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In the 60s we were a few short steps away from the dream of democratic peace and prosperity our ancestors had fought for for centuries - and here we are as the first decade of the 21st century stumbles to an end on the edge of the abyss with nothing but grim in sight as chaos and turmoil threaten from all sides - what happened cover

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A Democratic Revolution in Canada... now or never

by Dave Patterson
July 2011

".. whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends - life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness - it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government..." - Thomas Jefferson

"Revolution"? Isn't that a bit extreme? Almost everybody agrees Canada is one of the best countries in the world ....

I'll touch a bit on what everybody thinks in a second. As to the Revolution and its necessity, where most people seem to believe the story being relentlessly pushed by governments and 'leading economists' these dark days through the mainstream media about a big financial crisis all over the world demanding great sacrifice by the common people of the world, what I see is a cabal of rogue, criminal governments in collusion with a mafia-like banking cartel robbing us blind and usurping 'our' democracy in front of our mostly unresisting faces, supported by an equally rogue media working against rather than for 'we the people'. Over the years this massive conspiracy has been underway, these forces have been creating a passive, obedient, stuck-in-dumbed-down-adolescency citizenry while destroying our once almost-great once almost-democracies in their goal to create a 'new feudalism' using a massive, blatantly criminal fraud as their major justification. They're quite obviously determined to take our countries over, and have completely usurped the 'democratic' political process to enable them to do so 'legally', so the only way we will get rid of them is some sort of revolution - they sure as hell aren't going to go peacefully - no dictator ever does.

In terms of outright crime so heinous that it makes undeniable the allegation that the elite are engaged in massive fraud in an attempt to assert and consolidate their 'right' to unfettered rule, with the obvious complicity of the entire senior ruling class of the country, politicians, bankers, 'journalists', judges, lawyers, academics, and etc, those who would consider themselves the 'elite', I present as pretty much incontrovertible evidence the money supply fraud/scam, which I have described elsewhere in detail (What Happened?, and a bit more recently, and in shorter form, It's Not Austerity, It's Looting ). The basic fraud is simple enough in concept - any sovereign government has the right and duty to responsibly and intelligently control the nation's money supply to create a secure, stable economic environment for the citizens of the country, and when they very deliberately turn this control of the money of the nation over to private businesses, then borrow very large amounts of money created by those commercial banks throwing the country into great debt and using that debt as justification for destroying the country, as well as allowing those private businesses to manipulate the money supply in a further, very sustained attack on the wellbeing of the average citizen, the fraud, criminality and conspiracy are obvious. When one understands what is going on with the money supply - an understanding that is very carefully kept away from the public and never discussed in the maintream media, for quite obvious reasons - the argument that some kind of natural process is/was at work (calm down, folks, just the natural business cycle!), or that well-meaning but somewhat incompetent leaders got us into a bad mess we now must deal with like responsible grownups by turning our countries over to the banks and 'investors', rather than fraudulent forces deliberately creating the situation in the blatant interests of the private businesses given control of the money, is simply not tenable.

A New Democratic Revolution the only solution ...

It is, it seems to me, very clear that those ruling us, those who have covertly usurped 'our' democratic government over the last 30 years (again, more detail in (What Happened?), who have taken over the media to promote and conceal their usurpation, who have undertaken a very deliberate program of dumbing down everyone to reduce the likelihood of any effective resistance (more on this in They're Building a Box - and You're In It), and who are running everything with their own benefit as the only policy filter, have no intention of allowing any form of true 'democracy' which would see an end to the implementation of this corporate agenda and its ultimate goal of a new feudalism - thus a revolution of some sort is necessary, if we do not wish to allow this new feudalism to be imposed against our wishes. Indeed, without, it would seem, even the knowledge of most people, who are, to carry the boiled frog analogy a bit further, becoming apathetic unresisting frog soup without even being aware they are in any danger - the mainstream media acting very much the traitor Brutus to the democratic body politic Ceasar, leading the people to the final betrayal.

