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Some recent writings
*It's not 'the left' trying to take over the world and shut down free speech and all that other bad stuff - it's 'the right'!!
*CBC believes Science is under siege - from stupid anti-science Canadians!!!
*Taking on the CBC et-al measles/vaccination mafia/witch hunt mob in 2015
*As goes democracy so goes journalism
Some always-relevant older writings
*Notes on the Creation of the Canadian Narrative: The Canadian Media and the 2008 Election
*What Happened?
*The Beer Story - a true story of "justice" on PEI
*PEI Revival Plan
*Prince Edward Island Rustico Farmers' Bank Scrip

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Green Island, Dave's magnum opus, a story of a modern social democracy where We the People have finally displaced the bankers from our government, and established the first real Democracy on our planet. The old rulers are not about to sit idly by and allow the work of centuries to be undone by a band of hippies, of course, and attempt a regime change with their military arm, the US hegemon. This regime change attempt gets a bit of a shock, however. Green Island too has something a little harder under the green glove.

Serpent's Tale cover
A Serpent's Tale - Dave's parable about what we are doing to our planet - when you look into the abyss, even if you have no idea what you are doing - be careful - the abyss is looking back ...

And a book for younger readers too, Dave's an eclectic sort of person - Aquila

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These and Dave's other books can be found at
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- and for the curious, if anyone cares, a few words on
From Hastings to Green Island
- the (very) short form story of Dave's own journey..

Knowledge is like a candle. When you light your candle from mine, my light is not diminished. It is enhanced and a larger room is enlightened as a consequence. - Thomas Jefferson
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Lights on brain engaged fact-based reality check for libertarians - and 'lefties' who've lost the path after decades of heavy-duty full spectrum very sophisticated rightwing propaganda and subversion:

It's not 'the left' trying to take over the world and shut down free speech and all that other bad stuff - it's 'the right'!!

(1) Deconstructing and Obliviating The Great and Terrible Collectivist Commie Leftist Plot to Take Over the World and Turn us All Into Little Drooling Commie Collectivist-Bots OMFG!!! (AKA (somewhat more accurately) The Great and Terrible Libertarian Nightmare Cartoon Fantasy for the Indoctrination of well-meaning but not-overly-bright Randian-captivated Youth); and for the further edification of those in need
(2) - the revelation that the frequently obnoxious and potentially very dangerous (so-called) 'politically correct progressive left' and its 'social justice warriors' are not 'of the left' at all, but a band of largely naive dumbed-down 5th columnists created and encouraged from the right - the modern equivalent of the NWO New Fascist Youth, demanding, and prepared to enforce with violence, complete subservience to a highly authoritarian, freedom-limiting ideology which is in NO way indicative of 'true left' values of intelligent, open debate in a democracy of engaged, intelligent citizens looking to work out their differences through democratic, inclusive compromise rather than confrontation and imposition of freedom-limiting laws through violence, which is ever the way of the authoritarian predatory right, not the democratic left

PLUS inter alia, other libertarian myths exposed as the 'reversals of truth' they are -
** a short look at the roots of capitalism, which began with the invention of the alchemist's stone to create gold from paper, a power closely monopolized by the rulers, who then used this political-economic system they called 'capitalism' as clearly just another tool of oppression of the workers by the oligarchy - 'capitalism' is the intent to exploit others to create 'wealth', then use that 'money' for more exploitation; socialism is using wealth created by all for the benefit of all
** the media and education systems of the last 30-odd years are not 'of the left' as the rightwing propagandists constantly screech about (Propaganda 101 - Repeat the big lie often enough and loud enough and people will believe it), on the contrary, in every important way where 'right' or 'left' are connectable, both the media and 'academia' of the last 30+ years very, very clearly support rightwing policies - which includes encouraging Hitler-youth type organisations for university students such as the 'social justice warriors' demanding complete thought control for everyone, again screeching 'leftist leftist!!!!!' when they are very clearly pushing rightwing practices (anti-free speech mobs hanging heretics and burning books, for example, a la every rightwing dictator in history)
** Stalin does not personify 'leftist socialism' any more than Kim Jong-un personifies 'democracy' - for an example of a hardcore rightwing government, very clearly fascistic in every way, look no further than the United States (read Naomi Wolf on this); for strong socialist-leftist government, consider the Nordic countries, the most peaceful, happy, prosperous AND democratic on the planet for decades now
** an en passant revelation for today's 'hooked on social media' activists: the hivephone, although a potentially great tool, has, like so many potentially great tools, been taken by the Masters to use for creating a great hivemind, instantly and unquestioningly gathering in great hivemind hanging mobs going after whoever the rulers want silenced - a very powerful tool of oppression
** the radical thought that (true) 'libertarians' and 'social democrats' are actually part of the same community recognizing and challenging the same enemy, and should be working together, not sucked into fomenting hatred of each other
- and much else of 'dot connecting big picture' interest visible from here in outside-the-boxland, to those interested in such things

Ok, that's the short form, details following for those who'd rather read something original with new ideas than the 387th jeremiad on climate change or the monster Trump, but WARNING: Adult content (that doesn't mean pics of naked girls, which is actually more juvenile than adult, it means not-saturday-morning-cartoon-based pseudo-ideas/discussion). And much of it. Not for those of short attention span who can't bear to be away from Twitter or Facebook for more than a few minutes. But for those not so constrained, perhaps the best hour you'll spend this year, maybe lifetime... a great deal of out-of-the-box information here you really need to know if you're serious about stopping the insanity that is surrounding and overwhelming us today in destruction and violence and shallow stupidity, and making our country and world better

Open letter to Dan Press for Truth Hicks, Milo Yiannopoulos, James Corbett Report Corbett, and any others of the apparently good-guys libertarian political persuasion, those who are well-meaning in their recognition that we have some serious problems today, and we are under attack by a power-seeking enemy who wants to destroy our once-almost democracy completely and establish a very totalitarian 'new world order', but are getting sucked into the great hysteria being promoted the last few years by some far-right people calling themselves 'libertarians' about the 'terrible collectivist commie plot to take over the world!!!!!'. I'm just going to call wakey-wakey time here - you really need to start getting out a bit more, the 'collectivist conspiracy' is a very dangerous disinformation campaign, more or less the complete reversal of 'the truth' of what's going on in the world today; apparently, a bit of intelligence-based Holmesian logical analysis would indicate, another in the long line of 'divide and conquer' tactics used by the real enemy, who have been ruling or trying to rule forever, and designed to create confusion and distrust and enmity among those of us who need to be standing strong and together to fight a very real and deadly attack on our freedom and democracies at this period in our history, and even get some of 'us' (the targets of the enemy) working for the enemy and helping them secure our own chains, rather than looking for ways to fight for true freedom, which the honest-but-misguided libertarians seem to believe you are doing (there's a gang of serious propagandists at the top of the so-called 'libertarian' pile who know exactly what they are doing, working for our enemy and spreading this propaganda to divide us). Being as outlandishly cartoonish as it is, however, to actual intelligence-based scrutiny, and utterly contrary to very clear and undeniable 'real on-the-ground historical fact' and other non-cartoon realities, these wild 'commie collectivist!!!' ravings are very vulnerable to 'get-the-blinders-off-mate!!' eyes-and-brain-open and engaged intelligence-based analysis through some basic historical research and understanding and accepting 'reality', both past and present. So I ask you all who are honestly if naively following the libertarian 'commie collectivist plot to take over the world OMG!!!!' ravings - come out of the self-induced libertarian trance, engage your brains a bit, consider honestly what I say following, and do a bit of thinking about this bandwagon you are jumping on, or have jumped on, which is going places you probably don't really want to be going, some form of NWO new world corporate-fascism-forever!-v-final that will look very much more like some combination of Orwell's 1984 dystopia and a victorious Hitler's 1000-year Reich Germany on 21st century steroids than whatever libertarian utopia fantasy they have you believing in....

Dave Patterson
May 2016

The Great Commie Collectivist Leftist Plot!! home / 1. By way of intro / 2. The 3 Great Libertarian Lies Underlying the Great Commie Plot Cartoon / 2a. Lie 1 - Collectivists are Dictators!! / 2b. Lie 2 - There is no left or right, just Great Democratic Capitalists and Commie Collectivist Scum!!.. / 2c. Lie 3 - Capitalism is Great!! / 2d. Lie 3b - We owe it all to capitalism!! / 3. The Revealing History / 4. The Lie of the "leftist" 'social justice warriors' / 5. Closings: No 'commie' plot, but still a very real and dangerous one - are you going to be a witless orc for Sauron's 1000-year Reich of Darkness, or a small but brave hobbit fighting for freedom and light?

By way of Intro ...

I've been aware of this 'collectivist conspiracy' notion for awhile, since I suppose around the time I watched a talk by G Edward Griffin a few years ago, and have read/heard it mentioned in various other 'libertarian' things since then. I watch such things, and came across this, because it became obvious to me a lot of years back (~35) that what I was hearing from the so-called 'mainstream media' was something quite considerably less than 'the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth ma'am', and I've always been the type who likes to gather lots of information and know what's going on around me because knowledge is power; even in the small matters of your own life you can make better decisions if you know more things, and to make good decisions about anything at all you need reliable information, so when I realised the sources of information back in those pre-internet days were not as reliable as I had been brought up to believe, with various less-than-the-whole-truth offerings mixed together with various 'don't look here at all children!!!' gatekeepings, I started looking for other ideas about our world and country. There is a very large amount of good info out there these last couple of decades with the internet from people previously formerly frozen out of the corporate press propaganda (good info has always been available, but before the internet, anything those controlling the communications networks didn't want average people seeing or thinking about was available only through some dedicated time-taking research in libraries etc, time few had, and even fewer actually realised was there, and even then not that many were interested in pursuing) - of course there's a lot of not-so-good info as well (as the libraries also have ...), and part of the 'growing and learning process' is just realising that not everything you hear or read is honestly presented, whether in print books or in the 'mainstream media' or on the internet, there are people with 'agendas' to push trying to get you to believe things that might be good for whatever goals they are pursuing, but not so good for you, and sorting this stuff out, which means reading as widely as you can, so you have lots of input on whatever you are trying to figure out, and figuring out who or what is credible and who or what is not in the big context.

The people calling themselves 'libertarians' have come to a lot of the same conclusions I was coming to in recent years, after a lot of years of reading and thinking, about a number of things (i.e. bankers run the world through control of our 'money' and have been executing a great fraud robbing us blind based on the 'fiat' nature of that money created out of thin air; the education system is being used to dumb people down and indoctrinate them in the interest of creating a pliable population easy to fool and rule by some very bad people trying to take over the world, the 'mainstream media' is primarily devoted to more dumbing down and propaganda, our 'democracies' in the west are a great deal more 'pretend-democratic' than most people understand, etc), but we also have some serious points of diversion in both analysis and ideas about what we need to do to regain some control of our society, and, as a person of many years of such independent and wide-ranging reading (and listening to talks on the net, also formerly unavailable) and assessing, when I came across the 'great collectivist conspiracy' thing in one place or another, I didn't pay much attention at first other than the basic 'figuratively clapping the hand to the forehead wondering how anybody can be so fucking stupid' response and getting on to other things, as the whole thing is so obviously jaw-dropping nonsense to anyone who has some years of wide reading and intelligence-based analysis about many things, and understands a bit of 'real' history of the last couple of hundred years, and can see what is happening around us in our modern world, especially of the last 40 years or so of the American PNAC-NWO on steroids, of which more anon.

But what prompted me to take the time to write this: recently we have been getting more 'libertarian' websites in Canada, websites obviously, to judge from their relatively well-produced propaganda videos, directed and funded from somewhere to spread this stuff to simplistic, naive, not-too-bright teenagers (very common now after a few decades of dumbing down, and including, after the same many years of dumbing down, many 'adult bodies with teenage minds') stuck in the Randian cartoon of 'noble capitalist' trying to be free and independent and make wonderful world hindered at every step by lazy mooching socialist hordes!! - adolescents too full of themselves with their 'smart'-phones and childish hubris believing in their vast ignorance they know everything, and ignorant of some basic history, and even in Canada starting to push the more far-right violent aspects of libertarianism, which is starting to get much too close to the early stages of overtly repressive fascism (we have some good lessons from the early years of Hitler's Germany to turn to for how such things progress) for comfort and is thus starting to get more than a bit worrisome (listen to this guy on a new Canadian 'libertarian' website telling us if he had his way when dealing with people who dared challenge his ideas, he'd just 'mow em down!!', or here this Heathen character, another aggressive Canadian so-called 'libertarian' saying that fascism has a lot going for it).

The thing is, the path to any bad place is usually a kind of 'slippery slope', wherein the innocent get sucked in by some attractive sounding ideas sold by well-trained salespeople (note Griffin above), but slowly find themselves in places they didn't really want to go, at which time they also find it's too late to get out of - again, Hitler's Germany being the perfect example, as most Germans thought Hitler was a great leader doing great stuff in the mid-1930s (as he was, to be honest, at least doing great stuff, somehow banishing the 'depression' that the Americans seemed helpless to counteract all during this period and turning Germany into an economic powerhouse, but that's a long tangent for another day, or a good 'self-study' option for the truly curious), but by the mid-1940s when they saw the consequences of what he was really up to, they were already at the end stages of the catastrophe that was the inevitable result of his deeper plans. So it is with the libertarians you see on the tube - good sounding ideas sold by well-trained and convincing salespeople to attract the naive and simple-minded who see some problems and are looking for answers, getting them to support some people who have very, very different goals in mind than they are telling you about up front.

We need to have a look at some of these things, and a lot of you who have been listening too uncritically to them need to get away from these berserkers-in-nice-puppy-clothing and involved in the real fight - the fight against them, the Dobermans hiding behind the nice-puppy masks.

I suspect that many people involved in the original libertarian movement were more or less genuine, if misguided in their 'deeper' analysis, with their identification of some of the problems we see eye-to-eye on, but I also suspect that in the last few years, the movement has been infiltraited (sic think about it) (as have all movements trying to resist the NWO) by the real rulers, those trying (very successfully) to implement their new world order-cum-new feudal society of Lords and Peasants, and their approaching-hysteria lies and exhortations to violence against 'the left' have been designed to prevent a natural alliance of people truly desiring freedom from the chains of the rulers from forming. If you are one of the 'true' libertarians actually opposed to elite rule, or one of the young people who sees problems in our society and are looking for some way to help fight the impending NWO New Feudalist 1000-year ReichState you vaguely see they are implementing, you may find some of the following of interest (if you're one of the knowing-whereof-they-speak well-trained aggressive propagandists, obviously you'll have no interest, and don't bother me with your attacks and defences of such cartoonish nonsense, I have no interest in engaging with people who lie in service to an evil ideology, there's no point).

So following, a response to this cartoonish but very dangerous 'commie collectivist cartoon' shit these people are spreading around today about some 'communist collectivist plot to take over the world OMG!!!', directed primarily to you young highly misinformed people looking for ways to fight the bad things happening around us today, and older ones still innocently believing this stuff because they believe in 'real' libertarianism and have been sucked into thinking this is part of it - if you really want a better world rather than a worse, a far, far worse, and you've been thinking libertarianism sounds like the answer to the problems you see but don't understand, you better do some serious independent thinking about this, with a bit more factual history to 'inform' your thinking than you're getting from these libertarian propagandists pushing the globalist NWO fascism-under-another-name. After 30 years of dumbing down and propaganda-indoctrination in our education system and corporate media by the same people sponsoring these libertarians and their far-right dangerous ideas, it seems there are a growing number of people who don't have any understanding of our real history falling prey to juvenile Ayn Randian notions of what is going on in the world (strong intelligent freedom loving capitalists being attacked by hordes of drooling mooching collectivist commies!!!), and this cartoonish theory, and it really needs to be stood up on a table with a bright light shining on it, and fully dismembered and buried, so we can get on with the very important job of saving our country from the new feudalism being built around us by these people promoting this cartoon red herring.

If you really are a smart guy, and you really want to help stop the bad stuff and fight for 'the light' against the impending darkness, have a read here, do some real thinking and acceptance of historical reality, and if you do, your deliberations can only lead you one place and I'll see you on the other side, and we can get to work fighting the real enemy - the Judases you have been believing, the Brutases sharpening the knife to stick in your back when they're ready to admit their real plans. It's your chance for an epiphanic Saul-on-the-wrong-road moment.

