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Aug 26 2006, CNEWS
Merchants of Death!!

In the box: "On another topic, Clement took aim at the tobacco industry when asked whether Ottawa would take steps to end smoking in federal buildings.... "Don't forget, we have a whole industry that is an industry of death," Clement said. "That's what big tobacco is, they're merchants of death and so we're going to fight that fight."..."

Out of the box: Just a comment, since the somewhat indoctrinated masses are probably thinking that's cool, smoking is bad for you, blah blah. But it's a voluntary activity, nobody forces anyone to smoke (the 'second hand smoke as killer' stuff is really blown out of proportion too, as are most propagandistic things where only one side of a controversial sort of issue is ever allowed in the MSM). Sort of like driving cars - how many people are killed or injured by the Merchants of Death who make cars? What about the Merchants of Death who make alcohol of any sort? The Merchants of Death who make junk food and fill the hospitals with people with cholesterol-caused heart problems? The Merchants of Death who - oh think of some more yourself.

Or what about the Merchants of Death who make sports equipment - this is really quite shocking, worse than I even thought, but the guy quoted is a professional dentist (talking about tooth injuries, but this is mentioned in the wider context) - Sports-related accidents caused more than 5 million deaths worldwide in 1990, and made up more than 15 percent of Disability-Adjusted Life Years, which considers productive years lost to a disability." - those are big stats, but I have NEVER heard anyone talking about sports manufacturers as Merchants of Death - isn't that odd? Or is it just propaganda? How can people do this sort of thing> "I like skiing, so that's ok, it's good - I don't like smoking, so boooo!!! Ban it!!!" (sure great to live in a free democracy though haha)

We wonder if good ol Tony wants to take on the sports manufacturers now?

Only point being, this is a pretty selective demonisation movement, and people ought to have more sense than to be sucked into it.

It is also something of a red herring, creating lots of smoke and mirrors and relatively meaningless activity to keep you occupied, leading you away from, and helping to make sure you don't have time to get interested in, stuff that actually is quite important, but that noone (at least in the gov or media) actually wants you talking about, or asking them questions about - the armaments industry. Check out some of these stories - The Myth that Canada is a Global Force for Peace - and ask yourself just exactly who you ought to be thinking about when you hear the term "Merchants of Death!".

The very worst thing you could say about smokers is that they are committing suicide (which again would be hugely overblown, I've known only one person who actually came down with a debilitating lung disease after decades of heavy smoking, but I have known dozens of people who smoked moderately into their old age with no apparent ill effects at all (I'm 56, been smoking moderately for 40 years, can swim a mile nonstop when I get a chance, and run 2 miles every afternoon), which of course you NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER!!!!! hear bout in the media demonisation of this stuff - is one too many? I don't know - he lived the life he wanted, and even as he was dying he would have told you to get the hell out of his house if you started talking about banning butts - why don't you go start hassling people sitting in front of the tvs with beer and potato chips, or a coke and twinkie, or something? Leave people alone!!!! (and if you want to start yapping about costs to the health insurance system, well, that is a whole other argument, but don't forget about the sports related injuries you are going to have to consider as well - just as avoidable, just as self-inflicted, just as expensive, see story under this one about 15% of disability-adjusted life years lost) - well, that tangent was too long, let's start again - the very worst that you could say about smokers is that they are committing suicide, which should gbe pretty much their own business - but the arms people are enabling murder, random violence all over the world, including terrorism (they have no idea where these weapons are winding up, but weapons do NOT gravitate to benign or well-meaning hands, think about it, how many AK47s do you have, how many does the American military have?), with the active assistance of the Canadian gov. Me, now, that bothers me quite a lot. All the serious violence in the world today is involved with modern armaments, and the Canadian government is actively aiding and abetting it all. And insofar as you help elect the Canadian government - you are complicit. Next time you see the Israeli bombers taking down some apartment complex in Beirut with 10, 20, 30 women and kids massacred - just think, you helped do that. While you were writing a letter to the editor about how you wanted the darn smokers out of the legion because you were afraid somebody might die from second hand smoke, your government was actually helping to kill people all over the world.


Aug 26 2006
Out of the box: (some musings sparked by CNEWS Aug 21/06: CMA concerned about wait-time guarantee

