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Sept 11/06 - CBC
Fair and unbiased, eh?

Dear Canadian Association of Journalists,
Re: (Layton: Canada will punish PM over Afganistan, By ALEXANDER PANETTA, Sept 11, 2006

Dear CAJ -
I write to point out a story from a Canadian paper that you might want to have a word with them about, insofar as the writer seems to have some significant breachings of your Code of Standards, as given in the Canadian Association of Journalists Statement of Principles, on your webpage.

(This is quite a noble document, actually, in theory - all I can say is that I wish I could see a bit more of it reflected in the current Canadian media, which seems to be more involved with gatekeeping and spin and concealment of various things and outright indoctrination-cum-propaganda than any actual neutral 'reporting' of things ....)

Your SofP says, for instance (I presume the 'we' refers to both individual reporters and the larger media outlets they write for, insofar as either are members of your organisation):

"...We will not allow our own biases to influence fair and accurate reporting..." and then "...We will clearly identify news and opinion so that readers, viewers and listeners know which is which..."

- and then I have the story, referred to in the opening, from the Ottawa Sun, via CNEWS, which begins: "...NDP Leader Jack Layton urged his troops to prepare Sunday for an election campaign he seems determined to fight against U.S. President George W. Bush. .."

(let us just overlook the spelling error, even in a headline, as this sort of thing, deplorable though it is, is becoming common in all levels of Canadian journalism, as all media owners pare staff to the bone in the name maxing the ROI of their owners - which also, actually, no doubt has a lot to do with the amateurish level of writing we see so often anymore, and the continual insertion of commentary into what should be news stories through the choice of words, presentation of 'facts', etc)

- now, this whole article is NOT identified as 'commentary or opinion', but rather is presented as a 'news' story, in the section where 'news' stories are usually found, and not in the section where opinion pieces are found, but that bit about "..determined to fight against Bush" sure sounds like commentary-opinion to me. That is to say, the writer is not quoting anybody here, most especially Layton whom he is maligning, but is quite obviously interjecting his own somewhat disdainful opinion into the lead sentence of a story about the activities of the NDP convention - perfectly fine in a commentary piece of some sort identified as such, very much less so in a 'news' story, as it gets in the way of 'fair and accurate reporting', when the 'reporter' tells the readers right up front what, in his opinion, they ought to think of the following story, rather than just report some facts and let them make up their own minds what to think of it all. If I might interject an opinion of my own, I strongly suspect that were you to poll NDP delegates, for instance, you would find most of them 'determined' to fight the next election against Harper, with probably a few who felt they were fighting the Libs, and maybe even a few who thought they had to fight the Greens or perhaps Bloc in Quebec - but I strongly suspect NONE would say "Oh, yes, obviously the election must be fought against G Bush, obviously, of course hmphh hmphh!" - I certainly haven't seem anyone commenting along these lines, anyway, in the various mainstream and alternative media I peruse each day, and certainly not Layton, 'determined' though he is, according to your reporter, to follow this path. Heck, if Harper (not to mention a lot of other people) is extremely lucky or something, G Bush might not even be around by the next election. (and you can see the rest here)

Sept 8/06 - CBC
In the box: - Mao remembered - "... Young Chinese performers sing propaganda songs at a Cultural Revolution and Mao-themed restaurant in Beijing on Friday. Despite failed policies that left millions dead and brought the country near to collapse, Mao is widely revered for his founding of China's communist regime..."

- Out of the box: - - and then we wonder if this isn't some part of Full Spectrum Propaganda - that is to say, when the Americans sing The Star Spangled Banner (or America the Beautiful, whatever) on days that are important to them - is that "singing a propaganda song"??? (what about 'The Green Beret'?) - or what about a sentence like this - "...Americans honor George Washington yearly, even though he was instrumental in establishing the most violent and militaristic government the world has ever known, engaging in aggressive wars throughout the world even before its official founding (i.e. the genocidal attacks on the original inhabitants of the area now known as the USA), through the century of the abomination known as 'slavery', which many Americans still think was and is an acceptable way to treat 'inferior species', and until today, when the Bush regime conducts 'preemptive warfare' against countries that represent no threat to it, for purely empirical purposes, and has murdered millions of people in other countries, most of which they dismiss as unimportant 'collateral damage' " - cool, huh???? Think we'll ever see that the next time we see a pic of gang of American citizens on July 4 singing and saluting the flag, or schoolkids taking the Pledge of Allegiance, etc etc?

Sept 8/06
Full spectrum propaganda: - Planet of the Arabs

- please note, I do not suggest via contrast that Muslims are all great and wonderful and peaceful and progressive people - that does not appear to be the case, given their treatment of women in general and the warlike ways many of them seem to possess (these traits, of course, are very evident in western society as well - the Americans have been at war with someone pretty much nonstop for the last 400 years, and we may have 'women's lib' etc, but we also have a huge amount of under-the-table-accepted 'winkwink' violence against women (and many others). But that is not the point (it's a point for another day, but not this one) - the point is here, by demonizing such people in this way, you don't help anything - well, let me caveat that - you don't help We the People and our natural desires for such things as peace and prosperity and getting along with one another, whoever one or the other is, which most people are naturally inclined to do - you do, of course, help those who want to create a climate of fear and maintain their control over everyone as the warlords 'protecting' us against 'a terrible enemy' - AND - you help the same sort of people on the other side, those who run around proclaiming the west as 'the great satan' and drumming up people to kill in the name of THEIR freedom, and making the same sorts of justifications for repressive governments as are being made right now in the west.

And that is not rocket science, it is not secret, and the people running the place are not entirely stupid - that is to say, they're pretty stupid about a lot of stuff ('there is no acid rain', etc), but not about the ways of power - so you can be pretty confident they are doing this intentionally. And where does that lead the inquiring mind? Well, one place it leads is the rather obvious question - since so many people appear to believe this crap, how many inquiring minds are there, actually, in the US or Canada? I don't think you need to be a mathematician to count that high. The lemmings are running. The cliff is nigh. The inquiring minds are labelled with derogatory names. The tv non-minds rule.

Sept 7/06, CBC
In the box: Well, this makes it pretty much official - you know how sometimes when you've gotten some really bad news and your first reaction is just denial, and finding excuses, waiting for something better - that's how I was with the CBC for awhile, after being away for awhile (not in jail you idiot, just in a place where CBC radio was not available until recently) listening to the evident propaganda and indoctrination-reinforcement coming therefrom, trying to find good things, maybe times where they offered at least alternative points of view to the propaganda they were featuring. Well, it's been a sad few months, but time gets you there, gets you past that denial stage and ready to face the truth, however difficult it may be. Today came sort of the final kick in the teeth that led to that "OK!! I accept it!!" moment - the CBC I knew a few years ago, is no more. Saruman the White has been turned to the Dark Lord. Michael Enright is part of the Full Spectrum Propaganda that the Canadian media has become a central part of (maybe he always was - I was somewhat more innocent myself those many years ago and may have thought things that were not so). I have to say it out loud - the CBC that was once the epitome of integrity, of honest, fair, intelligent journalism in Canada, has become an official propaganda organ of whoever is running the country (that, as you must know, is NOT the 'officially elected government of Canada', whoever they happen to be - who exactly has the Chair at the board meetings high over Bay St or wherever they do these things is not info they let into any media, and I am not a spy nor do I have money to hire people like that, so I can't say for sure who it is - if you followed a guy named d'Aquino around for awhile you'd likely find out quite a lot of stuff about things like that, though. It doesn't really matter, the actual identities aren't all that important, all you need to know is that 'they' are there, as sure as you know the sun will rise tomorrow. If they don't nuke us all first, but that's a small order probability, at least for now. Although the situation is volatile and who knows what's going to happen tomorrow or the next day or next month or whatever.)

Anyway, getting sidetracked. Too much time on my hands, I guess. haha.

I just finished listening to The Current, edition Thursday Sept 7/06, on which for the first half hour was an 'interview' (I use quotes because it was obviously pretty well scripted - not word for word, but quite obviously planned leading questions and substance of answers sort of scripted, to be sure they hit the 'high' points they wanted the audience to hear) - with a guy called Terrence McKenna, talking about a new CBC TV documentary called 'The Secret History of 911'. Quite a notable production evidently - the guy said he'd been working on it for years, I forget exactly how many and I'll be damned if I'll waste the time to download it and listen to it again (you can chase it down if you want through the CBC - the Current has a lot of this stuff available) - and it was obvious, from listening to the guy talk and the clips they played from the film, that it had been done by some pretty polished propagandists - I'm sure it will be pretty thoroughly deconstructed in a few days by people with more time than me, so I'll just leave it up to them (check out Global Resarch in a week or so, probably the best bet).

