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"Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth." - Henry David Thoreau

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- Tommy Douglas

In this world, we are all butterflies and we need to be mindful of what can happen when we flap our wings
- David Suzuki

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...the most destructive form of untruth is sophistry and propaganda by those whose profession it is to report the news... - Walter Lippmann
They're Building a Box - and You're In It - the necessary background

Dec 1 Pickton everywhere
In the box: - - e.g. CBC 'backgrounder'

Out of the box: - As always, what they're NOT talking about is at least as interesting and important as what they are. More often than not what they're not talking about is probably MORE important, and interesting to those of us not trapped in the fantasyland of tv celebritydom as most people seem to be these days. Certainly better to have citizens thinking (sorry, 'thinking') about things like gruesome murders and bodies hanging from meat hooks than talking about the latest NATO 'mistake' in Afghanistan or why Harper et al are doing almost anything they're doing or - well, any of the stuff I talk about here.

For instance, one thing I really would like to see talked about, what might actually result in some good from this whole situation, would be some talk about what is wrong with our society that it produces so many young, poor women, not well educated, who feel their only viable life choice is drugs and prostitution, a lifestyle making them very vulnerable to things like Pickton is accused of doing to them. Why does nobody seem to want to talk about this? Why is the attitude of 'tough luck kid for getting born in the wrong family or social class darn shame, now don't bother me I gotta get to the mall' so widespread and accepted in Canada? Why don't these young women have better options? There are groups fighting this, but you hear about them on the tv or in the papers maybe once a year. I have some understanding of letting adults do as they like with their lives, but it's pretty bad to turn your back on helpless kids, and let them be raised in dysfunctional families, more often than not in violence as well as poverty, to become semi-intelligent semi-humans, never getting close to their potential as adults, most of them. Every child ever born has immense potential, and there is something seriously wrong with our society that we allow this sort of thing to happen to so many of them. Civilized people care about their citizens, that is kind of rule one of calling yourself civilized. That our society not only has people like Pickton and the young women he is accused of killing is a serious indictment itself - that we apparently have no interest in figuring what is wrong that these people are happening is even worse. Esp when you consider that we certainly seem to care enough about making sure our already wealthy investors get even wealthier - stories every day about tax breaks for corporations, and telling you damned lazy citizens to get more productive so your masters make more money. The two things are not, you may note, unrelated. If we ever get judged by a civilized judge, we ain't gonna get high marks for our society with these kinds of priorities.

Of course, the conditions that create the poor class and the psychos are the flip side of the coin of the conditions that make it possible for capitalist predators to accumulate huge fortunes by stealing the 'surplus value' of the work of everyone else, so - well, you can make connections there or not. Up to you. Obviously 'your' great free Canadian media aren't that interested in making any connections. For some odd reason.

The other thing one from outside the box notes is the whole 'justice system' of Canada at play here. A huge clown and circuses show for the masses. The central thing to understand is that this is not 'justice' of, by and for We the People - this is the 'justice system' of the Rulers as it is used to control 'we the people'. It is vastly complex, made by lawyers to be this way so they have an excuse to exclude common people from the process - but when you think about it, in theory at least, Canada belongs to We the Common People, and any 'justice' system that WE do not control is not, then, our justice system. And if the system is too complex for average Canadians to readily follow, then again it is not of us, but imposed on us.The argument is unassailable when you think about it. Note the judge in this case carefully instructing the jurors on what they are or are not allowed to do. Note the many stories in the papers about how confused the poor jurors must be at having to make their way through all the evidence, etc. Note the observer status Canadians are relegated to - justice shall be done to you. By others. Democracy?????

In Green Island, we do justice OF the people, and BY the people, and lawyerly interference is kept to a minimum, as the only point of lawyers is to slow down the process as much as possible in the interest of preventing actual justice whilst maxing out their takings from the system, which is actually their reward for doing their bit in the name of stopping democracy from happening to We the People. In the first instance we have large, open courts OF the people, when something has been done that needs to be corrected - as we do not delegate OUR decision-making democratic powers to 'representatives' to do as they please for the next few years, we do not delegate justice in our society to self-proclaimed, or appointed by 'our representatives' 'experts' and judges and so on, who do as they please no matter what We the People think. If people unders suspicion and those accusing them have conflicting stories, we don't determine 'justice' by who can afford the most accomplished lawyer to twist and delay things forever, we have a 'truth drug', a modern safe chemical that makes it more or less impossible for a person to lie, a bit like having a couple of beers too many and saying some truthful things you're going to regret later. Safe drug, no damage. It makes for very fast, and very honest, trials - both of which are complete anathema to the Canadian 'justice' system - no money for lawyers in fast trials, and bad, bad, BAD news for many, many, many people if things get too truthful. Imagine, if a truth drug was introduced to the Canadian legal system, exactly how long it would be until we started asking politicians to subject themselves to this sometimes - and the whole Box would instantly self-destruct, as every Canadian politician of cabinet level and over was off to jail. Of course, most senior judges and lawyers would be there as well, so who would there be to try them?

Imagine Pickton and a couple of cops given a shot of this truth drug in an open court and told to tell their stories? Imagine a few of the witnesses at the long and fabulously expensive (great for the lawyers) Gomery inquiry last year? Imagine Mulroney and Schreiber told to sit in front of a citizen's meeting, with tv cameras rolling, and given a shot of this and told to talk? Imagine, imagine, imagine!!!!

A story of how we do it on Green Island - The Montague Student Trial.

Dec 2
In the box: - White collar crime team fizzles - "...How a big-budget police squad set up to take on corporate crime degenerated into a bureaucratic mess with few results..."

Out of the box: - hmmmmm - odd how these things work. When they want to do RIDE checks, or crack down on them damned scofflaws not wearing seatbelts, they seem to get all the bureaucratic stuff worked out pretty good and round up them damned working class criminals by the courtroomful, and the gov accounts are just overflowing with them fine cheques. Different sorts of 'clientele' of course - when you want to go after the working class guys, you can get your act together pretty good - but when the proposed crackdown might involve somebody higher on the food chain, guys who might know other guys that might hit back, as it were - well, things seem to slow down a bit .... hmmmmmmm.

Just one of those out of the box observations ..... or maybe we could start a section called 'More Crazy Conspiracy Theories from Green Island. haha.' I mean, we all know the cops are perfectly straight, and go after every criminal equally. Right? Right?!? Huh??? What's that sarcastic chuckling I'm hearing out there huh?!?!

In the box: - - Dion fails to connect with Cdns: Poll- By KATHLEEN HARRIS -

Out of the box: - just a sidenote, the stories of this Harris 'reporter' seem to attract my attention quite a lot - kind of reporter who knows where and when she's needed. Hmmm again. Anyway. Such as this one about the success of the massive media attack on Dion since the very day he was elected. I suppose behind the scenes you could call this something of a success story - or maybe even a failure story in a way - hey, listen up!! - we've been, along with the backroom boys in the Lib party, attacking this guy practically daily for a year now, and by golly there are still 20% of Canadians who like him!! What's wrong with them? What's wrong with our framing here? There must be something more we can throw at him!

Nov 30 Star
In the box: - Electoral reform redux

Out of the box: - Terrified of democracy ....

Dear Ms English, publiced@thestar.ca
You talk a good talk with your writing about the purpose and ideals of 'journalism' in Canada in your columns, but your newspaper is far, very very far, from walking the walk. I refer (this time) to the editorial yesterday, Electoral reform redux, and for reference to your ideas of what journalism ought to be about, your earlier article on Defending responsible journalism (Nov 17/07), in which you say:

"...What is responsible journalism on matters of public interest? ... as both the newsrooms and courtrooms across this country seek to answer it in coming years, it's likely that journalism itself will be on trial... There is simply no defence for irresponsible journalism...".

I couldn't agree more with that sentiment, which is why I am so disappointed with the entire Canadian media the last few years, and most especially the Toronto Star and CBC, who are supposed to be more fair and progressive than the others in this corporate age, but are sadly letting us all down. You have been, as the saying goes, being tested, and failing quite miserably. (and you can see the rest here)

Nov 29
In the box: - - A History of the Canadian Dollar Since 1950 - a CBC propaganda primer

Out of the box: - as in, this is how you are supposed to see things, from your tv couch, lights low and brain in beta-receptive, non-critical-thinking mode. Look Martha, isn't that interesting!! - nary a word, ever, about whether or not this is good for you as a Canadian, or whether YOUR government, run by responsible people looking out for YOUR good (that is the theory, if not actually the reality), ought to be allowing international speculators to be playing craps with YOUR currency, year after year, decade after decade. For some odd reason. Imagine, if you will, YOUR national currency, jumping up and down at the whim of international currency speculators playing against one another with no care at all how much you or another 30-odd million Canadians suffer from this (or anyone else in any other country, of course) - and your government doing nothing. And your media pretending all is as it should be. Quite amazing, really. And not a Canadian out there would ever admit to being indoctrinated.

Are there alternatives? Of course there are - the govs do what they want to do. Most Canadians either smoke pot or know people who do, and do NOT think the gov should be spending so much time and effort and dollars trying to stop them, but they do it anyway - which all has something big to do with organized crime - and so does international currency speculation - the organised crime goes where the money is, in any form. Legal pot, no money for organised crime. Controlled currency exchange, one less place for huge fortunes to be made, and hidden from 'the public', carefully trained to know next to nothing about what goes on with money, aside from the fact they gotta get to the office every day or they won't even have enough to pay the rent. Inflation, stock market crashes, depressions, etc - nothing you and I can do about, Martha, darn ol bad luck!

As Duncan Cameron writes here, World spooked by declining U.S. dollar, a guy called Keynes (ever heard of him? You never will in the Canadian mainstream media, because he advocated good stuff for we the people, and the capitalists really don't care for that kind of talk - and what the capitalists don't want you thinking about, you don't get to read in the papers or see on the tv, capice pal?!?) got the idea, as the early forms of a global society were starting to happen due to the new advances in technology, communications and transportation 100 years or so ago, that we should have an international currency called the Bancor. Not a great name, and I don't know the details of his idea, but it is what we need, some form of international currency, which is at the same time the collective average value of all collective currencies, and the value against which any single one is measured.

The predatory capitalists and their bankers and investors will be deeply opposed to this (haha that's a serious understatement, they'd be instantly ballistic if anyone ever dared mention it in public) because it would cut down their huge speculation profits, but it could be very easily implemented - among governments working for We the People, that is to say. This would not mean a single world currency, which would be even more vulnerable to predation and simple bad luck or bad management, but a single international standard composed of ALL world currencies, and thus be almost infinitely stable, as no matter what tragedy befell one country, many others would still be strong. We would all have our own currencies to use nationally, but instead of having an endless number of exchange rate variables for the speculators to gamble with and manipulate for out-of-country dealings, each currency would have only one exchange rate, with the Bancor (or whatever we call it). And the value of the Bancor would change over time, of course, but only slowly, and any individual currency would also change over time, but only slowly - so no means to make huge profits overnight for these people and their speculating and manipulating, or the financial crashes which the capitalists love so much becuase they mean such great takings for them (huge amounts of bankruptcies, huge amounts of valuable property available at pennies on the dollar to those who had banks full of money protected from the arranged problem for the masses).

Think of this world currency like air, or water, that is all around us. We have our own little ponds or lakes, and air varies from place to place, but it's all still there, always, changing only slowly. The capitalists are doing their best to destroy the air and the water too, of course, but that is a topic many others are working on.

There you go - one completely radical, but eminently necessary, idea, from Green Island today. That you will never, never, never, NEVER read about in the capitalist press.

And you should know by now - if you aren't reading about it in the capitalist press, it's probably something you should be thinking about.

Nov 27 CBC/Montreal Gazette
In the box: - - Flaherty eyes tax cuts for top earners ("...Flaherty said the corporate tax rate would drop to 15 per cent from its current 22.1 per cent by 2012...") and Child poverty rates unchanged in nearly 2 decades: report

Out of the box: - it's not all that surprising that the Canadian MSM is careful never to get these types of stories close to one another, but it is quite surprising to those of us outside the box that nobody ever seems to make any connection. Yea, yea poverty is bad, yea, yea, yea sure love more tax cuts ....

