A Place to Stand
This novel, A Place to Stand, which appears on these web pages, is copyright by the writer, Dave Patterson. The writer does NOT give permission to you or anyone else to publish it anyhow, anytime, anywhere, so don't even think about any stupid legal tricks to try to steal this book (I have a thing about lawyers, and sort of agree with Shakespeare on the situation - lawyers are NOT running Green Island, you may be sure - sort of like money and banks, we have taken away their godlike powers and returned them to the useful but minor tools they ought to be). A Place to Stand has been being written since about 1993, and many copies of it in various stages through its more or less complete current version have been deposited with many people through the years, so it would be next to impossible for anyone to steal it and pretend it is their work. Be warned.

If you are not looking to steal the book but want to contact me about a publishing contract or whatever, you can do so through siamdave--at--yahoo-dot-ca.

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