Green Island Veritas Morgue
that is to say, the old stuff....

picasso's don quixote On Green Island

Earlier collections of thoughts on various things that Canadians trying to escape the Box (or inflicted with interminable insomnia) might find of interest....

and before this we had
Green Island Veritas
and of course the original
RM (Rude Macedon)
itself. They'll be talking about this in the history books. And your kids will be saying things like 'You were right there and didn't KNOW about it?!?! Geez!!!! Old folks sure weren't very bright back then - all that tv, I guess....'

clip from the Cossack Letter
The Cossack Letter
Letters to Various Places
(with few exceptions unacknowledged and/or unpublished)

- and a bunch of earlier ones for those with insomnia, or otherwise interested in things the Canadian MSM was not publishing a few years ago, or just some good writing unseen in the in-the-box Canadian MSM - Letters from RM to Various, 2002-4

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