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July 16 - Ottawa Morning - Robin interviews a lady who fled Czechoslovakia in 56 during the 'Russian invasion' - just occurs to me how obvious this makes the spin between 'our' guys and theirs - when the Russians invaded somebody, it was basically 'them goddamm commies invading for no other reason than to take over a peaceful democratic country to make it another commie dictatorship!!!!' - and etc. The US, however, has invaded FAR more countries since WWII than the Soviets ever did - but NEVER did it get that kind of spin, although in almost every case that was exactly what they were doing - not a 'commie' dictatorship, but a US-capitalist puppet dictator put in place to allow US corps to enslave and steal from the people of the country. Check out a book called Killing Hope by William Blum, for some stuff you ain't gonna be hearing on the CBC.

- and speaking of propaganda and lies ('spin' is a bit polite and massively understating the case here) - some words of intelligence about the Syria stuff, from Global Research - again, don't look for this on the Capitalist Broadcasting Corp - "Democracy Now" and the "Progressive" Alternative Media: Valued Cheerleaders For Imperialism and War - "...The major Western mainstream media outlets have been running a "shock and awe" propaganda offensive against the Syrian government of President Bashar Al Assad for nearly 16 months. The misinformation has been unrelenting, monolithic, unverified, one-sided and, frankly, increasingly preposterous..."

- as I have been saying, and others.

July 15 - Rick Salutin reviews a book on why people shouldn't have to pay their debts, apparently an honored system at some times and places in the past. I don't entirely agree, insofar as debts are honestly incurred - odious debts, however, are quite another matter - and much of what we are told we need to pay today qualifies as 'odious'. More here - It's the 'odious' debts we need to resist - you certainly won't be reading it in the Star.

July 15 - a bit of an insight has been growing in me lately. Maybe perfectly obvious to others, but I've always been a bit slow about some things. My anger at what the CBC has become is a bit unfocused - what I have failed to realise is that it is doing exactly what it would be expected to do, to anyone who understood what was happening in Canada. And there is no point in being angry at nature for bad weather, or at the lion for killing or snake for biting - they are just doing what they were created to do, or what comes naturally. No amount of complaining will change anything here. And any 'state' broadcasting system is going to naturally reflect the wishes of the government, spread the message the government wishes spread - no illegitimate or dictatorial government is going to encourage or even allow a state broadcaster that would be trying to expose and get rid of them, encourage people to organise to get rid of them, give them information that would expose the lies of the government propaganda - that would be stupid, and although people who crave power and do what is necessary to get it have their limitations in the intelligence department, they are clever in the ways of power, and allowing a radio or television system they controlled to speak against them would just be stupid.

It is, thus, natural for a state broadcaster to reflect whatever kind of government a country has, and do what it can to keep the citizens accepting that government. As was Pravda to the Soviets of the infamous Stalinist era, so is the CBC to Canada's 'new government' (which did not, incidentally, begin with Harper - it's been growing since Mulroney). Through the 50s and 60s and 70s, Canada was a great deal more democratic than it is today, with the people electing politicians who actually wanted to do good for 'the people', thus the institution of programs like pensions and unemployment insurance and health care - and the use of the CBC to share our stories and experiences as we talked about ways to improve our country, our lives, our democracy - the CBC those of us old enough remember with great fondness. In those times, we were all working together to make a better country, and the CBC was part of our voice, part of the way we were doing that - it did not need to agitate about government doing things most of us did not want, because the government very much reflected the will of the people, as did, thusly, the CBC. But over the years of the 80s and 90s and this new century, the government of 'our' country was slowly usurped by the plutocratic, pseudo-democracy Big Money people in a 'silent coup', like a cancer slowly spreading through a body, and the CBC has naturally been carefully guided through these years to reflect the 'new if unacknowledged' government, to make sure it did or does not do anything to get people aware of these things. And in recent years, as the switch from 'democratic we the people' government to 'corporate for the Money' government has become more and more obvious and open, it has become a voice in support of this Big Money power - never put so clearly, of course, as part of its job is maintaining thecbc sheep throwing wolf shadow (now) lie of 'democracy', but its support of "free market capitalism' is, of course, support for Big Money, as 'free market capitalism' is, of course, simply code for a new 'robber baron-ism', with money controlled by the few, and the many controlled by money. The current role of the CBC, those it really supports, is very clear from two major issues - as the government has instituted the big 'debt' scam (What Happened?), the CBC has been front and center in pushing people to accept the reversion of their lives to earlier and earlier - and less and less democratic - incarnations. And they have been urged with lies and propaganda to accept Canada's 'new role' as a US imperialist sock puppet, blindly following the US around the world bombing countries back to the stone age to teach certain people who was boss, and that 'leaders' opposing the US would *not* be allowed to continue their opposition. And more and more Canadians are being told that they, too, had better support this new world order, as dissension of any sort is becoming, to the rulers, less and less to be tolerated.

More later. This is not 'giving up' on the CBC, just more understanding. I still believe, very very strongly, that we need a CBC speaking *for* the people and that is a central part of my fight - but I see that speaking to them directly, at this time, is of no more use than waving a fist at a thunderstorm, or trying to reason with the wolf about eating the nice sheep - it's what they do, predators hunt, human predators lie, kill, intimidate, steal, con, indoctrinate, propagandize, cheat - whatever is necessary to get and maintain power with the tools at their disposal. The analogy is of course imperfect - but we can, I see, forget about using the CBC to fight for Democracy, when it is controlled by people with the very opposite goal, destroying for the foreseeable future the struggle for democracy that has been underway for the last few hundred years - and obviously staffed by those willing to sell us out for whatever perks they are getting from the usurpers - it's very obvious that life in the 'managerial class', not a ruler but a 'servant with privileges', as it were, is a far better prospect in capitalistland than life as a wage-slave. First we take back the country - and then we get the CBC back. For now - well, we can forget about the "Canadian" broadcasting corporation, and just realise that what we have is the Capitalist BC.

July 14 - The House - the 'replacement host' has obviously drunk his koolaid, and/or been well-trained in helping encourage others to drink theirs - talking to the Cdn ambassador to China, he brings up ALL the propaganda things 'good Cdn koolaid drinker citizens' are supposed to believe about China - 'what are we going to do about (pick a propaganda thing)' - *WE* believe in "free market capitalism" - they don't (indoctrination maintenance, as if 'free market' in regards to 'capitalism' wasn't a great lie) - Chinese don't like to intervene (translation - they won't join our regime change operations such as in Syria this year, Libya last year, etc - what are we going to do to get them to help us intervene in places like Syria where that murdering bastard is killing so many innocent people??? (paraphrased, but that was the idea) - and etc ... one preconceived lie after another - you could write a book ... but your readership would be pretty small these days, it's hard to get a book on Twitter, which the child-mind finds far more entertaining ... (I suspect that most of the negative things said have some truth - but it's the context that makes it propaganda, the assumption that THEY are evil commie bastards, but WE are freedom-loving Democracies, etc - pretty demonstrably not so ...)

July 14 - they really want people to listen to the "Capitalism is really great!!" propaganda being spread by the new 'Invisible Hand' summer radio show, this week a great mass of lies about how wonderful capitalism is - your granny is a capitalist!!! - getting heavy adveritising all Sat morning ... I guess this is what they mean by the 'bully pulpit' ... or getting the kids to try the really delicious koolaid ...

July 13 - 06:00 "news", PEI - BC landslide - let's get them crying people here, that's the "news" we like!!! (after a man crying about his horse that died at the Stampede) - lower and lower we go today - every tear coming out of the CBC is another shovelful of dirt on the grave that will have to be removed if we are ever to get it truly back - they're pretty determined, obviously, that's never going to happen ...

-- and more demonising of Syria - massacre massacre!!!!! right jackcapitalist broadcasting corporation - hate hate kill kill bomb bomb

- Island Morning, some teenager interviewing someone about a walk they're taking - just turn the show over to the kids ...

Ottawa morning "news" - good jesus, they have a story about a cab driver losing business because some people saw him texting while driving!!!!!! - fucking social control in BIG letters - an important part of your new CBC (earlier Robin, talking to somebody about the 'adult' story of some kids playing bike polo, asked the reporter - told her really, in her official CBC announcer 'big mother' voice - 'well, I certainly hope you were wearing your helmet!' (the "reporter" was, of course - just a little game for the children - never forget, mother is watching - KEEP THAT HELMET ON CHILDREN!~!! (as in, be sure to always do anything Mother tells you - she is ALWAYS watching..) - like old Eddy said years ago - take care of the pennies, the dollars take care of themselves - get the people doing as they are told on things that might seem trivial, useful even - and when the orders come about bigger things that are very much less trivial, they are so habituated to doing what they're told by Big Momma they don't even know what 'resistance' is any more, and the few who might dare question orders are quickly slapped down, with the full approval of their less daring 'peers' who are comfortable with nothing else other than doing as they're told, so need somebody to tell them and cannot even imagine a world where they'd actually have to decide things for themselves, beyond what they're allowed to decide - Big Mac or WHopper, fries or rings, salad for the truly independent and daring ... the Germans figured that out a few years too late, sometime back in the 1940s ... and since whatever history is taught these days is very carefully rewritten or spun to give only certain messages, we can be pretty sure nobody's making that connection outside of Green Island ... probably no more than a handful who could even understand this if it was put in their face ...

July 12 - midnight news, amateur hour at Calgary ....

- AIH - start off with more on the 'sex scandal' from some American university - gossip for the sexually really-screwed-up modern citizen, thus taking voyeuristic interest in the sexual escapades of others. Suitable no doubt for 'Tattler' or the Sunday Expose!! or some other rag catering to the less intelligent (AND PROUD OF IT!!)at the supermarket check out - but on the CBC?!?!?!? - well, I guess since half their work is creating just such a citizenry, we can understand it. The tears continue ....

-- and then an 'expert' telling people not to get excited about the LIBOR stuff - not that bad for most people, and it proves the banking system is really great and getting better, that this was found out and is being dealt with.

>> and then a talk with some lady about the 'internet cat film festival' - and the lady announcer (Helen Mann) showing that at heart she's just a giggly teenager - exactly the kind of citizen the NWO is encouraging, with their secretariat media ...

July 11 - CBC - Capitalist Radio of Canada (and proud of it): the 'new' money/"economics" show, 'Invisible Hand' - they go completely over to the Dark Side today (after the first show dancing on the edge, with 'Gouging is good!!") - today a blatantly manipulative and completely nonsensical, alice-in-wonderland defence of capitalism. Look at the lemonade stand!! THAT'S Capitalism!!!! what's wrong with that, you scoffers!!?? - We ALL share the "profits" of capitalism!! - it's WONderful!!! The CBC, in full blown defence of Mordor, with a puff piece, a piece of propaganda that might have been produced by the CD Howe people, or Fraser Institute, for distribution to the innocent minds in their public indoctrination institutes (AKA the 'education system', or high school civics classes), lying through their teeth about what is really capitalist broadcasting corporation - we love austeritygoing on here, what capitalism is really all about - koolaid for the dumbed-down naif tv-benumbed masses (which not that many years ago was NOT the people you would find listening to the CBC.... This is, apparently, given other things I've been hearing, the summer the CBC throws off the sheep's coat it's been wearing, which has admittedly been getting pretty transparent the last few years, and emerges in the full glory of its predatory wolf hide - ALL HAIL MORDOR!! CAPITALIST DEBT-SLAVERY IS DEMOCRACY!!. Good deconstruction stuff, if 'we' ever win, here.

They make a big deal out of the odd 'anti-capitalist' Hollywood movie (to show how we've all been 'misled' into our bad thoughts about capitalism), but of course not a word about the reality of such robber baron types throughout history, which overall make the Hollywood portrayals look like normal people (Mr Potter in 'It's a Wonderful Life' was a small town operator who did minimal damage in the end, Gordon Gecko was a big player, but still at heart a pure good samaritan compared to the real life people, like the Rockerfellers or the many other true robber barons of the late 1800s and their brutal industry towns of various sorts, which still exist today in places, where the family fortunes were built that still rule the world, or the major modern capitalists enslaving and brutalising much of the 'third world', responsible for the unnecessary deaths of millions, and the sad, tragic lives of hundreds of millions more, including those terrible pictures of starving children we see now and then - and of course our own current descent into some form of new feudalism). And then not a WORD, of course, about the full spectrum propaganda about how wonderful capitalism is we get day after day after day on the media, including the CBC ... it's really pretty shameless in the lies they tell, to suck in the innocent to drinking their koolaid - some old lady living on dividends is a capitalist????? - not really, my friend!!! - the 'capitalist' is the "owner of production", controlling large amounts of money, manipulating the society via that power. The nonsense about anyone with a CSB or other bond getting a few dollars of interest from their 'investment' being a 'capitalist', or any small businessman, is the kind of lie they need to sell, though, the only kind of shallow 'defence' they have to keep the hobbits from rising in anger and slaying the bloodsucking parasites robbing them blind - and that's the business of the 21st century CBC, selling snake oil and lies, and dumbing people down so they are stupid enough to drink the koolaid. (and it is exTREMEly disheartening to see how easily the modern citizens are completely sucked in by such obvious lies, how readily they drink the proferred koolaid and lay their heads and souls on the capitalist chopping block, how willingly, thoughtlessly, they condemn their children and grandchildren to lives far less fulfilling than their parents fought to give them, and their parents before them, but the modern generations have been completely castrated, in terms of being intelligent enough to see what is happening, or having the balls to stand tall and fight it all - I guess the work begun by Bernays and his buds 100 years ago has been very, very successful ... - the rabbit defence, I guess - hold still and hope it's over quick .. if this truly is the way the world ends, according to ol TS, it's what we deserve, I guess )

Overall an utterly shameless info-advertisement-propaganda piece from Capitalist Central - this is really a low point for the CBC - but I have learned over the years never to think they can't go lower .... it's a complete advert-promo, not a WORD from anyone raising (real) arguments against capitalism, or answering the 'interpretations' or 'explanations' they give about various things, or pointing out the obviousl lies they tell --- almost unbelievable to hear such utter shit on the CBC ...

