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Sept 2008

The Canadian Media and the 2008 Election: Reporting or Managing?
Sept 2008

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CBC (mostly) Watch (actually more of a 'sporadic' CBC watch, as I'm too busy to do much right now and nobody seems to care anyway - but the propaganda is just so obvious I have to say something sometimes - so herein a partial record for when I or someone gets time for some 'academic' style analysis) masters voice - reporting news or writing on blank slate!

Friday Sept 19 - 6 am PEI national 'news' - still on the 'apology' issue - the intrepid 'reporter' goes and finds three people who think the guy should resign, and nobody from the other POV, as 'background' to their 'story' on how that darn person is not resigning, even though some higher ups at the CBC think he ought to, in their petulant childish way. Right on impartial 'journalism' - I guess I'm the only one in Canada who thinks this is idiotic. And meanwhile, we wait and wait for something on a real issue, such as the SPP/NAU, Banketeering, democracy, etc.

- 6.30 'news' - it's a PEI story that a Lib candidate is 'recycling his old campaign signs'. You bet. Sure beats talking about democracy or banking or the SPP or any real issues etc.

Thursday Sept 18 - PEI news 6:30 am - making a big issue about some guy joking about 'hopes the person who died on PEI from listeriosis was Wayne Easter' - cheap joke, common sort of thing in ANY circle normal people move in, but the CBC is going to take it seriously and make a big issue out of it. Dumbing down in action, by PC people - this sort of thing is nothing more than childish, adults understand that this sort of joke is made, and is nothing more than that, a joke. Perhaps a bit tasteless, but hardly the stuff over which normal adult people get outraged. Big momma in action. (and the 'joking' as reported on the newscast - '...this may be death by a thousand cuts - or should that be cold cuts...' - I should never think this stuff cannot get more pathetic. But on a major CBC provincial news cast? This would get laughed out of a journalism school course ..... dumbing down in action. Nonstop. And if they want to censor the politician for the tasteless joke, why do they make equally tasteless ones themselves? As always, one rule for us, another for you.

- and making a big issue of the NDP candidate who did some drugs 'live' - some people might think this a perfect opportunity to talk about how most Canadians want pot legalised, but no, the PC CBC is all holier than thou about it all. This is a real issue that needs talking about, and real issues is one place we are NOT going during this campaign, insofar as the CBC has anything to do with it all.

- Ottawa news, 8.30, story on Pettawawa, not much interest in the election at Pettawawa, but it's a way to remind people about how both the Cons and Libs have 'agreed' on the 2011 withdrawal, so we don't need to talk about this much, right? Who cares what Canadians think about this all, eh???? But we do manage to get a few comments about how that date - 'may be too soon' - we're very definitely not going to hear from the majority of Canadians who want withdrawal now, as in ASAP, or ask politicians why they don't care what Canadians think about this, but let's get this little 'support the mssion!!! story in .... that's is indoctrination at work, constant small reinforcements sneaking in under the radar, and influencing what people think ....

- lady on the current 'doing the mail', just happens to mention her new book about the very serious situation of women in Afghanistan (you wavering people, we're doing GOOD STUFF THERE!!!!]]]] - blatant, very obvious what is happening from outside the box. Virtually never do we hear anything talking about how most Canadians do not want to be there, or how we got involved very undemocratically, etc.

Wednesday Sept 17 - the current - interview with Dion, Tremonti pretty aggressive, obviously dislikes Dion (all rightwing complaining about 'lefty media' notwithstanding), but he handled himself very impressively - have to wait and see how she deals with Harper - aggressive is ok, as long as it is evenly distributed amongst all candidates ...

- always stories of interest to be told, like the one from Fredericton today about the Down syndrome political activist - again, this would be fine, if we were also getting the story of, for instance, Connie Fogal and CAP, and why they continue to spend so much time fighting when the mainstream media continues to ignore them, even though they seem to speak for so many Canadians ....

Tuesday Sept 16 - the Current - second part - another long segment on May - as somebody said, any PR is good PR, and if the objective is getting May well enough known to get that anti-Harper vote well split up among the Greens, NDP and Libs, they're doing, I would suggest, a very good job. Still haven't heard a word from anyone about SPP, or money supply, even though I have written everyone about Banketeering, it's completely ignored by all the mainstream people who remain firmly in the box comments with 'issues' and commentary etc, same old stuff, nothing important, although they all pretend, of course, to be important and serious

- the whole focus of this show is that Canadian are waaaaaay behind the Americans in using the net for politics - not a word about the role of the media in this, the role of major left wing websites in preventing organising between elections, the role of the mainstream media in marginalising any useful websites, etc. propaganda all the way. Very clever propaganda, but all designed to create the Cdn narrative

- the interviewee jesse brown complains about parties not giving Cdns the info they need - do they not see the 'irony' here???? Isn't it the MEDIA supposed to inform Canadians?!?!? Shouldn't we be talking about the media NOT doing this? Most of my comments to Cdn newspaper 'comment' boards are removed, including the CBC sites - how obvious can it be what you are doing? But that's the Canadian narrative - the media are wonderful people who give Canadians all the information they need - and apparently most Canadians believe this, and will not think about anything the media does not tell them to think about, or have no opinions not sanctioned by the media.

Monday Sept 15 - the Current giving more attention to May and the Greens - a party with no elected MPS, but not a day goes by May is not in the news, or on the radio being interviewed by someone - compare with CAP, who has had not a single word of press, although they speak for things a lot of Canadians care about, that nobody else does .... May getting attention like this would be good if the other minor parties and issues got the same sort of exposure, to let the voters know what was going on in their country. What would happen if the CBC et al gave the same attention to the SPP, or democracy and PR in Canada, or whether or not the Libs and Cons actually care about what Canadians think about the Afghan mission, and etc. Spin spin and spin - they want the vote split, so they give May attention.

Sunday Sept 14 - 09:00 Halifax national news - still at it, this is not even subtle any more, first a story from Quebec about how 'disillusioned' Bloc voters are turning to Harper, and then a quote from Harper about how all other parties have moved to the left, leaving the center for him - complete bullshit, but that is the narrative they are creating for the history books - 'centrist' Harper attracting Canadians and the loser lefties falling behind (actually, obviously, Harper is well to the right, and the NDP pretty centrist, with the Libs kind of center right leaning far right - but we are NOT going to talk about those parties being right wing, or get involved in any discussions about how the NDP actually have policies closer to what most Canadians believe in - the narrative that Canadians are being told to believe is that the Libs and Cons are centrist and represent Canadians, and the NDP are just the lefty fringe. And most Canadians are well enough trained to accept this crap without thinking about it at all, and then voting for the people who are wrecking their country rather than people who want to save it. And they are going to push May more to make sure the anti harper vote is well divided, on cross country checkup today. Apparently I am the only one in the country who has any fucking clue what is going on - how successful the indoctrination has been, and is. God give me a place to get out of this craziness!!!!!!!

Friday Sept 11 - CBC Charlottetown news - 06:30am, still slagging the Libs - the candidate 'tries' to explain the carbon tax (obviously it is 'too difficult' for people to understand, is the CBC narrative of this 'story', and 'trying' indicates that it is too difficult etc) - they get a few interviews with people who say they don't understand it, golly!! poor little simpleton citizen me!! - but none, of course, from people who say it is perfectly clear and no problem - always, always always creating the narrative - this will be in the history books, the carbon tax was too difficult to understand, etc .... then the interview with the candidate, the little CBC reporter saying over and over and over again that he doesn't understand it, cannot find anyone who understands it, 'don't you think this is a hard sell..'? etc and etc - this is way beyond spin, it is outright propaganda .... not a single 'ordinary' person who confirms that it's no big deal, it's easy to understand, etc - just on the message, over and over and over - same game as never talking about any of the few very important things I write letters about (and others, no doubt), and then saying there is nothing important or interesting in Cdn politics or politicians, etc. blatant - and pretty much everyone in the country is so indoctrinated they cannot see it happening ....

- and then in the national news, a long story on Layton and Harper attacking the same Green Plan - so blatant!!!! (one can only figure that the powers that be are determined Dion gets nowhere near being PM, and Layton has been persuaded one way or another to pull a Broadbent, and help Harper get his majority ...) - EVERYTHING they do in relation to the election, or politics, is spin and propaganda - 'reporting' that any journalism school would not allow, the CBC picking a POV, finding a couple of interviews to support it, and no POVs from the other side - utterly amazing, only the most passive citizens could accept this stuff. And apparently most do. Although we will never know how much protest there is in the form of emails etc sent to the CBC or anywhere else, as of course they never print them or acknowledge them. (stuff on message boards is almost irrelevant, as nobody can read them all, and they have a much lower credibility factor than 'real stories by 'real' reporters' etc, but even so, the CBC is not allowing most of my attempts to get people at least aware of Banketeering, and they cut things asking what role the media is playing as well - out of the box stuff, criticizing the media all citizens must trust!!

- right up to the interview with Palin that gets 'reported', as the 'reporter' complains about 'the harsh-faced interviewer' - oh you poor little lady!! big bad man!!! such impartial 'journalism'!!

Thursday Sept 10 - the Current - interviewing Jack Layton, Tremonti on full attack mode, interrupting him, shouting at him, etc, obviously unhappy with what he says, pretty embarrassing .... we shall see later when she does others if she attacks the same way .... (Layton defends himself very well, sounds very good - which evidently upsets Tremonti somewhat, interrupting, aggressive, shouting - reminds me of her getting mad at Barrie Zwicker last year)
- and in the third half hour(!!) they do a profile of a kid they call somebody interested in politics etc - this seems like a good thing, but first, why does one person get this publicity, this endorsement from the official media? It is gatekeeping - this guy is ok is the message, a role model for the listeners, etc. And it is propaganda, in the sense of 'look at ytour great CBC talking about ordinary people that you should know about' - etc. It's good to give this kid some exposure, but he knows little, and this is putting out the idea that he is someone worth listening to on a broader level, when really he is very innocent, and very in the box - so listening to him is to encourage more of the same. Which is what 'they'; want, but which is not good for our future. (also a note on the guy who made the piece - obviously again a 20-something, who thinks he is cutting edge, but would still be in journalism school in a country where we had real journalists) - as always, this is not that offensive in itself, but it's the people they do NOT cover who SHOULD be covered that underlines that this is, in reality, propaganda, and creating the Cdn narrative (this kid will get in the history books as an example of how the media 'reached out' to ordinary Cdns, but there will never be any mention of the issues they do want people thinking about, such as banketeering, or CAP, the SPP, etc., Propaganda, no other way to put it, when you see the full picture from outside the box.)

