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April 20 - so-called 'Easter Sunday' - CBC going all religious on us - 'reports' from Jerusalem etc, 'where Jesus was buried' etc etc - this is news, folks, real things that happened, you know, that's all you get on the CBC of course - that's all real now, y'hear?? - this is starting to be a pattern - I remember noticing the same thing at Chistmas, 'reporting' the people going to 'where Jesus was born' and etc.

April 19 - CBC all over the devil Putin, full spectrum demonisation, nary a contrary voice to be heard - but an informed, engaged citizen prefers a somewhat broader perspective of opinion - after all, the CBC, along with the mainstream media, have been engaged in some pretty serious 'demonisation lies' the last few years, so it's as well to be a bit wary of what they say in reference to whoever they have their sights on at any give time. Here, for example, from the Real News Network, a somewhat different perspective - or Here, Michael Hudson, from INI; another, from PC Roberts, on Global Research - all examples of the kind of 'we the people' media we need to be giving more time to, to get a better understanding of what is going on in the world, or our country, from the highly unreliable corporate state media, which has been bought by those with the money to buy what they want, and of course serves their interests, which are not, by and large, the interests of we more common folk.

Apr 16 - In the Box: Ottawa morning - a great new position for 'financially illiterate Canadians' - Canada's new 'financial literacy leader' !! - presented with great fanfare and fun (laugh laugh isn't life great?!?) - completely in the box, of course, all about how this lady, and her office, will help young and 'financially not so smart' Cdns navigate among the many 'financial services and products' out there. Out of the box, of course, there is a great deal of far, far more important ignorance about what is going on with money etc around here, as talked about at length in many other places nearby here - the great financial scam. Don't hold your breath waiting for my interview on Ottawa Morning trying to alleviate some much more serious illiteracy. haha.

Apr 15 - - this is inspiring - there are a LOT of people out there who see what is happening, and are just looking for ways to fight it. What you have to do, is stop waiting for a leader - YOU, as Michael Valentine Smith said, ARE God - YOU lead the fight - everyone individually, but working together, not as leader and followers, but as one group of aware, engaged, adults, fighting for THEIR society and community. Sure, you want to go to the bar at the end of the week, or day, for some relaxation - but the relaxation comes after the real work, and the real work is not your capitalist-slave-labour job at the office or factory, your *real* work is fighting to get rid of the capitalist parasite who has taken over your society. - just consider, if you will, the vast, vast intellectual and human chasm between Chris Hedges and and of the 3rd rate NWO sycophants on the CBC.

- and a 'story' about the small sub being used to search for the Malaysia plane - something that would get a C in journalism school at best - poorly done, very far from CBC quality. Well, what used to be CBC quality - fits right in with the rest of the 3rd-rate journalism school shit that makes up most of the "news" these days.

>> the Current - you can tell when they're up to something - the entire MSM gets on the case - like the Current tonight, with a completely rigged propaganda info-mercial about 'Why you fucking idiots need to do like momma tells you, and GET YOUR FUCKING SHOTS!!!! geezus what is WRONG with you people?!?!?!' - etc etc - no 'live' person even on the show trying to explain the problems or what it is completely legitimate to question the gov these days about pretty much anything, just a 'doc' from the US telling us what idiots we are if we decline the 'recommended' vaccinations because by god HE is a trained physician and therefore you need to do as he fucking well tells you, you idiots!, and why it is just fine to force people to do this, and then the 'respected' Ms Somerville telling people that really, children, you should do what momma tells you. They're all acting like the measles is some deadly disease like the black plague, and if you don't do like momma says, we're ALL GONNA DIE HOLY FUCK YOU ARE KILLING MY CHILDREN!!!! - and etc etc - pretty hysterical stuff, when you're old enough to remember back a few years - when I was a kid, it was just something like the chicken pox or the flu you got, or not - not a big deal, a few days off school, no panic. But now - wow, we're told it's just like the worst thing man, what's wrong with you you don't want your kids getting vaccinated, etc etc - you just KNOW these fuckers are up to something when they're this insistent, this one-sided, about telling us we need to believe them, and inundating us with this kind of one-sided propaganda etc (Ms Somerville of course telling everyong they're just rather simple minded people reading untrue things on the internet and believing it - unlike, of course, the 'good citizens' reading the propaganda from the corporate state media and believing whatever kind of shit Big Momma/Brother wants them to believe...)

Apr 14 - Ottawa Morning - an interesting talk about the Con 'Elections Act' bill, sounding very, very progressive, nasty Cons, doing nasty things, etc etc - and the interviewee, a regular, talking about how important it is for schools to teach their students about democracy, etc etc - isn't this just what we want? Of course, of course - good ol CBC, friend of Progressives!! But after some years wandering around outside the box, one learns the tricks, the deceptions. What they teach, I have no doubt, is 'in the box' pseudo-democracy - we have great democracy in Canada, look at our 3 major parties, right wing cons, left wing NDP, sort of MOTR Libs - you pick who you like, and that is democracy!! - with additional lies about the great independent Cdn media giving you all the information, standing tall on guard for Democracy, etc etc - straightforward lies, but the, as Chomsky puts it, 'necessary illusions' the majority of the public of a modern pseudo-democracy must believe, if the elite are to continue ruling without too much fuss from the peasants. If I am wrong, I would love to hear about it. And etc etc - more in the book coming soon, of course .... teaser here

- followed by a lengthy social control segment - you kids get them helmets on, hear!!??? You're just crazy if you don't, you're gonna get a concussion and your life will be wrecked,etc etc etc. A generation of little timid souls doing what they are told - and by golly, you are not going to hear anyone on the CBC telling you to challenge your rulers. haha. (oddly, when I was a lad, there was none of this helmet shit, seatbelt shit, etc - and we didn't have any epidemic of concussions or anything - it's just another nail in the social control program, people afraid of their own shadows, strongly trained to DO AS YOU ARE TOLD CHILDREN!!! etc etc.

Apr 13 - Sunday Edition - Enright almost knocks me off my chair with suppressed laughter, as he introduces the 'debate', he casually used the phrase '..in the sacred tradition of balanced reporting' - fuck. I guess it's true, I realise upon reflection - like all good scamsters, he doesn't directly lie, he just leaves one to assume - but of course, he just doesn't bother to clarify that this 'sacred tradition' has been banned from the CBC for some time now. Decades, really.

>>> Enright asks at one point, 'why is the 'god' stuff getting more media attention these days' or something along those lines - various comments, of course, but the real answer is nowhere to be found, other than out here in 'out of the box land' - religion, of course, has two primary attributes the NWO boxers are pushing - dumbing down, and divide and conquer. Think about it. (and don't bother bringing up the jesuits etc - yes, the people at the top echelons can be very intelligent, I have been saying for a long time the people running our world are very smart - but the *followers* are not overly bright, and cannot be, if their first filter is 'do as God tells you, as interpreted by me!!! (your local priest, witch doctor, etc - including the jesuits, master propagandists all ...)'

Apr 13 - every day, 'updates' on the great spectacle - do you suppose anyone in Canada - esp 'progressives' who allow the CBC to guide them in figuring what is important or not in society - does not know who Oscar Pistorius is? Do you suppose there is anyone besides me out here asking what in the hell this has to do with anything I need to know about as a Canadian citizen to help me understand my country, and try to figure out what to do about the great problems we have around us? haha just joking - of course, it is a central part of the work of the CBC to keep Cdns from getting into such questions in any detail. If the CBC was really working 'for' us, and not against us as the central corporate state propaganda organ, we would be hearing about this guy, and what he is talking about - you just know that back in the 70s, he *would* be on the CBC, and we would be talking about these things, and things like the Pistorius trial would be left for the celebrity tabloid gossip sheets, who have always been around to talk to the less-engaged in what is happening in their world - our problem is that the CBC et al are trying to turn all of us into the less-engaged, fun-seeking, shallow, gossip-driven easy-to-manipulate citizens that make the NWO work.

Another quick example - a *real* 'for the people' media would also be talking about things like this every day, rather than spending ten minutes on the latest sports scores every hour on the morning programs - I mean, really, what is more important to an engaged citizen, what is happening with our universities, or who won the latest college basketball game? Well, we know what the CBC think, whatever they want to pretend.

Just to put it in black and white, no-misunderstanding words - in the 60s, and into the 70s and 80s a bit, the CBC was a facilitator of and for 'we the people' as we tried to create a great, prosperous democracy in which we could all prosper to the best of our ability. That was understood by the people who saw themselves as our eternal rulers, and along with everything else, the CBC was taken from us, and turned from our great ally into a terribly successful traitor - so many progressives still believe the CBC, in its current encancered form, is still a great national broadcaster, and are loathe to criticize it, and follow it religiously as they used to, as I myself used to. And until this role of the CBC is understood, and we start thinking for ourselves, and organising ourselves in ways **not** supported by the CBC - we will continue losing the fight for the soul of what is no longer justifiably called 'our' country.

The book will be coming soon.

April 12 - the House, not surprising, an hour of 'tribute' to Flaherty

Apr 11 - the CBC joining the entire Cdn business community in their praise of J Flaherty. You know - well, you should know, some of us can see it - how very, very deeply you are in the box when you set aside the ongoing evil and praise one of your enemies who has died. A Stockholm syndrome thing, I suppose, but deeply, deeply ingrained. (for an example of how the enemy themselves treat the death of one of their stronger opponents, just recall Harper's response to Chavez's death. I don't like to speak ill of the dead, but this is the kind of thing that would be more appropriate for 'progressives' in terms of Flaherty's death. (haha don't look through the corporate media for anything like this - Flaherty was a good servant of corporate Canada, thus their praise) {{the Island Morning interview with some reporter from Ottawa is a classic example of a semi-scripted interview designed to make him look good, and get the main talking points out - broke out laughing at the last question, so blatant - 'and the financial crisis - how did he handle that?' (oh! everyone agrees he was just wonderful!!' not obvious, eh??? haha ]] (and another sign - he was a tough opponent (another common talking point from those eulogizing him), but at the end of the day he could sit down with his opponent and have a beef - right, all the pols and all the (pretend) journos - might be another explanation here - they all know it's just a big scam, and in reality it is all of them working together to fool all of us - so they're all on the same team, of course - why shouldn't they have a beer together at the end of the day? - as traitors, they don't have many friends among 'real' people out here in realityland. Of course, if the journos were doing their real job, and talking about things the pols did not want talked about, they would hardly be the buddy-buddy things you hear coming through so many interviews - and if the Libs really believed the Cons were doing really bad things, how could they sit down later with a beer? No - couldn't be more obvious that they're all on the same team ...)

- showing the dumbed down 'journalist' (haha that's pretend-journo of course) telling us about the Amazing New Marketplace Expose!!!!!!! - there's GERMS all over the place holy fuck batman!!!! - they did a really great journalist thing and snuck around a bunch of restaurants seeing what the bad employees did - and did they get a shock!!!!!! - employees scratch their back, or touch their hair, and then don't wash their hands before touching food !!!! - they're getting their germs all over your food OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!! - if they use a scoop to get ice, they put it back in the ice rather than in a super special sterile holder, thus transferring everyone's germs all over the place OH SHOCK!!!!! - and etc etc etc - the childish dumbed down mindset of the little Pollyanna who has been completely protected all her life, and thinks she has a right to live in a sterile world of some sort, and by GOD you will live your life according to her sterile imagination if you DARE to work anywhere she might want to go some day - ONLY NICE THINGS DADDY!!!!! - and etc. barf

Apr 10 - and now Brazeau has apparently been picked up and charged with stuff - but standing back from the fray, the first question is - how is this 'news' I need to know about to help me make decisions about running my country???? Answer - in no way at all - this 'breaking news' is nothing more than gossip about somebody the CBC has decided is a person they need to watch, and make an example of from time to time to show us all what happens to people who dare step out of line, in momma's eyes.

