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Aug 2 - The House - interview (haha, that is to say, propaganda) with Jean Charest about some problems with the Canada-EU 'trade' agreement - good deconstruction stuff too - for example, this was never talked about during the last election, nor is it ever talked about in the media, beyond little promos like this - and it is a promo - he has questions like 'Should Cdns be concerned about this delay?"' - with, or course, the underlying assumption that all Canadians are really gung ho about this, really support it, and really are concerned that there are problems - which is a bit presumptive, in that Cdns have never been asked if they approve of this, or allowed to comment on it. But of course that is Big Brother in action - we TELL you what you like, understand? (just listen to the CBC, they'll tell you if you're in any doubt ...) - the House interviewer telling us, of course, 'the agreement is of huge economic importance to the country' - seems a bit awed to be in the presence of Charest, so sucking around a bit, giving himself away. >> they get up to other propaganda - the claim that China was hacking Cdn computers - just a big accusation, no proof, although China denies it (and of course, we know the NSA in the states is hacking EVERYBODY!!! - but this is not really of concern to the CBC, no outrage at all, just a report that 'some people claim this', the US denies it - nothing interesting here, just move on folks - but this claim that CHina is hacking Canada - HEY!!!! BIG STORY!!!! - just unverified accusations - the Chinese gov at one point said, what could China be interested in in Canada, re hacking things, and they just mocked it - of course, Canada is more important than China - but wait a minute?????? - actually, not really, China is a serious world player, Canada is a US puppet - haha CBC. get a grip on reality, eh??

>>> the guy is unreal - he says something like 'China does not care about rule of law, it just spies, and a few other things - but he describes the US NSA exactly!!!!!!!!!' - we KNOW the US does this to everyone but that is not a problem - the allegations that China is doing this, however, outrage us. Huh???!!!!!

>> and followed by a talk about Libya - a bunch of complete lies about what happened - god I just don't have time to keep up with all of this stuff ...

>> NOT the CBC: Good interview with Julian Assange about various things the CBC is NEVER going to talk about - Julian Assange "We Are Headed Towards A Transnational Dystopian Total Surveillance Society" - or this series of interview on Real News - Racing to a Dead End - Heiner Flassbeck on Reality Asserts Itself

Aug 1 - Ottawa Morning - a lengthy interview with some guy looking to start a basketball team or something - I guess you could make the argument this is of some interest to some people - but there are so many other things of such great importance going on in our country and world that would be a great deal more useful, and are NOT being covered, aside from a bit of very one-sided propaganda - entertainment should be always a secondary thing, when there really is nothing more useful to be doing, which would, these days, be almost never, or unless there is some seriously high-profile interest story - but of course, if your (true, never spoken out loud of course!!) mandate is getting people to not bother with important things, and get them interested in entertainment trivia, this is exactly what you would be doing. In the Box.

(followed by a MESmerising story of GREAT interest!!! - How do buskers feel about people taking pictures of them???!!!! WOW I NEED THIS INFO!!!!! HOLD THE CALLS MA!!)


(actually, a reasonably well done 'report' - you'd get an A probably in journo school, where you do this kind of thing for practice - but on the CBC??? IN Ottawa, the nation's capital, where trade treaties are being negotiated in secret, many NGOs are working to help people understand what is going on, many other things of **true** interest are happening - a story about how buskers feel about having their picture taken???? Fuck - it's like holding up a big sign, at least to anybody observing from outside the box here (hmmmm, as I look around, I see it's a pretty thin crowd out here....), it's like holding up a big sign - HEY!!! WE HERE AT THE CBC DO *****NOTNOTNOTNOT!!!!!*** do serious journalism. Spectacle, dumbing down crap, entertainment - that's our mandate here in the nation's capital (oh, a bit of propaganda now and then, of course, to show how 'serious' we are. please, please hold the laughter folks ....) ?? What? Something useful, currently of interest? Sure - got this on the browser right now - John Pilger (a **real** journalist, don't look for him on the CBC hahaha) - The War you Don't See. Stuff people REALLY need to know - which is, of course, why you are never going to even hear about it, or hear mention of the name John Pilger, on the CBC... FIGHT BACK RABBITS!!!!! THE END IS NEAR!!!! C'est moi, I think...

(hey folks we're on a roll!!! - now we have a 'report' about Canada's latest medal at the Commonwealth Games!!! Interviews!!! Expressions of awe, and gratitude, and WOW WE'RE GREAT!!!!! Stay tuned!!!! What else do they have of complete irrelevance to all Cdns??!!!)

July 31 - CBC ""news"" haha - Ottawa, 07:30 - heads up, George - now, in 2011, there was a 'war' in Libya. No mention of the US or NATO, or the truth - the US bombed the fuck out of Libya until the legitimate government of Gaddaffi was all killed or driven into hiding somewhere, and the US-backed "rebels" were in charge. Truth, you guys at the CBC - you should check it out someday, it's what people who legitimately call themselves 'journalists' do. (don't look around, there's none to be found at the CBC, obviously)

- good deconstruction piece on Ottawa Morning - 'terror tourists'!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! - the media once again making up a 'crime' to go after people their rulers don't like, and want to demonise. Apparently when the Cdn government declares someone to be 'an evil terrorist monster', all Cdns are supposed to agree. You are, of course, a hero if you go to one of these countries as part of the Cdn forces and bomb 'the evil terrorists!!!!!' (or even the country people of the evil terrorists wandering around minding their own business) - but if you don't agree with the western/Cdn stance, and go to fight for the other side - the Cdn government will declare you ENEMY!!! and criminal, and come looking for you, and the CBC will spread the word that you are persona nongrata around HERE!, boy. (she makes a crack about one of these guys 'speaking perfect English!!' as if to imply since he did that, he couldn't really be a serious ';terorrist' from ISIS or something - but it was just yesterday, I think, she herself (or maybe some other CBC person) was talking to some young woman about the terrible Gaddaffie regime, etc etc - and that lady was speaking perfect English too, which I myself found to be a bit de-legitimizing. But that's the NWO - a bastard is ok, as long as he's OUR bastard, as the guy said a long time ago about something or other.)

- and the Current - just blatant one-sided propaganda about Russia - they're still in the cold war, the are agressive, etc etc - just blatant lies of the kind you expect - the complete reverse of the truth - it's the US that has been massively aggressive all around the world for the last few years, Russia just defending itself - etc etc - Syria - well, the 'rebels' would have won, if not for Russian support of Assad, (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - I mean, really, how blatant can you get, the US was completely behind the 'rebels', and Russia only stepped in after they got dangerous - just complete demonisation of Putin, with of course the reverse side - the US (and its "allies" (aka sock puppets like Canada and the Cdn media) are soo GOOD guys!!!! - we just want good things for all the world, people, really, it's that damned Putin causing all the evil!!!! - fuck. fuckfuckfuckfuck

>> the host - "I have this image of Putin prowling the Kremlin late at night dreaming of ..' - fuck, and the completely lying propagandists they 'interview' - amazing that this stuff could be on the CBC (well, it SHOULD be amazing, not really after the last few years)

- this is really quite amazing, truly Ministry of Truth stuff - citizens, this is complete fiction, complete lies, but YOU WILL BELIEVE IT!!! because you are completely under our control... and it seems to be true ... again, good deconstruction if anyone is interested

July 30 - as Libya gets worse and worse out of control, a bit of propaganda - DON'T YOU PEOPLE FORGET THAT GADDAFFI WAS A MONSTER!!!!! - we got rid of him - IT WAS A GOOD THING!!!! - sure. lies and propaganda - all over the middle east (and world, the last 50-200-500 years), the US has brutally removed leaders who opposed them, and created chaos, which is fine for their purposes - some people can see this, so those who feel a bit uncomfortable about something, need to be reminded that no matter what we have today, it has no connection with the GOOD WORK!!!!! of the US (with the support of the Cdn media, although we are NOT going to go down THAT revealing road haha). (AKA the modern 'ministry of truth' in action. AKA the CBC here in good old free democratic Canada)

>> and then a complete 'spectacle' story - the grown-up 13-year-old director Roman Polanski is alleged to have had sex of some kind with a lot of years ago. HEY PEOPLE SEX SEX COME LISTEN!!!!!!! - and etc.

(welll - there's so much to choose from! yeh - but maybe me - I would find something like this a great deal more interesting from the CBC - US holds the world record for killing innocent people. haha. Still, that's why we use the net - to get all sides of any story. Believe what you want, but I hope you have at least listened to, or read, both sides of any story. You sure as fuck are NOT getting the whole picture on the CBC.

July 28 - the Current - good deconstruction bit about 'we the good guys impartial media!!!' - we really are!!! - a big straw dog "analysis" - conclusion?? haha surprise surprise - we really are a good, impartial media!!! Really!!

>> and then dumbing down and spectacle - some girl kid who says she feels like a boy - BIG STORY!!!!! - no, it's just a kid being a kid, a bit different - leave her alone, let her grow up - this is NOT a national fucking issue, you people (want a different story??? - yea, ok - let's do a story about why the media, and our rulers, are trying to make such big deals out of small things like this, while completely ignoring the serious things going on in the world (no, not the Israel-Gaza spectacle stuff - how about ongoing proposed 'trade' agreements, which are trying to enclose Canada under the laws and rules of the NWO, with no fucking awareness, let alone discussion, of Cdns?????? - sounds like a story to me that more **adults** might be interested in .... ))

July 27 - Sunday Edition - a very 'educated' trip through never-neverland, some Brit professional propagandist (aka "prof" haha) explains how shocked everyone is that the interventions of the wonderful, wonderful US has done in the middle east the last few years have not really succeeded in bringing Democracy!!! to those countries. tut tut, really, dear. tut tut. sounds convincing, no doubt, to boxers - but the hypocrisy and lies are brazen from out here in outside-the-box land. Very obviously, the US goals have succeeded - countries with strong leaders defying the US hegemon have been turned into areas of chaos. mission accomplished.

July 26 - the thought control is getting serious - the cops and gestapo making it very, very clear that you are NOT to express any views that threaten them in any way. This stuff is pretty scary, for anyone who dreams of living in a free country, with a free mind. Man accused of making threat aboard Sunwing flight - I mean, as they say, to turn this plane around, and have it invaded by a fully armed military team to arrest this kid when it gets back on the ground - who had no weapons, was not in any way violent - is just incredible over-reaction - but with a very clear purpose - to you, and you, and you - do you see what we are doing to someone who dares simply mouth the words 'bomb'? And then all the well-trained passengers and 'reporters' telling us all what a great heroic deed it was, etc etc - It's just insane - but, as noted, the message is very clear. (in sane times, at the very most, some 'authority' figure will find this kid later, and have a talk with him, one on one, no big spectacle - I mean, seriously, a whole plane full of people - almost 200 !!!! - were 'terrorised' to the point of immobility by one small kid saying some words in anger???? We're in pretty bad shape, if we cannot just turn around and tell him to tone it down a bit, rather than immediately escalating a few words into full blown panic. But these are very insane times - and it very much appears nobody is going to actually stand up to these people until the whole country goes off the deep end. Think Germany in the 1930s - Hitler running around claiming how great Germany was, but dealing very harshly with certain elements of his country he claimed were 'dangerous enemies!!!', with, apparently, the approval of most Germans, and the intimidated silence of most of the rest, as we seem to be seeing here in Canada with this kind of absolute nonsense - he might have been stopped at that time, but most people found it easier to look at the 'accomplishments' of his economic buildup rather than challenge what he was doing with the other hand. Very, very much like today. ) ((and added later - a Sat morning "news" (haha, very loud...) ""reporter"" on the CBC was waxing all sanctimonious, about how this kid was REALLY going to be taught a lesson, boy, we can NOT have this sort of thing going on, etc etc - fuck, the crazies, and bandwagoners, are really running the place)

This too - terror tourism accused gets 10 years - I really don't believe how the entire country is not standing up screaming WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU PEOPLE DOING!"?:!?!???? - 10 years for what????????? - because some 'law official' thought the guy might go to another country, and MIGHT do something that could later be called 'terrorism'???!!!! Again, and again, and again - TEN YEARS!!!!????? - WHAT THE FUCK!!!??????

>> Day 6 - how you can tell them fucking Ruskies are lying on the internet. amazingly brazen - it is the US and the mainstream media who have been doing almost all of the serious the net lying, but they accuse 'the bad guys' of it. But just an indoctrinator reminder - if you dare to look on the net, and see something contradicting the brazen lies of the CBC et al - DON'T BELIEVE THEM NUTS ON THE INTERNET!!!! - go somewhere they TELL you they are nuts, and get back to the real propaganda you are supposed to be listening to, and believing!!!

those sad, sad kids - and them FUCKING RUSSIAN TERRORISTS!!!!! - such detail, the sad kids writing letters etc, the obvious emotional connection to the damed Russians who caused all of this destruction. The stories of the familes etc of the people who died is tragic, of course, as such stories always are when any disaster happens - the thing is, when the American drones take out wedding parties, or shoot kids on bikes, or even whole passenger planes down - we get none of this. We get American denials, then ‘balanced journalism’ with ‘he said she said’, and eventually it dies out - never, never, NEVER do we hear stories of the families of the people the Americans killed or murdered (it would of course take quite a few large volumes to even start on such stories, given the millions of people the Americans have murdered the last 20 or 50 or 200 or 500 years). When the media is out to push you somewhere, however, it’s another story - like this one. Every emotional lever they can find, they push. Sure the parents of the kids on the plane are sad - but so are the survivors of American killings. If you’re an honest media, you do this for everyone, not just one side. If you're NOT an honest media, but a massive corporate state propaganda machine, however - this is what you do. Good work guys!!!!

July 24 - from Monday - Ideas - Why are people so obsessed with sports? - fuck, you can't criticize these people for lack of brazenness anyway - for years, decades even, the rulers, through their media, have been ramping up the spectacle aspect of society, central of which is following sports teams - and after they have most people following the crowd and pretending to be at least a bit interested and aware, so they can participate in office conversations - the CBC says 'Wow! Why are they doing that?!?' - good camouflage, I suppose - and to some extent proactive attacking. But still brazen.

