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Sept 2 - AIH - obviously orders from on high to talk to people who oppose Obama's missile strike, it's everywhere, all of a sudden - there have always been people opposing what was happening and they got almost no air time, now they're on all the time - but not clear what is going on, CO very aggressive with the lady who is giving some basic reasons bombing Syria is neither justified nor a good idea, as if we all know he is a monster who used the chemicals, kills his own people, etc, so why shouldn't we be getting him, etc etc - guess she's accepted the orders to have some different voices, but has had no instructions about being nice to them ...

Sept 1 - morning "news" (o6:00 Atlantic) - the new 'spin' (aka blatant lies) coming from Stoffell and the CBC re Syria is almost stunning - would be 'funny' on some comedy shows - NOW, the 'reason' for the 'civil war' is (wait for it!) - to stop Assad from killing more of his own people!!! - that seems to be it, if you just listen to the "news" - the whole civil war was undertaken by some very brave souls to stop yet another monster from wantonly killing 'his own people' - such blatant, not to mention stupid, lies to anybody who tries to read a bit more widely than the shit they feed you on the mainstream media - Stoffel also talking about about 'the Syrian government *ramping up* the rhetoric..' - aside from lousy journalistic language (which of course you only expect from real journalists, which these people are not), it's amazingly hypocritical, as it has been the western press, such as Stoffel himself, who have been blasting the rhetoric the last few - well, days, months, years, decades.

- it's also been somewhat amazing the last few days to listen to so many CBC hosts openly talking about committing war crimes as well - they of course don't talk about it that way, but how else can you interpret people talking about bombing Syria - a country which has undertaken no hostile activity against Canada, and about which the UN has very clearly NOT given their approval - bombing another country aggressively is a war crime, period, and the CBC hosts are talking about this with lots of people. In any world where the 'rule of law' had any meaning, they'd all at the very least be facing charges - but I guess the US and those who lick their ass with sufficient enthusiam (like Canada's governments since Mulroney) are free of such things - it's only people the US doesn't like who get charged with such things - and then usually speciously, as the main crime these other countries commit is daring to tell the US to go fuck itself.

>> Aug 30 - The House - guest host Chris Hall very clearly showing his propaganda function and war mongering, in support of bombing that fucker (all very politely and seriously, of course, no f-bombs on the CBC !!!!) - Turkish ambassador lying, Stockwell Day lying - and talking about strategy - can you just imagine the outrage if we intercepted some radio broadcast talking about the best way to bomb America, or their warships - I get some encouragement these days from some newspaper discussion lists, but there are still a lot of people out there obviously right down the koolaid well believing this complete shit ... (Day - "Assad went and gassed a 1000 of his own people and we do nothing???? What is wrong with all of us???'

Aug 30 - Simplify English Spelling? - Opening sentence: "I spent my teaching career in large part trying to train Canadian college students to spell their own language." - and right there is the bloody knife pointing to the perp - or perps. What in hell is wrong with the Canadian education system that it cannot teach students to spell their own language in 12 years? And related - what the hell are universities or colleges doing accepting students whose intelligence is apparently so low they cannot spell the words in their own language? Sure English is a bit difficult to spell at times, due to its long history and evolution - so what? - it's also a very, very good language, in terms of being able to express so many concepts in such detail. As many here are noting, intelligent people who read a lot don't find it a problem. Most of the complaining is just whining - I want to play games and watch television rather than doing boring things like learning to spell! - as long as they have that kind of childish outlook, fine, let em find boring jobs to go along with their boring attitude - and don't let em near universities where we are supposed to be teaching intelligent people to be more intelligent people, not teaching children how to spell. (I don't want to lay all the blame on the young people - as someone noted above, the so-called 'education system' has been seriously involved with dumbing them all down for the last 30 years of neocon ascendency, as children are much easier to manipulate and manage than intelligent adults - odd there was no reference to this in the article - start with John Taylor Gatto, and the Underground History of American Education, then move on to Lippman, Bernays, and Chomsky, and lights may start appearing at the end of the tunnel.

- and more later as a conversation developed, of sorts, for anyone interested ...

Aug 29 - BREAKING!!!!!!! - don't know if I should read much into this, but the current developments could tentatively be seen as encouraging - everybody is backing off the US attacks, notably the CBC, the Brits, even some people from the US being allowed to speak in public - and the ONLY reason for this would be that there is massive opposition, they are reading this as people have had just about enough of their fucking lies and completely ignoring what most of the people want, and are getting some 'deep' messages that this may indeed be a 'red line', but a red line for 'we the people' - you take off on one of these obviously contrived bombing missions again, against the strong opposition of most of us - and there could be consequences - we don't know what, but we are getting close to that 'really mad and aren't going to take it any more' point' - and that would scare them.

Aug 29 - Ottawa Morning getting in on the Syria push - interview some guy, and the lady's (not Robin) basic assumption is 'well, we all know that terrible regime used the chemical weapons', all questions etc based on that 'fact' - wonderland in action .. as has everyone else, they play a clip from Obama on PBS last night - 'Syria has passed international norms' and etc - but holy fuckfuckfuckfuck!!!!!! - the US has been by far the biggest transgressor of anything we might call 'international norms' for decades, with DU all over the middle east, supporting brutal dictators and destroying wouldbe-democracies, terror drones all over south Asia, claiming the 'right' to murder at will, the helicopter shooting that Manning exposed, etc etc etc etc etc - and nobody in the media is talking about that, just parroting this evidence-free claim that Syria used chemical weapons, and we will use that as an excuse to get them - as always, the most puzzling thing is how so many people seem unable or unwilling to challenge these lies -

- on the "news", again dragging Russia in as a 'bad guy' - damned Russia in the Security Council blocking our attempts to help that poor country - and from Syrian - 'the regime trying to control the message of who was responsible' - all in the framing, the US (and CBC propaganda media etc) are very much well ahead in the game of 'trying to control the message' - of course, they're well experienced at this, as it's their main job ...

Aug 28 - Current - some official from the US 'making the case for bombing Syria' - massive lies repeated over and over again - the lady does have a few 'yes, but's, but he gets a lot of lies out - are these people really that fucking stupid? A lot of evidence for that, at the congress level, they are all very obviously very corrupt, and a lot of Americans are obviously very stupid when it comes to what is going on in their country and world and they could well elect one of their own, whom the propagandists would be just as happy keep stupid (less dangerous)

Aug 28 - Jonathan Kay The Case Against Bombing Iraq - Mr Jonathan lives in his own little fantasy world, it appears, drinking whatever conspiracy theory-blatant lies koolaid is issued by the priests of his high temple at the MIC Washington. One could write a rather lengthy essay deconstructing the 'underlying assumptions' which are simply false here that the article is based on. Krauthammer is a far rightwing NWO ideologue who you only read sometimes to see what new idiocies the NWO is planning, not for anything remotely connected to factual world events - for example, to imply the USA was 'isolationist' prior to 911 is kind of mind-bogglingly stupid, when you consider their interventions in Latin America and, really, all over the world since after WWII, or much further back (google Killing Hope for a detailed examination), including expecting to run the middle east (installing the Shah of Iran in 53, for example, when they threatened to start making them pay for their oil NO F***ING WAY BOYS!!!!)