We here on the Green Island have been shaking our heads about the latest stuff coming out about the Canadian health care system after the annual conference of the Canadian Medical Association on PEI last week, where a guy who thinks privatisation for some things is fine and actually already has a lot of business for his private clinic from the BC gov (which appears to contravene various rules of the Canada Health Act) was elected head of the CMA, and the Canadian Health Minister gave a little talk about 'wait list guarantees', among other things. Wait list guarantees. Imagine now. It boggles the mind, it really does. The government basically saying that they are NOT going to do what is necessary to get the health care system back on its feet again (more doctors, more medical school seats, more resident spaces in hospitals, more beds, controlling Big Pharma, more nurses, more technicians, in general, more money to replace what was taken out of the system through years of cutbacks, plus a few steps into the modern world), they're just going to spend a lot of extra money to attempt to provide some sort of alternative options to sort of make up for the worst of the problems (but but but, if everybody has a waiting list, who are you going to send them to? it just doesn't work, in the long run, for starters). When a patient is hemorrhaging, you don't put her on a waiting list, you call the blood bank. But the Canadian gov, of course, is trying to pacify Canadians who still have this tired old outdated idea of a comprehensive publically funded health care system instead of moving to the laissez-faire 'look after yourself' system promoted by that great bastion of 'I'm ok fuck you' to the south of us that is the role model for the world, or at least our top politicians in Canada want to move this way (whilst pretending otherwise to get elected, of course, Lies 'R' Us in action again in the Canadian political circle), while paving the way for privatising the health care system to get more in line with their corporate buds to the south, so they have to do this stuff (actually, of course, there are a whole lot of Americans who are not as braindead as their 'leader' who want to have a Canadian style health care system in the US!! - but of course, if your reading is confined to the Canadian mainstream media you'd never hear about this sort of thing - Health Care for All (this is issue 39 of Yes Magazine, if the link changes with a new issue) - like you don't hear about all kinds of stuff). And they'll keep doing it as long as Canadians keep electing political parties that are dominated by Corporate Canada. Just like Lucy and Charlie - Lucy's having a great time, the world is moving the way she wants it to, and as long as Charlie keeps believing her, she'll keep putting that old ball up for one more kick, and Charlie'll keep falling on his ass. One of these days he'll find he can't get back up. Read the rest here - The Difference between the Green Island and Canadian Health Care Systems

Aug 24/06; Toronto Smog haha sorry Sun

Some questions for Ms Harris

Dear Ms Harris,

I wonder if you might consider a question or two regarding your story on Homegrown terror?

** Assuming there are at least a few young Muslims out there who are considering, for whatever reason, acts of violence that might be labelled 'terrorist' should they ever come to fruition, have you (in your capacity as a reporter for a major Canadian newspaper-media chain whose sacred duty is providing the Canadian people with the news they need to know to make intelligent decisions about the things going on in their country and world) ever tried to ascertain in any way exactly WHY these young men, if indeed they exist (I myself have seen and read a lot more booga-booga than reliable proof of such people), are so angry that they might actually carry out such things? Do you actually believe they are just crazy people who love to kill, as your lead and entire story seem to imply (note, I have appended at the bottom a short list of reasons you might want to be a bit sceptical of things you hear from CSIS and other spy people)? Do you actually believe they hate Canadian 'democracy' because we are so free and they cannot stand to see such freedom in the world and they just blindly strike out at us for that reason? Do you really believe they want to destroy the great free country we have as they and their fellow crazies try to establish some great islamofascist world empire? Exactly what are they trying to do, and why? Read the rest here

CBC, Aug 22 2006
In the box: A random example of the endless ongoing full spectrum propaganda Canadians are subjected to in every way on every day from every freaking place they turn for information (except here on Green Island of course, and other places on the net not controlled by the elite). CBC Viewpoint (you will recall from various earlier letters etc that (from a Green Island perspective at least) the CBC is no longer the bastion of free thinking (sort of) it once was considered to be (although those were younger days, and we may have been seeing somewhat less than clearly), and a writer they have called John Gray - When MPs travel, don't forget the duct tape, commenting on the trip of a few MPs to Lebanon to check out the situation first hand a few days ago.

Note the double standards, first, one rule for us, another for them, as always. He says "...the Liberal government of Jean Chretien that first stepped into the tar in 2002 by declaring the militant Islamic group Hezbollah a terrorist organization.... after extensive pressure from Jewish lobby groups in Canada..." - there is nothing more about these lobby groups.

BUT - a bit further on - "...The trip was arranged under the auspices of the National Council on Canada-Arab Relations, which would suggest it might be designed as a pretty one-sided view of events...." Hmmm. This may indeed be true - but - but - wouldn't the Jewish lobby groups who persuaded the government to declare someone else a 'terrorist' organisation be sort of one-sided too? Why no need to point that out? (Oh no, they could indeed have spoken to Hezbollah people about it without 'supporting terrorists' - remember, they were NOT officially labeled a 'terrorist' organisation until AFTER the Jewish lobby group got finished its meetings with Chretien et al.) One way streets are standard in propaganda.

And look at the kind of language he uses to create an atmosphere of dismissal of the MPs (and thus their comments) who went to Lebanon - at different points he has them 'scampering' and 'cavorting' around Lebanon - nothing 'serious' people would be caught doing, of course, so.... well, he doesn't spell it out (real propaganda likes to work on suggestions like this), but he rather obviously suggests certain conclusions about people who 'scamper' and 'cavort'. Propaganda. Full spectrum. And it is not a 'fact-finding mission' - nonono, this is a 'junket' actually, Mr Gray wants to implant the subconscious sort of idea that three days in a war-zone that has been extensively bombed and destroyed is right up there with the same sort of gov perk as a pleasant meeting-cum-vacation at a 5-star hotel in a tropical resort somewhere, or any other actual 'junket' for which our MPs are somewhat notorious. One thinks crawling over bombed out ruins, smelling dead bodies, watching for unexploded cluster bomblets, was probably not quite the same as cavorting around a beach, swimming in a warm tropical sea, drinking sweet pina coladas served by sweet tropical girls. But they're all 'junkets' according to Mr Gray, intrepid CBC connentator.

