every show is pushing the accusations, in their 100% one-sided 'we are the judge this man is guilty you all must hate him now because he is a bad, bad man children!! and good children do not like bad children!!' and etc - same one-sided crap they were doing to Ford last year, and other things there is NO DEBATE ALLOWED THE CBC TELLS YOU!!! - good for lots of stuff, another 'WOW!!!!! Look at this new deck chair we all have to spend some time with, it does not really matter what your personal opinion is, although of course Momma STRONGLY suggests you hate this bad man - but the big purpose is just wasting more of your life on trivia, and ramping up a bit the male-female fight, and etc. (but what else could we talk about???? - well, if people being violent to others is of interest, then western bombing - much of it supported by, or carried out by, Canada, has caused massive deaths and injury or really maiming in the mideast countries the last decade - we have never, never heard ONE story about any of the horrors inflicted on these people by Cdns on the CBC - but a couple of women **accusing** this man of hitting them a couple of times is BIG HEADLINES BABY!!!!! - reasons as above ... ) (note - AM interview some actress on the Current - note that - **actress**!! - does anybody consider her career here???? - no, of course not, in Canada we just believe people ..) (and by fuck we on the CBC just LOVESSSS OUR GOSSIP!!!!!)

-- not unlike the interview with Michael Harris last night - sounds like 'real' stuff, featuring a book on 'hate Harper' - but of course, Harper is not the enemy, just the puppet, and the tweedledee-dum switcheroo is in place, so this is part of the plan. Ms T is, of course, as a rightwinger, somewhat hostile to Harris, but they do what they have to as part of the greater plan. Of course, they had a true rightwinger on after Harris to call him a left wing crank, and defend Harper - got to be fair haha, at least when someone dares attack the NWO in some way -

>> the stunning hypocrisy once again - but also the very sophisticated Box in action - AM talks to some NYT 'reporter' about governments spying on people, sounding like she is really concerned about what CSIS and Harper et al are planning - but careful listening shows she is very much in the box, trying to 'prove' she is a real 'journalist' working for the people, while, as always, simply reinforcing the box walls (it's a scam - some people have to show they at least pretend to oppose what is happening, to make it look like a 'real democratic discussion' is taking place - but of course Harper will do what he will do, and we will carry on, with ever and ever less freedom - until Trudeau, in a few years, constricts things further ...). {{Deconstruction stuff for those working on this..}}

Oct 29 - island Morning - fuck, you listen to some of the things you do, it's like some cross between grade school and high school - they have a 'contest' - if you could go to space with Chris Hadfield, what would you take - a question for adults to be sure!!! - and we get 'adult' responses - 'I'd take a picture of my family, because then I could always seem them' or something - the 'clever guy' - 'I;d take a kangaroo because then I'd be known as the guy who tool a kangaroo!!' - and etc. And I want to talk to these people about how commercial banks control the money?????? - it is to despair, really.

- "news" - 'we've learned some disturbing details..' - notice, 'we the people' don't have a choice here, we're all the same in the box when it comes to some things - all good box people are disturbed by some things (or terrified or excited) - as the CBC tells us. There's a good bonding deck chair folks - we can all stand around whatever our water cooler is tomorrow, and tell each other how *disturbed* we are at this disturbing story.

-- and the daily 'look at we smart kids' segment - 'next time you get a letter from Canada Revenue and you can't understand it? '- and etc. Professional 'news' reporting on the CBC. From high school to the highest national broadcaster.

Oct 29 - among other things - Current "analysis" of Ontario elections - a panel of Ford haters saying how GOOOODDDDDD it is Ford is gone!!!! (led by Robin Dolittle, the leader of the Star Ford pogrom - not a voice to speak for Ford, or the many people who support him - the great impartiality of the CBC in action again, speaking for 'all????' Cdns???? Well ...... speaking for Cdns who take their direction from them, anyway ...

- then they do a bit on Ghomeshi's firing - juvenile. like the whole thing - not a word anywhere about the 'adult' view - look at these halfwits, so obsessed over other people's sex lives. Little repressed curious children - playing at 'adults' on the radio. >> and they are, once again, using the bully pulpit to try to influence people to their view - beyond pathetic, really - and much more, they call it 'rush to judgement'!!!!! - and the idea is, Ghomeshi got his story out first, and people believed him - before the CBC (poor CBC!!!!!) had a chance to say anything - so now they are getting all these people to say how Gomeshi was wrong, etc etc. the thing is - just a few days ago, in a much, much bigger and more important field, the CBC was front and center in 'rush to judgement' before any info was in - cop shooting MUSLIM TERRORIST MUSLIM TERRORIST etc etc etc - and even later, not a fucking word of sanity allowed. fuck, even last week, after that shit, I was thinking fuck, they have to be close to the bottom - but noooooooo - they've found a way go dig a bit deeper - the pathetic bastards

Oct 27 - Ottawa Morning - some rearguard accident - Canadian cops overseas training other cops in other countries - we are SUCH good guys!!! (by the way - never mind all that shit out there about Cdns doing bad things overseas, which some crazy people say just MIGHT have had something to do with the killings last week - NO WAY!!!!! - They LOVE us overseas - listen up now!!!! The crazies just hate us because we are such fine folks, and crazies of course hate nice folk like us .... )

. the Current - surprise surprise - more narrative building - got to keep it up while the Cdn psyche is still in shock and receptive - how the lone wolf develops and self-radicalizes... LISTEN UP FOLKS!!!! - it is very, VERY important you listen here - we do NOT want you EVER EVER EVER thinking what some of those nutcases on the internet say, that 'they hate us because we have been bombing them for years' - HAHAHA!!! NONONON!!!! They hate us because of our freedoms!!!! They hate us because they are just nutcases who want us all to be Jihadist violent religious nuts!! etc etc - and they self-radicalized - etc - complete brainwashing, nice Cdns say they don't understand it, etc

>> very obvious where this is leading - justification for more restrictive laws, to allow the cops to go after anybody they don't like, claiming 'possible terrorist - you WANT us to stop him, right??!! - sure.

>> "they came in and took advantage of the fact that Canada opened the doors..' - and the next related theme - STOP the fuckers before they get in!! - and etc

- millions of words, endless moaning the last few days in the Cdn media - all of it complete bullshit - one short talk from Glen Greenwald, showing these propagandists what real journalists do - Greenwald talk after Canada "terrorism" acts - listening to the CBC, it makes it all so, so obvious that they are just doing propaganda, nothing more, nothing less.

Oct 26 - on and on - the propaganda - I guess get the children really scared, and then when they are vulnerable, fill their heads with lies. - a 'panel' in Vancouver, talking about how we can help victims of violence - ISIS caused violence, of course, with suitable demonisation first. As always, never never never are we going to talk about helping the hundreds of thousands of victims of American and Canadian bombing of other countries, numbers and degress of misery that would make every so-called 'terrorist' organisation pale in comparison. 'part of that discussion will have to be about how we deal with terrorism at home.' - fuck. how about - why bother

-- and of course again, let's not get too serious folks!!! - here's a 2-minute description of the latest World Series game - no longer just for 'sports fans' - hell no now we're ALL sports fans, right???? Of course we are!!

- surprise surprise, Enright is on board with the 'nice Canadians, evil terrorist!!!' shit -

- lot of people talk about the Air India bombing - odd nobody ever suggested we go bombing India>>

- lots of talk about 'the peaceable kingdom' and 'we've lost our innocence oh woe!!' etc - pushing the narrative very one-sidedly - of course, as Greenwald points out, we are nowhere near 'innocents' as we have been bombing various countries around the world for many years, and are actually very much the reverse - a rogue state, blatantly smashing international laws regarding who you can or cannot go bombing, legally - odd that nobody at all wants to talk about that /?? or not odd at all, really, considering the brainwashing that has obviously been so successful among Cdns

-- all quite barf inducing, really - the lies and stupidity, depending on who is doing the talking - I guess there are very few people here 'outside the box' who can see this as clearly as I do - I am obviously not alone, but there are obviously very few of us ... obviously Bob Rae is lying, as one of the rulers (he gives about 3 seconds to the idea that we attacked them, so they are responding - 'that is simply nonsense' or something - sure Bob ... actually, it is the root cause, but as a ruler you must deny it ..

- 'we have to stop denying that bad doesn't exist' ??????? good imagination - nobody has ever denied that - except, I guess, in the narrative being created here - Bobbsy Twins take over Canada ..

-- 'ISIS is waging war on the west, on Christianity' - (margaret macmillan, one of the establishment mouthpieces - again, creating the narrative, blatant nonsense, lies even - ISIS is trying to get the west out of the middle east, out of their countries - they have declared war on western countries oppressing them in their countries, but that is all - but of course, if we talk about that, then the first part of the solution becomes obvious - GET THE FUCK OUT!!! - haha, not going there, bob ...

-- Richard Gwyn - 'Canadians are not religious, so don't understand this' - ????? again - maybe you could check out the first words of the Cdn constitution?? Maybe you could check the number of MPs who declare themselves as atheist, or even agnostic??? I'll bet that is a figure you could count on the fingers of one hand, with five fingers missing ...

- macmillan again - the kids brainwash themselves on the internet!! (this is part of it - this will be part of the reason for putting some serious controls on the net ...) - it's again a 'narrative creation' point - they say that people get 'radicalised' or brainwashed on the net, and just start adopting radical beliefs - but again what we are never, NEVER going to talk about is - maybe our current society has some faults, some things that impact some people very greatly, and they go looking for better ways to live - capitalism is great for some people, and of course the capitalists running our society hire people like we hear this morning on the net to promote their views - but there are a lot of people not doing very well at all under capitalism, including in Canada, and a WHOLE lot of people not doing very well as the capitalists bomb their countries in order to get rid of leaders they don't like - and people find a lot of information about this kind of thing on the net - so really, in 'truth' you don't talk so much about people getting 'radicalized' on the internet, as people finding out what is really going on around here, that they are not learning from the capitalist press or education system, and then they start to oppose the current system

@!!!!!! - and the French lady wants to say one thing - the coverage of the CBC was exemplary - really good!!! - holy fuck batman. one begs to differ - the CBC coverage has been absolute shit (not that they stand out from the rest of the corporate media, all shit, although I suppose there might be the odd exception like Salutin's column last Friday in the Star). time will tell which of us are right, I suppose. no, I'm right - time will tell if the Ministry of Truth prevails, or truth .... not looking good for 'truth' right now ....

- this is all really really serious Box stuff - look at what a wonderful, caring country we are!!! - almost perfect just the way we are - etc etc - but you aren't people, you are deeply deeply indoctrinated and emboxed, and that is NOT perfect - for you, although it is very, very good for the rulers - and they appear to be glorifying this - but, of course, they are not bad people, just innocent, and more than a bit naive-cum=stupid after the last 30 years of dumbing down -

Oct 25 - the forming of the patriotic hive continues - the soldier 'had nothing to die for, never did anything wrong, never hurt anyone' etc etc - just pure evil that killed him, in no possible way we are ever going to talk about on the CBC to justify such terrible murders and behaviour. Of course, how many millions of innocent people are thinking exactly the same things, and have been for the last 10 or 50 or 100 years in the middle east, families decimated by bombs from the sky dropped by Canadian bombers directly, or bombers perhaps not actually Canadian, but supported by the Cdn government and so many of its citizens? Bombs creating a literally untold litany of human horrors over the last few years and decades - millions of dead women and children, and maimed children, and destroyed houses and villages and public buildings and infrastructure, governments destroyed which may not have been to the pleasure of our western leaders, but which were still far better than the current chaos and gang warfare of the entire region - it is very unbelievably hypocritical that we have so much sympathy for one dead Canadian soldier - but apparently nothing but cold 'who gives a fuck' for the millions of dead and maimed we have been participating in, for the endless years of miserty we have been participating in bringing to those countries.

Not, I fear, a country I want much to do with anymore. But I must swallow my distaste, and try to bring them back from their mental wasteland - Canada, bad as it is right now, is still one of the hopes of the world. which is something of a statement of hopelessness itself.

- 'now she walks with a memorial candle and a face covered with tears' - just embarrassing first, and then really scary - the fanatically patriotic Germans in the 1930s come to mind - the thing is, as others as well as me have noted, these are soldiers who have been killed in war - tragic yes, but we are NOT the 'great victims of terrorism!!!!' everybody is pretending to believe - we have done far, far, FAR more damage and killing the last few years, and caused endless grief in other countries - and we are acting as if all that killing and grief is utterly meaningless, only Cds are entitled to grief, the millions of women and children and mothers and fathers and sons and daughters in those other countries are not worthy in any way of our consideration, as their killers and maimers. Really, really bad disconnect from reality ..

- of course, we can't forget the other part of the spectacle - and on every "news" cast we get a 2-3 minute description of the latest world series game - in fantasyland, baseball, even American, is 'important news we need to be kept informed about on the 7-8 minute hourly "news" (haha) - it really is a fucking unreal world for those of us outside the box - I may be alone here, it's not full of people advertising their presence - although there do seem to be at least a few kindred sorts of spirits writing around the net -

- and then the House - and surprise surprise, right into the crying lady, and more propaganda - they've had a few days to work on it, so high class stuff, at least for propaganda directed at pretty brain dead citizens not in any way needing sophisticated stuff as any teary crap will feed the fires .. really good deconstruction stuff, if anybody ever gets around it, that is to say if we ever win, which i don't have much hope for anymore, as I've said once or twice ..

-- this is serious narrative stuff in the making - all day every day, every radio and television show, every paper, many people adding to the monologue with more details, every Canadian will have this story very clear in their minds, and every Canadian will know why we are over bombing people in the mideast - because they are fucking horrible terrorists who attacked us one week in Ottawa for no fucking reason at all, those fucking monsters - by god, Canadians do not take this kind of shit, we will bomb them from the face of the earth!! - and etc. not a single thought about the Greenwald piece noted earlier, that actually WE have already been bombing them for 13 or more years, and this is just a very, very tiny bit of blowback that any semi-sentient being would know was coming sooner or later, etc. Not part of the narrative here, though - THEY started it, THEY kill us for no reason, THEY are mindless, evil terrorists, and we must be ready to stand tall and oppose these evil monsters, etc. And so goes the world.

--notable to observe the number of people we have just noting as if it is the most natural thing in the world some authority figure was there telling them what to do, and they obeyed, not only without questioning them, but thankful to have somebody in charge who knew what to do, take charge, tell the poor frightened people what to do, etc - the Good Cops Serving and Protecting the People!!! - and etc.

this is really scary - the extremely well indoctrinated citizens fully bragging about what good citizens they are, doing as they are told, not questioning the official narrative

- Day 6 - more endless 'analysis' of the damned terrorists, what we can do to stop them, etc - but one interesting thing - they mentions the Star - as a 'left-leaning' newspaper - I do not believe I have EVER heard anyone use 'right-leaning' with any of the media, although the NP is obviously far right, the Globe sort of center-far right, and the Sun right off the scale in stupid rightwing. But lefties, now - WATCH OU FOLKS CAN'T TRUST THE COMMIES!!!! etc - stupid stupid Canada. sorry, it's just a fact ..

Oct 24 - fuck, the CBC is clearly, and embarrassingly showing, what an Alice-in-Wonderland neverneverland place most Cdns seem to be living in - just like we are such really nice people and everybody loves us - how on earth could something so bad happen in our country?? golly gee, mom!! unbelievable innocence - or stupidity, really. they advertise the noon show in Ottawa - how do you feel that oour wonderful soldiers are told not to wear their uniforms? How does that make you feel? - fuck, a complete disconnect from reality. Thing is, of course, this is not in any way 'accidental' - this is exactly what kind of citizenry they have been developing with their indoctrination and propaganda the last few years. Not a fucking breath anywhere in the media of the only useful thing I have read about this - Glen Greenwald tells some truth - Canadians shocked, even though they have been proclaiming war for 12 years... - hard to believe how stupidly innocent you have to be, to be declaring war on other people for over a decade, and yet still somehow believe that the people you are bombing and killing will never bring the war to you - I still can't believe what kind of stupid never never land all these people must be living in - just unbelievable - but you listen to the CBC every day, and you can kind of get an idea - the CBC is promoting the very shit that most people seem to believe - we can drop bombs on you, and kill your women and children (well, you know, 'collateral damage;' is regrettable, sure, but it's ok, right??) - but YOU want to kill people in OUR country?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! _ NO WAY MAN!!!! THAT'S AGAINST THE RULES!!!! - fuck, we're busy watching sports games, and going to the bars to see the new bands, and just having a good life here in Canada - fuck, you can't bomb us!!!! That's terrorism man!!!!

fuck fuck fuck fuck.

>> news""haha - 'officials from schools are praising how well the lockdown was carried out' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!holy fuck. words fail. THANKS FOR THE CHAINS MASTERS THEY ARE WONDERFUL!!!!!! YOU LOOK AFTER US ALL SO WELL!!!!

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

- the Current - the host is all a huffy because the cops were not giving them *credible* minute by minute updates as the 'terrorist crisis' unfolded - fuck. the mental state of these people - just a tv spectacle, folks (after the TERRORR!!!!!! of course) - and we in the media are running things, so YOU MUST REPORT TO US FIRST!!! - fuck again. fuck fuck fuck fuck. I do NOT belong in this fucking zoo.

- in other "newshaha" - 'a report says Cdns are getting in over their heads in car loans'. pause. huh? What exactly has this to do with "news" ???????? fuck. fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck.

>> next "story" on Hey!!!! Saddam really did have WMD!!!! So back off - the invasion was actually ok!!! - but anyway, our cool host manages to ask 'did they have hazmat suits?' - oh, she's so cool!!!!!

-- note how efficiently the box works - new terrorist legislation!! - the country dazed as the media builds up the national hysteria and mourning for a tragic event, the government, with of course great assistance from the media as always, the Ministry of Truth leading the citizens along as always, talking about new 'anti-terrorist' measures to control everyone, the "opposition" (haha more accurately AKA tweedles B and C, or A and C, or whatever) duly pontificating that we must be careful not to make the laws too restrictive - we must talk about this etc, to pacify the more intelligent 'progressives' still not fully deadened to resistance - in the end, just another act in the big play to get any ideas of 'democracy' firmly contained in the box

>> and again, as has ever been the case, they all are completely on message here - we need more 'security' so we can find terrorists before they strike - we are NOT repeat NOT NOT NOT NOT!!!!! going to go anywhere near the same universe as the word 'blowback' is to be found in - we declare war, we invite people to come to our country to try to retaliate a bit for what we are doing to them - NONONONONO!!!!!!!! - and etc. Wonderland.

.. ISIS tells Canadians they will not feel safe in their own bedrooms - I am about convinced now this is all just part of the big spectacle, a complete fabrication - these people are controlled by the west, and are doing this for the sole reason of getting the citizens of these countries, dumbed down sheeplike things that they are, to sit passively by while the last links of the chains that will imprison them forever are forged. A completely orchestrated series of events by the master gamesplayers.

"...Canada is part of a U.S.-led alliance that has begun mobilizing to defeat ISIS, which has been committing widespread atrocities against Syrians and Iraqis in an attempt to impose its barbaric version of Islamic law in the region..."

- never, never a word about how 10-20 years of bombing the fuck out of those countries has created this 'ISIS', to whatever extent it actually exists. Never any reflection (on the corporate state media) about whether or not dropping more bombs on a situation created by earlier bombing is the best plan - just continual ramping up the propaganda, the 'terrorist events' to get the citizens of Canada et al to at least sit passively by, at best (for them) enthusiastically support, the endless war being created - just loke 1984, for anyone still able to use their brains a bit, with enemies changing from day to day, but always an enemy to justify a police state. There seem to be a few voice in the net trying to resist this, but it seems obvious most of the citizenry is suitably afraid, as they are meant to be, of the many bogeymen around them, and are quite eager for their military to be protecting them - the comments about welcoming the 'protective lockdown' are as worrying and scary as anything I've read the last few years. And there don't seem to be any voice at all wondering what the fuck has happened the last few years - nobody seems to notice that our civilisation, for centuries overall going forward into more peaceful times, has, for the last 30 years, been going the other way - if we western countries are the most powerful in the world, why aren't we forcing the world in a more peaceful and progessive direction, rather than backwards into more barbaric times? Somebody should be talking about this - obviously, no Cdns have any interest in me, which one supposed they might regret someday. or not, assuming the future turns out as it appears to be turning out now - they win, I am never heard of. Doesn't matter that much to me, but it's going to be a pretty sad and bad time for a lot of people who refused to open their eyes to what was being done around them.

Oct 23 - one Ch'town lady interviewed - 'I think there should be more peace and love in the world' - one can only assume she has no idea how much violence and destruction has been caused in the world the last few years by Canadian bombs .... not a good way to make friends ...

- the Current - full bore propaganda, and a bit more prepared - 'what about people who suggest Canada may have had this coming etc' - oh, well, that's just fanatics, and you cannot give in to terrorism (completely not answering the questions" - and 'what about how the press in handling this' - oh, you're just absolutely wonderful!!!! - krist. very obvious the 'guest' (some 'expert' from the US) is just there to validate everything that's being done. - when deconstructing - a perfect example of Icke's 'problem, reaction, solution' - the people they talk to on the current tells us all the things that could have prevented this terrible thing - and when they start talking about them, good Cdns will just be demanding we protect the HQ of our police state so our leaders are safe. etc.

>> interesting aside - Ms Tremonti, and her guest host, have no trouble at all leaving all the tragedy and angst behind them for the last few minutes, joking and laughing at their mail - just acting, from beginning to end - with a country full of marks too dumbed down to have any remote idea what's going on. mr jones.

Oct 22 - fuck, I guess this is the new norm, the kids telling stories and pretending they're news - a lady killed in the Yukon by a bear, turned into some kind of 'show and tell' for the CBC cub-pretend 'reporters' - "...but linegar isn't looking for answers - for him there are no answers. it just happened ..' fuck - they teach this shit in whatever they call 'journalism' school????? Maybe in the 'writing for Chatelaine' or whatever - but getting this on the CBC???!!!! - fuck.. - same thing with the cop run down by a kid in Quebec - they just write the desired story and spread it around the CBC - nothing to do with 'news', just in your face Ministry of Truth narrative creation - evil terrorist, radicalized, ISIS supporter, etc etc - unbelievable, everything about what is going on today -

- it's all just a massive farce these days. propaganda and spectacle - delivered by cynical lying traitors and starry eyed kids playing at being 'journalists' -

"news" haha - massive propaganda about the evil Muslim kid, creating the narrative very clearly in everyone's minds - really good deconstruction case study at some point - "we didn't know his intention to use his car as a weapon ... we didn't know he intended to commit a crime' and etc - that is, what is the fucking point of saying this? You don't know ANYBODY is going to commit a crime before they do it - why mention this here? Again, obviously the not-very-bright people running things are working up to something, and need to get this out - time will tell ... also hyping how ISIS tells citizens of countries like Canada to go killing locally - must be part of ramping up support for the completely illegal bombing etc -

"" the descent into radicalism, and why the RCMP couldn't do anything to stop him' -

- lady cop - 'having radical thoughts is not a crime in Canada..' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha right. fuck. that's why we stop them and take their passports, etc.

