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It's not "Austerity" - it's Grand Theft Canada, World, Everything

by Dave Patterson
June 2011

Deep budget cuts ahead of New Zealand election; UK predicts more than 1m will be without support by 2014; G8 meeting pledges austerity and war; Canada badly needs new era of fiscal austerity

- and etc etc etc etc etc - it's a constant refrain these days, for the last couple of years you can pick out a whole list of new headlines any day telling us all how 'austerity' is necessary for all - endless stories about how 'our' governments have been overspending or otherwise acting financially foolishly, or innocently getting blindsided by world forces beyond their control, and in the end have gotten themselves (us, actually) into a big mess - and guess who's going to have to pay the price? - for years and years and years we're going to be paying the price, verily into the unforseeable future, although they don't like to tell us they are planning 'austerity' as the new 'norm' for as far into the future as they can manage it. (For 'we the people', at any rate, doesn't seem to be much 'austerity' in pay and bonuses for CEOs or politicians ...) It's a big selling job, with a lot of people not too happy about it, thus the serious full-spectrum propaganda we have been experiencing.

The thing is - it's all a great lie, a great scam, the biggest single fraud ever perpetrated by those who have always believed in their 'right' to be Lords against those (the rest of us) they have chosen to be their Peasants in their Master-Servant versions of the new world order, the New 21st Century Feudalism. Kind of Hitler's 1000-yr Reich idea, updated to v21stcen or something - same people behind it, by and large, stretching back to Pharoah, Ozimandias, Nebuchadnezzar, and Popes and Ceasars and Kings too many to count to the modern robber-baron types who use their wealth to corrupt our attempts at democracy, buying politicians who then betray us in every way. The debts they are currently using in their drive to set our drive for 'democracy' back to the dark ages are huge and very brazen frauds - collectively the biggest rolling of the dice those-who-would-be-kings have ever dared, really, at least in 'modern' times - and if they win, if we let them win - it will be, as Leonard said, the ace so high and wild they'll never need to draw another. The game will be over, the chains so firmly set around us, the will to resist of the average trained-to-obey-government citizen so firmly relegated to the area of 'completely unthinkable', the very idea of resistance so foreign to most brave-new-world half-aware-mostly-apathetic-totally-helpless citizens, we, or our descendents, will not taste true, meaningful freedom for we can only guess how many generations or centuries, millennia even, to come.

It's not that complicated of a scam, but the people have been so firmly, so cleverly, so insidiously, dumbed down and herded into a very controlled box over the last 30 years that few can escape the thought-control of the television and mainstream media to even question things they have been trained not to question, such as national economics and where money comes from, let alone understand them - blindly, unquestioningly accepting whatever their rulers do - as urged by the ubiquitous mainstream media acting as the new world order secretariat urging the people to accept certain things whilst distracting them with various entertainments presented as 'important news' - has become the default response.

The fraud is simple enough - over the last few years - beginning as part of the 'market rules' political philosophy which became ascendent beginning in the 1970s - we have moved to a situation where we allow private/commercial banks to *create* essentially all of 'our' money, and we borrow that money from them - at, of course, interest. So we have purportedly 'sovereign' governments allowing a private business cartel to create the money of their countries, and borrowing (at interest, of course) from these private banks when they have 'budgetary shortfalls' (caused at least in part by another perverse policy enacted by the same governments with the same at-best contentious rationalization that lowering taxes on those most able to pay taxes will increase government income (I know, I know - but that's what they say ...)), then running up huge debts through such borrowing when the increased income from lower taxes oddly fails to materialize, and finally telling the citizens they need to slash programs to pay those darned ol debts they now have, which payments take precedence over everything else.