Kind of amusing - Kay and the rest keep talking about the 'threat' from the rest of the world to the US - it would be considerably more factual to state that most of the rest of the world faces a much greater threat from the US, and its drones and looting and bombings and killings and etc etc etc.

Final idiocy for this short response - he avers '..Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan remain violent countries, with only the most nominally democratic governments..' - but for anyone in realityland out here, the fact is that all of these countries were far less violent, and far more democratic, before the US interventions. The leaders may not have been ideal, but few are, most of the violence was not against civilians, contrary to the US propaganda trying to justify their invasions and slaughter, but against competing gangs, no different than the US does every day.

Aug 27 - Generation Lost - This is an amazingly wealthy country, we have more than enough wealth to support us all at a minimum decent lifestyle for those unable to work for whatever reason, with 'good' lives for most of us - if we divided the wealth, and work, up fairly among us all. But we don't do that - we have allowed a system to be imposed around us which sees a small handful of 'elite' managers of society manage the wealth, and distribute it in such a way that these managers (or rulers) look after themselves very, very well, and don't have much concern about everyone else. If you work for the managers, they will pay you, but they have used the new technology of the last 20- 40-etc years to reduce the actual human labour needed to produce the wealth. And they don't see the need to look after those who are not working for them - they're actually something of a benefit for the rulers, as "unemployed" people can be used to put downward pressure on the wages of those who are working.

Imagine a society with a different focus - as a democracy, we meet together and decide upon the general things we want, and the way we want our society to operate, and then figure the work that needs to be done to make that society, and then divide up the work more or less fairly among all of us. We all work and contribute to our society in some way, we all get looked after. There are of course many options - some people would rather have more free time and less 'modcons', while others would rather work more and have more 'modcons' - but nobody would be claiming vastly unfair shares of the wealth we all produce because they 'own the means of production', and nobody would be sleeping under bridges - at the very least, we would have decent dormitories with food for those who chose not to work.

Martin Luthor King had his dream 50 years ago - I have mine. Green Island .

Apr 27 - the Current - into the serious propaganda about Syria, with serious warmonger pretend-liberal Axworthy lying his head off - with, of course, the help of the host and their semi-scripted interview making sure they cover the main points - they start with the background - similar atrocities to Kosovo justifying intervention - this lie is apparently now history - the justification was 'mass graves' - but they oddly forget to note that after the country was bombed back to the stone age, and the US-UN etc let inspectors in - no mass graves were found!!!! - and more lies - they speak as if Assad has been not just accused, but proven to have used the chemical weapons -

>> AIH - small kudos, they have a decent interview with some Syrian civilian who opposes the US action, they let him speak without attacking him - one small voice of sanity in a sea of propaganda is far from enough to exonerate them though ..

Aug 26 - Island Morning - a lecture from our 'workplace specialist' about how the good employee works their little brains off for the employer who gives them their money, and being of course instructions for the good employee, which the well indoctrinated little CBC children all want to be ...

>> Current - lots of propaganda about Syria, what a surprise - and then a 'story' about 'the banality of evil' - focusing on how ordinary people do really bad things - why would we be surprised that we hear about a bunch of Japanese soldiers killing children, some gruesome stories - but the same phenomenon in American soldiers, as brutal and murderous as any the world has ever seen, and far more relevant to what is going on today, is barely mentioned. That's your basic propaganda. Look at all those bad people over there!!!! (no need to think about our own monsters now ...) -

>> AIH - talking to some guy from Quebec who defends their 'secularisation' law - and showing once again that the people running this show these days believe the show is a platform for promoting their own POV on things, whatever that may be - propaganda, in other words ((and again later talking to the Nestle water guy) >> and then they have the 'statement' from Kerry about 'moral obscenity' - the hypocrisy of this just defies words, as the US has done more killing of women and children, and many others, by horrible means than everyone else in the world together ..

Aug 26 - Looking back at Kosovo to justify a Syrian intervention - Geez Lloyd et al, get a grip. You don't bring 'democracy' to a country with bombs - do names like Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya mean nothing to you? Short memories, you guys who love bombing other countries back to the stone age seem to have. Nor do you bring peace - there have been far, far more deaths, both as a result of the American (et al.) bombing of Iraq, and the ongoing chaos, than Saddam was every responsible for - almost any option would have been less destructive. And you seem equally short-memoried about the **lies** used to justify those bombings - remember the 'absolute proof!!!!** that we heard from the US about WMD? Or the 'mass graves' in Kosovo? The entire idea that Assad would use chemical weapons is simply ludicrous - I suppose that's why the propaganda is so emphatic and one-sided. Starting a war with Syria, now, is a really, really bad idea.

Creative destruction to build a better Canada - (response to some comment) - Letting things die a natural death is a much better idea. 'creative destruction' is just the attempts of some (highly paid) "economists" to justify raiders buying companies and selling off the profitable parts and letting the rest die an unnatural death. Criminal, if our governments weren't run by the same people. Nobody 'creatively destroyed' the horseshoe making business a couple of centuries ago, it just died as demand for the product dried up. No problem. A more graphic example - Upper Canada, Lower Canada, and some other places died a slow natural death as they evolved into Canada - peaceful, good process. Iraq, for another example, was 'creatively destroyed' under the pretence of 'bringing DEMOCRACY YEA !!!! to the poor citizens there - look around Iraq today, and see the results of 'creative destruction'. Not a good idea, for most of us, although of course the headhunters and various criminals usually manage to make a killing somehow.

Aug 25 - morning 'news' - 'story' on students dealing with debt - very friendly advice about being careful, stories about how long it takes to pay, etc - reading between the lines, all very supportive of the capitalist regime where they get to milk everyone for as much as possible - a 'people's' media, like one might expect the CBC to be, might be telling some different things - how education is essentially free in most developed countries in Europe, for example, some places even pay qualified students!!!! - these places would be shocked to hear about Cdn student debt dragging students down for years or decades after graduation, and stories of many students choosing not to try for a university education because of debt, etc. But not in capitalistland central, no sir. We SUPPORT our rulers. Big time.

>> on Maritime Mag, missed the first part, but they are rerunning the old Current piece about 'terrorists", and AM is pretending to be really curious about 'how do they get radicalized??' - some weird disease, drugs, from the internet, feelings of being unsuccessful, etc etc, what is it that makes these young men crazy?? - I guess they really need to push this propaganda, because the real answer, at least for most of these people, is just too obvious, and too big of a point against the Masters of the CBC - the US has been bombing people and invading countries and killing people and looting countries for decades, and it is not in the least surprising that some young people strike back when they get a chance. I guess AM et al feel that when a Big Country like the US subjugates someone, the thought of resistance is unthinkable. Or something - like they know good and fucking well what is going on, it is their job to lie about it, and find other reasons.