But hurry - we don't have a lot of time.

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PART 1: Shining some 'oh c'mon wake-TFU-light' on the 3 Great Libertarian rather stupid Lies of the 'great commie collectivist plot to take over the world!!!! cartoon: (1) collectivism = anti-democratic, (2) there's no such thing as 'left-right', and (3) capitalism the greatest economic system ever invented by man!! must save the day!!!

These are all obvious nonsenses only a naive child or highly indoctrinated adult could believe. Let's leave childish things behind, and quickly move on into adultland, where the real fight awaits.

I-1 - Libertarian Lie 1: Collectivists - timid little souls who hate democracy and love dictators!!! - ???? - c'mon!, engage your brain and think about this for a second ...

Let's go right after the 'key' BOGEYMAN MONSTER!!!!! term here, 'collectivist', COLLECTIVIST!!!!! OMFG COLLECTIVISTS ARE COMING!!!! RUN!!! HIDE!!!!! and show how they've given you a completely false idea of reality, as demonstrably nonsensical as believing some magical being called Santa puts those nice presents under the tree for you, having placed a complete Wormtongue miasma over your brain, getting you to believe the cancer is the good guy and the cancer cure is the cancer itself! - how they actually are trying to get you to look in a mirror and see a monster and stick your sword into your own heart, to take their chains and fasten them yourself, all the while thinking yourself a very clever lad for doing so. You're in a game with masters of deception who have been doing this for a very, very long time, and you need to perform a self-Gandalf and banish the Wormtongue lies from your Theoden brain and recognize the real puppet masters leading you into very bad places.

If you listen carefully, I'll try to explain it all in simple terms. It's all very clear, and very undeniable, once the Wormtongue is gone and rational thought and honest analysis allowed into your brain.

Collectivist. Just think about this. Their big message is that we so-called 'collectivists' (I surely am one of them, as are most people, as you probably are yourself, if you're reading this honestly rather than as a fully-aware-of-what-you're-doing full-of-lies libertarian propagandist paid to challenge things like this, as will become clear in a moment) are clamoring to have some dictator like that Monster Collectivist Commie!! Stalin!! tell us what to do, for some not very well specified reasons. Now just reflect on that for a second with the libertarian cartoon channel in your brain muted - do you really know anyone, any large group of identifiable people, outside of the libertarian cartoon world, truly clamoring for a dictator telling them what to do? - or is the actual reality that everywhere we look, and through all we know of history, we see and saw 'the masses' fighting to throw off dictatorial rule in one form or another, and establish some kind of democratic government? Be honest now. Although people have 'elected' leaders who turned out to be dictators once they got power, nobody you know is really looking for this kind of government.

What people want everywhere is some form of self-rule, some kind of democracy wherein they are **not** subject to every whim of a dictator. People want to have a say in their own lives, some form of government into which they have some input, a government and country with some rules so they have some security in their lives for them and their families - and we know this kind of government as 'democracy'. Granted, modern democracies are having a lot of problems these days, and may have a lot more to do with the theory of democracy than the real-life practice, and we may still have a lot of work to do to create those democracies in fact as well as theory, but that still does not change the fundamental fact - people want to be free, to live in a democratic situation where they collectively decide on how their lives and communities will be run. You saw that word, right? People deciding things collectively - aka 'democracy'.

Think on that for a moment.

Now, going a bit deeper, looking at the second part of that idea, that some people want some 'democracy' in their lives, would be looking at *why* they want democracy, why they have to express this idea at all, why they have to fight for 'democracy' - obviously, not only do we have a lot of people who want some kind of democracy, in our societies, now and throughout the past, there have been and are a somewhat smaller number of people who want to be rulers with as little interference from the people they rule as possible. People, that is to say, who want in the first place to stop democracies from ever happening, or, if they ever do arise, to react (reactionary) and destroy them as quickly as possible, and get back to their preferred 'I'm the fucking King do as you're fucking told or it's off with your fucking head baby!!' style of government. People who want to be dictators of one form or another, whether a single guy like Hitler, or a cabal of wealthy lords in their various castles lording it over a great herd of powerless peasants as in the feudal system of the middle ages, or a cabal of wealthy 'robber barons' wanting cheap labour to exploit in their mining towns or Dickensian mills, unencumbered by profit-limiting safely regulations or 'treat the workers decently' regulations, or a cabal of 'bankers' controlling the money and thus everything else in a money-based society. Democracies of, by and for the people are naturally going to look after their interests - the interests of the average working classes types - and thus be doing what they can to see the implementation of laws requiring safe and decent working conditions, decent pay and benefits for workers, regulations protecting the environment they and their families and communities all live in, etc etc etc - all things very anathemic to your average wouldbe dictator, or capitalist milltown owner or corporate CEO interested only in maximum exploitation of everything exploitable to max their profits.

Democracies are a serious problem for any wouldbe ruler, including capitalists (about which we'll have a closer look at in a minute, so keep a lid on your 'nonono!! capitalists are wonderful people!!' protests - they aren't, really ...).

Now reconsider the original point here - someone is trying to demonize 'collectivists', who are actually people who believe in Democracy - now who would be trying to make people who believe in Democracy look bad, who would want to destroy the 'collective' government, aka 'democracy', the 'collectivists' want? - indeed, who would even think of people believing in Democracy as 'the enemy!!'??

To put it as clearly as possible, the SCARYSCARY!!!!! cartoon-bogeyman notion of 'collectivism!!' is actually people who want to be your very UNdemocratic rulers trying to demonise the idea of 'democracy', which is more or less what the 'collectivist' term means. When we get together, whether a couple of hundred in a small community in a town hall, or a country of millions of people, and, after full and open debate, decide what national policy we want to follow, these are of course 'collective' decisions, that's the very idea of 'democracy', decisions made 'collectively' among a group of more-or-less equal people with pretty equal 'rights' to have a say in what goes on in their community, be it big or small - democracy, in other words. As opposed, to be very clear about the dichotomy here, to being told what to do by some dictator, whether a 'national' dictator like the Pharaohs or Ceasars or the feudal lords of middle ages Europe or the modern Hitler or Shah of Iran or the modern 'capitalist' pre-civil war plantation owners in Dixie a couple of hundred years ago or the owners of the Dickensian mills or American mill or mining towns mercilessly enforcing their dictates with violence, driving their workers around like cattle, simply killing any who resist too strenuously, free of any 'democratic' regulations concerning how they run their capitalist-warlord kingdoms, etc. The people of Egypt did not run around cheering at their great leader they elected, they wanted to be free of their dictator, as did the people in Iran under the US-imposed Shah, the slaves on the plantations, or the workers forced into the Dickensian mills or US robber baron mining towns of the later 1800s United States.

The dictators, whether Ceasars or plantation owners or Dickensian mill-owning capitalists or modern NWO-implementers, had and have their gangs of violent thugs ready to smash any opposition, so it is very difficult for any individual to find some freedom outside of the castle walls - and thus the *only* way to fight these violent predatory wouldbe omnipotent rulers is to gather together in large enough groups to effectively challenge those who would rule them by force. To *collectively* oppose those who only too willingly smash them down if they try to fight back individually.

And to create that freedom, to obtain the 'rights' they desired as human beings, they, our ancestors, finally managed, after decades and generations of sacrifice and struggle, to implement a government basically of, by and for the people - a democracy, a form of government which has the mass of people acting together, collectively, to create laws and regulations to control the excesses of the wealthy and powerful in their societies who desired, and still desire, to exploit them as workers mercilessly to create great personal fortunes for themselves.

And naturally, then and now, those who owned the great mills and milltowns making them wealthy and powerful were completely opposed to any idea of 'collectivist'-aka-'democratic' activity among their chosen peasant workers which would decrease their power over them - were completely opposed, and still are, and that is what we are seeing today with this 'terrible collectivist plot' nonsense, as part of the ongoing 'degrading and destroying' of western democracy, a rather brazen attempt to get the people to reject the democracy their ancestors fought so hard for, and willingly take up the chains of servitude once again.

They whine about 'collectivists' taking away freedom - but they don't give the whole story. A democracy is indeed designed to limit and control some freedoms, most notably the 'freedom' of the violent predators among us to enslave us and exploit us. And of course, that is the 'freedom' they very much want to regain - and if we want to remain as free as we are as a society, we have to recognize what they are calling for, and reject them.

Of course their attempt to create a new feudal society of a small elite of High Lords and Bankers on one side and a great mass of impoverished slaves on the other would be a very, very difficult 'sell' if attempted directly, so like any snakeoil salesman, they lie about what they are doing - it's not snakeoil, it's a great healing potion! We aren't even going to talk about destroying democracy, which would be met with instant and strong opposition - no no no, it's 'collectivism'!!, which is, like, you know, the damned commies in Russia!!!! We want to be free!!! is a great-sounding rallying cry, for the dumbed down masses - but if you understand they want to be free themselves, to put chains on the rest of us thus taking away *our* freedom to have our own 'collectivist' democracy, what they're really up to gets somewhat more clear.

We see it all around us, have for the last 35 years since Reagan and Thatcher, and then Mulroney in Canada - an ongoing degrading and disempowering of democratic governments, led by massive corporate state propaganda through the fully controlled so-called 'mainstream media' (very much including the CBC in Canada for 'progressives'), extolling the wonders of 'free markets' and the 'danger' of 'government interference' in what the wealthy and powerful want to get up to - resulting in, as we have seen very much to our detriment through the various 'free trade' treaties since the FTA and NAFTA, the increasing power of 'the business community' to operate as they will to max their profits not only in our country but worldwide, exploiting workers anywhere they find a government too weak or disinclined to protect their workers. The collective power to oppose these capitalist marauders, otherwise known as a strong democracy of informed, engaged citizens, is the 'collectivism' they are urging you to be part of in destroying - reducing our power to fight the big wealthy business interests collectively, leaving us alone and helpless, to be exploited one by one.

Well, I'm trying to keep this short, so will stop here - the point is clear enough, for anyone actually interested in thinking for themselves. When you hear people hysterically screaming about 'the collectivist threat!!!' and the danger to Freedom!! - they don't actually mean *your* 'freedom', what they are trying to do is to destroy democracy which gives you a great deal of 'freedom', and restore *their* 'freedom' to loot and exploit anyone weaker than them at will, with no interference from damned collectivist or democratic regulations. They're **not** 'the good guys'. And if you are interested in retaining a free society, and working to make it better after several years of planned degradation rather than worse, you need to oppose this stuff, not support it.

Let's move on to the next 'big lie' they are spreading around to confuse the situation and get you to join them.

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I-2 - Libertarian Lie 2: There is no 'right-left', just dirty slavish commies vs Great Free Capitalists!!

Now we need to get on to the next very dangerous lie the libertarian propagandists are selling to their followers - the idea there is no 'right and left' in politics these days, it's just we strong freedom loving libertarian-capitalists against those damned commie collectivist self-enchaining slaves!!

But since 'collectivists' aren't actually 'dirty 'we want to be slaves!!' commies' at all when you get the very cartoonish libertarian filter away from your brain, just people trying to exercise some democratic control over their societies - what's all the rest of this about?

Let's have a look. It's not just cartoonish, it's very dangerous when you see the bigger picture, a clever tactic by the enemy to try to encourage you to not see the true enemy anymore at all and thus be able to direct your struggles usefully, but direct your anger towards people who are actually your cofighters against this enemy - the old divide and conquer tactic with a twist. They're evil bastards who do cartoons well.

The basic idea, as explained by the curious Mr Griffin from somewhere deep in Alice's rabbithole in the talk mentioned at the first, is that 'left' and 'right' are actually 'Stalinist communism' on 'the left' vs 'Hitlerian Nazi-ism on 'the right', and since both Hitler and Stalin were simply dictators who had complete control of their countries, but the common understanding or belief is that 'socialism' is on the left, and 'fascism' on 'the right', and since both ideologies represent dictatorial control of the masses, the whole 'left-right' political paradigm is a false dichotomy, and we libertarians have figured this out, and are telling you that the 'true' struggle is between the damned freedom-hating and -destroying 'collectivists', like all them commies and nazis (and lib'ruls of course), and the strong freedom-loving libertarians. And he goes on to add that all the major political parties today support more or less the same things and carry on with the same policies no matter who gets elected (which is true enough), but the media tell us that the Democrats, or NDP and Liberals in Canada, are 'on the left', and the Republicans, or Conservatives in Canada, are 'the right' - so, concludes the esteemed Mr Griffin, then again, obviously there is no meaningful difference between them, so the idea of 'left-right' is just a lie, and we need to look elsewhere for the real conflict. He's right of course that all the political parties we are allowed to hear about on the media are the same, more or less, but the problem is not that the idea of left-right is meaningless, the problem is that 'the left', the real left, is completely frozen out of the modern political scene. But they have to give us 'choice' at elections to pretend we live in a democracy, so they conjure up various political parties all controlled by Big Money, and give them different colored ties to wear, and pretend there is some kind of difference between them because of these different colored ties, and, like the modern advertising industry, use their media to sell the whole thing to an unfortunately very gullible public used to being told fairy tales by the media and believing them.

Let's look at that in a bit more detail.

There's a huge amount of nonsense there, as in the entire 'commie collectivists plot to take over the world OMG!!!' cartoon, a very blatant Orwellian Ministry of Truth rewriting of history, but before getting into the details, let's here just note as a small but perhaps necessary-for-schoolage-level 'minds' aside that calling someone a derogatory name like children do in the schoolyard does not 'prove' they are that thing. That is to say, if you make yourself aware of actual history, you will understand that Stalin's Russia was about as much 'socialist' as Kim Jong-il's North Korea is a 'democracy', no matter how much the American propagandists dating back to the late 1940s want to pretend otherwise. Stalin was a dictator, and people today fighting for 'socialism' are **not** trying to recreate Stalin's authoritarian Russia as a world system. (just something to put in your thinking bag about 'monsters' - Stalin was a dictator certainly, but was he the 'monster' they like to portray him as, murdering god knows how many millions of his own people? Remember perhaps the only clear lesson of the history of the last 100 years - the USA lies egregiously about things they are doing, and about people they want you to hate, and undoubtedly they are doing a lot of lying about Stalin. Whatever his faults, he also was a very, very able leader, taking the USSR from a rural feudal type society under the Czars to a country with an army modern enough to defeat Hitler's army in under 20 years, then after the war, with a devastated country, rebuilding the country to the point it led the space race all through the 50s and 60s. Could a monster do this? He was also very loved by most Soviet citizens, who recognized his great achievements in making the USSR a leading world power. Stuff for a different essay, but one of the big 'takeaway' lessons of this short piece - read widely, and think for yourself, don't let the US hatehatehate!! propagandists think for you ...)

A bit of reading of History, rather than getting your 'information' from libertarian Ministry of Truth rewritings of that history with some pretty wild cartoonish ideas (eg Ayn Rand's 'noble capitalist', a quite hilarious, if tragically evil, caricature of reality, when you understand the true capitalist of the Dickensian mills of Charles Dickens, the American robber baron mining towns of the late 1800s, the modern US capitalists and their 3rd world sweat shops, etc etc etc - we'll have a longer look at capitalism in a bit ...), informs one that actual 'socialism' began as, and has always been and is today, a movement of the working people with the goal of bringing some democracy into their lives, in opposition to authoritarian leaders of whatever sort they are fighting, whether US robber barons or European hereditary monarchies or developing world warlord dictators. For example, the Nordic countries are the best examples of 'actual' socialist democracies in the world today, and you're not going to find much in common between these countries widely seen as the most prosperous and democratic and happy in the world and Hitler's Germany or Stalin's Russia. This kind of deception, of attempting the complete reversal of reality, of 'bait and switch', or just simple lying about important things to people too poorly educated or trained to be gullible to authoritarian voices or served by the media they trust to understand the lies and call them out, is largely what the entire 'commie collectivist conspiracy' nonsense is based on - oh look, Dave says he's a socialist - and that's that!! - we don't have to talk about it, or ask Dave what he believes or what kind of society he wants to see or talk about what socialism means, we already know!!, we just point at Stalin the Socialist-Commie Monster!! and attack him (Dave) for being some kind of stupid brainwashed dictator-supporting collectivist scum!! - Stalin was a 'socialist' and a 'fucking commie!!" and a terrible dictator and Russia had huge lineups for basic food items, and we freedom-loving libertarians aren't putting up with that kind of dictator and 3rd rate economic system!! wow and Dave supports that kind of government!! all we need to do is mock him and call him names, not talk to him!! - but if you are being honest, and have any 'realistic' understanding of history and reality in the modern world, you will immediately know that all of that is completely false, nothing more than loud juvenile name-calling unrelated to any kind of reality with no other purpose than to block any contrary lies-revealing fact-based discussion, and if you want to think of yourself as some kind of 'educated adult' honestly and intelligently examining what is going on in your world and country to try to understand what is happening and work effectively to make things better, you should reject such name-calling out of hand, rather than jumping on the bandwagon from which the name-callers are exhorting you to hate socialists because that's just Stalin's Russia coming for you!! Again, I'll talk more in a bit about what I, and real 'lefties' and real 'socialists' actually believe in, but you can't set up blatantly childish cartoonish completely fallacious, not to mention fictitious, straw dogs and attack them as the libertarians do socialism if you are being honest.