{{{ THE BOX: Actually, this show is a very good example of 'the box' in action - pretending to be 'intelligent' analysis of a phenomena in our society, whilst actually providing a *limited* 'in the box' analysis, keeping people away from the true story - which is of course the media centrality in pushing people into spending significant amounts of their limited time in completely trivial activities, rather than being engaged in much more important things about what is going on, and wrong, in our society. And going further, as they validate this - many more intelligent people understand the essential triviality of sports - fine for entertainment in one's spare time for those who enjoy it, and good as exercise of course, but not really important in terms of understanding what is going on in our world - but here, we are told that being involved in sports as a 'fan' is a GOOD thing!!!! - you bet, guys - various reasons - so don't hold back - find your team, quit thinking about those silly 'make our country better' activities you people do, and go where the REAL action is - get involved as a fan with your local team. etc etc.

>> the Current - BIG FLASH!!!!!!! - big story on Women Who Sleep With Priests!!!!!!!!! - wow. I really don't see how any of these people can pretend to be 'journalists'. LCD tabloid gossip and cheap titillation for the oppressed masses. Of which those who used to think of themselves as 'progressive' are now part of. Although they don't know it yet, I guess. Dead progressives walking, or something.

(but we have to do something! - well, there are an endless number of useful things being said and written about - for example, a talk about this, as we watch the mideast in chaos caused by US interventions, might be enlightening - Iatrogenic violence.

> interesting to observe the coverage of different but comparable events, when 'our' team and 'the enemy team' are doing similar things - with the Ukraine and Gaza situations, the highly unprofessional behaviour of the media are crystal clear - the Israelis are killing many people in Gaza, and they acknowledge this is a bit problematic, but nothing more, a simple repeating of a somewhat watered down version of 'the facts' with no editorial commentary - but the accusations that the Russian-backed 'rebels' are killing people in the Ukraine is a very different story - those evil bastards, they need to be stopped, etc etc, they search the world for 'statements' about 'those evil, evil people'. Allegations that the Russians are supplying arms to the 'rebels' is met with outrage etc - while never a word about the Americans doing the same thing for Israel, enabling the Gaza slaughter.

July 23 - CBC confirms Mike Duffy phoned a woman claimed to be his daughter!!!!! (AND IT'S NOT GOSSIP!!! WE REALLY HAVE AN INTEREST IN KNOWING THIS!!!!!). right.

- and the 'we KNOW the damned Russians did this!! They are known to support the 'rebels', and they are doing a really, really big propaganda effort to sell their side of the story!!! OMG!!!!! - the Americans would never, never NEVER help anyone with arms etc (like the new Kiev fascist government, or the people fighting Assad) - and god forbid anyone in the west would ever, ever EVER do propaganda, OMG haha!! - just bizarre, the way they can lie right in people's faces, and apparently a lot believe it, no questions asked. And the hypocrisy is quite amazing as always - the damned Russians helping Russian 'rebels' fight an 'established government' is just so terrible - but, but - wait a minute, wasn't the US doing exactly the same last year, helping 'rebels' fight the legitimate government in Syria, civilian casualties from their armaments and support be damned??? Hmmmm - wonder why we don't get a bit of comment on this kind of thing on the CBC. (haha - still looking for that 'deeply cynical' font ...)

Ottawa morning - once again showing it's nice to have friends in high places - hey, everyone - new food court! - get out an try it, bigger and better than ever!! (public service announcement!! Right!!). the professional CBC. pablum and spectacle and propaganda. and a little help for our friends.

>> and the Current, of course, getting the latest US propaganda in there - Iraq now, what a terrible situation - all their own fault, of course, they just cannot handle their politics. Not a word, not a hint, that Saddam had the country under control, and the US went in and created chaos, which is still underway.

July 22 - the Current - oh, those evil, EVIL fucking Russians!!!! - a completely propagandistic, as unprofessional as you could ask for, demonisation of the Malaysian crash, and how we all KNOW it is the Russians behind it all etc etc etc. unbelievable, really, just more proof of how amazingly propagandized the Cdns are, and how completely unable to question this shit - Orwell probably wouldn't have believed the depth of the current indoctrination of the people here ... the 'train of sorrow' - fuck, so shallow, so transparent, so playing to the emotions of the dumbed down childlike cdns ...

July 20 - the anti-Russia propaganda is quite amazing, even for these people - 'oh the poor baby who sent a message to her friend' - fuck, pure appeal to emotions, nothing to do with 'news' - of course, there isn't going to be, until they get the picture massaged to where they want it ...

(and of course, we are never going to hear a word about how we might go back a few months - the US influence in the entire situation ... we hear that 'this is the result of Russia destabilizing a state' - but fuck, it was the US first - Orwell, I think, would even have trouble believing the extent the US Ministry of Truth controls the modern drone peasants, believing anything they hear from the corporate propaganda media ... )

>> Sunday Edition - talking to somebody with the idea to pass a law forcing corps to have a certain number of women on their BoDs. (just more divide and conquer shit - women - you hate men!!! Men - you have to defend yourselves!!!) etc. - and then an interview with some unknown author - obviously someone on the CBC knows her, and is giving her a push. new Cdn 'journalism' - all about who you know. That's 'professional', in capitalistland.

July 19 - 09:00 PEI time - talking about the British Open, which is now well underway for its 3rd day, and using a "report" from last night, well out of date - that's our 'professional' broadcaster at work ....

>> and the House - "reporter" - '...and the 90,000 dollars he stole...' - with considerable 'shocked emphasis' on the '90,000' - as if this is a really big thing - it is, of course, less than chicken feed to the real powers, although of course a good chunk of money for normal people -

July 17 - Ottawa "news" (7:34) - somebody 'totalled' their car. Kids reporting exciting stuff to kids. We're great journalists yea~!!!!

>> the Current - all propaganda, all the time - among various - YOU PEOPLE WATCH OUT!!!! - only fringe ideas on the internet, we at the CBC are the RELIABLE people - but you all know that, right??? Sure, boss. (this is a scientific report from a real EXPERT, so you can believe it - only the best propaganda, sorry, 'reliable information' (HAHAHAHAAHAHAA!!!!!!) on the CBC here. Get off that internet now - only facebook and twitter allowed - 'social media' - kids doing kid stuff. For ADULT stuff - just listen to the CBC, right????? right boss.

July 11 - Americans doing 45,000 SWAT raids a year - just try to imagine the shock, horror, outrage, calls for bombing, etc etc from the CBC secretariat if this story came from Iran, or Russia, or China, or any of those places we are all supposed to HATE HATE HATE!!!. kind of stretches the imagination. (and the idea they might not be as evil as we are supposed to believe needs a bit more airing as well - this, for example - What Really Happened in Tianamen Square 25 Years Ago - The massacre that wasn't - the really, really BIG lies must never be questioned in the mainstream media, usually because they are so obviously lies once you start looking at them - the 911 official conspiracy nonsense, for example - only mentioned now and then to remind people that only real nuts and cranks dare to question the US Gov version of the story. Any true 'for the people' media would just want to help us get to the bottom of these counter claims - but of course, the power secretariat media understand that getting to the bottom of most of these things is going to put all of them in jail, so they pretty much are motivated to avoid things that would tend in that direction.

July 10 - (Island Morning) - and 'what about all the gross stuff on the ground' - there's your mature, adult CBC reporter, speaking to her 'peers' in the CBC 'adult' listening audience .. (doing a story on how very strange it is for someone to be running around with no shoes on - that's not what momma tells us to do!!!) (But there's nothing to talk about!!! - well, not really - this might be important - TPP deal would increase deaths around the world. (pause) huh??? What's that? - nonono move on folks, nothing to see there - but LOOKK!!!! _ MORE WORLD FOOTBALL CUP NEWS!!!! WOOOWWWWWW - THAT's SO GREAT WE ALL LOVE IT!!!! - not much time left, folks. )

July 7 - "news" - kids 'looking for a drug that may be too easy to score' - that's what they teach in pretend-journalism school, I guess. Street talk. for the kids.

July 4 - ""news" haha - a very serious report on the Wimbledon finals - well, the guy doing the report was certainly trying to sound serious, about this important "news" we really need to know about - finishing with a brilliant line - 'he now has a new weapon - the firm belief he can do it' - wow. just stunning journalism.

>> and the CBC response to the annual gas ripoff - not a word about speculation, just some hints on how to save gas. We KNOW who the cbc is really working for ...

July 3 - (PEI 06:00 "news" (haha) - crying daddy - GREAT NEWS!!!!! - let's milk this one - oh, here's crying mama - and oh, another crying lady, the family waits and prays!!! (while the CBC preys haha couldn't resist) - now that's the kind of news I need to help me make decisions about running my country, and understand what's going on in the world. Right kids!?!? Right Momma knows best for we kids!!! cry baby cry, you'll get on the CBC!! ANd FORD TALK ABOUT FORD!!

July 2 - the Current - LOOK ROB FORD IS BACK!!! GOSSIP GOSSIP WE HATE HIM WE HATE HIM!!!! fuck, beyond pathetic. The """"journalists""""" (not, really not at all) express puzzlement - well, I don;t know why he didn't invite us to his press conference!! (oh, innocent little me!!!!) - really, they've been attacking him with lies and gossip relentlessly for the last year and more, and they don't understand why he doesn't invite them? The blindness, and utter stupidity, of the PCers. HEY - look at all the people we have to interview who hate Rob Ford, and want to say bad things about him!!!! Wow - we're so professional at the CBC!!!

- beyond stupid irony - they sit around in their little circle jerk complaining how Ford excludes them - but they just want to do their job as "journalists" - seems to escape their attention that they have nobody here speaking FOR Ford???? - is he excluded? Is that 'fair'? and there is obviously a pretty large percent of Torontonians supporting Ford - but they have no voice on the one-sided media out to get this man. Who has not, they never speak about, been accused of any crime - just gossip gossip gossip. WE HATE HIM AND WE WILL GET HIM!!!!!

(oh no!!! We're not anti Ford!!!! We're just good reporters wanting to do their job!!!! (right - that's why you have nobody on the program speaking for Ford, defending him, etc - of course, they would be attacking the media, and they don't want that...)

((all together - good deconstruction thing if you're looking for the way the media behaves in Canada right now ...)

June 30 - krist, they can't control themselves - they find somebody to criticize Ford before he even gets back. (he didn't invite the press!! It's not fair!!! - that's beyond pathetic - they've been doing nothing but slandering him and persecuting for the last year, and they have the fucking NERVE to criticize him for not inviting them to a meeting. just beyond pathetic.

June 29 - Sunday Edition - good ol CBC, Ministry of Truth 'rewriting history' branch on duty as always at work again, re what is going on in Iraq with ISIS etc. very professional propaganda. There are other ideas about what is going on there, for anyone interested in informing the public, rather than managing public perceptions, as the CBC has been in the business of for the last 20-30 years. >> haha followed by the necessary dose of pablum - shadism. right. the kids are playing again. maybe 'grow up' ?? haha not soon.

June 28 - the House - just a small thing - the lady from the First Nations - ES says 'you called that a 'game changer' - what do you mean by that?' - odd ES wouldn't know - the CBC has been using the phrase for a couple of years now, one of the new 'we're so cool' memes they use for things they want to suggest have some importance. Lots of smoke and mirrors, usually, of course - letting Cdns understand the money-credit scam would be a real game changer, as a few hundred senior media and banking and government people headed off to jail for the rest of their lives ...

June 25 - "news" (haha etc) - that dammed Putin and his troops just not behaving themselves, as usual - and not only that - 'his troops have taken over Crimea in that stealthy operation in March..' ?????..!!!!!! - my my. Has anybody who listens to the CBC ever even read the fucking book??? (1984, yea, that one) - you remember the part about the Ministry of Truth? - and their major operation of rewriting history every day, to reflect the version of "history' desired by the rulers to justify their current actions???? - krist. that is to say - to consider the widespread support for the CBC among 'progressives', it would seem not. last I heard, there was a referendum in Crimea, with a great majority stating their desire to rejoin Russia officially (of course, they were historically part of Russia, and Kruschev sort of did a 'paper transfer' to Ukraine for some reason, so they never were 'really' part of Ukraine - of course, when you're out to rewrite history, and do propaganda, little details like that don't make it into your 'coverage' - or commentary like this, somewhat more reflective of the actual situation there - PC Roberts on Russia etc

-- How WW I helped entrench the art of mass persuasion - Modern marketing and PR got its big start in a broken campaign promise made nearly 100 years ago - the sophisticated propaganda of the modern rulers - see, we talk about 'mass persuasion!!!' - right. but if you just read it, you see it's those darned corporations are the bad guys, all by themselves, with their mass marketing techniques and so on - not a word about the media, or 'current' governments working with media to propagandize the citizens rather than the 'consumers'. The problem being the number of people who actually believe the CBC et al are operating as a media should, and would never, never do bad stuff like propaganda etc.

- the Current - somewhat surprisingly, a not-too-unfair presentation of the 'controversy' surrounding some new film about N Korea, but then what could only be called blatant demonisation propaganda about Iran. I am sure there are unpleasant things going on in Iran, the thing is, as always, there is far, far worse stuff done every day in the US, and we never, never, NEVER talk about that. Why would that be, I wonder???

June 23 - a CTV story on the Russian ambassador's comments on being told to get out of Canada - aside from the fact the CBC chose not to air any of his objections and comments in their 'EVERYTHING ABOUT RUSSIA AND PUTIN IS EVILLLLLLL CHILDREN EEEE_VVVV_IIII_LLLLLLL MOMMA TELLS YOU!!!!!' "coverage", one notes the comments following - while a few people seem to understand the bigger picture, about western cold-war lies etc, it is quite disheartening to see so many who have obviously drank the western modern propaganda about Russia, without even thinking about it, etc. These are going to be fighting aggressively and stupidly as we try to get this country back on the path to Democracy - which is going to involve truth and sanity, which is going to meet serious opposition from the indoctrinated-and-proud-of-it koolaid gang. (a lot of pretty scary stuff on the NP discussions when anything like this is talked about, or grunted about one might say, kill evil russians and leftards kill kill ...)

