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Really .... The (somewhat erratic) daily observations...

Sept 30 - Niall Ferguson: The 6 killer apps of prosperity: A bit of balance: You might want to think about the glib comments and fast salesman-like talk of somebody well-paid to promote the capitalist agenda - much left out, much misrepresented. For example, the west-east Germany and north-south Korea examples. He says that the success of the west and south versions validate capitalism (a rose by any other name, or whatever) - but this is disingenuous in the extreme. West Germany had the full support of the most powerful country in the world in its rebuilding - Russia after the war supported east Germany, but Russia suffered massive losses of both people and infrastructure, at huge financial cost, during the war and had little money to spare from its own massive rebuilding to assist east Germany; and both Russia and east Germany were under constant threat from the US imperialist machine, so were forced to devote much of their scarce resources to defence, rather than rebuilding industry and technological capacity for consumer goods - the US, the victors in the war, had coffers overflowing with wealth for both rebuilding west Germany, and threatening Russia/east Germany. Similar for south Korea a few years later. We might also look around the modern world, at the poverty and war and financial meltdown everywhere - all the *direct* result of capitalist (mainly American, but not exclusively) looting and other predation (i.e. via the IMF, World Bank, etc). More perspective here, for those interested - What Happened?.

Sept 28 - MacKay racks up nearly $3-million in flights on VIP jets - if anyone wonders why political parties fight each other with such apparent seriousness during elections and whatnot when they are all really working for the same master, this more or less covers it. The perks for the winners are much, much better. The top level guys do amazing amounts of travel on taxpayer money, their reward for betraying us so badly. Most of us would like to see the world, few of us can afford to. Even fewer being treated like royalty and staying at the best hotels and eating the best food, etc. Sure it's venal - one of the more common adjectives applied to the sleazeballs known otherwise as 'professional politicians'.

Sept 28 - the Current - "stunning" interview with some woman with a 'new book' - so obvious she does not have much to say, guided all the way by AM, telling us how corporations are GOOD, by god - and responsible right from their beginning a couple of hundred years ago for our GREAT life styles today. And guess what?!? Charles Dickens supported them!!!!! - not a WORD about the poor houses etc Dickens wrote about - no way!!! - now he's an economics visionary, telling us how good corporations were !!!!! - she slanders Marx a bit, obligatorily for ANY mainstream media if his name is mentioned, obviously having no idea at all about his ideas (he thought, according to this 'major economics visionary writer!!!' workers were automatons, and could not change the system - really?!?!? - workers of the world unite, I guess, was just another socialist fiction or something???) - much more - the Depression, and current gov meltdown, were the result of bad government policy, not banks creating money out of control for speculation - and actually we should let the central banks do as they damn well please, as they know what they are doing, and etc etc MAJOR DECONSTRUCTION FODDER IF THE TIME COMES!!!! - of the CBC in the "Ministry of Truth - Rewriting History" branch ....

Sept 19 - the Current - and 'the voice' doing mockery imitations of Stephen Harper - this is quite ridiculous, when you think of it - no broadcaster should be doing this kind of mockery - and then secondly, it's a very transparent attempt to promote the 'anti-conservative' focus of the CBC - which is, of course, a complete fiction - but the population is so dumbed down they can be manipulated like this.

And you could probably count the number of people in the country who would listen to this, and nod in agreement, on the fingers of one hand.

Life outside the box.

Sept 19 - Island Morning - new great contest - what song do you play while you are walking? - hidden message - only a weirdo actually walks in silence - if you walk in silence, you can think!!!! - but we don't want thinking people here - having songs playing while you're walking is really good for not thinking! - that's the goal. Like having the tv on in the background all day long - no thinking required for the modern Stepford citizen. Actually we discourage thinking, beyond 'choosing' from a list of things we give you, which proves what a great Democracy we are.

Not. As they say.

Sept 16 - English: Journalists don't belong in game The problem here - somewhat glaringly obvious - is that 'sports' is not 'news' and 'sports reporters' are not 'journalists'. At least in the real world, where people are concerned with real things, and look to the media and 'journalists' to reliable inform them about what is happening in their country and world so they can make informed decisions about their country should be doing. ?????? Something wrong here .... But that's modern 'journalism' - trivializing the important and telling the people that sports and celebrity sex are the "really" important stuff in their lives. But like so many things - propagandists telling people something over and over again does not make it so. Actually, Ms English - the 'public editor' - has a quite limited view of what the public wants - a few times a year, for instance, she tells us how they are watching diligently for typos, as people really don't like that. geez as they say.

Ms English suggests that because sports 'reporters' are close to the players they should not be voting on things, which would have some validity if considering sports as 'news' had any connection to reality - but it would be much more pertinent if Ms English were to focus on things like 'journalists' and political figures being all buddy-buddy doing things like radio and television interviews - you listen to, or watch, such things, and it is very, very obvious this is a closed club, and no 'reporter' is going to ask any really hard questions of these politicians - oh, sure, they put on a good show sometimes, but the real questions never get asked. And this buddy-buddy stuff never gets talked about by Ms English. Or others. Oddly .... again, as one who originall saw a lot of truth here the 'journalists' don't want to talk about - the medium is the message.

Sept 16 - Sarah Palin had sex with NBA star, snorted cocaine, book alleges- modern "journalism" - cheap gossip. Not even an attempt here explain why these 'alleged' revalations are of any importance to an adult citizen who needs information about what is going on in our country and world to make decisions about what their country should be doing. I suppose - if we opened the door to that kind of discussion, we would go places the modern media don't want us going - that the point of celebrity gossip is actually aimed at just the opposite - keeping a dumbed down citizenry gossiping about other people - as low sorts of people do - rather than keeping an eye on what the country is doing. Which is a lot of really bad stuff - which, of course, again, the media do NOT want you thinking or talking about.

You must tell me, as Bobby said in a similar context, how your head feels under something /being manipulated like that?

Sept 15 - Swissair crash speculation prompts mixed reaction - interesting how this gets headline coverage, one guy disagreeing with the 'official investigation'. Remember 911? Thousands of people disagreeing with the official story, including many very serious types, and en masse they are ignored 99.9% of the time, and the only time they get any acknowledgement is to laugh at them dismissively now and then as 'conspiracy nuts'. The pic is interesting too - a plane diving into the ocean, sinking in hundreds of feet of water - and look at the reconstruction - very obvious what kind of plane it was. But four - count em four - large jets crashed on 911, and not a single pic even remotely like this. No big parts from any crash site. And nary a word of protest from the media. Big jets do not disintegrate - google around airplane crashes for the last 50 years, and look at the pics. Lots of pics, lots of big parts - wings, tail sections, engines, wheel assemblies, fuselage pieces, etc etc etc - but just like three huge skyscrapers crumbled in a way no highrise has ever crumbled before without the assistance of controlled demolition - which, of course, the investigators 'knew' was not the cause so there was no need to even consider it - on that day four large airliners completely disintegrated, as far as leaving large parts at accident scenes goes - and not a word of protest from the media. Quite the contrary - instead of asking questions real journalists should be asking, they are on the front lines of screaming CONSPIRACY THEORIST OMG HAHAHA at anyone daring to ask what the hell is going on around here.

But then that's what you do, if your job is to create the official narrative rather than actually report the news, and the official narrative these days is that we have a grand wonderful media telling people everything they need to know, and that in special circumstances highrises can collapse just like controlled demolition without being controlled demolition and airliners can disintegrate.

Not 'only in Hollywood' any longer. Right here. Your own private rabbithole, where anything is possible.

Just ask a 'journalist' - they'll tell you.

Sept 13 Island morning - some 'report' on some food marketing thing - and the "reporter" says during this - 'lying to bloggers is like lying to reporters' - almost choked on my noodles. People in power have been lying to "journos" forever, and apparently the journos are and have been too stupid to understand even the most outrageous lies (WMD, 'trickle'down', all the money stuff I talk about nearby which they are apparently too unclued-in to understand, etc etc) - either that or, of course, they know what the 'truth' is, but as the official NWO secretariat, are part of selling such lies to 'the public'. Either way - these people don't have much credibility, at least among the thinking part of the population - not a big number, admittedly ... (but they do have a pretty high opinion of themselves, of course, as several times a year they tell us what fine awards they've won...)

