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The Crazy Demented Irrelevant Left - Really??!!

- reality check from a **true** leftist, a voice which has been barred from the corporate media for decades

Open Letter to Paul Craig Roberts
RE: The Leftwing Has Placed Itself In The Trash Can Of History - and other similar pieces from you and others

Mr Roberts - you write often about how the CIA, and the 'deep state' people they work for, have infiltraited all of the US ruling institutions, and the US is run more or less the way these people want it to be run. I agree with this, and pretty much everything you write - you are surely one of the strongest voices for sanity in our increasingly crazy world.

But one major bone of contention recently, your ongoing finger-pointing at 'the left' and the various things you think of or at least refer to as 'the left' they get up to.

A new thought - why would you suppose the 'deep state' et al are not controlling these people as well, as part of the big Punch 'n' Judy tweedledee-dum puppet show that creates the modern 'narrative of the USA'? An enemy as powerful and clever as the people running the US are not going to sit idly by and let their most dangerous potential opponent gather strength and challenge them - in a very proactive way, starting over 30 years ago (or going back a couple of hundred if you want to get into 'deep roots'), they have done all they could to infiltrait and cripple and degrade and destroy their most powerful enemy, an enemy which could surely challenge them successfully if allowed to find their feet and get truly organised - the 'voice of the average people', aka the **true** left - the great majority of people who simply want a safe, peaceful, prosperous, sustainable, economically stable society and world to live in.

For I speak as a 'true leftie', and I assure you, these demented people you write of recently are very much **not** of anything I would call the 'true left'.

The thing about these and many, many other stories with a similar 'OMG what is the crazy violent left doing now??!!' slant - you're seeing and challenging a very real problem, but you're identifying that problem, or group of problems, with the wrong ideology. The US Democratic Party is surely **not** 'the left', far, far from it, the very idea of the warmongering Wall St loving criminal Hillary Clinton and her party being 'of the (true) left' is just too ludicrous to talk about. And to call the US corporate press 'lefty-liberal' or some variant thereof is just lalaland ridiculous - like Clinton, the corporate media supports the phony 'war on terror' and the endless US wars abroad and the imposition of the 'lockdown ready' US police state arising from these wars, they support the Wall St control of the American economy and the resulting world economic chaos and related 'austerity' things imposed on citizens all over the western world, things which are clearly programs of the ruling elite and very diametrically opposite to anything a 'true 'of the people' left' fights for. And to call the 'social justice warrior' type people in the big march on Washington or the Berkeley riot or other similar things after Trump's inauguration, or running around screaming how much they hate Trump and everything he does and demanding 'free speech' be tossed in the trash, 'the left' is equally ridiculous.

You need to put these facts on the table you examine things on when you talk of 'the left' and consider what is going on in our western world today.

If you're ready for a pretty serious life-changing epiphany, one you (and many others) very much need to experience that could be of great importance as we struggle to save our world from some very nasty enemies with some seriously bad plans for us, read on. A polar shift type of epiphany awaits if you are truly able to think with an open mind about what I will say here.

The people and institutions referred to in these articles and many others, with deserved opprobrium, are **not** 'the (true) left', but actually a very cleverly created 'false left' straw dog designed and promoted for just this purpose, to give those-who-would-be-our-kings-as-in-days-of-yore an excuse to label the (true) 'left' - their greatest and most dangerous enemy - as crazy, irrational, evil, as something no sane adults want to be associated with, and thus turn people looking for answers to the terrible mess our current governing structures are in away from such clowns - while actually the *true* left are, as we have *always* been, 'the good guys' fighting *for* democracy and freedom, and the only chance we have to defeat these new feudalists, this great force of 'the right' whose only ultimate desire is to return to the days of Omnipotent Masters and powerless ignorant Peasants creating the wealth of the masters - a transition they have largely completed already, but are at a potentially dangerous cusp right now in the early years of the 21st century as the iron fist of fascism emerges from the velvet glove of pretend-democracy and thus protest arises all over the western world against the emerging oligarchy, and the battle is now on to consolidate their ascendency to the point they will face no challenges for the foreseeable future.

And a central part of what they need to do, and they are doing, is to get rid of 'the true left', their most dangerous potential opposition if it ever arises and becomes united once and for all, bury it so deep that it will be centuries regathering - and their rule is secure. The NWO New Feudalism will be here.

Think baseline foundation-rock writ-in-stone anchoring principles first - what does the true 'right-left' divide actually mean, where does it stem from? The terms originate, as you probably know, following the French Revolution, when the king sat at the head of the new 'parliament', with the wealthy landowners, merchants, clergy, hereditary nobility, etc on his right side, and the peasants who demanded freedom from the former omnipotent rule of those on 'the right' on his left - to put that in clear words, it is and has always been 'the right' who believe they have a right to, and do what they can to impose, elite, unfettered-by-democratic-ideas oligarchical rule, and it is 'the left' - the *true* left - who challenges those on 'the right' in their desire for freedom and democracy.

