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The thing is, the very big thing, about this, and much else that is going on today - if we can't trust our media, let alone our government, for reliable information - we can't hope to create and manage a democracy.

Challenging the Current's evisceration of an 'anti-vaxxer', and inter alia the entire measles vaccination propaganda of 2015
The bizarre and scary measles witch hunt of 2015

Intro to the story:
It was with some puzzlement I first read about this situation in the first part of 2015, as I don't think I had been aware of it earlier - when I was a kid measles was a common childhood disease, I had it myself, a red rash and some fever, basic cold symptoms for a few days, then healed up and back to school, no big deal, little more than a common cold, and, I came to know later, a strong lifelong immunity. I knew there was a vaccine to prevent it since sometime back in the 60s, kids were given it, the incidence of this non-serious disease went down. So I just never thought about it much - there's a lot of serious stuff going on in my country, and around the world, kids getting vaccinated for a non-serious disease in Canada was not really on my list of things to watch. And then I read a few stories over a few days about some people questioning the need for this vaccine, and the mainstream media coming down on them like the very wrath of god, and read some of their stories.

(a small representative selection of the 'crazy anti-science anti-vaxxer' stories from Feb 2015 in the Cdn media:

- the common thread running through pretty much all of these stories which is way, way over the top is their completely vicious, one-sided attacks full of slander and mockery on these people who simply had some questions about the necessity for getting the vaccine, and little red lights were flashing all over the place - it's become very clear over these last 30 years of our capitalist, corporate government that when *all* of the 'authorities, all capitalist controlled one way or another, line up and tell the peasants they **must!!!!** do something (from Meech Lake through 'we must accept austerity!' through 'accept your lockdown state to protect us from evil terrorists everywhere in Canada!!!') - the rulers are up to something, and it is highly unlikely it is for the good of the peasants, whom the rulers don't really give a flying fuck about. (seriously, if they actually cared about our health, they wouldn't have been needlessly cutting back the Cdn health care system for the last 30 years, until now the list of deficiencies and problems would fill a book, with people dying in waiting rooms and old folks lying in their own shit for days and waiting a year and more for radiograph readings or quality-of-life enhancing surgeries - not because we're a poor country, we're a very rich country, but the people running this rich country want that wealth for their own use, and fuck the peasants is the general philosophy, which of course you won't hear talked about in the media they also control, but it's pretty undeniable to anyone not under the control of the corporate press indoctrination and propaganda - so when that same media gets on their wildly hypocritical high horse and starts piously telling us we need this vaccination against a disease I personally know is not much more serious than a common cold - well, immediately I know they're lying, and get a bit curious about what they're up to.)

I can see there is quite a bit of space here for a serious, calm public debate about all of this, well informed by some facts about the actual incidence of the disease (in Canada and elsewhere, historically and today), the number of deaths or serious sequelae, some calm presentations of why those who don't want their kids vaccinated, don't, some 'risk-benefit' analysis by calm knowledgeable fact-based people about the risk of death or complications from the disease vs the same risk from the vaccination, other related issues such as how the big drug companies are using their wealth and power to influence all kinds of things, from what research gets done, to what gets published, to what influence they have on public health agencies, and so on, a genuine public debate about an issue of concern to many Canadians, with some rational differences of opinion. But our media are having none of it - this was a complete and open witch hunt that took place in Feb of 2015. "There is no debate whatsoever necessary!!" the media thundered en masse, "the science is clear, the disease is dangerous and contagious, and everybody needs to get vaccinated for our collective good, and only nut-cases and anti-science flat earthers are questioning this edict from their caring Mothers in the government and drug industries!!"

