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Nov 21 - A CBC column extolling the 'great journalistic safegards' in place to make sure we get all the news we need all the time - perhaps not that surprisingly, I don't entirely agree - Really...???

Oct 27 - B.C. teen arrested for photographing mall takedown - you really can't argue that the cops and related people in this country certainly believe we are living in a police state - the challenged citizen, in their minds, has one and only one option, instant, unquestioning obedience. This is not the 'serve and protect' we are told the police are there for, unless of course you understand they are 'serving and protecting' the rulers, and sheep fucking well do as they're told or they get some attention from the guard dogs. It's something worth some deeper thinking some day - the worst of history's brutal dictators - the Hitlers and Stalins and Attilas and Pol Pots and so many others - would be little crazy men screaming by the road if there wasn't always and everywhere a large and willing population of young men willing to be their enforcers.

Sept 12 - Odd (or maybe not) that the great impartial CBC, in its coverage of what is happening in Syria that seems so one-sided in favor of the "rebels", doesn't get around to stories like this, just for a bit of balance - "Syrian soldiers executed in Aleppo. Lots else to indicate the 'rebels' are not really such good guys -

Sept 6 - Day 6, don't usually bother with this, doesn't seem to be much - but listen sometimes after The House, which is a prime propaganda show - but they seem involved with the same type of propaganda as everyone else. Tonight some woman moaning about her husband in an Iranian jail - all sympathy, no hard questions - if he's there, it could ONLY be because the evil Iran government is just holding him for some illegal reason, and are just evil bastards etc etc - of course, any sort of middle eastern person being held, oh, in Guatanamo, well, if the AMERicans are holding him, and torturing him, etc etc, well, that's a MUCH more nuanced issue - if the Americans have him, well, default position is he must be GUILTY not innocent, and we'll talk to anyone trying to defend him with that kind of skepticism, etc etc.

>> and the host carries on - interviews some guy with a bit about the file-sharing Pirate Bay - no doubt at all that HE stands with 'Law and Order!!' - like Robin Hood, he says - But, of course - (quoting, really!) - Robin Hood was an outlaw!! - there will, by god, be no thought of 'stealing from the rich to give to the poor' in modern Canada - good god, what a horrible thought!! Our New CBC - if we were in Robin Hood days, King John would be the Good Guys!!! Imagine.

Sept - Audit firm KPMG chosen to review F-35 costs - stunning. The same group that declared the Iceland banks to be in fine shape just before the great crash engineered by their massive money/credit creation for speculation. The brazenness of the NWO is amazing - but nowhere near as amazing as the fact that so few people in Canada understand what is going on they can keep doing it, and getting away with it.

Sept 8 - an old story by now, but I have been watching 'Newsroom' for the last few weeks, a bit behind, but it started off with a good idea, and you know, you *want* to believe some of this stuff, that there really are people with some integrity left in our media, our governments, our civil service, our world. But watched Episode 7 last night, and the hammer came down - this far and no farther, people. They did a show around the time bin Laden was supposedly killed, and it was a bit of an eye-opener. The 'hardened' "news"people were, en masse, acting like frightened children who just learned their 'great monster' had been killed, and they were now safe yeaa!!!! - very solemn, relieved, serious - then cheering like some amazingly wonderful thing had happened. The requisite prop, the beautiful young woman whom, cbc sheep throwing wolf shadowwe find, 'lost a loved one' as the towers were destroyed - no thinking, just emotion to bring anyone with any questions into line, no doubt shall be allowed, no questions about anything, just blind patriotism, OUR GREAT COUNTRY against the fucking monsters in the world.

Nice try, folks. We know you are strong, and clever, and ruthless. We're still after you.

Sept 7 - Canada cuts Iran deplomatic ties - well, why not? They don't get into it in the propaganda media, but obviously the NWO (including of course branch Canada, a strong if not large NWO founder) has little idea of what "diplocmacy" actually means. Traditionally 'diplocmacy' involves parties who disagree on something sitting down and talking calmly about whatever and trying to work something out. The NWO Imperialist form of "democracy" is more of the Roman Empire kind - do what you're fucking told or we're coming with the troops and bombs, and if those bombs kill a lot of your women and children - well hell, that's YOUR fault, buddy, for making us beat you all into submission. You can call that approach to international affairs a lot of things, but 'diplomacy' isn't really one of them. Of course, the NWO has a sub-business of re-writing dictionaries - you know, the guy from the US during one of their recent bombing missions who said something like "We create the reality - you people deal with it.' The kind of arrogance King Louis had, until that big blade came down one fine day.

Sept 6 - More reform needed on Canadian electoral boundaries - not a fucking WORD about things like 7% of Cdns voting for the Green Party and getting zero seats, while 10% vote for the BQ and get 50 seats (HUHHH????? jeezlouise!!) - I can kind of understand why they don't put that kind of thing in the paper, since the Star, like the entire Bay-St controlled media establishment, en masse against a fair voting system, have nothing but slander about PR, and this kind of thing makes their support of FPTP pretty untenable, showing amazing unfairness to so many people, that is far more serious than this boundary stuff (which does of course need to be regularly updated and improved, but if you are really concerned about fairness, the PR stuff would be far higher on your list ...)

Sept 7 - the Current - Jim Brown doing his bit for NWO propaganda - he talks to somebody about Syria, who tries to take kind of a middle ground, but Brown is 100% on the 'Get rid of that bastard!!!, how can anybody say anything even remotely fair about someone we hate so much???' side - good ol CBC """"impartial journalism""""" (NOT haha) - his POV is that Cdns KNOW Assad is an evil bastard (or we're sure as hell going to pretend that), and we will tolerate NO talk from anyone who does not have that as an underlying assumption. they have no credibility left amongst we thinking people anymore - hello??? Am I alone here????? mmmm thought so .......

Sept 6 AIH - going out of their way to slag Putin again. Propaganda. For example, 'he lives in luxury while so many Russians live in poverty' - when there are Cdn stories about how we transfer the wealth of Cdns to the big banks etc, or other things, do we hear riders about slashing corporate taxes connected to the massively growing use of food banks in Canada? Of course not. When OUR wealthy leaders show off, the're just doing great business, no need to point out the problems with the Canadian system - and nor do we ever connect our great leaders - no 'Harper slashes taxes whilst linups at food banks grow!!' - true of course, but OUR leaders are GREAT DEMOCRATIC LEADERS and etc etc. All spin, all the time - the new definition of 'impartial' journalism in Canada, including the great CBC. So very few people seem to understand how thoroughly they are led around by believing the mainstream media - even our 'progressives'.

Sept 5 - AIH - always one rule for 'us' (normal people) another for them (Bay St masters, manipulators, propgandists, etc - the rulers and their senior managers such as the main CBC shows) - talking to some rep from the PQ partie about the shooting etc, and Carol asks "Well, you only have 32% of the vote, it was split evenly 3 ways - how much of a mandate do you think you have?' - do you suppose we have EVER heard a similar question of a Lib or Con person, getting under 40% of the vote nationally? - many out here in Canada ask the question, but you never hear it on the CBC .... but it is very obviously illegitimate for any Lib or Con party with 40% support from those who vote, and closer to 25% of eligible voters, to be undertaking the deconstruction of Canada - but never, never NEVER do we hear anything even acknowledging this on the CBC, let alone questioning it ...

.. "news" - their brazenness is just beyond belief sometimes, the myopic 'we good guys they monsters' view of anyone the media is telling us are the current 'bad guys' - here we have a 'story' about how Israelis are all afraid of an Iran attack, buying gas masks and things - the thing beyond belief is, the talk of Israel attacking Iran FIRST is open and accepted as perfectly natural, no criticism, no problem - but them fucking savages might retaliate!!!!!! - the unbelievable arrogance of assuming WE bombing the fuck out someone is just fine, but they might retaliate???? The monsters!!! Just imagine, such animals!!! - just unbelievable how blind and stupid people can be (here in Canada etc), as to listen to this utter shit without outrage at the blatant propaganda telling us it is ok to bomb a non-threateing country, but we should feel concern about the people that might face retaliation from such bombing (and even get more angry at those who might dog the possible retaliation!!!! krist. How are the Iranian women and children etc feeling about a very real threat of a first strike from Israel, backed by the dominant military power in the world, on obviously psychotic monster standing threateningly over the entire world at this time, looking around for new victims to bomb??? Well, who cares - they're demons of some kind, right? fuck, what a world ....