And he generally belittles the participants and their findings after three days of looking the situation over first hand - he says "... The .. three MPs ... scampered around Lebanon for three days and immediately decided the Canadian government had it all wrong... " - as if nothing else had informed their later comments than the Hezbollah propaganda they received during those three days. Let us ignore the full spectrum media propaganda they and everyone else had been subjected to prior to their trip concerning the 'terrorist' Hezbollah and Israel's 'measured response' and 'right to defend herself', and the disgracefully one-sided coverage of events in Canadian papers where each Israeli citizen killed by a Hezbollah rocket was noted with outrage and mourned as a terrorist victim, but dozens and scores and eventually over 1,000 non-Hezbollah Lebanese civilians (including Lebanese Canadians visiting there!) killed by Israeli bombs on known civilian targets were quickly mentioned and equally quickly forgotten, not victims of terrorist bombing at all, just unfortunate casualties of a nation's right to defend itself - no, none of that was considered by these people when they issued their later statements, according to what Mr Gray wants you to think of their trip - just three days of scampering around Lebanon on a pleasant junket, absorbing Hezbollah propaganda like robots and then mindlessly regurgitating it.

Propaganda in action. At the CBC. There is noone left in the Canadian mainstream media to trust. (Well, one does not like to be too absolute about things - 'almost' noone in terms of actual people would be more correct - there are a few token sane and truthful people, one thinks of Heather Mallick (she has to be some sort of Goddess archetype for we real people) now at the CBC after pushing the envelope too far at the Globe, or Thomas Walkom or Antonia or Linda McQuaig or Harron Siddiqui at the Star, or Rick Salutin at the Globe, or Eric Margulis or Michael Harris at the Sun, or - or - or - well, that's about it, if I have forgotten someone sorry. Over 100 columnists in the Canadian mainstream media, and less than ten that are not somewhere between the far right and wacko right. RIGHT ON DAMNED LIB'RUL PRESS hahahahaha. There's not an editorial board this side of the right since the Star got a regime change last year.

About the 'terrorist' Hezbollah - would it be honest and useful for SOMEONE in the Canadian media to print some columns like this one from the great Fisk??? - Hizbollah's reconstruction of Lebanon is winning the loyalty of disaffected Shia. Well, the inquiring mind looking for opinions on the whole situation there would welcome such commentary, but evidently noone in the Canadian media thinks Canadians should be reading such stuff - but what you DO get is stuff like this garbage from Canada's own Republican North Foxfave spokesperson Jason Kenny, "We need to learn the lessons of history. There was another political party in the past which had democratic support, which provided social services, which played an important role in the political life of Germany in the 1930s, which was also dedicated to violence against the Jewish people ... The world was wrong to negotiate with that party then, and it would be wrong to negotiate with Hezbollah today."

Actually, there is a huge gulf between the Nazis, who were intent on conquering the world and establishing a 1,000 year reich, and the Hezbollah, who just want an occupying army out of their country. You cannot really compare acts taken in defence with acts of aggression, although of course the aggressors want to try to demonize the defenders by pretending their acts were aggressive, and then making themselves look less bad by saying they themselves were only defending themselves. It takes a heck of a good propaganda system to get people to believe this - but that's what we have in the west today - the best full spectrum propaganda system the planet has ever seen. And it seems to be working. Ask Borys Wrzesnewskyj.

Aug 23/06
There just aren't really any words for this vid. The supposed leader of the greatest military power in the modern world, perhaps in history. A blithering idiot for all to see, all bluster and no brain whatsoever, supported by 50 million Americans who think he is just the greatest guy ever. And all senior (and most junior) members of the Canadian gov and media pretend he's just a great guy too, as in intelligent and with ideas they share that are just great for us all. Beer. I need beer. Cash in the life insurance, max the credit cards, do it now whatever 'it' is. Might as well enjoy what little time is left. Note the commentators afterwards trying desperately to pretend they have just watched a normal human being speaking. They can't manage it - look at their eyes. They know. We. Are. Fucked.