Kevin O'Connor, Regina, CBC news - a 'prof' talking about how Canadians agree with many things in the American election - obviously a piece as part of 'creating the narrative' - the things they choose to talk about, as opposed to the things they do not ....

- and then in Sounds like Canada - more on how 'boring' the Cdn election is, as opposed to that wonderfully interesting American election - all you folks just go home, sit down at your tv, no point in voting, everything's just boring etc and etc - it gets so frustrating sometimes when I want to be screaming at people about how important this is, but the media that people very mistakenly trust is just putting them to sleep - and how obviously all the politicians are involved in the scam, as May is on talking about cooking, laughing and having a good time - part of the 'nothing here to see folks' game - creating the narrative. We have amazing speakers in Canada, such as Connie Fogal, but they won't let her talk .... the choice of guests on these shows is the same thing - guests who talk about these things, but not the opposite - (and they are sophisticated propagandists - very scripted to make certain points and not talk about others - these people are way ahead of me .....)

Wednesday Sept 10 - hourly news 09:00 Ottawa
derek stofel from Afghan - Teleban has 'ramped up the propaganda' telling Cdns that the new PM better 'withdraw from Kandahar or more troops weill be killed'; - sounds a lot more like CBC proaganda to me, and the dumbed down language the 'reporter' uses - 'ramped up' on the CBC, really, these guys wouldn't even get jobs running messages back and forth when the CBC was real ....

Tuesday Sept 9 - CBC morning news (8:00 Ottawa, Judy Madrin)
slagging China again, Anthony whatever about a prisoner sentenced to death who killed some cops - similar things happen in America all the time, but NEVER does the CBC do anything more than report in a neutral tone of voice, none of this 'look at them damned commies we're just so outraged!!' stuff. The prisoner, he notes '.. says something that must terrify the authorities' - people criticize the US all the time, but NEVER again do we hear anything like this - when people criticize the US government, THEY are in the wrong, when they criticize the Chinese, they are heroes - always so obvious, at least from out here in outside the box land ....

- and on the current, a 'documentary' about Americans moving to Russia during the 30s and winding up in 'Stalin's gulag' - now next week we will wait for a story on the American Japanese that wound up in the American gulag, no doubt, just to be fair, or how the Americans today have the highest prison population in the world, and the most executions, and are violating human rights everywhere by forced labor for corporations, and etc hahaha sure we will, right CBC?? Again, the propaganda is obvious because they always criticize others, but never 'us' or especially the Americans, who are one of the greatest human rights abusers the world has ever known, not that you'd ever figure that out from listening to the CBC or other Canadian media ....

- the guy mentions 'leftists' who went to Russia, gratuitous slagging again .... American 'leftist' press .... lots of talk of Russian / 'leftist' propaganda, never a word about American 'rightist' propaganda, then or now .... talks about reporters of the time not talking about obvious Russian problems - but the CBC or others in Canada never talk about modern American reporters refusing to talk about current problems with the media or anything else to do with 'great America' - the CBC the same - so obviously propaganda by the CBC when you understand the bigger picture - just at a much greater level of sophistication than in earlier times ....

Sunday Sept 6 - the big surprise election announcement! (at least Perry's first question is 'why now?', as if everyone hasn't been talking about this for two weeks. And the 'analyst's' first comment is again to let everybody know that they are supposed to see Dion as a weak leader, as they've been hammering endlessly for the last 18 months. "Is Dion worth the risk??" - interesting that Petty mentions 'the campaign narrative' - which they are already composing - Dion the loser, Layton has no chance to win, Harper is very leader-like. No question which way this one is going - con majority. People of Canada conned bigtime.
Petty's issues - listeria, health care, environment, economy, job losses, energy costs, jobs are safe, Afghanistan,

(note - this was obviously a 'special breaking news!! broadcast' that was long in preparation, with tape clips at the ready etc)

- third hour of Sunday morning - a special on talking about the election, with various guests - isn't it interesting that they could arrange all of this in the 90 minutes or so since the election was actually called!!!! - scripts and all - ...... the narrative is being created, and apparently nobody in the country besides me is aware of it. I suppose there are others, but there's no way we're getting time on the mainstream media.

Sat Sept 5 - the house, election coverage begins, with a look at Dion - hammering hammering as they have been since he was elected - mention 'left of center' crowd in the bit on Dion (let's count the times Harper gets referred to as right wing) -

Friday Sept 4 - Current - leaving Afghanistan Cdn ambassador, on to do his bit to ramp up support for 'the mission', never miss a chance - 'how do you explain what is happening, even though it looks bad?' - blatant 'we're really winning and doing good stuff!!! - and they are really bad, bad guys and we have to keep fighting for truth and justice!!'


'The goal of the Afghan gov is to build a new free Afghanistan - right. led by corrupt warlords.
and etc. deconstruction of the things this interview does NOT talk about could fill pages.
- some obvious scripting as well, to 'address the concerns of Canadians' - the obvious reason for such 'interviews'

- but interview doing a good job of pretending to 'ask the hard questions!!'. right.


May 30 - Star
In the box: - ER tale opens reader floodgates

Out of the box: - the thing is, I expect this is simply going to get a lot of attention from the point of view of 'the damn socialist system is obviously dysfunctional, time to wake up and allow people to buy their own insurance and look after themselves' - and etc. All the usual Fraserite capitalist crap. What we should be seeing, after years and years of this, is just outrage - outrage at the capitalists who have done their level best to destroy what should have grown into a world leading health care system by now, rather than a cancer-ridden dying beast. But I guess if Canadians are apathetic enough to allow it all to be taken, then it's all going to be taken. Leaves us pretty lonely out here on the outraged, we-wanna-FIGHT-these-bastards!!!! fringe though.

May 16 Star
In the box: - Bernier's $22,573 airfare

Out of the box: - but the question comes up occasionally, if the Libs and Cons are really just playing tweedledee-tweedledum, why the apparently serious election campaigns? This is why - the percs are seriously better for the winners. A few losers get a few trips, but get yourself into the cabinet or some other important place, and write your own travel ticket, business class flying, $500 hotel rooms - good life. You don't hear much about it - if Canadians were kept informed like this of all government travelling, it would be a lot more obvious.

My 14 CBC morning radio news
In the box: - Out of the box: - I keep telling myself to ignore them, and ignored a handful yesterday, but it just gets to you sometimes. And today it's obvious that somebody high up in the CBC has some issue with Burma, and is, like a spiteful child, taking every opportunity for childish pot shots at them. It's very disappointing, although not really that surprising - the dumbed down people, which includes of course a maturity level of child, are, as planned, getting higher in the various bureacracies, catering to their fellow dumbed downers. Today the story from China is exactly like a spiteful kid, pointing at a fellow student they don't like at every opportunity to criticize - "In China, the government - unlike the Burmese - is accepting aid from the west..." - completely unnecessary slagging. Childish. Our national media. Probably the 'journalist' Anthony Germaine ticked off at the Burmese gov daring to treat him like something other than a God because he worked for a western news outlet, from Canada at that and, like a child, using his position to get back at them. (I think this is the same guy that told everyone Sydney Aus was in Asia a few months back).

I'll be waiting with great interest in a couple of months for the apology story - something like 'In the immediate aftermath of the Burmese cyclone, the CBC was eager to tell everyone exaggerated stories of death tolls in the hundreds of thousands!!!! from anyone who wanted to make such predictions, for no other reason than to make the Burmese government appear as terrible as possible - now that we find the death toll was but a fraction of what those exaggerations predicted, we are, as a responsible media outlet would doing, correcting our mistake, and admitting that we were a bit too ready to accept such unfounded, sensationalistic prognostications from people quite obviously (not unlike ourselves oh fie!!) with a bone to chew. We have learned our lesson."

Better stop I'm obviously hallucinating. A responsible media might do such a thing. We don't have any in Canada.

May 12 CBC
In the box: - Harper announces 20-year, $30B plan to beef up military

Out of the box:Democracy!!! - this is what is so great about Canada, it's a democracy. When some group of people decide Canada should become a 'player' in the world, and beef up the military, be more like our good buds down south, why we have a big debate about it - I mean, it's kind of a big thing, a 20 year, 30 billion plan, changing from peacekeepers to asskickers alongside out good buds down south etc - and in a Democracy, why, when somebody has that great idea, they don't just go and do it, no sirree bob, in a Democracy, we have to have a national debate about the pros and cons of joining the World Asskicking 'bring em on' club, and something that important gets decided by a Majority of the People, cause that's what Democracy means, right? - and so we did, and by golly I might have missed it, but I can be sure it happened, because it would have to, in a Democracy, right? Not like some 3rd world banana republic dictatorship where the leaders did as they damn well pleased, and the peasants haha excuse meeee citizens got told about it on the tvs at night, no sirree, we got a Great Democracy here in Canada, and We the People have decided that we Canucks are heretofore going to be World Class Asskickers. Out of my way asshole, that Canadian flag on my shoulder means you gotta watch out fer me, pal. I'm a Player now. Haha.

And just so fucking proud to be a Canadian these days.

May 11
Out of the box: Don't shoot the messenger!!! - - I get a lot of reactions to what I say and write along the lines of 'You hate us all!!! You just run around calling Canada and Canadians bad names and saying bad things we don't believe! What's wrong with you?!?!"