Just a couple of high points whilst it's still sort fresh - when they talked about the tinhat 911 'conspiracy theorists' a week or two ago, they played the well-known X-files theme music in the background - in this film, in the one segment where they had music, it was the kind of thing you hear when there is something suspenseful happening, and the hero is coming to save the day - they were talking to some actor who said he was a pilot during the time there was no air defence over Washington, and he was the only one there because all the other air defence people had mysteriously (just a terrible mistake of some kind!!!) been sent to the north of Canada or something, so he was there by himself, and his plane was even unarmed!! golly!!! but by god, if he had of seen any jetliner trying to dive into some building in Washington, he would have done his best to just ram the great jetliner in his little unarmed plane and tried to bring it down!!! - no, really, listen to the damn interview, or it will be on the film - pure fiction, and of course it's the 'secret history!!' - so this is the first time in 5 years we have been told about this - and you know what?? - why, now we know also just why there was no response from the most formidable military the world has ever seen on that fateful day too, just especially for those people who had been wondering about that! Ain't our heroes SOOOOOOOOOOO freaking wonderful?!?!?! - man, like I said, pure, but well done, propaganda, and I'm sure the visual presentation of the whole thing is going to be one of the finest productions ever, hollywood's best writers and producers, out to put the boots to those damned conspiracy theorists once and for all. And they tie in everything - even the fictional 'liquid bombs' from a couple of weeks ago are brought into the film - they are so real, you damn peasants! And the reason our Great Leader of the Free World did not take immediate control of everything is explained too - the phones in the Presidential Limousine weren't working!!!! - and the Great Leader was left to try to contact his people through a borrowed cell phone!!! in the Presidential Motorcade!!!! - the greatest, most powerful, wealthiest, most paranoid nation on earth, redundancies up the yingyang for everything to do with safety and communication so the Power is absolute - and we are to believe that there was no communication available to "The President" during this time. Oh - one other thing - they say at one point that the American air force had a location where the Evil Leader bin Laden was - but they weren't entirely certain, so they decided not to bomb the place because they were concerned that there might be unnecessary civilian casualties, and so he was left alive and later planned this terrible 911 thing!!!!!. Nononono - I'm not hallucinating - they really did say that - and not a hint, of course, about how the whole Al Quaeda operation was an American operation from the beginning, way back in the old days when the Soviets were invading Afghanistan - no sir, nothing to do with history at all, that, no confusing things here, just We the Good vs They the Evil, as it always was and forever shall be. But then - we all know from dozens and dozens of reported incidents (and god knows how many UNreported incidents) from Vietnam to Yugoslavia to Afghanistand and Iraq just exactly how the American bombers and leaders feel about civilian casualties - it's amazing they could made a bald faced lying assertion like this - and not a comment, not a snicker, from anyone - just the CBC people pressing with the full scale propaganda - there never were any civilian 'collateral damage' casualties, people - all them stories and pictures just never happened! THIS is the HISTORY you must believe, citizens!!! (The scary part is, a whole lot of people probably will believe all this stuff)

Anyway, I got to get on to other stuff, but this whole thing indicates to me that the 911 Truth people are getting the official conspiracy theory people pretty worried. Very worried, actually, if a lot of polls are to be believed. (The US leaders of the whole thing are obviously pretty worried to, with the spate of lies and propaganda that's been coming out down there the last while as well, between the Hollywood movies and the tv specials and the endless speeches from the PNAC people about everything related to all this - the Bush people cannot be even a bit cool, though - Clinton officials balk at ABC's 9/11 miniseries, for instance, in which Clinton cannot even stomach some of the lies in the US version of the 911 story on this 5th anniversary - somewhat ironic that this story comes from the CBC website, covering complaints of this nature when they have their own fantasy ready to roll at the same time!). (And you want to know the oddest thing of all? The Clinton story is not on the news page, or the 'terrorism' page - it's on the 'arts and entertainment' page. Hmmmmmmmm. hahahaha)

If you are one of the people who are wondering about things (there's a lot out there, I know - anyone who has relied on the MSM for their info about this (or most anything else of a controversial nature) the last few years has NOT been getting the true story from the media, but there's a lot of things happening that make people wonder just what the hell is going on, as the 'official version' of so many things just doesn't add up very well once you start connecting various dots, even in an imprecise sort of way, with many missing pieces) - well, just get on the net and start reading some things. I'm not telling you to believe any particular thing - I'm just suggesting you get out there and start listening to some people who say the official version is full of crap - and then make your own mind up. I noted a few days ago the hatchet job the CBC did on the 911 Truth seekers, and the very hostile interview they had with Barrie Zwicker a few days after that, one of the handful of honest journalists in Canada who are actually talking about this in an open way - you can find out more here about his new book Towers Of Deception: The Media Cover-Up Of 9/11, and for a few other starters, check out the videos Loose Change and In Plane Sight, and a couple of books by a guy called David Ray Griffen, and maybe a film made by the BBC last year called The Power of Nightmares that talks about the origins of this stuff and is VERY interesting (and that for some reason has never been mentioned in the Canadian media) - and just put aside the natural feelings you have of "Oh, my god, MY government could not possibly be involved in something like that!!!" - and just see where the evidence takes you. If you approach this honestly, there is only one place you can come to. Really. And the sooner you and a few other people get out of the Box, the sooner we might have a chance to save Canada, not to mention the world, but one step at a time.

Me, I'm not givin up the day job just yet. The indoctrination and propaganda of these people is really powerful stuff.

Then again, so is the Truth. And that is on OUR side on this day.

Sept 6/06
- Jewish man removed from airplane for praying - this is what happens when you make everyone too stupid to think through endless government and media fearmongering, and all anyone can do is react to certain very vague stimuli. It's called many things. Slippery slope. High consequence territory. LCD. Chicken Little's army at work. Self-lobotomy becomes the norm. Not much time left to wake up. If you've ever been close to death you may recognize a pattern of sorts - there comes a moment when you have to choose - just let it go, or fight to get back. Canada is having a moment like that, the body politic of Canada is very near to a death cusp. You can't make the decision to turn back if you don't see the danger. It's a common theme in fiction, the evil, experienced older person taking the innocent youth to places that kid ought not be going. They might have a hero rescue them or something in the fiction book - but when such things happen in the real world, mostly the innocent don't come back.

What else can I say? There are none so blind ......

Sept 6/06
In the box: Emergency foreign policy debate unlikely: MacKay - and

Out of the box: - - well, here on Green Island, nobody tells us what kind of debate we are or are not going to have - We the People talk about whatever we think needs talking about, whenever we feel like talking. And what we decide to do about it, after a few days of sharing opinions around and having the 'learned folk' chip in their ideas about the legal ramifications of whatever it is we are talking bout, and all the rest - is what gets done. We the People tell our administrators to 'make it happen'- and they do, with no delays or arguments or lobbyists making secret deals or 'judges' getting involved or anything else. Or they find themselves back on the farm, like any employee that tells the boss to take a hike should (and that's immediately, not after another year or two or three or whenever the 'representative' decides to let you 'choose' again). You see, you folks there in Canada got this whole idea of 'representative' government really screwed up badly - it's become, essentially, 'elect somebody to tell you what to do for a few years, whether you like what they do or not' - which might be called lots of things, but it sure doesn't get close to the idea of 'democracy' as we understand it here on Green Island. It sort of seems like here on Green Island, We the People rule - while there in Canada, you the people are not much more than spectators. And thus you shall remain, until you rise up and toss the people who have stolen your government into the nearest jail (there's a huge list of stuff you can charge em with, believe me - read around and think about it).

(Same idea here - Murphy declares for Brison - what you do NOT see here (it may have happened, but I suspect if it did they would have at least mentioned it) is any indication that Murphy consulted the Lib people in his riding to see who THEY wanted to support, or a majority of them at least, or any indication there was some sort of meeting to talk about this - no doubt Murphy and the wheels of his riding had a dinner meeting to hash it out a bit, to see who was offering who the best deals and stuff - but that is NOT democracy, any way you shake it. But it is the reality in Canada.)

