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July 10 - talking to someone from the train explosion town - 'what do you say to your friends who lost children?' - that is not news, my friends, that is voyeurism and gossip - the new 'lead' in CBC 'stories'

July 4 - morning "news" - great investigative CBC reporters 'learning more about the (alleged) Victoria bombers' - and they've run around and dug up some guy who says he used to know the (alleged) bomber gossiping and giving his opinion - what can you do but laugh? - the kids have taken over everything.

>>> summer show called 'tooth and claw' - asking the question - since it is so expensive, maybe it would be better to let some species go extinct rather than to try to save them, and spend our limited resources on saving other species that might be less expensive to save - there was a 'debate' with 'both sides' - but CBC pro-corporate framing, as always - not a WORD about things like how about we asked the rich to pay some taxes to save species, or stop destroying them in the first place even though their profits might take a tiny hit??????. or just started dividing the wealth of our country up differently in a way which included ecological preservation as a given, rather than some kind of 'luxury' ???? - hahaha just joking, we know those questions are NOT going to get asked on the CBC ..... the 'underlying truth' they expect people to believe is that we do live in 'austerity' times, and therefore we only have so much money, and must decide things like this on that basis - we are NOT going to get into the way our great wealth is divided, etc etc

July 2 - 'how to brainwash someone' - http://www.cbc.ca/howtodoit/episodes/2013/07/02/how-to-brainwash-someone/ - CBC civics books 'intelligent' shows for the totally brainwashed - kids thinking THEY know pretty much everthing, talking about 'brainwashing', without the slightest clue of what indoctrination is really all about, or that they themselves are perfect examples of the perfectly indoctrinated citizen, playing in the box they are allowed to play in, thinking the walls of the box are the absolute limits and there is nowhere else to even think of going ...

June 21 - advertising the next Maritime Noon subject - 'how do you eat your bacon' - man, all the important stuff going on in the world today, and this is the best they can come up with. it's getting beyond despair ... into farce, I guess

June 20 - Current - right into 'salacious gossip' - best thing going today is the Prime Minister of some European county is HAVING AN AFFAIR!@!! (OMG gigglegigglesexsexsexOMGOMGl!!) - the "correspondent" they talk to is talking with such obviously pursed lips, some 20-something prude pretending to be a "reporter" and HER views are the views EVERYONE should have, etc etc, feigning disapproval of this nasty sex (which she readily admits is denied, and not proven, just 'oh, something we all know!!' - gossip, in other words), it's almost laughable - but of course this is all really important stuff, etc etc etc etc.

>> segue to general discussion on scandals, and they have the editor of the old 'Frank' mag - !!! - wow, used to be very 'up the nose' of establishment figures - no more, it seems - you can tell somebody is part of the propaganda-indoctrination system if they're on the CBC, so here we have another once-cutting edge commentator of what was really going on in political life in Canada denutted - of course, come to think of it, what Frank used to be, the CBC is very much becoming, salacious gossip as 'news'. This whole discussion would provide much fodder for deconstruction - the assumptions they have about 'sex' being something we all have a right to be interested in as other people do it, etc, and the utterly TRIVIAL things they pretend are 'meaningful' (this was the first scandal to involve twitter!!!!!!!!) - i mean CBC cbc sheep throwing wolf shadowholy fucking fuck - it's nothing more than gossip at heart, and our national broadcaster promoting it as "news" - the dumbing down of the Cdn mind, the trivialization of everything, whilst carrying out the very important objective of the hiding behind this spectacle anything of actual importance

AIH - talking about Guatemala, and its 'violent history' - they begin by noting how many people 'deny' history - not a little irony here, as they are very, very careful to present the US in a very benign light rather than the actual instigators of not only the atrocities in Guatemala, but all over the world, before and since - well, we'll paint a little 'limited hangout' picture - they didn't like 'democracy' there and spread lies about 'communism', but no more!! - no opening the truth of how they were actually responsible for all of this violence, very directly - they are happy to vilify the US puppet who was responsible for destroying democracy there, but in our 'sanitized' history, the US played nothing more than a peripheral role, and we don't really need to talk about it - it's like blaming the Jewish concentration camps on the camp superintendents, and not talking about that nice well-meaning Herr Hitler, really - Orwell in action. a bit more 'truth' here

June 17 - Current - drive by 'indoc reinforcement' - AM is talking to Tony Clement about his 'sick day leave reforms' for the public service, but 'since the G8 meeting has finished, what do you think?' - and Tony just casually says 'well, we all know it's really the G7 plus (meaning Russia) - Putin is not democratic, does not support the proposed Syrian measures, etc etc - blatant propaganda, but right there hitting (reinforcing internalised indoctrination) the 'created narrative' we are all expected to believe without question - but there are other very valid POVs about what is going on, such as another view of the G? meetings, and Putin's actions - I suppose we can guess the odds of ever hearing from this guy on the CBC are somewhat small (and another thing I noticed - while 'drive by' slanders and propaganda favoring things the CBC is pushing are very common, you never never never never hear any such 'en passant' reinforcements of things the CBC does NOT want people thinking from the other side - examples not necessary ...

June 16 - results of Iran election - oddly, the CBC doesn't have a WORD about 'controversial results', as they were blabbing about last week - I guess if whoever they approve of wins, it's not 'controversial', that's only when someone they don't approve of wins ... intrepid 'journalism' from Canada's national broadcaster ...

June 15 - morning "news" - on about the Iran election - yesterday they were whining about 'fixed elections', and speculating about various things, such as that they THOUGHT the votes would be counted fast, proving it was fixed from the beginning - today they are complaining it's taking too long to count the votes - just like kids, always finding fault with ANYthing 'their enemy' gets up to - absolutely zero credibility coming out of the CBC on anything important anymore, for the last few years - which really pisses me off - I was once so proud of my country and its great institutions like the CBC, now they're cancerous and odious, not to mention very dangerous to the future of humanity on this planet at this time in human history.

