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Nov 17 - very interesting - Sunday Edition - an 'essay' from some nobody on 'why demonstrations are, kind of, you know, passe' - etc - could stand some deconstruction, if anyone was interested - all you folks just go home now, everything's FINE baby!!!! - only stupid old hippies or commies or something doing this stuff - not we cool people who listen to the CBC!! Ya man!!! - we just write clever little essays about how, really, like, there's just not much to protest about these days, our great (capitalist) society just the best thing ever you know - the new CBC, first and foremost shills for the NWO - y'all go on home now, folks, nothing interesting out here, just sit by your tvs or radio and we'll tell you what you need to know - y'all c'n trust the CBC now, Big Momma's right here ... I'd write something in response, but I have learned time and time and time again they have no interest in anything pointing out the real problems with that idea - no doubt next week they'll have a few teensy people with some teensy yeabuts, but nothing pointing out the real stuff going on, the furthering of the passive society and citizens that is the end goal of all this dumbing down, closer and closer every year ....

- just imagine this if it happened in Russia, or China, or Iran or Syria, or some place we (the rulers that is of course and their propaganda CBC et al media) didn't like and wanted to point out as many flaws as we could, real or mostly imagined - the horror and outrage would be palpable at this stuff. But happening in the US, our Great Leader? Nah, not a story ... sort of like Ford - somebody you don't like, well, you spend endless time looking for and blowing up rumors, but if your friends do it - well, that's their business, isn't it??

Nov 16 - and the House of course, emphasizing how truly dedicated the CBC is to the trivial, and keeping the important stuff out of the public eye (TPP anyone? Huh? wha' that??? - it's FORD and ALLEGATIONS of some sexually unallowed remark OMG!!!! Repeat: Allegations. Of a 'sexual remark'. We adults (haha) do NOT talk about sex!!! - you hear that??????? F-bomb!!! NONONONO fuck fuck fuck fuck. (actually that, like so much else these days, is not true - talking about sex by those we like is fine, good even, I imagine if some of the (very pathetic) so-called 'comedy' people working the current CBC made some pun that included the words 'eating' and 'wife' it would be tut-tutted a bit, but in the most friendly way, you naughty boy!! giggle giggle, and then on to other things no big deal - it's only a nono when somebody we do NOT like crosses some line that we can move around at will and start pretending how horrified we are that that evil man dared to say that OMGOMG what are we going to do??!!!! - but no point in getting into it, hypocrites never admit their two-faced approach to the world... like your average small-minded low intelligence teenager going after some kid they don't like, who is different for some reason, who does not meet their social gang requirements ...

Nov 15 - morning "news" - so - what's the latest development with the Ford case!!?? - gossip gossip gossip - our CBC - next we'll have Oprah on. gossip gossip gossip - News you need!!!!

>> again, Ottawa Morning on the 'Let's get Ford yea!!!!' bandwagon - they don't make themselves look good - again, they have a tape in which so-called 'reporters' (I will NOT call these clowns 'journalists') screaming and shouting like kids in a schoolyard at Ford.. - utterly pathetic - how could you trust these people to be telling you anything that qualified as 'news'? You couldn't, can't ...

>> and the Current, of course, some lady who hates Ford, allowed to vent - Rick asks 'are we at a new bottom?' - well, I expect not - they have been showing for a long time now that no matter how low they go, they can go lower (I expect he meant something else, they're all in a pack frenzy now, and don't realise that it is really them who are really on trial now - and every day they are showing us how much lower they can sink, how guilty they are of disgracing the entire institution of 'journalism' in Canada (we obviously have no one working in the corporate propaganda media who qualifies for that somewhat honorable appellation ...)

- krist, and the other 'big story' is, again, the aftermath of the Philippines hurricane - but it's all just gossip gossip gossip, or most of it - how do you feel? etc etc - NOT 'news' - but of course good emotional stuff for the children - (other stuff we could talk about? well - Foodbanks Canada - a total national scandal for years, we could be talking about people trying to do something about this, people talking about why this is happening, etc etc, rather than more gossip every day, or 'business' news, etc etc -

>> geezus fukking krist - now they have a "story" about how yoga might be bad for you!!!! - it might make you too flexible, but then you are more susceptible to some injuries!!! - what in the fuck does this have to do with ongoing "news" we need to know about???????? - dave, you GOTTA get to work here!!!! - good fucking jeezus now they are talking about labeling of ground beef!!!! - no real story, just a 'maybe this is happening, somebody told us!!!!!' - and of course rather than talking about anything real, here we go!!! - I find it hard sometimes to be calm and rational in the face of this endless dumbing down and propaganda, but gotta try!!!

- and AIH of course - CO utterly offended with some tv producer who is giving Ford a show to give his side of the story - thinks it is just terrible that he will have a chance to give his side of the story without a bloodthirst herd of screaming paparazzi in his face - a 'soapbox' they call it - it is perfectly fine, of course, for her and the rest of the CBC to endlessly push their point of view from their own soapbox, hours and hours every day, but it is not acceptable that Ford should get a few minutes chance to respond in a non-hostile environment without a gang of screaming gossipers in his face - these people are very, very, very bad people - the worst kind of mob violence instigators - she is very hostile with the tv producer, you are NOT allowed to support anyone they have decreed guilty!!! GET ON THE BANDWAGON OR WE'RE COMING AFTER YOU TOO!!!! - the tv guy is not very good in defence, you don't expect much from Sun - but CO leaves herself open a lot but he misses it - eg she says this is an election period and Ford is getting free time that is bad - but a bit of time for Ford does not even come near to the endless ongoing screaming from the CBC about 'You people cannot elect this man again, can you? No no NONONO!!! etc etc etc' - and on and on - when sane people take over and look back on this, there will be a chapter in the book on these people, as an example of media gone totally crazy -

- and CO/AIH showing their 'live in the now!!!' childish attitude about the Senate - interviewing Ghiz from PEI, she starts off - 'the senate has been mired in scandal for months, how can you support it???' it is, of course, just stupid and childish to continually react as if something happening 'now' must be considered in a vacuum, with no historical or other context, but that is the dumbed-down world we are living in, thanks to the CBC and other Cdn media the last lot of years - And again, of course, the deeper message is that you are expected to do as Momma CBC tells you! - WE KNOW WHAT IS RIGHT!!! YOU MUST FOLLOW!!! - this is a lot of stuff, but 'journalism' is certainly not among them - it is getting more and more over the top every year. She just attacks Ghiz, again - again and again, using the CBC as their personal bully pulpit to attack anyone who dares hold an opinion other than theirs ...

Nov 14 - """news""" - CBC piling on Ford - a whole list of "allegations", he might have, somebody said.. etc - but for the CBC, somebody gossips, and it's gospel!! gasp gasp!! - as I have said over and over, never never think these people cannot go lower -

>> thinking about it, the first impulse is that the CBC is just acting childish, but of course a deeper reflection tells you this is the ruling class in action, creating the narrative - they push this massive, ridiculous propaganda, but many, many citizens are obviously very 'suggestive', and after enough reps in the ""news"" will think they actually believe this stuff - voile, mission accomplished.

(meanwhile, of course, big important social happenings in PEI - some lady wants to start a 'diaper conversation', and we spend a good part of time exploring this important topic. (nothing else to talk about? haha not actually, there's a LOT of important stuff going on - we could start here - World Bank Insider Blows Whistle on Corruption or maybe this - the TPP and what it means for Canadians - it may be there are more Island Morning listeners more interested in diapers than in what is going on with the net, I don't suppose we're ever going to know from listening to the CBC - but of course there may be more people on PEI, if you count the kids and stuff, who think eating ice cream is better than eating veggies, but that doesn't actually mean we should shut down the farms and ramp up the ice cream factories ... )

>> and later cruising past Ottawa Morning - we learn that Robyn has found some people with relatives in the Philippines - so let's have a personal chat about how they are doing (Robyn gasps in pleasure when one says she heard from her father!!) - fuck, this is not fucking 'news' - I guess I better calm down, you KNOW that 'news' is not what is going on here - kids talking to kids, creating the hive mind, a hive mind of little people, little people whose lives and ideas are completely in their little homes and little jobs, no thought about who is running the hive, presenting no challenge to the queen bees ..

>> the Current - some stunningly hypocritical shit (we've come to expect of course) - Harper 'boycotting' some meeting in Sri Lanka because of some 'human rights issues' - I mean holy jumping fucking jeesus batman, the US is far and away the major human rights abuser in the history of the planet - but our gov, or the CBC, is not going to go there - further and further down the rabbit hole of utter fucking insanity we go ... - good ol AM and a very hostile interview, very aggressive, with some spokesperson from Sri Lanka, which is fine in a microcosm, as we want our journalists to probe when probing is called for and not play nicey-nice with people who don't deserve nicey-nice treatment - the problem is, with things that are really of concern to us here in Canada, not a fucking whisper, let alone hostile interviews - this kind of attack on anyone in the banking system stealing trillions would be the job of a real journalist - or the job of a real propagandist to cover it up entirely, which is what they do - with some 'interviews' such as this to keep people looking somewhere else. Or talking about diapers on the local shows. Good ol CBC.

>>> and then the PC crowd right on their fucking steroids again as they search for new lows to take us to - cigarette butts on the street is a major problem!!!! - yea, that's what they're telling us now. For various reasons you'd never put in a comic skit, they're too stupid, but good for the new CBC dumbed REALLLLLLY down child audience - for example, seeing a cigarette butt could make you start smoking OMG!!! - and etc - these people really need, as they say, to get a fucking life somehow. (yes, of course, we could have other questions directed at this lady if *this* was a 'hostile' interview - i.e. just how clean do you want your streets to be? That's the nature of a street, that they get dirty - do you want to outlaw muddy car tires on a rainy day? Muddy shoes? - I mean, sure it would be nice to have squeaky clean streets like you see in pictures, but it's not going to happen, given the nature of what goes on on the streets - this just gets into very ridiculous places very quickly. Which, of course, is a good deal of what the CBC is up to these days, rather than getting into things that 'adult citizens' might consider of some more importance, such as noted above - the TPP, internet censorship, etc etc. Etc etc etc etc.

geezus what an utterly outrageous bunch of people these PCers are becoming - EVERYbody must live their sterile little lives - long past time we started some serious pushback here ...

Nov 13 - business promo again - the new CBC!!! - Island Morning quite shamelessly promoting the 'grand new opening!!' of some place called 'Target' - "business digest" - I don't think they EVER have any interviews with any of the island poor folk, let alone regularly - not the 'target' audience for the CBC, I guess ..

>> morning "news" - crying man from the Philippines. every day, somebody crying. it's a tragedy what happened - are crying people news though? Does that give us any more information a real news service would be providing? Odd the ""reporters"" seem so constrained - they are constantly telling us that there is relief nearby, but the people crying are not getting it - could a real journalist manage to track down some of this supposed relief and find out what is happening? Could they ever be useful, do you suppose? haha rhetorical question - they're obviously very useful to the people running our country, and quite the reverse to most of us ...

>> still amazed at how many people still seem to accept Ford - they are, I guess, completely oblivious to the fact that people naturally support underdogs, and (I would guess) a GREAT deal of the support for Ford is simply anger at how the CBC and Star, and others lesser so, have been attacking him the last few months, like a gang of mindless children chasing around somebody they don't like for some reason that isn't that important to others ..

>> and the Current, some man breaks out in tears asking the UN for help - then she gets some guy and keeps asking him 'How did it feel?? How did it feel??' and etc - they just reach for emotion, which is the enemy,or an enemy, of intelligence - that's what they're up to - get people operating on an emotional level, which can be easily manipulated and controlled ... (the people listening to the CBC as if it was god are getting the message - the CBC believes this is how people should behave, and react, and what they should think important - so we will feel that way too - it is certainly easier to behave as a helpless child and leave important things up to 'the adults' than to get involved with hard things yourself ..