(it is notable that the show also features the 'coming out' of one 'Stephen Gordon', exposing him finally and irrevocably as a capitalist shill - he's been writing a lot of very questionable stuff on "progressive" websites the last few years - I have wondered about him, but need wonder no more - he is fully exposed for the shill he is here, one of the 5th-column 'leaders' of the 'progressive' movement ensuring that nothing gets done that seriously endangers the capitalist new-feudalist takeover - you cannot form good plans if you don't understand what is really going on, what really needs to be fought, and with capitalist "economists" such as Gordon keeping the lights very firmly turned off, carefully guarding the Great Scam going on behind the wizard's curtain, 'progressives' continue wandering around, wanting to do something to stop the destruction, but unable to get anything useful together because they don't understand the true nature of the beast they are fighting ...)

- very much deserving of a longer essay - maybe later ... (hard to get a lot of enthusiasm sometimes when I am speaking to a crowd of one .... and he already knows what is going on ....)

- then later on AIH - the male host doing his anti-science speil again - 'trying to wrap my poor (normal) brain around 'the god particle' - and etc - under the surface message - the 'normal citizen' the CBC is 'speaking' to regards 'science' as something for unusual people - we'll just get on with more fun stuff - leave 'intelligent' stuff to those who rule us ...

>> and to rub it in - mocking the erudition of Conrad Black - completely anti-intelligence, the new CBC - I don't have much use for the kind of society Black believes in, in general, but it's stupid to call somebody names because you don't like them - also stupid to underestimate your enemies - Black is a very intelligent person, and writes very well, and has little patience for fools - I don't really disagree with him there - I enjoy most of his writing, just because of how intelligently he writes - I suppose that is something else that puts me into a very small and growing smaller category of some sort - not only intelligent writing about ideas, but those of us who can still read sentences with more than ten words, with words of more than 3 syllables at times, etc ....

- and then are we in your face or what - a 'modern' 'pop' song, 'drunk teenagers' - and who is going to be enjoying this kind of 'music'? The engaged, intelligent citizen the CBC spoke to 30-40 years ago - or the dumbed down, self-centered adult-body-teen-mind 'new' citizen - who thinks science is to be avoided, and people who use big words they cannot understand are to be mocked rather than learned from, and the purpose of life is FunFunFun. The 'new' CBC. The new Cdn. The NWO.

July 9 - Current - getting upset about the move of the fed gov to limit mortgages to 25 years - the thing is, the way they present it, it is as if this has always been some 'right' Cdns had - but in reality it was only raised to 30 years a few years ago, before which it was 25 years - so the entire discussion is based on essentially a false premise - not clear if this is just simple stupidity on the part of the CBC (which would have been pretty much unthinkable even 30 years ago, but would not be in the least surprising these days), or they have some real 'agenda' here (for example some high up in the CBC has a buddy who stands to lose for some reason about this, and with the new 'market friendly' CBC, a guy high up in the CBC doing some favor for a bud would not be surprising either. Just another kind of stupid, I suppose - but in capitalist land - well, corruption is us. )

- AIH - never missing an opportunity to go after some leader 'we' (that is, the masters of the media who control the spin etc) don't like - tonight it's Putin, and how he was somehow, damn that commie, personally responsible for the flood that killed a couple of hundred people - you need to think about the difference between how 'our' media treats a situation like this, and a similar situation in Canada, or the west -

>> followed by an interview with a young Cdn tennis player, nothing of use or interest at all, beyond the thoughts of a teen - but lady host gushing over the Canadian Sports Hero!!! (thank you so much!!) - pushing Canadians to the New Spectacle, the new dumbed down citizen interested in sports and entertainment, letting the rulers take care of the important stuff they don't know about, and don't want to know ....

>> on to some American drug operation in Honduras - Obama never mentioned. That's what it's all about - if this had of been some Soviet department shooting someone, they'd be speculating about Putin, etc - but if the US does it, the Pres is never mentioned

- and then at the end, a brief note of Elton John and his connection with the breakup of 'communism' - but to introduce it, the guy gives a few 'possible' reasons for the breakup of the USSR - everything internal-related - the reality, of course, was the US had been trying to break the place up for 40 years, and finally succeeded - but the Minstry of Truth version for the created narrative is never, never NEVEr going there ... and thus the M of T propagandists are not going there either - the CBC koolaid drinkers believe what they hear on the CBC ..

And later in this full-spectum in-your-face-all-the-time propaganda, we have - The Current - interview with some Iranian Cdn girl who had her account (and her father's) account blocked by the TD bank, because of some kind of ties with Iran - the 'host' says, at one point - "At the heart of the conflict is that Iran **is trying** to create nuclear capacity" - this is completely denied by Iran, and has always been, of course - but the CBC is in the narrative-creation business, so they tell what they want you to believe - don't let facts get in the way. Which brings the entire story into question... that the girl or anyone else does not quarrel with this misstatement has to make you wonder ...

>> and if you need proof - the last guy they talk to - "Iran is a murderous regime, genocidal, killing its own citizens, supporting Assad' and etc - another spectacle propaganda setup - smearing and demonising those 'we' want to get rid of through blatant lies etc.

(they are shallow and stupid with their propaganda, of course - they talk about how it is unfortunate that when 'we the good guys' do sanctions, good people get hurt, but that is ok! - too bad, but ok - of course, when the west attacks someone and the person attacked defends themselves and hurts others - he's just a murderous bastard!! - stupid and shallow, but that's the way we do things in the New WO - and citizens don't see a thing ((Good deconstruction, for the last guy here - he lays out what they are doing, and it is obvious what crap it is ... as Orwell saw - double-think is necessary for the average citizens, does not seem to be a problem these days ..)

July 10 - AIH - again, with the slow but insidious attack on science, quoting some strange paper for England on Batman flying with the bat cape - the thing is, this is part of the slow dumbing down, getting people to pay less attention to real science and thus intelligence - they continually quote snakeoil salesmen disguised as "economists" and "political analysts" telling people what to do based on anything *but* real science and intelligence - you NEVER hear some story about how these 'predictions' proved completely wrong in the past, thus suggesting people pay less attention to them - it's all part of creating a less intelligent population, easier to manipulat by the ministry of truth here ..

July 8 - "news" - and creation of the narrative in full action - "Libyans overthrew Gaddaffi last year.." !!!!!!Wow - not a word about NATO bombing the fuck out of the country and anything remotely related to Gaddaffi, and arming the 'rebels' and conducting a massive propaganda campaign to get the world onside with this blatant war crime - no sir, like Harper's "majority" government that will never be sullied by mention of the fact that FAR more people voted against him or not at all in this "majority", so now our Ministry of Truth history books are just going to write the NATO bombing and leading and participation out, and leave this war crime painted completely over, as 'the Libyans ousted Gaddaffi' - these people run around shouting WE ARE INDOCTINATING YOU right in everyone's faces, and there's barely a word of protest ...

>> later - the Spectacle is now broadening to make sure all Canadians are aware of the important sports news about progress of the 'world beach volleyball championships' - can't give many details, couldn't manage to listen to it - the tears are flowing freely these days ...

July 7 - "news" - letting us know that 'the investigation continues' over a guy in NB who was killed last year - and the "news" that some citizen is 'surprised it hasn't been solved yet' - not entirely clear how the opinion of one non-law-enforcement citizen is relevant to what Cdns need to know .... You could probably find a dozen people with a dozen opinions - but 'news' ??? only in the new CBC, I guess ... (yes, overall I have a low opinion of the 'new' 'law enforcement', but in the general scheme of things, there are still good police investigators in some places - and we used to have quite a few of them, and hopefully will again some day - but the idea is, policing does take some training, and modern policing has a lot of techniques and things - the opinion of a 'citizen' that the cops are not doing their job well is not really 'news', at least in any sane country, which I don't really think Canada is any more ...

>> The House - checking out a new propaganda girl, I guess - an 'expose' of some sort of "how things work in the House!!!!' - really. She has serious attitude - aggressive, she's (in her mind) (Julienne Hazelwood) uncovering important shit here, nobody knew it, she had to fight to get it, and you can tell from her tone of voice that she is not taking any shit from anybody, by god - she's telling you the real story. (actually, it's more of the 'narrative' - what we are supposed to believe. deconstruction material if anyone looking later ...)

July 6 - Ottawa morning - how wonderful the Libyan people living in Canada can vote in a **democratic** election!!! - etc etc - again, the ongoing rewriting of history maintenance - we got rid of the fucking monster Gaddafi, and now we're free!!! - one suspects things are not entirely as we hear about them on the CBC, known, convicted propagandist secretariat for the NWO - the world as the new feudalists want you to believe it is ... - really, look at how WONDERFUL Iraq is these days, with the Grand Democracy granted them by the noble US et al ...

July 6 - National 'news' making a big conversation piece about a report about 'job creation' supposed to be released tomorrow - capitalist economics in action.

And then PEI 'news' has a report projecting what will happen in tourism this year - what would be very interesting along with such stories would be a look back at the similar reports from last year or other years, times, places, and see, after the fact, just how accurate such things are. They never do this though - I suppose there are different reasons - current speculation is just spectacle, no intelligent person gets all in a twist about this kind of thing, but people with troubled lives are either looking for escapism and getting worried about the future, or hopeful, whatever, beats thinking about what the fuck you are doing watching tv all day - and also, I guess they *really* don't want people to get the idea that looking into the past might be far, far more useful in figuring out what is going on today than listening to people make projections about what might happen next week or next month. We can learn a lot from thinking about what people did in the past, in similar situations to what we are in today - and if 'we the people' ever started learning some of this stuff, the rulers and their enablers might well find themselves in some considerable trouble.

Or not. First you would have to have people able to look back and think about what they were seeing, and then compare that to what is happening today - and then be able to form some kind of plan to put a lot of criminals who currently call themselves our 'rulers' into jail. Not an easy proposition - easier in every way just to turn on the tv and turn off the brain. I grok it. Don't agree at all, but I understand it. As ol TS figured out 60-odd years ago - this is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper.

July 6 - Coyne comments - I added a note to the comments, saying I had a detailed letter of suggestions for Ms Coyne - I can't say I'm surprised the Star didn't care for my opinions. Interesting, overall, that the 'lefty' (AKA 'progressive') mainstream media places are FAR less likely to allow any of my comments from 'outside the box' than the rightwing-libertarian sites.

July 6 - Houla Massacre Update - The UN Report - in which we find the comment: "...Just two days after the massacre, the Independent on Sunday's front cover wanted to know what its readers were going to do about it: ‘There is, of course, supposed to be a ceasefire, which the brutal Assad regime simply ignores. And the international community? It just averts its gaze. Will you do the same? Or will the sickening fate of these innocent children make you very, very angry?' (Independent on Sunday, May 27, 2012)' "

Along with the rest of this article, this is pretty conclusive evidence, as far as I am concerned, that there is widespread and coordinated propaganada about these major NWO initiatives - 'advice' from the behind-the-scenes controllers about 'how' to get more of an increasingly skeptical population onside, or at least confused enough to accept what is being done with minimal resistance. As I have noted before, a few weeks ago the same ideas suddenly appeared on various CBC shows, and undoubtedly many more I do not listen to - I noted in one Ottawa Morning interview our Ms Bresnahan on June 13 commenting almost the same thing, interviewing some "diplomat" who said he didn't think Cdns were ready for 'intervention', and she said something like 'Well, mothers in Canada hearing about babies with bullets in their heads surely will be ready for something' - something like that, and then June 19 lead propagandist AM on the Current saying something similar - this kind of comment is *very* unusual from CBC announcers (really, I would challenge you to find anything else from years gone by - I certainly don't recall anything, and this is the kind of thing (you might gather from this comment here) that tends to stick with me. Arranged from above. Talking points for pushing demonisation. The new CBC - Brutus to the people of Canada, sticking the knife in the back day after day after day after day.

July 6 - an example of 'the creation of the Cdn narrative' - the maintenance of the mythology under which we live, through 24/7 full spectrum media control. Drive-by reinforcements, the little things that pepper the writings of the Ministry of Truth staffers (senior writers in the 'respectable' Cdn media) that make sure we, or most of us anyway who live inside their box, just assume certain things to be true - and as long as you assume those things to be true, then you will regard the ideas of those writing from outside the box as some kind of nonsense.

Today, we offer one Andrew Coyne, one of those senior respected writers whose words are not questioned by most, writing about the recent and ongoing economic crisis in the Literary Review of Canada, a Cdn NWO publication promoting capitalism as the default, best-ever form of organising our societies (been meaning to do a bit of analysis of them, haven't gotten around to it, but just watch what they offer, the dominant ideology they assume, and so on - as with Mr Coyne's piece, for example - I can safely predict you will *never* see the name 'Dave Patterson' in the LRD (chuckle, the very idea brings a smile to the face, a somewhat cynical smile, to be sure).

But on to today's lesson, children.

Mr Coyne's piece is entitled Post-economic politics in Canada, and near the first he throws out what 'the narrative' is now telling everyone today, and in years to come, is the accepted 'fact' of this time - "...And in Canada, of course, we have since re-elected the Conservative Party, this time with a majority...". Yep, 'Canadians' 'elected' a majority conservative government last year. All in order, things done by that gov are thus legitimate, no need to look under the rug for any bodies, etc.

Butbutbut. Actually, of Canadians who voted, some 60% voted against this 'majority' government, which has to bring the idea of 'legitimate' majority government into at least some question. And when you further consider that even though there is a lot of concern about what is happening in our country and world among Canadians, and a great deal of unhappiness with what every government has been up to for the last 25+ years, from Mulroney through Chretien and now Harper, so 'party' has nothing to do with it, considerably more eligible Cdn voters chose not to vote for anyone at all than who voted for the 'majority conservative government' (some 7.5 million Cdns, out of ~24 million voters did not vote, while 5.8 million voted for Harper et al) - anyway, what we have is considerably less than 25% of eligible voters actually supporting the Cdn government - and yet, the 'narrative' wishes people to believe the government is a legitimate 'majority' government, thus the things it gets up to have the support of Cdns as a whole - thus the creation, and maintenance, of this little myth we now hear regularly about a 'majority conservative government'.