Sept 5 - CBC
In the box: INDEPTH: ECONOMY Bank profits: How Canada's big banks really make their money
Out of the box: - - quite wonderful, actually, as an example of the total fantasy, 'in the box' world they want you to believe in, but that has nothing whatsoever to do with the reality of your Canadian society - an 'IN DEPTH!!!' article that is nothing more than blatant disinformation (or lies, take your pick). This is indeed exactly what Orwell was talking about with the Big Brother Ministry of Information. Not a single WORD in this about how banks REALLY make their money - they create money out of thin air, and loan it to everyone including the government at prime interest rates - something like 95% of the Canadian money supply is created this way. You'd have to be a total fucking idiot (or maybe G Bush) (sh*t, is there a difference?) NOT to make profits when you have that kind of scam going on. And pretty hard for the Canadian people to ever wake up to this kind of thing when the highly trusted MSM in Canada are part of maintaining the lies that enable the scam.

Sept 5, Ottawa 'Sun'
- Terrorism not due to policy - "...What these policies do is make Islamist conspiracy theories look plausible. Every Western military intervention in Muslim countries gives credence to the ridiculous Islamist idea that the West is intentionally keeping Islam down. ... Moreover, even if Islamists hate the West, as they all do, they may not necessarily attack the West unless our policies push them over the edge..." - and etc and etc - as well as general slander, the piece is full of the shallowest arguments (i.e. comparing Apartheid and the west's non-intervention in south Africa with the entire American and British history of violent intervention in the mideast over the last 100+ years (that is, why didn't the south Africans hate the US the same way the 'Islamists' do, golly?)) (and this guy says he is a 'grad student in political science' - lord tunderin jazus, no wonder the world is such a mess - actually, it is quite logical, they teach 'political science' the way they 'teach' 'economics' these days - nothing to do with reality, all driven by politics - all part of the full spectrum propaganda machine you all live under there in The Free Democratic Republic of Canada.

But about the 'column' - all I can say is that I think it's time you people rewrote whatever laws you are putting SOME people in jail for on the basis of 'hate speech'. Really, you need to change them to something like 'Some hate speech good, some bad - check first. General proviso - if your government is officially publishing and sanctioning hate speech against other people ('damned murderers and scumbags' is the official Canadian military line for those who don't want us in Afghanistan, for instance), you can too, no prob! Always check first, things can change if someone new starts pulling our strings.' Or something. Really. Just imagine if anyone in Canada, even on some obscure internet site and not in a major national paper, dared to write something like this about a certain American ally in the mideast, with a long history of violence in pursuit of its goals - mymymy 16 months maybe?

Sept 4, CNEWS
Here now, we got this - UN: Officials to blame for record Afghan opium crop - "....This year's harvest will be around 6,100 tons of opium - a staggering 92% of total world supply. It exceeds global consumption by 30%..." - and then we have this story (note, from 2001) (although one might note this story, or these stats, have never gotten much play in the Canadian MSM for some reason, and you certainly don't get them now) - Afghan drug output wanes but only under Taliban - "... Since the ban imposed by Taliban supreme leader Mullah Mohammad Omar in July 2000, areas of Afghanistan under the control of the Islamist militia have witnessed a remarkable transformation as opium poppy cultivation has almost totally disappeared. This has resulted in some 70% of the world's illicit opium production being wiped out virtually at a stroke. .."

My my. Just think about that for a second - you know, THINK, stuff the MSM doesn't require, but being a citizen on Green Island does. It's fairly well known, actually, that the Taliban, think what you will of them about the fundamentalist Muslim stuff which is another story, are, or were when they ruled Afghanistan, completely against drugs of any sort, and were completely non-corrupt as well (unlike any of our western governments - insofar as capitalism = one dollar one vote (which it surely does) EVERY western government is totally corrupt). And the drug production stopped completely while they were in power. Now, you might think the US, with their ferocious "war on drugs" they've been conducting for the last 30 years or more would have been quite happy with this. Well, if you just believed the stuff you read in the MSM a la Winston's friends with no questions asked EVER, you might think this - but if you had your feet a little closer to the ground (that is to say, you had some of your own brain still functioning), you might have been aware that the entire 'war on drugs' was, is and has been nothing more than another huge scam from the criminals running your governments - keep drugs illegal, and you maintain the market for huge criminal profits and you justify a huge police presence in the country, it's really that simple. And so - if 60% (or whatever, that seems big, but still) of illegal drugs were coming from the pre-Taliban Afghanistan - and suddenly that supply was cut off by someone not playing the American scam (the PNACers are very, very big, but they do not (yet at any rate) control the entire world) - man, there must have been some very serious unhappiness among the big dealers in the US and elsewhere as they saw all that wealth (and therefore power) threatened - unhappiness reaching to the very top levels of the US criminal government. Sure they could compensate to some extent by raising prices for a limited supply (as per basic capitalist theory of course), but that only goes so far among poor people, who are the main users of illegal drugs and just cannot absorb unlimited 'market demand' price increases (in the same sense that consumers absorb, for instance, endless gas price hikes) - so what to do? Quite obviously, either a new supply source was needed (and if there were places that could meet or compete for this huge demand they would have been doing so, no? with such money to be made?) or - you get rid of the damned people cutting off the supply and reopen the old supply lines - some things are just not to be tolerated.

And goldarn it all if that isn't exactly what happened - Taliban cuts off major, MAJOR drug supply source to the US and thus threatens all that money and power in a very real, very serious way - and within months the most powerful military force in the world, controlled by the major crime syndicate in the world, is over there bombing the f*** out of the country (1, the invasion was planned BEFORE 911, and 2, on HIGHLY unlikely justifications (you may recall, the Taliban actually said to Bush et al, you know guys, just show us a little proof that this bin Laden guy actually did the crime you accused him of and we will extradite him as per our international agreements, to which the US replied, essentially, "we don't have to show you guys nothin, do as we tell you to or we're comin with bombs", knowing that no government could give in to such blatant threats and remain credible anywhere)), getting rid of that government and creating turmoil, in which the old drug lords re-emerge and - voila, a few months later (even poppies take a few months to plant and grow (haha that is actually amusing, NOBODY can hurry nature!!, growing plants don't give a f*** HOW many bombs you got jack, the process just takes what time it takes... (where's Woody Allen when you need him "OK photosynthesis you little fuck, you double time NOW!! or we're gonna bomb y'all !!!")), the drugs are available in greater supply than ever!!!

In neverneverland Canada, of course, that sort of idea would never get mentioned in the MSM, and if it ever got loose on the internet and people were talking about it, and asking some rather logical questions, they would start snickering "hehe conspiracy theory conspiracy theory tinhat tinhat hehe!!" - here on Green Island, of course, we understand truth when we see it.

That may not be what you want to hear, but it is the truth on this day.

From Green Island - where Truth is what we do.

Sept 3 - CNEWS:
N.B. Liberals promise more opportunities for young farmers if elected - and N.B. Conservatives promise tool tax deduction for skilled trades workers - and the latest running of the Canadian Election Dog 'n' Pony show is off. History starts today folks, last race is done, place your bets!!! Now, here on Green Island, we've done away altogether with the phony election scam every few years, but if we did something like this, why, the first thing our people would demand is some sort of accounting for the stuff all these people have been up to since the last election. Before I can judge whether or not to believe anything you say, how about a report on the last bunch of promises y'all made, and what happened to all of them, eh? (We understand, of course, that the Canadian MSM is not that anxious to get into issues of accountability about anything at all, as inquiring minds might start wondering about MEDIA accountability - and the answers the inquiring mind might start finding would not be all that complimentary to those folks in the media, anymore than they might be to the politicians....) And for the 'loyal opposition' who want all the voters to give a crack at the central kitty rather than the leftovers - well, you've been hauling in a pretty good buck for the last few years for - well, for what exactly? What have you done that might make voters think you deserve a shot at actually governing? Asking a few questions in the legislature? Isn't that what citizens do when they write letter to newspapers? (heh heh, just jokin, folks, I know the newspapers don't print any real hard questions any more than the 'loyal opposition' ever asks em in the legislature). But if people were going to ask questions, well, I mean, just for starters, how about, like, well, Premier Lord there, says now he has this great idea for a tax deduction for a workin man's tools - well goldarn it, as one of the old farmers said here yesterday, the man's been in power for goin on five years, and this is not actually a new idea - if he thought this was such a good idea, whyn't he just do it? Not to mention everything else he's talkin about....?!?!?!