Seen with some clarity from outside the box, this is the very exemplar of citizens trained to be too trusting enslaved by traitorous governments selling them out to criminal robber barons. And yes, a significant part of the current massive debts are no doubt 'legitimate' investments from pension funds, etc and not 'new' bank-created money loaned to the government - but when these debts were first being incurred, during the late 70s and early 80s, they could have easily been covered by central-bank-created money/loans rather than commercial 'loans', and throughout the years following those early days, a very considerable portion of the accumulated debt was interest and compounded interest and money borrowed to pay interest on debts that should never have been incurred in the first place. If the people running our country were being truly fiduciarily responsible to 'we the people' rather than traitorously turning the money power over to commercial banks, none of these debts would ever have happened - and the trillions spent over the last 25 years on 'service charges' would not have had to be paid. And etc.

That's it - that's the fraud, the scam. 'We' stood by in silence and ignorance while 'our' governments handed over to a private banking cartel the power to create and control 'our' money, and then ran up massive debts by letting those private banks create money which they then borrowed at interest - and a few years later began telling the citizens that radical, back-to-the-50s cutbacks had to be implemented due to those massive debts and the ongoing 'service' charges on debts which they should never have accumulated. Collusion, betrayal and fraud. Blatantly and obviously so. All over the world. Other factors were and are involved, certainly, such as taking big bites out of former income by slashing taxes on the wealthiest members of society and the obvious complicity of the media and senior professionals of various stripes supporting this fraud, but all are related to this one fundamental thing - 'we' have allowed a private banking cartel to take control of our money, with nothing beyond the most nominal, 'for show only' regulation by 'our' 'democratic' governments. The Canadian and international investors and elite who own these banks and other major banks all over the world are greedy, ambitious and ruthless people with no apparent ethics or morality. All else follows. Including, for example, the systemic inflation which has been eating away at the savings of Canadians, and falling wages in terms of buying power, and the regular asset-inflation bubbles followed by crashes which again attack the savings of average people, and which are directly related to commercial banks, with essentially unregulated ability to create money, creating the money that leads to such speculative bubbles. (I go into more detail about all this here - What happened?)

Yes, I am well aware the mainstream media is not talking about this, nor do we have confessions from those involved with the fraud/scam. There's nothing surprising here, quite the contrary, it is all part of the scam - the media is owned and run by the same people responsible for this great fraud, and few high-level criminals confess to major crimes, nor would such criminals hire or allow top-level editors or columnists who wanted to look a bit more closely at such things. And lower level politicians and 'journalists' are most probably as ignorant of the scam as the average Canadian, so their silence is not surprising. The inductive, circumstantial evidence, however, is about as damning as it could be - the governments always had the option - one might well argue the moral and fiduciary imperative - of using the national banks for money creation, rather than turning unnecessarily to commercial banks and incurring the huge debts. And it is not conceiveable that the nation's highest financial and political elites - those who make such decisions - could not foresee the consequences of allowing private banks to create money and then borrowing from them at the levels governments borrow. Far lesser criminals have been indicted and jailed on far weaker 'undeniable inference' evidence.

Well, simple as the great scam/fraud is, saying it out loud raises some questions. Let's deal with a couple of the major ones.

A bit more on money creation: Money being an entirely imaginary construct, nothing more than an accounting tool to replace bartering, it could and should be created and controlled by 'our' government (assuming, of course, we lived in a democracy), for the good of us all. Interest-free. Allowing private businesses - whose single overriding goal is nothing more than maxing their profits through any means they can get away with - to control 'our' money also allows them to turn it into a weapon, and manipulate the money supply to give them advantage and attack the income and savings of average people. The huge 'national debts' that all governments are claiming forces them to adopt harsh 'austerity' measures should never have been run up. The speculative bubbles, funded by money created by banks unchecked by governments, should never have happened, would never have happened with a responsible (to us, not banks) government overseeing the creation and control of our money with the primary goal of a stable economy rather than maximizing the profits of the private businesses controlling the money. The inflation that has degraded the value of money by 50% or more over the last few decades would have been much, much less of a factor were we not paying interest on our entire money supply every year and dealing with the fallout from asset-inflating speculation.