>> and on with the "news" - the baby bodies found in Winnipeg - they have some barely literate kid commenting about, like, how could this happen, like, we had no idea, like - etc etc -

>> and some more financial puffery from 'our economics reporter Peter Armstrong' on the Bank of Canada, uncertainty, the market, and etc - complete bullshit, masquerading is news. - markets are driven by fear of various things, etc

>> still on the Hong Kong protests - I wonder why, if big protests are so important that Cdns must be kept informed, we haven't heard anything about this - British protest austerity - economics and citizen protest - hmmm, not so interesting if done in a capitalist society???? Why wouldn't we find that surprising .... ????? haha "news" and CBC - not words that fit naturally together anymore ....

The Current - nasty old China again, doing bad things to prisoners - probably true, but why does the US continually get a pass? There is no doubt whatsoever the US has been up to far worse things than China, and as 'our ally' shouldn't we be more worried about their crimes????? (haha only if this was a real media doing the 'news' coverage - with propaganda, of course, the whole idea is demonising the enemy-of-the-day, and brushing our own equally heinous behaviour behind some 'we're the good guys we don't do that shit!!!!' wall. Good for the simple minded, I guess, who have always dominated the easily manipulable peasant class, the great majority in Canada these days. FUCKING TERRORISTS WE HATES THEM!!!

- shooting on parliament hill - read - the comments - the peasants are completely brainwashed.

- what bothers me most is the complete disconnection from reality shown by apparently everyone in Canada, the complete childishness of the response. For fuck's sake, 'we' (not me, but it is 'my; country) have been tagging along behind the American imperium for 25 years now, dropping bombs on countries that never presented any threat to us, killing krist only knows how many completely innocent civilians, children, babies, women, etc, destroying their infrastructure, paving the way for brutal dictators and gangs running all around these countries - and when, just once, somebody from some of these countries kills one of our soldiers, everyone gets hysteric like some terrible unexpected terrorist is attacking us for no reason. For fuks sake you people, stand up like intelligent adults and just accept the consequences of YOUR actions - ok, we started a completely unnecessary war of aggression, and in wars, people - **on both sides!!!** get killed - we go to their country and kill people, why on fucking earth would you suppose that some day, if they get a chance, some of their soldiers are not going to come here and return the favor???? Why???? - actions have consequences, you should know that, and accept it. If you want to call your soldiers 'heroes' for going around the world on the coattails of the great American hegemon and dropping bombs where the Americans say 'drop bombs!!', and kill civilians etc - then you have to accept some chance they will retaliate some day, and not get all hypocritical and hysterical when it happens.

Get on the internet and check out a term 'blowback' sometime. Look in a mirror. Think.

And the 'brave Canadians' - fuck it was so embarrassing - one guy with a gun, and the entire city panics and obeys like little sheep when the cops say 'lockdown!!' - our brave MPs barricading themselves behind locked doors at the very sound of a gun shot - the brave MPs who are so warrior-like they strut around calling themselves defenders of good things when they send bombers over the skies of poor countries on the other side of the world. Just face it - your government has put you in harm's way with their bombing of many other countries - when the retaliation happens, accept it, like adults. If you thought you were safely killing people on the other side of the world, and there was no danger - maybe you should rethink things a bit. If we call these kids 'terrorists' - what do you think all the people we are dropping bombs on in those other countries think of Canada the last few years? We are not killing 'enemy soldiers' only - there are a LOT of civilians getting killed with those bombs.

I have been pretty ashamed of 'my' country the last few years, with their utter cowlike stupidity as the bankers rob them blind - but this is really getting very difficult to stand.

Oct 21 - "news" haha - the south African guy gest a jail sentence, and some CBC lady is giving the big report - and finishes with - ' ...he loses 5 years, but that valentines day last year will haunt him a lifetime' - fuck, just blatantly writing narrative on the radio, the lady's voice going up and down as they always do now, like she's reading a story to kids - they don't even pretend to be 'impartial' anymore - also some story about ISIS attacking Canada !!!! - some 'radicalized' person running down a couple of soldiers, then being gunned down by cops after he rolls his car - in Canada - and Harper was making it headlines within hours????? fuck - the whole country is living in Sat morning cartoon land - the big hero costumes (hazmat suits) and etc -

>> Island Morning - Matt interviews Trudeau - quite aggressive, really, quite obvious where he stands (rightwing pretending to be caring for Cdns) - and the ongoing 'oh, you said some things the media criticized - do you think you need to be more careful?' - and etc - quite the message there - not a new one, of course, with the media telling Cdns what they are going to think if they want momma to give them their pat on the head - Trudeau obviously sounds far better than Harper, but he's still NWO light, and well in the box - still haven't decided if he's a very well indoctrinated dupe, or a great NWO actor -

>> some 'Ottawa report' lady busy writing the Ebola narrative - gov doing great, everybody trying to make sure there is no panic (To which one nearly falls off chair after the last few weeks of hysteria etc. and etc

the Current - on Ebola of course - but another 'in the box' connection - she says 'how worried do you think politicians are about how they handle this' - and of course, in the box they are very worried - but of course in realityland it makes no difference, as politicians are NOT the power ... LOTS OF GOOD DECONSTRUCTION SHIT AROUND THIS EBOLA MEDIA STUFF

>>> NOTE - not a SINGLE case in Canada, yet we're all supposed to be really concerned, in an adult way of course, about this terrible danger

>> like, of course, those fucking terrorists from ISIS - now they have actually struck us in Montreal!!! OMG!!!!! - but it does raise some questions to anyone outside the box - if this kid who ran down the soldiers was actually involved with ISIS - why is it 'terrorism'?? - that is to say, we have declared war on them, and are supporting bombing them in their country although they have never done anything here, and are planning on going bombing them, so if they come to OUR country and kill people - is that really 'terrorism'??? What are your definitions? If we go to their country and kill people, civilians included - is that 'terrorism'? No? Why the fuck not?

Oct 20 - the Current - big 'exploration' of why oil prices have suddenly dropped 20% - lots of 'in the box' talk, but nothing that sounds realistic from here in outside-the-box space, where we know one thing - nothing happens in 'the market' of any major nature that is not fully controlled by the people running the money. Not entirely clear what they're up to, but you can be fucking sure they're up to something.

Oct 19 - a good comparison between what they feed you in the box, and what other opinions about what is happening are available OUT of the Box - an Ira Basin doc on the CBC a few weeks ago about university temp lecturers, and how they are underpaid, etc - Ira is apparently one of these temps, and using the CBC to bitch about his personal problems, SOP these days - but a very puff piece, not getting anywhere near 'root causes' (which is a dirty word these days in the mainstream, as 'root causes' would, if honestly searched for, lead back to capitalism, all roads lead back to capitalism, and we do NOT want to be getting the people THAT informed or upset; and then we have a recent piece on ZNet, by Chomsky - democracy and education in the 21st century and beyond - a considerably more 'adult' and realistic look at what is happening here today, in terms of education. Believe it, you're never going to hear Chomsky on the CBC talking about this.

Oct 18 - The House - creating the narrative, 'the box' whatever - 'the parties are trying to frame their leaders' - see Cdns? YOu don't need to figure this stuff out!! _ We TELL you what the narrative is going to be for the next year!!! No brain power on your part required (good news actually there doesn't appear to much cumulative brain power left in Cdns STOP THAT DAVE!!!) - haha - Ministry of Truth in action - 24/7 all day every day ...

Oct 17 - "newsright" - poor old UN - the CBC tells us they need more money to fight Ebola. Odd - when the US-AKA-UN wants to go bombing the fuck out of somebody, we don't hear any appeals for money - appears they can afford to do all the killing the want, but tackling a serious (??) disease potential devastating world epidemic (CBC et al) - no money to be found. Any sane person would, at the least, say we as a 'western civilisation' (haha) are showing some strange priorities. Or not - I mean, nothing new to be learned here - Canada certainly follows the same pattern, no money (they whine endlessly and complain) for anything Cdns want, but we don't even talk about money when we're going bombing somewhere.

>> as always, many of the "cub reporters" demonstrating why they need to be demoted until they learn about the idea of 'impartial reporting' as the heart of real journalism - these clowns read like they're reading a story to kids, voices up and down, clearly indicating how their audience should be reacting to the story they are telling - shock, surprise, unhappiness, baaaad man children speak in hushed voice!, etc - haha, of course, that is what they are doing - telling stories, creating the Cdn narrative - nothing to do with reporting. The new CBC - Ministry of Truth, Branch Canada ... creating YOUR history right in front of your unknowing ears. Yes, that means YOU.

>> "news" - 'that means he is paying TD and Bell TWO DOLLARS A MONTH!!!!' - oh, the outrage. 30 billion a year, or 40 billion, or 50 billion, adding to a couple of trillion over the last few decades being conned out of all of us, isn't even on their radar. Of course. Canada's 'dumbest charge'. Canada's dumbest fucking media, maybe. or the big race for Canada's dumbest citizens. Big competition.

>> the Current - apparently somebody with some small amount of sanity, or one of the guardians or someone, has realised they have gone WAY the fuck overboard the last few days, and are doing a big in depth look at the role of the media in the Ebola panic (sarcasm font). But at least they have some guests on speaking a bit sanely. In the Box - that's what it's all about ....

Oct 16 - Island Morning - 'fund raising is pretty much an accepted and necessary part of school life now' - so we'll have a chat with somebody who'll talk about different things to do, what is 'acceptable' or not, and little deck chair things like that. [[must give them a bit of credit - they have some school principal saying how he disagrees with the idea in general, school should be free, etc - good on him) - BUT - as with the food banks earlier this week, we are NOT going to talk about what the fuck is going on in this country that we cannot afford to fund our fucking schools at something above a 3rd world level?????? Of course, even having that conversation would be turning on a light that would shine on things we don't want to talk about here, so we won't even go there. We live in a society whose primary function is funnelling as much of our wealth as possible to the elite, obscenely already wealthy rulers of our society - and their general attitude is 'I'm ok fuck you', so there's a lot of losers out there. Who should NOT be losers. We could choose to do things differently in this country - but apparently nobody believes that anymore, or are doing the Rev Neimuller stuff.

>> oh - but we do have a great conversation on what to do about graffiti in Halifax - now there's something of far, far more importance to your average Maritimer, no doubt ...

and ""news"" (hahanot) - we have a massive national panic in the making - EBOLA MIGHT BE COMING AND NOBODY HAS ANY FUCKING IDEA WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT OMG BE AFRAID BE AFRAID BEAFRAID!!!!!!!! - and etc. fuck, now we have a 'national emergency task force' ready to fly anywhere in the country any fool thinks there is a possible case of Ebola' - and the sane reaction is - wha???? - imagine that - I had thought that we had a very modern health care system in Canada, with very competent doctors all across the country where I could get basically world-class health care within a few hours of anywhere - not all hospitals have the best docs, of course, but they are all competent, and **good** care is close to anywhere if needed - but now they're telling us that is all a big illusion haha!!! - and NOBODY!!!! is equipped all across Canada to assess a strange disease and deal with it - we have to prepare a 'national task force!!!!' that we can send anywhere at a moment's notice!!!! - fuck, the dumbing down may be having unintended effects. Or, of course, this is all part of the ongoing lockdown - you people just be ready to DO AS YOU ARE FUCKING TOLD NOW!!!!!! CITIZEN!!!!! (but it's all for your own good of course!!!!)

>> and of course spreading as much confusion around as they can - they have some clip of Obama saying Ebola is infectious but not contagious ..... ????????? - right. morons reporting to the walking braindead, I guess.

>> for whatever reason, a bit more sanity seems to be at least allowed a bit of access to a mainstream media outlet in GB - breaking some Ebola myths. I guess the people in Canada are further along in the dumbing down, and for children, BLIND PANIC!!!!! is the preferred reaction to the latest bogeyman - dumbed down, terrified children are so much easier to herd around than adults, who are seeming to be thinner and thinner on the ground on Canada.

the Current - they're just endless with their watch for new deck chairs to get the peasants all excited - now we have a 'big debate!!!!' about some companies offering to freeze women's eggs, so if she wants to get pregnant later, she can have healthier eggs, or something - and by fuck, we have people who really think this is using and abusing women!!! and MUST NOT BE ALLOWED!@!!!! - utter stupidity, of course, like so many deck chairs (leave people alone!!! - you don't want to do this, great, is anybody forcing you???? no???? THen why can't you allow other women who WANT to do this, do as they please???) - no real answer - just raising shit to stop people talking about more important things - as always, when the CBC makes it an issue, all the progressives feel they have to have an opinion, many of them write something, to maintain their position as 'alt' leaders or something. (others of course are in on the deck chairs strategies, gate-keepers and trend setters working for the rulers)

>> related, but more important, the big issue hitting the supreme court again - the right to assisted suicide. Big deck chair - again, very obviously, this should be between the person and their doctor, period, this is NOT something for the public to decide, how they are going to control other people. etc

- CBC 'consumer watch' or whatever they call it - very colorful deck chairs for all the kids - Crazy consumer fees!!! - we all get pissed about this, and it's of some importance of course, but on an entirely secondary level - now if I was running this, I think I could interest even more people when I explained how they hadn't been gouged for ten or fifty bucks, but a couple of trillion over the last 30 years. hmmmm - maybe not. little things engage little minds - and if they are that little, they probably couldn't imagine the size of the problem. Hitler had this figured out a lot of years ago - tell them the BIIIGGGG lie - they won't believe you would be so bold as to lie that big. More proof in Canada today. dumbed down big time.

Oct 15 - Ottawa Morning - 'feel good' story about how somebody is giving food to food banks, even some farmers, etc - ain't we nice people aw gee???? - and of course sure we are - but the far, far FAR bigger story the CBC is never going to go anywhere near, and which is why we need a real 'for the people' media as soon as possible - what in the fuck is going on in Canada, one of the very richest and most peaceful countries in the world, that we need food banks anywhere anytime - let alone, the need has been growing every year for the last 20+ years?!?!?! And why is nobody asking this question??? This should be, if we had any decent media anywhere, a huge mark of national disgrace and shame - not only of greed, but how fucking stupid are most Canadians that they don't even know what is going on in this rich country, how so much money is being stolen from 'us', how the country is being run more an more openly in the interests of the ruling class, who very naturally don't care how many peasants are starving, and etc? fuck, you just feel there's no point in fighting anymore - sure the wealthy are going to do their best to do what they are doing, but they could simply not get away with ANY of this, if we had any decent proportion of Cdns who were awake and intelligent enough to understand what was happening, and lead the fight against the usurpers.

"news" - somebody is fixated on the word 'crash' in the CBC pretend-news writing room - the Elliot Mall report is being released, about how a 'roof came crashing down!' and etc. But again, the whole story is major spectacle - two people killed is a tragedy - but there are bigger and more important tragedies going on all around us every day - but they would implicate major capitalist rulers and their system, so we're not going there, in any serious way.

>> Naomi Klein gets a big reward for her book - that pretty much seals her position as working for the enemy - the idea she might be an innocent dupe is pretty far-fetched, she comes from a very 'in' family, very obviously very intelligent, thus very obviously knowing what they are doing. Stay in the box, children - look at Ms Klein, if she is not talking about it, we don't need to worry about it. Get them deck chairs over here now!!! "global dignity day' - an app that allows young people to take pics of the things they do during a day, and collect points - so, so, so in the box - you children be nice to one another now!!! Nice children are far, far easier to manage. and etc.

copyright changes and attack ads - again, playing in the box - the much bigger story is how in the fuck are supposedly intelligent citizens manipulated so easily by garbage? Answer - of course, they are much, much less intelligent than they think. In any real society, with intelligent, engaged citizens, any party trying attack ads would simply be writing themselves out of whatever politican contest they were contesting - any intelligent citizen looks on this shit with utter scorn. Apparently not that many of us around these days.

- the Current - crying ladies!!!! Great stuff!!!

Oct 12 - Weekend Mornings - the peasants must be getting a bit restless - Stan asked his listeners last week to tell him things they were thankful about, on this Thanksgiving weekend - and the first one today is a many telling us how freaking lucky we are to live in this great democracy called Canada!! - absolutely. You people believe that. Because as long as you believe that, you won't see any need to fight to make the country better, to stop it from suddenly becoming what it is very soon going to become if a lot of people don't wake up to what is happening here. Which the CBC is very dedicated to facilitating, and stopping people from complaining is one of the important parts of their job.

{ one gets the odd moment of some truth still, even in the capitalist press, which does have to make some concessions so more people don't start understanding the box - this one for instance in the Star - Food security crisis coming - it's nice to praise your country, but it's just stupid to pretend it's perfect when the problems are big and growing bigger every day we don't start stopping them ... ]]

>> yea again, on the "news" later - some story about sharing Thanksgiving dinner - reminding how people from other places want to come to the great country - stop complaining Dave!!!! - no, not just yet - I know it is still a better country than most in the world - but I also see it has been going rather seriously downhill for a lot of years, and not because of some 'natural unavoidable causes' or anything - but because a small group of people are stealing it, and they need to be exposed and stopped. Soon. Better than other countries is not good enough, right now - it's getting to be a very low bar, and falling every day. We need to start raising the bar, and the quality of our country to somewhere it used to aspire to.

Oct 11 - we would not be in the least in any way surprised to hear ES on the House adding his voice to 'EVIL ISIS BOMB BOMB BOMB!!!!' etc. So not much point in detailing anything with more anger and surprise that so many Cdns just follow along these blatant and basically stupid lies. As always, of course there are many, many people writing more sane opinion on the net - Canada: the latest recruits to Obama's new 'Coalition of the Killing'?. Not the CBC.

- they have some spokesperson from the RCMP telling us, again, about the GREAT DANGER!!!!!! of 'home grown radicals' etc etc - it's pathetic - the guys sounds just like a semi-precocious kid still in high school, looking for his pat on the head for being such an obedient little student, repeating things he knows momma wants him to say. Like so many others. they have some gov 'minister' also - another kid who was hired because he's willing to spout the talking points. and Always the 'history begins when we want it to for our story' shit - he makes the point Iraq does not have very good air power - odd he wouldn't just note in passing that Iraq is so weak because of the US bombing it back to the stone age, so obviously the solution to problems created by bombing can be solved by more bombing haha. (also gets in one of the new 'cool words' - we're going to 'degrade' ISIS. good luck with that. 'boots on the ground' - wow, we're so much tough like Bruce Willis it just makes you want to cream!!! hearts and minds, baby, hearts and minds - evidently a quite large of Cdns want to believe they're part of that 'cool jargon gang'.

(speaking of the RCMP - as they come on the CBC telling us what great work they are doing to protect Cdns from TERRORISTS!!!!! - a bit more inquisition about stories like this - Ottawa admits to tracking hundreds of protests might provide a bit of context about how credible they are when they send kids on to piously talk about 'protecting us' - Hitler would have said the same thing70 years ago I am sure, his gestapo were just 'protecting hardworking good German citizens' from various types of riffraff .... dictators are all the same, lies and violence ....

>> and also related - BC lockdown partially lifted - this is just getting to be the norm now, nobody thinks to question the cops - if they declare your town or city under 'lockdown', then just get the fuck inside and do what you're told until they 'lift' it - let's make that perfectly clear, citizens, the cops are in control - you do not tell cops what to do, they tell you what to do, and you have two choices, do as you are fucking told, or face the consequences, which will NOT be mild. Canada the great democracy.

fuck - it's not ISIS that is any danger to our country, or these few kids wanting to go to the mid-east to fight for something they think important - it's the fucking CBC, not to mention our own government.

((interesting - Gary Doer is on also, talking about 'the terrible danger!!!!' like everyone else - but for those with any kind of memory, we might recall he was an NDP premier, doing the good job for the masters, still doing it - firmly in the rightwing camp now, openly doing the propaganda the master requires, no pretensions, etc.)

{jeez they almost screwed up, obviously not vetting some people properly - some guy from the military actually said on the CBC the 'root causes' ARE important - and not only understanding how Iraq's current problems resulted from the US bombing 20 years ago, but also go back 100 years!!!! - he wasn't asked to get into detail, actually he wasn't on much longer at all, and you have MY guarantee he'll not be bringing this shit up anymore on the CBC ... )

- haven't heard anything from the CBC except mockery about Trudeau's decision not to 'support the mission' - very clearly, the CBC people understand their 'Ministry of Truth' role - get the people onside!!! - if Trudeau is appearing to be a bit hesitant for his own political reasons, then go after him, for being wishy washy or whatever in failing to be totally 110% onside in this most important war of our lives against the worst more terrible and horrifying brutal enemy we have ever faced who MIGHT COME TO CANADA AND CUT HEADS OFF ANYTIME HOLY FUCK HE SUPPORTS THIS SHIT?!?!?!?! - etc

Oct 10 - Ottawa taking on radicalized Canadians - what a scary, scary picture - this could come from Nazi Germany circa anytime in the later 1930s or early 40s - these are the people who will tell you what to do. Your choices are do what you're told willingly or face the consequences. About the 'story' - what we really need is a look at what kind of impact constant repetition from the Cdn media along the lines of 'MONSTER BOMB HIM MONSTER BOMB HIM' has in radicalizing Cdns in general into accepting with no thought at all the continuing fall of our once almost great country into evil ways. We're war criminals many times over now, all of us who do not stand up and try to stop all the bombings of countries that present no threat to us at all. We're most of us guilty of some pretty serious stupidity also, not seeming to understand that the bombing is not 'dealing with' some kind of threat, the bombing is creating the threat. Fuck, hard to believe sometimes how fucking stupid so many people are in this country. Pretty scary too.

"...Instead, he repeated the pledge made last week by Prime Minister Stephen Harper that additional measures are coming soon... "Preventing violent extremism is an essential element of our response,...." - this is really pretty amazing - the real meaning of this is simply that we have been standing beside the world's bully throwing stuff at some small kids, but kids who are not afraid and can throw stuff back, so we are going to take some steps to see if we can stop them damned kids from hurting us. It's quite amazing that so very few Cdns seem to understand that if we weren't standing beside the bully throwing stones in the first place, the small but potentially dangerous kid wouldn't have any interest in us. It's really a no-win game for us - we've created our own danger, and if we get hit with one of the stones, it is not because the other kid is innately evil, as we are pretending, but because we have angered him. NO point in going on at length, evidently few people can think this deeply in our dumbed down society, certainly nobody they're ever going to allow near the CBC. I do know there are at least some people out there who understand this - but according to the widespread support for Harper bombing anybody the US wants bombed, not that many, and certainly not vocal.

(and the piece is labeled 'analysis' - straight up lie for a blatant propaganda screed - any legitimate analysis would at least begin with 'why?' do we think this is a legitimate threat? (and of course any true analysis could only conclude it's a threat to Canada and our way of life about as much as Ebola is, a small thing blown up into massive hysteria through manipulative propaganda), and then get into 'why' whatever small threat there actually is, exists at all - which of course would be looking back at the last 20-100 years of western bombing and looting and installing brutal western-friendly dictators to brutalise the people - after a while, blowback is pretty inevitable.) - actually, there is quite a lot of that kind of thing out there on the net these days, you're just never going to see it in places where western propaganda is what is being sold, such as the CBC. Example - David Swanson does a lot of good stuff, such as The New War, the Forever War.

Oct 10 - Island Morning - some bit on how advertising stereotypes men and women - would have been well done for a 1st year journo course at a reasonably good school, but it's basically kid stuff for kids. Oh, right, that's what the CBC is all about these days - listen kids, this is the level of societal "analysis" we consider "adult" on the CBC - and you understand it all, right? So you're an adult Charlie!!! Well Done!!! (momma pat on the head, baby feels good..)