Sept 4 - Stoffel again ramping up the Syria propaganda, with editorializing and 'the way we want you to believe it' passing as "news" - there MUST be some kind of justice in the universe these people will eventually find themselves facing sometime .. >> they are now on the 'story' about how there were more refugees last month than ever before - and leave everyone (they hope anyway) believing this is all the Syrian govs fault - but really, just imagine if for the last year the western govs had not been secretly arming and encouraging the "rebels" in various ways, but told them to calm down, no violence, we will negotiate peacefully >> and another story that the gov is destroying the homes of people supporting the 'rebels' - actually, more reliable sources seem to be saying that it is the other way around - the 'rebels' are killing people they think are daring to support the gov, with the support (covert of course) of their masters (US etc) << not CBC - but the Star - Star's Public Editor on what makes people angry with the Star - this is the kind of amazingly juvenile shit the "public editor" wants us to believe members of the public get really upset about, simple spelling mistakes. I find it very difficult to believe that so many people are as completely out of touch with reality as this lady wants us to believe (can a propagandist be a lady????) - of course, since they are completely intrepid journalists devoted the truth and nothing but the truth, I guess people who like me think the Star, along with everyone else in the MSM, is primarily concerned with various types of propaganda and social control are just fruitcakes, and our anger and disgust at what they are doing not worthy of mention. Or so they'd have everyone believe - the Truth will out, someday, however. Someday. >>>>>>

- AIH - impartial journalism in action, once again (I know I know I keep talking about this, like over and over pointing out the obvious - I guess it's a bit of a record of the blatant instances of propaganda I hear - someday, when I or someone gets into a position to do some documentation of the true role of the CBC et al during this time, this might help winnow through the tens of thousands of hours of archives to get to some obvious examples) - talking to some guy from Syria about doing the symphony orchestra, and how important it is to maintain some parts of civilisation in the face of such a monstrous regime, how tragic it is that the government cares so little for its people, and etc - the standard PR lies demonising whoever we happen to be demonising at any given time (I'm sure they have a little generic handbook somewhere that can be used anywhere anytime, just fill in the blank spaces with the country and "monstrous dictator" of the day ...). We don't, of course, manage to get into any perhaps inconvenient exploration of how it is with the country being reported in massive disaray, citizens being murdered by the government in large numbers at random, their villages and homes being bombed and destroyed, refugees fleeing like ants running in every direction from a stepped on anthill, etc etc, and with nary a voice from any other perspective, questioning any of the obviously far-from-neutral interviewee, and the AIH interview so sympathetic to the guy and the symphony. And just for contrast, then we have an interview with a union rep about opposing the pipeline - and Carol right there speaking for Enbridge all on her own. (the contrast is - when the interview was going on with the Syria guy, the AIH interviewer was all sympoathy, and they together had a 'slag Assa' conversation - with the union guy, Carol 'does her job as a journalist, and speaks for the other side with questions designed to expose prejudices in the interviewee's position - which is what they should do with EVERYone, not taking sides) - but I guess there's 'bad guys' we should all hate with no questions asked or defence allowed, and then other people Canadians actually see as 'bad guys' that AIH sees it as their job to present some pretence of 'the other side'. As I said, good ol CBC impartiality - modern media.

Sept 3 - AIH - interview with writer of 'Walk Across the Sun' - a book apparently doing very well about the sex trafficking from India - no doubt a subject worthy of discussion of concern to many, and with the added salaciousness so many westerners completely fucked up and repressed about sex find of interest (thanks religion) - but important and interesting though it is, you can also, if you think for yhourself rather than letting the CBC tell you what to think, that it is, by misdirection, yet more coverup for the crimes of capitalism. They tell us traffickers are very bad (true), and johns need to be targetted (only in a small way true - there are far more non-violent men just looking for a bit of sex that modern society makes so hard for them to get than there are violent ones, but such distinctions are not desired by those demonising 'johns' - but another story) - but what they very carefully avoid is the root cause of sex trafficking, or prostitution - simple poverty. And poverty in the entire modern world is a direct result of capitalist exploitation all over the world. No frigging way we're getting into that in the capitalist broadcasting system.

Sept 3 - McGUinty promises more wage freezes, cuts etc - Nails in the coffin. The water is almost boiling, we are almost done soup. The 'debt' in which our country has been dismantled over the last 30 years is odious - fraudulent. They've been stealing our money and our country through a massive scam - and they'll keep doing it until the country hicks wake up and stop it. Who in their right mind, if they wanted to call their country 'democratic', would give the power of controlling 'their' money to a private business cartel to create out of thin air, and make us borrow it, and pay it back with interest? A sovereign government would control its own money - in Canada we let private banks control it. Why would we be surprised that they're winning and we're losing? The nice, and reasonably intelligent, but naive and much too trusting, Cdn citizen, trusting people who are robbing them blind. The end is not far off, if 'we' don't catch on very soon. What Happened . (The Globe and NP let comments like this through - obviously they are secure in their control of the collective Cdn mind, that 'it' is pretty thoroughly under their control, people think what they are allowed to think - you can choose to believe A, B or C - but nothing else. It's been obvious for awhile that I'm really fighting a monstere that is not going to be stopped - almost everyone has drunk the koolaid, and they're just waiting to be told to jump. If you'll excuse the mixed metaphor.

>> Scott Neigh reviews a book on 'critical thinking' on Cdn Dimension - to which I offer a small comment: "- not entirely sure how much credence we ought to give someone who apparently buys the obvious nonsense and lies of the 'official conspiracy theory' of 911 when they write about 'critical thinking' ..... only people who absolutely refuse to engage the critical functions of their brains when being told this fairy tale could possibly believe it ..."

(- for some odd reason I'm not surprised they didn't allow this comment - Scott has writen before about trying to understand the fruitcakes who refuse to believe our honest government and media about what happened on 911, to which I sent a short letter with no reply. Believing the OCT 911 stuff seems to be one of the poster PC things for Cdn 'progressives" - which is just another nail in their coffin, as evidence of who really controls them - this is a deep, deep rabbit hole, not sure if a dozen or even thousand 'me's' with a big bankroll could save them now ...>>>>>

Aug 31 - Island Morning "we good children do what we're told!!!!' ""reporters"" < HREF=F"http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/prince-edward-island/story/2012/08/31/pe-hi-basin-head-bridge-tourism-584.html">going to Basin Head to castigate people jumping off a bridge where somebody thinks they shouldn't - I mean, there's a sign after all saying 'do not jump off bridge' or something, and all good children know they should obey signs the Adults put up. So - off we go with our little self-righteous attitude and little CBC social-control-r-us microphone "Why do you think the signs are there if they don't care if people jump?' and etc. "How do you feel about jumping here when the sign says you shouldn't?', and etc. Obedient children smugly telling other children how superior they are. Quite nauseating. And it's a "story" on the CBC news - beyond pathetic. Never think they can't go lower - they're always looking for ways .... (and the sweet young PC thing has a self-centered nasal voice, whiny and vaguely self-deprecating whilst affirming her right to be accepted for what she is like so many of that generation you just want to beg her to shut up - yea why don't I turn it all off - it's necessary to keep up with what the enemy is doing ... )

Aug 30 - >>> sort of epiphany today - people like Gomeshi and Breznahen (Ottawa Morning for those not paying attention, which would be some very large percentage of the Twitter generation, to whom 'paying attention' means something like 3 seconds at a time) and the PEI people are not (entirely) evil propagandists - they are to some extent "nice people" I could, under many circumstances, spend time with, joking around, enjoying life, having a good time, and that's all they're doing, living their self-centered, pretend-lives on the radio. The thing is - as such, they should not, if adults were running things here, be put into the position of pretending to talk about adult things they do not really understand. And people listening to them should not assume they are talking about anything more than the 'fun' things, or small time community things, that occupy us on a local, personal level. For bigger, national or world issues that 'adults' need to be concerned with, we should have other people hosting other shows - people who see what is going on in the world, and are capable of talking about such things, in context, etc - for adult listeners concerned with such things, rather than 20-somethings who know nothing of big issues and care nothing of big issues.

Aug 29 - 'invisible hand' - in 'Homo economicus' - another wash of reality, 'economics' for the high-school civics class, the world as the rulers want you to believe it is, lies and propaganda and spin, in other words - the new mandate of the New CBC in the New Canada. In this latest episode, we learn that all of what is going on today is YOUR fault!!! - YOUYOUYOU!!! ms average citizen are irrational, often dishonest, and the wonderful hardworking really really smart economists doing their VERY Best really!!! to just understand economics are having trouble dealing with your irrationality and dishonesty, which (the underlying message is) is why the wonderful smart but somewhat naive economists of the last 30 years have been, shall we say, somewhat deficient with their analyses of what has been going on in the world, unable to see or understand or recommend anything useful about the current chaos - it's basically YOUR fault, for being capitalist broadcasting corporation - hate hate kill kill bomb bombdishonest and irrational. Bad, bad children, really. Fooling your superiors like that. The old idea of the 'coldly calculating' homo economics (always honest, always looking for the 'best deal' most economically speaking) is crap, as any thinking person knows (not how they phrase it here, of course) - so now that they understand that, they are trying to create a new thing for people to believe in, so be patient children if they do not have all the answers - our economists are really, really nice and smart people you must believe in - even if they do not have all the answers, they are the best we have. All crap, of course - what they of course are not going anywhere near is that all of our economic problems are DIRECTLY related to manipulation of money by the bankers etc - this is of course the thing they are doing this whole fantasy-"economics" series to try and cover up. It's a bit ironic - as they accuse average people of dishonesty, the biggest thing that the economists never talk about is that our entire economics system is based on lies and dishonesty, run by criminals for their own benefit. When they talk about any 'natural economic laws' and pretend to make 'models' and theories that explain how things work, the one door they never open is that our system is entirely manipulated by those who control the money for their own ends. Of course, this is one of the Big Lies that it is their job to prevent anyone from ever learning (anyone, that is, who relies on the media and sanctioned 'experts' for their info on what is going on, and have drank the koolaid that says 'if you hear anything contrary to received wisdom on the internet, DON'T BELIEVE IT IT'S CONSPIRACY THEORY HAHAHA!!!' and etc) what they need to know to really understand what is going on here. I do my best, but I'm obviously like Diogenes, out there alone in the dark looking for anyone with their brains turned on and the tv off. We are, it is quite apparent, very thin on the ground, in a big, getting darker and darker world.

