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Jan 18 the 'Star'
In the box: - - The sex tourism dilemma: Most onlookers do nothing

Out of the box: - this sort of stuff I find quite irritating, for some reason. I guess it's the thought of a gang of sexually repressed middle aged Canadian women who hate sex and by god are going to see that everyone else in THEIR country doesn't get any pleasure from it either!!!! I suppose that inside they don't really hate sex, but they have been so repressed in their upbringings that they have no idea how to deal with it naturally, and they live in a religious-dominated culture that uses sexual repression as a means of control of its 'flock', and it's easier just to jump on the neurotic bandwagon than to deal with things honestly. Especially when you and everyone else in your society has been raised this way.

Sex is good. Sex is natural. That many people are repressed and fucked up about it, does not make it bad,it only indicates that we live in a fucked up society. That older men have sex with younger women (or often vice versa) is not un-natural, or perverse or anything else. Look at all the cute honeys in capitalist land looking for older, rich hubbies. If you don't like it - turn the tv to another station for gods sake. Or get out your god card and explain why everyone should live by your personal 'moral' standards.

Sexual exploitation of children is a very bad thing, an extremely bad thing - but much less common than this piece of crap 'article' makes it out to be. And insofar as it is a problem, first, you ought to clean up the many, many priests etc in your own back yard before running off around the world complaining about other places(such people are very high on the sin list, forcing sexual repression on their flocks while engaging in truly perverse acts themselves - truly it would be a useful crusade to weed em all out and get rid of em all), and second, if you are really interested in stopping the sexual exploitation of children in third world countries, then you need to stop fucking up the males in your own society with all that sexual repression as children so they are so insecure as adults all they can manage to handle their sex drives is exploitation of children, at home in Canada or abroad, and secondly and by far most importanly you need to look to the root of the problem, which is very simply poverty - as long as you have all of these desperately poor third world people, who have been made poor and are kept poor by the policies of the World Bank et al of which Canada is an integral player, then you are going to have ignorant peasants desperate for money selling their children to whoever without knowing or caring what for. Deal with poverty, the root of this problem, and you deal with 90% of child sex exploitation. Easier to piss on a rather sad and fucked up, slightly overweight middle aged guy looking for a bit of happiness that he'll never find from the cold bitches back home than tackle the Great Satan of Capitalism, I suppose, though.

'Sex tourism' is illegal?!?!?! That's quite a statement - show me the law, in any country, that defines 'sex tourism' and makes it illegal?????? If an adult male from any country wishes to come to a country like Thailand, and avail himself of the services of a willing adult prostitute in Thailand - what law is being broken? What is the Canadian gov supposed to do about it? I understand that the middle aged sexually repressed and not very attractive domineering Canadian woman wants to keep her male subservient and joyless in his poor life - but let's just tell her to GFY. I guess we could put a box on visa applications in the future - you know 'Purpose of visit - sex tourism, child sexploitation' - I suppose that would catch quite a lot of pervs.

Well, it's late and that kind of story gets me going and I better leave it for now. Total mind control these PCers want - WE DON'T ENJOY SEX AND BY GOD YOU WON'T EITHER - AND WE'LL TAKE OUR REPRESSION ALL AROUND THE WORLD TOO - NOBODY SHOULD ENJOY SEX BY GOD!!! - well fuck ya esmerelda. haha good luck.

Me, I got a beer in hand and a honey by my side - and much happiness that you are not in my life at all.

And I know that is not a very Buddhist attitude, and really I feel kind of sorry for you. But what you need to do, is get a life for yourself, take your clothes off in the presence of a person of the other sex with the lights on sometime and see what happens - rather than trying to wreck other people's lives for having things you dream of. Quit being so controlling. Read Desiderata sometime.

And do NOT accuse me of promoting sexual exploitation of children. I regard that as one of the most horrendous crimes of all. But people like you, who try to destroy the enjoyment of two adult human beings because of your own sexual repression - well, that's not a long ways behind.

(And yea I know too there are a lot of nice Canadian women out there, don't get me all wrong - but it's the bitches and not the nice ones who are running the PC movement and getting everyone to raise sexually fucked up kids... and that's only the most evident problem)

Jan 18 CBC
In the box: - - Must we hate America? Jan 18 2007

Out of the box: - (another comment you won't get a chance to read on the CBC 'discussion' page, very much a gatekeeper of things the 'good citizen' should not be thinking about - )

A fine example of 'in the box' 'journalism', and the dumbing down of Candian media. You're certainly welcome to your opinions, but it's kind of sad to see a writer on the CBC so simple minded that he feels he must accuse everyone who disagrees with him of 'hating America' (poutpout).

The writer at one point complains of "..Today, the headlines in my local newspapers scream: "Culture of fear plagues Toronto schools." (Headline writers dare not ruin their handiwork by inserting qualifiers such as "some.") - and yet in his own title proclaims "Must we hate America?" - apparently not able to see he doing the exact same thing, as they say, but apparently unable to conceive of some middle ground in opinions of America, you either 'love' it as the writer does or 'hate' it as he accuses most of us who dare express some sort of criticism must do. But what about strongly disliking the current American government (and those of the last few decades, admittedly) - but whilst still admiring many things the people of America have done over the years, and many still do? Is that love or hate? This kind of simplistic thinking is for stupid people - people who would never have gotten space on the CBC not all that long ago. I think most polls, at least those that I am aware of, indicate that Canadians don't feel any 'hate' for America, but nonetheless do not approve of many of the policies of the rightwing American governments that have ruled that country since Nixon (yes, I know Clinton was a 'democrat', but there is no other country outside of the USA itself that would call Clinton's policies 'left' wing - Carter, well, maybe a bit, but not much).

The writer is again apparently obliviously contradictory (a trait of extremists, really, who have no understading of or use for, apparently, consistency - do as I say, dammit, not as I do!!!) when he says "..That great America hater, Noam Chomsky once admitted to me in an interview that America was an incredibly open society. .." - but Chomsky has always praised America for its freedoms, which is not exactly 'hatred', whilst expressing great unhappiness with the governments that have been running the place - but again, this kind of refined distinction is apparently beyond your writer, who appears to be of the Bushian dogma - 'You're either fer us or agin us' - and if you dare express any criticism of the golden city on the hill (that rains down death from the skies on everyone else) you're agin it.

Sad to see the CBC fall to such depths. I could go on at length, but there's little point, as long experience tells me you people at the CBC have no interest in discussion of POVs you don't approve of - fortunately we have the internet now, and at least a small record is being kept of your refusals to be honest with us all, and etc and etc and etc and etc.

Jan 18 CBC
In the box: - - Market slide continues; TSX down 900 points in 3 days

Out of the box: - Not to mention Canadian economy to shine this year, Conference Board says and Negative numbers have economists talking slowdown - these people really have no idea what is happening or what they're doing - they have the mentality of a child or somewhat unintelligent adult, living totally in 'the now' - stock goes up it's a wonderful world!! Next day stock goes down The Sky is Falling!!! - it's the old build a house on sand or stone fable - you cannot have stablity in anything if you're bouncing around all over the place at the merest rumor - and yet these people DO run our economy.

The question is, is this a sane way to run an economy? Have the lives and jobs of Canadians changed in the last three days? Has yours? Can you do without your job starting next month if these people crash the economy, as there appears to be every chance they are going to soon? If you keep your job does your salary go up when prices go up because of their gambling? Do your daily activities and needs change overnight? Of course not - the lives of average people do change, of course, but only slowly for the most part - and that is how the economy should operate as well. Slow change is stable change.

But the capitalist economy exists primarily as a casino for speculators - and of course gamblers win or lose big in the turn of a card or shake of the dice - there is no such thing anymore as 'long term investment' - these are not patient people. And they care not in the least how many lives they destroy in the playing of their little games.

We might remember that the stock market used to be simply and only a place to raise cash for new ventures, which was a reasonable idea - but no longer does it serve that function in any real sense - the IPOs are nothing more than rampant speculation, for instance, or the CIBC a couple of days ago looking for some ludicrous amount to cover some of its bad recent speculations in the mortgage 'market' had nothing to do with establishing new and useful businesses, but simply high stakes money manipulation.

And isn't it a bit insane to place the lives of millions of ordinary people at the mercy of these gamblers?

Actually, I suppose the answer to that question is no - it isn't a bit insane, it's totally insane.

In the capitalist mindset, the only purpose of you and the rest of the little people is to provide the wealth they play with - you are, to them, nothing more than a cow on the farm, one among millions, and if you do without food some days, get put out to pasture early, or he decides to 'put you down' when you've stopped being productive enough for him, there's no problem in their 'minds' with that at all.

And until you start to understand that, along with a lot of other people, and do the old classic stand up and shout 'WE'RE NOT TAKING THIS SHIT ANYMORE!!!!!' - well, why would you expect the people milking the golden goose to stop milking?

Of course there are other, and better, ways of running an economy than turning it into a big casino for a handful of speculators and gamblers. Why don't you figure one out, and then go and talk with your friends about it? (If you really need some help with ideas, start with the book at the top of this page about The Box)

Jan 15 CBC
In the box: - - The Current - Tues Jan 15, an hour given over to a 'documentary' about young Muslim suicide bombers, trying to show how reasonable Muslim women from the west cannot understand such things. Emotional from the first - the first minute or so is just a description of 'body parts, smelly body parts' etc. Basically telling how some of these young men are driven to kill themselves, along with others, by that Muslim religion. Fanatics. etc.

Out of the box: - Much more interesting, not to mention honest, would have been to set up a debate between the lady who did this propaganda haha excuse me documentary and, say, a guy named Pape who wrote a book called Dying to Win: The Strategic Logic of Terrorism - in which he has done a study of all suicide bombings the last few decades, and found that almost all of them were done by more or less powerless people trying to get rid of hostile forces occupying their country - "...The data show that there is little connection between suicide terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism, or any one of the world's religions. . . . Rather, what nearly all suicide terrorist attacks have in common is a specific secular and strategic goal: to compel modern democracies to withdraw military forces from territory that the terrorists consider to be their homeland".

The lady asks at the end why someone would kill themselves and others, and says she can't understand that. There's many other interesting questions the person actually concerned with dealing with this might ask - why, for instance, you might ask a whole lot of other people, do they kill others without killing themselves - you know, all those brave Americans flying the big planes with B-something written on them, dropping huge amounts of bombs from 30,000 feet, killing god only knows how many thousands or tens of thousands of people in aggragate (probably hundreds of thousands, really, it depends on how far back you want to count)? Wouldn't it be interesting to look at the question of these young suicide bombers, and ask a bunch of potentials if they had the option of flying one of those big B planes and dropping a lot of bombs on their enemies without killing themselves if they would do so? Or what would happen if their countries were NOT being occupied by hostile forces?

