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Really - you know us writers - every friggin word is gold!! - and it does no good for them to be lying around in drawers or combinations of 0011001010101 etc in computers - they are to be consumed by eyes and brains! to foster debate and comment!

So - here at last, for the eager eyes of the world, the letters that the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Charlottetown Guardian, Vancouver Sun, Ottawa Citizen, etc and etc, have refused to print over the last few years - and, undoubtedly, over the next while as well - even though I am virtually certain they won't print anything I send that rips their precious little editorial positions to shreds, I still have to try sometimes, what the government and their corporate masters are getting up to is just so WRONG!! so crazy!! - causing so much unnecessary suffering for so many people.

If you think I'm a whacko, and my ideas make no sense - that's fine! I can live with that (we may share opinions of each other, actually - you should write something and let me know!) - but at least you have heard me, and judged yourself, which is all I ask. What is not acceptable is that the editors of the right-wing rags in Canada that have passed for the press the last couple of decades have taken it upon themselves to be the gatekeepers of the Canadian public forum - their "opinions", which, just coincidentally somehow support the corporate elitists who are running the country, are aired daily - but those of us who would like to point out that perhaps their ideas are just that - elitist - and not very good for the rest of us - well, they never see the light of day. This is not, I believe, what the role of the media is meant to be in a democracy.

There I go - rambling again. You can sit him in front of a keyboard, but you can't make him not type. Or something.

Well - after all that, let's see if we can find a letter or two in the old wordprocessor file box (by the way - that wordprocessor is NOT a Microsoft product!!!!!!!! - do yourself a favor, if you are still using that monstrosity called Word, and do a google for a wordprocessor called YeahWrite - there's a free version, or s $30 version - and it is about as far superior to MS Word as ... as ... as a Rolls Royce is to an Edsel, or the Montreal Canadians of the Jean Beliveau era were superior to every so called hockey team in the NHL today, or the Beatles were to the Dave Clark 5, or something. Just try it. We should all be trying to get away from anything MS does anyway, and moving to Linux and other Open Source products. But that little ramble must wait for another day. geez the time goes so fast.)