Dead horse. Don't waste time wondering why rocks aren't talking to you.

Nov 26

Out of the box: - I read the news today oh boy... (heard, whatever)

CBC PEI talking about the 07 turkey drive, and what generous people Islanders are. True enough, Islanders are generous people, and good people (as are most of us, really, from BC to Sask to Ontario and the Rock). But why don't they/we take a look - a serious look - at why we need a turkey drive every year? But not a word about poverty, or its causes. As I noted in the last letter, how can we expect to do something about a problem if we don't look at some causes? The head of the Island Food Bank said that the group started a 'temporary' food bank - in 1986. And it's still going, and getting bigger every year - 2,000 turkeys this year, in a population of 130,000, which means probably (average is usually taken as 4 per family) about 30,000+ families. Why are so many Canadians ('coincidentally' in the Star today a story about more Toronto families slipping into poverty) poor and getting poorer? Shouldn't this be of concern to those who rule us? Well, of course it should - but then, if the end result of such explorations was to have to admit that the poverty was systematic, a central necessity really of the system under which we are living, at least economically, and to reduce poverty, we would also have to reduce the huge profits/takings of the 'investors' who rule us - well, as I said, you can see, maybe, why the rulers - and their media - don't really want to go there. We'll talk about the poverty, and how generous we are, because it's pretty obvious out there, and talking about it will show that Canada really has a great a free media that looks at problems we have - but let's not get carried away with talking about things we do not want to be talking about. Like the causes of that poverty. Nobody's going to notice anyway, too busy shopping and watching tv to really keep an eye on the media or think logically about anything.

And then we get treated to the Grey Cup story. A young woman from Saskatchewan sounding as if she was in the throes of her first real orgasm, almost incoherent and crying in joy, saying how it was just the greatest thing that could ever happen to her province, the best day possible in her life, etc and etc. And then a young man actually sobbing as he described his devastation at his Winnipeg team losing. It's bad enough that these people should be this off the edge about this, but it's always been the way that some people do take sports a bit more seriously than they ought to - but should the CBC be doing this kind of story? Should the CBC be presenting these people as if they were normal citizens of Canada, and we just all accept that on this day we feel either great joy or great sorrow over the outcome of a football game? I don't think they should be - but then, I'm not in the box, so things are a bit different out here. It does show again, though, the dumbing down of our entire society - this kind of behaviour, and 'reporting' is becoming the norm, as juveniles are slowly put in charge of the media, and speak to their 'peers'. And the adults? Well, we're getting to be a dying breed, as it were. That's the end point of the box - no more adults to threaten the rulers, just juveniles who think that winning the grey cup is about the best thing that could ever happen to them. Oooooo that was good!!!!

And then the Ottawa morning show has an interview with a guy who has written a book for teens, explaining to them all just how important it is to manage their money effectively. The unsaid theme throughout being that money is indeed the most important thing in your life (really, do you know anyone who does not feel that way these days, aside from we few escapees on Green Island?). And another unsaid thing is that you have no control over any aspect of where it comes from, it's just there, and you must learn to deal with it, in the box context. The interviewer, evidently coached ahead of time, was sure to get in the current meme that is being established in the country (western world, really) that we are facing a big demographic problem, with a falling birth rate, and by golly future generations are going to be in financial straights because there won't be enough new workers to support them all or something, and even the current 'baby boomers' are going to start retiring soon, and place huge demands on the current 'workers' to support them in their old age, which those young workers are being encouraged to be unhappy about. It's all a bunch of horseshit, if you'll excuse my french as they used to say, of course, but you never get any sort of sanity in the capitalist media anymore. What is happening, of course, is that the capitalists have looted the pension plans the baby boomers contributed into for all of their working years, and now that they are going to start retiring, they are going to start noticing that those investment plans have been looted, and there just ain't the amount of money there that should be there, and they (the bankers, investors, etc) are starting to get just a tad worried that those boomers are going to start looking for some heads to pound when they find they've been ripped off, so they're (the money managers etc) spreading the usual sort of capitalist bs - you know, "Oh, there's a problem? Not us not us!!! Look over there!!! Must be the commies or something!!!'. Whatever.

Carol Goar writes about some guy who talks about making choices, using the analogy of the fork in the road, and the people who take neither but find a new way - Bad or worse? Find a new choice. I sent her a note about The Box last week, but I guess she's not ready for THAT kind of choice just yet - we'll do the rearranging the deck chairs thing as long as possible, rather than stick our heads where the masters don't want us. And the berg gets closer and closer .....

Frank said it years ago - it ain't getting any smarter out there. And I'll bet there's more people who can tell you the history of the grey cup than have any idea what I'm talking about. or care.

Nov 25 CBC-PEI
In the box: - A Dose of Reality - in which the PEI CBC does a series on drug addiction in teens.

Out of the box: - Dear Island Morning,
I have been listening with some interest to your series on drug abuse in the young this week, A Dose of Reality.

However, I think there are a few important aspects of 'reality' that you are missing here.

1. The most striking thing about this series is the almost total avoidance of the question 'why??', which seems quite perverse to me - you are never going to solve any kind of problem if you don't look back and understand the 'why', and then direct your solutions to doing something about the frontend cause or causes - there's not much usefulness in curing a person of, shall we say, rabies, only to send them right back into an area crawling with rabid animals with no attempt to do something about those animals. Why are these children you talk about in the series - for that is what most of them are in terms of intellectual maturity - turning to drugs to the point of becoming addicted? You (or your interviewees) occasionally refer somewhat obliquely to shady drug dealers, and apparently the thought the listener is supposed to absorb is that this is some common fact we all know so don't need to talk about it anymore, that these evil people are sneaking around out there, doing nefarious things to get otherwise intelligent and well-adjusted young people addicted to their offerings, in a kind of replay of 'Reefer Madness' from the dark ages of the last century, and that is really the only 'reason' that these children do what they do, and thus we don't need to look at the 'why' they are addicted any further, just pass harsher laws against these dealers, and then talk about how terrible the addiction is, and the problems it causes, and the things we can try, or are trying, to do about it. Which seems to be the focus of this series.

But is this really the case? Is the answer really as simple as harsher penalties and more enforcement to get these nasty drug dealers who are entrapping our innocent children off the street? You offer no evidence for this idea that shady drug dealers are at the root of the problem beyond the opinions of law enforcement people or social workers or parents, which are not 'evidence' in any way at all - and I would suggest there are much deeper things at play here - things which you, and everyone involved, are either unaware of or simply do not want to talk about. (and you can see the rest here)

Nov 19 Glob (sic)
In the box: - Canada-U.S. prosperity gap grows wider - '...Ontarians now $6,000 off the mark...' and etc

Out of the box: - so to paraphrase, the writers of the 'report', echoed by the reporter as if this is the word of god rather than someone's opinion, is that the people of Ontario (and Canada, really) are just too damned lazy, and if people just worked harder, everyone could make more money - really, they say, if they worked at the same level as those wonderful hard-working Americans, all people on Ontario would be $6,000 richer every year, and the government would be just rolling in the dough, with 27 BILLION in taxes more every year.

And if you believe that - well, you're obviously one of the tv-watching indoctrinated class and not one of the ones who write reports like this, or pass them off through the 'media'. (I suspect if you are actually reading anything from Green Island you are at least a bit suspicious of what these Canadian MSM people keep telling you - keep searching. But be ready for some unpleasant surprises. You've been taken for a serious mark by some serious conmen. But as far as waking up goes, it is definitely better late than never.)

How about a couple of things they manage not to mention in that report?

Like - well, just a couple off the top of my head (I've been doing this for awhile) - what about health care? You in Ontario pay about $500 a year, right, for access to everything? Maybe a bit of a wait for non-urgent procedures (which is another story, but see the recent comments here about underfunding and connect some dots yourself) - but still, good care, all free. What about in America? Do a bit of googling around, and find how many Americans have no health insurance at all. Find out that the average family premium for minimal care is around ten thousand bucks, and all of a sudden the American side of the equation is that much lighter. And many Americans don't even use the insurance unless they're dying or something, because of course they have very high deductibles, very often. And also you know what happens to 'for-profit' insurance once you use it - skyrocketing premiums.

Anyway, just one aspect of the different things between America and Ontario they sort of 'forgot', in their little comparison of selective presentation of stats, in which all that counts is bottom line bucks - but that's your average capitalist.

Or what about violence? You want to compare the rates of murder, and rape, and other violent crimes, between Ontario and New York, or California? I don't want to get into causes or anything, just rates - where would you rather be, even with Toronto going downhill these days?

Nor, for some odd reason, do they talk about 'free trade' - do you have any idea how many good Canadian companies have been bought by US interests in the last 20 years since 'free' trade began? It's a real big number - google Mel Hurtig and read one of his recent books if you want some really scary stuff you're never going to read in the Canadian MSM, or in reports like this - and then go figure a bit - where are the good jobs, the innovative jobs, the R&D, etc and etc? - in head office cities, or branch plant cities? The MSM likes to brag sometimes about low employment rates in Canada and Ontario - but why don't you try googling 'lost manufacturing jobs' in Ontario the last few years, and think a bit about whether a job shining shoes or flipping macburgers that people do because it's practically impossible to get UI anymore, or qualify for 'social assistance', is as good as a job used to be a GM before they started shutting down the plants with the good jobs?

Hmmmm, as they say .... if you're ambitious this day, google around a bit more, and you will find stories that show that the productivity of Canadian workers has actually been increasing quite a lot the last few years - and for some odd reason, though, the gap between rich and poor in Canada has been growing - all of the extra productivity has been going straight upstairs, not to the workers who are being more productive.

That's the sort of thing we would be talking about if we got a copy of this report at the Green Island Voice.

Nov 20 CNEWS, etc
In the box: - Cdn. infrastructure 'near collapse' - "...Canada's aging roads, bridges and water systems are on the verge of "collapse" and in need of a $123-billion investment, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities warned Tuesday as it urged Ottawa to devise a new strategy to stave off infrastructure disaster..."

Out of the box: - recently - Federal budget 2006: Harper government announces sweeping tax cuts, with almost $20 billion in tax relief

Government proposes $60B in tax cuts, with further GST drop (Oct 2007 'Economic update' of Harper's 'new' government)

- and going back to a grand announcement by Paul Martin, to great applause and fanfare from practically everyone - Economic Budget Statement and Update 2000 - "...In total, the tax measures in this Statement, combined with those in Budget 2000, will provide $100 billion of cumulative tax relief by 2004-05. ..."

- do I need to spell anything out here? Are there any active brains left in the country? We know the mainstream media aren't going to make any connections here - but - ??? anyone????

I'm not even going to bother googling the number of times we've heard phrases involved with 'fiscal responsibility' from all of the finance ministers the same number of years - I guess the more they're being completely irresponsible (as far as OUR country is concerned), the more they have to lie like this. Or looking from outside the box, you can see they are being 'responsible' - but to the real rulers of Canada, not the people. It's a bit less clear, to those of us outside the box with functioning brains, why so few people seem to be able to connect such obvious dots. That 'inside the box think only what you are told to think' thing, I guess. Still pretty disconcerting. I guess the lemmings with survival genes stuck in the middle of the racing herd have similar wonderings the last few seconds.

And the real masters? Well - just one example of a demand you can see pretty much every day in the media - Canada-U.S. prosperity gap grows wider "..The province needs to cut corporate tax ... (chairman of the Ontario 'Institute for Competitiveness and Prosperity' and dean of the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management) recommends..." - and Business applauds tax cuts.. - and just go away and think about all that for awhile.

And then go and vote for the party who promises the highest tax cuts next election, to show what a solid grip you have on what the country needs in its government.

Nov 19 Tyee
In the box: - Disband the RCMP?

