Honorary Green Islanders

That's kind of self-explanatory - some people out there, mostly on the net, who write from outside the box - they may or may not (mostly) know or care about Green Island - but we are the same, we care about people, we care about Truth.... If you read these people, and the many websites who feature them and others who also see the truth, you begin to see clearly how the Canadian media is attempting to keep Canadians inside a box of lies and illusions, a box which benefits noone in the long run but the elite who run Canada for their own benefit. It's an old but true saying - the Truth shall set you free. (It is the very epitome of irony in the modern world that the CIA in America, among the biggest and most evil-in-the-service-of-empire liars of all time, have this saying as their motto. (although it is of course a clue to the truth, a reminder that one of their main weapons in the propaganda assault they have waged on their own citizens and the citizens of the world since their very formation, is perversely accusing others of what you are doing yourself. It is a tactic that must be backed by force, and that is what the entire US military and police forces are about. And it is of course a very confusing situation for any actual thinking intelligent citizen who has been trained from birth to believe his or her country is the very fountain of Good Things in the world, which is, of course, the idea. Somewhat in the same vein, we might note that the motto of the Mossad is "By way of Deception shall you do War". Think about it. Think think think. Don't unquestioningly believe anything you read here any more than you believe unquestioningly anything you read in the Toronto Star or anywhere else - read it all, and think about it all, and decide for yourself what makes sense and what is true.)

Third World Traveler - this is an excellent place to start reading if you want to see what the MSM has NOT been telling you for oh so many years - take some time and go through this stuff if you want to understand what is REALLY happening in the world, outside the box the MSM pretends is the 'real' world.

And for a look at what the American Empire has REALLY been doing for the last 50 years and more, you really need to be aware of the stuff a guy called William Blum writes about - you can check out quite a bit of his book called Killing Hope here.

There's lots of other stuff out there you can find yourself once you start looking - the thing to notice is - why do our 'mainstream media' NEVER talk about any of these things? Shouldn't a real media be letting the citizens know about these things, and talking about them? (If they are not true, then the people putting forward such ideas should be given space in the MSM, and allowed to talk about the ideas with gov reps of some kind - We the People are smart enough, really, to be able to listen to such people from both sides, and check out any info anyone talks about for ourselves, and decide who is telling the truth about any particular thing, right? And then decide who is talking BS and who is not? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm)

And then a few writers, in no particular order, who seem to be concerned with creating a truly democratic, We the People world, where all are treated decently and participate in the decisions about what happens in THEIR society:

From the Toronto Star, Antonia Zerbisias is always worth a browse - she leads the pack because she keeps on top of things, and isn't afraid to speak the truth as she sees it. Other writers from the Star who may be in the box but still speak from a position of honesty about what is going on are Tom Walkom, Linda McQuaig (if you haven't read her books, you need to), Haroon Siddiqui, and Carol Goar (Yea, GIV is on the Star's case a lot, but that's partly because they are going backwards so much since the corporate takeover last year, they USED to be Canada's best paper (actually, they still are, but that is not a real high bar these days, in terms of truth and integrity and tired old ideas like that, anyway).

Another place for regular browsing that has a few good people is Rabble.ca (Duncan Cameran and Rick Salutin are the best).

On Vive le Canada you can find some very good stuff from a guy called Robin Matthews, and other good stuff now and then.

The Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives always has good reading - this is a 'think tank' for We the People rather than 'they the elite'; be sure to check out the Monitor, and the editorials of Ed Finn. Some of the best writing in Canada, for We the People - he's been around a long, long time, and sees things with very good historical perspective.

And don't overlook keeping an eye out for the writings of Catherine Whelan Costen, current leader of the Canadian Action Party (CAP), who sees clearly and speaks fearlessly about what is happening in Canada today - and is totally ignored by the Canadian media.

- and a few individual writers who are always worth a read -

Empire Burlesque - a writer named Chris Floyd -

Joe Bageant - check out his essays, as good as it gets, and great style of writing.

George Monbiot - one of the great real journalists of the world - can't find him in the Canadian MSM for some reason. (The Brit press is not a WHOLE lot better than the Canadian MSM (they all serve the capitalists these days), but there seems to be a bit wider range of opinion allowed sometimes)

Stephen Gowans - What's Left - a Canadian guy (I think - he apparently lives in Ottawa anyway) - long articles mostly, but very well done, about things that matter -

William Bowles, Investigating New Imperialism - from England, another good writer sharing his stuff over the net - his 1-2 essays every week are worth reading, he has a mailing list and you can get em in your mailbox ....

Greg Palast - apparently American, but a real throwback to the days of honest journalism, take on the big guys stuff, tell the truth as you see it, tell the people what they need to know - totally blacklisted in the American MSM (which of course includes the Canadian MSM)

Escaping the Matrix - Richard Moore, American expat in Ireland, doing great stuff.

John Pilger, another great journalist from GB, standing outside the box and continually calling the corporate gov and their MSM on their lies - odd we don't have any from Canada of this stature - not that anyone would know, as he is another who NEVER gets printed in any Canadian MSM. We'll just keep the lid on that damn box as looooooong as we can, right?

- oh, there's others out there, but this isn't an attempt to make a huge list, just show a few of my favorites, people you can trust to write good stuff about important things, from a perspective almost always outside the box - which is the kind of stuff we really need to combat the "STAY IN THE BOX!!!!" mainstream media in Canada and most other places.


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