- Day 6 - indoc maintenance - what would you tell a superhero to do - "I'd send Superman to North Korea, because they have the power to shell and bomb Seoul to smithereens....' - blatant fear mongering, dealing on the 'internalised false reality' they expect Cdns to believe without question - and thus indoctrination maintenance (I mean, we ALL know that, right, that crazy fucking monster in N Korea...) (actually, these are 'intelligent engaged informed' citizens, CBC-2013 style, and they all 'know' this without question - perfect examples of the new CBC citizen after a couple of generations of full-spectrum indoctrination )

- and again, with Syria - which superhero could defeat this person we all know is really just like a comic book monster, etc etc - very amazing, really - good stuff for deconstruction if one ever gets around to it ...

>> and they cover the bases - 'remember, Russia is opposed to intervention..' - not really, just the kind of geopolitical regime change "intervention" the US wants, like they lied to Russia about last year in Libya, with the 'no fly zone' that more or less immediately became 'authorisation' to bomb the fuck out of anyone they wanted.. but of course super heroes are more black and white than nuanced - WE GOOD YOU FUCKING MONSTERS DIE!!!!! and etc

>> and for a small coup de grace, we even have one guy saying 'I don't want politicians running our country, I want accountants!!' - great stuff - we will 'officially' allow economists to tell us what to do ... after all, they've been doing such a great job the last 30 years - haha little inside humor there ..

June 14 - the Current - half hour on how BAAAAAAD Iran is. surprise surprise. [[good deconstruction stuff, if needed later - full of lies and spin - i.e. they complain that Iran has not had a really free press since the revolution - the implication, of course, being, that they had a free press under the Shah before that, if anybody knows any history at all these days, not likely really, and without getting near the fact that much of what Iran has become since then is a direct response to the terror of the US-installed Shah, another 'kill that Democracy!!!' regime change by the great hegemon - certainly like to see one of these people trying to defend that idea - of course, they'd just lie through their teeth like they are here, and everywhere ...

- and Syria, of course, still doing the long and difficult job of softening up the people enough to stay home when they eventually do some really bad stuff there (that's the US, supported by Canada, doing bad stuff..) - AIH interviewing people about 'now we KNOW Syria has used chemical weapons, what are we going to do???' etc etc - the very blatantly obvious question they aren't asking - 'We were told in similar 'beyond doubt' terms about Saddam's WMD, which proved to be not quite so positive after all, indeed a complete fiction - why should we believe this now?' and etc - of course, if the purpose is justifying greater military intervention, then questions like that would be a real nuisance ..... as would interviewing people denying the whole story, which are readily available, just don't look for them on the CBC - the other side of the Syria story, not to be found on the CBC etc etc etc etc

June 13 - AIH and other media showing their obsession with Ford again - the cops say no connection with the raids, Ford says no connection, but they all WANT a connection, and they keep badgering him - he's very polite and patient, they're like mad sharks at a bloody corpse, although of course Ford is far from a corpse yet - a sign of their blindness - CO opens by saying "People want to know!!!' - questionable, but very obviously the press, led by the CBC, are desperate to find something to justify their weeks of screaming out gossip and making life miserable for the mayor of Toronto -

- story of jail guards beating people - and the best AIH can do is ask the mother - 'What did you think when you saw the pic?' - kids at play, pretending to be "journalists" - and then 'are you going to pursue a lawsuit' - geezus. "journalism" for the weak of mind ....

(sure there's lots of other stuff real journalists would be doing - i.e. - rather odd, with all their war-mongering against Assad the last year plus, the CBC aren't covering this story - Us-backed rebels carry out sectarian massacres - about their allies' tactics ... )

- and then they're on Iran - 'widespread complaints about Iran elections being fixed' - and some "expert" talking about this - I guess the CBC hasn't noticed there is also a lot of credible people out there saying the elections are just fine, at least as fair as Cdn elections and the tricks the Cons get up to or the blatant stealing of US elections recently by their own fucking "supreme" court, nothing but a big mafia at work - but of course when you are doing propaganda, 'balanced coverage' is kind of not what you do ...

or other stuff they *could* be doing, aside from asking mothers how they feel about kids dying - Michael Rowbotham on 'The Significance of Monetary Reform' - don't wait for the CBC interview. hahaha that's such a ridiculous idea!!!!! - something useful on the CBC rather than blatant propaganda pushing the people into the new feudalist enclosure .....

June 12 - AIH - CO showing her right wing roots again - Quebec passes a law to let people end their lives, and she's all over the lady she interviews -

>> and then she decides that cancelling executive bonuses in Alberta was a bad thing, and defends their right to that money - odd - again, not shy about attacking the gov guy who is trying to explain it - she appears to feel there is 'an employment contract' for these big money earners that must be honored - I know I have heard her argue the reverse, when union contracts are at issue - aren't they a bit generous, and in times of austerity shouldn't workers be willing to sacrifice for the greater good, etc etc

- (ah - she gets to "this is supposed to be an organisation 'free from gov interference'", and AIH, or their masters, are trying to establish the 'right' of private corps to be more powerful than govs ... the rulers work hard for their money, and deserve bonuses etc - it's the serfs who must tighten their belts ... )

June 10 - morning 'news' - the story about CRA asking the CBC for overseas tax info - 'reporter' says 'Canada's a little late to the party on that one' - pathetic. who lets these kids out of journalism school talking like this? Why does the CBC hire them? - part of the dumbing down stuff I guess.

>> later, PEI 'news' - the 'black widow' story - reporter says 'The crown is playing their cards close to their chest' - fuck. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if they're teaching this halfwitted amateur junior reporter shit in what they jokingly call 'journalism' school anymore - after all, the overall agenda of the media is dumbing people down, and the media are a central part of it all ...