Out of the box: - The point of a police force in a democracy is to protect we the people from those few who would use their strength and/or lack of morals to steal from or enslave those among us who cannot properly defend ourselves. This includes people who have more power than average people because their wealth can buy the services of gangs of thugs to do their violence for them. Unfortunately, in Canada and many other places (most in the 'modern democratic capitalist' world, anyway) the wealthy have now purchased control of the 'democratic' governments, and thus the police forces of those governments, and use those police forces for quite the reverse of what they were originally intended for - instead of protecting we the people from the wealthy, they now quite perversely (perversely insofar as 'democracy' is concerned) protect the wealthy from we the people. Given that most people like to maintain the illusory thought that we actually live in a 'democracy', they cannot be overt about this switching of roles (any more than they can be overt about the perverted 'democracy'), but it is nonetheless evident enough to those who have managed to avoid at least some of the state indoctrination. Thugs in the service of warlords are not used to showing much restraint when controlling the peasants, thus the excesses we see more frequently in the use of their power. Talking about reforming the police is a waste of time, for as long as the government is not under our control, the police force never can be. The ideas behind this short observation are spelled out in more detail in a recent book, They're Building a Box - and You're In It .

Nov 17 CBC
In the box: - If you had a trillion dollars... - what the Americans might do with some of the money they've spent bombing Iraq back to the stone age, killing hundreds of thousands of people along the way ...

Out of the box: - be even more interesting to think about what we might do here in Canada, or have done, with the trillion dollars that Canadian taxpayers have had funnelled over to private banks/'investors' etc through the Great Canadian National Debt Scam the last 30 years - and the day I see anything like that in the Canadian MSM will be the day I know my work is done and I can go peacefully home.

Nov 17 CNEWS
In the box: - Ont. finance minister under fire for 'sexist' comments

Out of the box: - this is why so many 'women's rights'-ers have so little respect. Not to mention the mainstream media for even covering such nonsense. 750 words on a complete nothing 'story'. Where's the coverage of the hundreds of children that died today from poverty and preventable diseases because of Canada's participation in the IMF/World Bank ravaging of third world countries the last 50 years? The stories of young, poor women, native and otherwise, in Canada who decided to become prostitutes today because their future was looking about as bleak as bleak could be today, and winter's coming on, and they're not quite ready to kill themselves yet, here in Great Canada? What was that I said recently about stupidity escalating exponentially? (not that this sort of triviality is new, for either of the participants)

Nov 14 CBC
In the box: - Hacking wars, heightened encryption latest threats from Islamic extremists: analyst

Out of the box: - !!! Marvel Comics Writers Take Over NWO Propaganda Ministry of Truth!!!! - this really is too ridiculous for words. The stupidity is escalating exponentially.

Nov 14 CBC radio
In the box: - The Current Nov 14/07.

Out of the box: - Segment 2 - An important story, it would seem - a potential quick and relatively easy cure for the bug that has been causing a lot of problems lately, C. defficile.

But a hitch - it involves a treatment called 'fecal transfer'.

Are you giggling yet?

Christ I hope not. You've got yourself misdirected somehow if you find poo jokes funny, google Walt Disney or something.

They were on the CBC Current this morning. Just like kids, giggling at poo jokes in a serious story about a serious problem.


The dumbing down of everyone in Canada is pretty much complete - even the one-time giant we know as the CBC, where adults used to get work talking about adult things and other adults in the country used to listen to them, is being peopled with hosts of small and getting smaller emotional age. People in more or less adult bodies (well, one presumes) but with adolescent minds speaking to their 'peers' - their audience whom it is their job to help ensure stay firmly in the box, and not looking over any walls. intelligent, curious people would be looking over walls and things. Intelligent, mature people don't laugh at poo jokes. The people on the CBC many years ago wouldn't have laughted a poo jokes. Nowadays - well, behind the mikes, and in radioland, we have people who giggle at stories about fecal matter, because - well, because, we all giggle about (heehee) poo jokes, right? No adults need apply. (I am sure there are others out here behind the static curtain who also frown and shake their heads in irritation at the level of intelligence issuing from the CBC these days as well. We'll all be gone in a few years, though, and then - well, that doesn't much bear thinking about. And won't be, I daresay.)

Christ. Can we imagine Lister Sinclair, or Lorne Greene, or Patrick Watson, or any of the other adults that used to work at the CBC behaving in this way? Not really.

Listen to the local news readers, they're all like kids, voices full of expression, hushed when talking about 'bad things', rising for things that are unusual, etc - the very definition of the way NOT to be reading news as a professional. Just like kindergarten teachers, making sure the students understand, from the tone of voice, what the 'correct' way to think about something is. (I don't expect the CBC local newsreaders are actually trying to 'teach' their listeners in the same way - they don't intentionally sell themselves as 'indoctrinators' - they are just speaking in the voice that reflects their own emotional level, the way they speak normally - somewhere in adolescence.)

Humor is fine, the CBC used to have some very good humour - humour for adults. They still do, not all of the announcers exhibit this degree of immaturity. Poo jokes are not adult humour. And the CBC should not be trying to dumb down its listeners to the level of immature adolescents. And it should be hiring somewhat more mature hosts for its shows, hosts whose maturity is at an advanced enough level that they can talk about bodily functions like an adult, without the giggling.

Look - this is funny - The Best Quote Ever

Ol TS had it - this is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper. Pathetic.

Ok ET - enough's enough. Come and take me home, OK? I tried, I really did, but there's just nobody left to listen .....

Nov 13 CNEWS (etc)
pic of Harper pointing In the box: - Harper's popularity soars - or Voters zoning out - Dion's popularity goes FAR, as in restricted to family and relatives

Out of the box: - Media campaign promoting Harper and demonizing Dion resounding success!!!! - Thanks to Everyone!!! Harper majority, and all related plans, coming soon!!!

Nov 11-12, CBC etc
In the box: - 8 in 10 Canadians speed despite dangers: report

Out of the box: - The question here is simply democracy, to me, or the lack thereof. I am very much not in favor of speeding or other careless driving - but I am very much less in favor of Big Brother government (or Big Mother, which a lot of these laws really are). And if 8/10 Canadians are speeding, do you suppose they voted for the laws that they are being charged with breaching? Maybe some - but it's not the point. It's just that we are all indoctrinated into believing this authoritarian government stuff - we don't really have any 'democracy' in which We the People actually share in making the laws we live under, we at best elect 'Big Mom and Big Dad' every few years, and Big Mom and Big Dad TELL us what we are allowed to do, or not allowed to do. And any arguments about 'but it's all for the best, dear!' are completely irrelevant in the context of the central question - Is this, or is this not, a democracy?

There's really only one answer possible, if you are working with any definition of 'democracy' that stipulates that a majority of the people rule the country, whether by representative or direct democracy. Do most Canadians support higher salaries for their 'hard-worked' MPs? ha. Did/do most Canadians want 'their' troops to be in Afghanistan? Mmhmm. Do most Canadians want to gut their health care system so that corps can pay lower taxes? Hmm - were you ever even asked? What about secret trials - most Canadians vote for those things? Talks designed to 'harmonize' Canadians laws and everything else with the US, the so-called NAU and SPP - most Canadians support that? Well, actually, most Canadians do not even know this stuff is going on, thanks to the media. And on and on and on and on - actually, I think you'd be much more hard-pressed to find ANY serious laws the govs have passed the last lot of years that any majority of people agreed with.

The country very obviously is anything but a democracy.

The most by far unsettling part is that so few people seem to care - that's how Hitler did what he did, by having so few people care until it was too late. And if you look at what the US is doing around the world, bombing and killing and threatening everywhere, with the full support of the Canadian government, the Hitler analogy is not in the least overstating things - prior to 1939 Hitler wasn't seen as that bad of a guy at all (Time's man of the year 1939!!) - and lookee here 65 years later!!!!), by most people - many very wealthy American industrialists and others even supported him. (still did after 1939, but they kept it quiet, with the assistance even then of the corporate media).

And the same stuff here - New polls put tories closer to majority - it's just a horse race - a two pony race, really - Libs or Cons?!?! Who's YOUR hoss pal? Haha we got ya this time haha! - and no indication ever that just maybe Canadians ought to be sitting down in meeting halls somewhere, or talking over the net or whatever, about what THEY want done with the country, and instructing 'their' politicians about these things. In any real democracy, the politicians are the SERVANTS of the people, not Big Mom and Big Pop, which is what the reality is here anymore.

And how you actually shut your mind down so completely as to call this 'democracy' remains a complete mystery to those of us outside the box.

(Oh - about the driving - as I said, I suspect most people did not vote for these laws, but that does not mean I think we would be creating terrible hazards if we actually had some form of 'democracy' - in a real democracy, you need intelligent, and responsible, people to discuss laws and suchlike things - responsible people who do NOT race around highways, but who regulate themselves to safe behaviour for the good of everyone. Yes, there will be some scofflaws who use their freedom to behave irresponsibly, but we can deal with them in ways other than authorizing Big Brother to run our society - and there will be a lot fewer such scofflaws than you might think, since a great deal of such behaviour results from both dumbing down of the citizenry, and frustrations caused by dealing with the endless pressures of capitalist society - both of which would be largely removed in a sane we-the-people democracy. This isn't the place for a book lecture, but think about it. It IS possible. But YOU need to do something about it.

Nov 11 Everywhere. Not Green Island.
In the box: - 'Remembrance' Day

Out of the box: - this is box central dogma stuff, you shall not question this citizens!! How amazing, how unbelievably truthful, it would be to hear a documentary on this day of, no matter how much we rightfully give honor to our fallen ancestors, of how nonetheless so many wars have been fought for no other reason than to enrich arms companies, or as a power struggle between two small groups of powerful people trying to gain an advantage over the other, with the thousands or millions of serfs or peasants or citizens being lied to and propagandized about the whole thing and used callously and remorselessly as nothing more than cannon fodder - he with the most cannon fodder rules!!!! - and that, if we are ever to truly call ourselves a 'democracy', in a world of other democratic countries where 'we the people' do not in any way hate 'they the people' but can indeed get along together, we must put an end to this slaughter - but not this year, not in the Canadaland box, at any rate - but even so, I find it absolutely shameless and despicable to listen all day, and read all day, as the media do their best to try to ratchet up support for the Afghanistan invasion by pretending the Canadians who died in WWs I and II had anything to do with this. The world wars were supposed to have brought us a sense of understanding of the horrors of widespread war, and a determination to do anything at all to avoid such a thing in the future - and yet Canada, or more correctly the traitorous Canadian governments, both Lib and Con, lied to Canadians about what they were doing, about why we are in Afghanistan, and trucked Canadian soldiers off to war with a half-assed plan and half-prepared troops.

And more, for the generations lucky enough to grow up in the years following the second of those wars, the people of the country were angry enough with their leaders to push back, and start to forge some democracy by electing some uncorrupt we-the-people politicians who tried to do good stuff, and actually start to achieve some understanding of the true reasons behind those wars, and a lot of other things about our society and world. Those wars - and this world - had and have a lot more to do with capitalist profits and power struggles than 'evil empires' or anything - Hitler was a tool of these people who would have got absolutely nowhere without the backing of American bankers and industrialists, and the weapons manufacturers were anxious to make lots of money and test out some new weapons, and that a few million people died horrible deaths didn't matter much to them. Still doesn't.

Funny you never, never, never hear any sort of truth about those wars anymore, or the current invasion of Afghanistan, just the propaganda about 'support our troops!!', and the intentional, and very dishonest, confusion of those who fought Hitler, even under false beliefs, with those today who are invading others.

But those of us old enough to understand history, and look behind the lies and propaganda, are a dying bunch - Young Canadians dim on their history: study - the average mark on a Canadian history test in Canadians 18-24 was less than 20%. As the old guy said, those who do not understand history are doomed to repeat it. As I would say, those who are this ignorant of their own country and history have no chance whatsoever to get out of the box - the box they have been too dumbed-down to even understand is being built around them.

