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A Voice for Green Island - nothing to lose, much to gain ....

Nov 2016 addendum ...

A Voice for Green Island

The logic is simple here.

Axiom A Background: A major reason we 'progressives' fighting to save our country from corporate rule are losing is that 'the enemy' controls our money, so have a more or less limitless amount to promote their agenda and do so day after day endlessly and strongly, while we resisting them are very limited in our activities, very largely because of having a very limited amount of money. (there are other things limiting us of course, but this lack of money, in a completely money-dominated capitalist society, is very central)

Axiom A: We could sure use more money ...

Axiom B Background: As noted, the endless relentless propaganda and lies issued by those creating the NWO around us is pushed on the public every day through their media, sold to an audience used to being sold things, and without the money to create a large enough media outlet to compete with these people and their propaganda-indoctrination, we are losing ground daily, and after years, really, there's not much ground left to lose before we go over whatever edge it is we're approaching.

Axiom B: We need a much stronger national 'for the people' media presence

Axiom C Background: My Green island is a very good book, an anti-NWO anti-capitalist vision for our country and world which I am very sure would sell widely if people knew about it and it started getting some decent promotion, and be a very useful tool for exposing what the NWOers are really doing, along with offering a positive vision for a far, far better world we could be creating - there has been a huge anti-capitalist movement the last few years as people understand what they are really doing and what a capitalist world means for us, and people are looking for a vision of a better society, something to counter the very well-publicized Wonderful Libertarian-Capitalism Terrible Terrible Socialist Hordes!!! fantasies of Ayn Rand, which have had and continue having a strong effect on many people and their suspicion of anything 'left' or 'socialist' (who hasn't heard of Atlas Shrugged?). Such a vision of how a true 'social democracy' could function is presented in Green Island, wrapped up in a very interesting story at least the equal of Atlas Shrugged, with many great characters and minor storylines throughout.

Axiom C Argument: Why hasn't it sold then already, one asks?

Axiom C Argument-Response: Very obviously, in Canada literary agents and book publishers controlled by the enemy (they're all dependent on government grants, and the capitalists are VERY vindictive towards anyone challenging them, anyone publishing Green Island would be in big trouble, they know this) are not, of course, going to talk about Green Island, any more than the Vatican publishes Richard Dawkins. Yes, there are 'fiction' works talking about lesser societal problems, or perhaps occasional 'bad apples' in high places, but nothing questioning the very foundations of wonderful capitalist society, nothing positing a government, media and economy totally controlled by a small, ruthless oligarchy - nothing, in other words, using as background for a story a truthful portrayal of what has been going on in our country since the NWO takeover in the 1980s.

Axiom C Background Concluded:Green Island is also a great multi-faceted story with a very strong cast of interesting characters which could be made into a very popular HBO-type series, if the appropriate people saw the potential profit in it - the 'new golden-age TVers' have done many series which indicate they are very willing to look in places the oligarchy doesn't want looked into if it means big ratings and profits.

Axiom C: Green Island could help ....

inter-alia so-far summary: We need money to up our fight,and a better media to publicize it. The selling of Green Island could help greatly with both.

Axiom D: If Green Island is going to become known, it is going to be because people fighting the NWO see its use and potential and make it well known; the ruling oligarchs and their propaganda press certainly aren't going to promote a book exposing their criminality and calling for a new and stronger democracy (and honest media) rather than the new and stronger fascistic feudalism Brave New 1984 World they are putting in place around us, and endlessly promoting as 'necessary' through their secretariat media.

Proposition A: If I was to get the kind of money that would come from a best-selling book etc, my first goal would be working with others to establish a true 'for the people' media in Canada, not just another website with stuff complaining about what the NWO are up to, but something much bigger, along the lines of Real News or RT, with the clear goal of giving a strong, national public voice to the many truly progressive voices speaking against the lies and propaganda of the corporate Canadian press but who are barred from having a true voice, or often any voice at all, in the national debate by the corporate press; my second goal, included in this, would be strongly promoting a 'work together to defeat the oligarchs and take back our country' program we are currently very lacking in from anyone, thus greatly strengthening the fight of all of us against the 'new world order' and its 'austerity' and corporate-power-enhancing 'trade' agreements and ever-more-oppressive police state tactics. (yes, we have many small websites and groups working independently and trying in their own small ways to counter various particular aspects of the NWO propaganda etc, but I am talking about something much bigger, much better organised, and much more 'out of the box' than most of the 'alt' voices we have today - you can read my ideas about what is happening here that we need to be talking about that we are not and what we need to be doing that we are not - Democratic Revolution Handbook )