The point, of course, is to keep as many Cdns passive and not getting out in the streets, legimately demanding that 'their' government stops doing so many things opposed by a majority of Canadians - many of those people, if they believe the government is a 'majority', will stay at home grumbling rather than taking action. Which is why we ned to continually try to speak the truth about things like this.

July 4

Deborah Coyne, of various claims to fame, probably the biggest media-attention getter of which would be going back to fathering Pierre Trudeau's 'daughter out of wedlock' in the 80s - now she wants to be leader of the Libs - she'd be no worse than any of the others, I suspect - but is she being truthful with *really* wanting to improve things, or not? I thought I'd send her a short note indicating what I and, I suspect, quite a few others want to see in a leader before we start getting our hopes up.

Ms Coyne's plea for support

My letter in response:

To Ms Coyne, running for the Liberal leadership ...

Two central issues, Ms Coyne, you do not touch upon, and a third almost as important. These are perhaps the most important issues of all, as they speak to the very heart of our democracy, our 'dead democracy walking', really. Nobody else is touching these issues either - which, I would suggest, is one of the main reasons that there is so little excitement out here in real-people-land with what is happening in "our" politics these days, the people who are disengaged understand what is wrong here, and nobody saying they want to be a 'leader' is talking about the most important things, the central things, which must be addressed if our country is to become a progressive democracy again, rather than the US-New Feudalist puppet state it has been morphed into, which most of us very much do not approve of. So if all you are offering is more of the 'same old same old' but with a pretty new suit - you're not going to get much enthusiasm. We need a leader who is **truly** interested in getting our country back, not just in putting pretty new suits on old lies and diversions. (and the rest here. For those interested .... I must say, I would be extremely surprised if she responds in any even remotely positive way, considering her Wikipedia bio tells us she is the niece of a certain Coyne who was the governor of the Bank of Canada awhile back in the 50s, although of course the Bank of Canada was acting considerably more in the interests of Canadians at that time, but she also is the cousin of ANdrew Coyne, the somewhat adolescent-minded libertarian Cdn writer who is allowed to vent his libertarian philosophy in the Canadian media - evidently one of the 'ruling elite' families, or at least well-established in the management level of the elite, and thus very unlikely to actually be wanting to speak for those of us not domiciled in such circles ... )

July 3 - July 3 - history rewriting continues from the early morning news - ("news", of course) - now (they tell us) Syria 'claims' the Turkish plane was over their airspace, but Turkey denies it - a few days ago nobody questioned that it was over Syrian airspace ... And in the 'let's try this one!' demonisation game, the latest 'revelation' is that Syria is running a whole network of torture chambers, and Russia refuses to allow the international community to take action - if you read this in a fiction book, you wouldn't believe that any modern government would be so shallow with its propaganda, the kind of superficial shit you read dictators doing in 3rd world countries because it is all so shallow and obviously self-serving, or in cheap spy novels - because we're all too sophisticated to fall for such crap - in 'real life' however - well, maybe most of us aren't quite so 'sophisticated' - maybe, in fact, most of us are pretty thoroughly indoctrinated to believe whatever bullshit the mainstream media throws at us. There certainly doesn't seem to be much skepticism about this crap out there, aside from the handful of usual sources who figured out a long time ago that pretty much anything demonising others around the world is probably more bullshit than fact.

>> the 'current', a story from Bahrain about a kid being jailed for some small thing - probably true, although no other context is given, the interview is with some woman from England who obviously has a problem with the Bahrain gov (good ol 21st century CBC "impartiality") - the thing is, a couple of things - with stories like this from countries we are being told are baaaaad, children, baaaad, we don't like them folks!, it is never some lone cop or official getting out of hand, it is the entire government - the related thing is, there are stories like this all over the net about cops and officials and govs in the US getting up to similar things, far more of them, and more often than not more disgusting - but we never never never NEVER hear about them on the CBC, and the very odd time something does get a bit of attention, it is *always* laid at the feet of some individula, and NEVER do we hear about 'that horrible US gov' doing stuff - we should be demanding regime change!!. And that's how propaganda works - emphasize and exaggerate 'bad things' about anyone you don't like or want to demonize, and ignore or spin in some friendly way similar stories about people we want to support. The saddest thing, as always, is realising how many people are completely taken in by this kind of shit.

>> next story on the current about ""the male dominated gaming industry"" - one lady says she was just totally shocked, thought about leaving the industry, etc etc when one kid said some game would be better if she was naked - and she thought that was the most horrible thing that she had ever heard, that could possibly happen to her, obviously the kid was a male psycho of some kind. But what we see from out here in sanity land is the CBC contributing to the totally fucked up attitude most people in this country have been indoctrinated to feel about any remote mention of 'the s word', or even plain nudity - in a way it's part of the bigger dumbing down world - instead of mature people able to talk about sex, and joke about it, and see a naked person without freaking out - we must all be little children never talking about it, etc - we all have little sexual organs of one kind or another, and yet we can't talk about them or see them!!! - unbelievable, really - any alien species landing here looking for other advanced and sane civilisations would quickly leave before they caught whatever it is we all have ....

>> and next we have a new summer show called Metamorphosis - and the first show asks the question - what if you suffer a major tragedy (they are talking about the 2006 tsunami in the Indian ocean) - will you ever be the same again? -- and they then get into a whole show basically encouraging people to live at the emotional age of children, forever changed by some tragedy (like the lady above who will obviously now never recover from the unbelievable trauma of someone suggesting they'd like to see her naked OMG OMG OMG!!!! - what a society of half-witted children they have created!). Whereas, of course, you could deal with this like an adult, and recognize that sometimes tragedies happen, and the mature person deals with it and gets over it, hopefully even growing and learning something from it, and being stronger going on. But the CBC wants dumbed down children-citizens, superstitiously, childishly being forever impacted by things like this - cowering forever in some dark place of the mind like a child, wearing emotional seatbelts and bike helmets, trying to protect themselves from all possible trauma - led around by the nose by governments creating fear. >>> god the presentation is like some scripted, manipulative reality show (my god you don't suppose?!?!?!) - build the drama, personal connection, etc - cheapest LCD stuff, for the child-mind self-centered new CBC citizen - god it gets so depressing listening to this stuff day after day after day - I really don't think there's any hope left, Huxley's Brave New World is pretty much here, but Orwell's much crueler world is just over the hill ....

- and then we get on to, a bit later, As It Happens - an interview with some reporter about the Bev Oda resignation, getting into how very diligent our great intrepid reporters are about digging out stuff like her expenses, so Canadians know what is going on with their politicians. You really have to be a bit outside the box to see what nonsense all of this is, how it is just part of the spectacle - it's really a small story, but blown out of proportion to make it appear serious, and, far more importantly, provide titillating fodder for the population to assess importance to things according to what the trusted 'news' etc people *tell* them is important. But if we're worried about $16 glasses of orange juice, or a few thousand bucks for a hotel room or limo - you'd think that a couple of trillion dollars very arguably fraudulently turned over to banks and 'investors' via the money supply scam/fraud would be lighting up the sky - but, of course, not a frigging word ever has, or ever will, darkened the air coming from the CBC, or any other of the Canadian media.

That's what spectacle, propaganda, and indoctrination maintenance are all about. And that's just a small sampling, from one day, of the new CBC - creating the narrative Cdns live their alice-in-wonderland lives in these days. And loving it.

July 2 - July 2 - Island Morning - a long interview with some guy talking about young people being really bad by not obeying laws about seat belts and drinking - and Ms "I am a GOOD Citizen!!' host all a tut-tuter about 'what can we DO to make these young people obey the law?!?' and etc - the CBC in full 'social control' mode. The Big Brother philosophy of public radio. Indoctrination.

>> on the Current - the Created Narrative about 'where it all began!!' - the guy who single handedly started the Arab Spring movement - introduced by a clip of Obama comparing it to the American revolutionaries who refused to pay British taxes, etc - blatant propaganda, history being re-created in front of your eyes by the CBC Ministry of Truth - BELIEVE IT CITIZENS!!

July 1 - July 1 - Maritime Morning - serious propaganda here, some former Clerk of the Privy Council telling us the way it is in the theory civics class books, the highest ideals, the best people trying to do the best for Canada - this is so contrary to what is obviously happening in reality only a very well indoctrinated population could believe it. But Big Brother lecturing to the newbies, I suppose, or creating the official narrative for the Minstry of Truth history books ... (I have no doubt that many good people **used** to work in these positions, back in the 50s and 60s and 70s when we still had a few people in higher office who actually thought their duty was to work for the people rather than the money which controlled everything, and there may be a few oldies still around who have some integrity in them, but very, very obviously today the entire government apparatus, including most senior civil servants, have been replaced by people following the NWO crred, whose whole point is justifying what they are doing by stealing and lying, and the top civil servants are obviously part of it - if you don't go along, you go out sort of thing. And these are pretty good jobs, good travel, perks, 'honor' from the leaders and press, etc ...

he starts clearly showing the 'ministry of truth' version of history in an undeniable way when he gets into talking about 'negotiating free trade, doing the best for Cdns', and the beginnings of 'dealing with the debt' etc with the Mulroney people - obviously this guy is either lying through his teeth, which he does not really, to be honest, sound like - or he's drank the koolaid gladly, and is now just a robot repeating the ministry of truth lies ...

-- last question clears it up, he's a hardcore ideological rightwinger - talks about how they made a mistake in 'dealing with the deficit' way back in the 80s by not going at it hard enough - it is very, very hard to believe that a clerk of the PC could not be aware of the fact that private banks create and control money, and the implications of that - so either he is stunningly ignorant for a very high ranking gov official (which, as I said, he certainly does not sound like) - or he's enabling the ongoing fraud through lying. No other places to go here ... and I don't really think he's an idiot. The best of these guys are obviously accomplished actors, and he appears to be doing his job, and doing it well - that's what they get the high pay and perks for. The ability to do that is how you get the best jobs in the first place. The capitalists don't pay well for half-able jerks - that's the midlevel MPs territory.

June 29 - "Information" morning from Winnipeg - they have somehow got their hands on a diary of the judge accused of 'sexual misbehaviour' of some sort - I haven't been paying much attention, these people (the "journalists") are just too disgusting with their gossip and snooping around other's people's lives - but now they are reading parts of the diary on air. And they're proud of themselves - 'breaking news!! Breaking news!!! Look kids we've got jane's diary!! Aren't we clever!!' - way, way beyond disgusting - the country is going down, and down and down - I've been thinking for years there can't be far left to the bottom, and they keep going deeper ....

- the 'scandal' appears to involve nude photos, and offers of sex (adults only) - what the fuck is it with so many Cdns that they get hysterical about other people having sex? There's NOTHING about anything even remotely criminal here - what are these people doing screaming about this lady's private life all over the CBC radio? This is way beyond sick - there might be, in any sane society, some thoughts of criminal prosecution for the CBC people doing this ... but of course, we are obviously pretty much the antithesis of 'sane' around here, in terms of who and what insane ideas are running the country ...

June 29 - the Current - an hour on Obama, his health care bill and life - stuff Cdns really need to know. Nothing going on in Canada that Cdns might find a bit more interesting. The spectacle continues.

June 29 - few days old, just came across it - Too big to fail? Canadian banks are not immune from global crises - from the much-vaunted 'lefty' think tank, Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives - hard to figure what is going on here, these people seem sincere, and some of their older writers like Ed Finn are obviously 'good guys', but stuff like this is just more 'accept capitalism!' crap that ALL mainstream and mainstream 'alt' media are featuring these days. You can tell whose side these people are really on just by noting that in this 70 page essay about what's going on with banks, there is not a single word or reference to the central fact of our times - that banks create our 'money' supply, as loans, out of thin air, and it is this that needs to be changed if we are to have any hope for a better future. Not a word. From the leading 'progressive' 'think tank' in the country. Our 'leaders' are either working with the enemy, or being run by people controlled by the enemy. There can be no other explanation.

June 28 - this summer host on the current is a real jerk - 'do you feel good about the way people died at Elliot Lake?' - (speaking to some fed guy - I have no use for any of them, but this is just a teenage shallow Randian 'libertarian' halfwit talking ...)

-AIH - again, tab crap - interviewing joe blow citizens re the mall giving opinions as if they had some validity beyond LCD opinions - few tears and sobbing - listen to this guy crying about some tragedy he's involved in, there's "news" the average Cdn needs, baby!!!!

>> and then about the Colorado fires - "What was it like, picking up a paper and seeing your house burned to the ground?!' - turning AIH into Oprah north. How do you feel????? - the lowest kind of voyeuristic, gossipy tabloid crap, front and center on the main national CBC radio offerings, more and more replacing anything that might be of some real use to Canadians trying to figure out what the fuck is going on in their country and world, and if there is anything they might be able to do about it (hahaha - that is the big filter, of course, anything REMOTELY getting close to that kind of thing will be banned with prejudice forever and forEVer from the current CBC). I have a question too - how do you feel, you there at the CBC, betraying what once aspired to be one of the great broadcasting systems, respresenting one of the almost great countries, doing your bit to turn Cdns into little stepford citizens watching reality tv and taking their soma whilst the new feudalists destroy the good dreams????

Tear down the supply management wall in Canada - the "lefty" Toronto Star running an article talking about sane systems for both produders and consumers as 'Soviet-style supply management policies', and Cdn consumers being 'milked and plucked' by farmers. As the old saying has it, with friends like this we don't really need enemies. Actually, as far as the Canadian mainstream media goes, we have no friends. How high's the water, mama??? blub blub blub ...