OMG! Governments are too stupid and venal to be allowed to control money!! The main argument quickly raised when anyone questions the current bank-controlled-money regime is that governments in control of money would irresponsibly create billions to buy votes, thus causing inflation. Just because people with loud media voices continually say something (and freeze disagreeing voices out of their media) does not mean it's true - people should have learned this lesson long ago. Three points - we had a more democratic government from the 1930s until into the 1970s (citizens were more aware and engaged and watchful of their politicians after the horrors of the Great Depression caused by the 29 Crash caused by the same kind of rampantly irresponsible financiers we have today; the media and politicians were more honest; and private money less insistent with their political ownership and corruption - but all of these things changed during the 70s and 80s as The Corporate Reactionary Revolution got seriously underway), and the average person was much, much better off, with the government creating at least some money, and controlling the banks much better, quite responsibly, compared to what we have seen since with the banks in control - no significant national debt, lots of money for government programs, no demands for 'austerity', etc. During the 70s these policies of government controlling the money changed, and were passed over to the commercial banks, and since then the banks have been in control of the money, and we have seen the speculation, asset-inflation, ballooning national debt, etc etc. It is very obvious to anyone with some understanding of what is happening here that it is the unregulated banks which pose the great danger - not theoretical, but very much proven - of creating too much money - vastly too much money - money they create for their own personal gain, and as a weapon against the rest of the great majority of the less-privileged population.

But our Democracy is strong, so these things are all done with the people's approval.. And finally, to be clear, we do NOT have any kind of democracy today, with the governments rather blatantly under the control of the financial powers in Canada (another short essay - The Democracy Scam). One cannot be 100% certain of anything speculative, but it seems highly likely that a true democratic government, working for the interests, and under the informed guidance of, the people of Canada, would behave much, much more responsibly in terms of money creation, and everything else, as they actually did following the last era of capitalist bank control of the money, which ended so spectacularly with the Great Crash of 29, and the Great Depression of the 30s - which may be heading for a reprise if we do not do something to get these capitalist predators back under at least some control again, as governments in the 30s did.

Sure, well, that's great to know - but the fact is, that currently governments do have massive debts that have to be dealt with - what can be done to get rid of this Sword of Damocles hanging over our heads?

1. Indeed, we have a problem. And recognizing the proximate source of the problem, as described above, is essential. You cannot solve any problem if you don't understand the cause. And understanding this massive money-supply scam is certainly necessary to getting out of these chains - if we continue to allow banks to control the money creation process, it does not matter what else we do, everything of value just flows into their coffers. But even before that, we must realise that our first problem is not actually the debt per se, it is that we have criminals running our countries, and their puppets are running the government and media. And as long as we leave them in power, the criminals - or their paid servants in government and media - are not going to change anything. They'll keep stealing billions and tens and hundreds of billions - and pushing us ever closer to destitution as a country and personally - as long as we let them - why would they willingly give up such a great gig? I have a somewhat longer discussion of this here - You say you want a revolution - But back to the original question - so, assuming the (peaceful democratic) revolution is successful, and we install a truly democratic government, what then do we do about this apparently legal, massive debt?

2. Well, understanding the money-supply situation, and asserting that the right and duty of the money creaion power must be confined to the democratic government alone, and getting private businesses out of the money creation business once and forever, is obviously the first and necessary step. (in passing, one must understand this will be a bit like telling an angry, hungry mama bear with a couple of hungry cubs to feed to get her face out of your well-stocked kitchen they've been living in unopposed for awhile - they're going to feel they have a right to steal from you, and they're going to fight back big, and hard, and dirty ... but on the other hand, though it will be a very difficult fight, the future if we don't fight is even grimmer - with the capitalists, it is fight back now, or crawl meekly, leading our descendents, into a thousand years of new feudalism ... so let us just assume, for the sake of getting to the original question, this great hurdle has been overcome ...)