Sept 3 - Toronto Star
The pressure's on - "... And now, whammo! It's September. ... You're thrust headlong into real life. Time to put back on that jacket of stress, to pick up the pace, to face the crowds and the complaints... " - golly, who would have thought? The truth sneaks out sometimes - so all the workers in Canada, working their lives to make the capitalists rich, are not all happy little worker bees? My my who'd a thunk it.... - and they work so long - "... Last year, 14 per cent of the workforce logged 50 hours or more on the job in September,.." - 50 hours in one month! Shocking!!! (actually that would seem to be a mistake on someone's part, they evidently mean 50 hours a week, which actually is kind of disgraceful in a prosperous country like Canada, where 'progress', to judge by the last 50 years or so, evidently means working longer hours for less security, although by golly you got more malls to go to to spend your money at, and more kinds of dish soap to choose from ain't capitalism just freaking wonderful?!? - of course, all this stuff happens the capitalists are stealing the whole country from under your veryh feet, which is why you need to work more and more and run faster and faster just to stay in the same place - maybe you'll figure it out sometime, although of course the more you work the more frazzled your brain gets, and the less time and available brainpower you have to do things like figure things out or do something about them when you do see some answers through the fog of lost time - it's why they like to keep slaves working as much as possible, and worrying about credit cards and stuff rather than minor issues like freedom and democracy. Some day, now, maybe you'll get a chance to visit Green Island, where 50 hours a month is actually about what most people work, lots of time left over for important personal stuff, and looking after your communities and stuff together .... it works good. All you got to do is get rid of that huge capitalist sucking vacuum over your heads.... and I mean soon, my friends, soon. There ain't a whole lot of sucking left to do, until there's nothing left but a wheezing husk of what only a few years ago was a country with a great shining future. And then you let the brainwashers take over ..... as someone once said a few years ago, the greatest tool in the hands of the oppressor - is the mind of the oppressed.

If you have a spare minute some day - think about that a bit.

Sept 3 - Toronto Star
Welfare study shows need for guaranteed income - Hugh Segal, who seems a bit confused sometimes (he thinks 'free trade' and George Bush are great, but seems utterly clueless that these are very much an integral part of the cause of the problem he appears to worry about here), but this is a good column nonetheless in laying out some history - the only thing is, just think to yourself what are the media doing? Things talking about the poverty of a couple of million Canadians get aired for a few stories over a few days after the report of last week, and then it will be forgotten again for another year or so (we do recall that it was in 1989 the gov vowed to end poverty in 10 years, do we? Or not - we sure don't see much about that sort of thing in the MSM) - on the other hand, of course, when the media is interested in seeing that Canadians direct their thinking in certain ways, we get the FSP (full spectrum propaganda) directed at us, day after day after day after freaking day - that is to say, can you recall a day over the last few years when there has not been some story about TERRORISMOHMYGOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! somewhere very close to the front page of the paper you read, or the tv newscast you watch? Not too many days at all. Or - Segal notes that the GAI was recommended in the MacDonald report of 1985 - this report also recommended the FTA with the US - and lo and behold, one was done and one forgotten. And also with the media - for years we heard nothing about poverty in Canada, but day after day after day we heard how WONDERFULLLLLL 'free trade' would be.

So still - we have these almost 2 million Canadians, and half a million kids, living in poverty - that is every day, whether you see their stories in the papers or not, they are living in poverty and suffering for it, every day. And the entire country suffers from this - when children raised in poverty grow into young people and start to understand the things they have missed and will continue to miss, the 3rd class life they have been relegated to by our society, they get angry, and violence of various types ensues, as they protest the only way they know how, and even those who are passive enough not to turn to violence still lead lives very much less than they might have had, had they been given decent educations and chances, and thus our whole society suffers from that lost potential as well as the individuals so affected. On and on and on, day after day, year after year, the victims of poverty suffer - this is real - and this is NOT in the paper much, outside of 'by golly we'll crack down on crime' stuff - the completely wrong way to go, as bombing 'terrorist-supporting countries' is completely the wrong way to go. And how do you justify this spinning of stories, this focus on certain things over others? - when was the last 'terrorist' act on Canadian soil? What REAL danger are we in from 'terrorism' here in Canada? (Well - maybe that danger is going up a bit lately, as Canada gets more involved in activities with the Americans that make 'the terrorists' take notice of us)? There is something desperately wrong with a society that says, essentially, 'tough luck kid pick better parents next time'. And something desperately wrong with a media that tries to push the citizens it 'serves' into fearful subservience to an ever more totalitarian leaning government with continual bogeyman stories, while ignoring those among us who need our help the most.

Sept 3 - CNEWS columnist
Nuke the bastards!!!! - We should nuke Iran - well, one will have to wait and see, but I confidently predict there will be no outcry whatsoever from anyone about this - talk about 'the other' religious group in the mideast in any way even remotely derogatory, and you're off to the slammer my friend for hate speech etc (geez, you wanna even try to imagine the outcry if someone in Canada said "NUKE IS****"?!?!?!?!?!) - but Iran now, who has NOT invaded anyone since they've become a free country (getting rid of the American puppet Shah, that is to say), or NOT dropped cluster bombs all over any nearby countries or bombed them back a decade or two and destroyed billions of dollars worth of infrastructure in the process, and who do NOT currently have nuclear weapons and are making no apparent attempts to obtain them (US allegations of anything should be seen for the fantasies they always are - we're still looking for Saddam's WMD, right?) - well, I guess that's cool, we don't like the way their leader talks, so we can call out from a major Canadian newspaper to nuke em. Free speech and all that. Straight talkin. Cool. No prob. (Green Island note - I am not suggesting anyone shut Coren up, two wrongs don't make a right as they say, although one rightist can make a lot of wrongs - here on Green Island we actually do believe in free speech, and it is very useful for people like this to let everyone else know exactly where they stand, among other things (we tend to sit these people down in a circle of citizens and try to find out what their problem is, see where their problems stem from, that kind of thing, open dialogue among citizens type thing) - what the comment refers to is the amazing hypocisy of the Canadian government that it will toss people in jail for 'hate speech' against certain people, but hate speech against others - no prob. I see that big picture on the wall of Big Brother for some reason, and thought control and thought crimes ....)

Sept 3
In the box: 16 months for expressing opinions on a website - Man handed 16 months in jail for hate website. Scary as hell, as they say, scary as hell. The thought police at work. Not all promotement of hatred qualifies, of course - if we're promoting hatred against Muslims, it's ok - 'Murderous scumbag' shot par for course from new defence chief; no reprimand - wherein our top soldier drools hatred (he's done a lot of it) with the full support of the Canadian government: "If Canadians were shocked that the head of their military called his enemy 'detestable murderers and scumbags,' they better get used to it. Gen. Rick Hillier has never minced words, nor is he likely to start any time soon. His blunt assessment of terrorists in Afghanistan and elsewhere this week has the wholehearted backing of the prime minister.
"General Hillier is not only a top soldier, he is a soldier who has served in Afghanistan," Paul Martin said Friday in Nova Scotia. "The point he is simply making is we are at war with terrorism and we're not going to let them win."
Defence Minister Bill Graham's office refused Friday to soften or explain the comments of its top soldier. No "clarification" will be forthcoming, said spokesman Steven Jurgutis.
"I can certainly understand that there may be people who are concerned with the tone of his statements," said Jurgutis. But he said Hillier "has certainly been a fairly straight-talking individual throughout his career. "I wouldn't say this represents a change in attitude."

- and there you go, citizens - YOU damn well watch what you say or here come de judge - but WE can damn well say what we want about who we want. When we do it, it's just straight talkin, you see - but YOUR straight talkin - hey, shuuut upppp!!!. The media of course are basically with the government program, no story slandering Muslims is too overboard to blare out from the front pages - the one about the Muslim woman plotting to use her baby as a terrorist weapon sticks out, for some reason, as especially offensive, but it's non-stop in the media, constantly accusing people of being 'terrorists' and worse with no more proof than police allegations, very successfully engendering the fear and hatred of a whole religion in the Canadian people (and no later attempts at apology or anything when all the accused are released with nothing more than minor charges if anything, as in the infamous 'TERRORIST ROUNDUP OHMYGOD!@!!!!' in August 2004). And yet a few words on a scarcely known website about a certain other religious group - and bang bang Maxwell's silver hammer is beating on a head.

Voltaire: "I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it!" (well said, old chap, I couldn't agree more)

Alberta Court, presumably with the sanction of the Gov of Canada (hate crime prosecutions are supposed to have the permission of the Can gov, I believe): "We may disagree with what you say - so shuuuut uppppp!"

Yea, democracy, freedom, all that stuff we are 'fighting terrorism' to defend.