Aug 27 - more or the 'massacres of women and children OMG!!' - and I'm wondering - haven't they heard this before? - sent a polite little letter to AIH, the Current -

Dear CBC -

- as we hear yet another story of some 'atrocity' from some in-no-way-to-be-confused-with-'real'-journalist source from Syria (some 'activist' or 'freedom fighter' with a cell phone who somehow manages to get a call accepted by the CBC ....), I am wondering again at the amazingly one-sided nature of all of this coverage, very striking from an organisation which is supposed to be providing Cdns with 'news', as opposed to propaganda. Without going into details of everything the last few weeks and months that might get into many pages, I am struck today by the stories of 'mass killings of women and children buried in mass graves!!' I am hearing. And again I am wondering at the striking resemblance to something from a few years ago, which turned out to be entirely false after a great deal of bombing and destruction had been carried out on the basis of what later turned out to be vast exaggerations (at best) of vast mass graves with hundreds of thousands of people - does the CBC have no institutional memory at all? Are there no journalists there over, say, 40 or 50 years of age who might recall very similar stories some 20-odd years ago about another leader greatly unliked by western governments who faced similar charges ( you can read a post-mortem here by a mainstream Cdn journalist - Another Case of Mass Deception?? ) , and who might have just the tiniest bit of suspicion about yet more stories apparently offered by people who could in no way be considered impartial to demonise some leader that just might be exaggerated a bit - or god forbid maybe even outright lies (as for example the later Kuwaiti incubator babies story that got people to accept the first Bushian invasion of Iraq, and associated slaughter and destruction that followed, on greatly trumped-up excuses ?? ( )

Wouldn't the CBC, were it actually interested in presenting the 'news' as as accurate a representation of what is going on in our world as possible, rather than serving as a kind of secretariat for western government propaganda, be doing a couple of things in this situation that they do not appear to be doing at the moment? Such as (a) looking around for people who might have a different idea about what is going on in Syria than the 'rebels' or western governments supporting and encouraging such people, who could hardly be called 'impartial'?? (there is lots of stuff available - i.e. Robert Fisk, a very respected mid-east commentator for decades - They run and hide in sewers , or maybe What Happens When They Start Killing Christians (which would seem to be a very interesting story for Cdns if true, with a source at least as believable as the current 'atrocity' stories sources... and there's lots else out there for anyone interested in finding it), and (b) why isn't ANYone there offering some commentary on the many past instances where the media has jumped on to the bandwagon of propaganda emanating from various again hardly impartial sources passing out what later turned out to be propaganda or direct lies such as the things noted above re Kosova and Iraq, and asking some very probing questions about the current exhortations from the very same people to believe really bad things about Assad in Syria and get on the 'stop this monster!!!!' bandwagon (as they were encouraged with lies and seriously large exaggerations to get on earlier false bandwagons)?? I am sure that if these allegations are true Cdns need to be informed about them - but on the other hand, if it later turns out they are something less than the whole story, and there is every danger we are going to do some things we maybe shouldn't be getting up to if we had the entire story, that the intrepid journalists at the CBC would want to make very sure they were not seriously misleading Canadians (once again, very unfortunately) about things of a serious nature going on in the world.

If Assad is indeed the kind of monster being portrayed, then surely he needs to be stopped. On the other hand, if people who want to get rid of him for geopolitical reasons are lying about the 'atrocities' he is doing - as they have been known to do in earlier very similar circumstances - then wouldn't an honest news organisation feel that these lies should be exposed, rather than allowing us to be led into another bout of massive destruction and killing on, again, false justifications spread through the media we all trust???? (maybe some of us trust it a bit less than we used to, because of those earlier problems that have never, really, been properly addressed ...)

Aug 27 -Aug 27 - no surprise at AIH and their story of a terrible massacre with body bags etc in Syria, women and children indiscriminately rounded up and massacred etc, with not any attempt to get somebody to tell the other side of the story - the CBC staple, propaganda

- and then shortly thereafter a tape of a gibbon on helium gas sounding 'funny' - teenage 'humor' - adults do not find this kind of thing amusing, for various reasons - but the new CBC child-in-adult-body desired audience probably would, childish amusement at 'funny' sounds - like they would believe, without asking many questions, massacre stories against "DEMONS" in the world, or listening to the CBC tell everyone it's GOOD to be scared of things on the 'fear itself' series whatever it is called I can't be bothered listening - it's the Sat morning cartoons they seem to think are much closer to reality than they really are - again, a childish idea inflamed by the CBC propaganada rather than giving out the message we expect 'adult' behaviour and actions and thinking with a more nuanced and honest view of what is happening

- ho hum just another day in CBC propagandaland

(you might wonder why I try to communicate with people I continually identify as willing propagandists - it is true I have no expectation of any of these shows starting to behave like a real or honest news org - but they do get a lot of mail, and I have this idea that maybe some junior staffer who is still somewhat idealistic and wants to do good things, really, will read some of these things - and start to see the light about the true wolf pretending to be the great CBC they are working for - I've actually had a couple of responses in the past from people who appeared to be so - some staffer reading something I sent, and replying with something like 'this is interesting - we will be back to you' - and that is the end of it. One can only presume they took my email to a staff meeting and quickly had the reality of the world pointed out them - as in, if you want to keep your job, we'll have no more of that shit and etc - but just maybe - someday ..

Aug 26 - the Galloway comments aboout rape are getting the PC set all frothed up - it's a very good example of one of the dangers of mindless obedience to some idea, with the brain turned off to nuances or details, often important differences between 'the meme' and the reality of any particular situation are not considered, just a black and white idea of the world is superimposed on everything, and when button A is pushed, reaction !&^%!! follows. I suspect at least some of these people doing all the hysterical frotheing realise this somewhere subconsiously, thus the extra-loud bandwagon angry shouting to discourage any intelligent discussion that might expose them for the mindless robots they are behaving like. (good example on rabble, surely the pseudo-alternative media PC capital of Canada, brooking NO disagreement with the PC gods - nice enough folk as long as you are sharing the same koolaid, but if you disagree with their PC world, they strike quickly and angrily, like a spoiled child being told that actually eating ice cream every day isn't really the best diet or something)

(let me start with the obvious disclaimer - of COURSE true rape is a bad thing, although as many with engaged brains have pointed out it is a crime of violence moreso than a crime of sex - as far as I am concerned, any man who *truly* rapes a woman, with no question of consent, just a violent taking, I'd probably be looking for punishment of a more final nature than most PCers, who for some reason tend to oppose capital punishment for even the most heinous crimes and the most unrepentant criminals, who are just waiting to get free and go back to killing and maiming - in my mind, there is no excuse for such violence, we should react quickly and very harshly against ALL violence initiated by one person or group against another, and there should be no tolerance of it. Period. But first we need to establish it actually was 'rape', and not some wildly expanded definition of it by some people for whatever personal or political ends they have).

But back to nuances - Some of the nuances being ignored here, that should not be:

a) - got news for you, guys - women lie sometimes. Like men do. In situations like this, perhaps more than men do, as a vindictive woman (let's get the 'all women are perfect!!!' underlying unspoken nonsense of this stuff out of the way here - they're human, and all women are like all humans - some nice, some not ...) who has been scorned for some reason knows that a false cry of 'rape!!' will get a man in a lot of trouble, quickly. And both men and women have been known to lie for political reasons, and there are most certainly some serious overriding political connotations here. An accusation is not a conviction. Don't convict someone on the accusation, esp if there is denial, and no obvious physical harm;

b) - just because one gang of women with influence have decided the 'rule' is "ASK EVERY TIME!!!!!" - that does not mean all women agree with this, or we should adopt it as a 'law' of some kind in 'our' (??) society. I have had more than one woman tell me in the past something like "A woman likes to be taken sometimes..' - not having the shit beat out of her and obviously raped against her will, just 'taken' as any male animal in the wild 'takes' a female when they decide they want sex and their mate is going to be 'it'. It's a genetic thing - and both male and female humans have these instincts (and no, that does not mean we should give into them all the time, it just means that sometimes an instinctual thing can be ok - the frothers will go off with wild exaggerations about this, but that's what they do when they have no rational response to a reasonable point, joining a certain kind of lowlife human who operates on the idea that he who shouts loudest and scares everyone else wins - another instinctual, not-overly-intelligent thing, actually). (no, this does not mean any male 'taking' any female at any time - just where this is an established mating relationship - many women will admit this, many will feel it and lie about it in the service of their PC masters, or should that be 'mistresses'?) Not saying 'yes' does not always really mean 'no'. I know the knee-jerk indoctrinated,incapable of deeper ideas than yes-no, will be frothing over that too, but they froth a lot anyway, and we shouldn't let frothy faux-outraged screaming win debates just because they intimidate us. You need to stand up to this shit sometimes. Hitler frothed a lot, as I recall, in his wilder exhortations about various things - pretty scary. Pretty wrong too.