>> then a "lawyer" **hired by the cops*** just comes to the conclusion that the cops in the Vancouver Polish guy case weren't lying - how can you run a country when people in trusted positions like this guy blatantly lie for money, and the media refuse to call him on it???? We REALLY need Green Island and the scopalamine test - this guy wouldn't go near it, he is OBVIOUSLY lying for those who pay him - what a really bad place we are in these days -

Star - photographer arrested for daring to take a pic of cops at work - just the slow boiling of the frog - this is completely outrageous, and unacceptable, yet nothing more than the most hesitant resistance to the police state in action - very obviously, one of the fundamental objectives of a police state is doing what they can to minimize the evidence when the 'official message' is that it is really a democracy, and this is just becoming the norm, rather than the exception, cops jumping anyone trying to film them in action

June 8 - 06:30 Fredericton, girl junior reporter, 3 men died in a car in a river - but 'the 3 men were killed' despite efforts to save them. 'killed'???? really. How do these people get on the CBC with such poor English? The best there is to offer???? fuck. (and of course not a word about why the 3 men could not be gotten out of the car - tied in with seatbelts sounds most probable - but that would go against the propaganda, so won't get mentioned on the 'all propaganda all the time' social-engineering CBC ... ]]

>> more "professionalism" next hour - some lady did not want a vaccine, and they have ONE guy, called 'Dr' somebody, who tells us all there is no problem with the vaccine, whassa matta you people eh??. Fuck. So amateur, so micky mouse, so obvious - and most people apparently so oblivious to how they are being manipulated.

>> the house - interesting telling example of 'one rule for our friends one for our enemies' - Evan is attacking some Con spokesperons because nobody has seen the cheque that the PMO 'cut' for Duffy, so how can we believe it? - but with the Ford alleged video, no seeing is necessary to accuse and convict the guy ...

June 6 - Syrian gov takes Quser - and listen to the moaning. Did we EVER hear moaning about displaced citizens and related destruction when *our* bombs are doing the damage??? Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, even Syria????? - of course not - just 'great victory!!!!' - but when THEY win something, I guess the idea of 'great victory' doesn't fall so easily from the propagandist's lips - a bit on the "" news"", and then a half hour on the Current - good deconstruction stuff, as this is blatant lying being offered as 'reporting history in the making' - same old arguments from the sweet young man being interviewed (like the so sweet young girl telling us about the monster Iraqis throwing babies out of incubators) - Syria is supported by Iran and Russia, why aren't you western people supporting we wonderful Freedom Fighters??? HuHHHH??? - right back to Reagan and his 'freedom fighters' - lies and lies, and they have not stopped telling them, and most people still believe them - which is the unbelievable part -

-- and then we have a story about the people who commit war crimes - and guess what?????? - we hear a long ramble about a book about Japanese soldiers in the 30s and 40s of the last century!!! - fucking gooks, let's not forget what fucking monsters these people really are, eh???. Odd that - the Americans are currently committing massive war crimes, and have been for 50 - 100 - 200 years without stop - if we go back to 'the indian 'wars' (aka massacres, genocide - words that will NEVER pass the lips of the CBC in relation to America), the Americans have probably committed more war crimes and killed more women and children than the rest of the combined world history - odd we wouldn't talk about that at least a bit - of course, when we want to pretend OUR side, led by the freedom loving Americans, are wonderful bringers of 'democracy' to a chained world, who are just SO thankful to us all, really!! - we need to not talk about such things at all, as the mythology, no matter how well propagandized, is very, very very weak ...

(( - "the Syrian "rebels" have not been through this training, or fighting long enough..." - really, AM??? The US has been training al Quaeda since Ronald Reagan, been training 'rebels' and 'freedom fighters' in the ways of killing and torture at the OSS since the 80s - you didn't know that???? Really????? hahaha )

--- interesting the guy who wrote the book, near the end, talks about 'the strong denial movement' - in Japan. right. what about the denial in America - and Canada?? Wouldn't that be of a bit more interest to any ***real*** Cdn journalists? - oh, right, of course, no *real* journalist gets anywhere near the CBC these days ...

(just to mention a bit from the Star - hilarious 'must watch!!' vid.. - "hilarious" ???? - not even funny, really - this is modern 'humor'?? - worth some analysis, if one ever gets time - the CBC stuff is obviously part of the dumbing down, this seems a bit different although maybe for the same people .. )

-- still with the Star - Pamela Wallin "scandal" - she is quoted as ".. I trust you understand that it’s better for everyone to be dealing with facts,.." - now that actually is kind of funny from outside-the-boxland here in GI, since very obviously the Star, and most others, at least as far as political figures go lately, have no interest whatsoever in 'facts' - if somebody has any kind of unverified gossip, now, we'll run with that, baby, over and over and over again, yeh!!!! - seriously folks, as they say, this is a very, very bad time for what they kind of jokingly call 'Canadian journalism', which I don't think has actually reared its poor sweet head in this country since the 70s, if only in a somewhat limited way then ... well, maybe since Dalton Camp died, anyway, although he never pretended to be a journalist, of course, just speaking some truth, which not anyone else seems to be doing these days, at least in the MSM

AIH - CBC "interviewer" talking to some Cdn filmmaker - 'you studied a philosophy degree' - kids at play. semi-literate. they 'graduate' from 'journalism' school, and then get on the CBC, knowing this little about anything ....

June 5 - Ottawa Morning - some 'report' about public works canada - an explosion - 'the man died *in the wee hours*' - what kind of language is that for a "journalist" ?? - oh, the new dumbed down CBC, by kids for kids, and kids think slang is really cool and shows how 'in' they are - right.