There's something about the poppy here too - everyone's wearing a poppy on Remembrance Day to honor our past heroes - and killing the farmers in Afghanistan who are growing them.

Nov 10 CB "Don't Worry Be Happy" C
In the box: - Loonie drops again; stocks tumble

Out of the box: - doesn't seem like a very sane way to run a society, at least from out here. Your own currency, that 30 million Canadians depend on for their entire lives really, now she's up!! now she's down!! watch the bouncing ball!! - being at the whim of a handful of wealthy international currency speculators? Wow. That's like, you know, your lives - your jobs, the value of your personal houses and anything else you own, whatever money you have in the bank, your pensions, what you pay for stuff in the stores, whether there's even stuff in the stores - everything really, since everything in modern society is completely dependent on the value of your currency - all just stakes in some poker game being played by that handful of speculators. They do this periodically - remember when George Soros trashed the British pound a few years ago - and made a billion bucks for himself, and who really cares about all the Brit peasants who lost their houses or life savings? Or the s-called Asian financial 'crisis' a few years later? There are many others as well, and many other problems caused by currency speculation.

And your government doing dick all, and your media pretending it means nothing more than maybe getting some cheaper shoes in the US, or you having to pay a few bucks more for a book or something at your local bookstore (which is itself a bit contradictory, when you think of it, for everyone to be complaining about - I mean, in Capitalistland the Market Rules!!!!, right? It's only good business to max profits, isn't it? And if some bookseller wants to overcharge, you just go down the street to where the Great Market has arranged for some other bookseller to give you a better deal or something?) - anyway

Any government responsible to 'the people' would not allow this sort of crap to go on - a government responsible to a gang of wealthy predators, now, who regarded the lives of 'average people' as irrelevant to their gambling, well, another story altogether - when people lose their houses, what happens to the houses? - right, some wealthy guy who didn't lose the farm picks it up, along with a bunch of others, at pennies on the dollar. Good for some, not so good for many.

As we are seeing - and always have, really. This sort of stuff doesn't need to happen - certainly the relative values of currencies change over the years, but any government responsible to 'we the people' would manage such changes carefully and slowly, so the wealth of the people was protected, and not tossed into the roulette table for the big guys to play with.

But as long as the people are just thinking about shopping deals in Watertown, or darn old booksellers overcharging them a couple of bucks for a book - well. That's life inside the box, I guess.

Nov 9 CBC
In the box: - Premier-designate Wall confirms date of next election

Out of the box: - My my another 'fixed' election date, in the fall every 4 years - do we know of any other country that has such as system? And do we know of any other Canadian provinces that have, or are changing to, a similar once-every-4-years-in-the-fall 'fixed' election date (PEI Premier Robert Ghiz is considering moving the province's fixed election date from the spring to the fall)? Oh what a crazy old conspiracy theorist you are you are! Why, somebody would think you had been reading those absolutely nonsensical stories about the mythological North American Union, or here, from CAP!!! - in which, to be 'efficient' or something of course only, we'd have to 'harmonize' our election dates. And one can imagine a rather largish gang of stubborn Canadians resisting such a thing, as most Canadians would not support any of this joining the US Crap we're all being suckered into - but if it's already a donedeal, why - lookee here, folks, we're almost all the same anyway, same election dates and everything even (!!!) so what the hell?

I am sure that sounds pretty far out from inside the box - but, like so many things you're not reading about in your great free Canadian inside-the-box media, it sure makes sense from out here.

(And the thing is, of course, if the system is dominated by corrupt political parties and money, it doesn't make any difference at all when the elections are. Real democracy is a grassroots driven affair anyway, and there are no 'parties' or widespread elections at all. But this kind of stuff, when made a big issue of by your media, sure serves as a good distraction. Lookee here, kids!! See what's in my hand!! (and don't EVER look behind the curtain where the real stuff is happening!!!)

As ol Barn said - one born every minute. I think he was understating the case, actually.

Nov 6 the 'Star' and everywhere else
In the box: - Loonie breaks through $1.10 U.S

Out of the box: - hmmmmmm - from outside the box, it seems more like the story ought to be that the US $$$$ is sort of in freefall (that is to say, we're not alone here - i.e. Pound breaks through $2.10 level - The UK pound has climbed past the $2.10 level against the US dollar, the highest it has been in 26 years. . ?!?!??? Oooooo - wonder why noone wants to talk about this is a bit of a wider context just yet, or talk about things like 'crash!!!!' .... ???? A few people still have some things to get rid of at profit before the crash or something???? But no - to our Great Free Canadian Media, all this means (that is to say, all you are supposed to think it means - after all, where do you get your info about what is important in the world and country if not from this media?!?) is that Canadian shoppers are pouting if they aren't getting LOW PRICES!!!!! like the media keeps reminding them they 'should' be getting - and by golly, have YOU taken that trip across the border yet to get in the great shopping?!?!? (There are, of course, places on the net that take a bit more realistic view of things - i.e. Dollar's Fall Collapses American Empire - but for some odd reason, the Canadian mainstream media is trying to pretend this is all about shopping for Canadians.)

- oh, well, I suppose we'll (heh heh, that is to say 'you', as we're already pretty tuned in here on Green Island, where the Canadian mainstream media is the stuff that's regarded with some grains of salt, as it were, but we keep an eye on to see what the enemy is up to, and for the odd somewhat tragic chuckle about the gullability of the tv-watching, well-indoctrinated body politic in Canada...) find out when they want us to find out - they're just doing the old tv thing, building suspense, introducing things into the narrative that nobody really knows about just yet, but all will be revealed soon citizens!! Stay in front of that tv!! (but don't ever, ever, ever, EVER start thinking you ought to be concerned, or ought to be asking anyone any hard questions here, or god forbid you the citizen ought to expect your government to have any control over these things!!!)

(of course, another thing we have to consider, sadly, is that undoubtedly a lot of our 'journalists' actually are that stupid that they believe this is all that is going on here - better shopping in the great US for we Canadian shoppers. The end, I fear, draws nigh. Rapidly.)

Oct 30 the 'Star'
In the box: - Climate fears will demand our response

Out of the box: - a column by a Star writer who seems to be one of the good guys - I thought he was overlooking some things and wrote him a note about it all -

".... I think any honest examination of that is going to get you looking a lot closer into a mirror than you appear to have been. I think your heart is fine, and you write honestly - but I also think you are, unknowingly probably, actually living in the belly of the beast itself, and working for it.

I think the reason the Canadian people are so (apparently) apathetic to so many evils is because they have been indoctrinated to be so through a life spent in front of the television for most, and reading the Canadian media or even listening to the CBC for those few who actually take a deeper interest, and the propaganda continues to keep them that way - that they show the limited amount of concern they do is actually a testament to their caring, because humans are naturally concerned about other humans, and if Canadians were really running their government, and the wishes of a true majority of Canadians were being expressed through the actions of their government, a great deal more would be being done about these problems.

- (and you can see the rest here)

- Mr Travers declined to answer, which gives me the sad idea that he too is too firmly implanted in the box to consider any ideas that might provoke the kind of revolution in his mind that would get him to raise his head above the box.

Nov 1 the 'Star'
In the box: - Dion's credibility hangs by a thread Star cartoon, dion backbone clinic

Out of the box: - so the Star eds (and the rest of course) are saying - you're at your weakest right now, so get right in there with the enemy who is at his strongest!!! - hmmmmmmmm - would a friend do that? Would somebody interested in defeating that enemy do that? Or might this be the action of a person who really wanted to see you defeated? What if the plan here ( from the overlords, the real rulers, the people who are busy in the Ministry of Truth creating the 2007 Canadian narrative) are creating the scenario where Dion and the Libs etc not only lose, but Harper gets his majority, with which he is going to do some really, really bad things to this country? Would someone who really wanted to beat Harper be pushing Harper's opponent into the ring before he was ready? Would someone who really wanted to beat Harper be publishing stories day after day after day about how weak Harper's opponent was, and how strong Harper was?

Geez. I don't have any love for the Libs, all this is (and has been for many years) is a good cop - bad cop scenario game for the marks - but right now, the longer we can keep the bad cop back is good.

Apparently the Canadian media, however, figure the sooner the bad cop gets ahold of you all, the better.

Or so it appears from outside the box here.

Trick or treat for the marks - and Christmas is coming for the cons!!

Oct 24 National Pispot
In the box: - Harper-phobia gone wild - "...Who's afraid of the big bad Conservative wolf? Apparently, most of Canada's liberal-left establishment is, judging by its collective anxiety level now that Stephen Harper's party appears to be within striking distance of a majority..." - and etc.

Out of the box: - well, for instance, the story I quoted in the letter to Ms Toughill yesterday from the Star - Harper, Tories riding high - quoting the first couple of sentences - "...OTTAWA–It was a buoyant, confident Stephen Harper who basked in the chants of Conservative MPs shouting, "Harper, Harper. .... Addressing caucus, he introduced the newest Tory MP to a rousing welcome. In a by-election stunner last month ..." - hmmmmmm, doesn't seem to be much anti-Harperism there ....

- in general, as I keep noting, almost the entire Canadian media is pushing Harper and dissing Dion, as we are prepared for a Harper majority in the not too distant future, so he can take some major steps on the road to North American Union (if not actually finishing the job, these things tend to escalate exponentially once they get going, and we're not that far away from the end, I'm thinking) - but for the right wing crazies at the Pispot, any sign of resistance to their far-right wacko agenda inspires this kind of reaction, like any spoiled kid who is not content with 99% obedience from those around him, but must have it all. Also, I suppose, they must do their best at pushing the 'lefty-librul media' fiction in Canada, although that's so obviously ridiculous to anyone who follows such things and has any understanding of what is happening. I'm sure there's at least two of us.

Oct 23 Toronto Star
In the box: - Press must remain proud and free

Out of the box: - this is a central plank of the Canadian indoctrination, the box faux-reality - that one of the reasons Canada is so great is that we have a 'free' press keeping an eye on everything for us, and telling us what we need to know - most importantly, keeping politicians 'accountable' and our 'democracy' strong and healthy and prosperous - you folks just get on with your job and your shopping and your weekend fun activities, now, that's what's important in life, and we're all here keeping an eye on what needs an eye kept on it, and you can be sure we'll tell you every night in front of your tv everything y'all need to know now.

Every year every major media outlet has a few pieces like this, telling us all what a wonderful job our 'free' press is doing, and how damned lucky we are to have them, by golly and don't you ingrates forget it!

Well, putting it in black and white like that, those of us from outside the box at least can see some Monty Python types speaking those words to great laughter from an educated audience who understood the absurdness of them - actually, people should be crying because of the great tragedies that lie behind these lies, but that's what humor is, I guess, a way to deal with such tragedies. Sad to say, though, it seems most Canadians, firmly entrenched in their box world, would be frowning on the sidelines with no idea what the joke was/is. The indoctrination about this is deep, deep, deep.

But it can perhaps be useful as well to challenge a piece like this, to shine a light on just how misleading it actually is. As any accomplished liar knows - and the capitalists are very, very accomplished liars - to gain that first bit of trust in the mark you must start with some small truth ('look, here's the pea, really!'), and then do the old bait and switch game to substitute the big lie for the little truth.

And so it is here. The Canadian press - Free enough - but is free enough?

Dear Ms Toughill,

RE: Press must remain proud and free Oct 20, 2007 Toronto Star

Certainly you folks at the Star and other Canadian media seem 'free' enough to write what you want, and 'proud' enough about doing so, as your several-times-a-year reminders to your readers/listeners remind us of how lucky we are to be 'served' by such a free press - but although we've been seeing lots of freedom the last few years, there is another aspect to journalism that seems to be a bit harder to find - responsibility.