c) - I find it a bit hard to get my head around the just basic ludicrousness of the idea that after a couple have agreed to 'sleep together', as in have sex, that after they do it, then one or both nod off for a little nap following, as often happens, that that is *the end bud!!* - a few minutes after the first time, either partner may wake up ahead of the other and initiate more sex - it's about the most natural thing in the world when you're lying behind and hugging a sweaty, already wet woman, to wake up and just slip it in again - to suggest you should make it all formal and wake her up and start negotiations again is a bit too alice-in-wonderlandian to even take seriously - what kind of cold, sterile world are you people trying to create here? Either person is free to say 'no thanks' at such a time if they want - if they don't the 'implied consent' is pretty hard to get around, and who in krists name is going to break a good horny spell to get out the legal contracts at such a time??? I know in the past I have woken up from such a nap more than once to find my partner performing fellatio - and it's a very (VERY!) nice feeling to 'wake up' to - I cannot imagine how nonsensical it would have been to have woken up to a tapping on my shoulder, with a nice polite request asking if I would mind if she did that (actually I can't imagine it at all - what kind of unreal world are you people trying to create here?!?). And why would a woman be any different? (It's a bit more understandable if you are dealing with a prostitute, where you pay for one time and that's all, pal - been there done that too, and left with no argument, if a bit disappointed...) On the other side of the coin, I have been with more than one woman who had a considerably greater sex capacity than myself, and once or twice or three times, she was ready for more than I could provide in any one session - the idea of either of us asking permission each time would have been, as noted, just ludicrous (I presume this is a two-way street you folks are talking about? The woman should ask permission too, just so we are all equal?? - or is the woman just a feelingless passive receptacle in your world, never having sexual feelings and actually wanting sex and therefore never having to worry about initiating anything and asking permission etc??). Enough salaciousness - but these PCers who are so repressed themselves, so insecure, so afraid of the big bad scary world all around them, that they want to control the sexual activity of everyone, of people who are far more free, who enjoy life a great deal more, really, really needs to be challenged, not given in to. Like the fearful people who are so afraid death is waiting around every corner they get their seatbelts or bike helmets on to drive to the corner store on Sunday with nary another vehicle in site - and demand the rest of us live the same fearful little lives...) - it's really very childish, when you think of it, this need to control everything - but that is what the NWOers have been up to for the last 30 years, dumbing everyione down to a child-adult level, adult bodies, child minds, as such people, incapable of seeing a bigger picture outside of their own little worlds, are far easier to control- as we are seeing everywhere around us.

d) - as always, I live outside the box where deeper thoughts live too, unlike the PC world where people "think" (if you can call it that) only what they are given permission to 'think' by those who have set themselves on the PC-establishing throne, big Momma telling the children what is acceptable behaviour and what must be shunned and attacked - and it occurs to me something deeper could very well be going on here. Galloway, of course, is one of the very strongest progressive voices we have in the English world - and isn't it just so convenient that this 'non-issue' issue over something essentially so trivial (no no frothers, rape is not trivial - but this is not rape..) can be hyped up to the max to make people who are supposedly 'progressive' turn away from him? Galloway has great leadership skills, in terms of talking about things that need to be talked about that few other people in the public sphere have the courage to talk about, and there is no doubt the NWO new feudalists would dearly love to shut him up, or otherwise lessen his impact - and what a perfect opportunity they have found here, with the PC crowd so easily manipulable.

- all you truly 'progressive' people who are jumping on this bandwagon without even thinking about it because these people you follow are so shrill and hysterical and you're afraid to cross them need to stand back, and stand up, and do a bit of thinking. Big Momma is at least as dangerous as Big Daddy here, and in some ways moreso - Big Momma *demands* total control of your brain, no questions asked just DO AS YOU ARE TOLD!! - this is not the freedom and democracy that you are supposed to be fighting for. With any real crime, such as a real rape, 'good' people will naturally tend to come to the same condemnation without needing to be told or shamed into it - the Assange-Galloway situation is a great deal more nuanced, the allegations themselves are very questionable and, as Galloway says, even if are true, no truly sensible intelligent person is going to find Assange guilty of anything serious at all - there was no rape, people, in any way shape or form, and Galloway's comments are about the only sane thing being said about it all. You people are SO fucked up about fucking and sex in general - you need to deal with your own psychological problems, not demand the rest of the world become as dysfunctional as you all are.

Here now - Tunisia declines to pay 'odious debts' - a story that a *real* news media is doing,something that could be of very much interest to many Canadians, getting them thinking about things the media obviously doesn't want them thinking of - a bit of thought, combined with some understanding of 'where' "our" money comes from, and it isn't a long step to seeing there is a very, very strong argument to be made that all of 'our' government debts are equaly odious - and that is something 'our' intrepid (wink wink etc) "journalists", all working at not-too-many arms lengths away from the banking cartel that controls "our" country

Aug 26 - "news" - hyping up the Syria propaganda again - "reports" from unnamed sources telling about terrible murders, etc - not a word of protest from anyone else, not a word, of course, remembering about the lies told during past demonisations - or not an interview with someone who might have something a bit different to contribute, such as Fisk They run and hide in sewers, or perhaps Why Syria will not fall - the fall of the 'rebel' army - hard to figure what to believe, when you *know* your main "news" source is a shameless propagandist for the side of empire, with a long and very dishonorable history of similar behaviour.

Aug 23 - Back to School: Instructors' resources edition - j-source, the "Canadian Journalism Project" offering some ideas about what to teach journalism students. Some good ideas, some questionable - but it seems to me they beg the most important question of all - what actually is a "journalist" in our modern world? So I wrote them a short comment, expressing my thoughts:

"Seems to me there is a rather important part of this package missing - shouldn't there be some kind of question right at the very beginning along the lines of 'What exactly is the role of a 'journalist' in contemporary Canada, or in our modern world?" This might be laughed off as 'too obvious to deal with' or something, but I would suggest that *what* so-called self-styled "professional journalists" are by and large doing these days is quite arguably not 'real" journalism at all, and is pretty directly related to the problems newspapers are having re losing readers that another part of this series gets into hand-wringing about. And certain people might not want to encourage this discussion, because an honest exploration of this subject is going to be getting into areas that I suspect a lot of people don't want to get into, as being somewhat at variance with the desired idea of those who control the media (and promoted quite hubristically by 'journalists' themselves regularly) that citizens believe that 'journalists' of great integrity fearlessly give Canadians all the information they need to understand what is going on in our country and world. As with so much we hear these days on the mainstream media, there are some rather different opinions to this self-flattery, along the lines of - the mainstream media, and the journalists who work therein, are quite obviously primarily involved with selling the capitalist/corporate message/agenda, whatever it happens to be - demonising foreign leaders they want to get rid of for geopolitical reasons, selling 'austerity', being enthusiastic advocates of capitalism and thus very much against the interests of the average working person/citizen, and any other things our corporate rulers want their subjects to do or believe.

'Real" journalists, of the IF Stone variety, for example, who believed their role was to keep a close eye on power and let the people know what Power would rather they didn't know, rather than serve it through spin and coverups and etc, would not be participating in any of these spin/coverup exercises, but would be asking some very hard questions about all of these things and other important issues about which there most certainly are differing perspectives and interpretations, and offering the people they supposedly worked for other very valid perspectives on all of these things, perspectives quite at variance with the corporate spin/agenda, understanding their job is not to 'sell' any particular agenda, but to provide citizens with enough information that they (the citizens) can decide themselves what the appropriate course of action is for *their* country. Of course, today, such 'real' journalists would not be, and are not, welcome in the message-very-controlled corporate media - but there are a lot of them to be read on the internet, and what they offer has a great deal more veracity for any truly 'eyes-open' thinking and engaged citizen than the mush and propaganda and spin that currently dominates the mainstream media. (it's one of the somewhat ironic memes of the mainstream media that they regularly insist that the internet is not to be trusted - but actually it is the mainstream media that is not to be trusted anymore, with their pretence of 'integrity' and 'professionalism' whilst promoting a specific, very unfriendly-to-the-people agenda and gatekeeping as they must in the support of this agenda - we KNOW there is a lot of crap on the internet, and that is fine, it's a great free Hyde Park Corner where everyone is allowed to express their opinions or offer their analysis of what is happening in our country and world - the internet does not try to censor voices it does not like, but lets everyone speak, and trusts the intelligent, engaged citizen to separate the wheat from the chaff - the mainstream media, on the other hand, has decided that THEY and they alone shall decide what is 'valid' opinion, what spin shall be presented with any given story, and shall *tell* the citizens what they should think about any particular situation, pretty much 'en masse' for all current issues of any real importance (demonising Assad, pushing 'austerity', 'capitalism is great!', only idiots oppose 'free' trade, Canada is a great democracy!!, and etc - and no, or very marginalised at best, space shall be provided for people with opposing views, even if a majority of Canadians happen to agree with voices that dissent from the MSM message (i.e. the media is almost completely in favor of lower corporate taxes and "free trade" and the deconstructing of 'our' country that goes along with such reduced taxes and corporate 'rights' to ravage as they will at home and abroad - most Canadians do not agree with this, but that is the highly dominant message emanating from the MSM, who are working for who???? - again, is that the job of a 'journalist', promoting the corporate agenda???? - or deciding that the citizens are wrong about what they believe, and it is their job to 'educate' them, to encourage them to get with the program and follow their leaders passively? I don't think anyone most Canadians would call a 'real' journalist would believe that - but it is apparent that what people who call themselves 'journalists' believe is not always the same as what an average Cdn would expect from the same 'journalist' ...)

I can understand how people working for the corporate media because they support the corporate agenda (you're not likely to be working for them otherwise) would not want to have this discussion - but are the main journalism schools now so corporate controlled they avoid it too?

I'd be happy to engage further, should anyone be interested - I do believe, along with most other people who believe in Democracy, that a strong and independent media is absolutely necessary to a strong democracy - and I am very unhappy about what is happening with our current corporate media."

- nobody wants to talk about it yet - busy on the weekend I suppose. Not surprising in one way, but it was good of them to print the letter - there do seem to be some sincere people there, the kind of people you want to believe in - but when you understand the depth of the propaganda and coverup that is the normal fare of the media these days, and the complete lack of talk about this, it makes you wonder what is going on in their brains.

Aug 22 - AIH - back to tab stuff - talking to a friend of the guy in England with some kind of disease that he couldn't move, and was fighting for a right to die - he died yesterday - and the interviewer is sure to get in some talk about 'how did you feel when your friend died?' - radio for self-centered children, or child-minded adults who get some meaning in their lives from this kind of thing - it is useful to talk about whether or not the 'state' has some kind of right to assume the right to decide if a person can take their own life, which there has been a bit of but this kind of voyeuristic stuff about trying to get people to cry about sad things on air is really not the kind of thing an adult media should be doing... not that the CBC has been doing much adult stuff lately ...