>>> later on the Current - AM talking with Peter Lougheed - he's mostly a good guy, but with some bad ideas - but they both reinforce the idea, the created-'history', the mythology, of 'that baaaaaddddd Trudeau, and the rise of 'western alienation' - there IS another POV about this - Western people acting like selfish children, and encouraged by the media rather than told to grow up in the pursuit of creating more tension, more divisiveness between Canadians, as long as we're fighting one another we're not going where the real enemy lives - but you never hear that on the MSM - doesn't matter which POV is right, a *real* media would present both views to the citizens, and let them decide, not be treating one side as gospel, and pretending there was no other side ....


>> and China spys (OMG etc etc) - this is entirely ridiculous, but shows the propensity of the CBC for both treating cheap gossip as 'news', and their ongoing demonisation of China, for whatever reason. The dogmatic belief of the WASP sector that 'older men' and 'younger women', or 'older men' and 'Asian women OMGEVENMORE!!!!!" should never see each other is a bit of a mystery, or maybe it's not the WASPS so much as the feminists, who know their stridency makes them somewhat unattractive as partners to a lot of people. However you figure it, this screaming from the rooftops about a few very mild and innocent emails from an MP to a Chinese broadcaster of a 'flirty' nature says far, far, FAR more about those doing the screaming than those doing the emailing.

And it's just as telling about the demonisation - you may have noticed - not a WORD about the US spy habits or strategies - we are to suppose that either the US doesn't do any spying, or that they would never use tactics like this (or else, I suppose, that hypocricy is fine when demonising somebody you don't like) - which is ridiculous. But when you think about what you hear on the CBC these days, a great deal of it is equally ridiculous. But what is most ridiculous of all is how so many Cdns apparently believe so much of this shit with no questions asked.

Sept 9 - the propaganda is getting crazier and crazier - today, Ottawa Morning, a woman with an obviously fabricated story, although they leave in one what you might call Freudian slip - she refers to the 'imploding' tower, which they aren't supposed to do. But she talks about getting away from the towers, and 'smelling body parts' - ???? Huhn?? There weren't really any body parts, but whatever parts were scattered in the ruins were 'fresh meat', nowhere near smelling a few minutes after death - an obvious, and not too clever, embellishment to get people more horrified, and more inclined to believe the official story, just out of sympathy for the 'victims'. And much else. The masters voiceThis whole thing is kind of scary, to those still able to claim compis mentis - you can imagine Hitler et al were using the same kind of strategy - get a great herd of people all committed to believing something deeply, something that was not true, but any single person would not have the nerve to disagree with the great mob around them. People wonder why the Germans all believed the lies of Hitler - there were people questioning Hitler et al, but they were treated exactly like those of us currently questioning the 'justifying lies' are regarded today - not to be listened to, to put it politely. And sometime in the not that distant future, they're going to be wondering how so many could have been so blind and stupid as to believe the obvious lies of the official 911 story.

And one wonders - where are the stories from the millions of family members in Iraq who lost 'loved ones' to the American bombs? The people whose sister or brother was getting married in Afghanistan when suddenly the whole house was turned into a charnel house by a 'gosh we're so sorry!!!' American bomb? And etc etc etc - when you have any kind of wider perspective at all, the blatant propaganda of so much of what is happening on the 'media' these days is almost too much to believe - and it's even more unbelievable how many otherwise apparently more or less brain-functioning citizens believe this shit with no questions asked.

- and more on the Current - some guy telling everyone how badly he was affected by the experience - I would bet anything you want to get he is/was a trained actor - and not a very good one. And the second lady - the 'realistic detail they'll believe this!Q!!' - she 'had her sneakers on!!' wow. Scripts of, by and for the adolescent, hollywood-trained tv-mind. Sorry "mind". No adults thought allowed. It just doesn't ring true. But of course for the tv watchers (radio version), no questions will be allowed - when 'we' have a 'shared' tragedy, we don't ask questions, it's just a big crying party of kids feeling sorry for each other, no adult reactions allowed.

- and the second part is 'the expert', Lawrence Wright (spp??) - talking about how the barbaric al Quaeda only want to destroy things etc - the irony is almost a blow, when we think of what the US has destroyed - thousands or tens of thousands of times the destruction of al Quaeda, even if that was a real organisation, which, of course, most people understand it is simply another US cover organisation - but it's stunning, the blatant lies they can tell, etc, and get away with it - the delusion that is the Box .... the 'new history' of bin Laden being introduced here, first time I've heard it anyway - the US never wanted to 'capture' him, as they feared the monstrous al Quaeda would kidnap people all over the world and hold them for ransom!! Dastardly fiends!!! - and more. Fuck, you could NOT write this shit for movies, nobody would buy it. Saturday morning cartoon stuff - which is what the whole story is like, really - and that most people in our 'modern civilized democracies' buy this shit no questions asked says about all you need to say about the average citizen these days. (the guy lets slip later on that 'he did a play in Israel' - so - he IS an actor. Wow, I am so surprised. It;s quite a performance all in all - he finishes by bringing in the mythology of America the Great!!! - today, we're not what we want to be - but remember the dream, people, remember the dream!!!

Sept 8 - New Zealand universities cut staff and courses - and Ontario struggling with 18,500 fewer hospital beds - Family living standards will fall by ?4,600 TUC report says - on and on and on and on, 2-3 years now, they are stealing everything right in front of 'our' eyes - and nobody is willing to stand up and stop them. It's not 'austerity', it's looting

Sept 7 - Harper says 'Islamicism' biggest threat to Canada - I don't think most Canadians go along with this - but if the same 'most Cdns' are not going to get up on their feet and stop the minority from running their country, I guess they're going to get what they're going to get. Whatever that is, it ain't gonna qualify for the term 'democracy'.

Sept 6 - boy, the deep propaganda is ramped big today. The pro is back - Ms Tremonti interviews Olivia Chow about Jack and his legacy. And who in the fuck would ever say anything bad about Jack? Only a true monster of some sort - but it occurs to me that if the NDP was any real danger to the entrenched powers, they would NOT be building Jack up, effectively telling people to vote NDP, so it's just part of building the box bigger and stronger by getting people to act in controlled ways. And Jack's wife telling people things may look a bit bad now, but we're all working hard, and we must keep trying - in other words, stay in the box, folks, trust your leaders and all will be well - look how much everyone loved Jack, which means you should join and/or support the NDP - a safe place for people not wanting to support the obviously corporate-controlled parties - the corporate control of the NDP is kept a bit more subtle. Easy to say if you're in the top 1% of income and pension earners, I suppose. Likewise with 911 - what kind of horrible person would ever question the Official Conspiracy Theory, and dishonor Our Murdered Dead!?!?! - even when more and more and more people every year are starting to understand what a great pile of crap the Official Conspiracy Theory is. But for the many in the middle, the many controlled by the mainstream media who support the status quo by coloring inside the lines like mommy tells nice children to do - the walls of the box are very high, and very strong. And the hope for humanity, already twisting and almost dead, takes another kick dead in the head. Serpent's Tale. If anyone was wondering.

The ongoing Selling of the Big Lie about Libya continues - and then Ms Tremonti and the Current are going to do a series on 'big changes' this year, after their great series last year telling people how they should think about old people who were a drain on the economy, and other things the capitalists are doing to fuck everybody but it's ok! it's ok!!! - we're not going to look behind any of it, just tell people they have to get used to it, and deal with it. And now this year it's things that changed the world - big important stuff, like Jack's death they just threw in this week, taking advantage of an opportunity, but they're talking now about the guy who changed the world by jumping over a high jump bar backwards - haven't got all the details, but they're going to do one titillating thing about vibrators OMG and how they changed sex for women, and some other, no doubt equally changing things. I just suspect they won't be doing anything on the capitalist neocon takeover of the 1970s, or anything else a *real* media, dedicated to informing the people of things they need to know, would be doing. They're out there, of course, such places, but you never hear them advertised on the CBC, etc.