It's not so. I'm trying to help. I understand the anger to some extent, considering the degree of indoctrination most people have that is directly contrary to what I say, and they would rather believe good things about their country than face the truth, but there's still the frustration I feel about seeing bad things happening and nobody will look behind the wizard's curtain to understand this even when I (and others) point it out to them. I'm not wrong about what I say - it is all perfectly obvious and beyond argument to the thinking mind, outside the box, who questions things that the media tell you that need to be questioned - once you start looking behind curtains, you start finding out a lot of stuff the people running the government and media don't want you knowing. Imagine I told you you had a cancer, and needed to do some things to get rid of that disease, and then you'd feel a lot better. You could get mad at me for accusing you of not being healthy, but that wouldn't help you much, although as long as you had some quack telling you your weakness was from some other cause besides the cancer, and that made you feel better, you could hide it for awhile. The problem with that approach is that you might be able to pretend you're fine for awhile now, but there will come a time in the not too distant future when it's going to have metastasized through everything, and you're a goner, too late to help. Sort of like Canada and the world - there is time still to at least make a good run at saving us all, but that window closes more every day, and someday in the not too distant future we're going to go over some tipping point, and then we're done. And I and the others who see it coming are going down with you, which is more than a bit irritating but isn't going to help us much when you do finally wake up.

All because a lot of people prefer fantasy to reality, lies to truth, propaganda to thinking for themselves.

May 11 CBC, everyone
In the box: - Burma holds criticized referendum.. or The Current or Canada, US outraged by lag in aid to Burma - 'Flexible' aid for Burma - "...Burma's criminally inept military rulers have accepted only a trickle of aid.."

Out of the box: - Do you think a search of Canadian MSM would find any reference to the US gov following Katrina as 'criminally inept'? It was blatantly obvious after a few days that that was exactly what they were, yet outside of honest commentary on the net such accusations were never made on the MSM. Curious, at least from some perspectives.

I've been grinding my teeth all week in disgust at the Cdn media. Nothing new. But they can't just report on the tragedy that just happened in Burma, they have to get political - which, when you think about it, says quite a lot about them altogether, and is pretty much par for the course when you observe it all from outside the box - yea, the people are suffering, but let's get our priorities in order here - it's a great opportunity to take cheap shots at a government we disapprove of. It's not enough for them to simply report the fact that the Burmese government appears to be reluctant to allow unrestricted access to their country by people saying they want to help, they have to drown that fact in commentary about 'the world is outraged!!!' etc and etc - every freaking story, somebody is criticizing the government for not allowing the aid. (Alternatives? Always - we could for instance state that fact, and then explore why this might be and talk about what we might do to overcome the reluctance - or we can see a great opportunity to get all holier than thou and start with the finger pointing. And in the Canadian media, chest thumping about how wonderful we are, and how bad people we don't like are, is SOP. Kathy here, calling herself the 'public editor', is a perfect case in point, writing every month or so about how wonderful they are there at the Star, and never even acknowledging any of my mild criticisms about how maybe they don't quite cut it with fairness and balance, etc, as I talk about herein - which I quite understand, of course, as the things I point out are quite blantant in terms of NOT being fair or balanced, and she'd only lose an open discussion, and the point of her column is to keep people away from there, not open it up to scrutiny)

For starters, the idea that 'everyone' is 'outraged' isn't even true, although this sort of 'I have this attitude therefore EVERYone must!!' stuff is common in the media these days (all 'good citizens' think the same in Big Brother or Big Mother world about certain central dogma items that it is important for the rulers to have you go along with, like the childish idea that this country is a 'democracy' in anything other than theory or civics books (or the media) - or other things like "You don't wear a seatbelt!!!! Oh my god what's wrong with you, you baby killer!!!!" (don't think I exaggerate, that's a true story - the indoctrination is sophisticated and pervasive and has been going on a long time, which is why so very few people have any idea it is even happening)). But as far as the Burmese gov being careful about who they allow into their country, on whatever excuse - I'm not outraged at all, and I know there are many others like me, and many others who don't know and don't care.

I'm not happy about a lot of things in the world, this is just another thing on the list, that we could and should be doing something about in a civilized and peaceful way (i.e. nothing the capitalists would be happy with doing) - but really, if you had a little dictatorship going, and some disaster like this happened, and all of a sudden you got warships and warplanes lined up saying they want in - we have food and aid!!! - well, it's understandable the dictators are a bit leery of that sort of thing - it's no secret what guys with big ships and guns and a big military budget are capable of, and they don't tell you their plans ahead of time when they're planning something bad for you. And if Canada and the US were really concerned about dictators etc, they haven't been doing much of a job of showing it the last half century, supporting far more of them than otherwise (check out the Canadian support of the Suharto dictatorship in Indonesia sometime, and his massacre of half the population of East Timor - Anna Maria wasn't around then, but nobody on the CBC had any problem with it at the time, and still don't do any more than the occasional tuttut every year or two, before getting back to people they really want to demonize). But here, this finger pointing started within hours of the cyclone, I remember Anna Maria on the Current just after it happened talking to somebody, and it was all "But do you suppose the Burmese government aren't allowing aid because they are afraid the people will get ideas about overthrowing the government?!?!' etc and etc - at at time when the country was still in shock from the disaster, communications down, and nobody knew anything, but she couldn't hold back her eagerness to start attacking the Burmese gov.

They're doing the same thing with the Chinese gov the last while, a completely unjustified attack on them with nothing more than the faintest attempt to let the Chinese tell their side of the story - and the two things are undoubtedly related, as Burma has been getting friendly with China the last few years as China scouts around for reliable access to the Indian Ocean, and thus closer ocean contact with the oil of the middle east, and other things.

There are things that outrage me, such as the propaganda function of the Canadian media, but they never manage to talk about that -

- and I am kind of continually outraged that 10 million people, mostly children, are dying of starvation every year, a very preventable tragedy of huge proportions that we COULD do something about (we can't really stop cyclones), and our governments, nor people like Anna Maria, don't seem to really care (there is a big difference between piously pretending to care and doing nothing useful beyond tuttutting about 'such a tragedy', or actually caring and doing something to try to alleviate whatever the situation is - our governments (and media always of course), with their support of the IMF and globalisation etc are actually being lying hypocrites (again not a particularly new stance), as they support the conditions that cause the starvation and then put on the pious faces saying how terrible it is - but doing nothing useful about it (like leading the drive to get the IMF etc to cancel third world debt, for starters - taking the criminals who arranged all that to court and getting back the trillions of stolen dollars would be better, or demanding FAIR trade treaties that allowed the PEOPLE of those countries, not tinpot dictators, to get on their feet, get out of debt, start building their countries, rather than these "American corps take it all!!! hahahaha!!" 'free' trade things everyone is pushing). So that outrages me - but not apparently the Cdn media, who mention these millions of people starving or fair trade approximately never (they mention starvation now and then, but never give figures - and they NEVER connect it to the policies of our governnment. Which makes you wonder who they all are working for. Or should - some of us know, and many others apparently have no idea. Imagine Anna Maria every day - "Thirty thousand children died today around the world from preventable diseases and starvation, but the profits of our drug companies are more important than giving them medicine, and tax breaks to corporations in our wealthy country are far more important than giving money to starving kids in Africa, so fuck em..." - most Canadians probably wouldn't really think highly of that kind of talk, or truth telling, so our media just doesn't talk about it. And to help you NOT think about it, there's always somebody we don't like to point you to.

And that's probably another part of what they're doing, what a lot of criminal types do - LOOK OVER THERE!! LOOK AT THOSE BAD PEOPLE!!! - anything to get you looking somewhere else, rather than at them and what they're up to.

The US had a similar disaster a couple of years ago, with lots of coverage, but I don't recall a single word of criticism in the mainstream media about the pathetic job of the US in handling that disaster, the thousands of preventable deaths because of that completely botched response, or suggestions that maybe the UN or somebody ought to just bull their way in because the US government was obviously too corrupt to get a grip on the situation....

I find it outrageous that in a wealthy country like Canada, the government does its best to funnel as much money as possible to those who already have most of it, and then claim poverty and close hospitals so that people die in waiting rooms. But of course the media never talk about that in those terms - which I find outrageous also. Thousands of homeless people in Canada, hundreds of thousands going to food banks - who the hell is Anna Maria Tremonti to be criticizing Burma when Canada is getting worse and worse every year in terms of taking care of its own citizens? I find it outrageous that I am continually reading about another young native woman forced into a life of drugs and prostitution because her life appears hopeless - this is directly due to the policies of 'our' government. And we hear about native women because they're something of an item of prurient interest to box people - there are far more white Canadian young women forced into the same life who get essentially no notice at all, and that this happens in our wealthy country is an indictment that is going to be pretty hard to live down, at such time as YOU are called to explain what the hell you were doing while this was happening. As you will, some day, some how - Canada is at least a functioning democracy in terms of elections, and when most people of Canada do nothing to protest the actions of their government, it's pretty hard to escape responsibility for what is going on. That's not a terrorist threat, it's just the way it's going to be. You can check out, as the song says, but you can never leave - and that's the sort of thing it's talking about.

It's outrageous that the entire world knows that the Bush government lied big time about the reasons for invading Iraq, and the ensuing death of a million or more people, and the looting and destruction of that country and a lot of priceless history, but there has never been a word of even mild scolding from the Cdn gov or any other about this - officially, Bush is still a highly respected US president, when if there was any justice in the world at all he (and a great many other 'highly respected leaders') would be in jail, after a lengthy trial at an international criminal court. That our government, and media, refuse to talk about this indicates as much as anything else that we live in a world where lies and fiction dominate the important aspects of the 'official narrative', identical in every important way to Orwell's Big Brother world where the leaders wrote the history they wanted the people to believe, and the people believed what they were told to believe.

And I suppose what is outrageous too, but more tragic and depressing, is that so very few Canadians seem to understand any of this or give a shit.