Conclusion - what have you got to lose, to use your social media contacts to spread this message to help make Green Island the well known book it deserves to be? The book can be downloaded for free in EPUB form here - and then only pay, and tell others about it, if you think it does live up to my promise of a good story, and also gives a vision of a future worth fighting for, and is thus worth paying for and telling others about.

Antithesis- the Einsteinian 'doing the same old same old while hoping for a better outcome' deck-chair rearranging downward spiral continues. As the great man also famously noted, you can't solve problems using the same kind of thinking that created the problems - and the Democratic Revolution Handbook is full of new ideas and 'deeper truths' few people seem to understand, but that are crucial if we are to win this all-important struggle against the new 1000-year Reich-ers.

Relevant observation - We don't, as my father used to say, have all day here. The downward spiral continues for awhile - but struggles don't last forever, sooner or later someone wins. If our struggle against the NWO and the New 1000-year Reich Fascism-Feudalism society they are creating around us was declared over today or in the foreseeable near future as things stand now - who would be claiming victory? Be honest now.

It's time for some new blood here, some new ideas, if we are going to have a chance to take back our country. Get out of the sameold-sameold box, give Green Island a voice in our debate - nothing to lose, much to gain.

A Green Island voice in the 'Save Canada' public discussion

Oct 2016

Dear people trying to save Canada, and in the bigger picture the world:
You/we've all been fighting for many many years the takeover of our country and world by the 'NWO' or call it what you will, and I hope it's clear to you all by now that for all of our fighting, we're losing. It doesn't matter which party gets 'elected', 'austerity' marches on, the implementation of the lockdown-ready state continues, the corporate-power-enhancing 'trade' treaties get signed, environmental degradation continues, more and more people in our country and around the world fall into and suffer debilitating poverty and life gets more precarious for everyone, both financially and in a world moving ever closer to some kind of manmade catastrophe, generally speaking the degradation and dismemberment and destruction of our once-almost-great Canadian democracy continues, etc and etc. We've been fighting these things for 30 years and more since the NWO came out into the open with the installation of Mulroney as Canadian PM and the managed 'election' that gave us the first 'free trade' agreement, and we've just kept going backwards and backwards since then, for every small step forward several large steps backwards, and the NWO keeps getting stronger and stronger.

The thing is, as the guy said, struggles don't last forever, and one of these days we're all going to wake up, and it's going to be game over, like the frog in the boiling water waking up one day and realising he's soup. We need to 'up our game' a lot, and quickly, if we are going to turn these people back.

I think you to whom I write, and most people engaged in trying to make Canada great again, are mired in a couple of traps which are very much crippling your efforts to effectively resist the NWO takeover, and I write to try to help you see your way out of these traps and start putting up a serious and effective fightback against the NWOers, while we still have some small chance to save our country, and world, in the bigger picture.

The first trap is what I just alluded to, the 'frog in the boiling water' trap - you've been fighting your various fights for many years, and things have just been getting incrementally worse year after year, with the corporate media controlled by the same people taking us over not only gatekeeping things they don't want you or Canadians knowing, but at the same time proactively providing you and everyone with endless distractions and cute kitty pics and 'pseudo-crises' and etc etc to create terribly busy lives in the modern world to stop you from getting a good handle on the 'bigger picture', and you don't really see or have time to consider how bad things actually are, so aren't as concerned as you should be that another year has gone by, and nothing has changed except things are a bit worse, or maybe a lot worse, again, leading to -

- the second thing I think you don't quite realise is that you, or most of you, are, in my analysis, deep in the old Einstein warning about doing the same thing over and over and over again and hoping for better results the next time. I don't think you're insane, but I do think you're very probably at least somewhat aware of the truth of what I say, and probably getting a bit desperate, but don't know how to start fighting more effectively, so carry on with the sameold sameold, having no better plan than hoping something good will start to happen soon.

