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Jan 3/07
In the box: So everyone prefaces their unhappiness with the murder with some form of 'sure, he was a horrible monster but...' - but why not look a bit deeper? Remember, for instance, that one of the few things we actually do know for sure is that the mainstream media lies a lot, and their lies are most deep when they really want to demonize someone, as they've been doing with Hussein for lo these 15+ years - does anyone in mainstreamland know anymore that for 20 years prior to 1991 or so, Hussein was a great friend to the US, one of their good buds - they actually supplied him with most of the weapons he used to 'kill his own people' (and at least a lot of that killing was done with the knowledge and approval and even at the instigation of the US - you can start your history search here - Justice not served but denied - if you want a bit more info - all of which was why, of course, the 'trial' was the farce it was - the very last thing the Americans could afford was for Hussein to be allowed to talk about the actual history of their relationship).

But that is not really why I write. Something I haven't seen any of the pious politically correct protesters talk about is how what Hussein was doing appears to have been little different than what most gangs get up to as they assume power - removing the opposition. This naturally involves killing some people, which certainly isn't nice for those getting killed, but is equally certainly nothing unusual in the history of the world - including the US. It is quite a different process than wantonly running around shooting and torturing at random, which is the impression the MSM likes to try to create, a true monster. But the US is about one of the last entities that ought to be talking about this kind of thing (the reason, I suppose, they try to avoid any details as much as possible) - from day one, the US gov was involved in murdering great numbers of people to consolidate its power - the genocide of the original inhabitants of North America being the first in a long line of mass killings to get and keep power. How many Africans did they kill a bit after that, in order to establish their power to make and keep slaves of 'lesser' races? What was the US Civil War, if not a turf war between two groups who wanted power in the country - and how many tens of thousands of civilians were brutally murdered during that little escapade, by both sides? One could go on and on through US history, as never has there been a time they weren't engaged in some form of murdering others for their own power - arriving eventually at Iraq, I suppose, where the US has now killed god alone knows how many civilians over the last 15+ years, but think big numbers with 7 digits and no decimals - there's that famous interview with Clinton's SecState Madeline Albright where she says that the killing of at least half a million Iraqi civilians was worth it, and the Lancet report of last fall indicates that probably well over another half-million Iraqis have been killed just since this most recent invasion.

It's just really unbelievable to see all the US gov and media people pretending to be so upset at the terrible Hussein killing 150 or so people, after their past and current history of killing of millions and millions, often for exactly the same reasons Hussein had these people killed. And even more unbelievable that so many people seem to go along with it with no protest at the lies and hypocricy.

It's a pretty strong indication of the totality of the brainwashing of the average American, and Canadian, that nobody out there (beyond a handful on the net, of course) appears to be bothered much by this - or making any noises at all about war crimes and war criminals in the US gov needing to be brought to justice for these horrific deaths, hundreds of thousands of them, all unnecessary, all caused by the US playing turf war games with other people's lives exactly the same as Hussein was playing turf war games with his rivals on a smaller stage - yet they seem to applaud the execution/murder of Hussein for doing the same thing, albeit in a very much smaller way, all inflated garbage in the MSM aside. Also, none of the reports I read of the Hussein 'trial' (kangaroo court of the worst sort, in reality, of course, fixed from day one) actually tried to make the 'case' that Hussein did the killings himself, he just ordered them. So by precisely the same logic, one G Bush is responsible for the deaths of some half million Iraqi civilians (and his daddy for a lot more, and Clinton would have to be in the dock as well for the deaths caused by the 'sanctions' etc) - pretty much every US president, I expect, and most British PMs, and you could probably round up most Canadians as accessories of one sort or another.

But these things would only be an issue in a world where 'the truth' had any presence which, of course, outside of Green Island, it does not, any longer.

Dec 28 Toronto "Propaganda 'R' Us" Star
In the box: - - NEWSMAKER OF THE YEAR - 'Canadian Soldier' most notable of 2006

Out of the box: - well, one might beg to differ. Mightily. As always, the Canadian Corporate Propaganda Media, employing propaganda tricks - this time, of course, the old favorite "Misdirection" scam - Look here, son!! Look here!! - when actually, you should be looking pretty much anywhere but where the con artist is telling you to look - you all know the old card tricks, shell game stuff, etc. And in this case, it's actually quite clever - we have to look at the story - and then, as another old saying has it, the best place to hide something is right in plain sight - and of course, the REAL story this year (and for many years in the past, really) is the Canadian Propaganda Gatekeeping Media themselves!!!!! - but of course, if they TOLD you that, then the game would be up, so they aren't too anxious to get into that particular discussion. Here on Green Island, of course, one of the things we want is educated, intelligent citizens, so we are careful to be sure they question things like this.

The Star, and the rest of the CCPM, have been hyping the Canadian participation in the American invasion of the mideast vAfghanistan pretty much since its inception, with nothing more than the merest words of protest (or truth) allowed about the whole thing, rah-rah 'support our troops' jingoism day after day. Most people are pretty disinclined to say anything bad about the Canadian military itself, given the memories of its role in WWII especially, and its reasonably honorable role as part of the world's peacekeeping force the last bunch of years, but they aren't too happy either about joining the Americans in their militaristic boot-in-the-face approach to world politics the last bunch of years. So they do an end run around the second of those feelings by appealing strongly and repeatedly to the first. And a lot of people, it seems, are going along with this ploy. Which is exactly, of course, the role of the media, in a 'modern' corporate pseudo-democracy such as Canada. A barrage of propaganda, a dearth of debate.

Dec 29 - Captain Capitalism
In the box: - - Captain Capitalism - a bit old, but I just found it, and thought I ought to respond quickly -

Out of the box: - Just call me SocialistMan, fearlessly challenging evil Capitalism wherever it raises its lying, thieving head.

Capitalism isn't an economic 'system' any more than totalitarianism or 'kings 'n' peasants' are. Capitalism is simply a big scam, a big propaganda system, designed to keep the people of whatever area calls itself 'capitalist' working away producing as much as they can, with the elite 'capitalists' skimming off as much of the 'fruits of the labor' of the people, to use a pretty accurate Marxian term, as possible. If the capitalists are a bit smart, as they learned to be through necessity after various popular and very bloody revolutions through the last few centuries quite painfully and bloodily deposed various of their antecedents who called themselves different things but believed in the same sort of system whereby most people worked to produce wealth and the elite skimmed (i.e. stole) as much of that wealth as they could get away with, they allow the people who produce the wealth to keep enough of it to make them believe they are a bit happy consuming the largely worthless consumables they produce, and combine that with massive amounts of propaganda through the elite/capitalist-controlled media to convince them that what they are living in is the best of all possible worlds - when this media control is combined with control of the government and education system (as it is in most of the modern western capitalist world), the whole 'many work few skim' system, under its present guise of 'capitalism', functions very well, as we see in America and other 'capitalist' countries. At least, it functions well for the elite who do the skimming - I think you paint a far, far rosier picture about how happy and content people are in, for instance, America, the center of modern capitalism, than reality actually suggests - it's the endless propaganda emanating from the capitalist media that suggests this very untrue state of affairs. Just one for instance of a long list I could easily assemble, poll after poll after poll shows that most of your countrymen/women would vastly prefer a single-payer state-operated health care system (such as every other modern western country has) to the hodge-podge of HMOs etc you have now, as a great majority of your families are either under-insured medically or have no insurance at all, and most are only a serious medical illness away from bankruptcy - unpayable medical bills are one of, if not the, greatest cause of bankruptcy in your capitalist haven. Oh happy citizens!! (point being, if you are missing it, that such people are not really very happy, with that kind of axe hanging over their heads - they might put on a happy face at the mall, but you know it's a mask... Or yes, people are happy enough to have computers and the internet - but they would be a whole hell of a lot happier if they had a lot less stress in their lives - stress caused by the capitalists skimming so much of the wealth they produce that they are forced to live on a treadmill that seems to be spinning faster every day, running faster and faster just to stay in one place.)

You credit 'capitalists' with producing this great wealth that much of the modern world enjoys - in truth, as you seem to vaguely recognize, it is the people who produce the wealth - the capitalists are simply stealing as much of it as they can, and justifying this theft through progaganda and scam games.