May 4 CBC Weekend Mornings
In the box: - Great morning music show on the weekend mornings from Halifax - this weekend Stan was playing protest songs, and said several times he was very surprised at the somewhat overwhelming number of requests he had received when he asked for ideas for this show. Mayyyybbbeeeee - it's not quite so surprising, if my thesis is correct, that there are a lot of Canadians (that's a looooooooottttttt) out there who are not that happy at all with the way the country is going - but they never get any attention from the Canadian MSM. Whaddya think?!?!?

May 5 The Current
In the box: - Friday May 2 a show that talks about how 'boomers' are not retiring - they LOVE to work!! - and althoughit may cause a bit of a problem in the job market for younger people, etc, we're gonna put a really positive spin on this!!

Out of the box: - - propaganda on CBC - a Current show about the old boomer generation - everyone wants to keep working and not retire because they're prosperous, enjoying life, want to keep doing stuff, contributing, fulfilling themselves, etc. The thing is, no doubt there are many people like that - Canada once was a good society, and this is the way those people are - but but but but but....

But - as propaganda - are these happy prosperous people actually a majority of people over 50 or 60 or wherever you want to start counting 'older', or are they a minority, but in a media which tries to pretend we live in a great country for us all, we want to pretend that this is the norm, when it very much is not?? How many people out there over 60-65 are there who are not being talked about here who HAVE to keep working, they have no work pension, and no CPP, and OAP is only poverty level stuff, and they cannot get UI, and if they want to eat more than stale bread and water every week they MUST find some kind of shit job to keep them going? There lives are not great and happy at all. My suspicion is that there would be a lot more people like this than the well to do gang, looking for a few hours of feel good work a week. I have no criticism of these people, it's great that they have had good lives and now look forward to good retirement years, working a bit or not at something that makes them feel good - but my quarrel is with the media who are trying to pretend that the CBC radio show hosts who are having a good life talking to a few others who are also having a good life somehow represent the norm of the country. It may be the sort of country we envisioned a few years back, but it is very much NOT where we are today, or where we are going as a country, under the NWO, under the corporate capitalist governments we are currently suffering under, stealing the country from under our feet, shutting down the health care system and everything else that was supposed to be looking after the majority of people not in the upper management levels of the capitalist society.

Where, for instance, are the interviews with voices from NAPO or OCAP, or other people speaking for elderly people who are very much NOT so well off in this country that was once going to be so great but has fallen on hard times for many more of its citizens than not? How many Canadians are living in poverty with pensions under the poverty line for every one of these 'freedom 55'-ers? My guess would be a lot more poor than well to do - and that is something we should be talking about, not sweeping it under a rug somewhere.

But of course, if we were to start talking about things like this, we would have to start talking about causes, and then we could not avoid talking about capitalism, and we don't really want to look at that bear in the living room, do we? Not, at least, in the MSM.

May 5 Cdn media
In the box: - Angus Reid Poll: Politicians Garner the Lowest Level of Respect Among Canadians Priests and journalists see significant drop in level of respect since 1994; doctors only group to see an increase - "...The professionals who endured the most noticeable slump are journalists. In 2008, less than half of all respondents say they have a great deal or a fair amount of respect for journalists (49%), compared to 73 per cent in 1994..."

Out of the box: - Dear Current, Toronto Star, CBC PEI, a few others,

I write in reference to the survey concerning the respect Canadians have for different professions just released, and its indication that journalists aren't doing so well (interestingly enough not apparently covered by any major Cdn media, nothing I could find in the National Post, Suns or CBC, and only a short mention in passing in a Star editorial).

As you will see, if you look, journalists have fallen considerably in respect the last few years, with only politicians and lawyers rating lower in major professions. However, I write not to gloat, but because I have written you all recently, and been met with either silence in most cases or protest in the one or two who have responded - perhaps this survey will give you some pause to reconsider what I have to say. And perhaps not, of course. (and you can see the rest here)

Apr 3 CBC Toronto morning show
In the box:

Out of the box: - Non stop - don't think because I don't write there's nothing to write about, I just can't be bothered most of the time, as it's just more variations on a theme and I'm working on something more important at the moment. But sometimes they hit a button somehow. For instance - Today on the Toronto morning show I've been sampling this week, an interview with the makers of a new propumentary (they misidentified it as 'documentary' of course, but as we know by know, CBC (like the other mainstream propaganda media) has as a motto 'lies 'r' us'). They were all seriously upset about how hordes and hordes of young Canadian muslims are getting lured into jihadism by an internet campaign to ensnare their innocent young minds with clever training films, oh you nasty propagandists on the internet!!! And they're all so ernest, of course, because as we know all Canadians, notably politicians and spies and the like, are all, like, really really good people and would never harm a fly, so this is all just so, so, so like evil, these damned jihadists wanting to hurt us innocent people!

Sorry if you're barfing, I know it's a bit hard to swallow.

Now, a truthful look at the situation would have gone a little deeper, and with considerably more intelligence and honesty.

For instance, one would be just a little less inflammatory about the 'charges' that some people are facing about their evil plans to kill great numbers of Canadians - generally speaking, these things look like comic book fantasies dreamed up by the cops and spies to get Canadians scared of shadows, and more willing to accept gov ID cards and increased surveillance and things. And then insofar as there are angry muslims around the world, and undoubtedly some in Canada, although to say a muslim is angry is a long ways from saying they are ready to go bombing things and killing innocent people (that's actually more of an American trick), one might examine WHY they are angry, as this would be very important information in actually trying to figure out what to do about it. But of course, that's a place the propagandists don't really want to go, as that would get into questions like, "Let's say some guy in Canada was related to a family in Afghanistan of whom half had just been killed by a NATO bomb, not a mujahadin or terrorist or even gun amongst them all, just a family trying to have a wedding - do you suppose that sort of thing might be involved with that young man being angry at Canadians, and talking about getting some revenge?" - and etc. An honest presentation would also have some people speaking from a contrary position, wondering, for instance, why the CBC and other Cdn media are so determined to make non-muslim Canadians suspicious of all muslims. And etc.

But then, that sort of thing would be found on an honest and responsible media, and those are two adjectives that would rarely be associated with the CBC or any of the rest of them.

I was about to say RIP, but I don't really feel that way. These people are responsible for a lot of the problems we have in Canada, and although they should certainly be put to pasture somewhere ASAP, I really hope they don't get much peace at all, and would hope that in their brains they feel some considerable guilt about what they have done and continue to do for a long, long time.

Mar 27 CBC
In the box: CBC 'what journalism school?? hahaha!!' 'journalists' at work again -

Out of the box: -

I have no idea what is really going on in Tibet - and listening to the CBC doing propaganda doesn't make things any clearer. Blatant 'we don't like these people or that commie government so anything that happens there is getting the full demonisation treatment' crap (like they've been doing with Cuba on and off the last while, or with Chavez any time he gets in their sites). You just can't believe much of what you hear from people like this, at least when they're obviously in one of their 'propaganda 'r' us' modes.

This morning we hear, from intrepid CBCer Anthony 'nice gig, please the bosses' Germaine (seems to be endemic with all Cdn 'journalists' anymore), telling us about a group of '..journalists taken on a carefully managed tour.. ' and then the Chinese "'.. get pre-approved buddhists to say things the gov wanted them to say ...'

- ??? hmmm. 'carefully managed'? 'pre-approved'? In the days when we had at least a semi-independent and responsible media, this sort of crap wouldn't get near a real news report - you'd get told about leading adjectives and verbs and adverbs very clearly in Year One of Journalism School, and you wouldn't get your little certificate after three years, let alone a job with any major media, if you couldn't understand that. Like the guy said, just the facts, ma'am, just the facts. Doing propaganada, now, well another line of work altogether, very dependent on leading adjectives and verbs. And spin. Lies. Stuff like that. Facts are just a pain in the ass when you're doing propaganda. Not to mention people who insist on asking questions about what the hell you think you're up to.

* "..journalists taken on a carefully managed tour" - hmmm have we seen anything like this with Cdn journalists lately, for instance some country starting with A not that far from China? YEA .... BUT!!!! - we're the good guys!! When we do it, it's ok!!! The journalists were willingly telling Cdns the gov propaganda, so that's different, isn't it?


** '..pre-approved buddhists to say things the gov wanted them to say.."??? - The hypocricy just bowls you over sometimes. Pretty much everything of any real interest concerning anything actually important in our country you get on CBC these days is quite obviously exactly this - 'pre-approved' people saying things the rulers want said, blatant propaganda in service to one NWO program or another, with carefully vetted 'dissenting' voices allowed very, very occasionally to point to in case anyone ever calls them on it. I'll guarantee that the appearance of Diane Francis on the Current yesterday, for instance, was exactly that - a pre-approved appearance by someone on a national radio show saying things the rulers of the country wanted her to say - no question of it. The interview was obviously lined with fluff, no need for a script, but the central message was there, and scripted to make sure it got said in the right way. Or what about the regular appearances of a certain Michael Hlinka extolling the wonders of Capitalism? With never, never NEVER a voice questioning him or capitalism??? And etc.

And just as a final short point about demonising the Chinese - what about the reverse situation - for instance, when we have a group of Canadians protesting some Cdn gov action, anything from the Vancouver RCMPs pepper-spraying non-violent protesters through Montebello last year? - In this situation, the government is the good guys and the protesters the bad guys, and the adjectives and verbs reflect the media message, to be sure the audience knows what they are supposed to be thinking about this. We have various protests by native Canadians over the years to look at - and you could think about the media coverage.

Anna Maria has to get into this on the Current as well, and although they cover a lot of the same ground, they note at one point that 'foreign reporters are often denied entry to China' - but what about all the alt news reporters being denied entry to NWO events? Any comparison??? hahaha - not that you're going to hear about on the CBC.

