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August 18 2006

CBC fronting for gov propaganda - again

Dear Ms Ormison,
RE: The Current, Friday Aug 18/06

I continue to listen to the CBC radio with considerable disbelief. Before I left Canada in 1994 (for what I expected to be a short 2-year CUSO posting to Thailand, which has actually become an expat life after 5 years with CUSO, I guess), I used to listen to the CBC for several hours a day most days, and feel I was truly keeping in touch with the way things were in my country and the world. The CBC, at that time, was dedicated to providing news, and when people disagreed on interpretations of what was happening in the world, the CBC radio that I used to listen to talked to people from various sides of whatever happened to be the controversial issues of the day, and left it to the listener to make up their own minds as to what was happening - very much, as I felt then, and feel now, is the role of a good media, be it print or broadcast of any sort.

For most of my first years here in Thailand, I had no access to radio, and nothing more than limited access to print media - the Bankgkok Post is not a too bad paper, but it has about as much news from Canada as any Canadian paper has news from Thailand. But a few years ago the internet began to be available here, and for the last 4-5 years I have been able to read most Canadian newspapers online (including the net version of what the CBC offers) - and then a few months ago I was able to sign up to an ADSL line in my room, and listen to CBC radio. I was very happy about this - I thought my life might well be full again (I have many things to occupy my time, between my personal life and work, and have quite a good and fulfilling life overall here, but I have always missed hearing good news and commentary and interviews and suchlike from Canada on the CBC, such as I used to hear on Morningside and As It Happens, especially, although I listened to various other programs as well - there is a difference between reading things and hearing people speak, especially when questioned by a good interviewer, a chance to assess credibility from listening to people live that does not come through in print, and the CBC used to provide a real perspective on things not really available elsewhere).


Now, after a few months of listening to the offerings of the CBC radio in this latter part of the first decade of the 21st century, some 12 years later, I must confess I am deeply, deeply disappointed at what it appears the CBC has become - a tool of the ruling elite of Canada, pushing and maintaining the indoctrination of the citizens of Canada as they are driven into the New World Order, no different from most of the mainstream media these days, a propaganda arm of those who control our government and society. Oh, there are still flashes of quality, and the music offerings are still generally eclectic and excellent, and things like Stuart MacLean's 'Vinyl Cafe' are still wonderful to listen to for things about Canada - but the general POV promoted by the news and commentary programs such as The Current seems to have become one of "our job is to push the government propaganda". And nothing could illustrate this better than the interview I listened to yesterday evening ( Friday Aug 18 - I get the morning shows from Canada live through the net connection, which is early evening here) which prompted this letter. (well, I suppose I shouldn't say 'nothing' there - the CBC's pretty much nonstop promotion of the "oh my god we're all in such terrible danger from TERRORISTS!!!!!!!!!' stuff gets quite a bit over the line sometimes. most of the time, actually... - talk about your 'conspiracy theories')

Which is what I write about - your take on 'Conspiracy Theories'.

Particularly the 911 'Conspiracy Theories'.

You begin the two-day segment (begun on Thursday, I heard some of the blurbs, although not the show) quite dishonestly - you ask readers to write or call about their favorite 'conspiracy theories', as if you are actually going to examine things the listeners suggest - but as became clear on this morning's show, you simply planned a hatchet job from the beginning.