>>> and later 'news" - 'there are ongoing questions about how the west should respond to the ongoing war in Syria' and etc - what crap, just more trying to get people behind the BOMB BOMB BOMB campaign they've been pushing for the last couple of years - a lot of questions out here in realityland too - is there any stopping this fucking monster (haha not Syria, the US)?? - not looking that hopeful, but we keep trying ..

Baird et al express rage over chemical attacks - It would surely be nice to see anyone in the mainstream media at least try to be just a bit impartial with this story, and try to appear to be something just a bit more than the US MIC corporate state secretariat, yet once again. It appears probable that chemical weapons were used here, but there is not a shred of evidence yet as to who employed them, so to continually accuse Assad or 'the regime' is simply war-mongering (as of course the media have been doing for a year or more now). Some balanced coverage, such as from this article - Lying about Syria and the liars who lie etc - would give you folks a lot more credibility.

Aug 24 - Why economists are never wrong - you might imagine an idea like that would get my pulse going:

1: here is the fact that needs to be entered into economic calculations to enable them to start making some sense: people are not programmed computers following certain rules. And more importantly after acknowledging this, there are people, both powerful and not powerful, who lie and cheat when dealing with things economic. With little people writing little bad cheques, this does not affect big economic movements. But - when you have a small group of big people who control the money-credit supply and more or less write really, really big bad cheques for what could only be described as criminal purposes, using their power to enrich themselves and increase their power - any 'logic'-based 'scientific' theories which do not have this activity in their calculations immediately cease to be valid. This is the difference between 'real' science and economics - real science looks at the world as it really is and tries to explain it - economics looks at some fictional 'civics course' fantasy world where humans do not act as humans really do but like little programmed robots punching little buttons as programmed by the theorists.

2: All economics is, of course, based on money - and thus any economic theory, to have any chance of validity at all, needs to consider where that money-credit originates, and how its issuance is regulated or, more importantly in the current situation, not regulated, and how the amount of credit-money influences the economic actions of the involved people. When private interests control this money-credit supply, and manipulate it for private gain; when banks are enabled to issue vast amounts of speculative credit to create bubbles which drive up prices, and then crash, these people are manipulating the money supply, and thus economy, for private, and, really, criminal purposes. And etc - as long as such things are kept behind the wizard's curtain and they somehow pretend that money-credit 'just is' or something, without examining where it comes from and who issues it for what purposes, economists are never going to be anything more than tealeaf readers, charlatans pretending to be 'scientists'.

3. And a final note: a second big thing that needs to be put into their equations for any realistic understandings - when you allow your entire (almost - 97+% in Canada) credit-money supply to be created as interest-bearing loans, inflation is systemic - and should not be, as the government should be managing the credit-money system and charging nothing more than administrative fees - voila, inflation struck a mortal blow. (of course, so would the immense windfall profits of banks, which is probably why we aren't seeing any moves this way - as the guy said long ago, he who controls the money rules) There you go guys - wizard curtain pulled back, see what you can manage. (some small examination of our current rather dire situation in Canada from an analyst not hindered by economic orthdoxy (kind of looking at the history of the world and humans without having to deal with religious notions that it's only 4000 years old) - What Happened )

How to protect the middle class from whopping legal bills - god I hate the fantasy world the right wing tries to sell people. Soooooooo much "misleading" stuff, which is what one expects from NWO writings trying to justify the ways of the aristocracy to the peasants in their pretend-democracy, a story telling us about the theory rather than the practice, quite different beasts in our current situation (remember their classic theory of 'trickle down'?? haha). Let's see:

>> The poor get legal aid? Try it some day and see. There may be the odd exception, but in most places, they get a lawyer who is underpaid (by their several hundred dollars per hour wishes), who usually has more "clients" than they can deal with, and who usually do little more than show their 'clients' where to go, what to say and what to sign to get them processed according to the rules, thus 'justice is served'. Any 'defence' is purely coincidental. >> And people not knowing the law clogging up the system? Perhaps at times, but the real clogging up is from high-paid lawyers defending clients who can pay their fees to search through the law books to find every minor technicality they can to *avoid* paying for their crimes. Of course, they don't want to admit that, so blame the 'clogging' on others. I've been through the 'legal system', and found while I understood the law quite well, it was the job of everyone else to avoid 'justice', in favor of screwing me around (The Beer Story )

>> a government legal services program would be doable, and in any democracy should be available for all people to fight the state if they feel they are being abused, but certain things would have to change first. For example, we should have a supply of lawyers on salary, working for 'we the people' like any bureaucrat does, not billing corporate rates. And second, importantly, we really need to redo the laws in this country, write the law for normal people dealing with one another, rather than to support high priced lawyers in the corporate state. >> legal insurance is another rightwing 'private is better!!' idea that doesn't reflect reality very well - the premiums would be so high that only upper middle classers could afford them, thus leaving most people where they are now - unable to confront the legal system when falsely accused of something, or believing the accusation while true is unjust and wanting to fight. (Which is, of course, what the NWO is all about - a small and privileged ruling/manager class, and a great herd of ignorant, passive serfs supporting them in the style to which they wish to remain accustomed)

>> solution? democracy - right now, we have a 'legal system' whose primary job is giving the appearance of legitimacy to the plutocracy they work for.

As with pretty much everything, we do it all much better in a real democracy - The Montague Student Trial .

Some day.

Aug 23 - CBC warmongering again - some kind of sick fixation there, maybe the kind of petulance some bully supporters get into when the people they think should listen to them don't follow their wishes - in this case, Canadians rising up and demanding, as the CBC wants, the bombing of that country until that fucker Assad is killed in ignominy like their earlier demons such as Saddam and Gaddaffi. They have no perspective here, there is a great deal of suspicion in the world as to whether Assad actually is responsible for the gas, but the CBC wants action NOW - the accusation by the so-called 'free Syrian army', whose atrocities are far worse than Assad's and are known to lie, are accepted as proof of 'guilt' by these propagandists, and they just get into the childish screaming. What a sad thing for the CBC to have become ... whining about 'UN weapons inspectors in Damascus, but not doing any inspecting, sitting in a luxury hotel..' - geezus rightwing nutcases from Fox News North taking over the CBC

{{{ not CBC, but "justice" in Canada - this is beyond pathetic}}

-- browsing around - Winnipeg morning show - an "interview" with some guy from Syria (living in Canada) tragic, not knowing where his 'loved ones are' - and he has no doubt who did it (being the CBC, we know who that would be - underlying message of course, a new push ARE YOU PEOPLE LISTENING WE HAVE TO STOP THE FUCKING MONSTER WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU CDNS?!?!?!?!? - interviewer right on board with all of it 'What can Cdns do to help you in Syria?' (guess what??? surprise!!!! - push your prime minister to help us get rid of this monster who is killing innocent women and children in Syria etc etc) - and etc - coast to coast propaganda, and mush (couldn't be bothered with the Current - 'transgender' because of Manning - for fucks sake so many serious things to talk about, and they get into childish things like this - again, of course, that's spectacle and propaganda, what the CBC is about these days, not anything useful for people