I am not proposing a bloody revolution such as we have often seen throughout history when the rulers became too cruel and arrogant and pushed their peasants beyond their tolerance, with a handful of charismatic 'warrior'-leaders promising a great new world as they exhort a great very-angry-but-mindless 'revolutionary' crowd pushed by the current rulers beyond endurance to run amok throughout the land killing and maiming the current oligarchy. For one thing, I don't think we'd have much chance of defeating the current well-armed and well-prepared regime with such a thing, but more importantly, in every case such 'revolutions' in history have simply replaced one group of powerful, unanswerable-to-the-people gang of rulers with another, and have nothing to do with real democracy.

What it seems obvious that we need today is to take the next (r)evolutionary step in our long march to true Democracy which average people have been on since they first started to oppose god-kings and other omnipotence-claiming rulers, to undertake a new kind of democratic revolution. A thousand years ago we rose from our bellies to our knees at Runymede and told the King there were SOME limits to his omnipotence if he wanted our continuing loyalty, and then some time later we pushed up further to our feet with the establishment of elected governments, although those governments were still dominated by hereditary power and wealth, and now we need to take the beginning of the last step and raise our heads and claim our full personhood - a revolution that takes us the next step from an immature faux-democracy still largely controlled by the wealthy elite of the country to a mature, independent 'full and complete' democracy, in which 'we the people' ban the influence of money from our government, and calmly, intelligently, with full awareness of what is happening in our country and world, drive back this latest and most ambitious-since-Runymede usurpation the new feudalists are attempting to trick us into, and assert our own true mature, engaged,informed independence, take the final, or at least next, step of this centuries long struggle for democracy. It is time, or even past time, we claimed 'our' democracy for ourselves and future generations through entirely legitimate and democratic and peaceful means - open, inclusive, one informed person one vote democracy.

The essential 'revolution' part means we leave the current paternalistic 'representative' party system, which simply sets up some tweedledee-tweedledum puppets for us to 'choose' from, and which lends itself so well to anti-democratic oligarchical behind-the-scenes control with a powerless citizenry simply watching what the rulers get up to between elections, and establish a new kind of truly democratic 'democracy', a Democracy in which the collective majority will of the people, as established after open, inclusive consensus-seeking debate, actually gets done by people who are appointed as employees rather than 'elected' as rulers. The current farce of electing 'representatives' who actually represent their party's plans to the people rather than representing the people's voice to the national assembly as they are supposed to, and rule with no limitations on their power between these 'elections', must be tossed in the garbage bin of history, as we have previously slowly gotten rid of overtly unaccountable kings and overtly corrupt political kingpins. Insofar as we need semi-permanent representatives in the national capital keeping an eye on things and available for daily supervision of the bureaucracy and etc, such people must be our own independent MPs, who are bound not only ethically but through some sort of binding legal process to speak ONLY for the people in their ridings who appointed them, rather than for some Party whose party banner they carry. Such people must be also committed and legally bound to having open meetings and discussion to determine what the majority opinion is in their riding concerning any 'new' issue that arises (i.e. some well-monied national group (such as arms manufacturers) suddenly decides they want to join the US in bombing Libya, or some other 'new' demon, things which our current parliament rubber stamps no matter what most people think, without even bothering to find out), and votes in the national assembly according to that majority opinion and desire, and who will be subject to immediate dismissal if they attempt to speak against the wishes of a majority of their constituents. In a related sense, we should grow up a bit more in another way - we don't need the 'bread and circuses' farce of regular elections - in a true democracy, *our* local representatives are constantly under *our* control, and can be replaced at will, as we in the riding see a need - the 'profession' of 'politician' should go the way of other outdated professions (we'll still have various administrative employees, of course, professional bureaucrats doing a good job of looking after the country such as we had prior to the covert takeover of our bureaucracy by the NWO-ers - but employees taking their orders from, and doing their best for, 'we the people', rather than a handful of wealthy elite thinking they have the right to run the country as they please for their benefit). The current 'party system', with its regular tweedledee-dum 'elections', is just a way to validate party rule, to fool not-too-well-taught citizens into believing that these farcical elections actually equate with 'democracy', which, when understood a bit better, it is quite clear they very much do not.

