A Place to Stand
Chapter 43 - EEE 9

A Place to Stand
Dave Patterson

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On Green Island

Old saying
All it takes for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing.

All it takes for evil to fail is a few good men and women to stand together and say No.

From The Colonial, special edition

Supreme Court of Canada declares Green Island government illegal
- bright new day about to dawn on Prince Edward Island!

In an unprecedented event in Canadian history, in a precedent setting decision rendered earlier today, the Supreme Court of Canada, after long consideration of a complex collection of presentations and legal arguments from lawyers representing a broad coalition of parties, has found that the election on Prince Edward Island of almost five years ago which saw the rise of the so-called 'We the People's Representative Government of Green Island' to be invalid, and thus the same so-called 'People's Government' to be invalid, and all the changes rendered on this fair Prince Edward Island the last few years to be of no force or effect.

There will be a new election at the earliest possible moment, but until that time, a provisional government headed by Mr. Joseph Black, recently selected as leader of the Prince Edward Island NewLibConRep Party, has been named as interim governor. This highly unusual step ('... which we feel must be taken to guarantee the rights of the people to select their own government in a free and democratic society, and to enjoy the government they have selected and not be denied that choice through some unfortunate combination of circumstances such as has occurred on Prince Edward Island in this case - but which must nonetheless be imposed only in this situation alone and not regarded as some type of precedent or validation of the idea of 'proportional representation' as certain groups in Canada are lobbying for, as a decision to formally initiate such a system must only be taken by the people themselves ...'). In making this difficult decision, the court also said that this very unusual finding - never before has such an order been issued in Canada (nor, our research indicates, in any other western democracy, ever) - was undertaken with some special considerations, namely to 'stop immediately the terrible damage being done to the infrastructure, economy and society of this province, as fully and shockingly demonstrated to this court by the various and several plaintiffs, by what can only be described in the cold light of sober second thought as a thoroughly illegal government, whose flaunting of such illegal and immoral activities must stop immediately, in response to the disgust and anger of the entire country and world at their destructful and failed - and very illegal! - anarchist experiment'.

Harsh words indeed but, it must be said, words that needed to be said, and words which the Colonial fully endorses. It was highly shocking for us here at the Colonial to find this gang of anarchists and discontents taking over our Island five years ago, although they had substantially less than 50% of the vote, in what could only be called a once-in-a-million fluke, and we have been forefront in the movement to have this terrible injustice corrected. It has taken time, but finally Justice will prevail.

A large contingent of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is in transit to the Island, in addition to the small force that arrived with the Supreme Court Justices two days ago for their personal safety, to replace the hoodlums who have been terrorizing law-abiding citizens for the last several years, as frequently noted in these pages, as the quasi-'police' calling themselves 'GRIPPs', but resembling more something from a Hollywood movie with their informal garb and weaponless kung-fu antics rather than a serious police presence with appropriate uniforms and modern peace-keeping and crowd-control accessories under democratic control, to maintain law and order during the transition phase, as the plaintiffs indicated to the court that they feared the small gang of hooligans in charge, who have often been associated with terrorist connections (again as frequently noted in the pages of this paper, which has continued operation under some fairly dire circumstances, faithfully and stalwartly holding up the democratic ideals we were established to support until such time as this when proper government was restored to our fair Isle), would 'not go peacefully', and the few disgruntled Islanders who have fallen in with them for whatever rewards might well engage in terrorist acts against the majority of law abiding citizens of this province in an attempt to cow them into supporting the now-discredited and crumbling regime. These are dangerous times indeed, but at least we have begun the return to a safe path, and look forward to once again walking the streets of our fair land with some degree of security.

Although the proceedings today were originally scheduled as a pre-decision, 'verbal argument' phase, and a decision rendered at some time later this year, as per usual SCC practice, the unusual step of releasing the decision today was made on the grounds that (quoting from the decision): "We understand that a so-called 'referendum' on a new 'constitution' for the province is scheduled for this coming Friday, but two days hence, and it has been explained to us by representatives of the true government-in-waiting, the originally elected government, that is, that there are great fears that this so-called 'referendum' has been essentially decided beforehand in a most undemocratic fashion, in the sense that the undemocratically elected government, and the pervasive internet 'media' which it has established to flood the Island and its people with disinformation and propaganda, have rendered a fair vote in this matter highly unlikely, and thus it is of some urgency to release this decision and implement its recommendations ahead of that referendum, to prevent it from taking place and creating confusion in the eyes of the world and others, when it is much more important to return a traditional, stable democratic government to the long-suffering people of Prince Edward Island. Should the new interim government, of course, decide to hold a similar referendum in the future, they will be free to do so, and under their auspices, with a free media once again in operation, we can be sure of the fairness of any such outcome from such a proceeding."