Ottawa Smog sorry hahaSun, Aug 20 2006
Lovely juxtaposition of stories here, for those used to watching for the ironic and the unintentional clues they can't help throwing out regularly about what is really going on here : The Young and the Dangerous - Organized crime has spread to all corners of Canada, report reveals - and then - Local cop faces drug charges. Oh, yeh yea I know, all the box apologists are jumping up screaming 'that's just a bad apple the system is fine!!' and all the rest of it, but that's all box crap - lower level people often mean well, but at the upper levels the corruption is pervasive. I'm not going to waste any time trying to prove it here, got other stuff to do tonight, you folks in Canada want to believe your cops are serving and protecting YOU, well, you get the cops you deserve, I guess, but once again when the rational mind reads a story like the first one here, the owner of that mind cannot help but note, yet once again, how something like 80% of all crime in your country could be stopped in its tracks just by legalising soft drugs, and removing the incentive for all that crime. And the ONLY reason this is not being done is because there is so much money in it - and you can be very damn sure the upper level MPs and cops are getting their share of it. (I guess I shouldn't say the 'only' reason - there's others, such as justifying lots of cops and courts and stop-and-search laws, and passing around a lot of other tax money to people involved in those activities.)

CBC, Aug 20 2006
In the box: this is really how propaganda works, over and over and over and over again, non stop, for years, until all ideas to the contrary are just forgotten, and the Big Lie prevails everywhere - and every time these days the Canadian health care system, or privatisation of it all, comes up in the media, we get something like this - When doctors do politics - "....Public management of the health-care/hospital system is largely inefficient, it has resulted in huge waiting lists of some two million Canadians..." - just the facts, ma'am, they tell you, the sun rises in the east, the people love NAFTA, George Bush is a great president, mismanagement was the main problem that has brought our health care system to the point of collapse, nothing else to see here, ma'am, get along now, let the leaders lead.... Out of the box: - here in the REAL reality check land, we do remember, years of media pounding one message at us aside, that in actual fact, the medical system in Canada is facing waiting lists and other serious problems primarily because, over 15+ years, the tweedledee-dum corporate governments of Mulroney and Chretien slashed the funding for the system to completely unsustainable levels, and thus all the resulting problems. Cutting funding is not inefficient, it is stupid (unless, of course, the actual purpose is indeed to cripple the system to pave the way for privatisation .....), and pretending the problems with the system are problems of mismanagement is simply lying. But then, that's our Canadian media these days - Lies 'R' Us. (a longer article on this, from one of the non-box Canadian mags, can be found here

Aug 18 2006

CBC fronting for gov propaganda - again

Dear Ms Ormison,
RE: The Current, Friday Aug 18/06

I continue to listen to the CBC radio with considerable disbelief. Before I left Canada in 1994 (for what I expected to be a short 2-year CUSO posting to Thailand, which has actually become an expat life after 5 years with CUSO, I guess), I used to listen to the CBC for several hours a day most days, and feel I was truly keeping in touch with the way things were in my country and the world. The CBC, at that time, was dedicated to providing news, and when people disagreed on interpretations of what was happening in the world, the CBC radio that I used to listen to talked to people from various sides of whatever happened to be the controversial issues of the day, and left it to the listener to make up their own minds as to what was happening - very much, as I felt then, and feel now, is the role of a good media, be it print or broadcast of any sort.

For most of my first years here in Thailand, I had no access to radio, and nothing more than limited access to print media - the Bankgkok Post is not a too bad paper, but it has about as much news from Canada as any Canadian paper has news from Thailand. But a few years ago the internet began to be available here, and for the last 4-5 years I have been able to read most Canadian newspapers online (including the net version of what the CBC offers) - and then a few months ago I was able to sign up to an ADSL line in my room, and listen to CBC radio. I was very happy about this - I thought my life might well be full again (I have many things to occupy my time, between my personal life and work, and have quite a good and fulfilling life overall here, but I have always missed hearing good news and commentary and interviews and suchlike from Canada on the CBC, such as I used to hear on Morningside and As It Happens, especially, although I listened to various other programs as well - there is a difference between reading things and hearing people speak, especially when questioned by a good interviewer, a chance to assess credibility from listening to people live that does not come through in print, and the CBC used to provide a real perspective on things not really available elsewhere).


Now, after a few months of listening to the offerings of the CBC radio in this latter part of the first decade of the 21st century, some 12 years later, I must confess I am deeply, deeply disappointed at what it appears the CBC has become - a tool of the ruling elite of Canada, pushing and maintaining the indoctrination of the citizens of Canada as they are driven into the New World Order, no different from most of the mainstream media these days, a propaganda arm of those who control our government and society. Oh, there are still flashes of quality, and the music offerings are still generally eclectic and excellent, and things like Stuart MacLean's 'Vinyl Cafe' are still wonderful to listen to for things about Canada - but the general POV promoted by the news and commentary programs such as The Current seems to have become one of "our job is to push the government propaganda". And nothing could illustrate this better than the interview I listened to yesterday evening ( Friday Aug 18 - I get the morning shows from Canada live through the net connection, which is early evening here) which prompted this letter. (well, I suppose I shouldn't say 'nothing' there - the CBC's pretty much nonstop promotion of the "oh my god we're all in such terrible danger from TERRORISTS!!!!!!!!!' stuff gets quite a bit over the line sometimes. most of the time, actually... - talk about your 'conspiracy theories')

Which is what I write about - your take on 'Conspiracy Theories'.
Read the rest here

Ottawa Sun, Aug 16 2006
Aw, c'mon, really, don't you people there in Canada ever feel just a LITTLE bit stupid about this sort of stuff? C'mon.... Dropped IPod clears plane - really? Aw, c'mon - really?!?!?!?!?!?!? hahahahahahaha - do you REALLY want your country run by idiots doing stuff like this?!?!?!?!