June 27 - "business" digest - the "news" that some "analyst" projects the loonie falling by the end of the year, and more by the end of next year - and then we talk a bit about what this means. Ludicrous - "analysts" are nothing more than cheap witch doctors, wrong far more often than they are right, and never forecasting seriously important stuff - so why does the CBC make "news" out of anything they say? Because, I suppose, it's all pretend ... not to mention a pretty blatant attempt to influence markets, as the halfwit speculators bounce off the walls at every rumor - like the ongoing CBC attempt that I still don't entirely get to destroy RIM -

- the new 'invisible hand' series didn't disappoint, another attempt to rewrite history in the image desired by the Minstry of Truth - note the dumbing down, completely internalised - they talk about hockey tickets (gouging is ok! show) and concert tickets - one of their examples is a 'serious fan' of some music star - the very examples of 'normal citizens' as concert-goers and sports-event goers they are using are the dumbed-down mind people - 40 years ago, sports fans and music fans were teens, or 'not really serious' stuff, entertainment only - but the *new* citizen thinks going to concerts is a serious activity ...

June 26 - The Current - again with the demonise Syria stuff - and then the first part it joins the "news" in trying to turn people against the Elliot River government, where the mall collapsed - what the fuck is with "journalists" running around asking people 'Do you think the local gov should have done better?' and related questions, and getting opinions from local people who are obviously not thinking that straight in the middle of their disaster and presenting them as 'expert' opinion or something - this is very troubling - if others were complaining, it would be normal for the 'news' to note and cover complaints - but for the 'news' org to be initiating such things, and looking for others to 'verify' their allegations based on absolutely NOTHING other than an apparent desire to cause friction - the worst sort of stuff any 'media' could be doing - I would say, as a first interpretation, it is just part of the general drive of the NWO people the last lot of years to destroy people's belief in government of any sort, in order for the warlords to have easy pickings of the divided populace, trusting no one - I recall them doing the same thing a few months ago with some other tragic thing in the country -

- really pushing it, with people they talk to 'how did you feel when you said the rescue mission was called off' - again, one-sided propaganda, hysterical people talking, 'officials' not talked to to offer another side of whatever story is happening, typical one-sided pushing of a story (as they do with any kind of propaganda, up to and including the Syria stuff, for instance, all these interviews with prejudiced people, at best, and others who are obviously lying, and nothing from the other side - just the opposite of what any real news org would be doing ... ) - the entire offering of the host here is completely against every government official "Do you think the premier should be doing more? DO you think there are things he could be doing he is not?" - and etc etc - it is REALLY blatantly trying to foment unhappiness with every level of government - what the fuck is the CBC up to???? - I mean, in the big picture, as far as the bigger NWO is fomenting regime change to friendlier, or less able to defend themselves, governments around the world, the CBC is gung ho in favor of these things, or the austerity stuff that is turning all power over to the banks, and impoverishing us all, the CBC is pushing everyone in that direction - and then here, we have them undermining trust in local governments to look out for them - it gets pretty clear, actually, once you start thinking about it -

>> the Syria-Turkey "incident' is getting a bit bizarre also, as things can - now we have Turkey 'warning' Syria, with the full support of the western warmongers and their tame media, that this is pretty serious and there may be repercussions etc, as if Syria was the instigator here, when it was the Turkish (AKA NATO) jet that transgressed their air space - but you KNOW that if it had been the other way around, if a Syrian military plane had crossed into Turkish air space and been shot down, the entire same gang would be screaming for Syria's head on a plate, invade them, bomb them, killkillkill!!!!! etc etc for 'unprovoked provocation' and etc. Well, when you're the bully, and nobody dares stand up to you, I guess you can spin things as you like. And they surely do.

June 25 - the Current - first half hour on the major issue of interest to Cdns of food trucks - followed by more serious propaganda on Syria - hardly worth mentioning anymore, other than some small record of who is doing what when it gets to be time for a bit of honest deconstruction, assuming 'we the good guys' manage to somehow miraculously turn back this latest attack of the barbarians, which doesn't look overly hopeful right now - just the latest writings from the Ministry of Truth, about the story the mindless peasants are supposed to believe of that FUcking MOnster over there slaughtering people, and we're still letting him for gods sake!! - a young woman playing her role who is apparently vying for the Best Lies Ever In The Service of Power!! award with the ambassador's daughter telling us about the Iraqi soldiers throwing babies from incubators ('..the world sees Syrian blood as meaning nothing..' wow! - turn it on, baby!!) - and etc {{jeezus, she just said 'Gaddafi, 2 days before he was captured, was planning on taking over Africa and invading Europe' !!!!!!!!!!!!! - these people are obviously mentally unstable, not just the girl, but her handlers - totally power mad, they can say anything they want and the peasants will believe us THEY VILL BELIEF VAT VE SAY!!!!!! - I suppose the saddest and scariest part is how right they are ... ]]]

- AIH (Midnight) - bit on the last broadcast of RCI - the NWOers dismantling the tools of Democracy, again - this is not contradictory to my "expose" if you will of the CBC as being one of the main enablers of the NWOers; you need to understand the takeover of the CBC, and our country, in exactly the same way a cancer takes over the body - your brain may be working fine and thinking pure thoughts, as the cancer eats away your liver and you get closer to death every day. The 'intelligent' cancer of the NWO takeover understands the importance of the CBC to so many people in the country, and they do their best to continue with good (but non-threatening to power) programming that keeps that group supporting the CBC _ and then when they push the truly cancerous support-for-the-NWO stuff, the audience at least listens, and many give credence to, the propaganda that is burying them ... because, after all, we all trust the CBC implicitly, right??? -

June 24 - some apparently new show for the summer called 'Invisible Hand' asking for ideas on the CBC mailout. I always have ideas. Few people are interested.

Something very few people seem to understand these days is that private banks create and control all of our 'money' as interest-bearing debt (all except ~2% printed as 'hard money' by the government). Allowing private banks - who are, of course, at root shareholder corporations whose *only* primary directive is maxing their profits, no matter who gets trampled underfoot - to create and control a nation's money is simply lunacy for any country aspiring to 'democracy'. A democratic government should be performing this essential economic service - a democratic government whose central priority is the wellbing of all citizens, and ensuring everyone is treated equally and fairly, rather than maxing corporate profits for the benefit of those few lucky enough to be wealthy 'investor'-speculators. Did you know, for instance, that every mortgage given by a private bank just creates all of that money right out of thin air - and then charges interest on that money they create out of thin air for the next 30 or whatever years, *great* gig for those doing the creating, not so good for those doing the borrowing? Probably not - they don't talk about it much. Check it out. The government could create exactly the same credit, through exactly the same means, without the interest that makes mortgages so debilitating for most, except those collecting the windfall. I suspect those who vet your proposals won't let you go anywhere near this, but just thought I'd alert you to it, if you're really looking for show ideas that go where few others have gone before. There's a lot of info out there on 'monetary reform', although it doesn't get much attention on the CBC, or other mainstream media. I have a lengthy explanation here - What Happened http://www.rudemacedon.ca/what-happened.html - or you could check out COMER (Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform), or a film by Cdn Paul Guignon called 'Money as Debt'. A book called Web of Debt by a woman called Ellen Brown lays out the problems with allowing banks to control our money quite clearly, or the American Monetary Institute explains the monetary reform movement in the US. There is a great deal else out there, if you are interested. Be glad to provide you with any other info, if you're ready to do journalism and 'comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable' a bit (doesn't seem to be a very widespread proclivity these days, all hyperbole about the great Cdn media notwithstanding ....)

June 23 - some CBC reporter just told me a kid had 30 broken ribs. they're not getting any brighter. ('news', 6.30AM maritimes)

June 22 - Lead off news - the sentence of the guy in the states of 'sexually abusing' some teen boys. The **only** "interest' such a 'story' could possibly have for Cdns is cheap gossip. Tab sensationalism. The new CBC specialty.

June 22 - Carney calls for global system - to which I commented:

- a very, very sophisticated snake oil salesman in action - the result of decades of breeding and refinement, both of people like this, and the means of getting and maintaining a well-obedient population (Canada seems to be the poster boy for this). But it's still snake oil. We have one major problem in the world - a private banking cartel is allowed to control 'our' money ('our' if we lived in democracies, which of course we do not - if you do not control the money, it's only delusionary thinking to pretend you live in a 'democracy'), and issue it at interest. The result is inevitable - slowly but surely turning control of *everything* to those who control the money. Everything else is just various games to hide the central fact that 'our' money is controlled by private businessmen (in the same sense the mafia guys are 'businessmen'), whose *only* concern is maxing their take, or increase the speed with which they achieve their ultimate goal, the creation of a new feudal society of a handful of omnipotent Lords and great mass of ignorant, powerless serfs tugging the forelocks as they keep the Lords in the style to which they wish to become accustomed. Somewhat more detailed examination of what is going on here - What Happened http://www.rudemacedon.ca/what-happened.html . For those who see that things are not as they seem (Canadians as a whole are better off than 30 years ago??? Really????? Hmmmm....), but don't find much enlightenment in the various offerings of the mainstream media (which are controlled by the peasants or the would be lords???)

(and since we're sort of on the topic - another one of the elite, the masters, doing his bit to maintain the plutocracy-AKA-pseudo-democracy - there are many of them, no doubt, who enjoy their work - I mean, really, you travel the world, stay at the best hotels, get lauded daily from the pages of the elite media - a lot of people would go for that kind of thing, given the chance - but it's probably a fairly small recruitment pool, you have to be pretty smart, and a good actor, and completely without compassion for the hundreds of millions of serfs you are helping to keep the 'boot-on-the-neck' firmly on. We might note the talk with former bank gov David Dodge on The House on this day also, now living a 'tough job but somebody has to do it' few years as chancellor of some university, like Peterson I noted a day or two ago. Mostly a pretty easy job, just making sure **nobody** gets into serious positions with ideas the elite do not want any of their students learning about - how Canada is a pseudo-democracy, the money scam, the way the media herd people around - extremely dangerous ideas like that that must NEVER be allowed to start opening any eyes ...)

June 21 - David Peterson retires as chancellor of the University of Toronto, flash mob interrupts!! (ok, I added the !!) - a bit of first level deconstruction, something you're not going to get on the CBC - this is how the Masters live, bopping around looking after various aspects of their feifdom. No doubt, for David, the world is unfolding as it should - but it is, really, a bit much, given the current state of the world, with the increasingly obvious driving of the peasants back into poverty and helplessness all around the world, to actually say, in public, "I just believe this troubled world is in wonderful hands..". I suppose those he was speaking to may have agreed, as graduates aspiring to the Managerial Class (although probably not really understanding, most of them, what that actually means), where life is pretty good - and society is bopping along pretty good, and being pretty well managed, from their perspective, esp in Canada - the peasants as a whole, the few easily marginalised '99%-ers' notwithstanding, are by and large not looking to be in any danger of a 'storming the Bastille' moment and at least putting a whole lot of people in jail, if not actually dragging around guillotines, no matter how high their collective debt is, no matter how much the gov cuts back programs their parents and grandparents fought for, no matter how great the theft of wealth and freedom they all face. Not indoctrinated, oh nonono, not that, no way, not us .... let's click back over to someplace without these crazy ideas ..

But then that is the role of the media also, to make this kind of thing not only acceptable, but 'great!!' for the peasants - the Masters are happy, and life is good!! No need to think about the 'hood where people are shooting each other and kids are dying for want of food or medicine or because some other kid aspires to the local gang and was practicing with his new gun, and etc etc etc - we don't need to talk about that shit on the Master's Media, just about how WONDERFUL life is for the masters (and, of course, we in the managerial class, which of course includes all top level media people, who do get pretty well rewarded for herding their charges into places that are not really that good for them ...) (bet 90% of the people who find their way to this page do NOT want to hear such things - won't be back, bud, got other "alt" media telling me nice stuff, not messing up my mind with this kind of shit ...)

June 21 - As It Happens - the Syria lies continue - this bit is quite amazing, really, in its complete flipping of 'reality' on its head, and just assuming their listeners aren't going to tie up the phones saying WTF???? - their line today is - because the world community is getting so unhappy about the failure of the UN to stop the horrible murders of al Assad etc - the US gov and some others are **beginning** to arm the "rebels" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - this is more brazen than most things they get up to, since the whole thing very obviously, to anyone who pays attention to sources other than the MSM, began with the surreptitious arming of some gangs of radicals who wanted to get rid of Assad and run the country themselves, and urging them on with promises of more help, and getting the media to fill their days with lies about 'atrocities' committed by the Assad gov to lend some weight to demands he resign, etc etc (hmmm - we haven't heard this story before, have we???? (not that you'll be reminded of on the CBC, anyways ...) - I suppose some 'damage control' going on, since the story is getting out that the "rebels" have American arms, we'll just pretend it is something new - as long as the media is onside, and most people believe whatever crap they hear from the NYT or on the CBC, well, as ol Abe understood, you don't have to fool all of the people all of the time, just enough of them enough of the time, and that certainly doesn't seem to be presenting much of a challenge with the CBC listeners - (CO) - "we KNOW that the Syrian army has attacked reguge camps' (really, dear - is that sort of like we "knew" that monster Milosevic was murdering tens of thousands of people and dumping them in mass graves? Or how we *knew* Saddam had WMD so for our own protection we had to get in there quick with the bombs? and etc etc - it seems, dear Carol, that a great deal of what you folk tell people we 'know' later turns out to be complete and utter bullshit - funny you never get around to talking to that - I guess we don't need to wait for some kind of balance from somebody like Michel Chossudovsky

This is actually pretty important stuff, for those trying to understand what is going on here - the guy telling the story is treated as Honest Impeccable Source, a 'serious expert' of some sort - we **know** he is giving us the real story - well, actually, as I pointed out, *we* from outside the box here know he's lying through his teeth - but the idea was, those who have been trained, well trained for many, many years, to *trust* their Canadian media, believe this stuff with few if any questions or complaints - and that is how they maintain control. As with the trusted high-level interviewers/hosts of the major shows - actors to a man/woman, well paid to be very believable as they get Canadians to believe the latest chapters of the Narrative emanating from the Modern Ministry of Truth. I'll avoid the lengthy rant here, got a longer piece coming soon.