Island Morning - a 'feature story' on - wait for it - Bubble Ball!!!!! WOW!!!!! -a kid's game - haha sorry, no no no, this is a SPORT people, and of course, although 'real' sports (hockey, professional football, baseball) was once sort of a niche thing, for some people, now the New Improved CBC Citizen is a SPORTS LOVER!!! _ Anything! Everything!! WE LOVE SPORTS YEA!!!! chinese high school badminton!! beach volleyball!!! wheelchair basketball!!! WE LOVE IT ALL AND ALL GOOD CDN CITIZENS DO TOO!!!! - all spectacle, of course - again, there are many problems, serious problems, in our country, and many good citizen types working in various NGO-type groups to try to improve things - but most of them have never had a minute on the CBC and never will - a 'safe' non-threatening (to power) group gets a small news clip sometimes, if they figure out how to get a 'newsworthy event' or something, but by and large they work on their own - while kids games get daily air time. Doesn't take a lot to figure out what is going on. Although there don't seem to be that many people who actually understand what is going on, according to the 'Wow do we ever love the CBC' outpouring with a couple of recent Tyee stories - i.e. here. (sports are fine, of course, for personal fun, and professional sports can be interesting - but they are entertainment, not fucking 'news' )

>> and then again on Ottawa Morning - big part again on the world cup - it just goes on from one thing to another, all year around, more and more every year - the olympics, the NHL, we'll soon be immersed in the CFL, the baseball, then playoffs, always something - an entertainment becoming a mainstream interest for the Cdn citizen, while, not forgetting, we are constantly reminded how fewer and fewer people care about politics, or trust politicians - there are some crocodile tears sometimes, to give a suitable air of gravitas for a national broadcaster, but it is obvious from what they do, rather than what they say, that people turning from politics and important things, and becoming more and more immersed in trivialities and spectacle, is entirely what they are up to. Wouldn't it be nice if every day we had 'NGO digest' rather than 'business digest'? haha.

- news - the 'reporter' talking about the helicopters finishes, news guy says 'thanks very much' - response 'you got it'. They're doing this on purpose, they have to be - anybody who even tries to behave like a real journalist is getting weeded out, they have to be - you have to talk like a smartass, halfwit, 'with it' modern kid to get a job on the CBC. kids talking to kids, I guess, is the idea. we don't want no adults around here, thinking adult thoughts, asking adult questions, laughing at the amateur hour the CBC has become ....

- the Current - an interesting talk on ISIS propaganda - the so in-the-box hostess asks 'But how can we know when we are falling into their trap, and giving them publicity and promoting their propaganda, and when we are reporting real 'news'?' (paraphrasing) - one wonders, really, if they ever ask the same question about the press releases they get from 'military intelligence'????? (haha rhetorical question ....)

June 20 - "news" haha - a Calgary man burned his passport, is fighting in Iraq, and "..threatened to destroy Canada..." - and the police are taking this seriously. (and that means WE take it seriously, and so YOU take it seriously - when the cops demand your ID - it's for a good reason, citizens, they are PROTECTING you of course!!!!!!) (interesting what they do and do not take 'seriously' - years spent investigating any gossip related to Rob Ford, or a few thousand bucks questionable claims from some senator they have decided they don't like - but a few tens of billions yearly conned from taxpayers is not something they want to talk about ...)

>> (still 'news') - a UN reports says more than 50 million people have been forced to flee their homes - 'the number said with a suitably hushed voice, so the children are aware to be suitably shocked... the kindergarten teachers are being moved into the "news (haha)' seats. (and just before, in the "report" from Iraq, she says (I quote!) - 'Thank you so much for that report..'. Professional children at work. Listen closely to Momma children, you can tell from the tone of her voice how you are expected to react - socializing in action. I wonder how many people in Canada have any understanding of this? Precious few, it seems - I may indeed be the only one ...

- next 'story' - 'it's this contraption ...' something something - more 'professional' language.

- later, PEI 'news' (aka pabulum) - nice kid story about some guy who took his mom to the prom. awwwww - and the pic got 1400!!!!!! hits on Facebook - all you kids get on your Facebook now!!! - and twitter all your friends!!!! - that's what we're all about here on the CBC - kid stuff for kids!!! (adult stuff for Cdn adults??? (haha all what, all 12 of us?) - well, adults take responsibility when they break things - doesn't seem to be part of the NWO philosophy though - i.e. Libya in chaos - for a bit of time we heard nothing on the CBC about THAT FUCKING MONSTER GADDAFFI!!!!! - and 'we' duly killed him - and set the dogs of war loose, which are still tearing the once quite advanced country apart. Adults who are concerned about what is going on in the world are indeed concerned about these things. Not your average Cdn, of course - I mean, the world cup is on, which is First Priority!!!! right now, and great bands coming on the weekend, and other fun stuff for we kids - who wants to worry about someplace in Africa where the Muslims are killing themselves? geez. The new Canada, created and maintained to a very significant extent by the CBC.

>> and a free promo - some nice lady has written an e-book about another young Cdn woman murdered in China. No shortage of books of all types out there looking for free publicity - sure helps to have friends in the right places. The new professionalism of the CBC. We look after our buds, eh? (and by god we go after people we don't like, you listening Rob Ford???? private vendettas are the rule on the public broadcaster these days hahahaha ...)

June 19 - more and more global super rich - side by side, somewhat 'coincidentally'? - with this - British poverty doubles in 30 years - hmmm. don't suppose these things are connected, do we?

- PEI 'news', about the late appearance of some 'sports hall of fame' - she says at one point 'to the tune of 4 million dollars' - once again demonstrating the new professional literacy ("" "" that is, of course) requirements for CBC junior reporters.

- the Current - defending bad English - quite the coincidence, after all my recent criticism about semi-literate CBC junior reporters (and others not so junior) - not going at it directly, of course, just mocking the 'language police' who complain a bit too much about relatively minor English misuses. Typical shill behavior - look, we told the truth about the weather - so EVERYTHING must be true!!! - as always, the problem is how many people are simple enough to buy such shit from their beloved CBC.

You can run but you can't hide CBC - I don't give a fuck what kind of English people use texting, or on blogs, or even in commentary - but on the fucking CBC (supposedly at least) news and high-level current events shows, you should have literate people who understand English, like we used to have when real journalists rather than propagandists ran the place. (haha of course I understand that people willing to sell their souls for filthy lucre and pretend to be 'serious' people but actually doing propaganda and pablum as if it is real are not really that intelligent, which explains what is happening - but if you have to admit that some day, it would be ok ...) (funny to hear Ms AM pretending to be a bit stupid herself, as she pretends she cannot pronounce the guy's occupation - as when she pretended she was too stupid to understand PR) - she reads out some pretty overboard comments - and they all have a good giggle - mock mock, the first reaction of the semi-literate when meeting superior intelligence - or the later reaction, as here, when trying to belittle something they want to get back under some rock where it won't bother their agenda).

June 18 - Island Morning - you can tell how serious the propaganda is, and how weak, by how much they push it - the ISIS stuff is one such fabrication (won't catch this on the CBC haha) - now we have "Jesse Hersch, normally an 'internet' commentator, is now telling us that ISIS is an 'internet terrorist group'!!! - using the net, and other 'social media', to recruit sweet young kids in Canada, and spreading their heinous deeds around, etc etc. They must be planning on some kind of lockdown of the net, and are setting the excuses in place. "none of us want censorship - but if groups like this are using this social media for evil purposes ... welll ..' - and that's it - the recruitment pitch. And of course very soon all good Cdns will be expected to answer - as Mother tells them to. OF COURSE WE WON'T CENSOR YOU IN GREAT FREE CANADA!!!!! - Only the nasty, nasty terrorists!!' right.

- "news" (haha) (07:00 national at PEI) - talking about the Ontario tornado, they open with a tape of a screaming young girl, very frightened, screaming 'What is that?!?' etc - go for the emotion. That's "news" for the CBC. And the average lowlife propagandist.

June 17 - funny to weep - Ottawa Morning - pushing the new 'financial literacy' stuff the gov is up to - they have some woman talking about how stupid 'old people' are - she says (haha - tries to say) - 'they lose 'co - umm - cog - - um cog-na tif' difficulties' - fuck. A semi-literate propagandist-hustler dissing old people she knows nothing about - sure there are old people who are not too bright - but you can find not too bright people in every demographic, most certainly not excluding radio talk show hosts on the CBC. Not going to talk about that on the CBC, though, if propaganda, and marginalising 'old people' is the goal of the day. Ulterior motives? - who knows - but it is people in my demographic - over 60 - who now have the most people who understand what is going on here - be convenient for those who want to keep us shut up if they can just say:'Oh! Old person! haha like conspiracy theorist eh haha!! put em away!!' - and no questions asked - if you're old. we don't gotta listen to ya bud. - boy, 50-60-70% of all serious, knowledgeable opposition sidelined. As I say everywhere - the enemy are very, very skilled gamesplayers. And whatever skill 'we the people' ever had is diminishing almost daily. Not accidentally. GIVE ME THAT SWITCH!!!! I DEMAND TO SHUT MY OWN BRAIN OFF!!!


- the Current - Trudeau interview - sounds very, very good - but from outside the box, you see the bigger picture - obviously a big step in the tweedledee-dum change underway the last few months, as Harper is on the 'out' path, and the Libs being reinstated - with Cdns thinking they have made a great change when it happens, and things will be better - "the people have spoken!!!!" will be the message - whilst, of course, in reality, they are just being led around by their noses, as always. Nothing of significance will change - they'll just keep stealing with a bigger smile, a bit more 'noblesse oblige', etc. (interesting to hear the underlying hostility from Ms T in her questioning, scripted though it is - she is obviously, at heart, a 'laissez-faire' type senior NWO official - none of this liberal 'good cop' shit in HER world - the fucking peasants do what they're told, or we deal with them. etc. )

June 16 - why are gas prices so high last weekend??? - good ol CBC, covering for the predators - the word 'rampant speculation stealing from the people' are NOT, repeat NEVER NEVER NEVER!!!!! going to be heard on the CBC. After all, just for starters, that would be something **true*** about the world geopolitical-capitalist situation, and these people run from anything remotely true about important things like the Pope runs from Dawkins. haha

June 15 - nothing like friends in the right places - CBC "news" making sure all Cdns know about the new Westjet flight to Ireland. Normally companies need to spend their own money advertising stuff like this - but not if you got friends in the right places, in corporate Canada, with a corporate media.

>> interesting, on the CBC, and the other MSM, we have the 'story' of Blair telling everyone that, 'Oh nono, this latest Iraq problem has NOTHING to do with our invasion!!! Nothing children nothing!!!!' - they all say it's in 'response' to rumors or internet comments or whatever about this - but there has not been a single serious story at least on the CBC connecting the current violence with the American invasion - but very obviously there are a LOT of people seeing this, so the defensive propaganda gets tossed out.

signs of hope - the people are well emboxed, but still have a bit of a mind left. Big Brother may be influential, but he does not control all of the minds just yet. still hope. get at it bud.

June 13 - boy little CBC has a Brazilian community, really, really hyped on the World Cup - just like all the announcers on the CBC - spectacle folks, spectacle!!!

June 12 - endless coverage of the World Cup - dumbing down in action. Any serious 'we the people democracy'-oriented media would be covering something like this - COMER lawsuit update re Bank of Canada - far, far more important - of course, very important to the rulers that this be kept as much OUT of the public eye as possible, thus, among other things, ramping up the 'excitement' around the World Cup or any other sports thing currently going on. Lots of interviewees who are terribly, terribly excited, along with the CBC hosts, about it - not a word from those who find it all monumentally boring. Of course. Or might want a bit more 'adult' stuff on the great CBC ...

>> and still some breathless 'reporting' about 'Iraq in big trouble!!!' - not a word, of course, are we ever going to hear about a big of 'you broke it you pay for it' or any related thing - oh nonono, the Ministry of Truth in action here - History starts, oh, maybe recently, but this is entirely Iraq's problem - nobody over here did anything wrong, nonono children!!! We just nice folks here!

>> Natalie Clancey, Vancouver, practicing for her High School Special Junior Reporter Badge!!! - '(somebody) admits he used a bad word..' !!!!!!!OMG!!!!! a bad word!!!!!!! - fuck, LOL a lot - don't use bad words, children. Momma does not like bad words, children. Adults in Canada do NOT use bad words, children. You know what they are - do NOT say them if you want to get an interview on the CBC, children.

- Ottawa Morning - 5* feature - crying lady got a bad milkshake!!! sob sob I can never trust milkshakes again ... that's how we adults with the CBC solve problems - cry about them ...

- Current - we get the new 'bogeyman' story laid out, all very seriously - listen up chillun, here's the new monster who WANTS YOUR BLOOD!!!!!!

June 11 - "news" - 'it's a heartbreaking story' - that good ol CBC professionalism and impartiality shining through again (oh, no, Dave, if all the children, the so kind children, agree it's heartbreaking (and all the good children agree with momma about these things), then it's not opinion, it's just fact, and it is perfectly professional to say things like this. ALL right-thinking people agree, Dave. what's your problem?) right Big Momma, whatever you say.

>> actually goes deeper - 90%+ of Canada is very much not racist - but here is the CBC, trying to make a fight where no fight really exists - you do not take a small, localized problem and try to make it into a national problem unless you have a deeper agenda - there are lots of ways of dealing with this small problem, but this is not one of them.

- later - Vancouver shooting, in which 'the shooter 'took off' on a bike..'. right. you don't need journalism school to work at the CBC Kids - if you know street slang, we love ya!!

>> and Iraq - still an ongoing civil war, for years, people killed every day, complete chaos - and not a fucking word of analysis suggesting just maybe it was a big mistake for the US et al to destroy the stable government of Saddam back in the day. Maybe even - some chaos was what the US wanted???? - to get rid of a leader who would not kiss their ass enthusiastically enough???? Maybe a bit of decent geo-political analysis somewhere???? (hahaha no not on the CBC, my friend!!!!! - lots of more useful stuff to be found on the non-corporate media ... )

Hudak's math - actually, what the 'out of the box' equations show is that Stanford, one of the 'shining lights' of the progressives, is very much part of maintaining the box. he seems pretty smart, he cannot 'not' know about the massive debt-credit scam, leading to the very unwanted conclusion that he's working for the other side. Imagine Caesar's reaction if told Brutus was not his friend. Gotta face some harsh truths sometimes - the knife in the back is an even harsher one, if you wait too long.

