A Place to Stand
Chapter 5 - The One part II

A Place to Stand
Dave Patterson

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On Green Island

"Very well - let us begin.....

"We have all day, and all night, and as many days and nights as it takes to reach an understanding of what we wish to understand on this day...."

The great swirling eyes looked with no apparent emotion beyond a rather mild, cold curiosity into the room and into the soul of every person therein and probably every person in the world watching the proceedings on the courtroom television.

"So - we are gathered here today, then, to adjudge the situation of those who would put forth Hope in the world one final time, and also to hear the rationalisations, the justifications, the explanations if they have any, of those who would extinguish that light yet again one final time for their own selfish and short-sighted and pathetically stupid reasons. And to allow, to encourage, to require all humans to examine their own souls and find an answer as to why they have allowed such patently undeserving creatures as we see in the Dock of the Accused at this time become their leaders, their judges, their defenders, their advocates, who should instead in an intelligent society be mercifully euthanized at birth so as to erase such gene lines expeditiously. Such remnants of earlier evolutionary processes are not needed in a human society, are not welcome where true civilizations flourish. The reptile brain is fine in reptiles and reptiles have their place in the universe and on this planet, but this is an evolutionary impediment to true intelligence, and all other advanced species have slowly overseen the removal of such remnants which have no further use from their brains - it is a fairly simple medical process for advanced species. However I understand such wisdom is beyond you yet, and the likes of these we examine here today would simply turn such ideas to terrible ends, as they have so turned every other advance the intelligent among you have made to violence and destruction and horror. So they too shall have full opportunity to explain to those whose lives have been made miserable as the planet dies and to those countless who, at least without our intervention at this time, would not have had a chance to live on this once bountiful planet why they will have no lives, and no Eden-like planet upon which to spend a few years in joy and plenty and happiness and feed the universal balance with good things on its path to the Final Light and Awakening, and perhaps to some of the countless others who came before who were tortured in the many ways your barbaric forefathers and mothers invented - "

As the One (so I came to think of him/er) spoke, it was like the whole room was a theater of his/er mind and ideas swirling there became briefly visible in the void around him/er - as s/he spoke of death, the room briefly became rather like an open field in the nighttime lit by electric fires from below, an enclosed Stonehenge of a sort, with above us the black sky of the universe, with stars and an endless parade of ghostly apparitions, ghosts of many things, a torture stake with a blackened body, mouth wide and blackened eyesockets mute testimony to indescribable pain, a huge plain full of the hideless corpses of tens of thousands of buffalo with tens of thousands of buffalo spirits floating bewilderedly, eyelessly, above, lowing pitifully an eternal cry, a young child screaming in pain while being brutally raped, a man screaming on a rack, an impaled woman suddenly rending the hearts of most of us as her terrified eyes shrieked out an endless WHYYYYYYY!!!!???????, a whole history of horror filled the universe above us, battering our spirits mercilessly as others had been battered, in the few seconds the One spoke this first time, leaving our brains reeling, this was not to be a merciful day, as s/he continued -

" ... For this, I say again, we are gathered here today, in the first instance, to see what you all have to say about the endless horrible scream of terror and agony your kind has unleashed on our universe.

"And then in the second instance we must come to a fair judgement as to what shall be done in this situation - to determine, that is, whether we should we intervene in this process, which is natural and has occurred countless times in our universe without our intervention in any way, as species both greater and lesser are tried in the crucible of life and intelligence and found wanting or not, and in the game of Russian Roulette they have chosen to make of their priceless gift of life the Great Oneness, the Great Wheel, the Great Lottery, bestowed upon them, have pulled the trigger once too often..."

- in the swirling blackness around us as the Tao expanded to fill the entire courtroom area at times a series of novae shone brighter for a few seconds above us, another parade of strange species swirling around, being sucked down, eyes or whatever passed for eyes on their strange faces wide in terror for the few seconds we saw them as they disappeared down a huge black whirlpool like funnel in space, glowing red mushroom clouds or exploding volcanoes or boiling seas around them, as we reeled again as these were not only eye pictures but the endless screaming fear of those destroyed beings was channelled into our brains again and again and again until a second, an eternity later -

"I the One the Balance am not alone, that would not be Balance, that would not be [the Way I think s/he said, but it was a white noise roar]. And my impatience at times should be tempered by more considered measures. I have little patience for those who choose death and darkness when the True Path is so evident to any who wish it. Behold...."

