A Place to Stand
Chapter 7 - EEE 2

A Place to Stand
Dave Patterson

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On Green Island

Where is everybody?
- Enrico Fermi


Whatever you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important to do it.
- Gandhi


Letter from Brittany
Aug 20xx

Hi Mom -
I'm really sorry I haven't written or called in a few weeks or returned yours - I want to talk to you so much, but face to face, see your eyes, feel your arms around me with my face in your hair like when I was a kid and scraped my knee or something - this time it's a real big scrape, and it just seems impossible to talk about it over the phone, it's embarrassing and awful and how could such a strong smart girl like me ever get in this situation?!?!?! - and since I can't be with you I'll see if I can get through it here.

It's just gotten worse and worse with Joe in the two years (geez the time went so fast!) since we got to Boston - I know I've been telling you that things were fine and everything, but at first I still thought that it was just a temporary thing with the move, and the new job, and dealing with these Americans - some of them are really nice people, but overall it's a pretty scary place down here, compared to almost anywhere I know in Canada - there's so many crazies out there, with guns and attitudes (most of the cops included, which is REALLY scary! - Joe seems to move in circles that regard the cops as their servants and thinks they aren't dangerous to us - but there seems to be a fine sort of line about this, and I am not at all confident about which side I am actually on - especially if Joe wasn't around...) - it sure doesn't seem like the Harbour that you used to talk about. But I guess that was earlier times, and different. And after the first problems were over it seemed like it would be too complicated to explain THEM as well - well, all kinds of things - you know the old 'slippery slope' story, or the 'frog in the boiling water' one - you were the one who taught me that stuff, Mom, but I guess we all have to learn for ourselves - it could never happen to me! - yea right!! You told me that too - but you never really believe stuff until you've gone through it.

I have. So many times I look out into the night and think I'd just like to walk off into the dark and be out of here somehow - a lot of times it's only been little Liz that has stopped me - I guess I don't need to tell _you about 'a mother's love'! - I thought it was sort of exaggerated in the story books and things - until it happened to me. Like so many things - I thought I was so smart, knew so much, when I was the ripe old mature age of 20 - what a laugh that was!

Anyway, that's a sidetrack, although not unrelated to everything. I don't know quite where to start with all this - like I said - after we got here, things started going downhill pretty quick. Liz was only a year old, and we were fighting about my work - Joe was adamant that I was NOT going to be some sort of 'working wife' as he called it - said he had lots of money for everything, and it was really important for him to have a good 'hostess wife; for dinners and to be on his arm at meetings - gave him stability or something, he said, he had such 'big plans' - and he just dismissed all the things I had planned for my own life, my writing, the books, the PhD, the travel, as 'juvenile dreams' or something - I was SO infuriated! - we had a huge fight about how (I said) we had moved to Boston and not Stepford - he didn't get the reference, and when I explained it to him he had a good laugh and said it sounded like a pretty good idea! - and that was the end of my first week in 'the land of liberty'.

It wasn't all bad, Mom, I guess you're wondering why if things were intolerable I didn't just pack up and leave, since Joe never went to the extent of 'bodyguards' or Frankenstein nannies or anything like that - I was always free to leave, at least physically - and we did have a lot of pretty good times when we weren't in some sort of confrontation about our different visions for 'Brittany's life' or whatever you want to say. Joe's version wasn't a total disaster - I've met a lot of interesting people, and went to a lot of interesting places during our two years here, and that sort of thing, moving in those circles, is pretty addictive - I met the President a few weeks ago, even, although that was less than thrilling.

That may actually have been around the time I decided to leave, also, not only for myself, but for Liz - I overheard a talk that night that I wasn't supposed to, but that literally made my blood run cold - I know how melodramatic that sounds, but it's true - I had no idea of the depth of the evil here before that - I guess I thought like most people that the government here was doing some bad stuff, but it was ultimately under some kind of democratic control, and would only go so far before the people woke up and corrected the course, or something. Man, how naive I was!