June 9 - Ottawa Morning - some guy stabbed and killed - wow wow wow don't let this opportunity go by!! - crying friends tell what a great guy he was. Which is probably true - but "news" in the nation's capital??? - well, sure there's other stuff - it might be a bit more 'adult' for example to get in some people every now and then to talk about things like this Epic Fail: Privatisation in Ontario - but that might get people thinking, rather than reacting emotionally, and thinking people are somewhat more dangerous to entrenched power than emotional LCD stuff.

- the Current - head of the IMF telling Cdns how it is. Listen up children. We are really, really honest, and really really smart, you are hearing his on the ultra-integrity CBC, so when we tell you austerity is real - believe it! Capitalism has NOT failed, children, just got a bit over-enthusiastic, but we're all really good people with ONLY your own best interests in our wonderful kind little hearts, we're fixing it up, and all will be well soon. Believe it Children, Mother has spoken!! (don't ever listen to them stupid anti-capitalist fanatics on the internet, now, never, you hear? MOTHER LOVES YOU!!)

Jun 7 - man, the Moncton killings, like any tragedy, a total gold mine for the gossip lovers. Endless opportunities for crying people to be telling their stories to journo-bots with mikes, How did it feel?!?! WOw!! etc etc. And I see a deeper thing I had not really noticed before, although it has been a biggie since 911 I guess - the gathering together of the herd, supporting their leaders, common stand against some terrible tragedy. Putting little but strong nails in the coffin - when I talk about the government, the rulers, being the enemy, and the police the enforcers - this might not be in the front of the mind, but it will be there in the subconscious, making those so affected just that bit more reluctant to go to the truth. The wolves and the rabbits find a hill when the flood comes - but in nature, neither has any illusions about what is going to happen when the flood recedes. We're not quite so connected to reality in human-land - the rulers will go back to their lying and manipulating, but the well-trained box people will be just that bit more disinclined to 'speak truth to power', when they see that power as something that has saved them from a terrible danger.

June 6 - "news haha" - the Big CBC Scoop!!!! - the Duffy Expense Scandal!!! - at the end, the "reporter" (haha) says 'making all the expense claims bunk'. More classy professional language from the country's senior 'news' (haha) service. Wonder how much those "journalism schools" charge for a degree telling people all the shit they get up to on the CBC is 'real journalism yea!!'. (the whole Duffy 'scandal' is entirely mickey mouse shit, should be back page minor stuff, not a major story - but of course if your business is keeping people from looking at real stories like the two fucking trillion dollars we have had stolen by the money scandal, I guess the little stuff is what you ramp up ...

- fuck, Hall at Europe, talking about D-day - 'Putin is here, the man who is currently destabilizing Europe..' !!!! - the blatant propaganda!!!! - not to mention lies - it is, of course, the US running around the world destabilizing everything - I find it unbelievable that so many people are so utterly braindead, or brainwashed, or whatever, they seem to have no idea the incredible brazenness of the lies they are told.

>> and for all of the 'hands on hearts' honorings of 'our brave soldiers' on D-day 70 years ago, no doubt with a lot of truth and honor deserved, yet for some odd reason I don't recall a **single** mention of Russia and its role in defeating the Germans - explained a bit more here - considering the great dedication of our media (at least so they tell us) to giving us 'all' the news, isn't it just a bit odd when we celebrate WWII things we never, never never hear the word Russia mentioned, when they were so central to defeating the Nazis?? Just a bit odd??? (of course, if you understand the media are first and primarily about propaganda, closely followed by dumbing down and spectacle, then the omission of Russia doing anything good in the past in the Ministry of Truth rewritten history isn't really surprising. I still, however, find it surprising and increasingly distressing at how many Cdns seem to be following the Ministry of Truth blindly along in such things -

June 5 - CBC "reporters" showing their professionalism, 'reporting' the Moncton shootings - on the 'news', we lead with a screaming woman, 'OMG! OMG!!' - that sure helps explain what was going on for the adults in the audience (sarcasm font) - or gets the attention of the children, BE AFRAID YOU MIGHT BE IN DANGER OMG!!' - then the cop reading the statement is almost sobbing - 'reporter' questions - 'so did you know the officers killed?' - 'is this your worst day as mayor', and other pointless voyeuristic childish things. - and later another 'reporter' telling about the press conference almost tears up - later - 'what was going through your mind when this story broke?' - I still can't figure why they always ask, how did you feel, what did you think? - guess there's no point in asking how it's supposed to be "news"

>> G7 - now we've moved on - 'after Putin **took over** Crimea' - no referendum, nothing, just that damned aggressive Putin 'taking over' things, 'forcing' we peaceful folk here in Canada to run off to Poland or whoever to 'defend democracy'. I wonder if things were this crazy back when Mr Dodgson was writing his books?

- later, PEI 'news' (haha) - the "journalists" have been at work - they've found some people who SAW HIM!!!! omg!!!! - how great can it get!!! - chattering kids gossiping with excited kids - and they all think THAT'S GREAT NEWS!!!! on the CBC. sure it is. Sure it's good people gather together and help one another at times like this - but 'news'? Not in the 'real' world. Which of course we seem to have left quite some time ago.

- interesting bit of propaganda on the Current - remember, kids, real experts have studied for years and know what they are talking about - your few minutes of internet research does not really make you an 'expert'. Which of course is true - but what they don't talk about, for some odd reason, is that a lot of people presented by the medai as 'experts' are just lying - and maybe a bit of research around the net will make that evident. Given the lying propaganda function of the CBC, it's not surprising, I suppose, they wouldn't want to much get into that ... or a little debate about it ... you suppose if I write a nice little note to the Current about that they'll read it on air (HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - sorry, getting late...)

>> kind of like this - now, if this happened in China, or Russia, or Syria, or someplace like that, the shock and condemnation would be screamed from the rooftops of CBC, the crying shocked mothers endlessly interviewed - but in the USA - well, nonono, folks, nothing we need to trouble our listeners or viewers about here ... or another one - Kent State killings, 40 years later - really, not a word on the CBC. If the US gov goes around killing kids, that's not really a problem - it's only them damned people in other countries that get bad press from the CBC for that kind of thing.

June 4 - "news" - talking about how young people get 'radicalized' in Calgary, some very small number, but the lady "reporter" obviously quite offended at the idea (that's what they teach them in big momma journalism school - you use your voice to let your listener know very clearly what kind of information you are imparting, so the children get the right message, and she makes no attempt to hide the disdain in her voice at times for this jihadi scum taking advantage of our great freedoms in Canada to do evil things....) "one day they may come back and bring their murderous ways home' - wow, another example of too-notch CBC "impartial" reporting. haha. not. - observing things from outside the box here, one wonders if it might be interesting to do a bit of investigation into how many Cdns are 'radicalized' in hating people and countries like Assad in Syria, Saddam in Iraq, Gaddaffi, in Libya, Putin in Russia, etc etc - there's certainly nothing even close to a 'balanced' presentation about these leaders or what is going on in these countries from the CBC et al, so a widespread, and completely unfounded, hatred of such places among Canadians is created - leading to support of any illegal military action against these countries - is understandable - boy bombing THEM mofos back to the stone age, killing countless women and children, that's GREAT man!!! - no jihadi or 'terrorism' there - that's only when THEY kill US that we call it 'terrorism' or 'jihad' etc. On the CBC someday? - haha nonono just joking, of course we're not going THERE on the CBC!!!! hahaha

>> then we have Chris Hall, reading from Harper's script as if its 'news' - completely embedded in the NWO, willing propagandist for western hegemony. When Democracy wins out here some day - I wonder if we'll want to talk about what happened to Nazi propagandists at the end of WWII .....

>> good chance to hammer China I guess - the same ""journalist"" (haha) on Island Morning as we heard yesterday on Ottawa Morning explaining to the children what nasty, nasty, NASTY people that Chinese government is, and aren't we so lucky to be living in free Canada. Children. - very obviously, to anyone aware to the reality of propaganda here, a scripted, and probably largely fictionally, account of what she supposedly saw - brave heroic people being massacred by the godless commies - never forget, people, never forget (and some pushing - oh, when i was young in the 60s I was idealistic and thought Chinese communism and Mao were great things - but after seeing that massacre, I will hate them commies forever. etc etc. Covering the bases - what well-constructed propaganda does. (haha - all kinds of things in our own past we don't want to talk much about - alright to forget about the killings and oppression of workers in Canada, and ongoing - or stories like this -

Are there things closer to home we could be talking about? Always - another thing we probably aren't going to hear much about on the CBC, about the actions of a gov a bit closer to us -

Police violence and the American gulag '...According to official statistics, the police on average commit between one and two "justifiable homicides" every day in the United States....' - just imagine, if you will, if that was China, or Russia, or some place the media really do not like engaging in the cops killing 700-odd people year - the gnashing of teeth, the interviews with crying family of a completely innocent man shot down in cold blood, the demands for such terrible behaviour to cease, etc etc and etc. But in the US? Nah - no story here, move on folks - OH LOOK AT WHAT THEM NASTY PEOPLE IN (Iran, China, Russia, Syria, etc) ARE DOING!!! EVIL EVIL BASTARDS OMG WE HAVE TO STOP THEM GET THE BOMBS!!!! etc etc It really does get discouraging sometimes, such blatant propaganda, yet so very few people seem to be able to see what is happening, how they are being manipulated.

- Ottawa Morning - another story about them damned Chinese, after the 'news' about Harper finger-waving at Russia and that damned communism. wouldn't be applying for any 'originality' awards, folks. haha, not to mention minor journalistic standbys like 'integrity' or 'balance', old fashioned shit like that.


>> and more on that 'great journalistic story about the Calgary jihadi!!!!' on the current - listening to this, I get the idea it is pure fiction, ministry of truth stuff, to spread fear in the people, etc - so, we have a kid they say is a 'mass murderer' - but the thing is, when you stand back and take a breath and look around - we have the US still killing god knows how many innocent people all over the world, notably in the mideast, with their drones - and yet we never, never never hear any story about this, no wondering if its legal, no interviews with crying widows or children, etc - just LOOK AT THEM DAMNED MUSLIM TERRORISTS OMFG!!!! - propaganda. actors. and **if** there is any truth in this - there might be - wouldn't it be one of the very first things any **real** journalist would do to try and find out what is driving these young people to go to the mideast killing? Could we have a debate about western intrusions into these countries, looting and deposing leaders and supporting violence everywhere, and how just maybe this western violence in these countries just might possibly be related in some tiny way to the violence they want to talk about??? Huh?? haha just joking, really, the ministry of truth is not in the business of balanced, look-at-all-sides journalism. Which is why we're in the great mess we're in these days. partly at least - there's no need for so many people to be so receptive to this kind of propaganda. no need at all. path of least resistance, I suppose.

June 3 - "news" haha - D Common says, at the very end after some bit on the NRA supporting some kind of gun control - 'scary and downright weird' - man, these people are just a fucking joke. Dumbing down right into the higher ranks of the CBC - 'my (dumbed down childish) opinion is news!! (just like the gossip I hear sometimes!)' I guess is what they're all taught, certainly obviously fine with whoever is supervising these mid-level propagandists. No wonder nobody knows anything in this poor fucking country. - also, the social engineering right in your face - here in Canada, we good people ALL agree the NRA are baaaaddddd people, right children???? - so it's just natural for the ""impartial, professional' (LOL a fucking lot, then barf) CBC saying this kind of thing, because after all, all good Cdns listening to the CBC feel the same way, so the NRA being 'weird and scary' is not somebody's 'opinion', it's fact - right, good children????? RIGHT MAMMA DON'T SPANK!!' - that's what 'fact' is in a mind-controlled dictatorship - what Big Momma/Dadda says it is. how many fingers, Winston? However many you want, boss.

>>>> once again the utterly stunning hypocrisy of the CBC, as the secretariat of their masters - now the Syria election is not legitimate - and partly because some parts of 'rebel held' areas will not have polls - but but but - last week at the Ukraine elections we saw exactly the same thing - some eastern parts were having a bit of violence so some people weren't voting - but that was fine!!!!!! Great even - of course, the CBC's master's guys were controlling that election and winning it - oh heck, that would have nothing to do with 'our' approval of that election and dissing Syria.... would it???? nah ... HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! - and the neutral tone of voice - 'Syria has been in a civil war for several years with hundreds of thousands killed..' - fuck you people - a bit of honesty would be nice here - as in, "...a western (including western corporate media such as the CBC) backed extremist jihadi attempt to overthrow Assad's secular government has been in process - it seems we (CBC et al) lost that little attempted regime change, and by fuck we are not happy about it, thus we still dis anything Assad gets up to, etc etc." haha - honesty is very much NOT part of the 'mission statement' of our once great, fallen so far, CBC ...

Ottawa Morning - still on Tianenmen Square - LOOK AT THEM DAMN NASTY CHINESE BOY WE HATE THEM WE ARE SO MUCH BETTER!!!!! - etc etc - but really, not that much - how about a little more talk about things Canadian - you know, the many atrocities committed against workers by capitalists and their government in the past, the ongoing and serious attack on labour - just because they aren't shooting them in the streets doesn't mean they're not doing seriously bad things to them all. Which just might be of a bit more interest to Canadians. Or the ongoing repression of first nations people - really, a serious, long term crime against humanity in general is not overstating the case, and yet we get a little story now and again, then move on folks move on - but why move on? This is an ongoing, very very old terrible crime, especially against all the children now growing up in poverty, all the young women being forced into lives of prostitution, and desperation and drugs - krist you people, get a mirror before you start pointing the finger at other people's problems.

>> given how scripted most of the Tianenmen stuff sounds, not to mention the more or less perfect English of most of the people reading it, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if this were much closer to the truth - What really happened in Tianenmen. The way the US propaganda machine lies about pretty much everything of importance, and the CBC et al just feed it out unquestioningly, there's no real reason to believe this stuff, anymore than the stories about incubator babies or Gaddaffi the butcher.

June 2 - "news" (haha) - Obama is proposing a new energy plan. newsy. BUT - then they start with 'this is going to be a hard sell with various people...' etc - this is outright 'creating the narrative' right in your face. I don't suppose there's much use in getting into detail - i'm probably the only one aware enough anymore to realise this.