Nov 12 - CBC showing in big letters the last couple of days how truly they all are devoted to getting people talking about utter trivialities - the 'minor scandal' of Trudeau's 'women's night' party - AND he said something about China, that idiots can misconstrue - a bit funny on Ottawa Morning, RB talking to some "analyst" who says he still can't figure out what Trudeau meant, and complains that Trudeau was inarticulate - and he is amazingly semi-literate himself as he talks! - (and they are now openly and officially getting a lot of their """news"""" ???!!!hahaha) from Twitter!!!!) - amazing CBC. your country???? - no point in even pointing out how ironic this is, they wouldn't get it ...

{{ and yes, as always, there are many, many things 'informed engaged' Canadians could be talking about that had some use, some meaning - for example - http://www.caledoninst.org/Publications/PDF/1025ENG.pdf - there are talks like this going on all across the country, every day, caring, engaged people trying to make our country better - the kind of people Gzowksi used to talk to when we had a real CBC - but now we have 20 minutes every morning talking, 2-3 times about the same things, sports, or the latest teen band, or what kids are doing on Facebook, and an endless stream of utter trivialities - it is not a matter of 'not having anything to talk about, so we look for the best stuff available' - no, it is a matter of intentionally dumbing down people to a child's level of interests, thinking their daily 'dramas' on twitter or facebook are what is actually important in the country, and etc. }}

Nov 11 - Philippines typhoon - great place for a crying lady - 'Canada must give aid.' - the "news" in the new CBC ...

>>Island Morning - an interview with somebody who wants to be an NDP candidate - so perfectly in the box, not a word about real things ... we have great ideas about rearranging them deck chairs !! - you bet.

- Ottawa morning - interview (probably on every CBC morning show) with the author of a book talking about kids who enlisted underage to fight in one of the big wars. No doubt of some interest, as long as you agree with all of the propaganda about everything - but that might have been a more useful story, actually - how they made the propaganda so great that these kids enlisted. But again - a lot of other stories we could talk about - the horrors of war, connected with the current propaganda urging people to go bombing in a lot of other places, etc etc. haha not going to happen soon. Get that Green Island Road Show underway, and see what you can do, bud - nobody else is going to do it ...

>> and Robyn finds somebody to interview about the Philippines too - 'what does it feel like to hear the town you grew up in was wiped out??' - good god.

>> national """news""" - some people don't like Air Canada's air miles program. pause. repeat. huh???? ""news"" ???? Canadians need to know this???? - actually good for deconstruction - many Cdns probably do agree, and consider this stuff they need to be told about. Think about it. We have major, major so-called 'trade' agreements under way in various countries, nobody knows about, or cares about, although their lives are going to be considerably affected by them. As I said - good for deconstruction, except nobody would be reading it so why waste the time?

Nov 10 - Enright joining the Ford attack farce - sad to see, whatever shreds of 'reality' he had left after the last few years are no more ...

Nov 8 - Rick ??MacKinnes?? Ray doing his part in the Ford hatchet job - every idea, every word, worthy of deconstruction if anyone wanted to be bothered ...

- Ottawa Morning on the same bandwagon - petulant, stupid children running the country's once proud CBC - how sad.

- AIH - mocking the city of Toronto (banana man) - doing what they can to bring the city into disrepute, because they are sulking like petulant spoiled children that the mayor won't quit after months and months of their hammering at him. It is very obviously the media themselves bringing whatever disrepute is coming to Toronto - children at play .... or typical capitalists, making bad decisions, forcing others to do things, then blaming everyone else when things go wrong ...

Nov 7 - Island morning - talking to some guy who tells us working until you are older is better!! - people like it!!! - right.

AOH - my my, CO seems to be finding just a smidgen of conscience or something - there is a 'shocking new tape!!!!' of Ford, drunk and ranting at a private party, that some people are saying how bad it shows him to be - but CO has the tiny bit of decency to ask them - do you think a person should be accountable for what they say when they think they are with friends in private.. - of course we're going to forget about that idea entirely in a day or two ...

Nov 6 - CBC still going bananas over 'this great story!!!' - crap, it's a minor story they're making a spectacle of - good way to justify a lot of time NOT looking at important things ... 'how can he possible continue?!?' - the good ol PC crowd - how can anybody do anything when we right-thinking people disapprove?!?!?! - sometimes you just hope there is justice in this universe somewhere, and you're around when people like this run into it ...

>> and Duffy, the little smug reporters - the one so proud of himself you can hear the little proud smile in his voice that he actually knows John Donne the poet and can quote him - 'the bell tolls for thee!' - completely oblivious, as are they all, that this kind of commentary has nothing to do with 'news' - good ol CBC, deciding what people should think, and doing their part to create that narrative

Nov 5 - Island Morning - lady who lost her teeth because the gov would not help her - intrepid young reporter - 'How has not having teeth impacted your life?' fuck. how do these people get out of school? haha - the dumber they make you the more they like it ...

Nov 3 - CBC people keep commenting, they are amazed that after the latest terrible revelations, approval of Ford has actually gone up!!! OMFG what is WRONG with those people!!!???? - I guess the obvious right in their face stuff is just someplace they cannot go - Ford has more credibility than the media. haha. you've maybe overstretched this time, guys. looks good on ya.

Nov 2 - interesting how almost every time they talk about Harper et al, they mention 'the base' - either just an 'in' new word they are overusing as amateurs tend to do, or there is something else going on, encouraging a 'divide and conquer' thing of some sort - or just the teens in charge finding a cool new word to use as often as possible to show how 'in' they are. Or Orwellian dumbing down. All you know for sure these days is that it's not likely 'real journalism' in action in any way.

Day 6 jumping on the 'look at that bad Ford man!!!!' bandwagon. surprise surprise!! - radio of, by and for petty amateurs. (actually, for some honesty, as part of the overall 'look at that bad man we nice children are SOOOOO shocked!!!!!' stuff, they have the former Ford chief of staff and allow him to speak freely with overall a good defence of Ford..)

Nov 1 - CBC and Star going crazy about **apparent** 'revelations' about the Ford story - the 'police chief' did not say anything specific, but the child-reporters are going crazy as if this is proof - I hate to be vindictive, but I really hope these guys take a big, big fall - this kind of petty, vindictive childish crap deserves a really big slap in the face, a really big WAKE THE FUCK UP call ... - I suppose that's expecting way too much, even if they prove to be completely wrong, they'll never admit anything, just start with the excuses about how they were fooled, etc etc - we shall see soon, I hope ..

>>> geezus they get really bad with their petty justifications - Ford's lawyer says let the vid come out and the public decide - but the CBC "???' says 'but I am standing at the court house, where the Law decides..' - but of course, there are no charges!!!! - so it is the condemnation of the CBC against the court of public opinion - they're going to lose ...

((( also quite interesting to think about the different approaches to 'alleged' wrongdoing of Ford - and of Harper et al - with Harper, it's all a big spectacle, just "neutral" """ haha 'reporting' """ - with Ford, it's very, very personal - another sign of how mickey mouse these people are, the new very much NOT improved CBC ... ))

>> followed by a 'money' show - some popular advisor telling people how to get along in Capitalistland - not identified that way, of course, but telling the children how to manage in this ever harsher environment, and still pretend it's all so wonderful!!! - the "adult"-child interviewees are completely clueless, the 'host' not much better - talking about how to get along in the box, etc - no connection to reality at all

later - AIH up to the same shit - they are completely blind as to their role in what is going on - Rick MR asks a Ford supporter if she is sad about how the reputation of the city is suffering - they are obviously oblivious to the fact that it is entirely the media who is causing all the damage, by their continual vendetta against Ford - he just hounds the lady they have on who supports Ford - very pathetic - she also makes the CBC look bad, by her honesty, and their blindness to their hatred of someone who they have decided needs to go, and etc - the 'liberal elite' in action, indeed -

Oct 30 - the Current - ramping up the attack on them damned old people and the pensions that are going to make all the poor young people poor. pretty blatant - and so few people understand the lies behind it all. - so many lies, needs a bit of major work - i.e. damned Cdns not saving enough - but they don't talk about why. etc. ("..statistically, the better off people have RRSPs.." - !!!!!!! my my what a surprise!!!! - fuck. >>> and then double barrelled - they have some lady talking about how people should control their spending and credit cards - it's YOUR fault we have problems, people!!!!! - good children don't accuse their parents of mismanaging the country's finances. Certainly the young people today, and many older people, have no clue about what is going on and how to manage money, but as the guy said, the buck stops at the top. Don't blame the victims.

Oct 27 - more 'adults' - re the US spying story - talking like a teenager, emphasizing syllables - '..and start rePAIRing this DAMage..!!??' - and etc - like awestruck teenagers with the expression in the voice - the new 'professionalism' of the CBC ...

>> and ongoing, more killing in Iraq, Syria kids getting polio - just tut-tutting about how awful the world is - not a WORD about how they helped cause it all, with their propaganda. haha. just the way the out of the box mind works. Of COURSE they're not talking about that!!!

Oct 26 - "news" - '..of course, the House is all over this story as well..' - that's just so cool to talk like that ... the 'new professional' of the CBC - teens with teen language. problem is, they have teen brains and understandings of what is going on as well, or at least that is what they are 'educating' their new listeners to be

Oct 24 - 'business' digest (Island morning) - 'Shopper's drug mart has a new promotional program..' - ???? this is 'news' in what way?? - blatant shilling for a big corp - the new mandate of the CBC ... or part of it - propaganda etc first, of course ..

-- then our intrepid well-trained 'reporter' talking about dentists being asked to look for celiac disease signs - 'because ?? can cause health implications..' - really.

- and then one of the schoolgirl reporters asking around Halifax if the people know where 'the birthplace of Confederation' is - about 90+% have no idea -

Oct 22 - CBC all in a big excitement over 'the Duffy scandal!!!!' - actually, when you stand back from the media's attempt to create frenzy, it's all pretty small stuff - of some interest, but major scandal? Not even close. Good smokescreen, I guess, while the initial 15 minutes of fame dies down over the new 'free trade' deal - which, in any decent media, would be being very, very closely examined - actually, that's not even true, in any real media, this proposed deal would have been closely examined long ago, and all Canadians would understand what was actually happening, which currently nobody does, really, at all - a few soundbites about cheese and beef, and how just in general we'll all save lots of money - not a single specific instance, of course, just general promises. Etc etc. Same old same old.

Oct 21 - Ottawa Morning - talking to some guy (Lewis McKenzie) about the closing of the Pearson Peacekeeping Center - and she shows her deep indoctrination (or a scripted questions) - as she asks 'What about Syria? Could we have done something there, to get evidence for when Assad goes to the ICC?' (haha) - etc etc -

>> and before that, she talks to Don Newman about his new book, his life in politics - and this could be used to talk about 'the box', with the above interview (and many others of course) - once you establish the box parameters, then everything they say is perfectly sane, and sincere etc - if you remove the 'uber government', and believe that the Commons is the 'top of the heap', and the 'journalists' really are doing their job watching politicians and there is nothing more to watch, etc etc - it all makes sense and holds together - it is only when you see outside the box that everything starts to look like cloud cuckooland .. but it is a very weak construct, once you are outside the box, the propaganda is so obvious in some places, and if you acknowledge the propaganda, then it all falls apart - so there is a place where the people calling themselves 'journalists' either have to admit they are very stupid, or they are actually working for the corporate propagandists - places, of course, that never get talked about in the MSM

Oct 19 - 'the streets of Rome were eerily deserted..' - good ol professional journalism at the CBC ..

Oct 18 - 'news' about Montreal riots - 'police cruisers torched' - great stuff they're teaching in j-school, and accepting at the 'mother corp'.