And that's what it looks like from outside the boxland here.

- (08:00 "news' (hahaha), Ottawa: '..CBC conducted an *unprecedented* investigation..' ??? - dumbing down at the CBC. Many examples of this - writers and readers who have a not-very-good understanding of English. Sad. Bye bye cda.

- and ongoing story about some athlete who is accused of killing his girlfriend - in south Africa. This is 'news' Canadians need to know about? Or just titillating gossip? (trick question - don't bother answering ...) - of course, we have the guy sobbing on the stand as he denies doing anything wrong, and crying people lead these days .. the CBC - front and center with celebrity gossip, for their dumbed down audience.

Apr 10 - CBC "news" (haha sob sob) - OMG!!!! - trivia rules. Fuck. We are pushing for COMPLETE control, citizen, believe it.

- and Island Morning - apparently last week some people with 'all event' wrist bands showed up at places that were already full, and were turned away. Now THAT is **news** baby - full 15 minute 'investigative report' into THIS scandal, baby. More time than is spend, oh for instance, into why Island food banks have more 'clients' every year - who cares about poor people, really, eh? - but the young 'dumbed down citizens' looking for their entertainment and getting just a wee bit disappointed - now we're getting our main demographic unhappy, and if we want to keep them in the box, we have to deal with that. Priorities for the NWO.

Apr 9 - the Current - 'trigger warnings' - serendipity dogs me, tries to keep me motivated to keep at the book even though nobody is going to pay attention - but the last couple of days I've been working on clarifying the 'dumbing down' chapter, and here we have a perfect 'new initiative' of some sort that is *directly* involved with dumbing down university students, or maybe more correctly, changing universities yet more so that the 'dumbed down' student becomes the norm, and must be catered to. Obviously still some compis mentis folk in our Cdn universities at least, as one guy was arguing quite well against this, but as we all know, once this kind of 'politically correct' shit gets going, the people who really want it, those who rule us and are very much creating a dumbed down citizenry, just forge on ahead no matter who objects. Students in universities are *supposed* to be getting more experience in being adults, part of which is just learning to accept things you don't like, or living with bad experiences. It is the child's way to hide their heads in the sand, or scream and shout until the offending thing is removed from their sight - and it is the rulers creating children when they try to 'protect' children from 'unpleasant' things that might make them feel uncomfortable.

more in the book - which is why I have been doing a bit less commenting on what the CBC et al get up to these days - which will become regular again when the book is done, and I plan to offer ongoing examples of the various things the book talks about - it's never a challenge, the CBC is just an endless stream of propaganda, dumbing down, spectacle and pablum - listen anywhere anytime (with the barf bag ready if you've a weak kind of stomach for those kind of things)

Apr 8 - not surprisingly, a lot about the Quebec election - again not really surprisingly, not a WORD about Libs winning a "majority" government with 41% of the vote - just more spectacle, at root - the kids told something Really Important!!!!!! just happened, and are all a-chatter, following the lead of their media guides. But in the box, what is really important is the manipulation - the specifics are just spectacle. Which is clear enough to me - but evidently not too many others. Look over here, now children, that's good boys and girls. Momma knows what you should be thinking and talking about. Apr 7 - Island Morning talking to the son of Stompin Tom about a 'vault recording' - they must be trained in this, look for the tears - 'how did it feel to listen to these songs?' - I mean, really, is there any reason for that kind of question other than to look for some sobbing????? None at all. Modern radio - cry baby cry. Kids cry. We want an audience of kids.

April 6 - still bragging about how 'we' oversaw the Afghan election with guns and troops, and how great it was that Afghans were dancing in the streets they were so happy - of course, the Crimea people were mostly pretty happy too, but that was a BAADDDDD!!!!!!!! thing children, because the Russians had guns, and when the Russians have guns it's BAADDDD children, but when we have guns it's GOOODDDD children. As we all know. No contradiction at all - if we do it, it's good, if they do it, it's bad. That is our reality. Big Brother loves you. As long as you don't ask naughty questions. And we LOVE the CBC, don't we children?

>> Atlantic time - the whole 09:00 'news' cast is kid's day in the studio, if anyone wants deconstruction material ..

Apr 5 - in the box - paid internships - again, lots of smoke and mirrors, lots of running around and 'open debate' in the media, but carefully staying away from what we really should be talking about - how is it in our society we have a whole generation with huge debt and no work? Is this the way our society ought to be running? Maybe we could do better??? - I could suggest quite a few people who think so - i.e. a discussion with Robert Joseph would be very interesting - here's an interview, with an interviewer who also would be shot before she got anywhere near the corporate state Ministry of Truth outfit called the CBC ...
out of the box - where we might note the divide and conquer nature of this whole discussion, but much more important, how it is distracting attention away from what we *should* be talking about, the destruction of democracy, and the continued strengthening of the new feudal system, in which a large number of poor, unemployed people will be a central feature. Oh - powerless people, also. Scream all you want - who gives a fuck?

Apr 5 - In the box: Dimitri steps down etc - here we are, your great media, keeping up with all of the things you folks need to know about that your political parties and politicians are getting up to - we're just SO great!
Out of the box - just another paragraph in the old tweedledee-dum game, as the ongoing 'de-legitimisation' of the Harper cons continues, and the buildup of the Trudeau libs

- and on the Current again, a continuation of the 'Russian aggression OMG!!!! what are we going to do!??!!' - not a WORD about the US having Russia completely surrounded over the last few decades, etc etc - just the assumption the US, and Canada etc, are 'the good guys', and we just have to always beware of the aggressive monster over there, or there, or wherever ... GET UNDER YOUR BEDS PEOPLE WE'LL PROTECT YOU!!!! (haha right...)

Apr 2 - NATO scrambles - things like this are almost bizarre, they present such a Wonderlandian distortion of reality that so many people appear to take seriously. The US has been engaged in a process of completely circling Russia, taking over countries all the way around Russia and establishing military bases more or less on Russia's doorstep, for decades - and Russia makes one small move of resistance, and everyone runs around screaming about Russian aggression. Again, this is what bullies do - that the media is completely complicit in this is just another proof, although any more proof is entirely redundant, of their acknowledged role as corporate state propagandist - but that so many average people are so indoctrinated to believe this shit with no protest is the biggest sign of all that the game is pretty close to over, no matter how many (few) of us are here in internetland continually pointing out the blatantly obvious ...

Ottawa morning - long talk with the parents of some kid who died in a school accident (good stuff, lots of emotion, potential for crying people,. although thes ones disappointed) - nothing but gossipy voyeurism for the spectacle world.

>> following by their promo of what they rather ironically, or jokingly, or delusionarily, Cdn "humor' - ('the 'in crowd'??) actually this is worth some study some day - it is the humor of dumbed down children for dumbed down children - and children's 'humor' is funny to children, but not adults - as with many things, it is even more disturbing to hear the laughter from the audience - one presumes a 'live' audience - pretending to understand things they don't understand to be part of the 'in' crowd

- and then the Current - with what sounds like a good, 'progressive' discussion about the tar sands, and the native point of view. But you always see things more clearly from here outside the box - and this is an entirely inside the box pretend-serious discussion. A *real* discussion about these things would be asking some more fundamental questions - why aren't we talking about alternative forms of energy in a serious way? Why aren't we talking about the 'growth imperative' of capitalism, and how we need to do something about that if we are to save the planet? - and etc ...

Apr 1 - some amazing 'as we watch' Ministry of Truth rewriting of history about Russia - now it's 'annexed Crimea' - amazing - and never, never, never a word about why any of this is so wrong for Russia, but perfectly fine for the US, with 'our' help when they invade and 'annex' other countries (guess we don't need to look for any commentary from theis guy on the CBC, bringing us all the 'news' we need etc etc ha ha. And John Baird talking with NATO leaders about what they're going to do about Russia, or anyone who dares stand up to the US and their hegemon NATO - this is really scary, and bothers me a lot, this clown representing 'my' country - I guess not so much 'my' country at all, really, where any of the current politicians get 'elected' and claim legitimacy - not the same world I live in, somehow ..

Mar 31 - CBC all shocked that Trudeau 'dropped the f-bomb' - fuck pretend news of, by and for the dumbed down children that we call the citizenry of Canada in the modern world ...

>> and then a sobbing lady, sad about some Newfy fishermen who died a hundred years ago - a historical remembrance is ok - but a crying lady 100 years after the fact??? That is 'news' ??? right.

- the current - AM talking about bad predictions for the world - but she's very happy and cheerful - just another story for the spectacle!! - all's well here in CBC management land haha la de la!! (you peasants, though - well ...)

Mar 29 - the House doing a 'retrospective' on 'was the Afghan mission a success or not?' - oh what suspense haha - of course, a great white wash again - of course it was wonderful!!! - maybe 10% very controlled and mild criticism, but generally whitewash (i.e. one of the 'criticisms' amounted to this - talking to a lady who supported Canada's invasion, he says 'some people say we should not have gone to Afghanistan - what do you say to that?' - and of course she gets 5 minutes to make her case - some balance!!! - the beginning is a case study in hypocrisy - they say 'the first Afghan elections in 10 years without Cdn troops' - but last week they were whining about Russian troops in the Crimea - I suppose nobody is paying attention besides me ... the very mild 'criticisms' they allow are simply along the lines of 'we didn't get the job done very well' - not a word about the international illegality, and other far more serious arguments - only one reason for this, of course, it was so obviously an illegal invasion, and things are obviously much worse now than then, that these things just can't really be talked about, without setting the whole plutocracy up and exposed ..

Mar 27 - crying people today - the mudslide rescuers are feeling emotional - news, baby, news!! - a rescuer named Jan sifted through the remnants of a nursery, and found some things that reminded her of a dead child - sob sob. Great stuff - we all really need to hear about this!!! (but we have to fill the time - what other stuff is more important??? well, lots of stuff, if you were actually interested in telling people about things they **should** know about, to help them understand what is going on in the world - as a counter to the US propaganda you seem so anxious to push, you might try this, for example - Obama's speech on Ukraine: Propaganda and lies. haha just joking. crying people are obviously FAR more important ... at least to the dumbed down, apathetic population you are trying to create - sorry, obviously 'have created' is the correct verb voice here ..

- Ottawa Morning - a **CBC producer** acting like a giggly 19-year-old, telling us the GREAT bands we all have to hear this weekend!!! - this is what adults do, folks!! - we keep up on the great bands!!! - followed by a promo for radio noon, at which time we are going to explore the question - you people who don't approve of all vaccinations the gov wants you to do - how exactly do you feel, talking to mothers who say you are selfish, and endangering THEIR precious babies, eh?? What exactly is wrong with you people, that you won't do what you're told???? - and then we are reminded about the GREAT American college basketball coming up this weekend - I mean, fuck man, ALL Cdns follow American college basketball, right? Get with the program, you guys, if you want to be part of the CBC 'in crowd', as all we progressives are, right? WELL!!!????? RIGHT!!????? yea yea sure ...

Mar 26 - "a BC man is reliving the story..' - the drowned man story is just too good for one day, and the BC hero - but we need the emotional stuff - 'Every day i go over it in my head, did I do the right thing, etc etc'. That's "news" on the new CBC, boy. 'the wife's paniced wife pleaded... "I asked him not to die, to come home with me...' sob sob cry cry - fuck.

- the current - utterly stunning hypocrisy, as they whine about how 'democracy' is being lessened because politicians won't answer the questions of journalists. covered in detail elsewhere .... (but beginning with 'what journalists?' - we haven't had a real journalist in this country, at least who had access to the mainstream media, for decades ...