You are mistaking systems of 'economics' with systems of 'ruling the masses' here, which is a common problem, but encouraged by the rulers for obvious reasons - it is quite enlightening, in a framing sort of way, that when some of the original thinkers were dissecting this stuff and writing about it, the whole thing was called 'political economics', but has now been separated, to make linkages more difficult, one must assume. Evidently the capitalists didn't care to encourage people to think about such things together (actually, capitalists prefer the average people to think as little as possible, as we see everywhere - thinking leads to looking under slimy rocks (curious people, that is to say people who think, like to look everywhere), and that's where capitalists hide when the lights are turned off and they return to their true homes). (If you need that metaphor opened up a bit, think about the people who make drugs illegal and then make billions from selling them, and billions from running police forces and jails to chase them, and related things such as prostitution and the mafia - don't go shouting out 'the government does this!!!!' - the capitalists own the government (their first great act of 'privatisation'), and thus are responsible for all of this; this pointing out of an unpleasant truth will probably draw great indignation and denial, but think about the source of many modern 'respectable' capitalists' fortunes; or think, then, of the arms industries and wars and the huge amount of death and suffering caused by such things - it's pretty hard to deny that Boeing is not a great capitalist?? - or think about your current great capitalist-loving president, and his grandfather Preston, and various others such as Henry Ford who fully supported Hitler during the 30s and even into the WWII - fascism itself was the brainchild of Mussolini, as you must know, and means simply the marriage of Big Business and the State - and do you want to tell me that Big Business isn't Capitalism in the office towers and the modern US isn't a union of corporation and state, fascism incarnate, and not in any way a pretty sight to behold when held up to the bright light of day? - and etc. Wherever slimy things grow, you find people who want to rule over others and force others to work so they can live lives of ease, and the modern version of those who succeed in these dreams are the ones called Capitalists. Yes they have been wildly successful in the modern age, and control the propaganda machinery very effectively to make many people such as yourself and those who are yelling 'rah rah!!' on this discussion pretend to believe they live in a great happy free society - but as the old saying goes, to paraphrase, put some pretty face paint on a capitalist and call him Beauty if you want - but you still have a slug underneath.

Well, I could go on at length, but we both know you're not going to change your tune as Captain Capitalist. I just wanted to let you know that some of us - a growing number, actually, thanks to the de-indoctrination enabled by the internet - are able to see through what you are doing. If you actually want to try to debate these things, I'd be more than happy to accomodate you - I've been looking for someone to talk about these things for awhile, but nobody wants to, for some reason. Or if you just want some more explanation of how your 'road more travelled' has been a deceptive and false path and my words have helped your 'Saulian epiphany' - I'm open to helping you find your way back to the true path of social democracy.

Dec 27 Toronto Star
In the box: - - Girl wasn't buckled up in crash: OPP - "...Two young girls were thrown from their SUV in an early-morning Etobicoke collision, leaving police wondering what it will take for drivers to buckle up...."

Out of the box: - propaganda again, something that seems quite important to the rulers, this seatbelt stuff. I really think there's a psychological thing going on here, the symbolism of being strapped in to the vehicle against your will, with cops running around immediately in your face if you dare to disobey the masters - symbolically submitting to the entire "DO AS YOU ARE TOLD, CITIZEN, AND ALL VILL BE VELL!!" or something like that. I know, I know, you think I'M the psycho for thinking that. Time will tell. But they really seem to be irrational to me with this, and many others things - the end does not justify the means, I am thinking (actually, that works on a couple of levels - for the rulers, the end (compliant citizens) certainly does justify the means (symbolic strapping in your 'freedom' vehicle) - but the idea that this makes people safer, which is justifiable as an 'end', does not, if you actually think about this and look at stats, justify all the cops and chasing down of people and courts etc that they devote to this seatbelt stuff - there would be far, far, far better ways of achieving this end - if 'saving people' really was 'the end'). And they certainly lie with their stats a great deal in pursuit of their goals. If they were really neutral about all of this in any way, in a "here, citizen, we are your government, and here are some facts for you to look at as you consider whether or not to support this proposal" - they would do a real analysis, rather than the junk 'science' stuff they throw around to support their desired policy - that is, why don't we see some fairly straightforward numbers to look at - you know, number of driver/passenger miles driven in Canada, number of accidents, number of injuries and deaths, people with or without seatbelts, and various other related important factors about the accident (general situation - did the driver drive his/her car off a 1,000 foot cliff, or run a stop sign, age and sex of driver, weather and road conditions, etc and etc) - allowing the reader to come to some useful conclusions him/herself. I can tell you why they don't do that - because it would indicate that the usefulness of seatbelts is a whole lot less than they make it out to be, because of the way they manipulate the stats.

For instance (I have done this sort of thing - getting some of the figures is difficult, but it can be done - these numbers are from a few years back, but there is nothing I have seen or read to make me think they don't still generally apply) - did you know that the average driver/passenger miles per accident is about 75,000 (I'm pretty sure it's miles not km, if it's km the difference won't be particularly meaningfull for this analysis), the average injury accident is about 300,000 miles, and the average death about 3,000,000 miles. Ballpark figures, but think about how far you drive each year, and what the odds are of you getting in an accident. And then add a layer of thinking - averages aren't always that useful when you're mixing up apples and oranges - it is also a fact that the by far highest number of accidents, serious and otherwise, is the result of males under the age of 25 doing some idiotic thing (I speak from experience here, too, believe me, I have not forgotten those exciting but stupid days) - so if you are not in that particular category, and are a fairly sane sort of driver, the odds of your being in an accident get waaaaaay lower than if you use the 'average' figures. So low, in fact, that they are in the same range of probability as winning a lottery of some sort.

Have you ever heard any of that stuff from the gov? Not actually - from the way they talk, you would think that every time you get in your car, it's like 50-50 you're going to be in an accident, and if you don't have that wonderful seatbelt on you're gonna get hurt or killed you freaking idiot!!!!! - propaganda, brainwashing, indoctrination, call it what you want. But don't tarnish the words 'democracy' or 'freedom' by including them in anything you say.

And it's all bullshit, of course. But BY GOD YOU VILL DO AS YOU ARE TOLD, CITIZEN!!!!

That's really all it's all about - the sheep dogs make the rules, and the sheep run around where and how they are told.

And note also - the media, pretending to be a neutral provider of 'news' is, as always, central in the propaganda function - this is really a minor story, another small accident of which there are thousands every day, nobody killed - but let's get that big headline right up there in a prominent place, reminding people that the rulers, (and their media), demand this seatbelt compliance of the citizens - and hand in hand with the cops, not a word about dangerous driving etc. I mean the headline mentions 'not wearing seatbelt' - why doesn't the headline read 'driving too fast for conditions - why aren't we testing drivers properly?' or something? Or 'driving above competence level - we need to take steps to make sure drivers know what the hell they are doing before we allow them to go barrelling around our highways with several-ton chunks of metal which are lethal weapons' ?? - but no, instead of protecting me from these a**holes who don't know how to drive safely and are skidding all over the road when there's a bit of snow or running stopsigns or passing where they shouldn't etc, the cops are chasing ME around for not wearing a seatbelt - and I'm (now haha) one of the safest drivers you're going to see out there.

(And I won't even start on the 'democratic' aspects of the whole thing - were YOU ever asked to vote for a politician who promised to force you to wear a seatbelt??? I sure as hell wasn't ......)

And note how they talk about the driver of the vehicle which was in the accident - ...The driver of the SUV was accelerating onto the highway, "driving too fast" for the snowy conditions, Woolley said.... - ????????? Not even a verbal slap on the wrist!!!! - just a brief 'statement of fact' as it were. Strange, that seems to me - the accident was caused by this guy driving carelessly or dangerously, but we'll just overlook that, and make a big issue of how his kids weren't weaing seatbelts - which wouldn't have been a problem if he hadn't been driving like an idiot...

I'm just so out of touch with everything these days. Me, now, I have no liking for pain, don't want to die, enjoy life - I dislike seatbelts and choose not to wear them (it is actually one reason I prefer to live in places where the cops aren't chasing me all over the place for not wearing that thing) - I figure the best way to stay alive etc is to drive defensively and safely, and not get into accidents in the first place - and I figure if the cops and lawmakers just concentrated on that, that we'd all be a lot safer - I wouldn't object at all to an 'educational program' (haha otherwise known as propaganda) about how terrible these people are who insisted on speeding everywhere, and running stop signs, and passing where they shouldn't be passing, and not slowing down in bad weather, and various other really dangerous driving things - but no, no - our 'serve and protect' guys seem to figure they'll put up with idiot drivers like this person who was driving too fast for the conditions, but lay on the guilt for them kids not wearing seatbelts, or you or anyone else.

Crazy, man, just crazy.