Sept 3 - The House - talking to the 'new' Libyan diplomat, spreading more lies about everything Libyan and Gaddaffi - and inter alia justifying the outright theft of at least tens and perhaps hundreds of billions of dollars from the guy. Which is part of what it's all about, of course. But when 'we' steal stuff, it's ok.

Sept 2 - Winnipeg morning show - on the social engineering bandwagon - 'shocked' at how some stores are selling 'minors' cigarettes - same as I hear regularly from PEI. A 17 year old has no fucking rights, don't you people understand? DO WHAT YOU'RE FUCKING TOLD!!!! - and we (good little CBC junior reporters) are here, all shocked at such terrible crimes, guarding vigilantly the 'right' of 'our' government to set behavioural standards for everyone. And having interviews with little do-gooders about what good children they are who don't smoke - and who help the government stop other children from smoking too. Pat us on the head, mommy. We're such good children. What we are not is intelligent adults in charge of our country. Fuck, most of us can't even conceive of the concept, it appears. Do as you're told!!! - that's Democracy!!! Yes, mommy.

Aug 31 Where were you on 911 - indoctrination maintenance in action. How many people in our society would dare stand up in public and say that the whole 911 story is an obvious crock of crap? Not all that many, although their (our) numbers seem to be growing. But this is maintenance, telling the average citizen that believing the official crap story is what your leaders expect of you, and if you stand up with your fellow citizens and affirm that you believe the 'received dogman', you're ok. Just another of the group-think things you are raised to believe, to keep you in the box, if you ever think of asking questions. People are raised to avoid sticking their head up above the crowd - this is part of it. Indoctrination by a thousand cuts. Every day. Every time you do not say 'Wait!' when somebody does one of these things, and just meekly join the crowd - you affirm your given role, and affirm the right of the leaders to tell you what to think about certain important things, as you are told in the mainstream media.

Sept 2 - CBC "news" - spending 3-4 minutes telling Canadians how important the 'world track and field' championships in Japan or someplace are - a 'human interest' story about some shot putter, and his 'amazling long!!!!' throw - how the guy's brother watched 'in pins and needles' - and etc. So many things of serious importance going on in the world never touched by the CBC - but encouraging Cdns to think that sports stories are worth a few minutes every hour. Bread and circuses. And a country full of people having no idea how they are being led around by the mainstream media. It's a bit funny, in a grim sort of way sometimes - you can tell the hosts have trouble some times pretending to be really interested in this crap. But it's their job, and they do their best.

Aug 31 19-year-old woman admits she executed at least 11 Libyan rebels - only one possible excuse for this - the masters are wondering, "Just how fucking stupid and gullible have we rendered the citizens of Canada?" We don't even want to think about the answer.

Aug 31 Baird mulls extending Canada's Libya mission past September - they don't even pretend anymore, if they ever did - it makes absolutely no difference what 'Canadians' think about the ongoing invasion and bombing, they have no say in the matter - Baird will decide. In consultation with Harper, no doubt, and the Con MPs, puppets to a man/woman, will do as they're told (as would the Libs if so ordered in power - that the NDPs are mouthing protests is irrelevant - what you do when you make decisions is what counts). And this is the "democracy" they want to bring to Libya and other places with their bombs and murdering. The puzzling thing, as always, is how or why so many Canadians remain silent about everything. The preceding couple of small posts are no doubt centrally involved - Canadians are well trained to think what's on tv, or what the celebrities are up to these days, are far more important in the average life than boring old politics. Trained to be stupid, and enthusiastic practitioners of what they've been trained in.

Aug 31 - Island Morning - radio for grownups with kids minds - contest today sure to interest all kids - tell us about 'an encounter with fame!!! - what famous person did you meet?' - sure to interest all the kids. Not so much for adults.

Same day, Ottawa Morning - talking with a guy about how to get anything you want on tv on your computer - great stuff, see everything you ever wanted, etc. FAR far more important than getting involved in adult activities like taking an interest in the people stealing your country, which you will never, never, never NEVER hear about on the CBC. Which would of course be unusual, as they are part of the plot - but if we had a *real* media in the country, working for rather than against the people, the priorities would probably be a little different.

Aug 30 - the propaganda continues - on the Current maybe a small miscalculation - the lady "reporter" talking about the 'rebels' takeover in Tripoli, and she talks about all the weapons floating around loose, including Kalashnikovs, SAM-7 missiles, and all kinds of smaller stuff - and she lets out that when the "rebels" take over a town, of course they go to the weapons shops, and take all the weapons (honest folk that they are) - but wait just a frigging second here - if Gaddaffi is such a terrible monster oppressing all of 'his' people so cruelly, what in the hell is he doing allowing 'weapons shops' to be widely scattered around his territory which - if he is such a monster - the people must be just drooling to get a chance to get weapons and resist his terrible monstronsity? Hmmmm - again, something not really adding up here - the proagandists are getting pretty dumbed down too. Bet this part of the story is going to quickly disappear, as higher-ups with some brains still functioning realise their mistake here...

- oh, man - "if you can learn to fly airplanes into towers, you can learn to use old weapons and missiles to take down airplanes" - pure fantasy, delivered by a 'serious' speaker to trembling tv-heads - LET FEAR RULE!!!!! - has ANYBODY out there still functioning in this society read 1984, and even begun to understand the message???? (I know, there's a few of us here on the net - but in 'society' out there?!? - sure doesn't seem to be.)

Aug 28 Libyan detainees killed in massacre - two choices, the media and "journalists" are either unbelievably gullible, or this is blatant propaganda. And I don't for a second think these people, at the higher levels, are at all gullible (a lot of the junior 'hosts' and 'reporters' heard on the lower level shows are obviously not too bright, but we're not talking about them here..). Sure, the story *might* be true - but for anyone calling themselves a 'journalist' to enter a situation, led by someone on one side of a conflict, and report the story told by that person as 'truth' is not very credible - does the other side have an explanation for the situation? Do they agree, or disagree, or what? Do modern "journalists" understand that participants in conflicts don't always tell the truth? On the other hand, of course, if the "journalist" is part of a government operation to create a 'these are the good guys and these are the bad guys!!!!! ya yea!~!' situation - then this is exactly what you would expect. Just a thought - we have all heard of NATO rockets and bombs being flung around with many hits on civilians (gosh we're so sorry!!!) - so isn't it at least as likely that these 'charred bodies' are the result of some NATO missile gone astray? (or not - until we find out more, this could well have been a NATO target)- pretty telling, really, that the "journalists" seem completely oblivious to this very real possibility - when you're doing propaganda, you don't bring up conflicting stories ... But any real journalist thinks about motives for any action too - and why would fleeing bad guys wantonly kill a bunch of prisoners? If things are really that grim for the Gaddaffi people, and their defeat is imminent - why commit blatant war crimes that would get them all killed when they're eventually caught? Why waste the time to do that, when you need to run from an approaching superior force? Nothing adds up here - to the questioning mind. To the propagandist, of course, nothing needs to add up - just get the word out, over and over and over again. As we are seeing, all over the media. On message.

Does anybody remember other things - like, oh for instance, Kosovo a few years back when we were told that fucking MONSTER Milosevic was murdering tens of thousands of civilians, and there were mass graves all over the fucking place, man!!!! - does anyone recall that later, when the bombing was over and 'inspectors' went in to recover the bodies of those tens of thousands of poor souls - they found diddly squat? Not a 'mass grave' to be found - golly gee!!! Or what about the story that got people pissed off enough to allow Bush to invade Kuwait a few years back, the "incubator babies" being smashed against hospital walls by those FUCKING MONSTERS!!!!!. told by that sweet young Muslim women - who later turned out to be the ambassador's daughter, lying through here teeth - but everybody over here was thinking, wow - them fucking Iraqi soldiers are just fucking MONSTERS, man, we just GOTTA go and get rid of those people. Propaganda, lies spread by the media. Another one - Bush's WMD when he wanted to take the US military again to Iraq to finish what his daddy didn't - reported breathlessly by the media as real that poor old England was only 45 minutes away from nuclear (sorry, Bush said, of course, nuk-u-lar) attack - and again revealed later as absolute fiction? Does anybody remember stuff like that, or are those cell phones and all that short-attention-span twittering really burning out your brain cells?