Which the leading libertarians asking you to join them are very much *not* being.

Let's look at the reality of 'left' and 'right' with some reference to some real history, and see what a more honest and accurate examination of these things might reveal, and blow the whole 'great commie collectivist take-over-the-world OMG!!!!!' cartoon right back on to Hollywood Saturday morning cartoon cowboys-and-injuns!! nonsense where it belongs.

The origin and meaning of left-right politics, as true today as in the beginning ..
The original idea of 'left-right' goes back to the time around the French revolution, and the various supposedly at-least-somewhat democratic 'parliamentary assemblies' or whatever they tried to begin around this time, at which the nobility, the elite, the rich landowners, the powerful and wealthy religious powers of the times, and any others who had the money and more or less ran the country were seated to the right of the king, and the peasants, the working class masses who had finally had enough of the abuses of these self-styled 'nobility' over the previous centuries and revolted, were seated at the king's left. From which arose the basic idea that 'the right' represents entrenched power and wealth and the assumed or self-claimed 'right' to rule lesser mortals in their hereditary or won-through-war fiefdoms or religious indoctrination-from-birth followers as they wished, and use them as farm animals or any other kind of labour they required, and 'the left' speaks for the average working people, the objects or 'subjects' of such wouldbe god-kings, trying to carve out some rights, establish at least some limits on the abuse they have to put up with from 'power' as manifested in such 'nobles', claim some say in what happens in their lives in general, from the demanded and assumed 'unconditional power' of those on 'the right'. (the eternal struggle between self-proclaimed warlords-kings-rulers-etc and those they try to rule is much older, most of human history really, of course, but I'm just getting to the idea and actual meaning of our modern notions of 'right' and 'left' here)

The general idea or truth has never changed since that time, has never had any reason to change as the struggle has never been 'won' by either side (although 'the right' are getting very close to their final victory in these early years of the 21st century and 'the left' very close to losing pretty much everything) - the fundamental political divide in human societies has been and will always be that struggle between those primitive-brained (but with highly advanced cunning) predator types who believe that Power rests with those who have the strength to take it by any means, and when you win that Power through your own strength or wiles you have proven your 'right' to such power, and are essentially omnipotent, not to be in any way restrained by those whom you have conquered, who are ruled, whom you have established your power over - and on the other side, the objects of that lust for power, the 'lesser people' who don't feel the all-consuming 'lust for individual power' of the predators, we're more in the nature of 'herd animals' who want to work together in a generally peaceful and cooperative way in their community, who either get conquered and enslaved in one way or another by the wouldbe-emperor, or manage to beat such wouldbe rulers back in some way and retain at least some parts of whatever 'free' peasant or greater society they were living in before the wouldbe king came with visions of conquering, looting and pillaging, etc. (and don't get into some little libertarian OMGdidyouhearthat!! fluster at the idea of 'herd', it's only an analogy and in human society, where we do like to gather together in egalitarian, generally peaceful, open and honest herdlike communities (as opposed, for instance, to GodKings in their vast gated palaces where intrigue and lies and distrust and violence are the orders of the day and only bootlicking servants are allowed in the community of hyenas, sorry no disrespect meant to hyenas ..). With our wonderful intelligent creative brains, there is almost endless scope for individuality within our human 'herds' or communities, as long as we keep those who would be our rulers from chaining us all to some moneymaking machine and removing our freedom to be true individuals, subsuming us all to some form of mindless robots in service to the Great God Money). The wouldbe rulers regularly change, of course, as the predators compete in their 'all or nothing' ways for serfs to rule through time and around the world, but that basic dynamic of those-who-would-be-Kings and have us all as their servants!! vs those who would just live together peacefully in some generally democratic arrangement of society without some omnipotent power directing our lives has always been with us, and is certainly still the case today - some quite advanced social democracies such as the Nordic countries have got their predator wouldbe kings more or less under some degree of control, but they are very much the historical exception rather than the rule, and as we see all over 'the west' today, including those Nordic countries, the predators, the people on 'the right' of the political spectrum who crave to be Rulers over the working masses and have always been and are very prepared to do whatever they need to do to achieve their goals, are pushing back very strongly against the limited kinds of democracies some societies managed to create in the post-WWII years - Canada being a very good example as our once-almost-great democracy of the 60s has been degraded over the last 30 years of right and far-right rule to the point our country is widely regarded now as nothing more than a forelock-tugging vassal to the greatest predator state history has ever known, very much against the wishes of most of its citizens who have no say in the matter in the pretend-democracy we call Canada these days.

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I-3 - Libertarian Lie 3: Capitalism - the greatest economic system ever invented!!

Before we do a brief historical excursion to show how utterly ridiculous the idea that 'there is no left-right struggle!! - our Great Modern Existential!!! struggle is just 'nasty evil commie collectivists' vs' really nice freedom loving capitalist-libertarians!!" - is, we need to take a short detour to 'inform' the discussion, and shine some pre-emptive reality-light on one of the great lies of our time, very central to the 'commie collectivist plot to take over the world OMFG!!!!!' cartoon, the notion that 'capitalism' is the greatest economic system ever invented, and the commies are trying to destroy it for no other reason than sheer evil, you know, like that fucking Sauron going after the nice Hobbits for no reason other than he hates peaceful little shires and their niceness and wants to make little orc slaves out of them/us all. It's total shite, at least the part about capitalism, to try to be polite about it all. Cancer is, as so often with capitalism, a good comparison - in terms of effectiveness, cancer is a very effective tool for taking over the body's cells and turning them into strong workers for cancer - but that efficiency, that ability to harness available resources and use them to grow at a great rate, does not make cancer 'good' - and although the capitalist system has indeed been at the center of harnessing resources, including people, and using them to create the great economic growth of the last couple of hundred years, and a wildly rich capitalist class some of which has indeed trickled down to the workers when they made enough noise about living in penury whilst the rulers lived in opulescence they created and maintained, that does not mean either (a) that mindless rapid endless growth is 'good', or (b) capitalism was responsible for the conditions that made the growth possible, any more than the cancer is responsible for the great productivity of a human cell or the general amazingness of the human or other body it is exploiting - the cancer takes the growth potential of the human cell and body and turns it to self-destructive ends for its own short-term benefit, and capitalism does exactly the same thing, exploiting the common resources, including the labour of people, for short-term, short-sighted purposes ultimately destructive to the entire host, in our case, both our societies and planet. Cancer and capitalism are both great exploiters, in the short term - and that is how capitalism needs to be understood. Great exploitation is naturally great for the exploiter - it's far from so great for those exploited, however. Very destructive, actually, in the longer term view.

Again, move away from the propaganda-for-the-mindless, and engage the brain. There are several pretty clear facts that demonstrate very unequivocally that this economic-political system (I know, they don't like to talk about it being a political system, but it's completely undeniable to the engaged thinking brain - the original economics texts all talked about political economy, they are as inseparable as militaries and wars...) is not the great and wonderful thing they have you believing, but very much a long-term Trojan horse system, wonderful appearing at first sight, but disaster lurking nearby, and very inevitably. An ongoing theme - it's one of the great capitalist abilities, being able to turn truth right on its head, and make you believe night is day and day is night.

I-3a Capital: Think first about 'first principles' - just what exactly is 'capital'? Capital is not simply synonymous with 'money', or we wouldn't need the word. 'Capital' refers to *big* money and/or major infrastructure, and also intent. This is important, something few people understand, and you won't hear talked about in the capitalist media or economics courses, which in capitalist 'money-dominated' economies are both basically PR programs for the system like the 'holy books' of whatever variety are PR for organised religion. Capitalism is the use of that 'big money' and infrastructure to 'invest' somehow somewhere to make even bigger amounts of money by exploiting workers or anything else that can be exploited, and any honest reading of the history of capitalism over the last 2-300 years makes that a truth far, far beyond any sort of rational deniability. Intent, I'll say again since this is a new idea I've never heard or read anywhere else, is very important, although something not many seem to recognize. For example, if you win a million dollars, and think Great!!, you'll pay off the mortgage and save some for your kid's university and your retirement or maybe treat yourself to that new Honda car you've been dreaming of, that million is not 'capital', and you are not a 'capitalist'. But if you think you'll use the money to start a business where you can employ a lot of people to make widgets, and you will pay the people you employ poverty-level wages of a buck per widget (you can do this because in your well-functioning capitalist system, unemployment is high and social support low so people are forced to work at whatever is available or they and/or their family starve) which you will then sell for five bucks and become rich yourself - then your million is capital, it is your intent to use your money to exploit others. You don't have to win a lottery to be a capitalist, of course, you can get a million-dollar loan from supportive bankers for your idea - if you intend to use the million to exploit other human beings with, then that's 'capital', and that's what the capitalist bankers support. And then, of course, in the first case, if you win a million on a shared ticket with some friends, and you decide to start a widget factory too, but in YOUR factory, all the workers will share in the management, and share in the profits in some fair way - that is *not* a 'capitalist' factory - a cooperative is not a 'capitalist' enterprise, because there is no intent to grow rich by exploiting workers, which is pretty much the fundamental definition, the sine qua non, of capitalism. Big money or property used to exploit people to make big profit - that is capitalism. (and if you go to the same bank as above and ask for a million dollar loan to start a non-exploitative cooperative - well, watch them fall on the floor laughing at the absurdity of the proposal ...)

The entire basis of 'capitalism' is big money/infrastructure with the goal of 'accumulating more capital' (aka 'profits') by exploiting workers or anything else exploitable. It's not really deniable to anyone searching for truth.

I 3b- Small Business is *not* capitalism oh surprise!! To follow up with a related common 'argument', the idea that 'small businesses' are capitalism!! - and a 'free market' only exists in a capitalist society!! - more nonsense, silly stories the intelligent mind should have no problem laughing off. Small businesses and 'markets' where people bought and sold things were also growing in number greatly during the period following the 'dark ages' as Europe went through the technological and scientific revolutions, with the attendant population growth (and recovery after the European population was decimated by 'the plague' just before this time) and thus ever more openings for small artisans of various kinds to create things or services to sell in their local markets and make a living that way, and all things were growing, but this is **not** evidence of 'capitalism', which didn't raise its ugly little head for another couple of hundred years. If you just want to run a small business and participate in the local market, whether a large area with a lot of stalls on Saturdays or just the 'main street market' in any town or city, employing people at a fair wage to do the work that needs to be done, that's good, that's the kind of thing a market-based democratic society runs on - BUT - your small business is **not** a 'capitalist' business. I know you've been very, very thoroughly brainwashed to NOT understand this and just brainlessly believe that because you have a small business and participate in a 'market' you're therefore a 'capitalist', but just think about it in the (very truthful) light of what I've said above, and the fact that people have been creating things to sell as a way to make a living pretty much since we came out of the caves and established small agriculture-based communities. Capitalism is **big** business, based on BIG money, with the very clear intent of exploiting the maximum number of workers at the minimal possible wages to make the maximum possible profits for the capitalist owner. A small business is NOT founded on this basis or with this intent, and is thus not a 'capitalist' business (although of course it may exist within an overall capitalist-dominated economy, such as we have in most of 'the west' today, the capitalists are very happy to exploit 'small business owners' as well as wage slave workers) - small businesses have existed as long as we have had communities, from Mesopotamia through Egypt and Greece and Rome and China etc etc - all long before even the notion of 'capitalism' began - the notion 'small businesses' only arose with capitalism, and are an integral part of the economic system, is is just another lie they use to make you accept a very bad idea. Snakeoil salesman - think carefully before buying. (and the idea that 'socialists' want to control every single economic activity is again nonsense - a social democratic government will decide, democratically, what things it wants to 'nationalize', since some things are too important to be left to a 'free market' where any unscrupulous player can create monopolies and hold people to ransom or create very unequal situations - things like postal service, the healthcare system, the money-credit system, making guns, some other things should very obviously be under democratic control - but to run around insinuating the government wants to control all the shoe stores or corner grocery stores or computer shops etc etc etc is just, again, major lies to lead people into places they need to think about more carefully before believing.)

(cancer metaphor connection - imagine the cancer propagandists telling you all activities in the human body support cancerism!!! You eat and breathe and your brain thinks - and since the Cancer is now the dominant force in the human body, the eating and breathing and thinking, and all organs connected doing their amazing things, are the result of, and/or support, Cancer!!! - hopefully you can see the nonsense there, and the nonsense of saying that because you live in a capitalist dominated system, everything you do that might be 'good' in some way is thus proof you support that system ...)

A robust small business market is the heart of any good community, offering both goods and services and decent employment for many of the locals - every business needs workers and every community has people wanting some work without the responsibility of looking after their own business; the true small business owner expects a fair return on his time and investment (not a great fortune based on sweatshop working conditions), and the workers know they won't make the profits of the owner, but in a democratic, egalitarian community, they'll be paid enough so they and their family can have a decent life. Larger businesses are necessary for some things, but that does not mean we need capitalists moving in looking to exploit others to make their personal fortunes - cooperatives can be formed, wherein the many workers make the decisions, with some input from the community affected by what any large organisation gets up to, and get paid according to the value of their work - obviously people with good managing skills doing that work will get paid quite a bit more than the kid doing gopher work on his vacation, but there won't be the vast 100s of times differences we see in capitalist worker-exploiting businesses. A community where the lifeblood of the community small businesses have been put out of business by huge chains like Walmart and McDonalds, where former independent small business owners and their employees now get starvation level wages in their new McJobs at the Big Corp 'superstores' and profits are taken out of the community to enrich 'investors' elsewhere, where pollution of the local environment is just part of maxing profits with no regard to the children living there - that's capitalism, happy to use your small business if it can exploit it in some way, mercilessly putting you out of business as soon as they see a chance to take your small profits and claim them for themselves. Social democracy will get up to many of the same things, including very possibly large chain stores buying in bulk to get better prices, but the good of the community will be the over-riding guiding principle, not maxing the profits for some capitalist bank account - in a cooperative chain store, again the people of the community will be managing it, with a fair share of profits to all the people working there, not sending the money off to some Capitalist Central, impoverishing the community. You need to recognize these things, and quit believing the quite transparently stupid capitalist propaganda and mindlessly supporting the system so devoted to exploiting you and everyone else. (and let us not forget to note that old biological truth, that strength lies in diversity - in a diverse ecosystem, or economy, if a disease hits one species, or financial disaster one small business, the community adapts readily and goes on - but in an economy dominated by one superstore which has put most of the small businesses out of business, if that superstore closes, the community faces disaster. The superstore is great for maxing the takings of the capitalist owners, but a very dangerous, and unreliable, foundation for the community.)