- and the same idea here - Police forces eye 'name and shame' tactic for drunk drivers - so if I happen to go through a roadblock after a couple beers with some friends, and 'fail' the breathalyser, they'll try to 'shame' me by accusing me of being some sort of 'drunk' (which I wasn't at all, not driving dangerously or anything) - but the idiot above, who is obviously incapable of driving safely but the cops don't seem to care about that, can drive too fast and have an accident, and cause his kids to be injured - and nothing.

Doesn't anybody out there besides me see what they're doing?!?!?!?!?!

Dec 26 'The Star'
In the box: - - Surviving mom ready to forgive

Out of the box: - Editor - the picture on the front page of the internet version of your paper today, Dec 26, of the mother and her daughter holding a picture of their family killed in Pennsylvnia, is one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen featured in a 'mainstream' Canadian paper. This is the stuff of the crappiest tabloids. You are supposed to be above this kind of thing. The mourning of these poor people should be private, and you are showing the crassest sensationalism to feature this picture this way. Merry frigging xmas to all of you - and may someone come and hold your face up for the world to stare at in crass, stupid curiosity during your saddest moments - you deserve it for helping to create the kind of society that engages in this sort of thing for lack of a real life.

Dec 24 CTV
In the box: - - MacKay to launch Mideast diplomatic initiative

Out of the box: - Tel Aviv in January - or the Maritimes in January. Oh you cynical bastard. But then, he could have gone for a couple of weeks in Moscow..... it would be interesting to see which MPs are out of town for the next couple of months, and their destinations. And how much about any of it we read in the MSM. (Thomas Walkom had a perceptive column about the recent McGuinty salary raise for MLAs, A modest little proposal for MPPs pay, pointing how they all like to talk about 'doing things for the public good, by golly!!!', when running for office, but once there - hoho, merry christmas to me yea!!!).

And a whole lot of good reading here as well, if you need a bit of down time with some reality after the festivities - Fred on Everything. Actually, it's quite telling that you can only find writing of this quality on the net these days, with very few exceptions, and certainly nothing approaching it in the corporate media, where blandness rules. Keeping the people quiet is good for the rulers. Have you noticed the cars lately? It's been a slow but pervasive trip the last 40 years - back in the 60s, when it looked like we might have a chance, diversity and individuality were rampant, in every way. Today - everything is the same, practically. You can have a little grey or black or blue box to drive around in, but can you tell a Ford from a Chevy from a Honda or Toyota? Hardly. No character at all. And the people driving them, clones every one. All strapped in like little robots, drive to work and to the mall and to the kids dancing lessons. Busy busy busy, never any time for meeting the neighbors and sitting around with the feet up for awhile. That might lead to thinking, and the rulers don't want to take any chances of that either - a few minutes a week discussing any of Fred's columns with some neighbors could start leading to all sorts of places the rulers don't want to go. Blandness reigns in the Box - thank something for the net and writers like Fred. For those few of us left in places we like to think for ourselves.

Dec 20 CNEWS
In the box: - - Worthington: CBC's war coverage is indefensible

Out of the box: - - this is a perfect example of the 'vision' of the Canadian media that is more and more dominating what gets printed, the far-right, pretty much wacko-right, version of 'commentary' and 'news' - basic idea being 'believe as we believe, think as we tell ya to think, or we're gonna sic the attack dogs on ya, there ain't no room for disagreement about the fundamental right-wing ideas' etc - ideas such as the sanctity of war, and the correctness of the Canadian military joining the Americans as they go marauding around the world, which Worthington supports fully, in his role as scribe-secretary for the Canadian elite. Here, Worthington's 'critique' of the CBC is simply, for the most part, lies and distortions, as he accuses them of not being properly behind the Canadian war effort (and as any former visitor to these chronicles of Green Island will know, we see the CBC as quite the opposite - being much too unquestioningly supportive of that effort, 'covering' the situation in a way that could much better be described as propaganda rather than 'news', in most every way.) Worthington, for instance, accuses the CBC of focusing on body bags, without suggesting what they ought to do about dead soldiers coming home in, well, coffins - but as we've often noted before, the overwhelming number of CBC stories are very positive in terms of 'supporting the troops' and telling everyone what wonderful and important 'work' they are doing in Afghanistan, and what a tragedy it is when they are killed, and never talking about the Afghani side of things except for some very questionable (in terms of either objectivity or truth) add-ons to various stories about how much they all love the Canadians and think they're all doing wonderful things (that is to say, we know for sure that not everyone feels that way, but the CBC never manages to get around to such stories). So it's hard to see where Worthington is actually coming from, except that he's really just complainning that the CBC is not 150% behind the RAH RAH GO GET EM war effort of his own far-right 'newspaper' chain, the Sun.

Here on Green Island, we see the CBC as dominated by government-right-wing propaganda about almost anything, but in their role as providers of 'news' for the more intelligent and thinking Box residents they try to maintain a veneer of credibility by providing at least a smattering, sometimes, of perspectives that disagree with that POV (i.e. a couple of mornings ago, The Current had a couple of people on who actually supported Shiraz Dossa, the St FX academic who attended a conference in Iran a week or two ago that examined various issues surrounding the Holocaust, which also attracted a lot of columns of lies and slander from the 'Sun' and other Canadian media and to be sure, the CBC announcer on this day was very careful to introduce and conduct the interviews in a way that made it perfectly clear they were in the same boat as the denouncers of the conference) - but even that tiny amount of fairness and consideration of other POVs throws the neocons into a frenzy, a la Fox et al in the US.

They seem to feel that their 'perspective' (that is to say, propaganda) is the only thing that any media should carry, and their tantrums and screamings and ravings have gotten them their way a lot of the time over the last few years (not to mention that the neocons have all the money in the country and have bought up almost all of the major media), and increasingly so, as people on 'the left' tend to be considerably more polite and reasonable about things. Here on Green Island, for instance, we don't try to shut down voices we do not like - actually, we encourage them, because it is our belief that letting people like Worthington scream their idiocies far and wide is the surest way of letting them expose themselves for the anti-democratic elitists they are, and by doing so they diminish their own credibility to a very low place for any intelligent listener or reader - most Canadians are pretty reasonable and fair people, and do not agree with this right-wing crap when they are given a decent choice, which is the big difference between the Green Island media and the Canadian MSM, as on Green Island we make sure we allow all sides and perspectives equal and fair opportunity to voice their opinions, and everyone to discuss them. And I think the reverse of that is what drives people like Worthingon and his ilk to try to shut everyone who disagrees with them up - they know that if anyone gets a chance to hold their lies and distortions and omissions up to the light, and compare them with more sane voices, they are going to lose most of the people most of the time. I used to write these people and challenge them, as I thought that maybe they were just misguided or something, and a good discussion could help them see the light (yea, I used to be that stupid, or naieve) - now I understand that they want nothing to do with discussion of these things (Worthington's column being a perfect example), they just want to shut everyone else up so their POV can be presented as dominating, even if the only reason it appears to be prevailing is that no other POV is allowed to darken the pages of the MSM - and they understood long before I did that dialogue about these things is the very last thing they want, for reasons as outlined above.

That strategy, of course, has been taking a big beating lately with the advent of the internet, and thus their former dominance is also taking a beating. Well, actually, maybe I exaggerate. It's been taking a bit of a beating, but judging by the number of people who are NOT rising up in Canada or other places and demanding some sanity in their countries, an end to the stealing by the neocons of everything they and our ancestors achieved over the last century and the establishment of a new 1000-year (or longer) Serfdom Society, the influence of the net or those who speak truth here and elsewhere as they can has a long way to go before achieving anything.

But we always go into the New Year with Hope - and mayhap this is the year that Green Island will become known to the world, and people everywhere will start to awaken, and demand true democracy in their countries.

Geez, and it's only noon and I haven't even had any beers yet.

Dec 15 CNEWS
In the box: - - Dalton to hear deer case - "...Public outcry has led to almost 7,000 signatures collected on many petitions circulating throughout the city... "They have to answer to the people and thousands of people are saying they're not answering," Bruce said..."

Out of the box: - just a question for Dalton it would be interesting to get an answer about - does he think he could get 7,000 signatures in a couple of days on a petition supporting his $30,000 salary increase?

MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL YOU MPPS!!!!! I'm sure you got a lot to be merry about!!!! (let us all know, why don't you, how many Xmas cards you get from all the poor people in your province who get a bit of watery turkey soup from some food bank on Christmas day congratulating you on your great raise? Just curious ....)