Seriously, there's nowhere to go here, you can NOT trust the media when they are talking about justifications for bombing and invading missions the US is involved in - for whatever reason, they do not tell the truth. And gullibility is not really a credible explanation, in senior people like this.

Which is a really, really bad thing, in any country trying to be a democracy.

Which, of course, does not actually seem to apply to Canada anymore. They may not be fooling all of the people all of the time, as some of us see through the shit, but they certainly seem to have no problem fooling enough of the people enough of the time.

Sad. Ol TS saw it - not with a bang, but a whimper.

Aug 28 Testing the limits of civil discourse (and politeness) - poor Ms Blatchford, showing the typical bully stance of loving to dish it out, not so happy to take it. And a typical capitalist stance of blaming someone else for the fallout from their own actions - for 30 years now the capitalist predators have been driving back democracy and civil society, and replacing it with dog-eat-dog, I'm-ok-fuck-you greed-is-good!, win-at-all-costs, etc etc society - and when people start behaving more and more barbaric, as is very inevitable in this kind of society - she points the finger at the lefties.

Actions have consequences. King Louis and Josie found that out. The capitalists are going to, soon, too.

Aug 28 Jack Layton's death and subsequent deification. He was a good man, probably the best of the local gang of politicians, and his death was a shock.

But this is very bad news - and not because 'we' have lost a good 'leader'.

The thing is - this is a big new plank in the Box, the illusion that 'what you see is what you get', in terms of modern society - a functioning Democracy, with competing interests honestly expressed through the great mainstream media - nothing behind the scenes, no 'behind the curtain' rulers controlling both the Libs and Cons, and probably NDP, to make sure Democracy has absolutely no chance of rearing its very frightful head. 911 was a similar thing - 911 indeed may have been the final nail in the coffin, the bullet in the neck of democracy, and all we have is a zombie walking around looking like 'democracy' since then. But I suppose as long as it's still walking, there's a chance the zombie will get the magic carrot juice from somewhere, and regain its life and sanity, which would be really, really bad for the wouldbe usurpers.

Once you see that problem - you start to look about and see some oddities. State funerals are reserved for seriously important people - at least a former PM - so why did arch-enemy Harper give this honor to his enemy? To accuse Harper of magnanimosity is somewhat risable, given his history. And look at the Cdn rightwing press, building Harper up (with one or two over-the-top criticisms) - again, very out of character. You would expect 'civilized' acnowledgements of an unexpected death, but the outright praise we have seen, in media that formerly had nothing but criticism for the man, can be seen as a bit odd.

Yea, I know, you're already thinking 'OMG, Conspiracy Theory!!!' - as if that explains away anything you don't want to look at. Conspiracies happen. The current rulers of our country are probably the cleverest people who ever decided to take something over. They don't miss many tricks. I don't know if they were thinking along these lines or not, with all of the Layton hype - but I do know they are perfectly capable of it, and that, apparently, is quite a lot more than most people know.

Which is why nobody listens to me - they hate thinking that.

Prophets in their own country and all that.

Aug 22 Moody's Analyst Breaks Silence: "Ratings Agency Rotten To Core With Conflicts - this is undoubtedly true, capitalist organisations are pretty much by definition corrupt to the core - but the more important question nobody seems to be getting is something like - if 'rating agencies' "rate" governments, and governments adjust their activities to ensure favorable ratings - what does that say about who is actually running things around here? And why doesn't anybody note that, at least in a 'democracy', it would be 'we the people', through *our* government, rating the rating agencies, not the other way around? (note - maybe 50 years ago, before the capitalists began their very successful usurpation of democracies around the western world, some of these agencies would have received passing grades, but it's been quite obvious for at least the last 10+ years they are all doing the same as government and media - passing everything through a 'make the masters look good no matter how much you have to spin and lie to do so' filter. Our entire infrastructure has been corrupted with this capitalist cancer, and we face one hell of a job cleaning it up. If we start acting soon and don't lose everything entirely.

Aug 22 Journalists who engage in war propaganda must be held accountable - vaguely sarcastic chuckle - guess we don't need to wait for this idea to be explored on the CBC anytime soon .... or the rest of the Cdn media. I would take some exception to the use of the term 'journalist', which is, when it is found, an honorable sort of undertaking. We're not seeing any of that at all these days, in the things that really matter in our country and world, and propaganda is another thing altogether. I don't recall, just offhand please correct me if I'm mistaken, any referrals to Joseph Goebbels, journalist, in the history books ....

Aug 20 The House, Aug 20 - sometimes it is just too obvious from any vantage point outside of the box that the 'serious' CBC public affairs programs have one and one only purpose - telling Canadians what the rulers want them to believe, the creation of the narrative, spinning what is happening to create the desired beliefs in the mass of the citizenry which, to note again the old Lincolnism, must be managed so that enough of them are fooled enough of the time, which seems to be little problem for the modern masters of public opinion. This is just too perfect an example, with a less skillful summer management team at the controls one supposes, with a segment to open on the all-important economic meltdown, as we hear how Canada is doing great, but things are going to be 'tight' for awhile; then we get an update on the ex-RCMP commish, and how he's done such a great job here he's moving up to the UN; and finally a real puff-piece on Harper's visit to the Arctic this week. The creation of the narrative right in front of your ears - The masters voiceand how many understand this? Sometimes I think I'm the only one, although I suspect there must be at least a couple of others out there. (it pays well enough - as they note on the promo - "...National reporter James Fitz-Morris will be traveling with the PM..". Nice gig, for those who qualify. Bab-mouthing the PM, or asking questions they don't want asked, will probably get that ticket revoked - not to mention forgetting about a career-with-a-future-for-those-who-prove-reliable with the CBC.)

I'll bet you 90% at least of Canadians could tell you all about the latest television program hits, which is a matter of complete irrelevance - and not 5% of Canadians would have ever heard of a guy called Walter Lippmann, let alone read his book Public Opinion, which tells exactly what is happening here, and why it is completely antidemocratic. And although they have various 'humor' things on the CBC, they have nothing that would ever talk about what Lippmann talked about.

Aug 19 U.S. ambassador coming to Gander for 9/11 memorial - indoctrination maintenance of the first order. We mourn the people who died - we need a common enemy to be angry at - we have been told by our government it is the damned al Quaida, and we believe our government - they surely would not lie about something this tragic. And thus is the empire maintained.

And all lies, of course. The official story is an obvious pack of lies, but it would be too wrenching for most people to disengage themselves from the false story they now all stand firmly together believing, so they close their minds to any contrary voices - violently silencing such voices if they must, at times, to allow themselves to shut their own inner voices which question the official story - and march on, together, in ignorance. As did the citizens of Germany in the 1930s.

You can only run so far, for so long, from the truth. But running is not a free ride - the longer you run, the bigger the wakeup smack. Read David Ray Griffin, if this is news to you, but you are ready to turn on some lights.

