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May 14 - Island Morning - school principals, and others, looking for cops in all schools - just insane, but great for the police state they are building - imagine the fully indoctrinated Brave New WOrld 'adult' who has gone through the school system with cops always around - feeling insecure if there are not cops on all the street corners - I can just see little timid lady ferociously confronting her MP - "Where is the cop on my street? I do not feel safe without a police officer watching everything..' - and really, really angry at the very odd dinosaur (mea culpa) wandering around protesting ...

What any 'real' journalists would be doing, if we had any - Boston Bombing clearly staged - so true, such an obvious fake story when you take the time to look at pictures like this - the propaganda was fast and heavy with this story, and obeisance from the citizens demanded *NOW!!* with cops and guns in every face - and received from most - and now everybody is committed to the official story, no questions allowed - amazing, and scary as hell that so many people are so ready to return to serfdom ...

>> they have some interviews with Toronto hockey fans, young men and women - they have similar things regularly with various sports stories, or other things - it's kind of scary, they sound like not-too-bright teenagers - what are these people doing being presented on the CBC as 'normal citizens' ????

- AIH - the Cons and their idiotic notion that the Libs lost the Nfld election because they seem to have lost some support and won by a smaller margin than earlier polls indicated parroted by CO - amazing that such blind ideology can lead to such stupidity ..... this very kind of situation happens all the time, this halfwitted argument has NEVER been raised before, for obvious enough reasons - bascially CO is taking the role of a Con hostile questioner, pathetic for the CBC. As always.

May 13 - the Current - utterly bizarre, if understandable, although only a fully indoctrinated brain-completely-disengaged 1984 population could be fed this cloud-cuckooland blatant propaganda - doing a piece on how Russia is trying to increase its influence in the world, sneakily, the bastards - it's too Alice in wonderland - the US has been doing exactly this in SPADES for the last 50 years, very successfully, and very violently and bloodily with literally millions of innocent civilians killed as they bomb non-aggressive countries, etc etc etc - but we are NOT going to talk about that - we're going to make an issue out of a TINY bit of Russian resistance - ahhhhhhh - I REALLY don't believe I am here on this planet, I do NOT belong here ... they are completely into promoting the fantasyland version of current events - the one guy says that the US supported 'Arab Spring' because it wants stable, democratic governments, and Putin opposes these things because he wants instability - it's just stunning, after what the US has been up to for the last 50+ years that anybody would have the nerve to say this, which is obviously the complete reverse of the US objectives - but that is the narrative that has been constructed that the average citizen generally believes - as Hedges says, they've won. Those few of us who understand what is happening are slowly dying off, and being squeezed out of the edges -

May - "news" - telling about the Pakistan election, for some reason not entirely clear why this is 'news' here - now if the CBC was really 'impartial', we'd be getting a bit of coverage about the US gov when stories like this appear - Pakistan court finds US drone strikes are war crimes - but they don't seem to anxious to go after the US gov for its endless atrocities, they way they jump on any kind of rumor as an excuse to demonize govs the US (all bow down our Master) does not like - kind of smells of 'propaganda' a bit, although of course the great free impartial CBC would never do that haha.

[[ "Editor's pick" from Globe and Mail: - Perfectly flushed cheeks (secret is lipstick!!) - geezus geezus. geezus. in the Canadian 'paper of record' ... how utterly fucking meaningless and trivial can it get???]]

CBC loved to demonize Chavez, inflating any lies and rumors into 'What is that monster up to now???' - actually, he was always trying to strengthen Democracy which, of course, is quite anathematic to the actual goal of the CBC, or those who currently control it, so their hatred for Chavez was understandable - they are also very determined to destroy any kind of worker's rights, so I guess we won't be hearing much about this either any time soon - New labour law in Venezuela - going in the exact opposite direction to Canada ...

May 10 - morning "news" - CBC still doing their 'great' 'investigative journalism' in Africa, finding how Cdn kids were studying at 'increasingly radical schools' - they leave it up to the imagination after that - apparently you learn to be a terrorist at such schools, they don't say it up front, but obviously this is what you're supposed to think. How about this for a *really* radical idea - far, far FAR more young people in western countries get 'radicalized' into being a dog-eat-dog, fuck you me first capitalists at so-called 'business' schools all across the country, and these people do far, far more damage than all of the 'terrible radicalized Muslim terrorists OMG!!!!!' in the entire world .....

>> also again ramping up the ONG!! look at that!! fear factor, pushing the story about one of the "suspects" in the "alleged" VIA rail 'bombing' - apparently the undercover FBI guy was pushing the guy to talk about things, and now all these casual comments the FBI agent got him to say are being used as 'proof' he really wanted to kill a lot of people - I don't, I just continue to really not believe how fucking stupid some of these people are (not the accused 'terrorists', the halfwit 'journalists' going out and talking to whatever officials and believing this shit, but also the Cdn public, who obviously believe it in large enough numbers to not be laughing all these people out of their jobs, and demanding sane adult people to be put in charge of the CBC ... if you put every young person who ever fantasised over beers or whatever about doing some kind of crime, you'd have to turn half of the universities into jails - utterly insanely stupid to be sneaking around entrapping people like this as if it all meant something - now if you really want to go after big criminals, get into the corporate boardrooms and start charging people with stealing billions from Cdns, and stealing our very democracy, etc etc - hahaha.

May 9 - more witless 'reporting' from young people who should not be on the CBC - talking to some lady who is starting a small internet campaign to support the fishermen's strike - and the guy asks 'What prompted you to do this?' - I mean fuck, this is what the story is - the brain is obviously completely disengaged - but I guess that's the whole point of the CBC these days, disengaging brains whilst keeping the mouths mindlessly babbling and pretending they are paying attention ... one doubts if most people even notice this kind of thing

>> the current - a talk about rape - a problem to be sure, but it is very problematic to say this is a 100% male problem, and demonising all men, no defence allowed, we're all just little supplicants at the altar of the vagina and must do as we are told if we wish its blessing - there IS some responsibility with women not to lead men they know to be dangerous on - just a fact - yes of course men should not get out of hand, but they are young and strong and not too bright, and if you lead them too far, there will be consequences - that's just the way the world is - if you do dangerous things, sometimes you get hurt -

>> and a talk about the shown-to-be-phony 'report' on debt and slowed growth and austerity - - she gets into a talk with a guy called Mark Blyth who has apparently not been thoroughtly screened, and he tells her the whole thing is a big scam, essentially, which I have been pointing out for years, to which she reacts with apparent amazement - and disbelief. We'll be hearing no more about it, I am sure, or from this guy. (who isn't all that far out of the box, he still seems unaware of the idea that banks creating money as interest-bearing debt, with no real regulation, is the heart of the problem, and does not talk about this here or elsewhere ..)

May 8 - - 06:00 "news" (PEI) - all of the 'narrative' stuff - Bob Rae showing that the entire 'establishment' is onside with the 'Assad is EVIL we MUST STOP HIM' propaganda, followed by lascivious gossip (2 sisters kidnapped held as sex slaves for years escapeWOW!!!') - and more entertainment passing as 'news' - Vancouver Canucks eliminated, Habs in trouble - that's it folks!!

>> and amateur hour again on PEI - the cub reporter doing a story on grass fires around Cove Head - interviewing the fire chief - 'What did the telephone call say?' 'They said there was a fire.' -'Wow what did you do then?' - the rest is all just too embarrassing .... CBC - no longer the place where real journalists aspire to work - now you can get there after dropping out of high school or something - 'Oh look at Junior isn't it sweet she's on the CBC!!'

- stories from the 'real' media talking about what is *really* going on in the world - - Iraq, Syria and the Death of the Modern Middle East - The nations of Syria and Iraq today are little more than political fictions, crushed underfoot by foreign intervention (wouldn't a conversation between this person and Bob Rae be interesting, on some real news media??? - haha don't hold your breath ... )

>> crying lady from Moncton, home in danger from forest fire - all kinds of angles you could use in this or any other story - the crying people so beloved of the CBC are a childish angle for dumbed down listeners ..

- later "news" more and more with the 'get that monster Assad for god's sake!!!' propaganda - any *real* media - charged with working FOR the people rather than propagandizing them, would be doing things much differently - i.e. Media Lens on MSM Syrian lies

>> geezus on the Current - a whole half hour with a teenage telling us about her awful experience (on the BC ferry that sank awhile back) - teens have an endless number (literally) of such stories, EVERYthing can be turned into some big emotional experience, look what happened to poor memememe - this is not stuff that needs to be on "adult" radio. Oh. sorry, I forgot - this new CBC is not exactly 'adult' radio. (always, of course, there are things of interest and use that could be talked about - how do things like this happen, are they related to the capitalist running of the country that says any public service must be conducted on the smallest possible budget in order that capitalist 'return on investment' (aka claim on the wealth of the country produced by 'we the people' that we could and should be using for MAX safety rather than minimal) can be maximized, and etc - sobbing teenagers telling us about some horrible experience is NOT 'news', at least in adult land. )

>> the AIH - a talk with some Syrian 'rebel' telling us why gosh darn it you need to recognize that we rebels are the real government of Syria, what's wrong with you people?? etc etc - quite a 'new world' when the media decides who is and who is not a legitimate government, and urges the people to accept that government ...

May 7 - 06:00 "news" (PEI) - all a twitter about prostitutes flying in Labrador and making big money - oh tut tut, but isn't that interesting we all should know about this!! (anything related to sex, crying females - teenage radie ...)

the Current - a 'debate' on Syria - 'he's a totally insane monster and everything he says is lies' on one side, and 'oh no he's just a really really bad man' on the other - both agree, of course, 'we' really really need to get rid of him ASAP, and that fucking Russia is REALLY bad because they won't agree to the UN (fronting of course for the US) bombing the fucker like we civilized people want to do. fairness and impartiality on the CBC. or just lies lies and more lies in the service of their masters, like any good corporate propaganda outfit anxious to keep their good jobs.

May 6 - hahaha "Israel is clueless!!' - don't look for THIS guy on the CBC anytime soon hahaha.

Ottawa Morning >> more stuff for the child-adult audience looking for titilating gossipy stuff - a lengthy, lurid retelling of the 'teenage prostitution slavery ring' on Ottawa Morning, obviously well enjoyed (in a 'talking about forbidden stuff giggle giggle!!' way) by both "reporter" and host (of course there are 'adult' options to be talking about on a local current affairs show to a large audience - millions of Canadians are very unhappy with what is happening to the country, and what we are doing around the world, and meeting and talking about such things, taking actions as they can, and any true "people's" media would be talking to these groups every day, there's lots of them to avoid unnecessary repetition, but repetition, in the sense of giving them regular air time so people get to know them, would be GOOD - fostering debate about what we might do about the loss of democracy and etc - hahaha of course that is exACTly what all the dumbing down is about, keeping people away from this stuff, keeping them immersed in the passive spectacle of entertainment and sports - sex is always a good distraction for a highly sexually repressed population wondering what others are doing about sex - very childish of course, which is exactly what they want, not too bright, easily distracted citizens pretending to be intelligent adults ...

>>> and the national "news" - some story about a car delivery company not delivering - this is 'national news'??? by what justification (hint see above re distractions etc - keep the children focusing on small personal things, leave the big things to the adults - develop that mindset in everyone - brave new world ... )

AIH - an interview with some guy (White) from Adbusters - wow - this proves that the CBC is really interested in promoting Democracy - the supposed subject is 'the importance of speaking up in a democracy' - and we sure support that at AIH - but like so much of the propaganda, there is a vast gulf between the spoken propaganda and the reality - this is yet another example of pretending to do something, while - 'damning by faint praise' - White simply talks about how great Occupy was, and how he looks forward to more - but actually, aside from a lot of smoke and noise, did they accomplish anything? No. Well, that's not quite true - but what they accomplished was something positive for the enemy, not themselves (certainly most of the participants were wanting to do something good, about the bad stuff they see happening in our world) - but the rulers could really care less about a bunch of peasants running around under the castle walls waving their fists and shouting slogans - as we saw, after a few weeks they just send them all home, and nothing has changed, except a lot of time and energy and money has been wasted, as the rulers continue on doing what they want. And apparently the protesters have learned nothing - they say it is leaderless, but there are some people no doubt carefully planted to keep them from getting into dangerous discussions - if you want to change our democracy, or pretend democracy, you have to do it legitimately, and that means getting non-coopted people into the ruling parliament or whatever, and organising that would be difficult, but that is the only way. And if they wanted to talk about that, you can be very,very sure they would not be talking about it on the CBC. (or from the other perspective - you can be sure if you hear somebody on the CBC, they are not actually doing anything dangerous to the rulers ...)

May 5 - Sunday Edition - middle hour on 'unemployment' - listen to the indoc maintenance - not having a job is terrible, you feel terrible, etc etc - this is propaganda - you could look at this, and think about it, very differently - 'our panel talks about how to make sure everyone has a job ...' - obviously, outside the box thinking, or how to rearrange society, not wanted here .. - the whole focus of this "discussion", and everything else you hear along these lines, is that this is a shitty world, and there's nothing you can do about it - so what are you going to do to deal with it - not a WORD about how did we get this way, and if we understand this might we be able to do something more positive about it - obvious why they can't go there - and they have some carefully screened young people on the 'panel', fancy titles aside, who are completely indoctrinated into the current system - they might look for something better, but their ideas are completely of the 'rearrange the deck chairs' level - nothing truly challenging the capitalist dominance. Outrageous, really, from outside here - Enright goes after the unions ('Do you think unions are asking too much in these difficult times, making it harder for young people to get work?' etc) - but not a word from the real problem side - 'Do you think that maybe the wealthy "investors" running the world are expecting a bit too much of the pie, which means there is less for everyone else, and endless pressure on incomes for average people, endless pressures to find cheaper labour from outside which makes fewer jobs, etc etc?' - Or we might ask - do you suppose, in this age of technology, we might need a different kind of social arrangement, a work-sharing arrangement, where there is work for everyone of some kind, and everyone is looked after?' - nah, don't want to go there, that kind of stuff would reduce capitalist ROI ... which is the one inviolate thing here.

May 2 - "news" 07:00 - right in with the anti-Syrian propaganda, allegations of chemical weapons as if they were gospel, obviously siding with the "rebels", etc etc - state propaganda. the CBC. a tragic thing in our country today.

May 1 - Ottawa Morning - talking about talking about "the F bomb!!!!!' etc - good children don't say naughty words~!!!

- "news" - the Ottawa trial about the teens 'forced' into prostitution by other teenage girls - they keep talking about 'johns' - the 'new' CBC, for the new Canada - slang by kids for kids. And the whole thing is just more sensationalism by a media addicted to sex stories, for a public the same - all sexually repressed, kids gossiping about 'forbidden' stuff they are curious about, completely clueless about the real world and how the actual adults are conning them all and robbing them blind.

>> the Current - still pushing the propaganda about Syria using chemical weapons -a bit of a twist tonight - they are saying the internet is providing the proof!!!!! - this is quite amazing, but most perverse capitalist lies are - it is the mainstream media grabbing any rumors they can to push the lie, while it is ONLY on the internet that dissenting voices are allowed to speak (as usual, of course ...)

>> followed by some guy talking about 'Google Ideas" - and the idea is that internet freedom is connected to 'democracy', and countries like Syria, Iran, N Korea and China (odd, the countries that the CBC keeps giving us 'those terrible people!!' propaganda about) try to hinder internet freedom to prevent "democracy"!! - it would be good for deconstruction, because the underlying 'accepted fact' is that of COURSE we here in Canada and the US are great democracies and really free, partly proved becvause we can access a relatively open internet - but there is a lot not being said here that a *real* media would be talking about - 'free' internet or not, we are far, far far from being any kind of real democracy, and the internet is being used mainly as a distraction rather than to fight back against the usurpation, etc etc - what they are doing is just finger pointing to distract people away from where we need to be looking - the problems we are having HERE, not the problems they are having elsewhere

>> AIH - talking to a lady about leaving her autistic son at a child care place - 'How did you feel?' - looking for tears - there are issues to talk about, but when you push the whole thing to the childish level with 'How did you feel'? - you completely avoid getting into the real issues ...

Apr 30 - AIH on the Incredible Syrian Electronic Army!!!! - with (oh surprise!!!!) a 'secret' source telling us all about the dastardly deeds!!! - evil bastards!!!! - we REALLY need to go stop this stuff, eh - c'mon you young people - you get this right - wow, they even 'hack' facebook pages of bad guys wow?? - they are working for Assad's government!! Of course!! - this is bizarre, they create this stuff so obviously cartoonish - they must feel the peasants are totally brainless -

Apr 29 - Ottawa Morning - indoc maintenance - 'we know China is not reliable about giving information ..' - about the 'bird flu' stuff - the young lady host is obviously a koolaid drinker, deep in her psyche is that of COURSE we do NOT trust these fucking commies we all just KNOW that like we know Canada is a GREAT democracy we don't even need to talk about such obvious things.... We, of course, in Canada, would never, never NEVER do propaganda etc, we are just so honest, like sweet little me (sweet stupid little me comes to mind ...) - one of the new 'childmind-citizens' getting put behind the mikes at the CBC, dumbing down moving up the chain ...