- I'm not the only one out here seeing this of course, here for instance one of the True Greats of People's Journalism (and, of course, as such, a voice you will NEVER NEVER NEVER OMGNONONONONON!!!!!!! hear on the much vaunted CBC - a certain Australian of great intelligence, courage and integrity (qualities totally lacking in the mainstream media self-aggrandizing pretend-journos)- John Pilger:

".. history is the new enemy. On 28 May, President Obama launched a campaign to falsify the history of the war in Vietnam. To Obama, there was no Agent Orange, no free fire zones, no turkey shoots, no cover-ups of massacres, no rampant racism, no suicides (as many Americans took their own lives as died in the war), no defeat by a resistance army drawn from an impoverished society. It was, said Mr. Hopey Changey, "one of the most extraordinary stories of bravery and integrity in the annals of [US] military history". (from U.S. Crimes Against Humanity - History is the Enemy as 'Brilliant' Psy-ops Become the News (yea, we have some good guys in Canada too - later)

Speaking of balance - pretty thin pickings from Myanmar, but for those who care there is always some good perspective to be found on the *real* media, the internet - for example Myanmar and the geopolitics of empire - imagine an engaged citizenry getting stuff like this on the CBC. hahaha

June 21 - "news" all day, and various local shows getting on the bandwagon - "report" on sick days in the public sector. Fucking government lazy workers stealing from hard-working Cdns again. (not my message - the CBC message - ever the corporate propagandist. It's really quite amazing how many people still think the CBC is "progressive", the way they so eagerly jump on 'our' government every chance they get ... certainly it's not really 'our' government any more, but it could and should be, and once almost was, and if we are to have any chance to beat the new feudalists back, it will be by making it 'ours' again - the predators have many strategies, but certainly one of their main ones is divide and conquer, as it has always been, and we really need to act together to stop them - and that means Governmen. Democratic government - **our** government.)

Turner picks Trudeau Jun 21, 2012 10:11 PM approval pending

here we go again dum dee dum ...

- civics class "analysis" - but part of the big 'history narrative' the Ministry of Truth is creating day by day, a narrative to keep the peasants believing they have 'democracy', when in reality all they have is a great spectacle. In 1984 the Cdn media made Brian Mulroney, and cast Turner aside as the pawn which is all he ever was. Part of the ol tweedledee-dum game they've been playing with us ever since. In 93 Mulroney had done his duty, and they turned the voters to Chretien, and after he had done his bit for the cause, they dum-ed us back to Harper (Martin doesn't count for much of anything). Harper is riding high now, but he's making great strides in the service of the masters and pissing Cdns off royally, and in 2015 a new Lib saviour (perhaps NDP - makes no difference, whoever it is will be firmly under the control of Bay St) will appear from somewhere, as Harper steps out of the limelight, and be hailed as the latest Great Coming of Wonderful Democracy for Canadians Rah Rah Rah!!! And that will be pretty much the end of the show - it's going to be King Somebody after that, as the New Feudalism is officially installed. Unless the peasants get clued in real soon now, which doesn't seem too likely. Democratic Revolution - now or never . Fuck am I sounding bitchy again? Tried polite for the last couple of years, didn't seem to make any difference in waking the lumpens up. I'm mostly writing for myself, so what the fuck.

June 21 Productivity - not so fast .. Jun 21, 2012 7:32 PM (approval pending)

- good on ya David - daring to pull back the curtain on the productivity fairy tale. You're still not getting what has happened the last 30 years though - you guys still can't seem to turn on the lights behind the curtain, and realise the horrible truth - the corporate mafia has taken us over - we're being run by criminals, and the whole thing is a huge ponzi-debt scheme, shovelling the wealth produced by generations of hard working Cdns into the pockets of the mafia elite. Some enlightenment is available, for those interested - What Happened? .

June 21 - Ottawa caps mortgages at 25 years - nothing to do with mortgages, just 'democracy' - once again, the rulers telling the peasants how it will be. With the full support of the secretariat media. Am I the only one who understands what is happening here, what a total farce and lie the idea of 'democracy' is in this country, let alone others? Scary - but sometimes it seems so ... yes, Mr Copernicus, you do seem, at the moment, to be the only one who has stepped outside the box a bit, and seen that, goddam!!, the sun does not really go around the earth!!, nor are we the center of the universe!!. Feel free to spread the news among the peasants, mr C, or P as the case may be - we have no worries they will listen, they seem very firmly under our control.

Good on ya bud - that and a couple of bucks will get you a cup of coffee.

June 21 The Current: - boy, AM showing she is in the forefront of the propaganda drive on Syria - "Well, we all see the pictures of crying mothers and babies with bullets in their heads - why won't our governments do anything about this?!?!?!' apparently comparing it to Kosava a few days ago didn't go over too well, so today they get Romea Dallaire comparing it to Rwanda, and some 'heavyweights', diplomats and what not, explaining how them fucking Iranians and Russians are supporting Syria and the monstrous murderers, and etc - can't be bothered writing about it all here, but a good one for deconstruction someday, they really go after hitting the buttons ... The masters voicethe lies of the CBC, uninterrupted in the service of Power. And yet trusted by so many .... but they're not indoctrinated, oh no, no way ... (for the record - my thoughts about why they are getting anxious about getting more public 'approval' for their upcoming military intervention is that they know full well people are getting pretty wise to their bullshit, and are not going to look happily on yet another campaign of bombing a country back to the stone age, with tens of thousands at least of our own civilian deaths etc - and it is proving a harder job every time they try it. But getting Syria out of the picture, fragmented like Iraq, so it does not present any particular threat as an ally to Iran, which will probably be next, is an important part of their strategy, I think. Line up the duckies, pick em off one at a time - as long as most people still rely on the mainstream media for their info, they will, as ol Abe said, fool enough of them enough of the time to allow their plans to go ahead. And as many people have found, too late, there will come a day when the jackboots are on the street, and the fist on the door - and there won't be any time left for standing up and saying 'Wait just a fucking minute!!' - that time is now, and there's maybe 10 of us out here standing up - not really enough to worry them. Some people who are closing their curtains and doors and minds as they watch the tv all day and think mindless thoughts ought to read the Rev Neimuller story someday - won't stress you boys, you can't do it on twitter, I don't think, but it wouldn't take more than two or three twitters. Maybe you could learn something besides the latest greatest locally totally fucking irrelevant gossip. Am I sounding bitchy? Just that feeling again I get sometimes, of being stuck in the middle of the fucking lemming heard and nobody listening, as the cliff gets closer and closer - I don't much care if all you peasants wnat to jump, but I'm kind of enjoying quite a lot of what this planet has to offer, and am not really ready to sign off just yet.

-- and then they have a story on the Murdoch trial stuff in England - setting up 'the press' and 'the gov' in opposition - which is, of course, the dog and pony show, for the tv-watching infotainment gang, living in unrealityland. Of course, the same people controlling the big media control the big government - but keeping this reality unrealised among the lumpen is part of the Big Game, that they all play so well, and most of 'us' seem to have no clue about at all. - quite a listen, full bore soap-opera. Very, very discouraging that (apparently) so many CBC listeners aren't laughing this shit off the air. The 'spectacle society' - so few people listen that these people are not 'politicians' or 'journalists' - they're all, at the upper levels, actors - very good actors, and getting the rewards that very good actors get in capitalist 'lies 'r' us as we create the world you live in' society ...

June 21 - "report" on sick days in the public sector. Fucking government lazy workers stealing from hard-working Cdns again. (not my message - the CBC message - ever the corporate propagandist - "interview" with one of their favorite gov bashers from the so-called Cdn taxpayers federation moaning about the terrible people in the public service, not a word from anyone explaining what is happening from the other side - just more of the CBC turning people against government, their only chance to defeat the new feudalism.)

June 20 - drive by slandering, part of 24/7 full spectrum propaganda - some guy on the Current (ooo - a former US ambassador!!! - no prejudice there, of course - the Imperial Center defending one of their puppets..) telling us Mubarak wasn't such a bad guy at all, really - not like them monsters like, oh Gadhaffi or Saddam - the Orwellian rewriting of history in action - I suspect a very large number of Iraqis would vote, had they a real choice right now, to welcome Saddam's Iraq back - likewise Libya - Gaddaffi was no monster, except in the eyes of the US and their psycho-sycophants ... but this is now FIRMLY in the 'history as we are supposed to believe it', at least for now, who knows if they'll decide to rewrite it sometime in the future (we can still see the pics of Rumsfeld telling the world what a GREAT fucking guy Saddam was, just months before he weirdly morphed into one of the great monsters - likewise Gaddafi, probably the best and most progressive leader in Africa for the last 30 years - but telling the US to go fuck yourself is not going to get you good press. And daring to try to set up an African bank to compete with the IMF that controls the world through debt - well, no, as they say, fucking way, Jack. Muammar. Whatever - you fuck with us, your name is mud. Just ask the CBC - they know better than to try to tell stories we don't want told. LOOK AT THAT FUCKING MONSTER OMG OMG OMG!@!!

June 19 - Ottawa Morning - Robin doing her bit to make the giggling teen girl the 'average' citizen, to which all programming is directed and dedicated. Any revolution in this gang won't be one I'll be attending, I suspect.

June 18 - Galbraith Lecture by Mike McCracken - on rabble.ca - a lecture from a gang calling themselves 'progressive economists'. Part, it would seem, of the capitalist fifth column wolves in sheep's clothing bunch infiltraiting the upper levels of the fight for democracy, and keeping it directed into harmless places - places full of great sound and fury presented as 'Important shit man!!' by the same people - but really with the more Shakespearean meaning - nothing. 'Full employment', the subject of the lecture, is thoroughly a capitalist-centric construct. Before capitalism we had no idea of jobs and employment - people worked to get money, but most of it was artisan work, self employment of one kind or another. But when the capitalists take over the 'means of production', and use mass production techniques to put most of these artisans out of work, and 'enclose' the entire country so people are pushed into getting 'jobs' in some capitalist factory to get their money to buy the capitalist marketplace products - unemployment becomes an issue. In a true Democracy, with worker-owned factories and a much larger truly self-employed sector, 'employment' would not be the kind of issue it is in a capitalist centric world, where control of labour is claimed by the capitalists, as they attempt to max the takings from every part of their world, and people not working are not contributing to the take.

More anon. But think about who your 'friends' really are here. People validating the capitalist-centric world view through 'lectures' such as this may be your 'friend' in the same way Brutus was Ceasar's friend. Beware the ides. Any ides. (yes, they may be well-intentioned dupes rather than 'spies' - but the end effect is the same for the people following them.)

June 19 - Current - mixed 'kudos' for a good interview with someone explaining the Chinese 'trade and investment' policy, and letting her make some good points - but AM showing her propaganda roots - saying things like 'China does not believe in 'free' markets, while of course the west is all about 'open markets' - utter horseshit, of course, as the western corps are in COMPLETE control of trade etc and do their level best to kill all competition, and are unhappy that China is looking like a serious competitor. But it's part of the reigning dogma, and as such must be mouthed at every opportunity, and NEVER questioned. All hail Capitalism!!

June 18 - another article on the Syrian propaganda - The Globalization of Propaganda And The Rise of The Alternative Media By Saman Mohammadi, from Oped news; and The first casualty, another bit of history *never* seen in the Cdn press, anywhere.

"..The power of the corporate media to deceive the people is simply astonishing, but, mind you, it depends on an already distracted, ignorant, semi-passive multitude whose marching values have been carefully cultivated..." (Patrice Greanville, Beware the corporate media

June 17 - the Enright show - an hour on 'insomnia', and not a WORD about how the pressures of modern society - capitalism in other words, turning everyone into debt-ridden wage slaves - might have something to do with it. And since this is so obvious, one can *only* conclude the reverse message is what is going on - your society is **FINE** folks!!! - if you have a problem, then it's something to do with YOUR weakness, etc. AND - you better deal with it, because it is affecting the productivity of our society, and thus YOU are responsible for the problems we are having!!! - quite the insidious little bit of propaganda, when you can see things from outside the box .... Certainly there are other causes of insomnia, and no doubt it has been going on throughout history - but this was a pretty obviously designed piece to get people NOT finding some reason to criticize the dominant religion ...

June 16 The House: - Evan gives a closing little pep talk about how great our democracy is, referring to the big resolutions denied session. He thinks it's great MPs are free to express their views like this, etc. There might be a less favorable interpretation than you'd get from people whose job is to put everything into a favorable light, of course. For example, you could look at it all this way - for 100-odd votes, MPs representing 40% of the people who voted over and over and over again told MPs representing 60% of the people who voted they didn't really care what the MPs representing 60% of Cdns wanted - they were doing it their way. Somehow, I don't quite get how you can get a majority government with 40% of the vote - I understand how the plurality system works well enough, I just don't understand why most Cdns don't seem to care enough to do anything about this. They're taking apart the county - Evan says a 40% "majority" doing as they please is a sign of a 'great' democracy in action, and nobody cares. Well, I shouldn't exaggerate too much, obviously there's a few others out there who care - but obviously nowhhere near enough to make any kind of difference.

I guess this is the sort of thing ol TS had in mind, with the 'this is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper' stuff.

June 13 - Anna Maria Tremonti's CJF Excellence Award acceptance speech: 'Take your journalism back"

- a bit much too bile raised to leave unanswered, so I did:

"Interesting how Cdn 'journalists' get all excited about giving awards to and lauding themselves - I wonder if Canadians at large feel the same awe of those who provide their 'news' every day? I expect that I am not the only one who has a somewhat different view of how amazingly wonderfully incredible etc our 'media' really are.