Nobody should have any illusions that should a democratic revolution be attempted, and gain some steam, it will be a peaceful transition. Should such an effort actually grow to a point where it presented a clear danger to the current Bay Street regime, there would very predictably be great resistance and obstruction from the current entrenched powers, fighting to keep their very privileged positions, supported by their secretariat media and probably a lot of people who have no understanding of or desire for this type of true democracy and have been dumbed-down to the point they believe much of the garbage justifying the NWO. History shows clearly that when predators are challenged, aside from the propaganda they will be spreading through their media, which modern citizens have been well-trained to believe in, they have no hesitation in using violence and intimidation to stifle dissent and maintain their power - we have been seeing ongoing demonstrations of this all over the world the last few years, including in Canada at such things as the G20 meeting in Toronto last year, in which we saw clearly what reaction we can expect from those in power if we try to establish some truly functioning Democracy in this country. But still, I think that if a majority of us understood what was happening, and what was and is at stake, we could do it, democratically. One of the greatest advantages the usurpers have right now is that most people still believe the current 'democratically elected' government is legitimate - if we can get the message of their blatant fraud and theft of the last 30 years understood, that legitimacy will disintegrate, and there are a hell of a lot more of us than there are of them if we decide to (s)elect some honest people to speak for us in the formal halls of *our* government. If we have an informed citizenry, and a majority of legitimately elected independent MPs waiting to take over our country democratically, they are going to find it very difficult to resist. I think. A few well-armed police with attitudes might intimidate a few hundred people being labelled 'anarchists' and etc by the mainstream media, and believed to be so by the television-watching citizenry - if the same police are facing a very angry, determined citizenry with righteousness on their side at the crimes committed against them by the government they no longer believed legitimate, I don't think the police enforcers will last long.

Getting rid of the money-power that has controlled our societies for so long would indeed be a revolution, perhaps the greatest and most important revolution in human history. I am far from sure we are ready for it just yet, much of the population is still far too firmly under the thrall of the talking heads in the mainstream media whose job is to prevent just such a democratic revolution as I speak of, to conceal the great crimes that might lead the citizens to demand a new government - but we're not always given the luxury of choosing the times we must deal with a crisis in our lives, or the lives of our countries, of making the very difficult decision to challenge an unresponsive, moving-towards-a-complete-denial-of-democracy government, of then deciding what actions are required and taking those actions. Such things always come on us at inconvenient times, or times we may not feel ready - but if we don't do it now, we may never have another chance. The would-be feudal lords are very obviously rolling the dice - the very loaded dice - in pursuit of their goals, using the Great Austerity Scam as their justification, and we can't just call a time out while we try to understand the situation, decide that they really are doing this even though they deny, deny, deny, and the entire mainstream media tells us all is well, citizens, all is well!!, and mobilise the citizen-troops. But in the end - we act now, we try, or accept the consequences. Far, far too many of our people are already deeply anesthetized in terms of the ability to understand what is happening here, let alone having the ability to independently form a firm idea of the kind of things that need to be done, along with a determined intention to do something about it.

But *if* a Revolution - How?
Being as I am talking about fully participatory democracy here, I am not going to propose any detailed plan of action as to how this revolution might be accomplished - every person who gets involved with this final battle must choose their own path, confirm to their own satisfaction that this massive fraud and covert usurpation I speak of really are happening and that they must take action. And having decided to take action, then further ponder upon what strategies they should follow in trying to awaken and work together with the people in their communities and ridings who still believe in the 'legitimacy' of the current process and government to the great danger we are in. I have set down some of my own thoughts about what needs to be done here, in the essay I mentioned earlier What Happened. But generally, I think something like this is necessary:

The basic Democratic Revolutionary Agenda:

