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They get it ...

But... who gets what?

I think what most people don't get these days is that the world they are told about in the mainstream media is not actually the real world. It is a bit like a looking-glass world - a lot of what they are told is real enough, the overall framework and superstructure around them - but a lot of what is going on behind the scenes is anything but what they are told. And they are led to believe in this false world so that the few who are doing the manipulating can control them - keep them working hard and producing a lot of wealth that the controllers, or rulers, can simply steal from them, under various excuses, and allow those currently ruling to keep ruling. Most people don't get, I think, that they are being led around by the nose by the mainstream media - this applies equally to most people who call themselves 'progressive', who confine themselves to commenting on things they don't like about what the MSM reports about what is going on, but don't seem to realise that a few things the MSM are NOT reporting are where the real action is. Ask any magician - whatever he is telling you to look at is NOT where you should be looking. Even most 'alt' people cannot seem to understand this, and follow the mainstream media wherever it leads. (yes, of course, most 'alt' people disagree with the stances taken by the rightwing-nwo mainstream media - but they get excited about things the media leads them to get excited about, and have no interest in the all-important money supply, for instance, because, it seems, the mainstream media does not tell them this is something they should be interested in. 'capitalism' itself is virtually never mentioned in the mainstream media - and gets about the same attention in the mainstream alt media.)

Most people also do not seem to understand that the problem is essentially the economic (and political) system known as capitalism. A lot of people understand how the media (acting under the control of the powers behind the scenes of course) demonise certain people whom the western rulers want to attack (Milosovic, Saddam, Gaddafi, etc) - but few people understand the corollary, that the media can also 'glorify' things or people they want the general population to support, or at least accept - and the whole idea that 'capitalism is Wonderful!!' has been receiving this 'glorification' treatment for decades (along with the demonisation of 'socialism').

European Central Bank and the "Sovereign Raiders" - Bill Black sure gets its. Just imagine getting some of this on the CBC!!

The Cloud Cometh - James Corbett gets it all pretty good, the kind of real questioning that real journalists would be doing. If we had any in the mainstream media.

Richard Moore got it a long time ago - Escaping the Matrix is one of the best books written about what is happening here - and he's come a long way since as well. Read more at Cyberjournal.

It's the bankers or us.. - Alex Jones has gotten it for a long time ...

Michael Hudson gets it good:

David DeGraw gets it real good - Will Americans passively accept the slow death of debt slavery? - he's been writing a lot the last couple of years, a ;complete list of David DeGraw's reports here. Worth some time, if you're new to the idea that even in Canada, there's a lot of stuff 'your leaders' haven't been really upfront about ....

Murray Dobbin gets it pretty good - Murray Dobbin's Blog

Mel Hurtig doesn't write much on blogs or alternative net mags, but he surely gets it

John McMurtry - The Cancer Stage Of Capitalism: Our social immune system is being overwhelmed by growing out-of-control money market cancer

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