- 'in the box' markers, these and other stories - the people they interview seem to actually believe what they are saying, having no clue at all about the bigger propaganda matrix within which they are all playing innocent dupes

Mar 25 - island Morning (and other parts of the CBC) - on the 'drinking and driving' bandwagon again - some ""researcher"" in BC has done a study, and suggests that raising the drinking age will reduce deaths. right. (all over the CBC too of course)

- ottawa morning "news" - all about people's feelings - the parents were relieved to know the son did not suffer, the lady with the drowned husband 'might have a hard time of it, according to a witness' - fuck, this is so fucking juvenile, how people feel about losing a loved one???? - this has NOTHING to do with anything any adult would call 'news I need to know from the CBC' - this is the most blatant kind of gossip, nothing more - and then at the end another one - a lady in some story - 'I had no chance to say goodbye..' - ????????

>> the current - amazing story about one man who wants to go after Iran through the courts because (he claims) they killed his mother with no justification. The propaganda aspect, of course, is that you could fill every day with similar stories about people wanting the US to pay for killing 'loved ones' with no justification - but of course, we are NOT going there on the CBC, secretariat for the NWO ...

Mar 24 - krist the dumbed down reporters are getting too pathetic - some 'andrew lee' from Asia talking about the Malaysian plane, and 'interviewing' people for things like, 'Mr X's greatest fear is that he will never know what happened..' - and then have the same person saying the same thing - and he used his voice up and down like a grade school teacher talking about happy things (bright cheerful voice!!!) or sad or bad things (low, hushed voice), etc - with ups and downs 'as appropriate' I guess to tell the children the emotional reaction they are all supposed to follow along with. Other foreign "reporters" doing much the same, from time to time but not always - god it's getting so orwellian, so obviously, and obviously very few of us out here have any remote idea what is going one - very scary -

- island morning - getting on the 'YOU GET THAT VACCINATION!!!!!! my god what's wrong with you people??!!' bandwagon - and she says 'sure, on facebook the antis have lots of stories!!!' - as if the facebook gang was serious opposition - this is all getting just too stupid to pay much attention to anymore - but of course, the people who listen to the CBC, and believe the CBC, are the very ones who can turn back the fascists, or not - wow, that is a very scary place to get into ...

- and the Current, with the anti-Russia propaganda - quite amazing, how they assume all of their listeners have absolutely no knowledge of history, or anything else, as they lie and do the propaganda (i.e. as they blow up Russia's terrible current transgressions, they have a clip of Kerry speaking, and not a word about the endless stream of the US doing far, far FAR worse things than Russia has been doing, and with far less justification - the US is the major aggressor, but we're not going to hear about that in propaganda central, obviously

Mar 20 - the Current - some total fucking idiot telling us we REALLY need to get after them fucking Russians!!!! - stuff you'd expect from some rightwing redneck in the hotel, on the CBC. wonderful. NEVER think they can't find ways to go lower. and lower. and lower.

Mar 19 - Island Morning - some picking on China again - interviewing some Chinese students whose families have moved to PEI - boy, we're so great here, and they are so regimentalized, studying all the time, etc etc - and a bit of outright lying - 'in China, they don't teach skills like critical thinking that we are taught here.' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha right. sure a lot of critical thinking emanating from the CBC the last few years, or the hivemind on twitter ....

- and this - Chinese love PEI "education" - this is really quite amazing when you think of it, the CBC lauding the lousy education system on PEI (and Canada), bragging about how students don't have to study hard, have time for the much more important (to capitalists) part time jobs, etc - odd we don't get any perspective here, about how Chinese and other Asian students get the best seats at Cdn universities because they all do well on entrance exams, whilst Cdn students have to take remedial English and math courses their first year, etc - dumbing down - and BY FUCK WE'RE PROUD OF IT!!!!!!

Mar 17 - CBC, various shows, once again showing their spite, following their rulers, for anyone daring to do something they don't approve of - many "interviewers" telling how baaaaaad Russia is, etc, how 'illegitimate' the Crimea referndum was, etc etc - oddly enough (sarcasm font), never once have we heard a word about the endless stream of US 'interventions' in countries all over the world the last 50-100-etc years ...

Mar 16 - Enright show - first hour - some 'female strong woman' type dissing her father, the 'old white male who doesn't want to be a modern progressive' or something (my interpretation, not HER reference point of course haha)

>> 2nd hour - again, MASSIVE propaganda about how great the Afghanistan 'mission' was - krist, the first lady is almost blatantly scripted to give the 'desired' message (oh, well, Canada's mission was not perfect, some small problems, but the goal was great, and there were many successes, etc etc ...) - not a single truly dissenting voice, what were we (really) doing there in the first place, etc etc - yes, we have had some small successes, but does that make it right? What about the bigger picture, etc? no way jack.

Mar 15 - CBC all a gossip about the guy who took some pics of some girls at a club in St John's - OH NO!!! Naked girls!!! (well, actually, not really 'naked', just not fully covered - but that doesn't sound like a very 'grabby' headline to be screaming out in feigned outrage, so NAKED NAKED COME LISTEN!!!! it is) maybe underage!!! Drinking!!!! Pics on the net!!! OMGOMGOMG!!!! - what the hell this has to do with 'nationally significant events' is a bit puzzling - at least to we adults in the crowd. (haha, again, I may be speaking to myself here... Hello??? Anyone out there????) - gossip gossip giggle giggle teen girls at play, using the CBC as their own personal club .... (and the ball-less wonders known as 'progressive males' so desperate for a bit of sex and acceptance from those they accept as 'leaders' they go along with whatever these females say and demand ...)

>> late night "news" - "report" from Moscow - 'dissenting voices (against the position of the Russian gov) are getting harder and harder to find.." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck the blinding hypocrisy - the CBC being, of course, 'fair and balanced' with its Ukraine coverage, as we see every day in every show - or anything else they start pushing US corporate propaganda about .. (more stuff you won't hear or read on the CBC...)

Mar 12 - Ottawa Morning - an interview with some "expert" about the 'perception of Cdns towards the armed forces' etc - and the 'mission' in Afghanistan - and surprisingly (haha) he finds that Cdns really support the forces, and the 'mission' - all great stuff folks!!! - the guy sounds like a sort of precocious teenager, voice rising frequently as teens do, adults do not, etc etc - the fall of the CBC continues ... well, I don't know, it's pretty much on the bottom right now, but of course as I have been noting regularly over the last few years, never think they cannot find a way to go lower, they always have so far, and probably will until all of us, and them, are just babbling idiots ...

>>> and later on (hahahahahahahahaha) the """""""""news""""""" - we are told that, after all, it was just a 'training mission' in Afghanistan, that's all it ever was folks, a training mission!!!! - yea, don't get confused about anything you might have heard or thought in the past - just a training mission!!! - you heard it on the CCBC, AKA Ministry of Truth, and of course Good Canadians don't question what they are told by the CCBC-AKA-MofT .... right????? RIGHT?????? - right

March 11 - some "reporter" on Island Morning blatantly selling the new "free trade" agreement with S Korea - not even pretending to be some kind of 'impartial journalist' - could be working directly for Harper (well, of course, they're all working for the same master, including the CBC "interviewer" who has nothing but friendly questions - but I don't suppose they're going to tall about THAT particular bit of truth either ...)

March 10 - the myth of the nice canuck - right. The CCM (canadian corporate media) MoT (ministry of 'truth') at work again, rewriting history to enable them to sell the version of our country they want people believing, which is pretty hard to do if people understand our history. If we're really more or less like Americans, then what's the problem with just taking down the borders and officially becoming the 51st state, or some version thereof, dropping that tired old idea of 'Canadian independence' and 'we're different from them, so there's a reason to fight for this country', and other stuff the Fraser people et al would rather people just got out of their heads altogether? The **reality** of Canadians being perceived as 'nicer' in countries all around the world is a true thing, going back for the last 40-50 years at least, of which I have many personal examples (and also of the overall arrogance and rudeness of many, not all, Americans - as I am sure there are an increasing number of less polite Cdns, that is, after all, what they have been encouraging for several decades now, and the indoctrinated small-minds are quite happy to behave as the boors they really want to be - but there are still a lot of us out here who believe we can be, and should be, polite to others). The idea that American tourists are by and large boors is also true. The comments after the story are also interesting - as usual, we see in the NP comments that the drive to create a widespread cohort of new young barbarians has been and is being very successful - and scary. This gang of Randian 'me ok fuck you' young stupid aggressive men is one of our biggest obstacles to creating a true democracy here, and we, those of us fighting for a better world, need to take note, and be sure it is on our list of things to deal with.

Mar 5 - "news" - Gaddaffi's son arrested - 'after the revolution that toppled his father' - haha, nothing to do with a couple of months of intensive NATO bombing, oh nonono, just a 'revolution' by the people of Libya - orwell saw it all coming a long time ago, the modern media are just a bit more sophisticated than his 'Ministry of Truth', whilst playing exactly the same history-rewriting role. Which most people have no idea about at all.

Feb 24 - just another 'deconstruction' story - this is nothing that deserves 'network' coverage - obviously some friend of someone in the CBC, getting special treatment - as any amateur "news" outfit does ... me and my buds, man, that's the news!!!

Feb 17 - and more of the same re "democracy" - Prime Minister Stephen Harper will travel to Brussels on Thursday to meet with the president of the European Commission to conclude free trade talks with Europe - Canadian democracy in action!! - gotta love it, right? Right?? I mean, this is something all Canadians have had extensive discussions over together, and we've all agreed that this would be a great thing for us, and that Mr Harper is surely the person we want negotiating such deals, etc, etc. Right? Well - right???? hahahaha - laugh or jump.

or get the fuck to work.

Feb 15 - - 'flaherty' this 'harper' that - I do not like these people, but they are the more or less duly elected leaders of my democratic (more or less) country, and it is quite angering to hear people pretending to be 'impartial journalists' referring to them without even the simple courtesy of a 'mister' in front of their names - in a civil democracy, we treat each other with respect. Just more demonstrations of the complete amateurs they are hiring to present the propaganda these days - the people are too dumbed down to know the difference, obviously - also, one can only imagine that no 'real' journalist would go along with any of this shit.

>> something to follow, some links - 'organizing revolt' - Organising revolt, and then David Icke, was he right? - the thing is, this 'anarchist' movement seems to be growing among the young people, and it is, I think, completely wrong-headed - 'anachism' itself is fine, but I don't think any of these young people understand it as anything more than juvenile 'freedom' to run around throwing things and breaking windows etc, which has nothing to do with real 'anarchism'. I am sure there are some well-meaning people out there, but acting like irresponsible children, or masked teenage gangsters breaking things for fun, is not going to fix anything, and not going to win 'serious adults' to the cause of change ..

- and another one I just followed something to - here - exciting stuff for teenage Randians, thinking they know everything, all they need to do is write clever slogans and vids - this is NOT fighting the rulers, this is doing exactly what they want, running around in all directions at once, accomplishing nothing useful - need to work on this - the GGRIRS ...

- and - Harper won't drop visa rules - I may be the only one still awake and engaged enough outside the box to be seeing this stuff - but as we see frequently, the media does'nt even pretend this is any kind of 'democracy' - Harper will do as he likes, the desires of Cdns as a whole just don't even come into the equation - the 'new Canada' in the NWO in action ...

Feb 12 - in contrast to last night, listen to CO talking to Scott Brison of the Libs - nice friendly tone of voice -

Feb 11 - AIH - CO openly hostile with Peggy Nash of the NDP- 'Flaherty says he's going to balance the books - what's wrong with that?' - etc; 'the cons and corps say they need low taxes to stimulate job creation - what's wrong with creating jobs? - krist. (and ms nash not doing much of a job herself - just a big farce .. all actors playing their roles ....)