>> fuck it's just beyond believable anymore - saturday morning cartoons as the basis of the "narrative" - Canadians jets are planning air strikes against ISIS when they emerge from their civilian hiding places!! GOod Canadians not killing civilians!! Stay tuned!! - and our Homeland Terror Police are preparing New Attacks on Self-Radicalized Canadians Here in Canada Planning to Attack Our homeland the Fiends!!! But we have a 'robust prevention program!!!! to intervene before radicalized Cdn Terrorists take action!!!' - and etc etc - fuck if they tried to sell this in a fiction book it would be laughed out of the store - well, wait now, the marks are obviously very, very dumbed down if they are believing this utterly laughable crap coming out of the CBC these days, worse and worse garbage every day -

>> and they talk about 'the bombing the bombing!!' - nary a word about how bombing other countries that are not actually threatening you is, really, plainly and simply, an act of war against that country, or those countries. So Canada has joined other countries in declaring war on Iraq and, probably soon, Syria. The supreme war crime, according to the Nuremburg principles. (I suppose nobody cares, but as noted now and again, any people propagandizing war actions are war criminals themselves. The good guys will be coming one of these days - and then there's going to be a use for the new Harper jails. I guess that's going to be the final sign of victory - if they toss us in those jails, or we toss them. The 1000 year reich finally emerges, or a new democracy is born. Not looking good for 'democracy' these days, but who knows?

>> **In the Box** - Ottawa Morning - some serious interview with somebody telling us that global warming is serious, and there are some important things YOU can do to help. Get electric public transport. Be sure your public buildings are properly insulated. And etc - deck chair talk. We who actually have functioning brains can see clearly some of the major things that need to be done - i.e. isn't it odd that another big story these days is Canada going bombing again, which should make some people recall the US has been bombing somebody around the world, often several places at the same time, pretty much non-stop for the last 60 or 70 years, and has the largest military in the world - just how much is the US military, both in simple operation and all of that fucking bombing that they do, and cause others to do trying to fight back a bit, contributing to this problem? I expect that would come to a somewhat bigger number than whatever you wanted to put up there beside it about insulating your public buildings properly. Or what about capitalism itself, with its growth imperative? We do NOT need to do this - we could arrange our economies a great deal differently, so that the capitalist growth imperative was simply removed like the cancer it so much resembles - odd that nobody on the CBC ever mentions that. And etc. And once again the CBC is working with deck chairs, and feeding crap to the mushrooms of Canada. And they all seem to love it.

Oct 10 - "newshaha" - The House of Commons is falling apart!! - (quote): '..some bricks could crash!! down and injure a parliamentarian!!!" - fuck, laughter doesn't even cover it - "news" written by and for, and read by, I guess, highschool level 3rd rate wannabe journalists (hi! I'll call you a parliamentarian if you'll call me a journalist!! Wow so cool!!) - would not be even accepted into a journalism school in the days when we really had journalists and journalism (not to mention real journalism schools, rather than the very obviously pretend-journo schools today - you know your job kids, dumbed down shit for dumbed down people is the basic rule, with a bit of propaganda and gatekeeping as given you to promote by the rulers. yes ma'am.) - today - they're front and center on the CBC, thinking they're just doing a great job.

>> more 'Look how professional we are!!!!' - as Holly has some new friends on talking about their new book. You wanna make it in Canada among the 'progressive' set - get to be buds with somebody on the CBC, and they'll see you get your PR free ...

- the Current - two of the 'management team' having a nice chat - AM and Douglas Coupland, explaining the Box to the peasants - worth some deconstruction time if anybody ever gets around to anything - Coupland either decided for himself that his future lay in the Box, or was recruited - he's a very mediocre writer, but you can make anybody famous you want, in the matrix ...

Oct 7 - children over-reacting again - a Big Story!!!!! on PEI - some kid waved a toy gun on a schoolbus, and they're all going into a panic. Fuck. If people don't start fighting back soon, it's going to be too late - I very much fear it's way too late already, the Box is very, very real - kind of like the matrix. I appear to be one of the few who see what is going on. And they all think I'm a nutcase of course.

>> in the box - this kind of thing is a perfect example of a very, very strong box - New Canada Conference - all the kids, doing the best they can with their brains, very enthusiastic - and all devoted to new and better ways of rearranging the deck chairs they have been well indoctrinated to believe are their whole world, and all they have to work with. I expect there are other kids out there whose parents have made them aware of at least some of the lies they live under, but such kids would not get invited to this kind of conference - what about the kid last year or whenever who got a bit of net time talking about the money system? I'll try to get more info, but I doubt very much if her idea for a better Canada of taking away control of our money from commercial banking interests creating all credit-money as debt was allowed anywhere near these kids, who just might be able to see the truth in it, and join the crusade. This conference, and any like them, are for the very purpose of validating certain things in the box, and strengthening the box walls to keep kids like this full of energy working for their rulers in the box, rather than working to remove the chains they will find out soon enough they live under.,

- and this one, a few days ago from Ontario Today - defending the indefensible - actually, from here outside the box where the adults and non-indoctrinated hang out, all ??? of us (small number), the very question is highly offensive, insofar as we want to pretend this is a 'democracy', and actually quite indefensible itself. She did have a pretty good guest on, but an old guy, and obviously deep in the box himself - you are of course allowed to defend people accused of heinous crimes in the box, at least you have been allowed to in the past, and he goes back a long way, if he was involved in the Truscott case. But his mind is still back in the 60s too, he's obviously led some kind of insulated life, when he says he still believes most cops are honest, and the legal system comes to the right decision most of the time - that may have been sort of true 50 years ago, like the pretend democracy was much closer to democracy and the pretend media much closer to be a 'real' media, but surely in the Canada-NWO version the cops and courts and entire legal system are a big mess, a big joke, with the only purpose, like every other major institutions, devoted entirely to supporting the NWO, through whatever their particular specialty happens to be.

The poor old host was trying to pretend to be 'impartial' and agree like a 'progressive' that people have a right to a fair, impartial trial, but she could hardly contain herself - very obviously, in her opinion, when 'we' in the media have told the people that somebody has done something bad and all good people must hate him, then what do we need any trial for? The legal system is not that relevant anymore - the media itself does what 'investigations' it wants, and when the gods in the media have ascertained there is Guilt - then it's just a waste of time and money to go through 'legal' games. And we see this in the bigger sense - there is absolutely zero doubt in the minds of the CBC people that when they pronounce some foreign leader to be a 'monster' of some kind, then that is the end of the story - the only question left is how to deal with the monster - debate on the CBC about whether or not the "intelligence" or other propaganda from America etc is true is simply not going to be entertained - we say they are guilty, and by god we expect no backtalk from Cdns. When we on the CBC declare somebody guilty - why would anybody want to defend him? Momma knows, baby believes. George Orwell saw it all coming. Ministry of Truth - I don't think Orwell's world had much use for anyone defending anyone they pronounced guilty as charged either.

{{Ontario Day - again, another example - the media have judged China - why would anybody defend those people? We KNOW they are undemocratic, and do bad things all the time, and until they start doing what America wants them to do, then there is just no defence for them - bad people. Momma won't talk to you. We don't need a debate on 'is China really bad', just 'how bad are they?' (and warning - **only** piling on allowed - no attempts to say they ever did anything good - not allowed. Momma will NOT pat you on the head for disagreeing with momma. But you knew that before you called - you just want to show momma what a good boy you are, right? sure.]

- fuck, the "news" - how many scientists does it take to invent a light bulb? - 3 - they just won a Nobel prize for something. 10-year-old "humor" in the news. Wonderful. What would you expect? the dumbing down is pretty much out of control.

- the Current - no question where the CBC is coming from - 'a telling argument from John Baird about why we should be joining the mission to bomb ISIS'... - many far more telling arguments about why we should NOT be doing this - I won't hold my breath waiting for them on the CBC haha ... (Mulcair's in the box questions are NOT telling - just in the box pretend stuff ..)

>>> but they are obviously still fine-tuning the propaganda - many scripted questions to reassure Cdns everything is fine, these ISIS people really, really are totally fucking evil monsters, we don't even need to entertain any discussion on THAT boy!!! - but what are we going to do? Are we going to be big brave Cdns and help the world deal with this horrible danger, or just keep ourselves safe and let other deal with it??? (haha - you have to be far, far stronger than the average well-indoctrinated and dumbed down Cdn to get beyond that psychology, boy!!) - but it is still so disappointing to see so many Cdns supporting this 'mission' - wow, somebody over there cut off somebody's head, and they threatened on youtube to come over here and cut off Canadian heads!!!! - OH FUCKING WOW!!!!! - WE ARE GOING TO WAR!!!!! (I mean, like, it is WE who are declaring war here, by going bombing other countries why have NOT done anything to us, beyond shaking their fists and saying things - ) - and I may be alone, but I think, what the fuck????? - boy, this is so fucking shallow, and so few people seem to have any fucking idea at all how they are so being blatantly manipulated ....

Oct 5 - Enright says 'the f-bomb' - good children don;t say that word. And we are ALL children now. (no, he does not say 'fuck' like an adult would, he uses the term - 'somebody said 'the f-bomb' ...' - note how we senior people at the CBC are well-trained to talk like children, for the children - don't say bad words, children, momma won't pat you on the head and say 'good boy!!!', and we all need that affirmation from momma, don't we children?

Oct 4 - "newshaha" - we begin with international condemnation for the murder of (British journalist)' - I agree this is a terrible thing - it's just that once again we see the amazing hypocrisy of a state corporate media on a demonisation - of course, the Americans have brutally killed far, far more civilians in the last 20-30-50-500 years than ISIS will ever manage, but I do not EVER recall the CBC noting an outraged world at the latest civilians killed by American bombs - I think if we had a vid of a little baby or kid with not only their head missing from their body, but arms and legs as well - which is just as well, because the rest of his family is in similar shape, so there isn't anyone left to look after it, even if it is still alive (as a corpse, the lower part of the body is completely destroyed, so we can't even tell if it is male or female. Is most of the non-American hegemon world outraged over this? You just fucking bet they are. Are we going to hear about it on the CBC? haha. get a valium kid. ain't gonna happen. Remember the civilians murdered in cold blood from an American helicopter a few years back? They had to acknowledge that, as it was all over the net and many people were talking about it - but nobody was 'outraged' in CBC land. Just a quick report, and we haven't heard of it since. Things like this, and thousands of other similar American atrocities, is why we have ISIS in the first place - but again, we are not EVER going to get into that on the war-mongers running the CBC, and the moral-less "newshaha" readers and major program hosts, who know what they can and cannot say if they want to keep their nice jobs in a harsh capitalist climate.

Day 6 - can't be bothered listening, but their 'hook' - Chinese censors are working overtime to keep news of Hong Kong protests off the net!!!!!! - sure they are. That's why it's all over the net. What is more obvious to some of us is the efforts of our good ol Cdn Ministry of Truth to control what Cdns think is obviously far, far more successful the last few years than anything those damned commies ever dreamed of.

Oct 3 - "news" haha - for some odd reason, a semi-detailed 'report' on the various types of missiles those nasty ISIS people might use against our planes - never heard any stories like this before - must be something going on, or maybe just more random distraction - of absolutely no use as 'information', of course, that applies to pretty much anything we get on the CBC - ]

- like the interview with 3 MPs on Ottawa Morning, all somber and serious on the radio, a bit better behaved than in QP I guess - most egregiously, they all, I think, referred to themselves as 'parliamentarians' at one time or another - that kind of blatant lying is really aggravating - they are clowns posing as MPs most of the time, balls-less backbenchers doing as their party leaders command them most of the time - I will be highly, highly surprised if there is not unanimous backing for Harper's latest 'let's make Canada a REAL war criminal!' escapade on Monday. pretend democracy in action, as reported by the pretend media ...

- krist, the staff on Ottawa Morning all excited bout some hockey player getting 50 million dollars - not that we have money problems everywhere else, but all excited about him being on 'their' team - for of course that's the main thing CBC listeners are interested in - sports and entertainment -

- the Current - full scale propaganda, of course, what else would we expect? I've about had enough - obviously Cdns are generally completely brain dead, sucking up the koolaid eagerly. If they are all determined to follow the pied piper off the cliff, it appears that my efforts the last lot of years have been completely ineffective, which says, in my opinion, a whole fuck of a lot less about me than about Cdns in general - if you want to glory in your fucking indoctrination, you are of course free to do so. Time I started looking for ways to enjoy whatever years I have left here, before the new Fuhrer puts the serious chains on everybody.

Oct 2 - the Overseers are slipping a bit, maybe - a bit on Island Morning about 'the omission oversight', talking about how people are fooled by certain things in advertising, but fail to consider the things they are not being told - it's a bit ironic, to use one word, in that is to a large extent what the "news" does - tells you to look at and think about certain things they want to emphasize, but not think about anything that might throw a different light on those facts - the presenter even talks about a prime tool of propaganda - try to create a sense of urgency, that you must act NOW NOW NOW without thinking more - exactly what they are doing right at this time in terms of ISIS - THEY ARE MONSTERS WE MUST BOMB THEM NOW NOW NOW NO THINKING JUST BOMB BOMB BOMB@!!!! - and etc. I can't think they are actually taking this chance to prove they control the thoughts of Cdns so completely nobody will see this odd comparison - I expect somebody just fell asleep at the switch, or somebody just fucked up, to let this through. Anyway, I don't think they have much to worry about - like so much of what is going on here today, I seem to be about the only actually thinking brain left out here in the Cdn part of internetland, and nobody's listening to me, so they're all pretty safe.

- Noting this - Bobby Ryan signs seven year deal worth $50.75 million - with this: government closing Experimental Lakes Area - '...By ending its funding of the station, the government will save $2-million a year...' - and - it's pretty hard to deny we're a pretty seriously dysfunctional society these days. In spades, as they say, as so very few people understand this ...

Oct 1 - Russian space scientists denied visas - it's not only the utter pettiness of these people, it's the blatant lies they offer when challenged - '..."Each will be assessed on its merits by professional, non-partisan public servants in accordance with Canada's security and immigration laws," Nancy Caron said in an email.'

-- utter scorn for the many Cdns, and people around the world, who recognize the lies. We're in a very, very bad place, going to get much, much worse if a whole lot of people don't start doing something about this while we still have some small chance to avert the coming disaster.

(and as always, comments on such stories are quite scary, reflecting the fact that so many Cdns have drank the koolaid, are completely indoctrinated with whatever fantasy the rulers want them to be indoctrinated with - i.e. '..Russian military personnel and government scientists should certainly not be allowed into Canada. The Russians cannot be trusted, and we should not give them opportunities to spy on us and our allies on our soil...' Right. Orwell predicted it all.

>> great brazenness once again - Radio Noon - defending the indefensible - talking about defending 'monsters' like the guy in Montreal - one thinks very quickly about the CBC, a far, far greater criminal - how would you defend the actions of the CBC the last few years, the propaganda and lies and gatekeeping - I would dearly, dearly, DEARLY as they say love to see the senior people in the CBC on a stand somewhere trying to defend their completely indefensible actions of the last few years. haha. in my dreams.

>> the Current - talking about 'bad writing' - sounds good, but throughout she reads bits of prose she says she cannot understand that are perfectly clear to any intelligent person - pushing for dumbing down to LCD levels. Orwell - the smaller your vocabulary, the smaller your ideas and inteligence.

Sept 30 - CBC on about 'conspiracy theories'!!!! about the origin of the Ebola - if they had any idea how stupid they sound with this shit - haha if they had any idea about pretty much anything, they'd all be looking for the nearest rock to spend the next few years under hiding their heads in abject shame about everything they've been doing the last few years. - not to mention the endless parade of 'conspiracy theories' they promote themselves, as part of the endless stream of American propaganda (Putin and Russia trying to take over the world!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!! Jihadists coming to behead Cdns hide citizens hide hide hide!!!!! etc etc) - actually, in their stupidity, they just draw attention to something - as we see from the past, anytime the MSM start crying 'conspiracy theory!! conspiracy theory!!!' you can be pretty sure that they're trying to cover something up ...)

>> they're completely irrational, like children - make a joke about rape, and they get all horrified and outraged - but here's one they like!! - you can joke about beheading someone!!! - at least if you have friends on the CBC, so funny guys!!!! - of course, within minutes we're going to be hearing more about the terrible monsters beheading people - but now we'll just lighten up with a joke. haha. crazy people.

>> the Current - isn't that just so interesting - we have some guy who talks about the 'failure of Arab civilisation' the last few decades - and although we have not heard the term 'conspiracy theory' coming from the CBC in a long time, we hear it today on the news - and then he just happens to mention at the end that people should not believe in 'conspiracy theories'. my my. isn't coincidence just so fucking amazing. He also seems to be on board with the idea that we really ,really need to go after ISIS - they're a step away from Syria, which is a step away from southern Europe - and THEN THEY'RE COMING TO CANADA FOLKS!!!!!! OMFG GET THEM B OMBERS GOING PEOPLE!!!! EVEIL EVIL PEOPLE ARE COMING TO CUT YOUR HEADS OFF!!!!!'''fuck fuck fuyck fuck

>> and then again, sobbing kid leading off a 'story' on texting and driving. theater not news, social engineering tacked on. that's the thing about creating a dumbed down society - child-adults do childlike things, which are often quite stupid. (finish off the same way - a crying lady. That'll get em!!)

Sept 29 - oh, we're so cool here in Africa - lade reporter is now telling us about 'the Ebola wars' !! - interesting how we are never getting any analysis here of any use - for example, the disease is spreading to a large degree because of poverty - poverty created by the western world looting over the last few hundred years, and the poverty enforced by the world bank, and the chaos and fighting encouraged by the American war mongers - poverty stricken, chaotic countries are much, much easier to control than organised, stronger united countries. haha. certainly not going anywhere near THAT on the corporate hegemon broadcaster. (and the "news"haha reader - just like a high schooler showing he really shouldn't be thinking of journalism as he introduces the story, voice full of 'you children see how serious this is, really!!!' tone

>> then more on ISIS of course, and the ongoing excuses for bombing Syria - Obaba telling us that ISIS got strong because of the Syrian civil war. Odd he doesn't add 'caused by the US supporting the small jihadist groups, including al Quaeda radicals, who wanted Syria for themselves' - haha getting silly now.

- on still about that damned Chinese government trying to control the candidates the people in Hong Kong get to vote for, as if this is a really bad idea. The Chinese are just a few years behind the times, really, the Cdns (and Americans, and every other modern pretend-democracy, do the same thing exactly - they have just learned that it's a better idea to **pretend** the party candidates are 'freely chosen' by the parties, and ramp up the propaganda massively to get people to believe this, no matter how obviously they are all controlled from behind the scenes by Big Money, aka Bay St in Canada. Like Henry Ford said, hell, you can have any color car you want!!! (but he only sold black cars) - take your pick folks! - same in Canada - you can pick any party you want (but we control em all haha sucker - you just don't get to read that last part in the corporate state propaganda media, the same people who control the leaders of the parties)

Island Morning - .. using the 'naked pictures of celebrity looklook!!!' hoax to attack the internet - it's kind of funny from outside the box here, as they say 'now there is no filter between hoaxes and the public, like the mainstream 'responsible' people provide' - fuck, that is the very reason we need the net, the MSM are not just gatekeeping crap, they are filling the blank with their own special kind of hoaxes, aka massive corporate state propaganda. No odds they're going to get into THAT anytime soon on the CBC haha. but the are serious about their ongoing attack on the net - the rulers know well that there is a lot of truth out there in netland, truth that could be very, very damaging to their own hoaxes if enough people can start thinking for themselves. Actually, when you put it in words, you have to admit it doesn't seem that dangerous - the number people thinking for themselves to the extent they understand the MSM are just propagandists seems to be a pretty small number, in terms of the overall population. Certainly could swing a pretty big cat around where I am without hitting anyone ....

Canada considering exit controls - aka next stage of the ongoing lockdown society. And the reason now becomes clear about all the hype the last year about 'homegrown terrorists!!!!OMGWHATAREWEGOINGTODO!???' - not much to say. the last sheep-lemmings are on the cliff, the gov is pushing, and not a peep of protest. There comes a time, as some guy once said, you get the government you deserve - and as a natural follow, whatever they do to you, you let them do, and can't complain much. Ref the Germans of the early 1930s in Germany, who stood silently by en masse as Hitler was putting all of the instruments of his dictatorship in place. They're doing exactly the same thing now, and the protest is somewhere between meek and non-existant. When the beatings and disappearings of these few protesters start - that will be the end game, and very, very difficult to stop. (same story - quote - "..Canada currently has 69 Canadian special ops forces in Iraq, providing training to Kurdish forces fighting ISIS..." - and the reader with a still functioning brain (maybe that's only me, still ...) reacts with a bit of surprise - hmmmmm - didn't we just spend 10 years or something in Afghanistan, with the Americans and others, trying to do something along these lines, and basically got our asses kicked? By the same types of people on both sides of the fighting wherever the hell ISIS is? And we're going to 'train' them????? Fuck, the inner chuckle just kind of breaks out into laughter. Arrogance and stupidity - or just some more lies, and what is really going on may or may not come out later...)

(( - and as always with these stories, it is somewhat less laughable to see how many Cdns are right onside with all the propaganda - where's that cliff, master, I'm jumping too!! - Heil Hitler, all the Germans were saying at one point. A few years later - not so much .... a bit to late for a few tens of millions of them, and a few tens of millions of others as well ... might have been stopped at one time, as these current wouldbe world hegemons might be stopped now, but doesn't seem much more likely now than then ...

- this too - very scary to have these clowns anywhere in the neighborhood - just rabid animals running around looking for things to bite ... ]]

>>> Obama again - 'you have huge swathes of the country that were virtually ungoverned, and ISIS moved in..' - again, it is to laugh. Ah-hmm - exactly why were those huge swathes of the country ungoverned, Mr Obama? Might that have had anything to do with your support of a few crazy jihadists last year to destabilize Assad's government in Syria, and the destruction of the once stable country of Iraq a few years of your predecessor? Don't want to get into it, Mr Obama? haha, I understand. Sadly, I understand why the CBC doesn't really want to get into it also. Not really impressed with any of you lot, to tell the truth, And I know you don't really give a shit what I think, or know, either.

> more "news" - the Magnotta trial - more spectacle, nothing else.

>> Current - on the Ebola stuff again - and pushing the 'key memes' into the public again - the guy - obviously coached ahead of time - quickly mentions 'PPE' again - that old 'personal protective equipment' we heard about a few days ago - you just gotta trust people who know this stuff, right, kids?????? RIGHT MA!!!!! fuck. so obvious, at least to some of us. so not, to so many.

Sept 28 - "news" haha - 07:00 Halifax - talking about the Hong Kong democracy demonstrations - drive by slander - 'although the media around the world are covering this, not surprisingly there is little in the Chinese media..'. talk about a pot calling the kettle black ....