Aug 19 English: Don't trust Wikipedia - this is actually a bit funny, in an ironic sort of way, coming from the Star. The real censors - of which the Star is certainly a leading member as the biggest circulation daily in Canada - hate the net with a passion, as they no longer control the flow of information as in the good old 'print-radio-tv-only!!' days - and they are losing more and more readers, and getting less and less trusted by the readers who do remain - as their lies and spin and gatekeeping can easily be countered on the net. Ms English's comments seem a little puerile here - a small mind with a 'job' she doesn't really deserve angry that her job is in jeopardy because her masters are in trouble. Adults understand that information from ANYwhere must be taken with a grain of salt - big or small depending on how well you know and trust the source - certainly the net has a lot of crap on it, but we all know that - what most people have a much smaller understanding of is that there is a fair amount of crap in the mainstream media as well, and certainly when anything actually important is being talked about, a great deal of gatekeeping of information their masters do not want out in the public being discussed, and a lot of favorable-to-their-masters spin on what they do publish. But that's a typical capitalist trick, the half-truth - sure we need to be careful of what we read on the net, but we also need to be very careful about what we believe of what we read in the mainstream media. But Ms English et al don't want you thinking along those lines - you just believe what you're told here, bud! That's what we've been training you for the last 100 years.

Aug 19 In their own words: Flaherty and Carney on stimulus, debt and potential recession - interesting pic, happy campers. They ought to be - everything going according to plan, the peasants are obviously completely under the control of the talking heads blatting daily from the mainstream media, with no idea they are being robbed blind, the last acts of the greatest scam in history stripping them of everything their forebears fought hundreds of years for - not just the money,but the democracy too. And the rulers reward their employees well, when their work is well done. What I find puzzling is how nobody listens to me telling them what is going on, when it becomes more obvious every day. Just reading a fiction book, in which one of the characters says something like "It is easy to fool the prisoner with lies they want to believe about smething good awaiting for them while they are being transported to their execution..' - same thing in Canada I guess - it gets more obvious every day that really bad things are afoot, but nobody wants to believe it. Bad news - not believing it ain't gonna stop it happening.

Aug 17 Short, sad life - it's hard to figure how blind people are. A few hundred miles north of here - and east - 'we' are spending at least tens of millions per day bombing and killing people and destroying infrastructure - and here we have a lot of people dying for want of food.(related, very: True cost of US wars) We *could* help them - but I guess the Albright philosophy endures (remember? the American SecState during the Bush Iraq invasion who said the deaths of a few tens or hundreds of thousands of innocents 'were worth it', as long as *their* objectives were met. These are the people running the world. These are the kind of "values" they have. And apparently some majority of the citizens of 'our' democracies agree with such values - we *could* change things. If enough "we" actually wanted to.

It is to despair sometimes, really, at this species. I really don't think I was meant to be here. Really. ET calling home. Come get me please.

Aug 17 8 reasons why stock markets plunged Thursday - one notes that not once does the phrase 'panicing speculators' appear in the piece. These people are not 'investors'. Look at the pic - and think - your pension plan is in his hands, and the hands of his equally crazed speculator companions all trying to get a split second jump on their buds to make a few bucks. And none of them give a shit.
Aug 17 inter-generational politics. The indoctrinated anti-union comments were getting to me, so I added: "The company rep, the union rep and the citizen were having a meeting. THere was a plate of a dozen cookies on the table. The company rep reached over and grabbed 11 of the cookies, then looked at the citizen - "Hey, you better watch out, that SOB union guy is after your cookie!" >> Geez, you guys got to engage your brains - the unions are WITH the people here, it's the banks and corporate sector "investors" stealing the future from all of us. Get clued in - What Happened? http://www.rudemacedon.ca/what-happened.html" (and with thanks bro Michael, who told me this one awhile back..)

Aug 17 David Johnston's welcome words to lawyers . One can hardly resist at least a small comment: "Rampant hypocricy from both the Glob and the GG - pious words for the masses, whilst nobody has any intention of changing anything - why change something that works so well, for those who designed it, and who are the only ones who can change it? We do it differently on Green Island - Montague Student Trial. (or for a small journey through the wonderland called the PEI court system as it actually functions: The Beer Story. Really. It happened just like that. I wasn't smoking strange stuff or anything - although it certainly felt like it at times...)

Aug 17 News for 'adults' in the 'progressive' leader in Canada, the Star - the gleanings from the recommended offerings I have to pass before I get to my desired story:

  • Same food, new clients at restaurant
  • First baby born to two liver recipients
  • NHL jerseys are re-invented
  • Man wants to cut off Letterman's tongue
  • How to be a harcore {sic} Roughriders fan

And then, in the "must reads!!' to the side of the story, under an ad for the Ex:

  • Letter from the Editor: Be a Star election community correspondent
  • Harry Potter tries some horror
  • Top 10 one-day road trips from Toronto
  • Renovate or relocate? New HGTV show can help you decide
  • THE GRID: Are cargo bikes the future of transportation in Toronto?

- and there you have it. What the 'progressive' Star thinks you really ought to be reading - sure, we got some boring world news, and commentary by some pretty good columnists (compared to the rightwing media) - but *this* is the *real* reason to read the paper, baby!

(just in case you're interested, I was going to this story - Military clock turned back to the past - to which my first response is, like, WTF? So we're going to have a national debate about whether or not "our" military should return to being the 'royal' this and that? But, but, but - maybe we could talk about other things? Maybe we could have a national debate about whether or not we should be dropping bombs in Libya or other countries, as part of the US war machine? I know some Canadians think this is just great - but I actually doubt if a majority do. Oh, silly me, what the 'majority' thinks or wants only counts in a 'democracy', and 'we' haven't been a suitable recipient of that appellation for quite some time now. If ever, for that matter.

Oh, well, there you go - you guys have a nice hot chat about 'royal' or 'NO WAY!' - while the finance minister continues robbing you all blind and giving your tax dollars to 'investors'. Who wants to talk about boring shit like that?

Is that getting sarcastic again?

Aug 17 Libyan rebels close grip on Gadhafi as regime launches Scud missile - noticed this on the CBC also - history-creation / rewriting in process. Not a WORD about NATO here - the 'official history' is that the Libyan people had enough of Gaddaffi, and had a big uprising - which, of course, is pure bullshit, but you're not going to understand that reading the official history books ten years from now. In reality, of course, this is a west-initiated "mission" from day 1, to get rid of Gaddaffi, for whatever reason - geopolitical stuff again, could be different things (I lean towards Gadaffi's pushing for an African gold-based currency, thus taking away a LOT of power from western bankers, but I kind of focus on things like that, there's probably other things involved as well, just aside from Gaddaffi continually telling the western 'we are the kings and don't you forget it!!!!' gang to go fuck themselves, which bullies really, really do not like) - but very obviously being initiated and pushed from the US, using NATO as its enforcing arm. (ok ok, there is one tiny mention of NATO near the bottom of the story - but you'd never guess they were funding and arming the 'rebels' and bombing the fuck out of anything remotely of use by Gaddaffi to fight them off). But there are a lot of people in the west who are getting increasingly unhappy with the US running around the world rearranging governments to its desire, thus the fiction must be maintained, for the majority of people who still trust their government and media, that the US-NATO etc are just being good guys (like those majority like to think of themselves as, and 'their' government), helping poor oppressed people find Democracy yea!!! - thus the fiction we have presented to us daily on the CBC et al. (if you want a good fantasy about somebody giving the US regime changers a good ass-kicking, try Green Island . )

Aug 13 CBC "news" telling people all across the country that there isn't enough mosque space in St John's to allow all the local Muslims to get together for the end-of-Ramadan prayer day.

I can't for the life of me figure how this is considered 'national news'. I suppose somehow in the same nature as the following story - some tennis player isn't feeling well, and has a little interchange with a "reporter", which we have a few seconds of on tape. We certainly need to know this stuff. And about how 'her booming shots and accuracy wowed the crowd' - what would life be like without the CBC keeping us informed of things we need to know? And more!! Australian cattle being mistreated in Indonesian slaughterhouses, so somebody is making regulations to make sure the cattle killing is done properly, or something. Well, now I can go to bed, knowing I am right up to date with important things in the world. Way to go, CBC. Our Democracy is well served today. (heck, nobody seems to be taking up my thinly veiled requests for a sarcasm font ...)