>> the Current - a lot of financial BS from a libertarian perspective - column on the website - and the "news" the next day - something going on, they are pushing this for some reason no doubt - this is blatant "cherry picking of information" misdirection combined with what amounts to lies, this guy is not pretending to be some nobody, he is pretending to be an expert, so when he says central banks are causing the problem by printing money, it is by and large a lie - like the entire narrative, based on some small points of truth, but a lie. Central banks are not all the same - the US Reserve does print some money, but then it might be a 'central' bank, but it is controlled by the privately owned banks. In Canada, the 'central bank' might 'print money', but 'printing money' is only a small part of the overall 'money-credit' creation process, which he of course does not explain. Nor does he ask what should be the obvious question to any neutral reporter - 'wait a minute - if they are 'printing money' out of thin air - what is the justification for 'interest'?? - and he raises the libertarian bugaboo about **all** printing of money devalues YOUR present wealth - which is a lie, a lie based on one small aspect - printing TOO MUCH money might devalue yours, but not any money creation. Overall - why??? - well it would seem another attack on government - central banks caused the crisis, what is the solution? (probably coming soon - as always (the libertarians say) 'big government' is bad, so let's let those responsible private banks (and the wealthy people controlling them) officially control 'the money' - or perhaps laying the groundwork for a return to the gold standard, or 'one world currency' controlled by the IMF or someone new - a really, really REALLY bad idea, at least for we serfs - say goodnight Dick seriously) - but more lies trying to point the finger at 'central banks' because, in reality, of course, it was private banks, with their uncontrolled "credit" creation primarily for speculation, that caused the crisis. (another lie, the 'central bank' is independent of government and do what they want - the gov can tell the central bank what to do if it wants to, here in Canada for sure...)

- Robert Fisk, on the 'that fucking monster Assad is using gas!!!! OMG!!! crap being flogged by the MSM, including CBC - "..In two Canadian TV studios, I am approached by producers brandishing the same headline. I tell them that on air I shall trash the "evidence" – and suddenly the story is deleted from both programmes... Not because they don't want to use it – they will later – but because they don't want anyone suggesting it might be a load of old cobblers..."

Phil Donahue (don't look for him on the CBC) - 'They don't hate us for our freedoms, they hate us because we're dropping bombs on their houses..' - - seems pretty obvious to me - I'd like to hear the debate between Phil and one of the CBC "experts" - 'oh nonono, they hate us because they became self-radicalized over the darn internet, you see, that teaches young easily self-brainwashed Muslims to think Allah wants them to kill westerners because of their terrible freedoms...'


Apr 28 - Apr 28 - 06:00 "news", Atlantic - once again the different way of looking at things is stunning - there is just a casual report, maybe 20 seconds, that somewhere in Pakistan, two bombs have gone off, killing 9-10 people. On to the next story. You actually need to think a second - this happened somewhere else a few days ago - and everybody went fucking hysteric and ballistic for days, I imagine a lot of hearts are still thumping just thinking about it. An entire major American city in lockdown as they looked for an """""""alleged""""" (let us not forget) "terrorist" bomber, etc etc etc etc, I am sure I don't need to get into details. And here in Canada, hearts were set to thumping and a looooooooot of air and print time devoted to the RCMP (again) """"""alleging"""" they had uncovered a PLAN about a terrible terrorist attack right here in Canada YOU PEOPLE ARE ALL IN DANGER A BOMB COULD GO OFF ANYWHERE ANYTIME DON'T YOU FORGET THAT!!!!! OMGOMGOMG!!! - and etc etc etc, all reported as if gospel by the media, who added their own shocked horror to the story. But Pakistan - oh well, no big deal, man, a few more dead pakis or muslims or whatever who cares really haha, nothing to get excited about - hell, we've lost count of the number of kids on bikes and wedding parties and other innocent civilians the Americans have killed, still do almost daily, apparently, with all this drone shit in Yemen and god knows how many countries. Seriously folks - but not entirely clear to me why lives on the other side of the world are apparently so meaningless to 'us' over here, or at least those doing the news. Well, in certain cases - apparently, for reasons not entirely clear, a garment factory collapsing and killing a lot of people is a bigger deal, if we can get some traction out of it by connecting it to some current politically correct cause or something closer to home. But a bomb or two going off and killing a bunch of people, American-controlled or otherwise, is a pretty meaningless occurrence over there - but not over here. The mysteries of the narrative, I guess.

Apr 27 - it couldn't be more clear that the MSM is engaged in propaganda and indoctrination and population control with their continual attempt to make everyone believe that the people involved in so-called 'terrorist' acts do these things because of various reasons that make them look like nasties and we poor innocent folk completely undeserving of their 'terrorist' acts - self-radicalizing (for gods sake), or blindly following some religious leader who hates us all because of our freedoms, etc etc, stuff for the level of mind-activity of those who get their worldview from Saturday morning cartoons (nowadays basically 24/7 on most MSM television) - and they will not even get close to what would probably be the actual reason, as talked about with the same sort of disbelief at what is going on as I feel here -The same motive for anti-US 'terrorism' is cited over and over - Ignoring the role played by US actions is dangerously self-flattering and self-delusional (one notes that the Guardian is semi-mainstream, but it still enjoys a reputation for having more willingness to look elsewhere than the 'official narrative' than most of them, although far from perfect) - but you never see this kind of thing in Canada, even the mainstream 'alternative' places like Rabble, who are firmly committed to 'capitalism light' and the narrative that must be substituted for 'truth' that story requires, and as the good ol world hegemon's most faithful follower (well, maybe after GB since Thatcher and Blair REALLY got up the US ass), there is much less leeway for divergence from the main gospel, which is that we Cdns are really nice people, we all know that!, and nobody except evil bastards would want to hurt us!!! - an idea which is demonstrably stupid, like most of the dogma (haven't time to google anything for you my lone reader right now, but check out some books by a Cdn called Yves Engler for some more honest assessment of what the dear old homeland has been up to the last few years of neocons-out-of-the-closet than you're ever going to find on the CBC (he gets a bit of face time on the Real News Network, which is the kind of media we really need more of, if you have any money to donate, they're certainly not getting any government grants or tax breaks, or donations from the Kock Bros to keep em going..) Anyway - the example I noted from a few days ago - on the Current they have some 'experts' talking about how those nasty Russian kids got the idea to bomb Boston, and the idea that the Americans' endless bombings and killings all over the world might, just MIGHT be making some people angry enough to retaliate somehow never came up at all. Which makes sense - it is so obvious that it would make it very difficult to try to justify any of the other crap they talked about - oh, he didn't have any friends and found a mentor on the internet to convince him to become Muslim and start bombing people. HuHH??!!?? - right - as I said, right out of Saturday morning cartoons (now featured every day on the CBC et al) for the feeble-minded, which seems to include a distressingly large number of Cdns who really should fucking know better.

More idiocy - Canadians drawn into Syrian conflict a threat to return radicalized: authorities - again a sign that this stuff is coordinated from 'higher places', and not 'independent journalists' getting stuff themselves - and again mindless 'YOU PEOPLE BE SCARED!!' shit - too many inconsistencies and questions - for example, these people are going to be mad at Canada because 'we' did not do enough to help overthrow Assad while he was murdering poor innocent civilians? Really. The west has, of course, been behind the whole 'get rid of Assad' movement, so it has been doing plenty - of course, they have been acting behind the scenes, and it appears that Assad is a bit more able than Gaddaffi was a couple of years ago to defend himself, and the western-backed 'rebels' seem to be losing, so now they want the same kind of open NATO-US involvement that they finally threw at Gaddaffi, but I think most of us here in the west are not that happy about this seemingly endless US regime change shit around the world, and they are getting ever harder to sell, although of course the CBC and other Cdn media are doing their best.

Current podcasts - http://www.cbc.ca/thecurrent/podcasts/current/index.html Apr 27 - I get feeling a bit troubled sometimes at my frustration and anger with what I hear on the radio and read in the media that leads me to calling so many people brainwashed for apparently believing the propaganda about things of considerable importance, propaganda which is lies and crap which seem brazenly obvious and something that only deeply indoctrinated people could ever believe, from here outside the box. But of course these are not bad or unusually stupid people (indoctrinated although most of then undoubtedly are) - you look around various websites, like this - http://ourtimes.ca/ - or listen to a lot of the average people that get interviewed about mostly non-propaganda things on local CBC shows, and just think of most of the people you know, most of whom believe this stuff but whom you nonetheless know are not braindead people, they are obviously the good Canadians we like to think of most of ourselves as, doing their best to live decent lives, and for many of them fight what is going on as the world is taken over by some very hostile forces. But to the extent they have bought into the propaganda, the 'official narrative' of lies within which the country is immersed these days - that we have a 'democracy' and working for the NDP or Greens will actually make a difference, or that we can trust the gov and banks to tell us the truth about what is going on with our money (or anything else) and we are all in deep trouble because of 'debt', or the mainstream media are more or less telling us the things we need to know what is going on in the world such as the various 'OMG TERRORISTS WE'RE ALL IN DANGER!!!' shit such as we have been hearing lately, and etc - they are all just participating in the rearranging of deckchairs as our once almost-great-almost-democracy gets commandeered in front of their uncomprehending eyes, and are basically putting all their time and energy into things that have no hope of leading to real change here, or slowing the changes they do not want that are accelerating as we talk. I find it hard to understand how such good and well-meaning and reasonably intelligent people could be so blind to the obvious propaganda that is running their lives. But I guess it's a version of the 'frog in boiling water' stuff - they have been brought up all of their lives in the situation, and it has only slowly over time gotten to the extent it is now - I have been lucky in that I got out of the box at a very young age, and have been wandering around out here for most of my life, getting more and more self-radicalized (need a sarcasm font here) - but really, getting self -educated over the years, through a lot of reading of things you don't find in the mainstream media, a lot of thinking about it and writing about it, interacting with 'the system' for years (it is hard to get over some of the indoctrination - I did not get over the indoctrination about the 'great wonderful Canadian justice system' until I spend some time getting seriously fucked around in it, and realised that it really was just a servant of power, and thus all of the stuff we believe about 'justices' of great 'integrity' was serious deep indoctrination, and thus the media had to be involved, and the government, and the education system - once a light gets turned on, and you recognize some things as undeniable truth, it starts illuminating an awful lot of other stuff. But as I said, I was lucky about that - and now face the obviously impossible task of trying to wake those less fortunate up a bit. Getting pretty pessimistic about it all - one lonely voice in the wilderness has no chance against a few million people watching tv every day, and believing the biggest progressive propaganda machine of all, the CBC.

Apr 26 - the Current again - "it's no secret how many people want to get out of north Korea..' - really? First I've heard of it - history being written as we listen .... more demonising ...

>> how the non-'serious' current events shows get in on the propaganda - Gomeshi's "media panel" gets into the Boston 'official story' confirmation .. (small complaints, of course, about 'media coverage' to show how FREE they are!! - but of course the main details of what has quickly become the 'official narrative' all confirmed - two kids, big shoot out, etc etc - we are all in imminent danger, we must accept increased police 'oversight' of our lives, etc etc - one 'panelist' (Cruikshank, Toronto Star editor, no koolaid drinker, a koolaid pusher heading the country's largest faux-progressive newspaper) making sure we all understand (falsely of course) how the mainstream media really are *our* media, looking out for us, telling us all the truth as best as they know it, by golly you can trust the media, people!!, etc etc - blatant lies, to anyone outside the box here - but central to 'the narrative' the serfs *must* believe ...

Apr 25 - Ottawa Morning - Lockdown expanding - they are kicking kids out of school if they have not got an up to date immunization record. YOU VILL GET THEM NEEDLES THIS IS NOT AN OPTION!!!! - and most parents are bending over backwards apologising for failing in their 'adult' role as enforcing state rules ... this country is just a wet dream come (haha) true for those The masters voicewho would be kings needing a completely country-hick population to work with ....

- the Current - the "story" of how a fake Twitter message 'cost the market billions!!' - leading into some guy from some place called 'the Citizen Lab' talking about the 'Syrian Electronic Army" - 'pro-Syrian government', 'anti western media' - I am sitting here thinking what the fuck are you people smoking???? How fucking stupid do you think we all are???? - well I guess we don't need to ask questions for which the answer is obvious - they think most Cdns are total fucking morons, and apparently, sadly, they have good and adequate reasons for that belief - this is right out of fucking alice in wonderland and/or saturday morning brainwashing cartoons - completely ridiculous. Can we ask the question - since it is obvious the entire US and most of its western puppets (such as Canada) are determined to get rid of the current Syrian government - and the US is by far the greatest military power in the world, and is very obviously willing to bomb anybody anywhere at the slightest provocation, and they are currently backing efforts to get rid of the Syrian gov - WHY WHY WHY would anyone in Syria do this kind of pointless 'attack' on America???? (that is, an 'attack' which does not really do any damage, how in any way does this benefit Syria????? - no way at all. For Syria to do this, many negatives, no positives - for propaganda to non-thinking citizens, some benefit, I suppose, another reason to get rid of this nasty government ... )

>>> I am just stunned that this kind of adolescent fantasy idiocy could be pushed seriously on the CBC, just fucking stunned - we've just gone over some precipice in the rabbit hole - so unbelievable, again I find it hard to believe that I am stuck in the middle of this craziness ... "" the social engineering to access twitter accounts' - the guy doesn't even know what he's talking about and he's supposed to be a UofT 'professor'???!!!! - some plant reading from a script written by one of the half-witted script writers of the propagandists - 'old style leftist tactic to keep yourself in the news cycle by attacking high-profile targets' ?????? - targets who will bomb you to fucking smithereens? right -

>> this whole thing would be another very good object of deconstruction for those with a bit of time on their hands - you could write a quite long essay about it ....

AM - 'so this is like a cyber militia then?' fuck. "right - like organised crime for strategic ends ..' - man, we're so close to the end if they've sunk again to this level....

>> and another BIG message this once again reminds me of, as everyone is so concerned about the stock market 'losing tens of billions of dollars of 'value' in minutes - that is insane, to say the very least (although why would one be surprised as the entire society is demonstrably insane in so many ways) - how can people pretend the 'stock market' is anything at all other than a huge gambling casino, that we allow to have a great effect on the economy and country? This is simply insane - it has NOTHING to do with 'investment' in any meaningful sense of the term - no sane country would allow this to have this kind of impact - certainly people are free to gamble, but it should only be with their own personal money, not a national economy ....

Apr 24 - Ottawa Morning - really ramping up the Syria propaganda - some kid was sent there, and now she is back telling Ottawa how terrible things are there - 200 or more people dying every day - so BAD - (she doesn't say so directly, but the message is obvious - why aren't you apathetic people doing something here?!@?!? (and again, we are never going near "root causes" - the US wants regime change so is arming "insurgents" and spreading propaganda to accomplish their ends ...)

"news" today - the father of the girl who killed herself wants a law 'when you post a picture designed to ruin someone's life you pay for it' - this is so wrong in so many ways. We need to start educating our children decently - your life is not wrecked because of a fucking picture!!!!!!!!!! - it was maybe an indiscretion if you posted the pic yourself, or somewhat cruel if you took a picture of somebody doing something they might have wished they had not done the next day (it's only a question of how many such incidences there are in a life - but we all have 'em) - but your life is ruined?!?!?!?!?!?! - c'mon. grow up. the girl's story is a tragedy certainly, and we all ought to be very upset about it, the waste of such a young life - but responsibility lies entirely with the society that trained her to believe her life could be ruined by a picture - and the media and other "authorities" who are confirming that childish belief. Dumbed down society in action. Stupidity isn't free, ignorance is not bliss.

>> also amusing on the various shows to hear the people interviewed about the latest CSIS/RCMP "LOOK WE FOUND MORE TERRORISTS RIGHT HERE IN CANADA WE'RE ALL IN DANGER OMGOMG!!!' stuff, that everybody makes a point of saying the RCMP et al are ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY TRUSTWORTHY!!!! - no way there would be political motivations for the timing of this, or anything else. The various interviewers are proceeding, of course, as if a statement from our local enforcers here in Canada, whatever they call themselves, are essentially the Word of God, and NOT to be questioned by the peasants. Odd to have such faith in an organisation that has been constantly involved in 'scandals' of various sorts - some of which are detailed here - and even a cursory look reveals a big missing item, the refusal to hand over the Tommy Douglas files - but it is very obvious that these 'major' scandals would be nothing more than the proverbial 'tip of the iceberg', things that somebody has managed to generate enough attention that the media were forced to cover them, and the RCMP forced to lie about them (oh, we had no idea some bad apples were up to such things honest!! - etc etc). Part of the great fiction we live in. I had enough runins with cops of various sorts when I was younger, and into my 30s with the Beer Story to start to understand that they really were just a gang of enforcers, by and large, for the current mafia - sure there are, or at least were, a few good ones actually believing their job was to 'serve and protect' the citizens, but equally obviously a lot more of them these days understood their 'real' job is to serve and protect power, which means keeping the sheeps in line. Which as we have been seeing the last few years more and more openly, most of them do with considerable enthusiasm. The brainwashed state of mind that can insist we live in a 'democracy' gets harder and harder to comprehend.

Apr 23 - Island Morning - a discussion about 'your Facebook profile' - and the assumption is, EVERYbody MUST have one!!!! - it's just like so OBvious!! - you have to have your life right there on Facebook for everyone to see!!! (well, says one of the junior panelists (the new CBC 'adult' citizen we should all be like we have been working toward for years) if someone doesn't want to have a Facebook page with all your personal info for everyone to see, I'd be pretty suspicious of them!!' (yea, really! - why not if you don't have anything to hide??) - and there we have the hive in action - what? You don't want to be part of the hive? Must be something wrong with you, fellow worker bee aka peasant!' - in an advanced, and honest, society, some kind of citizen registry might be useful, on of course an entirely voluntary basis, sort of an expanded phone book - but in the modern world, on an increasingly faster train to a new feudalism, this is nothing more than quite open citizen control. (and scary to see how many people love it - like the people last week cheering the soldiers-aka-SS guards patrolling the streets during the lockdown letting everyone know who was in charge - the game is about over. As Huxley saw coming - the serfs loving their chains, if properly "educated".