>> Ottawa Morning, then the Current - point point point - LOOK OVER THERE!!! - them damned Chinese!!, killing people, covering it up, etc - boy, our good buds the US would never do anything like that, or we ourselves. haha see note re same story yesterday on the Enright propaganda segment about the same thing. - not to defend China, but I am a lot more concerned about the worker suppression in Canada, ongoing right now - less people killed outright, but a lot more lives ruined - and the pretension, by ignoring it, the massive, endless killings of the US all over the world merit not a word from the good ol CBC - making it very, very obvious what they are up to - creating 1984, We the Good Guys - endless war against They the Bad Guys. Hate Hate Hate. etc etc etc. (look at the Current headline for the show - 25 years later China's students don't know their history - my point about Canada exactly - if we surveyed a few thousand Cdn students, any bets on whether or not their knowledge of worker oppression history in Canada would get into the double digits for percent? I'll take any bets - they're all taught that capitalism is just wonderful, and we're so lucky to be living in a capitalist country, etc. lies, lies and more lies. But we're not getting into that on the CBC!!! - no sir - get the finger pointing going - look at what them damned Chinese, or Russians, or anybody else we want to lie about, are doing!! BAD BAD PEOPLE!!! (and nice nice us of course!!) - fuck, the 'intro' to this is just too childish - 'have you heard of the strike in 1989?' 'No, I haven't heard of the strike, etc etc' - fuck, they must have it figured that the people they are having for an audience are incredibly stupid - this is the shallowest, stupidest kind of propaganda - and obviously it is working! - says a lot about Cdns these days - not to mention the chances of success of my own fight here. But we do what we do - get this book finished, and what happens after that is up to everyone else. As the guy said, I wash my hands of it all. You guys want a new feudalism, I guess you're going to have one - the rulers certainly want to give you one.)

- Current again - next bit is a 'debate' between a guy from the Fraser, and another guy from the CCPA - and it's all about arranging the deck chairs, presented as 'serious' policy debate. bullshit. but very well done bullshit, seems to have most Cdns who are paying a bit of attention believing one side or the other - and either way, the rulers rule, the peasants work.

- the killings in California somewhat predictably got the radfems all frothy again, and I just couldn't hold myself in, pointless though I know trying to engage these people is - in the Globe - Misogyny is terrorism!!!! - I commented: "..The master strategists at work again, divide and conquer, lead the peasants around by the nose, point them away from the true problem and say 'Go get em Rover', and watch em run after the red herrings. This is **not** a misogynistic society. There are misogynists in our society, yes, but they are quite a small number, and by far the most people, including men, oppose this type of violence, or any aggressive violence. As with racism - certainly, esp in the US, a lot of people are racist, but far more people are not, and it would not be correct to call it a 'racist' society. A lot of people do, of course, people who want to cause trouble, and there's always lots of people ready to stand up and fight when they hear things they don't like, as with the accusation of 'misogynist!!'. And therein lies the clue - America is, however, an extremely violent society, and has been since its earliest days. Young people like this kid see their government stomping around the world - DO AS WE TELL YOU OR WE'LL BOMB YOU BACK TO THE STONE AGE BUD!!!!, and etc - and what are they to think when they meet some situation they don't like? Let's talk about this, and see if we can work something out? Haha - nah, we'll just do what our leaders do, get some guns and go a-killing! Violence is glorified in tv series and hollywood movies, and the very popular lowbrow 'sports' such as 'extreme wresting' or whatever they call it (never watched it) and football, and all of the 'playstation' games (it seems, again I've never played them, but it's impossible to avoid the advertisements for such things, and they seem to be all about killing and killing and - and - well, more killing. So it's not exactly surprising that so much 'pretend' violence leads to pretty regular outbursts of 'real' violence. So if we want to get serious about stopping killing sprees like this, it's the general culture of violence we need to be talking about, especially the general example set by the US government (might be interesting to document the incidents of cop killings (i.e. people shot by cops) and beatings in any given year!!) ((and just a final aside - I note that 6 people were killed by this kid - 4 men and 2 women - it's a bit puzzling, regardless of the vid the kid made, how this translates into a 'misogynistic' killing spree... - but if you're some kind of fanatic looking for ammo for your cause, I guess you go with what you got ...)

- different Globe story - left self-lobotomized - not a bad story, really, the so-called 'left' is certainly pretty pathetic these last few years - I have thought a lot about this, and commented - ".. Mr Yabuski sees things through a fog darkly, as they say, whether a 'real' fog or a pretend fog is hard to say - a great deal of the capitalist propaganda is not really 'real' - we have a pretend democracy, a pretend media, a pretend debt crisis, a pretend 'great terrorism threat OMG!!!' etc etc. Yes indeed, the 'left' is no longer a force in western politics, but the real reason is because it has been taken over by the same people who already controlled the 'right', so now we have one big party, with a 'serious' right (often gone to extreme 'farright nut case' level in places like the US), and the 'pretend-left', pretending to present alternative visions of society, but in reality just a good cop-bad cop scenario - no matter who you vote for, you're going to jail bud, but you can have a cop with a smile put you there, or one who smacks you on the back of the head while he throws you in the cell (in 'real' terms, no matter who you vote for, you get more corporate concessions like 'free' trade and attacking workers, more 'austerity', the great scam of the ages, more support for the US hegemon and its 'regime change' operations, etc). There is 'real' lefty stuff out there, you just never hear about it in the (pretend-)mainstream media, as it is their job to present this fantasy stuff, this 'pretend' democracy as 'the real thing'. Kind of like real life reality television. Heads I win, tails you lose. A bit more about real 'lefty' stuff here, for anyone interested - What Happened - and they blocked the comment. Imagine. No reason for it, except that some kind of 'internal surveying' must be showing that my essays are having some impact. Good timing, and a bit of positive feedback to get the damn book finished ASAP.

{{ and - the FP of the NP did the same thing a few days ago - this story - interest rates and debt - my comment - "..I wonder how many people realise that when a bank makes a mortgage loan, or any other consumer loan, they basically create that 'money' (credit, really) straight out of thin air. One second Cdn money supply X, tap the computer a second, Cdn money supply X + amount of bank loan. And then they get to charge interest on that right-out-of-thin-air 'money'!!!! - great racket, as long as nobody understands what's going on - makes their massive profits every year a bit easier to understand. More for the curious about what this has been doing to everyone, not just those with mortgages, the last few years - What Happened.." - again, no reason at all in terms of 'community standards' for blocking this kind of thing - there can be no reason other than they have seen my essays are having some impact, and are thus blocking them.

June 1 - bit 'memorial' about Tiananmen Square in China, gory details in the 'report' etc - just a reminder, you folks, China is a nasty, commie country, and we don't like em there!!! If you are firmly in the box, of course, it's easy to believe them when they do this - but out of the box, we wonder if it wouldn't be a bit more important, here in Canada, to remind people at appropriate times of the rather terrible violence the capitalist rulers of (gasp!!! wait for it!!!! CANADA!!! OMG!!!!) - have a pretty considerable history of violence against Cdn workers as well, that, in these times of increased government attacks on workers, we might do well to remember, rather than pointing the finger elsewhere.

>>> listen to Enright - 'these days in China, it is as if Tianenmen Square never happened..' - well, Michael, what about the Cdn gov, and their secretariat the CBC, and some quite serious things in our past regarding capitalist oppression of Cdn workers - you know, Winnipeg Strike, Regina riots, various other things in our history - do all Cdns know about these things, or are our gov and media doing their best to just lock these things away in some dark room where nobody will think bout them? You have a nice young Chinese lady talking about China covering this part of their past up - why don't you have a Canadian worker talking about the Cdn press and gov covering up our own not-so-pretty history????


>> and then a talk with a lady arguing that 'do what you love' is a bad idea. shallow, stupid pseudo-thinking, given its 15 minutes of fame on the CBC because it is shallow and stupid. Every argument she presents is shallow and open to very easy answers - none of which ME challenges her with, of course. Never mind doing what you love, people, just accept that it's a bitch of a world out there, suck it in, and quit complaining. That's the world you live in - you cannot expect to get any enjoyment from work, unless you're really, really lucky.

May 31 - the House - Paul Martin badmouthing Harper re the native schooling stuff - sounds serious - but of course, from outside the box, we see what is happening - just more of the tweedle-shift, slowly, slowly pushing Cds to the Libs and away from the Cons - either party is suitable to the rulers, of course, as they both follow Bay St in important things, but it is preferable to have a majority - hey that's my nose you're leading me around by bud!!!! (not here outside the box haha) (what the fuck is he on about?) - also, of course, encouraging the 'divide and conquer' stuff. what a place, what a time to be alive.

May 30 - "news" - now Harper is being quoted about how much he believes in science, telling people they should trust science and get their vaccinations - interesting, again, the completely one-sided propaganda coming out of the CBC. Certainly some proven vaccines have value - but some don't, such as the flu shots, and no doubt others. Shallow thinking for a shallow population, I guess, unable to be comfortable in the 'think for yourself' grey of a true democracy.

May 29 - Island Morning - it seems every day they have some 'young person', some teenager, talking about something they are doing, today some girl going to Holland with a Cdn team to play hockey or something - not bad in itself, if it is part of a broader spectrum, being as with 100 thousand people PEI is just a small community without a lot of stuff to talk about - but then again, they NEVER have any people from 'social' NGOs talking about their work - well, 'never' might be an exaggeration, maybe once a year, and most of that someone from CUSO or somewhere announcing some non-challenging (to the rulers) event. But given the big and growing problems we have, poverty, unemployment, democracy, etc etc etc, and the many NGOs working on these things, any real 'for the people' broadcaster would be talking to such people regularly, promoting meetings to work on solutions, etc. Of course, the only real solutions - which a lot of people kind of understand, is going to be challenging the rulers, the banks, the capitalist predators, and we are sure as hell not going THERE on the CBC LOLOLOL!!! - so - part of the dumbing down movement of the last 30 years, what is happening to kids is really all we want you citizens thinking about - we talk to the politicians every now and then, and they tell us what they are doing about some of these problems, or not - and that's all the peasants need to know. But look at what Johnny is doing isn't that great!!! etc etc. Mooooo.

>> 07:00 national "news" (PEI) - another master class in amateur reporters playing journalist if anyone is looking for examples (haha pretty much every day of course) - story from BC about kids who drowned talking about 'people cannot look at the lake without thinking what lies underneath'; story about Harper's maternal conference, UN guy 'with cutting precision' or something - these people wouldn't be allowed out of journalism school, if there were any real journalism schools anymore, thinking their opinions about things like this should be part of their 'reporting' - but on the CBC, 'professional' is something we've long left behind ...

-Ottawa Morning - a couple of guys wondering why Canada isn't taking more refugees from Syria - obviously from the anti-Assad side - 'remember, this was always about democracy' - well, as in Thailand, not really, it was about a group of muslim extremists, backed by the US and others, who wanted to destroy the secular democracy of Assad - maybe not perfect, but few places are, but a hell of a lot better than the destruction that the US unleashed on the country, with of course Canada's approval - our current rulers have a kind of kneejerk approval of any aggressive stupid thing the US wants to do - as with everything outside the box, there are questions - one might note, for example, that it should be at least acknowledged that the Canadian warmongering was responsible for all the refugees - if Canada had not supported the violent insurrection, the war would not have started, the refugees would not have happened. haha - not on the CBC.

>> Current whining even more about the same thing ...

>> and taking up something a lot of Cdns are worrying about, money, young people living with parents, parents helping them - HEY!!!!! - not really a big problem, nothing really unusual here, just live with it!!! - no need to question capitalism, or bank looting, or anything like that - just listen to the CBC pouring oil on the waters, and tighten the belt a bit more - etc - just go back to your paddocks, there, cows, eat whatever hay you got, and shut up ....

>> and of course, some lady about Syria - apparently working now for the BBC, formerly with the CBC - but blatant, and terrible, propagnada about Syria, the upcoming elections - she gets into detail about the terrible lives of children in the wartorn country - and it is all that monster Assad's fault, what a monster, etc etc - she really needs to be put into a Green Island court someday - yes, lady, these things are (mostly at least) true, about the terrible lives of the children now - and HOW DO YOU FEEL!!!!!???? - that YOU and the masters you propagandize for, were and are entirely responsible for these conditions????? - it does get infuriating sometimes, from here outside the box, to listen to these lying bastards doing these things ...

May 28 - CBC "news" (god that's funny, must be the 'so ridiculous it's funny' thing) - CBC reporters all amazed that the stupid citizens aren't listening to them, for gods sake!!! We (and the doctors) have been telling you people for YEARS to wear your sun screen when you go in the sun, and still an amazing number of people seem to not be wearing sun screen!! Can you believe that?!?!?!?! Holy impertinent stupid fucking citizens, batman!!!!! - so guess what?!?!?! Take this!!!! We have a doctors report that say YOU ARE GOING TO GET CANCER YOU FUCKING IDIOT HAHAHAHAH!!!! - anyways, perhaps I exaggerate a bit, but they get to me sometimes, with their wannabe authoritarian ruler attitude - we told them to do something and they didn't do it?!?!? WHAT'S WRONG WITH THEM???? - etc - like the amazed attitude some of the hosts have when they have been urging people to DEMAND BOMBING (whoever the latest demon is), and they get polls saying Cdns are not sure they want to go bombing anyone right now ...

- and they're all a gossipy about a woman who got stoned in Pakistan for getting married or something - bad stuff, no doubt, the thing is, every day in the US there's cops killing people and doing other brutal things that outrage a lot of us, all over the 'real news' on the net - and nary a word on the good ol CBC. Makes it obvious what they're doing, to anyone reading a bit more widely than the Cdn corporate propaganda media. Led by, so sadly, the CBC.

- and rabble.ca - also very Jonesian in their philosophy - YOU VILL THINK VHAT VE TELL YOU!!!! DRINK THIS KOOLAID NOW!!!! - this bit, for instance - http://rabble.ca/blogs/bloggers/feminist-current/2014/05/mainstreaming-misogyny-canadas-new-charitable-hate-movement- - complete man-hating, men are NOT allowed to even think about 'rights', EVERY man is a misogynist, EVERY woman a wonderful person hated by all men, etc etc - utter stupidity, you really need to be deep in the koolaid to be accepted by these people (as I found out a few years back when I dared suggest that just maybe not all cops are bad - fuck did that ever get them pissed - I have as much dislike of police brutality etc as anyone else, but I'm also old enough, and been around enough, to understand the world is not black and white, and there are a lot of pretty good people out there wearing police uniforms, who really feel a true desire just to 'serve and protect' the people - sure, they're highly unlikely to rise high in the cop hierarchy, as you don't get high up there if you aren't willing to turn your first allegiance to the corporate state and their police state desires - but that doesn't mean there aren't at least a few lower and mid-level cops with good intentions and ideas. Yea, I know, probably fewer every year - but still. 'ALL COPS ARE PIGS!!!!', as is the rabble 'YOU MUST AGREE WITH THIS' edict, is not a place I want to go. These people are not fighting for the good guys, I fear - divide and conquer, neutralise as many potential fighters for democracy with this 'obey the Master!! Do as she says!!' koolaid shit.