Sure we're better in Canada overall, and some things on the media are pretty good - but we're going backwards these days, and I think the Chinese are moving forwards, albeit slowly. And never forget that the Chinese civilisation goes back 5,000 years, and we're barely a couple of hundred (yea I know the date of 'confederation', but count back a bit further) - do you suppose a civilisation 5,000 years old might know a few things a sprite of a couple of hundred might not? But either way, it's a big mistake to confuse 'better' with 'good'. And a big mistake not to see how badly we are regressing the last 3 decades in terms of journalism and damn near everything else in this country.

And that's all I got time for today. But we're watching, people. Hitler was arrogant for a few years too - you think you're invulnerable when you're on top, but as the old guy said, what goes up, must come down. Your time will come. You will be asked to explain yourself, some day. And that day won't be quite as full of laughter as this one is.

CBC. NWO. Propaganda 'r' us. brave new world. I just learned today that Aldous Huxley died on the same day as JFK. Hell of a coincidence.

Mar 25 CBC Morning show, Toronto
In the box: -

Out of the box: - browsing around to see what's available for listening during my listening time - and who do I find but Michael Hlinka talking about the wonders of capitalism on the Toronto CBC morning show. I know he gets regular time on the PEI morning show, and have heard him on the Ottawa show, and now evidently a regular on the Toronto show too. And greeted with great welcome by every host. As he tells everyone how wonderful capitalism is. And never have I heard a voice wondering if maybe capitalism isn't quite so great. No question what the CBC is promoting. And that's propaganda, not public radio. This morning he was talking about the upcoming Ontario budget, and got onto the Toronto Star complaining about job losses. Well, that's actually a good thing, according to Michael - those workers will all be better off in service jobs, as that is the wave of the future. Manufacturing jobs pay more? Not so!! says Michael, a few pay good, most pay the same as service jobs!! And that's not a bad thing, to become a service economy, like others complain - no!! Service jobs are BETTER than them smelly old manufacturing jobs!! He didn't want to get into much detail, for obvious reasons, and the friendly CBC host wasn't going to take him there - but by golly, he's far happier as a 'service person' than he would be with dirty old stuff on his nice sweater! But then, most young people looking for work, or middle-aged laid off from the factory guys, aren't as good at sucking up to capitalists as Michael is - I don't imagine many people flipping burgers 20 hours a week at McJobs or manning the call center phones are quite as happy as Michael, with his several weekly capitalist paycheques for lobbying on the CBC on top of his business indoctrination courses.

They finish the Toronto show with a bit on a new film about prostitution in Bangladesh, and they can't resist a few digs at Islam - the religion forbids prostitution and here it is!!! Oh them hypocrites!! - the unspoken words here are how much more civilized we are in 'christian' Canada - they probably don't in any way recognize their own not inconsiderable showing of quite amazing hypocricy here - if you want to talk about that sort of thing, why not a doc on Canadian prostitution, and how their 'christian' religions frown on it, and the newspapers get all huffy about it, and the politicians all promise to take action about it - and yet we have it everywhere?? Golly gee!!!! And why not a doc on all of the native Canadian young women forced into prostitution because the damned government won't give them a chance at a decent life otherwise? Ah, why bother.

And then we get to listen to Anna Marie 'interviewing' Diane Francis of the Pispot on her new book about billionaires in Canada - 75 of them or something - as the numbers of poor and homeless expand every year, so do the number of wealthy (but THAT'S not something they're going to talk about today nosiree!!) It's quite obviously at least partially scripted, as I grok at the question "But Diane, are all of these rich people, close to the government, having an undue, and even hidden, influence on our democracy, seeing politicians etc that 'ordinary' people never see?' (something like that) - a question very obviously designed to reassure the many Canadians who are quite sure that yes, indeed, the wealthy have undue influence altogether with the government, in many ways - but not really nonono!!! reassures the esteemed Francis - actually, the government was indeed quite a plutocracy way back before 1986 (not said, but we know the meaning here! - the damned socialists were running things then) - but now, there are so many rich people, and they all compete openly, that things are MORE democratic than ever!! - and that's all for Anna Maria, no more about that - of course, a few very simple questions would get this open a bit more - why, for instance, then, if rich people aren't having much influence in the gov these days, are all the gov policies designed to favor the rich over the ordinary Cdn, and further are policies the few rich promote and the many ordinary are not in favor of - free trade, or reduced corporate taxes, or privatisation, etc and etc - you can be sure that if Tom d'Aquino's Executive Council (CCCE) wants something on behalf of the richest corporations (and their investors) in Canada, the gov will do it, no matter how many ordinary Cdns oppose it. You can't actually deny it - but that's what they're going to spin on the good ol CBC. Do you think we'll see somebody from the National Anti-Poverty Organisation or the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives invited to refute this idea that Canada is 'more democratic!! Yea!!' because of all these billionaires?

Right. CBC - propaganda 'r' us. I won't even start on the Cuba bit from the 'news' - right out of Fox or the White House, not a word of reality attached - demonising people 'we' don't like with lies and spin. Or again on the news they refer to the Rideau Institute as 'left of center' but don't say anything a few minutes later about the Frasers being 'right of center' - that's just SOP on propaganda and spin 'r' us CBC - constant little pushes in a certain direction, full spectrum, all inclusive indoctrination maintenance - and very effective, as so few people see it, and if you point it out to them, they accuse YOU of being indoctrinated. What a state this country is getting to.

Mar 23 Star
In the box: - Canadian leaders' toughest calls

Out of the box: - I seem to have a completely different idea of this thing called 'democracy' than pretty much everyone else. Even when I mention stuff like this with friends who are supposedly intelligent, I just get blank looks, that ol 'don't wanna talk about that stuff...' stuff. But listen - "...Former prime minister Paul Martin says that the single hardest decision he made in his time in office was sending Canadian troops to the Afghan province of Kandahar... Appearing as a judge and panellist on the CBC show, The Next Great Prime Minister, to be aired tonight, Martin doesn't hesitate when asked about the toughest call he made while prime minister from 2003 to 2006..."

And that doesn't ruffle even ONE feather here - just the way we do things here, boss! One man makes a decision about that. No meetings in ridings, no **real** debate and open vote in parliament with the MPs doing as instructed by the constituents they 'represent', even about something as important as going to war, or escalating the war - we just sit back in suspense as ONE man of the 30 odd million people in Canada decides. Wow. And nobody cares. NOBODY CARES!!!!! There are examples all over the place, pretty much every day - Harper does this, McGuinty does that, Campbell does that, and etc and etc - and nobody appears to raise an eyebrow. But in a DEMOCRACY!!!!! - doesn't that mean that We the People decide things?!?!? I don't mean we have an election time every time the constituency office needs paper clips - but going to war?!?!?! When did the decision about taking Canada to war become something like a mystery show, where Canadians sat in front of the tvs breathlessly, waiting to see what their Fearless Leader was going to decide?!?! I KNOW I am not alone in this! When Canada is going to war, by fuck I WANT A SAY HERE!!!

I know, I know take a valium. It ain't gonna change. But I just wish SOMEBODY besides me would stand up and say, even once - how is this stuff compatible with calling the country a 'democracy'??

Huhh?? How?????

Mar 23 all over the place!
In the box: -

Out of the box: - boy, don't know if it's because it's easter weekend and they see a chance or what, but the 'attack them damned atheists!!!' crowd have been working overtime the last few days, even in places you might think they'd know a bit better (i.e. Alternet, in which a certain Christopher Hedges demonstrates pretty clearly the juvenile, rightwingish approach of these people (that being strident shouting of insults and lies, basically) - I run him down a bit, but can't be bothered to do more - shouldn't be wasting my time here, really, but SOMEBODY has to call them on it, and there don't seem to be many others out there standing up to be counted (sorry, in a hurry, a lot of Alternet comment jumped him pretty good, but I mean here in Canada nobody seems to dare to stand up to these people). As somebody once said, very, very truly, what it takes for evil to succeed is good men sitting in front of the tvs doing nothing about it. Or something like that. The same idiot was on Enright this morning, lying about everything. I kid you not, lying - according to this 'perspective', apparently all 'atheists' are the same (even though the title of his book says he doesn't believe in them - as clever as everything else he says) - they want some sort of perfect utopian society, and are willing to impose complete dictatorships on everyone, and engage in mass murder, to achieve it. YOu know, like Mao or Stalin - they were atheists, so all atheists think like they do. Really, that is the kind of utter garbage that comes out of his sad mouth - one doesn't even want to start speculating about the sad upbringing he must have had.

And all the news on CBC the last couple of days - "This is the day Christ died for our sins! This is the day he arose from the dead!' - really, no qualifiers, no 'Christians believe ...." or anything, just the facts on the CBC ma'am - temperature cold, Toronto lost a hockey game, we're doing great stuff in Afghanistan, Christ died today for your sins...

It's embarrassing to be an adult around here. But then, there's so few of us that no other adult is going to notice, I guess, we're too thin on the ground.

New breed of atheist treads too much on glib ground - same old shit. I guess they don't have much to play with, so have to keep recycling the same old lies and illusions. This guy is doing the old story that only religion makes people moral - Hedges and the rest always include this too somewhere. But actually, for me, again I turn that around - if the only reason you are being 'moral' about things is because you are afraid of some mythical god smacking you or something, then how actually trustworthy are you? Me, now, I don't steal your money or do other bad things because I'm afraid some god will smite me, I don't do these things because as an intelligent adult, I know these are bad things to do, in a place that I want to be part of a trusting, strong community. What are you, my theist companion, going to do when it finally starts to sink in that there is no god out there watching you, it's all been a big lie? Can I trust you, since you have no personal moral anchor? Hmmmmmm. Sure there's a lot of good people out there who have a belief in this god or some other - but there's lot of em in jail too, don't deny it - I give you G Bush and C Black for two examples of the 'morality' of your theists. And that's only the A side of this little record - what about the other? How these guys can overlook or hide or rationalize the massive amounts of damage and inflicting of pain and death and horror that have been done over the last couple of thousand of years in the name of their god, and then say that atheists are moral-less, is a perfect example of how they lie and accuse others of their own faults - and about as final a point as needs to be made about the complete vacuity of their arguments.