Oct 17 - Current - talking about the PC issue of 'genocide' of the Cdn FNs - interesting how propaganda works, always - they 'officially' recognize 5 genocides - all from people we now recognize as 'baaaad people' - but the American genocide of Native Americans, very obviously much more a genocide than some of the other things, is not among them. Something deeper going on here, as what was done in Canada is pretty obviously *not* qualifiable as this, but the Americans are .. but there is some way Cdns are supposed to hang their heads in shame here, and let other people do things to them - not entirely clear as I said, but something going on here - crimes certainly were committed but not 'genocide' in Canada, attempted or otherwise. - the proponent here is talking about 'the willful deaths of thousands of children..' - hmmmm - then where does he put the willful deaths of half a fucking million Iraqi children by the US, or the far worse killings and murders in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, or their support for the attempted genocide in East Timor, or etc etc etc etc ?????? (OMG We're not talking about that!!!!!!!!!!!! wehadtostopthemonsterareyouaterrorist?????)

Oct 16 - morning "news" - selling the 'terrible danger of the US debt crisis OMG!!!!' still - wonderland rules. - also 'creating the narrative' - letting us know what 'the budget' will contain from the Cons, and how it affects us. No need for you folks out there to think! - we'll tell you what you need to know!

>> indoc maint - 'Iran is stepping up the rhetoric about not building or wanting a nuclear bomb!!' - actually, Iran is not doing any 'rhetoric' at all - it is the US, primarily, and Canada (the Cons that is to say) with all of the rhetoric - Iran is simply denying the accusations of these people, which is not 'rhetoric' - another example of the quite long list of 'perverse lies' of the NWO people, accusing others of some ungood thing you are doing yourself, and using the media you own to push the propaganda day after day until people just start believing it by default, or getting too worn out to resist any longer

AIH - again, blatant creating the narrative - 'we will tell you what (the budget speech) means for you!' - obviously, 'you', the Cdn citizen listening to the CBC, aren't clever enough to figure out this for yourself - and there's no need to!! - we'll tell you!

- geezus dumbing down big - they have a talk with the 'scientist' who found the 'sea monster' (aka oar fish for adults) in California - she talks like a 14 year old - and then CO telling her she is not acting like a normal adult - most people run in terror from something like this - normal behaviour for us!!!! (actually normal childish behaviour, which is the 'new normal' for the 'new citizen', let's not forget).

Oct 12 - the House - damage control again - oh, the Brazil 'spying' was not serious, and hey! - we were just helping our buds the US who were behind it all - and sure, it just means we need a bit more oversight from parliamentarians (***NOTE - the drive by indocmaint - 'parliamentarians' - more correctly known as sellouts betraying Canadians, working against us for Bay St money ... call em MPs if you want, that's vaguely at least truthful, but a 'parliamentarian' is someone deserving of respect - there are thin arguments for respecting some of these clowns, but very big arguments for putting a lot more of them in jail.... ) - again, rather odd we don't get the same 'no story here move on folks!!!' POV when somebody accuses them damned Chinese of 'spying' on us, stealing industrial secrets, etc - pretty serious then ....

>> the House is 'finishing' their 'best ideas (from readers) for fixing our struggling democracy' - end parties, more transparency, forbid committees form going 'in camera', MP of the week award (ES thinks question period shouting is 'democracy in action' - really), make MPs sit together (??), making MPs ask questions from constituents in QP - one sort of radical, useful idea, a lot of fluff, and avoiding entirely the major problems

Oct 11 - some 'report' from some Cdn involved with the "team" who just won the Nobel peace prize - obviously not even pretending to be anything but political crap, Obama the dronist from last year, joining the company of Kissinger the 'honored' mass murderer of southeast Asia, now people who can be identified as fronting for US war-mongering - 'peace' prize. fuck. one dislikes unnecessary vulgarity, but very obviously, like anything the capitalists get involved with, it's more accurately now the piece of shit prize. - with this 'team', they once again try to conflate the idea that 'sure, we found chemicals were used to kill these children..' with ' and that of course proves Assad is a monster' - no connection, they are too clever to say so directly (not a high bar here, this is blatant propaganda to any thinking person, but of course that is not a big enough audience these days, apparently, for them to be worrying about ... ), but they imply it with everything they say ..

- and more propaganda, 'they bad!!!! (and therefore We Good!!)' - some guy freed from an Iranian prison - this is undoubtedly an unpleasant place to be - but as always what identifies it as propaganda is the almost complete disinterest in equally bad, or far worse, situations in the Great God to the South prisons - hundreds of thousands of basically innocent people in American prisons, wasted lives, but no prob!!! -

- the Current - right into the rewriting of history already - 'Syria is getting rid of its chemical weapons because of negotiations..' !!!!!! - right - the US threatening to bomb the shit out of the country in open (you know, like Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, etc) had nothing to do with it. haha. propaganda is so enlightening ...

- interview with nice lady about the "piece of shit" prize who starts with '..I'm very happy with the selection..' - good, going to get some 'truth' out of her haha

- listen to the host - 'a relatively unknown group on the ground who was disarming countries' - fuck is she really that stupid???? If she's **really** smart enough for this job, she shouldn't confuse her sentences that much - the 'group' is carrying out the work of things that were decided before it got called - they are not some superman going around disarming people whether they like it or not or agree or not, as the sentence says - fuck. and the second guest, a former PC MP, right into the propaganda as well - this gets really hard to listen to sometimes, these people obviously lying like that

AIH - friendly platform for the CCCE to ask 'What is wrong with you Cdns you are not pushing the Canada-EU trade deal?'

Oct 10 - morning "news" right into the 'indoc maintenance' - talking about the Libya kidnapping - 'two years after the revolution that got rid of Gaddaffi' - well, that will be the 'official history' - but it is of course dissembling to the point of a lie - it was a couple of months of heavy duty NATO bombing - including proud member of the 'international war criminals club' Canada - the shit out of everything remotely related to Gaddaffi that caused his 'downfall' - but of course that doesn't fit with the official propaganda - the Ministry of Truth narrative - so we won't talk about it. As we won't hear anything about the 45% faux-majority in Nova Scotia, or what the fuck is going on with the US invading other countries to kidnap people, etc etc. Or how maybe, given the chaos in Libya, Iraq, taking over Syria, maybe we should be talking about what good this bombing actually is doing - who is benefiting? - as very obviously it is NOT the 'average people' of these countries ... haha just a little levity, very obviously we're not going anywhere near a talk like THAT on propaganda central CBC ...

Ottawa Morning - damage control re the Greenwald story about Cdns spying on Brazil, some Cdn 'security expert' - oh, heck, everybody does it, we're just looking out for Canadian business, you should thank us!!! - carry on folks, no story here!! - the general spin - which is probably true as far as it goes - but it would be a bit more convincing if we revisited some of the stories of the last year about 'That damned China spying on Canadians this is unacceptable!!!!' and etc ... no voices of 'calm down here' to be heard about China ...

The Current - bully pulpit trashing of the Libs of Ontario - a reporter giving the canceled gas plant story and painting it in the most negative possible light, with the full cooperation of AM - then a talk with some guy from the Libs, and it's just completely aggressive - as with the ongoing Ford stuff, just trashing, as if this was some kind of 'news' - acting just like the worst kind of rightwing press, not like the CBC we used to have, so many years ago .. as noted often, 'aggressive' journalists are fine, when they are aggressive in the right places, but we never have any aggressive questioning of, oh, people wanting to bomb Syria, or people pushing the big 'austerity' scam, and etc etc - all spin from whatever direction supports the NWO-CRR ..

>> and then on to indoc maintenance - terrible Hamas terrorists always bombing poor innocent Israel etc etc - quite a piece of propaganda - the poor terribly injured little girl, the so so SO human Israeli father just trying to forgive that monster terrorist who did this terrible thing, etc etc - sounds so good - but but but - from outside the box here, we wonder - when was the last time we heard from someone whose family was killed by an American drone of some kind, or some other "accidental" killing of little kids on bikes or something, from some drugged up American GI who really didn't want to be in 'sandland' trying to stay alive in a place everyone wanted them dead? When have we ever heard the thousands of American 'collateral damage' deaths 'terrorist bombings' and etc??? When you realise how one-sided the whole thing is, you realise - it is, then, all just propaganda, if we only hear from one side of things, in a very sympathetic light, with the very strong implication that 'they' on 'the other side' are just monsters ... ministry of truth bullshit, in other words, you can't believe anything they say, when you understand their true agenda ..

AIH - more damage control over Cdn spying on Brazil - a Brazilian senator telling them it's not all that important, etc etc - still remember the 'revelations' of China spying on Canada being met with utter outrage, no pacifying interviews THERE, by golly!!

- at the end, showing very clearly they are the corporate state propagandist, 'we good guys, they bad guys!!', taking a meaningless run at Putin and Russia over some Olympic problems

Oct 8 - the Current - on the Egypt prisoners - obviously some 'behind the scenes' connection here, for the media to be taking such an interest in such a trivial case - the Egyptian gov just massacred a whole big gang of people, again, and not a word on the CBC!!!! - just these two guys having trouble getting on a plane - spectacle creation in action - not 'news' - there's 'campaigns' of all kinds out there, 99++% don't get this attention - something behind the scenes, getting the CBC to use their 'bully pulpit', yet once again, for personal reasons rather than 'the public good' - more signs of complete decrepitcy

Ottawa Morning - Robyn - the picture becomes clearer, she is totally brainwashed, the 'new' generation of completely zombied hosts which will form the core of the CBC in years to come - story on 'health journalism' - "... we 'regular' journalists pride ourselves in getting both sides of the story ..' - !!!!!!!!! - seriously Robyn. Not quite always - when you talk about Syria, for instance, you **NEVER** look for both sides - 'why can't Cdns understand we need to bomb that monster in Syria to save those poor innocent women and children??' -paraphrasing, but you've said that, something like it, more than once - and the story is a great, great deal more nuanced than 'Assad the monster', which is, simply, the American propaganda position - other things, you ask people needing money 'where it will come from since we have such a terrible debt problem' - which is plain gatekeeping, as noted elsewhere .. (and just this whole story - you in the mainstream media are entirely 'pro-vaccination', the government position - but it is a great deal, again, more nuanced - the people opposed to vaccinations have real concerns, but you'd never know it to listen to the CBC ,,,

and the the Current - very moving interview with the young girl shot (they say) by the Taliban - very moving if true - but what they don't EVER talk about on the CBC is the young Kuwaiti girl crying about the terrible Iraqi soldiers throwing babies on the floor, very very moving also - and a **complete** lie, it later turned out, once the American people, and others, were angry enough to let the Americans go bombing; nor do they **ever** get into the way people feel who have been brutalised by the Americans, in many ways, over the last few months, or years, or decades - and telling us to feel really angry at one side of a conflict, and by contrast think nicely about the other side, which is actually just as bad, if not worse, really, is nothing more than propaganda, and puts the whole thing into question, no matter how moving or nice the person seems - never does to forget what expert propagandists these people are, how good the actors they hire all (all of the major 'news' show hosts are quite obviously first actors, only secondly anything else) - here, one also wonders about some things - for a remote Pakistani villager, she speaks awfully good English - also, it seems a bit odd, upon reflection, that a trained gunman, in a busful of children not threatening him or resisting, at close range with 3 shots, failed to kill the kid. And she says 'god' a few times - if she's such a good Muslim, wouldn't she be saying Allah? And she uses the word 'terrorist' a number of times - one wonders if kids in a small village in Pakistan think of the Taliban this way? We've certainly been heavily indoctrinated in western countries to use this word - but are they really calling themselves terrorists in the Muslim countries we are referring to??? Hmmmmm - lots of questions .... not the least of them being - anyone the mainstream media, and Cdn government, are billing as a 'hero' of some sort is working for them - and if you're working for them, you're not working for us. I'm sure I sound like a monster for daring to say this, and maybe she is 'the real deal', but you need to remember how many times these very same people have lied to us, very convincingly, often using just such innocent and sweet appearing dupes to sell their story. And be skeptical. Very, very skeptical. - and so it goes.

AIH - Indoc Maintenance, ongoing - the Nova Scotia election - 'big majority for Libs, NDP given a message by voters' and etc - not a word (as in all the MSM) about the Libs actually getting about 45% of the vote - that is to say, **NOT** given a 'great majority victory' by the voters, just showing that more voters voted for them than any of the other two parties - but the rulers do NOT want PR which would hamper their agenda, so they continue supporting the FPTP system. And etc.