A good part of the reason you can't seem to find new approaches or new ideas is that you're all fighting from deep in what I think of as a box, again you can call it what you will, the old 'can't see the forest for the trees' analogy is just as accurate, but a 'box' created by 30 years of nonstop corporate media propaganda and indoctrination, and while you are no doubt still free to think as you will, the endless nonstop full spectrum 'surround-sound' indoctrination-propaganda-gatekeeping-dumbing down of the last 3 decades has created a 'box' around both the 'what the situation is now' and 'what it is possible to do to challenge the situation' perceptions of most people. And as long as you are doing your 'resisting' within these box-limited perceptions, surrounded and reinforced all day all week all year by equally limited-view coworkers, acquaintances, and fellow citizens, you are never going to seriously challenge the people who have created and control 'the box'. If you are going to start fighting effectively, if we are going to prevail in the struggle for our lives and country and planet, you all need to first understand you are in such a box, and then direct your first efforts to simply getting out of the box, where awareness of the actual situation is evident and the real struggle can begin. This is first and foremost a perception thing, and as such need not be any harder than waking up one day and accepting there is no Santa Claus, but it can be as difficult as admitting you are an alcoholic, and facing the future that admission will lead to (which may seem a bit grim at first, but the acknowledgement of reality has opened the door to a potentially far brighter future not controlled by a very bad master..).

Me, due to various circumstances I've been out of the box for most of my life, and I don't mean to sound hubristic, but it's just a matter of observable fact to tell you I very obviously have a much better perspective on what is and has been going on for the last few decades than most of you I am writing to appear to have, to judge by your silence on the things I will speak of. And if you want to start fighting effectively to turn back this NWO-whatever predatory monster that is taking over our country and world, you really need to have a serious think about what I have to say.

I'll just briefly state the central points here, as I have written extensively in many places about all of this, and if what I say turns on a light of some kind, and you are ready to truly recognize and start to find your way out of the box, or escape the matrix if you prefer that kind of analogy, and start fighting effectively to drive these NWO people out of our governments which are controlling all of this, you can read further at the links I will provide.

Here is the 'summary' of how *we* can have a chance to start fighting more effectively this most-important-ever struggle against the forces of new-feudalism oppression:

1. The absolutely key thing people engaged in fighting the NWO need to understand, but few appear to, is the source of all power in our modern world - money. Not just having it, but far, far more importantly, understanding what it really is, and who creates and controls it, and how this control is being used to oppress and control us all.

(here's a simple but revealing allegory to show the basic con and scam they use to control 'money' (actually just credit, created from exactly the same place we create points on a scoreboard at a sports game), and through that everything: imagine you have a small printing press in your community, through which you have been creating small amounts of money (which is actually just tokens representing some portion of the ' community wealth' recorded in the banking-accounting system, and created both debt and interest-free, as are points in the sports contest) for most of your community's life, responsibly of course so noone gets any unfair advantage, and your community is growing and prospering in a generally sane and peaceful and sustainable way with no major problems. Then along comes Banker Bob, with his own printing press, and, through whatever wiles, convinces your community leaders to put away your community printing machine, and let Banker Bob print the community's money, which they then borrow from Bob, at compounding interest of course. Very soon, and very predictably, your community leaders are crying 'Debt burden!! Cut services!!' and etc, and Banker Bob is more or less deciding what gets done in your community, because you can't do much without money and he now controls the money, both in who he deems fit to receive 'loans' for new projects, and in having your repayment of previous loans (which continually seem to get larger rather than smaller due to that amazing interest) now as the top community, and personal, priority.