In making this decision - "one of the most complicated cases we have ever been faced with, and certainly personally one of the most troubling of my life on the bench, causing a great deal of soul searching, I will admit...", said Chief Justice James in his opening remarks - the Court found that there were many irregularities in the previous election, from the election tracts of many of the so-called People's Representatives filled with lies and slander concerning the other candidates, the previous government, our democratic institutions, and many other things, through various problems on the voting day itself, with widespread concerns about vote-tampering in many ridings and the uncharacteristically low turnout of voters - it could be quite safely assumed, stated the decision, that had those who did not vote had any idea of the anarchist plot that was fomenting to take over the PEI government, they would have turned out in force and sent the rascals packing, so the decision today can properly be seen as restoring the rightful government. Such irregularities as the decision is based on do occur in Canadian elections from time to time, the Learned Justice noted, but never before in Canada have they been seen as so serious as to warrant overturning an 'elected' government - indeed, such a procedure has never before been ordered, indicating the unusual severity of the charges brought against the so-called Green Island government, together with the solemnity with which the charges are viewed by the Supreme Court of Canada, and, indeed, the government of Canada itself.

The Court also found, as requested by certain of the plaintiffs, that many of the legislative actions of the 'green' government to be unconstitutional and/or simply illegal, in violation of over-riding laws of the lawful Government of Canada, and thus to be of no force or effect.


This was a lengthy decision which we have not had time to study thoroughly yet, but a summary version was released to the press. The highlights of the decision, other than those already reported, were as follows: (we might note that many of the following particulars were not strictly necessary, as we have no doubt that most of these things would have been done by the returned rightful government at the earliest possible moment once they take office - but it was the position of the court, with which we concur, that it was safer to give full answer to all important particulars, in order to forestall any potential legal action in the days following, which could hinder a smooth transition process back to a normal government if those who benefitted mostly from the illegal government should have the means to make a legal challenge in our court system, which, as we have noted, and notwithstanding the rightness of the decision today, often provides unnecessary leeway to those who would take advantage of our democracy and freedom, and use the courts for purposes it ought never be put in a responsible society):

NO! to monopoly money! - The so-called Green Island Currency, for example, is quite obviously illegal, as only the Government of Canada is empowered to issue or authorize the issuance of legal tender in this country - and this country includes, of course, Prince Edward Island. The banks are apparently to be awarded a substantial settlement for 'profits denied' over the last several years as well. The Court, recognizing its responsibility in declaring the so-called 'Green Island Currency' to be henceforward of no more legality than Canadian Tire Money, issued, with the approval of the Government of Canada and Bank of Canada representatives, to avoid confusion, an interim authorization for the Interim Government of Mr. Black, a well-respected Island lawyer, to borrow up to 10 billion dollars from Canadian commercial institutions, through a bond issue at market rates as any responsible institution must do, to make up the accumulated shortfall of legal Canadian tender and to deal with necessary Island business in the immediate future, and try to get the Island back on sound financial footing, which has been sadly lacking the last few years. Mr. Black has already wisely decided to use some of the borrowed money to proceed on a study tour, with a number of trusted advisors and new cabinet appointees and businessmen selflessly dedicating their time to restoring the Island's economic health, through various countries in Europe and South America and possibly Southeast Asia which have had to deal with the aftermath of economic problems resulting from short-term coup-type governments, such as looted treasuries, for a few weeks (subject to extension of course should circumstances dictate such necessity for the good of the people of Prince Edward Island), to undertake some urgent research on getting the province back on its feet. The court declined to declare that a substantial raise in the salary of the newly elected officials would be in order, as the plaintiffs had requested, to compensate them fully for what will surely be a Herculean task in righting the Island after these years of anarchism, and not forgetting that they have had no salary increase during the previous years either, but did suggest they would not frown on such a decree emanating from the office of the New Premier of Prince Edward Island, either. Considering as above, our readers know we have always carefully scrutinized the salaries of our elected representatives, and we can say here that, given the heavy workload our new politicians will face, a considerable raise hardly seems out of place. We hope there will be no childish whining about this from our readers.