- AIH - some American soldier murders a bunch of civilians in Afghanistan - and that's the story - one soldier, personal story, we note the US gov isn't even mentioned - when we hear allegations of soldiers killing civilians in Syria or someplace we do not like (note the 'allegations') - we never talk about individual soldiers, we talk about the leader of the country we don't like being directly responsible for such things. All framing - even now, with Obama known to be ordering murders all over the world, not a WORD about it beyond a simple reporting of such things - later too, they are talking to some Russian guy about his problems with the Russian gov, and again, it is framed as Putin directly persecuting this guy, the undemocratic monster - the US gets up to far, far FAR worse shit every day, and if we hear about them at all, we NEVER hear about 'Obama' doing this or that, and in the Russian case, we NEVER hear anything from the other side - maybe this guy actually is guilty of something, and the gov very legitimately enforcing their laws - all propaganda, all narrative creation

June 4 - Ottawa Morning - slagging China still, the anniversary of Tiennanen Square - bad stuff no doubt, but again just finger pointing - look at the bad stuff people we don't like do!!! - we could, of course, talk about America, and the genocides they have been undertaking for the last 500 years, and many other things - bad working conditions in China? - sure - but what about Walmart all over the US and Canada, working full time and still under the poverty line, etc - or the ongoing attacks on unions in Canada *could* be talked about a lot more - but I guess we'd rather sort of pretend OUR stuff wasn't too bad - really LOOK AT THE DAMN COMMIES!!! - you ARE glad you're in Canada and not there, right, worker??? -- or of course we could look a bit deeper into what WE have been doing in Syria - how good are 'we the good guys' looking about this stuff, honestly??? What's that? Don't want to go there either? my my all the news you need on the CBC ... right -

-- the Current a tad amusing, as things often are from outside the box - talking about the 'less than real' democracy in Turkey - maybe they could dig a bit deeper into Canadian so-called democracy - oh, that's right, we're finger pointing about other countries because we don't WANT to talk about Canada, at least like that ...

>> and then the Current going after drinking again - it can be a problem, but the reasons people drink are not gotten into (capitalism induced stress in various forms), nor other things - just the basic demonisation .. - very serious, actually, good thing for deconstruction if one has time and is so inclined - this is an epidemic, people, you got to STOP THAT DRINKING!!!!! - of course, people who drink might cause some problems, but a lot of them are also much more free thinking, and much more inclined to have the courage (lack of indoctrinated inhibitions, or temporarily overcoming such inhibitions) to dare to challenge the Power, and of course the Power is very concerned with reducing the number of such people as much as possible ... less drinking, less complaining - good for people who have a lot to be complained about ...

AIH - pushing the irrelevant over the serious again - we never talk about books examining the capitalist problems, but we want to push a **proposed** trilogy called 'Chris P Bacon' - cute, amusing, and completely irrelevant, in terms of the problems we are experiencing (not to mention free publicity for someone, something else any 'professional' organisation shies away from. It would be justifiable if it was done in addition to more important books, or if on a kid's program, but is not, when done instead of telling people about real stuff.

June 3 - Ottawa Morning - - talking about Clement's new 'rules' to 'weed out waster' in the public service - innocent, civics-book citizen Robin obviously accepts the words of people like Clement as if they were true - no political motivation, our great leading politicians never lie (except those we are mad at for some reason and want to get rid of, like Ford, and then the accusation becomes the proof, like kids in the schoolyard) - she talks to a couple of people about this, but it is a very tepid defence of public sector workers, and not a word that questions Clement et al's motives, as political rather than sincerely wanting to improve the public service - obviously, they are destroying it, have been since Mulroney - a democratic public service works for the people, and that is not the new-feudalist goal - a feudalist 'public' service is there to manage people, provide them with the absolute minimal amount of service the rulers can get away with and essentially function as a buffer to absorb and diffuse problems between the rulers and citizens, a completely different idea than what most people think of, and nobody is talking about that. outside of GI anyway ...

- the Current - undertaking a big defence of the Star reporters who claim to have seen the Ford vid - the lady is very ineloquent, not-too-bright teenager level of conversation, and attitude - thinking she is 'the great ms professional journalist' - laugher ... the big question, of course, that they are not going near, is fine, let's assume they saw the vid they claimed to have seen - how does the report of two reporters translate into a massive media vendetta against Ford, who, they act like, has now been charged and proven guilty, which is what the CBC etc have been doing, with nothing but mockery for his denials???? - if they want to follow the story, why do we not have a single word about interview with the police, and how they feel and what they are doing? And of course any **real** media, who are not to be found any where near this (I don't think we have any) would be digging deeply into how the Cdn media are *creating* the story here, and actually *are* the story - attacking the mayor of a Cdn city and obviously attempting to have him removed from office - and not a word of protest from any of them - they obviously believe they run the country .. well, in the narrative-creation sense, to a significant extent they do, at least the 'in the box' part of it ...

>> followed (surprise surprise) from some propaganda about Syria - wonderful young people so wonderfully wanting to get their "education" in Syria, and people helping them - constantly, of course, under threat from them (fucking) government forces, dropping bombs, etc etc etc - of course, we are NOT going to get into any discussion about how the US et al are responsible for this whole mess and if it weren't for their desire to get rid of a leader who will not kiss their ass none of this would be happening, supporting "rebels" in an attempted armed overthrow of a legitimate gov, etc - really bad stuff, the CBC and all of these people are going to look REALLY bad in the history books, once we win ...

- AIH - drive-by slagging China. again. 'we all know it is a dictatorial and authoritarian society' - really? Could you find any Chinese who disagree with that statement if you looked? Or what about Americans who understand that about America the great and free? - maybe they could find a mirror somewhere sometime - China is trying to get better, our leaders are trying to make us more like the 'dictatorial' China of days gone by. guess we don't really want to talk about that on the state-propaganda broadcaster ... KISS - point the finger somewhere else - LOOK OVER THERE!!! - don't think about what is going on here ...