>> then the (also indoc maint) whitewash of the death of Paul Desmarais - talking to sockpuppet Paul Martin about what a grand fellow he was, with all of that wealth he *never* interfered in politics, or the media. Which other people have other ideas about - she could have talked to Andrew G Marshall who has other ideas - with considerable research to back it Canadian flag with green maple leafup - about what Mr Desmarais got up to in politics. But the CBC's job is to *stop* that sort of inquiry into real power, not encourage it. (don't look for AG Marshall on the CBC anytime soon! - Meet Canada's Ruling Oligarchy: Parasites-a-Plenty!

>> CO and the Globe still running after any rumor concerning Ford - as they finish talking, she says 'You know, a few months ago this would be a big story, but today it's not - why do you suppose that is??' - well, the obvious answer is that you've been crying wolf for months, and the wolf isn't here - not that many people outside of you bully pulpiters after Ford were ever much interested in your 'scandal' of the unverified video, and people don't put much credibility in you anymore overall - and this stuff is more like tabloid 'news' than real news (of course, that's what you are these days, with pablum and artificial 'scandals' and crying ladies being your main fare). But of course, she can't acknowledge this - so '..well, do you suppose this is the new norm?' - people working in the mayor's office who are serious criminals and nobody cares??? - talk about using the bully pulpit pushing personal agendas - the deep dark black days of the CBC, using their personal influence to go after somebody they don't like, with no evidence beyond rumors ....

>> and still pushing the 'story' of the two men in Egypt not being allowed to leave the country - very much a minor story, but two obviously very well connected young people getting media attention, as if it was a real story - the thing is, of course, there are many, many other stories out there NOT getting attention that might be of more real interest

Canadian flag with green maple leaf Great Green Island Road Show - coming soon, we hope ...

Oct 7 - Ottawa Morning - for the kids (aka 'adults', now 'adult kids' or something - a special segment on - wait for it - Why do the leaves change color at this time of years??!! Yea!!! - Adult programming, folks! Great!! (before this, some interview I half heard with some relative of the guys in Egypt - telling us how great Mr Harper and the other Great Canadians were for helping - and Robyn, of course, doing her bit as a good Canadian about this terrible situation ... )

>> the Current - on with the 'we are all just victims!!' meme - some 'guests' talking about the US gov shutdown - and in every case, the main thrust is 'How does this affect you personally'? - this is obviously of some importance to any individual, but of no value whatsoever as 'news' - we KNOW it has impacts - the 'news' would be why it is happening (the *real* why, not the idiotic shit they are talking about), and what the lies are that underlie it all ........ hmmmmmm I guess a corporate state propaganda doesn't really want to get into the *real* story here - but of course they have to do something, so back to spectacle, and making it personal rather than getting into the real, and bigger, story ...

AIH - the Irish voted to keep their Senate - and CO has a chat with somebody who was trying to get rid of it - all sympathy, 'what went wrong', etc - very obviously pushing the idea that 'senates' in general, at least for some countries like Ireland and Canada (nobody is mentioning the US Senate..) are useless and can be gotten rid of

Oct 6 - Maritime Morning - some 20-something 'Little Miss Perfect' doing a 'story' on taking away a 'smoking room' for hospital patients - the little 'I'm a good girl, I don't smoke, what do you suppose is wrong with those people?!!!' superior tone of her little PC voice is a bit much to take - as are all of these little PC army running around the CBC telling others how to live their lives - with the little half-witted 'real life example' of a fight in which somebody died - breaking up a fight over a cigarette. krist anything so shallow would never get a passing mark in any real journalism school - haha forget, they're extinct, like real 'journalists' these days -

- and the 'news' - a big celebration about US 'special forces' going into Libya and Somalia, and killing some people - this is just fucking unbelievable, that they not only do this international war crime, they're bragging about it on the CBC!!!!!! (and other media, of course) - unbelievable - we really are falling off the edge of the 'slippery slope' we've been on for awhile, right into never-never-land

09:00 "news" (and earlier - talking about the Russian Olympics again, ramping up the 'important' spectacle stories - the 'newscaster' actually says '..and this is neat - one of our reporters will participate' - fuck, kids for kids - they really have, in many ways, taken us another step lower this fall, another step dumber ..

Oct 5 - Halifax 'news' 07:00 - some prisoner escaped - YOU PEOPLE WORRY!!!! - a couple of interviews with people - 'How do you feel?' 'Oh, I'm worried - they might kidnap MY children!!' - krist, that is just raw bogeyman stories - the weekend gang, I guess, they have the instructions but not even the pretence of 'subtlety' whilst doing their obligatory scare-mongering - a couple of minutes later - some storm in the US, same 'interviews' - 'oh, I'm worried it might hit me' - not entirely clear why they are doing this, just hammering the 'Everybody is in danger!! Everybody be frightened of something!!' - this is 'news'?? - like to hear them try to justify that, but of course nobody will ever ask them this side of Green Island, where we see things a bit differently .. I suppose the new people, dumbed down 'reporters' they are bringing up to eventually populate the mid-management levels, actually do wander around being afraid, and are just doing what comes naturally to children, believing their own self-centered ideas are shared by everyone ..

>> the House - right on the 'OMG the sky is falling!!!!!' shit about the 'crisis' in the US - it's so ludicrous - imagine the CBC taking WWW seriously, or reporting the Roman 'bread and circuses' shit as if it was all 'real' - hard to know what to make of it all - either they have determined we are all fucking idiots they can put this shit over on, or its a kind of 'experiment', like the bandwagon experiment with the Alberta election last year - that didn't work, this may be a step back, it seems to be working, nobody seems to have any kind of clue as to what a total artificial 'crisis' it all is, made of, by and for the media to get the citizens under the bed because the sky is falling - if they believe this, we can go on to the next fairytale, until nobody has any brains at all left. Not that there's many brains left out there to count already, evidently ....

>> our 'learned' CBC "correspondents" - Cdn officials meeting in the 'resort city' of Bali..... right.

- Bachman again - 'one hit wonders', the only song from the 60s 'Sugar Sugar' by the Archies - everything else second-rate 'hits' from the 70s, 80s and 90s - they really are on a new drive now, wiping out all memory of the 60s - Ministry of Truth in action. Noticed Stan of Weekend Mornings showing signs of age too - he and his many old songs will no doubt soon be gone.

Oct 4 - oh wow!! a big new "investigative scandal!!!!' from the folks at CBC looking out for YOU!!! - apparently some vets have different ideas about how often a pet should get some vaccinations - so that means (they apparently believe) that those vets are ripping people off!!! And we got em!!!! - krist. They could just as easily have gone the other way - i.e. 'more alert' vets understand that the 'old' guidelines are not sufficient, and your pets are at danger if the old guides are followed - and some of them damned vets don't care if your loved pet dies because it did not get a vaccination!!!! - haha. all in the spin, as with everything - be interesting for some 'real' investigative people to have a look - there is always some reason besides 'we really care about the public interest that's our job!!!, which is so demonstrably not actually the case, these days - I would wager there would be a good chance that somebody either at the CBC or close to somebody at the CBC got one of these vaccinations for their pet, and then heard some story about too many vaccinations and got all snippy about *maybe* being 'ripped off' by an unnecessary vaccination for their doggie, and the good ol CBC, acting like people who own the bully pulpit as they have been doing for years and using it for whatever personal peeves they had/have, going after the "story". whatever, if there ever was a non-story, this is it. Well, maybe the one last year about germs in hotels, or the car rental people pretending damage that did not actually happen - whatever, way to go with the new season, CBC. Lower and lower and lower we go, where we stop, obviously nobody can predict....

AIH - CO showing her ideology again - arguing with some Irish guy defending their senate, which is about to be abolished - interesting, setting the ground for abolishing the Cdn senate - coming soon, full support of the CBC -

- from the BBC - interview with Glenn Greenwald - showing that they at the 'Beeb' are as firmly committed to protecting the NWO as they are at the CBC - this lady and CO from AIH would get along well together, leading female attack dogs for the corporate state propagandists - although the BBC may still have a bit more class - it is hard to imagine the CBC even interviewing somebody like Greenwald and letting him speak such truths about their beloved USA ...

Sad to notice - Randy Bachman seems to have gone over to the dark side - telling his music lovers what a really great outfit the CBC is, talking about how he listens to the Current and AIH every day - just more affirmation to those who have no idea what is really going on that they can trust the CBC - I mean, really, a normal but great guy like Randy wouldn't be part of any nasty plot, no way!!! - noticed this year he's seriously revised his earlier 'master play list' - used to be he had a lot of the great stuff from the 60s, but so far this year he's done a couple of shows with a lot of stuff from the 70s and 80s, and almost nothing from the 60s, or earlier - quite telling, since there was so little that could be called 'memorable' from the 70s or 80s - but as part of the NWO rewriting of history, that it all began in the 70s and 80s, and we don't want to remember the great 'era of hope' of the 60s, and the music and people associated with it (I suppose Randy could have been coerced, it certainly is a good enough 'job', what he does, and no doubt he could easily rationalize saying good things about his bosses to keep the checks etc coming ...)

Oct 3 - 07:00 "news" PEI - the "economics" specialist showing either what an idiot he is, or just doing propaganda (or both I suppose) - really ramping up the idiocy re the US 'debt ceiling' - The sky is falling people!!!!! Scary scary scary!!!!!' - krist it's unbelievable how many people seem to be buying such obvious shit (there is a lot of stuff out there that indicates a lot of people are understanding this, but the CBC is not among them, evidently ... on message all the time - )

Ottawa Morning - a big debate over not enough women on the supreme court - smoke and mirrors, we need to talk about who controls the supreme court, as in who they work for, and etc - it doesn't matter if the rat wearing the robes is male or female, it matters who they are working for, and the Cdn SC is NOT working 'for' Canadians, but the rulers - last buffer between 'we the people' and those who rule, appointed by, and working for, Power - and one of the deep, deep indoctrination things that people are well taught to NEVER question, in terms of their 'integrity' - necessary, of course

Current - a new book about 'Canadians as consumers' when dealing with politics (In the Box - Susan Delacourt) - a good addition to the CRR - adding some in-the-box explanations about how the citizens are controlled by advertising - all very natural, nothing sinister, with some drive by 'apologetics' about things the polls got wrong the last couple of years - damage control - sounds good, but then they get to it at the end, the main message - the "journalists" are not doing propaganda (they don't use that word of course), for any of you out there sometimes wondering - but they are all being fooled by them darn nasty, but smart, advertising experts driving the new political advertising!!! - that's it - all just some clever advertising, no propaganda!!!! - right.

>> and then on to the weekly, or bi, or daily at times, demonisation of somebody - North Korea tonight - no doubt they have been up to some bad stuff, although you can never be sure if anything you hear via the MSM is accurate - but the propaganda cbc sheep throwing wolf shadowaspect is obvious just when you think about it - the US could be accused of equally bad things, and is, there is evidence to be found all over the net - but you never, never hear this kind of thing about the US - there are some stories when they cannot be avoided, but the tone is very, very different - with the US, it is some kind of accusation, and the US is allowed to defend itself, and it just comes to nothing - with people we don't like, like N Korea, there is no 'accusation', it is all just assumed to be true, anybody they find saying anything bad is 'true' (them VUCKING monsters!!!) - and etc.

Oct 2 - complaining about the conditions of a couple of Cdns in Egypt - not nice, but far from 'really terrible' - obviously after Egypt for some reason now - the thing, as always, of course, is - you could do stories like this, from the US, every day, and yet we almost never hear about the really nasty things the US gets up to every day - and of course the very odd time we do, it is not 'the damned US government!!!', as with Egypt or other places 'we' are trying to demonise, it's just some specific people, and both sides are given a chance to tell their stories, and it's just a 'controversy' of some kind - with people we have decided we don't like, there is no controversy, just 'damned monsters'

>> when you think of it, they are really trying to make a big story out of almost nothing - they only have a statement, and some person who has read it - 'what did you think when you read that statement' - just sit down and think about that, and try to figure where the real story is - as with so much propaganda, it is just a story made up out of nothing, or next to nothing ..