Various lawyers of the PEI Bar Association were also present to make a special pleading that the Supreme Court not overlook the highly unorthodox changes to the Prince Edward Island system of justice, which worked so well for so long it is still a mystery as to why the new 'government' felt it needed to meddle. They wished the Supreme Court to make special note of a case that was heard in Montague recently involving a tragic accident, and the conviction of a young man who was threatened with torture if he did not confess and so did so - the Supreme Court Justices were quite shocked to hear of this, and a full investigation ordered immediately by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canada's abiding true police force who were shamefully banished from this Island during the reign of terror of the anarchists. They were also quite shocked to hear that some illegal 'truth serum' was actually entered into a Canadian court room, and we are quite sure that those who were trying to turn Prince Edward Island into a police state will be facing some heavy penalties, rightfully so, in the very near future. It is good to know that once again our safety and protection will be in the hands of real lawyers and judges, and enforced by a real police force - citizen empowerment is naturally something we fully support, but there are some things that are better left in the hands of trained professionals, and the all-important Law, the very foundation of our society, is certainly one of these things.

** Almost every legal and political and religious and business group in the country had joined the special petition presented to the Supreme Court to have the use of the new 'truth serum' declared illegal, for various reasons, and the Justices gave a thorough tongue lashing to the so-called legal advisors of the so-called Green Island government for daring this totalitarian measure in a free and democratic society such as we are constitutionally guaranteed in Canada. The Justices were quite outraged at the various accusations that had been levied against their impartiality and devotion to the Truth and Justice - there is surely no better system of Justice in the world than we have enjoyed here on Prince Edward Island prior to the anarchist coup, and we are mightily pleased to know that once again we will have these great men (and women) of justice serving us. Everyone saw this as a moral issue also, of course, and additionally lawyers and other legal groups also entered an argument again under NAFTA, that the use of such a drug was an infringement on their right to provide a necessary service in a free and democratic society, and be allowed to make a fair profit for providing that service, and once again, damages were awarded, although the exact sum has yet to be determined.

** and related, the demand by the US and Canadian governments that the use of marijuana and certain other drugs, which are illegal in those countries, be declared once again unambiguously illegal in Prince Edward Island, was noted in a special section of the decision - "These drugs are the scourge of society, and all efforts must be made to stamp out their use, as all civilized people know. It is terrible to consider the setback we have faced the last few years because of the horribly misguided actions of this anarchist regime."

** Monsooooockuckoo Carlickers have once again had returned their right to engage in agricultural practices on Green Island, and engage in business with our farming community, after being so shortsightedly forced to suspend operations under the anarchists, who seem to think the earth is pest-free or something. We all value our environment, none moreso than MC (it says so right in their brochures, for heaven's sake!), and it is simply wrongheaded to deny such a caring company the right to help us provide our food supplies safely and effectively. We know all farmers will welcome the return of their helpful modern chemicals, and having to purchase non-germinating seeds for MC crops each year is surely an acceptable price to pay for the safe and wholesome food they provide, and with the return of the rightful traditional banks to our Island, they will have a ready source of loans for such things as they need if they have a poor market or crop, as we have always done here traditionally. If a few fish or birds die sometimes, well, that is the modern world. We do not live in the jungle anymore, and if certain species cannot adapt to human needs, perhaps their time on the evolutionary chain has rightfully come to an end.

** The CRTC has had their decision to suspend the operation of the so-called 'Radio Free Green Island' affirmed, and it must immediately cease and desist spreading its wicked message of terrorism and the overthrow of democratic governments throughout the world. The so-called Green Island Net, and especially the anarchist site called AGORA, are also being closed immediately, as there are serious concerns about propaganda and pornography on that site that must no longer be available to our all-too impressionable children. Again, the Colonial supports free speech as a fundamental right of citizens in a democratic society, but we all need to remember that we live in dangerous times with terrorists all too close to our shores, and we have no right to endanger our fellow citizens by cavalier expression of dangerous opinions that encourage those who threaten us and demoralize our troops. The Canadian Newspaper Association also added their voice in a special section of this petition, and it is expected that the leftist-communistic 'Island Voice' will be facing some serious examination of its activities over these last few years as well - they have at least, we are pleased to say, been issued a temporary 'cease and desist' order which should keep them from inflaming any violent impulses those who disagree with the honorable decision today might be nursing.