I 3c - Or consider Power - The capitalist enterprise is completely hierarchical, by design and whatever enforcement is necessary - a very powerful boss or small group of bosses at the top, made wealthy by expropriating the 'surplus value' of the work of a very large body of ignorant, powerless serf-workers at the bottom. That is the basic capitalist model, and to ensure that model thrives, that is the kind of government they do all they can (a lot) to ensure is in place in the country in which they have their businesses, a government which is not democratic (although usually pretending to be of course), but autocratical, oligarchical, a government which does not take direction from the citizens beyond farcical managed 'elections' every few years that do nothing more than change the 'leader' with the Big Brother mask taking orders from the oligarchy, but who tells the citizens what is going to happen to them, edicts then sold by the corporate propaganda media to the passive citizenry (just think of the many so-called 'trade' treaties of the last few decades, all designed to increase corporate or big money or 'management' power and decrease worker income and power, all implemented in the face of widespread protest and with little to no public consultation - note the farcical TPP 'consultations' going on as I write this ....) - which is what we have today, and have for the last 30 years, really, since Mulroney (I know I know, you Canadian libertarian types hate Trudeau and blame all ills on him, but as you get a better picture of reality, if you want to, you will see that he was actually the last of the at least semi-democratic leaders we had in Canada from the earliest days of King in the 30s when the workers' and populist movements were at their height and the capitalist owners were scrambling to retain their 'real behind the scenes' power - the transition to full authoritarian governments was being prepared during Trudeau's last years in office, although I suspect without his full knowledge, but it was Mulroney who started the Canada branch 'out of the closet' full in-your-face 'we're open for business!!' laissez-faire governments led from the US by the people behind the actor-puppet Reagan, and Thatcher in the UK, which have been growing in strength and unaccountability since, with both Lib and Con parties at the helm (it's another fallacy (or intentional lie) you guys share that the Libs and NDP are 'left' and the Cons are 'right' - since the 70s they've all been controlled by Bay St money in Canada, as both Dems and Repubs are controlled by Wall St money in the US - they all support 'free' trade, the massive scam of 'austerity', bombing the few countries not yet under the US hegemon and empowering the lockdown-ready state in response to 'the great terrorism threat!!', etc - all things any true 'leftie' such as myself fully oppose) We would note the opposite kind of 'power' - in a socialist cooperative type business, all workers engage in management through meetings, and decisions are made democratically, which is the same kind of larger government structure we find in socialist societies, where politicians are far, far closer to, and responsive to, the people who elect them (think Iceland or Norway, actual socialist-democratic societies, not Stalin's USSR, which was as 'socialist' as North Korea is 'democratic' - just putting a label on something is not the final way of deciding what it is - you can put all the lipstick and expensive clothes you want on a rat, and have it running around calling itself a Noble, but when you turn the hose on it, you still have a rat)

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I-3d - But we owe Everything Wonderful to Capitalism!!! We live in a great progressive advanced society with wonderful toys for everyone because of Capitalism!! - Yes, to pre-emptively respond to another of the great capitalist myths (or AKA self-serving lies), we, or more correctly our recent ancestors, led by Douglas and others, achieved a quite great progressive country during the years following WWII, as was the US by the mid-1950s or UK by the mid-60s, as the millions of workers extremely unhappy with the capitalist excesses of the massively destructive world wars and Great Depression elected truly progressive politicians who forced the money powers to make many concessions to their democratic demands, but try to see and understand this truth clearly - every good thing we have in this country was achieved not 'because' of benevolent capitalists lovingly and generously looking after their treasured workers, but *in spite* of them. Every good thing we, or our ancestors, achieved in Canada during those years, decent working conditions and pay, an end to child labour, social support systems, free medicare and subsidized education for all, pensions, unemployment insurance, a decent government bureaucracy dedicated to making us all better off, the recognition of women as equal citizens, etc etc etc - all these things were achieved not because the wonderful capitalist rulers wanted their precious workers to have happy wonderful lives, no no no - these things were achieved because the workers of this country, led by true 'for the people' socialists such as TC Douglas and many others fighting for better lives and freedom from the oligarchical powers exercised by the robber barons, first created that wealth by their labour, and then understood that they had to stand together against the historical entrenched power of Big Money still and always wanting an oligarchical government to maximize their profits with absolutely minimal 'rights' for 'their' workers, of very clearly politically 'rightwing' capitalism determined to continue exploiting 'the workers' and continue claiming the maximum amount of the wealth created by those workers as their own, and did so - that Big Money Power which had grown wealthy on the exploited labour of millions of poverty-stricken farmers and workers of the 19th century fought tooth and nail against every single advance the united and sacrificing workers achieved during the post-WWII years that made this country an advanced 'of, by and for the people' democracy, all things very well documented, if not taught in modern capitalist-promoting schools or media.

And it is also as clear as daylight, for those not blinded by decades of sophisticated dumbing down indoctrination and propaganda, that for the last 30 years, beginning with Brian Mulroney in Canada, following the path set by Thatcher in the UK and Reagan in the US, those same entrenched Big Money powers, using that money to corrupt the political process and control the media where people learn what is happening and what they are supposed to think about it all (debt crisis!! (big fraud), Terrorism!! (the same) etc), have being doing a very well-organised job of taking back control of the government from the influence of the progressive forces of the post-WWII years, and are very determinedly rolling back the gains made by Douglas et al during the immediate post-war years of the 50s and 60s and doing all they can to see that the terrifying head of actual democracy is firmly smashed down now, and never, never rears its head again - how ludicrous is it, how completely out of touch with reality do you have to be, to believe that politicians like Mulroney, Chretien, Martin and Harper, the first 3 openly led and mentored by the wealthiest capitalist family in Canada, the last by Canadian 'oil barons', or the Reagans and Thatchers in the other major western English speaking countries, all fiercely dedicated to rolling back the for-the-people, for-the-workers, changes our ancestors achieved that made this country the great country you have in your mind that is being degraded as you defend those who degrade it, who urge you to believe that the people who made our country great are actually part of some kind of 'international communist conspiracy', when these modern robber barons and their political lackeys are so very clearly the direct-line uninterrupted descendants of the original capitalist robber barons of the last half of the 1800s and the first half of the 1900s, very obviously determined to return to their 'glory days' when the workers were powerless and ignorant, the government police and military tools of the robber barons beating back the workers demanding rights, and recreate some version of a new feudal society of a few obscenely wealthy nobles running the country as they were in those bygone days, and most people working class serfs living paycheck to paycheck? How can you possibly be so blind as to believe these capitalist robber barons are somehow not even around any more, and/or are now 'the good guys' with 'we average working folk', and the various problems that are increasing in nature in our country are some 'communist collectivist plot to take over the world' ???

(oh but wait, look at our big screen tvs! Our ability to travel all over the world! Our smart phones to keep us all connected, and source all kinds of info! Huge department stores with an endless supply of everything we want to keep us happy!! and etc - well, that's all nice for you, but maybe not so nice for the billions who don't have such things because the capitalists looted all the wealth from their countries and continue doing so (you do know of course that your $500 'smart'phone was made in China by someone getting a couple of bucks a day for their work? or your designer jeans etc?) - but big picture - toys to keep the dumbed-down children occupied and out of the way while the rulers get on with building their new feudalism around you. They're getting people (like you) to occupy their lives around trivial things while they take control of the big things. As the saying goes, insofar as you think you're involved with 'big issues' (climate change?), you're actually shuffling deck chairs, not even aware there is a captain's deck where the real decisions are made. Many people have 'smart phones' yes, and today can save some money and travel to exotic locales for nice vacations, but many if not most of those people also have large or huge debts they find very difficult to deal with, and as the country as a whole goes deeper and deeper into (fraudulent) debt, the country gets more and more turned over to the control of the oligarchs, and once their power is secure, you can be sure the nice toys are going to start disappearing for all except the capitalist managerial class. Again, think Germany in 1935, the Nazis kept the people well distracted with lots of colorful toys and events, and propaganda telling all Germans how lucky they were to be living in wonderful Germany!! (have we ever heard that kind of propaganda about Canada??? be honest now ...) - while behind the scenes, the 3rd Reich was becoming stronger and stronger. When they decided to go to war - the German people had no say in the disaster looming. And so it is in Canada, the government is participating in the US World Domination program, and the world destroy-our-environment program, and the US-led lockdown ready fascist state program - and when the programs are all in place, the smartphones will become RDF chips, and the fun days will be over. Again, I'm not trying to prove anything here - if you're reading with an open brain, and have enough smarts to do some research, you can easily suss these things out. We're closer now to complete environmental collapse than ever before in human history, likewise worldwide economic meltdown, which is going to get REALLY bad really quick for everyone, the US (with Canadian support) is causing a massive humanitarian disaster all over the middle east and northern Africa - you really need to see the bigger picture before childishly, witlessly, making the childish protests of 'let them eat cake' )

I 3e - Related to the last, the apologists are in complete mental meltdown about the Wonders of their God!! - But capitalism MADE the progress possible in the first place, so it's not unfair they get well rewarded for making all this possible!! - Again, let's just right up front call bullshit on this like everything else they say, and engage our brains in realityland. The capitalists, like the parasites they are, have a great facility for stealing and lying, and that's what they're doing when they run around banging their chests claiming it is they and they alone who have created our great modern society!! We might think of a driverless train appearing around the bend, with lots of little workers shovelling coal and steering and maintaining the engines and cooking for the crew and the steel manufacturer and everyone else sitting around planning what to build next and so on - and then some clever entrepreneur jumps into the driver's seat, kicking everyone else off and demanding payment to get on board, claiming they invented the train aren't they great and deserving of all your fares!!!

Our modern world is much the same - the many, many things that make our modern world as good as it is (and bad in other ways) have been part of a long, long process involving millions and millions of people over the last 3-400 years (3-4000 if you want, in many ways), but the capitalists have done what they do, like any cancer - stealing and controlling through violence and/or lying and deception - and claimed credit for what was, and is ongoing, the work of millions of average people.

The great wealth of our modern times got seriously underway back in the early modern times of the 16-17-1800s, with advances in science and technology such as the discovery of electricity, the steam engine, and steel and hundreds or thousands of other discoveries big and small. These discoveries resulted from an almost endless number of creative individuals, working at their kitchen tables or in university laboratories, making slow incremental steps over many years in many fields, with the new small discoveries thus enabling later discoveries, all 'current' advances being enabled by all of the small steps that went before, every now and then the confluence of a bunch of these things coming together to allow some inventor to make a 'big leap', such as the creation of steel, or the discovery of electricity, or the creation of the computer, which Bill Gates did not 'invent' any more than Al Gore 'invented' the internet - all of these things the culmination of the work of thousands and thousands of creative people, over hundreds of years. And the countless numbers of people doing these things were not 'capitalists', they were just ordinary, or perhaps in some cases a bit extra-ordinary, people exercising their brains, discovering things for the joy of discovery and to help make their societies a little better. And then we have the parasites, the predators, those who would be rulers over their fellow man, who have always been aware of new inventions, and always considering ways new inventions or tools could be used to increase their power, rather than having them used for the collective wealth and wellbing of the community.

We should just point out one of the great 'inventions' of this time that was very central to the beginnings and rise of capitalism itself, the 'discovery' of certain gold merchants, part of whose business was storing the gold of others in their strong vaults, that they could make 'loans' of some multiple of the gold they had stored in their vaults by issuing 'paper' claims on that gold, trusting that not all of the people with the 'loans' would come looking to redeem the paper for gold at the same time. That is, a gold merchant could have say a million dollars worth of gold stored in his vaults, but make 'paper' loans for five million dollars, trusting the people taking the loans would never come looking for actual gold, but would just trade the papers around - thus collecting 'interest' on far more 'gold' loans than he actually had to loan. And this ability to create 'gold' out of nothing was the origin of modern 'reserve banking', and also the essential factor in the establishment of capitalism as we know it today.

For before this 'fiat' money system, anyone wanting to start a new business had to find someone to loan them 'real' money, real gold or whatever, and real money has always been hard to come by for people with new ideas. But when a banker could create money pretty much out of thin air, it became much easier to arrange 'loans' for new businesses - the banks, of course, made great profits from 'loans' for which they basically created the 'money' or credit out of thin air. And of course those controlling the banks were upper class people of one kind or another, and were naturally inclined to support people who wanted to begin businesses that would enrich their class and continue keeping the large working classes hard at work creating the wealth they all lived on, so from the beginning days of the industrial revolution, the 'fix' was in - the new wealth being created by the grinding labour of millions would be claimed by those who could raise the cash-credit to build the large factories that were now possible with the invention of steel and steam power. The money, or great new factories with the new machines for the endless numbers of workers, as noted above, would be called 'capital', and the new system built on this form of wealth creation capitalism. The wealthy elite running the country exploiting the millions of workers - as it was before, and always would be, as long as they had their way.

To be clear before we leave that this development of 'capitalism' was not inevitable - these new industries, based on many many smaller inventions of ordinary people going back over decades and centuries, could just as easily have been managed 'for the common weal', rather than setting up a system which endures today, a system with a small group of 'owners' making all decisions and claiming the great 'excess profits' created by the powerless workers, having this power because of the control of the banking system, and money, by people of the same capitalist class supporting this elite system. All those who would become the first real modern capitalists brought to the table was the ability and desire to control people through violence and deception to create great wealth and power for themselves - the classic parasite-predator. We could have had a society at least as good today, in terms of our 'material comforts' based on the creativity and inventiveness of many thousands of clever people, if the predator capitalists had never got their bloodsucking snouts into the original money-creation business and then halls of government - actually, we would probably have a far, far better world, as we normal people have no desire for great power, and thus the endless amounts of money spent on making war machines and the massive loss of **our** ordinary people's lives suffered when the ruling capitalists sent our ancestors off to war to go killing equally helpless peasant workers from another warlord's country, would never have happened, and our world today would be far, far more peaceful without the various wouldbe Emperors running around the world with all their great weapons threatening everyone with destruction and engaging in vast amounts of such destruction. Also, the massive environmental destruction our planet has suffered the last couple of hundred years would be far, far less if we ordinary people were just trying to create decent lives for us all, rather than the capitalists trying to do nothing more than max their own wealth, no matter the damage to the people they exploit, or the environment. And imagine the creative power of the human mind being turned to good things rather than the machinery of war - the mind boggles, but that again is another long tangent for another time.

Anyway, enough, as I said, the points are very clear, to someone who can lift their brains out of decades of very sophisticated and powerful capitalist indoctrination.

You can argue about these things if you want, but that the beginnings of what we call capitalism go back to around the 16-1700s is not in dispute, and the manifestations of *true* capitalism, developing at the same time as the period known as the renaissance and the scientific and technological revolutions of the same period, employing the large amounts of money-credit made available through the new 'banks' of the time who had figured out how to create money out of nothing (the beginnings of 'fractional reserve' banking, not known as such at the time, just a kind of philosopher's stone to make Gold from Thin Air!!), and were naturally inclined to use that great power to do as wealthy and powerful people used all new tools, to increase their own power. To this end, a natural use to put this new paper-as-gold 'money' was to 'invest' in the large factories employing large numbers of poor and impoverished workers, producing the industrial goods that made the first capitalist fortunes, very intentionally creating and maintaining and employing a large, landless, powerless working class at destitution-level wages as noted so graphically in the writings of Dickens, beginning in England but soon moving to Europe and America. (this 'creating money from nothing' aspect of the 'new banking system' of the 16th-17th centuries being central to the establishment of modern capitalism is another original idea you are reading here for the first time (these things explained more in my Democratic Revolution Handbook, just being finished about the same time I am doing this - credit where credit is due, and all that ...))