Feb 6 - a good example of the kids at work in Big Momma society - an interview on Q with one of the ""reporters"" who was behind the Ford story - - laying out in detail why gossip is not gossip at all, to the PC crowd. She seems to believe in herself - the end result of 30 years of dumbing down and indoctrination. Really scary, actually. Gian showing his 'I'm with the program, folks!!!' creds too. The gossiping teenagers all nodding in agreement with their friend who is telling them why it's just ok to hate that nasty Bobby. And they;ve taken over the CBC - get to work Bud this shit has to be stopped, and soon.

Feb 5 - can't get the CBC they've cut off 'outside Canada' stuff for the Olympics - try to make the best of it - listened to a 'wiretap' show, which is very revealing - - talking about the 'marketing' of 'rock and roll' - and it sounds very good to the in-the-box listener, would have sounded like the great CBC doing real meaningful stuff even to me a few decades or lifetimes ago - but now from where I sit in 'reality land', the Orwellian 'writing or spinning of history' to support the desired understanding, and conceal the reality, is evident - maybe worth a bit of a longer examination - again, as happens so often the last few years, they are wearing me down - this is a very useful thing, but I just don't get enthused about getting at a new essay explaining something - nobody gives a fuck, nobody is listening, they ALL allow the CBC to tell them what to think, what is 'legitimate' to talk about, etc etc - but I carry on, as I read in some other places at times (there are other enlightened people out there, you just don't hear them on the CBC or find them among the CBC followers...), the journey here is about me - not in a selfish way, but in the way I grow to understand what is really happening here - I have been out in front of 'the pack' for most of my life, so nothing new here - a bit lonely at times, but that's the way it is for advanced sentient beings, I guess ..

Feb 4 - Feb 4 - various shows undertaking serious damage control after the Snowden 'revelation' that CSIS is working on how to track everyone through their phones, and have actually been working out the bugs with their big airport trial - but it's all ok folks!!!! - laughing hosts and interviewee, no big deal, a bit nasty, but heck, nothing to worry about in our great free democracy!! chuckle chuckle.. now about the important stuff, THE OLYMPICS ARE ALMOST HERE!!!!!

Jan 31 - Island Morning - social engineering - oh my god, look at them kids tobaganning down a hill WITH NO HELMETS!!!! - we MUST make them children wear helmets!!! - this is not just do gooder shit, this is putting people into a box. Evil fucks.

Jan 30 - wow, things are heating up - here's a GREAT deck chair to keep the media gossiping for at least months, and always waiting in the wings to be brought out if things get boring - Trudeau 'kicks the senators out of the caucus!!" - and all the 'engaged citizens' will drop what they're doing for awhile to take up the challenge of being heard to have an opinion on this 'great surprise' etc

- almost as important as the latest Beiber story we REALLY need all the details about!!!

and so it goes. new year, same old shit. Why am I not surprised??

08:00 "news" (PEI) - some general 'resigned after admitting having a sexual affair with a female' - fuck, this county is so fucking backwards and lost - there's not really much hope I fear ...

Jan 29 - Ottawa Morning - talking to a couple of Russians about Sochi etc - Robyn right on board - one of the guys says Russia is about a lot more than Putin, Robyn disagrees, saying bad stuff about Russia is 'just talking, opening dialogue' etc - we all KNOW it's a nasty place!!

Jan 28 - Island Morning - pablum and propaganda as always - a 'report' from Ottawa on the 'upcoming parliament session' - here's what the masters are up to kids - and then a long report on a murder trial from Nova Scotia - gossip gossip gossip, the very stuff of the new CBC, for the spectacle people ...

Jan 27 - PEI CBC on the social control bandwagon again - would you know that some people sell lottery tickets to MINORS OMG!!!! - well, the CBC is on the case. We'll get them heinous teenagers pretending to be older than they are to buy a fucking lottery, ticket boy!!!

>> my my and then LOOK OVER THERE!!!!! - some lady telling us how BAD the Russian media are, how rich people buy papers and make them do propaganda haha!! OMG!!!! that certainly doesn't happen here!!! - makes you want to puke, kind of, and then cry - probably most Cdns believe this shit - but they're not indoctrinated nonononono!!!!

- the Current - crying ladies - GREAT STUFF - all over the CBC of course ...

Jan 26 - covering Thailand - the question is - why????? A small country on the other side of the world, almost no relevance to Canada - what is the reason this is 'news' in Canada, when so much else of importance is not covered???? - just spectacle, distraction, etc. - or, as Gatto said, just filling the space with endless unrelated facts to prevent anyone getting any cohesive idea of what is going on here ... seems to be working well ...

Jan 25 - 06:00 Maritimes - 'the Lancet reports that Vit D does not prevent heart attacks or cancer, so maybe people don't need a supplement!!' - fuck, the witlessness gets worse and worse (the lady ""reporter"" ??? sounds just so full of herself, like she is imparting great wisdom - look how smart I am as a Journalist, you stupid sheeps out there take notice, eh??? fuck

>>> and the ""news"" and many others still all a-twitter about 'THE AFFAIR!!!!!"" (OMG GIGGLE GIGGLE!!!) of the French president. The kids have taken over. No, that's too easy - they are playing to their dumbed down audience, teaching them that this shit is important. etc etc

Jan 22 - BIG STORY!!!!!!!!! - somebody got a vid of Ford apparently a bit drunk (at night, i.e. not working) - and GOSSIP GOSSIP GOSSIPP!!!!!! let er rip, folks, interviews with people who don't like Ford, etc etc etc. [[ 'a Jamaican accent that some consider offensive' - wow, that's NEWS baby!!! SOME people think it offensive!!! - and etc etc - it is getting more embarrassing to be a citizen of the country that considers this a suitable 'national broadcaster' - I sure as fuck don't. but I suppose you figured that by now.

> Island Morning, on their social engineering bandwagon - talking to (NICE!!!!!) students who are trying to quit smoking. Nice baby momma pats nice boys on the head!!

Jan 21 - Island Morning - some guy missing in Ch'town, they interview some friend - and the lady is just pushing him to start bawling - he doesn't, but it was quite a display of coldness looking for a bit of GREAT RADIO DID YOU HEAR HIM CRYING GREAT!!!!! - that seems to be one of their big things the last while - the 'new CBC'

Jan 20 - wow, something going on - first words on the Current - Harper saying 'Israel is the only state in the world whose very existance is being threatened' - aside from being an outright lie, it's curious how they are starting this drive about 'poor Israel, poor Jews' -

- Ottawa Morning - talking to some doctor about dope testing etc - and ramping up the Star stuff - she says 'Have you ever been star struck by an athlete?!?' - krist. Like, that is what we mortals do, we are in awe of the athletes!!! - that's part of the CBC message - and etc for anyone with time for deconstruction some day

Jan 19 - guess we don't need to look for some useful analysis such as this of what is happening in the mideast this year, and last year, and at this general time - Al Qaeda and the Saudi Agenda - Toby Jones - Master prefers a more black-and-white view of what is going on over there - WE GOOD THEY MONSTER!!! sort of thing, and only towards some people - Master doesn't seem to want his/er people thinking about the Saudies at all, for whatever reason.

>> ""news"" (09:00 Atlantic) - obviously, they are trying to ramp up concern about 'the falling loonie' - some interview with some utterly irrelevant woman about how her Cdn donations buy less because of the falling loonie - there is no reason for this at all, except trying to create worry about our falling dollar - not sure what's going on, but obviously they're up to something. Something which will not be good for 'us'.

>> and then Enright does an hour of way overboard propaganda of some kind about 'growing anti-semiticism' in the world. Pure BS, all kinds of stuff just obviously made up - but why, one asks, why????? - a question that leads some interesting places, if you dare challenge the propagandists and PCers - (consider this question - walk down any Cdn street, ask 1000 people - do you think Jews or Muslims are a bigger threat to the world today - and what is the answer going to be??? Muslims of course - so what the hell is this stuff all about??? - again, not sure, but obviously they are up to something - maybe it's like others have said, they are just testing their control - we will tell you what to believe, and YOU VILL BELIEF IT!! - and etc ...) ... but also, a much, much bigger thing - it is divide and conquer, it is legerdemain of the first order (look here children!!! Do NOT look there!!!), it is maybe deep, deep strategy -

Jan 17 - the HUGE SCANDAL OMG!!!!! of the airport people in Edmonton finding the 'pipe bomb' and not immediately sending the whole country into panic OMGOMGOMG!!!!!! - instead, they handled the situation like calm, intelligent adults, realised it was just kids dicking around who forgot something, and sent them on their way - all the """reporters""" (haha indoctrinationists, willing or already indoctrinated themselves) sounding sooooo!!!! self-righteous over this - THEY do what good children do by god!!! (what they are told) - this is NOT ALLOWED!!!!! WE MUST TAKE EVERY OPPORTUNITY TO RAMP UP THE PANIC AND FEAR IN CANADA!!!! DON'T YOU PEOPLE UNDERSTAND ANYTHING????? FEAR IS THE KEY THE KEY THE KEY BE AFRAID PEOPLE!!!! - anyway, they're paying (the original people who found the toy) for the great crime of acting and thinking like calm, intelligent adults - and Cdns all across the country are getting the very serious message from the CBC that YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE CALM INTELLIGENT ADULTS!!! PANIC FEAR PANIC~!!!! - stupid childish kneejerk reactions are the way you are to behave, WE VILL DO THE THINKING FOR YOU!!!! - let the media drag you around like mindless stupid children, and get your pat on the head ... scary, scary places we're going to, if a lot of people don't start waking up REAL soon - this may be the last year, certainly not many left, where we have even a remote chance to do something to stop this -

Jan 15 - Ottawa Morning "news" - the premier is doing something in Niagara Falls - 'fueling suspicion she may be about to call a by-election' - and by golly it goes without saying - a reporter's 'suspicion' is NEWS folks!!! Look over here!!! Look over here!!!

- the Current - almost scary when you hear something calm and sane on the CBC these days, but their coverage of what is going on in Thailand was just that. But then, of course, you realise that there are two aspects to the modern propaganda - social engineering, and pablum, and this was the latter. What goes on in Thailand is of little concern to the west, as long as they're not going commie (joke), so they can give it some honest coverage, as a kind of placebo to listeners who must get more than a bit sick sometimes of the large amount of rather obvious propaganda, and need some things like this to keep them thinking 'ok, this is the 'real' CBC we look to for info about what is going on in the world..' - a bit of oil on the waters, etc - also odd when you can get more reliable info from the CBC than from Global Research - if GR is spreading propaganda about Thailand, what else are they doing that one should be a bit careful about believing? I have information about Thailand that lets me know they are really off base about this, but a lot of things going on in the world I do not have inside info about, so they could be leading me into dark places - can't really rely on anyone these days.

Jan 13 - doing a bit on cops wearing cams - and they talk to some lady who is a teacher at a community college - who sounds just like a teen, semi-literate, teen vocab, etc - jeezus ....

Jan 11 - 'news' (11:00 Edmonton) - guess what? Now Canadians WANT the flu shot!!, after learning about the recent deaths etc - imagine that. One wonders if there isn't a bit of 'pushing' the 'news' here - the CBC is trying to create a bandwagon effect, the argument could be made.

>> Stan (Maritime weekends) is being forced to play CBC """"humor"""" - the dumbing down metastasizing as cancers do ...

Jan 10 - CBC "news" (19:00 Edmonton) - a CBC "reporter" was on a flight from China and did not see anyone obviously sick with anything that could be bird flu/ holy fuck this is insane, the kids are totally in charge. This is 'evidence' or 'news' for the CBC {it's continually amazing to realise that these people made it through whatever kind of joke is passing for "journalism school" these days with a degree let alone hired by our national broadcaster} gang. Of course, for these guys, THEY *are* the news, of course, and *they* are 'the experts' qualified (in their own minds) to decide what is true etc etc. GET AT IT BUD THIS HAS TO BE STOPPED!!!!!!!