** The Association of Canadian Universities has had granted their demand that the so-called university 'Athenia' be required to cease operations immediately, as it is not accredited by the national body and is casting disrepute upon the quality of every university in this great country with its unconventional ways; the ACU says that it will be quite happy to assist the former governors of our once venerable UPEI restore the former system, at which time it should reopen. The ACU singled out particularly such things as the use of amateur scientists as both teachers and researchers, the departure from well-established doctrine in the materials taught (noting especially the unorthodox treatment of economics and political science as 'backwards' and 'dangerous' and 'not to be tolerated in a free and democratic society'), the refusal to allow corporate sponsorship of research, and the insistence on publishing all of their 'research' findings for free on various internet sites as being things that should simply not be allowed in a free, market-based society, and also, in an academic sense, the selective admission tests that denied hundreds of students qualified for admittance to the best Canadian universities a chance to attend, the policy of charging no tuition for many students, and the refusal of the university to adhere to the ACU code of academic standards.

** In a related finding, the so-called Green Island 'basic' schools have been ordered closed, and the former PEI School Board will be immediately re-constituted to oversee the return of our fine school system on Prince Edward Island. The so-called 'schools' were again not using properly qualified teachers, were following no recognized Canadian educational standards, were failing to provide proper discipline for the students, and were using many highly inappropriate teaching methodologies, not least of which was their sex-education, which actually seemed to promote pre-marital sexual relations in young people.

** The United Food Producers Association gratefully noted the ruling by the court to disband the Green Island Potato Board, which attempted to remove so-called middlemen from marketing system and ensure the farmers got a fair price for their work - the Supreme Court rightfully noted that middlemen are a necessary part of a functioning market, and deserve their profits, and it is quite unnatural for a government to interfere with business practices in such a manner. True market-based competition is the only progressive route for all agricultural products in an advanced and modern society such as Prince Edward Island has always been, and if some outdated farmers cannot compete in a true free-trade based system, then it is surely for the good of us all, the greater good which these people so like to talk about, that they allow their farming operations to be operated by those more in touch with modern realities, and retire to some more suitable occupation - we have learned that Jonny Makeabuck is already planning the reopening of his call centers, so there will be jobs available for anyone who needs one, and the fish factories and french fry factories will also be reopening soon, we are sure, providing the traditional jobs Islanders have relied on for most of their modern history, which were good enough for the fathers and must be good enough for the children.

** The Canadian Bankers Association: In association with a number of political organizations and business groups, the CBA has had their request to the Supreme Court affirmed, in that the ongoing action of the Green Island government 'suing' the CBA and various actual officials, both in the banking community and elected parliamentarians, for damages and recovery of monies 'stolen' in years past through 'fraudulent' government debt will immediately be cancelled. This is long overdue. Such things are beyond the pale, and bring the administration of our very way of life into disrepute, and should not be allowed. We as a society are able to understand that some things cannot be tolerated - it is not allowed, for instance, to cast even a shadow of doubt on the terrible holocaust suffered by the Jewish people during the second world war and people so doing are charged with various crimes, and likewise to even suggest the very pillars of our society, our banking, political and business leaders, would have betrayed the trust invested in them through such unthinkable activities as this massive alleged fraud is another such thing, we believe. As a special Addendum to this finding today, the Supreme Court of Canada hereby affirms in Law that any suggestion our bankers, politicians or business leaders have ever engaged in some sort of crackpot conspiracy to defraud the Canadian people of large sums of money is not protected by such laws as we have guaranteeing free speech in this country, and when the wronged parties protest such accusations through legal channels, the full weight of the laws of libel shall be applicable to such persons.

** In a related finding, the bankers had also demanded compensation for expropriated profits under the NAFTA and other trade treaties, saying that when the Green Island anarchist government began printing its own money rather than borrowing from the banks, and opened a 'government' bank in Rustico providing cutrate banking services to the people, they were denied interest payments and various service charges they had come to expect and would receive in any normal business and banking climate in a free and competitive market, and thus had a real and implied right to, in a normally functioning democratic country. The SCC has found in the banks' favor, although it is not clear who will be responsible for paying them their lost profits. Our financial analyst said that it is probable that the long-suffering taxpayers of Prince Edward Island will be expected to make up the cost one way or another - it appears the small adventure our citizens had with the anarchists may prove to be an expensive one as well. Perhaps it will be a lesson learned for the future.