Brittany sat in the corner of the great hall of the White House sipping on her gingerale and mulling over the brief encounter with the President of the United States of America - the Julius Caesar of the modern world, at least in popular mythology - although, it occurred to her, Caligula was probably a more accurate comparison - these people really did seem pretty crazy. The President's arrival and procession had been impressive certainly, larger-than-life in every way - but it had reminded her of two other times in her life - once when she had been to an Eagles concert in Toronto as a teenager, and thanks to some good luck in being a peripheral member of the concert organizing committee had been in the hallway beneath Maple Leaf Gardens when the band proceeded from their dressing room to the stage, with their retinue of bodyguards checking out faces along their route - it had been the same feeling of larger-than-life, a lot of noise and commotion, but the five men who could be seen between the guards looked very human - and again when her brother had dragged her to a World Wrestling Federation Super Bout a few years earlier - the strutting bodies and bodyguards flashing by her seat at the edge of the walkway had had the same feel as the bodyguards with the President earlier on this evening, and the stars they were escorting, while heavily muscled, did not appear at all to be anything other than human, and their antics even while they were making their way to the stage indicated that they where even less in control of the baser human instincts than most people - they were assuming a certain license from their position, exuding an attitude that they were above the rules of normal people, or something.

The President had stopped briefly to say hello to Brittany, as he did with many others as he passed through the room - neither new nor surprising, men had been doing that all of her life, politicians all of theirs - and she had been more than a bit disappointed to see the small curl on his lip as he smiled at her as he took her hand briefly, the assumption in his eyes that she would fall gratefully in worship at his feet (or anywhere else) were he to demand it - that this world leader could be so shallow had been an epiphanic moment for her, perhaps something she had not wanted to see before, but was ready for now, after her brushes with the corridors of power, and the people occupying those corridors, most of whom had struck her as, not to put too fine a point on it, pond scum, on Joe's arm the last year.

After a few minutes of reflection, she rose from the chair to go looking for Joe - the President had arrived late, as important people usually do, and she was tired and had spent enough time here and wanted to go home. She wandered down the hall towards the library and other parts of the Big House where she had last seen Joe heading with the head of the Boston law firm where he worked, behind the President's entourage. She came to a t-junction (it was a BIG house), and saw nothing to the left, but when she looked to the right, she saw the back of one of the secret service guards disappearing through a door which he left slightly ajar, from where the babble of voices could be faintly heard, and she decided to wait there for him to ask if he knew where Joe was.

As she arrived at the door, she heard a great burst of laughter from inside the room, and the unmistakable voice of the President emerging from the din a few seconds later -


The sheer vulgarity of the comment offended her, and the juvenile posturing that went along with it, emanating from the world's most powerful leader, struck her like a blow, not to mention the laughter that indicated noone present felt the same offense as she, but thought it appropriate and humorous - she had never really thought about it much, but had always assumed, from what she had seen on tv and read in the papers, that the President of the United States of America would be a tall and strong and very ethical figure, a Gregory Peck or James Stewart or Martin Sheen sort - not some Sopranos mouth-breathing mafia type - and she was somewhat stunned, somewhat like a child accidentally coming downstairs a year or two too early and finding her parents laying out the presents from Santa under the Christmas tree.

She thought she detected Joe's somewhat shrill laughter in the burst that followed the President's remark, but just then the guard came back out through the door, pulling it shut behind him, and immediately confronting her in a threatening way.

"Sorry, ma'am, this is a private meeting - you're not even supposed to be outside this door. Would you please go back to the reception area?" he said, taking a step towards her and forcing her to back up to avoid having her nose and the rest of her face mashed in his chest.

Never the shrinking violet type, she forced herself somewhat instinctively to stand taller, and look him in the eye as she spoke, even if she had to look up a little to do so; "I'm just looking for my husband, and I was wondering if he was in there with the others," she said, "and I wonder if you'd mind checking for me?"

The man did not even bother to respond - he simply reached into his pocket and pulled a device that looked like a cellphone from his pocket, but was evidently a walkie-talkie of some sort, as he pushed a button and spoke into it. "SS-two calling SS-seven, are you there? I have a security problem at One's door - she doesn't seem to be armed, but I want backup right now to get her out of here. Do you copy?"

A clear voice came from the device in the guard's hand. "Copy, seven, we'll be there in two seconds."

- and a door at the end of the hallway opened, and a tall man in a grey suit came through it on a run, followed by at least three uniformed policemen. Brittany was surrounded with her arms twisted behind her back almost before she had a chance to realize what was happening. And aside from that basically ignored for the next few seconds.

"So what the hell's the story here?" the man in the grey suit was saying to the guard whom Brittany had first met, "How the hell did this person get here? What are YOU doing here alone? Have you searched her yet? Does she have any weapons?"