(a *real* 'dialogue for democracy' place would be trying to encourage talking between these various people - there are 'men's rights' issues worth talking about (for example, the 'check your privilege crap a few days ago was an amazing attack on white men, nothing more nor less, there's many other things (you know what an OWM is? - don't listen to them!!!), there are women out there who actually lie about things to hurt men, and who are not perfect themselves (do we want Ms Thatcher, or Condi Rice, or many others running our countries just because they're female?? Really??) - but we solve these problems by talking, not by lies about how evil the other side is - that is pretty obviously the basic corporate propaganda strategy, lie about anyone you want 'your people' to hate, and do all you can to stop them from talking. And who, we might ask, does this approach benefit???? - think on it, if you are one of those trying to fight for a better society - are all men your enemy?? - or maybe those who are trying to convince you that all men are your enemy? - )

May 27 - interesting example of how the MSM spin things - in Ukraine, the 'new gov' is going after 'Russian supporting rebels', and when they kill 30 of them, that is quite fine by the CBC, no hysterical talk, just a 'good guy ally' taking care of business - on the other hand, of course, we recall in the recent past, when some people invaded Syria looking to take over the government, and the government responded, they 'were massacring freedom fighters OMG!!!' and etc. Typical 'exceptionalism' - we kill, it's fine!!! move on, move on, nothing to see here folks!!! - but 'they' kill - oh, nasty terrorists!!! - and etc. One of many reasons the MSM is in such low esteem these days - lots of people see this two-faced presentation. (and there are, of course, other POVs of what happened in Ukraine you aren't going to be hearing about, anymore than we ever heard about the Assad side of the Syrian demonisation.

"news" - the shooting is a GREAT opportunity for crying ladies for the childminds the CBC is creating as an audience-citizenry. - and of course, in support of the 'You peasants must be prevented from owning guns - you kill too many people!! - it's only we authorities who should have guns..!!' - the thing is, if your brain is still working, this is just idiocy coming from the US, where the cops kill more people than all criminals combined - wait, that's some kind of oxymoron .... and of course, always other POVs about how you might look at this latest insane happening in the good ol USofA ....

>> the Current - little 'feature' on how Sweden outlaws prostitution, and should we do this in Canada, etc - a big non-issue the media have managed to turn into a box issue - sex is important, so lots of people take an interest, but really, of course, no civilized society does anything about sex - it's between grown adults, leave em alone, none of your business, etc. (sex crimes are crimes, not sex - different topic..) - they could use the time for any number of more important things - i.e. Study Circle Democracy - oh nonono!! - We HAVE Democracy in Canada, no need to talk about it!! - every election, you can have tweedleA or tweedleB or tweedleC, and we telll you everything you need to know on the CBC!!! etc etc. right

May 25 - the Howarth 'controversy', as she decides her party's election platform in a way many disagree with, is just more undeniable evidence that we live in a completely pretend "democracy", and basically everybody is too indoctrinated to realise it. 'she' decides party policy - as, evidently, Hudak is, and no doubt Wynne - and apparently Trudeau nationally, and there's little question Harper rules the Cons with an iron fist - and nobody questions this? So 'democracy' means that every few years, we 'elect' a party whose leader then rules as a dictator for - well, basically, until he or she decides to call an election. If the leader wants to cut corporate taxes and close hospitals - he does so, no matter what kind of majority of Cdns disagree. If the PM decides to go bombing somewhere with the US, no matter how illegal that might be according to international law, thus making Canada (again, it must be noted, not the first time) an international war criminal - there's nothing we can do about it. We're going to keep being pushed further and further into the new feudalism they are creating around us until enough of us stand together and say something like 'this far and no farther'. Gonna take quite a few of us. I look around - and it's a pretty lonely platform I'm standing on these days.

(the 'deep' strategy is obvious enough here - increase the no-vote turnout, with so many people now disliking both NDP and Libs and disgusted with everything, the Cons, with a 'loyal base' of halfwit libertarians and other not-too-bright-if-well-meaning folks way too credulous to be allowed to vote if our democracy was based on engaged, intelligent adults, will come down the middle with at least a minority, and probably a majority, with some last minute boosterism from the media - and Ms Horvath will soon retire, and quietly accept some lucrative government post she has some interest in, living quietly but quite pleasantly for the rest of her days. While Hudak ramps up the NWO another notch or three, to praise from the media for 'making the tough decisions' etc etc blablablabla.That's just the way the Box works.)

>> "news" (haha not) - CBC making a big deal again about the Ukraine election - lots of room for some real digging here - they have a lot of 'election monitors' - but wait a minute, who is actually overseeing them? Some obscure group, obviously controlled by right wing anti-Russian forces, funded by the Harper gov - that Mike Harris is one of them is about all you need to know to understand they are there for entirely ideological reasons. the 'reporting' confirms this - we talk to some Ukrainian lady (they say, she speaks more or less flawless English...) telling us 'oh, we don't trust the Russians' etc etc (do you suppose we could find some Russians who don't trust the Ukrainians (haha)? - and again, the 'if you don't vote you don't support democracy' shit we have been hearing from the CBC lately. You hear that peasants???? Get out there and legitimise your oligarchy!!!! - CBC - propaganda 24/7.

- why did Chris die? craven politicians - GUN CONTROL GUN CONTROL!!!!' CBC promoting dumbed down, emotional hysteria, as is the norm - Chris died because he lives in a very violent society, run by the most violent government in the world, and violence is promoted endlessly in the media. THe gov is hoping to take as many guns out of the hands of normal citizens as possible - as the constitution says (paraphrasing of course!), the best defence against dictatorship is an armed, alert citizenry. Lots of things I don't like about the US, but the idea a lot of them have that agrees with this bit of the constitution makes a lot of sense.

- obviously the western rulers happy with the Ukraine result, so their Cdn secretariat is - all smiles about 'the billionaire' who won the election, lots of positive stories, no questions about 'legitimacy', etc. The NWO in action. (interesting - on the Current, in their 'limited hangout 'other side' interview, one lady is giving a bit of Putin's perspective, and at one point she starts to say 'always remember, Putin is worried about the US efforts to bring Ukraine into the NATO sphere..' - something like that, and AM just cuts her right off, to change the subject - not something we want Cdns getting perspective about, obviously - for gods sake, people, we good children know RUSSIA is the aggressor, at all times, nasty nasty aggressive fucking commies - the US is ALWAYS only trying to bring DEMOCRACY to poor folks all over the world - no nasty geopolitical motivations at all, from our good bud the US, no sir never - only the damn commies do that kind of sneaky, scheming stuff!!) right

Baird says no.. - democracy in action. In a plutocracy, they tell us what they are doing, somewhat unlike a democracy, where the people decide what things should get done. At least that's the theory - we've never really seen a real 'democracy' in action anywhere near here, so we don't know for sure. As Gandhi said, sort of, be nice to try some day - the current plutocracy seems to be not doing that great. (at least for us, the rulers seem to be all doing ok ...)

May 24 barking of the barbarians - you can find this any day browsing around the NP - god, you really despair for this country sometimes. A few voices of sanity, here or on the Star or Globe, but there seems to be a lot more of this completely dumbed down Randian shit.

May 23 - man pees in bag - and this lady is 'disgusted', and that is "news". - over and over I say, never think they haven't reached the bottom .... they obviously have an entire staff looking for lower places to go to ..

>> (DNT-CBC - oh sure, very day, stuff the CBC could carry, if it was working in the interests of an informed, engaged electorate, rather than a dumbed down country of gossipers - maybe this - the case for sovereign money - given the financial problems of the last 30 years, and ongoing, this could be of interest to a lot of people who kind of actually want to be better informed, but they tune into the CBC and get stories about ladies 'disgusted' about some guy peeing in a bag ... (and still can't seem to make a connection between how little people know, and what the CBC does) {{ and the 'quotes' from the lady include this gem - "..so, ya know,..'. yea, on the CBC. ya know .... professional journalism of the highest standards in Canada.

May 22 - again, the very selective presentation of 'news' - now EVERYBODY in the world wants Syria to be sent to the International Criminal court - EXCEPT THAT DAMNED OL RUSSIA!!!! - too insane - the US has blocked every single resolution the last lot of years trying to get some justice for Palestinians against Israel - but not a word about this abuse of a 'permanent security council' member. They've blocked much else also that most of the rest of the world supports - but we don't really care to talk about that on the CBC - only when somebody we don't like does something, then the finger-pointing starts. Talk about societal regression - they're taking us right back to the school yard. Well, that's what dumbing down is all about, of course. WE GOOD THEY BAD RAH RAH!!!! Things aren't going in a good direction around here. Which I may have noted previously.

May 21 - gossip central in action again - Prince Charles compared Putin to Hitler - did you hear did you hear????!!!!!!! (they do mention also - this was in a private conversation - but we don't care at the CBC about 'private' - we're looking for ANY good gossip!!!!! (and the rewriting of history continues - of course, they say, there is a comparison, because Putin 'took' the Crimea, like Hitler did Poland - huh?~!?!?!?!? - no real comparison at all, given the referendum in which 90+% of Crimeans said they WANTED to join Russia, whilst Hitler staged a 'false flag' to justify his invasion - but then, of course, when truth conflicts with what the corporate state and their propagandists wants the children believing, why we just call up the Ministry of Truth, and voila - new history for you children!!! - and then reinforced from time to time as 'accepted fact', for the passive mind to regurgitate when called upon to do so (oh, children! we have Free Trade because Mulroney won the 1988 election!!!! - but, of course, he 'won' a pretend-majority since quite a few more people voted against him and 'free' trade than for him - but we aren't going to get all nuanced at the MofT of course - just 'Canadians voted for free trade in 1988' etc ]

May 20 - dumbing down in full swing - a piece about 'asexual', with an interview from some kid about being 'asexual' - kids' immature ideas being taken as 'factual'. Whatever the kid is - it's only the complete disfunctionality of our extremely sexually oppressed society that makes this an 'item of interest' - and that would be a story worth chasing around, with this interview with this well-meaning kid part of it - but not what they are doing. Fuck, some people are not interested in sex - what is the fucking problem with that, CBC???????? - you voyeuristic, gossipy people, nothing more [[well - maybe a bit more, actually - 'are there rights to fight for for asexual people' - fuck, just more divide and conquer, and spectacle, and dumbing down. ]]

-- followed by an equally amateurish 'story' on the validity of 'science journalism' - trying to justify the 'science gossip' so many of them engage in - they pretend to try to explore the issue, but it's like not too bright children being asked to talk about this in their grade 1- 'journalism' class, with nobody having much of a clue about anything - man, never ask how low the CBC can go, never think they've bottomed out - always something more stupid they can get up to.

May 19 - Island Morning - good god, the peasants just drooling about the great chance to meet their soon-to-be-(maybe) Lord and Master, not even meet, really, just line up somewhere for a glimpse of the Royal Flesh. you just have to laugh and accept defeat - we fight and fight and fight demanding Democracy!!! Democracy!!!! - and then one little fly in by The Prince!!!! and we're all down on our knees looking for royal arseholes to shove our tongues into. Well, not all of us. Just way, way, way too fucking many. You cannot be part of this very large gang, and pretend you have any interest whatsoever in 'democracy'. (nor can you be fighting for democracy, and pretend you have any chance, given how quickly the many whose brains, apparently, will forever be in serf mode, gather round tugging their forelocks when The Prince calls.

May 18 - Enright Sunday Edition - in the Box, they rely heavily on 'divide and conquer' - and here is Enright giving an hour to it. Some quite unhappy 'first nations' people being given full rein to tell us how bad they have been treated, how they completely reject everything the 'reconciliation' people have done, etc etc. Lots of Cdns lining up on either side of this issue also - far, far better (for the rulers) than all of standing together against the natives. (certainly bad things were done to the 'first nations' people in the past - and very, very few Canadians are not aware of this, and want to do something to try to make things right - but the 'controversy' drags on because those ruling us do NOT want any true peaceful coexistance, between first nations people and people of other ancestry, or between white collar and blue collar workers, between young and old, between women and men, etc etc etc - and they do a very, very good job of keeping the fight stirred up.

>> and then another 'doc' by Ira Basin (online news etc ), who seems like such a nice guy we'd all like to know, but who is very obviously either one of the country's great dupes, or just a great actor doing what he's paid to do in service of the NWO. And he doesn't seem unintelligent, so you kind of have to go with option B. The content of this doc makes it pretty clear also - it is quite well done, but not as 'info', as quite deep propaganda. First clue - they give a bunch of examples of obvious gossip, and then tell us that this is all 'news' - framing, as some people call it - and once the nice people allow you to have that frame placed around your brain, you're immediately lost - an old con trick, get them to accept the necessary lie before they even know they're about to be the mark in a scam. For, of course, there's always been gossip, and people chattering among themselves by phone or letter or any other way - but until recently, few people would confuse this with 'news', which is supposed to be a bit more serious, a bit more about things of actual interest to interested, engaged citizens to help them keep up with important things in their country, and presented by people who had some idea of how to do this important job. Sure anybody can write a comic book, or astrology magazine, or Mad Magazine, or anything else - but only somebody very, very unintelligent is going to pick up Mad or an astrology booklet and say 'for the latest news'... Apparently the CBC is trying to get you to be one of those people (as, of course, with dumbing down they have been edging you towards for a few decades now). Actually, from outside the box here, it quickly becomes obvious what they're up to - more of trying to de-legitimize the 'real' alternative news places on the net, by suggesting everything on the net is not to be believed, unless endorsed by the CBC and other mainstream media as 'acceptable'. It is more than telling that the few very useful places on the net to find views seriously examining what the CBC and other MSM are up to with their own spin and propaganda and marginalising are not mentioned once in this 45 minute infotainment-propaganda pablum. The Real News, Global Research, RT, even places like Democracy Now, which are a bit in the box but still far more willing to engage anti-NWO voices than the CBC - no no, what the 'doc' calls 'internet news' sources are places like Huffpost and Buzzfeed - very mainstream pseudo-journalist places that specialise in gossip - Basin even gives them kudos for publishing "news" like the endless Ford gossip ahead of the corporate press, thus encouraging them to be more 'open' - boy, justification for pretending gossip is 'news' - the whole 45 minutes is full of crud like this, telling people how great the mainstream media really are, and that the internet is just not to be trusted, at least until we accept the 'new reality' that gossip and spectacle really are 'news'. And etc. Which is really all the CBC is about these days - gossip and propaganda. Good for deconstruction some day, for anyone needing a bit of practice.