(and yes, I know that there have been some stories about some parents concerned about a connection between the MMR vaccine and autism, which have been generally 'debunked', although there are still serious questions remaining about this for anyone honestly examining the literature - but this is **not** the only point of contention about the measles vaccination, and when the corporate press try to pretend this is the only issue, they once again simply lie. The main concern for me, and many others, is that even if the vaccine does not cause autism, the disease is so non-serious in Canada, why the big demand that everyone get vaccinated? If it is not life-threatening to most people, then if a few decide for personal reasons to decline the vaccination, just what in the hell is the big problem? The tangents they get off on to attack these people are a big part of my own problem here - again, when the 'state' through their media engage in lies and calumny to justify a highly questionable policy demand, you just know, at least those of us in realityland do, they're up to something they don't want talked about. I don't really know what this 'ulterior motive' is, whether it's as simple as adding some more profit to drug companies' balance sheets or there is something more nefarious going on, but whatever it is, I'm not personally going to be herded around on the basis of obvious lies and propaganda. (which of course makes absolutely no difference to the rulers, they don't really care about a few outliers as long as the herd is obedient)).

Again, this isn't even a matter of red lights flashing, when they start talking like this, you know (if you're a person of any experience in the world at all) they're just lying through their teeth. The only reason to refuse a debate and demonise those who want one is that you know you're going to lose it if it ever happens, and in the process a lot of credibility, and have to face a lot of questions about just what in the fuck you were up to, as a supposedly responsible media, lying like this. And such is surely the case here - they don't really have any serious legs to even stand on, just a lot of lies and out-of-context 'statistics' and fear mongering. We see this from the getgo - they all talk about hundreds of thousands of poor children dying all over the world every year - so get your vaccination what's wrong with you??!!! - they ** never** provide the context by further telling us that by far the majority of these deaths occur in 3rd world countries where the children are badly undernourished to begin with, and public health measures such as clean drinking water and decent sanitation - not to mention adequate food - are low to non-existent - of course more children die there from preventable causes. But Canada is not the Sudan, and it is very, very dishonest to present public health figures from such places without making this clear as if they had any relevance in Canada. Highly, highly dishonest - and every branch of the corporate media does so, with absolutely no context. Fear mongering, plain and simple. And people who are fear mongering do so **only** because they are trying to push people in a certain direction they probably wouldn't go if they had the full story of whatever the fear mongers are lying about.

Anyways, after some of this wider reading, I tried to talk a bit of common sense on the comments following some of these stories, and got shock number 2 - almost all of the people commenting on these stories (and there were a lot, these stories dragged em out, for whatever reason) agreed with the propaganda of Big Bro/Ma, and viciously attacked those who were questioning the need for the vaccination. And it became evident - more food for thought in my ongoing mission to figure out what the fuck is really going on around here - that although they all professed a belief in 'science', very, very few of them actually had any idea at all of what 'science' was all about - they were like the religious faithful, never having seen God, but believing nonetheless, as they were trained to do from birth. It was evident these people simply believed what they read in the corporate press, and parroted it back endlessly, incapable of formulating any arguments themselves beyond repeating various things from the 'talking points' provided in the media (yes, of course there were exceptions who seemed to be operating from some level of intelligence, but most of them had no idea of what science was or did at all, they just accepted it as the modern god, and accused those who questioned the media of being anti-science). Nor did most people in the media have any actual idea of 'science', as it was evident the extent of their 'research' was going to the 'health central' propaganda sites such as the CDC or Canadian government health sites, and quoting the propaganda summaries they found there.

I wasn't going to take it much further, I've recognized that most Cdns are deep in the koolaid well for quite awhile now, it's going to be one of our main challenges if any true 'create a democracy' movement ever gets under way here (and I for one am not at all optimistic about winning), but then the Current got involved, in a way-over-the-top way that got me enough pissed off to push things to another level.

The show here - CBC The Current Feb 9 - Pro and anti vaxxers make their case

- this was just utterly disgraceful for the CBC, even in their role as 'corporate state propagandist / branch mainly targeting so-called 'progressives', as they did what some guy in the US gov said they had to do sometimes - pick some defenceless little country and throw them against the wall, just to show we can. And the Current, completely lying about the show being a 'debate' between 'pro' and 'anti' vaxxers, undertook a very public, very setup ahead of time, 'shaming' of a very nice, concerned lady who had some questions about the necessity of her kids getting the measles vaccination, who was very obviously not prepared for a full on confrontational attack by the experienced Ms Tremonti (referred to by the Ottawa fellow propagandist above as an 'evisceration').