About the only really good thing I recall from the last couple of years is our trip to Prince Edward Island in June - I just fell in love with the place, it reminded me so much of all the stories of you and dad you used to tell, with the small communities, and farmers and fishermen, they all (well, most! - Joe managed to find the scummy side pretty quick, some lawyers' offices in Charlottetown - god what revolting people they all are as a class, beneath their 'society' veneer - sneaking and scheming and stealing and backstabbing and lying and generally doing their best to make what should be a beautiful world and society into a viper's pit! - what an eyeopener THAT week was - I could write a book about that alone! - the judges telling stories and laughing about how they thought it was such fun to hammer poor people and toss them in jail for drunk driving - when they had a hangover from their party the night before from which they had driven home - DRUNK!!!! - I wanted to strangle them all!!!) were so down to earth, so friendly, so honest and open, so willing to share - just like your stories about the people you grew up with in Maine. Anyway, we looked at a few places, since Joe was thinking about buying a summer home near the sea (more as a status symbol I think than out of any desire to be near nature or anything like that), and one place called Greenways - a big old rundown farm on some bay on the north shore - was just perfect - I fell in love with it the first time I saw it - it was like I had been there before, or lived there before, I felt so at home. Joe wasn't that thrilled with it (not surprised - it seems we agree on so little since our marriage - I just can't imagine how I fell in love with this man! - I do spend a lot of time thinking about that - and I think I am learning some things about myself as well, but that is another sidetrack, and the book comes later!) - said he needed something smaller, closer to the 'city' (hard to call a place with 15,000 people most of the year a city!), more 'upscale' - but there wasn't much else available right then, and I convinced Joe to put a retainer on it, and I think we will be buying it if I have anything to say about it, and I still do - we do have another trip planned to 'the Island' as the folk there call it for the end of September, some deal Joe was talking about with a local lawyer there called Hewlett or something, and I'm determined not to let Greenways get away - something inside me tells me it will be an important part of my future, although it's hard to tell how right now - maybe it's just like a dream to me, and I am in rather desperate need of something like that right now, something good and positive in my life. (Besides Liz, of course - she just gets sweeter every day!)

Well, anyway, Mom, I feel a lot better right now - there is some catharsis in just getting this down on paper. I still haven't decided whether to hit the send button or not.

Love you forever and always, Mom - maybe I'll just phone you now instead - I think I could do that without breaking down now....



Jonathan Franzen: "... one of the most important assets of the current US government is the strategic national reserve of cluelessness of its average citizen...."


- you really have to hand it to them, the corporate media - they have most people believing that 'the media' is some kind of leftist plot against the 'conservatives', while they continually spew out their right wing propaganda, convincing the people to keep tightening the noose around their own throats - it says a lot about the power of indoctrination and propaganda, and the cleverness of the general rightwing neocon strategy of keeping on message, over and over and over and over again ....


Are you a Budding Canadian Revolutionary??? The Quiz

1. If you could reduce your work week in half, and still maintain your current standard of living, would you do so?? (no strings attached except you would have fewer consumer goods to choose from - that is, instead of having 214 brands of shampoo on the drugstore shelves, there might only be 30 or 40 or so. Or, we suppose, you might attract the enmity of certain governments whose initials begin with USA etc).

2. Do you think 'democracy' should mean that an actual majority of the people of a country elect the government, and the government does what that majority desires? (majority here being defined as 50% + 1, in actual bodies, not 'majority' as defined in Canadian election laws which usually means around 20-25% of the people)

3. Do you believe economic policies should be formulated with the good of all the people in mind, or be formulated primarily to increase the wealth of the already wealthy elite? (again, 'good of all the people' being defined by the people themselves, and not some business group or 'think' tank)

4. Do you believe that politicians who lie demonstrably and brazenly to get elected should be fired?

5. Do you believe that the justice system should work for all the people, or mainly for those who can afford $500 per hour lawyers?

6. Do you think that politicians who never mention their salaries/benefits packages during an election campaign should be allowed to get away with considering their first order of business after being elected giving themselves substantial pay increases?

7. Do you think that people who can afford to pay $10,000 for a 'fundraising' dinner should be allowed special access to the Prime Minister?