Very crazy idea of course, what kind of simpleton would do that haha? - except that that is exactly, on a more massive scale counted in tens and hundreds of billions of dollars, what 'our' governments have been doing since the 1970s, and we can **only** stop the ongoing degradation and destruction of our once-almost-great-democracy by getting the private criminal max-profit-oriented business cartel known as 'bankers' out of the business of money creation and control, along of course with the corrupt politicians and media and other 'financial experts' they have bought who have been enabling the scam these last 30+ years. It's really that simple - every problem we have today is rooted in money and those who control it one way or another, and we are not going to start creating a better world until people understand this, and take our once-almost-great-now-pseudo money-controlled 'democracy' back in our own hands, and elect governments under informed democratic control which take this most fundamental aspect of modern sovereignty back under informed democratic management responsible to 'we the people' rather than 'they the banking cartel who would be kings'. It's all explained in more detail here - The Democratic Revolution Handbook - with lots of references and along with a great many other things 'we' need to understand before we start taking back our country (even a 12-year-old kid has this stuff figured out thanks to some enlightened parents - you should perhaps have a listen to a young Cdn named Victoria Grant - her and I are far from the only people having figured this out, of course, there are many more refs in the book .. it's just a subject those who control the corporate media are very determined to keep out of the public debate, as this could mean some very serious French Revolution style consequences for them should the Cdn public ever realise how badly they've been lied to and stolen from these last few decades ..)). one bank to rule them all, one bank to find them, one bank to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them

This has to be understood as the first priority of all of us fighting to save our country - if 'we' - all of the people I am writing to and everyone fighting to take back our country from the NWO berserkers - are not challenging this most fundamental power, this power that controls all other powers, essentially this 'one ring to rule them all' power - then all you are doing is running around inside the box they control rearranging the many deck chairs they have provided and encourage you to get involved with to entertain and distract you, and keep you away from Mordor Central. Understanding this - and all that follows in terms of the corruption of our governments and media that the money has bought - and doing whatever we have to do to remove this evil parasite from our body politic, is the essential first step to getting back on the road to creating a Canada worthy to be called a 'democracy' of informed, engaged and enlightened citizens, and the truly great force for good in our world we once aspired to be, and could still be, I want to believe.

2. The second very key and very related thing we/you need to do if 'we' are to take back our country from the NWO predator-usurpers is to start working together to fight these people. One of the more successful of the many ways they have taken and now maintain their rule is the ages-old but always very effective 'divide and conquer' ploy. Look at all the names and groups I am CC-ing this short letter to (at the bottom of the appeal) - are you in regular contact with one another sharing knowledge and creating a true understanding of the 'bigger picture' and talking about how to effectively organise and get 30+ million Canadians working together to seriously and intelligently challenge a small gang of a few hundred or thousand at the most oligarchical rulers? I doubt it very much - if you are, you're keeping it all pretty secret. I know of and occasionally visit most of the websites of the people I am writing this to, and there is little to no recognition of other groups out there, everyone is working in their own little island, more often than not in competition with one another for what little money is available to maintain an NGO-type presence. And that is exactly what the enemy wants, and needs - and I would be very, very sure is continually encouraging through 'strategic infiltraition' of any organisation big enough to represent a potential significant threat - "Our issue is the most important!! Pay no attention to those others! Everybody come work with us!!".

(let me add another short allegory, for those who immediately bristle and say 'Sure, Dave, sure, but then you're doing exactly the same thing aren't you, saying 'your' issue about 'banks' and 'money' is the most important??!!' - I am indeed, with the major difference that in my case it happens to be very demonstrably true. Consider a person with a lot of physical problems - hair falling out, nausea, losing eyesight, red rashes breaking out, weakness, etc etc - and we have a whole herd of self-proclaimed 'specialists' fussing around to treat all of those symptoms individually. And then a 'real' doctor comes along, and immediately diagnoses cancer - and you can understand then that all of the obvious symptoms are caused by the not-obviously visible but very real and dangerous cancer, and if you do not fight the cancer it does not matter what you do about everything else, the conditions will keep getting worse. That is very directly analogous to what I am talking about - all of the problems you are fighting separately are symptoms of the greater and very terminal-if-we-don't-stop-it disease, the control of 'our' money, and all that that money can buy, by a very evil enemy with very evil intentions - and nothing is going to improve until we understand the money situation, and take true democratic control of it.)