A 'responsible' press, to offer a short definition, would, in my opinion at least, be one that reported, to the Canadian people they are supposed to be serving, the things going on in their country and world they needed to know about to make informed decisions about what things their country should be doing, and/or have informed discussions about such things with their fellow citizens. A responsible press would not, I think, try to think for the citizens, and/or push them in any particular direction regarding any issue, but simply offer factual information on relevant happenings in the country and world (insofar as such often illusive/elusive things can be ascertained, of course, with proper qualifications when things are uncertain, and with a full recognition that there might be any number of definitions of 'relevant' ) and a variety of opinion from commentators on those facts from people who are perhaps a bit more knowledgable about the various issues.

As far as I can see, using a definition anything like this, the Canadian press, despite your assertion of how wonderful you/they are, fails quite miserably as far as 'responsible' is concerned. (and you can see the rest here)

Oct 18 Toronto Sun (note - you should have a boo at 'Perverse Capitalist Lies' sometime if you haven't already - this 'Sun' thing is like that - actually, the "sun' papers are more in the nature of an 'anti-sun' covering useful things with black ignorance rather than shining the good light of the real sun on things. But that's another topic)
In the box: - Ontario's great scam revealed - with the quote "...Because Conservative Leader John Tory handed the election to Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty by raising the explosive issue, in Ontario, of publicly funding religious schools, the environment was barely discussed during the campaign.."

Out of the box: - this is a good example of how the Box encourages, ensures really, false beliefs in the people therein confined, how 'the official narrative' is firmly implanted in the public mind. No doubt there are many people already who have this as 'the thing to remember' about the 07 Ontario Election - Tory blew it by the schools issue. Watch as you read in the future for other examples - they'll pop up now and then, always reinforcing the 'official story' of 'what happened' in the box. The same idea applies to many, many other things - if you're reading this as part of a media course, think of others yourself. Hmm, that's a bit tautological - if you're taking this as part of a media course, it certainly won't be any media course in Boxland wherein it would be useful, but some place like Green Island where you know these things already - alright, maybe - oh I don't know. I shouldn't get off on sidetracks if I don't have a better idea of where they're going.

Mission accomplished, as ol Georgie would say.

But complete bushit as well.

In reality, of course, the Canadian media handed McGuinty the Ontario 07 election by hammering the schools 'issue' all day every day, every newscast, until EVERYone in Ontario knew that Tory was going to lose, and he was going to lose because of this. There were many other issues that they could have focused on, or they could simply have reported fairly on all the issues, of which the schools thing was one among many, and in truth few people would argue was the most important one - but it became the focus issue the media used to reward McGuinty for his faithful following of the corporate government agenda during his first term to see that he got his second term. And of course that kind of truth could never be allowed to darken the pages of the Canadian mainstream media.

Which overall is the main story in the out-of-the-box media concerning the Ontario election.

Oct 18 CNEWS
In the box: - Liberals back down from election

Out of the box: - and the drama continues, as good as any tv series, as the Canadian populace is herded into an election in which Harper will get his majority, and Canada will grow ever and ever closer to the god of those who rule Canada from behind the wizard's curtain. At least this is the story as seen from outside the box - inside the box, people don't seem to have much of a clue of what is going on at all, watching their tvs a bit as if what was happening was actually 'real' or something, frowning a bit perhaps at that incompetent Dion, that Liberal party still full of infighting and not looking very good, and how that Harper seems to be ok, looking good on tv etc - maybe vote for him, what the hell. Look at the framing here - Dion once again presented as the helpless, frustrated, incompetent leader, dodging once again from the masterful Harper. If we ever do have an election, it will he Dion's fault, and since (we are told again and again) most Canadians don't want another!! election, well, we'll show him eh! - Now step out of the box to where the real world happens, and imagine a different sort of framing, if the planners wanted a different sort of outcome - a framing that featured such things as pictures carefully selected and photoshopped to show a strong, determined, steely-eyed Dion fighting for We Good Canadians!!! - and with him an equally strong Liberal party, fighting valiantly against insiders of questionable loyalty but determined to do the right thing for Canada!! - and against a man determined to be a Canadian Vichy incarnate, shown in pictures with sinister lighting, clothes in disarray, shifty-eyed, etc and etc - the ruthless Harper presenting throne speeches and legislation that he knew any honorable opposition should resist, but confident that the weakened Liberals will not dare to oppose him, the fiend!!! Where or where is our Hero who will stand up to this man?!? Look!! It's a bird - it's a plane - noooo it's Super Dion, come to save the Day!!! Get out and vote for our saver, you fools!!!!! - and today's headline would be something like "Harper pushes Parliament to the brink!' or something - I could think of many better if I was writing the headlines as part of a 'it's Dion and the Libs turn' chapter in the narrative.

As of course could the Canadian media, if they chose, if that was their purpose - but this time it's Harper's turn to be 'the strong manly JohnWayne politician hero', and Dion's to be the goat. And thus the story is presented.

It wouldn't make any difference the other way, of course - Harper or Dion, good cop or bad cop - We the People of Canada are still the ones being shaken down by a thoroughly corrupt regime.

And thus it will continue, until people start looking outside the box, and really understanding what is happening in their country.

Don't wait too long - this game is almost over, and then - well. It's not actually a game. We are not all going to just set up our men and start again. Not this time.

Oct 15, etc
Harper pic In the box: - Throne speech to focus on tax relief: sources
and - Wait times for surgery in Canada at all-time high: study

Out of the box: - and the narrative presented to the Canadian people continues. Watch the pictures in the papers, I presume mostly on the tv as well - the magisterial looking Harper, firm, confident, well groomed, in control, his smiling cabinet, also in control, ready to govern - as opposed to the unhappy, confused, beleaguered Dion, running hither and yon basically clueless (as all the media tells everyone), no ideas about what to do in the unlikely event he should ever be elected, etc and etc. So obvious from outside the Box the way people are being groomed to vote for and accept that prime-ministerial Harper we can all be proud of as he struts around the world stage, as they reject that loser Dion who can't even speak English for god's sake (watch how often they slip in some reference to that) - but apparently no clue at all of anything untoward inside it. (Speaking of which - I just listened to Anna Marie on the Current (Tuesday Oct 16), she had a couple of writers with a new book on some 'inside stuff' about how Canada actually got involved in the Afghanistan mess - and apparently, so she says, or sounded, it was quite a revelation to her (and Mr/Ms average Canadian who she speaks to and for) that, golly gee, Chretien and Martin, as they considered whether or not to send Canadians to Afghanistan, really were concerned with what Washington was thinking, and in a way this was a sort of appeasement for not joining the Iraq invasion. Dion pic

I KNOW this has been basically common knowledge for many people in Canada for years, since day 1 really - but here she is passing off the idea that these are highly interesting new ideas about 'what really happened' etc, that 'thoughtful and concerned citizens' might add to their knowlege base or something. Always, concerning the Afghanistan 'mission' ('we' call it invasion and war, which it certainly seems to be from any sort of impartial observation, but the official spin is ALWAYS 'mission') the gov (Cdn) have been passing off the story, and the media acting almost with one voice as their faithful secretary, that we were really, really, really there, we good guys, to make the people free, and especially the women yeayea, and build schools for the children, and bring democracy, etc and etc and etc all that feelgood stuff - and nary has a word about any 'appeasing' of the Americans been allowed to see light in the MSM - but now, I suppose that pretty much everyone in Canada actually understands that, indeed, it has always been about just that, they figure they better catch up or something. And as usual, they wouldn't ever let on they weren't there first, nonono, that wouldn't do - but pretend they are offering this wonderful new information.

Anyway I get sidetracked and have other things to do - but look at the two stories, almost side by side, same days 'news' at least, and again wonder why in the hell nobody is just standing back or up or something and saying a wee 'whoa hoss...' or something - longer and longer waiting lines, not getting smaller, year after year - very obviously a spending problem, to any thinking person, not enough doctors or nurses or hospitals or ORs etc and etc - and a big federal surplus ..... and not a single word about getting the funding BACK to sustainable levels - remember, this problem began 15 years ago with drastic slashes to program spending by Martin, after smaller slashes by Wilson in Mulroney's last years - and that's how it's going to be fixed, by RESTORING the funding - not 'new' funding, just getting back to a similar place to where we were before in percent of GDP or whatever way you want to call it. But hahaha silly boy, we're not going there today!! nono - today, we are talking about long waiting lines meaning the government is simply incapable of doing a good job with health care (as we've been telling you morons for years), and we really do need to let 'private players' into the game, and then you silly people will be so, so, sooooo much better off.

But don't think about that surplus, or WONDERFUL NEW TAX CUTS YEAYEAYEA!!!! in the same part of your brain where the long waiting lines are - no, no, no, we don't want to make that connection, for some reason, in the MSM - or in the tv watchers' brains?

Just read these stories - Conservative throne speech puts Liberals on the spot from the CBC, and Income tax cuts among Conservative promises - and ponder. YOU are the spectator, and the media are the announcers, giving the play by play. And then think about how this relates to 'democracy'. You'll have to tell me if you can figure something out. If you can drag yourself away from the tv long enough.

Whatever. As always, it will continue getting worse as long as Canadians don't protest at being led around by the nose like this.

Island Morning - same day, just a note - they have a story on some big food drive on collecting food for food banks, which is of course good - but that's all it is, a feel good story, some good people doing some good stuff for some less well off people - but that's only the fluff on the cake - where's the real story - about WHY so many people, in modern wonderful prosperous (checked bank profits lately, or CEO compensation packages?) Canada actually need food banks to survive? Now that would be a story worth doing - which is why, of course, you're never going to see it on the MSM in Canada. Asking WHY we have food banks, any getting into that in any meaningful and useful way, would open a LOT of doors that the people running Canada don't want opened - and since the MSM are the secretarial arm of the people running Canada, doors they don't want opened, don't get opened.

So here you are, On Green Island, getting some enlightenment. And how do you feel now? Like the doc said about the needle, it might sting a bit now, but it really will be for the best.

Oct 13 CBC
In the box: - Photos show RCMP posing with women and handcuffs (OMG!!!!!)

Out of the box: - no really. Once the shock wears off, one begins to wonder, wait a minute here, what's the story? In Green Island, for instance, it's considered a good thing for the police to be on friendly terms with the citizens. Not screwing in the streets friendly, but they weren't do that here, just talking to some young women. There's a crime in showing friendly, cute young women your handcuffs, to kind of show off? I suppose in the modern world, we never know who is a sneaky terrorist about to blow up the whole city, and of course any smart terrorist would certainly at least consider disguising himself as a cute young woman like this, or if that was too difficult brainwashing her (brainwashing doesn't happen to Canadians, of course, but them damned sneaky terrorists know about this stuff - just watch movies and tv for awhile, and you'll find out), in order to gain control over innocent police officers like this, and then carry out their truly terrible plans, so maybe it's 'a rule' or something for cops not to fraternize with citizens, potential enemies that they all are - really, you can see those girls are just a quick, sneaky twisty move from having those nice young men handcuffed under the nearest picnic table helpless, whilst those damned potential terrorists run off with their weapons and car and god knows what all, on their way to nuke Van. Or I suppose if you've met people like this, but the next day have to confront them as they demonstrate over something like higher tuition rates, or a hospital closing or something like that, it would be a bit harder to taser them as well, as you protect your real masters, the people you are really working for, so that might also be a contraindication for this type of behaviour.

Or not. Maybe the real story is about this Kovac guy - so some 4th year 'business student' is apparently sitting drinking beer in a place he's not supposed to be drinking beer, and the cops come along, and - ?? and what? Kovac is some loser and the girls suddenly ignore him and start talking to the cops and he gets snotty so goes running to the chief of police complaining about this? Even after the cops, on his own admission, simply dumped his beer and didn't charge him like they could have? Why doesn't the story have a bit more info about this guy, such as why he was complaining in the first place and, more importantly, why anybody took his story seriously?


- and then the CBC - BC is a big province with lots of news - how does this kind of non-story get onto the CBC national news page?

Oh well, not important enough to waste any more time on here - just another incident demonstrating the absolute patheticness of 'news reporting' in the Canadian MSM.

Any real investigative reporters left out there working for the CBC?