June 1 - The House - various people talking about what great times these are for "news" and "journalists" with the Rob Ford gossip to speculate endless over, and the Duffy 'scandal' - in any real 'journalism' environment, these would be minor stories at best - but that's the 'narrative' these days - gossip and propaganda are 'great journalism!!'

10:00 PEI time - commercial but I've heard it often - 'life today is almost certainly better than ever before, no matter what your parents say' - blatant 'narrative creation' - and they are using this to talk about 'the irrelevance show', the modern idea of comedy, which is utter junk - the ad includes some guy singing about something, but he is using a very childish voice, and evidently getting considerable approval from the equally childish audience - the dumbing down is pretty much solidified - do you have any chance of getting through to these people??????? - small at best -

- Day 6 - more Ford stuff - basically variations on 'my god EVERYbody at the CBC and Star KNOWS that this person should be gone, so what on earth is going on that he is still here?!?!?! - with, of course, not a single voice given a chance to defend the man - beyond pathetic - no 'journalism' left in this sad country at all ...

- "news" - 23:00 PEI - 'the Ford scandal refuses to die down' - actually, truth time, the media refuses to quit hounding him - "reporter" - 'some supporters say his record speaks for himself' - professionals on the CBC. 'new' professionals' I suppose, from the 'grammar or intelligence don't matter' school or something

May 31 - the Current - talking about Question Period and other things - they mention how disgusted Cdns are with this, and much else, but have two main people vigorously defending the indefensible - it's a good bit for deconstruction really - there is something going on here, they say that this week Mulcair seriously attacked the PM, and he 'had to' defend himself - which is obviously crap, he CHOSE to answer seriously, as there are many 'serious' questions which the PM and others regularly do not answer, but change the topic one way or another - which means there is something deeper going on - as always - whatever they tell you is spin at best, more likely lies if it involves something important {{{ host says 'the cut and thrust of question period' ??!!??? holy fuck, the kids are screaming insults at each other, this is NOT 'cut and thrust' - of course, they all call themselves 'parliamentarians' and 'journalists' - which are obviously not true - lies 'r' us, the Cdn media in action - all day every day ...

- AIH - some small remnant of 'real journalism' lurking around the CBC, that tiny ray of hope - the reason the Cons are so determined to get rid of it no matter that it is mostly doing their propaganda these days - an interview with some lady sticking up for Ford (or I suppose more likely just offering something a bit harmless but that they can point to to 'prove' they are 'impartial', which is such an obvious lie) - CO once again airing all the anti-Ford rumors, of course - she appears to believe all the gossip and rumors, and thinks everyone else should believe them too or she's going to be mocking and attacking them, which is quite sad for anyone calling themselves a "journalist" - but is also the new 'norm' for such people

-- hmmmm, with the CBC so anxious to get hysterical about every small rumor of Assad doing something bad, it's odd we aren't hearing from them about this - Turkey involved in chemical weapons - or Western States Pouring Fuel on The Syrian Crisis . haha just being sarcastic. When you're doing propaganda, that's exactly what you do - inflate rumors about 'the bad guys' and "overlook" stuff making your chosen Heroes look less good than you want your listeners to believe them .. and the CBC are heavily involved in nothing if not propaganda

May 30 - and Island Morning's brilliant reporter again - 'why is it important for new students to be well prepared when entering university?' - krist. - check the mirror, kid - oh, she wouldn't understand -

- Ottawa Morning - Tony Clement attacking the public service - Robin interviews some guy from the PSAC, but she is obviously taking Clement's side - the little things of propaganda - the public can tell Robin (and her ilk elsewhere) believe Clement when he says those damned unions are just ripping off Cdn taxpayers, and this strong rightwing gov really wants just to help Cdns - and it's these endless little pushes that slowly push the 'average' not that bright citizen into places they should really not be going ...

- AIH - the media continue to **create** the Rob Ford story - talking to many people, putting oil on the fire, basically lying sometimes - "he continues to avoid questions" - no, he refuses to answer the same questions he has already answered over and over again. They talk to some councilor, obviously hostile to Ford - 'What can you do? Impeach him, fire him, etc?' - they leave out one obvious possibility - the media could leave the story alone until, or if, the video surfaces, and the cops decide what is to be done - but that is the Cdn media, creating the narrative - we need a real media here somewhere, that will report on the battle between the Cdn media determined to get rid of Ford, and Ford's defence of himself against a gossip-insane media ... the media itself, indeed, is the story, or a good part of it - but don't expect them to go there haha!!

>> and an attack on Assange with some """journalist"""" who does not like him and made a documentary attacking him - AIH - 'he is fighting extradition to Sweden because of some imagined plot' etc - very obviously the US want him, but AIH is taking the ludicrous position this is some kind of 'conspiracy theory' - I suppose we can't look for the other side to the story, from someone defending Assange, like - Chris Hedges on the Assange film .

May 29 - Island Morning - talk with a crying father about 'bullying' - sad story, but they have it all wrong, they are blowing it all out of proportion - this kid was called 'shrimp' in school 'and he hated it' - this is just a fact of life, and the solution is at least partly NOT to tell them they are victims and need to suffer, but to get used to it, shrug it off, fight back, etc - they ENCOURAGE kids to kill themselves with the wrong approach in many ways - needs more time to work out coherently, but they are creating a situation, not fighting it .. - one has to figure that even if the well-meaning junior staff they allow on these shows think they are concerned people trying to address a problem, again the 'higher-ups', the people really in charge, know exactly what they are doing, creating this kind of timid victim-citizen, and encouraging a lot of crying about it and appealing to 'the authorities' for assistance - a path designed to produce helpless, apathetic pseudo-adults unable to challenge the NWO ...