Sept 27 - Anti-Tory ad blitz planned by union a compelling reason for Harper to call snap election - a perfect example of the very, very sophisticated Box Strategy in action - the 'box strategy' of course referring to the encouragement of any kind of activity by those who are unhappy with whatever is going on in our country that does not in any way threaten those who actually run our country. Harper, of course, is, like every PM since Mulroney, fully a Bay St puppet, a front man for the actual rulers of the country. If he and his party are removed from the seats of 'the governing party' in Canada, it will in no way whatsoever change any of the major policies in the country that so many are unhappy with. Getting rid of Harper, and installing Trudeau (or quite less likely Mulcair) will result in no major changes whatsoever - every government will still claim the terrible national debt as an excuse to continue deconstructing 'our' democracy, they will continue to pursue 'free trade' agreements under they lying excuse of 'strengthening our economy', they will continue following the US around the world bombing any of the few remaining leaders who dare challenge the final stages of their hegemony. None of them will talk about the corporate state media and its corporate state propaganda role (not just the CBC, all of the so-called 'mainstream media'). And etc. It is a sign of how deeply almost everyone is indoctrinated these days that they believe this anti-Harper stuff has any significance beyond the latest act in the ongoing spectacle which is now the main theme in the writing of the Canadian narrative. Which few people understand either.

Time to get on with the Great Green Island Roadshow, I suppose - but that is going to take some money, and nobody with money is going to fund the movement out to delegitimise everything they are doing. But something will happen to make it happen. Or not.

>>> interesting to listen to a bit of the BBC today - full scale propaganda pushing the war against this 'existential threat', just like very other major western news organisation - funny, a few weeks ago nobody had heard of ISIS, now they are threatening the entire world - every day ramping up the hysteria with 'new stories'. Even funnier how they believe they can sell this massive exaggeration, and ever less funny how correct they seem to be. Haven't heard a single mention or read anything about a certain Tony Blair not that many years ago saying almost the exact same things - Saddam Hussein was the greatest threat we have ever faced, he could nuke our dear England in FORTY FIVE MINUTES PEOPLE!!!!!! - and etc etc, and once again of course the entire media were blasting this shit later proved to be complete bullshit out as if it was the very voice of god lying to them so egregiously. I presume most of us remember how all that turned out. Actually, I suppose I better haul that back - apparently not that many people actually remember much at all that the ministry of truth doesn't tell them to remember, considering the almost non-existent resistance to this latest line of shit coming from the people who want to get rid of anyone challenging their claim to world dominance.

>> not surprisingly of course the House is all over the "terrible menace we face" - Obama clip - 'the only thing these people understand is force' - that is so perverse - it is exactly what the 'terrorists' are doing, in response to a country which obviously understands nothing but force itself - the US, as the major world power for the last 60 years, has been using that power for imperialistic ends for those 60 years, and now thinks it can get away with looting and bombing anywhere in the world it wants, and no doubt the last few years a lot of people are thinking exactly that about the US - the ONLY way to get the message through to the US that their looting and bombing is not really appreciated by everyone else is to use some of their own philosophy against them - and respond to killing and bombing with killing and bombing of their own. Of course, there is no way on gods fucking green earth anyone in the corporate media is going to acknowledge this, and anytime anyone dares resist the US in any small way the media are immediately screaming about TERRORISTS OMG!!!!!! - but it would seem pretty obvious to anybody actually thinking for themselves. All what - 12 of us? Don't know - doesn't appear to be many other candles out here in the dark - a few voices trying on the net, but pretty thin on the ground in the 51st de facto state these days.

>> nicely semi-scripted "interview" with the US ambassador, selling the 'mission', bringing up the concerns about this with softball lobs, letting him lay out his talking points etc. c'mon, children, trust mama. we promise we're not lying this time! - this group really, really IS the worst monster the world has ever, ever EVER faced, and we really, really need to go bombing!! Honest!!! Serious!!

>> just as a study in contrasts, since you won't see THIS one anywhere the corporate press - just freaking imagine if the world governments were a FRACTION as upset about climate change, threatening the whole planet, as they are about this little ISIS group in the mideast!!! Just imagine!!!! Immediate call to arms for all, money no object!!! haha it is to laugh - no no, kids, the climate change stuff is a great deck chair for you kids to argue about, and paint signs and have marches, but we at the top aren't too concerned - but it's a great way for you kids to pass your days, yea!!

- etc etc. leading the witless herd around by the nose, etc etc.

>> and another random thought from out of the boxland here - the increasing violence in the world, people shooting up other people all over the place, all goaded on by the US, and now other English governments in Canada, Australia, the UK, and not overlooking the increasing police violence against citizens in America - this is **exactly** what predators want, gang fights with guns and violent people, less violent people who would prefer peace and democracy cowering behind closed doors begging to be protected. For of course, in this world, NObody is going to stand up to the US for long - any real danger, and they'll just, you know, do a kind of 'permanent' solution - you can see it coming one of these days, to make the message clear that they will tolerate a bit of resistance, but nothing serious. Like one of the US sub-lieutenant mafia types said a few years ago, 'you know, every now and again we have to pick up some small country and fling it against the wall, just to let everyone know we mean business..'. not sure if we really have any chance these days or not. But we keep fighting. They haven't declared a police state yet, so they must figure they are not quite strong enough yet. Can't be much longer though.

Sept 26 from the Guardian: '...As we watch the fighters of the Islamic State (Isis) rampaging through the Middle East, tearing apart the modern nation-states of Syria and Iraq created by departing European colonialists,...' - to which I added a comment: 'krist, even the f***ing Guardian - this is deep, deep very heavily pushed propaganda - something big coming up, if this kind of history rewriting is in the only semi-decent center-leftish paper left in the English language. I mean, Ms Armstrong, were you around just a few years ago with 'shock and awe'? the breakup of Iraq goes back to Bush 1, and then a number of years of Clinton sanctions, and then Bush II finishing off the job of completely fragmenting Iraq, laying the groundwork for the ongoing warfare among all the wouldbe tribal chiefs and their American weapons - and then for the last couple of years Obama has been doing his very best to break up the relatively stable Syria, and obviously is not satisfied that that country, and its leader, are still on their feet, so they're evidently determined to finish off the job one way or another - to pretend the breakup of these countries can be laid at the feet of ISIS is the very worst form of Ministry of Truth history rewriting - and it is very, very unsettling to see this junk in the Guardian.'

((note of small interest - the Guardian at least accepts this kind of criticism, you'd never get it anywhere near the CBC - only nice momma-approved 'in the box' comments there - you do NOT question the integrity or well-meaning of Big Momma Corp in Canada, children!!)

(later, same 'essay' propaganda) - '...But perhaps we should ask, instead, how it came about that we in the west developed our view of religion as a purely private pursuit, essentially separate from all other human activities, and especially distinct from politics....' to which I added: "..this is also an utterly ludicrous comment - in the US, the most powerful pretend-democracy of them all, you cannot get anywhere *near* public office if you do not make a great and suitable show about how much you believe in God, and will let him guide your actions, etc - they may not be as openly theocratic as the Muslim states, but that just speaks more to their willingness to lie about anything to anybody to get and keep power. And let's not overlook the racism directed against the black people in that country - as ugly as it is, it is completely based in religion - the KKK is alive and well in the southern US, if just a bit underground but coming out more every day - the symbol of the burning cross is just as alive in the minds of every black person in the US as the symbol of the flaming scimitar is on the minds of those the ISIS are threatening to come after. And let us remember the Muslim violence is mostly modern, and mostly in response to western provocations - decades and decades of violence and looting by the west against their countries - the christians have a much, much, MUCH longer history of brutal violence, again largely against muslims, but against anyone they want to loot and subjugate.

This piece is obviously just more religious propaganda, from one side demonising another. Again, very surprised to see such nonsense in the normally more-or-less intelligent Guardian.

"news" - 06:00 PEI - our update on the ISIS narrative - listen to CBC impartiality - 'the guy spews anti-western propaganda' (she drags out 'speeeewwwsss' - obviously a cool word she enjoys using - which would be utterly fine in a personal blog, but is utterly amateurish for somebody on the CBC. well. it WOULD have been unprofessional a few years back, or maybe decades, but there's obviously nothing left of the old mostly professional CBC these days - just propagandists and 3rd rate cub reporters willing to say what they're told in return for getting their voice or face on the great CBC...) - actually, if you listen to this, you start to realise this lady (Katherine Hellen????) is doing exactly that - spewing 3-4 minutes of quite blatantly anti-ISIS propaganda. Oh the CBC, how far, how far you have fallen - you're in open space long off the cliff, going down and down and down into an apparently bottomless well of evil ..... I don't think we will ever see you again, in the light ....

- the Current, some propaganda now we're talking about refugees - at the end a quite laughable 'CBC-Curd' lady, speaking perfect English, reading all the talking points they want us to believe about what is going on there. Ministry of Truth in action. For dummies, every word. What does that say about you?

Sept 25 - Island Morning - the 'bold visions' conference - women and the future or something - they have no idea, they think they are acting like adults (just like they are supposed to, in the box), the whole thing is just an 'in the box' spectacle, treating them just like they'd treat some precocious children - pats on the head for being good children. The lady they interview is just exactly like a teenager, so proud of the great things they are doing, such great ideas, etc etc. so very, very in the box - children being guided around by the rulers, thinking how wonderful they are. - listen to them laughing - they're all having a great time, the rulers support this kind of activity, and this kind of person, thus they all have great lives, and can pretend to themselves and everyone else they are doing independent and useful things, fighting for a better world, without causing any serious challenge to the rulers - perfect box people. They don't see the obvious - they all have fine lives, no problems, yet they are meeting about the 'problems' women have. There are a lot of problems in the world - women being treated badly in Canada is not high on the list of serious ones (of course there are some women being mistreated - as there are some men (more men, probably, in various ways), some children, some natives (actually a far higher percentage of native people, probably a higher percentage of native women), and even a lot of 'normal people with apparently normal lives', who actually get into the pills as soon as they get home because they cannot maintain the pretence of 'how wonderful life is!!!!!' any longer. And etc. The biggest problem, of course, is the pretend land we live in, the pretend democracy, the pretend national debt scam, the pretend 'free media serving us all wonderfully', and etc - if we do not stand and act together against the rulers, we are never going to get any better - and as long as we have all these women trying to improve their already pretty good lives, as if this was the most important problem, we are all going to keep dancing around going nowhere in the box.

>> the push for war - boy, it's so obvious they are ramping up everybody for war - story after story about how evil the ISIS people are - terrorist arrest in Australia!!! - French guy beheaded!!!! - Another Canadian kid joins ISIS!!!! - etc etc - and not a word about previous instigations to go bombing somebody, when we later found out there was a whole lot more lying PR than actual 'atrocities'. And they're bragging about bombing oil refineries - but notice the spin here - the refineries are Syrian refineries - in Syria - ISIS may have taken them over, but they are Syrian refineries, and IF you are taking a bit of money away from ISIS right now, you are much more importantly, in the longer term, attacking Syria. Without attacking Syria - fuck, this is a really sophisticated plan for the US (that was sarcasm - true, but 'really sophisticated' for the US is a very, very low bar any more, they just bomb whoever the fuck they want, and lie about it all, and don't care how stupid the lies are, or how easy to see through - fuck international terrorism, led by the US, supported by all the major western countries, including Canada, whose Supreme Leader is openly pondering actively joining this latest international war crime of the US, and the media - amazing world ...

>> ISIS is making a couple of million from the oil refineries they have captured - hmmm that seems a bit shallow too - I mean, selling oil on the world market is a tiny bit more complicated that, for instance, them dastardly indians selling cheap tax-free cigs in Canada - you don't just sneak a tanker of crude across the border - so if this stuff is benefiting ISIS, and the "powers" are unhappy - who is buying this stuff, and where, and how, and what banks are they using????? I think there would be a LOT of things you could do to interrupt this money flow other than bombing the refineries - of course, if you actually want to bomb the refineries, to get Assad .....

>> and the social engineering continues - YOU CHILDREN BEHAVE YOURSELVES - the Air Canada story about "inappropriate stuff" left on a flight deck - and then they say the 'inappropriate stuff' was 'a few inappropriate business cards'- ??????? what the fuck is an 'inappropriate business card'????? - jeezuz it is just right out of control - political correctness, and childishness, once again going crazy. it would be unbelievable in any sane society - but we haven't actually been sane for quite a long time now - little children running around, doing as momma tells them, squealing on their fellow child-citizens who dare disobey mommy's little rules. And all with a very, very evil purpose - dumbed down children in a new feudal society. And they're all clamoring to be the first through the door.

>> and the teacher who got suspended for a small practical joke, putting a 'gay' sticker on some guy's back - just fucking unbelievable - over and over and over, let's all behave like politically correct, brainless (good little momma's baby) children - with the CBC as class enforcer - LOOK MOMMA HE DISOBEYED YOU!!!!!!!! EVERYBODY POINT AT HIM AND SAY BAD CHILD BAD CHILD!!!!!

(we have the 'LGBT advocate is 'stunned' this would happen - you're going to be a lot more stunned at the kind of society you are helping create, you dickhead. After-the-fact recognition of how fucking stupid you were is NOT going to save you...)

-- and more - some pic of a black hockey player, referred to as 'the dark guy in the middle' - and they go ballistic -utterly fucking brainless children, showing mommy who is the most PC of all - really, really scary shit - and the CBC people right on the PC bandwagon - Ottawa Morning - 'it just surprises me this is still happening' - they are taking away everyone's brains. Well, whoever has a bit of brain left for the taking. Keep the fuck away from me, you fuckers - you're not getting mine. (I don't think they're worried much really, there aren't enough of us to fill a big dinner table left in this country, I don't think, and we're all in the age range of 'just leave em alone, nobody's listening, they'll all die off of natural causes soon enough anyway'.

The Current - again, ramping up the Ebola FEAR FEAR FEAR PEOPLE!!!!!! - I am sure it is serious, but is this some kind of existential threat as they are making it out to be? I don't think so - just fear bogeyman stuff for the kids. The time could of course be much, much more usefully be spent talking with serious people about what is **really** going on in the mideast, or other parts of the world. Hahaha - sorry, forgetting myself again - obviously, if you are doing propaganda, distraction and childish fear stuff are part of it, as well as jumping around to various things that nobody can really keep up with, or understand - just a big, confusing world out there folks, get off to the bars we just heard about on Ottawa Morning, leave the serious stuff to the adults!!! - that's what they are there for, that's what they want ....

- and the well scripted propaganda, like the various related 'stories' about ISIS, full spectrum, drive-by stuff to give the propaganda an air of veritas - now we have some Hero Doctors!!!! dealing with the Ebola patients - in their really cool white suits like we see on sci-fi shows - wow kids, listen up!!! - listen to the jargon for the kids - we have PPEs!!! (isn't that so cool!!!) - (personal protective equipment) - but we pros use short things like PPEs - and we reporters who are so 'in' know that stuff too - believe us, kids, we know what's happening!!)- these are just American Superheros talking - deep propaganda, speaking to the primal kid etc - good stuff if anyone gets around to 'deep' deconstruction, rather than the more obvious stuff for most of what is going on here the last few years ... obviously scripted, not word for word, but the general progress, with the main points to be touched on worked out ahead of time - ('little bundle of hope' - watch the 'how to control' stuff - leave em with a nice image, that confers belief on what went before - now this stuff is more internalized in those who listened witlessly, as most appear to do ...)

>> then an interview with Mulcair about Question Period - interesting how buddy buddy they are - AM has been between hostile and very hostile to almost any NDP she's interviewed in the past, but of course now this is the 'tweedledee-dum' switcheroo in process, so the 'first priority' is painting Harper in a bad light, and that's all this is really about, the ongoing transition being legitimized in the eyes of the childlike public, all completely oblivious to the big scam being played on them (big scams, I suppose, all the deck chair games so many take seriously are all scams of one kind or another). They have some people on after, all in the box, suggesting different ways of arranging the deck chairs, which is all you ever hear on the CBC. As always. Anybody with any really useful ideas is not getting anywhere near the CBC, you betcha!! (and a point in passing - they play some clips from question period - it just boggles the mind how anybody could elect these fucking clowns - or at least re-elect - fool me once etc - this is not a 'parliament of adults' it is, indeed, a parliament of knaves and fools - all elected by Canadians, who are, sorry but it's just obvious, obviously stupider than the people they elect, if they continue to put up with this utter shit, which has been going on for years. (give Mulcair his due, he sounds far more rational than the others - but as always, we must remember, in the good cop bad cop scenario, you're still in jail at the end of the day. Lots of backbenchers seem to have a bit of shame about what is going on, as indicated in various interviews etc - but if they are too cowed by the party brass to stand up like fucking humans and fight back, then they're no better than the ones making a mockery of the whole thing, and we need to just turn away from them all, and start electing people we can trust, who will work for us rather than against us - as long as we keep electing these clowns, they're going to keep making a mockery of the government, and us all who are stupid enough to keep electing such obviously corrupt and anti-democratic clowns. It is a sad, sad time to be living through - get to work, bud get to fucking work .... )

Harper thinking of sending more troops>/A> - once again, it is just so obvious that nobody here really thinks the country is a 'democracy', they just don't think about it at all - we have a Supreme Leader, and he just does whatever the fuck he wants, up to and including dragging the entire country into once again being an international war criminally. Not a fucking WORD of protest - on the contrary, all the media are cheerleading him on. Brave New World - not anywhere in our future, we're here.

>> Just incredible to see every day examples of the US pointing fingers at other people and accusing them of doing exactly what the US itself is doing, but pretending to do otherwise -
here for example, at about 11 minutes in, Obama stands there and says that they must stand against other countries preaching a violent idiology - and one almost chokes at the brazenness of it all - the US is bombing and killing endlessly for the last 30-40-50 years, killing far more people than everyone else in the world combined, they have by far the most violent society on earth, and they brag about it endlessly, and show it endlessly, and he has the fucking brazenness to stand there and accuse others of a culture of violence when they defend themselves against the violence of his country. Which is really bad - but what is far worse is the Orwelling brainwashing of such a large number of the people of his country, and ours in Canada now, who actually believe such outrageous lies, such outrageous rewriting of history right in front of our very faces. It really makes me wonder why I keep trying sometimes - but that little word 'hope' is there, I guess - and also, it is clear with the internet that many other people have rejected the endless brainwashing of the mainstream media and are trying to fight for sanity and truth. I don't think we have much chance - but I guess we keep fighting, because the nightmare world we will enter once these monsters finally win must be resisted to the end.

Sept 24 - the Current - fuck, the Ministry of Truth in full flight - 'a year ago, the Syrian people were practically begging the international community to remove Assad...' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck. how fucking stupid are people becoming - no, that's not right - have become. god. they're just writing whatever script they want, and it seems most Cdns at least are just believing whatever fairy tales they spread around

>>> another tack - 'the decision to launch attacks against ISIS but not Assad has many people concerned..' - ??? again, sure. Ministry of Truth again - the US had to give up their big propaganda mission last year demanding everyone get on board with bombing Assad because of no support - so they're trying again. And again, we have an interview with some 'rebel' who wants him bombed ASAP - again, for anyone with brain engaged, the hypocrisy is simply stunning - just imagine if Russia wanted to bomb someone - the outrage would be ballistic, but the US goes bombing anywhere, and the CBC just supports them, and wonders what is wrong with anyone not wanting to break international law and become international war criminals along with the US. Boy, to say they've sunk a long way does not even start to express the depth of evil these fuckers have gotten to.

(next guy - 'Assad has killed a lot more Syrians than has ISIS - therefore they are more concerned about getting rid of Assad...' - lies and lies and lies - this is how the Ministry of Truth works. It is NOT how Canada is supposed to work ....

Bottom line with the CBC - we have no problem with the US bombing whoever the fuck they want, whenever they want - we just want to know why they aren't bombing Assad too, not just ISIS!!?? - if you guys are reading this, you might want to check out the Nuremburg Trials, the rules of international war, and stuff like this - and see what they thought of the propaganda work of people like Goebbels - you people are NOT going to look good, when this disease of the US is removed from the world, and sane people start to do some real investigations, and put some people in jail, or whatever.

(fuck, even the Guardian acknowledges the problem - but not the US - I guess since Blair left the Brits, and Harper took over Canada, we have become the primary ass-licker of the wouldbe-world-hegemon. I for one am not happy about this. But I guess you knew that.

Sept 23 - Current - a half hour about 'the marshmallow experiment' - complete sham pretend "science", but very good for in the box children - of course, when the kids put off eating the marshmallow they are putting off 'fulfilling a desire' - but in a far more important way, they are demonstrating how well they are being conditioned to simply want to please authority - you have to learn that as children, adults are far more autonomous, adults do NOT want to please authority - cooperation with fellow equal citizens is what adults do, but children want that 'Good baby!!!!" pat on the head from momma - and this 'experiment' makes it very obvious that the teacher is going to give the best pats on the head to the child who waits the longest, or does not eat at all. The 'grown up kid' from the 'experiment' is a perfect example - you can tell from listening to her she is a GOOD citizen, and does what Momma wants them to do. Momma wants you to wear seat belts and not smoke - and we do what momma says. etc etc. (once again - odds on I am the only person around here seeing this.... any takers??? haha. - very, very obviously you are not going anywhere NEAR talking about Canada being an authoritarian society, and the CBC the first line enforcer, on the CBC ... ) ( - it's such a simple, adorable test!!!!! - just great for kids!!! - go have a look, CBC kids - you'll looooveeee it!!!! - right.)

- Island Morning - blatant promo piece masquerading as the 'food column' - for whatever reason, the guy doing the column has decided to flack for restaurants providing a smaller menu, and just trashes places using a bigger menu - pathetic!!!! Fuck - but the new CBC, where, I guess, anybody with any understanding of the word 'professional' has been fully weeded out - crony capitalism, that's the CBC now - we look out for our buds!!

- and then - 'political feature' weekly - 'the crises that are occupying Canadians, Ukraine and Iraq' - there we go with the narrative creation - most Cdns are not in any way 'occupied' with these things - most Cdns ignore them, the few who know anything about them are just watching the tv, as we do with everything - you are only 'occupied' with something if it actually means something to you, or you are supposed to be doing something about it, neither of which applies to most of the few who even could tell you where either of these countries are in the world. Life in the box.

fear of math (in parents!) - "...(parents). are so intimidated by math, and societally, math has such a negative image, and it's perpetuated in so many different ways, subtly and explicitly." - true, and very interesting. If you listen to the CBC, you will know every local sports team and how they are doing, and all the latest gossip about any political or entertainment figure, all the local bands that are playing this coming weekend, and any amount of other trivial things - but you will never, never, never hear a word about this kind of thing - no 'popular math teacher' or 'history teacher; or any other useful sort of person will ever bore you with boring shit like this. Of course, if you were an adult, you wouldn't think knowing math and history and similar important things were boring shit, although you might be getting a bit impatient with having your ears filled with very trivial gossip and sports and 'entertainment' etc. No question, really, that the CBC is more or less part of the problem here, in terms of their child-adults being ignorant in important stuff, and full of trivia about trivial stuff. The kind of country their masters want - knowledge is, of course, power, and ignorant citizens, child like in their interests, are much, much easier to lie to and manipulate than fact-based adults.