- AIH - and the aggressive warmonger lady again, interviewing some supporter of the 'insurrection' - accusing Assad personally of launching chemical weapons attacks against his own people, asking in apparent frustration 'How do we get the world to intervene?' - and etc etc - here are the worst rumors, but they're not rumors they're TRUE!! - and etc - bad bad days for the CBC

>>> later "news" - now they're saying they don't have any 'evidence' for accusing Assad of gassing his own people, but "everyone knows" it is the most likely explanation, because 'it's just ridiculous' to assume the 'rebels' would gas 'their own people' - and anyway, they have no access to gas - the Red Queen speaking, it seems - everyone also knows by now that various other countries, led by the US, are supplying the 'rebels', thus they have access to anything the US wants them to have access to - and of course we have seen time and time again that the US just lies about anything when it is trying to make others believe their version of whatever story they are peddling. All we are seeing serious proof of with this whole story is the complete control of the mainstream corporate media by the US hegemon. (and evidently they are doing the same thing in the UK - just one of many, many examples that indicate all of this stuff is controlled from some central place, NWO Regime Central, I suppose - Orwell called it the Ministry of Truth ...

>> Day 6 in on the propaganda, so you know it's serious - oddly, they only have people supporting the 'official conspiracy theory' - they mention the problems, and ask the "experts" to 'debunk" them (well, what do you think of X saying Y?) - such obviously scripted stuff, covering the main points the propagandists want to convince their listeners about, countering the natural questions that arise to the skeptical from this kind of BS .. >> and talking about Manning, and once again not talking about the helicopter murders / war crimes - lesser things only

Aug 22 - Ottawa morning - an utterly blatant propaganda "interview' with some guy spreading the latest lies about Syria (i.e. only Russia, Iran, Syrian and (the terrorist) Hezbollah have 'boots on the ground' in Syria - of course, the whole boots on the ground thing started with the US-supported al Quaeda etc etc trying to overthrow the Syrian government. As always, if WE do it, it's fine - if THEY do it - it's outrageous!@!!!! - I really don't understand how some of these lying fucks can live with themselves - evil people everywhere, I guess, too bad to see the CBC taken over by them these days ...

AIH - interview with some guy about what else? Assuming Assad is guilty and why aren't we bombing the fucker?????? - good ol CBC, we can count on them for propaganda all day, every day. - the purpose is clear enough - everybody (with a functioning brain) understands that this would be a very stupid thing for Assad to do - but there excuse is, 'he's poking the west in the eye with a stick - he knows we in the west are too weak of will to attack, he's just laughing at us, etc etc' - more getting the small-minded in a mindset to approve of intervention etc - also explaining how we need to ignore those damned commies supporting Assad, etc etc

Aug 20 - Ottawa Morning - a very obviously semi-scripted interview with Ontario premier, selling some 'business' initiative they are doing, and to some extent the premier herself - very obviously ms Brez in on the selling job, loaded questions covering the 'this is good not bad!' bases ... all feel good stuff, we buds doing good stuff!! for you people - nothing to worry about, folks!

>> and on the Current - we have 'sinkholes that attack'!!!! - my my. CBC Saturday morning cartoons ...

>> and then the "story" of the young woman allegedly assaulted again - 'she reaches for her kleenex' - fuck is this reporting or propaganda or just soap opera??? haha - how do you know the CBC is doing propaganda? they're moving their lips, there is sound coming from the speaker - this is one of the more pathetic presentations I've heard - sounds like a teenager of some sort doing the "story", with the typical CBC-"mind" set, the teenage fixation is the center of the world, etc etc - reading, as always, between the lines and behind the script, one thing is evident - the dumbing down is a long, long ways progressed, that people like this get on the main morning programs of the CBC - programming of, by and for low-level intelligences (yes, of course, any kind of sexual assault is bad and should be stopped - the question is - does this qualify as "assault" in any realistic definition? - and the answer is just 'no' - this is PC bullshit of the very worst kind - (the charge ? - he made her undress, fondled her breasts, and pressed his groin against her' - this is reprehensible behaviour, and various things could be done - but if this is "sexual assault" what is a violent rape with beating? Same charge? So it would seem - but they need to make degrees of things here -

>> and the military of course has their own view, and the "reporter" does give them some space, but it is still the CBC using their bully pulpit to present what they consider their case 'strongly' (including personal feelings of various people as "evidence" - she felt bad therefore we believe her and the nasty people she talks about must be guilty!!!!' - again, the dumbing down into shallow childish emotions ..

"news" - Manning is being sentenced for "what his believers say are atrocities, etc' - there is no 'saying', what Manning revealed is blatantly obvious war crimes by the US - which the CBC apparently does not want to talk about - but there are no 'allegations', there is undeniable proof - again, the US is doing pro-US, pro-NWO propaganda, and these blatant crimes cannot be acknloweldged (you can only imagine what their "outrage" would be if we had similar vids of Russian or Chinese (or OMG Iranian) helicopters targeting and shooting journalists somewhere, as the Americans did - pretty blatant stuff here, it's more than a bit distressing, again, to see so little reaction from Cdns ...

>>>(interesting the next story - they have a GREAT deal more criticism for the Egyptian 'legal' system, and tell us how so many people don't trust it, etc - not a word about all the Americans and others who understand the kind of kangaroo court that is dealing with Manning, etc, no no, we must pretend that process, no matter how blatantly political, is all impartial and just, etc etc, and only various kinds of radicals disagree with it ...

jeezus the unprofessionality is stunning at times - next 'story' about how Sask is not supporting Wallin - the lady says 'she was trotted out at fundraisers..' and etc - such loaded, blatantly editorialising language, not a pretension of 'impartial' reporting - these days on the CBC, the (junior C-level) cub reporters have a point of view, and let you know, no mistakes, who momma thinks are the good guys and the bad guys - kind of like your basic 3rd-rate propagandist ....

>> and then Island Morning doing a self-righteous bit on a lady who 'saw the light' and started wearing a bike helmet, the social-engineering function in full force - we GOOD people do what momma says, and we feel good about it, don't we children? We just don't understand those naughty children who won't do what mommy tells them for their own good, silly, naughty children, aren't they??? - nothing you can say to people who are this immersed in the koolaid, but it's scary as hell - all the little Eichmanns lining up to do the master's bidding, at which time we see the evil behind the happy face mask ... ((by the end the inference is pretty clear that the lady's 'repentance' was a part of her getting out of paying a fine - going to 'helmet' school, going on the radio to tell people what a silly thing she was and how we all really should wear helmets, etc etc - beyond sickening, as above, scary, scary, scary to hear little mommabot Martel being the good inquisitor ...)

>> oh excellent, wow, Ottawa Morning is getting excited about basketball - apparently Ottawa has a team in the NBA or something, and they got a big draft pick - so exciting!!! (when I have money and time, I *am* going to work out a sarcasm font ..)