Of course, questions like that would probably get into some really uncomfortable (not to mention honest) places that those who support American imperialism (and the Canadian followers) don't really want to be going. So we just get these little emotional 'documentaries', quite well done as propaganda, really, more little pushes to everyone to think badly of 'suicide' bombers, and, of course, supporting our troops on the other hand, who would never do any 'suicide' bombings themselves, because they're all honorable soldiers, of course, and with all their bombs and modern weapons, try to kill a lot of other people without dying themselves. So brave that way. And honorable. ?????

Just like the honorable CBC, giving Canadians the news they need to make good decisions about what is going on in the world. ??????

Jan 14 Star
In the box: - - Culture of silence imperils schools

Out of the box: - actually, it's the culture of capitalism that imperils everyone, not only here but around the world. Capitalism is by its very nature the velvet glove concealing the iron first - we'll all be happy and smiling like the tv tells us to be, as long as the peasants recognize their servitude and accept their lot and their masters - but any sign of rebellion and the iron heel comes smashing down. And none of that is ever said out loud, so the entire 'culture' is based on lies and hypocricy. Young people don't like lies and hypocricy, it's not the natural human way, and many of them do not accept their future as cogs in the machine, at least yet - they'll come to understand soon enough that it's that or under the bridge for a truly short and brutal life, and bite the bullet and self-lobotomize, or most of them. And there's another large group, the poor class that is also necessary for capitalism (an ever-present example of what could happen to you if you don't accept your middle-class work-shop-tv destiny, a large labor pool as a downward push on wages, a large pool of uneducated people who can be pulled into a fighting force for 'the nation' if necessary, the breeding ground of a criminal class to justify lots of cops and courts and jails, and probably some others I could come up with if I had more time)- and these people don't buy the hypocricy they see all around them either, and fight back the only way they know how. They see the people at the top of our society are more or less lawless, but very rich and powerful, and any young man with sufficient testosterone not fully indoctrinated out of him by the time he is a teen is not going gently into that good factory, but going to fight to get out of the life that is planned for him, and the only tools they have for fighting at that not-too-intelligent age are violence and machoism. Some will struggle through to the top, most will not. And it's nothing new - pretty much every great fortune began with someone like this - check out Joe Kennedy, for example.

If they really wanted to solve the problems in the schools, they would be talking about things like this, about how our dysfunctional, hypocritical society leads to this kind of violence in the school as naturally as beating a dog will turn it violent. But they can't even acknowledge things like this without blowing the top off the box, which not doing is their prime directive, so they do their best to shuffle things around to try to calm things down when something causing unrest to the indoctrinated masses happens (thier unspoken contract is that in return for the self-lobotomisation and lives of drudgery they at least get some security and the pretense of 'democracy'). But they never will, until they start looking at things honestly.

Don't hold your breath. Rulers with essentially absolute power don't give up easily. You're going to see a lot more cops and ID chips and physical intimidation control before you see anything like talking about the truth.

And that's what Canada looks like today from On Green Island.

Jan 14 CBC
In the box: - - Canadian economy to shine this year

Out of the box: - interesting how the Canadian MSM carries reports from places like the Conference Board of Canada, the Fraser Institute, etc, quoting their 'news' releases with nary a question asked, or the CBC invites them in for an interview with some gushing reporter who has apparently never been exposed to the idea of challenging someone's thoughts - yet never, never, never do you see something from a place like the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives, or Maude Barlow's Council of Canadians, or hear someone like, for instance, Bruce Campbell asked to talk about his recent story Free Trade 20 Years Later - has it delivered on its promises?. Or maybe not that odd, it depends on who the media is serving - naturally, you give more attention to words from your masters than others who may oppose your masters in some way. If they bluster (as they always do when accused of such things) that they reflect the interests of all Canadians, you might consider some numbers - you might think about how many Canadians want, for instance, more privatized health care, which would be the Fraser, Canadian Conference Board, etc position, or how many Canadians think rich people ought to pay taxes to support a decent health care system, which would be the position of the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives. Of course, if the Cdn MSM means by 'numbers' the number of dollars of the various players, then they may be sort of speaking the truth.

Jan 14 Star
In the box: - - Bay's bonus cheque bling - "...Here are some of the items Bay Streeters like to buy with their bonus cheques: Luxury homes, Sports cars, Vacation home, Exotic vacations, Boats, Jewellery (e.g. watches), Executive jets, Custom-made clothes, shoes, Rare wines and spirits ..."

Out of the box: - funny how you never, never, never NEVER see stories about how great the financial kids are doing on Bay St and elsewhere alongside stories like this - Volunteers help sort food bank donations - or how we have a money page on the CBC, and regular business promotion spots telling us all how wonderful Capitalism is on the radio etc - but nothing about the poverty of over a million Canadians, or how devastating this is for so many people, and how it impacts us all - all the deaths and violence we also read about in the news are very much connected to poverty, not that you'd ever make that connection from the Canadian MSM.

Actually not that funny at all.

Jan 11 The Current
In the box: - -

Out of the box: - - they spend a half hour talking about 'the shocking' Clinton 'upset' in New Hampshire. Aside from why the hell people in Canada should be slavering over the US election preliminaries 10 months before they vote, it was quite notable that there was never a word, never a hint, about something called Diebold here, although something very mysterious appeared to happen between the polls and the vote counting. All the polls predicted an Obama win - but when we talk about what happened, inside the Box we MUST assume as bottom line conditions that the system is honest - 'Hillary's tears did it!!' sure. Which is why you can't believe any of them. That they do not even acknowledge this is a pretty solid indication that there is something to it. Like Bush's two 'wins' in 00 and 04, blatant election fraud, but NOone in the MSM will talk about it, nor any of the people allowed to speak in public - I have no idea if there was fraud in New Hampshire - but that the media won't even mention the possibility makes me very suspicious. And others, who've been following this sort of stuff in the US the last few years. And the apparently quite strong majority who get their 'news' from the tv won't question anything either, if the tv doesn't tell them to. And that, in a nutshell, I guess, is what the Box is all about. It ain't looking all that hopeful.

As ol Joe said - "Those who cast the votes decide nothing - those who count the votes decide everything..." . We're much more advanced in Canada - the people are so indoctrinated they don't even think to vote outside the box, so the votes can be counted honestly, there is no danger 'the people' are going to do anything to upset the rulers. It's kind of depressing when you think about it.

Jan 10 CBC PEI
In the box: - - National radio news, 08:00 Atlantic time

Out of the box: - Susan Lund from Ottawa - "..Harper could have chosen anywhere in Canada ... instead, he chose NB' [['instead'?? NB isn't in Canada? Something you're not telling me MJ?]] '... instead of a second helping they were looking for money...' - doesn't it just make you so happy for the future that 'journalism' schools are turning out young ladies this cleverly articulate, and the CBC is putting them on the national radio news? Always remember - this is YOUR history they are creating, the things that will be in your children's 'history' books - not what 'you/we the people' of Canada do, after talking about issues and deciding the future of our country after talking amongst ourselves, but what we are told is happening as we sit passively in front of our tvs daily, finding out what the leaders of the box are up to ....

Jan 10
In the box: - - "Progressive" economics forum

Out of the box: - capitalist gatekeepers. Fifth columnists. Watch what you read everywhere, think for yourself, don't get sucked in. I sent them a comment about one of their stories, some innocuous but obviously true thing like 'capitalism is to society as cancer is to the human body - if you're really progressive you need to get out of the box..', and sent them a link to the Box book - and got a little message saying a moderator had to approve it, and then a bit later it just disappeared. You simply cannot have any trust of anyone who will not allow criticism of capitalism. There's a lot of them out there in the Canadian box pretending to be 'progressive', but all they're really doing is making a big deal out of what passes for rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, as the old story goes. I doubt we've got the time left to actually avoid the crash/iceberg, but we could certainly do a lot to prepare for it. If enough of us woke up in time. Listening to these people - well. Do you think you'll get into one of the boats? Don't count on it ....

Jan 9 CBC
In the box: - - Canadian doctors overworked, unable to meet patients' needs: survey

Out of the box: - notice - not a single word about 20 years of cutting taxes ..... or reducing medical school enrollments or reducing hospital beds during the same period of time to 'save taxpayers' money..!! and cut unnecessary and wasteful spending....' - mmmmmhmmmmmm. Not to mention the lowest corporate taxes in the western world, or close to it. Nor how this continual lowering of taxes was going to make everything better for everyone yeh yeh yeh!!! You let the neocons run things, you gotta accept the consequences. Saying they lied or something doesn't really cut it - all media propaganda aside, if the people doing the voting in Canada can't manage to connect some very simple dots like this, then they do indeed get the government they deserve. (Not so sure about those of us who understand what is going on and try to wake people up, but nobody listens to us .....)

In the box: - - Slain soldiers return home

Out of the box: - again, the plummeting standards of 'literacy' in Cdn 'journalism'. The soldiers died when their vehicle overturned. 'Slain' means killed by hostile action. There is no comparison, no person writing for a national newspaper should be ignorant of the difference. Nobody writing headlines for a national media should be essentially lying in headlines like this. It's about intelligence and honesty. But in modern Cdn media, propaganda is the first order of the day.

Jan 7 CBC
In the box: - - CBC PEI, Business Report, about 7:25 AM

Out of the box: - The lady starts off with something like "...the subprime mortgage crisis in the US, caused by a whole lot of homeowners walking away from their mortgages..." - Mmmmhmmmmm. This is either outright stupidity, or brazen lying/spin. Considering the source, and the times we live in, you'd have to go with brazen lying - like any tinpot dictator, the capitalists demand complete freedom to do as they like, and when things fuckup, and as we all well know they very often do, they never, never, never accept any responsibility - as in this case. The crisis was not caused by a lot of people dumping mortgages - the crisis was caused by a lot of banks giving a lot of mortgages to people who did not have the income to have a mortgage, esp after the inevitable bank trick of jumping the suck-em-in interest by a big factor, and the very inevitable result followed. Now if the CBC was really working for 'we the people' rather than 'they the bankers and their buds', we might see more stories like Beware the Credit-Industrial Complex - or maybe Is Selfish Capitalism Driving Us Mad?.

But then if the CBC was really working for We the People, maybe I could get a real life.

Jan 7
In the box: - -

Out of the box: - Linda McQuaig on Electric Politics - the host of this show, guy called George Kenney, has a lot of interesting interviews. This one with McQuaig is good, but I decided to mention it for one of the funniest things I've heard in awhile (humor is usally tinged with something tragic, this is). Kenney asked her at one point about people she admired - "...you know, journalists in Canada, whatever...". Linda paused for a moment, then gave a little chuckle - "Well, let's start a little higher than that...". Beautiful. So true. yet so tragic, for our country. She must especially feel it, too, having been around long enough to remember when at least some of the Canadian media tried to do some real journalism. No more.