Aug 22 - CBC National Enquirer "news" (Ottawa 08:00)- a gripping "story" about a 'naked' Prince Harry in Las Vegas!!!!!!! - good ol CBC, always there with stories Canadians really need to keep up with .... such a repressed society, to get so excited or shocked about the simple fact of being naked, as if we all didn't have bodies or something -

Aug 17 - again, blatant propaganda with the 'pussy trial' stuff - the US gets up to FAR worse shit than this pretty much daily, and yet we NEVER hear about it on the CBC. Only when it's somebody 'we' want to demonize do we get this kind of coverage. One can only wonder, with the still quite strong power of the catholic church in the west, if a Cdn singing group (some gang we already don't like of course for otherwise 'unconformist' behaviour) did something like this in a major Cdn church what the media reaction would be??? (Paul Criag Roberts sees through the shit as well - Pussy Riot, The Unfortunate Dupes of Amerikan Hegemony - don't wait for him on The Master's Voice sorry CBC any time soon .... )The masters voice

Syria and the Invisible Hand of Foreign Intervention By Eric S. Margolis - think we're going to hear Eric on the CBC some day soon, as part of a 'balanced' sort of presentation of what is going on in Syria?? (chuckle chuckle just kidding...)

AIH - interview with someone from the United Church about their decision to ask their members to support the Palestinians in the occupied part of Israel - quite obviously hostile (the host-cum-propagandist read a quite hysterical statement from some pro-Jewish group and asked for a comment, but no statement from anyone supporting the decision)

>>> and mischaracterizing the Assange situation and the Ecuador president - the 'spin' is that Assange is simply calling for 'free speech' while the Ecuador pres jails people for 'free speech', the dastardly hypocrite!! - but of course this is crap - Assange is fighting against extradition on trumped up "sexual assault" charges to a hostile country that may well execute him, or jail him for life on false charges, and oddly enough there are countries in the world that think the US should not be allowed to get away with any more of this shit - the CBC, ever spinning to slag people the western rulers do not like - one can only assume there is considerably more to the Ecuadorian story than they are telling also ... (kind of the default assumption you need to make these days - the CBC is not telling us all the truth, just a story they want you to believe - they may or may not be presenting a 'factual' story, but it would be more of an accident than by intention ...

((latar - Day 6 - in case you missed it earlier - same propaganda re the 'pussy' stuff, and Assange. The beauty of full spectrum propaganda - get that message out over and over and over again - the public is so dazed they just accept it all, as the plebes accepted whatever they were told by the Minstry of Truth. Which, really, the CBC is, in 'reality'. For example, on the Day 6 interview with the Russian guy slagging Putin, with the help and approval of the hostess, we could find, if we wanted, any number of Canadians speaking exactly the same way about Harper, for any number of things - but any time they allow some limited criticism of Harper it is much more mildly phrased, this kind of 'Harper is a dictator!!!' talk etc is simply not allowed on the CBC, or anywhere else in the Cdn media (although you can find it all over the net). Propaganda against someone the rulers disapprove of seriously, is all this is. As is everything on the CBC about any serious matters. And more on the nasty hypcritical Ecuador leader with not a word from someone from the otehr side ... which there no doubt is ... ) (and the Assange stuff - a US aplogist telling us lies about what leftist dictators the South American leaders are, and what a great law-abiding place the US is who would NEVER do anything bad to Assange if he was extradited there ... with no one to respond at all - no shame, no truth, at all left on the CBC.... )

Aug 16 - CBC showing its solid impartiality again - a story on a PQ candidate promising to pass a law saying no religious symbols - and several people commenting about how bad that is. As if that was the only opinion out there - not a word from people supporting it. But that's our new CBC - telling the people what they are supposed to feel or think. 'media' following the Ministry of Truth model. They probably even teach this in "journalism" school these days... (later shows get a bit more of a fair-sided discussion, but here we lay the groundwork for 'right-thinking' people...)

Aug 15 - jeezus h krist I can hardly believe it - the 'invisible hand' is now making the case that the public DEMANDED the 'austerity' of the last few years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - the "argument" is that when we have a depression or recession, 'public spending' a la Keynes is not just putting people to work, oh no!!!!! - spending like this is living in luxury!!!!! - and incurring debts thereby the profligate spenders will have to pay back later, thus creating future misery!!!! - amazing. ..... it is HONEST to live frugally, through austerity!!!!! - (and we are supposed to believe that average Cdns engage in this level of analysis, collectively!!! - the brazeness of these people is truly astounding - although of course I guess when you understand that what they are doing is *creating the narrativve* rather than simply reporting on anything, you can see what they are up to - well, I can anyway, not sure if anyone else around here does or not ...)

Aug 14 - pushing Ayn Rand again - comes up every now and then - this time using the excuse of the American VP - this is not trivial stuff, people are easily swayed these days, and as any politician or public figure will tell you, any publicity is better than no publicity - this pushing of Rand will get more people thinking about her and her ideas and at least some of those will think the ideas are great, and join the koolaid crowd screaming about welfare socialists and the rest - part of the very sophisticated propaganda we are getting fed these days - not a word from any other side, for instance, the many writers out there now and in the past talking about the evils of Rand and capitalism, and how treating people equally, as with social democracy, would be so much better - just more pushing of Rand et al, and the glories of 'freedom' and capitalism

>>> the mindless demonisation spin pervades everything when it is operating, as it is currently against Assad in Syria - on Ghomeshi, the guest host tells us (paraphrasing of curse) - during the Syrian rebellion, much looting is going on, and he wants to make it clear that, of course, such "looting" is somehow linked to the Syrian gov (we don't need to wonder why the gov wouldd 'loot' things they already control ????) - luckily Robert Fisk, the guest interviewee, capitalist broadcasting corporation - hate hate kill kill bomb bombquickly jumps in and says it is at least both groups who are responsible for the upheavals leading to the looting - and lays much of the blame on others than the gov - the host keeps trying to lay the blame on the gov, but Fisk insists on sharing the blame much wider - good ol CBC, the hosts are well trained in the 'on the message all t he time' 'strategy' of propaganda, but every now and then some guest gets through the screening without sufficient briefing, or that they do not screen deepluy enough (the controllers are sophisticated enough, but the people who agree to front for them are not the top-level people, who rarely wish to lie the way these people are required to lie)

Aug 9 - Current - again, STUNNING hypocricy from these people - complaining about Iran suggesting the Syrian situation should not be decided by 'weapons from outside' - with Brown then adding with barely concealed sarcasm, "they obviously mean foreign arms for the rebels - but Iranian arms (for the Syrian gov) are apparently just fine' - stunning, stunning hypocricy, as this has been EXACTLY the stance of the US, as they secretly fund the 'insurrection', and otherwise spread massive propaganda urging everyone to HATE THAT BASTARD etc (with, obviously, the full and eager participation of the CBC) - it is TERRIBLE for Russia or Iran or anyone to assist the Syrian government!! - but obviously arming the 'rebels', and otherwise spreading massive propaganda in favor of the overthrow of Assad, is so good that we don't even need to mention it .... just fucking stunning, coming from what used to be the great CBC - just imagine if the west, and their propaganda media, had not of started this whole thing in the first place - no demonisation, no funding the "rebels", etc, but minding their own business (there are a number of non-propaganda reports telling us that most Syrians were happy enough with Assad, working for change democratically as we do in Canada - but the US wanted him gone NOW for their own geopolitica reasons, so away we go with the demonisation, propaganda (AKA lies), etc etc - just like with others before, Milosvic, Saddam, Gaddaffi, and many more going back a few more years ....

>> fuck, the way you frame things - the next "guest" says that iran and the US have been on hostile terms since the hostage taking of 79 - they started it, in other words. Not a word about the perhaps more important (to Iranians) deposing of the elected democratic government in 1953, and the installation of the brual Shah of Iran, great bud to the US, great enemy to Iranian democracy - and for no other reason than so the US and GB could continue stealing Iranian oil, not a very defensible reason for invading another country and installing a US-friendly dictator. I guess I can see why the CBC doesn't really want to get into that kind of *real* history, considering who their bosses are and loyalty obviusly lies, and their accepted role as proaganda secreatariat for these people ...

(Brown) - "the dangers of *letting*!! Iran support Syria.." - !!! - as if they could, or had some right, to 'stop' Iran from supporting anyone they wanted? This is right out of Alice in Wonderland ... well, that's kind of an obvious statement these days, everything that is going on around here is unreal in one way or another ....

>>and then on to more childhood fears - for the dumbed down new citizens - it's OK to be afraid, people!! - get under the bed, let the Masters take care of stuff!! - I gotta find a new planet. Soon. Really.jeezus. or wake up or something from this insane dream ....

Aug 8 - the Current - again, stories designed to make us believe how evil our enemies are, how undemocratic - the 'pussy' trial - although one suspects there are things the CBC is not telling us (they're like that when they're doing propaganda and spin..) - it may be true, but if it is, it is still pretty micky mouse compaed to a lot of the stuff the US gets up to with their citizens who protest things the gov gets up to, that we never hear about on the CBC, or the odd time something gets widely enough known to draw some attention from them, it is portrayed as some kind of activity of lower level police or courts acting by themselves, and never tied to the gov itself, as the 'pussy' trial is - 'the damed commie gov going after these people personally!!! - that's what all these bastards are like!!! (with, of course, unspoken but clear message - you Cdns be thankful you're living in such a free country!!)