** Various Canadian business groups were also suing to have the GI guaranteed Community Work and Income plan scrapped - these businesses, and thus our society, depend on the availability of a certain labour pool, and if the government is printing money and handing it around willy nilly to any citizen who comes knocking, these people are too choosy about where they will work - while perfectly good jobs in various businesses go without anyone to fill them - our excellent call-center, for instance, mentioned before, suffered greatly and had to actually close for a few years and thus suffered irreplaceable lost business and profits, and several farm packing plants and fast food operations and tourist businesses have closed. We all understand, in the modern globalized world, that such things as a flexible work force are necessary for our all-important businesses to be competitive in the world market and to ensure that business investors receive a competitive return on their investment to keep the investment dollars flowing, and any government actions that diminish the rights of business owners and shareholders to profits and a healthy ROI must naturally be scrapped. We again support the actions of the SCC in this matter, our only regret that they did not speak much sooner.

** Micro (WEOWNEVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)snot conputer company once again petitioned to have the GILUX software declared an 'unfair trading practice' and the Supreme Court, apparently in a gift-giving mood, agreed Microetc has been quite upset the last couple of years not only at their almost nonexistent sales on Prince Edward Island, but the fact that the so-called 'open source' GILUX software, produced on Prince Edward Island, has been taking the world by storm. (Ed - we tend to agree with Microetc, in that it is highly unlikely that anyone from Prince Edward Island could invent something as good as GILUX is said to be by its converts, so there is a high probability they stole something from someone or are using other unfair practices, which reputable companies like Microetc would certainly never do, so we need to level this playing field once again in the interests of fair and open business practices on our Island, so we can continue to attract the world's top players. We are as much in favor of modern, wealth creating ideas such as 'value-added' products as anyone, but it's obvious to those same anyones that we should stick to what we can do - fish or french-fries plants such as we have historically had, or giving businesses incentives to provide new attractions to attract more tourists - but we really shouldn't pretend we can compete in the larger world against the bigger players - such a dream is doomed to defeat)

In a short interview following the decision, Mr. Black, our new Interim Premier, said that regardless of the legalities of the Supremes decision, he expects they will have to discontinue a number of the newer Island services for the nearterm future, such things as the rail system and the new, as yet unpaid for, faculties at the University of Prince Edward Island, as "...Islanders have just been living far beyond their means, you know, for the last few years with this play money they've been using (all of which will be, of course, declared 'non-legal tender' immediately - we sympathize with those individuals and businesses which have substantial amounts of this money that will become worthless, but surely they knew this pipedream could not last, and we all know the all saw about playing with fire, which these people surely understood they were doing...), quite irresponsibly avoiding their commitments to the Canadian banks and generous investors therein which supported them selflessly for years and generations, and the generous businessmen who formerly employed so many Islanders and have been treated shamefully, and now, like drunken sailors who have blown their savings along with their paychecks in a crazy drunken binge, they're going to have to hunker down and do without a few things for awhile while we get things back on a solid financial footing, with the help of responsible Canadian banks, who are once again willing to make some sacrifices to help the people of Canada. Regrettable, of course, but there it is - we'll all be better for it in the future, of course, and I know Islanders from Seal Harbour to North Cape agree with me. Fortunately, we have many people who previously did a very good job of looking after this province who are still available, and I think many of them will be back in their old positions, looking after the best interests of all Islanders, as they did formerly."

Black also noted that he expects the 'white elephant' wind farms and tidal generating stations will be shut down along with the rail service, so Islanders can get back to 'traditional and accepted' ways of doing things, and said he has already been in discussions with the MacBirvagirbleings, who have said they will be 'pleased' to once again supply the oil products for Islanders - "...we may have to pay a premium of a few billion dollars to recompense them for the gas stations they've had to close and the other business they've lost the last few years due to these crazy ideas the anarchists brought in, to ensure that no more problems will occur, but I know Islanders will accept that and be happy to return to their traditional and secure way of doing things...".