Lots of other good stuff in the interview too - he asks her about religion at one point, and even the brave McQuaig starts dancing around, obviously knowing what a problem it is, and sounding very much like she didn't go for this modern god myth but not wanting, apparently, to offend the wrong people by saying so right out loud (whom I would judge to be not the Catholic bishops, but the 'fellow lefties', Linda's Canadian audience and fellow travellors). In terms of box walls, this is a lot bigger than I had been giving it credit for. 2008 - closer to the Truth. Where else would the path lead? At least for those of us looking for the truth - for most people, it appears to mean continuing to shovel the dirt into their own graves. While they're in them, of course. Don't get picky it's called an analogy.

Jan 6 Star
In the box: - - Help make the world a better place - the Star asks for ideas to present to the Davos forum about making the world a better place.

Out of the box: - I answer - " Read They're Building a Box - and You're In It - - and begin the fight to eradicate the predatory, parasitical cancer called Capitalism from the face of the earth, and allow the healing to begin. This won't solve all the problems, but it will be a giant first step, and open the door to the rest of the things that need to be done."

Think they'll run this idea??? haha. early morning joke.

In the box: - - Dion's pick creates rift among Liberals

Out of the box: - very obvious the people really running Canada don't want David Orchard anywhere near Ottawa. Stuff like this makes it very obvious that Canada is only a faux-democracy - when they all protest that the parties are run from the grassroots up, this is what they really mean - the grassroots can play a bit, as long as they do what they're expected to do, but any sign of stepping out of line and the real rulers step in. Democracy means you peasants do what you're told, capice?!?!And then when polls and voting turnouts indicate that a lot of Canadians are not really buying this 'democracy' bullshit, they scramble around for excuses, and make pious speeches about 'renewing democracy' - and propose things like fixed elections and letting backbenchers have a couple of more questions each year, and more 'free votes', as if these are the things that have Canadians upset. But it's clear that they can't talk about situations like this one, which are why people are really questioning how much 'democracy' we really have in this country, because they have no intention of letting the grassroots organisations really choose who they want, which might be democratic, so they just pretend it all doesn't exist.

Democracy in Canada. Right.

And it shows that none of the politicians can be trusted - when promises to the people run up against contrary elite demands, the people lose every time. A promise to Orchard was made - haha sucker, is about the only response. Remember McKay a couple of years ago? Same thing - Orchard holds up his end of the bargain, the politician shits on him at the first opportunity. People see, people remember. You think they're all wandering around saying "Wow, Dion betrayed Orchard too - doesn't that prove what a great a free and strong democracy Canada is?!?! yeh!! Now if we only had fixed elections, everything would be perfect!!!" - right.

Git on down to Green Island whenever you decide you've had enough. These guys are like any con running a great game - why should they quit as long as you keep rewarding them?

JAN 5 CBC radio news
In the box: - - 08:00 Atlantic time national news

Out of the box: - Anthony germaine in a 'special report' talking about the 'obedient Chinese media' covering up a story about some important tv exec whose wife accused him in public of having an affair. These guys apparently have never heard of the pot and kettle story - the Canadian media certainly isn't shy about talking about other people's sex lives (but why would they think a story like this, some sexual affair in China?!?!?!?!?, merited air time over many other potentially important stories??), but it seems more than a bit reluctant to talk about much more important stories - one might even say 'obediently covering them up', if you figure they're being told by somebody that Canadians don't need to hear about certain things. Go try and find stories on the CBC about the NAU or SPP for instance - precious little about them, even though these negotiations are, effectively, talking about a new Canadian constitution, in which Canadian sovereignty is going to be more or less a joke at best - shouldn't we be seeing in-depth articles on this, and commentary, etc? Or what about CAFTA? A couple times a year we are told that Harper et al are negotiating a wonderful free trade deal with some South American countries, you know, just like that wonderful NAFTA we all love - but what about stories like this one giving a bit of a different perspective? Obediently covering them up, some of us might think - it's not up to the CBC to be gatekeeping like this, telling us all what to think, but to give us different sides of different stories so we can make up our own minds about what is happening. And etc.

I know it's pointless - but somebody has to let them know we're not ALL compliant automatons in front of the tv believing any old shit they throw out there at us.

Jan 4 McLeans
In the box: - - Here's what offends this writer

Out of the box: - this is probably why I don't have many 'fans' in the 'progressive' side of Canada - it seems that most of them would think what Steyn is complaining about is just fine, free speech is ok, but only within limits - as one of the 'progressive' people supporting this 'human rights' case says, "..There is proper conduct that everyone has to follow". I am on the same side as 'progressives' in most things, but here I happen to agree with Steyn, and strongly. Free speech is pretty much a prerequisite of any free society, and that does not mean 'free, except for what 'we good people' would not say, so we can pass laws to put you in jail for saying things we don't like yeh!'. Anytime you have any kind of gatekeeper, you toss freedom right out the window. No exceptions here. You can't be a little bit pregnant, and you can't have 'free speech except'.

I don't have much use for most of what Steyn says in general, as a hardcore neocon, but I do have some respect for the way he says it - he is a very intelligent man, and writes very well, and we really ought to welcome that sort of thing in any society, no matter how much we disagree with the ideas behind the writing. If nothing else, it forces us to try to be equally intelligent in our responses, and surely raising the level of discussion in this way is good for a society? If 'we' are truly correct in what we think, then why should we be afraid of challenges? I'm certainly not - I welcome discussion, on anything. Not heckling and raving and simply trying to scream the opposition down which a lot of the somewhat pathetic righty sycophants try to do to please their masters - intelligent discussion. Steyn does it very well, no matter how offensive to the kind of society I envisage I find his ideas, and having people around like this keeps us sharp. In my opinion.

I sometimes find myself considering the idea that Canadian lefties don't really WANT to be out of the box - that is to say, they don't want to even acknowledge its existence, the obviously necessary first step to getting rid of it. Many of them seem to think that the way things in Canada are is generally fine, if we could only get more NDP governments. I have some serious doubts about that - Bob Rae gave into the corporate interests in Ontario in quick fashion the only time the NDP has had serious power in Canada, and neither he nor Jack Layton nor any other NDPer had/has a word to say about monetary reform, which has to be one of the top 2-3 things that really need changing if we are to escape our own Matrix, and quickly. Not political talktalktalk to postpone action indefinitely, but doing doing doing. Now.

I am also starting to figure that religion has a lot more to do with keeping Canadians in the box than I previously gave it credit for, thoughts a couple of recent stories have sparked, such as the recent one about 60% of Canadians believing in angels - that is really quite a strong statement on many things, if you grok it around a bit. If you read around the net, you will know there has been quite a flurry of interest and controversy in books by atheists the last couple of years - and if you think about it, you will recall that there has been very little of this covered in the Canadian 'progressive' media any more than the mainstream media, more like a simple acknowledgement of the controversy, but then getting on to other things - pointing out the ridiculousness of believing in a mythical god is, in Canada where 85+% of Canadians, including lefties, believe in some version of that god, is something 'nice people don't talk about' or something. The various school boards in Canada banning the kids book, The Golden Compass, recently, because its author was an atheist (there is NOTHING in that book questioning their 'god', and only the most paranoid, fantasy-filled mind could say so - apparently the Bushian mentality of 'if you're not overtly for us, we'll call you against us' is spreading - a stupid idea, but then that's what the dumbing down of society is all about, making people stupider so they get on stupid bandwagons more readily - and the religion bandwagon is nothing if not dedicated to overall stupidity in its followers).

And if you think about it some more, you are kind of drawn to the idea that the Canadian 'progressives' are peopled by a majority of god-believers. And that explains a lot, from the lack of anything we might call real intelligence of the biting Steyn kind (there are exceptions, but they don't get a lot of space) to their disinclination to breach the walls of the box, since one of the central box walls is religion. And that includes opposing commentary such as Steyn's that might get people thinking about what ANYONE is doing obeying a gang of charlatans who claim to speak for a mythical god. A door that is better left closed altogether - hard to ask questions about another 'god' and the rules 'he commands' his follows to follow without getting people thinking about your own equally mythical one and its rules.

Not to dis them entirely, of course, Canadian religious people are by and large very good people who sincerely want to do good things, up to a point - but they aren't made for revolutions like we need today, which has to start with getting out of the box. Religions (including the modern one of Capitalism) teach their followers to be primarily passive, to do what 'their leaders' tell them, to obey the sheepdogs of whatever stripe who patrol our streets making sure the citizens keep inside the lines, without much backtalk. And there is no passive path out of the box. No leaders will lead you there - you go yourself. You will meet many friends once you get out - but the decision to cast aside indoctrination and open your own eyes and mind and take that one big step is all internal.

Aside from all that, of course, we do have to note that Steyn is in his own way more than a little hypocritical when talking about 'free speech'. It is very notable that the people he works for have their own pretty determined form of censorship as well. You will never see a letter or article, for instance, in any of their papers or mags questioning THEIR great god, Capitalism - for them, ALL BOW NOW!!! - and never a disparaging word shall be heard. They do not allow debate on this subject in their papers, which, like the people who want to stop criticism of religion, pretty much speaks for itself. They know very well that, just as debate on religion is not going anywhere good for that god, so open intelligent debate with intelligent people who have not been sucked in to the capitalist world view is not going anywhere good for them. So, no different in reality than those who want to stop religious criticism, they do their best to block criticism of their own capitalist god.

But there's always Green Island, where we are free of all gods. When you're ready.

Jan 3 Ottawa Citizen
In the box: - - Big firms are too powerful, poll finds

Out of the box: - - actually, the poll found that a lot of people believe big firms are too powerful, which is somewhat encouraging, actually, but not the point of the comment. This headline is worded like a statement of fact, but to equate poll findings with facts is not correct. The poll did not find that big firms are too powerful, it found that people believe big firms are too powerful - and there is a huge difference. 80% of people believe in god - "Poll finds god exists!' Right. It's a small thing in some ways, but just indicative of how sad, how bad, how pathetic really 'journalism' is becoming. Intelligent people don't make mistakes like this, yet here you have at least 3-4 people signing off on this headline, which is just plain factually wrong, and obviously so. At least to the intelligent readers out here, of which I wouldn't want to guess at a number.