Consider the enemy - they are fully coordinated with implementing their NWO, all their governments and media and schools and elite spokespeople pushing pushing relentlessly pushing the same agenda they have been for the last 40 years, an agenda not only concerning 'trade' treaties and austerity and the lockdown state and etc, but also a very strong 'divide and conquer' program directed at all of us who might oppose the NWO agenda - and that is one of the main reasons they continue to dominate - they are few and we are many, but they are fully and very cleverly organised and completely focused on endlessly pushing their united NWO program, while we wander around in complete disarray, most of us not even understanding clearly what we are fighting, a bit of effort into this symptomatic issue, a bit into another, following their general 'agenda of wandering mindlessly and alone in the dark' their planted 5th-column leaders have led us into. (you might spend a moment wondering at the obvious truth of what I say concerning money and organisation, and why none of your 'leaders' aren't at least talking about either 'who controls the money' or broadly organising to fight the NWO ...)

My Democratic Revolution Handbook explains all of this in detail, and a great deal else, and if you are serious about starting to fight effectively to save our democracy, and world really, from these berserkers who continue to make it clear they are not stopping until there's nothing left to save, you will find a reading of this book useful, with its many 'out of the box' truths. You all need to get yourselves out of 'the box' and start getting in touch with some of the 'deeper truths' I talk about, and getting organised and working together to fight these NWO new feudalist 4th-reichers. (note - please don't let those who want you to not read this stuff dismiss this as some 'money making scheme' spam or something - everything I write is online for anyone to read free, and the EPUBs I have made of some of the writing are also free..)

The hour gets late, in terms of saving our country, and I really want to be involved with this struggle in a much more visible way than I have been to date - it's not that I haven't been trying, but all of the 'mainstream opposition' to the NWO have been very noticeably ignoring everything I have been saying, perhaps due to being deeply 'in the box' and not being interested in things from here 'outside the box', although I would say that very undoubtedly many of the major 'alt' organisations in Canada and elsewhere are controlled by 'the enemy', and one of their important functions is a 'this far and no farther' type of controlled 'opposition', and making sure things such as I and others write about the money scam and other things are kept away from such publications is one of their main functions, which is why I am trying to make this wider appeal, to such web publications which may be serious about saving our country but have been innocently in the box, and to others who may read this and learn of my writings for the first time due to this intentional or otherwise gatekeeping I have been experiencing all of the time I have been writing - I really think if you are seriously interested in saving our country from the NWO-ers who want to turn it and our world into some kind of capitalist dog-eat-dog paradise, you need to understand and admit that all of your efforts the last 30+ years have been going nowhere, and you need to start honestly wondering why you have been so unsuccessful, and at least have a read of what I am saying and see if that turns on some lights for you. I ask you to help get my voice into the public debate, and help people become aware of and understand the deeper truths I am talking about that are currently very much kept out of the public debate by those who would be our rulers, as the things I want to talk about are the things that would expose what they are really doing, and what their actual intentions are, and how we are being lied to and manipulated by these people, and the media they currently control completely.

Aside from the fundamental 'money-as-debt' issue of our times I noted earlier, and pointing out the obvious necessity about how all of us fighting the NWO need to start working together, I have a lot of other insights I have come to understand over my many years of 'outside the box' observation and thinking that really need to be getting into the public debate, things like how the NWO-ers are very much encouraging a return to barbarism and lower levels of public intelligence in general, which are very antithetical to a civilised democracy, and facing the fact that almost everything of importance in our modern society is now based on lies - the NWO-ers cannot of course tell the truth about what they are doing while we still have the machinery of 'democracy' with which to defeat them, and since everything of 'bigger picture' importance is related, when you are promoting one big lie, then the other related things have to become part of that lie. And we need to talk about 'the left' - the 'real' left standing strong and tall and intelligently united against the forces of oligarchy and elites as we/they were doing during the last decades of the 19th century and first 70 years of the 20th, not the propagandistic and caricaturic demonised pseudo-left of 'social justice warriors' and 'political correctness' that has become such a negative force in our society, and is actually promoted by and very much 'of the right' rather than the left, as I explain in another essay, It's not 'the left' trying to take over the world and shut down free speech and all that other bad stuff - it's 'the right'!! . And there are many other things that need to be brought into the public debate, which has essentially become an 'adult and fact-free' zone, as it has been reduced by the corporate media over the last 20-30 years to sensationalism and entertainment and the worst forms of pseudo-nationalistic propaganda.