It is expected that quite a number of individuals will face criminal charges as this matter gets sorted out over the next few weeks. The coup of a Canadian government, even a small one such as that of Prince Edward Island, is a matter not to be taken lightly, of course, nor is the considerable damage done to the reputation and finances of this province by the astoundingly irresponsible activities of Bigelow and his gang of head-in-the-clouds tin-hat dreaming revolutionaries the last few years. It's really too bad for everyone they, and a few others like them, have not learned the lessons of history - the war is over! - communism is a tired and discredited idea, and The Market is the path to a prosperous future for all of us (as the Colonial has said all along), and it is our duty as citizens to adjust our lives to this brave and free new world - everyone will be happier and better off when they're standing on their own feet, with no nanny state directing every action of their lives!

We also note with some thanks the presence of the American Peaceship the 'New World Order' in the Charlottetown Harbour this morning - entirely a coincidence, of course, paying us this honorary visit as part of the great ongoing American World-wide Democracy Initiative, but a comforting presence in case the remnants of the illegal coup are considering any sort of terrorist activity to protest their disenthronement - it is a time of great unrest in the world, and one cannot be too careful with one's loved ones, as we are all well aware. Hardly a day goes by when responsible newspapers such as your Colonial are not carrying stories from all around the world about what these monstrous 'wannabe-Hitlers' are capable of, with their blind hatred of freedom and democracy and true family values and all the good things we stand for in this great democracy, and the dangers of terrorists operating in Canada, and the ready availability of Weapons of Mass Destruction through the internet, which we understand is also about to be properly regulated under the new government to prevent its use in spreading terrorist and unCanadian propaganda, which seems to have been a major route through which this short-term coup was planned and initiated. We all know that we must be prepared to make small sacrifices in the name of Freedom and Democracy, and we are sure that no true Islanders will protest the idea of having the Canadian Secret Service overseeing the electronic activities of Islanders in this way to preserve our Great Society and ensure no more sudden coups are attempted such as the so-destructive one we were forced to endure for the last few years. When we are once again safe, such necessary surveillance will undoubtedly be reduced once again to a more background level (we must ever be prepared to sacrifice in the name of freedom!), but for now, we must all be vigilant to prevent the return of such a terrorist government to our Island.

In this vein, in this dangerous modern world, it is only for our own protection that Mr. Black, the Colonial has learned, will be introducing Island ID cards as one of the first initiatives of his interim government, in line with the National US-Canada OneBorder ID cards already being used in most of Canada, but which the secretive government we have had for the last few years refused to allow for our own protection - shameful to issue such an open invitation to every terrorist in the world that Prince Edward Island loves and welcomes you!! Although the defendants attempted to make the case that the Canadian Charter of Rights was being violated by such measures, the Court quite rightfully said that in certain cases government activities like this are fully warranted and a reasonable limit on the rights of Canadian citizens (which are after all only privileges, and when privileges are abused, as they have been, like unruly children, those who have countenanced such abuses must have certain restrictions placed on them. We must all take a closer hand in the future in seeing that our friends and neighbors are made more aware of their duties as citizens in this great and free land! - we all suffer from the actions of those few irresponsible people), and help to ensure that we have a free and democratic society for all. And the Colonial fully concurs - law-abiding citizens have nothing to fear from measures such as this, and in this age of terrorism, we must all be prepared to cooperate with the authorities at every turn.

Along those lines, we report with some satisfaction that Mr. Black has further indicated he will be taking a serious look at the operation of the so-called 'Green Island Voice', as although freedom of the press is a paramount virtue of democratic societies, this is also, he said, a time we must all watch what we say and do, with terrorism a threatening presence in the world, and 'newspapers' such as the aforementioned must not be allowed to create division in our society through propaganda and lies and inflammatory commentary and hate speech.

The Colonial will be having a full interview with Mr. Black early next week about his plans for Prince Edward Island, prior to leaving on his fact-finding mission abroad - we look forward to sharing his vision of a Free and Democratic Prince Edward Island Once Again! with our readers. Mr. Black's final words before leaving for a behind-closed-doors meeting with other potential government members were, "Tell the world that Prince Edward Island is open for business again!"

And so we shall, with joy. Too long have we suffered under the chains of oppression on this fair Isle.

All in all, we feel a very just and appropriate decision from the Supreme Court of Canada, showing once again that the great trust Canadians place in their revered institutions is well placed. See our Special Morning edition tomorrow for more stories, and interviews with the Justices and lawyers who have given us back our Island!