Jan 4 BBC
In the box: - Single trader behind oil record

Out of the box: - BBC pic, stock trader I don't usually bother with non-Canada stuff, but this is directly applicable - you hear, you people in PEI? This guy alone (I don't know if it was really the guy in the pic, but him or a clone), playing a game,was responsible for the last hike in your fuel prices. Great fun, eh? Aren't you, and the rest of us, just so lucky to have our futures in the hands of people like this? And double lucky that we have a government that thinks all is well, guys like this are the best people to run our world - indeed, as they say, he has the whole world in his hands. (Well, that's only partly true, of course, he and the banks, and to some extent whatever idiot in Washington has their finger on 'the button' (and I suspect even the neocons would be sure that person didn't have the initials GB) - but all in all, when you read about subprime mortgages, and hedge funds, and the dollar bouncing around, and oil and gold and the rest of it - this is what they're talking about. Sure makes me feel warm and snuggly heading into the new year, heading off to the job I hate every day making money for he and his buds to play with.....) (actually I don't really hate my job, but I quite suspect many people do - and you should be thinking about it all, seeing what your money is being used for, what your life is being wasted for....)

Jan 3 Star
In the box: - - New Family Day might not be for everyone - "...Already tired of being back at work? Don't worry, you only have 47 days to go until the next holiday..."

Out of the box: - few people ever say this out loud, but it comes through regularly in sort of backhand remarks like this - although the mythology is that everyone loves their work and lives in capitalistland, in reality, most people aren't that happy at all being forced to work most of their lives at some (for most people) mostly pretty meaningless job they'd be much happier not doing. Sure, the story is, but we all have to work to support our great modern society - but as is clear from outside the box, that is considerably mis-stating the situation. We all have to work, certainly, to support our modern society - but what most people don't seem to understand is that we are forced to work a lot more than we need to to actually simply support our society, to create all of those tens of billions of dollars the rich elite - the capitalist owners of our country - are living lives of luxury on. If we cancelled all of the work that is done to support those immensely rich and wasteful lives, our own workload would go down immensely - I can't put an exact figure on it, but I would be pretty confident in saying at least 50%, and probably quite a lot more. (and most of the environmental destruction and violence in the world would go down by similar rates - another story, but think about it on your own...).

When was the last time you bought a Rolls, or stayed in a $10,000 per night resort, or hopped into your personal jet with your highclass model for a quick weekend in Fiji, or ordered a $5,000 bottle of wine to go along with your $1,000 dinner? Right. But you pay for those who do with all those hours you work.

I found this very tragic - "..Our employees already get 11 days off including the now nine statutory days, including Family Day," said Alok Mukherjee, chair of the Toronto Police Services Board..."

Eleven days off per year - and the capitalist manager/flunky is making out like that is, like, really generous, you know. Eleven days off per year!!!!! - man - what do you peasants want next?!?!?!

The next time you read a story about how you damned peasants need to get more productive, think about this one first - New Year's Party Still Going for Top CEOs.

Jan 3 CBC
In the box: - - Oil hits $100 US, gold also sets record

Out of the box: - and watch your salary leap up to compensate, right? Haha happy new year. Have you noticed any shortage of oil or gold lately? I don't suppose you buy much gold, but do you drive around staring morosely at all of the closed gas stations because there's no gas? Sure. No, it's just speculators, maxing their takings. Capitalists, that is to say (how often do you or anyone you know trot down to the stock market for a day of speculating? Right.) The capitalists hate Chavez in Venezuela because he won't let them do this - gas is dirt cheap at the pumps there, reflecting the actual cost of taking it out of the ground, and reflecting the fact that Chavez believes that his people should not be ripped off bigtime by oil companies and 'investors' stealing his country blind. Not something the Canadian gov believes - when there's a choice to be made between capitalist profits and average citizen wellbeing, it's just laughable anymore to the people who run Canada. And thus it shall remain, as long as you do nothing more than give the finger to somebody in a traffic jam to vent your frustrations and anger.

Yea, I know about global warming - maxing the capitalist profits isn't going to solve it. Getting rid of capitalism altogether is the only way anything is actually going to be done about global warming, because the root cause of global warming is the capitalist imperative of endless growth and maxing profits TODAY and let the future take care of itself. Not a sane philosophy for a small finite planet. We could all be living happy peaceful safe lives, using a fraction of the energy we do now, if it all wasn't being directed into turning the planet into wealth for the capitalists to steal.

And yea, I'm talking about all the wars and conflicts in the world too - 90+% of them directly related to the capitalist imperatives in one way or another - people are poor in developing countries because the capitalists have been stealing everything, and installing dictators and arming them, to keep the people working, for the last 100 years and more. The wars are mostly between small bands of warlords trying to be at the top of a pecking order, wherein the bottom levels are pretty miserable. We could foster peace in these places if we wanted - but peace and independence in these places is not useful to capitalists.

Jan 1 - Comment is Free
In the box:
Out of the box: - for anyone who might be interested, I offer some out of the box comments here on the Taksin situation in Thailand - as in the west, the mainstream media has an agenda, an agenda in support of the wealthy elite running everything. Scroll down towards the end and look for siamdave.

In the box: - - Gun violence rocks Calgary

Out of the box: - another thing we need to look at closer. Serious violence is increasing all over Canada, not to mention the world. Why? Crazy Islamofascists trying to take over the world? I think not. The reason is that capitalism isn't trying to take over the world, it more or less has - and capitalism, pretty much by definition, is violence-oriented. They want their worker-bees to be pacifistic and not cause trouble, and given their massive propaganda and indoctrination, most worker-bees are pretty obedient. But there are always that few who do not good worker bees make, who have too much 'man genes' to submit quietly, and in capitalism, they understand well that getting to the top requires violence. Nice guys finish last in capitalism. Some of those who reach for the top will be caught, some will be killed in the struggle to be king of the castle - but the rewards are immense for those who struggle through. Several hundred years of striving for a peaceful, democratic society, and getting very close by the 1960s, are in the process of being set back to feudal times in the space of a few decades, beginning with The Corporate Reactionary Revolution.

Read The Book and get with the program to save the friggin planet in 2008.

Jan 1 CBC
In the box: - - 08:00 Atlantic time, national news - the male newsreader, sounding like a man of some years I didn't get his name but not like a 20s-something, just said something about a painting by a painter named Van Gawk, slight gutteral sound on the end rather than a hard 'k' sound. Oh Vincent.

Out of the box: - I suppose it's just coincidence that the dumbing down of society looks to be quite prominent in the OGI commentary this year.

Dec 30 Ottawa Citizen
In the box: - - Two-thirds of Canadians claim belief in angels

Out of the box: - bout time to trade in the ol keyboard, I guess. Although since the story was written by a lady named 'Misty', and it was published by Canwest - well, they could be doing their usual 'telling less than the truth' thing. Still. It's not that inconsistent with what Canadians believe about things like 'democracy' and 'our politicians couldn't be that bad!' and other modern myths. I guess that's the thing about trying to wake people up - not much danger of putting myself out of work here. Is this the part where we say 'happy new year'?!?!?!?!? Enough. get to bed.

Dec 30 CBC
In the box: - CBC News responds to Conservative fundraiser

Out of the box: - another several-times-a-year ritual - the CBC telling everyone what a wonderful job they are doing. As I do at times, I let them know we're not all buying it -

Mr Cruickshank,
Re: CBC News responds to Conservative fundraiser

In response to your response to the accusations of CBC bias from the 'conservative' party fundraising letter:

You use your bully pulpit of the CBC to 'set the record straight'. I have but a very tiny pulpit, but I will use it to do a bit of setting straight myself.

You say, "As a public broadcaster we take our responsibilities to all Canadian shareholders very seriously.... The CBC is non-partisan..."

I would agree with your assertion that in terms of the two major political parties of Canada the CBC is impartial, the constant accusations of the Canadian rightwing that the CBC has a 'leftwing' bias is risible indeed, but serves a function for them - but since both of these parties are run from the same Bay St offices, presenting little more than a 'good cop - bad cop' drama to Canadians, that is in the end a small achievement. In the much larger arena of realpolitik, wherein we see the Canadian elite running the country, and the Canadian people essentially powerless in 'their own country' (the 'democracy' scam) - well, neither 'responsible to the Canadian people' nor 'non-partisan' would be anywhere near the truth. (and you can see the rest here)

Dec 23 Ottawa Citizen
In the box: - - Susan Riley - If politics worked

Out of the box: - the Citizen allows comments on their stories, at least so they say. But as always, the rightwing media also act as gatekeepers, and don't publish anything if there is some danger their readers might get any unwanted ideas from the comments - they surely aren't from the 'reporting' or columns they allow. You know, ideas like the media en masse did their best to derail the PR vote in the recent Ontario election. Lots of room for fellow-rightie rants against anyone who dares criticize even mildly their current Box leader, of course.

Anyway, I wrote, quite tamely for me - "...The first commenter had it right - the media is pretty deeply involved in the sad state of politics these days - which is not all that surprising when you consider the media concentration these days, and the fact that large corporations and investors aren't all that interested in real democracy. For instance, in the recent Ontario election when Ontarians at least had a chance to take one small step towards making politicians truly more accountable, and the Ontario legislature considerably more democratic and representative of the people, the media were solidly opposed, refusing to even give the voters an honest description of what was proposed, but filling their commentary and editorials with nonsense about 'backroom hacks' and 'becoming like Italy'. For ongoing commentary about this failure, commentary not to be found in the mainstream media, interested readers could do worse than peruse On Green Island. Best wishes for a better media in the new year! Hohoho!!"

Boy, one short paragraph, but a whole LOT of ideas the rightwingers do NOT want people thinking about! See how many you can count!

And here you can read it - there you can't. Let's have three jeers for 'free' and 'responsible' media in Canada. Out, damned gatekeepers, out!!

Dec 24 Edmonton Canwest
In the box: - - CBC news coverage a bit of a charade

Out of the box: - well, here we go with the end-of-year stuff - and in the Canadian mainstream media (that would be = the Canadian rightwing media, in tune with the Canadian right wing government, but somewhat less so with the average middle-of-the-road, maybe even a bit leftish, Canadian) we can watch for various stories extolling the wonders of - well - right wingism - watch for editorials etc the next few days telling us how lucky we are to be so prosperous thanks to Free Trade, and let's hope we get lots more in the coming year - or what a hopeless mess Medicare is in, and how we really need to make some positive steps towards a really great health care system, you know,, like they have in the US or something, or how it is to be hoped Canadians see the clear path forward in 2008 and give that wonderful human being Stephen Harper the majority he needs in the new year to make this truly the most prosperous country on earth ALL HAIL THE CHIEF GOD BLESS CANADA!!! Or a few on the other hand noting the terrible burden we are all under because for some strange reason stupid Canadians haven't got it yet, and most still want their taxes to be used for left wing stuff like health care rather than right wing stuff like cancelling corporate taxes and buying more war stuff (war stuff, you see, is a great consumable, esp when there's an actual shooting war going on, and thus the production lines for this extremely expensive stuff keep on churning, and the bills keep on coming in to whichever gov is funding them. Huge scope for corruption and other things rightwingers excel at too. But I digress).