If you have read this short appeal, and agree that there is a lot of very key information that most people fighting the NWO takeover of our world are unaware of, and my voice should be part of the public debate to help get people thinking about these things - then you can help by simply forwarding this letter (or since it got a bit long as things I write tend to, I put it on the net, you can just forward the website address - time for a Green Island voice in the Canadian public debate); and/or you can send people to The Democratic Revolution Handbook website, where most of my relevant ideas are explained in length. You can also review or otherwise let people know about my 'of by and for the people' vision of what a better society might function like, Green Island (or just send them to The Great Green Island Poster, I can't see how anyone could see this poster and not want to get the book) Both of the books are available as EPUBS for free, here - Dave's Smashwords page and if people think the things useful, and my ideas worth spreading, they can 'pay what you will' for them. (and if you know anyone in the publishing business, have them go to Green Island or email me, and we can talk about how this story would make one of the great HBO type television series of all time)

If you want to do more to help my books reach more people, go to Green Island at Goodreads and tell others about my books - .

(just in passing - the Democratic Revolution Handbook must be of some worry to the rulers, as many 'comments sections' on websites as varied as The Guardian to the World Socialist Web Site won't let me mention it .. my email address has been put on various 'spam blockers' so a lot of people I try to write to don't even know I've tried ..I'm just a small threat at the moment for sure, but they obviously don't want me anywhere near the bigger debate, I do have some ideas and insights that are very dangerous to those who would be our rulers ...)

We who want to stop the takeover of our country by some very evil-intentioned people need to start doing all we can to educate the 'emboxed masses' about what is really happening and start working together to fight our common enemy, and overcome the 'divide and conquer' strategies that have most of us either working alone in some little vacuum, or even fighting against those we should be fighting with via the ubiquitous and very well managed 'divide and conquer' tactics of the enemy.

What we really, desperately need in Canada at this time is a national honest media challenging the lies and propaganda and dumbing-down and gatekeeping of the rulers, the bankers and their puppet politicians and media and 'academic experts', and if I were to get any significant amount of money from Green Island becoming the 'best seller' it surely deserves to be, that is the first thing I would try to do, try to establish some kind of Real News- or RT-like media in Canada, where the people truly trying to challenge the NWO-Canada oligarchs and counter the lies and propaganda and gatekeeping of the corporate media would have a chance to speak and try to get people out of the corporate state media indoctrination slumber they have been cleverly led into the last 30 years; the dumbing down drive which seems to be the central focus of the CBC the last few years is just outrageous and tragic, when considering what it means they want the average Canadian citizen to be like, and are being all too successful in their efforts to create.

And I'll leave it all there, I know this letter is going to fall mostly on either deaf ears or ears whose very job is gatekeeping stuff like this so obviously won't be interested and tell those they lead to ignore this, but if you are starting to be aware there is something happening which most people aren't aware of Mr Jones, that some kind of matrix-like box has been very cleverly created around us all within which most efforts to save Canada are contained and thus impotent, and want to do what you can to understand this yourself, and help people understand this box and start getting out of it and fighting more effectively to save our country - share this letter with as many people as you can, since most if not all of the larger 'sanctioned' 'alt' websites where people get their information from will not, I will confidently predict, be telling their readers about this, and start doing anything else you can to wake people up and getting back on our hind feet to send the Mordor orcs back under the rocks they came from - and the Mordor leaders to the prisons in which they all belong.

Dave Patterson
Ontario, PEI, Thailand
and most importantly in my heart and spirit always
Green Island
GI poster

- some people and groups this appeal is being sent to - with the questions: (1)Why don't you want your readers / listeners / followers to understand what is going on with money and the fraudulent debt that controls us all, and (2) - why aren't you all working together to stop the most serious threat to our survival as a modern progressive democracy we have ever faced ...??

(note - these are all from easily available websites, so I'm not giving any 'secret private' addresses below)
Popular Resistance
Robin Upton
Canadian Labour Congress
National Observer
Council of Canadians
Canada Without Poverty
Cdn Council on Social Development
Friends of the Earth Canada
Sierra Club Canada
Canada Social Research newsletter
Writers' Trust of Canada

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