Let me just quickly offer a small critique - an 'alternative view' as it were - on how an informed Cdn might assess the performance of our 'journalists', based on their own 'criteria' - "Accuracy, accountability, social responsibility, diversity, originality, independence and yes, courage. "

'Accuracy' is related to 'accountability', and 'independence' - the most striking current example of these criteria being not just breached but shattered is in the 'coverage' (propaganda is a word that springs much more quickly to the tongue) of what is happening in Syria. The CBC, hand in hand with all Canadian and western media, seems to have one objective here, convincing their audience that a monster is ruling the country, massacring women and children out of sheer evil, and any civilized people would by god be getting in there and stopping that bastard! There is, however, considerable disagreement with that perspective, and considerable information the CBC et al seem disinclined to enter in to the discussion that any truly impartial organisation would want to provide their audience, it seems to me. Certainly the American gov, and Brits, Cdns etc, seem to be of the opinion that terrible things are happening in Syria, and are anxious to present an extremely gory story to Cdns and create a universal disapprobation of al-assad - but is it the job of the Cdn media to be the secretariat for the governments of these countries pushing for yet another 'regime change' of a government they wish removed, a cabal **known** to lie in pursuit of such goals? There are certainly reasonably presented alternatives to the propaganda that what is going on in Syria is as presented by the western 'news' sources (i.e. The Houla 'massacre' - Shades of Grey, or Various narratives, many, many others... ) - I am well aware that one should not believe everything that is available on the internet, but on the other hand it's become quite evident over the last few decades that believing everything one hears in the mainstream media, presenting press releases from our governments as gospel, is not the best way to understand what is happening in our world either.

- and the rest here - Maybe the Bendict Arnold award would be more suitable ...

June 13 Ottawa Morning: - boy, somebody is getting desperate for something, the propaganda is getting more blatant and obvious. Robin showing her loyalty to the cause (and that she knows what she has to do to keep a good job like this) this morning with a blatantly obviously scripted "interview" with some "diplomat" "expert" on Syria - their new idea is comparing this to the killings in Bosnia some years back, with the endless repetition of 'poor mothers watching their poor wee babies being MURDERED!! by this monster" etc etc - getting pretty scary, that so few people apparently see this for what it is - certainly none of the mainstream "progressive" sites are questioning this in any serious way, odd thing like the Cdn Dimension thing I quoted recently notwithstanding. Blatantly going after Cdns to get behind the "INVADE THIS BASTARD The masters voiceAND STOP THIS!!!!!" drive - the "diplomat" says he doesn't think there's much appetite for more invasions in the Cdn people - and Robin is right there, "Well, with all of these poor mothers watching their poor babies being murdered.." etc - C'MON YOU PEASANTS, YOU'RE NOT REALLY GOING TO ALLOW THIS MONSTER TO KEEP THIS UP ARE YOU!?!?!' - and etc etc. This interview would make a good 'deconstruction' lesson someday for someone wishing to get behind what is going on today. They're going to need to spend a lot of time figuring out the level of indoctrination in the CDn people as well, since the propaganda is so obvious, and so few people seem able to think clearly enough to see it for what it is.

(one notes, of course, that the CBC is not the only major national broadcaster engaged in serious propaganda in service to the NWO new wannabe feudalists - Media Lens has been watching the BBC doing the same program for years, as in this recent 'alert' on the Syria propaganda - 'Shades Of Grey'- Rethinking The Houla Massacre. They have more readers than I do, but they don't seem to be having much more impact in stopping the takeover.

That's up to 'we the people', and 'we the people' seem to be pretty well under control of the NWO propagandists.

June 12 As It Happens - the hypocricy of the CBC and rest of the MSM is stunning, aside from the lies they are undoubtedly propagating as they try to get the people demanding some bombing of Syria - they keep getting these stories about those monster Syrians using children as shields, today the damned monsters are actually 'targetting' children. One recalls clearly some *truths* from the recent past that the CBC et al apparently have no real interest in - the US killing hundreds of thousands of children in Iraq through their sanctions, a monstrosity which SecState of the US Madeline Albright actually, in public, said 'was acceptable' - where was or is the CBC outrage? No point in ranting further - but hard not to at least note things like this, which make it pretty much beyond argument that what they are doing against Syria - as they have in the past against various countries from Yugoslavia to Libya last year - is blatant propaganda, and it is a very, very troubling sign that so many apparently more or less comptis mentis citizens are so indoctrinated to believe the MSM that they cannot or will not question this stuff.

June 12 - Ottawa Morning - a discussion with a bunch of teens about the 'year book' - teen stories etc. The new 'citizen' the CBC is speaking to - the Teen Mind Ascendant! - no more pesky adults questioning what the government is up to, in the New CBC World, passive teens worried about their hair and boyfriends, that's the REAL world. You might want to do a show like this for teens on a weekly basis, sure - but to make this POV kind of the central POV of the show - well, that's what we mean by 'dumbing down'. A show for adults would have ongoing discussions about the destruction of our country, and what citizens can do about it - which is, of course, exactly what the CBC is doing its best to prevent - all's well folks!! - look, great new band downtown to go see this weekend!!

June 12 - Speaker limits budget votes but long hours ahead for MPs - more dog and pony show conducted by the pols and promoted loudly by the media as "democracy" in action - it is, of course, nothing more than more of the spectacle our society has become. If any of these people actually cared that pols having a minority of popular support were doing things opposed by most people, they'd be clamoring for a change to the electoral system so that a party like Harper's cons with 40% of the vote would be limited to 40% of the seats, then the pols representing the majority would be able to stop this crap.

That would suppose, of course, that they actually wanted to do something for the people other than prancing and yipping around like trained monkeys. PR would place some serious restrictions on the false "majorities" that the elite have been using to 'legitimately' push their agenda the last few years, so it's not going to happen, unless 'we the people' make it happen.

Which doesn't seem all that likely these days.

(notice the use again of the word "parliamentarians" when talking about what the MPs are doing - I've noticed this for the last year or so (I would wager that if you did a google hit search or something you would find a big surge at some point in the last year or two, as some brainwave decided to get the "news" people (aka propagandists) using this word more, part of the full-spectrum propaganda, fully controlled message, etc) - it's just more propaganda - it's a much more impressive word than 'MP', obviously a 'parliamentarian' is somebody worthy of our respect. If you can't spell it, how can you criticise such a worthy? Down you peasants, know who your masters are, and don't question them!)

June 11 - CBC national "news" - talking about some lady who feels her comments were removed on a website??? - pathetic, to say the least, the "national broadcaster" letting someone with a friend get her 'story' national attention - the new CBC - shoddy is our middle name. Among various other middle names ... none of them having anything to do with anything a *real* media organisation would want used in relation to it ...

June 10 - amusing moment on the Maritime Mag doc show - the 'interviewer' confronts some doc and asks him what he says to accusations of his dispensing restricted drugs too easy, and they wind up 'on the street' - he said he thought it was a rude question, and when she persists, he says it was gossip and slander - and I thought "But aha - he apparently does not know that the CBC *is* gossip and slander these days! (and that's their good days - on the more serious shows they get into more serious propaganda and indoctrination maintenance ...)

June 8 Ottawa Morning: - the teens talking again about the challenges of a dance party - the new 'adult' milieu in Canada - all our listeners love this stuff!!! Teenage girl pillow parties passing as mainstream CBC radio in 2012, with the full complement of giggles etc. We've come a long way baby. Backwards. And we're nowhere near bottoming out, apparently.

- "news" - a young woman obviously with an attitude "reporting" about a lack of vaccine in some northern community - goddam government screwed up again! is her general underlying tone, and we're pretty pissed. this stuff would be fine on community radio, but it brings the CBC down. Well, that's getting to be a pretty low bar, of course. Be nice to see someone with attitude talking about what the people who control our money have been up to the last few years - but of course they're no dummies, and they bought the gov, and thus the radio, long ago, so don't be holding your breath for any serious criticism of their fraud ...

- As It Happens - on the 'how does it feel?!?' gossip trip, I guess it's the new CBC reach-out to the 'those with little life who spend their days talking about others and vicariously feeding on their emotions' gang in new dumbed down Canada. - first a lady widowed in an accident 4 months ago, and then the owner of the horse expected to win the big race who came up with an injury -'how does it feel'. pathetic.

- and then more of the endless demonisation propaganda on Syria - hardly worth commenting more on here, just noting the relentless drive to get Cdns on side with whatever they are planning for the future (it is assuredly propaganda - if the CBC, or anyone else in the Cdn mainstream media, had any intention towards actually impartially informing the people of Canada about what was going on in the world, you'd have interviews and stories like this one from Canadian Dimension, When the Respectable Become Extremists The Extremists Become Respectable - Colombia and the Mainstream Media, James Petras | May 22nd 2012 - but of course, this presents the Great Savior the US in a pretty bad light, and we don't really want to do that. Also notice the coverage of the 40th anniversary or whatever of the famous 'burning girl' pic from Vietnam, way back then - all about how a Cdn rescued her, and she has a nice life now in Canada - not a single frigging word about the monstrous US bombing, or the evil bastards running the US gov, etc etc - very much true things then as now, but not to be talked about. The 'evil bastards' are anyone the US (and puppet client states like Canada) want to 'regime change' to something more amenable to making their countries part of the new 21st century feudalism they are working so hard far. Canadians have already been recruited, unwittingly and mostly unprotestingly, so we don't need to worry about Canada anymore - get them forelocks ready, serfs, you'll soon be getting the directive on how to tug them properly for the masters.

June 6 As It Happens - underlining the complete failure of the media and CBC to follow the 'occupy' movement, a mocking reading of a letter from Adbusters today. The masters, and their top servants, get really unhappy when lowly citizens dare to resist their leadership into the new middle ages ...

June 3 Bomb the bastard! - wow, either someone got to Harriqi, or he's been working for the NWO all along - this is like a press release from the war party ..

June 2: EI reforms - again, trying to enlighten the discussion:

A bit of 'outside the box' (OB) thought:

"Assume for a moment you've been given the job of creating from scratch a federal program to help out-of-work Canadians find suitable employment as quickly and efficiently as possible"

OB: How about imagining we live in a highly technological society where, say, 200 people working can easily support 1,000 people. This would further require imagining that we did not have a ruling parasitical class siphoning off the cream from the milk we working cows produced and leaving us only the watery leftovers - but hey, any good idea starts with imagining how things might be better ... So, in such a society, you have various choices - somewhere between letting the 200 do all the work and claim all the money while the other 800 beg for handouts, sleep under bridges, etc, and just somehow dividing the work up, so everyone does some work to support their society, and everyone lives useful productive lives with lots of free time to pursue whatever personal goals they have. Seasonal workers - which we do need in this country with such different seasons, notably for the few intensive months of farming and tourism - would fit right in, without all the whining about how they're not somehow producing milk for the masters to skim in the non-farming months, or months where there's not much tourism. If you're one of the lucky few who actually enjoy your work, feel free to work as much as you like, but those who are not so lucky, but still understand they have to do some work to support themselves and contribute to the society whose benefits we all enjoy, would not be forced to accept eternal slave labour for their daily bread and shelter.

Something like we have on GreenIsland , for anyone interested.

June 2 - The Houla Massacred - something of a different examination than we've been getting on the CBC et al - the sort of thing *real* journalists, looking for the truth behind the propaganda of the rulers, get up to - the sort of thing that has long been weeded out of the CBC staff. But speaking of the CBC - we have one of their "senior" staff writing Neil Macdonald: Why the world is deaf to Syria's screams - and in the above story, they start from the Guardian headline "‘SYRIA: THE WORLD LOOKS THE OTHER WAY. WILL YOU?". My my, kind of a 'coincidence', no, such similar headlines from establishment media, urging their citizens to get behind a serious 'intervention' in Syria, which many, many people seem very reluctant to do. Isn't that just so odd?

I added a comment to the CBC with the thought to enlighten Mr MacDonald, although I doubt very much the CBC let it through:

"*maaaaaayyybbbbbeeeeeee* - just maybe - the world is 'deaf' to 'what Syria is doing' because, just maybe, we don't really believe the mainstream media so much anymore when they run around pointing fingers and crying about the sky is falling!!! the sky is falling!!!! look at the new monster we need to bomb/invade/etc!!! - from the 'mass graves' in Kosova that turned out to have nothing in them other than a few dead combatants to the 'terrible Iraqi soldiers throwing babies out of incubators OMG OMG OMG!!!! we have to stop this!!!' that turned out to be a complete fabrication, to Saddam's WMD that turned out to be another complete fiction, and much else over the last 30-50 and more years - maybe we've just had enough. Maybe we just don't believe you anymore, Neil. Maybe, just maybe, the world is actually starting to wake up to you people .....

Very encouraging in these comments to see that so many others feel the same ...."

June 2- Day 6 - an utterly pathetic "comedy" satire piece about Mugabe's 'tourism' appointment by the UN

June 1 - The Eurozone Crisis for Dummies - another in the endless series of the rulers letting the proles know what they are supposed to be thinking. I sometimes respond, to let them know at least some of us understand what they are doing.

"For dummies indeed, as in 'you must be one if you believe this crud'. What it is, is a good summary, inter alia, of the capitalist-centric dogma, what the good Capitalist acolyte is supposed to believe - damned greedy politicians, stupid greedy citizens, causing so many problems, lovely bankers just trying to help everyone. The Rand mythology. Like most religious dogmas, a great deal more voodoo designed to justify the continued dominance of the high priests, and the greater servitude of the cowering, superstitious masses, than anything factual. Down you peasants!

The reality is much simpler. Private banks create and control the money supply, which is actually just a huge accounting system, the figures of which are created from thin air exactly as points for your favorite sports game are created as needed, and blinked out of existence when no longer needed. Pretend-democratic governments allow them to do this. In modern society, money is, of course, directly equivalent to power - Rothschild said it first a couple of hundred years ago, let me create and control the nation's money, and I care not who writes her laws. The politicians who have turned over this ultimate power to private sources, and the media which refuse to discuss this (senior media, junior media are as much a part of the superstitious, ignorant masses as any other citizen), are among the greatest traitors this poor species has ever had sticking daggers in trusting backs. More on the Cdn situation here - What Happened http://www.rudemacedon.ca/what-happened.html . We've had at least two trillion dollars fraudulently transferred from witless taxpayers to the money-controlling elite over the last 30 years, as the government continues to claim they have no money and must slash the programs that earlier, less bamboozled, generations put in place.