Apr 23 - Ottawa Morning - getting onto the 'full spectrum' bandwagon - ALL YOU CITIZENS BE AWARE!! - an interview (obviously semi-scripted again, to make sure the main points get covered as those writing the stuff want them covered) with some 'former CSIS' guy, either completely immersed in the koolaid or lying through his teeth ( guess) - saying things that a 3rd-rate scriptwriter would come up with, like "..this was an attack 'intended to strike terror into the hearts of Cdns..' (yuck barf, leave the theater, look for something intelligent ...) - telling us all how Canada is high on the terrorist target list, we are just lucky we have not been attacked yet ..- etc etc (wow coincidence!! - as Robin talks to him, 'something is coming over the wire!! wow - Iran gov denies involvement, says Iran press! - and she immediately chuckles, well, we know how much credence we can give the Iran press chuckle chuckle - again, the irony of this kind of thing, coming from the blatantly lying propagandist Cdn media, is just sickening - far, far too serious right now to call it funny - (although Robin, of course, I rather suspect really has drank the koolaid, and really does believe the shit the seniors give her to pass on, like this 'terrorist' shit - this is what the rulers are after, getting 'true believers' as high in the organisation as possible - she is much more credible when she believes the crap she passes on like this - just one of we normal innocent citizens, shocked and puzzled like all of us at why those nasty people want to hurt we good people -

[[unrelated, but shortly related they introduce a Paul McCartney concert coming to Ottawa by playing a bit from Here Comes the Sun - jeezus stupidity to the point of extremely offensive ... - they get a tweet from some offended person shortly, and completely reject it laughingly, haha it's McCartney, it's the Beatles, all the same haha - that is the new CBC. fuck you hahaha)

Apr 23 - "news" - good god, on the "news" we have a "story" about some hockey fans doing a 'hate fest' against some player they do not like - we hear in the background voices shouting '(name) sucks! (name) sucks!!' - and the "reporter" gives us all the details as if it was a real 'news' thing - jeezus fucking krist stupider and stupider - I get so angry sometimes it's hard to keep myself under control - they are destroying the world, creating a new feudal society right in front of our eyes, and people are completely clueless. Meaningless 'sports' stories like this on the CBC - hammers of despair for those of us dreaming of a real CBC - they are so far gone over to the bad side they can never be recovered ....

Apr 23 - - the 'train bombers' - the CBC has obviously decided they are guilty, and is "reporting" whatever bad stuff they can dig up, find some guy who has something bad to say about them, no need to find anyone wondering about their alleged 'guilt' - good children don't question their wonderful police or media, I guess

Apr 23 - the GREAT TORONTO TERRORIST TRAIN ALMOST BOMBING OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! - the entire country must be brain dead to not have these people (RCMP and MSM parrots) laughed right out of their jobs - but the CBC and their """"""expert""""""" (on AIH) are all serious with their "analysis" (that would be of course pretend-analysis along with the pretend threat) of the RCMP "revelation" - the whole thing just stinks of lies and opportunism and big, big con, and yet the media all pretend it is a serious thing we should all be shocked and ever-so-concerned about and get inside with our doors locked until the trustworthy police and gov tell us they have things under control and some fucking TERRORIST isn't going to be letting bombs off RIGHT BESIDE US OMG OMG SO SCARED!!!! - as many people keep saying (oddly enough) - THIS PROVES IT CAN HAPPEN ANYWHERE ANYTIME YOU ARE NOT SAFE ANYWHERE!!! ... also a clear indication of the utter contempt the senior media people hold their propagandees in, to be spreading around such obviously utter shit and knowing their audience are just lapping it up

>> and of course reminding us all that other things are going on - that damned Syrian government is still massacring its citizens (mmhmmm ...) - interview with a "prominent Canadian doctor" (not a paid propagandist, oh no why would you think that????) WHY AREN'T YOU PEOPLE DEMANDING WE GET OVER THERE AND BOMB THAT FUCKER ONCE AND FOR ALL LIKE WE DID THE OTHER MONSTERS THE LAST FEW YEARS!?!?!?!? - right. (still some sanity outside of the MSM rabbit hole to be found about these stories - i.e. Global Research or WIlliam Bowles' site. Don't look for em on the CBC!! - that the US is now officially a police state can't be argued by even the blindest apologists, one would hope - and Canada pretty much is too, if not quite as officially as our great military neighbor.

Apr 22 - "news" etc - now we have people running 'in defiance'!! - the consolidation phase of the latest advance of the NWO, I suppose - We stand tall with our cops and government, doing what they say as they protect us - fuck you terrorists!@!!! - the hive has grown stronger. Not to mention an equivalent degree stupider, not that there's a real long way to go to the bottom anymore in that regard ... (the Apr 14 notation about the CBC mocking N Koreans who 'cheer on demand' as a sign of a brainwashed citizenry - whether or not there is any truth in that disparagement is debatable, but it is pretty NOT debatable how capitalist broadcasting corporation - hate hate kill kill bomb bombbrainwashed most Americans - and Cdns - are, to believe the kind of shit they are lapping up here with this Boston Marathon "terrorist" attack ...

- the Current doing their bit - interview with some lady about how these darn kids self-radicalized themselves - there could be NO POSSIBLE REAL REASON anyone would do this - thus just decide to go and bomb wonderful innocent people the fucking monsters - maybe evil mentors, maybe they brainwashed themselves on the internet, etc - just a mystery - I wonder how many people believe this shit? Quite a few, apparently. The lady notes how some of the Russians, where these kids came from - 'have never shown any hesitation in killing women and children..' - I mean, how fucking brainwashed are these people? The Americans have killed far more women and children, for no reason whatsoever other than empire building, than every other country in the history of the entire world - but this is not even whispered about around the edges of these conversations???? I am having trouble believing so many people are THIS brainwashed ... but it seems to be so ...

>> rather notably, the Current, the leading 'current affairs' daily show on the CBC, feels that talking about dining behaviour is worthy of their time. Mmmhmmm. The Spectacle in action. We really are fucked. I don't think there's really much use in what I do anymore, but until I find something better to do, I guess I'll keep at it. Or get some money to do more interesting things, but that doesn't seem likely without people starting to buy Green Island, which doesn't seem likely if they're all brainwashed to believe what is going on around them which GI tries to fight ...

Apr 19 - "news" from Island Morning - CBC still on the Texas explosion - interesting how they are right in there looking for someone to point fingers at - 'Do you think the plant was negligent?' - etc - the lady on AIH was doing the same last night, asking the person they interviewed many questions trying to get him to say someone was responsible ... is this what a *news* show should be doing? - if there is obvious negligence, then of course they report it - but trying to invent it, or prodding around looking for some rumor they can blow up with no reason outside of looking for something to sensationalize? - not really. But then, of course, the CBC has nothing to do with real 'reporting' or 'news' anymore, so they can get up to whatever little petty prejudices they want to. And do. It's becoming quite pathetic.

- and 'news we need' - Canada going for gold in world sledge hockey. huh?

>> 18:00 "news" (BC) - crying lady who lost her boyfriend in the Texas explosion, etc. Are "journalist" schools telling their students that crying people are good "news" stories? Wouldn't be surprised ...

>>> and then the massive coverage over the Boston manhunt - the Spectacle is being ramped up. (contrast - the US is killing innocent people at least weekly over great parts of the world with its drones, or any other kind of bombing - whole wedding parties wiped out, imagine the grief in these situations, that gets no more than a passing mention sometimes in the 'news' (i.e. http://www.commondreams.org/view/2013/04/17 ) - any legitimate, adult "news" organisation would be treating all of these things very differently - propaganda and narrative creation organisations have a different purpose, of course, and a bit of thinking about what we are hearing on the CBC et al makes it clear what is happening. To the very small percent of us who can still think, at any rate.

- 'a city in lockdown' - the press conference amazingly so-well organised within minutes of the capture of the last accused had many people patting the children (aka 'citizens') on the head for how wonderfully obedient they all were when they were TOLD to lock their doors and stay inside - first the cops etc, then the CBC repeating it (good children!!!) - and etc. (after, of course, they all patted each other on the head for the GREAT job they all did - good children, doing as their good guardians tell them to do - all is well. The media in action, creating the narrative. I do not believe this. But I guess I must. The media don't lie, after all ....

Apr 20 - CBC 'news' (06:30) - still telling us how the Boston bombing could happen anywhere - interview some girl this morning from Halifax who says we're all in danger, all the time, could happen to us - this isn't, of course, really 'news', it's blatant propaganda / population control - shock people, then give them the message while they are receptive - blatant. ramping up the takeover again this year ...

>> the House - really getting the message out - semi-scripted "interview" with some CSIS guy telling Cdns what all this means, how dangerous the world is, how wonderfully CSIS is protecting us all from them fucking monsters out there who kill just because they like killing nice innocent people like we are, etc etc

>> you can get 'radicalized' by the internet, by god! - one of the repeating messages they keep putting out - I guess they don't want people thinking by themselves, as there are probably a lot of people thinking, well, if some country (like America, for example) randomly bombed my cousin's wedding party, or shot my neigbor's kid for the horrendous crime of riding a bike near an American patrol, or supported one of various brutal dictatorships that killed tens of thousands of innocent civilians, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc (read Killing Hope by a guy called William Blum) - maybe, just MAYbe, there might be a few angry young men who would think - fuck you American, you kill innocent civilians in my country, how about we kill a few in yours and see how you like it? Of course, we really, really REALLY don't want to get into that on the CBC, or other MSM .... we're doing propaganda here, right???

Apr 18 - Island Morning - ramping up the 'FEAR" factor from the Boston bombings still with 'interviews' of people, and getting right in there with the 'experts' telling us how people really are prepared now to accept more police 'supervision' around them to 'prevent' things like this (odd they don't explain how the massive increases in police 'supervision' the last few years apparently had no fucking clue at all this one was going to happen...) >> and then some obvious 'expert' explaining to Islanders why the new hospital program really is the best thing for everybody - the tired old 'expert' voice explaining to the serfs that they just don't understand, but this is really for your own good, so let us experts do what we think best for you all! - that's Democracy, after all, folks, electing somebody and then doing what you're told ...

>> and etc etc, every day every day every day

>> later, the Current - on the Waco fertilizer plant explosion - ramping up the fear

>> and demonizing one of their 'enemies' - the damned undemocratic Venezuelan gov - not a voice from the other side, of course,

Apr 17 - the Current - story about people dying in the health system - sounds compelling, until you stand back and think - not a WORD about massive cutbacks in funding the last 30 years, and the fact that nurses and doctors are under massive pressure due to this underfunding - so conclusion must be - the gov is not that great at running the health system, sadly, we must consider privatising the system, 'for-profit' docs can do better yea!!! - right. Complete hatchet job in the service of private interests by the national broadcaster. Never think it can't get worse. Again.

Apr 16 - Island Morning - talking to some former Islander about the explosions - 'what do you feel like? - the real news of, by and for children - "Isn't that scary? Wow!!'

- the Current - again the BLOOD!!! - asks the photographer 'how did you have the presence of mind to take the pic??' - geezus it's the guys fucking job to get pics quickly in chaotic situations... childish interviewers with childish questions - good tab stuff did you see all the blood OMG??!!

- story of some girl trying to get her father out of a Chinese prison - damned commies!! - oddly, we could do a story every day like that about people wrongly held in American prisons, many in Canada - funny we don't hardly get to them at ALL, unless somebody manages to make them a story first ... propaganda in action, of course.

Apr 14 - more propaganda against N Korea - 'people cheering on demand' - 'fears he might use a nuclear weapon!!!!!' - good ol US trying to calm things down - jeezus it's bizarre how they can completely reverse the truth, we really are in 1984 with the Ministry of Truth creating the story they want people to believe, and apparently very, very few people clued in enough to cry BS .... the US has been the single greatest threat to the planet for the last 50 years at least

>> another high school junior cub 'story' - 'booze' in the NWT - full of slang, etc - kids thinking they are clever, not a clue about how a true journalist uses unambiguous, correct language. Considering their lack of role models these days, not surprising

AIH - guy in France who found a kidnapped girl - 'this must have been an incredibly frightening experience' ??? how so? at least for an adult (the guy didn't confirm Carols' breathless childlike emotion) - all good children react with FEAR when anything unusual happens - adults react differently. but we do not WANT adults with adult reactions forming the bulk of the citizenry in Canada. Children are SO Much easier to manage ....

>>>> and demonizing Saddam, why not? Indoc maintenance, propaganda, creating the narrative, etc - he drained marshes to kill a lot of people - but of course we all knew he was a monster. Not a word from anyone suggesting there might have been some other reason for doing this, as there undoubtedly was - it's just the children doing what children do, interpreting anything in the worst way possible to attack someone they don't like. Which is a really distressing thing for a national media to be doing.

Apr 13 - morning "news" - the Chinese gov are bad people because they won't use their influence to slap down N Korea, might even be supporting them OMG. Of course, the US supporting S Korea requires no questioning ... like the Syria situation - we arm the "rebels" and do our best to overthrow a gov, causing massive destruction, but that's ok, that's ok!!!! - but them damned Russians supporting the gov??? Why, they shouldn't do that!!! - they hypocricy is stunning. Not to mention the stupidity of the masses who seem to believe this shit. >> late night "news" about the NDP meeting - 'socialist wing socialist wing socialist wing socialist wing' etc etc - you Cdns do NOT like 'socialists' right? - we've been training you long enough to have a negative knee-jerk reaction at the word ...

Apr 12 - Ottawa Morning - bigtime indoc maintenance for those doing some research - the 'chief justice of the supreme court' comes on just like a normal person, and is duly adulated by the guest host - great country where a woman can get to this position, etc etc - in the box, this is great stuff, an "important person!!!' visits the kindergarten class, isn't this great children, how our wonderful free Democracy works!! don't we all believe everything we are being told!! - out of the box, it is deeply evil.

>> "news" - talking about the NDP convention - more indoc maintenance, really - 'the NDP are not seen as strong on economic issues' - really? That is the MSM myth, deep indoctrination - and they get a "prof" from some university to repeat the message the CBC wants to put out - "journalism" 101, grade F. the 'new CBC' for the 'new' Canada.

>> CBC Marketplace doing its personal vendetta style of 'reporting' again - and again finding some university 'expert' who agrees with them, giving a clip as if this proved anything - they have no fucking idea about 'journalism' at all there anymore, I think. Now, if they would just go after some of the important stuff with the same zeal, that would be journalism - get any economist and ask the questions I have, for instance, or go after themselves about what 'journalism' really is and how it is (not) practiced in Canada anywhere at all in the MSM( including most notably the CBC. hahaha.

Apr 11 - Apr 11 - Ottawa morning - just a coincidence - start it at 07:36 - and there's a crying mother, one of the mainstays of 'news' for 'adult'-children. Legitimate story - but the framing is for children, the new CBC 'audience'. Adults don't get a thrill out of voyeuristic peeping in on the lives of those who are in emotional trauma of some sort, they understand privacy. Children aren't mature enough to understand that peeping in on the distress of others just isn't a good thing to be doing. Guess who the CBC is promoting as the 'new child-citizen' of Canada???

>> the Current - ramping up the propaganda again against Syria - MSF Cdn doc, female!!, telling us how bad it is in Syria, underlying message - WHY THE FUCK AREN"T YOU CDNS DEMANDING WE STOP THIS?>!?!?!?!?

Apr 10 - Ottawa Morning - long giggly talk about Oprah coming to Ottawa, how great it is, how influential she is on the CBC personalities - couldn't be more clear when you can see behind the spectacle - this is the new CBC - Oprah for the 'progressive' demographic -

AIH - the dumbing down in full swing, as we listen to AIH asking the mother of the girl who killed herself last year 'how did you feel' and etc - an adult, serious media would be asking some serious questions about what is going on in our society that this kind of stuff happens, that such a smart pretty young girl could be so insecure she could do this, and many related things - but those questions would be talking about how we are creating a society of children who behave like this, and since that is actually the goal, it wouldn't do to talk about them ...

Apr 9 - interesting to do a comparison of the positive vs negative opinions about Thatcher - and a list of which side most CBC hosts are obviously on with their praise ...

>> "news" 08:00 Ottawa - 'it has been 10 years since the Iraqis tore down the statue of Saddam" - indoctrination maintenance in action - it has long been established the statue was another American PR stunt, not some 'spontaneous' action of normal Iraqis at all - but that doesn't sound so good as reinforcing the belief that Iraquis supported the invasion ...

Apr 8 - Winnipeg morning show doing a "story" on the lady going to Switzerland to kill herself - lots of crying people. nothing to do with "news" we need to hear - more debate on why the gov thinks they have a right to prevent this in Canada might be called for, but not the focus on crying people ...

>> the Lockheed Martin "story" - blatant propaganda, by a "reporter" who sounds like he's doing a commercial, or propaganda film. oddly enough on Canada's Propaganda Central ...

>> and the Current on the crying lady story -

- AIH - CO right on the attack with the Con MP from Labrador who resigned - fine as far as it goes, some people are obviously lying and need a bit of resistance - the problem is that this is really a mickey-mouse 'story', and with the issues of importance, such as the 'austerity' shit we've been getting the last few years, they are just the opposite - no attacks on the people doing this, asking the 'hard' questions that need to be asked - just joining in the propaganda with the 'where is the money coming from if you don't want cuts' stuff. Which again is what propaganda is all about - pretend 'journalism' with irrelevant 'news', putting the 'real' news behind closed doors somewhere. Say, that sounds a lot like the CBC - imagine!!