>> US bombing Syria. wow. not a raised eyebrow in the house - the US is god, they do what they want, I guess, and we're just happy they're not bombing us, yet, I guess. But just imagine if Russia was bombing places the way the US is - the outrage would be making the very airwaves tremble - fuck, they spent days and days on RUMORS that Russia was just supporting some 'rebels' in the Ukraine - just imagine if they actually sent bombers over that country!!!!! - holy fuck batman. just imagine. The US, now - actually, the US bombing someone is not really 'news', they've been bombing someone somewhere in the world for most of the last 60 or 70 years - their death toll must by humongous, really. Odd that we never hear anything about that on the CBC, bringing us all the news we need to hear. haha

Sept 22 - hmmm we see a pattern developing - last night Enright was all misleading as he told us he was by golly going to get serious, and have a good look at what the Saudis were doing vis a vis ISIS et al, since so many people on the net were wondering why we were so supportive of the Saudis, when they actually seemed to be behind a lot of bad stuff the last few years - and then he did a very blatant whitewash, nothing really to see here folks, move on, etc. And now - we have the Current today, same story - HEY!!!! - look - these guys are not being supported by any foreign powers (we will NOT say the US here ...) - no no no!!!! They're actually really good businessmen, or perhaps we should say criminals - and making a LOT of money on their own!!!! - yea, criminal maybe, protection money kind of thing, selling the oil they have stolen, and etc - but hey, so don't be blaming our good buds like the Saudis, eh!!!??? (or Qatar, etc) (notice, we have nobody from the 'conspiracy nut' side explaining why they believe the Saudis are actually doing a lot of funding (this guy, a US Senator might be a place to start - I guess they're worried the arguments from that side might be a bit too persuasive (being as they're true, haha), so just the 'debunkers' get a chance to spout whatever made-up stories they like. With Ms Tremonti, of course, whom we all love and trust completely, guiding the script haha sorry "discussion" ... and they get a lot of 'narrative creation' aside from that as well - guess what? Really - the ISIS are BUDS!!! with that fucking Assad!!! - yea!!! So, when we start talking about bombing Assad again - well, that's why, eh?? - now ok, children, back to nicer things, don't worry, momma has everything under control ... just quit listening to, or reading, them nuts on the internet, eh? We wouldn't lie to you about important stuff like this! (what? What about the incubator babies?? CHILDREN!!! TO bed!! No hard questions tonight!!! MOMMA LOVES YOU!!!

>>> more whining about the Hong Kong elections - 'the people don't want to only have Beijing-approved candidates' - but in Canada, it is very little different - we have candidates approved by the mainstream media who get all the attention as 'legitimate', and sure you are free to run against them, but with no money and no publicity, your chances against the approved candidates are so low as to be non-existent - the idea of any significant number of such non-state-approved candidates winning is pretty much non existent - so what is really the difference between us and Hong Kong, besides cosmetic? None, really. But we're not going to talk about THAT on the CBC haha. WE ARE GREAT DEMOCRACY!!! CHINESE NO GOOD!!! etc etc. Just like your trusty old Sat morning cartoons, which the whole Cdn narrative is becoming more and more like every day ... nice children, nice mommy, bad mans coming, nice police protect nice children, etc etc.

- just an example today of the rewriting of history in action - there are small things like this almost everywhere, the 'indoctrination reinforcement' I speak of regularly - Harper's old gang breaking up - content not especially interesting, although a sign that the tweedledee-dum game is well understood among the senior pols who are heading for greener pastures now that their days of influence and First Class Tickets are coming to an end - but herein the little en passant statement, '...elected in Harper’s historic 2011 majority— 166 MPs ..' - actually, of course, it was a 'majority' in pretend-democracy land only, as the Cons got, as I recall, something under 40% of the vote, which no rational person would call a 'majority' - but of course there's nothing actually rational about most of what is going on around here these days. Cloud cuckoo land writ big these days.

Sept 22 - the news reader has that serious tone in his voice - of course, he is telling about them unbelievably dastardly ISIS people, and their 'social media' video or whatever, calling on their followers to kill ANYBODY who dares fight them!!! Even Canadians!!! Yes, even Canadians!!!! - well, that is just outrageous, for sure. Sure convenient too - but that's just a coincidence, of course, or something - no way the US "intelligence" people would ever, ever EVER do something like that, to help ensure we are all suitably afraid, and pissed off ... no way. haha. No fucking way. read my lips - NO WAY!!! hahahaha hey, maybe there's somebody out there interested in this great little piece of property I have on the moon???

Sept 22 - LET'S PLAY KIDS!!!!!! - all across the mainstream media, talking about all the 'world climate change protests' going on around the world. And everyone pretending it all has some meaning. C'mon, kids, lesson 1 - if it is important, really, in the sense of challenging the rulers in any way at all - you are NOT going to hear about it on the mainstream media, particularly corporate state broadcaster Canada ! called the CBC. This is kind of telling - kind of sad, pathetic - all the well meaning people, painting little signs like little children, which is exactly what the rulers want them doing. So, so, so much time and effort, all for nothing. Lots of activists undoubtedly understand this - but hey, it's a good gig, if you can get some 'affirmation' from the govs or whoever - lots of climate conferences in neat places all around the world to go to - if you are good boys and girls and keep the funding coming. (yea, unfortunately, this appears to cover Ms Klein as well. She has a very nice life, without actually causing any discomfort to the people ruling us....Do you think if she wrote a book blowing open the debt scam she'd be such a CBC darling? or explaining in her eloquent way how actually her NDP was just junior branch 3 of the 3-headed Bay St One Party of Canada? haha rhetorical questions .... never going to happen ... ) The lesson here is Oliver - please sir may I have some more sir?? - and of course we all know the answer. If you want change - you make change. Nobody is going to give it to you because you march around like a bunch of kids laughing and banging on things - you will get power when you take it - very much preferably through figuring out how the electoral system is fixed in favor of the rulers, and telling them you're not falling for THAT game anymore haha, and putting your own people in OUR houses of government - and then we start making change.

Sept 21 - Sunday Edition - Michael gives a big intro, like they are going after one of the bigger questions floating around the net - why is the US giving Saudi Arabia a free ride, given its support for ISIS and other violent jihadi movements (he even mentions that most of the supposed hijackers on 911 were Saudi - obviously, a LOT of questions out there in netland they are having trouble hiding) - but when he gets the lady on air, it's just more of the coverup - she acknowledges some things, but then is just full of excuses for what the Saudis are doing - all perfectly understandable, nothing suspicious here folks, nothing to see - move on now. Pretty much what one expects. It was notable that Enright got our attention by pretending he was really going after some hard answers though - enough to still the grumblings in the flock, perhaps, but seen for the scripted coverup it really is/ was.)

Sept 20 - the Current from last week - former hostage says beheading videos give extremists exactly what they want - right. it gives them 'attention'. I have no doubt there is some truth in this, but the spin is what we watch for here, right? And what the media hysteria about these things is also doing is ramping up support among the citizens of western countries for more bombing in the mideast, even though most people are by now very, very sick of the stories of mass atrocities in the mideast, and getting a pretty strong suspicion that the US, and 'our' other govs like Canada, are maybe doing as much, maybe more, of the killing than the other guys - which is not really a very good thing, for most of us. So as 'enthusiasm' for supporting the US hegemonic drive (by other names of course) wanes, look at what we have!!!!!! More MONSTERS doing MONSTROUS THINGS!!!! WE HAVE TO STOP EM!!!! right. I wonder how much interest there would be in some of the US atrocities, being blasted around the net and by the media every day - you know, the little legless and headless babies and children after some of the 'miscalculated' US drone bombings and etc? How about some vids of the US torture chambers and innocent people being waterboarded - that would be pretty graphic stuff - do you suppose the US would have anything to say about that? That would kind of be the opposite of 'playing into their hands' from this side - but no less true. People really need to start waking the fuck up about all of this stuff. War is bad, period - and the US has been the greatest warmongering state for the last couple of hundred years - and in the modern age is doing more of it, and more atrocities, than every other country in the world combined. Bad news, folks - they are not the good guys anymore - and when we in Canada support them - we are not the good guys either.

Sept 20 - Canadian fighter jets intercept Russian bombers in Arctic!!!!! - oh them nasty aggressive Russians!!! - but wait a sec, wait a sec, let's try to stop letting CBC headlines get us all excited, after all the lying we have seen them doing the last few years. And so we see here, much else - after the inflammatory warmongering headline, we find out the Russian bombers were way off the coast, well out in international waters!!!!! - so what possible reason could the Gov, and their secretariat, have for such misleading headlines? Of course, any old thing we can drag up to further demonise our current 'main Bad Guy' of the day for the Ministry of Truth is useful, like school kids or other immature people who've taken a dislike to someone, but it really isn't that appropriate for the national broadcaster. oh wait, forgetting, we don't actually have a 'national broadcaster' as a democratic country would understand the term, just a 'state propaganda organ', which makes it, well, clear, if not actually 'ok'. I mean, the accurate headline might read, 'What the hell is Canada doing challenging Russian bombers in international air space?' or something. Haha, not likely to get that kind of 'accurate, neutral reporting' from the CBC anytime soon. (and we might remember, our gov (and their media) are completely supporting of the US flying fighter jets and bombers basically anywhere in the fucking world they please - the only places the US won't go are places where some other country has the strength and balls to challenge them. like Russia or China. Hmmm. One more case of blatant hypocrisy, I guess - we do it, nothing to see here folks!!! - they do it - OMFG!!! LOOK AT THEM MONSTERS NOW!!!!! - and etc.) (and just remembered - a couple of weeks ago, we had a Canadian warship in the Black Sea, a few miles away from Russia - and some Russian planes 'buzzed' the warship, apparently some kind of 'bad' thing, to gather from the tone of the ""reporting"" (haha) - so let's try to keep it straight - we have our warships wandering around their land, and if they send planes to see what the fuck we are up to, that's a bad thing - but if they send planes near our airspace, THAT is a bad thing, and we very righteously send our planes to see what the fuck they're up to. Got that children? How many fingers, Winston?????????????? - if you don't get that reference - check it out. It is meaningful. And if you understand THAT reference - maybe there's hope for you. Maybe. It sure would be nice to have some company here outside the box - it's a pretty lonely place. But still, a lot fucking better than INSIDE the box ....)

- and this - Politics doesn't stand a chance in the Ford family psychodrama By Rick Salutin - used to have quite a lot of respect for Rick, as a fairly reliable, sane lefty type, but it appears he has been completely sucked in by the dumbing down stupidity movement of the 'politically correct' lefties, and their flagships CBC and Star, for which he works, of course. This is jus bizarre, though, for anyone who has a functioning brain left - after the couple of years of gossip and papparazzi like hounding of Ford by the two aforementioned left PC flagships, they are now amazingly audaciously trying to rewrite history, as if Ford was running around demanding everyone print all of that gossip, etc!!! - too ridiculous to spend much time on, other than noting the utter lack of substance of almost all of the mainstream 'lefty' leaders anymore - sad to see Salutin joining that gang. Of course, he's been on Rabble for awhile too, and they're pretty much the leaders of the 'mainstream alternative' gatekeepers in Canada, so I suppose this was inevitable. There are still a couple of lefties who appear to have independent brains who get to say some safe things on Rabble - one might advise them to watch out, they're sipping out of a very dangerous koolaid pitcher ...

the House - 'the disappointment draped over ()shoulders like a shroud' - fuck, they're taking classes in this kind of rhetorical shit - he was disappointed of course, but this is way overboard

>> again, the House, as EW says, 'the NATO mission is now widely seen as a great success' - fuck, the new world order - the biggest bully in the world, an outright fucking coward so it gathers around a whole lot of sucky little sycophants like the current people running our country, beats the shit out of some more or less defenseless kid - and it's a 'great victory' - sometimes you just hang your head in fucking shame to be associated with the thing our country has become the last few years ...

{{ and the 'in the box' question choice this week!!!! - do you think we need to bomb ISIS, or will we need boots on the ground??] - that's it - the idea we might quit smacking the hornet's nest is NOT an option, the idea we might talk a bit of history and understand why ISIS happened, and try to figure some plans based on 'reality' is obviously nowhere near the table - in the box questions A or B, children, make momma proud and show us you have learned your lessons well ... ]]

Sept 18 - Island Morning - a good example of 'adult kids' in action - some little interview where a lady (ah - 'parenting columnist' Diane Flacks) tells us about her, as an 'adult', asking children about 'adult' problems -and it is just big kids playing adults, and pretending to be smart like adults, with smaller kids. And that in a nutshell is what is wrong with us all in the box now - we've been dumbed down to the level of precocious children, thinking we are adults because we are grown up age. It's where the mind is that counts, and the CBC minds are all in kid-pretending-to-be-adult land.

"NEWS" - apparently they're at least as stupid in Australia - ISIS GOING TO BEHEAD PEOPLE ALL OVER AUSTRALIA OMG HIDE HIDE HIDE!!!! - fuck, dumbed down to the nth degree ....

- all just spectacle - some guy explains how his vacation was wrecked by a tornado in Mexico. That's a bitch for sure - but 'national news'????? Really???? - well, good for the kids, I guess.

>> and on Ottawa Morning - as we get a couple of times a week, a lengthy bit on the great bands playing on the weekend, and some news about some program to get young girls rocking in bands. Great stuff for the kids, sure - but how about this for a real media - given the way our governments have been behaving for the last 30+ years, how about a series - once or twice a week - devoted to one of the thousands of missing native women, or other people living in poverty - exploring their sad lives, talking to people about what might be done to improve their lives, talking bout what the fuck kind of priorities our government has when it struts around sending soldiers and weapons to bomb countries and civilians on the other side of the world, but throws up their hands crying 'poverty poverty!!!!' when we talk about poor people, student debts, paying people a living wage, pensions for old people, etc?????? - you just really cannot deny the deep, deep indoctrination of most people in the country, when they listen mindlessly to whatever the corporate media, branch CBC tells them to think or do, but have no thoughts at all for far, far more important things going on around us, including 'true' things as opposed to the propaganda lies they tell us endlessly about what is going on in the bigger world. I guess that would be the 'adult' thing to do - kids don't want to think about that shit, they just want to have fun. Hockey season is coming kids!!!! - our Hockey Panel is back to talk about OUR Hockey Team yea!!!! Poor people???? Hey, this is Canada, we don't have poor people - now quit bothering me...

- last word on Scottish referendum ('news') - '...more than a million people voted for independence - it's not a message Cameron can afford to ignore...' - the voice of God, children - that is not opinion, the CBC professional journalists (sorry ""journalists"") don't do opinion, we are told - so that must be fact. Sure. Actually, of course, this is just the ongoing creation of the narrative. And of course again we KNOW, beyond any doubt, that whatever they want us to believe, is not good for us, but good for them. Some of us know that, anyway ...

- the whole fucking "news" show is like that, most of the whole fucking day, really, people creating the story they want us to believe right in front of our very ears. And nobody understands it except me. What a fucking life. Me and Diogenes. Don't think he ever found what he was looking for either.

- the newsreader tells us of the opening of the Winnipeg museum - that is, the '351 million dollar museum' - just like a teacher, her voice drops a noticeable notch in volume to impress the children about the size of that number - awesome, children!!!

- the Current - half hour on 'social media' and the 'big climate march' coming up - first thing, of course, anyone outside the box knows - **KNOWS*** - that the mainstream corporate media are NOT going to publicize anything dangerous to them. Learn, grasshopper, as they say. On the other hand, of course, like so many other things the new-pretend-guided 'left' get up to, this is actually good for the ruling powers - as in, as with so many other things, a great deal of time, money and energy expended in activities guaranteed - that is **GUARANTEED!!!*** - to do no damage to them. Keep it up kids!! Big Bro loves ya!! (it is, of course, as the better things they do, well done - box stuff, sounds good to the believers ...)

>> and then to keep the firm attachment to the utterly trivial - some NFL cheerleaders think they are not getting paid enough OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!! WE ALL HAVE TO KNOW THIS!!!!!!!!! - something new for the 'how fucking STUPID can you people get?!?!?!?!?!' file - and the answer keeps being - more than you ever, ever imagined, bud ....

Sept 17 - some jail guard story, a prisoner 'taunting' him - 'Knowing full well she was dead, the cruel jokes took a toll' - my, my they don't seem to be teaching any kind of serious English these days in ""journalism"" (hahaha) school (haha and of course too good not to give a bit of longer treatment to - so we get a half hour on the Current. the guy wants to sue the province.

>> And also on the Current - are we doing journalism, or are we falling into the ISIS trap, or any other terrorist trap when we cover stories??? - a good idea for a story, but you KNOW if they are doing it on the current, the have some 'spin' they want to sell - and of course they do - a little group of "journalists haha' who tell us all, of COURSE we are doing real and great "journalism" - the public needs to know this stuff!!! - we could, of course, examine the stories from other perspectives - how much, for example, is the media acting as a corporate state propagandist, promoting BOMB BOMB BOMB!!!! etc, contributing to the actions of these terrorists?? and etc - haha, don't suppose the CBC is going THERE anytime soon! - haha. - very, very much in the box 'discussion' - as such, well done propaganda, sounding good, but covering up the real issues

{{>> telling - the frequently reference the 'terrible videos' of the beheadings - but not a WORD about the apparent fact that at least one of them was faked - the medium is the message, as they say - why wouldn't they mention this. and the media's role in promoting a fake video, and not admitting that later? How about the media's role in promoting western lies promoting war???? haha - NONONONONONONOONO WE'RE NOT TALKING ABOUT THAT!!!!!!!

- krist, they even boldly confront this with lies - 'We should not allow ISIS to do this kind of propaganda!!!!!' - but I guess of course it's our JOB to do western propaganda ....

" ordinary people will be terrified.." - huh? really??? I cannot see any adult in Canada being 'terrified' by this - but I guess the point is that the CHILDREN the CBC et al are trying to create in Canada will be 'terrified' because momma is screaming at them, BE AFRAID CHILDREN BAD MAN COMING!!!! -

Sept 16 - the Current - not entirely clear why, but 'the establishment' has obviously decided it would be a bad thing for Scotland to separate, and when 'The Establishment" speaks, we know where the CBC stands - and we get it today, all the reasons (well, that they want to admit) it would be really, bad!!!! for Scotland to separate - all ery shallow, nowhere near persuasive - obviously they don't want to get into the real reasons, but they don't want this happening.

Sept 15 - Ottawa Morning - into the full scale social engineering, as always - a bit about some kid and his dad, and their saving and budgeting for university - you can do it kids!!!! - of course, we don't hear from any of the tens of thousands, I imagine, whose parents are not making a nice middle class income and there is no fucking way jose they can save, so they see lives of debt and/or low paying jobs - or any discussion of what the fuck is going on with the government that they have been giving tax breaks to the wealthy for years, and to make up for that cutting all spending to people who need it such as students - or even better, some talk with some people who might bring up the stories of other countries who provide university for free for all qualified kids, and some who actually PAY the kids a living allowance!!!!!! - holy fuck Batman, what is going on with Canada? - and the CBC!!!??? (haha rhetorical question, of course - NWO is what is going on - they've about won, we've about lost ....)

>> and then a great story about using social media - native women are trying to raise awareness of a public inquiry in the thousand or so missing native women - this is of course a story (the missing women) that needs a lot more coverage, actually it is more of a story the Cdns are not out in the streets about this, rather than just treating it as something not that interesting. BUT - again, the bigger story is - this is how the CBC is 'framing' social media - groups like the native women trying to raise some awareness - good stuff no doubt, but the far, far bigger things going on with the internet involve what we might call **real** journalists spreading a whole lot of 'truth' out there, shining glaring lights on the lies and propaganda of corporate state media outfits like the CBC. Which, of course, they are not going to cover - the problem is the many people who still believe the CBC et al are the 'real' voice of the Cdn people, and never go near the internet to find out what is really going on. And it is a very central role of the CBC to maintain that situation as much and as long as possible. And, give the devil his due, as they say, they're doing a very good job of it. (of course, the other side of the story paints a very, very sad picture of Cdns, so easily indoctrinated ... and of course so tragically. They are going places it is a lot easier to get to, than to get out of.)

- fuck, the narrative in full creative mode - parliament is resuming today, and EVERYBODY is telling 'next year's campaign starts NOW!!!! - that is ALL they are doing, etc etc!!! - you don't have to wait and see what happens, folks, the CBC is on the ball - we TELL you what will happen!!! We know the future!!!' - fuck, it's so NOT 'journalism' - a woman on Ottawa Morning telling us once again - with the chirpy kid hosting the show - all is so fine folks!!!! - no poverty in Canada!! etc etc - don't worry be happy!!!

- (except for those fucking ISIS of course, we hear about on the ""news""" (almost breaking into wild laughter) - horrible monsters, worst monsters ever, all the leaders say so, so we have to believe it, bombbombbomb!!! - imagine 'beheadings' on you tube OMG!!!!! But but - hmm, odd that the far greater number of women and children and others beheaded and be-armed and be-lifed by the US every month for years and years doesn't attract a SINGLE word of criticism, let alone condemnation, from these folks. hmmmm - and ISIS is based in Syria!!! - we're goin after them soon!!!! (ok, ok, they are fighting Assad too - BUT HE'S A FUCKING BASTARD TOO DON'T FORGET!!! - we'll get him, somehow...)

- they're all still after Ford also - today they're complaining about the brother being on the ballot - the now obviously mentally challenged C Blatchford wondering if we live in north Korea (not yet dear, but the leaders you support are heading that way) - and the lady on Radio noon wondering what is going on, is this legal, etc - and I'm like ???? - my understanding was that Ford withdrew because the nominations were closing, and he wasn't sure, and his brother entered the race. And the problem is??? Doesn't seem to be one - one withdrew before the close, one entered before the close - if anyone had printed ballots before that, that might be a story, but they don't seem to udnerstand that - anyway, once you start running your "news cycle" (hahah again) on gossip and just shit you make up because everyone hates somebody, any connection with 'reality' or 'professional journalism' is pretty much out of the picture. Of course, like the children playing at 'journalism' they are, they wouldn't be able to understand of that...)

THe Current - oh wow!!!! - surprise!!!! the Current is telling more 'horrible ISIS monsters!!!!' stories!!!

>> and then the Current is telling us also - THE ELECTION STARTS NOW!!!! - wha'????? - this is a new thing - they're pushing us closer to the US way of doing things again,not to mention ramping up the totally mindless spectacle - and I guess, to judge from their 'coverage', they are putting the last year's drive of get rid of Harper and make sure Trudeau gets his majority next year - writing the narrative, as our unquestioning minds take it all in - the Ministry of Truth, in full control, as Orwell saw. - the 3 commentators doing their job, laying out the various 'threads' we are supposed to be following, and no doubt all well-meaning, somewhat interested people will do as they are told here, and follow the things the CBC tells us to follow (that is, of course, there will not be a SINGLE question about the massive debt scam, or PR, or 'trade' treaties - etc etc)

(once again - the "journo" (AM) and politicians have a friendly chat, laughting together like old buds - boy, so many people don't see anything - as long as you have the so-called "journos" and the politicians all buddy-buddy - how much real 'reporting' can you expect? Not much .... )

- "news" (haha) again - the 'reporters' all get their thrill out of being so cool - 'nobody wants to put boots on the ground' - wow, they are so 'in' with the military slang, eh? Such a cool expression - 'boots on the ground' - wow. we're so cool .....

AND WE'RE NOT DONE!!! Big scoop!!!! - we have an ISIS JIHADI!!!! - he left the movement, and wrote a book, and we will talk to him!!!!! All the inner secrets, all the nasty things!!!! - holy fuck, they're just going into pure fiction - if a fucking single word of this is true, I'll - fuck, anything you want.

>>> just an observation - Naomi Klein's book ALL over the media, CBC, Guardian, etc etc - very obviously, not in any way threatening to the rulers.