Dec 15 Toronto 'Star'
In the box: - - MPPs back by unpopular demand (geezus have these people not heard of Tiny URL or something?!?!?) - "... Some politicians `mad as hell' they're still at work this week because of stalling by NDP's Kormos over proposed pay hike..." -

Out of the box: - anyway, imagine that, ONE MPP in Ontario trying to show just the tiniest amount of integrity, or embarrassment or something about the huge raise they are about to give themselves - and the rest of the gang brazen enough to be angry rather than just the tiniest bit shamed or contrite or something like about this massive personal cash grab from the taxpayers of Ontario who are supposedly their bosses (democratic theory and all that, only, of course, I refer to, I am well aware of the reality of things here). Wouldn't it just be the most absolutely wonderful thing if, sometime, these people actually asked their employers for a raise rather than deciding they were going to give it to themselves? McGuinty says 'gosh darn, there's no easy way to do this' (I expect he understood the reaction of most people making less than half of what these guys are making) - but I beg to differ, Dalton. There's a real easy way to do this. I mean, hell, there's an election coming up in less than a year - this would be an absolutely perfect time to do this - Hi, my name is Dalton, and I think We your Loyal Public Servants deserve a $22,000 raise, retroactive to about a year ago (and since I, me, Dalton, am the Premier, my personal raise will be closer to $40,000 or whatever the hell it will actually be). And then We the Guys Who Want to Take Over could say, heck, we think MPs make enough money right now, and if you vote for us, we promise not to give ourselves any raise without first convassing all you voters to see what you think, and then we'll give ourselves no more of a raise than the same increase in minimum wages we are giving the other employees of Ontario, and the welfare rates of the poorest people in Ontario - fair is fair. Or something like that. Clear choice - Party A wants to give all MPs a big raise, party B says no way.

Whatdya think? (yea yea I know they'd have to do something about trying to make people believe they actually were going to keep some promise that benefitted we the people at the same time, which sort of makes the whole idea a non-starter because that would be a looooooooooong road - but you know, one step at a time, or something - )

(and I've had about enough of this "Oh, golly, we have to pay high salaries to attract good people' shit - just speaking for me, about the last people I want running any place I live is people whose primary goal is maxing their personal income benefits package, along with the associated ideas such people have - we see over and over and over again the kind of people we're getting with that kind of approach, and I think the people of Canada, coming out to vote in smaller and smaller numbers every election, are also passing a verdict on the general quality of candidates they have to choose from, as the feds are on the same boat (all politicians anymore). But that's the choice you're gonna keep getting until you stand up to them at some point in time, and let em know you're not gonna take this shit anymore. Which ought to happen about the same time Toronto wins the Stanley Cup again. haha.)

Dec 14 CNEWS
In the box: - - New offensive against Taliban to begin in Panjwaii district -

Out of the box: - we here at Green Island continue to be amazed at the quality of the Canadian military strategy unfolding in Afghanistan, everything from assuming the moral high ground ('bringing democracy to those poor people, providing schools for their poor suffering girl children (because we sure treat our native and other disadvantaged children good here in Canada by golly!!), hunting down murdering scumbags', and etc) to the strategy of picking off random bicycle riders to win hearts and influence the people of the country they are doing all this stuff for, and 'accidentally' bombing the odd wedding party (damned people were harbouring terrorists, of course, don't you know?!) just to let em know we're as hard ass as the Americans, who do this sort of thing regularly and for sure nobody in their right minds messes with and we here in the Canuck SpecOps unit wanna be just like our Big Bro, Unca Stevie told us so (in secret of course, that's top secret info). But this new thing is raising some eyebrows amongst our military specialists - alert the enemy well ahead of time to your plans. We've been consulting our Sun Tzu and Bismarck and others, and find no previous mention of this 'shout your plans from the mountains' strategy. I guess they must know something we don't - previously, the Afghanis have made a bit of a name for themselves by being sort of consumate guerrillas, hiding in the hills and picking off whoever the invader happens to be as and when they can, but evidently our Canadian strategists have some secret information that the Taliban et al, after hundreds of years or more of this successful strategy in removing invaders superior in weaponry but evidently not in military smarts from their country, are going to dutifully march out into some Canadian-designated battleground and let themselves be shot up by the new modern Canadian tanks etc we have brought over to their desert. I mean, they wouldn't be telling us all this stuff if it wasn't true, right? Mmmm????

Oh, I forgot - the Americans did this very thing a few years ago, prior to invading Iraq, dancing all around the world screaming about what a beating they were gonna lay on Saddam (after spending a couple of years making sure he was about as disarmed as it was possible to be - good strategy, really, if a bit cowardly - but then noone ever accused the greatest military power the world has ever seen of stupidity, which is very often another word for bravery - any street fighter knows the only thing that matters is winning, and if you get the guy from behind with a 2x4 before he even knows you're planning a fight, you de man!! - and similarly threaten him with a beating if he don't lay down his weapon - and then as soon as he does, BOOM! HAHAHA SUCKER!!!! The other favored 'strategy', of course, is knowing you are overwhelmingly superior to some person you have chosen to lay a beating on, but still need to go around screaming like a monkey building up your courage and trying to justify the forthcoming beating you are about to lay upon your chosen victim, as the Americans did with Iraq. Unfortunately for everyone concerned, not to mention the entire world, Saddam seems to have been a little cleverer than the Americans (not a high bar, certainly, but still), and instructed his people to NOT line up like little wooden soldiers to be massacred like they were in 91 (some people are capable of learning from experience, although this is not, apparently, a problem the American military people suffer from), but put up a token resistance and then get the hell to safety somewhere to fight later. Which they have been doing, evidently, and quite effectively, if the current situation in that country is any indication.

And now, it appears, the Canadians have, in their great wisdom, decided this monkey-screaming strategy is the next trick to try.


Actually, I don't think I'll relegate my Sun Tzu to the back shelves just yet.

Dec 14 Toronto Star
In the box: - - Forging Canadian soldiers - this wouldn't have anything to do with propaganda, now would it???? - mmmmmmm - nahhhhhhhhhh.

Out of the box: - - yeeaaaaaaaaa.

And it ain't never gonna stop as long as it keeps workin so good.

Dec 13 Glob (sic)
In the box: - - Hydro costs soar 50% since shakeup

Out of the box: - as was predicted by many of us. I guess what most people don't understand well enough is that all of this privatization (that is to stay, looting of publically paid for infrastructure by the corps and 'investors') has been possible, and will continue, because the first thing the corps did (they are smart enough in their own self-centered way at times) was privatize the government.

Think about it. It's the key to everything.

Dec 13 - CBC
In the box: - - B.C. police officer stable after being shot by colleague

Out of the box: - well, aside from the Abbot-Costello farce of cops running around in disarray and shooting each other, this again is a story we should never be reading about. That is to say, once again we have cops sneaking around and spying on citizens, and then raiding them obviously prepared for serious violence - all over something most Canadians do not see as criminal, the personal use of drugs. Certainly, if a survey was taken today, you might find a majority of Canadians opposed to 'crack', which this raid was ostensibly about, but I also have little doubt that if we ever had a sane national debate on this issue (which does not mean a one-sided propaganda barrage from the cops and government and media for several months about the 'evils' of drug use etc with perhaps a lonely opposing voice allowed once a week or something on a back page or 150-word 'letter' to the editor), almost all of these things would be de-criminalized, and all the softer drugs entirely legalized. Heroin addicts or suchlike would be treated as alcoholics are today (or hopefully in a sane society all would be treated with a little more compassion, actually), as a medical problem not a criminal one. But instead, as with the cigarettes, the government very intentionally and knowingly creates the conditions for organized crime to thrive, for the sole purpose of justifying their own police budgets and restrictive laws. (and also, as with the cigarettes, we might note that this 'problem' is very related to poverty, and a solution with a much greater chance of success would simply be to take some serious steps to start to alleviate the grinding poverty a lot of people face in this country - a completely unacceptable situation in one of the wealthiest countries in the world - it's obvious enough why nobody in 'official' land wants to talk about this, because one of the first things needing talking about would be justifying the obscene profits made by a very small percentage of the people in the face of the great poverty of so many - very connected facts.)

The other problem with the police-catalysed violence is that a new dimension becomes added to the situation once cops have been shot - all of a sudden it becomes personal, them bastards shot us!!!! This means war!!!! - and now it becomes a revenge thing, and any talk of legalization becomes even more difficult - "You support those bastards who kill cops?!?!?! You must be a terrorist yourself!!!" - and etc and etc - and very, very, VERY carefully allowing no talk whatsoever of the completely undemocratic nature of these laws in the first place, or the fact that none of this would be happening if these drugs were not criminalized against the wishes of most of us, and the rather obvious solution to stopping most of the violence etc is simply to legalize most of this stuff. And the cops and fascists have more to joke and laugh about behind the closed doors of Canada Corp at night when they talk about such things in a truthful way amongst themselves.