Apr 6 - the House - doing a great selling job of Trudeau - serious scripted propaganda in action, if you want something good for deconstruction .... -the """learned analysis"" is simply pathetic .... here goes Tweedledee-dum in action again - it's obvious Cdns have about had enough of Harper, so we'll slowly knock him down, build up the new 'saviour', and at the next election a smooth transition from gov of, by and for the corps to gov of, by and for the corps and nobody will have a fucking clue how easily they are all being manipulated.

Apr 1 - Island Morning - intrepid reporting - the price of gas is going up by 8 cents a liter tomorrow with the HST - and some "reporter" (?????) going around to gas stations asking people why they're filling up their vehicles before the price goes up - huh????? (oh wait it's April Fool's day - but if the fools are running things today, how is that different from any other day?????)

Mar 31 - Enright - complete whitewash of high legal fees, pretending to examine an 'important issue', but not touching on anything real - Why doesn't gov do something? Because (reality) they don't really care, they know the system is a fix (it's working as it is meant to work, that is to say), and there's just no point in wasting money on the fucking peasants who are going to get fucked anyway. Why are legal fees so high? Well educated traitors want to be well paid, and fuck the people who can't afford it. not going to hear any of THAT on the CBC hahaha. Lots of crocodile tears from some dupes, but nothing will change until Democracy finds its way to Canada. In your dreams haha.

Mar 30 - AIH - hammering on N Korea today, after doing the PC talk about Klein's death - 'he had a drinking problem, didn't he?' - tut tut, says Carol. (as long as the drinking doesn't affect your work, it's not your business, Carol - but there are lot of people doing a lot of important lying out there that you might be challenging - oh, of course, as a propagandist, lying is pretty central to your own work, so I guess you don't want to open that particular door ...

>> they they interview a former CBCer who is leaving her work with Wikipedia - interesting how CO tells everyone they should be pretty skeptical about what they read there, as anyone can add any nonsense they want - true to a point, but a criticism like this from the leading Cdn propaganda organisation, to whom the idea of 'truth' is basically "what we want you to believe' is hypocritical in the extreme. surprise surprise ...

Mar 29 - AIH - really ramping the Syria propaganda, and lies - 'as Syria fell into violence, the world failed to act' - etc etc - blatant example of the media writing (false) history on the fly - in reality, of course, the US was behind the violence, trying to get rid of a leader who opposed their geopolitical desires - they are relentless with the propaganda, of course, which undoubtedly sways many - YOU PEOPLE (Canadians, for the CBC) ARE RESPONSIBLE - STANDING BY AND NOT DEMANDING *WE* GET OVER THERE WITH THE MILITARY AND BOMB THAT COUNTRY/LEADER INTO SUBMISSION!!!! - good to see at least a bit of resistance out there to this ongoing shit - they did the same with Libya, Iraq before, they're still working up to Iran - also amazing enough to see the high-level "diplomats" etc willing to so blatantly stand in front of the world and lie .... also getting the digs in at Russia and CHina, 'blocking' the desire of the UN to intervene, etc - CO is right there leading this - "What is WRONG with everybody that you will not go in after than evil monster????' (paraphrasing, but that is the very clear message - she just cannot understand the apathy of the world as this monster keeps killing his people - and nothing is off the table as she complains to everyone about this ... there MUST be a special circle in hell for people like this (the Brit 'diplomat' or whatever he was who was collaborating with her in the 'interview', and so many others like him, as well), so blatantly pushing something evil, and lying so blatantly about it .... poor old innocent US et al, just hand-wringing at that monster - while in reality, of course, they are responsible for the whole thing - it's like a not-well-written book, really, with the truly evil monsters with the false smiles and concern stirring up bad feelings against someone they want to get rid of, and the gullible citizens stupidly falling into the plot .....

Mar 28 - AIH - the big 'retrospective' on how the Syrian uprising turned into the big conflict it is - pure propaganda - how interesting would it be to have a look at what happened in Iraq 10 years ago - and talk about how the media made it all possible, and how we are seeing the same thing exactly today with Syrian, and Iran - haha.

- the Current - AM interviewing some woman from a religious-oriented university - she looks pretty bad, the whole "left" is looking bad these days - AM seems to be saying that a private university has no right to make whatever rules it wants - but that is a REALLY bad idea - like so much of what the 'left' is getting up to lately, childish, shallow stupid stuff - YOU MUST BEHAVE LIKE WE THINK IS THE RIGHT WAY TO BEHAVE!!! - very fascistic, really. I don't believe in what this lady is doing - but I completely support her right to do it - she defends AM's attacks on her very, very well - no question at all where the class lies here - not unlike the pathetic attacks of the Star on Rob Ford - another guy I don't really agree with, but the petty, self-rigtheous childish attacks of the "lefty" Star are just embarrassing ...

Mar 27 - krist one of the biggest deck chairs they keep 'progressives' running around rearranging - CBC 'news' tells us the US "supreme" court is dealing with 'a profound issue' - gay marriage - the degree of control those who rule maintain over sex is amazing - nobody's business but those involved, yet everyone makes it a big issue -

>> and then a big deal about N Korea 'threatening' the US - how simple-minded do you have to be to believe that they represent any real threat to the US? Completely ridiculous - says a great deal about how simply stupid so many people are, to be led around by this kind of half-witted lie and propaganda

Mar 25 - 06:00 "news" PEI national - a "story" about some person trying to train babies to swim - the "reporter" is using tones like a kindergarten teacher, shock, surprise, etc etc - this is amazingly pathetic, the "reporter" acting as if her childish feelings represent some national norm - as are so many things these days on the child-centered, child-run child-focused CBC - but I guess that is the 'audience' they are developing - not getting news, just 'interesting' things to distract the children, get some comments on things NOT of 'national interest' - etc etc. dumbed down "news" for the new dumbed down citizen ...

Mar 21 - - the Current, talking about the Cyprus stuff - Sherry Cooper, 'chief economist' of some bank, telling us that 'fractional reserve' means that banks do not keep all of the money deposited, but loan some out, which creates the danger of bank runs - either she is monumentally stupid (for a senior bank economist), or simply lying - and she gets on the CBC a lot, and is very obviously not in any way stupid. So although this can be presented as a 'serious' talk about economics, it is, again, spectacle and indoctrination maintenance - the thing nobody must ever understand, if a lot of people are to keep out of jail, is how the money-credit is created and controlled, and by whom, and how the idea of 'interest' is just a massive fraud, along with everything else.

- AIH - talking about budget - the 'correspondent' - "no goodies for Cdns" - framing - spending money on things Cdns want is not supporting necessities, but just 'goodies', like candy - CO talking with NDP, her hostility is very thinly concealed - then they get on Levant's apology, in which he dared use his media time to attack someone he did not like -the thing is, this is what a good deal of time on the CBC is used for anymore, attacking people they do not like - it's obvious every day the CBC is just a 'bully pulpit' from which a certain privileged group go after anyone they don't approve of - not exactly 'impartial journalism' - but like any bully, if WE do something, it's fine - but don't you DARE try the same thing against us, that's not allowed!!! (think US bombing people all around the world, killing civilians by the millions - no prob - but attack any American in revenge, the self-righteous pity is amazing ...

Mar 20 - morning "news" - must be propaganda day - staring with Obama visiting Israel, and all the terrible Syrian threats, leading right into some 'cyber attack' in South Korea - and of COURSE - we have to figure N Korea, the EVIL monsters, must be behind it (Japan is carefully watching "the world's most unpredictable nation" - there's good ol impartial journalism in action again ...) - etc etc etc

- the Current - we should be surprised - an interview with some guy who wrote a book telling what a great thing that Iraq invasion really was - never mind all the other shit about lies (which we sold you enthusiastically) and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians murdered, people, IT WAS A GREAT THING!~!!!! - we on the CBC fully support it, and you as a good indoctrinated Cdn will believe as we tell you. ((odd in times like this we never get reminded of the incubator babies story ...) (I don't suppose the staunchly 'feminist' CBC is going to be talking to one of the world's leading intelligent people anytime soon - Arundhatti Roy - who has some slightly different ideas about everything )

- "news" - "the remorse rings hollow..' - editorializing, as usual (Janice Johnson Edmonton 19:00)

- Stoffel re Obama in Israel - 'Netyahanu *warns* about Iran developing nuclear weapons...' - 'warns' is a word describing a fact, but it is nothing but propaganda in action ... of course, these CBC guys always sound as if they are delivering 'facts'. like these are monsters in a sci-fi story from outer space who are just brainlessly out to destroy us -

Mar 19 - a few days later (I've been away a couple of days) - this story about another lady running a stop sign, getting broadsided, and dying - a reverse of the situation that bothers me, but same thing - and not a word about seatbelts - as any honest report ("news" or police) would offer, as they invariably offer their 'opinion' if they thing a seat belth **might** have reduced injury - but if it might have contributed to injury or death, as in this case of, apparently, a vehicle being broadsided in the driver's door - not a word.

>> and then AM on the Current - talking about computers writing "news" stories (a LOT I could comment on here!!) - but at one point they get into talking about the Iraq war, and she (jokingly!!) comments - 'at least they could have fact checked hahahaha!!!!' - evidently referring to the many stories out this week about the 10th anniversary of the invasion, and how it was all based on lies, although we are CERTAINLY not going to get into that on the CBC since we were a central part of spreading all of those lies with great enthusiasm, like the Yugoslavia lies, the Libya lies, the current Syria lies - how offensive can you be - the CBC was obviously a key part of spreading the lies at that time, but now it's just a joke that 'they got it wrong' - if there was ever any doubt about whether they were all innocent dupes or part of an intentional big lie, stuff like this makes it pretty clear they knew exactly what they were doing, and are now just 'putting it all behind them' - a million Iraqi deaths, massive destruction, a country still in turmoil - basically a big joke, tough luck suckers. haha. the new CBC - Mordor News Service in Canada. And not a word, of course, from any of them about the lies before that or since - we've forgotten the ones before, and the new ones are better done.

- AIH - they have to acknowledge the 10th anniversary of the Iraq invasion - but watch the spin!!!! - not a word about illegality, lies, etc - just 'the continuing violence is the fault of that damned al Quaeda, and Muslim sects bombing each other ...' - and the (intrepid haha) "journalist" tells us that Iraqi citizens blame the politicians for the problems - and of course most believe getting rid of Saddam was a good thing, for sure (although, just maybe, it might have been better, in hindsight, if we had not done that..) - we even have the story of a man who lost 4 children - who forgives the Americans!!!!! (think he is in the majority???)

(- you need to remember too - these are the people, assuming nothing changes, who will be writing the history books ...

- AIH - some guy from England talking about the 'apostrophe protection society' and the abyssmal state of knowledge of proper English - and it's a big joke to CO - like a child, ignorance is just a laugh - she even says 'reporters are notoriously bad with grammar' - which is actually quite revealing, when you think about it - good grammar and intelligence go together, "journalists" who cannot spell or understand simple punctuation are not really intelligent enough to be reporting on important things - which is, of course, the idea - too stupid to think properly makes one very easy to manipulate by those with a bit more intelligence ...

>> AIH - drive by indoc maint - in regard to Cyprus story, a letter from some guy "pointing out' that government printing money causes inflation - completely wrong-headed but this is the story they want people who know nothing about where money comes from to have in the back of their minds, so when someone like me talks, they just immediately shake their heads, no no no, inflation .. and indoctrination successful signs flash somewhere.

- more indoctrination maint - the 'see through yoga stuff - we don't even go deep here - we all KNOW that the sight of a naked human body OMG is just something nobody could ever stand for - so Wear Underwear!!! - and the shit about the skater pic. the spectacle world - crazier and crazier, complete disconnection from anything we could call reality

Mar 15 - work going well on the new book, which will lay out the background to most of the things I am talking about here, and hopefully give people some new ideas about 'Why we're losing', and how to start winning, this fight against the NWO New Feudalists.

Mar 13 - Island Morning - little item about 'flash mobs' - interesting, but the deep perspective - this is something kids do, not adults - but this is for the average CBC listener, the child-adult repulsed by boring adult things that take time and a longer attention span than a 'flash mob wow great!!!!' few minutes, who will be very interested - this is something they can dig! - flash mobs, yea!!, great way to show how you feel about something political!! (and then back to the latest craze passing by on Tweeter or Facebook like it!! what's next, no time for reading long stuff, gogogo!!! - kids in action, no danger anything like this is going to affect gov policy, or lead to any change - which is exactly the point of a dumbed down society

>> story about pigs in China affecting the water supply - of some interest of course, but propaganda - damned commies can't run a country right, just letting their people die because commie rulers are evil bastards (which is probably somewhat less than the whole truth, but of course when they get up to this demonising stuff they only give one side of the story) - but it's revealed as propaganda by the selectivity - capitalist governments viciously pushing their people back into a new feudal society are getting up to a lot very bad things these days, which actually might be of more interest to Canadians - i.e. why not this - Choosing between food and heat in Britain ???? - (maybe because this is coming soon to a country near you (6 letters starts with Can??? - the utterly inevitable destination of the path we're on, shuffling as much money as possible to the rulers, in an exponentially increasing pattern of a money supply created out of thin air at compounding interest ....)

- also PEI 'news' - story about woman dying in car accident - which stresses she was not wearing a seatbelt - indoctrination maintenance in action (sure a seat belt *may* have saved her life, or not - but revealed as propaganda because we **never** hear a story where the police tell us the seatbelt may have contributed to injury or death, and they surely do, even if you don't read about it at all - people trapped in cars turned over in some water dying terribly because they can't get the belt undone, or what scares me most, the idea that some halfwit running a stop sign or red light broadsides you in the driver's door - would you rather be strapped in then, or not? I know my answer, and I know that as a defensive driver in Canada, I avoided quite a few accidents, and by far the most were this scenario, The masters voicesome idiot running a stop sign, ready to broadside me in the driver's door if I manage to miss seeing him coming. And then, given the undeniable truth of this - do you or the gov have any right to force me into this life-threatening scenario because a seat belt *might* save my life in some other situation? No way, is my answer. I know you're not interested - but them's the facts, ma'am, denying them don't change 'em.

So what's with the deal, if they aren't really interested in saving lives? I figure it's mainly subconscious and symbolic - being forced to strap yourself in against your will, in what is, for many people, your 'freedom machine' - in *your* freedom machine, they have control of you. And by god they'll have cops running you down if you dare disagree. This is part of the training - when a cop speaks in a military state, which we are very close to officially being, there is only ONE acceptable response from the citizen - instant obedience. And they have a whole country driving around showing how obedient they are - many, if not most, against their will.

Mar 12 - a quite amazing half hour on the Current about how dangerous North Korea is - evil, dangerous bastards we really, really need to worry about, etc etc - good for deconstruction if anyone ever gets around to such things (the most notable question nobody ever goes near, as always - even IF, which is still very unlikely, NK did manage to develop some primitive nuclear weapon - why why WHY would they bomb some western target, when everybody in the entire world, including them, would know that any such attack would mean their country would be comPLETELY obliterated within minutes by some small fraction of the thousands of fully working US nukes? There is no answer to that question - but it is quite amazing that so many people seem unable to 'get it', and just buy into the mindless propaganda ... (and there are, as always, many people writing with a *great* deal more honesty about such things - just for example, Western Media Set Up North Korea For War by Finian Cunningham )

- and so it goes, another day in propagandaland ...

Mar 10 - 07:00 - "news" Victoria- opening story about the funeral of a cop shot in Quebec - from the 'reporter' (Janey Olsen cub by the sound of her - another new norm for the CBC, which should be the senior journalistic job in the country, not entry level for kids who should not really have been let out of 'journalism' school, although their standards are obviously sunk to CBC levels also) '..church bells chimed (sound effects!!) - 'fellow officers nervously joining what is obviously their first funeral..' 'eulogies paid tribute - running the bulls in Pamplona..' etc etc - juvenile propaganda at work again, with the description of his characteristics, a tearful comment from someone - spectacle (sure the event is worth reporting - but the juvenile presentation is right out of high school pretend )

>> followed by story of new NDP leader in Saskatchewan, with such impartial prose as "..razor thin margin ..' - really important stuff all Cdns need to know ..

>> and then more digging at Chavez - his fault there is a big crime problem there, apparently. If there is, of course - they're pretty loose with the truth, these people, when it comes to people they want to demonise. Or not, of course, the crime in America is horrendous, as always, but we hear little about it, and certainly not in connection with any leader, or the capitalist economic system that causes it all - kind of the opposite of demonisation of people you don't like - a whitewashing of people you want Canadians to like ....

Mar 7 - the Current still dismissive and unbelieving of how Chavez funnelled oil money into programs for the poor - they just can't wrap their heads around something so fair, so useful for poor people - I mean, obviously, in any civilized country like Canada, it's only natural to take this great natural wealth and make already wealthy people wealthier - I mean, fuck the poor, hahaha, right???? - the new Canada, as explained on the CBC - just cannot beLIEVE that somebody wants to help the poor, good god, what have we been fighting for the last 30 years if not to get that idea right comPLETELy out of people's minds!!!??

>> and N Korea seems to be one of AM's pet issues - she has an interview with a supposed N Korean prison camp escaper from there, and it's just blatant demonisation and propaganda

19:00 'news' from Winnipeg - opening with two hockey stories - the most important things to the new Cdn ...