8. Do you think that if the government is short of money it should allow commercial banks to create that money and then borrow it from them at prime rates of interest which you will pay for with your taxes, or that the government might better create that money itself through YOUR Bank of Canada, and not have to pay commercial rates of interest??

9. Do you believe Canada should be a US puppet or an independent country?

10. Do you have any idea what we're talking about here?



Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the State becomes lawless or, which is the same thing, corrupt.
Mahatma Gandhi


Physical violence destroys the body. Lies destroy the soul.


... you have to understand, Frannie, regardless of what the upper Canada papers are saying (lies and lies!!! it is SO frustrating!! to read that shit, excuse my farancais, day after day, and send them letter after letter and never see anything published!!) - what we're doing here is not some kind of complete makeover of society or something, some idiotic communistic or socialistic 'totally planned' economy, that would be a truly impossible dream, a ludicrous thing to even try, and believe me we ALL know better than to even think of such a thing. Most of our daily lives are pretty much the same as before the 'revolution' as they call it there, revelation is what most of us think here, except better in almost every way as we have more time and less work - less work overall, and the work we do do is almost always work we are happy with, if you can imagine, no more time clock slaves here! - all we're doing, really, is, how shall I say this - we're removing a cancer from the 'body politic' as it were, so we all can keep doing more or less as we have been doing, but without the constant drain of a cancer sucking away all our energy, all our creativity, a large amount of all our resources and output .... we still have jobs, and work, and homes and money, and stress and problems at times, but I guess the big difference is, we don't have 'representatives' making all our decisions all the time, but we all participate in the decisions we are making as a community or society, through local and province-wide discussions on what we call the AGORA discussion list. What we have done here, the huge accomplishment, is that we have removed (or mostly removed, there are still some lingering pockets of illness) the 'uber-layer' as someone called it, that great invisible sucking vacuum above us all that used to suck half of everything we did or produced straight into the bank accounts of a gang of bankers and 'investors' (read 'crooks', from my perspective) - imagine if you had some big parasite on your back, taking half your blood every day, half your food, half your energy, imagine how you'd feel if that lump was removed, and that's what we have done for Green Island - and it's fabulous, you can have no idea until you see for yourself what I am talking about - I know you are like I was, you have no idea of the cancer, that is how well they have it disguised, how well (forgive me but we do truth here!) they have you all indoctrinated, and you find it hard to believe - but it is real!! Please do come and visit soon, and you can see for yourself how wildly successful this is, so very quickly, how terrible the lies they are telling you are - imagine yourself, when you have a debilitating illness of some sort like that kidney infection you had last year, and take some medicine like the antibiotics the doc gave you, and the illness goes away overnight, how very much better you feel right away ...


Journals of Cheryl Labrador, NDP member West Prince 1, 1st Green Island Government

June 29 2xxx

Well, itís obvious now if it wasn't before that one of our very TOP priorities has to be to get some kind of daily newspaper ASAFP around here that at least tries to tell a bit of the truth - the Colonial might better be renamed Pravda PEI or something, it is so blatantly biased against us, so completely unconcerned with telling the truth or what blatant lies it spreads about us. We knew this before, of course, but at least before the election they made some token efforts at giving us a bit of relatively unedited space, and printed columns or responses to columns by some of us - now nothing but lies and propaganda trying to destroy us. Absolutely disgraceful, no other word for it. Stephen wrote to the Canadian Newspaper Council, but they donít seem interested. surprise surprise - ďWeíre confident that the PEI press is in good hands, Mr. Bigelow - and if they need investigating concerning any of your rather far-fetched allegations, we are sure they will request such a measure....Ē. As Burke or whoever said - freedom of the press belongs to those who own one.

Weíre looking around - maybe a miracle will happen or something. But if we donít get something going soon, they'll bury us under these lies. Jim McVeracity in Montanoguff does his best, but heís only weekly, and when I talked to him yesterday he also said he was getting some hassle from the banks about his loans, and the RCMP had been around to see him to warn him about things that might be considered libelous or even 'terrorist supporting' (for KRISTS sake!!!!!) and their policy in such things was to shut the paper down until any allegations had been cleared in court, which would of course put him out of business, and things are shaky there too.

Thank god for the Net - we've got a big mailing list now and growing daily, I think none of this would have happened without the ability that gave us to reach a lot of people on a small budget, a lot of new interest internationally too, which should help, and with so many people having printers as well, they can print off flyers and post them up in all the small stores around the Island, where people gather and talk. And I know from my own travels that many Islanders are quite willing to give us a chance - we just have to take advantage of it fast, before someone takes it into their heads that the Island needs a regime change or something hahahahaha.