(haha that was just a joke if you didn't get it)

Oct 13
In the box: OGI anti-Canada - not!

Out of the box: - I complain a lot, so people might lose sight of the fact that although there are many problems, I still think that Canada, developing box and all, is still one of the best places in the world - I rail and complain and fight because I see it being pushed closer and closer to a precipice which, once it has fallen over, it will be very, very difficult to regain - and the life that lies for everyone over that precipice will be but a pale shadow of the life we had and have, and the much brighter future that we should have had (have a read of this - Won't back down - and think about how anxious our current goverment leaders, con or lib, are to get ever closer and closer to that ravening beast to the south of us - think Hitler in the 1930s). We are, as the Chinese curse has it, living in interesting times - we are at a cusp in our history, and behind Door A is a future that will be good for our children and planet, and behind Door B - some form of Mordor, the reemergence of the 1000-year Reich that did not die with Hitler.

Canada is good because of the people, who are, by and large, very good people, caring and helpful and hard-working and honest - too honest, I think from my life outside the Box, to believe what those they have entrusted to lead them are really doing, and thus, like any betrayed person, will not accept the truth until it is too late, until the bank account is empty and the house sold from under them, at which time it is much, much too late to save it all. Everyone believes 'oh, that can't happen to me!' - until it does.

And what brings on this ?? Well, listening to the Vinyl Cafe on CBC, as I do most weeks. No politics, just Canadian stories and music - some really fine music, and good stories. What the country is really all about - what it was all about before they started building the box around it, and trying to take it all away. And that's why I fight, what I fight for - not the dysfunctional Canada I hear on the current affairs shows, but the Canada of the real people that I hear on Vinyl Cafe - and many other times during my listening to the CBC.

Oct 12 the 'Star, etc
In the box: - last comment on the 'election'

Out of the box: - Interesting, to say the least, how the media finds 42% of the vote a 'massive majority' for McGuinty, but an only slightly smaller 37% of the vote for MMP a 'resounding defeat' for MMP, and by golly let's just never even think about it again!! Where's the line I wonder? Why shouldn't we just forget about McGuinty, if he can only marshall the support of 42% of the people who voted - or, in real numbers, as I noted earlier, about 1.5 million people of the 12 million in Ontario? What right does he have to run around with a 'massive majority', doing as he pleases for the next four years, when barely 10% of the people voted for him? (note - bet you never, never, never, never NEVER see that question anywhere near the MSM!!)

What one sees from outside the box where the perspective is better is that it's obviously all about optics, and the media controlling everything, conducting everybody hither and yon, yet pretending the people are doing so of their own free will or something. The question always is, does the media just 'report' what happens in a neutral sort of way - or do they selectively report things, very carefully spinning as they 'report', providing a guiding narrative as they 'report', and thus direct people's attention in a certain way?

Well, as usual, as scientists know (actually I am), just getting the right question sorted out is half or more of the battle, more often than not, and so it is with this media stuff.

Toasting Tory with his school funding idea, for instance - burying him, really - whilst ignoring pretty much every other issue during the election, was a pretty key media strategy during the recent Ontario election - I don't know why the true rulers wanted McGuinty and not Tory this time, nor do I really care - but it was obvious that 'the fix was in', as the old guys in the know say. Every day they focused on this, carried more stories about this, about people being angry, turning away from him, the leader struggling, party members unhappy, etc and etc and etc. They could have done exactly the same thing with any issue, and any leader - and from either side of the coin, building them up or smashing them down, as they did here with Tory. Imagine if the press had of put some other issue front and center - the unhappiness with many people about McGuinty's suitcaseful of broken promises, for instance, or how about if Ontario people had of read about how great MMP would be every day during the campaign, instead of reading about it only a few times, and then from the perspective that it was too difficult for most people to understand, and really bad anyway because it would give 'backroom party hacks' even more influence in the legislature? Imagine if there were 'learned commentators' every day on the tv news, and every day in the paper, explaining that actually MMP was no more complicated than figuring out which tv show to watch at night when there were two on at the same time you liked, and that it would result in many good things for the people? They could have done that, if they wanted. And if they were actually interested in 'reporting' things, instead of guiding their readers/viewers in certain ways, they probably would have.

The people organising this sort of thing know that they only have to get to a certain number of swing voters with this sort of thing, people who don't know much. They're not going to influence hard core supporters of either side, nor are they going to have much impact on people who think independently, who read widely and make up their own minds about things. But that 5-10% of what they call swing voters are up for grabs, and very susceptible to this sort of thing.

Look what they're doing federally - every day we're getting stories about Harper et al making smart moves, moving to the center, etc, and stories about Dion and the Libs in disarray etc - the mantra of issues and positions that is going to inform the election that will be soon coming. It's like a big ongoing soap opera - told to the passive Canadian audience by the narrating media. The assumption that they want you to believe is that the political parties are doing the manipulation, and the media just kind of innocent secretaries reporting what the parties are doing - but if you question that assumption, it doesn't take much thinking about it to see that the media themselves are a central part of what is happening - and it's all just a big farce, a big circus, in which eveything important is decided ahead of time and behind the scenes, and the Canadian people are herded along like sheep into whatever pen the rulers want them in today. {sent to Kathleen Petty at The House, CBC, as they talked about 'spin' on the Oct 13 show; no response or acknowlegement)

Outright manipulation of the voting public, and pretty blatant if you're watching for it - but of course, you will never read about the influence of the media in the media - haha that's actually kind of funny, like asking why lawyers aren't on the news exposing other lawyers who are ripping off their clients or something - ain't never gonna happen in this world.

The capitalist world, that is to say - but once the people of Canada start to look outside the box, to places like Green Island - well. Things are different here. It is possible to have am honest media that actually reports the news without trying to spin it, and that features a full spectrum of intelligent, honest commentators to give truly informed opinion from all different sides - so that ultimately the People of Green Island decide whatever they decide, by themselves - not simply following their leaders wherever they want to take us. It's called We the People Democracy, and it relies very much on a good, honest media, working for We the People and not They the Story Wizard. I wish you well in your struggle - but you have to start writing your own story, and stop being little playthings pushed hither and yon in someone else's, before Democracy really happens.

Oct 11, ongoing
In the box: - Perverse Capitalist Lies

Out of the box: - In our ongoing attempt to encourage out-of-the-box thinking amongst the citizens of Canada, OGI will undertake a short course on 'perverse capitalist lies - all lies are of course perverse, but here used in the additional sense of assbackwards, as they accuse others of what they are actually doing themselves. Such lies are a good plan if you can get away with it, but pretty brazen too. I guess it shows the depth of the indoctrination of the people being lied to that the people engaging in such lies are confident they can get away with it, that few people will see through the lies and question them, and that those who do see through them will be neither given space in the MSM nor believed by most of their fellow citizens, who are quite secure in their indoctrination - massa says ign'rance is freedom, I says ign'rance is freedom praise the lord 'n' turn on th' tv 'n' get me a beer mabel.

The editorial the last letter referred to on the lies of the Star concerning the vote for MMP in Ontario contained such a perverse lie - the 'fear' that if the people of Ontario voted for MMP, then small, minority fringe parties would suddenly be able to control the government - some extremist party with one or two seats would be able to hold the fire to the feet of the party leading the minority government desperate for those extra few votes, and force it to carry out the fringe party's wackiest or worst ideas, with no resistance possible from the people of the province or any other parties - and what a terrible, terrible thing that would be!!

Well, it would be terrible if such a thing were ever to happen, but it's hard to imagine. Dalton or Tory making an evil pact with the devil and declaring Sharia law in Ontario, against the wishes of 98% of the people, to get one or two votes in the legislature to pass their own latest free trade or tax cutting ideas? You really gotta be smoking something a lot stronger than I usually do to put any credence at all in such crazy speculations - which is, of course, why they never give any concrete examples such as that one, just go around shouting 'the sky will fall if you do this!!!', and leave it to the imaginations of the people to stick their worst case scenario in place of the sky, and figure out their own worst nightmare enemy as holding the deciding vote in some evil secret government. It says, as noted previously, a lot about the citizens of the modern 'democracies' that such efforts, completely lacking in any basis in reality, nonetheless sway large numbers of people. Remember Saddam's WMDs? Proven to be a complete fabrication in every respect - yet now they're doing almost exactly the same stuff in regard to Iran, and it seems with the same results - a lot of people in America - and Canada, sadly - looking under their beds every night for evil Iranians who hate freedom and want to blow things up in Canada because they hate us for being so good, and starting to figure maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to do a little ass-kicking over there to make sure those damned 'others' know and stay in their place. If we have to kill a few hundred thousand more women and children, well, as Ms Mad said, it's worth it, in the name of freedom and democracy. Sad. (that's actually sort of the grandaddy mother of all perverse lies, in case that slipped by - the Americans accusing others (starting with the Commies) of having nefarious plans to control the planet - but I better not get started on that right now)

But I get sidetracked again.

So the fear they try to get people to believe - the perverse lie - is that minorities will dictate bad policies for our country or province - but when you understand what both the FPTP system and the PR ideas are actually all about, then the perversity becomes clear - for it is not to prevent minorities from holding power over the majority that the rulers are worried about - it is actually the exact opposite - to MAINTAIN that status, of minorities holding power over majorities, that they are fighting to retain.

FPTP has given Canadians 'majority' government based on a minority of the vote pretty much forever, and since the corporate reactionary revolution of the 70s, that inbuilt problem with the FPTP system (it's not particularly a problem with a two-party system, but once you have more than two parties, it becomes dysfunctional, at least for 'we the people', although if you're a corporate wizard behind a curtain controlling things, it works pretty good) has been used to take Canada and Canadians in directions that a solid majority of them have not wanted to go - most Canadians did not want 'free trade' nor NAFTA as enacted by Mulroney and Chretien, which have meant such big changes to the country - but because of the FPTP vote-splitting system, both Chretien and Mulroney got solid 'majority' governments with around 42-3% of the votes. And even that 42-3% is very misleading - if you figure first that less than 70% of eligible voters voted in those elections, the 42-3% suddenly shrinks to under 30% of eligible voters voting for the 'winning' party - and when you simply look at numbers, you find that approximately 5.5 million Canadians voted for either leader/party in each election, in a country of ~30 million people - figures like you NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER see in the mainstream media, for some reason, where all you get is headlines like 'MASSIVE MAJORITY!!!! WOWOWOW GO BACK TO YOU LIVES NOW PEOPLE DEMOCRACY HAS BEEN DONE HAHAHA!!!!!'. Five and a half million people, out of a country of 30 million people, voting for a party which then has a 'legal mandate' to do pretty much as it wants for the next 5 years - including implementing things like 'free trade', or slashing the health care system in order to hand over huge amounts of money to private investors in the form of tax breaks, etc and etc, that a much larger number of Canadians have indicated they do not want - well, there is no way you can call those sort of figures 'democracy', in any gathering of intelligent people without getting a lot of strange looks.

Examples leap out at you anywhere you care to look as far as Canadian elections go - the Ontario election today has headlines like McGuinty wins massive majority - but when you look closer, you see that although he won 71/107 seats, which looks pretty impressive (I don't know that even if this was more real I would go to 'massive' - what does that leave for 80 seats, or 90, should it ever happen?), he actually got 41% of the vote, which few thinking people would call 'massive majority' - and then with barely 50% turnout of voters, which reduces that number by half (20% of eligible voters would be even more difficult to call 'massive majority', I would think, for most thinking people) - and in actual numbers, approximately 1.5 million actual people voting for him - in a province with a population of about 12 million.

So parsing this, we find that, apparently, in the minds (should I actually say 'minds' ??) of the media writers at least, 1.5 million votes out of 12 million people constitutes a 'massive majority'.

That is not a position I would care to try to defend, personally speaking.

Actually, most of them probably have no idea of what they're doing, and the few that do don't actually believe that, but want you to.

Life in the indoctrination box.