Sept 13 - the House - surprise surprise - ramping up the ISIS propaganda - they're really more dangerous than we even thought before!!!! - it's the fundamental struggle of our time!!! - and they have some junior guy from the gov talking about it - right out of high school level "understanding' and propaganda - fuck, beyond pathetic - the dumbing down all through the system! (he's got a list of talking points, but told to 'speak naturally', but he's not competent, and keeps stumbling down, pretending to know things but unable to articulate them intelligently - laughable, in an 'it's all over so just laugh at it' sort of way ... (ah - it's some clown called 'Chris Alexander' - some gov minister - what a fucking joke this country has become. (and this guy just looks for as deep as he can go - 'Justin Trudeau sticks up for terrorists!!!!' - fuck, it's just embarrassing listening to this kind of guy as a 'minister' of 'my' government - and even much, much more scary to understand how many Cdns take this kind of childish gang really fucking stupid shit talk seriously. Fuck - no wonder I keep fighting - this shit MUST be opposed. alone, if nobody else sees it or cares or has the guts or whatever.

(hahahahaha - and then ES says 'thanks - always good to have you on the program!!!!' - right. the journos and the pols are all in the same corner these days, no matter what little skits they work up to pretend otherwise - not

Sept 12 - The Current - boy, GREAT stuff about Ford!!!! - they don't gloat too much, but it's prime gossip fodder, and away we go. Of course, a few people on the 'we hate that fucker!!!' side commenting, not a voice from anyone who supports the guy - but hey, it would be a MAJOR change of course if they did have anybody actually supporting the guy on their show. Not worth much comment -

- and more gossip on the news and elsewhere - the south African guy found sort of partly guilty of killing his girlfriend - big gossip stuff for the child-reporters, somewhat starstruck by the fact he's an athlete of some kind - of course, other stories like this - 11 Afghanis killed by US air strike, mostly civilians - I mean, that's quite a lot of people, just imagine the fucking outrage if some Russian airstrike killed (allegedly haha) 11 civilians in Ukraine or somewhere - the CBC demands to go bombing, the wondering why Cdns aren't just up in fucking arms about such an outrage, would be endless - but if the US, the Great Leader of the Free World, gets up to shit like this - hey, nothing to see here folks - OH LOOK!!! LOOK OVER THERE!!!! - and etc.

- but then a half hour on the case of the football player who hit his wife - this has been getting a lot of attention, for a relatively small thing - and I think I have it now - it's all part of the dumbing down - nice children do not do that stuff, and since we are all children now, we have to be horrified!!! - and of cours we are. And of course it is completely from the perspective of 'bad man!!! Nice men do not do that!!!' and etc - not a word about the societal basis of violence, the systemic violence that is the 'dark side' of capitalism and the pretend-capitalist 'democracy' - and also, related, the woman here - in a capitalist society, it may very well be that she sees her 'life choices' as a life of poverty in some ghetto, or a chance to move where the money is - if part of the price of that is getting a few punches from the man, she is quite willing to accept that. And she does NOT want YOU fucking with her - and YOU don't really give a fuck. Of course it is a bad thing - but you don't go after the man, if you really want to help, you go after the poverty that is the result of capitalism. haha.

>> Sept 11 - the brainwashed masses - vs the few among us with functioning brains. not much else to say. barring some kind of miracle, it's over.

Sept 11 - Island Morning "business" report - talking about tuition fees going up, she refers to 'the 'left-leaning think tank CCPA' - let's listen to the next time they talk about the Frasers, or Howe, or CCCE, or CCC, or any of the other 'business' 'think tanks' and see if we get reminded they're 'right wing' - haha I'll take bets .... and a reminder that you lazy fuckers aren't saving for your retirement!!!! - just scolding, not a word about why Cdns are not saving or why that might be and what we might need to do about it, in a progressive way, just Big Momma scolding the children. If you're eating three times a day, you're living too high on the hog - lose some weight, save some money - you think we want to pay for your damn retirement???? (some guy found to say some stupid thing about people not saving because of low interest rates. right stan ...)

>> the coverage of Obama's 'we're going bombing again folks' speech is typical MinTruth stuff - 'America has been fighting terrorism for years..' - fuck - that's just ignoring history to the point of outright lying, America has been **creating** terrorism for years would be much closer to the truth - and they're about to do more of it.

Ottawa Morning - oh such a surprise - a 'general' telling us all how we really have to go to war now, this ISIS is the most dangerous foe we have ever faced in human history!!!!, etc etc - sure we made some small mistakes in the past (they KNOW most people are very, every skeptical of this shit any more, and have to at least pretend to acknowledge the past lies (not as 'lies' of course, just 'mistakes' haha)), but THIS IS REAL FOLKS!!!! THIS TIME WE REALLY MEAN IT!!!! They are the most dangerous ever, people!! We have to bomb bomb bomb - or you'll be sorry!! and etc etc etc - apparently they have decided the gullibility of Cdns is literally depthless. The big, big problem is, they appear to be reading things right. 30 years of serious dumbing down and indoctrination - proving to have been successful, probably beyond their wildest dreams - even if we unindoctrinated people free to write truth all over the internet, and the same Cdns free to access and read and think for themselves - they insist on once again believing the blatant lies coming from the media. Quite amazing, and very scary, and very discouraging. But not being ready to jump in the hole yet, and not having the money to just say fuck it and spend a few years traveling, I guess continuing to do my Diogenes thing is all there is left.

>> the Current also, no surprise - but the LIES!!!!!!!! - 'plunging into Syria, which he has so far avoided..' !!!!!!!! - geezus fucking krist, that's too shocking to even comment on - the US was completely behind the "rebels" in Syria! - and Obama - 'if you threaten America, we will hunt you down..' - ????? ISIS is not 'threatening Amerika' - they're doing a lot of damage where they are of course, but America????? - fuck, the lies and stupidity of all this are just beyond belief. Actually, a lot of stuff these people have been up to since 911 are pretty unbelievable = and yet most people still believe it all. fuck. never never land/ cloud cuckoo land. home at the CBC ... - fuck, if we have any real historians around, this should be really interesting - they are creating the Ministry of Truth narrative in front of our eyes - but it seems I am one of the very few who actually understand this, and (I laugh to myself) comparing those who listen to me to those who listen to the lying propagandists on the CBC is like comparing my bank account to - well, theirs too, I guess.

>>> and then again, a complete rewriting of history - the Benghazi American embassy attack last year - there is NOT A WORD of the American bombing and killing of Gaddaffi and overthrow of Libya, this is just we nice Americans in our nice peaceful embassy, and those fucking terrorists came and killed we poor nice people golly shucks ms tremonti! fuck. lies and lies and lies - you cannot believe a fucking word about anything serious coming out of the CBC. well. I guess I'm kind of repeating myself ...

(it is good propaganda - told like a story, 'me and Tig did something, and then they fired and killed him' - we the good guys, boy, and them fucking bad guys - you know, all you radio people out there - you KNOW who the good guys are, and the bad guys, just like Saturday morning cops and robbers, cowboys and indians, Jack Bauer and goddam fucking terrorists the last few years - you know who you support, and who the fucking enemy are - don't forget it bud, when we go bombing somewhere, hey man, it's just the fucking cavalry coming, taking out fucking bad guys - don't sweat it, just get with the fucking program - get back to your nice fucking lives people, big tvs and great bands at the bars, and your favorite sports teams - just know we expect your support when we're out there keeping you people safe from the fucking bad guys, right???? - hey, man, right ..... - boy, this guy is a real hero - my arm was shattered, but I didn't feel any pain, just doing my job, protecting my assignment, even though my bud was killed - boy, you really gotta be some kinda scumbag to say anything bad about this hero, man .... AM is just in awe, and by fuck you people out there in radioland better be too, or we'll be comin for ya, MF .... )

Sept 10 - morning "news" - the big 'story' is how we just must go a bombing in Iraq and Syria now - they understand the deep resistance to this, and the previous lies, so they do a bit of lip-service to 'real history' - ok, ok, probably ISIS would not exist if Bush had not invaded Iraq 10 years ago - and ok, ok, it actually was an invasion on lies - but back to 'now' - these are the most horrible monsters we have ever, ever EVER seen in the history of the universe, and we really have no option, and MUST MUST MUST!@!!!!! go bombing, children, even though we really, really don't want to, no sir! - but we must, we must, etc etc - and then on Ottawa Morning - an 'interview' with some guy explaining why Obama is probably going to go bombing in Syria, and why it's just something we really need to do - so get with the program kids, when you hear it on the news, and don't worry about it - now get back to your real life, sports! the traffic report! etc

>> and what is really going on here? Who knows - but one suspects they are going after Assad - he just beat the US in an undeclared ground war, and got re-elected with a big majority in Syria, and I suspect the US is really, really, REALLY pissed off - they know they cannot go bombing him directly - so they create a back door. Somehow now, we're just going to 'accidentally' bomb someplace where Assad is hanging out, and then we will suddenly get a much more US-friendly leader - or the country just devolves into complete chaos like Iraq, which is also just fine - and then we go after Iran. Last country on the 'list of 7'

Sept 9 - "news" (08:00 Ottawa) - story about Russian fighters 'buzzing' a Cdn warship in the Black Sea - basically Russian waters (imagine the situation if a Russian ship was in the Caribbean and US warplanes were 'buzzing' it - would that be 'provocative', or more like a warning to them fuckers that we are on their case, and one tiny step out of line they're going to be in a LOT of trouble??? - funny how the US assumes that they own the entire fucking world, and can go where they like and do what they like. Anyway, they call the Russian buzzing of the Cdn ship (let us note, alleged, not a proven fact at all - we know how much these people lie about such things) 'unnecessarily provocative' - again, the blindness or hypocrisy of these people is quite laughable and beyond belief - the US and its puppet NATO countries are taking over a country right on Russia's doorstep, and have been doing so with many other countries over the last lot of years, but the word 'provocative' has never arisen in terms of this - instead they try to completely reverse the situation, and accuse Russia of 'aggressiveness' etc when Russia gives a very limited 'back off' message - just fucking unbelievable how many people evidently believe the western propaganda.

Sept 9 - the Current - an interview with some NDP guy about having a debate about whether or not we should send military support to Iraq etc - Ms T is, as is expected, quite aggressive with the NDP guy - they do NOT like capitalist light here, even if all parties are controlled by the Rulers ....

Sept 8 - Island Morning - let's get the year off right - we ARE the agency of social engineering - YOU PEOPLE GET YOUR HELMETS ON!!!! = really, folks, nice, smart folks wear their helmets, and you want to be seen by we good folk at the CBC as good citizens, doing what momma says, don't you? Sure you do! Get those helmets on!

Ottawa Morning - so childish. some good deconstruction stuff if anybody ever cares - and then the 8:30 news - some students had a t-shirt with (plug your ears children!!!') - the f-word!!!! - naughty children!!!!! (whoever is reading 'the news' is right up there with the childishness - reading with much voice expression, like you read to children - or like children read. )

- the Current - again, an apparently 'learned' discussion on the ISIS situation - what are we going to do about these evil bastards??? - but only if your brain is not particularly engaged do you walk away feeling you have heard anything useful. As noted everywhere people talk about this (or anything else of importance) intelligently, ISIS does not exist in a vacuum - there is a history, and if we do not talk about the roots of ISIS, we are never going to figure out how to deal with them. (don't bother checking around the CBC for any intelligent discussion about this haha - RT has much better people and insights - they are not doing Washington propaganda .. - or here, a Canadian you are NOT ever going to hear on the CBC haha - James Corbett - Who is ISIS? An open source investigation - now there is some useful information. They are certainly a problem for peace-loving people, but we can only understand how we might seriously go about lowering the danger threshold if we have some serious truth about where they came from, what they want, why they are doing what they are doing, etc - and 'THE EVIL BASTARDS JUST HATE US CAUSE THEY'RE EVIL AND WE'RE GOOD SO OUR ONLY OPTION IS BOMB BOMB BOMB!!!' doesn't really cut it. Ant least for those of us with functioning brains - apparently it is persuasove for quite a lot of Cdns, to judge from reading comments in the "news" papers - the dumbing down and indoctrination has certainly been effective for a great number of people the last 30 years)

Sept 7 - Enright has a sophisticated essay, as befits the 'lead the progressives' CBC seniors - lot of good stuff, but included are things like 'the former KGB thug Putin' and his 'incursions' into Ukraine, and the horrible ISIS - completely context free, these are not radical Islamists fostered by US bombing, they are some monster born out of some evil place in the universe, only killing because they are evil. They are indeed evil, but we're never going to beat them if we cannot face the fact that 'we' created and fostered them - and we can only defeat them by not creating them any more. Not going to hear that discussion on Enright's show, I think .... just somebody else telling us more about 'the thug Putin' etc etc.

>> Ira Basin once again proving he is a good servant to the rulers - University undergrads taught by poorly paid part-timers - aside from the ongoing completely unprofessional habit the CBC has of allowing its employees to use the broadcaster as their personal 'bully pulpit' (Basin says early on he is one of these poorly paid lecturers), this is again pretending to talk about a serious problem, but carefully steering the reader/listener away from any serious solutions. For of course we have a lot of problems with universities these days, and under-funding is certainly one of them - but the solution is not basically 'learning to live with underfunding creatively', as the CBC is telling us about basically every funding problem, the solution, for 'we the people' who want a democracy that functions better for us all, is understanding the current major filter every spending decision of the government goes through, and changing it - right now, the main filter is something like 'if it is good for the elite, do it, if it is good for the people but would cost the country money that the elite could be claiming for themselves, drop it'. As noted often, we are a fabulously wealthy country, and our universities should be basically free and offering the highest quality instruction and mentoring for our best and brightest young people - instead, they have become just another 'business training school', where things that make more money for the rulers are encouraged, and things that are simply 'good education' for the young people cast aside like worthless old shoes - the peasants do not need to know history or science or anything useful, they just need the minimum of training to enable them to be good workers.

Sept 6 - the House - "Putin strikes again!!!!' - Putin and 'another provocation'!!! - fuck, just ramping up the warmongering. if you guys are reading this, you might read a bit of history - after the Germans lost WWII, check the Nuremburg trials etc, and see how people doing intentional propaganda and war-mongering were regarded in terms of war crimes????? - just some food for thought, given the outrageous and blatant lies you are spreading about Russia these days (and spreading back many years, Saddam and WMD, Milosevic and 'mass graves', the lies about Iran the last few years, and China, and Syria - you are building up quite a record, once the Big Judge comes a-calling ...

- and ES - 'given what happened to Crimea' - this is the obvious nonsense the CBC et al want us to believe - that Russian just marched into the Crimea and 'annexed' it - not a word of the reality, that Crimea has historically been part of Russia, most people there wanted to be part of Russia, and Russia agreed to accept them. etc. MinTru at work. 24/7. all day every day.

- ES has a very friendly conversation with Baird - obviously good buds, pushing the same message -

>> the 'House panel' is very clear about what the CBC is up to - no real discussion of anything, the 'opening understanding' is that Russia is evil and aggressive and invading everything, and what are we going to do about it????' - very obviously, just a government panel, telling Cdns what the government wants them to believe. We really, really need a media out here that tries to present a more honest view of what is going on in the world, and talking to Cdns about what WE/THEY want to do about it. If anything. Do we want to be am American foot soldier, or do we want to try something different, something a bit more likely to result in peace etc? - haha not going to hear any of THAT shit on the CBC!!!

Sept 5 - Ottawa Morning 08:00 "news" (haha) - a 'story' on Toronto transit - 'people are surly, and with reason..' and etc - hatchet job all the way - and presented as "news" ??? - fuck, not a 'journalism' school in the country should be allowed to remain open. Do as you want!!! Your opinion is 'news'! Your prejudice is "news" kids!!! look for things people are unhappy about, and interview some people agreeing with this view, and that's your story!!!! - fuck.

Sept 4 - "news" - Russia and ISIS are now 'consuming threats' for NATO. Right. A bit of context is nice - not to be found on the CBC, of course.

"the Russians are not interested in a cease fire, they continue to destablize eastern Ukraine.' fuck. the complete reverse of the truth - how can so many Cdns be so fucking brainwashed? - lies and lies and lies - 'Russia is determined to maintain low level conflict..' - I mean, Fuck, the US has been maintaining 'not so low level' conflict all over the world since 1950!!!!!!! - has nobody around here got any fucking brains left?!!!??? - I suppose I exaggerate a bit - there's obviously a lot of people who see what is going on, writing on the net - but so many Cdns seem to oblivious to these lies - and all they need to do of course is maintain a 'critical mass' to legitimise their continued rule - and they don't see to have any problem doing that ...

>> and ongoing with the social engineering - get your kids to have a flu shot folks - don't let them pass those nasty germs to old people who are more vulnerable!! - CBC - front and center with social engineering of Cdns, who mostly love it!

(and they're all so chirpy!! Aren't we all such happy little citizens, all doing such nice things!!

Ottawa Morning - surprise surprise - some more talk about how terrible Russia is, how aggressive they are, how we all must be prepared to defend ourselves against the danger!! etc etc - not a tiny hint or pretence of balance - just We Good!! They Bad!!!! etc etc. - again, very obviously, the creation of a narrative, rather than any attempt at actually talking to Cdns about what is *really* going on in the world -

- the Current - LOOK AT THEM DAMNED CHINESE!!!!! - so anti-democratic!!! Right BB. Canada is far more anti-democratic, the rulers just have their peasants under much, much better control. Here, you can vote for you want - but haha joke's on you, elect who you want, they all work for US!!!! hahahaha sucker.... they haven't got quite that sophisticated yet. So they're a bit less sophisticated about the control of the candidates. They'll catch up some day. (but of course we're not getting into THAT on the CBC!!! haha. )

(again - we have many people complaining about the state of 'democracy' in Canada - but we're not going to hear from THEM on the CBC!!! - but we always have time for someone from some country like China we don't like complaining about the sad state of democracy there. Life in the box.)

Sept 3 - the blatant lies continue re Russia - this morning, the "news" reminds us - Russia is increasingly using force - only a few months ago it used force to annex the Crimea. ???? As I recall, there was a referendum, with a very large turnout, which overwhelmingly voted to officially be part of Russia rather than the Ukraine - to ignore this, and blat on about Russia 'annexing' the Crimea through 'force', is dissembling to the point of outright lying. I find it just amazing that the CBC is not being mobbed by people, demanding that the propagandists be removed, and someone with at least some remote idea of honest news reporting be put in charge. Just amazing - but obviously, the 30 years of dumbing down and pacifying have been very effective, and most Cdns either have no idea what is really going on, or just don't care. Not, I suppose, as I keep referring to, unlike the Germans during the 1930s - it was very obvious Hitler was getting up to a lot of bad things, but almost nobody spoke out. I fear Cdns, and many others, are going to find the same lessons the Germans did - however hard it might be to challenge these people now, it is going to be a fuck of a lot harder, and the price massively greater, if you leave it too late.

>> god, even Walkom, a Star columnist who usually has a better grip on things, is deep into the 'Russia terrible aggressor enemy!!!' koolaid - fuck, anybody with a functioning brain can see the US has been THE major aggressor in the world the last 30 years certainly since the breakup of the former USSR, and even before that - all over the world, the US is invading and bombing, deposing democratic governments and installing US-friendly puppet regimes, they have Russia more or less surrounded now with American bases, the Russians have NOTHING near America, or anywhere around the world - the US is throughout Africa and S America, etc etc - how anybody can accuse Russia of 'aggression' for some very reluctant defence of its own borders is just unbelievable.

>> and back to one of the ever-present box functions, social control and engineering - today on Island Morning we have a number of minutes dedicated to telling people how they really, really need to quit fighting the inevitable, and get those flu shots!!! They save lives, people!!!! Look, even the nurses are slowly coming around and getting them!!!! - the announcers are all on board, they only interview people who, often somewhat with a 'sigh!' attitude about those idiots who don't want a flu shot, all tell us how wonderful they are, etc etc. There are a number of things about this, of course, that one sees quite clearly from outside the box here. The first thing is, of course, at what point did the media become the enforcer of state policy - a de facto 'social engineering propaganda' broadcaster? Is this really the function of 'the media' in a democracy? You really need to give this some thought - like the whole box, it has been an insidious process, this turning of the media into a dispenser of state policy, and now everyone just accepts it as natural that the CBC is the government propaganda agent for things like seat belts, not smoking, getting flu shots, and etc - and as part of that acceptance, of course, most Cdns evidently believe the CBC and other media when they start with the 'Look at that monster killing his own people!!! We have to stop him!!!' and etc. But really, people, the whole original and major function of the 'free press' was, and should still be, to keep a close eye on those in power, and keep the public well informed of things those in power might not actually want 'the citizens' knowing.

>> we also see a very distressingly dumbing down of the population here - no thinking for yourself allowed, fellow citizens, we are good children who do what momma tells us, and you must obey momma too - we trust momma, do as she says!! What is wrong with you disobedient children?!?!? >> and related - the idiocy of those who accuse those of daring to question momma as 'anti-science'!

>> but the big paradigm shifts we see - from thinking, debating citizens, we have become completely obedient children. And from a free media keeping an eye on the government, we now have a government secretariat - completely accepted by most citizens. Bye bye.

>> and the Current - more war mongering, the MP who is the ""defence"" (haha) minister, telling us what monsters we face in the world, esp Russia and Putin, and how it is so great that we keep killing and bombing etc etc. monsters out there, people. we are needed. get under your beds and shut up while we "protect" you. haha. etc etc - AM fully participating in the scripted warmongering - some other idiot totally unaware of anything (NATO has been sleeping - !!!!!! ) - or just lying, as the warmongering continues

Sept 2 - Island Morning - interview with some lady about how tuition fees are not as bad as you think, various provincial rebates available, etc - but mainly a bit of urging to get saving folks! It ain't gonna change! - thing is, almost the identical interview yesterday on Ottawa Morning - obviously, again, managed cross-country coverage of things the rulers want people hearing. (also serious propaganda - why, for example, don't we have a bit more talk about how most European countries are a great deal cheaper for students, many even free, some even paying students!!! - why does Canada feel its priority is maxing corporate profits, for people who already have more money than they could ever spend, rather than helping students, or old people, or doing something serious about the utterly barbaric rates of native poverty etc? (haha don't suppose we're going to hear any of THAT any time soon on all our morning shows!)

>> and then 'Ottawa Report' - some lies about Russia (aggressive, looking to take over Europe OMG!!) and etc - again a 'cross country' thing, you know this will be on Ottawa Morning soon - the people need to know the dogma, and no doubt this fairy tale will remain the 'narrative' most Cdns believe, as Harper et al go shooting their lies around at the NATO meeting (any real media would at the very least have some discussion about this, this would be a good place to start - Russia says NATO's 'military hysteria' undermines Ukrainian peace, or perhaps this Intelligence Pros for Peace give NATO advice (both sound a lot closer to the truth of things to me - which is, I suppose, why we aren't going to go near any of it on the CBC, where 'warmongering for our Masters!!!' is our middle name, and by golly we're proud of it!! (dissenting voices need not bother writing - we do NOT want to hear 'your valued opinion' on some things ...)

barf barf

>> "news" - story on high beef prices, people buying less, but farmers want to grow more because of high prices, but it takes some years - oddly enough (haha saracsm) not a WORD about how some market management in beef might stablise things a bit -

Sept 1 - small but notable number of Canadians engage in terror abroad. Hmm -I suspect the Afghani, or Libyan, or many other nationalities, who have had western bombs dropped on their wedding parties, or some kid of theirs innocently riding a bike around their own town somewhere but was shot by a Canadian, or had some young male relative of theirs sent off to be tortured, etc etc, would figure there have been quite a lot of Canadians running around the world engaging in government-sanctioned terror activities. We really need to have a long talk about this some day, rather than just listening to militarist propaganda like this. Dropping bombs on innocent civilians is just as much a terrorist activity as cutting off some journalist's head. We ought to try to quit fooling ourselves about this.