Aug 8 - invisible hand - obviously rigged questions - they say they are asking about taxes on gas, while talking about "externalities" and "saving the environment" - but obviously the people being asked the question were NOT asked about paying taxes *to reduce environmental destruction*, but just how they felt about gas taxes?? - such shallow, shallow shit on the CBC these days - (for example - the point of the show was about average people paying more taxes on gas to cover "externalities" - but not a WORD about corporations paying for the "externalities" they cause by polluting air and water, or by catching all the fish in the ocean, or taking the oil from the ground in the first place, or not a word about reorganizing society in a sustainable way overall, rather than arranging it to max corporate / elite takings ... same old same old corporate shit - private profits public payments)

Aug 6 - again, one is touched by the CBC's concern about the poor people in Syria, running from the violence etc. Until, at least, one recalls that such concern does not seem to apply to everyone - when the US was bombing Iraq back to the dark ages, or Yugoslavia with the assistance of Canada, or Libya last year, one does not recall any such concern for the victims of "our" bombing and killing, who were surely there, and in much bigger numbers than we are seeing now in Syria. One is also a bit puzzled by the lack of interest in why most of this killing and displacement is happening - if the US and their buds were not actively encouraging this armed rebellion against an established government, supported by most of its citizens, the violence would be a great deal less than we are seeing. But when you're officially the secretariat of the NWO, I guess you see things the way your rulers and masters want you to see them, if you want to continue in the good job. And we are NOT talking about that shit dave!!!!

Aug 5 - Aug 5 - Sunday Morning - replaying a story about an accoutant from India who looked good as an immigrant - but then was turned down because, as our VERY much 'with the program' guest host puts it, had a daughter who "could have been a burden' on the Cdn health care system. Banks robbing us blind is not a 'burden', MPs giving themselves gold-plated pensions most citizens can only dream about is not a 'burden', closing social programs in order that billionaires can pay less taxes is not a 'burden' - but looking after sick children is a 'burden' in our grand new Canada. getting sadder and sadder - Canada is more and more becoming a place I'd rather really not be living in. (I don't think most Cdns really go along with this shit - but if they sit passively by while it happens, you understand you can't really trust them to do what's right, if their rulers tell them to shut up and stay indoors and quit causing trouble - classic Rev Neimuler behaviour - but that's the dumbing down stuff in action - children are not confident in their understanding of what is happening, nor in their ability and right to stand up to bullies who bluster and threaten - and the dumbing down of the last 30 years has been designed to create exactly that kind of child-adult "citizen", trained to be shallow and narcissistic rather than mature and sharing and intelligent ....)

Aug 2 - AIH - Kofi Anan resigns from the Syria gig - and AIH sees a great opportunity for some drive-by slagging of one of their targets, Russia - they have an 'interview' with some guy who's more than willing to cooperate - Russia continually blocking the efforts of Anan to stop the massacres etc. The thing is, the US has been blocking things for decades it did not want, and we have NEVER had an interview about them blocking things 'to support their own political goals' and etc. Just the shallowness of modern 'news as propaganda'. Diplomat - 'History will look back on this, and judge the Russians harshly..' He's not going to talk about history judging the US - but if we the good guys win, you can bet there'll be some judging of the CBCs current masters as well. That will not look very good.

There are certainly other POVs out there - this from Global Research, for example Russian-Chinese veto blocks WW III - any 'for the people' news outfit would be talking about this, and giving the people the information they needed to make intelligent decisions about what was going on in the world, and what they ought to be doing - but a propaganda outfit is all one-sided, a secretariat for the rulers' desires. Which describes the CBC to a 't'.

Aug 2 - interesting - I had a small exchange with someone here, which was ok - but then after a couple of other comments, I posted something about how there was such a misconeption about 'capitalism' after 100 years of propaganda - about how 'capitalism' does NOT mean small businesspeople, or granny clipping CSB coupons - 'capitalism' is really all about a handful of powerful people owning the means of production, and exploiting the labor of workers, how our 'great society' today was accomplished in spite of capitalists, not 'because' of them, as they trumpet from all the walls, and etc - and for some odd reason the NP declined to allow it - a bit surprised, they usually allow pretty much anything. Guess well-aimed attacks at the High Priests aren't to be tolerated, or something. Still seems odd - the NP posters are by and large completely indoctrinated drones, and no words from GI are going to change any minds.

Aug 1 - In passing - I recently wrote a certain Deborah Coyne a letter regarding her proposed interest in entering the Liberal leadership race. Today she answered, kind of:

Dear Mr P....

Thank you for your email and the attachment setting out the key issues on which you would like to see clear national action.

I look forward to carrying through on a policy-based campaign to help rebuild the Liberal Party and I will benefit from the input and insights of persons such as you.

Thank you again for your interest.

All the best, Deborah Coyne

- really, do you think she actually read the letter? Anyway, not that it matters cause I have no say in anything, but she just lost me. Surprise surprise. I guess there's still enough well-indoctrinated people out there who actually get a thrill out of this kind of thing to keep them doing it. Sort of like the email spammers.

Aug 1 - utterly grotesque, monstrous, terrible, horrible - the CBC really proclaiming its new Mordor allegiance this summer - the "invisible hand" justifying 3rd world sweat shops. Any job is better than no job. They are less productive so that is all they are worth. The sweat shop owners are really good guys, providing local jobs. We cannot impose sanctions, the jobs just go elsewhere. A simple we've-heard-this-before litany of laissez-faire arguments for feudalism, with not a WORD of the more powerful arguments against them, or any exploration of the bigger issues (e.g. how is it about 'better-than-nothing' "jobs" for poverty-stricken people in developing countries when we are forcing Cdn etc workers to accept lower wages and standards of living in the name of "competing" with the 3rd world sweatshops?? Or how about - He notes that a shirt from a sweat shop costs $60in Canada - without noting the worker gets maybe a buck, and the rest is just ripoff profit. And etc.

- they have a couple of interviews with workers from the sweat shops, saying they really like the jobs, better than nothing or being forced into prostituion, etc - not a WORD from the millions who are ready to kill themselves from the despair the sweatshops create, not a word about how 3rd world poverty was created by 1st world (AKA American, primarily, but everyone joined in) imperialism and looting via violence, either physical or economic. And etc. This is really the CBC going fully over to the dark side this summer. The scary part is - these are really sophisticated operations, and they must believe that Cdns are too dumbed down to know enough to stand tall and challenge them. And with few exceptions, they appear to be right. We're getting close to the top of the hill here, where we are going to see the future - and it ain't looking good for the good guys.

AUG 1 - National Post doing what it was designed to do, be a propganda secretariat for the capitalist cancer that is taking over everything - Milton Friedman, God (I paraphrased that a bit, but that's the general idea they try to put acrtoss) - I offer some thoughts on it:

"Right diagnosis - control of money is about the most important thing in our modern world - but then the ideology gets in the way and the 'treatment' is (robin)-hoodian in its perversity. The central, salient points are: First, it matters not whether a central bank or a commercial bank creates money, they both do so 'out of thin air'. The difference is, a democratically controlled central bank injects money into the economy (a) for the purpose of maintaining a stable economy for the benefit of all, (b) without incurring debt. When a commercial bank creates money, (a) they create it as debt, and of course charge interest on the debt, even though there is no justifiable reason for charging interest on money/credit created out of thin air and (b) their primary purpose is not a stable economy for all, but using their control of the money supply to manipulate everything to max their profits (such control sure makes great windfall profits, and never-ending, as debts must be paid back thus new debts incurred to maintain the money supply, and grow it to cover the endlessly compounding interest). Our entire government debt, some trillion dollars including provincial debts, would never have been incurred had the Bank of Canada acted in the interests of 'we the people' rather than in the interests of the commercial bankers, beginning back in the 70s and 80s, when they gave bankers control of the money supply - debt upon which we have paid some *two* trillion in 'interest' over the last 30+ years, as governments have ravaged the social programs put in place in more sane times, and allowed our infrastructure to crumble, and sold off much else of it, in the name of this fraudulent 'debt'.

Secondly, and related, to say the central bank must act primarily to 'control inflation' is a bit of a red herring also, which jumps ahead of the real problem, a bit like, to continue the robin hood analogy, saying the job of the doctor is to make sure the blood is safely collected, when the problem is actually the very drawing of the blood, in a superstitious, non-scienctific process, much as is allowing commercial banks to create our money supply, which few citizens understand is happening, although the results are clear to everyone, and the media controlled by the same bankers continually blames the government for the problems it has created. We allow our entire (virtually) money supply to be created at interest, and it is this endless, compounding interest which in turn creates systemic inflation. If we had the Bank of Canada controlling the creation of credit in our society through a truly democratic government (which we surely have not had for the lastg 40 years), and limiting the amount of credit private banks could create, this systemic inflation would not be a problem. That's truth, not ideology.

A bit more enlightenment than can be offered in a few hundred words here - What Happened" .

Aug 1 - the CBC "news" - again in some version of their own little unreal world, one that you might expect to find if you lived in a high school civics book class where we are all nice girls and boys and our leaders are 'just like us', honest and would NEVER do anything bad, children, but always faithfully work for 'our' good, and look after us like good parents would (excuse me whilst I chuck) - a 'story' on how some people are getting huffy, suggesting Charest might have called the election now "in his own interests" and etc (the scheming dastard!!) - fewer voters are likely to turn out for a 'summer' election, etc etc, opine the somewhat shocked commentators. I mean, where do they get these "reporters'?? PMs or Premiers having been doing this more or less forever - it's actually part of the process - what leader is going to call an election at a time that might favor the other party? Dumber and dumber. And dumber and dumber. Don't ever think we've reached bottom - as long as they still have enough brainpower to move their mouths in front of the nearest microphone, they can do worse.