One of the things the right wingers really, really, REALLY hate is anybody in the media who dares to question them, or advance no matter how tepidly some idea they have labelled as 'lefty librul' or something (I know, you could count the remaining ones in the Canadian MSM on the fingers of one incomplete hand, but boy the rightwingers hate em big!). And no matter how obviously nonsensical, one of the regular columns we can count on is something complaining about the 'lefty librul' media in Canada.

Such as the one that caught my attention today.

Re column by Lorne Gunter, CBC news coverage a bit of a charade - "... two glaring examples of why it cannot be trusted to report the news fairly, of how it uses the $1.1 billion extracted from taxpayers each year to fund its operations to promote its own narrow, left-of-centre agenda..."

It's somewhat odd that I would defend the CBC, as I have been criticizing it for many years now - but my criticisms have all been that the CBC has been moving rather too far to the RIGHT of the political spectrum, rather than the 'left', as Mr Gunter seems to believe, so perhaps a short examination of this apparent disparity would be in order.

As always with any contentious issue it is well to establish the playing field, so perhaps we ought to just start with the basic terminology, briefly. I think we could all agree on the following (if not you will have to tell me which particulars I have wrong, please) - a 'right wing conservative', in 'modern' Canada at any rate, is one who places the needs and desires of Big Business, Investors, Bankers and Capitalism at the top of the public policy list, promoting 'free' markets through such things as 'free' trade, smaller government, lower taxes, deregulation, minimal social programs, 'wars' on such things as 'terror' and drugs and lazy welfare bums, the Big Stick approach to Law and Order, following the Americans around the world invading whoever for whatever reason (bringing democracy!! and Free Markets!! to socialists and Bad People and other losers, I guess is the reason), and etc and etc. Leftie-Progressives, on the other hand (Canadian version), look for a more middle-of-the-road approach, trying to be fair to as many people as possible - business and markets are both good, but both (along with various other things important to the public wellbeing) must be sufficiently regulated to protect the public - for example, free trade is a good idea, but there need to be regulations to protect people (in both developing and developed countries) from ruthless exploitation by 'money is first and all!!' capitalist businessmen and investors who are wealthy enough to influence political decisions - 'fair' trade is what most progressives talk about; social programs such as health care are good and necessary, and should be properly funded even if corporations and bankers and investors and the wealthy people in general in our society have to contribute a bit more taxes than they really feel they ought to; trying to solve problems by passing harsher laws, or declaring 'war' on them and hiring more police and throwing a lot of people in jail, is not the most effective 'first line' solution to problems such as drug use; invading other countries as we have done in Afghanistan is a bad idea, and etc. There are other things, of course, the list is not meant to be exhaustive, but the general sort of division should be clear to most people. Nobody is going to accuse Conrad Black of being a 'socialist progressive lefty', and nobody is going to accuse David Suzuki of being a running dog capitalist neocon. I hope, anyway. (and you can see the rest here)

Dec 23 Star
In the box: - - Deja vu for federal Liberals

Out of the box: - hmmmmm - I've noticed a few stories like this the last 2-3 weeks - stories sort of pushing Dion, rather than trashing him. You may recall, if you have read here before, that I did a few lines here and there about how the mainstream media has spent most of the last year since Dion was elected leader of the Libs trashing him. Maybe they realised they were going overboard with it all, if one small lonely voice from Green Island was seeing what they were up to, and decided that they better tone it all down a bit. Or maybe they've accepted that the Box is not yet finished, and there are still quite a few people in Canada resisting total obedience to their betters, and no matter how much they have been pushing Harper et al, Canadians aren't quite ready for the New Canadian Republican Party, so a small retreat to Plan X may be in order. Quit sulking at the rebellion of the 'party faithful' last year who snuck Dion in, very much against the wishes and plans of the puppet masters, and give him his chance in 'power'. I don't know exactly what it is they do, but they obviously get to people they haven't gotten to before once they get elected - remember Chretien's first 'win'? He campaigned vigorously on getting rid of both NAFTA and the GST, the two most hated policies of Mulroney et all, and of course on that basis got elected. And immediately had a change of mind (or something) and signed NAFTA into law within weeks unchanged, and decided the GST was ok after all. We can assume Dion will back off equally, about anything serious, if this is the scenario.

Who knows - just thought I'd let em know I haven't missed their shift in how they're covering things.

Dec 15-20 Everywhere!!!
In the box: - - i.e. CBC - 'Will Smith shines!'; Star - 'remarkable sci-fi' - and I heard a couple of radio 'movie reviews', and headlines in many places I was browsing.

Out of the box: - no doubt it's a good movie - well, I should say probably, I recall, come to think of it, several movies that were given huge hype by the media that turned out to be pretty much duds - let's see - I recall that happening but can't even think of the movie's names now - disposable 'culture' indeed - something about some famous painter awhile back??? Hmmmm. It matters not, it's not the point. The point is - what are the media really up to with this kind of thing? Entertainment? Sure. But isn't it the duty of the media, theoretically at least (hohoho!!) to tell 'we the people' things we need to know to make intelligent decisions about things going on in our society? Well, sure - theoretically. And telling us about possibly interesting movies doesn't really fit, they can't be serious all the time guy!!!! - well, sure - but if they were telling us about movies, and films and things like that (films are more serious movies, maybe things that it would be useful for us to see etc) - why haven't we seen anything about a recent short film called The Story of Stuff, for instance? Or one called Zeitgeist (available for downloading at Google vids here) - these are very good films that can really give people information they need about what is going on in our world and society.

Oh well, I guess I don't need to rag on - we all know what's going on here, right? It's not the business of the mainstream media, really, all theory aside, to give us information WE need - it's to keep information from us that the media owners do NOT want us thinking about - and movies like Story of Stuff and Zeitgeist surely fit that bill (imagine showing a film about how we consume too much around Christmas time!!! hohoho indeed!!!!! the very idea is ridiculous!!!!). But we do have active minds that tend to think regardless, even if in quite a limited way in a lot of cases, so those thinking cells have to be occupied with something, and keeping everybody busy with the latest movies is one way of doing that. And reviews like this are designed to give those who might normally be borderline about going to films just that little extra push to get em into the theaters - it's about money, too, and these guys expect to be well paid for keeping you indoctrinated. And they are, aren't they Will? And Johnny?

Dec 22 Glob (via Rabble)
In the box: - - All I want for Christmas is my inquiry

Out of the box: - behind the scenes here, we can see that apparently there is still the odd reporter left in Canada, those who actually believe they have a duty to We the People to tell some truths about things - this really is one of the major stories of the last 30 years that has yet to be told in the major media. Unfortunately, we also see that most 'reporters' not only think no such thing, but are quite well aware of where their true 'duty' lies.

And also unfortunately, there is no question whatsoever who is going to win this one. Don't wait up too late, Rick, he ain't comin.

Dec 20 CBC
In the box: - - Superstore says no to P.E.I. lamb

Out of the box: - there is something seriously wrong with a world market system which can in some way say it is cheaper to ship lamb from New Zealand to Canada than to produce it on PEI and sell it within a few miles of the farm. There is obviously NO consideration of the environmental cost of this, even though we just finished a supposedly huge gathering of world people talking about how to stop global warming - where are the figures that show how much carbon emissions are issued by a ship transporting New Zealand lamb to PEI? Or any of the other back-and-forth stuff going on (for instance Canadian chickens being shipped to Thailand, passing en route Thailand chickens being shipped to Canada - how fucking stupidly wasteful can you get?) Any REAL media would be having a serious look at what is going on here, and informing 'we the people' of what was askew. But not the PEI CBC - they just get Michael Hlinka to tell PEI farmers that if they can't compete, sell the farm and get a job with the local telephone solicitation firm, flipping burgers for a (foreign-owned) hamburger joint, whatever - to Michael, shipping local money offshore is great - it's a capitalist pov, of course. It's understandable that the capitalists, and their sycophantic-media, are doing this - what is quite a lot less understandable is how few people seem to understand what trouble THEY are all in that this is happening.

It's a bit understandable, given that everyone in 'normal' soceity is in a money crunch these days, with the capitalists getting more and more greedy the last few years and cutting back services and raising prices all over the place much faster than citizen wages are going up, but if people don't start thinking about these things soon, it's gonna be big trouble.

Dec 19 CBC PEI
In the box: - - Your view (sort of, anyway) - - a couple of things on the Island CBC lately about the plight of hog farmers, selling their pigs for $20-30 less than it costs to raise them.

Out of the box: I sent a short note to their website where they say "Your view!!!!!! - What can we do to help farmers on P.E.I.? (I added the !!!!!!) - something simple, but polite - 'Everyone needs to get a bigger perspective on this, and outside the box one, as this is a deep rabbit hole - try They're Building a Box - and You're In It - something like that, I don't keep track of all the little things I write in 'submit here!!' boxes. Which has not been added to the comments, if you bother looking. They nixed the last one I sent too a few weeks ago, about getting to the roots of the 'youth drug problem' on the Island - it's very clear that the Island CBC (like the CBC everywhere I have tried to talk to) is very much promoting 'in the box' thinking. Sorry haha 'thinking'. As old George said a lot of years ago "These students are in high school and will do as they are told! When they go to university, they can think for themselves!' - I guess old George well knew that if you can't think for yourself, or think much at all, by the time you get to university, you ain't about to start. So true. But for the few who do manage that feat, we have the CBC to make sure any dangerous thoughts they have don't get spread far around. As their sister guardian the Guardian says, 'We cover the Island like the dew!' (but they don't say with what- 'with whatever it takes to keep you hicks down on the farm/fishplant' would be true, if a bit unwieldy for a logo - the truth, of course, being something that is well covered when necessary).

They had Michael Hlinka on last Friday on the CBC phonein, which asked Islanders right out loud what they thought about this problem, and there were quite a few putting forward the idea that some kind of marketing board with a solid supply management system (like the milk supply system in Ontario-Quebec, or the western Wheat Board) might be a good idea - which of course is exactly what the farmers need. Hlinka was immediately dismissive - it's a darn shame, he said, of course for all the farmers, but if the farmers can't compete in the 'big market and real world', then maybe they just gotta go under - get jobs in the service industry or whatever they can find in the capitalist workplace (he didn't actually use that last phrase, of course, it's up to those of us who know the lingo to interpret). Capitalists just HATE people gathering together to protect themselves from predators, or understanding that we are actually being exploited by the capitalist predators at all - but it's our only chance. And keeping a lid on anything that might assist in that understanding is one of the main purposes of our 'national radio' in modern Canada. Typical capitalist stuff - just like cancer, turning our own best systems against us.