- and there was a second figure in the void, every bit as large and awesome as the One, unmistakeably a female figure presenting as the mythological goddess of Justice, down to the Roman-style white toga she wore, one shoulder bare, blindfolded head held high and proud, with the proverbial scales of justice - a rather large but plain balance - shimmering in the ether just over her outstretched left hand. At this beginning of our day in court the scales were very clearly neutral, in balance from one side to the other, a flame flickering from a shallow bowl on the top assembly, burning strong and bright. Her right hand lay, palm open and up, on her lap, and fastening her robe where it passed over her left shoulder was a large black and white broach in the form, again, of the Tao yin-yang symbol, the face of the broach slowly revolving, wheels within wheels, spheres within spheres, universes within universes. And clearly over her right shoulder could be seen the great flashing glimmering silver hilt of the fearsome and terrible Sword of Justice protruding from a scabbard whose broad belt, black as the void but speckled with bright points of diamond-like lights, passed over her right shoulder, between her Venusian breasts, around her left hip, a great single eye embedded in the very apex of the hilt of that Sword - a great eye with a silvery-golden-greenish cateye-like pupil that slowly opened as the attention of all in the courtroom was drawn to this new figure, following the gaze of the One, a fearsome ray of reddish-golden-greenish light emanating from it, seeming to take all the room in without moving, perhaps all of the universe - for a brief moment, everyone in that room felt as if that great eye was engaging them directly, looking into their very souls, aware of everything in their lives and judging them, not harshly or unfairly, but then again not mercifully, but judging all against Truth. There was some kind of sub-ethereal wailing sound that began all through the court room with the opening of that great eye as everyone felt that every wicked thing they had ever done in their lives was about to be judged, and not especially mercifully - and being a room full of humans there were a lot of bad things simmering in that room that day, especially with all the suits and lawyers present, considering how our modern world encourages injustice and great crimes against truth by holding so few to account. But as quickly as that allseeing eye had opened and terrified everyone, it as quickly closed again, as all understood that the Great Eye was not concerned with minor transgressions of any sort that day - or any day for that matter - but was being disturbed from its lofty universal infusion and assuming a corporal presence only to judge far greater matters than the petty sins of we mortals and our petty social or moral failures, although such things were surely adding their grains of sand to a certain side of the universal balance (and such things, for those who survived this day, would be given much more attention in days to come).

"This is My Lady Justice. My Lady Themis, My Lady of the Lake, My Lady as you first recognized Her," spoke the One. "She is here now and she will as we continue this day judge the many of you during your time on this planet who would, who have, given the chance, murder the very concept of Truth in your small world, who would kill the very idea of Justice in your societies, who would destroy the entire concept and knowledge of Freedom that was the very birthright of the human species, as an integral and necessary part of that great random event we call Intelligence that surfaces occasionally in this universe. For in the end, that is why We are here, and these things will be judged on this day. There is, there can be, no separation between Justice and Truth, or between Truth and Beauty, as one of your kind knew at least, and in the end between Truth and Freedom and Life itself. When Truth is as necessary to, is as much a part of, your very survival as breathing is, then will you be part of the Being. Until then - well, we shall see more of that today, I think."

My eyes were drawn to the other side of the room, where I detected a certain additional tension swirling onto the 'defence' table, an overlayer of beginning apprehension perhaps, a tightening of eyes, and shoulders under the suits, although there was nothing substantive to be seen. Rulers of large empires and their powerful mandarins are used to challenges, and if they gave in meekly at the first sign of such a challenge would never have become rulers in the first place. But the concept of being truly, openly called to account for their crimes was undoubtedly not a thought they wished to think much about, and perhaps they were beginning to understand that on this day they were in the presence of a power here that very well might be able to inflict that judging, and administer the justice that would follow. It must have been a frightening thought for many of them. Their personal days of reckoning had come, and they were ill-prepared. And becoming - an emotion unused to most of them - apprehensive, perhaps, of what was about to happen on this day. I saw some cell phones being retrieved from pockets, then shaken a bit, and returned to pockets, evidently still not working. They were, perhaps, too far from home now.

"I think," spoke the Omniscient, "that you can have no argument with She who sits with me on this day to witness these proceedings and participate as necessary, who represents your highest ideals, although falsely, hypocritically, lyingly praised by most of those you choose or accept as leaders for lo these many millennia until She has been forced to hide her eyes from you that you would not see the endless river, the roaring torrent, of tears forced by your endless atrocities against Her pure name, your endless terrible lying in the name of Her Truth! - and then your true ideals as shown over and over ad infinitum by your behavior day after day after despairing day - the lies of the human species are greater in number than the endless stars in the sky!! And the truths you tell? Well, we shall speak of that further, soon, my old friend Diogenes and I. You do have Truth, and truthful people - but they are as the buffalo once were on the great American plains, hunted and killed en masse by those who take pleasure in such things until almost all truth and those who speak truth have been mercilessly, mockingly killed, and the few remaining live in apprehension every day, such is the existence the great Truth is forced to endure in your human societies, to the great shame of every single one of you.

"So My Lady Justice -" - who moved not as the One spoke, who turned not her head with any acknowledgment at all, but stood silently, waiting, no movement at all except the great breasts rising and falling as She breathed, the small flickers from the fire atop the great Scales of Justice, " .. in whose name so many, many malodorous actions have been rendered by you and your predecessors, not least the perversity that was perpetrated in this very building yesterday against the small assertion of Truth and those who live by Truth we have seen on this small Island the last few years..."

- I could see the Supremes cringing a bit behind the table where they sat, for some reason, and the Great Eye in the Great Sword opened just briefly and gazed for a moment quite balefully at those three, whose eyes were busy in various places, but could not meet that look -

" .. will be watching and listening on this day, and I think that some of you may well be concerned that her terrible swift sword will indeed, with no more mercy than you have shown those you yourselves have declared guilty of some crime, cleave the guilty from the innocent ere this day is finished.

" ... so then - Let us begin."


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