Dec 13 Toronto Star
In the box: - - Contraband easy to buy... - well, as always, the 'framing' is of interest. The very obvious POV of the Star writer here is that all the tobacco taxes are just laws decided by a 'democratic' government, and by golly them damned miscreant scofflaws need to be slapped down good in the name of Democracy and Law and Order!!!

Out of the box: - well, we might have some different ideas about it all. What we are reading, plain as day, if you can think for yourself rather than just absorb for later reiteration the words of Big Brother or, in this case, Big Mama, is that through their completely outrageous taxes on cigarettes, the government is very intentionally creating yet another 'in' for organized crime, shovelling them huge amounts of money to enable their activities - which, of course, then justifies Big Mama/Brother government (they work together, never think otherwise, kind of a good cop bad cop routine, but never forget they're both cops, and you/we're not - and the cops are not there to protect you, they're there to protect those who rule you from you) - so as organized 'crime' grows and profits, the rulers can justify ever bigger budgets for their 'police' forces and ever more restrictive laws controlling you in 'your' democracy. And all in the name, we need always to be cognizant, once again, the 'laws' they are using for this increased police presence (and the criminalisation of many citizens who are not in any real sense of the word 'criminal') are almost always things We the People NEVER voted on - at least I sure don't remember seeing anything like this in any election campaign, nationally or provincially - you know, something like "The smokers in Canada are causing huge burdens on the health care system, and by golly if you elect me as your representative, I will go to Ottawa and do all I can to stop this scourge, by such things as trying to pass anti-smoking legislation to get them bums out of the clean air in our buildings, and raising the cigarette taxes to astronomical levels to discourage them!!!" - nope, never remember voting for (or, haha of course, much more to the point - against!) any politician saying anything like this. And for good enough reason, I am sure - as with the seatbelt laws or the obscene raises in their salaries they regularly 'award' themselves, they know damn good and well that most Canadians don't want such things as laws, and would be reluctant to vote for anyone promising such things.

Something very few people care to comment on as well (or perhaps are not even aware of it, as the MSM certainly avoids encouraging any thinking about such subjects) is that smoking is generally a habit of poor people, it is one of the ways they cope with a society they understand is terribly unfair - so using a carrot approach to getting people to stop smoking by taking some serious measures to relieve the disgraceful poverty in Canada would be a lot more useful than the stick approach, which is very perverse, as the poor people are the last people who can afford the prohibitive taxes, thus they force their families or themselves to do without other things, or turn to the black market.

That would be, of course, if these laws actually had anything serious to do with stopping smoking, rather than stealing more money from poor people and justifying increased police budgets etc.

Dec 11 MacLeans
In the box: - - NATO: Canadian troops accidentally kill Afghan civilian in Kandahar city

Out of the box: - - well, aside from the amazing coincidence of a lone ricochet happening to hit a speeding motorcycle rider (think about it!!!!) - I'm sort of wondering, in the great free Canadian democratic media, in this time of 'peace on earth good will to all men (and women etc)' sort of thing, why we aren't getting a bit of personal detail about this motorcycle rider so we can, you know, learn to see them all as real people that we are trying to save, empathise with them, like that, you know, the same as we hear about all the family details and aspirations and what good people they are for Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan - where's the story about this motorcycle rider's family, and his brothers and sisters that he was working so hard to put through school, you know, he was probably on a special high-speed delivery taking a couple pints of blood to some wounded comrade in a field hospital who was going to die if she didn't get the blood, which would be a real tragedy because she was trying to become a doctor to serve the people in her village - when boom, some damned Canadian invader just got a little trigger-happy and killed the guy on the motorcycle - etc etc and etc. If I was doing a propaganda thing I could really ratchet up the details - you know, like you see in the Canadian media about guys with smiles as big as the sky, and nicknames like 'Diligent Don!', and the rest of it, and Christmas trees going up to support our troops by god!!! (whilst, of course, rather studiously avoiding any negative sort of commentary about the whole situation in general, such as does anybody REALLY know what we are doing there?) They do it for Canadians, why not for other people? Well - I suppose the answer has to be, heck it's the Canadian media, who do you expect them to support? Canada, right? Sure - but isn't that about the same as admitting they do propaganda, making 'our guys' look good and fuck the rest of em they can look after themselves?? yea?? - and that being the case, how can the thinking person who cares about some form of truth believe anything they say?

Fuck I don't know anymore.

Happy christmas and all that stuff. haha.

Dec 11 06 CBC
In the box: - - Law puts brakes on school dropouts

Out of the box: - - well, probably few people see this, but the real headline, if we had a 'real' media anywhere left here, should be something like 'Enclosure of whatever minds are left in Canadian society marches boldly forward; Big Bro/Mo determined to leave no mind free!!' - there are just altogether too many people out there who do not KNOW in the very bowels of their being that the only real purpose in their poor peasant lives is to go somewhere early in the morning and spend the day taking orders from somebody whilst producing more utterly useless widgets for the capitalists to make money from, and feeling that that is a good and wonderful thing to be doing with their lives. Too many people altogether, by god!!! Maybe another couple of years of enforced 'education' (haha yea right, the real word here should be 'indoctrination' - odd how you never see that word in the CMMCPP) will reduce that number a bit ....

Dec 13/06 CBC
In the box: - - Iran's Holocaust conference 'an offence to all Canadians': Harper

Out of the box: - - an obscure conference in a country where and about which there are far more important things to be thinking about, and the western governments, with the support of the media, of course, freak. This is very odd to any actually intelligent person. Right off the deep end. And the lies are blatant and they don't seem to care - this is really 'in your face' propaganda that has been going on for years - YOU VILL BELIEVE VHAT VE TELL YOU TO BELIEVE!!!!'

Harper quote - "...On behalf of the government of Canada, I want to condemn, in the strongest terms, this latest example of anti-Israeli and racist statements from the president of Iran," Harper said in a statement. "In addition, the conference hosted by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with the sole purpose of denying the Holocaust is an offense to all Canadians."

- but the main part of that is just a lie, pretty much (without delving deeply into semantics, the intent is clear enough) - these people doing or attending the conference are not (at least for the most part) 'denying' anything at all - I've read a few of these websites, and all they do is question the degree of killing that went on - nobody says the rounding up and killing of Jews did not happen in Nazi Germany, or was justified, or fine or anything - they just raise questions about the numbers. Questions that seem legitimate to me (do some math and thinking - 6 million Jews, 2-3 years during which most of the killing was said to have taken place, a small handful of central killing factories, the Germans are very, very heavily overextended with major war fronts all over the place and having the hell bombed out of them from everywhere in the process - so how many gassed or otherwise killed per day, how do we dispose of the bodies, the logistics of that - there's some hard questions here, that are much easier to deal with, it seems to me, if left in the realm of "DON'T TALK ABOUT IT!!!!" - sort of like being afraid of bogeymen is easy when you're a kid, until you start growing up and thinking a bit and asking where they come from, where do they live, why do they hate us, etc and etc - sort of science getting involved with religious stuff at any level - questions better left undealt with in general, if you want to keep people believing this stuff) - and really, questions about the legitimacy of these people so determined to enforce this holocaust stuff only grow when you have a lot of people running around screaming DO NOT QUESTION THIS! DO NOT QUESTION ANYTHING WE TELL YOU!!!! - boy, when I see that happening, my hackles go up real fast. When I see one group of people, about anything at all, saying, Hey, we think there are some questions about a certain topic that we'd like to talk about - and a second group that says No way! You believe what we tell you to believe, and you're all really bad people for even wanting to talk about it!!! - well. I find it surprising that so many people allow themselves to be intimidated by this kind of thing. Questions, questions, questions. And somewhat ironically or something, they're obviously not helping their cause - if these holocaust affirmers' or whatever you want to call them just kept quiet, nobody would ever know about the other group! - few people really care! (no - that's the indoctrination talking - I don't mean nobody cares about 'the holocaust or the persecution of Jews that most people understand has happened to whatever extent it did happen, most people realize that to whatever extent it happened it was a bad thing for sure, I mean most people don't really care that there are a few people who question it, anymore than they really pay any attention to the few people who run around saying they have been abducted by aliens for terrible sexual experiments with Elvis and ET - there is a very serious over-reaction going on here, which is suspicious in itself - you know the old God of Truth - 'Methinks she doth protest too much lala!!' and all that)

- and it just gets worse for them when even the CBC propagates lies associated with this whole thing - "...Ahmadinejad, who has referred to the well-documented Nazi genocide as a "myth" and called for Israel to be "wiped off the map," initiated the two-day conference..." - but Ahmadinejad said no such thing about 'wiping Israel off the map' - what he actually said in talked about in some more detail here - but considering that Lies 'R' Us is the philosophy of the CMMCPP, you get what you get.