I wrote the esteemed Mr Hlinka a letter too (notable that he gets free air time twice a week to promote capitalism on the Island CBC, but the farmers or anyone speaking for any workers get none - another capitalist trick/lie of course, all of these shows and bits and columnists are promoted as 'business' shows, etc - and business is fine, right?!?! - but in reality, as Hlinka clearly demonstrates, it is capitalist propaganda right up and out the ol yinyang, as a friend of mine used to say about various BS in general), telling him his unquestioning capitalist support was maybe just a bit overboard, and wondering if he might like to talk about it in a debate sort of way, but he never answered. These guys all know they have NO legs to stand on at all, if examined fairly, so the 'bully pulpit' is their only way. It's we lefties who favor dialogue and compromise, the best middle road for all - capitalists have no use for middle roads, no profit in sharing things fergodssake!!!!! - so monologues from THEIR media is what we all get. 24/7 anymore, although I will admit the CBC does have the occasional voice of sanity. Maybe 1%. Nothing that is a real threat to them.

Dear Michael Hlinka,

I listen to your commentary on CBC PEI most Tuesdays and Thursdays, and even though I disagree at least to some extent with a lot of what you say, I enjoy listening, you do your stuff well. But yesterday you did a bit extolling the wonders of capitalism, and I thought I'd better let you know that you are really off base here - your friend had it right. I'm not going into a long letter here, as it is my experience that few people acknowledge any letters I write about such things and I have other things to do with my time - but I just thought I would throw down the gauntlet, as it were, and see if you wanted to engage in some sort of public debate about capitalism, pro vs con - it's very easy to mock your friend when he is not there to speak for himself or respond to the things you say, but what if you had someone to respond to your statements? Hmmmm. As I live in Thailand, a face-to-face talk would not be possible, and probably not a telephone conversation, but we could work something out in writing - I could find someone to read what I wrote, or just record it and send a file, in a back-and-forth sort of exchange - like an ongoing series of 'yeabut's.

I suspect you will not be interested - I suspect that somewhere inside you understand that if one peels back the showy curtains and looks behind the endless media promotion, one finds that capitalism is nowhere near as good as you make it out to be - you of course are one of the ones who have managed to place youself in a position where you are useful to the capitalists, you've found yourself a niche you enjoy, and thus they allow you a reasonably good life - but for every Michael Hlinka thinking life is fine in capitalist Toronto and not looking behind the curtain, how many people are living in a shabby Jamestown tenement, lives of violence and poverty, no future to look forward to? How many of the working masses in the lower levels of the banks and financial institutions and other places put on a good face but are dying inside because their lives have no meaning? And would their lives be better under another sort of system, a system whose primary purpose was a truly good and meaningful life for all citizens rather than consumerism and living to max out capitalist takings from the country? Again, we both know the answer to that, but I suspect you won't acknowledge it. You say that capitalists and capitalism are responsible for the good things in modern society - I would disagree greatly with that - in my opinion, it's pretty much the reverse - many smart people and many hard working people, building on the work of similar people who thought and invented and worked in earlier times, are the actual driving force of modern society - what capitalism is, is simply a system to steal from these hard-working people, and thus our society would be far better for all if the parasitic cancer called capitalism was exposed and excised from our world.

I've written a book that explains these things in some more detail if you want a look - They're Building a Box - and You're In It - http://www.rudemacedon.ca/dlp/box/box-intro.html , and have regular commentary on various aspects of modern capitalist pseudo-democracy and their media at a website called On Green Island http://www.rudemacedon.ca/lgi/ogi-home.html , where you could find more about some of the things I would be talking about were you ever to agree to this small challenge.

Wishing you an epiphany some day, a Saulian moment following which you turn your substantial talents to the pursuit of a truly good future for us all, and leave behind your current masters and their very bleak dystopian future -

Dec 15 CBC etc
In the box: - - Report calls for RCMP to split from federal government

Out of the box: - Just some thoughts on the central points they're not talking about, as usual - you can count on that in the capitalist media. But all for a good cause - maintaining the Box. And that's what this story, and report, are - perfect examples of in-the-box fantasy.

These people say that the RCMP should be placed under the control of some 'civilian organisation' - ????? Really, I say?????? The RCMP, or any other police or military force - people trained and 'authorized' to use violence - are under the control of the government in a democracy, and where else would you want them? In a 'real' democracy, that is to say - this is theory here, of course, as Canada is no more a democracy than Santa Claus is real, no matter how many Canadians have been indoctrinated to believe in the one or how many 5-year-olds believe in the other - but theory I agree with. In a real democracy the government is somehow chosen by the people, and with full citizen oversight carries out things a majority of the people wish - and part of what they should be doing, as administrators of OUR will, is controlling 'our' police, so the police do what we want - mainly, of course, in a real democracy, protecting us 'average' citizens, through our collective strength, from those who would dominate or steal from us individually through physical force. (In 'real Canada', of course, the tables have gotten somewhat turned, and the capitalists run the government, and thus control the cops, and the cops function primarily to keep the citizens busily engaged in the one thing important to the capitalists, keeping that money-producing treadmill going at max revs)

Think about it. If they don't work for the government, and thus we the people, who are they working for, exactly? Some other 'group of citizens' overseeing them? Is this report trying to pretend that the government and 'the citizens' are not the same thing? That's an odd idea - maybe a Freudian slip or something, as, of course, that is exactly what the situation is, a government not really run by 'we the people', but it's hard to understand anyone selected by that government to do a report actually saying so out loud. The problem with control by some small, and undoubtedly secretive, group controlling the cops is, of course, exactly the problem with 'representative democracy' as practiced in Canada and most western countries - who is controlling those reps for their 'mandate', or that small 'citizens' group? Small groups are much easier to control than large groups. As I explain at length in the Box, it is quite obviously not 'we the people' who the 'representatives' represent in Canada, they get their orders from elsewhere - and that 'elsewhere' would undoubtedly be the same with the RCMP, if they adopt this 'citizen oversight' idea. We know that they, and the corporate media, will be all full of wonderful ideas of how they truly represent the citizens, etc, but you know how much you should believe anything coming from the corporate media - they do, after all, have an agenda, and that agenda is NOT the wellbeing of We the people of Canada, beyond keeping us more or less healthy enough to keep that capitalist treadmill turning as efficiently as possible. Tom d'Aquino and Brian Mulroney, just to take two names out of a hat, are citizens - would we, do you suppose, be happy with an RCMP controlled by them, or people like them? Who do you think would wind up on such a committee - people like, oh, Tommy Douglas or ol Dief or David Orchard or David Suzuki - people we could more or less trust to work for We the People as opposed to 'they the investors-capitalists' - or people like Mulroney or d'Aquino etc, who would be working for the corps? All theory aside, a rhetorical question. The answer is as plain as looking at what Harper et al got up to in Bali last week. How many Canadians are happy with that result, and what has that got to do with 'democracy?

This secret corporate control leads to all other problems.

Underfunding is now endemic in Canada, at least for anything useful for 'we the people', and that is at the direct command of the corporate sector - reduce government expenditures, reduce taxes, more money for the 'investors'. (This lack of money for good cops and infrastructure maintenance etc is also directly related to even further reducing whatever small amount of 'democracy' we did have, but that's another story - not forgotten, just not here) Not a difficult concept, although evidently too difficult for anyone in the mainstream media to understand to the point of talking about it clearly. But it is connected to everything else, from poorly trained cops getting killed where they shouldn't be, to people being hired to be cops who are little more than thugs, and they know it - and young men who like to dominate others and have the physical and mental equipment to do so aren't smart enough to be worried about hiding it - hell, if you're a thug working for the mafia chief, everyone needs to know that, right, to ensure proper respect, etc and etc? Many of the low-level thugs that are hired at the RCMP and other 'police' organisations these days really don't understand why they need to keep up appearances, thus the rash of deaths we've been seeing.

Likewise at the upper levels - corrupt managers aren't smart enough to understand that they need to be careful with their payouts - they think everyone else is as stupid as they are, like most capitalist-cronies, which we have been saddled with since Mulroney, thus can't be bothered to hide their pension plan games at more than a rudimentary level, and are sure to be caught - if anyone looks. But they aren't too worried - both their 'superiors' in 'law enforcement' in Canada, and their putative government 'masters' are in as deep as they are, so there is little worry that anyone is going to get in trouble - coverup 'r' us. And since they own the media, nothing of real importance is going to get out, although of course every now and then when something starts to stink too much there will be a sacrificial offering of some sort allowed, to show what a great free media we have, and what a great democracy we really are, weeding out the bad apples.

The other prolbem the cops have is that they're focusing on 'laws' that most people don't really want enforced, and I think whatever honest cops are left in the system understand that. They KNOW that most Canadians don't want their neighbors or kids jailed for smoking a joint, yet the 'war on drugs' remains one of the top priorities of the non-democratic government, and thus the cops they direct. Even the thug-cops know they are doing things most people do not support, and this makes them resentful and aggressive about it all (the thug way), and thus there are breakdowns in trust and everything else - dysfunction permeates everything. Most citizens are not that impressed with the 'war on terror' either, understanding at least to some extent what a false thing it is, and not being that happy with darthvader cops strutting around like soldiers of the empire.

But in the box - box governments, box committees, box media - we don't talk about these things. We just pretend the police really are our friends, looking out for us all like they do in the fantasy civics-book-'democracy' called Canada, and if there are any problems (probably caused by some damn lefty Lib'ruls somewhere in the past), why we'll just fix them all up, mr citizen, and you get back to work now, and do your christmas shopping sir.

And that's a quick peek over the walls of the box.

Dec 16 - Star, Pispot, Etc
In the box: - - Anatomy of a credit crunch

Out of the box: - Well, first, the writer's opening statement shows where he's coming from - "...We hope this unprecedented bailout works..." - hmmmmm - governments have been bailing out banks more or less forever, as far as 'modern' banking, let's say at least back to the mid-1800s, goes - odd this 'economics' writer would forget things as massive as, for instance, the Clinton-led bailout of the Mexican banks around 1995, or his predecessor's bailout of the Savings and Loan Companies 'scandal' - closer to home we have major bank bailouts in the early 1980s and 1990s both. But I guess he would have his excuses handy (Oh, I was only talking about a particular instance, and we have never seen this before!! - yea right. And torture isn't torture if we call it something else.)

But altogether beside the point - I've been reading the coverage of this with some bemusement, sort of like watching a new emperor coming along the street with all his handlers and all the people saying what wonderful new clothes he has!!!! - but knowing full well he will be as naked as the last time, and wondering why nobody, nobody, NOBODY seems to be awake out there.

Not a single word from anyone about whether or not our current system which more or less lets banks control our money supply, creating almost endless amounts of it, and charging interest for doing so, and regularly going overboard and causing all sorts of unnecessary financial crises, crises that would never happen if a nation's money supply was managed by sane people looking out for the COUNTRY'S best interest, not trying to max investor profits, is really a good way to handle the nation's money supply. Or letting our money supply be nothing more than an abstraction in the global currency casino, bouncing up and down daily at the whims of a handful of currency speculators who'll gleefully trash a nation's entire economy at the prospect of making a few bucks. The loonies really are running the asylum. But of course, if the inmates think the loonies are doing a good job, or don't know and don't care what the loonies are up to, then who, really, are the loonies?