3. Assuming we control the great reaction of the current rulers against our attempt to establish democracy here and manage to do that, and assuming we do want to honor legitimate debts (innocent young or not-so-young folk wanting to support our country during its troubles buying some CSBs is not part of the banking conspiracy, and they shouldn't lose their money - the bankers have stolen enough honest money without our adding any 'collateral damage' as we fight to get rid of them), what do we do? Well, start with the big stuff - first, we cancel the obvious odious debts, and honor the legitimate debts, which will take care of most of it, and we can work out the small stuff later. Odious debt is primarily bank-created money through the money-as-debt fraud to 'loan' the government (wink wink snicker snicker let's get the hayseeds good..) through 'bond' issues, including 'loans' made to private, big-time 'investors' to buy the same kind of bonds. Arguably 'legal' debts - legitimate loans from 'real' already-existing money accumulated in pension funds, for instance - should be honored. But paid off as soon as possible, to quickly reduce the 'interest' obligations draining the national treasury. There will be fuzzy areas and problems - but honest, well-meaning citizens, aware and taking steps to counteract the wiles of the lying predatory bankers and traitorous politicians and media all around urging them to keep their finanicial chains, can work things out, minimizing any further fraud whilst not making innocent people pay for the criminality of others. And no, to answer another bogeyman that is raised by "economists" desperately trying to salvage the 'rights' of their banker masters to continue running the country, this does not mean the money supply will suddenly be greatly reduced, thus leading to great economic problems - legitimate loans will still be readily available for legitimate investment - through some variation of government-controlled bank, the only bank allowed to create money through loans. What will NOT be readily available, as it currently is, is great amounts of money created for de-stabilising speculations of various sorts. Certainly the parasite class currently dominating our society and stealing so massively from us all will find their lives a bit harder, but for everyone else things will only improve as our economy becomes much more stable. And actually, if people wake up enough to get these things happening, the parasite class - including their traitorous flunky journalists, politicians and 'economists', will have other things to worry about, as they face whatever is left of their miserable parasitic lives behind bars somewhere. It is to be hoped.

- And in the end ...

This scam, fraud, has been and is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, selling jobs ever done, by manipulative, Machiavellian con-artist/rulers to their citizens very much against their (the citizens) best interests, with perhaps the biggest payoff for the con artists if they manage this, as it looks as if they're going to, barring a quite unexpected epiphany sweeping the country, followed by some peaceful modern French-style revolution (without the guillotines, of course. or not - considering the scale of the crime, the monstrosity of the plan they appear to have for the people, the way they and their earlier rulers have treated 'we the people', a few heads rolling would not be entirely out of place). It's not surprising most people are almost unconscious, punch-drunk, unable to find any spirit to resist, with the 24/7 propaganda monologue they are receiving and have been for the last 30 years - mainly about how grim the financial situation is, but nobody has time to think straight with all of the other things going on, from the completely illegal and again outrageous bombing of Libya (Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, etc.. - always something ...) to the endless distractions of 'don't worry be happy!!!' that everyone is told means they are losers if they aren't, to the ever-present 'threat' of 'terrorism' constantly harped on by the media - again, keeping people off balance and insecure is one of the favored tools by those in the process of establishing repressive governments.

So it's that simple - there is no 'need' for 'austerity', actually we are a fabulously wealthy country, and every other country being nailed for these 'austerity' programs are also the victims of massive frauds - we're actually in the end game of the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on modern almost-democracies, and the only appropriate response is massive outrage at this great theft, of both our money and wealth, and our once-almost-democracies. That the outrage is almost entirely missing in the great majority of most citizens is a strong and very disturbing sign that the citizens have been dumbed down to an extent they do not understand this great scam, they believe the things they are told in their media no matter how blatantly self-serving and lying in the favor of the ruling elite are, and that even though there is some protest at the hardships being imposed, the will to resist has also been largely neutralized during the last 30 years. If this slumbering 'we the people' beast does not soon wake up, the new world order will have placed enough chains on it that even if it does begin to understand what is happening, it will have no way to protest, or take back the country.

There's not a lot of time left.

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