Aug 1 - AIH in damage control - you know those stories that have been breaking out of the 'alt' media and getting heard in 'real' circles, etc? about al Quaeda fighting "on our side" ?!?!HUHH THEY'RE THE MOST EVIL FUCS IN THE WORLD - ON **OUR*** SIDE?!?!?!?!?! - well, it's ok, it's OK!!!!! - and it's even "our" fault!!!! - the Syrian "freedom fighters" (wink wink chuckle chuckle) are working with these monsters because we in the west are not giving them sufficient support, and they have to do this to get rid of an even WORSE monster, that DEMON massacring his own people, you know, like we've been telling you for the last few months?? So sit down, folks, everything is FINE, you hear? FINE!!!! I really don't know how some of these people live with themselves - the broadcasters telling such brazen lies as if they actually believed them.

The world at midnight, in the evil hours, from the CBC

July 31 - not much to say about 'the olympics', the current 'LOOK HERE LOOK HERE' chapter of 'the spectacle' - but everything ties together. Think, for example, if you're aspiring for high position in the 'management' sector of capitalistland - the CBC guy reporting from London, for instance - that's a pretty major perk, not for anyone who has a reputaiton of challenging 'received wisdom' - you get the big perks by being a good little propagandist, by doing your bit well for the masters. Has always been thus, will always be so, whilst we allow ourselves to be ruled by an elite, who need good managers, and ensure they are appropriately rewarded.

July 30 - AIH - a 'story' about some Russian food critic who apparently finds any food from countries the Russians are having political agreements with not very good. I suspect they don't even see the somewhat glaring irony here - AIH is in the business of criticizing countries mercilessly and endlessly who disagree with the political dictates of the Great Imperialist to the south. Which is, in terms of propaganda, somewhat more serious than simply criticizing food.

July 30 - CBC "news" - Margaret Evans - Lebanon - working her way up in the corp ladder with the blatant propaganda she feeds CBC listeners about what our latest demonisation target is up to, the 'weary of war and destruction' voice she uses describing the "massacres" etc of the current demonisation victim - the US has done far far FARFAR more slaughter of innocents around the world over the last 50-100 years, yet NEVER have we heard the CBC talk about "our" slaughterers in any disapproving way ....

--- '..200,000 people have fled in the past two days..' she tells us - you don't just think maybe a wee little tiny bit of the reason for that would be from the western media screaming at the top of its collective voice, for the last two days, MASSACRE COMING FLEE FOR YOUR LIVES11!!??? - do you? suppose? just maybe just a little bit????? - I wonder if I look back a few years, to something called 'shock 'n' awe' the Americans were planning for Iraq - do you suppose I would find any sign at all of the CBC calling out 'LOOKOUT IN THERE MASSACRE COMING MASSACRE COMING!!!'???? do you? suppose??? - or shortly thereafter stories about the terrible plight of the new refugees, the abuses of the invaders? - or would I more likely find a whole lot of stuff rah-rahing the amazing powerful wonderful Merican army on, and not a WORD about the expected civilian casualties?? I mean after all, we have had it pounded into us time and time again that if WE kill 'em, it don't much matter, and it SURELY ain't gonna get called nasty words like 'massacre' or anything

July 29 - Maritime Morning - talking to Lynden Mcintyre (?) about his great career, and what it takes to be such a great journalist, and he sure sounds like a great guy - if you had no experience outside of the box, you would think, as I once did, that this is what Canada is about - great people who care about us, telling us what we need to know. But from outside the box, there's a couple of very big BUTs - buts big enough to turn all this into some very serious, very well done propaganda. If he is so concerned about 'asking the hard questions' - the entire stance of the CBC, along with the other Canadian media, about the things I talk about elsewhere just put the lie to everything. Where are the hard questions about why we continue to let private banks control our money, with the lessons of the last few decades to show what a very bad idea this is? Or the questions about why we continue to push US imperialist propaganda demonising various people, with so many examples from the recent past about most of this stuff later turning out to be lies? Just for example ... But it shows the sophistication of the propaganda - most people would believe this, hell he might even believe it himself.

July 28 - "news" - now we have them nasties murdering a 6-year old boy. Which the US has murdered thousands of in their little excursions invading other countries, but that's ok, I guess, at least we certainly don't spend much time talking about it. Nor do we have any Syrian gov people allowed to say they are sorry, it was not intended, etc, as we invariably allos US spokespeople to explain - we are to believe they LOVE shooting kids, and massacring people. But they are, if we care to remember, as you are certainly not going to be reminded on the CBC, defending their government against an uprising. Again, the US does this all the time, all over the world - and then it's great!!

>> the propaganda has to be examined in all aspects - note the 'reporter' here - sounds like a lady school teacher we ALL love and respect, they NEVER lie to the kids!! - just reading off regrettable facts in that school-teachery voice, you KNOW she disapproves of this bad behaviour, and we should too. Sure thing. Full spectrum propaganda. To a completely helpless population, believing everything they hear on the CBC.

From Lloyd and the gang at the National - being a no-tv kind of guy, I don't watch much of this, but the headline on the website got me so I thought I'd have a quick look, being as I am interested in things to do with 'debt' - Is debt a dirty word? lot of fast talking, getting the main talking points out for the listeners, who are supposed to absorb not be inspired to think - not surprisingly, not a word about banks creating all of our debt out of thin air. One of the lefty 'economists' included in the panel - but it's getting hard to keep believing our Mr Stanford is really on the 'progressive' side - like many others, he sounds like a 'capitalist lite' - someone who believes it's fine for a small group of people to control our countries through pretend-democracies and control of the money system, but we should be *nice* capitalists, have a sense of 'noblesse oblige', and treat the peasants with a few nice things - a day off, a bit of health care, stuff like that. And it's also a better life to be a capitalist apologist-sycophant accepted into the 'managing class' than a peasant in their dog-eat-dog world.

July 27 - the Syria propaganda continues to be hyped up - but today it's a bit bizarre, again demonstrating the complete disconnect from any type of history the mainstream media assume in the citizenry when the Ministry of Truth *tells* them how "history" is unfolding - today the story is "The US 'fears' the Syrian government is preparing to *massacre* a bunch of citizens.." - pure speculation, of course, as usual - and said in the tone of voice of 'what a terrible thing!!!' - but it wasn't all that long ago that the Mighty US was *bragging* that it was going to undertake a 'shock and awe' operation, during which it was going to bomb the fuck out of Iraq, killing fuck knows how many people - and this was GREAT!!!! - some days it gets hard to believe I am not just dreaming all this shit - so many people one meets day to day seem like decent people - yet they sit back silently why this terrible stuff is happening around them - is, indeed, being done in their name. Alice might have understood, I suppose, after her trip through wonderland - but this is supposed to be intelligent, engaged, progressive Canada, not Winston's Airship One.

July 26 - the Current - more piling on of the Syria propaganda ((but the interviewee turns out to be a bit less than fully cooperative "..well, the media hears what they want to hear .... my father was not really a monster.." !!!), and Brown keeps attacking him when the interviewee dares disagree with the propaganda Brown is pushing - summer amateurs!! (this guy won't get invited back any more!!)

summer series - 'fear itself' - I almost missed this, passed it by as fluff - but it's more - this is making the dumbed down child-citizen - adults understand childhood fear, and deal with it - children give in, and hide under the bed - the New Feudalist masters want child adults who head for the bed when they are challenged with fear - and the CBC is here, doing its bit to tell us all that that's ok!!! - let the adults/masters/rulers deal with the fear - you little children just BE AFRAID of whatever the fuck, it's ok!! - don't aspire to grow up and be adults who might challenge the usurpers who are assuming the 'right' to look after you and tell you what to do. Big stuff going on here - they dress it up in 'adult' clothes, but obviously, for anyone thinking above the level of 'child' (I'm sure I'm not the only one left - but not at all sure how many of us there are, they aren't sticking their heads up in too many places - of course, with the MSM and the "alt"-MSM well-controlled, they won't get much publicity .... ) - pretty scary stuff. It's all scary. In an adult way.

>> just listen to Christy Ann the host (what a name!!) - trembling child-adult voice, you KNOW she's one of the fearful ones, speaking to her koolaid drinkers ... (she's not really, of course, they don't get real people doing this stuff - another actor, doing what they are paid to do ...)

July 25 - the 'invisible hand' getting into 'moral hazard' - with insurance, for example, people become very careless because they have insurance!! - they leave doors open, because if somebody steals their stuff, it's great!!! They get new and better stuff!! - basically pure bullshit, for many reasons. Yes, there is some insurance fraud, but that is not what most people do, and most people obviously lose things of more value than the insurance ever covers. Its' as stupid as saying you jump in front of a car so you can collect the great free stay in a hospital. But of course, when you're pushing some kind of propaganda, you're only giving one side of the story - and this is obviously some kind of halfwitted proaganda - not figured out yet what they're up to , but you can be SURE it is something good for the rulers, and not good for 'we the people'.

July 23 - AIH - boy, the hyocricy is blazing sometimes - the bombings in Iraq killing people are them damned al Qaida 'terrorists" - the identical bombing in Syria a couple of days ago is great!!! - must be nice to have an essentially mindless population unable to see this. Everybody knows about 1984 - apparently NObody (outside of a few of us out-of-the-boxers) sees how directly it applies to the average citizen and their ability to 'doublethink' today. WE bomb the fuck out of people, that's 'freedom fighting!!!!' - THEY bomb some people - THAT'S FUCKING TERRORISM YOU BASTARDS!!! - hard to see how a lot of these people actually manage to survive - the capitalists look after their peasants to a point, I guess, to keep the wheels turning ... but not the brains. Oh, not, not the brains.