Ah well, not time to get off into that sideline today.

These 'people' are capitalists for god's sake - their ONLY objective in life is maxing their bottom line, and they really do not care who gets hurt in the process - they need to be regulated, the same way as we keep small-brained, high-hormoned bulls in solid cages - but here, instead of keeping them controlled, we let them rampage at will, and placate them endlessly, with OUR money!!, when their rampages get out of hand. Oh, golly, Mr Capitalists, you made some really, really, REALLY stupid investments in your big global money casino, and lost some money? Here - we'll replace it! Just don't get angry and sulk and stop doing your wonderful job of money creation for us!!!

Note what has really happened here - one group of predators has out-predatored another group - kicked em a good one right on the old nuts, as it were - and now this second group has lost a lot of money, and is threatening to close their doors and sulk if the feds don't give them a bunch of money to replace what they've lost - and since we have created the system that depends on the banks creating money for us, if they stop that 'service', then, at least according to those who are running the place, the economies stagnate for lack of credit - it's nonsense, of course, since, in Canada, we could simply let the banks go under and start using the Bank of Canada for what it should be used for - but we have filled the government and financial hallways with capitalist-sympathisers who protect their masters (and their own asses of course).

Utter insanity. I don't know what's wrong with everyone - the total indoctrination I've written about in the book, I suppose, everyone trained to follow their masters and not question them, no matter where they are leading us. This might be good for a general and his soldiers, but for 'democratic' people in a country being run by capitalists, it's a really, really, REALLY, fucking stupid idea.

About the only good news is that it's can't go on much longer, the entire world is going to collapse, both financially and environmentally soon - that will be worse for most of us, for sure, but - well, no, there won't really be any upside. The lemmings may wake up as they tumble through space for the last few seconds - but it won't make the landing any better.

Dec 13, ongoing, everwhere everywhere
In the box: - - Setting emissions targets in Bali 'too ambitious': UN chief

Out of the box: - you only need to see the pictures coming from Bali the last few days to see clearly that this was little more than a circuses show for the masses. Wrapped up in a pricy junket for a largish gang of the mandarins of the world, picking up their reward for being the front people for the rulers, pretending western countries are some sort of 'democracy'. Pretending they're doing something about this global warming stuff. With the mainstream media all participating in the junket, and doing their part to pretend this is something more than a junket. And the modern citizens of the world doing their part by pretending to believe the crap they watch on their tvs every night, and not demanding any sort of real democracy, through which we might have a future. One doesn't have to wonder what a human lemming would look like - they're all around us.

If you really wanted to accomplish something, this is about the last way you would really go about it. (Conversely, of course, if you don't want to really accomplish anything but feel some need to look as if you are, this sort of thing can be used as a plausible excuse for 'we're trying, look at us, we're really trying!!'


First, from the Canadian perspective, althought Harper et al claim to speak 'for Canada', it is obvious to anyone who cares to flirt with Truth (this group would most emphatically NOT include the Canadian mainstream media, who seem to have the same sort of aversion to the Truth that capitalist money seems to have to me) that they do not - the Canadian people, as poll after poll indicates, want some sort of serious action taken on climate change. Harper et al, speaking for the major polluters of Canada (in cahoots with their compatriots in other countries, of course), want that action kept to a pretty insignificant level that does not impact corporate profits in any serious way. The two things are not really compatible, and something has to give. In a democracy, that would be corporate profits. In the real world of pseudo-democracy, what gives is the desire of the people. And media honesty, of course, although this has long been gone.

But on a deeper level, a huge meeting like Bali is guaranteed to accomplish nothing significant, beyond perhaps a few lowest common denominator meaningless things, such as an 'agreement' to talk more in the future, which is what usually comes out of such things.

If any of these people were really interested in doing something, a Green Island process would be followed. It's not difficult, it works like this. First we have meetings of the people to see what the people want, and can agree on. This is not difficult to do, where there's a will there's a way, and since Green Island is truly democratic, the will is not a problem. The people see something wrong, and meet to decide what to do about it - widespread local meetings to let everyone speak, then wider meetings where representatives from the smaller meetings speak, and then the larger meeting 'of the whole' to publically say for all what has been agreed on by most people. The corporate people who want to keep their profits attend the meeting, but do not dominate, as they do not form anything remotely close to a majority, and their demands are quite democratically voted down, although their concerns are listened to, and considered in the final decision. Not many people in a real democracy, however, agree with the notion that paying a CEO several tens of millions of dollars per year and maxing investor 'earnings', are more important than saving the cod, or the Amazon, or stopping global warming, etc and etc.

It might be noted that the concept of 'representative' on Green Island is somewhat different than the concept of 'representative' in pseudo-democracy Canada. Green Island reps are just that - they have their marching orders, as it were, know exactly what the people they represent want, and how far from that they can diverge in negotiations, and that's it. A Canadian 'representative', however, feels no such compulsions, and are quite free to do as they wish no matter how many of their 'constituents' disagree. If they stray too far, or make too many people angry, they may get voted out the next time around, but that's of no real concern, as there are always good rewards for faithful soldiers of the Empire. But that doesn't happen often, as the media understands their role, and unless there is a great groundswell of repulsion for a party and its people who have gone much too far, such as Mulroney and his gang in 1993, these guys are pretty secure no badly how unrepresentative of the people they are. Which also has to do with the media not holding them to account, and feeding the people bread and circuses stories like this Bali stuff.

Anyway, if a country ever managed to come to a democratic agreement such as this, then it would begin the process with other democratic countries with decisions reached the same way as the people of Green Island reached their decision (yes, we fall into fantasy here, as democracy in not on the radar in any western countries at the moment - but then, before you can realise a dream, you have to articulate it...). These negotiations would have several notable features we do NOT see in Bali or like things.

First, they would be much shorter, and more open - most people in most western countries all feel that we do need action on global warming, and most people are pretty reasonable, so most of us would all be thinking the same thing, so agreement would not only be possible, but probable, and quickly. The minority of preadatory capitalists would be allowed to speak, of course, but speaking for such a small minority, and speaking obviously from personal selfishness motives rather than the greater good motives, most people would have little use for such things, beyond the scorn they deserved. Unlike in today's 'negotiations' about anything, of course, dominated by various groups of predators, all looking for personal advantage in their own baliwicks, and noone really able to admit that that is what they are really doing, so nothing useful can ever happen. And with the media blowing smoke every which way, as some of them really are unaware of what is really happening so report 'honestly' on the 'negotiations' they think are happening, and others who do know what is happening, but can't of course write truthfully about it, so do their best to look busy whilst keeping the public totally uninformed and having a pleasant junket - there's a reason the December meetings are held in tropical resort spas. Don't kid yourself.

Also, Green Island style 'real' talks would first involve exchanges of letters (emails mostly these days, we don't kill trees for no reason, and most diplomatic letter exchanging is highly unnecessary, not to mention that these guys flying regularly around the world and staying at fancy resorts are actually causing a good amount of global warming, totally needlessly) or phone calls, all open to the public of course, so everyone can see what is happening, who is trying to gain unfair advantage, which selected reps have apparently been bought off by the big money, and etc, with the people observing, and judging if their representatives were doing faithfully as they had been democratically charged - for if they were not, they are quickly recallable - no five year 'do as you please hahah!!!!!' licences in any real democracy.

Well, we don't need to describe anything much further - this sort of process, with the people speaking through a majority voice rather than corps speaking with a voice that had no purpose other than maxing their takings whilst lying continually to the people about everything with the complicity of the media, would quickly result in a solution that a great majority of the people of actually democratic countries could live with.

Ah, enough dreaming for one day.

Dec 10 CBC
In the box: - - Sting finds lotto tickets an easy buy for minors

Out of the box: - jeezus little nazis, going around asking people how they feel knowing they 'broke the law' - about selling a lottery ticket to an under-18 kid - what a heinous freaking crime!!!!

This is really despicable and pathetic. Imagine these smug little reporters, look at me, I follow all the laws my superiors tell me to follow, why don't you?!? - and all commanded by the CBC brass. How far can a once world-class national radio system fall? You're looking at it, right here. (Unfortunately, this is not the bottom, but I'm not giving them ideas here)

It brings to mind a scene from an old film called Cabaret, done in pre-WWII Germany, in which the central characters stop for lunch at some roadside restaurant, and are treated to a display by some 'Hitler youth', showing what good little Nazis they all are. Scary as hell, although all smiles on the surface. Mind control of the first order - also called indoctrination by peers - what is wrong with you that you do not agree with the wonderful ideas of our Fuehrer?!?!

- they had their junior girl reporter a couple of weeks ago doing a similar thing, going around asking people about smoking, and if they knew smoking was bad for you - the little tinges of superiority in their voices just makes you want to hit. But of course talking about hitting someone who is just being a good little citizen will get you accused of terrorist-related activities, so let's just consider a loud fart. On them.

They do the same thing with seat belts periodically - you know the whiny high-pitched voice a certain type of teenager gets when expressing disbelief - 'Holy Batgirl, Brizzey, don't those silly people know that seatbelts save lives?!? I just can't believe they don't wear them!!!'

and listen to the kids they interview in these things, they really do sound like zombies, people of very small brain. The Hitler youth undoubtedly sounded much the same - the way a person who has been heavily indoctrinated sounds. No original thoughts coming out of that brain, just repeating things you have been taught to say. Pavlov's puppies - stimulus-response.

this society is really not going good places. - indoctriation reinforcement all the way down the line.

This offends on many, many levels.

** this is what they are calling 'journalism' and 'journalists' at the CBC these days. In the days we had a real media and a school system that at least tried to produce intelligent people sometimes, this would have been a nice little high school project for aspiring journalists getting a grip on techniques and whatnot, and there it would have stayed. Now - well, the dumbing down movement that has been going on for many years is showing how successful it is, as a student learning assignment pretends to be real 'journalism'. Real journalists are precious hard to find in the MSM these days, and this kind of juvenile crap more and more the norm. And the scariest part of all is that so few people even find this sort of thing odd.

** does it never occur to some of these people that if you have a law that most people either do not observe or dislike a lot, maybe they ought to take their dreams of creating a perfect little obedient bunch of happy Stepford citizens back home and stuff it somewhere and leave the rest of us alone?

(haha rhetorical question. And they're going to keep doing it as long as everyone just pouts and follows meekly along, rather than standing up to these little nazis.)

Really, encouraging them is not just a bad idea, it's really, really dangerous.