>> small kudos to AIH - they talked with Tariq ALi about Chavez, and he was all in support of him - Carol showing her blatant bias as usual in favor of US empire, but they did let Ali speak some truth, interrupted by continual 'well sure but he was really a bad man..' etc etc

AIH - talking to the coach of the hockey player paralysed in Switzerland (this is 'news'??) - but she asks 'How did you react when you learned the news?' - this is surely NOT news, but playing to juvenile emotions, and sensationalism - crying people for voyeuristic children - a lot of what they do anymore is not 'dumbing down', it's just playing to the dumbed down audience .. 'How do you think (xx) feels?' - 'What would you say to him?' - if this, if that, and etc etc - this is not 'news', or anything that should be on at least a national broadcaster ... the new CBC - tabloids on air - (and I tell you, I feel very, very pissed off about what you people have done to my CBC, not to mention my country - )

Mar 6 - and the "news" - they at least let a couple of people speak who have less prejudiced things to say about Chavez, but then they get on with the indoc maintenance - 'he was a crafty manipulator' - because he used the oil profits to help his people@!!!!! - and etc etc

>> and then on to the Great Story!!! - about record Wall St profits, followed by more on the US spending cuts - just factoids, not a word about 'What the fuck is going on here??', connecting the two things, etc etc - just spectacle for the breathless masses in front of their tvs - keep it short, get back to Survivor etc

- and then the Current - again, a couple of people allowed to say mildly positive things about the many Venezuelans who supported him (without, of course, being allowed to get into rationally answering the many blatant lies of most commentators - 'dictator' etc), but most of the 20 minutes devoted to the story carry on with the dehumanization of 'this evil bastard who dared to stand up to the US' - which the CBC could not possibly have anything good to say about - they start off saying 'Chavez stopped free media and coopted the judiciary' - lies, but perverse lies when you understand what is going on in Canada, as that is exactly what the Bat St rulers (hey - good typo!! - may use it more, it fits! - Bay St Bats in their penthouse towers plotting bat shit for the rest of us - actually as a biologist I see that is quite unfair to bats, who are by and large quite interesting little creatures, and not even in the same world as bankers when it comes to getting up to really bad shit ...) have done here, turned the media into right wing propaganda corporate state secretariat, and taken over the judiciary (many years ago) as the last buffer between 'the people' and the rulers ...

>> quite amazing they way they try to say that it was a bad thing for him to take oil boom money and spend it on the people!! - can you just imagine. Of course, any good capitalist understands without needing to verbalize it that any wealth from oil goes to a small group of very wealthy people, to think about giving that wealth to poor people is just - well, obviously, a bad thing, just a batshit crazy thing, to the people allowed on the Current ... only some politician trying to buy votes, so obviously his support is suspect because of this - the mindset of these people is amazing - and etc etc etc - lots of deconstruction stuff for anyone interested in a case study .

Mar 5 - 06:00 "news" - a 'story' about the Elliot Lake inquiry, with the "reporter" doing her best to make it a 'human interest" item - followed by a bit about Cdns doing more banking things online - these are "news" of national interest because ?????? (trick question - no answer needed - if you have one, you better put a lid on it and have a chat with yourself about how it is you are so fucking brainwashed ...)

- later, the Current - making a big deal out of the BC NDP document talking about targeting ethnic voters, the nasties!! - and all I can think is WTF????? - there have been stories like this about mainly the federal Cons for months, if not years, but other parties too, it's just a normal part of political strategy - and nobody makes an issue of it at all - ????? - spectacle. BS.

Mar 5 - surprise surprise, AIH is talking to people who tell us what a nasty dictator Chavez was ... this is the kind of stuff that makes it really undeniable they are just doing propaganda for the NWO, and Chavez one of the guys they hated most for standing up to them - and when the master hates someone, the obedient media knows what their job is. Lots of other POVs out there, which would seem to be far, far FAR more reliable about this, and anything else of importance, than the crap on the CBC - i.e. Death Of A Bogeyman - The Corporate Media Bury Hugo Chแvez.

Mar 3 - Reuters "White House correspondent" "explaining" the budget cuts - exactly like a high school student explaining something they don't really understand, basically reading from various talking points memos, the 'official' story, with some addins from some of the halfwit politicians - the whole blatant nonsense is just beyond believing - it really is right out of Alice in Wonderland - you won't have money for this, this service will be cut - and Canada will be impacted thusly - and all based on complete fantasy!!!! - does NOBODY out there understand what is going on with the money-credit situation??? - apparently not - cloud cuckoo land indeed - unbelievable, the dumbing down is pretty much complete, obviously (and noting the baboon screaming at Flanagan a couple of days ago by 'progressives' who seem to be the most brainwashed of all - at least there was a bit of sanity about this in the NP - actually, that is something you might look at a bit more - obviously the 'progressives' are the ones that most need to be controlled if the NWO takeover is to be successful - and they seem to have accomplished that - something even deeper than you have been recognizing -

- plus more factoids, finishing off with a 'report' from somebody telling us a lot of children in the Congo have not had formal schooling. They miss out on explaining why we would need to know this ...

06:30 "news" - another high school cub journalist presenting a "story" that we need to hear - a crying lady whose dog was shot, mistaken for a coyote

>> and a 'disappointed consumer' story, some lady having problems with Westjet - this is the business of the CBC? 'news' for adults??? - the dumbed down version maybe ...

>>> Assad from Syria gives an interview to an English paper, and the CBC is bending over backwards to paint him in a bad light - 'lashed out' at the US?? - no, always calm - and etc. CBC - propaganda 'r' us ... 24/7. (which would be the real 'news' underlying all of what we've heard - BULLETIN!!! - for those who didn't know, the CBC is engaged in dumbing down and propaganda - if you want 'news' turn on the computer and start getting some education ...)

>> AIH - Carol has a good run at the BMO guy about their lower mortgage rights - gets right stupid towards the end - she infers that lower mortgage prices will make houses more expensive (more demand for houses, higher prices..), thus young people cannot afford to buy one - but of course lower mortgage prices would help them - but consistency is not the point of propaganda - not at all clear why Carol is so pissed at this guy, but she does talk admiringly of 'Finance Minister Flaherty', who has criticized this BMO move. One still believes that some exploration of how the bank creates mortgage money-credit out of thin air in the first place, and how they can justify any interest at all on such creation, might be a more fruitful discussion, but of course we don't look for it on the CBC ...

Mar 1 - and right into full spectrum propaganda maintenance from the Current - can't be bothered dissecting everything right now - but first we get some reinforcement about what nasty commie monsters them fucking North Koreans are, through the story of one of our modern gods, a famous basketball player, going there - and then we learn about the terrible, terrible internet, and how it "addicts" so many people to do such terrible things - this is just plain demonisation, because if it wasn't, the far, far FARFARFAR more important story would be about the greatest indoctrination machine this world has ever seen, the television which the average Cdn-American watches 4-5-6 hours per day - every second of that time willingly subjecting themselves to brainwashing. On the net, you can do useless stuff or fun stuff or learn a hell of a lot the masters do not want you learning - but it is all interactive, you have to ask for stuff, and you can go somewhere else if they try to make you watch commercials. And of course in propaganda land, people are not learning 'truth' on the internet, they are playing video games or doing nasty sex stuff, etc. As for the 'addiction', it's nothing more than adolescent self-pleasing, which a lot of people do - there's a kind of weakness there, a disinclination to deal with the 'real' world, a laziness, things which many many people have - but it's not any real 'addiction' - this is just more dumbing down shit. And we need to remember too, which you will never hear on the CBC - people turn to the internet for some reality of some kind, because the capitalist propaganda matrix is so incredibly empty of anything meaningful (as is the television).

Just some thoughts you are NOT going to hear about on the CBC. (where the host of the show wishes the mark 'good luck' in 'recovering' from his 'internet addiction' - fuck, just stupidity after stupidity. Like the "psychiatrist" they interview after the kid - they ENCOURAGE this kind of thing - the 'doctors' creating the sickness. Modern capitalistland - sickness incarnate. - 'addicted to chat rooms and social media'. krist - simple self-indulgence and laziness labelled as 'addiction'. a completely dumbed down society, from the 'doctors' to the victim-citizens.)

Mar 1 - Island Morning "news" - some "analyst" from the CD Howe Institute (identified as a 'think tank' (nice optics) - *not* identified as 'right-leaning', one might note, nor the person interviewed, who is an 'analyst', let alone right wing kook or 'nutcase', which would not be inappropriate for any of the shit these people come up with that cbc sheep throwing wolf shadowis covered as if gospel in the mainstream corporate-state media such as the CBC) telling PEI that they are in real trouble re future health care expenses, big trouble baby - not a word of sanity looked for, apparently - I've told them many times about what's going on with debt and things, but obviously they have no interest in anything not NWO-approved. Which Green Island sure as hell isn't. I'd be worried if it was.

Mar 1 - like so many places who consider themselves 'progressive', the Tyee site, normally quite sane and open to non-mainstream ideas, also jumped on the 'WOW did you hear what Flanagan said the MONSTER!!!' bandwagon without much thought - I don't like bandwagons, I do like thinking, and decided this merited a couple of hours - Child porn monster - or just some serious dumbing down propaganda in action?

Mar 1 - Flanagan story - "...The Prime Minister's Office responded to the comments on Twitter... 'Tom Flanagan's comments on child pornography are repugnant, ignorant, and appalling," tweeted director of communications Andrew MacDougall...' - krist, talk about running our society of, by and for the kids - it is beyond unbelievable that the PM's office is dealing with 'major' issues (even if phony 'major' as I talked about last time) on Twitter. We need to have some gravitas, some seriousness, some adulthood, around the office and face of our sovereign, even the faux-PM Harper and the similar clowns we have running us these days. Even a pretend democracy like we currently suffer under are far preferable to the alternative, an openly brutal society where the most violent warlord does as he pleases openly. We are on that path, but we also still have a chance to stop it - but letting them turn our national 'head of state' office into just another twitter feed is going very much in the wrong direction.

Mar 1 - 06:00 "news" - '...Pres Obama is shuffling all over the dance floor on this issue..' - boy, they're sure teaching them good English in journalism school these days. haha. it just gets so depressing sometimes - I am really wandering through Mordor these days, a lonely, lonely voice, with this (secret ring thing) I somehow have to get to the fires of Mount Doom, but I don't even know where my Mount Doom is, and I don't seem to have any faithful Samwise to pick me up when I get a bit depressed or weak or the capitalist masters get in my face, as they do from time to time with all of us .... but one step at a time, for some reason, it appears that they cannot directly stomp on me, or Frodo - they have to try to discourage us, surround us with despair so we give up and lie down and die ourselves - I don't plan to do that ....

Feb 28 - Sun News Network booted from David Suzuki speech - the kind of shit that gives 'lefties' a bad name, too much politically correct childishness - nice to see Elizabeth May once again showing she is one of the few, perhaps the only, MP in this country with a bit of class.

AIH - a MUST HEAR!!!!! - the husband of some singer who died a few years ago said HE GOT HER INTO DRUGSS!!!!! - we REALLY need to know this. Of course, if you are in a mental-emotional age permanently of teenager and your world is centered around entertainment stories, it's probably fascinating - AIH has 90 minutes a day, and they have to fill it with something, to keep away from the many stories we could be sharing about people doing things to increase their intelligence and democracy - for example, I guess we can not bother waiting for the CBC to do anything about this story - War No More? Malaysia Spearheads Efforts to Criminalize War - or maybe this - Capitalism as Disease: Spreading Governmental Tyranny and Gun Violence - or some interesting thoughts on media always to be had from Project Censored - 2013 Project Censored book - oh well, every day, lots of stuff we could be hearing about of use, and they throw us these endless irrelevant distractions

speaking of hysteria >> and then they go after Tom Flanagan for saying pictures are pictures and you shouldn't be jailed for looking at them, even if they are labelled 'child porn' - this is one of the main control issues of the child-adults, I guess they figure they are children and bad mans could do something they have been trained is 'bad' lock the door!!!!, and he was vilified by all and sundry, showing their allegiance to the mind-control tactics of Big Momma - they even jokingly said he had a certain resemblance to the Ikea monkey, and all had a little en passant chuckle - but just imagine if Flanagan or anyone said the indians themselves looked a bit like monkies, chuckle chuckle, just a small joke folks - again, they'd come down on him like a ton of bricks, no doubt - the double standards these people can hold, apparently without even realising they are doing it, can be quite amazing. Pictures are pictures - look at the movie that was nominated for several Oscars about torture - nobody got all huffy about 'real' people being tortured, although they certainly could as the CIA does it regularly, apparently - but everyone accepted that the film was just actors making a film, and that's fine, no matter how repulsive the things they portray might be in reality - I mean, really, is torturing someone for days in incredible pain before killing them more acceptable than a bit of sex with a child? Seems to me it would be pretty hard to make that argument, but I suppose it's not relevant as nobody is ever going to try it in this mind-control era. Don't have to - they already think what they are supposed to. Funny though - there are a lot of stories to be found on the net about high-level child abuse in the highest political circles of the US, and nobody seems interested ...

Feb 26 - 'news' 18:30 - AIH - CBC for some reason unhappy about some Australian planning to build a 'new' Titanic - oh, wait - he's having it built in a Chinese shipyard. So - it then becomes 'news' to tell us what a bad place China is, in some other way - they find some people to tell us why this is not a good business idea, and China has no experience in building passenger ships like this - stuff we really need to know. Beyond pathetic, really, using the CBC like petulant kids pissing on their current 'unfriends'.

>> and then AIH right into the propaganda about Syria - damned governments sending ballistic missiles right into civilian neighborhoods in Aleppo - OMG the fucking monsters, eh??? - the usual semi-scripted 'interview' with one hostile witness, no contrary questions allowed, of which there would be many to any real journalist looking for real info. Why aren't you peasants demanding we get rid of that government, eh???? (and don't forget that damned Russia - all we decent people want to do something, but them damned Russians won't let us, the monsters!!! - boy, it's like one-track mind around the CBC, first things first - reinforce the dehumanization of all those people we do NOT like, and want Cdns to not like too .. )

>> and then then talk to someone from the Quebec students - right on the attack, what's wrong with you? $70 is not much money even for a student, etc etc -

-- and then they take a run at online discussions - again, a trash piece - all bad, all the time - you 'good' Cdns do not need to go there, we at the CBC give you ALL the stuff you need - believe me!! - those internet people are just nut cases, stick with us - never mind hockeypuck87!!!

Feb 25 - 06:00 news - got the crying lady to start the day - this story may be of some interest, but this presentation of crying people is completely unnecessary - no media for adults would be doing this crap - it's just kid stuff for the new child-citizen to identify with

Island Morning - 'business' digest - telling us that the 'debt crisis' in the US is really bad, folks, going to hurt us too - some 'analyst' from a rightwing 'think'tank - *telling* the munchkins what they are supposed to 'believe' - no 'news' that intelligent engaged citizens use to form their own ideas and opinions - just the 'information radio' *telling* us what we are supposed to think, or 'know' - we're in trouble, folks (the 'host' lets us know -

- "news" - some private clinic is collecting plasma to sell - the CBC does not like this for some reason, so gets a couple of people to comment about how THEY don't like it either - how in the fuck can they do this, and pretend it's "journalism" - the most blatant editorializing and opinion, being passed off as "news". they do this all the time, set forth an opinion about something going on, find a couple of people to agree, and pretend it's "news", that this is how their listeners are supposed to feel about whatever it is - I don't think anybody out there even understands the difference any more -

- perfect example of blowing things out of proportion - the "story" on the Current of a young woman who tried to join the Cdn military - and during the processing, a doctor 'made her undress, touched her breasts, and 'pushed his groin against her' - that is ridiculous, in terms of wrecking someone's life - but with the CBC pretending this is a 'big story', it encourages young people to think this kind of thing wrecks their lives - not is a small thing, like a bee sting - sure the doctor should be punished one way or another, this is not a good way to behave - but to tell the young woman her life is wrecked, and she now has licence to be neurotic and less-than-adult for the rest of her life is just ridiculous - or dumbing down.

>> and also on the Current some commentary about the CBC shocked that the defeated Berlusconi is running in the Italian election - I guess they can't understand why those stupid Italians aren't doing as the CBC momma corp thinks correct Lots of stuff we could talk about - Italy, like all of Europe, in big financial trouble, we could talk about what the banks are up to, from someone who might have some useful info to add, like Kaiser, or Hudson, or others not welcome on the CBC spectacle show ..

-- and a piece on 'medical tourism' that says a lot more about those giving it than those they report on, including the CBC "reporter" who 'follows' some of these tourists to a 'luxury resort' in Mexico - nice "work" if you can get it - but oddly enough (sarcastic font), not a WORD about why in the hell one of the wealthiest countries in the world is so full of people who cannot get decent care in Canada, but have to do the capitalist trick of using developing countries to get stuff cheaper, thus contributing to the slow death of medical care here because of continual funding cuts???? - guess we don't really want to get into that on the CBC - spectacle stuff for the mindless listener preferred ... (aside from one closing comment by one of the doctors that, well, heck, maybe we need to let private health care back into Canada, yea yea ....) - all right wing, all the time the new CBC ....

- AIH - some speculations from a crying old man about how the fishermen died. 'news' ???? - or just bad dreams for kids?? - and a 'funny' story, I guess, about how some ice fishers were testing themselves for anti-doping, and then the 'must hear' story about some undertaker in Iqalawit who can't find a parking space for his hearse - spectacle for the children of the NWO ....

(lots of stuff that might be news we are pretty careful not to talk about on CBC Spectacle Radio - i.e. Ellen Brown talking about the 'debt' etc - How the Fed could fix the economy and why it hasn't

Feb 24 - Sunday Edition - drive by indoctrination maintenance - a talk about 'resurgent Marxism' ((Is Marxism facing a rebirth), but with people who don't really understand what is happening - they aren't all bad, but it is more of a 'limited hangout' piece, talking about something a lot of people know a little bit about, but not getting into anything actually dangerous for the Rulers - but the 'indoctrination maintenance' stuff that our Spectacle is filled with, a good example near the end of this bit, when one of the guests says 'look for stronger unions in China' - Enright immediately interjects, with a mocking little snort, 'Fat chance!' - as if it is just a known fact that the highly repressive Chinese gov will never, never NEVER allow unions.. - those evil bastards' - which is what we are supposed to believe, no thinking necessary - but which may be a bit less than fully true - but our media want us to believe this, so whether Enright is indoctrinated himself, or just a good propagandist, makes no difference - all the listeners who believe this propaganda model will have that belief just mildly reinforced - as we have little beliefs like this reinforced all day - the beliefs which, all together, add up to the propaganda matrix within which we all live, and which allows the rulers to maintain their rule ...