Aug 16 2006
hahahahaha - what a riot, they get it right sometimes, probably accidentally of course. From the American Journal of Record: Did Humans Evolve? Not Us, Say Americans hahahahaha. Look at their leader. It's no secret.

Globe and Mail, Toronto, Aug 14 2006

Mothers using babies? or Propagandists using our national newspaper?

RE: RED ALERT: Infant reported to be tool of terror scheme; Explosives allegedly hidden in baby milk
LONDON -- A husband-and-wife team of suicide bombers allegedly planned to sacrifice their own baby by hiding liquid explosives in the infant's milk and blowing up a passenger plane, according to news reports on the British terrorist plot to bring down as many as 12 airliners..." (original story also copied at the end of this letter)

Lordy, I had to give my head a shake and check the website - I thought I must have got directed to the National Enquirer or some such thing, reading a junk headline like the above.

Just a question or two: first, have any of you folks heard of the Great Incubator Baby Atrocity!!! of the 'Gulf War' back in the early 90s? You remember the one - where it was blasted all over the front pages of the newspapers that those horrible animal-like Iraqi soldiers were flinging poor wee babies out of their incubators in hospitals to steal and sell the incubators or something - my god what animals!! Now we KNOW we are right in invading those horrible people to rid our planet of such unhuman scum - etc and etc .... And then do you recall how, a few months later, the truth came out that it was all a complete hoax, a very intentional lie, planned and executed by the US gov with the expert assistance of the PR firm of Hill and Knowlton, utilizing the acting skills of the daughter of the Kuwait ambassador to the US - that is to say, it was lies and more lies, very intentionally spread by the US gov through a willing media (well, you can say you were fooled too, but then you have to say you were incredibly gullible as well, all things considered, to the point of drooling stupidity, really, and it does beggar the imagination to think that people that stupid are running major newspapers....) to create support for the forthcoming invasion. And it was a successful plan, the tv-addicted western populace slurping up the 'incubator baby' (ohmygoooood!!!!) vomitus along with all the other garbage they assimilate from their tvs each day, and the slaughter of thousands of retreating Iraqi soldiers soon followed - largely made acceptable, and unquestioned, because of the 'news' of those animals throwing poor babies on the floor. Read the rest here

Toronto Star, August 15 2006

Hell'sbrew of a story, actually....

Editor: I am wondering if there is any reason at all for this story - Hellbrew' is cheap, simple to make (11 Aug/06) aside from trying to make everyone afraid, and justify an ever-increasing police presence in our lives? Do you really see this as your job as an important Canadian newspaper, to cheerlead government programs and initiatives? Who is it you are working for - citizens who want to be free and need good, reliable information about their country and world to make good decisions, or the government which wants more and more control over them, and thus must feed them only certain kinds of information and opinion to direct them to certain paths? Read the rest here

August 14 2006
In the box: More Cdns representing themselves: top judge: "...These are people who come to court without legal representation and sometimes without any legal advice, so the judge is faced with telling them what the law is, telling them what procedures are available to them and trying to help that person while remaining as an impartial arbiter." Out of the box: - I can't speak for all of Canada, but in Prince Edward Island it sure as hell doesn't work like that - I was in court many, many, many times (big crimes like fighting the seatbelt law, and civil procedures telling some corp or another or the gov to get out of my face or something - there was a time in my young and stupid days I actually believed the Canadian justice system was the place to go to get justice, the propaganda and indoctrination is very, very, very strong and effective), and without exception (well, one small exception, actually, when I caught them by surprise - read all about it here - The Beer Story - they recovered quickly enough, and all I accomplished was to ID myself as someone to keep an eye on in the future, which they did) - I was treated as if the judge was part of the prosecution, or with the corp or government and against me. I have had a 'judge' refuse to listen to me because I wasn't a lawyer (after several others had accepted me with no problems (except maybe that I was getting the best of the halfwits that call themselves lawyers and crown prosecutors in PEI, not a high bar (heh heh) - although in their defence (it's a bitch sometimes feeling a need to be fair) they aren't used to working or thinking much, as their games are always rigged so they rarely have to do much more than go through the motions, and I caught em by surprise), I have been told by a 'Supreme Court judge' in another case when I tried to explain that I wasn't a lawyer so might not understand legal procedures etc well that 'you've gotten yourself this far so get on with it', I have been cut off half way through a lengthy, painstakingly researched defense presentation (charter stuff about the seatbelt law), and told that the 'judge' would look at my submission later, but for now he was finding me guilty and I could make arrangements to pay the fine on the way out, I have been denied access to the Law Library because I wasn't a lawyer, - and etc and etc - I don't have time now to make a list. And I have talked to many other people who have had much more serious consequences than my 'principles' involved, involving crooked judges and lawyers and large sums of money, and we can be equally sure the media is not reporting all kinds of other stuff (no letters of mine to newspapers about my own situations were ever printed) - that we cannot trust the media to tell us stuff like this we ought to know is a given to those who see from outside the box, although another myth prevails that we can and should trust them, the same as we should trust the 'justice' system. There is a HUGE gulf between what the average "never been to court" citizen believes about the 'justice' system in Canada, and the way it truly operates. What "Justice" Bev is talking about here is the crap they want the well-indoctrinated citizen to believe, and has nothing at all to do with the way the system really works. Sort of a Rev Neimuller story - people don't believe it until it happens to them - and then it's too late. "Haha you're crazy, there's no iceberg there.... Huh? What iceber - arghhhh!!!!"