July 21 - Day 6 - the Spectacle continues - following the Texas shooting, we have a long talk with a survivor of the Columbine shooting -

July 19 - much angst this week about various shootings, and what we can do about them. Much analysis of 'why' this is happening - and not a word about the most obvious thing of all. When you're a fish, you don't think about water - when you live in capitalistland, you don't think about looking to capitalism for the source of problems (although, of course, somewhat perversely, anytime something is working right, the capitalists are all over the place screaming about how great capitalism is, which is usually just lying, as most of what is good in our society is a holdover from days when capitalists were held in some restraint, and politicians who actually felt some responsibility to the people who elected them were creating programs like UI, or old age pensions, health care systems etc - and for some reason nobody recalls now that the capitalists, in the form of their big money lobbyists, fought these programs every step of the way, but now take credit for them - but that's capitalism, lies and lies and more lies. but I digress. as I often say, there is much around here to digress about.) but back to the ongoing and yearly increasing violence - people in any society tend to follow the lead of their leaders - when we had a better democracy, and the message was coming down from on high, via actions as much as words, that we valued values like looking after one another, and a peaceful society, then young people were encouraged in this kind of behavior, and understood that in return for their being good citizens, the 'state' would look after them if they had any problems.

But - capitalistland is a laissez-faire, dog eat dog sort of society, where clawing your way to the top is a very rewarding thing, and being a good obedient citizen is just being a patsy, as the gov cuts back everything they were providing before, while the cost of living goes up, etc etc. The young people see the Cdn gov openly supporting violence in the pursuit of your goals (who are we bombing this year, ma??) - citizens daring to raise their voice in protest in modern Canada get their heads beat on, and etc. Young people see this, and young people are *Very* alert to hypocricy - 'do as I say not as I do' is a quick way to lose legitimacy with young people. (how well I remember!)

Thus gangs, and other kinds of 'me alpha-male you die!' shit we see - the street gangs are nothing more than a very distant and poor cousin to the current dominant capitalist gang HQ-ed in Bay St in Canada, and currently running the mafia organisation AKA the 'Canadian government' (which is, of course, just a branch organisation of the *real* big boys HQ-ed in New York or LA or Dallas or somewhere around the US, for which the US gov is the enforcement arm.) Young people may not understand much of the politics of this, but they surely understand the idea that 'king of the hill' is the game of the day, and they're just trying to rise to the top, as young, testosterone-driven males have ever done and ever will. In nurturing societies, their aggression is much better controlled, as they are better educated in the first place, and they also see that such behavior is seriously frowned upon, and not rewarded in societies more democracy-like (think Canada 40 years ago, the current Nordic countries) - in predator societies, however, pretending to be democracies, the 'frowning' is more of a 'wink wink' sort of thing - people who are tame enough to be passive citizens are wanted to do the drudgery work, but a certain subclass well understands that there is a ruling class, and the initiation price into that ruling class is based on getting money, and the only way to get that kind of money is some form of criminality (including various forms of theft currently 'legalized' by crimninal governments), and great wealth *only* comes through some kind of violence, even if the smarter entrants into this contest confine their violence to 'passive violence' such as stealing from people who cannot help themselves, and thus live lives of brutal poverty following such theft).

(ohno ohno! it's the HEAT baby!! the HEAT!! (Day 6, CBC - protecting Capitalism will ALWAYS be Job 1 on the CBC ...)

- the HOuse, Sat July 21 - GUN CONTROL!! - LONGER JAIL SENTENCES!! -

July 18 - in response to a story on Alternet, doing one of the periodical "analyses" we see in the mainstream alternative media, extrmemly pretentiously, and patronisingly, pretending to 'analyse' the psychological 'defaults' that lead some people to believing "conspiracy theories" - How a retired theologian became a high priest of the 911 truth movement. It's pretty shallow stuff, but unfortunately our modern citizens have been well trained over the last 30-100 years to be pretty shallow people, believing the most bizarre things as long as they are repeated enough in the indoctrination machine they watch 3-4-5-6 hours per day. But on the other hand there are a lot of people out there who have not drank the koolaid, who understand that almost all they hear or read or see in the mainstream media is probably some degree of lies and/or propaganda, and are thinking for themselves quite a lot - and when you look at the 911 situation, there is nowhere to go except that it is indeed a mass of lies and coverup. We don't know what really happened that day, but it is obvious that the 'official conspiracy theory' peddled by the US gov and passed on pretty much intact by the mainstream media is simply impossible, and it would thus seem that at least some elements of the US gov had to be involved. And since the MSM are known to be under control of the NWO people, and are faithfully parroting the official story, it would seem that the NWO is somehow involved. Dots remain to be connected - when 'we the people' finally retake 'our' governments (yea yea maybe wishful thinking - but ya gotta believe it's possible, or why bother trying? - anyway, my brief response, this time:

"..to understanding what drives the 9/11 conspiracy theories and their adherents.." - funny how these people who say they are 'trying to understand' what 'drives' certain people come up with all kinds of pseudo-psychological crap while managing to avoid the most obvious thing of all - simply that they see a great crime has been perpetrated in their country, and they want some people brought to justice, regardless of how corrupt the government and media are as they collude in the massive coverup of the crime. Although humans as a whole have a very large percentage of people who will just do as their leaders tell them, and believe what they are told to believe because they're just too timid to disagree with 'authority' or were simply born gullible and never grew out of it, fortunately we still have a lot of people who are both intelligent and have a bit of courage, and can first see through the lies the con artists and 'in authority' criminals tell, and then have the courage to stand up and talk about it. Such as the blatantly obvious BS and coverup of the 911 'official conspiracy theory' (OCT), which has the credibility, if examined intelligently, of the 'fall down go boom!!!!' stuff you see on Saturday morning cartoons or Hollywood movies. Such stuff might impress the many 6-hr-per-day-and-thusly-dumbed-down-and-credulous tv watchers most Americans are these days, but it is easily seen for the crap it is by those who have managed to turn their tvs off, and engage their brains. Real life widebody jets do not just 'disintegrate' from a normal crash, modern steel and concrete high rise buildings do not simply crumble into dust, evil people in caves in 'axis of evil BASTARDS!!!!' countries do not shut down the entire US air defence system, and etc.

What is somewhat of a more interesting question is why some people who seem to be intelligent persist in pushing this 'official theory for halfwits or willing koolaid drinkers' (can't speak to the 'courage' of such people, as tagging along on the bully's coattails and strutting around calling those opposing the bully names doesn't take much..). And why websites advertising themselves as 'progressive' carry such obvious nonsense.

It's notable that this piece doesn't dare open any of the major points of why 'truthers' find the 'official theory' untenable - the arguments have been well hashed out, and the 'official theory' doesn't have the shadow of a leg to stand on. The sites claiming to 'debunk' the 'truthers' are easily seen through, mostly attacking various 'straw dogs' or fringe assertions put forth by only a few, and ignoring the main things that point to the impossibility of the official theory - 4 major modern 100-ton widebody jets disintegrating to confetti in one day, assuming we include two very questionable 'crashes' which may or may not have been the planes claimed, when no such plane has ever disintegrated to this degree before in the hundreds of major air crashes we have had the last 75 years (not a single engine or tailpiece or wing or sizable fuselage piece to be seen on 911 - wha?!?! - they're scattered around in EVERY other such crash - but not in FOUR on this particular day?!?! Really???? Isn't that just a BIT odd??); the utter ridiculousness of *three* steel and concrete high rises disintegrating *exactly* as buildings do in controlled demolitions and have never, before or since, suffered such a fate under the most extreme conditions (whilst every official 'investigation' begins with the premise that they don't have to even consider controlled demolition because they know they were not.. again - Wha?!?) - whilst a goodly number of high rises the last few years have had far longer and more serious fires, and remained standing, not even in danger of crumbling as the three on 911 did: the utterly ludicrous idea (to sane people, at any rate, with some idea of how the world actually works..) that some crazed religious fanatic in a scary turban and beard working via laptop and satellite from a cave somewhere in Afghanistan ( AKA comic-book boogieman in boogiemanland - under the bed children!!) totally immobilized the entire American Air Defence system for two hours, to the point where they couldn't even scramble a couple of planes from Andrews Air Force base a few miles from Washingon while a hijacked plane few directly towards Washington for over an hour - well, you wouldn't even do some of this stuff on Sat morning tv, the kids would be laughing at how silly it was. Yet this is the 'official conspiracy theory' that the controlled mainstream, and controlled 'alternative mainstream' media, continue to push.

This 'junk journalism' article is typical of the best these 'conspiracy-theory-debunkers' can come up with - a piece pretending to be 'serious' writing which, when you just stand back and take a look at it, is nothing more than another biased ad hominum attack, which is all they have left - if you can't discredit the message, go after the messenger.

Very sad, and somewhat disturbing, to see Alternet trying to lend substance to this kind of extremely shallow 'debunking' of people actually trying to save this place - what other NWO stuff are you shilling for?

(oh - for the koolaid drinkers cleverly, if somewhat limitedly, thinking 'Aha! But fires did not bring the buildings down alone - it was the plane crashes!!' - well, aside from the fact, of course, that no plane hit WTC 7, let's bring in a fact the 'debunkers' tend to not like to talk about - yes, planes hit the WTCs 1 and 2 - but in each case it was a one hundred ton plane hitting a five hundred *thousand* ton building. Parse that, if you're capable of thinking about something you haven't absorbed with the OCT koolaid. And then quit bothering the adults - we've got more important things to do than continually responding to people who have obviously not read any of the now voluminous material thoroughly proving the utter nonsense of the OCT.) (I have a longer look at the impossibility of the whole OCT, according to my own reasoning, here - 911 Thought Experiment )

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