And that is ALL I'm doing about this shit right now. I knew I shouldn't have got started.

Mar 21 CBC
In the box: - CBC easter friday - a great barrage of propaganda

- opening words about christ dying on the cross to save us all, all christians remember his sacrifice, etc. I sometimes forget how strong this mythology is - as long as we have this kind of thing going on, we are NOT getting out of the box. Let me rephrase that - *you* are not getting out of the box. Priests do NOT rule Green Island. Nor do capitalists. Hmm - no capitalist propaganda on today, at least the morning shows I listened to, although I suppose the following political stuff is capitalist in a sense, as they are promoting their capitalist politicians.

Promotion of American politicians continues, with a discussion of 'the wonderful speech by Obama!!' - and, en passant let's not forget the comparison of why this sad sack Canada isn't doing something so wonderful?? (get the message? Canada baaad!! US gooood!!!)

- and again, with this, you could ask why, if the media were actually being fair, they are basically sidelining Layton and the NDP, who are trying to make this and many other things issues? - for instance, we could have a discussion on Canadian politicians, and why it is that although Layton and the NDP seem to promote policies most Canadians support, they are obviously way behind in polls - of course, we can't really go there, because it would be impossible to discuss this in any believable way without talking about the role of the media and why this leader who speaks for Canadians has been so ruthlessly marginalised and his party demonised for - well, for a long, long time - and we are NOT going there!!!! no siree!! But I noticed also yesterday - the papers are also trumpeting about how wonderful May and the Greens are doing - sort of sticking it again to the NDP - you Canucks getting this?!?! FORGET THE NDP!!!! - which means, when you think about propaganda, that our rulers are actually quite worried about how congruent the NDP policies are with what most Canadians want, and are doing all they can to stop people from going there - and by god THAT idea is NEVER NEVER NEVER going to get expressed in the MSM - nothing actually true and important ever does.

- and then on to the de rigeur oft-weekly Current staple of 'let's get with the Afghanistan invasion you people - we're The Good Guys and they're The Bad Evil Enemy!!' - today we are being told about a new 'documentary' to be shown on the tv soon - and the intro is - 'the enemy is more sophisticated than they used to be - and are now using propaganda!! (I really hear twilight zone music here - gotta get sound effects figured out someday)' (propaganda!!! OMG we'd never do that!!).

The interviewer keeps pointing out (to be sure all the listeners get it, eh?!?) how amazing this doc is, something Cdns rarely see, from behind enemy lines wowwowow!! the white skinned Cdn grew a beard and wore long white robes to move like a spy among the people to get this incredible revealing film, all true!!! You get the message?? this is the REAL stuff you guys!! - as they both talk throughout in half whispers like this is really amazing secret stuff!! (or maybe they're a bit embarrassed at this BS they're spreading around, like kids lying in the cafeterial about something...)

Some 'high' points - we're informed that the Taliban and al Quaeda are working together as international terrorists!! - if another 911 happens, you people, it's coming from here - so you get on board with the mission to stop these evil reptiles who hate our freedom and democracy!! - and the young, upcoming Taliban are far worse and more dangerous than their fathers - a completely different breed!!! - suicide bombs on a scale never seen before!!

The sort of necessary 'Hey, it's true you know, we found videos leading to the Evil Leader!!' - and telling us how the local people are afraid of and hate the damned Taliban!! - and the de rigeur mention of the dreaded jihadi-training madrassa schools!!, and the interivew with a brainwashed student 'ready to die for the laws of Islam!!' - I don't think they missed any of the propaganda buttons here.

- and the farmers joining the Taliban to protect their illegal opium crops (?????? - but the Taliban had eradicated opium production before they were deposed??? - I don't suppose many people really know that, and associating two evils is always good theatre for the tv crowd .... oooo them monsters!!!!)

And then after we've spent 15 minutes demonizing the taliban, we have to have a few words about how great our military is, and a few words from a couple of people explaining how pure their motives are, and some great stuff they've done (no shooting kids on bikes here, or transporting prisoners off to warlord torture cells, or Americans killing our guys with friendly fire by drugged up F16 jocks or bombing wedding parties, or anything else to detract from the message) - and pointing out that by golly, given these sneaky evil enemies, getting sneakier every day damn them all!!! - this is a long term operation and you damned people out there not supporting this wonderful operation better get with the program.

And then remember, a 'final question' (catapulting that propaganda, as George would say) - is all the money Canadians are pouring into this country making a difference? Really? Well - lemme just tell ya - in the doc, we have a Cdn aid worker who courageously goes to villages to make sure there is no corruption, someone brings a light bulb and transforms a village!!, all the Cdn money supplying midwives to them poor natives - just a bunch of feel-good stories - but it's up to you, of course!! to decide if this is worth it!!

And then one final, final message, kicking that poor propaganda-ized brain one final time - a clip describing them damned evil taliban bastards brainwashing child soldiers to kill mindlessly in the name of their religion - oh you evil bastards!!!

ok you guys all got the message?!?!?!?! s'alright - we'll be back next week with some more ....

Out of the box: - And that's the CBC this Easter Friday. From outside the Box. I'll leave the light on, but I ain't waitin up. That is seriously powerful shit they're throwin at y'all, and I don't really blame you for not being able to escape. But I wish you would. They're not takin us all anywhere good.

--> Thurs Mar 20 CBC Sounds Like Canada
In the box: - Judge Advocate General

Out of the box: - seriously good propaganda, as the Canadian media continues its own 'surge', pushing Canadians to get onboard with the Afghanistan invasion most are against, and becoming more against every day. The interviewee is a grandfatherly type, gentle and kind and intelligent voice, you just KNOW he couldn't possibly advocate anything bad!! - and the interview is carefully scripted to bring out the points that would reassure the concerned, intelligent Cdn adult - the CBC audience - that, really, all is as it should be, we are honorable people doing an honorable thing here, and good people like this high-ranking guy certainly wouldn't be involved with anything otherwise, no matter what all those anti-American types are saying!!

Just a couple of questions that a somewhat more impartial interviewer might have raised, rather than 20 minutes of softball 'you're such a good person!!' scripted lobs -

** Since the Nuremburg tribunal stated quite unequivocally that invasion of another country is the highest international crime, and those international rules still apply, how does that relate to Canada participating in the Afghanistan invasion, and regime change operation, from a legal perspective, since Afghanistan was not involved in any sort of threat to Canada? Does that make Canada some sort of international war criminal? Does International Law actually mean anything or not, or is it all like the Red Queen, and it means only what 'I' want it to mean at any given time? If you say that NATO 'authorized' this - well, who exactly in the world then can just 'pass resolutions' over-riding international law like Nuremburg? If, for instance, China passes a resolution in their government that 'For this reason and that reason, international law regarding aggressive war does not apply to the situation of Taiwan, so there!' - and they invade that country as we did Afghanistan - would that be ok? Or is it like, laws apply to people we declare to be bad guys but not us? or something? Is that kind of thing really good legal principal, or is it just We the Winners doing whatever we please, and then hiring some pricy lawyers to write some complicated words on expensive paper with Signatures of Important People!! to justify it all after the fact, and using our Media Secretariat to sell it to the people, like everything else?

** If we invaded Afghanistan because they were hiding bin Laden and thus we felt threatened by 'terrorist' activity and want to claim some sort of 'pre-emptive' right, do we have the finding of any sort of international tribunal that bin Laden was accused of anything at all, and found guilty of same, in some sort of recognized international court? Do you really think the accusations of the American government and their CIA, all based on 'secret' info, are adequate reason for Canada to be invading other countries? Do you have any comment on the invasion of Iraq, and the indescribable destruction and killing done there the last 5 years, on similar accusations of WMDs that have since been shown to be completely groundless?

** Since we have declared war on Afghanistan, and invaded them with no legitimate cause and displaced their government, would it be legal now for Afghanistan to undertake military actions in Canada, as they could certainly claim legitimate cause? If you want to argue that the 'legitimate' government of Afghanistan is now the one that NATO and the US forces put in place, and they certainly don't want to invade us, so anyone else taking actions in Canada could be defined as 'terrorists' rather than 'legitimate' armed forces - well, how would that square, for instance, with the French Resistance of the WWII which we recognized as legitimate?? Since Germany had taken over the country, displaced the former government and installed their own 'quisling' government, (wasn't that quisling government about exactly as 'legitimate' as our Karsai government?) and would not want to invade Germany or displace the Germans - wouldn't the French Resistance thus be 'terrorists' too, following the exact same logic?

** How many 'accidental' bombings of wedding parties and shootings of kids on bikes are acceptable in a war of aggression trying to wipe out the resistance to an armed invasion and occupation, such as Canada is currently engaged in in Afghanistan? If soldiers from the former Afghani government bombed a Canadian military base right here in Canada, and a bunch of Canadian women and kids got killed along with the soldiers who were preparing to rotate to Afghanistan, what would you think of the legitimacy of their claim of 'unintentional but regretfully acceptable collateral damage in the pursuit of legitimate wartime objectives'?

- I don't know, just a whole lot of questions that don't get talked about when Propaganda is the order of business, it seems to me.

Mar 21 Star
In the box: - Longing for an Obama of our own

Out of the box: - I've been noticing this lately, the entire Canadian media has been pushing this idea of how amazingly wonderful US politics is these days, and how boooooooring things are here in Canada. Remember the story a couple of weeks ago that got a lot of attention about how 15% of Canadians would give up their Canadian vote by golly if they had a chance to vote for one of those amazing Americans we're getting to hear so much about every day!! Wow!! What's happening, do you suppose? Given that most Canadians are very unhappy with the activities of the US around the world, why are the Canadian media trying to get us to start liking them all more? Is that their job? It's the job of a propagandist, but is it the job of the Canadian media? If A = B, and A = C - Does B = C???