Dec 11/06 RR
- - The Baker Boys: Stay Half the Course - by one of the world's few real journalists, Greg Palast, making the point that while the US Propaganda media like to tut-tut and worse about how Iran and Syria and others supply arms and things to Lebanon or the Palestinians and the Shias in Iran - never, no not EVER, do we hear about US ally Saudi Arabia performing the same function for the Shiites in Iran. Hmmmmmmm (lot of other good reading at Greg's site - stuff you NEVER see in the Canadian MSM)

The lies being told about Hugo Chavez - a writer named Johann Hari in the Brit Independent. Title explains it all - odd we never hear anything at all positive about one of the leading social democrats in the world in the Canadian Mainstream Propaganda Corporate media. haha. Not.

Orwell Rolls in his Grave - another finding on Google Video - from the blurb, "...this film examines the connection between media, corporate America and the government in a country where the top 1% control 90% of the wealth..." - c'mon, you can do without American Idol for a night.

Dec 10.06 CNEWS
In the box: - - Guns hike Canada's murder rate

Out of the box: - - well, over 100 of these murders were committed by gangs, and there's a whole lot of other 'lesser' crimes done by these gangs as well. Now, here on Green Island, one thing we have done to reduce this kind of crime is to get rid of laws making things a lot of people want to do that don't harm anyone else such as marijuana laws and prostitution-related laws, and related things such as outrageous taxes on cigarettes that create a huge market niche for smugglers - and thus remove the incentive for gang-related crime in the first place. Such an obvious thing to be talking about in a story of this nature, but all we read is a ratcheting up of the 'gun control or no gun control!!!???' 'debate' - odd that nobody at all in the Canadian Corporate Police State Propaganda media thought of it...... actually not now or ever has anyone from the CCPSM made this connection or even acknowledged that it exists, at least that I recall ...... hmmmmmm you don't suppose that somewhere deep down in the dirty bowels of board rooms high above Bay St where the mafia dons live and manage their Canada Corp they don't let their papers talk about stuff like this because they prefer to have drugs and as much of sex as they can manage illegal in order to keep that money rolling in, do you? Hmmmmmmm - sure be an interesting place to conduct a little scopalomine experiment (you watch it buddy, that's terrist talk!!)

Dec 10/06 CNEWS
In the box: - - Dion wins the cabbie nomination - and a quote from the Sheila Copps column: "...Pundits ridiculed Stephen Harper’s five-point plan, deriding the GST cut and claiming voters would not like to receive direct payment for child care. Conventional wisdom proved wrong on both counts..."

Out of the box: - - recall, Sheila was an MP for many years, and in the cabinet for a lot of the time - she is no innocent, so when she makes purposefully - ah, let's be polite - 'misleading' statements like this, it is not an accident. She is maintaining the myth of 'Canadian democracy' by pretending that Harper's cons won some sort of legitimate victory - but a simple look at the actual results, followed by a fairly simple calculation (64x36) shows that actually, the Harper gov got around 23% of the support of Canadians eligible to vote, which is something considerably less than the endorsement of most Canadians she implies here (her experience, I suppose, leading her away from the direct lie), or so it seems to us who believe that words have meaning other than those declared by the Red Queen, at any rate. Interesting to think also, the way the media has been pushing the Green Party lately, that if you do the same calculation (64x4.5) you wind up with 3% of Canadians rather than the 5% (and growing!) figure they like to talk about for this 'green support'. I still think there's something fishy going on here. (anything the media do is suspicious, since they are in direct cahoots with the oligarchy as their propaganda organ - for instance, just a question, we all know that 60%+ depending on which survey you look at of Canadians do not want marijuana to be illegal - yet we almost never hear a word about this in the media - if they were really supporting Canadian democracy, surely they'd be agitating about this, no?? And most Canadians seem to be against the 'mission' (that is to say, invasion and occupation) Canadian troops are participating in in Afghanistan, yet day after day we get feel-good, support-raising propaganda stories like this one, and never, never, never do we see something like this one - The political issues in the fight against war.)

The Canadian media - Propagandists for the Empire. And proud of it.

Dec 10/06 CNEWS
In the box: - - Pickton defense has mistrial concerns

Out of the box: - - another shining example of how the entire Canadian 'justice' system has a large component of 'circuses for the masses' built in, along with its general function of being the final buffer between We the People and the Oligarchy, and the 'legitimate' enforcer of the oligarchy's 'do as you are told, citizen' rules. 'Justice' may actually happen sometimes, but it is in spite of rather than because of the system (and justice often quite obviously does not happen, i.e. here just for a recent example of an endless stream over the years), but such occurrences are very much incidental to the main 'bread and circuses' feature of the 'justice' system. It's a very solid indication of the absolute power of the Canadian indoctrination system that most people seem to accept this sort of public spectacle as having anything to do with 'justice'. On Green Island, we have developed a much fairer and quicker and reliable system, such as is described in The Montague Student Trial. It is very obvious why such a system would never be countenanced in Canada, of course - it would not be long after this that people would start demanding that various public officials, including former 'judges' and other high-ranking members of the former 'justice' system, have a little scopalomine test themselves, and not a single one would emerge without admitting to many crimes against the people in service to the oligarchy. Not a one. And the lying politicians of Canada? hahaha - off to jail, every one. And the higher ups in the Canadian media? Off to jail every one. Haha - imagine for a second RCMP chief enforcer Zaccardelli giving TRUTHFUL EVIDENCE!!!!!!!!! No, no, no NOOOOO!!!!! - not EVER EVER EVER to be considered in the Great Democracy of Canadaland!!!!

So the citizens are diverted with these great entertainments passing as 'justice', and never in the Canadian corporate propaganda media will you hear any whisper that things might be done much better.

Dec 8 GIV
Dear Mr Paine, My friends and I have been talking about this story - RCMP raid Vancouver-area massage parlors - and we still can't really understand why the people in Canada (and some of the old fogies here on Green Island too, I suppose!!!!) are so uptight about everything to do with sex? Wouldn't it make a whole lot more sense for those people to simply acknowledge that sex is a natural thing, and people are going to do it with each other, and as long as it is consenting adults of some sort then it really is no business at all of any government to be trying to stop them? What's wrong with them all, Mr Paine? We can't really get this figured out, but some of us are planning to go to that country in a few weeks, and we figure if we don't understand this, we might inadvertently get in serious trouble somehow - and I don't mean just the laws, you know, but the mindset behind it all. It truly is quite confusing, and we hope you can help us somehow.

Winnie from Montague Basic School

(Oh! PS! - and thanks for your help, or the help of someone from your office, about that trial story I did a few months ago - that really opened a lot of eyes, I think - and I hope maybe this will too. Maybe even some of our contacts from Canada might see it, and start to wake up. We really feel sorry for them - it must be awful to live in a place where the most natural and beautiful of all things is made into a cheap crime like this...)

Hi Winnie,
- and thanks for writing - we really like to see our young people getting involved with important things like this - it's going to be your society in a few years, and the more you know about things the better.

Anyway, about the sex in Canada stuff - they've always been like this - you wouldn't even want to think about what they were like 50 or 100 years ago! - compared to those times, they're positively liberated now. But I know they still seem pretty backwards in a lot of ways about these things, compared to any truly free and democratic society governed by We the People, not to mention outright stupid. I don't want to get into a long answer here, anyway, you know we prefer you to do your own research, but I will suggest a couple of things you might read on and talk about some more with your friends and on AGORA, a couple of connections you may not have made yet, by the sounds of things.