Well, it's late and I see I got sidetracked a bit - but the general point seems quite clear - Canadians, or any smaller portion thereof, are not and have never been governed by any sort of true majority of its citizens. FPTP ensures that they are normally governed by a party receiving a minority of the votes cast, normally a VERY small minority of around 20%, which any form of PR is designed to change so that no matter how many people vote, at least the country or province will be governed by people representing a majority of the voters. The people running the place aren't too happy with that, so they successfully sabotaged the referendum by using various lies about PR - most notably the 'perverse lie' that PR would give power to a minority - when in fact, they were protecting the current situation of a minority having majority power - power that the same people who control the media and major political parties control from behind the scenes.

And that's how it looks from Green Island - Outside the Box.

Oct 9 Star
In the box: - Electoral reform fraught with risk

Out of the box: -
I must say I am more than a little saddened at the depths to which the once progressive Toronto Star has fallen in the last 18 months since the corporate sellout - to see that you are not content simply to oppose 'one small step for democracy' in Ontario, but you feel that it is acceptable to use your editorial page for rhetoric and hyperbole verging on outright lies, certainly qualifiable as equivocation or prevarication, to try to persuade people to vote against the referendum on MMP in the election this week.

You claim 'stable, progressive government for the past four years' with McGuinty's Liberals - some examples of 'progressive' might have been nice - apparently many people have trouble pointing to anything specific in terms of McGuinty's accomplishments - do you have shorter waiting times for medical procedures? Lower tuition fees for university students? Fewer people living in poverty or going to food banks? More happiness and less violence overall? Less road rage? More and better jobs in the province? The litany of broken promises - well, all governments do that nowadays, I guess, so you define it now as progressive or stable to continue that fine tradition? And as for stable - well, this is Canada, after all, we don't go in for regular coups or revolutions, we kind of expect 'stable', even when governments are doing things we don't like. If you simply mean by 'stable' a government that has some 'legal' authority to govern for a certain period of time without having to answer to the people, well, that's not necessarily good - by that sort of definition, as has been pointed out by others, any old dictatorship is good, if 'stable' is your point of reference. (and you can see the rest here)

Oct 8 Star
Star pic politician handing out cakes in Afghanistan In the box: - Afghanistan a mission of baby steps

Out of the box: - and here's a picture evidently designed to appeal to the baby in all of us. Like the continual lies the media and government feed us all about what is happening there, and what they are doing, designed for baby minds. I could be mistaken, but I get the idea from the expressions on some of the faces that at least some of the soldiers are thinking the same thing. They're in a country half way around the world, doing nobody appears clear actually what, killing and dying in what, all propaganda aside, does not look much like a 'winnable' anything - and here's a Canadian politician looking for photo ops by handing out Joe Louis chocolate cakes. Ah well, I guess as long as the Canadian population is content to sit in front of their tvs absorbing this kind of thing uncomplainingly, and keeps voting for these people and buying these papers without complaint, this is what they'll keep getting. Life in lalaland.

The Star is still the only Canadian mainstream media allowing any kind of honest comment, we do note - Thomas Walkom remains one of the most honest voices in Canada, for example his last - Using our soldiers as pawns in new Afghan game - must be something to do with contracts from before the corporate takeover last year. Not, I expect, to be confused with something that's going to be around much longer.

Oct 2 the 'Star'
In the box: - Stumbling on the long march toward democracy - "...In Burma, the army has maintained the repressive rule of the generals by killing some monks and nuns, arresting several hundred others and driving the rest back into their monasteries. Worse, because of its broader implications, has been the impotence of the United Nations. The two powers that could have exerted pressure to effect change, China and India, have chosen to do nothing..."

Out of the box: - Well. Aside from expecting China or India to protest at other states shooting their citizens being a bit unrealistic considering their own histories, the problem here, really, is that it gets pretty hypocritical looking to most of us thinking people (there are quite a lot of us out here in 'outside-the-boxland' - we just don't get any space in the MSM-Propaganda News Channels - which means all of the MSM) to pretend that what Burma is doing is that much out of the ordinary, really. That is to say, EVERY government uses violence to deal with people who dare to wander around, or gather together, saying they don't like what is happening - look at Montobello in Quebec a few weeks ago in Canada, or Sydney in Australia even more recently - or anything before that from the 'big beginning' of the current round of protests that started in Seattle a few years back (sparked, not let us ever forget, through the internet, through which we can communicate ourselves without relying on the MSM), through Vancouver and Toronto and many, many other places. The Canadian police are a BIT more circumspect with their guns and killing, but don't forget that they're helped along a lot by the Canadian media, who tend to spin violence by Canadian cops somewhat differently than violence by cops in countries who have governments we don't approve of.

We should probably keep in mind also that Canadians are better indoctrinated than the people in Burma as well - in Burma they KNOW they live in a police state and protest will be met with violence - in Canada, most people have this odd idea they live in some kind of 'democracy', and as part of that 'democracy' they 'respect' the 'rule of law'. Which is to say nothing more than in Canada, when the cops say 'jump citizen!!!', most people just say 'yes sir yes sir how high sir!!!!' - so the shooting isn't necessary - in Burma, in this latest round of protests, the citizens were saying 'Fuck you!!!' - and the cops started shooting. If a lot of Canadians started saying 'Fuck you!' to cops in a big demonstration, you'd probably start seeing some bodies too (remember the kid in BC awhile back? several of them, actually....) - those long black things they're all carrying aren't water pistols, my friend, and they have not been trained to surrender authority to 'mobs'.

As well as having better-trained citizens in general, with several tvs in every home to keep the citizens occupied and knowing exactly what it is they're supposed to be thinking at any given time, Canada is a wealthier country than Burma, thanks to the hard work of our forefathers and mothers, and the rulers let the citizens have a few more toys and treats, which seems to make most of them (the citizens) think they are 'free' or something - but you're only 'free' as long as you do what you're expected to do and allowed to do. (kid in BC again)

And that most Canadians don't understand that says a great deal about the power of the indoctrination that they've been receiving all of their lives.

"In Putin's Russia, the media is muzzled, opposition journalists are assassinated, opposition politicians are smeared or harassed and arrested, and ex-KGB types hold the top jobs in the government..." - but in Canada, the media are owned by the elite, and if you don't toe the line, you don't get a job in the MSM, and you don't get published. We don't have to 'assassinate' any 'opposition' journalists, because there are none working anymore for the MSM. Likewise 'opposition' politicians - there aren't any. They're all marching to the corporate beat. Or they don't get to say anything in the corporate media - I would offer, for instance, the CAP party, who dare to speak of monetary reform and political reform and grassroots democracy - they NEVER get mentioned in the MSM - so nobody has to be 'assassinated'. As for 'ex-KGB' types - well, in Canada we've passed beyond the 'primary violence as a tool of control' stage to indoctrination and the 'rule of law' stage - so the high-ranking politicians are lawyers and mandarins rather than overt physical thugs.

And that's enough for today, from outside the box. Pointing out the obvious gets tedious sometimes. But someone, apparently, has to do it.

Oct 1 CBC
In the box: - Michael McAuliffe, CBC reporter - CBC radio news, 6-7 am Oct 1/07 - telling us how a UN envoy arrived in Burma with a blunt message for Burma's military rulers - that shooting unarmed demonstrators was not tolerable - that their actions were 'abhorrent in the eyes of the international community' -

Out of the box:
- well, that's not something we from Green Island would argue much about - anywhere the 'authorities' kill innocent people is kind of abhorrent. But I wonder about the selectivity here, the word hypocrisy seems to be pushing its way forward, alongside other words even less polite, like 'propaganda'. It seems the CBC only finds 'abhorrent' things from other places. That is to say, you can be sure that a lot of people in the world find it pretty abhorrent when NATO drops bombs on wedding parties in Afghanistan, but I've never seen that 'a' word used on the CBC in reference to Canadian/NATO activities in Afghanistan. Nope, as far as the CBC, we're 'the good guys' in Afghanistan, bringing democracy and freeing the poor womenfolk and building schools for the poor children and stuff like that. Yeayea, maybe we dropped bombs on wedding parties a couple of times, and shot kids riding around on bicycles that didn't understand some panicking Canadian soldier's commands, and stuff like that - but that's not abhorrent!!! - that's just war or something, minor expression of regret and moveon, moveon!!, listen to our stories about building schools!! - but I fear, folks, as you find the actions of the Burmese government abhorrent, a lot of people who aren't involved in Canadian government propaganda find dropping bombs on wedding parties pretty abhorrent too.

Or one could look at the relations of the Canadian government with the native people of Canada over the last 150 years, and a lot of people would find a lot of that pretty abhorrent, but I don't recall ever seeing that word from the CBC in connection with it. I can't guarantee it, cover, Canadian Holacaust bookbut I'd bet good money that the American tortures in Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo Bay never inspired that word on the CBC, even though those things were thought to be pretty abhorrent by a lot of people, in Canada and other countries. Anna Maria is even talking about Abu Ghraib on her Current this morning, Oct 1, giving us a pretty good documentary, but she again never goes beyond noting rather matter-of-factly (don't need to make an issue out of this folks!!) that the Americans tortured people there, and the story notes that it was a 'scandal' in the American press even - but we're not going to 'abhorrent' torture or behavior of the American government or military, no sir, not for 'our' guys, or the Americans whom the CBC doesn't have many bad (as in truthful) words for. Actually, guys, most of us find torture pretty abhorrent - actually, in many ways, it's even more abhorrent when 'we the good guys' are doing it. A lot of us feel that way, and don't much care for your trying to sweep all the abhorrence under the rug or pretending it's something it's not or something. Pointing the finger at someone else and screaming out how bad they are - does not make our own 'bad' go away. Some of us see through that kind of shit.

Well, I could go on, and on, and on and on and on, but that's probably enough to get the message across. The CBC is NOT an impartial purveyor of 'news', but is quite actively involved in spinning the news, presenting stories in ways designed to make the listener think certain things about certain people or events, while thinking different things about similar events done by different people. We good they bad rah rah rah.

Which is, when you think about it, a pretty abhorrent practice.

Lying about big things. Abhorrent for sure.

Oct 1
In the box: - Doctor shortage to worsen, conference told - and Federal surplus just keeps on growing

Out of the box: - The dumbing down of society has been quite successful, it appears, with most modern Canadian robo-citizens/workers/consumers sitting in front of the television, absorbing various snippets of information, unable or unwilling to connect any dots or think for themselves.

It sure appears that way.

The thing is. Imagine you're sitting at home. Thinking about money problems. You have a brainwave. You'll cut in half your food budget, and vacation budget, and house maintenance budget, and tell the kids the university account is scrapped, if they want to go they can damn well get a summer job and pay for it themselves, no more car maintenance, a few other things like that. A few years later, you still have a pretty big credit card debt from years gone by you're hitting with a good chunk of interest every year, but aside from that, your finances are looking pretty good. Actually starting to save a bit of money in the old bank account. Great stuff, right? You even tell the wife and family that because your savings are so good this year, you think you'll darn well start working less!

I suppose. If you don't mind the house falling down around your ears, and the car on its last legs. And the kids probably not going to university. Everybody starving, no books to read, holes in the knees of the jeans and toes of the shoes, etc.

Whatever. Your gov has been doing something like this, and is bragging about it all herein.

And they're so proud they're going to cut taxes even more, so you get more no maintenance, no paying for doctors for the health care system, etc and etc.

I can't do much more at a time like this than quote Bobby - You must tell sometime, baby, how it feels - how your head feels under that brand new leopard skin pillbox hat?!?!

A lot of people say they don't understand our Bobby, but he makes perfect sense if you can see where he's coming from, and what he's really talking about.

"...The government has already pledged to use the savings from lower interest payments on the debt to cut taxes.... Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said Thursday the Tories are planning more tax relief.. 'Stay tuned because there's more to be done," he said.."