-- mymy, CO is a 'conspiracy theorist' - she asks somebody if the PM's office might have been engaged in a 'conspiracy' to try to cover up the Duffy money!!! - CONSPIRACY!!!! hahahahahahahaha!!!!! - ALL 'real' citizens know there are no conspiracies, don't they???? - oh, wait, that's only for people talking about things they don't want talked about, that's right ....

-- hmm, odd we aren't hearing about this on the CBC - Armed Rebels Massacre Entire Population of Christian Village in Syria - it is, after all, a strictly 'impartial' news agency, just telling us stuff we need to know, isn't it?? no taking sides, just 'news' ????


May 28 - Q - Jian doing a big promo on how great the Cdn press is, because of their 'amazing investigative journalism' going after Mike Duffy and Rob Ford - quite amazing more than anything is the depth of brainwashing that allows, or encourages, him to be this blind to what is really going on - the perfect example of the brainwashed munchkin talking about how great their chains are - also Ottawa Morning, and other places, there have been 'interviews' with some 'reporters' about the various 'scandals', and how now is such a great time to be a 'journalist' in Ottawa - and all they're doing is chasing gossip and 'scandals'. NOTHING of any real importance - just like kids with a juicy story, of interest to those in their limited 'in-crowd' interested in gossip that concerns them - and not a one of them would understand what I am talking about ...

- 18:00 'news' - about Air Canada - 'a big chunk of change' - slang is so 'in' for the new CBC 'reporter' - we're just so 'with it', we kids talking to other kids, thinking (and wanting others to believe) we know so much, when actually we know so very fucking little ... very sad, they (real journalists) in the past 100 years spent such a lot of time building a pretty good journalism tradition, and they've taken it completely apart in the last 30 years - god knows if it will ever resurface ... but one is not particularly hopeful at this time

AIH - CO having an aggressive interview with some guy from the CBC about putting advertising on the CBC - interesting - of course, CO is obviously one of the 'in the know' people, and probably being well paid to participate in turning the CBC into something either completely dead or completely under NFW control -

-- and a talk with some Syrian 'rebel' about how the new lifting of the (pretend) arms embargo is going to help his side - guess we don't need to wait for anything from this Cdn who seems to understand the situation a lot better (or at least more honestly) than anyone allowed on the CBC - What the Syrian constitution says about Assad and the rebels

May 27 - morning "news" - PEI - "one of the surprising things is that Harper is involved in this" (paraphrasing) - this is not "reporting" anything - this is telling the listeners what the "reporter" wants them to believe (you should be surprised here! - don't let that notion pop into your head independently, we will TELL you "be surprised here!') - editorialising, again, passed off as "news" - but people will absorb it, and this will be talked about, with no recognition of how they are being led around ..

- and then on to Ford, they 'report' on him hosting his weekly radio show, and accuse him of 'taking shots at citizens who questioned his story' - that may be true, but the clip they played to illustrate this was certainly NOT any kind of 'shot' at the caller - but typical 'politically correct leftist shit' - WE (the 'good guy lefties') are free to slander at will, and take shots at Ford or anyone else we have decided we don't like all day all night - but my my the people we criticize are bad people if THEY call anyone names!! - I am not, certainly, of the laissez-faire rightwing, but I as surely have little to do with these PC clowns who are currently dominating 'the left' in this country ... although of course that is questionable in terms of the MSM, as they are actors pretending to be 'lefties' or 'progressives', so probably there is some of the natural ignorance of the 'rightwing' getting expressed in their pretend-lefty stuff - that's a bit deep, could work on it a bit .. so much else to work on ..

-- and the slang continues - all the talk about Harper's Cof Staff 'cutting a cheque' - that kind of slang is not professional. - and late 18:00 BC 'news' - 'downright depressing' - radio of, by and for citizens living in teenland ... the new CBC 'citizen' profile ...

May 26 - Enright joining the 'piling on' of Ford - the underlying assumption they all are making is that a lot of gossip and rumors are somehow 'true', with no proof whatsoever, and self-righteously commenting as if these accusations were true - CBC not looking good. (now there's an understatement..)

May 25 - PEI morning 'news' - vehicle into the water, two got out one drowned - odd we don't hear if she was wearing a seatbelt or not, they rarely fail to talk about somebody who died while NOT wearing one ... basic Propaganda 101 - on message all the time - reinforce the desired message at all possible times, ignore anything that might cast doubt on the message, nuance or thinking not wanted, just blind, unthinking obedience ....

May 24 - another guy we're not going to hear interviewed on the HATE ASSAD (and anyone else we tell you to) KILL KILL KILL CBC - Was the London Killing of a British Soldier 'Terrorism'?

- "news" (06:30 PEI) - our ever intrepid 'foreign correspondent' telling Cdns the 'news' again - as in, 'Harper conceded' something - as if the "reporter" is all-knowing god, and is *telling* us that Harper should have done this - 'concede' is a loaded, editorialising word, passing judgement on something - no reporting, all editorialising as 'news' - as always, creating the narrative ... maybe a bit of a fuller sentence - 'after seemingly endless hectoring by the "reporters", Harper conceded ...' maybe?? haha

>> a bit amusing - before Harper went to south America, the reporters were all whining that 'he was running away on a foreign trip where he always avoids answering questions' - but every day they have got him answering questions about Duffy et al, and not a word about their petulant complaint earlier that he avoids such questioning - this makes them look really amateurish, which of course they are not going to acknowledge - children playing in the adults section, that's all 'journalists' are any more

- Island Morning has a clip of the reporters chasing Duffy around shouting out questions, then complaining he won't answer them, and complaining to everyone listening to the radio - this is not going to be one of the highlights of their lives - pathetic. whiny little self-righteous children playing at being reporters.