(I-3e: A brief aside on 'capital accumulation':

- another short expository aside is necessary - although the money creation situation is far different today, in the worldwide economy measured in hundreds of trillions of dollars, in the beginning of this banking revolution, when they began creating 'money' from nothing, it would have been no good for a bank just to create 'money' or 'credit' for someone to put into a bank account. During those days, market goods were still quite limited, and if a lot of people started wandering around the markets with great amounts of paper looking to trade the paper for 'real goods', the merchants would never have accepted the paper. So in those early days, when the capitalist 'borrowed' the money, he actually intended to use the money to buy materials and pay workers to build a business, and then create widgets of one type or another to sell in the market. And then these things he built, the infrastructure and widgets, had 'hard value', and the amount of 'money' he was giving his workers as 'paper' could be exchanged in the market for widgets, or when enough was accumulated to buy actual 'infrastructure'. So expand the creation of infrastructure, and stuff to buy, in an exponential way, and over time you develop a very wealthy society, with a lot of money floating around, and an endless array of products to buy with it - a process sometimes called 'capital accumulation'. The 'accumulation' was thus originally based on creating money out of nothing, but with the clear understanding that the money must be used in a way which creates 'capital'. As the overall 'paper value' of the society increases, then more money can be created without arousing worry that it won't be accepted, and after a couple of hundred years, this is where we are today, commercial banks creating money measured in trillions of dollars, far more debt than there is stuff to buy with that money, but there is still enough stuff on superstore shelves to keep the system from crashing, but that crash is coming soon - again, material for a longer essay, but I'm just giving facts here that nobody else has ever told you that you need to develop a fuller understanding of what I am getting at in a deeper sense here, you can read and think about them as you will (and again, this is another 'new idea' unfamiliar to the average mind, but still of fundamental importance to understanding our modern world))

The 'Dickensian mills' we have all heard of are simply historical fact, moving the powerless serfs into new and even worse circumstances, and nobody argues that these mills were 'capitalist' mills - established long before the idea of 'communism' was even a dream in the mind of Marx. (you might find a bit of reading on 'primitive capital accumulation' enlightening - this was also the period when the rulers of England passed various 'enclosure' laws which had the primary effect of appropriating the small landholdings of a very large number of British Isles peasants, and 'enclosing' lands formerly used as 'commons', resulting in a great deal of 'capital accumulation' for the 'landed gentry', as well as creating a large body of impoverished people available to be put to work in those Dickensian mills at starvation wages - another necessary prod to get 'capitalism' under way. It is another historical fact that nobody during those early years of Dickensian mills were lining up eagerly waiting to make themselves (and their children) 'factory workers' tied to their machines 12-14 hours a day or more, they had to be coerced, and the early capitalists were very willing to use whatever violence and other coercive measures were needed to get these people (of all ages, children as young as 3-4 years whose family had been driven from their land to the nearest factory area could be put to some use for 14 hours a day to 'earn' their bowl of gruel before bed) .... very, very much again a matter of the 'wealthy privileged classes' (aka 'the right) assuming their 'right' to exploit the poor working classes (the left). Not deniable to anyone understanding some basic history, just facts the libertarian fantasists want to somehow write out of the history books, a la Mr Orwell's Ministry of Truth, in the interests of this wild fantasy of 'happy free capitalist workers against the damned commie collectivists!!' - wanting the citizen to believe whatever the rulers need them to believe to justify whatever they want to get up to today)

The apologists for capitalism - and after more than a century of almost complete capitalist control of our countries, with the small exception of a brief interval following WWII of more honest and progressive government and public discussion, now driven completely into the ground after 30+ years of aggressive capitalist control and propaganda, such apologists are now all that are to be found in the universities and media - will of course deny all of these truths, that is their job, denial and obfuscation of Truth and preaching the lies that justify their religion (capitalism) and its masters (the Banking Cartel) - but it is *your* job as a citizen to *not* unquestioningly believe everything people with very strong self-interest in one thing or another or those they employ tell you, especially when the contrary evidence is so obvious to anyone actually using their brains to think with. What I write herein is so obviously true to any honest seeker after the truth that your only choice is to reject the capitalist propaganda, the libertarian cartoon of 'great evil commie collective monster!!', and start fighting to save our country from the true enemy - the capitalist predators as we speak strengthening their chains around us all, in pursuit of their ultimate fantasy, the 100-year new feudal society from which noone will ever escape.

Capitalism - a powerful way to control a large number of people through violence and debt, and thus generate a large amount of wealth from the labour of those effectively-slaves, but very much a non-democratic system, and very much a cancerous system, based on maximum exploitation of all available resources in the shortest possible time, which might bring short term prosperity but guarantees longterm death, from the beginning, then, a very decidedly and unarguably 'rightwing' controlled system, in the sense of being all about a smallish group of privileged people using their privilege to claim power over a large group of poor and ignorant and powerless workers, who would be exploited to make money for them. Unarguable fact.

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PART II: A brief but should-be-very enlightening for libertarian-bots journey through the last couple of hundred years of history, focusing on the struggle between 'the people' to be free, and 'those who would be kings' to rule them all, a struggle which continues today, with the same people on the same sides, to make clear the utter divorcement from reality of the 'great commie collectivist TAKEOVERTHE WORLD OMFG!!!!!! plot' cartoon ..

II-1 The beginnings of 'communism' - workers gathering together to fight Capitalism

Now that we've cleared up the cartoonish idea that 'collectivism' is some form of slavish communism for people who dream of nothing more than to have some commie plantation master controlling their lives and put its true 'democracy' hat in place, and noted the clear beginnings of the economic system we now call capitalism, and its very clear intent to do what it did then and has always done since, make great fortunes for the people with power, the elite, those with the strongest knights and army in the past, those with 'the capital' in more recent times, through exploiting as many poor and helpless workers as possible, using whatever violent as well as financial means they needed to keep 'their' workers in line and at the assembly line, let's fill in our brief turn through 'real history' with the beginnings of the social movement known as communism, from its earliest beginnings a movement of working people against the existing ruling classes, including the early stages of the modern wealth-elite from similar times, the capitalists, and see how ridiculous it is to try to rewrite this very clear history from these very distinct and completely immiscible beginnings into a believable story of some modern day 'great commie collectivist plot to take over the free world and make us all slobbering slaves OMG!!!' bad, evil guys!! (it's a complete cartoonish ludicrosity, with the workers now the bad guy 'commie collectivists!!' and the mill- and miningtown-owning capitalists now the good guys fighting for Liberty!!!! - only in America, as they say, land of 'big hat no cattle', although sadly spreading rapidly through Canada these days)

The 'communist' movement became 'formalized' of course around 1850-60 (100 or more years we might note after modern 'capitalism' was well into its 'capital accumulation' beginnings and getting its Dickensian mills going ...) with the Marx-Engels essay The Communist Manifesto, and was entirely a workers' movement (workers of the world unite!), but still only one workers' movement of many populist and workers and farmers' movements banding together (collectively!) to fight the very open capitalist robber barons of the times in the US and Great Britain (and the hereditary god-kings-nobility systems of 19th century monarchical Europe, of course, but I'm keeping this short explication to what more directly involves our own country, Canada), capitalists from the very earliest days fighting viciously to smash democratic workers movements before they even got started, and during all of the first years of that struggle, from the 1870s say until the 1920s, in both the US and Canada, the struggle was very, very clearly the working people under various 'populist' banners fighting very clearly against those robber barons of opulent wealth and their government cops and soldiers siding with the capitalists and beating back workers movements - the US capitalists and their less flashy overall but with similar goals Canadian ilk, very clearly - capitalists who had access to the money-credit-'capital' to build the large factories, and thus owned the 'means of production', and thus claimed the right to exploit the labour of the working people without limit to the hardships levied on them, and used their wealth to then control the education and money systems (through the governments they always controlled during these times) to further strengthen that control through propaganda and direct government support of the 'owners of industry' against the workers fighting for some fairness and decency in their lives and work situations. {for some reading you won't have been exposed to through the capitalist-controlled 'capitalism is so wonderful!!' schooling you received, you might start with Howard Zinn's People's History of the United States, or for Canadians, the Socialist History Project - enlightenment is so close!!)

As always and always will be - the 'right' of the political spectrum claiming wealth and power and the 'right' to exploit everything exploitable including the human workanimals in their factories, the 'left' representing the working people trying to push back against that claim for 'omnipotent' power over their lives with some kind of even partial democracies.

Yes indeed, as noted, some of these people in these populist movements called themselves 'communist' and/or 'socialist' and identified with European communists in a 'communist international' movement, but (a) although people in many countries were joining this or other workers movements to try to fight for freedom and democracy in the developing modern world, overall these were very poor just-a-birthing worker's movements with little to no real money-power, and (b) in the US and Canada especially, they were very clearly only a small part of the much broader 'populist' and 'farmers' struggle against those who fought to retain unbridled power and privilege, the capitalist robber barons, and to try to rewrite that history and suggest that somewhere during this period the robber baron capitalists of the day whom these populist movements were fighting - names like Rockefeller, Carnegie, Vanderbilt, Mellon, Aster, etc etc the very wealthy, very very clearly *capitalist* 'nobility' - were actually somehow in the early stages of creating, of morphing into, some great communist collectivist international plot to take over the world is, really, just too transparently and perversely contrary to very clear history (not to mention just plain Alice-down-the-rabbithole-looneytunes for anyone whose idea of entertainment has progressed beyond Hollywood saturday morning cartoons for slow 8-year-olds ...) to dignify with serious argument. These vastly wealthy capitalists and the governments they controlled of late-1800s America and England were already running much of the world and using it as their personal exploitation and looting grounds, as wealthy capitalists exploiting workers everywhere they could find a government to take over and help them exploit the poor people, and were very seriously and viciously fighting the 'populist workers' in the west or their chosen 3rd world countries movements which were trying to push back against the self-declared, US-military-enforced omnipotent power of these wealthy robber barons anywhere they arose in 'their' capitalist world to come a-looting - the very clear battle lines of right vs left, wealthy elite vs poor working people, which were 'labeled' at the first post-French revolution assembly, but which were just as clear during the industrial capitalist and robber baron days of the 18th and 19th centuries in England and then the US, and which are just as clear today, for those with eyes to see and brains unencumbered by the massive and highly successful propaganda-indoctrination drive of these wealthy robber baron types the last 100 years to divert the challenge to their omnipotent and very abusive power into less dangerous, even useful, channels. (check out Chris Hedges' Death of the Liberal Class for some very clear explanation of this progress, or much other writing - anything by Noam Chomsky, etc)

Capitalist predators, a straight uninterrupted line from the 1700s until today ... the only change is that they grow more powerful and more merciless every year, and even more clever in persuading people that right is left, and left is just evil ...

Let's just quickly run through a bit more 'reality-based' history over the last hundred-plus years, to drive some more nails into the coffin of the great leftist-communist-collectivist existential threat lunacy, and get it slain and buried deeply once and for all so we can get on with the true job of fighting our true enemy - the banking cartel capitalist industrial-military-media-education hegemon who control the US military power and world banking system (not to mention the 'minds' of most people in at least the US and Canada) and really do want to take over the world, and have the power to do so, and are very close to doing so, if we don't get the heads of those controlled minds out of whatever dark orifices they're sent them to real soon and all of us start fighting them effectively.

Yes, Virginia, there is a plot to take over the world - but it's not the commies. Wakey wakey time dear. The real bogeyman isn't some chimera in a monster suit under your bed, it's the rich guy in the *very* expensive 3-piece Boss suit you invited for dinner.

Just briefly, some factual and undeniable more recent history of the 20th century, and who is doing what regarding workers and rulers, commies and capitalists ...

For the last part of the 19th and first 30 years or so of the 20th century, the US, with governments as always, before and since, subservient to the oligarchical moneyed classes, was engaged in basically imperialistic expansion, from the Spanish American war to the 'banana wars' in which they basically took over most of central and south America for the advancement of US corporate interests - this was not some cartoonish 'communist international expansion', it was clearly, indisputably, US capitalist corporations going out with the ever increasing might of the US military of the US government they controlled or at least worked together with and smashing any workers' movements in countries they wanted to loot trying to form a democratic government that dared resist them, in the raw interests of looting for US capitalist corporations (you might find some perusal of the writings of a certain Smedley Butler of interest, or John Perkins or William Blum, or, many others you're not referred to in your American History Civics courses in high school or the History Channel ....).

And during these years following the European communists' call for 'workers of the world unite!', the 'communist workers movement' was indeed spreading, as all over the world during this period, Africa and Southeast Asia notably as well as the Central and South American countries the US was turning into corporate vassal states, and the middle eastern countries in the early 20th century following WWI as oil became increasingly important, the capitalists were doing what they could (which was of course a great deal) to depose somewhat democratically elected 'socialist' governments and replace them with strongman dictators who would oppress the workers in the interests of (primarily) American corporations - clearly, undeniably, indisputably!, the wealthy American capitalists doing the aggressing, destroying democratic governments, oppressing the workers, etc, not some 'communist collectivists', who were actually the struggling workers movements, and a central target of the US attacks wherever they existed, wherever poor peasants used the communist banner to try to gather together under to resist the US hegemon and its corporations looking for loot, loot and more loot via exploiting workers in the areas they had their sights on like disposable farm animals - the mighty US military and wealth against poor peasants anywhere they tried to organise. In almost all places, there was no contest - the US military, cooperating with wannabe warlords in these countries, with far superior military power and brutal leaders and intentions smashing the peasant movements and installing brutal dictatorships all over the world, US puppet governments, all through south and central America, Africa, southeast Asia, the mideast.

And once again, it is utterly impossible to see how any intelligent person with even a basic understanding of these last couple of hundred years of history could try to deny this factual history, and attempt to create any even vaguely credible story that the American banker-capitalists marauding worldwide during this period were actually fomenting some massive international communist collectivist plot - the real 'communists', poor workers groups such as they were trying to find some way to band together to fight their oppressors, had no power at all to be doing such a thing, and the capitalists and capitalist bankers were too busy taking over the world and the massive looting following in the name of US capitalism, ruthlessly smashing any kind of opposition wherever they found it, and doing a very good job of it, as they still are today. The few people calling themselves 'communists' were all poor workers trying to organise against this capitalist monster and, by and large, losing every step of the way - as Smedley Butler and many other (non-US propaganda-based) writers and reports clearly show, the poor and weaponless peasants had no chance at all against the might of the US military smashing them mercilessly, which it is just too laughable to try to say was doing the work of some terrible international communist collectivist conspiracy. C'mon, is about all you can say, get your heads out of whatever dark orifices they're in. As has always been the case, and is still the case today, the wealthy elite were and are pummelling the poor mercilessly into submission, killing anyone remotely resembling a dangerous leader, to force them to work and to steal the wealth created by that work. The real communists of these times were entirely poor workers' movements, weakly and almost entirely unsuccessfully opposing the dictatorial impositions of US capital. Right vs left, powerful and brutal elites ruling over powerless peasants. As it always has been, and will be until we stop them.

And to go back again to the other side for a bit more clarity, recall a bit of factual history concerning Stalin, the great comic commie bogeyman. During the 30s, rather than your Big SCARIEST EVER!!!!!! Bogeyman Monster Great Terrible International Conspiracy to Take Over the Whole World!!!!! cartoons (once again we might note, the complete reversal of 'truth on the ground', as the capitalists actually were doing this, very clearly) - he wasn't plotting some great international communist takeover of anything, after he took power in the late 1920s, in a highly disorganised and poor country, a huge land mass full of long brutal winters and internal strife, he was faced with the job of taking Russia from a completely 18th century-level rural society only recently having thrown off centuries of rule by a nobility claiming GodKingEmperor status over millions of powerless ignorant peasants into the 20th century, and then clearly recognizing the threat from Hitler from the early 1930s, who hated 'communism' as much as he hated Jews and workers' unions and was as clear about his intention to destroy it (one of the current 'memes' of the libertarian ravings showing their general gross ignorance (or just inclination to lie about everything and create 'history' from 'whole cloth' as they say) has them mindlessly saying things like 'ah, communism, fascism, all the same thing, undemocratic collectivists' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - same level of well indoctrinated pseudo-intelligence as the 'intelligence' believing the Great International Communist Collectivist Plot!!! in the first place, I suppose, or that 'capitalism' and 'democracy' somehow go together, another great lie and illusion...), and getting ready for the attack he knew would be coming. You may further recall that he was eventually successful in his efforts to bring the USSR into the modern age as it was in the 1930s in only a few short years, and so successfully that no one argues that without a shadow of a doubt it was the Russians who played the decisive role in winning WWII, at massive, massive sacrifice in both lives and infrastructure - during these years, he had no time or resources to be funding any great plot to take over the world in the name of communism, he was far too busy trying to build and save his own country. (yes, the USSR undoubtedly lent some moral support, and even some small amounts of money and even military support, to the odd revolutionary movement such as the Spanish civil war, but whatever they did during those years utterly pales into insignificance when compared against the active worldwide and strong US military involvement in destroying democratic-socialist governments trying to create independent countries and get rid of the US corporations looting them all around the world during the same time)

And following WWII, it was the Americans all by themselves who created the 'cold war', as, again, Stalin's primary concern had to be the rebuilding of a Russia almost completely destroyed west of Moscow during the final years of WWII, with 25 million dead - but the capitalist rulers needed an enemy to justify their ongoing arms buildup and to divert attention away from the oligarchical government of the US and *their* ongoing plan to take over the world through the Americas, Africa, and southeast Asia, as any familiarity with real history documents very conclusively (read a bit of William Blum for some things American or Canadian 'education' doesn't go near) - with most of Russia west of Moscow destroyed during WWII, Stalin had no time or interest to be organising some massive international communist takeover of the world, it took years of sacrifice and the dedicated long, hard work of millions to rebuild their country, which he again organised very successfully - you again may recall after winning WWII with the great unbelievable sacrifices they made and destruction of their infrastructure, within barely 10 years they had rebuilt not only the destroyed infrastructure, but developed the most modern education and science systems to the point where they developed their own atomic weapons (not because of 'commie aggression!!', but to level the playing field with the ever-threatening US), and put the first rocket into orbit, the first man into space - beating the US, which was at the very peak of massive industrial strength after WWII, not a single bomb having fallen on it during that conflict!!!! - but the capitalist leaders of the US were much too busy using their power to go looting all around the world and fomenting hatred of communism to think about science during those years .... (we might also note, just in passing, that the soviets were far, far more interested in 'intellectual activities' during these years - check out the world chess champions after WWII... while the Americans were producing Leave it to Beaver for their indoctrinated masses ....)