Thought I'd write a short response to this latest 'Wow look at them wonderful 'mericuns!!' crap - feel privileged, they're sure as hell not going to print it in the 'propaganda 'r' us' Star.

Dear Mr Hepburn -

Why don't Canadians have an Obama, you ask? Well, I'm surprised, as a senior writer in the Canadian media, you would be so puzzled. Let me help enlighten you. The simple answer is, we don't have an Obama at this time, because Obama's are entirely media creations, and the Canadian media, for whatever reason, have decided that Canada isn't going to have an Obama at this time.

You say that there are many issues in Canada requiring leadership at this time - "...We have troops dying in Afghanistan; our environment is deteriorating; our cities are crumbling; poverty is rampant; our medicare system is under siege..."

Hmmm, perhaps you've been hiding under a rock, but there is a Canadian leader of a Canadian political party who has been talking, and quite eloquently, even written a book about one of the most important of them, about solutions for these problems for several years now - solutions that are actually in line with what most Canadians think, according to all polls. The man is very intelligent, very camera-presentable, very well known in Canada, and, as I noted, has a position on all of these issues that a majority of Canadians agree with. Odd you don't even mention his name here, isn't it? (and you can see the rest here)

Mar 20 CBC
In the box: - TSX, loonie plunge on commodity weakness

Out of the box: - - even in the face of the endless propaganda from the capitalist media, I just don't understand why a lot more people aren't sort of standing up and at least scratching their heads a bit, and thinking, "...but is this really the best way to run our economy?!?!? A handful of obviously extremely unbalanced and selfish gamblers determining our future?!?" - you only have to ask the question, and the answer becomes obvious. Which is, of course, why a question like this is never, never, never, NEVER going to get asked in the Canadian mainstream capitalist media.

A vid everyone should see, about this stuff How the markets really work - humor, but not in the least funny when you think about what's happening.

Mar 18 Globe
In the box: - Quality of cancer testing a 'nightmare'

Out of the box: - This is capitalism in action.

**The basic idea of capitalism is to max profits for those who own the country (the capitalists). One thing that means is cutting back on services for the people as much as possible, while pretending everything is fine. (Lying is a central precept of capitalism, because there would be revolution if people knew what they were really up to, and started to understand the lies they have been living under for so many years that have caused so many problems.)

** In the days before the capitalists became dominant in Canada (Mulroney 1985), when the government bureaucracy was really run by 'we the people' through elected representatives who actually felt some degree at least of responsibility to 'us' as opposed to their current understanding that they are 'responsible' to those who own the country (also 'responsible' to keep this secret from we the people, who might not appreciate this betrayal, lies and lies and lies), our bureaucrats and other government employees, such as those in the health care systsem, were among the best in the world, and delivered world class service. No longer, after over 20 years of replacing administrators who wanted to do their job for we the people with administrators who served a different master. Now the administrative bureaucrats who control the work of everyone else arrange to deliver minimal 'service' and world class lies, always based on the lie that 'there is not enough money' (see App 1 The Great National Debt Scam or Banketeering for more explanation). Please note, this is not to say there are not a lot of good people in the system, trying to do their best, for there surely are - but the capitalists, and their managers, are fighting tooth and claw to max their profits, which means reducing services to the bone, and when 2 people are told they must do the work that 4 or 5 did previously (with 'services' that aren't simply cancelled outright), with half the budget, screwups and morale problems and stress and worse are the absolutely inevitable result, such as we see regularly in stories such as this one. If 'our' public servants were given the means to do their work, overseen and organised by administrators whose primary goal was providing the best possible service for we the people with enough budget to do the job and f*** the capitalists and their greed, the system would be working fine and better than fine. But when the primary objective of the capitalist-controlled bureaucrats is minimising money spent on the system to max capitalist takings, whilst lying about everything they are doing, this is what happens.

** The capitalist media is not going anywhere near the true causes of the problem. Again lies, again for obvious reasons.

The capitalists have perfected something else in this era, indoctrination - so good that almost nobody understands, or will even think about, the simple facts I point out above. And nothing is going to improve until people start to understand this. Me, I'm not holding my breath. As I said, that indoctrination is powerful stuff.

Mar 18 CBC National radio 'news' 08:00 Ottawa time
In the box: - "Going into the election, the Liberals held all four seats..."

Out of the box: - actually, going into the election, the seats were vacant, which is why the by-elections were being held. It may be correct to note that prior to their being vacated they were held by Liberals, but that is not what the lady said. This sort of imprecise speech would be understandable in a high school journalism course, where a good teacher would explain this kind of stuff so the aspiring journalist learned how to present things correctly, but why does the CBC hire people who write stuff like this, and editors who don't see any problem with it? It sure as hell would NOT have happened back when the CBC was run by intelligent people, and things on the news were wrote and presented for same. (hint - it's involved with the entire dumbing down of everyone).

While we're on the CBC, briefly (they don't deserve much more than briefly these days), Anna Maria again doing her "Look at the GREAT f***ing job we're doing in Afghanistan!! You can tell by the people I talk to, and the questions I ask them - and the fact I almost NEVER have anyone talking about why we shouldn't be there at all!! You damn Canadians who aren't with the program yet - wake up eh?!?"

And her little chat with Ms Sherry Cooper of some Cdn bank, with her "I've been to a good school you can tell by my accent I am Big Mother you children listen to the Voice of Authority now!!" voice telling all the listeners to calm down!! Don't go the banks and look for your money, whatever you do!! Things are under control!!! The US banks got a bit crazy, but we don't really know why, but we're under control here in Canada, folks, don't you nice folks go doing a run on the banks for cash we don't have, and don't start asking questions about why our economy is so fragile that a few assholes in the stockmarket can bring it down nonononono!!- with Anna Maria lobbing the softball questions, and making sure all the important bases were covered. Propaganda-indoctrination 404.

As with her last guest, talking about the poorest billion people in the world. Not a single word about odious debts, or 50 years of IMF 'loans' and structural adjustment programs. And in the quite obviously at least partially scripted 'interview', a question about Canada in Afghanistan, in which the guy talks about how 'Afghanistan is obviously a failed state, and whatever we do there is good...' - you bet, history starts when we want it to start, and no way we're going to note that ahh ummm well we MADE it a failed state to start with ... mmm no need to be mentioning that no siree!! Propaganda are us. But they've been at it awhile, and do it well. I don't see much hope that anyone outside of we 'conspiracy theorists' are going to understand what is happening. And we're all old guys and won't be around much longer - and then. Brave New World. Any day now.

Mar 17 Globe
In the box: - Oil price plunges $4.53 a barrel

Out of the box: - I can see why the people doing all this frantic gambling think 'the market rules yea!!!!' is great (some of them are making huge amounts of money, and the losers accept their losses as they knew the score beforehand) - but why would a 'sovereign' people like Canadians are supposed to be allow this kind of psychotic speculation by a small gang of very obviously unstable people to control the economy of their country? Indoctrination, I suppose, is the only answer, and continual browbeating by the media and their government that YOU PEASANTS MUST NOT QUESTION THE SUPERIORITY OF THE MARKET!!!! - but still. Nobody will even consider that they might be indoctrinated, of course, the first sign of an extremely successful indoctrination program. And for the rest, the schoolyard bully does the same thing - YOU KIDS WILL NOT QUESTION MY RIGHT TO DO AS I PLEASE!!! - but doesn't there come a time when adults stand up and say, just because it's good for you does not mean it is great for the rest of us, and we're going to stop it now??? I guess only if you have a few courageous types in the crowd to stand up to the bully, and although there are a few of us out here, none of the kids are interested in joining us. That's one big bad bear there, with the darthvader suits for those he don't like.

I suppose in adultland outside of the box we might do something like that. Doesn't appear like it's going to happen any time soon in Canada, though. Like the peasants giving their daughter to the lord on her wedding night, Canadians just accept whatever financial shit these people throw at them, accept the strange notion that they are too stupid to interfere in such an obviously dysfunctional (for us) system, or believe the again obviously idiotic notion that 'the market' is a 'natural force' like the rain that cannot be tampered with (Bill Gates has 80 billion dollars, I'll never see a million, we do NOT play on a 'level playing field', so anything to do with the few people like Gates and the many like me is just the big guys dominating the little guys through force. They used to do that in the wild west with guns, and we said 'This market of violence shall be regulated!' and we did so, to a certain extent, and we could do the same with the current world markets in oil or gold or whatever, if we wanted, or when, if ever, we wake up and realise we better do something about this wild financial west before they ruin us all). And thus the Box shall remain their home. Better than no home, I suppose, at least for now. Read Animal Farm again someday, and see what happens when you don't keep an eye on things and let your leaders play you for suckers and take too much power. They don't want to give it up once they get it.

Mar 16 Star
In the box: - IMF warning to governments a sign of the times

Out of the box: - Mr Crane, not sure if you are part of the problem or an honest broker honestly lost in the propaganda of the last 30 years. If you are an honest broker, as someone writing for the Star should be, consider. 30 years ago the government of Canada turned over essentially all of the money creation powers in Canada to private banks, and from there all else was inevitable. from 1945-1973 approximately everything was fine, with the gov controlling our money. since then - ongoing disasters. Consider - 98% of the Cdn money supply is created as interest-requiring debt - that is approximately two trillion dollars currently per year. at least. And every year we have to pay interest on that money. every year. think about that. where is that interest coming from??? then think of the financial bubbles of various sorts we have seen the last 30 years, due entirely to banks creating too much money for speculative 'investments'. then ask yourself if there is a better way. there is, of course. you should be writing about this. more here - Banketeering - how the banks have been stealing trillions from you, and the tap is still running

((3 days later no answer - as expected, part of the problem - he either knows what I am saying is true but is working for the banks etc, or he is completely indoctrinated and not interested in things that contradict his indoctrination.))