>> and then on AIH, a lament about the damned taliban in Afghanistan, such monsters - as always, this is true enough, but the whitewashing of the past, and esp any American involvement in what is happening in the world today, would be very useful to understand - but of course since the Americans are the CBC bosses these days, we don't want to talk to much about bad stuff of the Americans - for example, William Blum has some information that provides some context - - we can't fix any problems if we are not getting at root causes, and every 'root cause' of almost everything these days traces back to Washington, and related things, and as long as the CBC wants to be their propagandist, we aren't going to have much luck in fixing things. As long as we pretend things like the Taliban are just some kind of evil incarnate that crawled out from under a rock, rather than understanding the very central role of America in creating, and even now supporting them in various ways, we can't take the necessary steps to fix things.

>> LOOK HERE LOOK HERE!!!! - some utterly mickey mouse 'scandal' at York U about some student not wanting to do projects with women students for religious reasons - could have been very easily handled in various ways, but a GREAT opportunity to toss a new deck chair onto the ship for people to fight over - and that's one of the main purposes of the corporate-state media, keeping the public well supplied with new deck chairs to squabble over. Kids are easily distracted with colorful trivialities, whilst the important, and boring to small minds, stuff stays behind closed doors, safely out of harm's way (for the rulers). They must wonder a bit at how fucking easy it is to keep the peasants busy with trivialities, but maybe not, they've been doing it successfully forever, like the guy with the cape leading the bull around.

Man dies after being sent home by taxi - well, this is what you are accepting, when you accept the idea that corporate profits trump the public good. Capitalism, in other words. And so it will remain, and worsen, if we continue doing nothing about it.

- and now 'a Manitoba mother is urging people to get the flu shot!!!' - her son died, so everyone shuld have the shot - this is NEWS people!!!! - this is SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE!! - as is the tape of the kid laughing happily before it got sick - NEWS!!!!! - starting 2014 off in style - don't make any mistakes folk, the slippery slope is still in effect - and we are nowhere near the bottom yet!!

- ".. if Chris ? thought this and that - well, he was wrong..' - man, what great "news" reporting. Do you, the reporter, have any idea what the guy thought? What the fuck has your opinion to do with 'news'? Do they really teach this crap in whatever they call 'journalism' school these days? Beyond fucking pathetic - fuck, if we ever take this country back, it's going to take decades to put it back together again ..

>> and the "news" cast (08:00 PEI) finishes with '..much more comin right up' - (comin, not coming..) - we are just SO cool!!! talkin like the kids we want everyone to be!!

>> and the old themes carry on - talking to some guy opposing all of the DVA firings - and Matt is right there with the 'TINA' stuff - but where is the money supposed to come from to maintain these things in the face of our terrible debt problems??

>> and later in AIH, talking to some scientist about closing all the libraries - 'but we are in times of financial difficulty, so why should we maintain these libraries for the use of so few people' - promoting lies with stupidity. the barbarians are coming out of the closet, more openly ...

>> and then they play a clip of the head of York being interviewed on the Toronto morning show, the guy is asking her what she would have done in some circumstance, and she tries to explain, and he keeps loudly and aggressively interrupting her, not giving her a chance to answer - just embarrassing to be part of the country where this kind of real self-centered, small-minded jerk who belongs on cheap rightwing talk radio in the US is part of our national once-great broadcaster - fuck, the people they should be going after get treated with the proverbial kid gloves, but when they think they 'have something' on somebody they can trash publicly, the inner asshole gets full play - every day, more and more, a country I do not really want to be part of, if a majority of the citizens think this is ok, or perhaps are just too passive to see it or care ...

Jan 9 - and again, LOOK AT THEM BAAAADDD PEOPLE OVER THERE!!!!! (but don't look at us nononono!!!) - look at them nasty Russians and their terrible human rights record!!!! - probably some truth, but most countries have problems with human rights - that is to say, of course, we could look a lot closer to home - the UN regularly has some pretty serious criticism of Canada's treatment of the FN people, which gets a bit of page 3 coverage in the media, with some response from rightwingers about how evil the UN is and we cannot believe them, and etc - but you are NEVER going to hear the current talking about 'wow, look at our terrible human rights record - and how the media are part of the problem!!' - right haha. (and for this - they talk to a Russian lady in New York City - they don't even try to make any connection with Canada, or what should be of interest to Cdns (of which obviously there is a GREAT deal we are not getting on the CBC, just a typical bully finger-pointing 'over there over there!!!' crap, to draw attention away from things the bully does not want talking about - and to give people something to run to to pretend to be interested in 'public events' who really don't want to challenge the local bully.

>> and let us not forget - there ARE people out there opposing the Cdn gov, whether Harper or others - and they just do not get attention from the media, they are in the Cdn gulag, out of sight, out of mind of the Cdn public - if you do not hear about it on the CBC< it does not exist - and only 'tame' protest is allowed on the CBC -

Jan 8 - the Current, looking at the endless violence in Iraq, with the main 'problem', according to the people they talk to, being the damned corrupt Iraqis themselves, the wonderful altruistic US (and ourselves of course) tried so hard to give them a wonderful country like our own, and look what the silly people have done - basically, their own fault, throw our hands up in despair at their inability to create peace, and go looking for other places to bring happiness and democracy etc etc to. Deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole, is where the CBC is taking everyone - don't suppose we need to wait to hear from Felicity about the same situation, from a just slightly different perspective - Bombings, Invasion, Misery: Fallujah, Symbol of Iraq's Unending Tragedy

Jan 6 - flu vaccine story on CBC - to which I tried to submit this comment "..Die Bestie You must be pretty insecure about your own beliefs if you have to start name-calling anyone who disagrees with the propaganda you have chosen not to question. 'science' has been wrong about any number of things over the years and centuries, including so-called 'medical' science - drug companies have been running rigged 'trials' for a long time now in order to make people buy expensive drugs, and paying large bribes to governments to get them to support such drugs. Time to grow up a bit, there, bestie.." {{in response to - "..Die Bestie - Some seriously uneducated people here. I mean, if you don't want to take the flu shot due to your own disillusions, then don't; just quit explaining to the rest as to why not - most of educated medical professionals in the world would know better indeed. That's the beauty of science - it works even if you don't believe in it :D.." }} - - and got a 'waiting for moderation' notice - they must have me flagged, nothing at all should otherwise attract them for that - big momma, ensuring certain ideas are NOT allowed where SHE controls things ...

- hard to say for sure what is going on with all of this vaccination stuff, but what is glaringly obvious to anyone paying attention the last 30-odd years of capitalism ascendant is that the notion they care about the wellbeing of the herd is ludicrous, so brainwashing all the willing to think they need to make all their neighbors get a flu shot to save the lives of wee babies is obviously just a cover for something deeper. (guess we needn't look for any interviews with these people on the CBC - drug firms hold back information - haha just a bit of sarcasm to ward off the tears ...

Jan 4 - the House - trying to blow the 'senate scandal' into a major story - it is really a trivial thing, but they are determined to make it a part of the spectacle, like the Ford 'story' - clear evidence that the bottom is as yet nowhere in sight. scary scary scary, to think I may be the only person in the country seeing what is happening. - the woman 'commentator-"""journalist"""-(expert???? haha that's kind of funny, even in this situation...) - voice going up at the end of her sentences like a teenager in her bedroom talking about the bad things about some person they don't like together, can you just fucking beLIEVE IT!??!! - which of course is what this is all about - the ongoing management of the public mind, dumbing it down to places of trivia where they can't even imagine what is happening, let alone think about what to do about it (what is happening? Obviously - Harper-dee going down, Trudeau-dum being groomed to take his place. If anyone else in Canada sees this, they surely aren't writing about it anywhere .. )

Jan 2 - Ottawa Morning - 'if your new year's resolution was to get out and see more live bands, we've got you covered'!! - of course. If, however, your new year's resolution is to try and figure out what's going on here, and help make our country and world a better place - well, haha, I guess you're pretty much on your own. Whatever 32 losers are left out there with weird ideas like 'making your country better' - hughh????? WTF???

( I mean just imagine if a 'media for engaged, intelligent ***adults**** talked every weekend about 'here are some of the various groups trying to improve our country, our lives, our democracy, meeting this weekend - and here we have an interested, engaged activist type person to tell you what these meetings are, why they should be of interest to you, and how you can get involved..' - hahahaha imagine breaking out in uproarious laughter at the very thought - our dumbed down population is being told that shit like that is not important, not relevant in any way - mom and dad are taking care of things, you kids get out and have fun - here's the Great Sports Events coming up this weekend, and Bands You Need to See!! - that YOU NEED TO BE ABLE TO TALK ABOUT WITH YOUR FRIENDS LIKE US!!! That's what life is all about - having fun!!!!! - and we on the CBC are here to tell you how to do that, yea!!! _ Listen to the great sports discussions we have EVERY day EVERY FUCKING DAY - ALL OUR ANNOUNCERS LOVE SPORTS AND KNOW ALL THE LATEST NEWS!!!! _ THIS IS IMPORTANT KIDS!!!! _ WE ALL NEED TO KNOW OUR LOCAL SPORTS TEAMS, AND SUPPORT THEM!!! _ AND THE BANDS ON THE WEEKENDS - get out there and love and support our local talent, singing great songs of teenage love and problems, the center of our lives of course!!!

etc etc. of course. I really have good insights about how that guy with the lantern felt wandering around in the dark looking for signs of intelligence around here.

Dec 29 - Maritime Morning - some nice 'in the box' stories about the fun life of real reporters. haha. good deconstruction content, if anyone gets around to it ... look children, here comes Santa!!! - see, we saw him ourselves!! Isn't that so exciting?!?!?!

Dec 29 - Fall of Hitchens - don't have anything to say about the column, but I did add a comment, after once again reading about a journalist telling us he is just SO concerned about telling people the things they need to know, such an honorable profession we are in, such honorable and great people we are looking after you poor schmucks! - fuck -

(so I said...) - "I always wonder at people calling themselves 'journalists' whose fervent integrity requires them to 'question authority!!' at every turn, and hold their feet to the fire when they even appear to be doing anything contrary to the interests of Cdns. The thing is, we are being robbed blind by the greatest scam ever devised, which has been going on for centuries in some ways, and been on steroids for the last 30 years, and not a single word appears from these engaged, alert self-styled 'guardians' of the public weal.

"Fact - commercial banks create our entire credit-money supply out of thin air, and are allowed, by 'our' government, to charge interest on this credit-money so created. Big ramifications - for example, when you take out a mortgage - 100,000, 200,000, half a million, whatever - the bank does not go rummaging around in the vault to see if they have enough money from 'existing savings' to transfer to your account, not at all - once they deem you an 'acceptable' risk, they just create that money out of thin air - the mortgage money in your account is 'new' credit-money in the accumulated national money supply. And, of course, over the next 10-20 years, you are going to pay approximately twice that amount back to the bank, with the interest they charge - great business, for the banks! But of course, why shouldn't 'our' government be managing the national money supply, in the sense that you could borrow the same money, or have it created - but why should you be paying all that interest to a private business, all of which is nothing more than a golden goose for them, being allowed to create money like that? And of course the huge national debts we are all told are sending us to the poorhouse, and which our first national priority must be 'paying down' while we cut programs all over the place, programs benefiting millions of Cdns - upon which we have paid somewhere around a couple of trillion dollars over the last 30+ years in "service charges" - were begun in exactly the same way, the 'sovereign' government of Canada allowing commercial banks to create money-credit, which they then 'borrowed' at interest ('interest' goosed into usurious rates at times, to the goose the attached debt) - all of that two trillion 'we' have paid in taxes as 'interest' on the debt could have been used for things most Cdns wanted, rather than being turned over to max the ROI of the private 'investors' cashing in on this great power of the banks.