Welcome Mr. Black, and welcome back, Prince Edward Island, land of the free and democratic once again!


(newly renamed) Carbucks Capitalist Coffee (Lattes at $8.50 Cdn - no funny money accepted!)

"Hohoho! Congratulations, Ghrizzbebaggledory! Back in the saddle tomorrow, eh?"

"Hi, Pathetic!" big smiles, high fives, manly clasping of hands, "Finally! Been waiting a long time for this day! Don't know about tomorrow - might be a few days - the RCMP are mustering in Moncton, getting their gear ready, but the Americans are probably landing about now, JB has had it all in the works for awhile...."

"Well, we've waited five years - another couple days won't matter! Say - you goin to Europe with Joe?"

"Am I!?! Geezus, been six years since I been, what a waste! - gonna be a real blowout this time!"

"Haha - yea, me too! Christ, Pat, what in the hell happened back there five years ago, that we let all this get away?"

Puzzled frown, serious look.

"Geez, I'm not sure, Ghizzbebabbledory, not sure - but you can be sure we'll be meeting with some people who'll be giving us some pointers to make sure it never happens again! We got plans for a few people, let me tell you ..."


Gallant's Great Green Coffee - One Green Island Buck

"Mabel, I can't believe what I'm reading!" - printed copy of Green Island Voice story from the AGORA, not yet shut down - "How can they declare the government illegal? Almost everyone I know is strongly behind our Green Island government, and I know it's the same all over the Island - AGORA and our friends and neighbors from O'Leary to Fortune do not lie!! - and REALLY behind it this time, not lying about it all to keep the patronage jobs like they used to have to - "

"I know, dear, everyone is really pleased with what Green Island has become, with the exception of course of a few of the lawyers and wealthy businessmen who used to run things here."

A few seconds of silence.

"Well, it seems as if they've got it back." Despondent.

More silence.

"There must be something we can do, Mabel. There must be something! Damn!!" Angry. Rebellious.

"Maybe the time has come, damn it. The time to stand up and fight for something we believe in. Maybe it's our turn to do it, We the People - Steven and the rest led the way, have done everything they possibly could to show us what we need to do. It's just too depressing to think that next week we'll be back to the old ways, government whining about having no money while raising taxes for us and cutting services, all of us having no security, bank hassling us every month for payments, work work work at the fishplant for peanuts, begging for welfare when the fishing is done and there's no more UI from Ottawa, Albert'll be getting drunk and beating on us again from the sheer frustration of it all, I just know, it's been so good the last couple of years with none of that shit at all..." Close to tears. Desperately unhappy at losing a dream unexpectedly found and embraced.

"I just can't imagine having to tell my kids they won't be going to BSB - Basin Head Basic School anymore - they love it so much! And they're turning into such amazingly good little people - not like kids before at all - " Resistance. Thinking of consequences.

"Worse - I can't imagine telling my kids in a few years, or anyone anywhere for that matter, I was part of the people who sat on their arses like human mushrooms and let that goddamned Black and his gang take Green Island away from us all." Very, very close to tears.

"Yea... that ain't gonna look very good, dear."

Finish the coffees. A few moments of contemplative silence. A touching, a joining, of hands.

"I think maybe we ought to call some people together, dear? I suspect others are thinking the same as we are...??"

The true resistance begins. In a hundred or two hundred or a thousand coffee shops and kitchens all over Green Island.

"Yea. We need to talk, all of us. You go open up the hall and get the coffee on, why doncha? I'll start the phone tree, and send LouEllen over with the brainstorming stuff box, and get the twins working on the AGORA. By the sound of things, we have no time to waste at all. At frigging all."

"Yea. Let's do it, sweetie. For once in our lives tell them assholes to go fuck themselves. We ain't takin it no more. Like the guy on the movie said."

Action. We the People. The only way.


Thursday night. Later.

Beezer stood by the shore, staring intently out into the bay, nose high, ears at half-mast, the highest they would go. There was a 3/4 moon, but right now it was behind clouds. But he was sure he had heard something a few minutes ago, bringing him trotting down to the shore, an alpha-male, fearless, protecting his turf and his family. Something different, not the normal sound of fishing boats winding their way in or out of the bay at any time of the night depending on the tide, or the smaller boats checking the mussel lines, or the softer voices that sometimes accompanied the sound of smaller boats being rowed or paddled around. No, none of these, something more sinister, something that informed the dog-senses that whoever was making the sound did not want to be detected, something he still remembered hearing not many nights ago - in Beezer's world, something out of the ordinary happening once might be happenstance, but twice was definitely an alert signal. And if something or someone was trying to sneak into Beezer's territory in the quiet of the night, Beezer was interested.