August 14 2006
Crikey, as the old dad used to say, even the right-wingers (some of them at least - Kung Fu Monkey for instance) - are a bit leery of the "TERRORIST TERRORIST!!!!!!" crap emanating from the media over this latest "HORRIBLE TERRORIST THREAT FOILED HAHA!!!!!". (NOTE!!! - I do NOT subscribe to the "enemy of my enemy is my friend" theory. I doubt very much KFM and I would find much agreement on any of the general main issues here that involve our country in general in a deeper sense - he feels, for instance, that 'we' (as in western 'civilization' I gather) are engaged in a great final war against evil - I feel some things along those lines, but he seems to feel that we are being threatened by the Islamofascist horde in this 'great war against civilization' or some such thing, while I feel the true enemy is much, much, MUCH closer to home.) But it could still be a hopeful sort of sign - the elite are getting a bit desperate, I think, over the amount of truth spreading around the internet and the number of people who are waking up about what is and has been happening in their world (stuff that is making them not look very good, to put it sort of mildly), and doing things to try to retain their control that even their followers are having a hard time accepting. (It was a bit comical last week on one of the CBC morning shows - the announcer was doing the whole show on the theme of "the new fear we all must feel now with this just absolutely terrible new threat" or some such thing, and yet at short notice none of his on-site interviewers could dig up anybody who was actually feeling this 'new fear' - all he was getting from people at airports and places was annoyance and a sense of disbelief at what was happening, no expressions of paralysing fear at all - but he was persistent - every time an interview would finish with the speaker saying "Nah! I don't feel especially scared about this - it's just more crap from the authorities" etc - he would lead off the next segment with "So - now that we all have to look at the world through new, more fearful eyes...." etc and etc. You can get the gist of it here, if you have the patience. It's really sad to see that the CBC is almost gone over to the Dark Side as well - sort of like Gandalf must have felt at the final betrayal of Saruman or something. They never understand - evil NEVER wins in the long run. But they do cause a lot of grief when We the People get lazy and off our guard and let them get too strong for awhile.

This - How London's Terror Scare Looks From Beirut, from the great journalist Robert Fisk - is the kind of thing the Canadian media NEVER carries. Not much into the truth anymore, those folks. (and I do note that the Current, the CBC show mentioned above, did indeed have an interview with Robert Fisk the day before the stuff I talk about, which was good! - the CBC does still get some good stuff on - but the perspective of the announcers and interviewers is still completely gov-oriented, very, very unlike it used to be - and for every Fisk-type interview (few and far between), there are dozens of interviews with, and stories about, the things the gov wants you to believe, the "we're all in great danger ohmygod booga booga" crap. Day after day after day. It's not really surprising most people believe this shit, given the endless inundation they get. But it's not good, either, at least for those of us who have some hope or dream of a free world sometime in the future.)

August 13 2006
A Good Nazi - Cdn version
This is the modern face of modern Naziism, under, of course, a much different name - but it's no different. The Rulers tell us what to do, and We Obey Orders like Good Citizens!!!, is the message - this guy WANTS guards all over the fucking country, "protecting" us from the goldarn "terrorists" - that we still have NO evidence of in Canada, just an endless stream of booga-booga-here-come-da-terrorists stories from the media .... oh right, this guy is the media. Funny or something, it seems to me the media ought to be doing something besides pushing the government agenda ..... Kinda like a protection racket, when you think of it - the local gang boss comes to the store, and demands a payoff or face the consequences - and in the modern Cdn gov version, we put up with being herded around like cows and obeying orders instantly from "our protectors" or - well - face the consequences. And again, our media are not debating any of this, or offering different POVs for We the Citizens to ponder and think about how we should deal with this - the media are, essentially, acting as government mouthpieces, telling us all how we ought to act "in the face of this terrible threat". We the Cows. Yes Farmer Earl, we're off to the barn now. We'll be back at work in the morning. Thank you Sir Good Night Sir We are so happy you are there to look after us Sir. HEIL SIR!!!!!