"Anyway, the story is much longer, and you can read more here if you like - What Happened - but I am going to be very skeptical of anyone calling themselves an 'investigative journalist' and claiming their great diligence in 'looking out for the public good' if they are not holding some political feet to the fire re this money-credit scam.

"Happy new years - another year, another 50-60 billion in taxes turned over to private 'investors' on the odious debt yet again, I suppose, if nobody starts asking what in the hell is going on here."

Dec 27 - 08:00 "news' - 'Hannah has spent years with her little body ..' - fuck, they don't even pretend to be 'impartial' anymore - just appeal to the emotion - as always, by far the scariest part, to those of us aware ( 'us' ????? maybe not ...) is that almost nobody seems to realise how they are being manipulated, endlessly, all day every day ...

Dec 24 - 07:00 "news" (hahahahaseriously) PEI time - 'many pilgrims are going to Bethlehem to be at the place where Jesus was born..', just read in a normal tone of voice like a hockey score or the latest developments in one of the 'reallllyyy BIG scandals!!' - this is 'fact' I guess for the CBC - a very disturbing sign that the far rightwing total nutcases are taking over here

Dec 23 - Island Morning - once again, shameless advertising for one of their buds - some 'northern adventures' doing sleigh rides in the snow - and more signs of the 'maturity' level of the CBC In general, it sounds like a couple of high school students chatting about something THEY are interested in, so this is news, baby!!

The Current - quite amusing in I would suppose an unintended way - they talk to some Cdn "comedians" about what they do, what they find funny and how they write their stuff - it's quite beyond pathetic, kids who cannot do something competently but do not understand this explaining their failures without realising their patheticness - only on the CBC. (they start off with someone mocking Ford - this is not humor in any realistic sense, it is bullying humor, which is not really funny to caring, intelligent, adults. Of course, they're pretty thin on the ground around the CBC these days too ...

Dec 22 - 09:00 "news" - the Russian guy was in prison 'in the country's vast hinterland' - them nasty fuckers, we all know about the great Russian gulags, people disappear etc - probably true, but the propaganda aspect is, that we never, never, NEVER hear about the similar system in the US, which is probably even worse. (i.e serendipitously Guatanamo torture suspects.. - just imagine the horror at the CBC if this guy was claiming Russia, or N Korea, or some other place they are anxious to present as a terrible place, did this ... but the US? Wha's that? We din hear nuttin bout dat!!...)

>> and they seem to be reluctantly acknowledging that some of the Syrian refugees are endangered from the Islamic 'rebels' who are just as happy killing Christians as gov soldiers - no hint of any 'mea culpas' yet, of course, for their role in supporting the undertaking of the 'rebellion' in the first place - nor would we expect any such thing, they're just in damage control mode now - a successful strategy with a sufficiently indoctrinated population, which they seem to be dealing with ...

Dec 21 - the House - more of the 'look at them BAADDDDD!!!! Conservatives!!!!' stuff - the tweedledee-dum shuffle in full swing ....

- lots of interesting 'between the lines' stuff - for example, one of the 'year end analysts' notes that Trudeau really needs to learn what he says, referring to his offhand comment that he had some small admiration for China - imagine, the PC people are outraged at that- YOU VILL NOT SAY GOOD THINGS ABOUT CHINA!!!!!!!! - and that is the law, from the CBC - and if you as a leader want to pass the CBC approval rating test, you will by fuck learn what we allow you to say or not, or look out bud. we CAN make you, or break you - we control the ears of Canadians, and their minds ... (the 'voters' will do vhat ve say too!)

>> overall, a good outline of 'the box' - if you want to be considered a 'serious commentator' in Canada, these are the allowable things to say, the allowable list of 'points of view' you can hold - if you stray from these, my friend, you are on your own - in the wilderness - we control the vertical, we control the horizontal - this may not be real reality, but it is reality for most Canadians, and if you want to climb the public acceptance ladder, you will understand what we say ...

- and etc etc - more deconstruction stuff, if anyone ever cares ....

Dec 20 - CBC 'news' (06:00 PEI) - talking about Harper's end of year interview, denying knowledge of the money paid to Duffy - again, part of the deep strategy, the in-process movement to replace tweedledee with tweedledum - less respect for dee, presenting him in an unfavorable light - but the CBC 'news' calling him 'Harper' instead of PM or at least Mr is quite disturbing - this is a lack of respect, from our major news outlet, we should not be hearing - even if I do not like these people, they are still the 'head' of 'our' country, and no fucking propaganda-reporters (pretending, to add insult to injury, to be 'journalists')should be referring to the head of this country by the last name with me honorific - calling some respected senior type person by his last name with no Mr or title is just disrespectful, and we should not be doing that - we should be doing that for anybody outside of acknowledged very bad people - Hitler comes to mind. part of the dumbing down, and part of the game - but not something we should be accepting. (I can call him Harper, or anyone in 'private' conversation - but our national news broadcasters should not be doing this. I expect none of the PC crowd have any idea what I'm talking about - their leaders on Rabble or wherever have not, of course, brought this up, and they follow the CBC - this is fine folks the CBC is doing it!) (not).

Dec 18 -Canada Post's Deepak Chopra says seniors want exercise from picking up mail - just lower and lower and lower and lower - maybe it's time for me to look for a new avocation, it doesn't seem there is anything at all that is going to wake Canadians up

Dec 17 - Island Morning - again, a piece in the very large tweedledee-dum operation, as the Cons are slowly lowered from the ruling pedestal, and the Libs slowly raised, as they talk to somebody from HuffPost explaining it all - a very well organised strategy, I may well be the only one seeing this, certainly not reading about it anywhere else, when I mention it in one way or another on discussions, I get no reaction at all ... people look to their leaders for 'authorized' opinions and are generally too fearful (of appearing wrong in the eyes of their peers or those they look up to) to agree with something from outside the box ... (which you are CERTAINLY not going to get talked about in the mainstream 'alt' media ...)

Dec 16 - the guy from England calling himself 'Brown Moses' presented as an impartial blogger looking for 'the truth!!' - about Syria. Actually, he has long been identified as a mainstream plant propagandist, unapologetic Assad hater .... but of course the CBC are too, so they're like fuck buddies or something - same story, same POV ... >>> ahhh, at the end we hear the real reason for this 'interview', when she notes that 'there is some controversy between what this guy is saying and what Seymour Hersch said recently' you could check on the net - of course, the CBC wants nothing to do with a serious longtime respected journalist and his story a couple of days ago about how there was just no fucking way the US was telling the truth about their earlier assertions that Syria was responsible for the gas attacks, but is siding with some blogger who supports their warmongering - haha too ridiculous to take seriously, like most of what the sad CBC is up to these days - like usually they mock anything on the net, but when you have this guy, well well now, 'social journalism' is good!! (sometimes, I guess, anyway) >> TOronto Star again showing how far they have fallen - slagging Conrad (that FUCKER!!!!) again - need to be getting on this in a deeper way, the role of the supposed 'progressive' media like the Star - this is a central part of 'why we are losing' - they are very intentionally leading those who want to make things better into this putrid jungle of childish pettiness, where the rulers are not even recognized, let alone challenged (I have noted before also - quite a few of this kind of story they don't allow comments - I would suspect for only one reason, they KNOW there are a lot of people disagreeing with this ... but don't want it out)

Dec 15 - BBC 'breaking news alert!!!!' in my email box - Nelson Mandela buried!!. Huh? I mean, Breaking "news"???? WOW!!!! WHAT A FUCKING SURPRISE WHO EXPECTED THAT?!?!?!?!?! - (just noting, not only the CBC being turned over to adolescent morons....) - good of them to keep incentivizing me every day, though - with my growing rather low perception of most people out there not protesting any of what is happening, I really think I am wasting my fucking time with the new book - but then, ya gotta do something before the abyss starts to beckon too strongly ... )

Dec 14 - 09:00 "news" - 'Flaherty was unable to control his fury'!! - now there is "impartial" journalism language, as practiced by the CBC - but actually just a minor exchange between a couple of MPs who see things differently - but it's about Ford, so BIG NEWS LOOK HERE!!!!!!!!!! - with the fucking self-centered halfwits running the CBC these days - IT'S ABOUT US!!!! IT'S ABOUT US!!! - well, I suppose they're right, but not really in the way they mean ... also, of course, just yet another example of the people they have writing and doing news who should NEVER be hired as 'professional journalists' until they get a handle on some of the more basic ideas of *real* journalsm .... wait, of course, 'real' journalism is not what the CBC, or the rest of the Cdn media, are doing these days - they want Cdns to believe that, of course, but that is not what they are doing - kind of like getting kids believing in Santa Claus - once you're in that head space, a lot of other stuff gets left behind ...

>> next "story" - 'Rita Power can't imagine what they're going through' - just no point in continually doing this - how in the fuck is what Rita Powers 'can't imagine' to be confused with 'news' that we need to know to make informed decisions about what is going on in our country???????

- the 'lefty' Toronto Star coming down firmly on side of one of the main rightwing drives since the whole NWO etc thing got started, deconstructing 'our' democracy - privatize the post office . As I have been saying .... (to that great empty stadium of the collective Cdn (onetime) mind ... from my lonely place here in the wilderness

Dec 13 - the trivial is the normal - Ottawa Morning on a lady telling about how and why she takes pics on her 'magic phone' and sends them to all her friends - isn't this what 'social media' is all about, children!!?? Do YOU take pictures and send them to your friends, children?? Of course you do! We ALL do it! It's good children!!

- drive by slander - some uncle killed in n Korea - what a bunch of dangerous nuts!!! hahaa (we really don't like them at all, do we children? We are SO lucky to be living in great democratic Canada!! where we trust our government and they don't EVER do anything bad to or for us ... really - final word from Robyn, OBVIOUSLY scripted from higher up - "But N Korea is so far away? Why should we care?? (Listen children, this is the propaganda coming....)

- propaganda maintenance - the Current has some family who just "miraculously!!" got back from Libya - where that fucking Gaddaffi was torturing the nice man. We don't EVER want to say anything nice about that fucking monster Gaddaffi, do we children? no no no...

- Island Morning - adding their voices to how great we are in Canada, we honor Mandela - sure he was a good man, but what's with this overboard stuff, from governments obviously doing a lot of bad stuff???? _ other points of view we won't get on the CBC - i.e. Media hypocrisy about Mandela

- and more trivia on the news - the Star reporter is suing Conrad Black!!!!! - the self-righteous justifications from the people are just nauseating (we didn't want to do this, but he's just gone too far ..) - one has been wanting to barf from quite some time, but not because of Ford's actions ..

__ Canada Post prices going up for normal mail - odd that after a couple of days, there does not appear a word about the cost of what is probably CPs biggest business, delivering big business flyers???? The big corps who do most of this can surely afford more money ... of course, as long as they're using that money to buy politicians and """reporters"""", they no doubt have some say in what Cdns are told to think about ..

Dec 12 - AIH again - SO concerned about Syrian refugees as a big storm approaches - the cynical manipulation of public opinion is really despicable - a bit of 'mea culpa' would be much more honest, as the barrage of propaganda against Assad, and support for the 'rebels' as the US armed and advised them, is the cause of all of this. Despicable.

>> and then again showing their amazing pettiness, using their bully pulpit to defend themselves when others question their behaviour re the Black interview they did yesterday - privileged, shallow high school kids are learning stuff ... (a bit scary too to hear the 'talkback' responses of the bandwagoners telling her what a great job she did - the brainwashed masses doing as Momma tells them, believing what Momma wants them to believe, jumping up and down on the bandwagon putting their own creative comments into the mix - nice Johnny, good Johnny!! pat on the head from Momma for doing such good work!!. And I guess if I ever get anything started with the book, they'll all be hating me next ... )

Dec 10 - Island Morning - doing their bit to brag about the CBC and the 'great reveal!!!' of the Snowdon documents they are doing - but explaining why it is only so much, etc etc - pure propaganda, in the form of damage control - limited hangout, we did this, but no more, ok???