Suddenly he stiffened, sliding his eyes to the left, moving not another muscle except the twitching nose sucking deep of the night breeze to garner the messages it carried, nose and ears being much more useful than eyes, night or day. There, again, a distinct but muffled 'tink-tink' sort of sound, then the sound of something heavy sliding on the sandy muck of the shore.

Turning his great head slightly now, Beezer's eyes came into play, the lesser of the senses but all with a role to play, and he could see at least three human forms silhouetted against the slightly lighter sky. He saw the head of one of them glance his way, then freeze, then whisper something, then the other two heads also turn his way. The dog and the humans looked through the dark at each other for a few seconds. Beezer decided to investigate further, and turned towards the shapes, letting out a Beezer 'WOOF!', which very often was enough to secure the area. Not this time, however. As the sound faded, and Beezer prepared to initiate Plan B, the full frontal charge, there was a flash of light, small but potent, from one of the shapes. He hardly had time to blink, or react to the small bang accompanying the flash, when a fierce blow struck him on the side of his head, missing his eye by millimeters, in front of his right ear. As the air around his head was filled with black specks of flying blood and tissue and his brain erupted with black flashes of roaring light, he reared back in shock and pain and reaction to the terrible blow, twisting sideways and falling heavily backwards onto the dark, damp sand.

As the men watched the greenish lump on the shore silently through their night-vision goggles for a few tense seconds, there was no movement. There was a quick whispered conference, and they resumed their midnight task.

The almost full tide licked exploringly at Beezer's big back foot where it lay twisted under the big still body. A small black crab scuttling along the damp sand bumped into the warm mass, and reached out a claw tentatively to see if there was something to eat here.


- and later -

The Dellingtons had stayed up later than usual, watching news and commentary of the aftermath of the SCC decision earlier that day that effectively closed down Green Island, or tried to, and were now sleeping somewhat restlessly in their usual positions when they stayed at the big house, he in the recliner and she on the sofa, blankets loose around them, when, as occasionally happened, neither Brittany or Stephen could make it home for a night. The only light was from the flickering blue of the television, sound muted. Elizabeth had been in her bed for hours.

Outside, a black figure looked carefully through the window for a few seconds, until his finely tuned ears heard the faint sound of a window sliding open somewhere above and around the corner of the building. He looked to his left where another black shape knelt quietly, and pointed to the small verandah on the side of the house, with the door leading to the kitchen of the house, lit only by the dim bulbs of the stove clock and a red light on a coffee machine. The door offered little resistance, as it was not locked. The well-oiled hinges made no sound, the floor boards did not creak as the two shapes made their way to the half-shut door from which the irregularly strobing blue television light came, and the lead figure slowly stuck his head around to make sure the two figures were as they had seen them moments ago.

And less than a minute later the lead figure was reaching into an unzippered pocket and extracting a small communication device, and thumbing it carefully, looking up as a third figure, carrying a small silent bundle over one shoulder, emerged from the small doorway that led to the second floor, nodding his head once as he lay the bundle down in a large armchair.

The man with the communication device waited until a dim green light appeared, then flashed twice, before speaking in a low voice.

"Green Farm Operation Leader to Operation Green Freedom HQ. Operation Green Farm has been achieved. Three clients secured. We will be awaiting your instructions. Out."

A second later there was a short series of flashes, two green, two red, and two more green, and the light went dark. The man inserted the device into a small pocket on the chest of his black suit.

He stood silently for a second, looking around the room, thinking. Coming to a decision, he nodded to the two others and then the sleeping bodies, and the man who had recently come down the stairs picked up the still bundle from the armchair and retraced his steps through the door to the upstairs, followed first by the second man who carried the silent form of Mr Dellington, and then by the leader carrying Mrs Dellington. There was the sound of a door opening upstairs, followed by a few indeterminate muffled sounds. A minute or so later the leader once again appeared. He closed the curtains, and, after one last look around, shut off the television, plunging the room into darkness.

And silently padded across the room and back through the upstairs door.

And all was black and silent at Greenways.

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