- big coup for Ottawa Morning - lengthy talk with some 80 year old lady talking about her husband dying in a car accident, crying a bit - great stuff for the emotional set, not much of 'news' or, really, interest, at least for adults ....

>> the Current - half hour on 'the Ford situation' - the clown from the Star, Royston James or something, sounding (as they all do, really, him just a bit more obvious) like a petty pissed off teenager, chuckling sarcastically as he tears Ford apart with nobody to answer him, etc - sad what the Cdn media has come to. - geezus the guy has the blindness to accuse the mayor of 'having a bully pulpit' - can he not see what he is doing with HIS bully pulpit, the biggest newspaper in the country on a personal vendetta against the mayor of the largest city in Canada whom they have taken a dislike to, and do everything they can to belittle him???? - it's amazingly hypocritical, not to mention childishly stupid, and really embarrassing for we average citizens with some functioning brainpower left - the press has hounded the guy into being ineffective, and now they're all running around complaining about how ineffective he is!!!! - and finding other people to interview who agree with their view, and pretend 'this is how the people feel!!' - pathetic pathetic pathetic.

>> and later Q doing the same thing - a bunch of 'comments' from people attacking Conrad Black after the interview a couple of days ago, in which the very intelligent Black handled himself very well, as he usually does with the amateurs calling themselves 'journalists' the last few years - they're all just brainwashed munchkins running around, jeering people the CBC tells them to jeer - I really don't think there's any hope left, but what else are you going to do but fight em??? - need to work on that ..

- and then AIH continuing the great tradition of the CBC sinking further and further into the mire - Rob Ford makes a statement that he is not guilty of anything - and they're having none of it - they hector his lawyer, who is good enough to talk to them politely as normal intelligent adults try to do- when people on the rightwing do this kind of hectoring, we mock them for blatantly biased "journalism" - and the CBC has fallen to exactly the same level, just from the other side of this trivial level, with people they do not approve of, riding their little self-defined, self-righteous hobby horses, completely oblivious to what idiots they appear to whatever small number of intelligent people remain out here.

May 23 - Island Morning - they interview some "medical researcher" from the UofT about some supposed new virus - she tells us that she can't get into many details, there is much secrecy around this kind of research because they don't want the information falling into 'the wrong hands' - you know, terrorists, like that. I almost fell off the chair. This is fucking insane - well they are aren't they? Everywhere you look, people - TERRORISTS!!!! - never forget!!

- some UPEI director type showing her qualifications - 'our first priority are {sic of course!} the students' - fuck. good with cutting budgets, and telling us they can lay off 35 staff with no cut in quality. lying in other words ...

- Ottawa morning - as they have been doing regularly, they have some kind of 'Ottawa Senators' panel of young fans, a woman included, this is for EVERYBody - 'analysing' the 'important current event' of how a hockey team is doing - I really cannot imagine anybody doing this back in the 'real radio' days of the 60s, 70s, even 80s, when the audience was mostly adults with adult interests, and the radio hosts were adults and fellow citizens rather than corporate-state propagandists - 'diversions' were only talked about if something unusual was going on, not as part of the 'main' daily programming

-- AIH - and everyone of course - utterly ferocious and committed to getting an answer over trivialities like chasing Ford around about an allegation he smoked crack, or chasing around Duffy - just imagine if they were even a tiny bit as diligent about getting some real answers about what's going on with money, or how it is the "intelligent" sources keep telling the same lies about the latest demonisation victim - doing, that is to say, what the media is *supposed* to be doing

>>> crying mother - mother of a girl who was murdered talking about the many who did the killing - this is NOTHING but gossip, no 'news' of any sort - but we do like those crying people on our radio!!

-- and an utterly petty response to some Con senator who gave her opinion that the media was somewhat against her party - which certainly seems true enough, but of course the modern CBC has nothing whatsoever to do with 'truth', beyond the NWO-Ministry of Truth definition of 'truth is what we need you to believe right now so we can continue taking over the world'

-- and more dumbing down, deep strategy - they tell a story about the Spanish navy buying submarines that won't float - and then play a modern rock song that is kind of related - the culture they promote, the modern citizen knows this music, and it is deemed 'central' by AIH - 'real' people are up on the most modern bands, not just 'teens' like in the days when kids were kids and adults were something more ....

May 21 - The Cashless Society Arrives in Africa - The 'Multipurpose' Biometric National Identity Smart Card: Nigerian Government partners with MasterCard to launch “Multipurpose” National Identity Smart Card - a major trial run, coming soon to a country near you - this is the final lockdown, do anything contrary to what you are told to do, and you are cut off from everything, in this society that totally runs on money - noone will want or dare to help you, fearing they will be cut off too ...

>> one of the handful of real journalists we have in the world - John Pilger - don't bother waiting for him on the CBC ...

>>> AIH - here's what we get on the CBC rather than intelligent commentary about what is going on in the world (i.e. Chalmers Johnson talking about what is really going on) - long conversation with a father and his son about how they felt after the tornado, and dad found out the son survived - sure we all feel sympathy for people who survive any disaster - but in what way is delving into how they feel 'news' that we need to help us understand what is going on in the world, or what we should be doing? Yea, AIH might be a crossover between 'news' and 'interesting current events', but there are a lot of important things we could be talking about besides intruding into lives unnecessarily like this, day after day after day ... 'how do you feel when your loved one dies?!?!' is not 'news'

>> then they try to pretend "journalists" were mistreated by 'being hustled out' of the PM's speech - as we hear a bunch of these "esteemed journalists" shouting like children - sure the Con MPs are behaving like children also (as they note) - but they're all pretty embarrassing as representatives ...