Otherwise things are just ducky hahahaha!!!! - weíre opening the new session next week, and we have a legislative agenda like this province has never seen before! All we need is some time .....


"ON the following pages I offer nothing more than simple facts, plain arguments, and common sense: and have no other preliminaries to settle with the reader, than that he will divest himself of prejudice and prepossession, and suffer his reason and his feelings to determine for themselves that he will put on, or rather that he will not put off, the true character of a man, and generously enlarge his views beyond the present day."

- Thomas Paine, Common Sense


Green Island Free Radio
Sept. xx 2xxx 20:00
How It Could (and Should!) Be - Broadcast # 1,247


Announcer: Hi Morkyderky - So glad to have you with us this morning again, on Radio Free Green Island - reaching ALL around the world on shortwave and longwave and any other wave we can find - and does THAT piss off certain people hahahahaha!! And what are you going to talk about today, on How it Could - and Should! - Be? - MugglyMerk?

Merk: Well, Mindableness, I thought today Iíd take a look at a few stories from around the world that talk about some new developments in Community Living we have been following - there have been some what I think are kind of significant new additions to our rolls. As you know, as we've talked about before, the last 30 years or so in the Western Capitalist World saw an increasing tendency - one which we believe was not entirely coincidental, but we are waiting for a bit more research on that from you Athenia people (hint hint hahahaa) - for people to become more and more isolated from their neighbours and neighbourhoods, and live rather solitary lives. Not entirely friendless, of course, that would be too much, although the trend was certainly to having any significant contact with fellow humans to fewer and fewer such people after the great Paranoia Drive (otherwise known as the 'War on Terror') began in the days after the 911 Black Op - but to live as a stranger in a strange land, as it were - living in a suburban type area with many other people, but not knowing most of those other people. And not trusting them much either - the personal security industry was one of the great benefactors of this time, with burglar alarms of all sorts being a necessity in these new communities. This lifestyle - if we can call it that - was so different from the worlds most of us older folk grew up in, where we knew all our neighbours, saw and spoke with them regularly, and locked doors or cars were unheard of.

Announcer Mindableness: Yes indeed, Murkydear, when I visit my sisters in Upper Canada I have noticed that a lot of people have locked doors, not knowing the people they have lived beside for 10 or 20 years or longer. And I also remember, like you but let's not get into age things!, visiting my uncles and aunts when I was younger, and going to potluck socials and things like that, where everyone knew everyone else in the small communities.

Mourk: Right, Mindableness-the-lovely, you're always young and lovely to my eyes haha, and what we have been doing here in the CSE Research Center is looking all around the world at a new kind of community - Intentional Communities seems to be the popular term for them these days - where people who have been bothered by the impersonal lifestyles and ratraces forced on them by the capitalist system have been organizing themselves into communities where a different set of values prevails - where they can live freely and safely, and meet with their neighbours on evenings and weekends rather than watching tv, as most western people seem to do now, when at least they are not at the malls buying more useless stuff.

Announcer: Great, Morkymurk, just great. So where is the first place you are taking us, on this etherian trip tonight?

Mork: Hahaha good one Mindable! - Arthur in the ether! well, it isn't Camelot today, although we are still looking for Merlin, but one of the oldest such communities is called Findhorn, and it is located in Scotland. I'll just let you listen to the words of Michael BraveSpirit as an introduction......


Office of the Director of All-Powerful Communications Eavesdropping Devices USA

TO: JS McCarthy
FROM: Director Operations
SUBJ: GI Radio

McCarthy we've talked about this before. Iím getting sick of your excuses - get these assholes off the fucking air. NOW!!!!

TO: Director Operations
FROM: JS McCarthy
SUBJ: GI Radio

Sir, Iím really sorry - we've tried EVERYTHING short of a nuke - and Iím not even sure that would work. They seem to be able to counter EVERY blocking device we have available. Itís getting a little uncanny sir - the last time we bombarded them with Super Secret Micro Wave Recipe XX89*&-GHUY++FUDOUBLEBIG - about three seconds later the theme from that old tv show Twilight Zone started beeping out of our headsets all through HQ here - it really spooked some of the men, let me tell you. de de de de de de de de - all that you know - and it really sounded like somebody was laughing crazily way in the background - it was really eerie, Sir.