As far as the 'limited hangout' stuff - these all sound like nice, sincere people, but not a one used the word 'criminal', and when Michael said that 'capitalism creates great wealth', nobody pointed out that it is actually the great mass of workers who create the wealth, and capitalists who steal it - thus they leave the impression that we all agree that capitalism is just another ideology, like Marxism, and they compete, and that there are even legitimate arguments for saying how wonderful capitalism is - whereas a much more realistic understanding is that 'capitalism' is just the game of warlords and peasants, but using a new form of violence, the weapon of 'money' that was invented in the 1700s - not money as metal coin, which has been available for thousands of years, but 'money' as credit, or fiat money, that only became available at this time, and which has since been used by a new kind of warlord to enslave the serfs -

Feb 23 - 08:00 (atlantic) "news" - the Duffy story - 'Duffy is doing damage control' - sure sounds like editorializing rather than 'news' to me - but I don't think these cub reporters really have any clue that there is a difference any more - dumbing down throughout the lower ranks ...

Feb 22 - Island morning - ramping up the 'cyber bullying' meme again - see Koolaid Deconstructor to the left there ...

- Ottawa Morning - positive spin on people not having enough money to retire - a few interviews with people working at something they like - not a problem - I suspect there are a great deal many more people out there who have no choice but to continue slaving away at jobs they hate until they are too feeble to work any more - don't want to talk to them in capitalist paradise propaganda radio, of course ... more koolaid deconstructing..

- " we are still awaiting a bail hearing decision..' - the south Africa celebrity murder a few days ago - man, this is exciting stuff, Cdns!!!! - aren't we glad the CBC is prioritizing this stuff - we GOTTA know the second something happens!!!!

- AIH - slagging China again - this time about how terrible the government-created pollution is. There probably is a lot of pollution there - but then, you could say the same thing about pollution in America, if you wanted to be fair, or a great deal more about the pollution in Canada - odd, when there is an infrequent story about pollution here, it is always tied to a company and not the gov, and always with a chance for some spokesperson to deny and spin - but when the underlying propaganda purpose is creating dislike of a particular foreign government, such things are not bothered with .. - just for something off the top of my head - imagine a story about the pollution caused by the US Military all around the world, the bombing and chemicals from the regime change operations, and the massive pollution just from operating their 700 military bases, and etc???? - haha not on the CBC my friend!!! (and if the Chinese did something like this, they'd immediately be accused of lies and propaganda, and the whole story ignored on that basis - guaranteed) - CBC - aka Propaganda 'r' us!!

Feb 21 - 06:00 "news" - after we have michael colton telling us that Obama is playing with fire re the upcoming US budget (the new 'news' on the CBC - we don't provide simply information for you to think about, we tell you what you are supposed to think about it too!!! - "... washington showing the world it knows how to gamble with the US economy..' - blatant editorializing being presented as "news" - and still not a word from anyone such as Zarlenga at the AMI who might have some very useful insights on this kind of thing); and then we get treated to a US-trained (it would seem) female cub reporter saying 'nukular' during a hit job on the AECL - fuck me. (susan lund). Then the blisteringly important story for 'sports fans' about a Cdn tennis player retiring because of 'depression'. News we gotta know, baby - certainly better (for somebody) than getting into anything serious about 'democracy' or 'money' or propaganda, etc etc. Only engaged citizens need to know about that stuff - the people the CBC is hoping to just forget about, or maintain in a permanent 'dumbed down' state of some description...

-- letting people know via ads to be sure to watch the Monk debates on Monday - Is Iran the worst monster in history, or just a really bad one? - sanity not welcome any more on the CBC - it is really disturbing sometimes to see cbc sheep throwing wolf shadowjust how far the CBC has fallen - like Saruman, I guess, once the most trusted advisor of the land, now one of the worst enemies, still wearing the white robes to deceive as many as possible for as long as possible, until the blight is so firmly established it will no longer be possible to fight it ....

AIH - the Nova Scotia boating accident - we need to interview some guy talking about how unhappy he is that the Coast Guard or someone aren't getting the recovery of the bodies done more quickly - just more of the libertarian focus telling us all how bad the government is - in a 'people friendly' CBC, we would be noting the deficiencies of the government, but talking to those who understood this was because of the rightwing takeover and cutting of funds - stuff we do NOT want to talk about on 'their' propaganda network ... (added bonus - the guy cries a bit, great radio, people crying about tragedies!!! - children find the sight of other people crying quite interesting - adults find it a serious invasion of privacy, not to mention just plain rude to be running around pointing at them - of course, the dumbed down citizen doesn't really qualify as card-carrying 'adult' )

-- and then an extended interview about developments in the spectacle of the celebrity murder in south Africa - stuff we really need to keep up on (certainly don't want people being encouraged to get any chance to think about the ongoing deconstruction of our country and the establishment of the new feudalism ... nonono look at all the really interesting stuff on the television and radio - who wants boring ol politics???

-- and a bit on 'bullying', one of the new themes - worth a bit of dissecting, a real 'mom and apple pie' thing, who would possibly want to say anything against the terrible scourge of bullying these days?, them poor sweet innocent babies all hurting inside sob sob - but it is, a bit of thinking might lead to, a central facet of the whole dumbing down movement we've been in the last 30 years - I decided to do a bit more on it

Feb 20 - 06:00 "news" - beginning the day with panting "reporters" getting into the details of a celebrity murder in south Africa, which has exactly what to do with things Cdns need to know???? - another murder in LA - fire deaths in Kansas City (again, we need to know about this because????) - youth shootings in Toronto - good ol CBC - tabloid titillation for "progressives" - as the country continues its march to the new feudalism, we have bread and circuses, and not a word about anything useful

Island Morning - fascinating story about some girl turning plastic grocery bags into handbags!!!! (a full 10 minute interview with this girl) - thrilling sports news - world wheelchair curling!!!! - NHL scores, and records!!!! (some team gets a point in its first 16 games - awesome man!!! - certainly glad we have that information now) - big controversy this week is the PEI gov is thinking about letting the serfs shop on Sunday .... daily 'business digest' - today telling listeners the loony is down a bit - a bit of utterly meaningless 'analysis' but it serves as distraction, people know money is important, but the last thing the CBC wants to do is start talking about anything useful, so this promotion of meaningless things is the kind of distraction they offer -

FEB 19 - AIH - propaganda - nasty Chinese spies!!! (no need for any other opinions, of course ..) - tabloid titillation - some 'nude man exhibit' in Europe - really?? adolescent giggling about (soccer) balls - some **allegations** of a Zen 'master' in BC 'sexually molesting' (adult) students - stuff we need to know, by golly, of national interest ... (actually, this interview says a great deal more about the neurotic modern citizens being indoctrinated to believe that they should not talk about sex (controlling such a fundamental drive is a big power thing), and anyone looking at them or touching them is bad, etc etc - which goes to letting the 'authorities' control you - we children allow mommy (authorized authority) to touch us, but nobody else!!! - lot of symbolic control there - the lady being interviewed is telling us all what a good, obedient child she is, and that everyone else should be good obedient children also if we want mommy's approval - maybe the zen teacher was right by trying to get these people over their neurotic fear of being touched, and this girl's reaction is a sign of the depth of her personal indoctrination - and of course the CBC, as propaganda and indoctrination central for 'progressive' Cdns, is letting everyone know, somewhere deep in their personal indoctrination centers, that 'we' are winning, don't fight it .... ) (and yes, sometimes people touch others when the others do not want to be touched - the adult reaction is not to go loony, it's just to tell them politely to piss off, and forget about it - it is NOT a major traumatic incident in your life... and that does NOT include violent physical rape or something, which is another matter, for which someone needs to be seriously punished ... again, thinking adults understand the difference, and the inappropriateness of making major issues out of trivialities ...)

-- talk with some lady in the US at a rightwing opinion-influencing 'thinktank' whereby we encounter some drive-by slandering of the 'loony left' chuckle chuckle - can't say I've ever heard the AIH team referring to the 'wacko right' ....

>> some things today we are NOT going to talk about on the CBC: Hysteria Over Kim's Nukes - a bit of sanity to counteract the huffy puffy a couple of days ago over the north Korean nuclear test - we do NOT want Cdns having a clear and non-hysterical idea of what is going on there at all, do we, CBC - MONSTERS UNDER BED WE MUST STOP THEM OMG OMG OMG!!!! is the preferred childish thoughtless response of the citizen here ....
I can't let you do that Dave - the dangers of the ongoing new copyright laws taking over your computer
- GMO Agribusiness and the Destructive Nature of Global Capitalism - nononono, citizens, Capitalism GOOD, anything else is baaaaaddddd
The Children of Iraq: 'Was the Price Worth It?' By Bie Kentane - but didn't we just hear a couple of days ago how peaceful and humanitarian the US soldiers in Iraq all were? Nice men in American uniforms, protect little children ....
- anything on William Bowles INI

Feb 18 - Feb 18 - 06:00 'news' - some lady in BC is getting screwed around for a (relatively) small amount of money, and this is national news?????? - I guess the divide and conquer stuff - a woman telling the PCers how Women continue to get screwed around - got that? BAAAD men. Be suspicious. Do NOT work with 'men (BAAAAD)' against our real enemies - your *real* enemy is baaaaaaaad men and the system they control - etc etc etc little thoughts from the CBC for little-minded people ...

- AIH - talking to del Ponte from the ICC - Carol is talking about 'bringing Assad to justice' - in her mind (or propaganda) any 'trial' would be nothing more than a formality - he has been charged, tried and found guilty by the AIH and rest of the CBC - she brings up Milosevic, and talks about how he was charged, but of course we don't need to remind anyone that the main charges against him were later proved to be completely fictitious - so no need to get into any details about the similar charges of 'murdering his own people in great numbers'

- when telling us about all of the civilians murdered by the Assad government, we never get a bit of 'let's be calm about this for a minute' stuff - like this - What The Syrian Death Tolls Really Tell Us - of course, that would qualify as 'journalism', which is not the job of the CBC, which is just another part of their propaganda ...

Feb 18 - interesting, as noted often, what we do NOT get from 'information central' (AKA CBC (corporate broadcasting canada)) - i.e. Canada's environmental activists seen as 'threat to national security'

Feb 18 - MacLean's - What you need to know about the latest threat facing the world's economy (I figured this one out years ago, they do similar things from time to time in all of the mainstream media - it's code, of course, for 'What we *want* you to believe about what is happening about something' - and good little munchkins are of course obedient little munchkins, and pretend to be well-informed if they can parrot this shit around the water cooler at work.)

Anyways, this was a bit too much, prompting a short response:

Such an eloquent demonstration of the old saying 'A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.'

Does anyone notice the rampant contradiction here - for the last year or more, the Cdn gov has been whining about high debt loads of Cdns - here they say they are keeping interest rates low because people aren't borrowing enough! - maybe it's not just a little knowledge that is a dangerous thing, but a complete lack of thinking, just regurgitating whatever witless knowledge the witless 'authorities' roll out along with the emperor's amazing new wardrobe gotta twitter all my readers about this yea!!!.

And 'central banks use their power to print money' ????? - certainly not in Canada - when the government needs money, it *could* use the Bank of Canada, but has not for the last 30+ years - it allows commercial banks to create credit, which they use to 'buy' the bonds from the government (= government borrowing, for those needing things spelled out). Of course, when commercial banks create 'credit' to 'buy' gov bonds, they charge interest on that 'credit' they have just created 'out of thin air' by punching some numbers into an account in their computer system - interest which will then have to be paid over the coming years by 'real' existing money collected from taxpayers (something like 90% of the $600 billion Cdn debt is simply compounded interest over 30+ years) we've paid some two trillion dollars in 'interest' on such bonds the last 30 years - money which could have been used for things we needed or wanted (infrastructure, doctors, pensions for old people, etc) as the government cried in mournful tones 'We're too poor to do these things! - We must service the debt oh woe oh alas!'. (complete lies, all of it all the time, it's a massive scam and fraud) (the 'credit' when transferred to the accounts of people who wish cash can of course be exchanged for 'printed' bills, but it's a different process, not that difficult to grasp for anyone bothering to do something with their time besides keep up with the latest entertaining but meaningless gossip from Twitter or their local "news" paper or CBC "information radio" show (more properly known as Corporate State propaganda for the CBC demographic).) More of considerably more useful interest here for those who'd like to understand things a bit better than from the latest nonsensical corporate canada talking points memos that is all the mainstream media seems to be able to offer - .

Feb 17 - Maclean's magazine -
Why nothing ever gets done on senate reform (MacLean's is actually one of the better 'mainstream media' outlets - it's kind of Libertarian in editorial outlook (Canadian light Libertarianism, of course), and I have quite a bit of crossover with their general ideas of maxing individual freedom, which of course the Big Momma "progressives" take a dim view of - you're free of course to believe anything you want, but 'good' people believe (this, whatever - how wonderful any vaccination commanded by the government must be, for example, we do NOT need to talk about it!!!, or being sure to buckle up like good boys and girls (we all *are* good boys and girls, aren't we children??), sniffing superiorly at smokers, etc etc etc etc etc etc ad nauseum ....), and if you want to be one of us you will embrace that belief too, of course (sniff sniff).

Anyway, I get distracted - lots of stuff these days to get distracted about. But this is interesting as it shines a light briefly on one of the 'deep indoctrination' things - easier just to quote it, from one of the early comments:

"....The Economist, and others, measure democracy by country, and Canada is usually in the top ten out of about 190 countries. Criteria include: 1. A competitive, multiparty political system, 2. Universal adult suffrage, 3. Regularly contested elections conducted on the basis of secret ballots, reasonable ballot security and the absence of massive voter fraud, and 4. Significant public access of major political parties to the electorate through the media and through generally open campaigning..."

- to which, without further ado, I replied:

Interesting bit of legerdemain, that definition. Me, now, I would keep it simple - maybe call a country a 'democracy' if it had a system in place which ensured that the will of a majority of informed, engaged citizens managed to get expressed as government policy. Not sure if any country we call a 'democracy' in the English-speaking west at least would qualify, certainly not Canada, where it is a pretty rare occurrence for any majority of the people to agree with what any government gets up to. In Canada, at least, we might say we have a system rather jokingly called 'democracy' which ensures that the will of the dominant wealthy minority gets expressed through a tweedledee-dum-dumber party system, which is 'legitimized' because all 'recognized' parties are actually subsets of the dominant Bay St Corporate State Party, enabled by the delusion of the people that they live in a 'democracy', a delusion maintained by the (also, of course, corporate controlled) mainstream media constantly telling them what a great democracy Canada is, you people!! We do it better on Green Island.

Feb 15 - AIH - ramping up the Syria propaganda again - 'a regime that murders its own citizens, a world community willing to stand by and do nothing' OMG OMG what are we to do??? - some "reporter" telling everything the rulers want us to believe about the 'terrible' situation there - with Carol completely on board with on obviously semi-scripted interview, covering the main points to give the guy 'creds', and convince the sheepizens that we must get after that monster!! (who just loves killing innocent civilians, just, you know, for the fun of it ...) - kind of like the sweet little crying girl telling us about terrible Iraqi soldier-monsters throwing little babies out of incubators sniff sniff sob sob to ramp up support for another regime change that turned out to be complete PR fiction ... guess we don't need to bring up memories of that ... just GET THAT MONSTER WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE????- it seems pretty apparent it is a bad situation in Syria right now, but it is also quite apparent from wide reading over many months that it was all precipitated by yet another attempted US regime change against a leader not sufficiently obsequious enough to US-western corporate interests and demands, so had to go - had the west not supported and armed the 'rebels', and egged them all on with the massive propaganda of the last year demonizing al Assad et al, none of this would be happening. Don't wait for a bulletin from the CBC examining that particular truth, however ....

Feb 13 - The Day at CBC:
06:00 "news" (PE) - 'disturbing news' about a lady who died while waiting 3 hours for an ambulance - but then the propaganda - this is because of the 'demands' of 'an aging population' ("an aging tsunami!!!" OMG!!) on the system - nothing to do with cutting back on everything in the name of 'austerity' the last few years and making the wealthy wealthier, which a 'real' news outlet might want to look at as having some influence here - no it's them damned old people, which it seems is going to be a theme (again) this year - you people get that into your minds, what are we going to do with all these OLD people - it's all THEIR fault we're having financial problems

(- and an hour later, an interview on Island Morning with the person who did the report, to make sure everyone knows about OLD people causing STRAINS on the system ALL ACROSS THE COUNTRY - whatcha gonna do, old people?? HHUhhn???)

old people theme: and then just an hour later on the Current, talking about the mismatch of lots of grad doctors have no jobs, millions of Cdns have no docs!!! - what's happening? - they manage not to answer the question at all, but get to the main theme quickly - AM as one of the chief propagandists of this time of the CBC does get the message out - the part of the 'young docs not finding a job' she wants to make sure people understand is them damned old doctors not retiring soon enough!!'