Simple baseline fact - the beating evil power-craving heart of 'the (true) right' is and always has been a desire for elite, oppressive, non-democratic rule, while the (true) 'left' has always stood for freedom and democracy (and peace, intelligence, sanity, sustainability, economic stability, and other things that strengthen democracy and the citizens therein that dictators and those-who-would-be-omnipotent-kings of any stripe do all they can to oppress as highly inimical to their desires ...). Following this basic divide, there is of course a pretty much limitless and endless array of permutations of social and political manifestations that have little or nothing to do with either left or right, but which can easily be used by those with 'ulterior motives' to muddy the actual 'political' situation to the point of complete obfuscation, which is the general situation we are in today, where all major parties in western English speaking countries are controlled more-or-less 'behind the scenes' by the hard right and work to support the ever-strengthening oligarchy we have had for the last 30-odd years, whilst creating a 'narrative' that has the true democratic left completely banned from the national debates, and the straw-dog pretend-left created and held up to angry ridicule for its fascistic political-correctness demands for mind control and harsh limits on 'free speech'.

But if you can get in place this one simple indisputable fact noted above and put everything you hear or read through this one baseline filter, and then open the door to the huge sea of implications following from it that you are going to have to deal with as you reorganise your world view, you will see that insofar as you connect 'the liberals' or 'the democrats' or 'the leftist-liberal media' and the oligarchical, anti-democratic ways of this modern group with 'the left', you are terribly wrong - the people presented as 'the left' today are actually just a horrible false caricature of the *true* left, designed to turn people away from the actual political philosophy they need to embrace to create a true democracy.

Don't get lost in the various kneejerk 'yeabut!!' responses that people have been deeply indoctrinated with the last few years or decades that are also very false - for example, Stalin is **not** the exemplar 'the left' yearn for in our modern world - Lenin and Trotsky and other originators of the Russian Revolution were indeed of the left, as they were challenging the oligarchical rule of the Czar and tried to put in place a true workers' democracy - but much followed the original 1917 revolution, and when Stalin took over the Communist Party in the later 1920s, he may have kept the name 'communist', but his rule was very obviously anything but democratic, and thus the attachment of the Russian Revolution to 'true left' philosophy of 'democracy for the people' became something honored in name but not practice. Or the common reference the last few years to the 'social justice warriors' being of 'the violent left' and desiring a passive and conformist 'politically correct' citizenry is again completely calumnious - the *true* left again welcomes all voices in open, peaceful discussion in determining what our society should be, and is welcoming to a wide variety of peaceful ways of living - again, history clearly shows it is not the (true) left which desires to limit open discussion of ideas, it is the authoritarian right which desires and needs to create a passive, uncritical, not-very-intelligent conformist citizenry to enable and maintain their rule. Shelley - arise like lions after slumber

For examples of what 'leftist' governments are like, look, in our modern world, to the Nordic countries, led by Iceland and Norway. And yes, they are having their problems today, as rightist elements (again undoubtedly supported by the US deep state forces looking to degrade and destroy any examples of how a better society could function as they have been since the 1950s or even earlier) see their opportunity to create strife and discord among the peaceful citizens and begin to degrade and destroy these examples of what a true democracy could and should be, but the social democracies in these countries for most of the last 70 years or so since WWII are what we should be striving for - and to engage seriously in this struggle, we need a strong, invigorated, engaged, truly informed **true** left, which the very clever people who would be our omnipotent elitist oligarchs well understand, thus their attempts to bury their true political opponents as deeply as possible at this time the 'true right' is somewhere near the end stage of their 'create a NWO new feudalist society' by creating these terrible caricatures and doing what they can to convince people these crazies are 'the left', and turning them away from their only true hope to defeat the NWO.

This is just a very brief introduction to this very wide topic that we need to have a much deeper discussion about as we challenge those creating their new feudalism around us, but I do hope it turns on a light for you Mr Roberts - your voice is very strong in the current opposition to and exposure of the NWO implementation, and if you were to start shedding some light on the 'phony left caricature' they have created, and supporting the re-emergence of 'the true left', it could be a big help in saving us all. My own longer thoughts on what has been happening to us the last 30+ years here - Democratic Revolution Handbook .

And more on the left specifically here - It's not 'the left' trying to take over the world and shut down free speech and all that other bad stuff - it's 'the right'!! .

Dave Patterson
Canada, Thailand,
and most importantly of all, my 'vision' for a better world - Green Island
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