So let me see if I can encapsulate this - the medical system is facing a crisis because there are not enough doctors (not to mention lot of other things in the country). There are not enough doctors because we simply haven't been paying for enough doctors to go to medical school. But - since we have not been paying for doctors to go to medical school (or lots of other stuff), we have been saving more money than we needed. So we'll just ignore the failing health care system, and pat ourselves on the back for saving money, and cut taxes because obviously if we're saving money we have been collecting too much.

Hmmm. Sounds very much like the teaching budget has been cut a bit too much as well.

Orrrr - maybe the propaganda budget has been effective, since nobody other than myself seems to see how ridiculous this whole thing is.

Me, I have no budget. Which is probably good for some people. I don't suppose Copernicus was getting much budget either.

Sept 30 +/- all over the place...
In the box: for instance - - Liberal angst rises from core; or Confidence in Dion reaches crisis levels - "...The listing Liberal Party of Canada is fast approaching the point of no return..." - or "...It really shouldn't come as a surprise that the revolt against Stephane Dion's leadership of the federal Liberals has erupted first in his home province.."

Out of the box where thinking happens: - Hmmmmmmmm. Is the media reporting the 'news' here - or mostly making it up, as they so often do, pushing everyone in a certain direction? What do we know about Dion? One thing we know - he was NOT the 'establishment' choice at the convention last year, and he's been under attack ever since poster boy Ignatieff surprisingly lost. Under constant attack by the media, which is owned by (pick (A) or (B)!) A) We the People, reporting 'news' we need to know, or B) 'the Establishment', 'reporting' the 'news' they want us to know/think/believe.

Yea, you know.

Hmmmm. I don't have any special liking for the guy - he's a major national politician, and that means bad news to me, no exceptions - but there are better ones and worse ones. Think Trudeau and Mulroney, although I've been known to have second thoughts about even that - the whole national debt scandal got underway during Trudeau's tenure, and he can't not have known about what was coming down. The elite are like wolves - they might fight amongst themselves, but they'll never stand with the sheep against the other wolves. Aside from that, the media just play the whole thing like a tv show, as we sit in front of our tvs and decide which characters we like and which we don't, etc. Modern 'politics', just another entertainment - they refer to it as 'bread and circuses' when talking about a similar thing in times past.

But there could be lots of things going on here that would make the rulers decide that they want Harper to get a majority gov the next election, and thus the voters need to be turned against Dion, which is what appears to be under way. The media could play this stuff about 'unrest in the Lib camp' in different ways, as they have a choice with every 'story', but this is an old pattern, of putting a 'leader' who was destined for defeat in a bad light, and a 'leader' who was destined to win in a good light. The last election was a case study in this, for anyone who was paying attention to such things (I think there are a few of us out here, although we get no attention on the MSM of course), with Martin constantly mocked and put in a bad light, and Harper constantly shown in a good light and presented as a 'PM in waiting' etc.

Is everything sweetness and light in the con camp these days? (I won't use the term 'conservative', as I'm of an age to remember when that term referred to some real and decent people, politicians who at least felt some sense of 'noblesse oblige' or whatever; the current name has been hijacked by a bunch of crooks and traitors who understand that 'the Canadian Republican Party' still won't sell very well here). Harper is talking like he's moving to the middle politically, which has to have a lot of his far-right-wacko supporters steaming, but for some odd reason nobody is looking around for these people or interviewing them or blasting headlines about them all over the front pages etc - but any small sign of unhappiness in the Lib camp, and we get headlines like I pointed out at the first.

'News' or manipulation? Think for yourself - or 'think' what they tell you to?

Sept 30 - CBC
In the box: - - Tories plan national 'get-tough' drug strategy

Out of the box: - Well, the most obvious question that occurs when this type of thing gets into the news is simply something like "How can anyone in Canada pretend they live in a 'democracy'?" - poll after poll, year after year, shows a majority, and growing every year, of Canadians do not think pot should be illegal at all, or if so, relegated to the realm of 'very minor' misdemeanors that get a small fine at most (an example from the Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy - 2/3s favor decriminalizing pot - google around and find your own if you want more). No more than 20% or so in most polls suggest any kind of 'strong' agreement with what the gov here once again proposes.

It's hard for someone from outside the box, who actually believes in democracy of, by and for We the People, to understand why so many people accept the in-your-face edicts of their rulers with no protest, and yet wander around apparently believing they live in some sort of democracy. The awesome power of indoctrination, I suppose...

It's less hard to figure some reasons for the media not getting all excited - the same people who control the gov control the media, and if the behind the scenes people want a certain policy from their government, then that is what they get. And of course their media are not going to be doing much to contradict their policies.

One wonders at times exactly why the real rulers are so adamant about keeping pot illegal. They must not believe in the Soma principle of Huxley's Brave New World - or maybe they figure most of the populace is already soma-ized from the television, and legal, high-profit mood-altering prescription meds, so pot is not necessary. One expects also that the huge profits the illegal drug industry generates are involved - you can be sure that the people ruling us are getting a good share of such profits. Keeping pot illegal, and thus the 'grow-ops', also provides a good excuse for a big police budget, and giving them the power in intrude into everyone's life at will - and getting the citizens used to that sort of thing, and accepting being ordered around by the government enforcers. Keeping drugs illegal has international spinoffs too, although Canada doesn't get directly involved with much of the military activity in South America or south and southeast Asia.

So lots of good stuff for some people from the drug laws - but there's that tricky question of 'democracy' again. At least for those of us outside the box to whom 'democracy' matters.

Sept 29 - Toronto Scar Star cartoon, stupid about PR
In the box: - - Oh how stupid...

Out of the box: - this appears to be the underlying message the MSM wants to give to anyone who actually thinks about changing to PR in the referendum - 'oh we poor people are just too stupid to understand this terribly complicated thing called MMP that some people want to change our voting system to...' - and, of course, by extension, it is better just to stick with the good ol 'tried and true' system we have now - that we may not understand any better, but at least we know how it works - and etc. EVen the great Enright, a man who does not put out the idea he's not too bright, had an interview with someone last Sunday about this, and was moaning in his introduction how confusing it all was. One wonders if the man can find matching socks in his sock drawer, or if he can find the sock drawer at all, if MMP is confusing to him - maybe that's why he works on radio. Or maybe he's just on board with the preferred talking points of all of the MSM of the rulers who do not want this tiny step towards a more effective democracy to happen. Or maybe, for all of the great image, he is still one of the MSM people speaking lies to Canadians - a few months ago he just mentioned in passing when talking about Iran how Ahmadinejad 'denied the holacaust' and 'threatened to wipe Israel off the map' - both well documented as untrue, and something any serious 'journalist' would certainly know to be untrue. But when you're in the business of demonizing someone, as the CBC has been doing with all of the other western media lately in preparation for the probable bombing coming soon to a tv screen near you, well, as they say, Lies 'R' Us.

It's an interesting approach on many fronts. Why does the MSM want to put out the message that Ontario citizens are basically pretty stupid (without saying so up front, of course - capitalists are so used to lying and dissembling that they shun the truth instinctively like insects that live under rocks scamper from the light). Is MMP 'difficult' to understand?? - well, not for anyone with an IQ big enough to run a microwave, or figure out whether to pass or hold on a poker hand - so why is the media so anxious to pretend that PR, via MMP, is so complicated? Maybe they have no other argument that stands up to the slightest examination, so they run to this - Could this have anything to do with the general dumbing down movement of the last couple or three decades here and elsewhere? (rhetorical question - of course it could).

PR by itself certainly wouldn't solve all of the political problems in Ontario, or Canada, but it would be a start. As long as political parties are run from the top down, and money runs the political parties, and the media is also run by money and takes a very great hand in promoting or marginalizing preferred or disliked candidates or parties we won't really have a 'real' democracy - but PR would at least get a lot more voices into the parliament who dared to speak in opposition to the current ruling powers than we have now.

But to aspire to a real democracy, we need to essentially scrap the current system altogether, which is a top-down system, in which we 'elect' a party, whose leader will then dictate to us for the next several years, whether we approve of his actions or not. Can you just imagine a community where the governing of the country was truly driven from the bottom up, from the grassroots keeping an eye on how their government was functioning, and periodically stepping in, after some meetings, to set a new policy or kick out some bureaucrat who was not behaving properly or competently? A 'politics' where the newspapers did not treat the citizens like little puppets too stupid to think for themselves, who needed to be told how to think, or what to think, or needed prodding in certain directions the true rulers wished to go?

The country would look a whole lot different than it does today, and there'd be a whole lot less tv hours per capita. And we wouldn't have 'free' trade, or be invading Afghanistan, or talking about national ID cards, or - well, all kinds of stuff.

One can dream, I suppose.

If you really can't understand it - maybe you should wonder why you can't understand something so simple. If you can - maybe you should be asking some people why they think you are so stupid, or are trying to convince you that you are so stupid.

Sept xx everyone!!
In the box: - - The rising Canadian dollar

Out of the box - The Canadian media seems all in a rush to get Canadians talking about how the rising Canadian dollar is not being met by prices more in line with US prices - but a far, far more interesting question that nobody in the MSM seems to want to get near is - obviously the citizens of Canada have no control whatsoever over the value of their currency - why is this such a great thing? (Have YOU personally taken any actions lately, or even considered any, that might have an impact on 'your' national currency appreciating or depreciating - with the attendant effects on your bank account, net worth, cost of living, etc? Of course not - the children aren't allowed near the controls, dear. They're not even supposed to understand that there are controls they aren't allowed near. You're just supposed to watch the tv, and write letters to the editor about how come the darn prices aren't coming down for (pick favorite bitch point here), and not worry your little head too much - somebody from the gov will be on the tv sooner or later telling you what you're supposed to think about it all. If you're lucky, someone from the 'opposition party' will get some headlines telling you s/he agrees it's all pretty darn unfair, and if THEY were the government they'd sure do something about it!! - and etc.)

Well, as so often happens with things when you think about them rationally, simply asking the right questions tends to lead to the answer, which is - it's not such a great thing at all. In fact, it's very bad. It's so bad that only idiots would allow others to have control over their currency - as we all know, he (or she) who controls the money, controls pretty much everything else. And when our currency can bounce around like a butterfly in a weak wind because a few international speculators decide to toss it on the international gambling casino table, THEY can run it up or run it down, and they ain't a damned thing you or I can do about it. I don't know about you, but that strikes me as a very, very, very stupid way to run a country's economy.

It's pretty good for those of a, shall we say, highly acquisitive nature, people like banks and real estate speculators - when the bottom is kicked out from a currency, and average sorts of people like you and I lose savings and jobs, they can go around picking up great amounts of property for pennies on the buck, or even cheaper, and add to their fortunes. That a whole gang of average people suddenly find their lives devastated is, I am sure they would say, a sad thing, but sad things happen. To others, anyway.

interesting that noone in the MSM ever wants to look at this from the perspective of whether or not there's something we can do about it all - because of course there is. We - We the People, that is - can take control of our currency supply, and tell the international speculators that our currency is not chips in their great poker game anymore, and anyone caught speculating will have bad things said about them in the media (you know, like the program that started a lot of years ago to make us all think bad things about, oh, people who drive after a couple of beers, or who are disinclined to put on a seatbelt, or who have names like Muhammed - the media can go after pretty much anyone it wants to) - and, more importantly, they're going to find themselves spending a lot of years in jail, no matter how much they pay for a lawyer, because the wellbeing of We the People of Canada, as a whole, is more important to us than allowing a handful of psychopathic, greedy, nervous gamblers to use our currency in their crazy games.

The bankers and speculators and their paid sycophants (politicians and business columnists and lawyers and other lowlife like that) will pontificate at length how the market must rule and the market is god and all of that shit, but just tell them to take their shyster games and piss off, like we should have a loooooong time ago. It may have been arguable a number of years ago, when things were somewhat different and people behaved with a little more responsibility towards their fellow citizens in general, that what was good for GM was good for America (Canada, whatever), but in these days of capitalist dominance, what is good for the average banker/investor/fraud artist (=lowlife scumball capitalist) is most assuredly NOT good for We the People.

And if you're still feeling insomniac, there's more here

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