  • expose the money supply fraud, and thus the criminality of all of those currently ruling - such blatant criminality and treason cannot be allowed to continue as the head of our state if we wish to continue calling ourselves a 'free and democratic' country
  • delegitimize the mainstream media, as the primary promoters and enablers of this fraud and usurpation - people need to start taking responsibility for *our* country, and part of that means growing up and tossing aside the childish pursuits and dependency the mainstream media tries to convince everyone is all they need to do as a citizen. A Democratic citizen must be familiar with all relevant issues, and the range of opinions on those issues - and the internet is where this is happening. We understand there is crap on the internet, as there is in any large gathering of people - we understand it is part of our duty as a responsible citizen to identify the crap and discard it - which is what we must also do with the mainstream media, which also has a lot of crap - being too trusting, and failure to identify this crap, has led us to our present very dire situation. We still read the mainstream media, of course, but understand it to be the voice of those who wish to be our rulers, partly through keeping us in the dark and feeding us crap. We need to talk with *our* peers rather than being herded by their 'experts' - and such talk and interaction can primarily be done face to face, and through the great meeting room in cyberspace.
  • create a new People's Constitution of Canada of some sort, so we know what we will do when we:
  • select true representatives from every constituency who will speak for the people, send them to the parliament, and retake *our* government from the usurpers
  • put a lot of people in jail for the crimes and treason that they have been committing for the last 30 years to strongly indicate our displeasure at their betrayal, and to send a strong message that such perfidy will be strongly reacted to in the future
  • kiss your ass goodbye as JP said - here come the Americans and their bombs... they're not putting up with any commies on their northern border!! (sorry - reality slipping in!) - but seriously, the Americans, and Cdn current rulers, would do all they could to destroy such a government, and we would need to have a very realistic financial plan in place to deal with the chaos they will create for at least the beginning few months - if we have a good plan, we should be able to make a successful transition, but we really need to have a plan rather than running around like headless chickens not knowing what to do when the Americans, or current Cdn-American puppets, start lobbing financial bombs all over the place. As they surely will.
(a 'New People's Constitution': a short explanation - we need to realise that our current 'constitutions' are in the nature of a 'social contract' between rulers and subjects - a 'constitution' specifies that 'the people' have certain 'rights' in dealing with the government. A true 'Democracy', in which 'we the people' *are* the government, has no need of any such document - we have no need to 'enforce rights' against 'ourselves'. We do have rules and laws we all (by majority agreement) agree to live by, rules which can be changed anytime we want to change them, and it is quite important we do take some time to formulate the way we would prefer to run *our* country before we make the move to take it back from those who have stolen it from us. So a 'people's constitution' is a bit of an oxymoron, but as we make this transition, we should have a constitution-like document, which is really more of something like 'An Agreement By Which We the People Of This Country Have Agreed is The Way We Shall Govern Ourselves, Being An Organic, Evolving Process Subject To Change Anytime New Circumstances Arise or Better Ideas Come Along and A Majority Wish To Change It", or something like that - to satisfy the still enboxed legal worriers among us and around the world, which would primarily put in writing the way we plan to govern ourselves in a truly democratic way, as we remove the old heirarchical faux-democracy and establish our first *real* democracy, so everybody knows what's happening. These conventions or institutions or rules or guidelines or suggestions can be changed anytime *we the people* want to change them, as indicated by discussion and consensus of the majority of us, but making such a document available to the world via the internet will be necessary to counteract the sure-to-be charges of 'undemocratic commie-terrorists dispose legitimate majority-elected Canadian government OMG!!!!' and suchlike slanders sure to be screaming from the front pages of the capitalist mainstream media all around the world as we take this step to Democracy. (in a sort of serendipitous way, just came across this as I was finishing this - Direct Democracy: A Peaceful Evolution - another guy who doesn't see any need to shape his work around Twitter, and with some more specific ideas about a constitution-type document *for* democracy..) back to where you were)

In an overall sense, I think the general plan needs to involve getting out on the streets, in the kitchens and coffee shops and corners and parks and the many other small meeting places people congregrate in small numbers, of talking to them individually or in small groups about the national debt / money supply / austerity fraud/scam creating financial chaos and fear around the world, which is pretty blatant when it is understood. As this fraud becomes understood, the equally important second step is what I think of as de-legitimization of the mainstream media - people need to stop believing what they are told in the mainstream media if we are to successfully change our government, as the mainstream media is part and parcel of the same usurpers, acting as a cheerleader and propaganda tool for the current very illegitimate regime. When people see clearly the betrayal of both those they have been electing and the media they have relied on to keep them informed of things they need to know to make informed, intelligent decisions in 'our' democracy, and thus their corruption and collusion with the elite wealth in our country behind all of this to usurp 'our' democracy, I think they can be unified in anger at such evil betrayal, and sparked to action. Much information on the things I speak of is readily available on the internet, but the average citizen has been well trained to distrust the internet, and trust the mainstream media, and this is a central part of the problem we face in trying to push on to Democracy at this time, rather than descending into the new feudalism the usurpers are leading us to. To overcome this confusion, I think people need to be able to talk to someone face to face, in meetings held over a period of time so everyone has time to think, and consider, and consult with their close friends and neighbors, and otherwise check things out, to have the great money supply fraud be explained to them clearly, to have someone they can talk to face to face with questions they have, someone they know from their own communities. If they start to understand how the reasons put forth for this crippling of our democracy through cutting funding to everything has been completely fraudulent, then it becomes obvious that the media, which has been rah-rahing the cuts etc all along and urging the people to accept anything the government does as they slowly boil the citizen frog in the imposition of the new feudalism, is a central part of the problem, and people must start turning to alternative sources still available on the net - and getting much more in touch with listening to various sources and really thinking for themselves as they assess various opinions and reach their own conclusions - for some better interpretations of what is happening here, and ideas about what can be done.