>> back on the Syria demonisation - some gas attack, apparently dead children, accusations 'forces loyal to the regime' are responsible - just makes no sense, they are winning, they know this would get the international community very angry, all demonisation aside Assad et al are very much NOT lunatics - and then a dig at Russia for 'supporting the regime' - never a word about the US and Canada and others 'supporting terrorism of "rebels" etc killing civilians, attempting to overthrow a legitimate gov, etc etc. That would be honesty, and when your purpose is propaganda, why, the 'truth' is a very unwanted guest ...

AIH - talking to the lawyer of Manning, Ms CBC showing by her tone and attitude SHE certainly has no problem with Manning getting a long sentence ... but given she's a top show host, she would be like that, wouldn't she?

Aug 16 - the Current - on Egypt again, the spin and propaganda are always telling - they are all concerned about 'the Christians' getting killed in Egypt - but we haven't heard a WORD about the massacre of Christians in Syria - I suppose that's because it's not their demon Assad doing the killing, but the "free Syria" "rebels" they support doing the brutal killing of Christians. not gonna talk about that on the CBC, nosiree, nosir, moveon folks we know Assad is a monster move on move on nothing else of interest here Assad monster Assad monster .. oh!! Look at Egypt!! - and etc etc

- and AIH focusing on the distractions and 'how do you feel' - lady has breast removed wrongly - 'how did you feel when you got the cancer diagnosis?' - 'how did you feel when your breast was gone and learned the diagnosis was wrong!?' and etc. A story to cover, but at what point are we teaching wouldbe 'journalists' that personal feelings are a story now? - but no time stories like this - we can imagine if this was Russia or China or someplace they are demonising, those Commie govs would be getting the attention - the story notes that the American military has been involved with some 40,000 raids on civilians the last few years - police state America, no need to talk about that folks, look at them fucking Russians passing anti-gay laws now!!!!

Aug 15 - the Current, interesting question re Egypt situation - '..the pres was elected with only 51% of the vote, and now many people say they don't like him and changed their mind - is he legitimate?' - well. Why do you suppose they wouldn't have similar questions for Canadian prime ministers, most of who manage "majority" governments with under 40% of the vote, and any poll you want to run finds most Canadians disagree with most of what they actually do???? - hahaha - as always, one rule for us, a very different rule for someone we don't much like ...

>> AIH - Kadr's lawyer interviewed - thinly concealed hostile interview, the lady obviously figures Kadr is a terrorist and deserves to stay in jail forever.

Aug 14 - Ottawa Morning - some guy asked about women in baseball, he said they shouldn't be competing with men, and then cut to Robin, introducing him as 'pretty unenlightened', typical male - political correctness is THE LAW people - fuck facts or truth. And then we have a nice long interview with some lady who made a film about how women are by god fucking equal in all ways. Fuck, again, the facts. (the guy never said women should not play sports, just that, well, you know, they're not as strong, really - and I find it very interesting how so many people want to pretend that's not true. Like the completely brainwashed PCers last year on Rabble who got all upset when I pointed out that white guys won the indian war a couple centuries ago - somehow, in their world, that's not true - I don't really understand how people can bend their heads around like this and deny reality, but obviously there's a lot of them out there. I guess like the guy last week on Rabble who was NOT going to admit that *ALL* white people were monsters and rapists, dating back to the days they first came to Canada. Funny, something to ignore - but not really, people like this have been formed into a pretty solid roadblock between those of us looking to make a better Canada by getting rid of the predators, and the predators. (and not by accident, one might note ...)

Aug 13 - slagging Iran again, the story of a young woman reporter shot in Iran, and starting from the point that this is all the responsibility of the government, etc etc. The story is much more nuanced, of course, but propaganda doesn't go well with nuance. The big thing, of course, is the Bradley Manning story, and the Snowdon story, revealing an entire history of US atrocities, really more than all of the other countries the CBC likes to go after put together - we have NEVER heard a talk about the helicopter shooting that is at the center of the Manning story, or what fucking monsters the US leaders are that they support this kind of thing, and etc etc. But somebody they want us to just have a deep, abiding hatred of, like Iran, we get this stuff over, and over, with a very negative presentation, while the US just gets endlessly treated with coverups and lies.

Aug 12 - the CBC is keeping the 'senate expenses "scandal" going' - and they tell us why - every time they talk about it, they are sure to let us all know - this may be Harper's time to push for getting rid of the senate - they get stupider and about as subtle as the fist in the face - of course, they've got everyone so dumbed down nobody sees how they are being manipulated - if we get through this, our children's children aren't going to have a very high opinion of how fucking stupid this population is at this time in our history ..

Aug 9 - some company proposing to pay for plasma, and for whatever reason, the lady on the Current is all over him - utterly stupid questions like 'Well, some people say this is just to make money - what do you say to that?!!??' - with a big accusing tone in her voice - but for fuck's sake, the entire capitalist system she works for and supports is ENTIRELY about making money!!!!!! - these people are too stupid to be running CBC radio programs ... the child minds and their tiny 'I am offended by that!!' childish feelings .. a NUDE PICTURE!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!! - fuck fuck we're fucked (He said the **F** Word????? omg!!!! - why did you say that word none of the good children here says???? why don't you do what mommy tells you like we good children???) (and then she says 'you know the story intricately' - right. )

Aug 8 - right off the bat - AIH - the girl's mother tells us how she feels - HOW YOU FEEL!!!! - THERE's the News, baby!!! - certainly a lot to be talked about here still, but you can be sure we're not going there on the CBC (i.e. is it rational in any way to make the sight of a naked human body a traumatic event? Not really - this should be nothing more than a vaguely embarrassed moment for the girls, and a talking to to the kid who released the pic to embarrass someone he wanted to hurt - for the entire education and media systems to start screaming about this as if it was a major event that ruined the girl's life is *creating** the problem - which, of course, is the point - keep people in a dumbed down mental-emotional age, and they are much easier to manipulated. And we are for SURE not going to talk about this in the corporate media. -- and then on to slagging Russia, yes the anti-gay law is bad, but the US gets up to far, far worse stuff in many ways every day, and although the odd story gets reported, the focus is NEVER the 'evil US government we must all hate for their terrible ways!!!!' - just some local fall guy. Propaganda.

Aug 6 - After Capitalism - Seems a bit like 'praising by faint damnation', to reverse an older phrase, with the basic message, well, communism is obviously failed and terrible, and capitalism may be showing some problems - but what's the option? - one could write a book (actually I have a longish essay that gets into this - What Happened?<'A> ) - I'll just note a couple of the more glaring problems here.