Sixteen months in jail for saying something the gov thinks you ought not be saying. That may be called a lot of things - 'freedom' is NOT one of them.

Sept 2
Sure good stuff comes out of America - George Carlin, Who Controls America - and Text of Mayor Anderson's speech ("....We are here today to insist that those who were elected to be our leaders must tell us the truth. ..We are here today to insist that our news media live up to its sacred responsibility to ascertain and report the truth, rather than acting like nothing more than a bulletin board for the lies and propaganda of a manipulative, dishonest federal government... We have been getting just about everything but the truth on matters of life and death, on matters upon which our nation's reputation hinges, on matters that directly relate to our nation's most fundamental values, and on matters relating to the survival of our planet...."

Sept 2
Mexico leftists prevent Fox's state-of-nation address - there we go again, endless endless endless full spectrum propaganda (FSP), you cannot turn around without having the indoctrination reinforced in some way - why, for instance, would the headline not read - "Mexican citizens prevent right-wing president's speech" ? Hmmmm???? Why not? The man is surely a rightwing president, a good bud of the rightwing Bush and Harper etc - so why not just say so? Because it is part of the propaganda, of course - leftwing = baaaaaad stupid socialists and commies and other bad stuff, we all know that now. And understanding the FSP sneaking in everywhere like this - what does that say about the Canadian media? Hmmmmm??????

Haha - a bit later - just caught the Sept 2 morning CBC newscast - the lady reporting about the situation in Mexico used the word 'leftist' at least a half dozen times - they must be getting worried that people are not getting the message quite right. Propaganda is so ridiculous sounding when you see it happening. I wonder if she knows how stupid she sounds saying "The leftist opposition...." hahaha - I bet not, I bet she thinks she's being a 'real' journalist, making the bosses happy ....

Sept 2
Nuclear weapons claim a lie, says Iran president - "...Iran's president continued his defiance of the West on Friday, telling a crowd that nuclear activity is "our obvious right" and that a claim Tehran is trying to build a nuclear weapon is a "sheer lie."... - well you have to give marginal credit to the CBC for at least reporting the words of the Iranian leader - but look at the framing - the underlying assumption is still that he is the bad guy resisting rightful pressures from Bush et al. What nobody has ever explained, at least that I have seen, is when the American gov was accepted as the sole arbiter of the world's countries and what they are allowed to do or not to do - oh, sure, I understand that the 300 pound bully in the schoolyard tends to do as he pleases, but this is not really supposed to be a schoolyard, it is supposed to be a world of civilized countries with semi-intelligent human beings running them (note the assumption there - I understand the world is not actually like it is 'supposed' to be). Still - wouldn't a more honest headline be something like "Bush and the American government continue to demand the sovereign, non-belligerent country of Iran submit itself to their imperial overlordship - is this the fate for all countries in the future?" - or something like that (don't get in a snit about 'UN Resolution #XYZtwilightzone' or anything - either you accept such things or not, and the US has a long history of NOT accepting them when it doesn't like them, so it just cannot, in any reasonable world, cherry pick ones it agrees with (that it has bullied the security council into passing in the first place) while ignoring others and demand they be complied with - and it is hypocritical beyond words that so much of the media just ignores this - but that's the Canadian medai, Lies 'R' Us, as always - and it's also very reminsicent of Big Brother's world, where the 'history' changes on a daily basis and all the citizens are taught to pay no attention, but to believe mindlessly what they are told today. How many fingers, Winston? As many as you say, Sir.).

We here on Green Island, however, do see the history here as well, which the Canadian MSM isn't that hot on when it contradicts things they are trying to push - we might recall, for instance, that the US gov and CIA were instrumental in deposing the democratically elected Prime Minister Mossadeq of Iran and supporting the US puppet Shah of Iran (Operation Ajax), who engaged in a reign of terror over the Iranians with the brutal and infamous SAVAK secret police until the Iranians finally replaced him with the beginnings of the current Islamic regime in 1978, so insofar as the current Iranian government is a hardline Muslim government, it is largely in response to the former abuses of the American-backed Shah - blowback indeed, although no mainstream western commentator EVER acknowledges that violent acts such as the Americans have performed for most of the last couple of centuries ever have repercussions. And let us not forget the country beside Iran - Iraq, you recall? - and a few years ago the US was stomping all over the place demanding Irq PROVE that it had no nukes, and not many other weapons - and as soon as it was as sure as it could be that this had been accomplished, they showed their thanks by invading a largely defenceless country, killing a few hundred thousand of its citizens, and throwing the entire country into the civil upheaval we see there now. Only an idiot would not see the message there, and when the US came demanding proof of disarmament on 'secret intel that someone has evil plans ohmygodwehavtabombem!!' yet again! meekly give in. And although the president of the US is surely an idiot whose strings are being pulled by others, the president of Iran is equally surely not.

Sept 1
Mulroney's big green con Enviros praising ex-PM forget we're still recovering from eco ravages of trade deals and GST - from a Toronto mag, more on the 'Mulroney the great environmentalist' myth (no direct mention of Elizabeth May, but one ought to keep this sort of thing in mind - people do have ephiphanetical experiences and change now and then, but other things happen too. Whatever the story is with May, stories like this one point out yet once again how very poorly Canadians are served by the elite-supporting mainstream media. (No, I am not suggesting they should run this story and not the others I am commenting on - I am suggesting that a real media would run BOTH stories, and let people make up their own minds. A real media would do a lot more debate-style things as well - that is, don't just hang a story like this out in a vacuum, but go and talk to some people and see what they have to say about whatever is in the story (the people involved, that is, not more 3rd party comments, although those can be useful too) - and then if there are more questions raised, go and talk to them again - a true 'point-counterpoint' sort of thing, but over a period of time, with several iterations, so it is not simply a matter of who shouts the loudest at the first who wins. Actual reasoned discussion is what the media should be giving us - and we see very little of either in today's MSM.

Aug 31/06
In the box: Tehran's defiance tests UN's mettle
Out of the box: - - words just sort of fail. Insofar as Canada might be said to have a 'paper of record', the honorary title would go to either the Star (biggest Canadian circulation) or the Globe, one would suppose - and here we see yet another example of the Star being nothing more than a mouthpiece for US Gov ' we are gonna run the world' propaganda and lies. I'm too disgusted to take this apart and send them a letter - just another couple of hours wasted. There's a good piece that puts the lie to most of the Star conitorial here on Counterpunch - Is Iran's President Really a Jew-hating, Holocaust-denying Islamo-fascist who has threatened to "wipe Israel off the map"? - Putting Words in Ahmadinejad's Mouth. One might note the Star conitorial is unsigned, but sure reads like some kind of half-rewritten talking points memo from the PNAC crowd, while the Counterpunch piece is signed, and the writer is a US citizen, now working in a South African university as a political science prof. Credentials don't mean everything, of course, and a lot of well-credentialed people work for the dark lord as well as for the truth - as always, you can only read and read widely and think and make up your own mind about what is going on. But if you just look at the obvious crap in the editorial (i..e they seem to be horrified at the thought that various mideast countries might aspire to get nuclear weapons if Iran is allowed to continue to pursue nuclear power (note - there is no proof whatsoever that Iran has nuclear weapon ambitions, that remains a fantasy still at the level of Saddam's WMD, but no Canadian paper is going to talk about this, they continue to push the US fantasy of Iran pursuing nuclear weapons, which will justify the upcoming bombing) - but that some already very aggressive countries already have them doesn't seem to be an issue; or the outright slanderous lies against the Iranian leader being pushed out like "we all know this stuff!" truths - at one point they seem to find it outrageous or funny or somehow beyond the pale or something that Iran's leader challenged Bush to a debate - geez I almost lost my coffee - can you imagine the Bush debating anyone in a fair one on one???? it is to fall off the chair in laughter - and the leader of Iran, regardless of what you think of his beliefs, is obviously a very articulate and well-educated man,with a good grasp of history and world issues - he would make Bush look like the total idiot he is in seconds, which of course is why such a debate will never be allowed or even considered (krist the 'man' is afraid to face a middle aged mother who lost her son in Bush's great Iraq invasion for even a few seconds - SHE would demolish the 'leader of the free world' in a few seconds as well - and the Star is pretending this man is - well - a 'man' with a brain or something, rather than the puppet for some very bad people that he obviously is, as most of the world outside of US-Canada North America recognizes) - well, it's the kind of crap you would expect in a rightwing rag like the Pispot or from some of the Sun columnists or the US empire mouthpieces - but NOT from what used to be Canada's best paper, before it was taken over by the corps last year. You just can't trust anyone anymore (the Current on CBC this morning was doing the same sort of lying crap about Iran, with their snippy little female hosts acting sososo self-righteous as they push empire and try to destroy those who stand against them - as the old saying goes, put a dress on a rat, and you still got a rat).
We are getting closer and closer to the end.