May 17 - Ford spotted!!!! - the once great Toronto Star, officially declaring to all it is nothing more than a cheap gossip tabloid. (and don't miss the Ford gallery of Ford pics!!! - nothing left at all worth reading in Canada, as far as the 'legacy' media goes - they seem to try to be 'serious' sometimes, but when you have 'serious' surrounded by pablum and spectacle and gossip, you don't always know where one ends and the next begins. Don't suppose the kids care much, though, they all seem to be all gungho for gossip these days, keep that twitter stock up. We do continue reading them, of course - as Chomsky has noted, they have to give a certain amount of factual information, because business people making decisions need to know some things with some reliability - but when they get talking about important geopolitical things, you better get your 'crap' filter in high mode.

- The House - good 'in the box' example today - the 'look here!!! at this spectacle shit!!!' - whilst quite studiously not looking at far more important stuff - the 'elections act bill' has been a BIG topic of discussion for months - look how free we are!!! those damned anti-democratic Cons (another thing going on of course, the tweedlecon-lib dance in progress) doing this terrible election act! - look how we at the CBC are on their case, and challenging them with the people we interview, etc etc (with always, of course, as the great 'impartial' journalists (haha) we are giving the Cons time to defend the bill) - but but but - when you think of a much, much more important democratic problem, the FPTP system, which the rulers prefer to maintain as long as possible becuase the phony majorities, along with their control of both major parties, gives them much more freedom than they have with 'minority' govs, where the pretence of 'adversarial parties' must be maintained - when you think of how the CBC et al approach this idea, with their avoidance as much as possible, and if it must be spoken of, spoken of in 99% negative tones, makes it clear, the 'look here don't look there!' propaganda function of the CBC

May 16 - Island Morning - interview with some sweet girl about the terrible kidnapping of the school girls in Nigeria - we are such caring people we just need to make a point of standing together against those really bad people doing this (and a special debate in the House of Commons a couple of days ago on the same thing) - Of course, as always, we have here, on the CBC, a kind of special or selective outrage at such things - that is, not all killing of children is bad - as usual, if we, or our best buds, are doing the killing - well, hell, not really anything we need to get into on the CBC, right? Cdns are all behind the great US and their worldwide search for, and extra-judicial (as they say - just means I the Prez! declare you guilty and condemn you to death, as long as we can find you - any collateral damage, well, we meant well, so need to make an issue of that, right? move on! etc) killings - US drones kill a lot of children - odd we aren't getting a bit excited about that? ... or not, of course.

>> update - the guy interviewed on Q about the nasty trolls is, I have confirmed, a US disinfo agent of some sort - just saw this - Mafia State - on the Guardian website. - anybody writing about Russia as a 'mafia state' is obviously in the 'LOOK OVER THERE LOOK OVER THERE!!!!!' business, which the capitalists / US hegemons etc regularly do to cover their own crimes. I have no doubt Russia is somewhat less than entirely democratic, but what they get up to is of considerably less concern to me than what my own government is getting up to, and it is very obvious that 'my' own government is getting closer and closer to the biggest, baddest mafia state in history, the good ol USofA. And given the massive debt scam, a great conspiracy between the gov, banks and media the last few decades, they are undeniably criminal here in Canada, whether or not they qualify as 'mafia'.

>> geezus h krist - back on Ford again, beyond pathetic. The inestimable Ms Doolittle telling us all about how the Ford 'crack cocaine OMFG!!!!!!!' story was the best in her "career" - haha 'career' as playtime "journalist' in the box, etc etc.

>> just came across this - great pic, seems to me to be a perfect example of two of the oligarchs, satisfied with their work, sharing a smile in their silent triumph of how very, very well they are all managing the peasants in Canada - better, probably, than any similar place in the world - they should be satisfied, if you understand and agree with what they are doing. You could, of course, believe these are just, like, two of we 'normal citizens', a bit - what - better? more learned? more honorable? than the rest of us, satisfied they were strong pillars of democracy .... of course, you could believe Santa puts that stuff under the tree every Xmas also ...

>> -- in a plea deal that took into account blame on both sides --- was his son, Martin McNaney, 19, who wore running shoes with his suit."> - what 'reporters' are taught passes for 'news' in 'journalism' school - when Big Momma gets those indoctrination things into you, it's deep and long lasting (nice people wear suits and ties and dress shoes when the authorities want to talk to them) .. and this - '..Pulling around a corner where he figured there were no security cameras..' - 'he figured' eh? in the Toronto Star ...

May 14 - GOOD DECONSTRUCTION INTERVIEW for anyone interested - my my Q in massive MSM-US HegemonMaster damage control re the increasingly blatant anti-Russian propaganda coming out of the CBC and other mainstream media - the Guardian, which allows FAR more free reader commentary than the CBC ever does, has been showing a lot of such reader commentary contradicting the propaganda re the Ukraine the last few weeks, and I guess for whatever reason the CBC is feeling the pain somehow, so they have this pro-western pseudo-journalist telling us all how ANYbody who questions the propaganda is obviously just a 'troll', set up and paid by ""the Kremlin" (bobeyman alert!!) - 'paid by the comment" - 'a KGB technique' - and etc etc - of course, this is a famous capitalist trick - accuse others of what you are doing - you get these trolls all over the place, but they are not paid by the Russians, they are paid by the Americans, who are far, far FAR more advanced in this kind of thing. and etc. (there are other POV, somewhat more honestly examining what is going on with the endless US aggression - here, for instance - haha, don't watch or listen for Ms Johnstone on the CBC hahaha. It's getting pretty scary, really, that they can do this blatant propaganda with, apparently, little or no pushback from Cdsn - is almost everyone totally brainwashed these days? Haven't been back in a long time, but I am getting very, very few positive signs that anyone at all is left alive over there ...

- we desperately need somebody doing for the CBC what Media Lens does for the Guardian - keeping a close eye on their propaganda and hypocrisy - like this - Thinking the right thoughts - I keep an eye on the worst of their excesses here, or those I catch, but I don't have the time to do the thoughtful, detailed essays Media Lens does for the Guardian. Maybe when I get the book done -

May 12 - how the lust for blood frenzy totally disables whatever brain was there to start with - this columnist (A HREF="http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2014/05/10/doug_ford_laps_it_up_as_the_only_ford_in_the_spotlight_dimannno.html">another Ford KILL KILL!! ) has never been high on my list of things to check out, but whatever small creds she had have totally evaporated during her self-appointed 'guardian of the public morality' role (aka if I hate somebody, then YOU HAVE TO HATE THEM TOO!!!!!! stupidity) - they've got Ford into a rehab clinic (he must be a bit muddled, or his legal team, because he would have a VERY strong case for some kind of endless harassment leading to physical disability, but that's another story) - so now just the sight of a Ford relative sets them frothing and hysterical - we have no media left in Canada worthy of the name, when this kind of utter crap is printed as if it had some interest for the general public at all - the Star is apparently fighting with the CBC for title of 'best gossipers in Canada' or something, must stupid, most like half-witted spoiled vindictive chattering school girls, etc.

Ottawa Morning - again hypocrisy, extreme hypocrisy, rears its very ugly head - all a-sob about the old Rethaeh Parsons story from last year (anything for some tears), whose dad is in town talking - lots of things not talked about in that story (why aren't we pointing a finger at all of society? How does a lovely young teenage girl become so insecure in our great society that she feels she has noone to turn to and kills herself? Bullies are bad, certainly, but they shouldn't lead to this - somebody did a very poor job of looking after this girl (not only the parents) - but the hypocrisy - for krist's sake, the CBC has been leading a relentless bullying attack on Rob Ford for the last year, based almost entirely on gossip and rumors, for no other reason than the people running the CBC for some reason don't like the guy, and have determined to use their position to get rid of him. And kids see their leaders doing this, and obviously get the message that bullying is just fine, at least in some places, and also pretty obviously the justification is self-bestowed. And etc. More stuff from outside the box the boxites won't be happy with. But the job of the truthteller isn't to make you happy. Me and Cassandra.

May 11 - CBC whining about some country holding an election without US guns all around to make sure they get the results they want. Just not legal, if the US isn't getting the outcome they want .... stunning hypocrisy, as usual. Kids in charge.

May 10 - Day 6 - but all CBC 'news' shows, all a flutter about the 300 Nigerian school girls kidnapped - again, the one-sided hypocrisy, when THEY do something bad, it's just fucking terrible - but I don't think I have ever, ever EVER heard a word on the CBC about Ms Albright's well-known on the net statement about killing half a fucking MILLION Iraqi children as being 'regrettable, but worth it' - maybe the people after the school girls in Nigeria feel the same way - regrettable, but worth it for whatever their goals are (which I do not pretend to know anything about, nor obviously do I think anyone should be using school kids as weapons - just, once again, noting the propaganda of the CBC, covering up atrocities of the Rulers whilst demonising the enemy - this is not what 'truth' is all about, CBC)

May 10 - CBC "news" - still chasing around Ford - fuck, Cdns should be outraged that a small group of small minded vindictive gossipers on the CBC are spending all this money and time chasing Ford around, whilst ignoring so many other things of importance. Of course, if Cdns were telling the CBC what was appropriate, that would mean we had engaged, thinking citizens in a democracy - that the CBC is telling the citizens what to think and regard as important is a quite different game. Not going good places.

May 8 - check your privilege, the Current - again, the CBC working for the rulers, with this very outrageous, and blatant, 'divide-and-conquer' initiative. It *is* blatantly racist, in the first place - you have no right to speak because you have white skin - wha!!!!????? - but of course, this is a carry on from the earlier, and probably, ongoing 'discussions' on Rabble about native Cdns being right no matter what they say, you have no 'right' to dare disagree with them. Actually, very much like the political meetings we are told about in the former USSR - this, citizens, is what you will say, and think, and nothing else. Blatant attempts at mind control - here, of course, it isn't really that kind of mind control, as those students who are daring to question this are just saying they want to be free to speak about any issue - not entirely clear what is going on with the students who promote this, probably some simple-minded ones who believe this is a good way to go, instigated by infiltraitors who have devised this latest divide-and-conquer strategy.

May 8 - Tom Flanagan on Q - a new book about the old issue of Flanagan saying that people should be allowed to look at whatever pics they want on their computers - in this case, the 'child porn' pics "big scandal' from a year or two ago. A small bit of credit to Q I suppose for having him, although since his book was published by a major publisher, there may have been some behind the scenes incentive. Whatever, obviously Ghomeshi is still with the PC crowd - you KNOW you should not have said that, so horrible!!! etc etc - but he does give Flanagan a chance to give his side of the story, which is far, far more adult and nuanced than the childish gossip and PC horror behavior shown by most people about this. It's a good place to find new ideas though - Flanagan brings up the idea of 'gotcha gossip mobs' (calls it something else, can't be bothered listening again) - and this is true, the new cell phone and video technology makes it so easy to instigate these child minds into LCD mobs, going after someone the rulers find dangerous for whatever reason, and this is a perfect example (or of course just getting up to any trivial activity like gossiping in outrage at something, rather than getting involved with anything useful). Any mob is bad news - a 'democracy' needs to be controlled by intelligent, engaged adults - childish, LCD mobs are just the reverse. The low-intelligence mob is just a big, stupid giant running around looking for things to smash - which is just what those who conspire to rule love, a great tool to smash dangerous things, and then they take control when the mob finally falls asleep, waking up the next day alone with similar feelings to waking up after doing things after a drunken excess - easy to manipulate and control.

May 3 - Day 6 - deep "journalistic" (fuck we need a sarcasm font) "probing" into the Ford gossip .... beyond pathetic sometimes, gossiping kids pretending to be 'journalists' ... 'well, of course, if we are doing it, it is good!!!'

May 4 - a bit of sleight of hand attempt - CBC says Cdns are 'suspicious' of China, so the gov is holding back on ratifying a new trade treaty - huhh??? this is suspicious on two levels - the gov does not give a shit what Cdns think, as we see every day, and regarding other 'trade' treaties - and second, Cdns are not suspicious of China, they are suspicious of trade treaties which give big corps more power and attack workers. Can't get into that on the corporate state propaganda media, of course!!!!

May 2 - Current - half-hour on Ford. surprise surprise. (it's HIS fault by god the cub gossip reporters follow him everywhere - just doing our job!!!) - fuck, they all know how bad they look, but they're incapable of figuring out what real journalism is all about (and probably their masters are telling them to keep on this, and working for the media these days is a better job than living under a bridge or flipping burgers ...).

- not too many people smoke crack in a tie - my, side-splitting humor from the CBC .... but like malicious kids chasing somebody, any insult is good for a laugh - and they get in a fit about 'school kid bullying', apparently oblivious to how they are telling the kids themselves that this is how we go after people we have decided deserve our attention - but hypocrisy is long-established as the middle name of the mainstream media

>> talking about 'the big scandal' on Ottawa Morning - again, the closely following 'story' about their latest gossip revelations - they are utterly puzzled and shocked that so many people still say they support Ford no matter how often the CBC et al tell them what a bad, bad, BAD!!!! children!!!! person he is - what is WRONG with them people they don't all hate him like we do? The CBC has spoken, people. momma has spoken, we HATE FORD WE HATE FORD!!!! - the children must listen for gods sake!!! (i must say, this gives some small ray of hope to those who are trying to fight for freedom and intelligence in this country - that there is at least a bit of resistance to some of the more egregious slanders these people get up to - some people can, at least, still think for themselves a bit out there - doesn't seem to be manifesting in many useful ways, but still - the 40% not voting do also seem to indicate some awareness of a completely fixed system - maybe.