The writers here - book and review - seem to want us to believe 'capitalism' is some form of 'superior economic system', when in reality it is a system of organising social relations, or 'government', for short - a government structured the same way a capitalist business is, top down hierarchy. Many people mistakenly equate 'capital' with money, but that is an intentionally cultivated false idea - 'capital' is BIG money, enough money to buy industries, hire labour, and claim the 'excess wealth' of that labour as their own, which creates a bigger store of 'capital' with which to get more control over the economy, and enough money to buy politicians to be nice to them, and media to lie about it all. Joe corner-store is NOT a capitalist, any more than Jane goes-to-church is a bishop - Joe is just another small businessman struggling to get by in the capitalist country, and jane just a believer. The capitalists have dispensed with the hierarchical naming, but the heirarchy is the same, ruler-manager-worker, and the workers are very much not the rulers. Nor is Aunt Jane a 'capitalist' because she gets a couple of hundred bucks from CSBs every year, she's just a small person doing some small investing. The capitalist is the 'owner of the means of production' - NOT the powerless worker who actually does the work. The capitalists did not 'create' the great prosperity we enjoy today, that was the inventiveness of thousands or tens of thousands of enterprising normal people making life better for themselves and everyone over the last 3-400 years, building on the inventiveness of those who came before, and millions of working people spending their lives creating wealth - the capitalist is just a huge parasite who has taken over our increasingly wealthy society through cheating, lying, intimidation etc - just another form of cancer on the body politic - they create nothing, really, just exploit and destroy in pursuit of their own opulent lifestyles, and screw everybody else. (we could just as easily pool our own money democratically to undertake larger things that require more money than any of us has individually, and not let the parasites control the money and turn us into slaves). Everyone seems to forget that every decent thing we have in this country, that our ancestors achieved over hundreds of years, from good working conditions to free healthcare to old age pensions, and every good public service otherwise, was opposed and fought violently by the wealthy owners of industry - the capitalists - and even today, as their power increases, they are doing their best to turn back the clock generations to the robber baron - feudalist world they prefer. For them to run around now saying what a wonderful place we have *because* of them is just another ridiculous lie - almost as ridiculous as the indoctrinated population they *have* created through their control of government (and the education system) and media believing such lies.

Alternative? Well, they *never* talk about the Scandinavian countries, which is where the people did the best job of controlling the various kinds of parasites, whether they (lyingly) call themselves 'socialists' as in the former USSR, or (again lyingly) 'democracy supporters', as in the English western countries - and that is the only future of 'capitalism' we need to consider - fighting these wouldbe new feudal lords tirelessly until we have eradicated them from our system, like we would a family of tapeworms in our gut killing us slowly through claiming all our nourishment for themselves.

I've imagined how this might go on
Green Island - something else you're not going to read about in the capitalist press in Canada.

Well, it would take a book to answer the many overt and covert lies they have made so many people believe about this very, very dangerous elite form of government called capitalism that are kind of 'assumed' in this review, but this gets long already. But the book will be coming soon - these lies need to be exposed, and true alternatives understood.

(and later a small exchange with one Richard Weatherill, who began: "Let us not forget that this country was founded on the notion of raping and pillaging the land and the people living in it. That is history 101, and we are still living it."

- to which I replied: "That's not really accurate, and I expect you know it - the country was founded on a couple of principles, first simply economic, getting fish and furs and lumber, and secondly a 'new home' for a lot of Europeans who had no future in their home countries. Raping and pillaging became part of that process, but I doubt very, very much that most settlers who came to this country had that as their primary objective. (we'll see how the Tyee mods take this - the Rabble folks kick you out of their little community for truths of this nature...) - and it went downhill from there, as Mr Weatherhill was very disinclined to admit he may have overstated his POV, and started with the running and ducking and then insulting, as revisionists usually do when challenged - not worth repeating it all here, it's on the site if anyone is interested.. but happy to see the Tyee mods are not as extreme as the Rabble ones, who have embraced certain parts of revisionism, and YOU VILL NOT CHALLENGE IT!!!!! - i.e. 'all cops are pigs' on Rabble, and 'all white men are evil bastards' - just facts in the Rabble world, no matter how obviously stupid - koolaid heads of any stripe aren't allowed grey areas I guess ...)

Aug 7 - morning show and the Current doing the same story, obviously the message has come from above - basically some 'damage control' even a lot of people in the mainstream are wondering about just how freaking convenient this latest 'serious terrorist alert' is, in terms of trying to divert attention away from the NSA snooping revelations of recent weeks, so they're backing off, oh, we didn't really believe it, etc etc - they're so transparent, the biggest 'revelation'; is still how many people are buying into their general bullshit

- AIH - all huffy about the UK 'rape' case in which a 13-year old girl is called a sexual predator - we don't get any stuff from the other side, just huffy - more PC stuff - the thing is, in the big picture this is kind of trivial, it would certainly be nice to see a bit of huffiness from these people in interviews with federal finance minsters and their 'experts', in terms of the massive fraud they are perpetuating with the money debt system haha.

Aug 6 - Ottawa morning - Robin showing her solidarity with The Law - a lady kept *3* chickens in Ottawa, and this is against the law and somebody reported her and she got charged - Robin is having a sort of friendly chat, but "You knew it was against the law - why did you do it?' - it's just beyond thought to Robin that if The Authorities tell you to do, or not do, something, you just do as you are told, no questions asked -

>> and she also has a guy - research student or something he calls himself - telling us how the cops have all changed their behaviour because of all the modern recording devices - again mush for the mushy brains they are creating

- AIH - if it cries it leads - a statement from the uncle of the kids killed by the python in NB, sobbing throughout - then a talk with the mayor - 'how is the town reacting?' -

>> still on about the 'allegations' of election fraud in Zimbabwe - I guess this is important to the rulers, to make sure NOBODY questions their propaganda, the mindless belief - they talk to the guy who lost who advances what would be called some pretty wild conspiracy theories if someone they didn't like was saying them .... but when you want to attack someone, anything will do, and if there is nothing realistic available, wild conspiracy theories will be presented as credible questions (i.e. Mugabe's nasty police know who opposes him, and personally escort them to a voting booth to make sure they vote for him (what we don't note here is that various international bodies have said the election was fair, and no 'unbiased' sources are talking about this 'assisted voting' - not to mention, how many cops do they have escorting how many voters? - would need to be a VERY large number to have any effect on the millions of votes in an election - but of course when you're running conspiracy theories like this, the 'facts' aren't likely to get in the way ...) - the 'discussion' gets bizarre - the people keep democratically electing Mugabe, and they keep whining about it because they don't like it, like with Chavas in Venezuela and others - this is their idea of 'democracy' - you elect who we want you to, and we will be happy - if you elect someone we don't like, we will be all over you until you do what we want - THAT will be 'democracy' (and if you're quite important, like in Syria, we'll get more serious ..) (guess we don't need to look for an interview on the CBC with this guy - a bit more truth here than the CBC, as corporate state propagandist, wants to be involved with ...)