So we listen to 20 minutes or so of one of the US establishment 'experts' calmly supporting the biggest current Conspiracy Theory of all - the utter nonsense put out by the US government, and adopted by the Canadian government and mainstream media, concerning what happened on 911. If you folks had an honest bone in your body and honestly examined the questions put forward by the 911 truth seekers, you would have no choice but to see and acknowledge that almost everything the US government has said is at best full of holes, and in many cases has been shown to be utter nonsense and even lies. Which is essentially what the 911 Truth Movement is all about. This is not a group of crazy people saying we think the US government did 911 to take over the world, as your guest strongly intimated (that may well be at least partly true, according to various documents such as the PNAC ones, but that is NOT the point of what we are saying or doing, and few people talk about it except those who try to dig up wild sayings by anyone to discredit everyone, which people like your guest seem unable (or unwilling) to understand) - all we are saying is, we don't pretend to know exactly what happened that day - but what we can see is that a huge amount of the 'official story' is either impossible or evidently lies and coverups of some sort - and it says a great deal about your show (and the general editorial direction of CBC news and commentary shows) that you refuse to even examine any of this huge body of questions or evidence in a rational, serious sort of way (which I cannot be sure, but I quite expect the CBC of 15 or 20 years ago would have done), and base your show on what amounts to ad hominem attacks on those doing the questioning. (I would be happy to offer a detailed refutation of your guest's commentary, if you were interested - it was as weak as the official conspiracy theory he defends - what else could it be, of course?)

In a way, regarding 911, I understand this approach from those who wish to discredit the search for the truth of things - you simply could not invite any of the more well-known and knowledgeable spokespersons from the 911 Truth Movement (for instance Michel Chossudovsky from the University of Ottawa, or Barrie Zwicker of Vision TV, or John McMurtry from the University of Guelph, or David Ray Griffin from the US, who has written two exhaustively researched books on this, or many others) onto your show for any sort of fair debate with your American 'debunker', as in any sort of fair exchange of ideas (that is to say, without such things as 'X-files' music playing in the background, to let all the listeners know where the CBC tells them they should be classifying everything they hear from these wierdos), the debunker (no matter how erudite in the face of no hard questions, as you helped him along this morning) would very quickly be shot down in flames, and thus your mission to 'debunk' those who wish to get to the truth of what happened on that day would quickly be exposed for the hatchet job it was. So - you just bring on somebody to offer, in detail, a lot of slurs and slander and untruths against those who are questioning what happened on that day, while offering those people no chance to present their side of the story, and pretend you are doing journalism, as the CBC has apparently been doing for quite some time now. What a sad state of affairs, for our country and a once world class radio network.

I will not write at length here, debunking your debunker, as it has all been done before and you evidently have no interest, and also as I know there is approximately zero chance you will respond to me personally or read any of these comments on air (I speak from long experience - about the first rule of gatekeeping is to never acknowledge you are doing so, and nobody I have written to has broken the rule yet) or, more importantly, actually try to do some honest questioning of this very important situation on your show, but nonetheless I still wanted to express my deep, deep disappointment at what has become of both my country and the CBC, and let you know that you might be fooling most of the people most of the time these days (although many polls do indicate that there is a large and growing number of people who are starting to understand that they have been lied to a lot about this and many other things from both their government and the media who promote the government stories about such things unquestioningly), but there are still a lot of us out here who see and understand what is happening, and are doing what we can to fight to get the truth out, and have some sort of real investigation into what happened that day (and about a number of other things). (Actually, you yourself sound quite fresh and innocent, it may well be you believe all of what you do and say on the show, excited to be hosting an important radio show and not wanting to upset the people who hired you or mess up your career path, which doing anything about looking for the truth of 911 might well do - if so, you ought to try a little travelling outside that hubristic attitude, get out of the box for a bit, understand that there just might be more important things in the world than advancing your career, and see what a dystopia you are helping to bring into existence.)

(I would be quite happy to answer any 'killer' questions you might have that 'prove' the US gov "conspiracy theory' is 'true' or something, or direct you to some websites that, in my opinion, pretty much prove that what they are saying is somewhere between lies and nonsense, should you wish to explore this any further. (I rather confidently predict you will do no such thing, as should you choose to explore this path honestly, there is only one possible place you will arrive at - the knowledge that they lied. And continue to lie. And by doing shows such as the one I write about - you support and promote those lies. Not many people want to acknowledge that they have been part of this terrible thing.)

Dave Patterson
Hat Yai, Thailand (in body)
Green Island (in spirit)

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