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RM (Rude Macedon)
itself. They'll be talking about this in the history books. And your kids will be saying things like 'You were right there and didn't KNOW about it?!?! Geez!!!! Old folks sure weren't very bright back then - all that tv, I guess....'

clip from the Cossack Letter
The Cossack Letter
Dave's Letters to Various Places
(with few exceptions unacknowledged and never published)

- going back a few years, gotta collect em somewhere - by and large, still better writing than most of what you find in the mainstream media, if only because it originates from outside the box, and doesn't rest on the fantasy world they encourage people to believe in the mainstream media. Which probably explains a good part of why they won't print anything I write - the last thing they need is some kid in the crowd wondering what the fuck they're talking about here, 'Emperor's new clothes?!?! - krist, the guy is obviously naked!!' - no, they don't need that kind of thing at all, their grip on things right now is a lot more fragile than they like to try to make it appear ... think the Wizard of Oz - all powerful??? Not if people actually pull back the curtain and see what is really going on here ..

- and a bunch of earlier ones for those with insomnia, or otherwise interested in things the Canadian MSM was not publishing a few years ago, or just some good writing unseen in the in-the-box Canadian MSM - Letters from RM to Various, 2002-4

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