{and they talk a minute on the Madela funeral - all pure propaganda, look what GREAT people we are, we support this great freedom fighter!! etc etc - kind of pathetic, to see all the politicians running there to associate themselves with something good, given the kind of slime most of them are .. haha don't expect them to allow THAT comment on the CBC website ( hahahahaha that's actually worth a longer laugh ..)]

- AIH - CO showing her great pettiness as she harangues Conrad Black (of course, we can forget about the idea of the CBC admitting their propaganda against Syria, in - a talk with Hersch )

- Toronto Star 'story' of the 'interview' - very interesting for the pictures - Big Brother face of the NWO, and the Big Mother face who wants her share of power, and is getting far, far too much already - Big Momma is far, far FAR scarier - BB is happy if you do what you are told, and offers quite a lot of freedom within their system - Big Momma wants your total obedience, total mind and thought control, you MUST agree with her in all important things - you want nice pats on the head from mommy, do as you're told, children - if you want mommy's anger, disobey - momma is NOT a nice person when she's angry ... scary, scary scary (and odd to think - in the 'good cop bad cop' scenario they play out like this frequently, it's not Big Brother who is the 'bad cop', it's Big 'YOU VILL BELIEF VHAT VE TELL YOU TO BELIEF!!!/ Momma

Monday Dec 9 - Ottawa Morning - Robyn showing the depth of her immersion in the koolaid pitcher - they actually have Hugh Segal talking about a guaranteed annual income, but all Robyn can think of is 'but where is the money coming from, in this time of austerity?' - once you take that blue pill, there is no going back ..

>> AIH - great opportunity - one of the firefighters from Megantic still off work because of emotional trauma - WE GOTTA TALK TO THIS GUY!!! HOW DO YOU FEEL??? WILL YOU CRY AND SOB FOR US ON AIR!!!! YEA!!!!!

Dec 8 - MASSIVE overplay on the Mandela tributes - I guess it's the rulers trying to show what good guys they really are by associating themselves with this guy, pretending they support 'democracy and freedom' because they supported this great freedom fighter or something - other POVs out there about a lot of things, but it's just overblown - 'average' people on phone-ins crying as they say how privileged they were to meet him, or shake his hand, etc. More smokescreen, I guess - he was part of a good movement, but S Africa is far from fixed, and but we have very serious problems here and now that nobody is talking about - stuff like this is just part of the ongoing daily program to tell everyone 'Look over there!!!' - and not think about what we should be thinking about.

>> Sunday Edition - Enright has some 'spy' on, apparently giving big revelations about Cdn spying on everything - but if you listen, it's actually nothing new or unusual, just the CBC throwing red herrings around - 'look at us Cdns, we really are on your side, checking out on what the gov does for you!! We are SO great you can trust us really!!!'


Dec 5 - more Ford stuff - 'none of the allegations have been tested in court' they carefully tell us, to avoid 'legal problems' I suppose - (but man, it's GREAT gossip!!!! - and more fodder for the PC crowd who want to get rid of him who apparently have no idea of just how fucking stupid they are all looking these days - 'oh my we're just shocked at these latest revelations - shocked I tell you!!!' haha)

>> and then a sad, sad story of some Iranian guy who (supposedly haha) escaped bravely from an Iranian prison, where the fucking monsters just did such bad things to him - isn't that such a BAAAAADDDD!!!!!! country children???? We should ALL HATE THEM!!!! like we at the CBC do, and you should too - fukc - the US does worse stuff every day, has been for decades, or centuries, but the CBC pretty much never talks about it - if there is some big expose on the 'real' media on the net, they kind of acknowledge it, but in a 'oh, look at that - see what good journalists we are for telling you about it! - that's long enough, now look away children, nothing there really of interest OH FUCK ME LOOK AT WHAT ROB FORD DID NOW SOMEBODY MADE ANOTHER ALLEGATION DID HE REALLY TOUCH THAT WOMAN'S BUM AT A PARTY??!! OMG WHATAREWE GOINGTODO!!!!!

- and etc.

Modern journalism. haha """""journalism"""" . not. seriously. time to wakey wakey folks.

Dec 4 - the Current again - another talk with some lady about them nasty, nasty people running Syria and Iran - we western people are SOOOOO fucking nice, and they are SOOOOO fucking evil, just so black and white, no middle ground here at all. Get with the program people, we're going in there some day soon, and YOU VILL BE ON SIDE!!!! (of course there's another side to the story that any media working FOR the people would be offering - i.e. Western sponsored humanitarian crisis ) - of course, if you are working for the regime (that is, the US-Hegemony), as are all mainstream western media these days, your very job is to keep people away from 'other' points of view, like this one .)

Dec 3 - the Current - taking the 'look at how freaking GREAT we are!!!!' story in detail on the Current - re publishing the Snowden stuff - a lesson in great damage control, or attempted great damage control - morphing into a full defence of the great free media in the west!!! YEA!!!! - the US gov does not influence the media, because of the first amendment yea!!!! - such horseshit, to anyone living outside the box. all 3 of us, I suppose. Great fodder for the brainwashed masses, I guess ...

(amusing to hear AM talking about the CBC as 'they did this' - SHE is not part of the CBC, oh no!!?? --- wait a minute - wha???? - haha.)

Dec 2 - interesting, the 'Cdn gov facilitating US spying at the G20' has been a (small) one-day wonder, reported (as above (below, whatever), with the CBC telling us what GREAT journalists they are for doing this yea!!!!) as 'news' and then dropped - kind of telling when you think of the difference between the handling of this, and things like the 'great Ford scandal', where gossip and rumor and various offences against the PC mentality topped the daily news for months, and still comes back - did you hear what he did today??? He took somebody's seat at a football game OMG!!!!! - now THAT is NEWS baby!!!!!! - Cdn gov and US spying??? - ah, who cares, eh??? Ford gossip - THAT'S what WE want!!!!

Dec 1 - it's almost funny, morning "news", they are explaining how they really do great work for Canadians - look at these secret government documents we have released, with our great collaboration with Glen Greenwald! - you take note now, we really are a great independent news service! of course (- again funny, their patronising little attitude, they are so fucking out of touch with reality, or maybe have just completely internalised the notion that the game really is over, and they're just talking (down) to child-adults) - there is (they let us know) a lot of 'government speak' in the documents that might be hard to understand - we journalists are used to this of course, no problem for us, but be aware it might be hard for you little average children citizens to understand) - krist, it's actually embarrassing to be a citizen of the country where these patronising propagandists are calling themselves the 'national broadcaster' ) - I wonder if they have been reading some of my stuff, and are trying to deflect the criticism - seems unlikely, but it would be ironically fitting

>> Current -
>> starting with some deck chair rearranging - hockey is so expensive, especially for parents raising children!! What shall we do???? - in the box. Of some small interest, but the far, far bigger story is, of course, the way the rich elite keep stealing from everyone - but of course, the CBC isn't going THERE in any hurry!! haha

>> back on the Syria propaganda - look at the poor children - we have an 11-year-old who can tell us what happened - 'the corrupt Syria government caused all this, they must be removed!!' - and etc etc - I still find the hardest thing to believe that ANY functioning adult actually believes this shallow and blatant propaganda - dumbing down, not just a phrase ... the hypocrisy is utterly stunning though, how can people do this? They moan about how nice Syria was once, and what a terrible place it is now - but they want the listener to think it is that damned Assad that caused this (the kid - horrible regime must go!) - but in reality, of course, it is these very people who were a central part of this current destruction, backing with their ongoing propaganda the support of the 'rebels' who were behind the uprising, and all of the killing (yes Assad's troops killed many, but in defence of their government - if the US et al backed 'rebels' don't have the arms and backing to be enough of a danger to cause Assad to defend the government, none of this results - the totally brainwashed cannot 'go there' obviously, but that is it - this is exactly like the kid who murdered his parents demanding special treatment from the court because he is an orphan ... stunning, as I said - hard to suss out the entire story here, what is going on - they see they have lost their attempted coup from a military standpoint, so are attempting some kind of positive result for themselves .. yea, final 'message' from the person she interviews - 'so, you're telling us that we in safer nations need to step up' - yea. (Why aren't you people bombing that bastard yet???')

Nov 29 - the crying mountie!!!! - GREAT stuff!!!

- interesting what gets turned into BIG NEWS YOU GOTTA HEAR THIS!!!!! - and what gets a bit of coverage, and then the ol 'nothing to worry about here, folks, back to more interesting stuff' - stories like this - Snowden docs show US spied during G20 with Canada's help. For adults, whether Rob Ford smokes a bit of crack when he's not working, or pats a woman on the bum sometimes, are really irrelevant to what is going on in the country, but stories like Canada secretly helping the NSA spy on everyone would be of considerably more interest - but to the CBC, it's the reverse - a quick mention of the spying story, and then back to the endless coverage of the Ford gossip. Of course, if you understand what the CBC is actually up to, it's pretty understandable - but most Cdns, following along with great interest the latest 'oh wow!!!' Rob Ford 'revelation', don't seem to understand much at all these days. Over the cliff we go we go, heigh ho heigh ho heigh ho.

> or this - Secretive Corporate Deal in the Works Could Establish Special Closed Door Courts for Big Business - not a word on the CBC. The most distressing thing, as always, is how few Cdns seem to understand what the CBC, and the rest of the Cdn media, are actually up to.

Nov 28 - Current - oh my surprise!!! - amazing new research showing poverty is linked to health!!! who would have thought!!???? - just delaying tactics for the NWO - of course, it's only one person, years more of study - and pushing around that deck chair.

(the 'what they could be talking about' section: Pope Francis doesn't approve of capitalism - haha, the CBC ain't goin near THAT one baby - the capitalist masters do NOT approve of this kind of talk, and the CBC does NOT do what the capitalist masters do not want talked about.

Nov 26 - the guy who won the Manitoba by-election, or one of them - 'I want to thank my heavenly father and jesus christ for giving me the opportunity to serve you..'. jeezus krist in fucking deed. Back to the dark ages, full speed ahead.

>> surprise surprise - the Current giving time to a bunch of people slandering Iran. Corporate state propaganda in action. Every day. - Ottawa Morning doing the same - I presume many others ...

Nov 25 - - '...Militias in the Central African Republic are slitting children's throats, razing villages and throwing young men to the crocodiles...' - hmmmm - a bit odd, the CBC so terribly concerned for so long about that MONSTER!!!!!! Assad drinking the blood of wee babies etc what is WRONG with you Canadians that aren't DEMANDING the gov BOMB THAT BASTARD!!!!! - that we haven't heard a word about what is going on in Africa. haha. got to develop that 'sarcasm' font ...

AIH - interesting to hear CO's self-righteous attitude as she talks to somebody from the EU about the seal products ban, defending the hunt without actually saying so - just more evidence of the overall rightwing foundations of the 'new CBC' -

- as they all have been with their commentary about the Iran deal - CO again shows how thin her 'progressive' coat is when the guy she interviews criticizes Netanyahu of Israel, and her question is simple, 'what do you mean by that', but the icy tone is clear in her voice - you will NOT criticize Israel on our show!!

- Are Canadians more captivated by the Duffy or Ford scandals - amazing. Lead em around by the nose, and brag about it to their faces, and they have no clue - perfect well-trained pseudo-citizens, doing exactly as they are told to do ... which of these deck chairs is more interesting, Children?? GOoooodddd children, playing like mommy tells them!!!

Nov 24 - Enright doing a rather pathetic job of defending the media and their attack on Ford. No need to get into details - just showing that Enright is really getting senile, or is truly embracing the Dark Side. He has been showing his age, but doesn't seem senile, otherwise ...