And if you get some 'reality glasses' on, and do a bit of reading (William Blum, John Perkins would be good places to start) and honest acknowledgement of 'facts' rather than cartoon 'histories' for brainwashed dolts, you will simply have to admit that it wasn't Russia going around the world destroying democratic governments and installing dirty old commie govs during the years following WWII as part of some great plot to take over the world - actually, undeniably, it was the US going around the world destroying fledgling social democratic governments (labeled 'dirty commies' by the US of course as they moved in to destroy them) trying to stand up against US imperial interests and looting corporations and replacing them with brutal dictators - read some history of Central and South America, Africa, southeast Asia, through the 50s and 60s and 70s. (yes, of course the USSR established a 'buffer zone' of countries between them and American-controlled western Europe as the US very shortly after the end of WWII made it clear that the USSR was front and center on their hit list, but that is all of the countries they controlled, countries directly on their border with the US-dominated western Europe, unlike the US marauding around the entire world, Central and South America, Africa, SE Asia, as noted - and obviously having their sights very directly on Russia. Khrushchev gave support to Castro in Cuba, yes, but there was no question it was Castro's revolution, acting for himself, not a communist puppet, like all of the installed rightwing dictators of America around the world, then and now)

And then after the fall of the USSR in 1990, after the strong leaders Stalin and Khrushchev were gone, and they were betrayed by American-influenced leaders and could not hold back the US financial aggression and schemings any longer (oil shock of the 80s, Afghanistan war, Reagan's 'missile defence', all devised by the US to attack Russia financially, finally the self-destruct button pushed by the American moron-puppet 'let the looting begin!!' Yeltsin), what happened? How could the completely devastated and leaderless USSR be leading some 'international commie conspiracy to take over the world'?!? Nonono, it was the US capitalists, with their local proteges, who put their 'take over the world in the name of American corporations and capitalism' plan on overdrive, now engaged in another orgy of looting in the old USSR, and continued consolidating their control of the most important resource of all in the modern world, oil (which had started seriously long before of course in the post-WWII period with the installation, for example, of the brutal Shah in Iran in 1953) - again open your eyes to indisputable history - it was the US who destroyed more or less stable democratic, workers' socialist-aspiring governments in Afghanistan and Iraq, and then Libya and are now after Syria. Try a small illuminating reality-based experiment - get your google going, find a map of the world, find about 700 little blue pins and stick them into the places where there are American bases, and note how many of them surround Russia and China - and then find a few (10 or so ought to do) red pins and stick them in Russian bases around the world - and tell me about the 'terrible commie plot to take over the world!!' without breaking out in some kind of 'idiot trying to tell idiotic stories' sweat and embarrassed laughter as you see how the US is encircling Russia and China, their single serious roadblocks, with their nuclear capacity, to the complete US domination of the world, and aggressive pushing on the few areas they don't completely control already. Russia was temporarily neutralised after 1990 for a few years, but the international drive to create a one world **fascist**-style government, under the control of the US capitalist banks and obscenely wealthy oligarchy, continued - and this is the serious threat we face today, the one world 'globalist' government of the new fascist-feudalists, the US-led capitalists and bankers and their dream of a new feudal society, a society in which Democracy, which is far better expressed in true socialism than in capitalism, is nothing more than a distant dream, never to raise its ugly head again.

To finish off with a quick look at Canada during some of these years, the populist movements were very active here as well through the last half of the 19th century into the first half of the 20th, and the working people did make a lot of progress in fighting for basic democratic rights as they slowly grew in numbers and became better educated and organised and courageous in fighting the Money Power, and found and elected politicians who would work for them rather than the Big Money - remember the man a solid majority of Canadians still identify as the Greatest Canadian, TC Douglas, clearly identifying himself as a socialist, clearly identifying the enemy as capitalism, fighting with many other like-minded Canadians to force some worker-friendly and democratic rules on the capitalist powers who wished to keep their money and power and leave Canadians as the poor ignorant and most importantly powerless peasant workers they had been maintained as by those same powers as for most of our history up to the 1940s - to say such people, Douglas and the many other populist movements aligned with similar goals, really wanted to create some great communist authoritarian government to 'enslave' everyone when they were so very clearly leading 'the common workers' of 'the left' as always fighting for an engaged citizenry in a free democracy against the slavery the wealthy elitist 'right' powers wished to continue imposing on them is just, again, too ludicrous and divorced from reality to even try to argue seriously, and indicative of nothing more than a rather profound ignorance of 'people's history', itself the result of deep indoctrination and dumbing down.

So With the Reality Light Shining, We Can Say Kaput to the Great Commie Threat - BUT
- but there is a threat, and a very real threat, to take over as much of the world as possible we see going on in front of our very eyes, at least eyes that are able to see, eyes which have not had a Theoden-like miasma placed over them the last few years by the endless dumbing down and propaganda of our western governments, education system, and media. It's difficult to say exactly who is behind this plot, but given the US military activities of the last 30, or 60, or 150, or for that matter 500 years, it's pretty obviously centered around the US government (check out something called PNAC, Project for a New American Century, for some pretty solid candidates). And to stand up and try to pretend the US government and Wall St Bankers and obscenely wealthy US capitalists are being controlled by some international communist collectivist conspiracy to take over the world is just too fucking loony tunes to even pretend to take seriously, so if you have been one of these people, just get it over with, have your second santa claus moment, admit that all the people you trusted were lying to you, admit you have been a naive child listening to persuasive snakeoil salesmen but now you have seen the light and move on, and upward, and get involved with the real fight to stop these people - like Hitler, this new aspiring Empire will be impossible to stop once they take off the 'we're just doing all this in the name of making the world safe for democracy!!' lying facade, but we just MIGHT be able to stop them now, if we manage to get enough people understanding what is really going on, and create a serious democratic revolution, revitalizing what was happening back in the 60s, and this time finishing the job and not letting these evil but very, very clever bastards do their parasite thing and stop it.

Aside 'Yeabut!!??' But why the big attempted deception? Why make people believe in some false threat? That's a lot of work - ???
Two things would seem obvious - first, those who always desired absolute power of some kind are still with us, and still fighting for that power, and will continue doing so as long as they are among us, like mosquitoes will bite you for blood or cancer infect your body or dogs fighting over a bitch in heat, they have no choice, it is what they do, and (b) the resistance to any kind of authoritarian rule has been growing over the decades and centuries, and is very strong in modern times, and any attempt to overtly claim dictatorial power is going to be met with great resistance, with no guarantee of success for those attempting to keep such power, and the lessons of peasants in full revolt getting the upper hand a la the French or Russian revolutions are not something our leaders, hubristic and shortsighted as they may be about many things, will ever forget. Unlike we peasants, however, who are still stuck with the 'tactics' of mass demonstrations against things we don't like, our rulers have been learning about getting and keeping power for a long, long time, and they have overcome many minor setbacks and returned to power, which means they learn what they have to learn to keep power far, far better than 'we the people' have yet learned how to get *and keep* and improve democratic power to replace their oligarchic rule. And when you are familiar with history, you understand - those who want power are very clever at using not only violence, but they are also very skilled at the use of deception to gain that power (start with Sun Tzu and Machiavelli, and for modern times Edward Bernays and Walter Lippmann, and read on ....) - as is any predator in the wild, relying on a combination of brute force and deception to track and then kill their prey. It would seem quite clear that those who are taking absolute control of our societies in the west over the last 40 years are doing so through a very, very sophisticated kind of deception, a deception that works on many fronts, actually a 24-7-365 surround-sound full spectrum propaganda drive beginning 40 years or so ago, and slowly increasing in both quantity and quality, until today, everything we learn in school, everything we see hear or read in the media is part of the complete indoctrination package - we live in a box, and literally everything coming from 'the authorities' is part of the indoctrination-control package. Building on the idea that they want to avoid having to deal with a direct violent revolution, one obvious tactic, for sophisticated rulers such as these people very much are, would be to consider one of Sun Tzu's principles - the best victory is the one that is achieved without the to-be-conquered even knowing there was a conflict until the battle is over and won.

And so they have done. The notion of an ongoing struggle between 'working people' and 'capitalists' has been all but completely removed from the public discussion - certainly many poor people, and barely surviving workers, are very much aware of the situation, and protests like 'Occupy' are doing this at the core - but we never hear about them in terms of 'workers' vs ' elite' in the media, and the public is distracted by mush and gossip, and being told daily that insofar as there is any 'struggle' going on, the 'existential struggle' between damned communism and wonderful capitalism may have been on hiatus for a few years after the cold war, but it was quite effortlessly morphed into the current existential struggle between fucking damned terrorists!!!!!! and Our Great Free Western Democracies!!!!, and has been very much reinvigorated the last few years as Putin has managed to turn Russia around and make it a great power again, and now he is a very convenient Commie Devil Wants to Take Over the World We Have To Defend Ourselves!!!!! bogeyman - not a hint anymore of workers being oppressed by capitalists, although that is still very much the central struggle that is going on in Canada, right under your freaking noses, if you could get your brains free of the capitalist propaganda and indoctrination - the massive austerity drive of the last 30+ years is essentially a massive in-your-face attack on the working class and average people, deconstructing a powerful for-the-people democracy and replacing it with a capitalist pretend-democracy whose primary function is population control, through implementation of the lockdown-ready state in the name of the completely fraudulent 'war on terrorism', and they are putting in place so-called 'trade treaties' which are nothing more than in-your-face handing over of massive powers to corporations, whose power to do as they wish will no longer be hindered by government regulation - back, in other words, to the past, where Big Corporate Money ruled.

And just to finish - again, of course, they could not do this openly, so they need an 'enemy' to point to to justify what they are doing - massive fraudulent debts to justify the 'austerity', fraudulent 'terrorism' to justify the lockdown ready state. And the great commie collectivist bogeyman to distract a certain demographic who might get up to serious mischief otherwise.

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III: The Social Justice Warriors of the Violent Commie Left!!! (again - 'not')

One more modern libertarian myth or lie or cartoon (or all of above) that needs a brief but firm calling out here, as very much related to the above, is their identification in recent years of a group they call the 'social justice warriors', invariably repeating several times, as one must do with wildly false propaganda, that they represent the 'violent left', out to smash free speech and democracy - everything about 'the left!!' is evil!!

Yes Virginia there is a pattern here, and when the dots are connected, some very bad pictures get revealed.

Reference here for some examples of these 'violent lefties' the libertarians go on about (the first one of these actually got me started writing a short letter to Mr Hicks of the Press for Truth Canadian libertarian website, which evolved into this not-quite-so-short 'deeper truth' essay):

(and an example of how utterly fanatically hysterical these people can be - read the comments of one 'savannah' in this article in about the Ghomeshi trial - in their minds, when it comes to women, the accusation is the proof of guilt, all men are monsters and guilty just by being male, your 'denial' just proves your guilt, etc - true fanatics, and very, very dangerous, they will accept nothing short of complete bowing down to their hysteria and are obviously very willing to take whatever measures they feel necessary to ensure your full obeisance - people like this getting power would be very much like the Spanish Inquisition of great infamy... there are many such people out there these days, not unlike the Hitler youth (there is pushback, thankfully, in some quarters, it's kind of refreshing to listen to this guy Milo Yiannopoulos challenge these hysterics, and it is kind of encouraging to see that many people agree with him and are willing to stand against the hysteria when they have some form of leadership )

- there are many other examples out there, but the general theme is a bunch of (mostly) university-aged (and attending, mostly, which is part of the very worrisome aspect) kids trying to shut down some kind of speech they don't want to be heard, usually related to some kind of 21st-century-faux-'feminism' nonsense such as Canada is a rape culture!!! You can't say ANYthing joking about women because that proves you hate them all and want to oppress them and it's a terrible misogynistic culture!!, You can't TOUCH a woman without her express permission that's the same as violent rape!! and etc, stuff completely hysterically overboard in terms of Canadian reality. These misguided-at-best kids are invariably identified as 'violent leftists!!!!' by the opportunistic, not-concerned-with-truth libertarian propagandists. And what we need to understand, when we get away from both the screeching of the faux-feminist kids, and the mindless anti-left hangingmob hysteria ramped up by these libertarian propagandists and hangingmob inciters, is that these people are **not** in any way associated with or representative of 'the left' or at least the *true* left, as I talked about earlier.

Actually, as we will see as we unpack this calmly and rationally, something the libertarians avoid at all costs, they are actually tools of the far right, those who would be our kings.

But that's the main thing to understand here - these kids are **not** doing anything 'leftist' which, you should recall, I talked about at length earlier, refers very clearly to the political groupings fighting for democracy in clear opposition to the 'right' side of the political spectrum which wants to control people as their rulers of one kind or another with as little interference from any kind of 'democratic input' as possible. The rulers have been doing all they can to bury this simple truth the last few decades, for obvious enough reasons when you see the bigger picture as I talked about above, but for anyone with their intellect functioning at some adult level understanding there aren't really monsters under the bed, this is one of those 'true' things that has always been with us, and always will be, as far as we can see into the future - there are a few people who want to be unfettered rulers among us, and most of us want some kind of democracy - the right, those who consider themselves elite, want to rule, the left, those who are happy enough being average citizens, still want decent lives based on some form of democracy. Clear, eternal and simple. And naturally the 'right' is always looking for ways to weaken or destroy or create confusion and dissent among their enemies on 'the left', who outnumber them greatly, and could easily defeat them if they/we got our act together.

And a bunch of misguided teenagers, and older people even more misguided who really should know better but 30+ years of dumbing down has been very successful, running around trying very aggressively to shut people up who talk about things they don't want to hear talked about is in no way representative of the much bigger and more serious struggle for 'democracy' between those who would be rulers and those who don't want to be ruled - it's just a bunch of naive teenagers (including 'older' people but with dumbed down brains stuck in teenage-level viewing of the world) full of hormones and stupidity brought up in a sheltered environment thinking the world must conform to their particular desires and they have a 'right' to whatever they want telling Bobby he can't say that!!! (as an instructive aside, we might think of a pretty smart Canadian from a few years back, named MacLuhan, and his very deep insight about modern communications - the medium is the message - and give some thought to who is making a big issue out of a bunch of hissyfit adolescent-brained kids running around calling each other names and having minor punchups - is this really a national issue for the national news???? is a man touching a woman in a friendly way, or making a joke about a woman, things that men have always done and will always do, really a 'national issue we should all be outraged about???!!!!?? Really????? (do women ever touch men in a friendly way or make a joke about a man? No? Really?????) - not normally, but if you are trying to sell something, or do a bit of legerdemain and get people to look somewhere away from where the 'real action' is, then encouraging these noisy confrontations is a good tactic, especially when you can use such trivial things for deeper and more sinister purposes - and of course if you control the media, and have a ready-made population completely susceptible after over 50 years of brain-numbing television to media manipulation, you can make it news ...)