-- also on the Current - evidently the rulers are getting a bit worried about the opposition to the Keystone pipeline - a full half hour of propaganda about why we NEED this - NOW etc etc - no opposing voices allowed ... (and the economic stupidity they sell - 'if you sell to one customer, they can set the price' - but this is not necessarily so - if you have something they need, and their other sources are limited, and you are a major international player not needing daily income to meet expenses, you just cut them off and wait til they come crying, while of course getting involved in other markets ... but if you're selling 'roll over and ask for more' witless talking points, which is what propaganda usually is in one guise or another, you just lie a lot - when you have a well trained audience, you can get away with a lot of stuff an intelligent, engaged, critical audience would never accept ... which they seem to understand well at the CBC et al

- AIH - talking to the lawyer from California representing the women who were shot by the cops - although they let the lawyer for the women make his points, she is very defensive of the cops - instinctive support for serious authority in the well-trained NWO staffer, no doubt, not wishing to mess with one of the good jobs these days - no shortage of people willing to sell out their country for a bit of bling waiting in the wings around the CBC and everywhere else these days - sad commentary on the 'human' race these days ...

-- then talking to some man about his brother who died - I cannot figure any remote reason this qualifies as "news" - spectacle and dumbing down, I suppose, just telling people that being sad is important, lose yourself in your little world, let the adults pat you on the head as they run everything

-- and then talking to some MP opposing an 'airline traveler's bill of rights' - Carol is right hostile to him - is that her job? is that a "journalist" in action? I wouldn't think so ... but that is the new CBC - one of the tricks, cheap populism rather than adult discussion ...

For a bit of contrast - what the CBC did NOT cover today, that any public broadcaster truly working for 'we the people' rather than fronting as a propaganda outfit for a corporate state government taking over our country and world might find useful to talk about, and share:

How Congress Could Fix Its Budget Woes, Permanently, by Ellen Brown - Ms Brown is, of course, one of the central proponents of monetary reform, and explaining why the current bank-created and controlled money system is so bad for all of us - meaning, of course, permanent 'persona non grata' status on the big-money-controlled CBC

The War in Mali and AFRICOM’s Agenda: Target China - I don't have the full picture here sorted out, not my main area of interest, but it's pretty sure it's a lot more complicated than we're getting from the CBC et al, with 'murdering islamists' being the main talking point in every mention of the story - but obviously the CBC propagandists are working for some NWO people with their own agenda, thus presenting the story as the would be world rulers want us to believe it is their job, which they do with enthusiasm -

Feb 12 the CBC day in progress:

08:00 "news" - Michael Colton telling people again what Obama's speech (state of the union address, so-called) means - you folks don't need to think about anything yourself, we here at the CBC interpret it all for you - isn't that nice, children? (same old same old - then we have somebody from Rome telling us what the Pope's retirement means, etc - oh right the Daryl Stoffel guy ... nice gig, if you're willing to say what they want you to say ..)

- and then we get Island Morning - again, they interview a student from FX about the ongoing strike, her POV - not ever have they interviewed someone from the teacher's side - just heresy from the student, etc - again and again we get the evidence right in our face that the very idea of 'journalism' has been relegated to the 'Do Not Look Here People!!!' locked, lights-out room somewhere - it's all just spectacle and propaganda

Feb 10 - another day on the Spectacle Broadcasting Network - 18:00 "news" - Starbucks opens in Vietnam (hunhh?? this is 'news'???) (McDonalds coming soon!!) - Chechnya gov is baaaaddddd ... - east coast snowstorm - just another entertainment tv show, folks, this is the "news" in the 'new' CBC-Canada ... stay tuned for our update on the Grammy awards - what engaged, new Cdn citizens *really* need to know!!!

Feb 9 - FLASH!!! - 08:30 "news" - CBC has ""proof"" that even though the family denies smoking, and there were no official charges, they were smoking, the bastards - they have eyewitness testimony from giggling teenage passengers who say they were sitting in the same section of the plane that THEY SMELLED TOBACCO SMOKE by fucking god. They smelled smoke - end of story, we have our witness, who is now your witness and the only witness we need. (anyone with a functioning brain left and the tiny amount of independence required to think to themselves at the ongoing propaganda might think, for example, without unduly stressing their brains or intruding on their ongoing activities that - wait, now, this could be smoke on the clothes or hair of heavy smokers from before they boarded the plane, which can be quite evident to non-smokers nearby, or just overactive teenage minds looking for their 15 seconds of fame or releasing childish petulance against someone they don't like, or wanting to please nearby authorities they respect by jumping on the preferred bandwagon, etc etc - but of course when Propaganda is the name of the game, if we want to get somebody, hard questions not needed - Nuff said, accused and found guilty, by the CBC crack investigation unit. You do NOT fuck around when the CBC makes PC laws, people, you just do NOT fuck around. Smoking is BAD people BAD. Are we clear????) >> the House - blatant pro-"free" trade propaganda - a short clip from a Council of Cdns spokesperson saying that there were problems with the new Canada-European FTA, followed by 10 minutes of semi-scripted talks by people supporting the deal, giving their 'spin' with no opposition - good ol CBC, pro-corporate from A to Z ...

- or maybe this from a few days back - Jousting with toothpicks: The case for challenging corporate journalism - if the public broadcaster were serious about providing a good range of opinion and analysis to the Canadian public, things like this would surely get at least a bit of attention - of course, then they would be doing 'journalism', and as that is not their mandate, I guess we won't look for much analysis of 'corporate "journalism"" from the CBC

- and etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc

Feb 8 - PEI "news" 06:30 - amateur hour again (aka 'business as usual at the new CBC') - a 'report' on the new Blackberry not selling on PEI, with a comment from one (teenage voice - new CBC approved audience) customer, as if that had anything to do with anything a curious listener could draw a conclusion of some sort from (or as if this was 'news' at all??? how so?? ) - then a report from Halifax about the teacher's strike at FX, by mr highschool cub reporter again, sounded more like a caricature of 'reporting', then a 'report' on the Cape Breton family in the smoking ridiculousness going on, says they released a statement saying they will respond in time, but noting nobody was charged with, or found guilty of smoking in the plane - but our faithful 'news' caster feels he has to add that 'but the statement did not say somebody pleaded guilty to refusing to obey a lawful order' - or something. Just a reminder, that when mother is on somebody's case, they're on it good. baby. don't get momma angry with you. really, really sad that the CBC has come to this.

>> 'world at 6' "news" - talking about horse meat thing in GB - finishes saying 'in England eating horse meat is seen as a huge gross-out' ... the new 'professionalism' in the CBC - teen slang passing as news. Didn't used to be this way. Is this better? Well - for anyone who wants to control a society, people functioning at the mental age of a self-centered, halfwitted teenagers are a great deal easier to control ...

Feb 6 The Day according to the CBC "news:

06:00 "news" PEI time - just before the 'news', we have some guy who sounds about 20, and very high-schoolish, telling us how Ideas is going to be telling us all about some history of the olympics >> and another story on the 06:30 news about some lady ski jumper 'floating lightly through the air' - more slightly precocious high school kids (irony - being semi-literate passes as 'precocious' these days) telling his fellow kids (aka 'the new engaged adult citizen, mature body, mind stuck in the teens somewhere ..') - and more on the 08:00 "news" about 'preparations" - notice, there is a "reporter" over there somewhere in Russia a year or more ahead of the olympics themselves, in a time they are supposed to be cutting back on things due to money problems - but good gig for the (pretend) 'reporter', if you're happy with doing propaganda (or witless enough you have no idea what you are doing, but for gigs like this you'll say what they want you to say ...) - imagine, they're talking about the 'countdown' to the 2014 olympics, a year out. Spectacle.

>> the Current - the amazingly important story of nasty boyfriends posting pics of naked ex-girlfriends - me me me me society - and the propaganda target tonight - Ahmadinejad from Iran - MONSTER!!!!!

- switch over to Ottawa Morning - we're talking about young women having trouble finding a job - as usual, amazingly shallow 'story', no probing into what is going on with the capitalists who control everything - hahaha not serious - I know they're not capable of doing that, if they were, they'd be looking for work too .... on the CBC we have brainless kids talking to other brainless kids - adults very definitely not wanted -

AIH - oh great, double bonus!! - Olympics AND bad, bad Russia/Putin, same 'story'!! (and again, this is PUTIN at work, personally, and the Russian gov - BAAAAAADDDDDDD - not some private contractor, as we would blame if the story was in a 'friend' country, but PUTIN HIMSELF THE BAAAAADDDDD MAN!!!!) - they really sound like whiny self-righteous teenagers sometimes, on their little vendettas - and then >>BREAKING!!!! - 19:00 'news' - Princess Diana's WEDDING DRESS is coming to Edmonton OMG so exciting!!!! - what people in Edmonton NEED to know - the CBC says so!!!

-- the wording - AIH skeptical about some proposed European law to limit fishermen throwing away dead fish - she asks 'yea, but these companies have a lot of influence over laws..' - true no doubt, but we have exactly the same thing in Canada, and this question would NEVER be asked - the assumption is that although 'these big companies' might try to influence things, our politicians are beyond question in the 'integrity' department, and would NEVER be illegally influenced by such things - which would be a highly naive assumption, or just lying.

-- later the Sask Cons robo-calls stuff - Harper not even mentioned - no names at all, really, just 'the Con party of Canada', all still allegations etc - were this Russia, now, of course, it would be that monster Putin doing really bad things, destroying 'democracy', etc etc etc, charged and found guilty of anything at all with no trial or anything by Big Bro/Mo -

Feb 5 - Island Morning - the 'Canada reads' stuff - book about the Ocean Ranger - no doubt of some value, but again it is presented as a 'strong woman' dealing with life - - encouraging this belief in being self-centered, rather than going after big issues - and then taking their 'talking points from HQ' memo, and talking about the olympics next year - you can just see, this is going to be ongoing, a sports event people are going to be told is one of the important things to be spending time thinking about for the next year - creating the narrative, gatekeeping, dumbing down ...

>> and the Current - Cdn Erotica!!!!! - let's go kids, nothing serious happening around here, bookwise-speaking - and then 'gay rights' - memememe - and before the 'fun' stuff - a 20-minute free promo for the new RIM Blackberry product. The new media in the new Canada. Spectacle and propaganda. What else would you expect, really?

-- Ottawa morning - the 'adult' teens talking about how great it is to have hockey again - issues of central importtance to 'adult' citizens ...

-- shortly followed by a 'us teens together giggling and laughing hahaha!!' "discussion" about how great the Korean 'gangnam' style music is, etc - again, stuff the 'in the know' new "adult" citizen needs to be up on!!! - talking about the problems with "democracy" or what is really going on with economics here, and other 'serious, boring adult shit', I guess, well, we'll do a bit now and then, but this is the serious stuff man, having fun, you know ...

>> and then the "news" - we hear how police have been buying teddy bears with pennies from penny jars that are now going to be phased out. Stuff the informed citizen needs to know. People fighting for Democracy or other serious shit need not apply.

(and the CBC host people let everyone know they were all dancing in the studio to the gangnam song ("song") - that's where they're coming from, folks - you serious old people wanting to talk about serious old shit aren't that welcome around the CBC anymore - just letting you know .... )

>> later - AIH - going after Iran again, the demons!!! - I am sure some bad stuff happens over there, but this is just going overboard - for example - consider the US - they get up to far, far worse stuff, pretty much every day, that we never never hear about on AIH, let alone with the 'Look at the evil bastards!' stuff we get every day from countries we do not approve of, or want to get regime-changed ... and the history of the US evil would take years to go over in details ..

-- and again 'Canada reads' - a good story by a good writer, but again a 'dumbing down' story - MY life, and MY little problems most relating to immaturity, are the most important things in the world, and it is good that I do not know anything about anything important, but spend endless time worrying over my warts ....

Feb 4 - Ottawa morning - some olympics coverage - huhh?? What olympics - I listen a bit - they're talking about the 2014 Winter Games!!!!! - WTF as they say?? - and I suppose - Cdns (and everyone) are getting more and more resistant to this kind of stuff, so they're getting the hype going soon - Fun people!! - that's what your life is all about - fun!!! - sports is fun and important!!! Feb 4 - ottawa morning - some olympics coverage - huhh?? What olympics - I listen a bit - they're talking about the 2014 Winter Games!!!!! - WTF as they say?? - and I suppose - Cdsn (and everyone) are getting more and more resistant to this kind of stuff, so they're getting the hype going soon - Fun people!! - that's what your life is all about - fun!!! - sports is fun and important!!! Feb 4 - ottawa morning - some olympics coverage - huhh?? What olympics - I listen a bit - they're talking about the 2014 Winter Games!!!!! - WTF as they say?? - and I suppose - Cdsn (and everyone) are getting more and more resistant to this kind of stuff, so they're getting the hype going soon - Fun people!! - that's what your life is all about - fun!!! - sports is fun and important!!!

>> and the Current - ramping up the "WE MUST STOP THAT MONSTER IN SYRIA' propaganda - surprise surprise ... what happened to 'R2P' people? Why aren't we all going after that bastard, to stop the terrible suffering of his people? WAR WAR WAR BOMB BOMB BOMB!!! - your new CBC - Feb 4 - ottawa morning - some olympics coverage - huhh?? What olympics - I listen a bit - they're talking about the 2014 Winter Games!!!!! - WTF as they say?? - and I suppose - Cdsn (and everyone) are getting more and more resistant to this kind of stuff, so they're getting the hype going soon - Fun people!! - that's what your life is all about - fun!!! - sports is fun and important!!!

>> and the Current - ramping up the "WE MUST STOP THAT MONSTER IN SYRIA' propaganda - surprise surprise ... what happened to 'R2P' people? Why aren't we all going after that bastard, to stop the terrible suffering of his people? WAR WAR WAR BOMB BOMB BOMB!!! - your new CBC -

>> not to mention 'old guard' Liberal Lloyd Axworthy showing he is firmly buried up the ass of the NWO people, and various others .... what chance does the average Cdn have??? (we don't have UN approval - that other devil RUSSIA is blocking the UN (of course, when the US blocks stuff, we don't hear this kind of disapproval, at least on the CBC) - and etc etc - a lot of LCD blatant propaganda - the monster is bombing bread lines, torturing his own people, etc etc - how can people be so stupid to accept this kind of shit - CBC listeners, the 'best and brightest' of Canada - sucked in by this shit???? - not much hope left - mention Libya - this is worse than Libya!! - unbelievable to listen to this blatant 'narrative creation' of the creation of a 'monster' - AND - THEY HAVE WMD WMD!!!! OMG OMG!!!! - fuck

******** - this is seriously one of the worst (as in most blatant) propaganda things the CBC has ever done - urging people to tell their government to get off their asses and go after this torturing monster, etc etc etc ************* - if you ever get around to serious deconstruction, an exemplarific piece ...

-- 'we've stigmatized aggression' -- how in the fuck can they say this, given the actions of the US and their flunkies around the world beating on anyone who dares disagree with them!!!!!!!????????? - this is the singularly most unbelievable half hour I have ever heard on the Current or, I think, anywhere else on the CBC !!!!

- later AIH - glorifying a US sniper -

Jan 31 - the Current - another really bad thing is them damned Islamists destroying historical documents etc in Mali - and also the damned people in Syria - and most amazing of all, we learn that, unlike many of we conspiracy theorists etc think, in the Iraq invasions, it wasn't the US responsible for destroying the great museums etc - the US was PROTECTING the museums from the looters!!!! - Good ol USA!!!! - this is getting way beyond simple 'indoctrination' - this is deep shit, brainwashing, ministry of truth rewriting of history right in front of your unprotesting face - the interviewee talking about the US even gets to talk about how they train the US soldiers - these are the good guys, not the destroyers!!!! - they PROTECT cultural stuff, don't you know!!??? - it's just them fucking ISLAMISTS who want to destroy things - the TERRORISTS!!!. yea right.

-- AIH - now you folks just listen up, we have a certified EXPERT here to tell us all why the Israeli bombing of a Syrian convoy, and other stuff, was JUST FINE!!!! - they bomb us, it is fucking TERRORISM and don't you forget it, that part is true - but we bomb them, well, that's FINE, you hear? JUST FINE!!!! GOOD EVEN!!! don't be confused - just keep listening, we will tell you what you think about things....

Jan 27 2013 - - once again the work life interrupting the important stuff - dragged into capitalist irrelevancies again, hard to avoid in this world - so here we are in 2013, and once again we shall get on with the thankless job of trying to get people to understand what is going on here. Or just ranting, whatever. But with a new book hopefully to be finished soon that will look a bit more directly, in part, at the way the CBC is propaganda central for 'progressives', this can be a place to note how that works day by day, or minute by minute more often than not - full spectrum propaganda for the progressive deckchair rearrangers .... herein I try to pull back the wizard's curtain, but the munchkins seem to like what they are doing and aren't too interested in going places their leaders haven't told them to go ... which is of course a very major part of the problem I shall be exploring more in the new book. Soon - for now, back to some daily rants. otherwise known as insightful observations from Green Island (where I live in my brain - reality is to a very large extent self-defined for all of us - I like Green Island a lot better than capitalistland ... )

Nov 21 - A CBC column extolling the 'great journalistic safeguards' in place to make sure we get all the news we need all the time - perhaps not that surprisingly, I don't entirely agree - Really...???

Oct 27 - B.C. teen arrested for photographing mall takedown - you really can't argue that the cops and related people in this country certainly believe we are living in a police state - the challenged citizen, in their minds, has one and only one option, instant, unquestioning obedience. This is not the 'serve and protect' we are told the police are there for, unless of course you understand they are 'serving and protecting' the rulers, and sheep fucking well do as they're told or they get some attention from the guard dogs. It's something worth some deeper thinking some day - the worst of history's brutal dictators - the Hitlers and Stalins and Attilas and Pol Pots and so many others - would be little crazy men screaming by the road if there wasn't always and everywhere a large and willing population of young men willing to be their enforcers.