August 12 2006
This may help explain things also - the Brit cops have been looking pretty bad, the Brit people maybe a bit in danger of being lost, there are too freaking many to control with violence - so let's see if we can terrorize them into getting back into the freaking pen and being good sheep like they're supposed to be - "This is a common threat to all of us and we should respond - all of us - with a common purpose and common solidarity... This is in the nature of the British people and that common solidarity and common cause is, I believe, now our most precious asset and we should foster it in all sections of our community." It makes as much sense as THEIR story, at least from this side of the pen. That's really pretty despicable, when you think of it - taking the trust that was developed by others, and turning it to evil ends (the word is appropriate - trying to create a Big Brother world is not something we could call "great stuff!" at any time - but wanting to enslave the great mass of humanity for the benefit of an elite - well, evil it is. That's probably one of our problems in trying to expose it - most people are not willing to consider this, following years of indoctrination about their 'great democracies' etc). I think, at least in Canada, our cops and other gov bureaucrats used to be a great deal more trustworthy in Canada, although that may have something to do with the starry-eyed memories of youth or something, but if we look back to CBC programs in the late 60s and early 70s like 'This Hour Has Seven Days", we can see that although things were not perfect, at least the idea that there were only a few bad apples but most in the system were actually working for us with some integrity had some sort of foundation, which it sure as hell does not nowadays - nowadays, if you're not pushing corporate initiatives (which go with "fuck the people" the same as bread and butter go together), you're looking for a job in the private sector (as a serf)...

August 11 2006
Boogabooga!!! we stopped a mass murder!! Boogagooba!!
I think this is some kind of test of how gullible "the authorities" have rendered the average "thinking" (hahaha) person over the last few years ("pretty" was my old answer, but maybe "a LOT" would be better) - the cops come running around with a story about how they have just stopped a terrible mass murder (no evidence!!! secret intel!!!!) - and even after all the crap the Brit cops have been up to lately, there is not a SINGLE question from the media saying like "Whoa, now - can we believe all this stuff?" - if dangerous explosives were that easy to make from commonly available stuff - I suspect there would be one hell of a lot more explosions going on around the world. Here is something that addresses the "explosives" (AP) the Brit cops were apparently talking about - and it sounds like it is nowhere near as easy as they are making it out to be (smoke and mirrors for the ignorant natives stuff). Read the materials and equipment needed, and try to think about getting this stuff through airport security and then having a little high school chem lab session in the washroom of a plane - and it starts to sound like something that might happen in a comic book where you don't have to worry about reality details, but is NOT going to happen in a real life situation (especially when you figure the alleged perps are people who don't normally do well in science classes at school, etc etc etc - sort of like the guys who flunked out of flight school doing incredible manoevers with 757s on 911, etc and etc). Chicken Little Lives in Big Brother's NWO!!!! And - I mean, if they uncovered this heinous plot "sometime before it was to be carried out" - then what's with closing the airport and surrounding it with very visibly armed cops and cancelling flights and the rest? I mean - are they expecting a commando raid from a bunch of pissed off 'terrorists' mad at being foiled or something? What good are the guns, really? Well, of course, they're great video for the nightly news, and stuff - but what is the danger of any sort of attack wherein this kind of "defence" armaments would be needed? Think about it - I mean, this is crowd control tactics, nothing more nothing less, nothing at all to do with stopping 'terrorists' - just getting everyone used to just doing what they're told because "the officials" make up some story that noone dares question and by god you DO what you're told or them guys with the guns will be all over you like YOU are the 'terrorist' or something get used to it jack! - fuck, I mean, has NOBODY in the 'modern' world read 1984 (outside of we crazy conspiracy theorists all over the net)? Sometimes it's embarrassing to be a member of this species. Beer helps a bit.

August 8 2006
What we see and what we don't: We see a lot of headlines like this one - Leftists to U.S.: Don't interfere in Cuba: (when was the last time you saw Huge Chavez referred to without a "LEFTIST!!!!" adjective very close???) - but can you think of even ONE instance where we have seen something from the other side - something like "Rightist Prime Minster Harper supports the US in their support of the Israel invasion of Lebanon"??? C'mon - can you think of even ONE time Bush or Harper or Blair or any of the rest who are following the neocon, very rightwing agenda, being labelled as 'rightist' in any way at all the last few years? Of course not. It doesn't happen. Stuff for thought. No time for a screed right now. But you're all supposed to be thinking for yourselves anyway. Go for it. It's all about framing, as the Lakoff guy figured out - we are supposed to think we are nice people in the center of the political spectrum, no extremists in OUR fair democracy! - and so the media tries to portray people who really want to be in the center as "terrible crazy socialists (=lefties) - and the rightwing crazy neocons as "centrist" by default. Problem being, of course, so many people are so apathetic or blind they believe this crap. I can't help but thinking of Lucy and Charlie Brown at times like this - you know, the football gig? Over and over and over again the rightwing crazies prove they're right wing crazies, but over and over and over again the media portray those who are fighting FOR We the People as "left wing crazies" - and over and over and over again we choose to believe the people we shouldn't believe. Sorry, get that 'we' out of there - the con artists got their last nickel from me via the old shell game long ago. "The mass of Canadians" seem to believe the crazies, and until they start waking up - well, no Green Island for you guys.