And let me say again right up front so there is no confusion that as a 'true' leftie (fighting for a (true)democracy of engaged, informed citizens, opposing the imperialistic wars of the US hegemon and its sad little tagalong these last few years Canada and its very related phony war on terrorism and the lockdown-ready state being created in the name of that Monster Bogeyman!!!, opposing the 'treaties' turning the actual power in our country over to the elite who control the wealthy corporations, trying to expose the massive bank fraud robbing us of trillions, and etc - serious issues of power in our country, which is what left-right is really all about), as an engaged democracy-desiring citizen of my country fighting the people who are really trying to de-democratize us and are being frighteningly successful the last few years, I am just as opposed to what these kids and others are doing as any of the libertarians, maybe even more opposed, as I have a considerably deeper and clearer understanding of what is really going on here, a very, very clever enemy using some very clever tactics to minimise opposition to their truly nefarious goals.

To begin the unpacking here - Engage brain and think a bit, and consider the question - in any situation, who wants to minimise or control or shut down free speech? People who believe in democracy, or people who want to establish some kind of anti-democratic state? People fighting some authoritarian regime and trying to establish a democratic government are not going to be trying to shut down free speech - the idea is ludicrous, we want to speak, we want to share ideas, we want all voices to be heard. Again, as I demonstrated pretty unarguably earlier, regardless of years of capitalist disinformation and propaganda, 'leftists' are all about democracy and trying to get rid of, or resisting the imposition of, wouldbe authoritarian governments of any stripe. The only people with any interest in shutting down free speech are - the political right, those who want to rule with no interference from democracy. People talking share information, and get smarter about everything, including who their real enemies are and how to fight for freedom, and are far more difficult for wouldbe dictators to control - it's only those who want to control people and their lives who want to shut down free speech. As always Hitler provides a good example from an extreme position, burning books and shooting people who wanted to talk about things that could be dangerous to his rule. It's invariably people supporting some form of authoritarian regime who gather in gangs to shut down the attempted discussions of people fighting for democracy. Or of course another common example is Orwell's 1984, very strictly controlled speech, actually removing words and simplifying the language so some things that offend them cannot even be spoken (think of the 'safe spaces' many of these kids are pushing demanding people self-censor themselves - or the 'new' presentation of comic books for kids as 'graphic novels' for 'adults').

These kids and others trying to shut down the freedom to say things they say 'offend them' for some reason are of that ilk, not 'the left', who have always operated from a position of openness and intelligence (again, I'm sure 'Oh yea? What about Stalin eh??' is springing from well-programmed Pavlovian lips - I'll remind you again that calling someone a name is not 'proof' that person is that thing - Stalin was **not** of the *true* left, any more than Kim Jong-il was 'of democracy' because he calls his country 'democratic' - the Russian revolution was intended to establish a socialist democracy to replace hundreds of years of total feudal rule by the Czars of Russia, but it got hijacked by Stalin, who may or may not have had good intentions as he certainly did many good things, but his style of government was **not** socialist-leftist-democracy). Intelligent people - the great majority of whom are 'leftist' in that they believe in freedom and engaged intelligence-based democracy rather than the authoritarian rightwingers who believe in dumbed down propagandized masses screaming for war or hanging against anyone the rightwing leaders want to kill - understand that the best cure for any kind of infection is bright sunlight, not trying to force ideas into some black hole where they fester and can grow dangerous.

These violence-ready kids are part of a deeper phenomenon in our country which seems to have sprung from the 'politically correct' movement and morphed into something truly nasty, the entire faux-feminist 'all men are evil bastards and all we nice women are in danger every minute of every day!!!!' completely anti-rational lunacy that has been spread around our country the last few years, led by the corporate propaganda press - things like this -

- and etc etc etc etc over the last few years. And let me say again I am just as opposed to, and very unhappy with, all of these actions the last few years as the libertarians are - these are very much **not** things of the true left - only a shallow, unintelligent brain-intentionally-disengaged fanatic could seriously believe Canada is a 'rape culture', yet we see these idiotic 'turn off your brain!!' notions pushed in the corporate propaganda press almost daily in one way or another (story as I write in late April 2016 - Tory MP complains about sexism in parliament). (it's also a very clear sign of the widespread success of the 'dumbing down' movement of the last few decades - only some seriously dumbed down and well-indoctrinated people could join in a 'national outrage' about Rob Ford patting a woman's bum (*allegedly* patting at that, and with apparently no objection from the female in question), yet this is the kind of thing we hear about regularly from the corporate propaganda press, pushing and maintaining and increasing the shallow nature of public outrage in the name of restoring much less intelligent and more barbaric times to our country - a necessary feature of a new feudalism, a large, quite unintelligent peasantry to manipulate into frenzied witch-hunting mobs, hanging those who the rulers are fearful of ...)

As much as the libertarians scream LEFTIES!!!! at all of these things, it obviously and simply is not so - those of shallow minds who fall prey to this propaganda and get on the 'anti-male' bandwagons are the very kinds of low-intelligence and/or shallow easily manipulable people who vote for strong rightwing authoritarian governments, law and order governments which hate 'lib'ruls' and are ready to violently smash 'true' lefties.

So what's going on here? This deserves, needs, a closer look, as it is becoming a dominant theme in our society, and as the pretty astute Mr Roosevelt once said, nothing happens in politics accidentally - if something is happening, it's because someone wants it to happen.

There is indeed much shit happening here, Mr Libertarian - but it is *all* shit of the right, of those who would be our rulers, and not of 'the left'.

Slaying a couple of standard Libertarian straw dogs - the 'lefty-lib'rul' media and education system
I think to fill in the picture here, you're going to have to put a couple of your central sacred libertarian false-devil strawdogs up on the table and shine some light on them and face some hard (for you) realities, a couple of other places where those you follow have managed to turn reality right on its very head and get you thinking really stupid, demonstrably nonsensical, thoughts, stuff for saturday morning cartoons for kids who don't know any better or Goebbels-style propaganda loudly and aggressively demonizing someone they want to get rid of - face, and leave behind, a couple of other current libertarian notions concerning the 'evils of the left' which are as clearly and demonstrably false as your central idea that 'the left' is engaged in some great conspiracy to enslave everyone in the name of 'communism', and for pretty much the same reasons. I speak of your imaginary, quite risible even when seen through any kind of reality-based filter, 'leftist media' and 'lib'rul education system' bogeymen, which notions, when examined rationally against a 'feet on the ground' understanding of current reality and historical development, are as fantastical and demonstrably nonsensical as your great communist collectivist plot.

Like any 'big lie', which most of the current libertarian ravings are when you scrape through the shallow glitter they've sprayed over them, there is some shred of 'truthiness' upon which they are based, and it is true that back in the days of real democracy, or almost real emerging democracy at least somewhat of, by and for the people, in Canada, and much of the English world, back in the 60s primarily, with some years on either side, both the media and education system were part of the joyous but sadly short-lived democratic renaissance, and the people in those fields were quite free here in Canada at least, 'liberal' and 'lefty' if you want, staffed by people of those generations of very, very angry citizens following WWII demanding less destructive elite rule, following the socialist and populist almost-revolutions of the same times successfully pushing back the capitalist oligarchy and getting some true 'for the people' politicians elected, and some 'for the people' reforms in terms of equal rights for all and the way the wealth of the country was divided up. And the media and universities of those times were staffed by the people who had participated in the 'great awakening' themselves, who fought for and created the almost-democracy of the times, and were then also central in working to bring the average decently educated working people together in a true democracy, recognizing and opposing the great danger of the times - not 'communism', but elite power, oligarchical capitalism working together with the US military (you recall, I am sure, Ike's 'military-industrial complex' warning, all too true, now grown to a true monster, not a freaking *shred* of 'commie collectivism', just a huge capitalist monster ravaging around the world), with its proclivity to invading small defenceless countries whose governments were/are non-capitalist 'for the people' governments (read William Blum's Killing Hope), and its ongoing oppression of so many of its citizens.

Heady and wonderful times indeed, for 'we the people' - but a terrible monster and danger to the ruling elite, an elite with centuries of rule behind them who quickly, and very ably, reacted to this great threat to their power.

Beginning in the 70s as this great beast of 'real democracy' struggled to its joyous if naive feet, and getting serious through the 80s and 90s, and until today, the 'right', those people I have clearly identified earlier, the capitalist-bankers-new wannabe-forever-feudal-lords who wish to run the world and have pretty much always done so, and arrange things so there is as little resistance as possible, and what resistance there is, is under constant attack, have fought back very strongly, and very covertly of course, against the democratic emergence of the 50s and 60s, with one of their main weapons easily discernible from here outside the box a very clear process of dumbing down the citizens through the education system, and propagandizing and indoctrinating them through the media as dumbing down reinforcement, so that today after 40 years of continuous indoctrination and dumbing down, a slippery slope in which the citizens get more indoctrinated and dumbed down every year as 'peer pressure' and 'authority' reinforcement increase and pretty much the entire box world is an indoctrinated whole, both media and education system are very, very 'rightwing' in their basic political orientation - rightwing in the true political-economic sense of creating and maintaining a population used to doing as it is told by the Authorities, a population supporting the aims of the right (political oligarchy) rather than the left (democracy). It's not arguable when examined honestly - as noted, the major 'right wing' oligarchy-enabling and supporting policies of this time in our history are the so-called 'free trade' treaties which give American capitalists the reins of economic power over smaller countries desiring more democratic governments, and at home as these 'treaties' make governments subservient to their desired policies of promoting elite power and disempowering workers in every way; supporting the completely phony 'war on terror' which, again, gives the corporate governments, led by the US, an excuse to go bombing around the world and get rid of the few leaders who still dare oppose the US hegemon, and also an excuse to create the power to control dissident citizens through their 'anti-terror' measures; and the 'austerity' scam, which as noted earlier is financially deconstructing the once-almost 'democracies' of the 60s of the English world based on lies, lies and more lies - power of course in the modern world resides with money, so impoverish the 'democratic' governments and citizens, and enrich the corporations, and the power follows. All the major media in Canada support these policies, virtually all so-called academics in universities these days support and teach them with the exclusion of any dissenting voices, and thus calling either the media or academia 'left wing' is just, again, demonstrating serious ignorance of what is really going on - or, of course, more proof of how everyone is deeply indoctrinated in the intentional lies and propaganda in the service of the rulers.

One of the common rants of libertarians the last few years has involved the 'dumbing down' of our countries, and I very much agree - but you need to understand it's not some 'commie collectivist' doing this dumbing down in the interests of creating a passive, ignorant peasant class unable to resist the State governments, it is very clearly the same people who have been undermining our attempts to create democracy for the last 150 years who want their new passive working class they had 100-200 years ago in their glory robber baron days - the capitalists and their ongoing attempts to create a new feudalism, a central part of course of which is degrading any opposition, a tactic at which they are very adept. True 'leftists' are very much on the opposite page when it comes to education and honest media - people of the left want democracy, and informed decision making, and for these things you need a truly educated population, and an honest media, and education system. The right, of course, wishing a mindless peasant herd they can manipulate easily, is the complete opposite - a dumbed down population after 15 years of enforced 'education' believing whatever shit the authorities tell them about 'terrible debt crisis' or 'terrible terrorist threat', and a compliant media spreading whatever lies the rulers want the people to believe - lies enforced by violence when the people try to resist. We have the examples again of Hitler's Germany in the 1930s, and Stalin's Russia to some extent in the years before and after WWII as these dictators used propaganda and violence to control their populations - both very authoritarian systems of government, not a true democracy-seeking 'leftie' to be seen, all killed or imprisoned by right-wing dictators.

And then with that background, back to the 'social justice warriors': when we see both universities and media supporting and encouraging these poorly educated kids to turn to 'social media' and get up to all kinds of freedom-attacking things like the 'safe spaces' or 'YOU WILL NOT TELL JOKES ABOUT WOMEN!!!!' or 'all men are misogynistic pigs who must NEVER TOUCH A WOMAN WITHOUT HER PERMISSION!!!' and etc - well, when we look for the power behind it all, the political force driving this stuff - we see exposed, again, not some 'lefty-libs' directing it all, or some 'commie collectivist', but the right wing forces of money and elitism which have taken over the government and thus education system, and media, which aspire to regain their unconditional rule of earlier centuries, one of whose central policies throughout time has been 'divide and conquer', and they are very ably doing that here, getting very large numbers of young not-overly-bright females thinking all men are their enemies.

Again, as I noted above in reference to 'democracy', where the very clever rulers have used the martial arts idea of turning an enemy's strength against it, so they have done with the young people - young people historically fight for freedom against oppression, for better lives and societies, as most strongly and notably seen through the students movements of the 60s, and the other movements fighting for equal rights for blacks or women or anyone else being in any way oppressed by the ruling elite during those 'peak democracy' years. These movements and protests were very clearly 'leftist' movements during those years, working class movements protesting the evils of an elite ruling class which was determined to retain control of a very unequal and oppressive and militaristic society, fighting for people's rights, challenging the oligarchical (aka 'rightwing') American establishment of the time. And the successes of these equal rights movements of the 60s to push back against the political elitist power-claiming right and create some actual democratic space in our society was very central to the 'good' societies we enjoyed during the 70s and 80s.

And equally obviously, to a ruling oligarchy determined to maintain and retake their more or less untouchable power, such active young people were a great danger, and **had** to be somehow neutralised.

And again, the option of just shooting a lot of them or putting them in jail was very much not on the table during this time - there would be massive resistance to such a blatant power grab, so other plans had to be developed. And were.

They weren't long starting the pushback after the wild freedom of the 60s, involving the dumbing down of everyone, and the creation of a new 'narrative' to locate the dumbed down population within. Just as one graphic and clear example, think of music, central in the lives of young people with modern recordings since the 40s and 50s, and becoming a very strong leader during the 60s with the new communications tools of television and 'pop' radio, when we had an endless parade of protest music of all kinds, from the direct criticisms of songs like Dylan's Blowin' in the Wind and many others to the 'All You Need is Love' of the Beatles and then Lennon's fight for peace, Give Peace a Chance and Imagine, and many, many other artists of the time urging young people to use their time and influence to fight for a better world, one could write an essay, or book, on the music of the 60s and how central it was to the growing democracy. But then what happened as the rulers began their pushback in the 70s? First order of business - smash that freedom music and wipe it entirely from history!!! From great protest music with very meaningful action-demanding lyrics and young people standing tall and unified and demanding better lives for everyone, very early in the 70s we/they went straight to Disco, a completely opposite kind of faux-music - utterly mindless, loud, mememe heavy beat music encouraging shallow narcissism and hubris and worshipping simple physical beauty and mindless sex, with 'soft country-rock' for those so inclined, the Eagles and etc, much of it good quality music certainly, but entirely free of the central social criticism of the 60s, urging the listeners to become involved in their own personal problems rather than larger social issues, blowing the smallest eternal teenage love miseries up into major crises no matter how petty - regressing the teenage consciousness, in other words, pushing them back from the peaks reached in the 60s. And through the 80s we got more mindless music, punk and metal and trash of various kinds, loud to be loud, stupid to be stupid, all ideas of using music as a tool of engaging young people in progressive revolution completely buried behind using music as a tool for completely turning off the brain in mindless noise and violence and trivial self-centered angst. This was one of the earliest and strongest 'dumbing down' tactics - and one that has been very, very successful, as we have seen it continued over the years, currently and for the last few years the 'hip hop' preaching beat yo ho crap, mindless protest and violence against anyone. And they've done what they can to bury the revolution of the 60s, they still play a lot of the music because it was the greatest ever music for engaged and thinking people, of whom there are always a few surviving the indoctrination, and there is still a large demand, but no talk of the revolution and resistance and shining and intelligent awareness of the 60s is ever given in the corporate media, now when people talk about the 60s, you hear nothing but derogatory joking references to 'hippies' - you can't even imagine songs like Blowin in the Wind or Give Peace a Chance or many of the other anthems from those years ever, ever being recorded today. Another of a long list of very clear indications of what is, and has been for the last 40 years, going on here. If you have the freedom of mind to think and understand. (yes, there is good music challenging the rulers today, as there is good journalism and fiction, and there has always been - but talk of such things is barred from the mainstream media, which controls most people in Canada today, and is only found on the internet, which of course the rulers are doing their best to trivialise through 'social media', as we are talking about here - we don't use social media to share good ideas, we use social media to gossip with our friends or join the latest brainless hangingmob frenzy).