I really donít know what to try next, Sir - maybe you ought to consider the Final Solution or something??


TO: JS McCarthy
FROM: Director Operations
SUBJ: GI Radio
You ain't seen eerie until you've been examining your own rectum with your own eyeballs stuffed up inside it. Thereís gonna be a lot of Final Solutions happening around here soon enough. Be warned - if I gotta call Ryan youíre really gonna be sorry, you know what heís like. And donít screw up the email erase programs eh!!!???? You KNOW what happens when those IndyMedia fuckers or whatever they call themselves get ahold of this stuff.


From the Annals of the Galactic Historical Society - Vol. 87,633

(From Planet Earth: Pre-Galactic History Period
..... During the late 20th century there had been, following the great killing episode they called World War Two, the 'common' (that is to say, in their primitive terminology of the day, those who were not of the ruling class) people of the planet, in the wealthier western societies, had begun making some fairly significant strides in achieving a limited form of democracy, wherein the people they elected in their elections actually tried to represent them and make living conditions better in their countries. One of the leading countries in this movement was a place called Canada, and by BGE* 35 (approx) the people of that country had an excellent universal public health care system, protection for unemployed workers or those who had no jobs or money, old age pensions for the elderly, education available for all who qualified, honest and efficient public service, and so on. As part of this security, the people were demanding ever greater things from their government, desiring to advance ever further in their society, and it was at this time that the entrenched elite in Canada, in cahoots with elites in other western countries, apparently very concerned at this 'democratic crisis' which threatened their power, fomented the Corporate Revolt.

Clearly, for a government to function, as much as an individual in a money-based society, it requires - money. The reigning class of the times, the Capitalists (who had successfully spread the myth that 'capitalism' was an economic system rather than the ruling system it actually was), understood the power of money very well, so their instrument to reduce this nagging nuisance of expanding and increasing citizen democracy was simply that - take away their money! Blunt but effective. This was done through two main channels - and the capitalist elite, always ready for some windfall profits, made sure that they would benefit from the means used to reduce democracy - in effect, forcing the people to pay for their own chains. First, they simply demanded that the governments lower their corporate taxes - many excuses were available, primarily the one of competitiveness with other countries which, it was always alleged (falsely), had lower taxes (but the corporate owned media, which dominated the national 'discussions' at the time, maintained this and other fictions spread by the corporatists with no contradictory voices allowed). Secondly, as the governments faced income shortages following the reduced income from corporate taxes, they were faced with the problem of where the money was going to come from, if they didn't want to reduce the social support systems, such as medicare, the citizens were used to, and would grumble if they were taken away - the government could use the peopleís bank, the Bank of Canada, to issue the money essentially debt-free, or the government could use commercial banks, and borrow the money into existence - at a cost, of course, a potentially heavy cost, if certain levers were appropriately shifted. Driven by the stealth corporate revolution, they, of course, chose the latter course. And over a period of 10 years or so, with some timely help from the Bank of Canada (for the corporate revolution, not the people!!!!) in the form of a rather lengthy interest rate spike to 20% or so, the borrowed money ballooned into a huge ďnational debtĒ (the ludicrousness of a sovereign nation, empowered solely to create the national money supply, 'borrowing' that money supply into existence, was, strangely enough, apparently never questioned by the citizens of that country, another indication of the power of the indoctrination system imposed upon them at the time...), which required huge amounts of money to 'service' - tax money, of course. So the governments, instead of using the tax money as it was intended, for citizen programs such as health care or education or infrastructure, were turning over 30% or more of that money straight to the banks or other wealthy investors who loaned them the money they might have printed themselves. Together with an endless stream of propaganda in the corporate-controlled media, spreading the outrageous and perverse lie that it was the citizens themselves and their very own greed which had resulted in this 'national debt' and the ONLY way to behave now was to cut back in all areas of social spending in order to continue servicing their debt, these two ploys effectively stifled the money supply so necessary for decent government, and thus began the process of rolling back citizen expectations of democracy and the good life that all deserved and could have, given the wealth of the country, into a simple struggle for survival - it is well understood by those who study such things that as long as the first concern of people is providing food and shelter for their families, they are not going to be thinking much about abstract concepts like democracy - nor are they going to have the time to educate themselves about such things in any effective way. Less educated people are also more susceptible to mass propaganda, which reached a peak in effectiveness during the same time period (see related section on the Capitalist-Communist (raw violence vs serious propaganda) Control Experiments)

*BGE: Before Galactic Era


MOMMMMEEEE!!!!! Youíre NOT putting Herby and Derby and Scoobydums in the boiling water!!!! MOMMYYYYY DADDYYYY MAKE HER STOPPP!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Honey, will you take Liz outside while I boil the lobsters?