Imagine a USEFUL 'sting' operation - get somebody from away, an actor maybe, with maybe 20,000 bucks in pocket, and go around to some politicians and try to get them to do something corrupt. Hmmmmm. Think there'd be any takers? What sort of thing? Well - what about supporting a 'law' that maybe wouldn't find much support in the electorate, but was good for some sort of group - you know, little bandwagoners wanting to prove how loyal they were to the Rulers, by going crazy showing how much they supported some idiotic edict. Our rulers don't think people should smoke? By golly, we'll pass a law in OUR town saying NOBODY CAN SMOKE ANYWHERE!!!! Look at what good citizens we are, Dad!!!

Excuse me while I roll one.

In the box: - - Industrial Evolution - being a review of a book called "A FAREWELL TO ALMS: A Brief Economic History of the World." By a Harvard prof named Gregory Clark.

Out of the box: - I've read a few of these, such as Diamond's Guns, Germs and Steel, and a more recent one called 'The Wealth and Poverty of Nations' by another (OMG!!) Harvardite named David Landes. They speak with a one track mind - America, and capitalists, are rich because they are by golly smart people and hard workers. And deserve every penny of it. And, well, we don't want to speak too badly of others, but you know, you lazy buggers are living in poverty because you just aren't as good as we capitalists, you know?

I think the Green Island school of thought on this sort of thing is a great deal more credible, although you're not ever going to read about it in the capitalist press, or learn about it in the capitalist schools - the reality is that capitalists are rich because they steal from everyone else, and have been doing so for several hundred years - several thousand, really, they just called themselves something different before this 'capitalism' idea got invented. They get away with this because they are also extremely ruthless, and quickly kill off any serious opposition, and because they have gotten quite clever over the last couple of hundred years with their lawyers and whatnot, and have spent serious time in indoctrinating people to believe their lies, and be their willing slaves, as I talk about in the Box book. There are smart people out there, for sure, inventing things - that the capitalists steal. There are hard-working people out there by the tens of millions, for sure also - all working for the capitalists. The capitalists run the businesses and factories that pay the workers a fraction of the value of the things they produce.

And they'll keep doing it until YOU stop them.

Dec 8
In the box: - Abraham, Martin, John, Robert, John, etc and etc and etc and etc and etc and etc and etc and etc

Out of the box: -
John Lennon RIP

In the box: - - Kids book removed from schools - "...the Halton Catholic board pulled the book and two others in the trilogy by British author Philip Pullman, an admitted atheist..." (and the witch-burning bandwagon is spreading - to Calgary... )

Out of the box: you need to think a bit about the ramifications of that last short comment - 'an admitted atheist'. If you 'admit' to something, the implication of that word is that that something is something bad - 'she admitted her crime/mistake'. Our society is seriously indoctrinated to be more or less based on belief in a fictional god (read the first words of the Canadian 'constitution'), and the accepted dogma is that 'good people' serve that god and there's something wrong with you if you don't. Can you even imagine someone who did not express belief in this fictional being trying to get elected, for instance? haha.

Human beings being naturally good sorts, there are a lot of average humans doing good stuff, and giving credit to their 'god' and the church they belong to because they have been indoctrinated to that belief, but it's really the natural act of caring humans and has nothing to do with 'god'. What the church administration gets up to at the highest levels is very much less good - note the current 'big ticket' items of the churches - everyone all upset about whether or not two people of the same sex can live together, or whether one of those sexes can even preach to the people, and even engaging in a big fight to prevent people from using contraception when overpopulation is one of the major problems of the world. The many, many problems, small and very large, caused by sexual repression in our society and world, can all be laid directly at the doors of this insanely repressive institution, and those who claim to speak for whatever sect of the deity they represent. It's quite mind-boggling to someone outside of the box just how repressed people are about sex, even in 'progressive' Canada, and how many, many, many problems this causes - all because of the indoctrination into believing in this fictional being that all people go through. When civilized people write about this place in the future, if we ever get to the future, this most unnatural repression will occupy a great amount of space. As will the indoctrination. No point in even starting on the hundreds of millions of deaths and murders and rapes that have been carried out throughout history by people slaughtering etc in the name of this very god.

In terms of 'adults', we will be there when we read things like 'an admitted Catholic', and understand that to be a sign of an immature, indoctrinated mind of some sort, and a person who should not be allowed into positions of responsibility as they have admitted they do not think for themselves, but serve a mysterious god and the demands of the earthly representatives of that god, however irrational or dangerous they may be.

Actually, I should not lump all religions together here - insofar as things like Quakerism or Buddhism or Confucianism get thought of as 'religions', they are not dangerous in the way of the big three which are based on the christian/muslim/jewish god, which is a very violent and jealous god, and has been responsible for pretty much most of the world's violence and killing the last couple of thousand years. Quakers and Buddhists etc actually believe in peace and intelligence. Funny how so few people belong to these peaceful religions, and so many to the murderous big three.

Dec 6 CTV
In the box: - - New Democrat will apologize for political blunder

Out of the box: geeeeeeeezus. I thought I was about as embarrassed as I could get at being this combination of 'human being' and 'Canadian'. Apparently not.

She gets paid a very large amount of money for doing this kind of thing, for acting like the most anal sort of juvenile trying to please the 'adults', or at any rate the people who make the rules she wants to show how good she follows there don't appear to be many adults at all in this iteration of the part of the universe I'm inhabiting at the moment, MOMMY HE'S LOOKING AT DIRTY PICTURES!!!!!. They all do. As do the media people who have deemed this as a story of either importance or interest. As do the leaders of the women's movements who have made her so stupid. And the leaders of the church who have repressed her so much about sex that the very thought of a naked body probably drives her into paroxysms of rage.

We live in a very complex world faced with some very serious problems, and we have elected Canadian MPs making issues of 'scantily clad women'.

As I have said many times before, somebody got my ticket wrong. I am on the wrong boat. I want off. geeezuz.

Dec 1 Pickton everywhere
In the box: - - e.g. CBC 'backgrounder'

Out of the box: - As always, what they're NOT talking about is at least as interesting and important as what they are. More often than not what they're not talking about is probably MORE important, and interesting to those of us not trapped in the fantasyland of tv celebritydom as most people seem to be these days. Certainly better to have citizens thinking (sorry, 'thinking') about things like gruesome murders and bodies hanging from meat hooks than talking about the latest NATO 'mistake' in Afghanistan or why Harper et al are doing almost anything they're doing or - well, any of the stuff I talk about here.

For instance, one thing I really would like to see talked about, what might actually result in some good from this whole situation, would be some talk about what is wrong with our society that it produces so many young, poor women, not well educated, who feel their only viable life choice is drugs and prostitution, a lifestyle making them very vulnerable to things like Pickton is accused of doing to them. Why does nobody seem to want to talk about this? Why is the attitude of 'tough luck kid for getting born in the wrong family or social class darn shame, now don't bother me I gotta get to the mall' so widespread and accepted in Canada? Why don't these young women have better options? There are groups fighting this, but you hear about them on the tv or in the papers maybe once a year. I have some understanding of letting adults do as they like with their lives, but it's pretty bad to turn your back on helpless kids, and let them be raised in dysfunctional families, more often than not in violence as well as poverty, to become semi-intelligent semi-humans, never getting close to their potential as adults, most of them. Every child ever born has immense potential, and there is something seriously wrong with our society that we allow this sort of thing to happen to so many of them. Civilized people care about their citizens, that is kind of rule one of calling yourself civilized. That our society not only has people like Pickton and the young women he is accused of killing is a serious indictment itself - that we apparently have no interest in figuring what is wrong that these people are happening is even worse. Esp when you consider that we certainly seem to care enough about making sure our already wealthy investors get even wealthier - stories every day about tax breaks for corporations, and telling you damned lazy citizens to get more productive so your masters make more money. The two things are not, you may note, unrelated. If we ever get judged by a civilized judge, we ain't gonna get high marks for our society with these kinds of priorities.

Of course, the conditions that create the poor class and the psychos are the flip side of the coin of the conditions that make it possible for capitalist predators to accumulate huge fortunes by stealing the 'surplus value' of the work of everyone else, so - well, you can make connections there or not. Up to you. Obviously 'your' great free Canadian media aren't that interested in making any connections. For some odd reason.

The other thing one from outside the box notes is the whole 'justice system' of Canada at play here. A huge clown and circuses show for the masses. The central thing to understand is that this is not 'justice' of, by and for We the People - this is the 'justice system' of the Rulers as it is used to control 'we the people'. It is vastly complex, made by lawyers to be this way so they have an excuse to exclude common people from the process - but when you think about it, in theory at least, Canada belongs to We the Common People, and any 'justice' system that WE do not control is not, then, our justice system. And if the system is too complex for average Canadians to readily follow, then again it is not of us, but imposed on us.The argument is unassailable when you think about it. Note the judge in this case carefully instructing the jurors on what they are or are not allowed to do. Note the many stories in the papers about how confused the poor jurors must be at having to make their way through all the evidence, etc. Note the observer status Canadians are relegated to - justice shall be done to you. By others. Democracy?????

In Green Island, we do justice OF the people, and BY the people, and lawyerly interference is kept to a minimum, as the only point of lawyers is to slow down the process as much as possible in the interest of preventing actual justice whilst maxing out their takings from the system, which is actually their reward for doing their bit in the name of stopping democracy from happening to We the People. In the first instance we have large, open courts OF the people, when something has been done that needs to be corrected - as we do not delegate OUR decision-making democratic powers to 'representatives' to do as they please for the next few years, we do not delegate justice in our society to self-proclaimed, or appointed by 'our representatives' 'experts' and judges and so on, who do as they please no matter what We the People think. If people unders suspicion and those accusing them have conflicting stories, we don't determine 'justice' by who can afford the most accomplished lawyer to twist and delay things forever, we have a 'truth drug', a modern safe chemical that makes it more or less impossible for a person to lie, a bit like having a couple of beers too many and saying some truthful things you're going to regret later. Safe drug, no damage. It makes for very fast, and very honest, trials - both of which are complete anathema to the Canadian 'justice' system - no money for lawyers in fast trials, and bad, bad, BAD news for many, many, many people if things get too truthful. Imagine, if a truth drug was introduced to the Canadian legal system, exactly how long it would be until we started asking politicians to subject themselves to this sometimes - and the whole Box would instantly self-destruct, as every Canadian politician of cabinet level and over was off to jail. Of course, most senior judges and lawyers would be there as well, so who would there be to try them?

Imagine Pickton and a couple of cops given a shot of this truth drug in an open court and told to tell their stories? Imagine a few of the witnesses at the long and fabulously expensive (great for the lawyers) Gomery inquiry last year? Imagine Mulroney and Schreiber told to sit in front of a citizen's meeting, with tv cameras rolling, and given a shot of this and told to talk? Imagine, imagine, imagine!!!!

A story of how we do it on Green Island - The Montague Student Trial.

And if you're still feeling insomniac, there's more here

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