I put some other things aside, and did a fairly detailed critique of the show, pointing out how unfair it was, and propagandistic, and it was and is as solid as a case could be, as everything I said was true and obvious - any impartial, intelligence-based jury would have no choice but to find the accused guilty, and with some serious punitive damages, considering their intentional lies about pretty much everything, and their slapdown of the victim anytime she tried to protest - really, a modern version of Big Brother going after Winston, in public, or even a kind of twist on Kafka's Trial, or the Red Queen's 'justice' - the facts are what I say they are!!!

The CBC protested its innocence, I rebutted, and the CBC ombudsman gave her verdict. And it's all too revealing to die with noone else having a chance to read it all, so I decided to take the time to add it to my web archives of my writings - it may be that noone will ever read it anyway, in these twitter days, but here it is.

The intro is this, of course, - and we then proceed to exhibit number 1 - original letter complaining about the Current episode to the CBC Ombudsman

to which the Ombudsman replied that she had forwarded my complaint to a certain Jennifer Moroz, producer at the Current, and a couple of weeks later Ms Moroz replied to my complaint

I thought this response was very, very inadequate, and replied to Ms Moroz,

and also to the Ombudsman, explaining in some detail why I thought the response of Ms Moroz was inadequate

- and finally the Ombudsman replied to me, finding the Current completely free of all wrongdoing - a whitewash of the first order, very clearly indicating many things, notably the CBC is very knowingly involved in propaganda, which was no secret of course, but it's nice to have all of this in writing from them - the truth is very plain to see for anyone interested in the truth these days, and their lies and evasions and refusing to deal with key points also very clear in these letters.

So all in all, a lot of hours on my part, and it is easy enough to think a complete waste of time, as I am obviously way out in the vanguard of sanity and honesty in our modern 'lies and looting' capitalist society, with the well-indoctrinated faith-based masses all doing as their SubGod Pretendscience (their High Gods are obviously the dominant ones, Mammon and Big Brother's Ministry of Truth, sub-CBC in Canada) commands them through their high priests, few of them having any idea what real science is all about. But it may happen that one or another Winstons may be having some doubts about Big Brother and Big Momma in Canada and come across these things, and get a bit of clarity as to the lies they tell, or perhaps someday in the future someone will be looking for a bit of insight on what was going on during these times, and although there is certainly a lot of other good writing out there explaining things, who knows what will survive the destruction that will inevitably follow as the days and fires of barbarism become more and more unstable and destructive.

Or there's some small chance that in days to come, if those who desire some true 'civilisation' attempt to enlighten our planet again someday, my writing might finally get some of the acceptance it surely deserves, but is not finding among my own people. (but if they refuse to listen to me - are they really 'my own people'? I know that even though I look a lot like most of these people, there are obviously some very deep differences between myself and them in the deeper areas of the heart and spirit...)

The thing is, the very big thing, about this, and much else that is going on today - if we can't trust our media, let alone our government, for reliable information - we can't hope to create and manage a democracy. We need to remember this. Obviously, the CBC and other corporate media are centrally involved in our current pretend democracy, and so it is not in any way surprising they should be involved with this kind of propaganda, as they are involved with progaganda and lies and gatekeeping about everything else of importance in our country and world. But more people need to seriously start waking the fuck up around here, and not being so gullible and naive about this stuff, as the future is going to be very, very grim if we don't stop these usurpers soon - and following blindly along like a dumb herd of cows when they start with lies like this is not the way to break free from their rule.

Anyway, time to leave this behind, and move on to other hopeless tasks - someone has to look after this stuff.

Nanu nanu

(*late addition as I finish this - July 1 2015 National post - Carrey speaks against new law - the propagandists obviously think this is important, that they need to respond to every question of their program - same herd of trolls and propaganda as noted above ...

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