Aug 13 John Perkins certainly gets it - Calling All Robin Hoods and Maid Marions: Gather Your Merry Men and Women

Aug 13 - CBC morning news: "Church bells rang across Berlin today.." - and cut for a few seconds of big, serious bell ringing.. geezus how embarrassing for a national radio that was aspiring to world-class a few years ago. You might get away with this in radio college, with a C or something - but for real? That's the modern CBC - of, by and for the teens. Wow! Great bells - that's like so cool! Great stuff Bobby hahahaha!

Aug 13 - CBC creating the narrative again - on the morning "news" "....economist Don Drummond recalls how Canadians felt after the Cdn dollar was degraded..' - again, making history - the gov said 'OMG terrible!!', and the media told Canadians they felt bad - but I doubt many really cared much, certainly never came up in any conversations I was having. But that is necessary for the narrative they wish to create for the history books, and now - it's "history'. It was, of course, used as an excuse by Martin to slash the social programs, etc - but as to whether Cdns actually agreed with all of this - I suspect not. Painting the picture they want painted, however - not a criminal government stealing massively from Canadians through a massive fraud, which future history books might show if we win here, but the narrative they need to maintain to justify the ongoing imposition of the new feudalism. And it helps a lot if the peasants aren't in the streets pulling the guillotines behind them.

>> and then a bit later on The House we get more indoctrination maintenance with esteemed (by the media at any rate) finance "minister' Jim Flaherty, telling us how Canada (that is, he, Harper et al)'... have our fiscal house in order ... the rest of the world looks to Canada - we have a long term plan, the resolve to stick to the course ..." and etc - all you Canadians wondering about health care or education or pensions or infrastructure falling apart, sit down and be quiet! Things are fine! The CBC wouldn't lie to you, quite the reverse, the CBC is TELLING you that things are fine - and you trust the CBC, don't you? Of course you do! You've been indoctrinated to do so for all of your life!

The host is VERY sucky with the Big Man - obviously scripted questions, letting Flaherty get out the things he (they) wants to tell Canadians under the guise of an "interview" (a bit of a laugh as Katherine Petty said her 'goodbyes' on Ottawa Morning yesterday, The masters voiceas they all congratulated her on how hard she was on politicians, how they all feared out - the creation of a myth in front of our eyes - as I have been noting over the last couple of years, she is hard on 'leftie' pols, for sure, but she couldn't be nice enough to Cons. Such as Flaherty. But the created narrative, myth, will always be how hard she was on everyone, "impartial" "journalism" at the Great CBC - you can trust us! Right.

>>> jeezus these people have no shame at all - the next interview is a government minister supporting NATO and the Libya bombing, again repeating the lie that "Gaddaffi threatened to go house to house killing everyone like rats, so we had to intervene' - fuck how can people be so stupid as to believe this shit? I don't get it ... doesn't anyone remember the 'babies thrown from incubators' lies about Saddam? I guess not - that would never have been featured on the CBC, so probably not many people even understand how that was all set up deliberately.. so here we have this guy telling us Gaddaffi has weapons hidden away, and as soon as NATO leaves he's going to get them and go killing again - does anyone remember the nefarious Saddam with WMD hidden away? I guess not - and the CBC sure isn't going to remind them - it's pretty clear which side of this little "debate" the interview is on ... as always. The CBC, all rumors to the contrary, is as neocon as radio gets these days ... (they do have an NDP guy offereing meek protest to some of this, but as usual on rightwing radio the mild protests are completely overshadowed, the few times they actually are allowed, by the continual braying of the rightwing halfwits ... Now just imagine if they were doing some digging around stories like this one - NATO's "Qana Massacre" at Majer, Libya - sure, this could be 90% lies or spin or propaganda too - that is what a **real** media would be doing, listening to some pro-bombing neanderthal like the Harper guy, and then talking to someone from this other story, and at least trying to sort some truth from fiction, rather than acting as the pro-bombing secretariat.

>>> The Harper-nwo mouthpiece repeats it several times - "...we're going to stay until Gaddaffi is not rooting out his citizens and shooting them like dogs!!" - this is fucking embarrassing, allowing such halfwits to speak for 'my' country - not to mention the Cdn military and CBC blatantly acting like the propaganda organ of a banana republic dictator (to which an aside occurs - if it looks like a duck, acts like a duck, etc ..) .... the only thing more embarrassing is how many Cdns appear to be completely oblivious to how blatantly they are doing this, and buying the shit like good mushrooms ... 100 years of indoctrination has created what the rulers wanted - a completely passive, credulous citizenry, adjusting their 'history' according to whatever emanates from the Ministry of Truth through their secretariat, the mainstream media. The talking heads on the tv, or "sanctioned voices of authority' theoden and wormwood ...on the CBC, speak, and they believe. That a handful of us understand this is of no concern to them - as long, as Lincoln noted long ago, you fool enough of the people enough of the time, you shouldn't have many problems.

Yea, I know you don't make many friends calling people indoctrinated - the truth is always a bitch. But somebody has to have a heart to heart with the alcoholic someday, and somebody has to try to get Canadians to understand they are being led down a very, very dangerous path, and it's getting long past time they stopped acting like mushrooms. Shooting the messenger might be mildly comforting for awhile, but it doesn't negate the message, nor stop the impending disaster.

Aug 13 2011 - ongoing indoctrination maintenance / citizen control from the CBC, on the morning "news" again telling everyone what a wonderful job our 'leaders' have done in keeping us from being such as basket case as the US currently - bragging about the Martin-Chretien "tax reform" of the 90s, wherein these great bold leaders took the necessary hard steps to get Canada out of the basket it had been placed in by the IMF (basket case), other financial "commentators" telling everyone what a great thing it was, how well off we are, etc. Not a word to the contrary to be heard, on the CBC. That's what propaganda is all about - 24/7, on the message.

Aug /12 Island Morning: - the CBC PEI 'news' letting everyone know that FOUR Island outlets were caught selling cigarettes to minors. OMG. That's serious.

Actually, it's Big Mama on the job. Social engineering - what the CBC is very largely about.

Aug 11 2011 European Central Bank and the "Sovereign Raiders" - Bill Black sure gets it. Just imagine getting some of this on the CBC!!

{The CBC Voice: Haha what's he smokin ...???}

Aug 11 2011 Paul Martin on the Current, in a very semi-scripted interview, to be sure they covered the main points needed to reassure the 'thinking' Canadians who rely on the CBC for their ongoing indoctrination maintenance sorry 'news' and 'reliable interpretation and explanation of what is going on in the country and world' that while things may be rough, we're on the right path, doing the right stuff, you're all in very good hands, stay calm and let your government do as it will. From outside the box here, it is so obvious that all of this is not really about economic management, it's really about people management. A properly informed citizenry (informed by a proper media dedicated The masters voiceto keeping the people informed by getting in the face of our leaders rather than being the Ministry of Truth managing perception and creating the desired narrative for them) would have had all of these crooks in jail years ago - but a citizenry continually pummelled by propaganda that all is unfolding as it should, etc etc, lacks the cohesiveness or organising force to work together to take back their country from those who have usurped it.

Somewhat ironically, the next segment was about Egypt, and the role of the military there, during which the interviewee noted that ".. there's a fig leaf between the power exerted by the military, and the 'civil government' movement from below - that's what the dance is all about, to make sure that politicians are elected who understand those lines ..." (paraphrased a bit, but that's what he said) - and isn't that exactly what corporate government in most of the 'democratic' western world is all about, and their figleaf as maintained by the mainstream media? Letting the wealthy banking-corporate "investor" sector actually set the main policies of the country, whilst keeping the people believing they actually have a democracy, and they direct the course of the country 'democratically' by changing leaders when somebody calls an election?