>> then they look at the throwing out of the genocide verdict in Guatemala - first question - 'how did you feel?' - like children - notably, not a WORD about the US involvement in installing this dictator - if the Russians or Chinese had been involved, you can be sure we'd be hearing that in every other sentence - the Chinese backed dictator etc etc - but the US stuff - well, no need to mention that - actually, we want people to just pretend that never happened, of course - the US, whom AIH supports, just brings Democracy to the world, right!!! ( a bit more history the CBC doesn't want to get into.. ) (and here )

>> oh heck that tornado story is just too good for only one conversation - let's talk to somebody else - how did YOU feel (pant pant... gossip is SO exciting ...)?

>> and then some screw-up by Cdn immigration a couple of years ago, just too good to not listen to again - "How did it feel being separated from your new wife for TWO Years ?!?!?" (pant pant OMG!!!!) - how people feel about tragic things that happen is obviously one of the things the CBC promotes as 'news' )

(well, sure, we could ask better questions - Mr and Ms average Cdn, how does it feel, knowing your government has been robbing you blind the last 40 years, whilst closing down your democracy in the name of 'austerity', completely fraudulently???? - now some conversation around questions like that might be more interesting to adults .... )

>> little talk about some "comedian" giving 'awards' for most boring Cdn and Cdn stuff - light on the surface, but deeper indoctrination maintenance -

> and we get to the "news" with one Chris Hall giving us an editorial about Harper's speech as if his opinions and prejudices were "news" - these people all belong in high school, this shit would not pass any **real** journalism school, although I don't think we have any of those left - when they have to run around telling us what WONDERFUL jobs they do and how FINE Cdns are 'served' by the Cdn media, you need to be suspicious .... it's kind of up to we citizens, in any real democracy, to decide if we think people supposedly serving us are doing a great job or not (my vote is probably clear enough ...)

- and the Current - guess what?????? - talking to more people about how they feel after the tornado ... yea, it's news, but talking to crying people is not ...

And more: - Afghan interpreter's family killed by Taliban - a bit odd, considering the thousands of non-combatant families killed by American drones and bombs, we NEVER see a story like this with that kind of headline, and sad pictures, all across the front page - 'Afghani family wiped out by "mistaken" American drone... well, not really that odd, I guess, if your first job is as secretariat to Power, and Power does not want these kind of stories given much attention, only stories that make 'the enemy' look bad. Sigh - life in propaganda land. Pretty depressing, to realise how many people actually believe this stuff.

May 20 - AIH - opens talking to a lady from the town where the fishermen died in NB - 'how do all the people feel?' - krist ... emotions driving children, rather than intelligence driving adults

>> talking to some 'reporter' from Iraq, lots of violence, ongoing - she keeps talking about 'since Saddam fell' etc - any REAL media would be continually pointing out 'since the Americans invaded the country illegally and destroyed a stable gov...' etc

May 19 - CBC "news" 0900 PEI - big report on the Memorial Cup from Saskatoon - talking to dimwitted 'fans', as if this was the kind of citizen we accept as 'the norm' these days. They wish. Sadly, they appear to be getting their wishes ...

- Sunday Edition - some 'feature' about a Cdn woman owner of a book store in NYC - sounds like something interesting, but what it really is, is a story about how we should all be completely self-centered, what WE want is RIGHT, life is for fun and for showing what individuals we are - we do NOT get concerned about boring shit like running the world or our country, or understanding boring stuff like what is going on with the national economy -

May 16 - the Current - damage control about the polls predicting an NDP win in BC - not entirely sure what is going on here, but it may just be destroying any confidence people have in polling - some organisation puts out a poll saying most Cdns think drugs should be legalised, they just dismiss it as wrong - much more freedom to say whatever they want without contradiction - remember exit polls, all showing Kerry won over Bush a few years back, and the actual (Diebold) results came back showing a Bush win - obviously rigged, and we have not heard a word about exit polls since. A lot of crud from the Current specially selected commentators (there is one thing we are NOT going to talk about - any attempt to rig polls with some ulterior motive - the people must believe that their rulers are impeccably honest, with the odd exception who gets caught like Duffy et al, who are thrown under the train to prove that everyone else can be trusted...) - or maybe somebody has found a way to actually rig elections, wouldn't surprise me - whatever, all we know for *sure* is that anything on the mainstream media about important stuff is going to be spin or propaganda or just lies

May 14 - Island Morning - school principals, and others, looking for cops in all schools - just insane, but great for the police state they are building - imagine the fully indoctrinated Brave New World 'adult' who has gone through the school system with cops always around - feeling insecure if there are not cops on all the street corners - I can just see little timid lady ferociously confronting her MP - "Where is the cop on my street? I do not feel safe without a police officer watching everything..' - and really, really angry at the very odd dinosaur (mea culpa) wandering around protesting ...

What any 'real' journalists would be doing, if we had any - Boston Bombing clearly staged - so true, such an obvious fake story when you take the time to look at pictures like this - the propaganda was fast and heavy with this story, and obeisance from the citizens demanded *NOW!!* with cops and guns in every face - and received from most - and now everybody is committed to the official story, no questions allowed - amazing, and scary as hell that so many people are so ready to return to serfdom ...

>> they have some interviews with Toronto hockey fans, young men and women - they have similar things regularly with various sports stories, or other things - it's kind of scary, they sound like not-too-bright teenagers - what are these people doing being presented on the CBC as 'normal citizens' ????

- AIH - the Cons and their idiotic notion that the Libs lost the Nfld election because they seem to have lost some support and won by a smaller margin than earlier polls indicated parroted by CO - amazing that such blind ideology can lead to such stupidity ..... this very kind of situation happens all the time, this halfwitted argument has NEVER been raised before, for obvious enough reasons - basically CO is taking the role of a Con hostile questioner, pathetic for the CBC. As always.

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