Nov 20 - Ottawa Morning - surprise surprise!!!!!!!! - more gossip about Ford!!!!! - a clip of Peter Mansbridge quizzing him like a childish teenager (did the prime minister call you? What do you think of that? - fuck) - and etc - no words left, really, just noting it - unbelievable, really, so many important things going on, but the Story of the Day is still gossip about some guy the CBC does NOT like, and is getting ever more pissed off that some people still dare to oppose them ...

>> and interesting - they talk to some guy who wrote a play about the G20 police violence in Toronto last year - but not a WORD about the Cdn government, just some kind of unusual police action - thing being, if this happened in Russia, or China, or Iran or Syria, it would be ALL about the government treating their citizens with no rights, and etc. Could stand some deconstruction if one has time - this kind of thing lets the CBC pretend they are 'reporting' 'real' stories, while they aren't actually doing anything useful (also, of course, how is it this guy with this play gets attention, when so many other things do not??????? - just something to think about .... )

Nov 18 - they got the sports caster whining about Ford. Full spectrum propaganda, all day every day - this is the death of a thousand cuts, the endless ongoing propaganda pushing and maintenance that gets almost everybody.

>>> and on the Current again, lead off half hour, whining and gossiping about Ford - reminds me of Syria a few months ago - the CBC people are DEMANDING that Canadians TAKE ACTION!!!!!! - and they just can't believe that ANYone would DARE not immediately do what the gods of the CBC want! Unthinkable!!! - there's no 'story' here, just gossiping and whining like teenage girls who can't believe the kid they don't like still dares to show their face in public. etc etc - the Cdn media have been falling and falling for years - they seem to have jumped right off the cliff this time.

Nov 17 - very interesting - Sunday Edition - an 'essay' from some nobody on 'why demonstrations are, kind of, you know, passe' - etc - could stand some deconstruction, if anyone was interested - all you folks just go home now, everything's FINE baby!!!! - only stupid old hippies or commies or something doing this stuff - not we cool people who listen to the CBC!! Ya man!!! - we just write clever little essays about how, really, like, there's just not much to protest about these days, our great (capitalist) society just the best thing ever you know - the new CBC, first and foremost shills for the NWO - y'all go on home now, folks, nothing interesting out here, just sit by your tvs or radio and we'll tell you what you need to know - y'all c'n trust the CBC now, Big Momma's right here ... I'd write something in response, but I have learned time and time and time again they have no interest in anything pointing out the real problems with that idea - no doubt next week they'll have a few teensy people with some teensy yeabuts, but nothing pointing out the real stuff going on, the furthering of the passive society and citizens that is the end goal of all this dumbing down, closer and closer every year ....

- just imagine this if it happened in Russia, or China, or Iran or Syria, or some place we (the rulers that is of course and their propaganda CBC et al media) didn't like and wanted to point out as many flaws as we could, real or mostly imagined - the horror and outrage would be palpable at this stuff. But happening in the US, our Great Leader? Nah, not a story ... sort of like Ford - somebody you don't like, well, you spend endless time looking for and blowing up rumors, but if your friends do it - well, that's their business, isn't it??

Nov 16 - and the House of course, emphasizing how truly dedicated the CBC is to the trivial, and keeping the important stuff out of the public eye (TPP anyone? Huh? wha' that??? - it's FORD and ALLEGATIONS of some sexually unallowed remark OMG!!!! Repeat: Allegations. Of a 'sexual remark'. We adults (haha) do NOT talk about sex!!! - you hear that??????? F-bomb!!! NONONONO fuck fuck fuck fuck. (actually that, like so much else these days, is not true - talking about sex by those we like is fine, good even, I imagine if some of the (very pathetic) so-called 'comedy' people working the current CBC made some pun that included the words 'eating' and 'wife' it would be tut-tutted a bit, but in the most friendly way, you naughty boy!! giggle giggle, and then on to other things no big deal - it's only a nono when somebody we do NOT like crosses some line that we can move around at will and start pretending how horrified we are that that evil man dared to say that OMGOMG what are we going to do??!!!! - but no point in getting into it, hypocrites never admit their two-faced approach to the world... like your average small-minded low intelligence teenager going after some kid they don't like, who is different for some reason, who does not meet their social gang requirements ...

Nov 15 - morning "news" - so - what's the latest development with the Ford case!!?? - gossip gossip gossip - our CBC - next we'll have Oprah on. gossip gossip gossip - News you need!!!!

>> again, Ottawa Morning on the 'Let's get Ford yea!!!!' bandwagon - they don't make themselves look good - again, they have a tape in which so-called 'reporters' (I will NOT call these clowns 'journalists') screaming and shouting like kids in a schoolyard at Ford.. - utterly pathetic - how could you trust these people to be telling you anything that qualified as 'news'? You couldn't, can't ...

>> and the Current, of course, some lady who hates Ford, allowed to vent - Rick asks 'are we at a new bottom?' - well, I expect not - they have been showing for a long time now that no matter how low they go, they can go lower (I expect he meant something else, they're all in a pack frenzy now, and don't realise that it is really them who are really on trial now - and every day they are showing us how much lower they can sink, how guilty they are of disgracing the entire institution of 'journalism' in Canada (we obviously have no one working in the corporate propaganda media who qualifies for that somewhat honorable appellation ...)

- krist, and the other 'big story' is, again, the aftermath of the Philippines hurricane - but it's all just gossip gossip gossip, or most of it - how do you feel? etc etc - NOT 'news' - but of course good emotional stuff for the children - (other stuff we could talk about? well - Foodbanks Canada - a total national scandal for years, we could be talking about people trying to do something about this, people talking about why this is happening, etc etc, rather than more gossip every day, or 'business' news, etc etc -

>> geezus fukking krist - now they have a "story" about how yoga might be bad for you!!!! - it might make you too flexible, but then you are more susceptible to some injuries!!! - what in the fuck does this have to do with ongoing "news" we need to know about???????? - dave, you GOTTA get to work here!!!! - good fucking jeezus now they are talking about labeling of ground beef!!!! - no real story, just a 'maybe this is happening, somebody told us!!!!!' - and of course rather than talking about anything real, here we go!!! - I find it hard sometimes to be calm and rational in the face of this endless dumbing down and propaganda, but gotta try!!!

- and AIH of course - CO utterly offended with some tv producer who is giving Ford a show to give his side of the story - thinks it is just terrible that he will have a chance to give his side of the story without a bloodthirst herd of screaming paparazzi in his face - a 'soapbox' they call it - it is perfectly fine, of course, for her and the rest of the CBC to endlessly push their point of view from their own soapbox, hours and hours every day, but it is not acceptable that Ford should get a few minutes chance to respond in a non-hostile environment without a gang of screaming gossipers in his face - these people are very, very, very bad people - the worst kind of mob violence instigators - she is very hostile with the tv producer, you are NOT allowed to support anyone they have decreed guilty!!! GET ON THE BANDWAGON OR WE'RE COMING AFTER YOU TOO!!!! - the tv guy is not very good in defence, you don't expect much from Sun - but CO leaves herself open a lot but he misses it - eg she says this is an election period and Ford is getting free time that is bad - but a bit of time for Ford does not even come near to the endless ongoing screaming from the CBC about 'You people cannot elect this man again, can you? No no NONONO!!! etc etc etc' - and on and on - when sane people take over and look back on this, there will be a chapter in the book on these people, as an example of media gone totally crazy -

- and CO/AIH showing their 'live in the now!!!' childish attitude about the Senate - interviewing Ghiz from PEI, she starts off - 'the senate has been mired in scandal for months, how can you support it???' it is, of course, just stupid and childish to continually react as if something happening 'now' must be considered in a vacuum, with no historical or other context, but that is the dumbed-down world we are living in, thanks to the CBC and other Cdn media the last lot of years - And again, of course, the deeper message is that you are expected to do as Momma CBC tells you! - WE KNOW WHAT IS RIGHT!!! YOU MUST FOLLOW!!! - this is a lot of stuff, but 'journalism' is certainly not among them - it is getting more and more over the top every year. She just attacks Ghiz, again - again and again, using the CBC as their personal bully pulpit to attack anyone who dares hold an opinion other than theirs ...

Nov 14 - """news""" - CBC piling on Ford - a whole list of "allegations", he might have, somebody said.. etc - but for the CBC, somebody gossips, and it's gospel!! gasp gasp!! - as I have said over and over, never never think these people cannot go lower -

>> thinking about it, the first impulse is that the CBC is just acting childish, but of course a deeper reflection tells you this is the ruling class in action, creating the narrative - they push this massive, ridiculous propaganda, but many, many citizens are obviously very 'suggestive', and after enough reps in the ""news"" will think they actually believe this stuff - voile, mission accomplished.

(meanwhile, of course, big important social happenings in PEI - some lady wants to start a 'diaper conversation', and we spend a good part of time exploring this important topic. (nothing else to talk about? haha not actually, there's a LOT of important stuff going on - we could start here - World Bank Insider Blows Whistle on Corruption or maybe this - the TPP and what it means for Canadians - it may be there are more Island Morning listeners more interested in diapers than in what is going on with the net, I don't suppose we're ever going to know from listening to the CBC - but of course there may be more people on PEI, if you count the kids and stuff, who think eating ice cream is better than eating veggies, but that doesn't actually mean we should shut down the farms and ramp up the ice cream factories ... )

>> and later cruising past Ottawa Morning - we learn that Robyn has found some people with relatives in the Philippines - so let's have a personal chat about how they are doing (Robyn gasps in pleasure when one says she heard from her father!!) - fuck, this is not fucking 'news' - I guess I better calm down, you KNOW that 'news' is not what is going on here - kids talking to kids, creating the hive mind, a hive mind of little people, little people whose lives and ideas are completely in their little homes and little jobs, no thought about who is running the hive, presenting no challenge to the queen bees ..

>> the Current - some stunningly hypocritical shit (we've come to expect of course) - Harper 'boycotting' some meeting in Sri Lanka because of some 'human rights issues' - I mean holy jumping fucking jeesus batman, the US is far and away the major human rights abuser in the history of the planet - but our gov, or the CBC, is not going to go there - further and further down the rabbit hole of utter fucking insanity we go ... - good ol AM and a very hostile interview, very aggressive, with some spokesperson from Sri Lanka, which is fine in a microcosm, as we want our journalists to probe when probing is called for and not play nicey-nice with people who don't deserve nicey-nice treatment - the problem is, with things that are really of concern to us here in Canada, not a fucking whisper, let alone hostile interviews - this kind of attack on anyone in the banking system stealing trillions would be the job of a real journalist - or the job of a real propagandist to cover it up entirely, which is what they do - with some 'interviews' such as this to keep people looking somewhere else. Or talking about diapers on the local shows. Good ol CBC.

>>> and then the PC crowd right on their fucking steroids again as they search for new lows to take us to - cigarette butts on the street is a major problem!!!! - yea, that's what they're telling us now. For various reasons you'd never put in a comic skit, they're too stupid, but good for the new CBC dumbed REALLLLLLY down child audience - for example, seeing a cigarette butt could make you start smoking OMG!!! - and etc - these people really need, as they say, to get a fucking life somehow. (yes, of course, we could have other questions directed at this lady if *this* was a 'hostile' interview - i.e. just how clean do you want your streets to be? That's the nature of a street, that they get dirty - do you want to outlaw muddy car tires on a rainy day? Muddy shoes? - I mean, sure it would be nice to have squeaky clean streets like you see in pictures, but it's not going to happen, given the nature of what goes on on the streets - this just gets into very ridiculous places very quickly. Which, of course, is a good deal of what the CBC is up to these days, rather than getting into things that 'adult citizens' might consider of some more importance, such as noted above - the TPP, internet censorship, etc etc. Etc etc etc etc.

geezus what an utterly outrageous bunch of people these PCers are becoming - EVERYbody must live their sterile little lives - long past time we started some serious pushback here ...

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