Aug 31/06
In the box we have: Prime Minister of Canada and B.C. Premier announce increased support for 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games - "... The Government of Canada has committed $552 million to deliver a successful 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games..." - and we also have this - Welfare payouts shrink, says report - "... n prosperous Alberta, a single adult's welfare cheque dipped to $5,050 last year from the present-day equivalent of $9,881 in 1986. The near 49 per cent drop, even after accounting for inflation, is among the biggest rollbacks in Canada... And in New Brunswick, a single unemployed adult received $3,427 last year, the lowest current payment anywhere in Canada...".
Out of the box: - - nice priorities, people of Canada. Nice. What else can one say?
(There are some people there who are concerned about this - In rich Canada, welfare worsens - Recipients get less than 20 years ago, Public is turning a blind eye to issue, by Thomas Walkom of the Star - he seems to live inside the box, but he definitely sees outside of it - "... the very poorest are getting poorer. This is not the result of some external or unforeseen crisis. It is happening in the midst of a long-running economic boom and reflects the deliberate decisions of elected governments presumably supported by the Canadian public at large to purge the roughly 1.7 million people consigned to welfare from our collective consciousness... It is shameful. It is pretty much criminal..." (careful Tom, I don't care how long you've been there, you can't be writing stuff like this in the modern Canadian MSM and expect to have much job security - even token sane people can only go so far....)
Indeed indeed. But who sees, who cares? How many stories about the olympics do you think Canadians will see in their national media over the next few months or years - and how many about the millions of poor people who will have no chance whatsoever to see them, or participate? I would venture to say that one single 'lunch meeting' of various olympic committees would cost more money than your average welfare recipient gets in a year (course, you won't read about that in the MSM either).
(Not to misperceive the things I say, as ol GB would say - I think sports are great, and playing sports is great - I just think it is stupid to make such physical competetions so important in a society (I mean geeZUZ do I need to hear every freaking baseball score of every freaking baseball game the day before on every freaking newscast several times each day????) - it's really just part of the big bread and circuses game, whereby controlling governments (and the media) keep the citizens from thinking about more important stuff by making such spectacles. Other competitions between countries might be useful and interesting - how about an olympic-style competition that compares countries on the basis of other things - things like - oh - how many young women in your country are forced into prostitution and drug addiction because you abandon them to poverty at birth and leave them to the pimps to exploit as they will? The country with the least such young women gets the gold!!!! - now, THAT would be a gold probably worth bragging about, something that had some lasting value in the heart for every citizen of such a country. Or how many poor people get into good university programs? How many poor people do you have, anyway? (Come to Green Island - we'd win stuff like this hands down - no competition - but we wouldn't compete anyway, it would be like a mature adult competing against stupid immature children. In everything. The rest of you, though - well, think about it.)

Aug 30/06 - Ottawa Citizen
Full Spectrum Propaganda in Action:
Pilot locked out of cockpit after going to bathroom - sort of a humourous anecdote, right? Pilot goes to the bathroom, somehow gets locked out of the cockpit - no real danger to anyone, a fully qualified 'first officer' still there ready to land the plane if necessary etc - haha funny things happen sometime.
Nonon!!! say our ever on guard terrorist analysts - this is just exactly what terrorists are looking for!!! - "...airline analysts warn that incidents like these are disasters waiting to happen -- both in terms of accidents related to human error and vulnerability to terrorism... The pilot "can be taken hostage by someone in the plane with hostile intent," said Peter St. John, a Winnipeg-based security analyst... "There's sloppiness, there's inconsistency, and there are vulnerabilities that terrorists are going to notice, and they're going to see it and say this is easy pickings."
In Green Island, we send these people (the 'analyst' here) for some help, or back to the mainland. They have serious problems. And quite obviously they are anxious to spread these problems around - as is the media that carries this stuff. It's part of the 'full spectrum propaganda' package you live under there - it's not a headline story, or a big booga booga story - just a little piece of dynamite planted in some corner of your mind, along with hundreds of other little pieces like it, that will stay there and subconsciously influence your decisions at some unknown time in the future. And the influence will not be in a good direction. Just see if you don't think of this story the next time you are on a plane and you see one of the people from the cockpit go to the bathroom. See if you don't have a little look around from the corners of your eyes to see if there are any terrorist like people watching this. BOOGA BOOGA GOTCHA!!!!!!
Full Spectrum Propaganda - everywhere you go, everything you do - they're filling your head with lies and fear.

Toronto Sun, Aug 30/06
In the box: The Plot Thickens! Sheila Copps has revealed a bunch of stuff about Ms May, apparently trying to boost her rep, but actually not being that helpful, it seems to me. In It May be good to be Green (clever, no?), Copps notes that early in her political life May worked for one Tom MacMillan, of Prince Edward Island, a Mulroney favorite who was quite central in getting the FTA pushed onto Canadians, and recently May helped organise a great party for Lyin Brian Mulroney, Tom's boss, for being Canada's 'greenest prime minister'. Interesting stuff, May's early contacts with, and current admiration of, the prime minister most despised by Canadians for his corruption and lying, not to mention the FTA. (I know, I know, the rightwing press hated Trudeau and never tire of talking about it, but Canadians thought Trudeau was about the best of the bunch - funny how well our media reflects the views of Canadians on so many things like that, and health care, and corporate taxes, and, well, most of the major things going on, actually). And we note also that Copps talks about how hard May is going to have to fight to get a seat - and again not a single freaking word about the electoral system - I mean, if Sheila thought May and the Greens really deserved some seats, surely the easiest and most honest and fairest thing of all would just be to give them the 5% of seats in the government the voters currently think they should have, and let them go on from there?? No??? Ya just gotta wonder at all this - with no PR system in place, and the rightwingers just desperate for a majority gov to finally pull the plug on what's left of Canada, that they are pushing the Green party now - even though it's actual values economically and politically are not well known and seem to be pretty right wing, if it draws votes from anywhere in the upcoming election, about the only party not in any danger at all of losing votes to the Greens is the Con party - Lib or NDP voters may be looking for an alternative for various reasons and think they ought to give the Greens a chance, and all that will do is push the Cons over the line in another handful of ridings, with the 'progressive' vote spread out among the Libs, NDP, and now Greens. And here comes the Con majority, and there goes what was left of Canada.

Oh well, there's always Green Island. The dream is dead. Long live the dream.

Toronto Snog, August 30/06
In the box: Editorial: Greens still too fuzzy - in which they carry on for several paragraphs about the small chances the Greens have of electing anyone, and say - "...Collectively, the Liberals, NDP and Greens won more than half the votes in last January's election. The Conservatives won their minority with just 36 per cent of the vote. ... The Tories would be in a good position to win the next election, too, if these three keep vying for and splitting the same left-of-centre votes.... Thus the challenge for the Greens is to explain why they remain a separate party at all, rather than merging with the NDP or the Liberals to push an agenda that would be attractive to progressive liberal voters who want both to protect the environment and defeat the Conservatives..", etc etc -
Out of the box: - So - according to the political whizbangs on the Star editorial board (I mean, the Star is the biggest selling paper in Canada, its editorial board should be more or less clued in people who know what's happening, right, not your average blog or anything?), the reason the Green Party doesn't have any seats is because it isn't selling itself well enough or something like that (that capitalist mind at work, right?). But - but - well, there are slightly over 300 seats in the Canadian parliament, and thus one would be forgiven for thinking that in such a fair and representative sort of great democracy a group of people with 5% of the vote would have (... let's see, 5% of 300 = ok) about 15 seats in that parliament. Well. Shut uuuuup. In Canada they get none. WHA?!?!?!

Well, you all know the story, FPTP and all that. Winner takes all fuck the losers - THAT's "representative' democracy around here, jack. Which is even more fun with several parties, when 30 or 40% support can give you the jackpot, if the rest of the vote is suitably spread around. (and we won't even get into how, when only 60% of the voters actually vote, and a whole lot of people old enough to breed and even kill (in the 'service' of the country of course!) are not allowed to vote, etc and etc, that means that a majority gov can be had in this great Democracy with something around 20% of the actual support of actual Canadian citizens (hahaha it gets more than a bit - um - odd - when those same majority governemts actually hold a referendum on changing the voting system to meet some considerably public pressure and say By golly, you citizens have to have at least a REAL 60% vote to change this system, for sure! don't get me started). Man, this democracy stuff is really something, you know?