Oct 1 - the Current - back to the serious propaganda on Syria - 'a voice on the ground, just a normal citizen' - baaaaaaaaad government!!! (you all believe us, right?? Couldn't possibly be anyone in Syria supporting Assad... could there? you believe us right????? sure!!!! ... she starts off 'two years ago the country slid into revolution' - not US starting anything, no no no!!!! - it 'just happened', nice people opposing a baaaadddd gov, and they started killing nice innocent citizens, etc - lies and lies, as when they talk about the displaced people, etc, we are supposed to lay all the blame at Assad's feet - but really, it is the people who started the insurrection, and those who supported them, including the US, and their branch-plant propaganda org the CBC... - with the first girl - the main current propaganda point - oh, the international community are not acting, they just give Assad the chance to cold-bloodedly continue killing more of his own people etc etc - (god one would SO like to ask Ms Tremonti - do you remember the Kuwaiti girl telling all the terrible stories about the damned Iraqis?????? How are you so sure your little girl with the terrible stories is not lying too???? There are certainly a lot of other Canadian flag with green maple leafpeople you COULD talk to with other POVs of what is happening ... of course, one would never get anywhere near the CBC with questions like that, and one is sure Ms Tremonti is not giving up her 30 pieces of silver this late in the game ... ) ( alt view - History of US disinformation)

>>> jeezus if you want to hear modern "English' at its worst, listen to the guy selling his 'medical mariojuana' business (obviously some kind of new generation shyster, no matter how 'legitimate' his 'new business' is) - voice rises like a question at the end of almost every sentence, most of which he starts with 'so' - fuck that is SO fucking irritating -

Sept 30 Ottawa Morning - ramping up the propaganda re the US 'fiscal cliff', with a bit of drive-by mocking of 'Obamaacare' - a bit of a skit from SNL (I love it - I can be sick all the time and he'll pay!!!' - utter shit, but the main rightwing propaganda line reinforcing the MSM propaganda, so not surprising the 'austerity loving' CBC would be pushing this spin - and of course the whole 'debt ceiling' thing is such obvious wonderlandian lunacy to anyone who understands what is going on with money and credit, it's just another sign of how thoroughly indoctrinated EVERYone is around here - I mention what is going on with money-credit regularly and a lot of poepld seem to be reading What Happened - but nobody responds, no outrage, no questions - if nobody they look to as 'leaders' is telling them this, they are, it seems, incapable of going somewhere by themselves, even when I turn on a light and point to the door - no way hose!!!

>> and then another of the regular 'social management' segments - this time a fireman talks about how they go around to homes and do not leave if there is not a working smoke detector - obviously scripted questions (do you have any horror stories of someone dying who could have been saved if they had an alarm?) - this is not 'democracy', it is big momma state telling the children what they will do (all on board!! - Dave Brown tells us they were at his house a few weeks ago - great!! (so you do it too, if you want Momma to like you!!) - and the sports guy has a comment - point being simply you either have 'democracy' or you have Big Momma/Brother setting the rules and checking up on you to make sure you are being good boys and girls - it's not up to Big Momma to tell adult citizens how they should deal with issues of personal responsibility upon which there are differing opinions

The Current - talking about Diane Francis' new book - starts off with a drive by indoc maintenance comment - 'Mulroney won the FTA election!' - not really, of course, that's just what Cdns are supposed to believe - of course, he just got a plurality in a rigged system (not to mention with the help of a massive propaganda drive during the last few days from the media) - and still most Cdns rejected the FTA - but that's not what they are supposed to believe ... - and DF starts with her own lies - 35 million Cdns will be democrats - ?????!!!!!! - I think not! - and everything else she says is somewhere between BS and nonsense, worth a good deconstruction, but no time and nobody would read it anyway if their masters didn't give them approval to do so, and I seem to be on the overall 'Not approved! - no need to read anything from Green Island, WAAAAYYYY outside the 'approved' box...' - thing is, the CBC is letting her have her say - other things don't get talked about (Green Island, etc) - and it is of course, as is anything with any importance they do, semi-scripted to make sure the main points are covered in the desired way ..

Sept 28 - The House - Ignatieff on talking about his new book - this is deep and very sophisticated propaganda, telling us all how 'real' and 'legitimate' the system is - one would need much more space or time than I have in these short notes to deconstruct, but it is very, very obvious, to me at least, that this is indoctrination maintenance, etc etc - this is what we are supposed to believe, an 'honest' (if 'hardball') system, that Ignatieff won, and he was the leader making decisions, etc - and he really had the interests of Cdns at heart - whether or not you believe his ideas were the best, they were his ideas, and he really believed he was working for Cdns - as all leaders do and are - and all of which is, obviously from here outside the box, complete bullshit, and indoctrination - the real decisions are very obviously made in the meeting rooms of the wealthy owners of the country, and government, and the 'leaders' do what must be done to make the decisions of the rulers happen, and appear legitimate ...

>> and then they get on with their 'how to improve democracy' segment - with Bob Rae, one of the senior rulers, doing what he has to do to keep the peasants believing, as Ignatieff before - and aside from the 'listeners' suggestions', and those of Rae and whoever else they had on, listen to all the participants, a great 'fun' think, lots of laughter, all insiders just playing a game - the reality of a dying democracy just a theoretical, 'made-for-radio' 5-minute segment to them .... so-called 'journalists' and so-called 'parliamentarians' - actors and traitors all ..

Enright - a semi-decent story about cop abuse (very light, considering what they could be talking about) - and then a solid NWO 'let's get rid of this pension stuff!!!!!' piece - pure propaganda, not a WORD about what is really happening, or what is going on - just propaganda and lies

Sept 26 - morning news Ottawa Morning - right into the social control management - girl wearing a seatbelt in accident, and the seatbelt saved her life!!! - mmhmm - and now she wants to tell everyone what great things they are - she didn't used to wear one (just like you!!!!) - but now she has seen the light, and you should too!!! Yea, really!!! {{And what about somebody broadsided in the driver's door? Any accidents to report there??? - thought not ... haha}}

>> followed by some junior "reporters" talking about the bus accident - petty whining from kids who should have not got out of journalism school, one guy in a huff for the mayor saying they were basing stories on rumors - 'we don't do rumors!!' - hahaha. you sure as hell don't do what real journalists do either ...

>> and then Robyn is all offended at the Gilmour guy at UofT for not teaching women writers - how shallow and stupid this whole story is, just PC in overdrive lunacy - for example, a question they are NOT going to ask - if you had a woman teacher teaching woman writers - would that be the same sort of problem to you Robyn????? I rather doubt it ... the PCers in action - fascism is another way of describing it. Dumbing down - teaching people to be careful what they say ... free speech is saying what you know it is safe to say - double think (aka just not thinking ...)

Sept 25 - Ottawa Morning - hey kids - unreasonable fear is good!!! - on the 'news' some lady saying anytime she sees a double decker bus she feels scared OMG!!! - so that is ok, kids, it's all normal to have unreasonable fear - but don't worry, the adults are looking after you, go home and watch tv and don't worry - etc etc (I imagine in some wild flights of fancy some "journalist" instructor trying to deal with a question about this -'Mr Teacher, how exactly is the fact that this lady has 'a large bruise on her chin from hitting the seat in front of her when the bus suddenly stopped' 'news'? Sir?' - haha - soon be another career over for moi, I fear - 'journalism' school now specializes in turning out little drones who do as they are told, not who ask hard questions. Which, in its own way, isn't all that new - I've been getting in trouble all my life - going back to the 60s of the last century - for asking questions some people didn't care to have asked - kind of a habit now, and probably has something to do with why I'm wandering in the wilderness, me and my questions all alone, while the drones with some brains but less inclination to question authority are driving the big cars and making the big money)

Sept 24 - AIH - again, if WE do it (or the Great God America) it's OK!!! - if THEY do it - HEY BAD MAN!!! - Iran releases some political prisoners - they're so lucky!!! - but the US has far, far more fascistic stuff going on we NEVER hear about in the Cdn MSM, or when something gets big enough to get attention, there's no 'look at the bad US!!' talk, just a 'controversy' - is Snowden really a nasty terrorist spy, or a real journalist-cum-whistleblower? etc - little civilized debate, with people defending the US - and usually, of course, as with this, the CBC is very gentle with the government, even though, in this case, they are so obviously acting way outside of any democratic bounds - but with people we don't like, like Iran, it's all 'well, we know they're just evil undemocratic monsters and this is more proof..' etc - no debate needed, no defender of what happened from their point of view, just indoctrination maintenance - evil bastards. no questions need be asked.

>> case in point - as they look for anything to criticise places we don't like, or childish stories about poopy napkins or vanilla coming from a gland near the anus (oh yuck children!!!) - they manage to ignore any number of stories making the US look not so good, i.e. In Stinging Rebuke at UN, Brazilian President Rails Against NSA Spying - Rousseff directed scathing criticism at Obama immediately preceding the U.S. president's turn at the podium - maybe of more interest to any adults wandering around the country yet than crying mothers or childish yuck stories ... of course, those are the people the CBC is trying to marginalise, as we let the children take over, the so-easily manipulable children ...

>> or imagine a talk with this lady, a completely different view of what is going on in Syria and the whole mideast - but of course complete anathema to anyone interested in presenting a Manichean 'we GOOD they BAD we GOOD they BAD!!' view of the world, as propagandists wish to present .... no no no, the children want stories about yucky poop, or sad crying ladies to get emotional with!!!

>> I suppose you could think, 'Wow, what a great journalist fighting for Canada!' when you hear Ms Off using AIH to conduct a hostile interview with some guy from a BC mining company good enough to talk to her about some planned mine that some FNers don't like (evidently others do, we heard from the ones who don't like it, but nobody from those who do) - but if you are somewhere out of the CBC propaganda box, you have other thoughts - when you understand the great money scam that is being used as an excuse to deconstruct our democracy and support the NWOers, you have to think that it sure would be great to hear such aggressiveness, and disbelief in the voice, in some hostile interviews with government economists, or any "economists", supporting the current system - but no, we get none of that, of course, we just get whiny questions for people on the show complaining about defunding, about 'well, if you don't like losing some money (or students paying more tuition), where is the money coming from? The country is in deep financial problems, so why should you get more of a limited budget?' and etc, little tone of disbelief at how stupid the interviewee is at not understanding our situation - none of the very pointed questioning available for "economists" etc about 'why should banks create money out of thin air, and charge interest on it, anyway?' and etc etc, things that any true journalist would be wanting some explanation abut - and when you understand the whole story, you understand what the CBC is really up to - a very sophisticated propaganda-indoctrination program of the new corporate state, branch Canada.

>> interesting 'find' - the CBC was bragging about 'happy Canada' a couple of weeks ago - and not a word - not a single word - about this. I guess one can draw one's own conclusions about relying on the CBC for 'news', in terms of who they are working, and spinning, for.

Sept 23 - the Current - propaganda about some guy talking about the 'real story' of Afghanistan - you know he's doing propaganda from almost everything, but right from the beginning, when he says 'we journalists' - no real journalists get anywhere near the CBC ... (John Pilger, for instance ... Chris Hedges, talking about serious things ..) - by the middle, we see it is obviously one of the semi-scripted interviews - a 'this far and no farther' thing - oh, look, sure Cdns did some bad things, sort of, but it's really ok, excusable under the circumstances, but we were really trying to do good stuff ...

{{{{and note the drive-by indoc maintenance - just in passing, he says he got in a car, AM says, in feigned surprise/horror, 'but you didn't wear a seatbelt?!' - OMG!!! ALL GOOD CDNS WEAR SEAT BELTS!!!!!! - just drive by, as I said, for the dead of mind ...