Still, there are a lot of people in our modern countries, and the last couple of decades a great free communications tool called the internet, and there were still, by the turn of the millennium, a very large number of young people who had managed to escape the disco dumbing down and were still seeing serious problems in what the oligarchs were doing and fighting to resist them.

Let's think back a bit, to say 1999, when there was a massive anti-globalisation demonstration in Seattle, one of many of the time, and sinc, many, many such demonstrations and protests since, many of them raising a lot of attention, and even strong enough to cause the NWOers to back off (google up the MAI story sometime...

Well, again we need to note, the enemy, those who would be our rulers, are very determined and very clever in their ability to respond to challenges, and with endless wealth to put whatever plans they formulate into action, and not deterred easily, so devised new strategies to put the 'legal' framework in place for their New World Order. And, one would suggest, they also delved into their bag of 'population management' tricks, and came up with a new 'divide and conquer' strategy. The NWO opposition includes pretty much every kind of group in the country, aside from the blatantly so-called pro-business groups, the CCCE, Chambers of Commerce, corporate propaganda media, tweedledee-dum politicians, and etc - old and young, all races and religions, all income levels of middle class an lower (most of the population) - and male and female. Old male and female, black male and female, christian male and female, etc etc. So - to divide the widespread opposition to the NWO happening around us ..... got it!!! What a stroke of genius to find some way to get a largish number of women - especially the younger, fully dumbed-down ones, believing men are their main enemy, and thus forcing men to spend time defending themselves against these women as a priority, rather than all of these young women and men working together to expand and strengthen their fight against this most serious enemy, the NWO and their world 'trade' agreements or lockdown-ready legislation or austerity, working together against their common oppressor as they were in the 60s - no no no, my children, the BIG ISSUE!!!!! is the way women are treated so badly in our society, the way all men oppress all women, etc etc etc etc - push that idea into the heads of young women, easily manipulable after 20+ years of serious dumbing down, and let nature take its course - young people are kind of genetically predisposed to protest something, so to keep them away from protesting important things, give them childish 'issues' to occupy them. (and of course with the dumbing down of the last 30 years, there are a lot more young men out there a lot less intelligent and civilized than in the 60s-70s ready to get highly offended at such young women calling them names (cue the New Libertarian-Randians!!) - part of driving our civilization backwards is the re-barbarising of a lot of young men, thus giving the young women screaming 'abuse!!' a bit more ammunition than they had, a self-fulfilling prophecy as it were, although their claims are still as wildly overexaggerated and ridiculous as are the claims of some commie takeover of the world)

And thus we come to the 'social justice warriors', primarily involving that group of mostly younger women calling themselves (very incorrectly) 'feminists', and screeching hysterically all over 'social media' about every small transgression they think men are doing to them, most of it somewhere between rampant fiction and wild exaggeration, in very egalitarian Canada. (the 'manspreading' "issue" may stand as the nadir of Canadian faux-'journalism' of the times - how in the FUCK can anybody take this kind of shit seriously? (of course I have said many times over the last few years, they can't go any lower, and they always find a way ...)

{Speaking of 'social media' - isn't it just so convenient how EVERYbody can afford a 'smart phone' these days - devices which allow almost instant communication among very large numbers of people - so amazingly useful for those inciting mobs into violent acts, creating and strengthening an utterly brainless independent agency-less hivemind out of great masses of young people, and increasingly older!! The masters aren't in the habit of giving people useful tools, only things that will increase their passivity - or I suppose one could refine that a bit - both the television, the great indoctrination tool of the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, and the 'smart' phone, the great indoctrination tool of the 21st century, are both things that could be used for immense good, for truly educating people and helping them understand one another and work together for a better world - or they could be used for what they are primarily used for today, indoctrination and fomenting violence and stupidity among the masses (and by god if they made sure in the 50s and 60s and 70s that every home had at least one television, today they make sure a person without a 'smart' phone is regarded as little different than some kind of cave man, completely out of the instant uptodate trivia everyone has to know to fit in. Again, stuff for a much longer essay on its own, so just a bonus 'deeper truth' light turned on for you to be thinking about here ..) (I call them 'hivephones' myself, as it seems to me that is their primary purpose, creating a continually-connected drone-swarm almost as good as a hardwired brain implant, and getting the swarm to act as one, instantly and unquestioningly following the orders of the queen bee - and collectively and instantly suspicious of and antagonistic towards any 'others' they see, anyone such as myself who doesn't walk around 'displaying' the symbol of belonging, of being an open member of the hive ....)

Again, a bit of calm analysis points in one direction here - the corporate propaganda media, which makes 'issues' out of all these things and anything else suitably trivial, throwing oil on the fire, exhorting all the children to screech louder, which they obligingly do. An adult media, of course, would be doing the reverse, first simply ignoring them as not even approaching the level of 'news' for *adults* a national broadcaster is supposed to be telling us about, but if they did start getting some attention, stopping all of these things in the bud, rationally pointing out things like the fact someone is accused of a crime does not make them guilty, or that patting a woman on the bum is not a great crime in our society, and etc.

For some clarity, in terms of contrasting this nonsense with what they are NOT doing, we might note that the corporate propaganda media is doing all it can to bury the important issues of the day - at this time as I write, for example, there are a couple of very important pretend-trade treaties working their way into the rulebooks of our countries, the TPP and CETA/ISDS, which are going to go a long way towards completely crippling our governments for the foreseeable future in terms of their ability to regulate these giant corps - and the corporate media has almost nothing to say about any of these, at the very most, when there is a demonstration of some kind they have to acknowledge, they have someone on telling everyone they are great things, nothing to worry about, move on folks - oh look, some woman says women are treated unfairly!!!! let's convene some panels for big discussions about this important issue in Canada!! - and etc. By far the saddest part is how many young people are so highly indoctrinated they just mindlessly follow along in the media, ignoring serious things like trade treaties and screeching for days about the latest 'terrible transgression against the rights of women' etc.

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IV: Closings: So are you going to be a mindless orc for the new Sauron - or would you rather be a little but brave hobbit fighting for the light?

Well, I've gone on long enough, there's a great deal left unsaid, as always, but the points are all clear enough for those who are actually trying to figure out what's going on here to put on the table and think about, and when you consider these various historical *facts* I've put out here in comparison with the libertarian cartoons and nonsensical propaganda, there's no doubt at all where the honest seeker after enlightenment is going to wind up - seeing as clearly as I do that the 'great terrible collectivist commie plot to take over the world OMFG they have to be stopped!!!!!!' is just a cartoon fantasy for a lot of very dumbed down people, primarily young males who are being encouraged to remain in the young male barbarism stage of development, in preparation for their role in the new feudal society being constructed around us - bands of young violent males roaming the countryside fighting and killing and terrorizing are good for the rulers of feudal societies - advanced democracies have taken large steps in educating and civilizing these young males and turning them into more constructive members of an advanced peaceful civilized society, which is quite anathematic to what the new feudal leaders want, and all over the world the elite, through their libertarian pawns, are re-barbarizing these young males.

But there's a bigger picture here, these things are all related, and it's important to get these dots connected, and to see this bigger picture - and most of what has been happening the last 30 years - mass dumbing down and pacification and indoctrination and propaganda and the degrading and defunding of our once-almost 'democracy' and the creation of a lockdown-ready state in front of our eyes, and etc, by all political parties - has been very largely to prevent people from understanding what I have written of above and elsewhere.

Because, first, it's very obvious to the out-of-the-box unindoctrinated observer that there very much is an ongoing drive to take over the world or at least a good part of the 'western' world and create a one-world style government, a worldwide new feudalism, similar in operation to the old world feudalism of the middle ages, but of course in the modern setting with much more powerful tools available to the wouldbe omnipotent rulers to do their oppressing with, but nonetheless a world which has a small handful of basically all-powerful lords, their management class which lives reasonably well managing and enforcing the new world feudalism, and a great mass of powerless peasants, doing the general drudgery work required to keep the civilisation functioning. They want this NWO to be a new kind of feudal society, however, having learned many lessons over the centuries about managing populations, a feudal society which has the trappings of a less oppressive society, and which the dumbed down well-indoctrinated people believe is a 'democracy' because they're told that every day in the media and they get to choose their 'leaders' every few years through a 'democratic election', but is in reality a kind of 'inverted totalitarianism' (check out a guy called Sheldon Wolin, here talking with Chris Hedges), in which they pretend we all live in a nice democracy, but in reality, a pretend-democracy such as we have today, a 'democracy' in superficial appearance only, in which you might get a vote every few years, but all the parties you are encouraged or allowed to vote for, to 'choose' between, are controlled by the same people, and no matter who you vote for you get the same NWO-strengthening policies - the endless war enabling 'wartime security' measures to control you, the 'austerity' impoverishing the 'lower classes' and 'democratic' government, the 'free trade' treaties 'legally' turning the governance of our countries over the 'big business' lawyers, the increased police presence to 'protect us all from terrorists', and etc. They have learned the lessons of history, and this is kind of Feudalism-v6, very much new and improved (for the rulers) - a country where the top 20% or so of the people live fairly decent lives (as long as they serve the Lords well), and thus support the system, is much easier to manage than a country openly divided into Lords and Peasants, with the large peasant class controlled by violence, and very unhappy with their circumstances and looking for ways to get a more fair share of the pie, as it were.

And the people behind this NWO drive are not 'the damned communists', very obviously to anyone not walking around in some kind of dumbed down trance (like most of the population, apparently, unfortunately) that's just a huge red herring, a bogeyman chimera to distract the children while the real 'bad guys' get on with building the various fences that will be required to keep the oppressed majority liable to openly resist the NWO under control with minimal opposition, even support from the masses who have been conned into thinking the fences are to protect them, not control them. Very obviously, as I explained above, these forces are not 'damned collectivist commies', they're the same 'rightwing' forces, to use the 'traditional' political nomenclature prior to this great reimaging of our society of the last 30 years, who have always existed, whose current representatives can be connected via a very straight and clear line from as far back as you want through the feudal lords of Europe through the robber barons of America to the Wall St bankers of today, a small gang of avaricious, violent, morals-ethics-free human predators who are determined to take the power to run the world as they always have, living in opulence as modern gods on earth, using the powerless workers to create the great wealth they claim as theirs and smash all democratic resistance. In the old days it was first raw violence that created and maintained such power, but in the modern world control of large amounts of money is the central power, as with enough money you can buy whatever you want, including governments to provide whatever violence you require and the media to brainwash the people into believing what you want them to believe.

These plans for world domination have been going on for at least the last 100 years, and they met their first serious resistance during the 1960s-70s with the widespread student's and other's movements protesting the wars the US was engaging in, not only in Vietnam but in other countries, and looking for a better more democratic and egalitarian society overall - things which were in the exact opposite direction the planners of the NWO were wanting to go.

So the wouldbe Lords of the World reacted, very cleverly and strongly, both economically and socially. Over the next couple of decades, beginning in the 70s, becoming deeper and stronger through the 80s and 90s, and pretty much full scale successful by the 2000s, they instituted a strong dumbing down movement in our western societies - children who believe what the authorities tell them are far, far easier to control and manage than young people with open, engaged, intelligent roaming minds looking around and thinking for themselves, and seeing things aren't well and demanding change. A central part of this dumbing down was a very Orwellian Ministry of Truth re-imaging of 'history', completely erasing the idea of the eternal struggle between 'right' and 'left', between a power-desiring elite desiring to create/maintain an all-powerful oligarchical form of government vs the masses wishing for democracy from the public consciousness, and the creation of an entirely new 'narrative' of our times - the 'new collective consciousness' being instilled as 'baseline belief of 'our' society' in the children was to believe that we WERE a 'great democracy' already, and had always been by golly!!!. The idea there had ever even been any kind of 'class struggle' was not even talked about, not even to be recognized as having ever happened in our great free egalitarian happy-campers all-for-one one-for-all!! democracy - but instead of this workers-vs-elite eternal struggle, to explain the various unhappy groups in our midst, there was a great struggle going on in our world, dating back pretty much forever as far as any very history-challenged young people are/were concerned, the struggle between our Great Free Democratic ways, and the damned commies who wanted to destroy our great democracy and rule us like, you know, that damned commie terrible bogeyman monster dictator Stalin, who killed his poor people mercilessly, who all had to live in poverty and line up for food at the endlessly undersupplied State Department Store - all pretty hazy, of course, we just need to know that We Are Great!! and the damned commies are evil bastards we want nothing to do with - and any problems we have in our Great Democracy is from damned commie spies in our midst creating unrest in our innocent happy hardworking people!! Such tales were and are all lies and propaganda, of course, but the propaganda was strong and pervasive, spread over the land by very sophisticated people and methods, and over the years very successfully instilled in the American consciousness, and to a large extent in the Canadian as well. There was a short hiatus after the dissolution of the USSR in 1990, which the rulers filled with 'monster leaders killing their own people!!!' and other 'terrorists', but the 'great commie threat' has re-emerged the last few years with Putin, and now we hear almost daily on the corporate state propaganda 'news' how our great democracy is under attack from both terrorists and commies!!!!! and that evil bastard Putin wanting to take over the world !! - and we all need to stand tall and support our government which is fighting these terrible people.

The reality of course is that the 'class struggle' is not only alive and ongoing, as it has always been, it is more evident than at any time since the 1930s here in Canada as the advances made during the 1960s and 70s have all been dismantled, and we are going very firmly downhill, in terms of 'democracy', these last 30 years - and to maintain this downhill-for-us, very successful-for-them, progression, it is a primary objective of the elite to keep any talk of this class struggle completely out of the minds of Canadians, and focused on external bogeymen monsters!! If more people understood what had been really happening the last 40 years, and saw clearly the lies that they were being told as their democracy was being degraded and dismantled in front of them, given this kind of common banner to gather under, they could make life extremely difficult for the wouldbe elitists-new feudalists putting the final touches of their lockdown state in place. Thus the massive full-spectrum media management of society, maintaining daily all of the central new narrative parts required to allow the completion of the NWO program - belief we live in a great egalitarian democracy, where the 'issues' we face are things like how Mrs Jones felt when her puppy died, or the terrible problems women face in our country (notwithstanding our 'great democracy', a central part of Orwell's world, which we largely inhabit, is/was the ability to hold contradicting ideas in one's mind without seeing the contradictions), how we must stand together against the terrible threats of terrorism!! and Putin's ambitions to take over our great free democratic western world and impose terrible Communism on us all, how even though we are a great Democracy, we still have a terrible financial problem and must allow the rolling back of things governments of the past managed with no problem to 'meet our obligations to pay down the debt', and etc.

It's all a vast fairy tale, but firmly imposed on a dumbed down, passive population.

So everyone has to start thinking for themselves, get some useful education, start behaving like adults, like our ancestors of earlier times, not stupid spoiled children name calling and throwing temper tantrums, or nice children but believing the utter lies and propaganda their 'authorities' tell them via 'trusted' media such as the CBC in Canada. The young innocent libertarians need to stop following BOGEYMAN COLLECTIVIST COMMIES!!!!! nonsense from the libertarian propagandists, the young women need to stop following the 'ALL MEN ARE EVIL!!!!!" shit from whoever they are following, and everyone needs to start thinking for themselves, start talking civilly as we need to do in a large democratic setting and working out problems and disagreements together, like adults in a real democracy.

And you need to start doing it soon - we do have a common enemy, and a very, very dangerous enemy, and they are very well along in THEIR plans to create a country none of you are going to like very much, and our only chance to defeat this enemy is to first understand clearly who it is, as our ancestors clearly did, and start working together to defeat their attempted imposition of a new world feudalism, and stand tall and adult and create our own democracy.

We all know how later generations of people all around the world looked back at the Germans during the 1930s, and asked in wonder, 'How could they have let Hitler happen?'. Try not to have future generations asking the same questions about you. If these people succeed with their NWO - New World Feudalism plans, Hitler's going to look like a piker. And you're letting these people do exactly what Hitler did. Time to stand up, and stand together, and take back our country.

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