Aug 4 - interesting to hear Robin doing the news, and the attempted enthusiasm in her voice as she tells us there will be an election in Australia - she tries to make it sound important, and with an unknown outcome, etc etc - when you are outside the box, and realise all of this is pure spectacle, and thus pure lies, it gets to a kind of pathos, to hear people who actually sound like nice people doing this kind of thing - how they must actually despise the citizens they lie to - and how fucking pathetically stupid those citizens must be - really, I don't like using the word 'sheep' or 'sheeple', but it surely is appropriate enough at times ... (and of course, really, that comment applies to pretty much everything on the "news" these days - just seemed so much more pathetic with the attempt to be enthusiastic about the election, like it was important, and meant something, etc, - the other "story" today is the great "terrorist" alert, and for Canadians specially, a 'former CSIS agent!!!!! - telling us how dangerous everything is ... krist, most people who consider themselves 'intelligent' and 'engaged' in the politics etc of the country are familiar with 1984 at least (the book) - and yet they're as completely managed in terms of propaganda as that fictional society, and completely oblivious to it all ... )

Aug 2 - just in contrast, she speaks to the reporter from the Star who has been pushing the Ford-crack story, and she's just little miss sweetness, being as this is one of the "stories" the CBC is pushing too, so a 'friendly' interview, with some apparently pre-screened questions, no challenging questions, no aggressive questioning - 'bully pulpit' radio, the new CBC -

- and a bit later, she's talking to the guy in Florida who spent some money saving a pig, and she's out in left field somewhere - 'You know most people couldn't afford this, so what do you have to say about that?' - maybe explaining the relevance of that question would be a place to start?????

- the House - interview with a cop who is not bad, explaining his own shooting some years back, but the host is obviously on the 'cop' side of the Toronto shooting situation - when in doubt, believe the cops, etc. make excuses for them as much as you can. >> and then very much on the side of 'laws' regarding 'cyber bullying' - support the cops, create citizen sheep (with the RIGHT to choose your own sex partner of course - pretend to be progressive with trivial things, support the police state with important things, that the dumbed down children do not understand...]]

Aug 1 - they actually admit the next day 'a few' people saw that interview as I did, very unfair - but then they play a few clips from people who agreed with them. So professional at the great CBC. - actually, this is more of the faux-anger that propagandists use to divert attention away from where people ought to be looking to someone they want to demonize - the real problem here is deregulation, which the CBC has barely mentioned - instead they go after some guy it is easy to demonize - Hitler knew the technique, and that is not a completely unjustified comparison, as the CBC is working for people who very much are in the process of trying to create the '4th Reich', and using all available techniques to do so

>> and then on to the Zimbabwe election, another of their pets for some reason - they say the African Union or some place found no problems, but then interview some guy who says it was unfair - not a disinterested person at all, of course, but some self-serving complaints - no doubt there are problems in other parts of the world, but this is just the typical finger pointing strategy to divert attention away from serious problems closer to home (and more - what you don't hear on the CBC - - one thing we know, when the US (and their puppet corporate media such as the CBC) complain about 'unfair elections', all it means is that the people have managed to overcome whatever influence the US was trying to manage, and elected someone who dares to stand up to the world hegemon in some way - a POV we are NEVER going to hear about on the CBC, of course ... )

July 31 - AIH again, showing its great un-professionalism - they get the owner of the railway whose train blew up in Quebec, and the lady just basically attacks him, like a shallow 10 year old kid, completely self-centered, unable to hear anything her chosen enemy says in defence - as anyone will know, I am no supporter of capitalists, but you need to be fair - this was an 'accident', and this guy was not responsible - he is doing his best to be available and talk to people, and it is understandable that the people in that town would be bitter, but the CBC should be a bit more intelligent and responsible. hahaha. 50 years ago maybe. Now they're at the mental level of teenagers, and this is the result. minimum perspective, gang behaviour. Just like the citizens they are creating.

July 30 - AIH again, doing what they do best, propaganda of one type or another - slagging China again for 'failing to observe worker's rights' of one type or another - no doubt true, but the propaganda aspect is that the US, for example, does things far worse than China, but we very rarely hear about them - truth, and real concern for worker's rights, would have stories from the US (and Canada) every day, they are certainly out there, until people started waking up and demanding change here - but of course when you are propagandists for the new corporate state, demanding more worker's rights is not going to be a high priority - and to help people not think about this, we point to someone we are demonising these days, such as China, with the unspoken message - "look how bad they are!! aren't you lucky to live in Canada!!' - which may have been quite true at one time, but is less so every day that goes by, as the drive of our current rulers is not really to improve rights in China to our levels, but to reduce the rights of Cdn workers to 3rd world levels ...

>> and then on to slagging Zimbabwe, for the same reasons - look how bad they are!!! aren't you so lucky to live in a great democracy like Canada!!! (of course, someone like myself could make some very serious observations about how democratic this country is NOT, but not on the CBC hahaha...)

July 29 - Canada did great at the 'dragonboat championships' in Hungary or some place - hear all about this really important news for the new CBC 'adult' citizen on AIH (and undoubtedly other places I don't pay attention to ...)

July 27 - morning "news" - the kid returning from jail in Mauritania - big question 'who radicalized this person?' - really pushing this propaganda about 'kids radicalizing themselves' somehow, I guess the obvious answer is too obvious to everyone, and they are trying to beat it back ... the American aggression and looting and killing all over the world for so long is just getting a lot of people really pissed off - but of course, as a US servant, the CBC is not going THAT way my friend hahahahaha .....

>> the House - big discussion on 'What are you going to do about cyber bullying??' and etc - this is part of the lock down, everyone is being told they are victims for the most trivial things that should be laughed off, or dealt with in a very much less hysterical way, including the ever-growing sexual dysfunction everyone is being indoctrinated in - your life is NOT ruined if somebody sees a tit some day that you took a picture of during teenage explorations of your sexuality and got on the net somehow, and kids are not smart enough to figure this out, so when all the indoctrinators teach them their lives are ruined because of this "picture of intimate things' or whatever fucking phrase they are using, they are creating the problem. And very intentionally - dumbing down in action, creating a society of stupid, narcissistic, dependent children (thinking they know everything!!!!) whjo are very, very easy to manipulate and control.

July 25 - AIH - attack dog (whoever the lady is) talking to some guy from the Quebec lacrosse league - he has agreed to talk to her about a coach who alleged there was too much violence, and this lady has obviously decided that if there are allegations of violence, this guy is guilty of allowing it, and by god she's going to go after him - good ol CBC impartial "journalism"

July 24 - AIH, showing their fealty to the crown and pettiness at the same time, call some guy in England who isn't one of the brainless fawners of royalty, to laugh at him a bit - pathetic, but so tragic to see the once great CBC taken over by these people ..

July 23 >> and all day long, "news" and local shows - "How do you feel about the wonderful new royal baby isn't it SOOOOOOo great!!!!????' - the dumbed down masses having their say ..... led, of course, by the narrative-creating CBC (which used to be for something of the 'intellectual' and 'progressive' elite in the country - now just more dumbed down citizens on Animal Farm ...

-- krist, Holly (Ottawa) just immersed - long talk with some guy in London - where were you when you heard the news? how did you feel? - jeezus. enough - but they keep getting so pathetic with their blatant adulation - what kind of people are these, running the CBC (woops - we know that, don't want to go there now ...)