Sept 22 - another sane, intelligent Canadian - which is why you won't find him anywhere near the CBC, interested only in corporate state propaganda and those willing to sell themselves to get a bit of air time, or are just working for the state already. Gowans on the Syria gas report

>> Enright - starts off with a long interview with a lady describing in detail her 'alcohol addiction' - drinking up to 3 glasses of wine a day OMG!!!! - there *may* be some kind of 'addiction' problem in these people (working women) and others - but as good as this show sounds on first listen (these are well-trained modern professionals, engaged in serious business, what else would you expect?) - if you can think independently, a rather glaring question is avoided - insofar as they are actually 'addicted' - WHY are they addicted? And they don't want to open that door, as the answer is obvious - the stresses created by an even more laissez-faire capitalist society is driving all kinds of people to look for what help or relief they can find, and alcohol is one of the easiest places to find escape. To deal with any problem, you don't deal with symptoms, you deal with root causes - but they don't want to go there, and this is an opportunity to, again, stress the 'you are helpless victim' (aka child) as an acceptable place for the modern adult who cannot cope to retreat to (the other thing they obviously don't talk about is that for such people, the modern pharmacy has some very nice chemicals that can, and will, be "legally" and acceptably given to such people - chemicals that will keep you quiet and inside your house and mind, rather than out in the street where you might possibly start thinking under the influence of alcohol ...

-- indoc maintenance - talking to the director of the Toronto Symphony - 'in parlous times financially' - and etc - of course, it's dumbing down times, and pretending we have no money is part of it - but this is the lie the CBC is charged with making people believe

-- and the 'news' after the first hour - a 'feature' bit on MMA - which is the modern, newage equiv of World Wide Wrestling - spectacle, staged shit for low-IQ, retarded development male teens - the new audience of the CBC, one supposes, or at least, the one they want to create ...

Sept 21 - morning "news" - Canada Post thinking of "jacking" its rates - fuck where do they learn this is acceptable???? - get to work bud if you want the adults back in charge ...

The House - starting right in with lots of big propaganda - NATO sec-gen - Assad did it, everyone knows this (the accepted dogma now - just like we knew Saddam had WMD and of course were basing all our talks on that, etc ) - and the rest of the world except Russia agrees - outright lies to start the season off on the right foot - obviously done some surveying over the summer - the NATO guy is talking about money now, we have to watch the bucks, pooling resources to save money, etc - obviously people have been wondering about program cutbacks but no problem with as much money as we need to go bombing around the world >> and more yet, let's get the basic propaganda down for the coming while - we have achieved what we wanted in Afghanistan, by golly !!! No failures there!!! haha!! what do you say to the Red Queen when she gets off on one of her tangents, and you know it's crazy, and you know she is surrounded by little munchkins too braindead or afraid to challenge here? We gotta get outta this place?

>> Canada Post - obviously on the chopping block, also a very negative story on the House - and the one actually possible idea that a 'true' democracy might explore here, combining it with a national bank, to keep the national service for those who need it, while providing a service we all need to carry the financial load, is dismissed outright. surprise surprise. we are NOT talking about THAT on the CBC!!!! Holy fuck Batman!!! - that's good for the people - that's not what we do here!!!!! You wanna talk about stuff good for the people and not the rulers, start your own fucking radio station!!!! {{hmmm not a bad idea - coming soon, maybe... - a true Canadian Broadcasting Service, rather than the CCBC - Corporate Canada BC..) A from the website

- obligatory crying lady moment - a bit on the Ottawa bus story - starts with a sobbing lady - gets so obvious when you know about it .. so many things to choose from, why a sobbing lady?????

>> getting into the 'protect the mission' phase - what's wrong with our Democracy, how can we fix it?' - let's watch this, we KNOW there's going to be nothing meaningful ...

Sept 20 - Ottawa Morning - well, we're on a roll after talking to the wife of the bus driver who just got killed driving his bus yesterday - today we have for you - a young woman dies of cancer, the parents are making some award in her honor, but what an opportunity for emotion! - nice chat with mom and dad about how they felt, how she felt when she heard the news, how do you remember her? etc - pretty offensive ... you can see the interviewer is trained - if they aren't crying yet, well, we can find some questions that will make you cry, wink wink - it's what our listeners want, eh?? fuck. fuck fuck fuck. I need to get to work here. This has to stop.

Sept 19 - Ottawa Morning - this is getting really, really bad - hours after the accident, they are talking to the crying widow - that is utterly despicable.

>> to the mayor - 'where were you when you heard the news?' - news we need, interview of interest?? - Spectacle for children - I wouldn't accuse anyone of staging this, but they way they so quickly turn it to their own interests is, again, very despicable. - "..what would you say to other bus riders concerned about their safety?' - geezus build the childish fear factor - a once in a million accident - scare mongering the children, you could I guess get more despicable, but they're already just mucking around in the bottom of the barrel ....

Sept 18 - "news" - Libertarian propaganda - 'the US is 'printing money', which means devaluing their own currency'... and etc - so many ways to present a story like this, but this is one of the big lies that is causing people such confusion - the rest of the discussion also - 'here Cdns, this is what you must believe, this is big momma speaking, believe, don't question..'

Ottawa 'news' - they found a lady who 'was expected to turn 28 next month' - really. Might as well close down the "journalism' schools - just send in your hundred bucks, we'll send you your 'degree'. And they'll love you at the CBC.

BC 'news', during AIH - emotion to the front again - some woman killed by driver a few years ago, a friend just ranting about how unhappy she is at the sentence - "news'? - of course not, for adults - but for the teenage mind the CBC is cultivating, this is telling them all it is ok, indeed natural behaviour, for the 'adults' of the CBC audience ... the children learning from their betters what is acceptable behaviour

AIH - showing the childish fascination with anything to do with (gasp!) sex - some quote from some person who said, either intentionally or otherwise, '...that would be known by anyone with nipples..' (rather than a pulse, the normal quote, I suppose) - but a completely irrelevant thing, for anyone not secretly obsessed with sex, as most child-adults in a society whose power structure is largely based on sexual repression ...

- and the last story, scientists doing something with 'ear plugs' from whales - interesting perhaps, but they could not do the story without getting in the childish 'oh yuck!' factor, an 'in joke' for 'we kids' to have a chuckle over - this is a central part of the dumbing down, indoctrination reinforcement - if you are tracing things, this is another step - the accepted, deep indoctrination - CBC listeners are supposed to be the top-level 'intelligentsia' of the country, but now they are also kind of precocious children, big enough to understand some science, but still driven by the childish emotions and behaviors ...

Sept 17 - Island Morning - report from 'Ottawa correspondent' on the Freeland-McQuaig nominations - little chuckle over how 'leftie' they both are - we all know that 'lefties' are well-meaning but out of touch with reality, so not to be taken too seriously (listen to these book titles, isn't that funny haha, we sane people don't talk like that ...)

(Ottawa Morning - same interview an hour later - surprise surprise (different host, same guy ) - talking about two lefties reading from the same script

- and then promo-ing the noon show - 'is foreign competition good for you?' - I mean (she says) we all know free trade is good now, the fights about NAFTA etc are all in the past and now we all accept how great it is - but ????? - actually, that's the new 'Ministry of Truth' history story, we all love free trade - the 'real' truth may be somewhat more nuanced, or just contradictory - but MinTru is not into nuance, just the hard (made up) 'facts'. Canadians love free trade.

Current - complaining about Russia again, and talking about sexuality - these would be non-issues in any seriously democratic country, but they are good divide and conquer issues in a rightwing plutocracy where the rulers want to keep attention away from talking about the main issue, democracy (or the lack thereof, of course) - all part of your new 'dumbed down for children believing they are 'adults'' CBC

Syria People Power - thought I'd add a bit of perspective - "...well, that's ok as far as it goes, but another issue got quite a bit of attention the last couple of weeks, the notion of 'American exceptionalism', which has a big following in the good ol USofA, but not so much around the rest of the world - and this is another example of that, perhaps a tad ironically. I think there was a lot more than a bit of protest from average Americans going on here - I think they were finally paying a bit of attention to some pretty massive worldwide opposition to this latest proposed 'shock and awe' invasion of yet another middle east country, based, once again, on what appeared to be more scare stories that were probably going to turn out to be lies, once the bombing stopped and the American (caused) body count got underway, and whatever internal polling they were doing was telling them there might be more serious consequences here than they were prepared to accept. Which, if true, is maybe sort of good news. (I'll start smiling when the warmongers in the mainstream media, notably the CBC, start paying some consequences for what, a couple of generations ago, would have been called war crimes, when the Nazi media was doing like things. ( a far, far more balanced and accurate picture of what is going on in Syria can be seen here - 8 reasons the US hates Syria.. - bet we're not going to hear this young woman on any of the big CBC shows anytime soon (haha just a bit of humor before turning in....)

>> not CBC, but not unrelated, in terms of the overall 'control the message' stuff - Freeland and McQuaig - Liberals choose Chrystia Freeland to face NDP candidate Linda McQuaig in upcoming byelection in Toronto Centre - I read this yesterday, was going to comment, but thread was closed - what I wanted to comment on was some comment by Ms Freeland about how the Libs need to make capitalism 'good' again, a positive force in our country - with a bit more, a very telling quote about a lot of things - went back to find the quote to mention it here - and that bit has been removed. Very interesting.

Sept 16 - Ottawa Morning - 'feature' about university students working - the quality is something a somewhat talented journalism school student might manage - and just more pablum in content, as there is NOTHING about, for example, why it is so expensive, why there are so few jobs, why many countries offer free university, etc etc - here, they do have a girl who says this is good ... just to be fair, of course -

- for the 'important local news', we do get a semi-decent bit on a couple of scientists in town today for some protest on parliament hill about the Harper gov silencing scientists - she tries, but it's pretty ineffective, and in the big picture, a good thing in the midst of an endless stream of pablum does not really save her or them ...

- from WTF to WTF??!!?? - we have a story on how children like cheese rings better than potato chips. Just tune in to the CBC for everything you need to know about what's going on in our country. - the guy doing the story is just **obviously** shilling for the cheese snacks company, but being presented and interviewed as an 'impartial' reviewer - lower and lower and lower we go ... off the end when he lets us in on the secret - eating the cheese snacks is better than taking a multivitamin!!!!! lower and lower and lower ...

AIH - some guy who lost a brother on the Costa ship they have refloated - and of course - lead with tears when you can - 'what does it mean to you and your family that you may find your brother's remains' - etc etc - news???????? not... at the end 'do you forgive the captain? ... have you told him you don't hold a grudge.?' - jeezus

>> next up, medical records being faxed to a school - 'How are people reacting?' - ?? That's news? 'how people are reacting'?? - the story is legitimate enough, if you put a different filter on it, more screw ups as capitalists try to provide least service at max profit - but again, let's not get into things like that - a situation in which people would obviously be unhappy, and they ask how people feel? Is this just amazingly stupid, dumbed-down "journalism", or something else going on here??

- "leftist" American filmmaker died today - have we every heard of a 'rightist' filmmaker? or even more truly, propagandist? Don't think so - don't expect we ever will .. not on propaganda central anyway

>> esp for children - a (yuck) story that some vanilla flavoring comes from a gland near the anus of a beaver - isn't that yucky, children?????? omg ... lower and lower and lower - dumbing down radio ....

>> the Syria story continues - now they have the UN report that, yes indeed, gas was used to kill those people - no report on who did it, just that gas was used - the US, France, Britain, and CBC are all making the jump that 'gas was used >> Assad did it (we HAVE to get him, don't you stupid people understand that?!?!?!?" - "Does this give the message that it is ok to kill 100,000 of your own people..?' - blatant war-mongering - war criminals running the CBC ... "If this doesn't spur the world into action, you couldn't imagine what would..' -

Sept 15 - Maritime Morning - guess they're getting a bit worried about the low regard in which politicians everywhere are held - a nice puff piece telling us all what really nice people they are! Really! (REALLY!!!! - stop laughing!!!!) - sure some of the low level provincial politicians are well-meaning people, but it's the ones running the place nobody trusts, so this is a kind of 'bait and switch', one of the old tricks, but the good ol average trusting Cdn mark buys a lot of this shit .. (they finish off with a bit - many people know the system is not working well, but nobody knows what to do about it - they give some 'listener comments' - fixed elections, free votes, more discussion - and a final MP saying sure, but it's the best system - get out and vote! and YOU can fix it!! RIght!!!! (you believe that like you believe most politicians are really nice people doing their very, very best for YOU!! - that's why everything is working so great here ... well, huh?????) - obviously, the problem is that the gov is run of by and for the wealthy elite, and the solution that obvious - true real democracy - and equally obviously, that is the one place the corporate propaganda system is not going -

Sept 14 - morning propaganda on Syria - some interview with some Syrian (maybe - you certainly can't believe anything they tell you about anything important these days..) who says 'the world is negotiating with Assad, just telling him it is ok to keep killing a couple of hundred civilians every day' - fuck this is just unbelievable, that they can be so fucking stupid as to keep with this kind of obvious lies and propaganda - the new CBC - there is no bottom to how far they can go ... (almost, I suppose, as scary as the number of people who apparently believe this shit - the more of these people, the less hope ..)

