Green Island

some excerpts from
A Place to Stand
birth of a dream
Dave Patterson

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Ch 1 - The One
Ch 2 - A guest arrives
Ch 3 - EEE 1
Ch 4 - Bad news
Ch 5 - The One pt II
Ch 6 - Greenways
Ch 7 - EEE 2
Ch 8 - Some small excitements
Ch 12 - The Corporate Reactionary Revolution
Ch 16 - The One pt IV
Ch 20 - The Montague Student Trial
Ch 23 - Hunter River School
Ch 28 - Brittany's Trial
Ch 43 - EEE 9
Ch 49 - Final encounter part II

From Hastings to Green Island
a word on the Writer

Green Island

In short, Green Island is a vision of the first modern democracy - a country with a government truly of, by and for we the people rather than of, by and for They the Elite - a 'real' democracy, that is to say, rather than the pseudo-variety we have been conditioned to believe is democracy. (see Canada - a Managed Democracy? if you think I got the Great Canadian Democracy confused with Croatia or something - I don't - you, however, may well have a more-or-less benignly run farm confused with a 'democracy' (for more detail on this, if you have not seen it already, check They're Building a Box, and You're In It. Be careful - there's stuff here you might not want to know, if you're currently pretty happy with your life... but it might be useful, as the benign-ness is growing less day by day, and you could learn some stuff about what to do about it.).

Currently, the western governments and media are all focusing your attention on very negative things - look at all the terrorists we must defend ourselves against!! - and leading 'us' into a very dystopian future of armed guards checking our chip-based IDs everytime we turn around. They are, in other words, getting everyone prepared for that future. On Green Island, however, is a vision of a very different future - a positive future, where We the People have finally matured to the point where we do not need, and do not allow, those who would be king to control us through their false democracies, but have taken control of our own lives and country. Where there are no kings vying for power amongst themselves, there are no wars, for We the People desire only a peaceful and happy life, for ourselves and our children and our neighbors. Our society is one of sharing, not taking from others.

The whole story of how Green Island came about, and its birthing pains, is told in a book called A Place to Stand. The story takes place in Prince Edward Island, Canada, in the near future, when a majority of independents have been elected to the PEI government, displacing the old Lib-Con tweedledee-dum political shell game clique, much to everyone's surprise and the great chagrin of that clique and their masters, the PEI elite (consisting primarily of lawyers and wealthy businessmen as found in most elites, without the serious banking or military or religious presences as PEI is too insignificant a backwater for those players to be concerned, although of course they are present and are part of the entire indoctrination-repression package that the elite control is based on) that had ruled for so long. The independents immediately begin the transformation away from oligarchy to democracy, and the book explores the ways that We the People establish true democracy of, by and for We the People on the re-named Green Island and the new ways of such things as education, justice, policing, democratic governance, honest media, money/banking, and a very much improved life in general in a society whose main feature is the lack of a giant capitalist vacuum endlessly sucking the blood from everyone and requiring the endless running on the labor-money-consumergoods-garbage-stress-stress-stress-go-go-go treadmill that defines modern capitalistic society that is so very wasteful of everything it touches - and so very profitable to those controlling treadmill and vacuum. We also see the resistance of the old order, with the assistance later of the NWO from Washington as they attempt a regime change to stifle, as they have so often before, ideas such as are emerging on Green Island they do NOT want circulating at large in the world, insofar as their huge military can do so. They get a bit of a shock in the fictional world of Green Island, however, as we have some interventions, both earthly and otherwise, as there is a confrontation between those who would be king and those who would be free.

If you don't talk about the dreams, or dream them, they will never come true for sure. Be, as Gandhi said, the world you want to see, and see what happens; we can do no more. I have tried to follow his words, in my own way.

Ch 1 - The One - a different sort of court is convened.

Ch 2 - A guest arrives, wherein we meet a visitor to Green Island

Ch 3 - EEE 1 - Elsewhere, elsewhen, elsewhy - some things that fill out the story

Ch 4 - Bad news - in which we meet another guest, and learn of some bad news concerning one of the principals.

Ch 5 - The One pt II - the purpose of the new court is revealed.

Ch 6 - Greenways - morning on the farm ....

Ch 7 - EEE 2 - as previously, things that help the reader understand the Green Island world a bit better -

Ch 8 - Some small excitements - the journey begins, well, almost ...

Ch 12 - The Corporate Reactionary Revolution - in which we get a parable or something like that about how the modern democracy of Canada got so out of control of its citizens...

Ch 16 - The One pt IV - we hear testimony about how it all began ....

Ch 20 - The Montague Student Trial - how justice and Truth are served on Green Island, and all citizens decide what those things are

Ch 23 - Hunter River School - how schooling is done on Green Island

Ch 28 - Brittany's Trial - how justice all too often occurs in 'the real world'

Ch 43 - EEE 9 - lots of exciting things ....

Ch 49 - Final encounter part II - the bad guys never give up easily ....

(This is all I have on the net for now - the book is finished, however. If you are an agent and want to talk about representing me, you can contact me via the Copyright page; if you are a reader and want more - contact bookstores and publishers and ask them where the hell this great book is and why you can't get it, what's wrong with them all anyway? and etc.)

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