Related to above - this whole amazing wonderlandian farce about the media watching the antics of "the market", and how Canadians (and others) are so concerned about what "the market" is doing to money prices, and commodity prices, etc - it is just so obvious that this is no real 'market' of goods and services and investors, this 'stock market' is just a huge casino, whose wealthy players buy and sell continually, trying to guess right about something and make money - and from, again, outside the mainstream-media-indoctrination box, it is so obviously so ludicrous to have an economy tossed around hither and yon at the whims of these speculators, when they could so easily be regulated, and our economy maintained in a stable way that would make the lives of most citizens far more secure. But of course, a chaotic economy is just fine, for people with so much money they need never worry about a few ups and downs - gambling is fun for these people, and it also has the effect of not only disempowering people further by making them poorer, both individually and through "their" collective government, but it also has the quite important psychological message that, 'Hey - you are not actually in control of things here - some faceless gamblers in places you do not have access to can trash your entire economy in a matter of minutes. Be fearful, folks, and try to find a government which at least sounds as if they have some understanding of what is happening, and are taking the necessary measures to 'protect' you. And don't even think about the real situation - that the great things Paul Martin did to 'protect' the economy during his time in office were actually, from *your* perspective rather than the perspective of the rulers which is all you hear about on the CBC, designed to take "your" country back to the 1950s, in terms of being an advanced social democracy. These are the people who have wracked up a couple of trillion in government debt, on the excuse of which they have paid a couple of trillion of *your* tax dollars over to wealthy "investors" and banks as 'service charges' (a phrase which always brings to mind the farming definition of the word, quite appropriately these days in this context), and continue to turn over 50-60 billion per year - in 'service charges' - on a completely fraudulent 'debt'. Now just imagine if Canadians - and others around the world - could be made to understand that, and .....

Whoops better stop, slipping into sillyland again. If anybody was going to wake up around here, it would have happened by now. This is the kind of thing that people who watch several hours of television every day, and believe what they read, see or hear in the mainstream media, aren't going to be understanding anytime soon. Kind of like the people in Germany a few decades ago who believed a guy named Hitler didn't really understand what was happening until the bombs started dropping - on them, and not others. Everything is happening right in front of everyone's faces - hell, Flaherty and Martin and the Current and the House are telling everyone every day how the country is being stolen right in front of their eyes - and nobody can see it.

Aug 10 2011 British riots illustrate nihilism..; Nothing off the table to restore order says PM; and etc: - the whining in the press about the "riots" in London and other parts of England is quite stunning in its complete reversal of perspective, the hypocrisy - nothing new with these people, of course, but this is quite blatant in all ways. During the year, and years past, we have seen riots in other parts of the world, places where we don't much like (wait - that should be "we", of course, as in 'our rulers' - 'we' as in 'we the people' don't have much to say about what 'our' governments get up to, or how 'our' media reports anything - but you know that) - places 'we' don't much like (esp places 'we' want to demonize like China (ongoing), Libya (monster of the the day), etc), and in those cases it was/is 'great freedom-loving crowds courageously demanding an end to dictatorial governments and repressive conditions, and damned totalitarian governments trying to repress them!!!' - and etc, with hours or pages of 'expert' commentary telling us all what great courage these 'freedom fighters' were showing, etc etc. You know the drill. But when very similar crowds start rioting in places "we" consider "our" friends - why, it's a bunch of damned hoodlums, criminals, and etc - and not just in London, of course, but good ol freedom-loving democratic Canada, from Vancouver and Quebec and Toronto in years gone by to the G20 last year - the crowds protesting government action are referred to as 'hoodlums' and 'anarchists' etc etc, and the government and cops always the good guys.

As always, the most striking part of all of this is the apparent unawareness of the average Cdn tv-viewer to the way they are being manipulated.

(it's really, for those seeing deeper things, part of the same story as the Murdock "scandal", or the way Cdns are currently running around bragging about how good 'their' banks are as the world faces financial turmoil - the average Cdn is just far better indoctrinated than the citizens of most other countries, so there is less protest. Not something you really want to brag about. And also, deeper again, we see how deeply the maintream media and government are integrated, just as if they were both taking orders from the same people, about the 'really important' stuff - the CBC is talking to law enforcement people (Jim Brown, Current) as I write about how "we" can take measures to stop such unlawful rioters as 'we' have in England. While, of course, in weeks past, he and others on the Current and elsewhere have talked about how great 'social media' is to allow 'freedom fighters' elsewhere to 'fight oppression'.

oh heck there I go alienating people again. I'm not indoctrinated!!!! geez, what a nutcase. what's on tv? Lloyd or Peter'll tell me what's happening.

Aug 10 2011 The blessing of dull literature: to which I added:
The question should be "What's the worst thing that ever happens in Canadian fiction that the Canadian capitalist propaganda publishers allow to be published? Hmmm I can see that wouldn't get much attention in the Cdn capitalist press - 'truth' and capitalism are kind of antithetical to each other. However, there's quite a lot of good Canadian fiction out there, you just don't read about it in the mainstream media - same as good music - like any real art, the best stuff challenges the status quo, but the capitalists are pretty adamant about keeping challenges to their rule pretty marginalised - they're pretty vulnerable to the truth. Actually, one of the better efforts the last few years is a book called Green island, in which the capitalist bankers are banned from Prince Edward Island, and Democracy begins - the capitalists aren't too happy about this, of course, and call in their American enforcers to undertake a little regime change operation - which, to the great shock of everyone, gets its little American ass kicked. Pure fantasy - but a fun read for those who can turn off their twitter for a few hours. Green Island.

Aug 9 2011 Now is the time to clean up balance sheets. To which I commented:
The word 'well-managed' is being flung around a lot these days, in terms of Canada's banks etc. In a sense that's true - the perception of the Cdn people that things are just fine is certainly being well-managed, and to a very large extent things are just fine - for the banks, and senior 'investing class'. But maybe not quite so fine for Cdns, although the media, firmly on the side of the banks, seems disinclined to give the other side of the story. That is to say, over the last ~25 years, some two trillion (with a 'T') dollars of tax money has been paid in "service charges" on government debt, while the governments have used these debts to justify ripping the social support network Canadians worked so hard for to shreds - even bragging they were taking social support levels back to the 50s. 'Great?' Well, again, it is pretty great for the NWO-ers who want to destroy democracy and get the damned workers used to living on bread and water again, but maybe not so great for all the young people without work, or who cannot afford to go to university, or the older people who helped build this country who are now told they're just a drain on everyone else if they expect pensions and health care. Maybe not as great as everyone in the media is making out for the millions of families living paycheck to paycheck, who have higher debt and lower savings than ever before.

Well, word counts intrude - but maybe a media responsible to 'we the people' rather than the 'investing class' which own them would have a somewhat different take on what is going on around here, and more appropriate ways to deal with it than more slash and burn, accompanied by more propaganda about how great slash and burn is, baby!

Maybe a media devoted to 'we the people' would be questioning why we allow private banks to create and control our money, when it is obviously so destabilizing to leave control of our economy in the hands of people whose primary purpose is maxing their profits, and whose philosophy has nothing but scorn for those whose lives are destroyed by the manipulations they get up to in search of profit? More from the other perspective at What Happened.

Aug 9 /11 The Current: - Jim Brown talking to an "investment counselor" and a couple of young happy "investors" about 'the market' - nothing bad to say here, folks, all natural, normal, good even - lots of opportunities for making money! Really, everybody knows "the market" is 'volatile' sometimes, and if you can't afford to lose your money, you shouldn't be doing this! Hmmm - some of us are a bit suspicious - what if the Rulers wanted to convince "their people" that the 'market' was functioning just as it should - nonononono!!!!! - it's NOT a casino!! It's NOT only speculators - it's the real market, yea! - 'repositioning', 'asset positions' yea - you little people getting taken to the cleaners, stick with it!! (a nice touch at the end - the female kid is coached to say 'you know, I don't really trust these analysts, haha (all friendly of course) - but it's up to me, you know ...

Hmmmmmmm. A "real" 'we the people' sort of media might be talking to these guys - but maybe some others as well, probing just a bit deeper, into things like why we should be placing our whole economy at the mercy of these unstable speculators trying to make a buck gambling in stocks, and suchlike things. I have a dream .... as they say - if I ever make enough money from Green Island, these guys are going to be facing some serious competition. Just a race, I guess, if they get enough people totally dumbed down so Green Island Media will be too late, or if I manage to get something going while there's still enough people out there to get to some kind of critical mass to get these new feudalists behind bars where they all belong.