- krist, the 'we do it, it's great - but they do it, no way!!!' - "news" whining about Hong Kong elections being a bit controlled - but of course the 'elections' in Afghanistan, and Iraq, recently have been even more controlled, with Americans wandering around with guns etc making sure nobody they don't want running stays well away - no prob baby!!!. and etc. 'laughable hypocrisy' is one of our middle names.

>> and then the Current, in absolutely brazen hypocrisy (signalling yet another escalation this year I guess) talking about the Chinese government in some mild ways censoring the 'news' - fuck, the total control of western propaganda media leaves these people in the dust. But we're not talking about that here, of course, where the general behind-the-scenes truth is along the lines of 'You write what you like because the masters like what you write' - not an idea we're going to talk about on the CBC, by golly!!!! haha.

Aug 31 - some gay men beaten in Greece - '...while the numbers may seem negligible..' - another CBC cub reporter trying to show off vocab, and making a mess of it ... the national broadcaster is not supposed to be for junior trainees ...

- krist, the coverage of the Shania Twain concert in PEI - kids to the front. This is NEWS folks!!

Aug 30 - teacher gets jail for sex with student - quite unbelievable, and once again massive over-reaction. Not to mention massive hypocrisy, sprinkled with some obvious lied. At a guess, an absolute minimum of 50% of the 15-year-old males in this school, or pretty much any other school in the western world, would have given their left nut to have this opportunity come their way, and probably closer to 90%. Whatever the kid wrote later to get the teacher in trouble was either some kind of spite, or some kind of coercion from the 'authorities'. It is, I guess, part of the 'dumbing down' process in action - we seem to have a bit more sexual freedom in 'adult' children, but I guess mid- and later teens are still expected to be uninterested in sex or something, or primly turning down chances? It's just a stupid idea - hormones are raging during the teen years, and trying to stop them from having sex is like stopping the snow falling in Prince Edward Island in January. Not going to happen. They certainly should be far, far better educated than they are about what is going on with their bodies, and appropriate ways to deal with it - a lot of misery results from kids whose parents don't want to talk about sex, and who are told little more in most schools than BAD BAD BAD NONONO!!!! This kid should be getting some pats on the back for unusual luck, and the teacher maybe a 'tut tut', but with a 'wink wink' along with it. Sex is natural, sex between consenting adults of any age is really nobody's business but their own.

>> ongoing propaganda about ISIS in many ways - very blatant lies to a large extent. The beheading of the journalist for instance - very out of context, what if we had that beheading talked about, and then this story - more beheadings!! - my my, isn't that interesting, our 'second best bud' over in that part of the world is beheading people who really should not be beheaded all the time!!! And what do we have to say about that???? haha nothing, obviously - that's not how propaganda operates.

>> the House - blatant lies about Russia and NATO - 'Russia the aggressor, invading everywhere', NATO 'the good guys, only defending Democracy!!!!' - and etc. complete reversal of the world situation, and these people know it. blatant lies. as always, the most disappointing thing is that apparently most Canadians are so deeply indoctrinated they can't conceive of questioning this kind of lies from the CBC .... all CBC hosts, here the very trusted Evan, blatantly on board the American militarist lies - 'Russia did this' etc etc - (i.e. Russia annexed Crimea, illegally, etc - blatant lies)

- not to mention the over-riding blatant pretension - 'NATO' is doing this - in reality, of course, NATO is a US puppet, doing what the US wants ...

Difference between the CBC and 'real news': Just watched this on Real news - Canada's largest union protests pension cuts - and then had a quick check around Montreal CBC, finding this - hundreds protest. with a few other linked articles - it is quite noticeable that the CBC is entirely on the side of the government (and their business masters), giving them lots of space to justify what they are doing, with no union spokespeople at all, although they may have had one on one of their local shows. But there is no 'balance' here, or fairness, as obviously the entire Canadian corporate media - owned of course by the same people who are trying to disempower Canadians largely by making them financially insecure - are trying to cut incomes and benefits of all workers.

speaking of 'balance and fairness' in the Cdn media -

>> Toronto Star pretty out to lunch - Why Rob Ford will win again - this may well be true, much to the deep chagrin of the Star and Globe and CBC, but when this joker criticizes other media for helping Ford, and says this - "...Factor two: today’s news coverage is driven by Google hits, not carefully considered editorial choices or, heaven forbid, balance and fairness..." - it would seem the 'unspoken part' of this comment would be something like "... like we here at the Star are fair and balanced...' - and that implication is enough to knock one off one's chair - the coverage of Ford the last year and some has been a 'master class' in how NOT to be fair and balanced by most of the Cdn media, led by the Star - a complete pathetic joke of one-sided demonisation and gossip - no rumor about Ford too trivial to headline as 'LOOK WHAT HE DID NOW OMG!!!!!' - and etc etc. - with no more than 1% of the 'coverage' given to Ford in a fair way to give his side of any story.

> and he goes on to whine "...This year, Hollywood and Jimmy Kimmel have helped Ford become a larger-than-life celebrity, adding to his already remarkable levels of awareness and familiarity, attributes that consistently drive ballot choices..." - they seem oblivious to the FACT that it was the Cdn media that created this infamy - for months and months - "HEY WORLD LOOK AT OUR JOKE OF A MAYOR OMGOMG!!!!' - and etc etc - it is hardly surprising the gossip media of the US and other places, always looking for someone to mock, would pick up on it. Very pathetic, although another capitalist trait, cause some problem, and then point the finger elsewhere when things start to blowback or whatever.

One could go on and dissect many other parts of this yellow pretend-journalism piece, but no point.

Anyway, the Canadian media - as always, NOT the friend of Cdns.

Aug 29 - children at play again - Ottawa is 'retiring' bus route 76, where the 'tragedy' was last year. Interview with the children - 'we have bad memories.. I cross myself when I get on the bus' - etc. That's it, children, momma is looking after you. Adults aren't superstitious. Adults are a bit more difficult to keep in a box. Not many of out here in outside-the-box land

>> the Current - more propaganda on Russia, Ukraine, and Putin - so one-sided - 'is Russia invading Ukraine?' (of course it is!!!!!) - etc etc

Aug 27 - ('news' 08:00 Ottawa) - 3 Cdns have been recalled from somewhere because somebody nearby had Ebola (BOGEYMAN CHILDREN!!!!! SCARY SCARY!!!!! UNDER YOUR MENTAL BEDS!!!) - some chirpy young cub reporter telling the country that the opinion of some guy's wife is news. kids at play. every place in the country calling itself a 'journalism school' should be de-certified.

- and on the 'news' - more Syria demonisation - trying to conflate Assad and ISIS. BAADDDD!!!! etc. (you heard it here first - remember last year, the US was desperately trying to get the world to consent to bombing the fuck out of Syria, until Assad was gone, but he turned out to be stronger than other US regime change operations, and eventually the US-supported rebels were pretty much beaten. Obviously the US has not given up on destroying Assad - and there are many stories out there that through various back door channels, ISIS has to a large degree been enabled by the US, along with some other Arab countries - and now the US is claiming that Assad is somehow responsible, and coming at him from another direction. !!)

>> and Harper is accusing Putin of 'imperialistic' ambitions, including the Arctic - fuck, a *real* media would be laughing at this - it is very obviously the US with massive 'imperialistic' ambitions all over the fucking world. Of course, as their pet lapdog, the Cdn gov, and their secretariat media, don't want to get people thinking about this, so the old capitalist 'Look over there!!!' about anything they themselves are doing. As always, by far the saddest and most troubling part is how many Cdns seem so deeply into the NWO koolaid they just lap this shit up with no questions.

- the Current - talking about Harper's remark no inquiry is needed for the many murdered aboriginal young women - GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR SOME SERIOUS CRYING WOMAN GO FOR IT!!!!!!

>> 'dumbing down' in action, every day - i.e. plane turned back for unruly passengers - hysterical, immature behaviour - of the crew. Similar situation a couple of weeks ago - like a poor parent, punishing a lot of people because one child misbehaves. ALL YOU CHILDREN WILL DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD OR MOMMA WILL HIT AND PUNISH EVERYONE!!!! - as always, scary part is how many people get self-righteous themselves, thus become the strong 'peer pressure' controlling anyone momma wants controlled - I was behaving!! You other children should behave too! - creation of the hive mind, creation of Brave new World. Nobody knows,. nobody sees. It is, of course, part of the shifting of the 'public mind' to a state of complete, instant unquestioning obedience to ANYone designated as 'authority' - or face some very serious consequences. What seems to be getting further and further from most people's minds (never talked about of course on the media) is - this is moving further and further away from any pretense of 'democracy' - the rulers, and their enforcers, tell us what they want done, or not done, and we have no recourse at all except instance, passive obedience - or the SWAT team will be on your case. Really, really worrying how few people seem capable of seeing where this is going, and worrying at least a little bit about it - you read the comment space in the papers, and by far the majority of people are agreeing with the 'authorities', telling us what good obedient children they are, and by golly any child who does not do what mommy tells them deserves anything they get.

-- similar - Canada mocks Russia - the people who should be the most intelligent, mature and able people in our senior bureaucracy acting like belligerent, stupid teenage gang members. This is NOT progress of the human race - been going backwards since the 70s. Bad juujuu.

-- and just one more - cons take aim at 'disgusting media' - the very, very most discouraging part of this kind of shit is that they think it obviously works - any intelligent adult reacts to this kind of thing by saying, 'Well, here is one group of people who very obviously do NOT deserve to be running anything at all, let alone a country' - but very obviously, there are a whole lot of Cdns out there who are so fucking dumbed down (or just naturally stupid) they get all 'oh boy let's go get those leftards' when they get a message like this. I'm telling you - we do NOT have a lot of time to save the country.

Aug 26 - listen to the 'scripting from above' - managing the population - Island morning and Ottawa morning, as usual, talking to the same guy from the same place about the same things - but it is obvious this morning the script is in play, part of the bigger tweedledee-dum game - both 'hosts' ask more or less the same question - the PM is 'dropping the ball' - quite the coincidence, if they weren't given the 'talking points' script ahead of time.

08:00 "news" - fuck, they're right off the wall again with the ISIS 'narrative' - and once again, lies and propaganda of past times are now 'simple historical facts' - i.e. Assad 'has been waging civil war against his people' for years (!!!!! ) and of course, we all KNOW now that he has gassed his own people - krist, this cub reporter probably believes this shit - totally brainwashed dupe, reading whatever script she is handed ... or else she knows she is lying, is a bit smarter than she sounds, and is more than willing to work for the rulers and is showing how good she is at lying on air. all hail ORwell, he saw long ahead of his time ... actually, I guess there was a lot of 'history' rewriting during the war years as well, so he could see that - still, much more disappointing, and worrying, how many 'modern' people seem to believe any old shit they hear coming out of the CBC - fuck you people, progressives are supposed to be a little bit awake.

>> and on we go, on the Current - the nice lady from the US informs us that Assad is actually supporting ISIS!!!!!!!!!!! - and HE was responsible for creating them!!!!!!!!!!! - it's just bizarre, the US had EVERYTHING to do with arming and creating the 'rebels' in both Iraq and Syria, who eventually became ISIS - just fucking unreal, how they brazenly create such lies, and apparently most people are willing to let Big Bro's Ministry of Truth

(host - 'do you worry about ?? a brutal oppressive dictator further?' etc. fuck fuck ) >> listen to this - 'Assad responded to the Arab awakening by attacking his own people' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck I find it hard to believe I am hearing this, it is so brazenly a lie about such recent history - >> (host) - 'the US has formed alliances with unsavory dictators for a time..' - well, dear, maybe it might be a bit more truthful to say the US has attacked literally dozens of democratic governments all around the world over the last 60s years, and installed unsavory dictators whom they supported in brutal repression of their people for decades .... Assad is a very different situation, as was Gaddaffi -

>> and holy fuck - the guy says 'And they probably want to strike the Homeland!!' - they are, as noted before, certifiably psychotic - this is escalation this year - every year worse than the last - not much time left, I fear - get on the book, DP

Aug 25 - NOT the CBC - Propaganda-stoked terror - good piece, a bit surprisingly, in the Cdn mainstream media.

Ottawa Morning - 'capital pride parade' - a bunch of kids pretending to be of one sexual orientation or another - just spectacle, dumbing down (certainly more along the lines of CBC stuff than the Ritter commentary above, which is something 'serious adults' might find of interest these days ... )

Aug 24 - Maritimes news - nice heartwarming story about PEI folks preparing 'glad bag kits' for kids starting school without some basic gear - such nice folks. Of course. BUT - - OUT OF THE BOX - we might ask some other questions - what in the hell is going on that so many people are so poor in our great free prosperous democracy these days? In a 'real' media, we might be asking some other people for their comments - i.e. poverty is not inevitable - it's a choice we make as a society. Wow - haha, sure as hell don't want to be going THERE on the Capitalist Broadcast Media. haha.

The Russian Aggression Prevention Act (RAPA): A Direct Path to Nuclear War with Russia - fuck these people are right out of their fucking minds. Certifiably insane people in charge of the most powerful country in the world. And supported by the Canadians currently running our country very illegitimately any way you count things. Odd we're not hearing anything about this on the CBC - guess there's no way they figure they can spin it to make it look like the Russians are trying to start a war, or something - it's obvious from various signs that regardless of 30+ years of serious dumbing down, there are still quite a few people in Canada with at least partially functioning brains.

>> ongoing 'good children indoctrination maintenance' - is it the job of the CBC to be a government programmer? They seem to think so - you notice the regular drive-by indoctrination maintenance (well, you might not, but I do - when you have your head in outside-the-boxland, such things tend to be quite obvious) - when they have any kind of phone-in stuff, and somebody says they're calling from in a car somewhere, **ALL** of the on-air personalities have obviously received orders from 'the master' to immediately interrupt with some form of, "Oh golly!! I hope you have pulled off the road! We children are not allowed to use a telephone while we're driving!!' - and etc. It's a contentious law at best, like other 'for your own protection citizens!!!!' shit like seatbelt and helmet laws, certainly never debated during any election, and is just more Big Momma in action - and again shows the central function of the CBC - making sure the children behave as Big Brother wants them to - I mean, really, nobody wants to get tut-tutted by the CBC hosts we listen to and love. This is one of the things that is simply not debatable (they know that they would lose by big numbers and honest debate) - democracy is for small things - like the 'participatory budgeting' thing above - but for the serious stuff - you people just do what you're fucking well told, or we'll have the cops all over you. Soon. Remember, if you don't do what momma tells you willingly with a smile on your face and get your little pat on the head like good children, we very quickly escalate. Doing As You Are Told!!! is zero-tolerance territory, assholes, in our Brave New World - when Big Brother speaks, you have one response and one response only - SIR YESSIR!!! - or the tasers are coming out, if they're in a good mood and don't go straight for the guns. The only good 'dissident' is the one with several bullet holes in his body, as a lesson to others who might think of resisting. (but it's ok, Dave!!! If you do as your told, they won't hurt you!!)

>> 'national "news"' - Libya has been in some turmoil since 'the overthrow of Gaddaffi' - fuck these people. 'the overthrow' - like, this had nothing to do with US, folks!! Nonono!! It was just like an act of god!! - 'the overthrow'!! - nothing at ALL to do with the US, with the support of Canada and massive lies and propaganda from the Cdn media, including we here at the CBC, bombing the fuck out of anything remotely associated with Gaddaffi until the gang of rabble calling themselves 'rebels' could finally manage to catch and kill him, etc etc. Orwell really was pretty prescient, with his 'Ministry of Truth' stuff - we certainly have it today, with MofT branch Canada led by the CBC.

Aug 23 - NOT the CBC: as we hear pretty much daily the CBC, along with most of the western media, demonizing the leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin, a little context would be nice. RT is usually good for some voices never to be allowed near the CBC, such as this - The Putin Phenomenon - as usual, there's quite a bit more to any story than the propagandists want their indoctrinees to believe.

>> They've built the box, and you're in it: the 2014 People's Social Forum is taking place in Ottawa - and getting some notice in the media (as noted frequently, an immediate red flag for anyone truly fighting the NWO who understands what is really happening here - the enemy does NOT give sanction or publicity to anyone they truly consider dangerous - why would they?). This has obviously been an undertaking by many people truly interested in trying to get our country back onto a better path, with a lot of time and money involved, and has been built up as a great moment in the struggle against the NWO. But it is exactly the reverse, when seen in the bigger picture, through the lens of a mature, talented and confident military strategist fighting an enthusiastic but naive foe, such as those coordinating the NWO takeover - this is only in a small sense a 'great protest' from the masses - in a much bigger, and more important way, it is a great triumph for the strategists of the NWO, who, like a black belt martial artist allowing their enemy to expend much energy whilst being prepared at any time to expertly throw them to the mat with a simple movement, have allowed this great effort by their enemy to happen under very controlled circumstances, and they have arranged everything to ensure that after all of this time and effort, although it will be lauded as a great thing, and everyone will feel something has been done - at the end of the day, this is going to have exactly zero influence on changing any government policy.

Look a bit deeper at what is happening.

First, there are '17 key themes' - which sounds great and inclusive, but is an absolute guarantee that nothing useful will be done about any of these things, and a great deal of effort is going to be diverted into an endless stream of 'divide and conquer' energy. One of the enemy's ever-useful strategies.

Second - we all know *what* needs to be done, or changed, or stopped, to make our country better - there are hundreds of manifestoes of various kinds out there written by knowledgeable people over the last 30 years detailing the problems with our country and world, and offering scenarios to make things better, most of which would be a great improvement on the current situation - we don't need more demands and ideas, we need to figure out how to start getting some power so we can start implementing some democratic ideas. And although the '17 themes' do include some questions on 'democracy', it is obvious that for anyone controlling the message here, as someone obviously is, such questions, or any useful answers, get buried in the stampede of every small interest group to be equally, or firstly, heard. So another bunch of months wasted running down another dead end canyon, another list of 'demands' for the rulers to ignore, and another few steps down the slippery slope.

Ottawa Morning - has an interview with a carefully selected person from the forum - some lawyer with a great idea (not new, but great!! (so they tell us, I guess the sarcasm font isn't ready yet ..) - 'participatory budgeting!!' - you know, although a city council will continue controlling most things, maybe we can let the kids, sorry citizens, have a talk about some small percent of what the city budget gets spent on - you know, Ella wants a small new park on her street, and the neighbors agree - but Bob wants a bit of money for a guard at the crosswalk where the kids cross to the school - Democracy in Action folks!!! - couldn't possible be less important, but that is the kind of stuff that will be going on - as the NWO tightens their chains and continues looting. Kids in the box, getting led around as always.

Aug 21 - the Current - excellent Box exemplar - the 'analysis' of the ISIS beheading of the American journalist - so 'box' in so many ways. (audio ) - let's take a minute and do a bit of deconstruction here -

a) This is a 'barbarous act' that 'shocked and outraged the world' etc etc - no doubt it is such a thing, but the US does stuff as bad and worse than this regularly, and has been for decades and longer (as far as I have heard, the CBC has never, for a recent example, even talked about the shooting of several civilians by an American helicopter in cold blood, which certainly shocked and outraged much of the world also - many, many other examples - when they are forced to acknowledge any of *our* atrocities and murders (usually US atrocities, but fully supported by the Cdn gov and CBC propaganda), it is very 'newsy' - allegations are made, the US denies, is investigating, etc etc - pour some oil on the current outrage, then forget about it etc - but when "the enemy" does something, the outrage is expressed and fired, etc etc - simple point being, this is not 'news' coverage, it is propaganda. (not to mention, of course, that the 'outrage' of Obama for the US is almost risibly hypocritical, but that is hardly new..)

b) we're going to try to make a case about how 'savagery' attracts people to ISIS - but of course we are NOT going to get into how the exact same savagery attracts many, many people to the US, and Cdn, and any military - young not-too-bright or educated men who like violence, who like intimidating and killing, are attracted to the military, and police, in pretty much every country, no doubt the odd exception, and more historically, but in the modern NWO world of chaos and violence, such people are highly valued in the world's militaries. Stories leak out about Cdn soldiers sometimes, but they're mostly covered up, and the odd time we do hear about Cdn torturing people etc, it is, as above, presented very, very differently than when we talk about 'them' the 'evil other;. (and she keeps on about 'he had an English accent, but we English are more civilized! Isn't that surprising?!?' - not really - as noted, think of what the Americans have been doing for the last long time, and ask why we don't talk about their savagery, and the entire American culture of violence - the cop killing the kid a couple of days ago being just the most recent example - but did we ever talk about 'outrageous barbarism' and 'savagery' when the Toronto cop pumped 8 or 10 bullets into a harmless kid on a streetcar last year? People were very, very outraged at that, you bet - but the coverage was very, very different .... )

( ''Everybody's talking about it and that's exactly what they want,' says former CIA analyst - kind of the reverse of the US murders and "collateral damage' killings - NOBODY in the corporate press is talking about these endless atrocities - which is exactly what THEY want. And as long as they keep getting what they want, we are not going to get to 'our' democracy.)

c) 'using social media as a recruitment tool' - these people hate any competition that might expose their lies, and the internet has been doing a very, very good job of that the last few years, and they use any opportunity to try to turn people away from what they see on the net - of course, the HUGE!!!! elephant in the room (we are of course not going to get anywhere near talking about) is the west's use of the MAINSTREAM media as a massive propaganda tool - and recruitment tool of course. And they use the 'social media' as well - I am sure this story has gained far, far more attention on 'social media' than anything the Islamists are doing. Something else we are never, never going to talk about, re 'recruitment', is the simple root cause of all this stuff - the US, and Britain in earlier years, now supported by Canada, and its bombing and killing all over the world, esp the last 60 years or so - the young people going off to ISIS or anywhere else to fight the US are, I would suggest, doing so largely in response to US actions. If the US is not over there bombing weddings and killing millions and destroying countries, there is going to be no serious impetus for such young people to go over there to defend their ancestral homelands, maybe with some 'revenge' motives as well if US bombs have killed some or many family members.

d) final interview with some 'think tank' about 'how to prevent radicalisation' - kind of makes one laugh cynically, of course. As noted above, by far, the US is the most violent country in the world, and does the most killing and bombing everywhere - what we all need to do is figure out how to stop them. But of course, one of the great capitalist tricks is screaming loud and long about somebody else doing in a small way what they are doing in a big way. and etc.

e) quote from our hero who has been killed - '"It's our job. I've been covering conflict since Iraq since 2008. I'm drawn to the human rights side and so many of the reporters are ... there's extreme violence but there's a certain sense of trying to find out who these people really are.". But again, one must consider the broader picture. NO doubt the murder of any person is a terrible thing, but this is not some random act of our enemy out of the blue, with no context, that we should all be outraged about - this is not the only journalist who has been murdered, in actual fact, the US probably murders more journalists than anyone else, the same as they murder more civilians, and torture more people, and destroy the infrastructure of many countries casting people into poverty and chaos and short brutal lives. The true journalists in the world who want to talk about these things, who are going after the true enemy - the USA - are not 'heroes' in the corporate propaganda press, they are noticed only marginally, and then portrayed not as heroes, but only as enemies. Bradley Manning, Edward Snowdon - doing the work any real journalist should be doing, and vilified and jailed if stupid enough to believe American lies about their 'great free and impartial justice system'. John Pilger, many others, real journalists in the world - completely gatekept from the American, and Canadian, media. Americans have been known to target journalists in Iraq and other places for trying to give a bit of perspective on what was really happening ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/April_8,_2003_journalist_deaths_by_U.S._fire ) So again, blatant propaganda - sure it's bad when ISIS kills reporters - it is just as bad, if not badder, when the US does it (ISIS at least is not pretending to be a 'free and democratic' state respecting and allowing media freedom)

(Final note - for some odd reason, I haven't heard one single question or comment about 'Well, it's not that bad - hell, anything we have now is better than Saddam, eh!' - never. not once. Saddam, a la Ministry of Truth, has been written completely out of the new history. This is a brand new phenomenon, crazy Muslims who hate us because of our freedoms, nothing more nothing less, and the damned monsters are brainwashing our poor young children over the internet to go and kill for them. etc etc.)