The thing that's striking in the Star editorial is that they don't even get close to mentioning this. Why in the hell are all of these people so afraid of PR (proportional representation) that they absolutely refuse to talk about it unless absolutely forced to? This is not some crazy leftist idea - most of the 'civilized' world (that'd be Europe these days, America is past it, they're in the 'dying empire' stage, which is not 'civilized', and as an American protectorate, Canada is sort of in the same boat - I mean, we might be slightly more civilized in some ways, but we're definitely heading in the wrong direction) conducts elections on the principal that each party should have a number of seats sort of equivalent to the number of votes it received, and there is absolutely no argument that makes any sense at all against this - but as long as the Canadian elite has its way, we are not going to do that in Canada!!! No sirree - even though 5% of Canadians voted for the Greens (which would give them about 15 seats in a PR system), they're just SOL as far as the Star (and everyone else) is concerned, case closed, we're NOT going to talk about it!!! I understand quite well why the Lib-Con hegemony (and their Bay St masters) don't want anything to do with this, as the FPTP system usually results in one of those parties having a majority of seats with around 40% of the vote (YEAYYY DEMOCRACY AND RULE OF THE MAJORITY!!!!!!). What I find somewhat less easy to grok is why the Greens and NDP aren't making a much, much bigger issue of it (the NDP would have had over 50 seats instead of the 29 they have, for instance, in the election earlier this year - the only parties actually talking about this as something important, such as CAP, are totally frozen out of the media). As for the Star not wanting to even mention this sort of thing - well, my views on the role of the media in Canada are no secret. Actually, the party-electoral system is doing exactly what it has been designed to do - keep power AWAY from we the people, and invest it in the elite, which controls the major parties.

August 28/06
What is the role of the media anyway?
Sure as hell be a lot more useful to getting a realistic grip on the world if we had a lot more stuff in the Canadian media like this - Why Sustainability, not Terrorism, Should Be Our Real Security Focus - and a whole hell of a lot less crap like this - Islamists not easy target - but of course we are fed daily doses of the latter and virtually nothing of the former.
It sort of makes the inquiring mind wonder - just what is the role of the Media in Canadian society anyway? To promote the government agenda (that is to say, the agenda of the people who control the Canadian government, which sure as hell is NOT the citizens of Canada) - or to give Canadians the information and ideas they need to form realistic opinions of what is actually happening in the world, and why those things are happening, in order to make good decisions about what Canada should be doing, either at home or as part of the international community? Apparently our current media figures it is their job to push booga booga constantly, and create fear in the general population about bogeymen under every bed and klingon-type monsters out there just wanting to kill and maim us because they just like doing stuff like that. Fortunately, there are a whole lot of other people out there who now speak through the web who understand that all of that is BS, and are talking about trying to create a sane world. You now - what do you want? Booga booga and Big Brother? or sanity. You cannot have both.

Tranna Star, Aug 28 2006
This is kinda funny, for those into jaw-dropping irony (you know, not 'funny' funny actually, but like you might feel seeing a movie of Adolf saying "But ve really luv ze Jews, you know!" or something)- after all the booga booga the Star has gotten up to the last few years (all the rest of the MSM too, of course), they have the gall to mention "media hysteria" - have a gander - Karr finale grimly fitting - in which in the first para they say "... Just as before, law enforcement proved overeager and bumbling. Just as before, a hyperactive media went into overdrive, eager to pronounce guilt. ...". Hyperactive media!!!! Geez, have you guys read your own paper lately and all the WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE FROM TERRORIST OHMYFREAKING GOD!!!!!!! crap?!?!?! that's all over the front page basically every day, and most of it from 'bumbling' cops (I mean, when you tell the whole world you've just stopped an imminent terrorist threat from horrible terrorists blowing up airplanes, and then it turns out none of the accused actually had tickets for any airplanes, and no apparent plans even about buying any, you gotta wonder, don't ya? DON'T YA?!?!?!?) I don't know that much else needs to be said - you don't have to scroll much further down this page to get to some commentary about "Hellbrew!!!!" and "HORRIBLE MUSLIM WOMAN USING BABY FOR TERROR OHMYFREAKING GOD!@!!!!" from these very papers, stuff about as hysterical as you could get - and it's been going on for years. And will keep going on as long as people keep reading these papers and buying enough of them to keep them alive and letting them away with crap like this.

The whole JonBenet story is interesting in itself - one young girl killed, and media hysteria, to use their own word, for years - and yet day after day after day since 1991 or so we have been reading about young children horribly bombed to death in Iraq and Afgahnistan and Yugoslavia and other places, and there is next to no outcry about all these tragic brutal killings at all - hundreds of thousands of them. I won't get sensationalistic with pics right here - but they are available on the net, little girls or boys blown apart, beautiful young children whose lives have been horribly ended by American bombs. I don't think I have ever read, in the mainstream media, one single word of regret for these hundreds of thousands of children, or their grieving parents. It's not the kind of country I want to be part of, where 'our' lives are precious and to be cherished and their violent endings to be matters of shock and anger, but the lives of children in other countries, well who gives a fuck anyway (and as far as that goes, a lot of lives in this country don't seem to mean much either, if their parents come from the wrong side of the tracks or are otherwise 'lower class people' - when was the last time you read a story in the MSM condemning the shattered lives of young native Canadian women forced into prostitution and drug dependency by the lives forced upon them by their poverty in our society, or many other poor people suffering similar fates - as I noted at the start of this - hypocricy, thy name is Canada and the Canadian media - et tu et tu???) (and don't start with the "those damned Muslim terrorists kill women and children so we can do whatever the hell we want to them!!" crap - of course there are muslim terrorists who do such things, and those deaths are to be equally mourned and condemned and the purveyors of those deaths do not get excused, although there is a lot more to be talked about in terms of why they do it and how it might be stopped - but those deaths do NOT IN ANY WAY excuse us when we take the lives of innocent children in revenge, or through invading other countries and throwing bombs all over the f***ing place and causing 'collateral damage' (which, in any sane world, is just a word to attempt to call murder by another name). If there is a god, as all those American bombers seem to believe, what do you suppose they are going to say when they arrive at the old pearly gate, and st peter or whoever holds up one of them stone tablets with "Thou shalt not kill!" on it (there's no 'except' words in any of the versions of the story I've read, even for G Bush good bud of god), and a picture of some of those little Iraqi babies torn apart by American bombs in the other hand? Not a situation I'd want to face. But then, I don't believe in either st peter or american bombs. Nor, any more, do I much believe in the Canadian media, for anything important or truthful when truth matters.

Toronto Star, Aug 27 2006
Just in case anyone missed it, we have New facts emerge in terror plot from the NY Times reprinted in the Star. Note the lead - the first thing you assume from that is that new evidence is being uncovered by our intrepid co-cops in GB about the heinous crime to mass murder people in airplanes. They go through a fair amount of boogabooga stuff (they have found indications that some of these people were checking the internet for airline schedules ohmyfreakinggod!!! (did you ever do that? you better check the hard drive for that evidence of potentially plotting terrorist mass murder), and 'bank transfers from abroad' (you know that money you sent your mom or daughter last week for their birthday or xmas or whatever? better watch that stuff, all you're doing is getting her on the potential terrorist watch list, and 'potential' to these guys evidently becomes 'almost certain and subject to instant arrest' at the blink of an eye or whenever anyone wants to justify sending a whole freaking herd of cops somewhere intimidating citizens) - and they found some 'martyrdom videos' on some computers, as if that actually proved anything much beyond kids fantasizing about something or other - that is to say, do your kids ever play cops and robbers games? Do you suppose any normal kid has not made some sort of plan that would qualify as criminal or terrorist if actually carried out? Do you suppose the great mass of young people who play all these violent video games never, in moments of boredom or fantasy or something, while away an hour or two writing stuff or making vids on the new computer about things that, again, would qualify as criminal or terrorist if carried out? You cannot criminalise people for thinking and daydreaming - and it's a pretty sad sort of society when we can try to terrorize everyone because a few young people are doing this! (note, the gov and cops are doing the terrorizing here, telling everyone that bad people are going to blow planes out of the sky and commit mass murder on us).