August 8 2006
Hot lyrics spark teenage sex!!! [OHMYGOD!!!!}

Toronto Star,
Re: Hot lyrics spark teenage sex August 8, 2006

This is the kind of witless stuff that is giving what is left of Canadian 'journalism' a bad name. Leave it for the other Star with the space alien and Elvis stories for those whose lives need the titillation. The real world is fine for most of us - stories like "sexy music causes teens to have sex earlier [ohmygod!!]" don't really cut it for those of us with IQs larger than your average basketball score. I at least expect a considerably higher standard of 'reporting' in general than this in a mainstream Canadian newspaper (admittedly those expectations have been taking quite a beating the last few years). Did it ever occur to your whizbang editorial staff (or whoever made the decision to write that 'other-Star-like' inflammatory headline) that there is no justification whatsoever for postulating a cause-effect relationship here? That there is, to whatever extent the study linked these two items, nothing more in reality than a quite natural 'like-attracts-like' sort of phenomenon? That is to say, your headline is approximately the same order of logic as 'Reading more science books causes teens to become scientists! [oh wow!!]', or something - again, no cause-effect, just some people who are headed in a certain direction in life anyway, doing things that are natural along that path. Maybe, just maybe, young people who live a certain type of lifestlye include among other things a certain type of music as part of that lifestyle - which does NOT mean the music 'causes' the other aspects of that lifestyle (the music may well reinforce attitudes and behaviours that the young people are learning elsewhere - but this is very different from 'causing' them initially, as the authors here are attempting to assert). Newspaper reporters for the Toronto Star tend to live in or around Toronto - ergo (according to the brilliant reasoning of the study and your headline writer), living in or around Toronto causes one to have increased chances of becoming a 'reporter' (boy, do I use that word loosely considering this article) for the Toronto Star. I would wager that the same young people who listen to this music and engage in sex earlier than the other teens surveyed are also more likely to be wearing body metal - would you then consider it rational to say that "Body metal causes more sex!!! [ohmygod!!!]"??? (or would the actual (lack of) connection perhaps be a bit more obvious with this example - that people living a certain type of lifestyle include body metal, a certain kind of music, and a tendency to have sex earlier as part of that lifestyle - but none of these things can correctly be said to 'cause' that lifestyle.) Read the rest here

August 7 2006
What the Canadian media SHOULD be doing more of: The Hiroshima Myth: - I've read many stories with this same idea, and it sounds true, and knowing of the activities of the American gov over the last couple of hundred years does not give any reason to disbelieve the people in charge of that country are more than capable of such atrocities (if you're doubtful of that due to never hearing such things on the mainstream media, Killing Hope by a guy called William Blum is a good place to start your education about all kinds of stuff). Odd that the great, free, democratic Canadian media, devoted to democracy and well-informed citizens and stuff like that, wouldn't carry stories like this. I mean, if the stuff is nonsense, then it should be easy enough to prove. But if it's true - well, shouldn't we know?????? - or do they prefer we don't think about bad stuff like this in the sandbox or something?

Ottawa Sun, August 4 2006
Why attack the Net?

Re: Wrapped in the net; Web steals time from relationships August 3, 2006

Various questions occur to me reading this story. For instance, one of the analysts notes that being "absent" from one's spouse for an hour or more a day because of being online "would qualify as not rewarding to be with". One wonders if this general idea has wider applications in your analyst's mind - that is, when the spouse spends 8-10 hours per day at work (including travel time) - is this also "not rewarding" time? Or what about those 2-3 hours watching television daily - that's ok, or 'not rewarding'? Extra hours at the office on weekends? Bowling or jogging or doing other exercise alone or with others than 'spouse' a few hours a week? Why single out the internet for this attack (and attack it surely is, as there is no attempt offered whatsoever to explore positive features of time spent on the net)? Although there have been many studies over the last several years strongly indicating that the current Canadian habit of watching 3-4 hours of television every day is VERY bad for everyone in every way with virtually no redeeming features whatsoever, and this television addiction has been having very bad effects on our society over the last 30+ years, I don't think I have ever seen any more than the most tepid reporting of such studies in the mainstream media, let alone any concerted effort on the part of 'authorities' and the media to actively discourage people from this useless and even harmful behaviour, in the same sense as we have seen these ongoing attacks on internet use. Hmmmm. Read the rest here

CNEWS, June 23 2006

Terrorists who face increased security abroad will target Canada: expert

Once again, I wonder if you could add a bit of depth to one of your seemingly endless "we're all in great danger" "terrorist" stories. In this particular iteration, your guest "analyst" says the "terrorists" are facing tougher times in other countries with "better" security, so they're going to start looking for "easier" targets, and here sits good ol' innocent, unprotected Canada just asking to be bombed. Read the rest here

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