Sure thing...


Observations of The Moving Finger concerning Planet Earth ....

And so it was, as the 20th century gave way to the 21st century, the human species was still mired in the deep past, in the most important of all ways. Although their technology was wonderful and amazing, the development of the human cortex into some small realization of its actual potential was being slowly stifled and even destroyed, as the reptile brains, the small but very powerful atavistic branch of the human species, having finally solidified their control in a broad fashion, began the drive to finally and fully subdue the 'humanistic' elements of their fellow racial members (eradication was not the aim, simply devolution into a permanent underclass, a permanent servant-worker class for the reptile-brains). The biggest single problem (for the humans), it seemed, was the willingness of the majority of them to passively continue believing the many lies under which the reptile brains controlled their existence. Foremost among these lies, the most widespread, was the existence of some 'Supreme Being', some god, who 'spoke', of course, only to certain 'chosen' people ('oddly' enough most of whom were among the reptile brains), who then passed on its commands and wishes to the passive masses who, brainwashed from birth to never question such things on penalty of eternal hellfire, blindly followed these commands like the most superstitious, ignorant wretches. Advanced as they were ordered into wars, joyfully killing millions of their fellow humans, into the factories, joyously destroying the planet they all lived on and depended on for sustenance, forging, among other things, their own chains and fervently poking the redhot pokers into their own eyes if anything that threatened to be the Truth ever got too close...

The Son of Lies, as we came to understand this atavar of evil, prospered. The Great Beacon of Truth was very nearly extinguished by the fantasies of the televisionland almost everyone occupied.

It was a sad time in the universe, as one of its children, one which had showed such potential and been greeted with such anticipation and excitement, embarked on its last fateful steps into the dark, lining up with the paper cups for the final glass of koolaid ....


EDITORIAL - Island Voice, Monday June 23 20XX

Constitution of We the People of Green Island

These may be words that have been said before, in a different but nonetheless very comparable context, but it is no less true now than it was previously - the Cause of Green Island is the Cause of all Mankind.

The Referendum we will all participate in next week in which the citizens of Green Island choose to formally accept or reject the Constitution we have all been working on for the last two years is probably the most important day in our short History, though as we all know, every day has been important, as we do all the million things needed to establish a brand new in almost every important respect Society here on this small island, a society unknown before in history although there have been a few Glorious Attempts, a Society of Free People that truly, conscientiously looks after all of its citizens and involves them in every important decision of THEIR government, their collective will, rather than mouthing democratic platitudes while being another excuse for a small, wealthy, powerful and secretive Elite to keep everyone working and producing wealth which they Steal for themselves, leaving the producers of the wealth little more than crumbs and insecurity and a lifetime of thankless, mostly miserable work to provide a subsistence, shallow existence, while the Parasites feed off their Blood and enjoy the best this world has to offer. It has been going on Forever, in terms of what we know of human history - until, maybe, now. Maybe now, after so many millennia, we will become worthy to call ourselves, truly, Homo sapiens rather than Homo barbarius, or the dual Homo elitus and their Homo serfus slaves.