March 15 CB-gatekeeper-C
In the box: - Police arrest suspect in B.C. road rage death - to which I wrote a short little comment, along the lines of "What is happening here is a great deal deeper than 'road rage', it has to do with people being angry about the way their society is going, and their powerlessness to do anything about it, coming out in ways like this. You can read more about it at They're Building a Box - and You're In It ... which, as you will see if you bother reading through the comments, is not there.

Out of the box: - no big deal, just a 'for the record' thing, whenever we get around to the 'We don't gatekeep at all!!!' debate - and it's also to get an idea of what 'the box' is about - the opinions you read here are what you are supposed to be thinking, about the way you are supposed to be thinking in general, what 'good people' in Big Mother society think - the little good children gather around Mother and call the Bad Mans names. It's Big Mother in action - as I noted a couple of days ago, at least the Pispot lets me write - they're right wing, but they're also somewhat libertarian, which believes, at least, in more freedom than big mother does. A lonely life here sometimes, the lefties don't want me because I believe in freedom and thinking for myself, the righties don't want me because I don't like dog-eat-dog capitalism and believe in looking after one another. But there you are. Along with Henry, I follow the drummer I must follow, and don't worry too much about what others want me to do or think.

Mar 15 NOT the CBC or CDN MSM
In the box: - wanted to comment on the hatchet job the CBC did on the New York governor who got caught with a pricy call girl, but couldn't get beyond 'why bother, they're beyond hope, as most of Canada appears to be', sometimes it just all gets too depressing - they spent a half hour on the Current a couple of days ago in a bitch session, several middle aged women going at the guy, even an embarrassing 'skit' about some clever CBC lady producers pretending they were the guy's wife as he gave his apology speech, inserting clever little sarcastic comments. About as low as the CBC has gone, and they've been pretty bad at times since I've been listening the last couple of years, this was something that would have been suitable on a teenage all girls radio station, but for Canadian adults??? Well, if there's any left out there. Not many speaking up.

Out of the box: - now here - Elliot's Mess - real journalism in action. Something that is apparently never going to darken the doors of the CBC, as the dumbed down journalism 'school' grads start moving in, perfect little brainwashed robots, minds functioning at a high school level, precocious little arrested-development 'reporters' telling Canadians how things are supposed to appear to them, little propagandistic secretaries for the Cdn branch of the NWO. Big mother in action. Get that seat belt on and stop smoking, you! And Support our Troops!! What's wrong withya?!?


Mar 14 - CBC Current
In the box: - hatchet job on Iran - a perfect example of the box - the Canadian interviewer and interviewee working from the unspoken assumption that Canada is a perfect democracy, and look at these amazing young people in Iran fighting for democracy and freedom in that horribly repressive country!!!! - and obviously completely oblivious to the great ironies they were committing with virtually every word they spoke - you really could write a multi-page essay dissecting this, and all the unspoken box assumptions, but I don't have time, or really interest right now. You need to first wonder why they are doing this - the US is demonizing Iran, looking as if Bush really wants to bomb the place, but why is the CBC joining in this demonisation??? The 'documentary' maker talked to a couple of people who said no way, they were free to talk about what they wanted politically, although criticising Islam might get you in trouble - one wonders why they haven't had Mark Steyn or Ezra whatever his name is on the show, talking about how one can get in quite a lot of trouble in Canada for daring to criticise Islam - and then, of course, the doc maker was quick to laughingly dismiss the comments he didn't like - no mistake what you the listerner are getting from this, right??!? Hmmmmm. And the main people they talked to in Iran were teenagers, complaining about things - but why don't they do the same with a gang of Cdn teenagers, complaining about the government, and government repression in Canada, and how they are not free, and etc????? I could go to any highschool in the country, or university, and get a lot of people to talk like this. And I suppose you could do the same in any country - including Iran. (A story in today's Ottawa Citizen, for instance, showing that this kind of propaganda leads to many contradictions, for those of us who are watching - in Canada we call them 'self-radicalizing teenagers' and call them terrorists!!' - see here). The thing about the CBC bit, was that although they had a few people saying things were ok, the whole editorial slant was 'that repressive country!!' - and one needs to ask why they are doing this. And note once again that, as a fair and responsible media, the CBC wouldn't get much better than a D- these days. And that these announcers and doc makers don't really seem to understand what they are doing, is the Box in action.

Out of the box: -

Mar 14 CBC national radio propaganda
In the box: - utterly shameless boosterism of the afghanistan invasion, after the House 'voted' to approve the 'extension' of the 'mission'. (Hmmmm - do you wonder if this had anything to do with the Libs not forcing an election, during which SOMEbody would have to appeal to the majority of Canadians who want nothing to do with the Afghanistan invasion?!?!? - you sure won't hear it talked about in the Cdn media - which lends credence to the idea ....) - some guy on from Afghanistan (so they say, remember the girl from Kuwait during the 1st Bush massacre crying about incubator babies which was later proven to be a total fraud? I suppose not, if you get your news from the MSM) - saying how Cdns are doing such a good thing there - but if the media was actually impartial, wouldn't there be some lady on from the country saying how she did NOT want us there? Yea, but only if the media was actually fair, impartial, and responsible, which you couldn't ever really accuse the Cdn MSM of these days ... And some 'analyst' on saying that yea, he understood a lot of Cdns still didn't really support it - but by golly, that's just cause they're stupid and don't understand what a wonderful job we are doing there!!! (he didn't really say 'stupid', but what else are you to understand?), and thus the gov needs a better 'selling job' (read ramp up the propaganda, starting right here, baby, and they do) - but where the analyst from 'our' side saying Cdns understand very well what is happening, and oppose it, and the proper course is not more propaganda, but getting out of there - just because that would be democracy. wow, hallucinating again, talking about 'Canada' and 'democracy' in the same breath!

Out of the box: - Green Island. Coming soon. (Where I've been lately, getting it ready to open; often feel the urge to comment here, but figure getting The Book ready is more important).

National Post Comments Mar 5
In the box: - Barbara Kay on Conspiracy Theorists - I give em credit for letting me write, which neither the good ol 'lefty' Star or CBC have ever done. An interesting, somewhat humorous exchange, trying to corner a neocon, pretty slippery - read down and watch for siamdave - c'est moi. And the riotous new rightwing conspiracy theory - if you call someone a neocon, you're jew baiting!! No, really - read it for yourself. These guys aren't well grounded, so tend to say idiotic things like this in the neat of battle, looking for new names to call people when they run out of rational arguments, which happens quickly since they have no rational basis for their policies. Or that free trade is NOT a left-right issue - geez. Really

Out of the box: -

In the box: - the (sand)box rules!!

Out of the box: - All over the CBC PEI newscasts this morning - John Jeffrey speaking with Chtown MP Sean Murphey - couldn't leave it alone - 'do you think it's appropriate to suggest capital punishment for a former PM'? - for kristsake it was a joke, not a serious suggestion, anyone with a brain larger than an amoeba would understand the guy wasn't seriously suggesting Mulroney be hanged - but our intrepid Chtown CBC reporter was by golly asking a serious question, showing what the media here are made of!!! over and over and over again, the no brighter than need by but out in the open with this stuff Chtown MP saying he was sorry he did it, it was just a rhetorical comment in the heat of debate, he regretted it, and etc and etc - with interpid Mr Jeffrey right there with another 'Yea but..! - do you think you should really call for a Canadin PM to be subjected to Capital Punishment? Do you think this was appropriate comentaryar in the House of Commons? - if anybody in the country understood great irony anymore, there would have been people falling all over the floor towards the end, when he said something like 'Yea, but, it is a big issue, because now it is all over the Canadian media...' - wellllll - maybe, just maybe, there are those of us out here who would see that as much, much, much more of a criticism against the media themselves, than this single poor schmuck they've centered out for their attention this day.

- and not alone, earlier in the show some 'business reporter' from Halifax spent 15 minutes taking apart some company for alleged false advertising - this is not entirely unimportant stuff, news people should be doing this as something to 'protect' the citizen, but it was more than a bit overboard as usual, and more suited for a journalism student than serious reporting on the CBC - a 15 minute blow by blow account of something that deserved maybe a 20 second report. Of course, if there is nothing more important to be reporting, maybe you fill space with this kind of stuff - but for some reason the folks at the CBC would rather be spending time and budget on this sort of thing rather than, oh for instance, looking at the trillions of dollars being stolen from Canadians through the banks creating money as debt. Now that would be a real story. Way too real for Corp CBC.

Mar 2 CBC National Radio News
In the box: - 08:00 PEI time

Out of the box: - trying to wean myself from this a bit, same old same old, nothing new, nobody seems to care, more important stuff to do - but it just gets too much some times. Three at least, maybe 4, mornings now, same dame named Laural Lynch or something like that has been 'reporting' from Russia, about the election there. Actually one shouldn't say 'reporting', there's no sense of that at all, it's just telling Canadians what SHE wants people to think is happening there - which, according to Laurel, is a farcical 'election', with Putin pulling all the strings, a completely rigged election, etc. This may be the case - I don't know, I don't care that much - but is it a CBC 'reporter's' job to be framing her 'reporting' this way? Sure as hell doesn't impress me, anyway. Where are the voices that might disagree with her interpretation of things? Not a one. And the general hypocricy is quite irritating as well - look around the CBC archives for any mention of Diebold, and you'll not find a word, although it is obvious the last two US elections have been completely rigged in favor of the Bush gang - but we're not going to talk about THAT on the CBC, nosireebobsyerfuckinuncle!! Or what about Canadian elections? We have the superficial appearance of 'democracy', with sort of fair elections (check out the Box above for more, if you're new and not aware) - but it's still a big farce, and in reality there is only one party that counts in Canada, Tom d'Aquino's CCCE, for which all top level politicians work - and that is something else you will never, never NEVER see talked about on the CBC, even though there are quite a few of us out here who uderstand this well, and write about it a lot, and it is, quite obviously, of considerable importance to the country.

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