You see, it's not really about 'sex' per se they are all excited about, that's just the excuse, or one of the excuses (well, actually, of course, the 'believers' may be excited about it, as they've been trained to be, but that's not what those who initiated and still impose these customs are doing). What it's about is simply control, control of the people by small groups who want to have power over everybody. And since sex, as you understand, is such an important thing in people's lives, and in a deeply psychological way, if one group can get a lot of power to control people's sexual activities, then they are a long ways towards controlling the people themselves through various things - and in big groups, not just individuals. The earliest controllers of this type were religious controllers, and they are still the central part of the problem. But of course the modern totalitarian Big Brother/Mother type governments, including the western pseudo-democracies such as Canada that I know you learn about in your Basic Schools now, have quite willingly taken up the banner of getting involved in people's sex lives as another method of controlling them in general, through the big police budgets and interventions in people's private lives on the basis of their sexual activities. And of course, since it is such an important and basic activity in all its forms, when the government decides to criminalize such things, it opens the door for organized crime to come in and provide it for a price, which, as with the drugs that many people choose to use that are also, and equally stupidly and anti-democratically, illegal, gives them huge profits, with which they undertake many activities that most people would rather not have going on in their society - such as bribing politicians not to change these barbaric laws, as getting out of people's lives in this way would destroy the financial base of this organized crime.

So, Winnie, the people in Canada are so backwards about things like this because that is how they are indoctrinated to be, from their earliest teachings both in their religious centers (I'm sure you've learned that something like 85% of Canadians still believe in some mythological god too - again, part of their indoctrination, and an important part of the reason they are so backward in some very important ways, and can be controlled by their governments in ways that are unthinkable in a free society like Green Island) and in their schools, and from their parents and 'elders' who were previously 'taught' the same things - and then from continual government criminalisation of such things to maintain the repressive attitudes.

If you want to get into some interesting related things, you might think about the advertising you see on the Canadian and American television stations when you watch them, or in the magazines or newspapers you read sometimes from there - so much advertising revolves around sexual themes, and yet anything other than monogamous sex with a married partner, very much preferably of the opposite sex although they legally recognize 'same-sex' marriages they call it, is either deeply frowned upon by 'official' society or outright illegal, like these 'massage' parlors. It's not only amazingly hypocritical, it is also very psychologically damaging to many people, who believe, largely because of such advertising, that their ability to seem successful in society is somehow tied to being a sexually attractive and dominant person - yet most sexual activity is banned or disapproved of (and, of course, realistically speaking, few people meet the high 'standards' of the models featured as 'beautiful' and 'sexy', or 'strongly masculine' for the males - so the odds are very much stacked against any particular individual of finding happiness and self-validation through the role models featured in his or her society as 'highly desirable' - and add in rich, and practically nobody qualifies - but everyone must strive for this unreachable ideal!!!)! It's no wonder they have so many mentally unbalanced people in these countries. (but think beyond this too - mentally unbalanced people are GOOD for the kind of pseudo-democracy they have for a government - mentally unbalanced people are not thinking real clearly, and when they do think at all, it is not about whether or not their government is democratic or not, but about how their sex lives are going!!!!). And that is life in the Canadian box, or farm, or whatever one wishes to call it. And thus it will remain until they understand what is being done to them, and regain control of their lives. And that is still another reason it is so very, very, very important that any community or nation that truly wishes to be democratic insists on keeping power with We the People, rather than allowing ourselves to be hoodwinked by the capitalist perversion known as 'representative' democracy - as in every situation where such a government has been allowed to become established, the 'representatives' very quickly become corrupted by the money of the criminals, and become 'representatives' of the overlords selling their elitist-maintaining program to the people, rather than OUR representatives as they are advertised as being.

But that is a letter for another day - thanks again for writing Winnie, this is something I hope everyone starts to talk about a bit more, as it is quite important to understand what they are doing in Canada, and try to encourage some of your own peers through your internet chat rooms and such like to grow above these primitive, controlling things they have been indoctrinated with. It's not a very hopeful thing, I know - but then again, Green Island itself was only a dream for a long time, and look where we are now.


Dec 8 CBC
In the box: - - Britney explains her partying ways

Out of the box: - me, I sure am happy the CBC, the national broadcaster of Canada that caters to the more intelligent crowd (as opposed to the Sun chain which targets the blue collar redneck beer drinkers, for instance, or the Pispot which targets the out-of-the-closet rightwing crazies) thought this revealing (haha) item was important enough to spend time with - thus telling me that it was important I know this to live a full and well rounded life as a Canadian citizen, able to contribute to the debate on the important issues facing our country at this time. I mean, heck, some paparazzies even got pics of her with no underwear!!!!! Holy fuck man get on the Google and go looking for that stuff!!!!

Now, the last few days I have sort of come across a few old BBC documentaries called The Century of the Self on Google Video (which is becoming sort of the leftie-commie-terroristlover repository of things - they ought to be stopped, who knows what crazy ideas people might get from this stuff) - and yea, you know, you can understand why the CBC is featuring stuff like Britney and her wow like really important life mine is so, like, drab, you know, we non-celebs are sure lucky there's people like Britney around to make things interesting for us (not to mention having the CBC to make sure we understand important stuff like this) - people ought to be thinking about Britney's parties and (lack of) panties rather than stuff about how citizens are being controlled by propaganda. I mean, do we want to be happy cows on a happy farm or what?

In the box: - - Christmas tree tradition grows in Renfrew City - Troops serving overseas remembered as tree decked out for season

Out of the box: - Grade A Propaganda - hitting on pretty much all of the 'reaction buttons' or whatever you want to call them - it's Christmas, right, so we're all just doing good stuff here and only some fucking commie or terrorist-lover would even think about trying to make people feel bad at Christmas or something, man!!!! - so let's talk about 'our troops' - and of course they're doing really great and honorable stuff, 'risking and, in some cases giving their lives' always, good Canadians wouldn't support em otherwise, right?? - yeayeayea!! - note that they're 'serving' overseas, of course - we wouldn't want to say anything like 'Canadians soldiers invading and occupying a foreign country in the service of the American hegemon, nobody knowing exactly what the fuck they're supposed to be doing but trying to keep alive and shooting a lot of innocent people in the process...' - nah, that's them fucking commies and terrorist lovers talking again -

- and it's working, of course - our propaganda people have had a lot of years of practice - "It's had a unifying effect on area residents and has become a source of pride as well, said county public relations guru Bruce McIntyre who came up with the tall tree idea.." - and we got the pipe and drum band, and 3,000 kids being shipped in from all across the county -

- like I said, Grade A Propaganda - after all this stuff, what is the average person going to think? - not about debating whether or not Canadians should be there, half way around the world in service to the American hegemon, no no no - and that's exactly the point - the average Canadian is supposed to be thinking exactly what the propagandists want them thinking - the Canadian soldiers are all good and honorable people doing good and honorable stuff around the world in the Defense of Freedom and Democracy Rah Rah Rah RAH!!!!!!

(Sure, a lot of military people are good people - but that has nothing to do with whether or not we should be using them to backup the Americans in their destruction of the world - but this kind of propaganda tries to avoid talking about the real issue at all by using this sort of propaganda - "Our troops are good Canadians - ergo anything they are doing we should support!" - unfortunately, a whole lot of people are very susceptible to this sort of propaganda, along with the other stuff they use, and until they start waking up a bit, we're going to be heading in the wrong direction.)

Life in the Box.

Dec 7
Walking thoughts: - Think of building widgets. You can, let us say, build a widget that is very sturdy and will last for 25 years or longer and sell for $5, giving you a decent profit of some sort. Or you can build the same widget using slightly different techniques and materials, sell it for the same $5 and make a slightly larger profit, and it breaks down or up or whatever kind of widget it is in 2 years, 3 tops. If you're a capitalist, there is no choice, of course - the short-life widget. I think the 'supreme' court of the US has even affirmed that corporations not only may but must act like this, since their only real raison d'etre is maxing investor profit. And then consider the socialist, whose goal is not the enrichment of a small group of investors, but the well-being of all members of society - and part of the wellbeing includes considering the effect on our environment of our activities. Again, the socialist widget-maker sees no choice - she of course goes for the long-life widget, thus improving life for the people who buy the widget, and the society as a whole.

And then think about a consumer culture of millions and millions of different widgets, and the effect that capitalism is having on all of us, and our world.

And then maybe wonder why all of the advertising we see has us all convinced that we need to buy shiny new widgets as often as possible, and not ever, ever, ever, EVER in 12+ years of 'education' do you get a chance to talk about things like this, or even told about them by your 'teachers'.

And then you could ask why we believe so many things that are so obviously wrong, and bad for us all.

And then you might start seeing one part of the Box. Or you might just wonder what sort of shit this is and go back to the tv. (Judging on who is running our society, and how many people are loving it all, I know where I'd put my money. haha.)