Unlike the Constitutions of most other countries, including those great pretenders to the Democratic mantle the United States and the United Kingdom, or the farcical, interest-group dominated 'Constitutional Debates' seen in this country the last few years, the Green Island 'We the People' Constitution is not something dreamed up by a small group of people secretively in a Locked Room bargaining furiously for advantages for different groups and horsetrading with people's lives and presented for a Meech-style accept it all or reject it all vote, as the Parasites prefer to do things in a frenzied carnival atmosphere, the easier to Scam everyone - the Green Island 'We the People' Constitution has been worked on for over two years now, right out there in the open under the Bright Light of day where good things happen, in Calm Debates (perhaps just a Bit excited sometimes) and in Meetings all across the Island rather than secretive locked rooms in the wee dark (and often drunk, sadly to say) hours of the night with guards at the door, worked on and Studied and Discussed and with input and refinements from everyone who was interested, from the seniorest citizens to junior high school students and yes, even the Tortuous Pleas and excuses for privilege of the representatives of the elite were duly accepted and considered by all, all reflecting deeply into the kind of society they and we wanted, and the meaning of 'the Common Weal' and how to achieve and maximize it for everyone, rather than 'what can I get for MEhaha?!?' We have duly reported during this time on everything from the submissions of so-called business groups with their belief (at least they'd have us believe that they believe so, although it rather stretches the imagination to believe that anyone other than Altzheimous former actors could be that simple-minded) that society should maximize their personal wealth through allowing them to back away from their obligations to the society that allowed them to prosper through 'tax relief' as it then trickles back down and everyone prospers, through those who thought there should be a special council of 'qualified people' to instruct all citizens on what to eat and how to behave safely 'for their own good' and other such Abhorrent Paternalisms. We were and are pleased that most citizens, after lengthy open debate, seem to have little use for such Extremist groups from either side of the political spectrum, and these recommendations are not in the final draft. We seek no extremists from any side or dimension, but a truly rational Middle-way that will truly provide the Greatest Good for the greatest number, with the Maximum Freedom for all, and Greatest Prosperity obtainable by Free Men (and Women of course!) in a Free Society.

We were especially pleased with a well-thought out Presentation from a 10-year old from Tyne Valley last year asking for Guaranteed School Lunches for some of her less well-to-do classmates, as printed in this paper (and we do believe that her classmates are better off now, in a society that finds such scarcity for its less able members shameful rather than 'tough luck kid choose better parents next time').

The Constitution is widely expected to Pass with no less than 90% approval, as it has already been Accepted through the Consensus Process in every Local Council, and although the Colonial, unsurprisingly, is already laying the groundwork for trying to declare the Constitution illegal by blustering that only in the controlled elections in banana republics does anything ever get a 90% approval rating and other such brilliant examples of the neocon logic we have learned to expect from them (do we, for instance, have 90% or more approval in our country for the idea that citizens ought not be free to murder their neighbors on a whim? or the idea that we ought to all have access to clean drinking water or necessary health care? That we want safe communities for ourselves and our children? - there are things we do and can agree on.... - including, in this instance, that the Paternalistic Elitist Thieving Capitalist governments of the Past have had their day, and will now be relegated to the Pages of History, as needed no longer, and Wanted no More), we have no fear in saying their protests are readily betrayed as Weak and Nonsensical, the Whines of Bullies about to be cast down from their sand thrones, the Whinging of Parasites about to have their Odious Bloodsucking Snouts removed from the Nurturing veins and arteries of We the People, the frightened snorting of Fat Greedy Piggies about to Lose their Trough and maybe actually have to Work for a Living. The plans are in place to make this a very demonstrably legitimate vote, perhaps one of the most demonstrably fair votes in the History of Western Democracy, certainly far moreso than the fixed voting-machine farces our 'great Democracy' to the south has inflicted on its poor citizens recently or the Mother-media-gatekeeper Dominated Elections so common in Canada the last few years, with paper ballots, scrutineers, exit polls, and supervision from the UN and NU and Canadian government, all recorded for the record. Which is why, we would suggest, Certain People are so upset they feel they have to stop it from happening at all. The overwhelming endorsement of the policies of the People's Government of Green Island that we have seen the last few years by the people of Green Island, the Peaceful and Prosperous way of life we have established here, visible for all the world to see, is going to make it very difficult for the behind-the-scenes schemers to justify the coup that appears to be in the works, fomented by a small group of lawyers and politicians and 'businessmen' who, it seems, want 'their' fiefdom back.

This is, indeed, a time that may Try your Soul. Will you Stand and be Counted, or will you slink back into the barnyard as one of the workbeasts where the masters kept you for so long and want you there once again when they raise their whips once again in red-eyed anger? Will you be Found Wanting - or will you finally cast off the Shackles that have held your body and your brain and your life in thrall for so long, and raise your head and your spirit and your voice to the Very Universe itself and declare yourself a free human being in a free human society - at last, as Martin said, at long, long last, will you come to the Mountain? Will the Dream become reality?

It is up to you.

Not someone else, not ever someone else, the meaning of Democracy is - You.

I'll see you next week.


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