Aug 9/11 - Going Head-to-Head on Helmet Laws. To which I added: - the hive mind being consolidated - as the worker bees go after their fellows still dreaming of freedom, the queen mothers rest. scary. color between the lines like good children, damn you!!!!

If the masters passing such laws actually cared about the wellbeing of their citizens, they'd quit taking the health care system apart, they'd outlaw capitalism instead of pretending it was the best thing to ever happen to us, they'd devise a system to ensure people were financially secure instead of under constant stress about money, they'd start doing Democracy instead of destroying it and lying about everything, and etc etc etc a lot. Helmet laws are just the next step from seatbelt laws - symbolically telling the citizens they'll damn well do what they're told, they are constrained in their lives to what others mandate. It's the 'mandatory' bit that counts - I could care less how many seatbelts or helmets you want to wear, if you're that timid and/or afraid of life and living - but when these people start thinking they have some right to tell others they must join their little fearful world, that we who take a bit more joy and freedom out of life must become constrained by the rules of your little beehive, when we see the glory of life out there and want to explore it freely, feeling the joy of the sun in my face and the wind in my hair? Get thee, as the man said, to your nunnery, if that pleases you. And close the door behind you, Ill *not* be along later.

(and no, I don't like murdering sweet wee little babies - what a bunch of warped, stunted creatures you all are who get aggressive about forcing others to conform as you have conformed to authority! I fight for Democracy and Freedom, but I don't see much hope of it happening - you won't do anything your masters haven't given you permission to do, and they sure as hell aren't going to mandate you take up arms against them and fight for freedom against their new feudalism ... )

Aug 8/11 Ottawa Morning: - KP talking to a couple of do-it-yourself 'podcasters' - talking about the 'democractisation' of the media, etc. Complete pap - the *real* podcasts are not about personal music vids etc, the *real* stuff is the political and social stuff challenging the lies of the mainstream media. Not, of course, that we'd ever expect to hear the CBC or any of the rest suggesting others go and find out how they gatekeep and propagandize.

- and Rita Celli is talking on Ontario Today about the 'debt crisis' in the US and everywhere, looking for 'personal comments' and stories about how people feel about it, etc. I sent her a note suggesting they have a boo at It's Not Austerity It's Looting - don't really expect them too. haha.

Aug 6/11 - The House doing its bit to flog the terrible 'debt crisis' - indoctrination-propaganda in full flight these days - and The masters voicewhen the crash comes, when the lockdown comes, 90%+ of Canadians are going to "understand" that it was all inevitable, nothing anyone could have done about it, no point in getting upset at anyone in authority, just suck it in and work through it. We're not going to hear much about the rulers enjoying their newfound wealth in extended vacations in nice climates during the winter, of course - just more every day about how it's all YOUR fault, somehow, citizen, so suck it up, keep paying your taxes, keep accepting higher prices and lower salaries - heck, you're just a serf. Shut up and do as your told. (she's interviewing some Cdn 'minister of finances' from the NWT - these guys travel all year long. Good job, great perks - if you have the kind of mentality that can live with horribly betraying your fellow citizens. Actually, I'd caveat that a bit - I'm a human being, these people are some less-than-human mutated form. We share some genes, we do NOT share that thing called 'humanity'.

Aug 5/11 Fears plunge stocks into freefall for heart-stopping one-day drop - "...The nerves of investors appear to have finally snapped...". Well. The kind of misrepresentation (feeling polite this morning) so familiar in the capitalist-justifying press. By far the majority of people playing in the stock markets these days are in no way 'investors', they are simply speculators. An 'investor' puts some money into a new business and waits for a few years for it to start showing profit, at which time he or she collects a bit of profit, and has done something good for society by helping grow a new money-making business. Somebody thinking they can buy stock A for X dollars and sell it in a few minutes or days for X+?% dollars is not 'investing' in any realistic sense of the word, just speculating. But of course the 'optics' would not be very good for the average Cdn trying to seriously take an interest in what is going on here if it was brazenly pushed in their faces every day that the economy causing such concern to everyone was actually being run by a gang of speculators - so 'investors' they become, and their influence on the economy a 'good' thing, somehow - the never-really-talked-about-because-how-ridiculous-the-idea-is notion we are encouraged to believe is that somehow a great large number of "investors" are the best and most reliable people to decide what is good for our economy. Obviously another capitalist-inspired "you believe this shit, people, haha we're certainly too smart to!' thing, along the lines of 'reducing taxes will give the government more money, yea!!!!' - take that to the track and bet on it. Anyway. The idea of 'investing' is something many of the middle class sorts the Cdn media speak to understand, they try to do a bit themselves, to plan for the future, retirement, etc - but they are surely not 'speculating', a word with some less than pleasant overtones. Thus once again the capitalist press lies about what capitalism is all about. Which is not surprising - I still am, however, quite puzzled at how many Canadians who appear, in most meetings, to be relatively intelligent and concerned, informed citizens, continue to believe the obvious lies they are fed in the Canadian mainstream media.

But that is the ongoing insanity we call a financial system these days - in a predatory capitalist system such as we live in today, everything is turned to trying to make a buck for some capitalist predator - the real people living here, wanting only to do some real work and raise their family in a stable economic environment are just chips on the board to these speculators. It's insane to allow a country's economy and financial system to be dependent on the whims of a gang of speculators. Well, insane for us - it's fine for a gang of wealthy playboys having fun who don't give a shit about the population at large - indeed, as far as you can understand, they have nothing but contempt for ordinary people, kind of like arrogant braggart bullies in a schoolyard with their contempt for the normal kids just trying to get by day to day. We *could* of course stop this stuff - if we wanted to, if we took back our country from these predators and got it back on a sane path. There's no necessity for this at all. People can do with their money what they want, of course - but why allow gamblers to gamble with our economy? More proof, if anyone needs it, about who is really running things here - no sane gang of ordinary workers and citizens - or people really wanting to make some kind of 'investment' would allow 'their' economic lives to be dependent on the hunches and panics of a gang of crazed speculators only interested in making a few bucks, and not caring whose lives they destroyed in the process. Predator society in action.

Aug 4/11 - CBC watch - Ottawa Morning - as they have been regularly for awhile, they have some teenage girl on telling Ottawa Morning listeners about the great cool places to go to hear great 'new' music this weekend. Teenage stuff. On the CBC? Sure, you say the CBC is 'reaching out to new listeners' - I say crap. The CBC used to be for adults - teens have their places, adults have theirs. I say the CBC is engaged in what it has been part of for years - the transformation of people who would have grown to 'adults' a few decades ago into people with grownup bodies and adolescent minds. "minds", actually, as it were. Kids playing in the Box controlled by the adults, rather than adults actually running their own society, with the all-important national media keeping them informed of things they need to know, with a good variety of opinion on any given issue to help them decide what they want to do. The latest teenage rap singer doesn't qualify.

Update - a couple days later - just came across this - List of Nominations - nominations for 'the best political book of the last 25 years'. The 'contest' seems a bit geared towards featuring books pushing the neocon agenda (yes, books talking about how bad Harper is are part of the game, when you understand the 'real' rulers in Bay St control both the Libs and Cons, and probably everyone else - they don't care who gets elected, they control them all - so this kind of thing doesn't really do much good, but to people who think the political game is the shallow bread and circuses stuff presented on the mainstream media, of course, this kind of thing makes them believe the media really does a good job. We don't see any books talking about the money supply scam, for example. But back to the point - it would be 'adult' if Ottawa Morning or the other morning shows had a regular feature every week talking about 'serious' books, and left the 'who's playing at the clubs' stuff for the tabs and teenage radio. If they actually wanted to encourage people to read about their country than going to clubs, that is.

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