I think it would help our efforts greatly to establish some large, informal meeting place using the internet to share our ideas, our plans that work, with like-minded groups working in Canada, or even the world, to help us awaken the citizens in our communities to the great danger we are in, to get these usurpers out of our governments, to start sharing information that exposes the lies and subterfuges spread by the mainstream media, and restart the drive for true democracy that has become so badly derailed during the last 40 years of neocon ascendency, when some power seems to have infused the collective brain with a great miasma. There is strength in diversity, and sharing our successful strategies, being able to network and brainstorm with others all across the country about what is working, and feeling the shared strength as our numbers grow, can only be a positive thing. It will, also, be a dangerous place, as those who would destroy us from within before we even become dangerous will also be mingling among us, trying to instill confusion and create mistrust and barriers between us, leading us down unfruitful paths, and etc - we will never be free of these evil predator infiltraitors, so we *must* learn to deal with them. We must be clear and firm in our resolve to turn our country away from the path to feudalism, and get it back on the path to Democracy - we can do that, if we remain strong, and do not let these trolls wearing citizen hats to get between us.

Well, much remains unsaid, as always, no matter how much caveating one does whilst trying to keep a piece readable by today's 'keep it short!' fellow citizens, so many of whom seem to be too busy reading the endless stream of completely irrelevant but very time-consuming twitter messages from their dozens or hundreds of subscriptions about their friend's serious travails at the hairdresser's in 144 characters, or their favorite movie star's latest flame at something, but it's not my purpose anyway to lay out a detailed plan about anything, just to try to get some more people aware that what is happening in our country is not good, and is not, not good, by some accident, but by very definite enemy action, and we need to start fighting back very soon or face some very, very grave consequences. If I can turn a light or two on, or suggest a path or two you may not have been aware of, and you feel an urge to turn off the tv and get out and start talking to some people about what is going on, I'll be happy enough with my efforts.

Rev Neimuller, to you I say - it's time to pull back your curtain and unlock your door - get out on the street with your neighbors. Before your neighbors are all taken away, come join us as together we take up the great sword of Truth and Freedom, and drive these traitorous moneychangers and liars from our halls of government forever.

What are you doing on your summer vacation?

(Addendum 1: What do I see as a new society, a new democracy, where we would be living if we undertook this revolution with some success? It's laid out to some extent in my book Green Island - but basically, I see a modern, high technology society with all of the good stuff we have today, but with the crap - poverty, stress, violence, stupidity, environmental destruction, and etc etc - caused by the cancer of capitalism mostly removed or at least under much, much better control. When we remove the parasites skimming so much of our wealth, thus causing the poverty and poverty-related problems, we will all have much more peaceful, less stressful, more secure lives. We will all need to work much less, and much of the environmental destruction will no longer be necessary, and we can move to a sustainable lifestyle. Wars and related things will be greatly reduced, as the predators - the modern capitalists and bankers, primarily, greedily looking for more and more loot - will no longer be running things. A dream, perhaps, but very much do-able - a patient suffering the ravages of cancer probably finds the idea of a cancer-free life a dream, too, but although the 'real' cancer may be impossible to get rid of, the metaphorical cancer of capitalism in our society is very much defeatable. Revolution. Democracy. If enough people want it, it can happen.