AIH - 'story' about a 'singing postlady' in Nfld - this is 'national news'???? - dumbed down stuff for a child-adult audience, looking for new trivial things to do and be - ANYthing other than getting personally involved in **their** democracy in meaningful ways as adults might want to do

July 22 - Current - back to the childishness - a lady who feels bad she wasn't at the explosions ( 'survivor guilt' - that's YOU, my childish citizen!!) - with poor grammar - 'the train repeatedly exploded' - geezus.

and - along with everyone else, AIH happily gossiping with some lady from new York about 'the baby!!!' - it might be of interest to go back even 20-odd years and see if there was this kind of adulation (on the CBC) about Diana's babies ... I just cannot imagine it

>> and then no serious talk about the fraud of the Detroit bankruptcy etc - but they find a nice 'human interest' story about some group of old guys mowing Detroit's public spaces lawns for free - listen, people -- we are closing down your democracy, but you can do a bit here and there to keep it pretty at least for awhile! (public spaces are of no concern to the new feudalists - they have the money to keep their park-size estates nicely groomed, and never need experience the problems in the cities (ghettos) where the serfs live ... )

July 19 - both PEI and Ottawa 'news' talking about rising gas prices - with some new spin - it's them damned Syrians and Iranians!!!! - amazing, but never as amazing as the fact most Cdns seem completely oblivious to the way they are lied to and manipulated with endless little bits of 'drive by demonisation' to get their deep attitudes working in a certain way ... (and nobody ever seem to note the odd thing, that oil prices went up yesterday, so gas prices today - very odd, at these times, we never hear - well, the very odd time oil prices go down, they say that gas prices do not go down because it takes weeks for the reduced oil price to work its way through the system - kind of odd that the reverse is not true - of course it does, so the immediately rising prices are just straight ripoffs... we don't really want to get into that though ....)

July 18 - PEI CBC being a free promo agent for selected friends (PC stuff - we girls helping we girls, here) - as a local station, that would be perhaps justifiable if **all** new businesses got a bit of free promo, but you just KNOW that's isn't the case - only those who somehow meet the CBC criteria, which you could guess at as well as I - my friends get special treatment, or people doing something that fits in with the social engineering somehow ..

- AIH - some Russian jailed - and we're talking about "show trials' as we see only in damned undemocratic commie countries - the thing is, the Bradley trial, and many others in the US, are exactly the same thing, but in the good ol USofA, friend to the CBC (CBC's rulers, that is, and directors therefore of programming) we are NOT going to frame the story this way - it MIGHT be a bit controversial or something, but notions of high level government corruption etc etc are NEVER going to get talked about - in Russia, Putin is identified always as directly doing things - in the US, Obama is NEVER identified in the same way -

>>> another good thing to get into the media coverage - the media is so important - they frame the democratic farce as legitimate, and people believe it - as with framing Canada/US etc as 'democracies' and other places as 'commie' is a good strategy -

July 16 - PEI CBC showing their complete support of the NWO social control program with their "story" on the PEI cops 'cracking down' on them damned people not wearing bicycle helmets (and another story a bit later about how a lot of people on PEI are still resisting that control, which is a bit hopeful - ) - then a couple of utterly pathetic 'interviews' with people who don't seem to have much of a clue (first time, talking to some guy from Ottawa about the cabinet shuffle), and then another clueless interviewer - the lady talking to the PEI fisherman (who seemed to know what he was talking about)

July 15 - tangent to the Star again - - drive by slander - we ALL just KNOW that Assad's wife, like him, is a brutal dictator. Lies, but this is the way to get them ingrained in the 'national consciousness', creating the national narrative, the 'official story' that everybody knows, you just have to mention the name, and everybody can drag out this list of demonizing lies - indoctrination in action, nobody sees it ...

>>> followed by the short version of the 'official narrative' story of the European 'debt crisis' - a pack of lies, by an obviously high up propagandist - nice job, for those willing to sell out their fellow citizens ..

July 13 - House - Petty showing her prejudices (and her 'guests') attacking Mulcair about the Quebec train disaster, etc - and then using the CBC as her pulpit to attack Wall of Sask when he differs with her personal views about the senate which, I guess, she believes everyone should believe ..

-- later, Day 6 - the story of a kid put in jail for joke comments on Facebook (I'll kill children and eat their hearts!!!! (which he quickly and clearly said he was joking) - but some Cdn woman phones the terrorist cops in the US, and he was in jail for 5 months, then released on half a million dollars bail - first question the host asks the mother - '[How did you feel when you saw him???' - so much to talk about here, this gossip is NOT part of it - but leads the story on the CBC, crying mothers and spectacle - we live in an insane society, and the CBC is a central part of promoting the insanity .... the host is right there - 'this was serious, do you understand why the police took it so seriously?' - translation, we KNOW this is a dangerous world, and we must not make jokes about it!! - so he is obviously guilty, why won't you people admit this???? etc etc (dumbed down, frightened children-citizens ...)

July 11 - the Current doing a hatchetjob on the owner of the railway that had the crash etc - very pathetic, the worst kind of 'yellow journalism' - no fairness at all, they attack him as the enemy from the word go - not the job of the CBC, in a real country at any rate ... it's as if they're a gang of 16-year-olds with a grudge, just attacking whoever they have decided is 'the bad guy' - pretty much the opposite of what used to be known as 'professional journalist' - it's one thing to be a bit aggressive with someone known to have done something bad, but for the "journalist" to immediately assess any situation prior to any investigation, and immediately assume they are accuser, judge and jury, etc, is just micky mouse, like the whole organisation today ...

July 10 - talking to someone from the train explosion town - 'what do you say to your friends who lost children?' - that is not news, my friends, that is voyeurism and gossip - the new 'lead' in CBC 'stories'

July 4 - morning "news" - great investigative CBC reporters 'learning more about the (alleged) Victoria bombers' - and they've run around and dug up some guy who says he used to know the (alleged) bomber gossiping and giving his opinion - what can you do but laugh? - the kids have taken over everything.

>>> summer show called 'tooth and claw' - asking the question - since it is so expensive, maybe it would be better to let some species go extinct rather than to try to save them, and spend our limited resources on saving other species that might be less expensive to save - there was a 'debate' with 'both sides' - but CBC pro-corporate framing, as always - not a WORD about things like how about we asked the rich to pay some taxes to save species, or stop destroying them in the first place even though their profits might take a tiny hit??????. or just started dividing the wealth of our country up differently in a way which included ecological preservation as a given, rather than some kind of 'luxury' ???? - hahaha just joking, we know those questions are NOT going to get asked on the CBC ..... the 'underlying truth' they expect people to believe is that we do live in 'austerity' times, and therefore we only have so much money, and must decide things like this on that basis - we are NOT going to get into the way our great wealth is divided, etc etc

July 2 - 'how to brainwash someone' - http://www.cbc.ca/howtodoit/episodes/2013/07/02/how-to-brainwash-someone/ - CBC civics books 'intelligent' shows for the totally brainwashed - kids thinking THEY know pretty much everthing, talking about 'brainwashing', without the slightest clue of what indoctrination is really all about, or that they themselves are perfect examples of the perfectly indoctrinated citizen, playing in the box they are allowed to play in, thinking the walls of the box are the absolute limits and there is nowhere else to even think of going ...

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