>> and then on to some guy from Turkey - 'oh yes, Assad must be held to account for terrible crimes' etc etc -

>> and then some 'protestors' in Canada - 'CP rail, CP fail, CP rail, CP fail' they chant - and then they get a quote from a 10-year-old kid whose 'opinion' is 'news' I guess to the dumbed-down CBC and their 'dumbed down' audience - I guess the B brigade take over on the weekends - beyond pathetic

the House - Chris Hall showing what a fierce little PCer he is - talking to the Quebec guy defending the Quebec 'secularism' legislation, just attacking him - again, a CBC host using the radio as a bully pulpit to push their POV - not what they are supposed to be doing - he gets quite petty at times, as PCers can do, when he sees the other guy is out-debating him with logic - sad, but that's our new CBC ..

>> Day 6 - sounds good but spectacle - the debate over whether 'man' is violent or not, using all the wars etc as examples - not a WORD about indoctrination and brainwashing, the most important aspect of it all -

Sept 13 - interesting - Q - some guy telling us how Putin 'manages' democracy in Russia - unspoken but clear message, we're certainly more free here in Canada!!! - all it shows is how deep the indoctrination is here - we are FAR more managed than Russia, or China - that's why they have much more protest there, the people understand what is happening, and are protesting - in Canada, most people are pacified and passive as the NWO takes over ..

Sept 12 - sent to World at 6: - maybe when you're finding and talking to all those people who have such interest in bombing Syria, you might throw in a chat with this lady, for a bit of balance, which seems very lacking in your Syria coverage - Syrian girl on what's really happening in Syria (not to be heard on the CBC hahaha ..)

>> 08:00 "news" - interesting, they report Putin complaining about 'American exceptionalism' in the NYT - and then to be perfectly clear where they stand, they give a tape of some US guy defending it - no question about the CBC, of course - bomb bomb bomb

- Ottawa Morning 'news' - little story about some people complaining about an ad on Ottawa busses calling for new 911 investigation - again, no doubt where the CBC stands on this, foursquare behind the US propagandists - we need a comment here (and get it of course) questioning the 'limits' of 'free speech' in Canada -

- later "news" - reporting on Quebec economic stats - and the guy says 'so the question is, with these figures, how are you going to attract investment?' - that is not 'reporting' or 'news' - it is opinion, typical CBC shit, propaganda passed off as 'news' (lots of other questions would arise to anyone actually looking at this impartially - most notably, 'is looking for 'investment', which is really selling the province to private owners, really the best way to secure the future of the citizens of the province'? - and etc.

>> and the lies about Syria ".. Russia has long armed Syria, but the US has only recently started arming the 'rebels' - geezus. blatant lies coming out of the CBC as 'news' - anyone with a functioning brain who gets their 'news' about what is going on in the world from the entire net, not just the corporate propaganda media ...

- switch to Sask Morning or whatever for a bit - and they have some lady talking about the lottery - just advertising, and promo - you folks get out there and get your tickets, now ...

>> the Current - "story" of some kid who changed his/her sex - spectacle for the sexually repressed child audience, not "news"

Sept 11 - Island Morning, playing part of Obama's speech - you KNOW they are getting orders from HQ to do this, full spectrum propaganda, as always ... indoctrination maintenance, keeping on message ...

-- "news" - newscaster - 'so who holds Assad to account?' - the new CBC "news" again - we *know* he is guilty of that chemical stuff ... indoc maintenance ..

-- Syrian 'opposition' - 'gives him time to kill more civilians..' - etc etc etc etc -

-- let's go after damned lazy stupid Cdns too - 42% living paycheck to paycheck, almost nobody has enough for retirement, working longer, high debt - and the CBC takes the 'frame' of just criticizing the stupid citizens, not a word of analysis about what is going on to create this situation - of course, even if there was, there would be nothing truthful - that is their 'analysis' - stupid citizens spending badly, not a word about the NWO intentionally impoverishing everyone - that would be 'journalists' at work but at the CBC what we have is propagandists, not journalists

- Robyn (and everyone no doubt) getting a bit of a 'terrorism is still real!!!' talk on the anniversary of 911 -

- the Current - once again a 'discussion' with some guy about that nasty guy Assad and what we're going to do about his damned chemical weapons - we nice people in the west etc etc - not a HINT that the US is a far, far bigger user of such weapons, and a far far greater threat, or the idea that just maybe there might be ulterior motives here - in other words, as with everything we hear on the CBC about anything important - propaganda. Pravda Canada.

AIH - 'anniversary' of some guy assassinated by the damn commies a few years ago - fine as far as it goes, but have we ever heard of any anniversary of some guy assassinated by the US (hahahaha just a little humor ...) - more important stories, like some soccer game in India to make sure everyone knows about ..

Sept 10 - the CBC "reporters" seem utterly amazed that so few people are getting on the Obama-CBC bandwagon of "get that fucker what's wrong with you all??!!!!???" - the language they use while "reporting" on this stuff is just completely loaded, completely editorialising, completely on the side of 'bomb bomb bomb!!!' - as I keep saying, never think these people cannot go lower - there doesn't seem to be a bottom of any kind here ..

- 18:00 'news' - helicopter crash - 'what they found must have been devastating' - in the days some people actually understood what 'journalism' was, such editorialising would never be found in anything presented as 'news'

- AIH - 'how do you feel about losing your friend - how do the men feel??' - little voyeuristic children, nothing to do with 'professional news coverage' - good for dumbing down though

-- the Syria propaganda and war-mongering continues, one-sided 'opinion' (lies) from various people, all wanting to go a-bombing ... Human Rights Watch has decided Assad is guilty - again, no real evidence, just showing their real face ('this is the first major gas attack since Saddam gassed the Iranians' - well, I guess we don't want to get into the US using chemical weapons in Fallujah, just for example, or all over the world, really - very clearly, then, propaganda ... US puppets

>> then the aggressive attack by Ms Off on the Syrian spokesperson - this is fine, hard questioning of people who might be trying to avoid admitting something, but again we see such a one-sided approach to such questioning - i.e. when the NSA was outed as spying on everyone a few weeks back, it was just impartial, mymy look at that thing our great leaders are accused of, hmmm - but very noticeably there was NO US person getting attacked in the same way as she goes after this Syrian guy, or anyone else she doesn't like or wants to portray in a bad light, i.e. when talking to some NSA defender, we heard nothing like the confrontory 'so you denied this and now you admit it?' etc etc .. - or imagine any real hard questioning of any of the American bombing supporters (such as we see in the 'real' news areas of the net) - "Mr spokesperson, why should we really believe the US is so outraged at alleged chemical weapons use in Syria, when you yourself are known to have used such weapons in Iraq, and elsewhere..' - etc etc - when your 'hard questions' are confined to people speaking for one side, and the other side gets a free ride, and frequently semi-scripted "interviews" to make sure the right story gets to the public, it's very obviously propaganda, and your credibility as 'journalists' is the main victim (haha what credibility???)

Sept 9 - 08:00 "news" Ottawa - "anti government protests don't go over well in Russia these days' - wow. Look at them nasty anti-democratic people, wouldya??? And (the obvious implication) - the Canadian government is so welcoming of similar protests here, although of course they are rare because everyone loves our great democratic government in Canada except a few anarchist fruitcakes. haha. not. But we don't really want to put government violence against protestors in Canada in THAT same kind of light, now, do we?? No, no no - here it's just 'damned violent anarchists' making trouble against the terribly democratic Canadian government ..

The US has little credibility left: Syria won't change that: '... Obama appealing for the Syrian regime to be brought to heel under international law is a bit like Tony Soprano asking the courts for a restraining order against one of his mob rivals – it cannot be taken seriously because the very laws he is invoking are laws he openly flouts..." - haha guess we don't need to wait for anyone allowed near the CBC to be talking that kind of truth ... the Guardian is some distance from perfect, but it leaves any Cdn media, including the CBC, far in the background.

Sept 8 - morning "news" - 'story' about Kerry and the 'Munich moment' - 'we don't want to 'appease' Assad, and later regret it as he kills thousands more with gas'. Really. Another 'Hitler moment' comes to mind - Hitler setting up a false flag Polish intrusion into Germany, which Hitler used as an excuse to invade Poland, and start WWII - just as the US has set up a false flag with Assad's alleged gas attack, and if they aren't careful, they're going to start WWIII. Assholes. What else can you say?

- The US Government Stands Revealed to the World as a Collection of War Criminals and Liars - one of the few real people out there - this is the kind of anger I have been feeling for years - and I find it very difficult to understand why the whole country is not somehow rising up in great anger at the endless lies and warmongering we have been hearing for years now on the CBC - surely to god there are other people out there as angry as I am???? But maybe not - there does not seem to be any sign of it - mild anger at Harper sometimes, or 'lefties' complaining about the NP or GM, or NPers whining about the Star and CBC (the CBC is too lefty, just showing what utter fucking brainwashed idiots they are on the modern barbaric far-right fruitcake end of the modern political farce)

Sept 7 - morning "news" - from the Syria front - we have no questions anymore, the story is accepted, according to Stoffel - "**when** Assad gassed his people..' - I wonder if these people have any idea how they look to us outside the box? I suppose not -

- the House is back - once again the CBC stance, he **did** do that, all discussions predicated on that "fact" - full bore frontal assault once again on Assad, who *did* use chemical weapons, apparently, as far as they are concerned - no people pointing out this is NOT in any way proven etc, just a lot of people assuming this is true, and wondering what are we going to do about this monster who DOES use chemical weapons, etc?? - all the usual shit, no need to repeat it all - but Baird deserves mention, reading from the Bush book - 'what if 5000 people are gassed next week? Can we take that chance, what will people say then, etc?' - apparently, nobody wants to talk about Bush's mushroom cloud invasion being based on complete lies ...

>> and later the unchallenged quote of Harper, that 'if we allow this use of chemical weapons we will regret it..' - but of course the US has been using chemical weapons for decades - there's your fucking precedent - oh, I forgot - if WE do it, it's fine, nothing to see here move along folks - it's only a problem when we're looking for an excuse to do something bad, and then we ramp up the propaganda, not to mention lies etc ..

-- boy I don't have time to do a complete deconstruction, but this deserves one - i.e. Solomon himself is pushing for the bombing - "look at Rwanda, hundreds of thousands of people killed in a few days, can we take that chance here (since we ****know**** that he did use chemical weapons, and if we don't go after him, we are telling him it is ok to do that all he wants" - massive lies and propaganda and demonising!!!

>>> it gets into complete fantasy!!!! - they have some guy who wrote a report with Madeline Albright about R2P!!!!! - she who thinks killing half a million kids in Iraq was fine!!!! - the Red Queen has taken over the fucking CBC!!!!! - blatant warmongering (along with the lies and rewriting of history etc etc) from the American gov spokesperson (surprise surprise..)

>> and a bit more 'getting in ahead' - let's look at the idea of 'declaring war' - does the PM have this power or not? And we learn - it is good parliamentary procedure that you peasants have no say in this - the PM does as he pleases, and it is all legal, so sit down and shut up, that's democracy in Canada. People. And we love it. The New World Order in Action. Sit down and shut up we love you it's all for your own good and if you complain we have tasers and guns and secret trials. That's Democracy. War is Peace.