May 1 - 07:30 Ottawa ""news" ( haha) - the BIG story EVERYone is talking about is Rob Ford taking some time to get counseling etc - all the CBC folk running around like a gang of not-too-bright, extremely self-centered school girls screaming at someone they don't like, as if their gossip is 'news' - way beyond pathetic; and a "story" on the Ontario budget - 'a big spend budget, something the NDP should like' - wow, such impartial reporting - you gotta wonder who in the fuck are they hiring in so-called "journalism school" (haha redux) to teach them that all the shit they do qualifies as "journalism' - chasing around crying people asking them how they feel about some tragedy in their lives, etc etc. NOT a period in time that will be in the running whenever some future group wonders about 'the golden age of journalism'. haha

>> promo for Ontario Today noon show - 'who can ignore Rob Ford!!??' - haha right. only people not that interested in gossip, I guess. All 5 of us?

(and yesterday all morning was a time that could be worth listening to for how to define 'amateur hour' in so-called pretend-journalism - don't have time these days to write a lot, but every fucking day is the same, propaganda and pablum. Good fodder to keep me a bit motivated though to get the book finished - SOMEbody has to fight these people, and they don't seem very active on the net, in terms of anything useful being written about what is happening in Canada - Island Morning all a gogo with sports and kids stories (some kid playing at a music festival - great stuff for the local community school committee, I guess - but provincial news???? - yea right. (a brief 'news' item about some Island anti-poverty organisation breaking up - a ten-minute piece on the kid playing at the music festival - no mystery about where the priorities are here!!) - 'business' digest giving the stories the rulers want people thinking about every day - stuff from NGOs working for the people, well, like the anti-poverty group breaking up, maybe once or twice a year -

April 24 - CBC all over excuses for the yearly pre-summer gas prices, taxes, profits, higher demand, etc - a new one today - oh yea, for summer they have to change the kind of gas they produce. Of course, capitalist central is never, never going to get to the one major reason - rampant speculation by those with the money to control any commodity. That's the real modern capitalist market, the complete opposite of the theory - the theory says lots of competition gives consumers the best price because of competition. haha. reality says that the most ruthless claw their way to the top, force out the competition, and charge whatever the market will bear. (not gonna hear THAT kind of truth on the CBC - no,no,no NONONO!!!!! children -the market is your best friend, hahahahaha!!!!!)

>> the Current - hypocrisy - actually stunning hypocrisy - seems to be the new motto of the CBC - a half hour conversation about Russian propaganda ( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) - it's just like somebody telling fairy tales, to anyone from outside the box - it's possible Russia is doing some propaganda, but the US does nothing but, and the CBC is the US branch plant of the corporate state propaganda machine - ANYthing you hear about anybody the US is determined to get rid of is propaganda - a lot of it, like this stuff this morning, just blatant. I wonder how many people there are left back there in Canada who understand this?

April 22 - "news" (07:00 PEI) - 'now, North Korea knows timing ...' - somebody thinks they're going to do a nuke test - just when Obama visits etc - point being, of course, the old finger-pointing stuff again, accusing others of some nasty thing, while ignoring our own similar habits - it would be pathetically stupid to pretend western politicians don't 'time' things in some way - but of course, for us, it's just a little gossip (Oh, look at the Cons introducing legislation on Friday when nobody is around) - but when some country we don't like does the same kind of thing - oh, them nasty people. propaganda, indoc maintenance, SOP.

>> the Current - more of their absolutely stunning hypocrisy - 'the wars in Syria and Ukraine would not be possible without Moscow (and you stupid Cdns are sooooooo bad because you don't seem to care about all the people those monsters are killing!!!!!!)' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! holy fuck batman, what else can you say - both wars were instigated by, and are still supported by, the US supporting 'rebels' who want to get rid of leaders they do not want - Moscow only stepped in after things got grim for their own allies - absolutely unbelievable that so many people are so brainwashed that the MSM can get away with this kind of shit - but still signs of hope that, as noted, a lot of people seem to be questioning the demands to KILL KILLL KILLLLLLLLL they are looking for.

>> fuck, they really turn on the PR with this - a 'nice young lady' telling us what a monster that Assad is, and (with lots of encouragement from fellow scriptee AMT), explores the 'issue' of why so many Cdns, and world people, don't give a fuck that that monster is just killing everyone - what's wrong with you all???? - and etc - it would be SOOOOOO interesting to have a real media here, and in contrast to this little interview, have a reminder of the clip from the first Iraq bombing of the so-called 'Kuwaiti ambassador's daughter' lying through her fucking teeth with a similar plea for world intervention. haha. ((Syrian activists feel - 'we have been abandoned by God' - man, the scriptwriters are going at it big time - with the full participation of the CBC - future deconstructionists - good material ... )) >>> awesome - she says 'Assad has a huge propaganda machine pushing his lies' etc - geezus, whatever propaganda machine Assad has, it is a fucking drop in the ocean compared to the propaganda machine of the US hegemon, of which, of course, the CBC is the Cdn flagship ...

April 21 - ever faithful 'business digest' - daily instruction about how to behave in the box - today, we learn how parents should indoctrinate their children into understanding the box religion of money - you should start early, guys, around 5 years. Be a good worker-consumer. Of course, the children don't need to know where money comes from, or who controls it, etc - that's adult stuff. The 'real' adults, that is, the ones high above Bay St who control the whole box. Not stuff for kids, either little or big, in boxland.

April 20 - so-called 'Easter Sunday' - CBC going all religious on us - 'reports' from Jerusalem etc, 'where Jesus was buried' etc etc - this is news, folks, real things that happened, you know, that's all you get on the CBC of course - that's all real now, y'hear?? - this is starting to be a pattern - I remember noticing the same thing at Chistmas, 'reporting' the people going to 'where Jesus was born' and etc.

April 19 - CBC all over the devil Putin, full spectrum demonisation, nary a contrary voice to be heard - but an informed, engaged citizen prefers a somewhat broader perspective of opinion - after all, the CBC, along with the mainstream media, have been engaged in some pretty serious 'demonisation lies' the last few years, so it's as well to be a bit wary of what they say in reference to whoever they have their sights on at any give time. Here, for example, from the Real News Network, a somewhat different perspective - or Here, Michael Hudson, from INI; another, from PC Roberts, on Global Research - all examples of the kind of 'we the people' media we need to be giving more time to, to get a better understanding of what is going on in the world, or our country, from the highly unreliable corporate state media, which has been bought by those with the money to buy what they want, and of course serves their interests, which are not, by and large, the interests of we more common folk.

Apr 16 - In the Box: Ottawa morning - a great new position for 'financially illiterate Canadians' - Canada's new 'financial literacy leader' !! - presented with great fanfare and fun (laugh laugh isn't life great?!?) - completely in the box, of course, all about how this lady, and her office, will help young and 'financially not so smart' Cdns navigate among the many 'financial services and products' out there. Out of the box, of course, there is a great deal of far, far more important ignorance about what is going on with money etc around here, as talked about at length in many other places nearby here - the great financial scam. Don't hold your breath waiting for my interview on Ottawa Morning trying to alleviate some much more serious illiteracy. haha.

Apr 15 - - this is inspiring - there are a LOT of people out there who see what is happening, and are just looking for ways to fight it. What you have to do, is stop waiting for a leader - YOU, as Michael Valentine Smith said, ARE God - YOU lead the fight - everyone individually, but working together, not as leader and followers, but as one group of aware, engaged, adults, fighting for THEIR society and community. Sure, you want to go to the bar at the end of the week, or day, for some relaxation - but the relaxation comes after the real work, and the real work is not your capitalist-slave-labour job at the office or factory, your *real* work is fighting to get rid of the capitalist parasite who has taken over your society. - just consider, if you will, the vast, vast intellectual and human chasm between Chris Hedges and and of the 3rd rate NWO sycophants on the CBC.

- and a 'story' about the small sub being used to search for the Malaysia plane - something that would get a C in journalism school at best - poorly done, very far from CBC quality. Well, what used to be CBC quality - fits right in with the rest of the 3rd-rate journalism school shit that makes up most of the "news" these days.

>> the Current - you can tell when they're up to something - the entire MSM gets on the case - like the Current tonight, with a completely rigged propaganda info-mercial about 'Why you fucking idiots need to do like momma tells you, and GET YOUR FUCKING SHOTS!!!! geezus what is WRONG with you people?!?!?!' - etc etc - no 'live' person even on the show trying to explain the problems or what it is completely legitimate to question the gov these days about pretty much anything, just a 'doc' from the US telling us what idiots we are if we decline the 'recommended' vaccinations because by god HE is a trained physician and therefore you need to do as he fucking well tells you, you idiots!, and why it is just fine to force people to do this, and then the 'respected' Ms Somerville telling people that really, children, you should do what momma tells you. They're all acting like the measles is some deadly disease like the black plague, and if you don't do like momma says, we're ALL GONNA DIE HOLY FUCK YOU ARE KILLING MY CHILDREN!!!! - and etc etc - pretty hysterical stuff, when you're old enough to remember back a few years - when I was a kid, it was just something like the chicken pox or the flu you got, or not - not a big deal, a few days off school, no panic. But now - wow, we're told it's just like the worst thing man, what's wrong with you you don't want your kids getting vaccinated, etc etc - you just KNOW these fuckers are up to something when they're this insistent, this one-sided, about telling us we need to believe them, and inundating us with this kind of one-sided propaganda etc (Ms Somerville of course telling everyong they're just rather simple minded people reading untrue things on the internet and believing it - unlike, of course, the 'good citizens' reading the propaganda from the corporate state media and believing whatever kind of shit Big Momma/Brother wants them to believe...)

Apr 14 - Ottawa Morning - an interesting talk about the Con 'Elections Act' bill, sounding very, very progressive, nasty Cons, doing nasty things, etc etc - and the interviewee, a regular, talking about how important it is for schools to teach their students about democracy, etc etc - isn't this just what we want? Of course, of course - good ol CBC, friend of Progressives!! But after some years wandering around outside the box, one learns the tricks, the deceptions. What they teach, I have no doubt, is 'in the box' pseudo-democracy - we have great democracy in Canada, look at our 3 major parties, right wing cons, left wing NDP, sort of MOTR Libs - you pick who you like, and that is democracy!! - with additional lies about the great independent Cdn media giving you all the information, standing tall on guard for Democracy, etc etc - straightforward lies, but the, as Chomsky puts it, 'necessary illusions' the majority of the public of a modern pseudo-democracy must believe, if the elite are to continue ruling without too much fuss from the peasants. If I am wrong, I would love to hear about it. And etc etc - more in the book coming soon, of course .... teaser here

- followed by a lengthy social control segment - you kids get them helmets on, hear!!??? You're just crazy if you don't, you're gonna get a concussion and your life will be wrecked,etc etc etc. A generation of little timid souls doing what they are told - and by golly, you are not going to hear anyone on the CBC telling you to challenge your rulers. haha. (oddly, when I was a lad, there was none of this helmet shit, seatbelt shit, etc - and we didn't have any epidemic of concussions or anything - it's just another nail in the social control program, people afraid of their own shadows, strongly trained to DO AS YOU ARE TOLD CHILDREN!!! etc etc.

Apr 13 - Sunday Edition - Enright almost knocks me off my chair with suppressed laughter, as he introduces the 'debate', he casually used the phrase '..in the sacred tradition of balanced reporting' - fuck. I guess it's true, I realise upon reflection - like all good scamsters, he doesn't directly lie, he just leaves one to assume - but of course, he just doesn't bother to clarify that this 'sacred tradition' has been banned from the CBC for some time now. Decades, really.

>>> Enright asks at one point, 'why is the 'god' stuff getting more media attention these days' or something along those lines - various comments, of course, but the real answer is nowhere to be found, other than out here in 'out of the box land' - religion, of course, has two primary attributes the NWO boxers are pushing - dumbing down, and divide and conquer. Think about it. (and don't bother bringing up the jesuits etc - yes, the people at the top echelons can be very intelligent, I have been saying for a long time the people running our world are very smart - but the *followers* are not overly bright, and cannot be, if their first filter is 'do as God tells you, as interpreted by me!!! (your local priest, witch doctor, etc - including the jesuits, master propagandists all ...)'

Apr 13 - every day, 'updates' on the great spectacle - do you suppose anyone in Canada - esp 'progressives' who allow the CBC to guide them in figuring what is important or not in society - does not know who Oscar Pistorius is? Do you suppose there is anyone besides me out here asking what in the hell this has to do with anything I need to know about as a Canadian citizen to help me understand my country, and try to figure out what to do about the great problems we have around us? haha just joking - of course, it is a central part of the work of the CBC to keep Cdns from getting into such questions in any detail. If the CBC was really working 'for' us, and not against us as the central corporate state propaganda organ, we would be hearing about this guy, and what he is talking about - you just know that back in the 70s, he *would* be on the CBC, and we would be talking about these things, and things like the Pistorius trial would be left for the celebrity tabloid gossip sheets, who have always been around to talk to the less-engaged in what is happening in their world - our problem is that the CBC et al are trying to turn all of us into the less-engaged, fun-seeking, shallow, gossip-driven easy-to-manipulate citizens that make the NWO work.

Another quick example - a *real* 'for the people' media would also be talking about things like this every day, rather than spending ten minutes on the latest sports scores every hour on the morning programs - I mean, really, what is more important to an engaged citizen, what is happening with our universities, or who won the latest college basketball game? Well, we know what the CBC think, whatever they want to pretend.

Just to put it in black and white, no-misunderstanding words - in the 60s, and into the 70s and 80s a bit, the CBC was a facilitator of and for 'we the people' as we tried to create a great, prosperous democracy in which we could all prosper to the best of our ability. That was understood by the people who saw themselves as our eternal rulers, and along with everything else, the CBC was taken from us, and turned from our great ally into a terribly successful traitor - so many progressives still believe the CBC, in its current encancered form, is still a great national broadcaster, and are loathe to criticize it, and follow it religiously as they used to, as I myself used to. And until this role of the CBC is understood, and we start thinking for ourselves, and organising ourselves in ways **not** supported by the CBC - we will continue losing the fight for the soul of what is no longer justifiably called 'our' country.

The book will be coming soon.

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