Dec 5/06
- Why the Canadian Liberals elected Stephane Dion as new leader - good analysis, which is why you will never read it in the CCM - i.e. "...Ignored in all this is that the current Conservative government is only continuing on the right-wing course blazed by the Liberal governments of Jean Chretien and Paul Martin, in which Dion loyally served. During their twelve years in office (1993-2006), the Liberals imposed the biggest social spending cuts in Canadian history, stripped the majority of the unemployed of any entitlement to jobless benefits, implemented massive tax cuts skewed to benefit big business and the well-to-do, joined in US-led wars against Yugoslavia and Afghanistan, and passed draconian anti-terrorism laws that give the state the power to detain people indefinitely without charge...

Dec 5/06 CBC
In the Box: Time for a pause in politicking - with this quote - "...But the notion of politics as a non-stop game of king-of-the-hill does a disservice to Canadians. They elect governments to govern, not to bide their time between bouts of partisan combat. They entrust power to politicians to solve problems, not to prepare for the next battle..."

Out of the box: - This is perfect Box stuff, exemplarific to the nth degree. Carol Goar is a good commentator and writer, obviously a good citizen who cares about doing 'the right stuff' for Canada and Canadians - but also firmly entrenched in the Box. She still has the quaint sort of idea (as do most of her readers, of course) that the people elected to the Canadian parliament are actually going to be doing the best they can for Canada and Canadians, as per 'Canadian democratic theory' - which is, of course, a total fantasy. Once you get your feet and brain outside of the Box, you start to understand that this 'king of the hill' game really is the most important game for Canadian politicians, because the rewards for winning are considerable - just check out the travel these people do, for starters, on the public budget - whilst accomplishing dick all for We the People. The travel is important, of course, in some respects, as the rulers or their reps get the chance for some face to face, private conversations and things - but the only connection that has to governing 'we the people' is along the lines of how to continue royally screwing us and maintaining their control and increasing their vigorish.

Dec 4/06 CBC
In the Box: Canadians battling Taliban propaganda

Out of the box: - - the brazenness of these people has no bounds. The Canadian media daring to accuse someone else of propaganda?!?!?! Wow. Maybe that explains that they seem to not even understand what 'propaganda' actually is or something - they seem to feel that threatening people is propaganda, which it isn't, or that - well, direct quote here - "...The work done by Psy Ops is not military intelligence. It is aimed at influence peddling' or selling the Canadian forces to the impoverished people of the region. You might call it the anti-propaganda unit..." - and there we have a direct statement that the Canadians are involved in propaganda (what else would you call 'selling the Canadian forces to the people'?) - but they call it 'anti-propaganda'. This really is neverlandCanada. Orwellian, actually - propaganda is anti-propaganda.

Speaking of propaganda, one can only continue to wonder about stories like this - 70 to 80 Taliban militants killed in fighting in southern Afghanistan (same day, same CNEWS) - we see stories like this every week, with dozens and dozens of the Taliban or some other people the invaders don't like being killed. It all strikes me as very questionable, at best.
  • these are the same fighters, or fighters from the same groups, that have been turning away invaders to their country for centuries, their most recent major accomplishment of course being getting rid of the Soviets, albeit with some American help - and yet here we are knocking them off by the busload every few days. With next to no casualties of our own. Hmmm. In their country, where they know the turf etc. How can they be so incompetent? Sounds more like a computer game fantasy to me. We note there are very few actual details about bodies and things - what is happening to all these hundreds of bodies? They just leave them there for the carrion eaters or relatives to come and get? Do they collect them and bury them or identify them or anything at all? Do the bodies just vanish, to sort of reappear a week or so later for another great battle and body count? One wonders about things like this in the real world.
  • but let us assume the figures are correct - is this supposed to win friends and influence people? Those 80 people we killed - were they all 'battle hardened soldiers' who put their lives on the line willingly, as soldiers do, and thus we can not really complain about such deaths? Or were a lot of them kids who didn't really have much idea what they were doing, just fighting for the freedom of their homeland against a powerful invader a la Luke Skywalker opposing the Empire etc? Do we want to suppose that those 80 people had families and friends, or did they just exist in some computer-game vacuum? Assuming they had friends and families, how are they going to feel about the NATO people - and Canadians - now? Those and the hundreds of others we are supposedly killing every week....
  • Assuming again this is true, can we call this anything other than mass murder? The first sentence says enough - "...An estimated 70 to 80 Taliban militants were killed by NATO soldiers in weekend fighting in southern Afghanistan after Afghan police told military authorities where insurgents had gathered, an official said Monday..." - so it sounds as if the Taliban were not attacking anyone, or engaging in any mutually-agreed upon 'let's duke er out bob' battle, but the 'good guys' just sort of snuck up on them, with helicopters and jets, and bombed and shot the fuck out of them, killing whatever number. Recall the situation here - this is THEIR country, YOU are invading and occupying and killing. Imagine if you all there in Canadaland had a free press rather than the Canadian propaganda people covering something like this. Just imagine for one freaking second that GOD showed up some day, and judgement day was at hand, and The TRUTH and JUSTICE were going to happen - would you really want to be on the witness stand justifying what your soldiers are doing there right now, with some real serious consequences if your answers weren't good enough to justify these 80 deaths? Or would you rather not?

Dec 3/06 CBC
In the Box: Dion surges to leadership

Out of the box: - and the smoke and pony show continues in Canada, lots of circuses to keep the masses away from any dangerous thinking or activity. I think the run up to this one was something they took a bit of care with, "Wow! All the great candidates! Such a good choice - intelligent, clean people, people you'd really trust to lead us, honest people for sure! HONEST!!!!' and etc and etc - the media is so good at this sort of thing, after decades of fine-tuning. The entire political system has taken a beating the last few years, with so much lies and corruption going on, and so many policies that so many Canadians oppose being enacted in the 'democracy', and the entire infrastructure deteriorating whilst the elite become ever wealthier etc (record bank profits every quarter etc), and so much propaganda coming from the media trying to justify it all whilst encouraging the worker bees to work ever harder because after all, you're only having problems because you're not being productive enough you damned lazy buggers, that I think the 'real' government, the one you don't read about in the papers that operates from Bay St boardrooms and doesn't ask for your votes, still at least a bit less psychotic than the American elite although drifting that way noticably at times, decided it was time to clean up the act a little bit, try to get a few more of the Canadian voters back onside of the tweedledee-dum show, believing that they actually had some say in the running of the country - always a bit behind the times, the Canadian elite are still working on the idea that propaganda can control the people, while the Americans are never far away from reverting to simple violence to keep the people in line. Actually probably more dependent on propaganda - one senses that turning to violence to control Canadians would be a much dicier proposition for the Canadian ubers - for one thing, they just don't really have the huge military and police presence that the Americans have always had, and also I think the police and military probably have a lot more members in Canada who would hesitate a bit a being told to perform such a role - and the Canadian people too, I still think (against considerable evidence at times), are somewhat less brainwashed than the Americans on the whole, and there would be a lot more resistance to such a thing. Which means that Canada is still a somewhat kinder and gentler society than America. But moving in the wrong direction.

But back to the GREAT NEW LIB LEADER OH WOW!!!!!!!!!! dog and pony scamshow whatever you choose to call it. Will Dion change anything? My guess would be not much - it's more of a 'good cop bad cop' sort of scam - did Chretien change anything after we booted the hated Mulroney? haha - his first act was to sign NAFTA, which he promised to 'renegotiate or abrogate', and he just forgot about the major campaign promise to get rid of the GST (regardless what you think of the GST, how can you justify this kind of blatant lie?) - Mulroney later commented that Chretien et al did things he would never have tried, or gotten away with - but the Canadian people, given their direction by the media, just lapped it all up and came back for more. And Martin, as finance minister, slashed social programs over the next few years to levels not seen since the 1950s - and bragged about it - and everybody loved him for it, whilst the bankers and 'investors' kept raking it all in and the people got poorer and poorer and worked more and more and the newspapers and media said what a great job he was doing. Strange country - but the power of propaganda became more and more evident to those who were out of the box and watching it all with interest - as with the latest incarnation of Liberals the Natural Governing Party, Doing GOOD STUFF For Canada yea!!! (so you damned peasants just get out there and vote for em next time, eh?!! Yea!!). So now that Canadians have had a taste of what 'the bad guys' are like under Harper, and have this 'clean' new Liberal to vote for, and we aren't going to hear anything much about 'sponsorship' anymore, and we NEVER hear anything about the banks et al stealing $30 billion a year through the national debt scam or certain other things the ubers don't want you thinking about - well, I expect that Dion will win the next election - and with perhaps a bit of feel good enviro stuff that the media can use to 'prove' that once again Canada is a Great Liberal Democracy, carry on with the New World Order.

That's what she looks like from Green Island, what the rulers of Canada are up to.

And if you're still feeling insomniac, there's more here

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