But eventually they get to the point of the story, which you would never guess from the headlines - the 'authorities' are starting to admit that the whole thing a couple of weeks ago was a huge overreaction on their part - actually, they say, for example, "...Two suspects did not have passports and one official said the suspected leaders were still recruiting would-be bombers... The suspects had neither made reservations nor purchased plane tickets..." (note, this was known to people who don't rely on the MSM for things almost as soon as it happened - i.e. The UK Terror plot: what's really going on? - so we have to presume MSM journalists also had it, but they chose to make a huge terror scare, with HELLBREW!!!! and "MOTHER USES BABY FOR TERRORISM!!!! stories, as noted here before. (and we might note there has been nothing more on this 'baby' story, rather strongly indicating it was nothing more than outrageous lies that they're just going to forget about with no apologies to anyone (mother and muslim women in general, or the readers they have filled with slander against a muslim woman) - for of course the point is not 'truth' in the MSM, the point is simply getting people to think a certain way, and today that way is to be full of a general sort of fear and anxiety which 'the authorities' can use to manipulate them. And you might wonder why the stories of great imminent plots to kill everyone were screaming headline news for days, and airports were closed down, and tens of thousands of people inconvenienced, and new 'security' measures implemented everywhere - and now that it all turns out to be BS - nothing. No apology, no suggestions maybe people shoule be allowed to bring their medications and drinks and stuff onto planes, no apologies from the media for overreacting and once again believing lying authorities - nothing, just a little story way back in the back pages, with at that a misleading headline, that, 'Hey guys, all just a misunderstanding'. Man, you get the media you accept, I guess. This stuff is pathetic.

The Canadian MSM - crying wolf every day. Every day. DON'T RELAX CITIZEN YOU ARE IN DANGER!!!

Well, you sure are in danger if you keep listening to these people.

(Would be remiss if I did not direct you to one of the very, very few voices of sanity the MSM allows from time to time - an excellent column by Eric Margolis on why the Harper approach (following the US) to 'terrorism' is stupid, to put it kindly - Don't Provoke Tigers - a quote - "...What about the indiscriminate bombing of Afghan villages by U.S., Canadian and NATO forces? Or the recent killing of over 1,000 Lebanese and Israeli civilians, denounced by Amnesty International as a war crime? ... Those accusing others of terrorism are often far more guilty of it themselves. ... Tamil Tigers ably govern a third of Sri Lanka. Dismissing them as "terrorists" is as meaningless and misleading as calling Hezbollah, which is Lebanon's only effective, non-corrupt government, "terrorist thugs." ... Enough with propaganda labels. I detest this deceitful, poisonous term, "terrorism," which has become a propaganda weapon to demonize political opponents." - right on, Eric. (Margolis appears to be independently wealthy, which is good, as I don't expect he'll be working for the Sun chain much longer, writing this kind of blasphemy)

Aug 27 2006
Out of the Box looking in: May wins vote to lead Greens - something funny going on here. The Canadian media is not known for covering non-mainstream parties, outside of the occasional mockery of some like the old Marijuana Party. I worked with Mel Hurtig and the National Party in 1993, and we had candidates in pretty much every riding in the country, and essentially zero media attention. We were talking about democracy, of course, which is never a popular issue with the Canadian press (they want everyone to think we have it already, of course, so it's a bit awkward covering parties who point out that Canadian 'democracy' is basically, not to try to dick around with words, a lie). The Canadian Action Party, CAP, which has been going for the last 3-4 elections at least, with candidates all across Canada as well, has also been frozen out of the media - CAP is adamant about proportional representation as well (and many other issues the MSM is not too hot on), so that Canadians at least get the people they vote for, or the parties they vote for, which is about the last thing we get from the current FPTP (first past the post) system - and CAP has gotten less press attention in the last 15 years than Elizabeth May has gotten in the last week. It's a media-democracy thing - the attention for May and the Greens is fine - but why them and not the rest of the people in Canada who are and have been trying to start parties because they believe in something? Why this sudden 'interest' in the Greens, while maintaining the freezeout of everyone else? Inquiring minds wonder about stuff like this, although those taking their ideas from the tv shows and the MSM might never think of such things.

So what is happening? Is the Canadian media finally starting to 'get' their role vis a vis real democracy? Well, me I doubt it, actually, there's way too much other stuff they are doing that indicates just the opposite. So like Mr Holmes said, toss out the highly unlikely first (Canadian media finds Democracy RAHRAH!!), and see what else is left. Why the Green Party anyway? Aren't they much the same as the NDP? I know, I know, both parties say they are really, really distinct, but one wonders. But a lot of people are pretty fed up with the Libs (support for the Harper gang has never been strong), and there are no particularly good Lib leaders crawling out of the woodwork to save the day (or noone the media is pushing yet anyway), so a lot of concerned sort-of Libs with 'gut level' instincts against the ('damned socialist!! NEVER vote for a commie!!') NDP are probably looking for a place to park a vote, so the Green emergence is handy for that - the NDP have looked to be on the verge of some sort of breakthrough the last couple of elections, and certain people might want to discourage that, which encouraging another 'lefty' party to drain potential converts would help do (some of the backroom people are probably aware of the Rae surprise in 1990 and don't want any of that sort of surprise in a federal election, with people really not wanting the Harper people, but not seeing any reason to go back to the Libs, and maybe thinking of NDP....????). In a PR system, divide and conquer doesn't work very well - but in a FPTP system, it is very effective. One notices that May did not have a single word to say about pushing for PR in any of the stories in the newspapers the last couple of days, which makes one wonder how she plans to get any influence for the Greens in the Parliament - the Green votes the last couple of elections have been spread all across the country, with practically no chance of a seat with FPTP, but they would get at least a couple with PR. The NDP have been rather puzzlingly silent on this as well - considering that any decent PR system would almost triple their seat number, based on the last couple of elections, so you'd think they be a lot more interested than they seem to be (Layton talked about it quite a bit before the last couple of elections, but it seems to have been completely forgotten about since...) - hmmmmm lots of food for thought for puzzled people these days.

Toronto Star, Aug 27 2006
Canadians kill police officer " ...Canadian soldiers killed an Afghan National Police officer and injured six others yesterday in two apparent friendly-fire shooting incidents in southern Afghanistan.. . The police in plain clothes were fired on just days after a Canadian soldier shot and killed an Afghan boy and injured a teenager after a Canadian convoy had been hit by a suicide bomber.."

- bringing to mind this earlier story - Hillier asks Canadians to support mission to Afghanistan - "... As Canadian troops take command of operations in Kandahar, the country's top soldier says the dangerous mission in Afghanistan should be seen by Canadians as 'a force for good.... We as a country, we as Canadians refuse to accept terrorism and its indiscriminate violence as a way of making change,' Hiller said to a room full of defence industry representatives, military analysts and men and women in uniform... 'We are a force for good, everything we do is about protecting the weak and vulnerable because they can't protect themselves."

Well, shooting kids and cops is sure a good way to convince the Afghanis we're a 'force for good'. Not to mention demonstrating we do not believe in 'indiscriminate violence' as a way of showing how determined we are to effect change somewhere.

The whole thing stinks. We should not be there trying to mop up American messes in the first place. The Taliban was not a government anyone cared for, but surely to krist we can understand that you just don't go in and blow the crap out of a country, destroying the power structure, and expect 'good democratic government' to come raining down from the sky with the sunshine the next day or something, or to impose it from the barrel of a gun. That is, and was, simply idiotic - so idiotic, in fact, that it is difficult to believe anyone ever believed it. The Americans have no problem with chaos and violence, they've been creating it all around the world for the last couple of hundred years - schoolyard bullies always love violence, as long as they're the biggest and ugliest guy around and everyone knows it. We should know better here in Canada, though. We really should. There are other ways of pushing for change in places that are being governed by violent repressive governments.

Also, the 'facts' of this are more than a bit puzzling, if you can get beyond the idea of believing everything the military spokespeople say (and don't say) through their compliant media secretaries. If the Canadian forces have been working so closely with the Afghani police as they have claimed - why didn't they know the police they wound up shooting at were in the area, or driving around, or coming their way? Are you going to tell me nobody has radios over there, or don't know how to use them? Are the Canadian forces just sort of sitting in open tents like in a Canadian campground or something, where any old idiot with an IED can drive into the middle of them and blow everything up, so they have to shoot everyone who gets close without ID-ing themselves? F***, even I could do a better job of perimeter defence than having to start a great firefight with every unidentified vehicle that drives by, and I don't believe in this kind of stuff as a way to solve problems.

Canadians - get control of your freaking government. This stuff has to stop.

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