Dummies indeed - you know, the ones who buy beachfront property on Baffin Island from the fast-talking city slickers.

C'mon, people, we can do better."

June 1 - CBC watch: - Ottawa Morning - long interview with some guy about the great shopping to be had in the US, and then a drooling talk with some girl and a guy who renovates expensive cars - the stuff Ottawa people need to hear from the CBC- soon to be followed, I am sure, by a run down of the 'must hear' bands at the bars on the weekends. God forbig anybody should get involved with any activities trying to save this poor country from the new feudalists. I just try to imagine any of this stuff on the CBC when it was adults talking to adults, as with Gzowski, and I can't get there. Now we have kids talking to kids. Much easier for a ruthless elite to control self-centered, knowling-little-thinking-they-know-much kids than actually aware and engaged adults.

Then the Current, doins as Orwell tried to warn us of - rewriting history to something more in line with what they want people believing - talking about the 'pots and pans' stuff happening in Quebec and elsewhere, connecting it with Allende and Pinochet in Chile, people protesting about both leaders, same stuff, according to the CBC 'analyst' - not a bit of real history, that Allende was democratically elected, Pinochet a brutal American-imposed dictator after American support of anti-Allende elitists who were very unhappy at 'democracy' happening in their country, etc -

Thurs May 31 - CBC watch: CBC "news" - talking about RIM, falling shares, etc, "analysts" talking about "the market not happy" etc - does the CBC intentionally do this, helping, along with the rest of the media, to create a 'bandwagon' effect, or are they really too stupid to see it all? I suspect it's engineered - keeping "the market" a rollercoaster is exactly what the rulers want - rising and falling 'markets' continually draining the savings of little people, etc.

- and - "a CBC 'investigation' shows concerns about the safety of skicross go back years' - good jesus, this is what they call an 'investigation' ????? - the "news"writers, getting dumber and dumber (as, of course, the rulers want, as the audience gets dumber and dumber - the dumb leading the dumb ...

Island Morning - interview with a 'bullied kid' - sounds serious, we should all be concerned - but again the deeper view - this is ALL about the centrality and tiny world of the completely self-centered modern kid - with no idea of what is going on in the bigger world, and no interest - it's not important. Talking to my friends on twitter about the latest boy who looked at you is all that is important. She got "bullied" by text messages, or on Twitter?!?!?!?! - really?!?!? - she doesn't have a delete button? How does this compare to the million babies dying horribly from starvation in Africa, every year, that we hear about maybe once a year? Is that maybe more important?

- not to the CBC, it would seem. (sure it's important! We talk about it once a year, like the growing dependence of millions of Canadians on foodbanks, a national disgrace! But that's just so, well, meaningful, and we don't want our listeners getting too concerned about meaningful things - bullied girls getting hurtful messages on Twitter - now that speaks to our audience, the kind of audience we want in Canada!!)

(and later - Ottawa Morning on the same bandwagon ... FAR better to keep people mired in trivia rather than looking behind curtains the rulers want kept shut - which would be the job of any media worth the name ..)

- "news" - '..police around the world are looking for a man wanted in connection to the murder in Montreal..' -connection 'to' - the new journalism, the new grads, the new CBC. Beyond the 10th grade grammar mistakes, the whole 'story' is just more tabloid spectacle, lurid rumors (some are saying he dated Carla Holmolka!! OMG!!!) - and etc. suitable for the tabs and proles, of course, but not what the CBC when it was trying to be a real media would ever do. Report the story, yes - get all crazy about it, no.

May 24 As It Happens - interview with a woman about her husband the lobster fisher, and the new EI changes. It illustrates a good example of the difference between 'we the people' society, and the capitalist wage-labour serfdom society we are becoming, or have mostly been for a long time now. In a relaxed, civil society, we understand that someone like a fisherman goes through long periods of preparation for the season, getting boat and gear ready, and then works long, hard hours during the season which he gets paid for selling things, and then back to the preparation. And if there is some free time in there, to rest and do other things with his or her life, that's fine - they've made their contribution to society through their work. But in capitalist land, you have to be working every minute, as that is how they calculate how much wages you will get, so no allowance for off-season preparation, and leisure time is doled out very strictly - obviously, the rulers have the max leisure time and no-limit bank accounts to enjoy it with, and who is paying for that? The workers/serfs endlessly toiling. And when a ruler sees a serf doing anything other than grinding away at the money-making machine, they immediately start whining about laziness etc, but what they really mean is they hate to see any serf not actively making more money for them to live lives of greater luxury. Or to put it another way - extreme laziness. Ordering the serfs around and otherwise stealing from them does not actually count as 'productive work' such as they expect and demand from the rest of us.

Don't look for anyone expressing that POV on As It Happens any time soon.


May 24 how a CP strike affects Canada's supply chain - on the surface, the innocent reader, which most people seem to be, probably thinks this is just more good and useful info from the trusty ol CBC. But actually, of course, it's just more propaganda and spin, as is pretty much everything of any importance. What makes it propaganda, as always, is the one-sided nature of it. WHere, for example, I wonder, is the story from the other side - you know, something like 'How the CN labor dispute is the latest step in trying to impoverish Cdn workers to 3rd world levels' - and etc? Never, not ever, going to see that kind of thing on the CBC. Because it's the kind of thing you'd see in a media actually doing its job of looking out for 'we the people', rather than 'they the money people' who actually own everything, including the media, and the people writing therein. If you want this good CBC job, good pay, good pension, good perks, lots of travel, meet interesting people - or some shit job you hate at low pay for 40 weeks a year, no travel, no perks, no security - well, you know what to say and not to say, right?

Right, boss.

May 24 - a couple of talks lately about how terrible bullying is becoming in the schools, and what should be done about it. There have actually been a couple of decent people allowed into the discussion, pointing out that to some extent some of this is quite natural, and everyone should take some pills and calm down. But it is a problem in some cases, of course - but what nobody ever seems to think of, for some odd reason, is that the entire capitalist-neocon movement, and everyhthing that is going on in the realm of 'big' politics these days, is bullying incarnate, at the highest levels of government - and the kids see this, one way or another, with the ability they have to cut through official bullshit (as in the famous 'but he has no clothes at all, sir, really!' - how shocking!!!) - and the bigger, stronger, and less intelligent - who still see themselves as people and want to get ahead like everyone - see and understand this, that pushing smaller people around is the way of the world. It is very hypocritical for our leaders to be saying 'don't be doing that!!' - when they are doing themselves all over the world - and at home.

May 24 Canadians overseas barred from voting - court challenge - to which I offered a comment, in the face of a lot of very shallow and stupid comments:
"..shortsighted and stupid - typical
Wow - you'd be extremely hard-pressed to define the Star as 'lefty', considering the comments here - I suppose the trolls are doing what they do, creating bad smells anywhere people are trying to have a discussion about something important.
As far as the story goes, there's only one point here to be considered - a non-criminal Canadian citizen has a right to vote. Period - voting is one of the central rights, and obligations, of citizenship (criminals have said by their actions they do not accept 'the rule of law' so voluntarily remove themselves from things such as voting - the argument does NOT apply to citizens living overseas, but otherwise taking an interest in what happens in *their* country). Living outside of Canada does not mean I do not care about the country, or what happens there - there are many reasons people live elsewhere. And living in Canada does not mean you automatically know better what is going on in the country, or are better qualifed to make choices about who should govern. And living in the country does not mean you pay taxes and therefore have a financial right of some kind to claim - how many Cdn residents pay no taxes, but draw on gov services, thus creating a net drain on the country? Many, both poor and not-so-poor but with expensive accountants, pay no taxes. And you know the employment situation right now - there's another story in today's paper about how many newly graduated students cannot find a job - if I have a good job overseas, but no work prospects back there - you'd rather I came back there and got government support than stayed overseas supporting myself, and not drawing on any gov services, just so I can vote? Like all of the arguments here, very shallow and shortsighted. And stupid. Like most neocon crap.

- this really does piss me off. A policy very obviously designed to appeal to the small minds who support the neocons - people who *want* to live in a masters and serfs society, because they have no fucking idea how to take care of themselves, or something, and like most insecure halfwits really resent people who can.

May 24 - - big election in Egypt getting lots of attention, lots of very patronizing talk about people getting their first 'democratic' vote, and etc - obviously (from here outside the box where the rose-colored fantasyland glasses got removed quite some time ago) the Egyptians are in for some big moments of awakening over the next few years - finding out that electing whoever isn't really that great, if you elect them, but they still work for the big money people. The folks in Canada still don't seem to understand this, though, so one wouldn't have any great hope for elsewhere ..

May 24 - CN strike in the news, with Ms Raitt letting the workers know they'll be legistated back to work ASAP if they don't accept whatever downgrades in pay etc being offered by the capitalist masters - obviously Ms Raitt sees herself as 'Big Momma', whose job is to make sure the children play nicely, and by god she, along with the rest of her like-thinking comrades, is perfectly ready, once again, to use the power of the government to trample all over what more simple-minded citizens might think of as some kind of 'rights' they have. In the new feudalist world, the serfs have no rights. Get used to it.

May 21 The Current: - half-hour slagging Iran. Not a word from the other side. Not a word about how we've heard stories like this in the past that later turned out to be complete fabrications with the single goal of demonising someone. And etc. That's what propaganada is all about. Even if the story has some truth in it, which it certainly may, I don't hold any illusions that Iran is some paradise on earth, their government and "police" get up to bad stuff, as does ours - their POV is that 'the gov is doing this the evil bastards!!' - which is not what happens here. For example, the story about the cops being out of control in Quebec, or at the G20 last year, or any other time, are *never* connected to the government, it is damage control as much as possible - but if we hear about police violence of some sort in some country we don't like - it's *invariably* the government they hold responsible. As I said, propaganda. In action.

May 20 Ontario girl's online banking speech goes viral - a damage control piece, directed at those who have heard rumors about 'monetary reform' or whatever, and wonder if there isn't something that could be done better about these massive debts, austerity, etc - a line of thought that *must* be derailed, as it is a very, very dangerous line of thought for the rulers - the scam is so obvious once you understand it, and those involved in so obviously need to be sent to jail for the rest of their lives, that the people must be stopped at all costs from looking for more information about this. The CBC does a bit of a hatchet job, avoiding any of the useful points the kid makes, and dragging out a couple of the old straw dogs - very, very weak straw dogs once you understand them, but most people don't understand much about anything, obviously, if they are getting their main ideas from the mainstream media, and are as easy to lead around as the trusting 5-year-old who watches too much tv.

The ""economist"" wonders '..why wouldn't every government in the world simply go out and print money?" - the answer is clear enough - every government in the world is controlled by the same people who control the banks, and governments controlling the credit accounts of the nation would do about the same for the banking industry as legalising drugs would do to the organised crime industry. As long as the criminals are running things, they are naturally going to maintain the greatest criminal enterprises.

And - it's not a matter of a government 'borrowing' from a central bank rather than from private banks that the kid is actually suggesting - when a government 'borrows' from a private bank, the bank simply *creates* the money-credit out of thin air - so there would be no difference at all in the money-credit situation if the central bank *created* the same money-credit, except it would not then be paying compounding interest to the bank forever and a day. That the government would "print" massive amounts of money and cause inflation is a blazing redherring - what do we think the banks have been doing the last few years if not vastly overcreating credit, leading to the massive speculative boom-bust cycles we have been seeing, not to mention the attendant inflation resulting from paying interest on our entire money supply every year?

(I added a comment along these lines, directing people to What Happened - I'd be very surprised if it was posted ..._

May 19 The House: - sounding very reasonable in terms of talking about the election cancellation - the government is controlled, tweedledee-dum makes no difference to the rulers, so this is a good subject to show how they are 'impartial' in terms of Libs, Cons, even NDP sometimes - but later talking about Syria and Iran the propaganda inserts itself again, repeating the propaganda shamelessly ...

May 18: Not a police state, Canada, no no no, what a silly idea ... as long as the peasants stay quietly at home watching tv, all is fine - no police state here, no no no ... (the VGI pulling back the curtain truth here? Well, it's pretty obvious - most states are actually police states, May 2012 Quebec police confronting studentsit's just that some of the peasants in some places are less inclined to accept this kind of thing, thus more police presence is required, with more beatings etc - the well-managed police state, however, has the citizens much better indoctrinated,much more inclined to do as they're god damn well told without putting up much of a fuss (including pretty serious 'peer group presure' from well-behaved citizens telling their neighbors to 'quit causing trouble!' and so on), thus the police don't get used so much - but as we see, more and more the lastPolice G20 Toronto 2011 few years as the necessary police state control of information (propaganda and indoctrination maintenance) is more and more compromised by ideas of freedom and truth and so on exposing the lies flying around the world by the internet, and more and more people in the western 'democracies' are waking up to what is really going on, and protesting more - and the iron fist is more and more visible through the increasingly tattered velvet glove ..)

May 18: "Something broke in the last federal election," Wrzesnewskyj said. "It's a terrible thought not to know whether or not someone who is in the House of Commons, voting on laws by which we govern ourselves, whether those individuals are actually an expression of the will of the people." - some combination of incrediblt hypocricy and/or simple ignorance here - that far more Canadians voted against the current government than for it, and yet they have a 'majority' government with whcih they can rearrange the country as they please - against the will of most people - is pretty hard to call 'the will of the people'. (and not only the current Harper government - very, very few governments in certainly the recent past of NWO deconstruction of our country have been doing so with the approval of much more than 20-25% of the people of the country - yet the entire electoral process is so rigged that the usurpers are allowed to do as they wish. And they call it "democracy". The Red Queen rules, I guess.)
- also part of the 'limited hangout' strategy - there's a lot of understanding among the rulers that a lot of Cdns are extremely unhappy with the governments 'their' elections give them, so obviously working for a wealthy elite and against the wishes of most of us, which is getting harder and harder to justify, so making a big noise about 'We'll give the MPs more free votes, oh yea, that'll fix it!!!!' and other similar crap is meant to be usuable by the media to show everyone that, by golly, we DO take these problems seriously!! - whilst keeping well away from the root causes of everyone's unhappiness - the completely fixed party-controlled electoral system that ensures Bay St et al retain control of 'our' government - which is never, never, NEVER going to get talked about in their media, or addressed by their govenrments as long as we allow them to keep controlling everything.