Sept 12 - Odd (or maybe not) that the great impartial CBC, in its coverage of what is happening in Syria that seems so one-sided in favor of the "rebels", doesn't get around to stories like this, just for a bit of balance - "Syrian soldiers executed in Aleppo. Lots else to indicate the 'rebels' are not really such good guys -

Sept 6 - Day 6, don't usually bother with this, doesn't seem to be much - but listen sometimes after The House, which is a prime propaganda show - but they seem involved with the same type of propaganda as everyone else. Tonight some woman moaning about her husband in an Iranian jail - all sympathy, no hard questions - if he's there, it could ONLY be because the evil Iran government is just holding him for some illegal reason, and are just evil bastards etc etc - of course, any sort of middle eastern person being held, oh, in Guatanamo, well, if the AMERicans are holding him, and torturing him, etc etc, well, that's a MUCH more nuanced issue - if the Americans have him, well, default position is he must be GUILTY not innocent, and we'll talk to anyone trying to defend him with that kind of skepticism, etc etc.

>> and the host carries on - interviews some guy with a bit about the file-sharing Pirate Bay - no doubt at all that HE stands with 'Law and Order!!' - like Robin Hood, he says - But, of course - (quoting, really!) - Robin Hood was an outlaw!! - there will, by god, be no thought of 'stealing from the rich to give to the poor' in modern Canada - good god, what a horrible thought!! Our New CBC - if we were in Robin Hood days, King John would be the Good Guys!!! Imagine.

Sept - Audit firm KPMG chosen to review F-35 costs - stunning. The same group that declared the Iceland banks to be in fine shape just before the great crash engineered by their massive money/credit creation for speculation. The brazenness of the NWO is amazing - but nowhere near as amazing as the fact that so few people in Canada understand what is going on they can keep doing it, and getting away with it.

Sept 8 - an old story by now, but I have been watching 'Newsroom' for the last few weeks, a bit behind, but it started off with a good idea, and you know, you *want* to believe some of this stuff, that there really are people with some integrity left in our media, our governments, our civil service, our world. But watched Episode 7 last night, and the hammer came down - this far and no farther, people. They did a show around the time bin Laden was supposedly killed, and it was a bit of an eye-opener. The 'hardened' "news"people were, en masse, acting like frightened children who just learned their 'great monster' had been killed, and they were now safe yeaa!!!! - very solemn, relieved, serious - then cheering like some amazingly wonderful thing had happened. The requisite prop, the beautiful young woman whom, cbc sheep throwing wolf shadowwe find, 'lost a loved one' as the towers were destroyed - no thinking, just emotion to bring anyone with any questions into line, no doubt shall be allowed, no questions about anything, just blind patriotism, OUR GREAT COUNTRY against the fucking monsters in the world.

Nice try, folks. We know you are strong, and clever, and ruthless. We're still after you.

Sept 7 - Canada cuts Iran deplomatic ties - well, why not? They don't get into it in the propaganda media, but obviously the NWO (including of course branch Canada, a strong if not large NWO founder) has little idea of what "diplocmacy" actually means. Traditionally 'diplocmacy' involves parties who disagree on something sitting down and talking calmly about whatever and trying to work something out. The NWO Imperialist form of "democracy" is more of the Roman Empire kind - do what you're fucking told or we're coming with the troops and bombs, and if those bombs kill a lot of your women and children - well hell, that's YOUR fault, buddy, for making us beat you all into submission. You can call that approach to international affairs a lot of things, but 'diplomacy' isn't really one of them. Of course, the NWO has a sub-business of re-writing dictionaries - you know, the guy from the US during one of their recent bombing missions who said something like "We create the reality - you people deal with it.' The kind of arrogance King Louis had, until that big blade came down one fine day.

Sept 6 - More reform needed on Canadian electoral boundaries - not a fucking WORD about things like 7% of Cdns voting for the Green Party and getting zero seats, while 10% vote for the BQ and get 50 seats (HUHHH????? jeezlouise!!) - I can kind of understand why they don't put that kind of thing in the paper, since the Star, like the entire Bay-St controlled media establishment, en masse against a fair voting system, have nothing but slander about PR, and this kind of thing makes their support of FPTP pretty untenable, showing amazing unfairness to so many people, that is far more serious than this boundary stuff (which does of course need to be regularly updated and improved, but if you are really concerned about fairness, the PR stuff would be far higher on your list ...)

Sept 7 - the Current - Jim Brown doing his bit for NWO propaganda - he talks to somebody about Syria, who tries to take kind of a middle ground, but Brown is 100% on the 'Get rid of that bastard!!!, how can anybody say anything even remotely fair about someone we hate so much???' side - good ol CBC """"impartial journalism""""" (NOT haha) - his POV is that Cdns KNOW Assad is an evil bastard (or we're sure as hell going to pretend that), and we will tolerate NO talk from anyone who does not have that as an underlying assumption. they have no credibility left amongst we thinking people anymore - hello??? Am I alone here????? mmmm thought so .......

Sept 6 AIH - going out of their way to slag Putin again. Propaganda. For example, 'he lives in luxury while so many Russians live in poverty' - when there are Cdn stories about how we transfer the wealth of Cdns to the big banks etc, or other things, do we hear riders about slashing corporate taxes connected to the massively growing use of food banks in Canada? Of course not. When OUR wealthy leaders show off, the're just doing great business, no need to point out the problems with the Canadian system - and nor do we ever connect our great leaders - no 'Harper slashes taxes whilst linups at food banks grow!!' - true of course, but OUR leaders are GREAT DEMOCRATIC LEADERS and etc etc. All spin, all the time - the new definition of 'impartial' journalism in Canada, including the great CBC. So very few people seem to understand how thoroughly they are led around by believing the mainstream media - even our 'progressives'.

Sept 5 - AIH - always one rule for 'us' (normal people) another for them (Bay St masters, manipulators, propgandists, etc - the rulers and their senior managers such as the main CBC shows) - talking to some rep from the PQ partie about the shooting etc, and Carol asks "Well, you only have 32% of the vote, it was split evenly 3 ways - how much of a mandate do you think you have?' - do you suppose we have EVER heard a similar question of a Lib or Con person, getting under 40% of the vote nationally? - many out here in Canada ask the question, but you never hear it on the CBC .... but it is very obviously illegitimate for any Lib or Con party with 40% support from those who vote, and closer to 25% of eligible voters, to be undertaking the deconstruction of Canada - but never, never NEVER do we hear anything even acknowledging this on the CBC, let alone questioning it ...

.. "news" - their brazenness is just beyond belief sometimes, the myopic 'we good guys they monsters' view of anyone the media is telling us are the current 'bad guys' - here we have a 'story' about how Israelis are all afraid of an Iran attack, buying gas masks and things - the thing beyond belief is, the talk of Israel attacking Iran FIRST is open and accepted as perfectly natural, no criticism, no problem - but them fucking savages might retaliate!!!!!! - the unbelievable arrogance of assuming WE bombing the fuck out someone is just fine, but they might retaliate???? The monsters!!! Just imagine, such animals!!! - just unbelievable how blind and stupid people can be (here in Canada etc), as to listen to this utter shit without outrage at the blatant propaganda telling us it is ok to bomb a non-threateing country, but we should feel concern about the people that might face retaliation from such bombing (and even get more angry at those who might dog the possible retaliation!!!! krist. How are the Iranian women and children etc feeling about a very real threat of a first strike from Israel, backed by the dominant military power in the world, on obviously psychotic monster standing threateningly over the entire world at this time, looking around for new victims to bomb??? Well, who cares - they're demons of some kind, right? fuck, what a world ....

Sept 4 - Stoffel again ramping up the Syria propaganda, with editorializing and 'the way we want you to believe it' passing as "news" - there MUST be some kind of justice in the universe these people will eventually find themselves facing sometime .. >> they are now on the 'story' about how there were more refugees last month than ever before - and leave everyone (they hope anyway) believing this is all the Syrian govs fault - but really, just imagine if for the last year the western govs had not been secretly arming and encouraging the "rebels" in various ways, but told them to calm down, no violence, we will negotiate peacefully >> and another story that the gov is destroying the homes of people supporting the 'rebels' - actually, more reliable sources seem to be saying that it is the other way around - the 'rebels' are killing people they think are daring to support the gov, with the support (covert of course) of their masters (US etc) << not CBC - but the Star - Star's Public Editor on what makes people angry with the Star - this is the kind of amazingly juvenile shit the "public editor" wants us to believe members of the public get really upset about, simple spelling mistakes. I find it very difficult to believe that so many people are as completely out of touch with reality as this lady wants us to believe (can a propagandist be a lady????) - of course, since they are completely intrepid journalists devoted the truth and nothing but the truth, I guess people who like me think the Star, along with everyone else in the MSM, is primarily concerned with various types of propaganda and social control are just fruitcakes, and our anger and disgust at what they are doing not worthy of mention. Or so they'd have everyone believe - the Truth will out, someday, however. Someday. >>>>>>

- AIH - impartial journalism in action, once again (I know I know I keep talking about this, like over and over pointing out the obvious - I guess it's a bit of a record of the blatant instances of propaganda I hear - someday, when I or someone gets into a position to do some documentation of the true role of the CBC et al during this time, this might help winnow through the tens of thousands of hours of archives to get to some obvious examples) - talking to some guy from Syria about doing the symphony orchestra, and how important it is to maintain some parts of civilisation in the face of such a monstrous regime, how tragic it is that the government cares so little for its people, and etc - the standard PR lies demonising whoever we happen to be demonising at any given time (I'm sure they have a little generic handbook somewhere that can be used anywhere anytime, just fill in the blank spaces with the country and "monstrous dictator" of the day ...). We don't, of course, manage to get into any perhaps inconvenient exploration of how it is with the country being reported in massive disaray, citizens being murdered by the government in large numbers at random, their villages and homes being bombed and destroyed, refugees fleeing like ants running in every direction from a stepped on anthill, etc etc, and with nary a voice from any other perspective, questioning any of the obviously far-from-neutral interviewee, and the AIH interview so sympathetic to the guy and the symphony. And just for contrast, then we have an interview with a union rep about opposing the pipeline - and Carol right there speaking for Enbridge all on her own. (the contrast is - when the interview was going on with the Syria guy, the AIH interviewer was all sympoathy, and they together had a 'slag Assa' conversation - with the union guy, Carol 'does her job as a journalist, and speaks for the other side with questions designed to expose prejudices in the interviewee's position - which is what they should do with EVERYone, not taking sides) - but I guess there's 'bad guys' we should all hate with no questions asked or defence allowed, and then other people Canadians actually see as 'bad guys' that AIH sees it as their job to present some pretence of 'the other side'. As I said, good ol CBC impartiality - modern media.

Sept 3 - AIH - interview with writer of 'Walk Across the Sun' - a book apparently doing very well about the sex trafficking from India - no doubt a subject worthy of discussion of concern to many, and with the added salaciousness so many westerners completely fucked up and repressed about sex find of interest (thanks religion) - but important and interesting though it is, you can also, if you think for yhourself rather than letting the CBC tell you what to think, that it is, by misdirection, yet more coverup for the crimes of capitalism. They tell us traffickers are very bad (true), and johns need to be targetted (only in a small way true - there are far more non-violent men just looking for a bit of sex that modern society makes so hard for them to get than there are violent ones, but such distinctions are not desired by those demonising 'johns' - but another story) - but what they very carefully avoid is the root cause of sex trafficking, or prostitution - simple poverty. And poverty in the entire modern world is a direct result of capitalist exploitation all over the world. No frigging way we're getting into that in the capitalist broadcasting system.

Sept 3 - McGUinty promises more wage freezes, cuts etc - Nails in the coffin. The water is almost boiling, we are almost done soup. The 'debt' in which our country has been dismantled over the last 30 years is odious - fraudulent. They've been stealing our money and our country through a massive scam - and they'll keep doing it until the country hicks wake up and stop it. Who in their right mind, if they wanted to call their country 'democratic', would give the power of controlling 'their' money to a private business cartel to create out of thin air, and make us borrow it, and pay it back with interest? A sovereign government would control its own money - in Canada we let private banks control it. Why would we be surprised that they're winning and we're losing? The nice, and reasonably intelligent, but naive and much too trusting, Cdn citizen, trusting people who are robbing them blind. The end is not far off, if 'we' don't catch on very soon. What Happened . (The Globe and NP let comments like this through - obviously they are secure in their control of the collective Cdn mind, that 'it' is pretty thoroughly under their control, people think what they are allowed to think - you can choose to believe A, B or C - but nothing else. It's been obvious for awhile that I'm really fighting a monstere that is not going to be stopped - almost everyone has drunk the koolaid, and they're just waiting to be told to jump. If you'll excuse the mixed metaphor.

>> Scott Neigh reviews a book on 'critical thinking' on Cdn Dimension - to which I offer a small comment: "- not entirely sure how much credence we ought to give someone who apparently buys the obvious nonsense and lies of the 'official conspiracy theory' of 911 when they write about 'critical thinking' ..... only people who absolutely refuse to engage the critical functions of their brains when being told this fairy tale could possibly believe it ..."

(- for some odd reason I'm not surprised they didn't allow this comment - Scott has writen before about trying to understand the fruitcakes who refuse to believe our honest government and media about what happened on 911, to which I sent a short letter with no reply. Believing the OCT 911 stuff seems to be one of the poster PC things for Cdn 'progressives" - which is just another nail in their coffin, as evidence of who really controls them - this is a deep, deep rabbit hole, not sure if a dozen or even thousand 'me's' with a big bankroll could save them now ...>>>>>

Aug 31 - Island Morning "we good children do what we're told!!!!' ""reporters"" going to Basin Head to castigate people jumping off a bridge where somebody thinks they shouldn't - I mean, there's a sign after all saying 'do not jump off bridge' or something, and all good children know they should obey signs the Adults put up. So - off we go with our little self-righteous attitude and little CBC social-control-r-us microphone "Why do you think the signs are there if they don't care if people jump?' and etc. "How do you feel about jumping here when the sign says you shouldn't?', and etc. Obedient children smugly telling other children how superior they are. Quite nauseating. And it's a "story" on the CBC news - beyond pathetic. Never think they can't go lower - they're always looking for ways .... (and the sweet young PC thing has a self-centered nasal voice, whiny and vaguely self-deprecating whilst affirming her right to be accepted for what she is like so many of that generation you just want to beg her to shut up - yea why don't I turn it all off - it's necessary to keep up with what the enemy is doing ... )

Aug 30 - >>> sort of epiphany today - people like Gomeshi and Breznahen (Ottawa Morning for those not paying attention, which would be some very large percentage of the Twitter generation, to whom 'paying attention' means something like 3 seconds at a time) and the PEI people are not (entirely) evil propagandists - they are to some extent "nice people" I could, under many circumstances, spend time with, joking around, enjoying life, having a good time, and that's all they're doing, living their self-centered, pretend-lives on the radio. The thing is - as such, they should not, if adults were running things here, be put into the position of pretending to talk about adult things they do not really understand. And people listening to them should not assume they are talking about anything more than the 'fun' things, or small time community things, that occupy us on a local, personal level. For bigger, national or world issues that 'adults' need to be concerned with, we should have other people hosting other shows - people who see what is going on in the world, and are capable of talking about such things, in context, etc - for adult listeners concerned with such things, rather than 20-somethings who know nothing of big issues and care nothing of big issues.

Aug 29 - 'invisible hand' - in 'Homo economicus' - another wash of reality, 'economics' for the high-school civics class, the world as the rulers want you to believe it is, lies and propaganda and spin, in other words - the new mandate of the New CBC in the New Canada. In this latest episode, we learn that all of what is going on today is YOUR fault!!! - YOUYOUYOU!!! ms average citizen are irrational, often dishonest, and the wonderful hardworking really really smart economists doing their VERY Best really!!! to just understand economics are having trouble dealing with your irrationality and dishonesty, which (the underlying message is) is why the wonderful smart but somewhat naive economists of the last 30 years have been, shall we say, somewhat deficient with their analyses of what has been going on in the world, unable to see or understand or recommend anything useful about the current chaos - it's basically YOUR fault, for being capitalist broadcasting corporation - hate hate kill kill bomb bombdishonest and irrational. Bad, bad children, really. Fooling your superiors like that. The old idea of the 'coldly calculating' homo economics (always honest, always looking for the 'best deal' most economically speaking) is crap, as any thinking person knows (not how they phrase it here, of course) - so now that they understand that, they are trying to create a new thing for people to believe in, so be patient children if they do not have all the answers - our economists are really, really nice and smart people you must believe in - even if they do not have all the answers, they are the best we have. All crap, of course - what they of course are not going anywhere near is that all of our economic problems are DIRECTLY related to manipulation of money by the bankers etc - this is of course the thing they are doing this whole fantasy-"economics" series to try and cover up. It's a bit ironic - as they accuse average people of dishonesty, the biggest thing that the economists never talk about is that our entire economics system is based on lies and dishonesty, run by criminals for their own benefit. When they talk about any 'natural economic laws' and pretend to make 'models' and theories that explain how things work, the one door they never open is that our system is entirely manipulated by those who control the money for their own ends. Of course, this is one of the Big Lies that it is their job to prevent anyone from ever learning (anyone, that is, who relies on the media and sanctioned 'experts' for their info on what is going on, and have drank the koolaid that says 'if you hear anything contrary to received wisdom on the internet, DON'T BELIEVE IT IT'S CONSPIRACY THEORY HAHAHA!!!' and etc) what they need to know to really understand what is going on here. I do my best, but I'm obviously like Diogenes, out there alone in the dark looking for anyone with their brains turned on and the tv off. We are, it is quite apparent, very thin on the ground, in a big, getting darker and darker world.

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