(and a bit of coverage elsewhere about the ISIS stuf - >> NOT THE CBC!!! - again, historical context, pure anathema on the Ministry of Truth 'Believe what we tell you TODAY!!" CBC - Isis, Khmer Rouge, Taliban: the awful products of US intervention

Aug 20 - the juvenile 'reporting' is just taking over - story from Hiroshima about the rains and landslides - 'and some people started running for their lives!' - wow. news reporting to live for. Next a story from the north, look it up. sad.

Aug 19 - >> 'news' - ".. today, the people of Lak Megantic will find out what caused the train to explode.." - ?? Really?? How do they know that? A report will be released today, but there is at least some possibility they are going to say they have no idea what caused the explosion - they might have some insights as to what caused the train to run wild, but again, that is not the 'direct' cause of the explosion, just the accident. Once again, the CBC people showing they don't have the language skills necessary to be running a national broadcaster. Actually, it's been quite a day for this kind of thing. Actually, quite a year. Quite a few years.

>> story on the 'sex trial' - all in the box stuff - oh, you poor abused children, that monster man! - so, so much NOT talked about - what kind of society do we have that creates 'adults' who feel so insecure, with no 'accepted' way to get sex commercially or something, that they need to prey on children? Or - what kind of society do we have that encourages children to remain silent when this kind of thing happens? What kind of society paints 'sex' as something dirty, something not to be talked about, when such oppression is a direct cause of so much of the 'sex crime' we see around us? And etc - a whole lot of things would be getting talked about here, if 'outside the box' people had anything to say about it. But of course when your main 'raison d'etre' is dumbing people down to the emotional level of children, this is what you get.

Aug 17 - Not really Aug 17, of course, but still a 'Definitely not the CBC' offering - Cory Doctorow talk on Homeland - talking about copyright, and what is really going on about this (we're not going to hear Cory on the CBC anytime soon, obviously..)

Aug 14 - interesting how many supposedly 'leftie' sites do not want to hear from me, or give even a passing reference to anything I do - Socialist Register seems to be one, yesterday they did a story on 'Responsible Capitalism' is Nonsense The Left Must Offer a Real Alternative - I added a small comment at the bottom, letting anyone interested know about Green Island, pretty much an alternative to capitalism - and it was rejected. I don't really think these people are capitalist dupes (like Rabble, for instance), but if they think they can beat these guys themselves, they're more part of the problem than the solution. It seems to be a 'well,we're serious folk, and this is fiction, and serious folk don't do fiction' or something - I don't know, nobody every says anything. But refusing to welcome me into the struggle is really setting them all back a lot.

>> once again, Island Morning showing how good they are to their friends - some 'venue menu' thing at the drivein - good idea, but most businesses do not qualify for free promos on the CBC - of course, when you are 'capitalist friendly', as they have been for quite some time now, that kind of 'professionalism' does not apply any more - money talks, doing stuff for your buds is part of the game, and etc.

>> Ottawa Morning - fuck this is beyond brazen, they have an interview with some guy telling us about a meeting in Montreal that was called because - (!!!!!!) before last month, nobody ever guessed that some bad guys might shoot down an airliner!!! (them darn ol Russians!!!!) - hand-wringing and lies, just brazen. - but an obvious after-the-fact attempt to deal with the well known (to we people who pay attention on the net) revelation that actually the Malaysian airliner was directed by Kiev control to divert from a safe course over the 'danger area', and was then shot down - odd we have never heard a word about this on the CBC (sarcasm font). just an outrageous brazen lie and coverup, as it has become very obvious that in all probability this plane was shot down by Kiev, very probably with American backing. Fuck. Big Brother is not fiction any longer. (sure there's some seriously good stuff out there - this for instance, from some pretty good 'real' journals.

Aug 13 - the Current - big conspiracy theory discussion - we KNOW them fucking Russians have hidden weapons in what they are calling a 'humanitarian' operation! We KNOW it we KNOW it!!!! - they 'annexed' the Crimea, the supplied the weapons to shoot down the plane last month!! - They're just EVIL BASTARDS!!!!!!! and EVERYTHING they do is evil evil evil!!!! (while of course the US is integrity and truth and goodness incarnate - everything they say is true, everything they do is GOOD - we believe that, really!!!!) - and etc. once again, of course, the hypocrisy is just beyond bizarre - 'we the good guys' brag about sending military aid to anyone we like, and THAT'S A GOOD!!! THING BRO!!!! - but just a hint, not even than, a foundationless accusation that MAYBE the Russkies are hiding a few small arms in a humanitarian convoy, and they go apeshit - huhh???? Does ANYbody over there at the CBC have a functioning brain??????? Do you see how blatantly you are doing nothing more than pro-US propaganda???

apparently not. But fuck, how can any thinking person believe this shit??? - really makes one despair about what I am doing ...

>> and again, there certainly are some intelligent discussions about the situation available for those with yet a functioning brain - what is going on in the Ukraine, as you will never hear on the CBC.

Aug 12 - "news" (fuck) - 'the Russians are sending trucks to Ukraine with ***what it says**** are humanitarian supplies..' - first, listen to the ominous voice of the propaganda-reader - low, somber, baaaaddd stuff, children... - and then a BIG commentary, pretending to be "news", about how of course we all here in the west do not trust them damned Russkies, and the trucks MAY have arms, or other things for an invasion, or the 'rebels', etc etc. Fuck, BB in action - and a completely somnambulant population believing any lies they are told.

>> once again showing how the entire media presentation is directed from some central office - as one hears regularly if one listens to more than one 'morning show', the same guy (occasionally woman) is presented from Ottawa, talking about exactly the same thing, using the same talking points if not entirely scripted; this morning, he is talking about the return of Emery the 'pot king', and Trudeau's new book. And the place of this in the deeper story - again, the tweedle shift, slowly de-legitimizing Harper, and building up Trudeau, so all by themselves (!!!!!! haha) the voters will boot Harper and crown Trudeau next year, for the next cycle of putting the NWO in place - I strongly suspect the last cycle, they're pretty much finished establishing their lockdown 'be afraid of terrorists we will protect you!!!' state, and gotten the once-almost 'democracies' well corralled through defunding it via the fraudulent 'debt' crises and dumbing down the citizenry so most have no idea what is really happening, and those who do understand a bit are completely marginalized and mocked as 'conspiracy theorists' by the obedient masses.

Game, set and match, as they say in some game. In our real world, Frodo didn't even get out of Hobbiton with the ring - in the real world, we have Mordor and Sauron and his cronies burning and looting and creating worldwide misery in their insanity, but the 'good' wizards are long gone. The hobbits are alone, and staying inside in front of their tvs like good hobbits as the Shire burns around them, and little Jack isn't running around crying about 'The wolves are coming! The wolves are coming!!!' anymore. They've eaten him.

Aug 9 - The House - the interviewer is a bit sane, but the guy he's talking to is right in Orwellian 'make up whatever story you want' fantasyland about Russia and Putin - Putin is 'the aggressor' !!! - Putin has to be careful, he doesn't know what he's getting into challenging Canada (Holy fuck!!!!) - and etc - good deconstruction stuff for the utter stupidity and shallowness of modern Cdn propaganda (ah - the interviewee was 'the parliamentary secretary to the Cdn minister of defence' - explains the utter stupidity of everything he said - very, very terrible times we are going through in Canada - )

Case Study - the lies of the Box Economics has met the enemy, and it is economics - by Ira Basen, The Globe and Mail, Oct. 15 2011 (very old, I just found it in the Globe, reinforcing their indoctrination I guess)

This is one of the things sold as the foundation of modern 'economics' as a 'science' - "...But by the end of the 19th century, the new field of economics no longer concerned itself with moral philosophy, and less and less with political economy. What was coming to dominate was a conviction that markets could be trusted to produce the most efficient allocation of scarce resource..'

- the thing is, that is just a fairy tale. Let us try another story. Let us suppose that, by the end of the 18th century, capitalism was becoming the dominant political-economic system, and money the new god and religion - if you had a lot of money, you could control political decisions in your own interests - make yourself stronger, make the workers weaker. But you have a problem - people are starting to understand this, and fight against you. You have no intention of relinquishing the power of your money, or your control of governments, but you understand that making this an open fight could get very dangerous - the thing about capitalism, you have a LOT of workers out there, and if you engage in an open battle, there is a very good chance you could just lose, which would be bad (for you). So a better plan is needed. So create a better story to sell to the workers - invent modern economics, tell the people it is 'the market' that rules, completely impartially like the law of gravity affects everyone, nothing you can do, except try to improve your position in the neutral market. Remove any idea that those with money can control the market, etc. And sell sell sell, like any used car salesman.

The thing to note is - these people just lie when they say this stuff. They no more believe the unregulatated market will allocate things fairly than I do - but if you can get enough people to believe it, then they will leave you alone. So with your money, buy the governments, through which you can have laws passed in your favor, buy the media so nobody tells the truth, through the government control the education system so your new 'economists' will give your lies a patina of 'science' which can be sold to the ignorant peasants. The few who understand what you are really up to can be easily marginalised.

Game, set and match.

Aug 2 - The House - interview (haha, that is to say, propaganda) with Jean Charest about some problems with the Canada-EU 'trade' agreement - good deconstruction stuff too - for example, this was never talked about during the last election, nor is it ever talked about in the media, beyond little promos like this - and it is a promo - he has questions like 'Should Cdns be concerned about this delay?"' - with, or course, the underlying assumption that all Canadians are really gung ho about this, really support it, and really are concerned that there are problems - which is a bit presumptive, in that Cdns have never been asked if they approve of this, or allowed to comment on it. But of course that is Big Brother in action - we TELL you what you like, understand? (just listen to the CBC, they'll tell you if you're in any doubt ...) - the House interviewer telling us, of course, 'the agreement is of huge economic importance to the country' - seems a bit awed to be in the presence of Charest, so sucking around a bit, giving himself away. >> they get up to other propaganda - the claim that China was hacking Cdn computers - just a big accusation, no proof, although China denies it (and of course, we know the NSA in the states is hacking EVERYBODY!!! - but this is not really of concern to the CBC, no outrage at all, just a report that 'some people claim this', the US denies it - nothing interesting here, just move on folks - but this claim that CHina is hacking Canada - HEY!!!! BIG STORY!!!! - just unverified accusations - the Chinese gov at one point said, what could China be interested in in Canada, re hacking things, and they just mocked it - of course, Canada is more important than China - but wait a minute?????? - actually, not really, China is a serious world player, Canada is a US puppet - haha CBC. get a grip on reality, eh??

>>> the guy is unreal - he says something like 'China does not care about rule of law, it just spies, and a few other things - but he describes the US NSA exactly!!!!!!!!!' - we KNOW the US does this to everyone but that is not a problem - the allegations that China is doing this, however, outrage us. Huh???!!!!!

>> and followed by a talk about Libya - a bunch of complete lies about what happened - god I just don't have time to keep up with all of this stuff ...

>> NOT the CBC: Good interview with Julian Assange about various things the CBC is NEVER going to talk about - Julian Assange "We Are Headed Towards A Transnational Dystopian Total Surveillance Society" - or this series of interview on Real News - Racing to a Dead End - Heiner Flassbeck on Reality Asserts Itself

Aug 1 - Ottawa Morning - a lengthy interview with some guy looking to start a basketball team or something - I guess you could make the argument this is of some interest to some people - but there are so many other things of such great importance going on in our country and world that would be a great deal more useful, and are NOT being covered, aside from a bit of very one-sided propaganda - entertainment should be always a secondary thing, when there really is nothing more useful to be doing, which would, these days, be almost never, or unless there is some seriously high-profile interest story - but of course, if your (true, never spoken out loud of course!!) mandate is getting people to not bother with important things, and get them interested in entertainment trivia, this is exactly what you would be doing. In the Box.

(followed by a MESmerising story of GREAT interest!!! - How do buskers feel about people taking pictures of them???!!!! WOW I NEED THIS INFO!!!!! HOLD THE CALLS MA!!)


(actually, a reasonably well done 'report' - you'd get an A probably in journo school, where you do this kind of thing for practice - but on the CBC??? IN Ottawa, the nation's capital, where trade treaties are being negotiated in secret, many NGOs are working to help people understand what is going on, many other things of **true** interest are happening - a story about how buskers feel about having their picture taken???? Fuck - it's like holding up a big sign, at least to anybody observing from outside the box here (hmmmm, as I look around, I see it's a pretty thin crowd out here....), it's like holding up a big sign - HEY!!! WE HERE AT THE CBC DO *****NOTNOTNOTNOT!!!!!*** do serious journalism. Spectacle, dumbing down crap, entertainment - that's our mandate here in the nation's capital (oh, a bit of propaganda now and then, of course, to show how 'serious' we are. please, please hold the laughter folks ....) ?? What? Something useful, currently of interest? Sure - got this on the browser right now - John Pilger (a **real** journalist, don't look for him on the CBC hahaha) - The War you Don't See. Stuff people REALLY need to know - which is, of course, why you are never going to even hear about it, or hear mention of the name John Pilger, on the CBC... FIGHT BACK RABBITS!!!!! THE END IS NEAR!!!! C'est moi, I think...

(hey folks we're on a roll!!! - now we have a 'report' about Canada's latest medal at the Commonwealth Games!!! Interviews!!! Expressions of awe, and gratitude, and WOW WE'RE GREAT!!!!! Stay tuned!!!! What else do they have of complete irrelevance to all Cdns??!!!)

July 31 - CBC ""news"" haha - Ottawa, 07:30 - heads up, George - now, in 2011, there was a 'war' in Libya. No mention of the US or NATO, or the truth - the US bombed the fuck out of Libya until the legitimate government of Gaddaffi was all killed or driven into hiding somewhere, and the US-backed "rebels" were in charge. Truth, you guys at the CBC - you should check it out someday, it's what people who legitimately call themselves 'journalists' do. (don't look around, there's none to be found at the CBC, obviously)

- good deconstruction piece on Ottawa Morning - 'terror tourists'!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! - the media once again making up a 'crime' to go after people their rulers don't like, and want to demonise. Apparently when the Cdn government declares someone to be 'an evil terrorist monster', all Cdns are supposed to agree. You are, of course, a hero if you go to one of these countries as part of the Cdn forces and bomb 'the evil terrorists!!!!!' (or even the country people of the evil terrorists wandering around minding their own business) - but if you don't agree with the western/Cdn stance, and go to fight for the other side - the Cdn government will declare you ENEMY!!! and criminal, and come looking for you, and the CBC will spread the word that you are persona nongrata around HERE!, boy. (she makes a crack about one of these guys 'speaking perfect English!!' as if to imply since he did that, he couldn't really be a serious ';terorrist' from ISIS or something - but it was just yesterday, I think, she herself (or maybe some other CBC person) was talking to some young woman about the terrible Gaddaffie regime, etc etc - and that lady was speaking perfect English too, which I myself found to be a bit de-legitimizing. But that's the NWO - a bastard is ok, as long as he's OUR bastard, as the guy said a long time ago about something or other.)

- and the Current - just blatant one-sided propaganda about Russia - they're still in the cold war, the are agressive, etc etc - just blatant lies of the kind you expect - the complete reverse of the truth - it's the US that has been massively aggressive all around the world for the last few years, Russia just defending itself - etc etc - Syria - well, the 'rebels' would have won, if not for Russian support of Assad, (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - I mean, really, how blatant can you get, the US was completely behind the 'rebels', and Russia only stepped in after they got dangerous - just complete demonisation of Putin, with of course the reverse side - the US (and its "allies" (aka sock puppets like Canada and the Cdn media) are soo GOOD guys!!!! - we just want good things for all the world, people, really, it's that damned Putin causing all the evil!!!! - fuck. fuckfuckfuckfuck

>> the host - "I have this image of Putin prowling the Kremlin late at night dreaming of ..' - fuck, and the completely lying propagandists they 'interview' - amazing that this stuff could be on the CBC (well, it SHOULD be amazing, not really after the last few years)

- this is really quite amazing, truly Ministry of Truth stuff - citizens, this is complete fiction, complete lies, but YOU WILL BELIEVE IT!!! because you are completely under our control... and it seems to be true ... again, good deconstruction if anyone is interested

July 30 - as Libya gets worse and worse out of control, a bit of propaganda - DON'T YOU PEOPLE FORGET THAT GADDAFFI WAS A MONSTER!!!!! - we got rid of him - IT WAS A GOOD THING!!!! - sure. lies and propaganda - all over the middle east (and world, the last 50-200-500 years), the US has brutally removed leaders who opposed them, and created chaos, which is fine for their purposes - some people can see this, so those who feel a bit uncomfortable about something, need to be reminded that no matter what we have today, it has no connection with the GOOD WORK!!!!! of the US (with the support of the Cdn media, although we are NOT going to go down THAT revealing road haha). (AKA the modern 'ministry of truth' in action. AKA the CBC here in good old free democratic Canada)

>> and then a complete 'spectacle' story - the grown-up 13-year-old director Roman Polanski is alleged to have had sex of some kind with a lot of years ago. HEY PEOPLE SEX SEX COME LISTEN!!!!!!! - and etc.

(welll - there's so much to choose from! yeh - but maybe me - I would find something like this a great deal more interesting from the CBC - US holds the world record for killing innocent people. haha. Still, that's why we use the net - to get all sides of any story. Believe what you want, but I hope you have at least listened to, or read, both sides of any story. You sure as fuck are NOT getting the whole picture on the CBC.

July 28 - the Current - good deconstruction bit about 'we the good guys impartial media!!!' - we really are!!! - a big straw dog "analysis" - conclusion?? haha surprise surprise - we really are a good, impartial media!!! Really!!

>> and then dumbing down and spectacle - some girl kid who says she feels like a boy - BIG STORY!!!!! - no, it's just a kid being a kid, a bit different - leave her alone, let her grow up - this is NOT a national fucking issue, you people (want a different story??? - yea, ok - let's do a story about why the media, and our rulers, are trying to make such big deals out of small things like this, while completely ignoring the serious things going on in the world (no, not the Israel-Gaza spectacle stuff - how about ongoing proposed 'trade' agreements, which are trying to enclose Canada under the laws and rules of the NWO, with no fucking awareness, let alone discussion, of Cdns?????? - sounds like a story to me that more **adults** might be interested in .... ))

July 27 - Sunday Edition - a very 'educated' trip through never-neverland, some Brit professional propagandist (aka "prof" haha) explains how shocked everyone is that the interventions of the wonderful, wonderful US has done in the middle east the last few years have not really succeeded in bringing Democracy!!! to those countries. tut tut, really, dear. tut tut. sounds convincing, no doubt, to boxers - but the hypocrisy and lies are brazen from out here in outside-the-box land. Very obviously, the US goals have succeeded - countries with strong leaders defying the US hegemon have been turned into areas of chaos. mission accomplished.

July 26 - the thought control is getting serious - the cops and gestapo making it very, very clear that you are NOT to express any views that threaten them in any way. This stuff is pretty scary, for anyone who dreams of living in a free country, with a free mind. Man accused of making threat aboard Sunwing flight - I mean, as they say, to turn this plane around, and have it invaded by a fully armed military team to arrest this kid when it gets back on the ground - who had no weapons, was not in any way violent - is just incredible over-reaction - but with a very clear purpose - to you, and you, and you - do you see what we are doing to someone who dares simply mouth the words 'bomb'? And then all the well-trained passengers and 'reporters' telling us all what a great heroic deed it was, etc etc - It's just insane - but, as noted, the message is very clear. (in sane times, at the very most, some 'authority' figure will find this kid later, and have a talk with him, one on one, no big spectacle - I mean, seriously, a whole plane full of people - almost 200 !!!! - were 'terrorised' to the point of immobility by one small kid saying some words in anger???? We're in pretty bad shape, if we cannot just turn around and tell him to tone it down a bit, rather than immediately escalating a few words into full blown panic. But these are very insane times - and it very much appears nobody is going to actually stand up to these people until the whole country goes off the deep end. Think Germany in the 1930s - Hitler running around claiming how great Germany was, but dealing very harshly with certain elements of his country he claimed were 'dangerous enemies!!!', with, apparently, the approval of most Germans, and the intimidated silence of most of the rest, as we seem to be seeing here in Canada with this kind of absolute nonsense - he might have been stopped at that time, but most people found it easier to look at the 'accomplishments' of his economic buildup rather than challenge what he was doing with the other hand. Very, very much like today. ) ((and added later - a Sat morning "news" (haha, very loud...) ""reporter"" on the CBC was waxing all sanctimonious, about how this kid was REALLY going to be taught a lesson, boy, we can NOT have this sort of thing going on, etc etc - fuck, the crazies, and bandwagoners, are really running the place)

This too - terror tourism accused gets 10 years - I really don't believe how the entire country is not standing up screaming WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU PEOPLE DOING!"?:!?!???? - 10 years for what????????? - because some 'law official' thought the guy might go to another country, and MIGHT do something that could later be called 'terrorism'???!!!! Again, and again, and again - TEN YEARS!!!!????? - WHAT THE FUCK!!!??????

>> Day 6 - how you can tell them fucking Ruskies are lying on the internet. amazingly brazen - it is the US and the mainstream media who have been doing almost all of the serious the net lying, but they accuse 'the bad guys' of it. But just an indoctrinator reminder - if you dare to look on the net, and see something contradicting the brazen lies of the CBC et al - DON'T BELIEVE THEM NUTS ON THE INTERNET!!!! - go somewhere they TELL you they are nuts, and get back to the real propaganda you are supposed to be listening to, and believing!!!

those sad, sad kids - and them FUCKING RUSSIAN TERRORISTS!!!!! - such detail, the sad kids writing letters etc, the obvious emotional connection to the damed Russians who caused all of this destruction. The stories of the familes etc of the people who died is tragic, of course, as such stories always are when any disaster happens - the thing is, when the American drones take out wedding parties, or shoot kids on bikes, or even whole passenger planes down - we get none of this. We get American denials, then ‘balanced journalism’ with ‘he said she said’, and eventually it dies out - never, never, NEVER do we hear stories of the families of the people the Americans killed or murdered (it would of course take quite a few large volumes to even start on such stories, given the millions of people the Americans have murdered the last 20 or 50 or 200 or 500 years). When the media is out to push you somewhere, however, it’s another story - like this one. Every emotional lever they can find, they push. Sure the parents of the kids on the plane are sad - but so are the survivors of American killings. If you’re an honest media, you do this for everyone, not just one side. If you're NOT an honest media, but a massive corporate state propaganda machine, however - this is what you do. Good work guys!!!!

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