May 17: Mladic war crimes trial thrown into doubt over evidence ‘errors’ - not only the CBC, of course, the Star too, front and center on the bandwagon in certain areas - notice the wording throughout the story - it's a kangaroo court, pretty officially - the Star *tells* its readers about the 'crimes' - no 'alleged' to be found anywhere. When we're dealing with 'monsters', the charge is the 'proof' of guilt to our new propagandists-"journailsts". I have no idea what happened here - but I would be pretty much 100% sure that it was a great deal more nuanced than you're going to get in this kind of blatant propaganda - you only get this heavy with things when your basic charge is pretty insecure and won't stand up to serious, impartial examination, so you completely demonise the victim to the point where any defence seems like an insult to the supposed victims. THinking minds outside the box understand this. Not sure how many of us there are, I look around in the dark out here these days and there aren't many little blinking lanterns looking for Truth ...

May 18: CBC "news" - again, slagging 'lefties' in Greece - odd they never talk about 'if the right wing faction wins the election, austerity measures will be enforced' - hmmm.

May 17: Good Rockets, Bad Rockets - BBC Bias On India And North Korea - glad to see I was not the only one who noticed this blatant propaganda a couple of weeks ago, although of course I was listening to the CBC, rather than the BBC - both once great institutions having been taken over by the dark forces. Some of us understand this - apparently there is still some kind of critical mass out there being herded around by these propagandists, or we'd expect a bit more activity opposing the new feudalist movement. May 15: CBC "news" - about the Rafferty sentencing - ' he looked sad, taken down a notch..' - and much more along the same lines, stuff from a teen sob novel - krist, tabloid gossip passing as "news" on the CBC. Not new, of course, just what we've learned to expect. Sadly. And down and down and down we go, where we stop, nobody knows....

As It Happens- and then AIH slagging the 'left-wing anti-austerity' movement in Greece - fuck they're all really, really pissed at this show of resistance to the new feudal rulers ... going to be some resistance stamping, chil'un ... (no mention of 'right wing' when we talk about imposing austerity, of course ...) (give them a wee bit of credit - they did have the Greek guy on, explaining what his position was clearly, even if the lady was stuck in the 'yea, but you need the money!' line - her job, I guess .., same as Robin and AM - how can you possibly not do what our masters tell you to do, no questions asked??? We don't get it!!" - I guess you don't get a job hosting a major CBC program if you haven't fully accepted their dogmas, and right to set dogmas (note the complete lack of resistance or unhappiness from any of them about the gutting of the CBC - it's their job to mediate this ...)

May 15/11 Ottawa Morning: - Ms Bresnahan talks to a couple of people with family or friends in Greece, mainly to try to elicit from them the same kind of shock she feels that the idiots are not humbly bowing down to the bankers' edicts and meekly accepting Austeriry and their new lives of debt-bondage forever (she doesn't frame it quite like that, but they don't - that's just what they mean). And she gets in some more of the 'create the narrative dogma' myths - the problem in Greece, of course, as we all know now after months of priming by the media, is them lazy Greeks just don't like paying taxes! The damned laggards! - no WONDER the government is in debt! She brings up the specific example of doctors not paying their share, or something. We do not EVER, of course, at least on the CBC, talk about wealthy corps not paying taxes in Canada, which is certainly part of the debt problems we are all facing now. Oh no. nono. CDn corps not paying taxes is GOOD!!! - we ALL don't want to pay taxes, right" POltiical parties promising lower and lower taxes are great, right?? - but hey, them damned Greeks not paying taxes now (allegedly) - well, we're not going to get into comparing that with Cdns not paying taxes - just reap what ye have sewn, damed Greek peasants!! Austerity forever!
Robins says.

- and then we have
May 15 The Current: - and then we have Ms Tremonti, back on the 'Demonize North Korea!!' thing they started yesterday. I have no doubt that N Korea is a bit of a totalitarian sort of place, but I also have no doubt it is nowhere near as bad as the propagandists from the CBC et al make it out to be - and it is propaganda because the unspoken comparison is with 'us', and how 'great' things are here. It is a game to keep Cdns thinking 'well, we're sure lucky we're not living there!!' - rather than looking around at what is happening here, and how things have been going downhill for the last 30 years. Get a couple of slum-moms from some gangland in Canada, and see how their stories compare.

May 13 Island Morning: - and everywhere, Mother's Day. This is fine, as far as it goes - Moms are great, and a day for them is fine, and deserved. BUT - the 'let's all feel happy' stuff gets a bit propagandistic (Canada is such a great country!!) when you think about the tens of thousands of moms and kids in this "great" country who are having not only not a great, but a really shitty day today, and life in general, because the great country has become an elitist plutocracy that has no problem with hundreds of thousands of people living sub-standard lives so they can keep up with the latest Lear jets or Mercedes cars, and jet off to New York or Paris any time they feel like it. That money comes from somewhere, it's a finite pie, by and large, and they have those jets and thousand-dollar lunches because we are letting so many people live in poverty, and misery.
But you're not going to hear much about that on the CBC, which is doing its job of propaganda maintenance for those who are taking over our country. Well - 'are taking over' isn't really the appropriate verb tense anymore, is it>

May 5 Politics and the Pen - Writer's Trust of Canada - part of the deep indoctrination. Of course we are proud of our Canadian writers - we've sure been brought up that way for enough years. But it's all in the box - this far and no further. Like everything else, you're allowed to be wonderfully free and creative - but only in the box, there are a couple of things you will NOT be allowed to write about, at least insofar as getting the 'well done children!!!' pat on the head most people crave. Check out the writers who get on the list, who get mentioned in the mainstream media - all supporters of the capitalist NWO. THere *are* other writers out there, aside from myself - we/they just are NOT getting any support from the MSM. And since even most so-called 'progressives' now take their directions from the MSM, in terms of what is worth talking about, or acceptable conversation in 'polite' society - we have little impact. Music is no different - the CBC gives great attention to a lot of musicians, and some of them are pretty good - but where is the protest music? Dylan is given a bit of lip service, as an icon of our times, but you have to know that if he came along today, he wouldn't get a second of airplay anywhere near the MSM. Masters of War? Can you imagine that getting any play today?!?!?

Apr 5 - earlier in the week we were listening to various CBC people tell us how they were broadsided with surprise by the announced cuts, as the responsible minister was telling everyone last year that CBC would not face such cuts. Now a couple of days later they have all the cuts and changes all figured out already. Some fast work. Or some fast talking, maybe.

- small interruption in postings here, existential things, work things, why-the-fuck-bother things - never stopped thinking and being angry at what was and is going on, just sometimes hard to justify spending any time writing about what I think, as the Minstry of Truth obviously has control of the mass of the population, and even the 'alt' sites which seem to understand things as I do don't seem to have any interest in talking to me - a bit of a lonely life altogether, but not at all bad because of that - I think that the adult 'thinking' creature pretty much has to be alone a lot - we are alone in our brains. If we are lucky enough to live in a community of like-minded adults, I think we could do good things together, and be a comfort and joy to one another, for part of our time here. But that does not seem to be my karma this time around, and I'm not mostly happy enough with my own journey of learning here. Obviously many of those who have gone before, and who exist now, are and have done a lot of good stuff, the fruits of which enrich my own journey - I only hope I can leave something that may be of some use to those who come later, or perhaps even make things in my own time a bit better. But only history will be able to judge that.

Nov 22 - Island Morning - full spectrum propaganda in action, as we hear about Canada levying sanctions against Iran, along with the UK - a 'senior writer' for the CBC, named 'Laura Peyton' (sounding quite young - but then the entire tone of the message was the way you would explain things to a slightly advancedThe masters voice child, curious about world events - very simplistic, nice teacher explaining things to the children) - and a black and white, good guys - bad guys world, they don't even pretend balance or offering both sides - the underlying assumption here is that Iran is completely evil, we all know that, we don't need to get into it - anything we do is justified, we don't need to ask about 'their side' because 'evil people' don't have any such thing. And etc. George Orwell's world. With some words for those wondering why it was ok to go after Gaddaffi, but not the guy in Syria - Gaddaffi was much more important, with his plans for a pan-Africa bank and challenging the power of the interntional bankers to run the world - Syria is not that level. (that's not what she said, of course!!!)

And later, the Current - we get an interview from some guy with a new book telling us all how great our Afghanistan mission was - some mistakes made, obviously, and that's why he's here, telling us that it really was 'the work of god, yassa massa!!' - all you peasants quit asking questions, there was no evil intention or anything else here - it was ALL GOOD STUFF!!!!, at heart!! - we're the good guys!! - everybody wants to believe this, and nobody is easier to propagandize than someone who wants to believe the shit they're being fed. On the scale, he gets I suppose an 8 or so - their problem (he and AM and whoever scripted this and did the book) is that he's just a bit too serious and dispassionate - no excitement, no shouting, just a good 'impartial' analysis, covering the main points of those of us who question this whole thing for many reasons. (with, of course, no speaker at all from the 'we should NOT have done this shit' side, and here is why so much of what he says doesn't stand up to much scratching and questioning from somebody with real questions rather than softballing. But of course, you don't do that when you're doing propaganda, as the CBC seems to be mostly doing these days.)

Nov 20 - Financial literacy for students - I guess 'financial literacy' is the buzz-phrase of the day - sounds good, being 'financially literate' would be a very good idea for everyone. Unfortunately (if not unsurprisingly), when placed in the hands of a capitalist apologist, the phrase assumes a somewhat different meaning - sort of a Red Queen thing. For the capitalist 'financial literacy' for the university student does not mean understanding what is going on in the economy, and how 'he who controls the money controls everything else, and related things an educated adult citizen should know in order to make intelligent decisions about what should be happening in his or her society, nono, not at all. What the capitalist apologist wants the student to understand is that no matter how their parents might have had an affordable education, the modern student is by god expected to pay for their own education, and pay well at that. The 'state' is no longer in the business of providing 'free lunches' to anyone (well, except for the upper crust sorts who actually could goddamn well afford their own if they weren't so freaking greedy, but that's another stofy). And the 'financially literate' modern student, steering clear of potentially useful questions like 'Why actually should private banks control our nation's money, and create it out of thin air, and charge interest on it?' and such like, is expected to understand that the *only* purpose of 'higher education' in capitalist society is getting a job - and if they cannot directly connect their course of study to an available job, then what the hell do they think they are doing? I guess the old idea that a 'higher, liberal education' was meant to create a well-rounded, reasonably well educated citizen, has no currency in the modern capitalist world.

And lecturing them about credit card debts - as they watch the world reeling from too much debt, including their own government saying they cannot provide all kinds of services because they are in too much debt - is at best a bit hypocritical - do as I say, lads, not as I do!! - but even more, many of these kids are seeing that when the very leaders of their society - the banks and big investors - get too much in debt, why the govenrment comes along and bails them all out, so any kid would be thinking if they can bail out a vastly wealthy bank for tens of billions, then why the hell won't they bail me/us out for a few paltry tens of thousands? (obviously, the kids do need some education about a lot of things, not yet understanding that that is how the world works ...) Aside from the cynicism, of course, the much bigger point is that what is going on here is really just more of the 'return to the dark ages' capitalist crap. Which will continue until somebody stands up and stops them.

Anyway. Just more of the View from the Island. A scary world, not that many of us left. Came across a good quote from Chomsky yesterday - "Not only is the rabble excluded, they don't influence policy, but they don't know what's in policy, and finally they don't know that they don't know. Virtually nobody knows that they don't know what is going on.' They don't know that they don't know - that seems pretty much to cover so much of what is happening. (and don't sit there knowingly nodding thinking I mean somebody else - if you don't understand what is happening about the money here, and few do, then you don't know, and apparently you don't know you don't know ...) And it really is the end. here.

Nov 20 - Rex Murphy: Capitalism's spoiled children: The maintenance of the dominant dogma, all lies but believed by so many people through the power of systemic indoctrination over a long period of time as seen by Huxley - the slaves loving their chains ...

Capitalist apologetics of the most brazen sort, claiming credit for the accomplishments of others. Capitalism unchained is Dickensian mill towns, or company mining towns of the late 1800s - ruthless robber barons supported by corrupt government and police claiming the wealth produced by the workers and producers. During the first part of the 1900s the people fought back, very strongly, and by the 1950s and 60s had taken some serious steps towards social democracy, which is where the good stuff Murphy opines about came from - strong democracy taking care of the people, not capitalism taking care of the owners by oppressing the people. Anyone with even a vague sense of acknowledging 'truth' understands this - every social gain made during those years, from medicare to pensions to making higher education available to anyone who qualified to the development of a decently-waged middle class, was fought tooth and nail by the capitalists. As these advances are still being fought today, by completely corrupt capitalist controlled governments doing their best to return to the robber baron days of omnipotent Lords controlling great masses of powerless, obedient peasants. Democratic Revolution - now or never http://www.rudemacedon.ca/vgi/backgrounders/revolution.html .

Sept 28 - MacKay racks up nearly $3-million in flights on VIP jets - if anyone wonders why political parties fight each other with such apparent seriousness during elections and whatnot when they are all really working for the same master, this more or less covers it. The perks for the winners are much, much better. The top level guys do amazing amounts of travel on taxpayer money, their reward for betraying us so badly. Most of us would like to see the world, few of us can afford to. Even fewer being treated like royalty and staying at the best hotels and eating the best food, etc. Sure it's venal - one of the more common adjectives applied to the sleazeballs known otherwise as 'professional politicians'.

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