(and they're all just having a very disinterested 'we're all happy!!' talk on the show - nothing personal folks, just accept what you're told and get back to work, shopping and tv - that's what being a citizen is all about, in the New Canada. (or is that going to be Harper's New Canada in the New History Books?)

Sept 6 - Robyn having a nice friendly chat with some athlete about the Olympics in Russia - we ALL just LOVE sports, right? And the music scene we also talk about most days - right, children? - of course there are alternatives - the world is full of serious problems, and many, many Canadians are involved in these things, which are actually 'important', while sports and music are recreational - why don't we have people talking about poverty on every day, or corruption, or environmental problems, on creating a better money system, education system, many many things people are doing to try to fight to improve our country, every day, engaging Canadians in these conversations, building national consensus about what we could do to get back in control of *our* countries,etc etc??? (haha rhetorical question, we all know the answer ...)

- CBC all horrified at the 'frosh week sexist chant' "story" - PC overkill, not really unexpected - YOU DAMNED CHILDREN DO AS YOU ARE TOLD!!! - and etc - mountains out of molehills, etc etc - we WILL control what you are allowed to think!!! No exceptions!!!! 'having fun' is no excuse, etc etc etc

>>>> BIG give (**important for later deconstruction if you are doing this) - Current second segment, talking to some 'filmmaker' about Syria - she says Hello, he says Hello - pause, very pregnant, a second or more, she (host) obviously waiting - then the guy says 'thank you for having me' - and the host gets into the 'story' - boy, I've been watching this for awhile - normally in any 'real' situation, the JOURNALIST would say to any guest, thanks for talking to us, but with the 'new' ""journalism"", the GUEST says 'thanks' - it's about money, you get money from exposure, the 'guest' is the servant here, not the real newsmaker - the media decides who is to be famous and who not, this kind of thing reveals the real relationship - this instance, an obvious script which the guy missed for some reason, maybe just a teeny tiny rebellion, which he quickly rethought - the lady was waiting for his scripted response - good stuff for deconstruction .. [[later - boy, this is completely scripted, hitting all the propaganda points - GOOD DECONSTRUCTION IF WE GET TIME...}}} - this guy makes it clear (the line) he is fighting because he is American, and Americans fight for freedom, yea! - we are the good guys, that bastard Assad is the bad guys, get with it people!!!! - he's either a serious koolaid drinker, or a serious propagandist (and you don't need to be guessing much where my money is ..)

>> and then for mindless distraction, a "story" on problems with the food distribution program in India. ??? WTF?? - yea, India. No doubt a serious problem in India - but the relevance to Canada is????? right - non-existent. We have some serious food distribution problems here in Canada, of course, with more people using food banks every year, etc etc - but it wouldn't really do to talk about that, as that might lead to questions, the answers of which would lead to places those running the corporate broadcasting system don't really want Canadians going to ...

18:00 'news' - 'escape from Iran' - very obviously, this is only a 'story' when the 'escape' is from a hostile country, which Iran is not, really - but the gov, and their propaganda arm, want to encourage Cdns to believe that, so just another propaganda story ... (Iran is a 'state sponsor of terror' - in a world where 'truth' had any relevance, it is actually Canada who would carry that label, supporting all of the American bombing actions around the world the last lot of years - raw terrorism, but 'we' run the world, so if 'we' do it, nobody (in our media at any rate) will tell the truth about it .. Orwell saw it coming, nobody understands he was talking about us ...

- AIH - something definitely afoot, but not clear what ('impartial journalism' is simply not an option, after what we've been seeing and hearing for many years now) - they have a couple of people explaining why the US proposed 'intervention' is a bad idea - Carol is of course quite aggressive, but the guests are allowed to make their cases (and sound much more lucid than anything coming from the US) - but still, given their 99% one-sided propaganda of the last year and more, this is odd, to say the least - the rulers are up to something, we'll just have to see what - maybe as simple as realising they have gone too far and are setting the ground for a back-off, pretending to be democratic or something ..

--and then they mention Chomsky!!!! - but wait - it is just a report of an interview that was badly reported, muddled English - one of the leading opponents of US military action all around the world, and we NEVER hear him talking about this on the CBC - but he is very famous, so let's just have a little kick at him about something completely irrelevant

>> and then some damage control - seems to be a 'shocking story' about the US aiding Saddam in the 80s to use chemical weapons, so isn't Obama and Kerry being more than a bit hypocritical calling such use 'unacceptable'?? well, not really, it turns out - we can tell this is a set up, they are not entirely as clever as they think - when Carol talks to someone she is unhappy with, either for real or pretending for propaganda purposes, she is very aggressive, as oft noted - but there is no anger in her voice here, no disbelief that the great US she loves would do such terrible things, it's just her side of the script getting out the story - which is, as noted, damage control - the end point is, back in the 80s there were different people doing different things for different reasons - but we can stand tall with Obama denouncing the monster Assad, and just don't worry about those different people back in the 80s - end of story, move on, STOP THE MONSTER!! - or whatever.

Sept 5 - morning 'news' - CBC propagandists building up a big 'confrontation' between peace-loving, democratic Obama, and that monster Putin - all Putin's fault of course, for being so unreasonable as to not agree that the US should bomb yet another country ... right into a "story" talking to Syrian refugees (indirect meaning - that damned Putin.. - but of course, it's fear of American bombs and the resulting probable war they fear - oh wait of course that is Assad's fault for not getting on his fucking knees and licking that American ass, which is all those nice people really want ...)

>> later new spin - 'the leaders have starkly different views about how to respond to the use of chemical weapons' - giving the impression we all agree that there were chemical weapons used by Assad, which is what the US-CBC propaganda want the people to believe - in reality, of course, there is no real evidence that Assad used chemical weapons at all, which is the root of the disagreement -

Ottawa Morning - the reporter (haha "reporter") talking to some lady about booking ahead for some bus system - and rather than doing a story, as reporters are thought or supposed to do, she just more or less engages in an argument, using the radio as her personal 'bully pulpit' to argue her point of view. The new really dumbed down CBC - OUR news as WE want you to believe it ... the Kids are Running the CBC!!

AIH - baaaaadddd China!!!!!! - investing in Africa - for some reason, things like this don't seem to be of any concern to them - The Startling Size, Scope and Growth of U.S. Military Operations in Africa - fuck Chinese business - do it the American way with Bombs!!!! - necessary propaganda, of course - if we just talk about nasty Chinese with no context, well everyone wants to believe we folk in the west are just nice honest hard working business people, and them damned nasty commies are doing bad things to get an advantage - but of course the discussion stops quickly - when was the last time the damned commies arranged a 'regime change' to help their businesses, as the US has had as a central part of their "foreign policy" (that is so ludicrous you have to laugh) since, oh, 1850 maybe. But we are NOT going there on the CBC!!!!!!

Sept 3 - Ottawa Morning - doing a bit on teachers going back to school early - and I just realised - this 'new education' (going back years of course) is nothing more than big girls playing teacher with the little kids - they're nice ladies, and well intentioned, and want to do good - but playing games like little girls in the sandbox is not teaching - yes, they do some good sometimes no doubt, but a lot of harm too, as, with all forced education the last few decades, teaching the discipline things that is the main goal of enforced schooling, indoctrinating the children with the idea that pleasing authority is the way to get on in the world, being somewhere taking orders every day is your life, indoctrinating things even at this age such as that Canada is a great democracy, we do good things, etc etc, setting the foundation for later years when it is unthinkable to even question such deep beliefs - etc etc

>> the Current - starting a series about 'money' - I'll follow it, but will confidently predict there will be nothing whatsoever of importance. The first part is basically nothing more than part reality tv for the dumbed down voyeur audience, and partly advertising for 'you guys get out there and buy more lottery tickets - look what great stuff can happen wow wow wow wouldn't that be so great to have 50 million dollars!!!!' - the CBC, never, never, never think they cannot go lower .... I suppose a 'new season', time to push the propaganda to another level ...

AIH - showing right away they are into 'this is how good Canadians think, children!' stuff - some interview with an American cop about some Cdn accused of hate speech living in the US - she asks the cop why he can't be extradited, and he says 'Well, here in the US, you can say what you want'- and CO notes disapprovingly that they don't have hate speech laws there - in Canada, by golly, you only have 'freedom of speech' as long as you don't offend somebody who has the power to shut you up legally, etc - and then she talks to some American about a bear, and he gives information in feet and pounds, which she 'translates into Canadian' -

>> they do, also, again, have an interview with some French guy who opposes the bombing (but ONLY because at this point is it not sanctioned by the US) - and Carol right there with her 'But we MUST bomb him!! a bad example - Iran will think they can be aggressive with no resistance!' and etc - Iran has shown NO aggressiveness, the US has shown nothing but for decades - but of course we are NOT going to talk about THAT on the CBC!!!! Good god man!

>> and a guy who did not fill out the census form because the program is run by Lockheed Martin gets a talking to from CO - you damned children do what momma tells you to, we only care for your best interests!! - you just trust us!! (the Stats Can website would not lie to you!!)

Q - Al Weiwei from China - an interesting talk, especially if you're far enough out of the box to see the big picture. CBC wants to slag them damned Chinese for not allowing 'freedom of expression' - but when you understand what is happening, you see that China is actually far more free than Canada. In Canada, the government has such firm control, the indoctrination has been so well done for so long, that people like this do not even make the news - the CBC and all Cdn media completely freeze out seriously dissenting artists (there don't appear to be that many anymore anyway), so there is no need to make headlines about 'suppression'. Q pretends to be a great showcase for talent, but ONLY, when you listen for awhile, 'safe' talent - very talented, but not talking about anything dangerous - no Canadian revolutionaries or socialists or other dangerous writers or musicians on the corporate state media!! Art - of, by and for the corporate state (if you want to get anywhere near the great promotion of the CBC...)

Sept 2 - AIH - obviously orders from on high to talk to people who oppose Obama's missile strike, it's everywhere, all of a sudden - there have always been people opposing what was happening and they got almost no air time, now they're on all the time - but not clear what is going on, CO very aggressive with the lady who is giving some basic reasons bombing Syria is neither justified nor a good idea, as if we all know he is a monster who used the chemicals, kills his own people, etc, so why shouldn't we be getting him, etc etc - guess she's accepted the orders to have some different voices, but has had no instructions about being nice to them ...

Sept 1 - morning "news" (o6:00 Atlantic) - the new 'spin' (aka blatant lies) coming from Stoffell and the CBC re Syria is almost stunning - would be 'funny' on some comedy shows - NOW, the 'reason' for the 'civil war' is (wait for it!) - to stop Assad from killing more of his own people!!! - that seems to be it, if you just listen to the "news" - the whole civil war was undertaken by some very brave souls to stop yet another monster from wantonly killing 'his own people' - such blatant, not to mention stupid, lies to anybody who tries to read a bit more widely than the shit they feed you on the mainstream media - Stoffel also talking about about 'the Syrian government *ramping up* the rhetoric..' - aside from lousy journalistic language (which of course you only expect from real journalists, which these people are not), it's amazingly hypocritical, as it has been the western press, such as Stoffel himself, who have been blasting the rhetoric the last few - well, days, months, years, decades.

- it's also been somewhat amazing the last few days to listen to so many CBC hosts openly talking about committing war crimes as well - they of course don't talk about it that way, but how else can you interpret people talking about bombing Syria - a country which has undertaken no hostile activity against Canada, and about which the UN has very clearly NOT given their approval - bombing another country aggressively is a war crime, period, and the CBC hosts are talking about this with lots of people. In any world where the 'rule of law' had any meaning, they'd all at the very least be facing charges - but I guess the US and those who lick their ass with sufficient enthusiam (like Canada's governments since Mulroney) are free of such things - it's only people the US doesn't like who get charged with such things - and then usually speciously, as the main crime these other countries commit is daring to tell the US to go fuck itself.

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