  • July 4 2004 - response to a piece of complete fantasy, but written by a high-up "analyst" about why Canadians are dissatisfied with their political situation even though they have it so good!! - What have you been smokin John?!?!??
  • May 5 2004 - World Press Freedom Day - the CEO of the Canadian Newspaper had a commentary - I had a few points I thought she missed - What about Press Responsibility Day?
  • April 3 2004 - the Rabble website, supposedly one of the "lefty" alternative websites in Canada, features an article from some guy trying to take apart Jack Layton - to me, a perfect example of why we are never going to get anywhere, until we learn to work together. I explain more here - The Benedict Arnold of the Canadian Left...
  • March 26 2004 - on the proposal for a new Canadian "take care of Canada" political party, I offered the following thoughts: The opportunity of the times....
  • March 22 2004 - American Ambassador Paul Celluci spoke to students at the University of Western Ontario, fearmongering about terrorism and exhorting everyone to get on board the US "terrorism" bandwagon. I thought they ought to have had somebody to respond to his garbage, and tell them so - A Speaker for Canada would have said....
  • February 29 2004 - the Mayor of Toronto convened a committe on youth violence in Toronto - I offer some thoughts - Repair the Social Contract
  • February 12 2004 - the traitorous Star coming out STRONGLY against PR - I point out the error of their ways, somewhat sarcastically - PR much better than FPTP
  • February 10 2004 - the National Citizen's Coaltion (Harper's gang) speaking out in defence of their freedom to spend as much as they want to influence elections - my thoughts - Freedom for who??
  • February 6 2004 - they've been forced to set up an inquiry in the Arar matter (Ottawa gives O'Connor wide discretion, deep access in Arar inquiry) - I offer my thoughts to the presiding judge About this "terrorism" stuff...
  • January 31 2004 - Kofi Annan, Sec-Gen of the UN, invited to speak to Canadian Parliament. I offer some ideas on what he might say - things that the PMO might overlook for some reason hahaha - Dear Kofi
  • January 24 2004 - to the Star, as they seemingly join the rightwing demands for cracking down on crime and gangs through American like more-cops-and-jailtime policies, rather than go after the main source - poverty and idiotic drug laws - What part of "Poverty causes crime" don't you all understand?
  • January 10 2004 - to the Premier of Newfoundland, regarding recent reports of a budgetary problem, suggesting some rather radical ideas concerning using the Bank of Canada and a Community Currency - Fight the banks!!!
  • January 10 2004 - to the Toronto Star, concerning their ongoing promotion of the US NWO "terrorist" agenda
  • Dec. 28 2003 - to a Pispot columnist named Andrew Coyne, doing his bit to suck up the Americans and justifying their invasion - I beg to differ (isn't that what a lot of these letters are??? HAHAHAHA!!)- Straw dogs and dissembling...
  • Dec, 18 2003 - to Paul Martin, re his "democratic deficit" - we seem to have rather different ideas on both problems and solutions - he's the PM and I ain't though - Dear Paul....
  • Dec. 12 2003 - to a Sun columnist named Bob MacDonald who complained about the pervasive "liberal-left" media in Canada - I try to set him straight - Lib-left media - would that be Canwest??? Your Suns? hahaha!!!!
  • Dec. 6 2003 - to Solicitor General of Canada Wayne Easter, regarding a story about his thinking maybe it is time for Canada to have a Canadian version of the Homeland Security Office - as one might expect, we disagree - WHOSE security are we talking about here????
  • Nov. 30 2003 - to Chief Julian Fantino of the Toronto Police Department, and his demand for an inquiry into the Canadian justice system: The true causes of crime...
  • Nov. 22 2003 - Editor, Winnipeg Sun, RE: MLAs get to write their own cheques, RM archive copy - the new NDP government in Manitoba planning to pay some guy $175 a freaking hour to examine their remuneration and recommend something new - rather obviously, a big raise is in the works, and they want to try to legitimise it by this hocus-pocus. I comment at length on the whole bit - A better way!
  • Oct. 17 2003 - United who - recapitulation of an earlier one, about how the Libs are actually the "right" in Canada these days, so any talk of "uniting the right" is nonsensical - makes sense only if you're trying to con people into believing things are different than they seem. Hmmmm .........
  • Sept 28 2003 - An op-ed piece in MacLeans wondering why most Canadians don't trust their media very much. This is sad coming from a Canadian writer, most of whom are suppposed to be less brain dead than their average American stupidity-reigns-boosters compatriots - but on the other hand it's spin - I really believe that future, intelligent generations are going to be absolutely unable to figure out how the people of this era could appear to be so stupid as to believe so much bullshit emanating from on high. Losing Faith in the Media is the original MacLeans story RM archive copy. My somewhat lengthy reply (just can't learn to speak in soundbites) here. The whole RM 030928 - Walrus Tears.
  • Sept. 27 2003 - Working on the above letter, I thought I'd just ask a few of the papers in Canada why they weren't concerned about the new leader of a Canadian political party blatantly breaking a formal promise within weeks of his giving that promise. United what? I promised WHAT?!? HAHAH!!
  • Sept. 14 2003 - from the Star - a piece on why young people and others are voting less that for some odd reason completely ignores the one major reason - I enlighten them (they do not wish to be enlightened - or, more likely, for others to have their suspicions confirmed...) - Fool me once...
  • Sept. 05/03 - The Glob - a columnist writing about how America "reluctantly" invaded Iraq - just too many fucking lies - The Globe as Ministry of Truth??
  • Sept. 02/03 - Pispot crap again about taking apart the healthcare system - just too many lies about how fucking WONDERFUL things are in the US system to let go by - Faulty analysis re healthcare
  • August 26/03 - The Globe printed a piece from some Fraser Institute people about how bad socialized medicare was - there were long lineups and so on because the doctors and other healthcare people were slacking off because there was not competition to get them working harder!!!. Got me a bit pissed, so I wrote another one to the ether (no, it wasn't published - there are a couple of really good lines in it - FARRRRRR too fucking good for the Globe. "Analysts" or quacks? I called it - which is what I called the guys who wrote the piece claiming to be policy analysts.
  • August 8 2003 - Two on the same day!! - really excited - this one about the neocon myth-fantasy of the liberal media in Canada - Letters National Post [[RM archive copy]]
  • August 8 2003 - About the real reasons students are facing huge education costs today - Debt is crushing our students [[RM archive copy]]
  • August 3 2003 - Reply to a column about the Montreal WTO demonstrations - Too much theatre, too little debate - [RM archive copy]
  • April 12 2003 - Another sort of long one (we just cannot write in soundbites here) to the MP who refuse to acknowledge our existence about the Canadian National Scam, whoops, Debt. (as of yet - August 2003, no reply)
  • March 4 2003 - Re: Ernie Eves letting the cat out of the bag - not only has Ontario deregulated the electricity market so the cost of power has gone through the roof - but he wants to give them government money ("incentives" to provide the service they are providing in the deregulated market!!)as well!!!! - these people never, ever, ever think the private sector has enough money, no matter how many billions they pay their CEOs and shareholders and "consultants", or that the average people have been screwed enough. (not published)
  • Feb 22 2003 - A bit more controversial, I expect, exposing my JS Mill readings or something - about filling the jails with people who have done no crime, but exceeded some arbitrary number on a machine that supposedly measures blood alcohol. The fascists are a lot closer than we think. Thought crimes, imaginary crimes - this stuff ain't goin nowhere good. But so few understand that - the brainwashing of modern governments is truly powerful.
  • Feb. 7 2003 - Open letter to my MP, expressing my desire for him to speak against the American invasion in the House of Commons, as my representative. Not printed by any papers, not answered or even acknowledged by the MP.
  • Feb 4 2003 - And a shortie asking why there was such a rush to investigate the Columbia disaster - but 18 months after "911" - the American government is doing everything possible to prevent an investigation. Hmmmmmm......
  • January 28 2003 - This one here is something I wrote to the Globe and Star, at least, about calling the upcoming American invasion of Iraq a war - I guess they didn't want people thinking about it this way or something.
  • June 2002 - Blast from the past! - not a newspaper letter, but one I wrote and sent to a few NDP leadership candidates during their "race".
  • March 2002 - Provinces complaining of not enough money - a practical suggestion to deal with this....
  • May 1999 - the Ottawa Citizen front-paged a story about how wonderful "free trade" was, and now that the opposition had finally disappeared, it was time for Canada to become a world leader and push for more and more of this crap. My rather excellent letter in response wasn't, of course, printed - as I recall there were quite a few letters that week from little old ladies concerned about whether or not there should be speed bumps or stop signs or some such thing on their street in the suburbs, which would obviously be much more important than any letter refuting the wonders of free trade. I guess. Anyway, with original, here
  • May 1999 - the US (not NATO, not really!) invasion and bombing of Kosovo, with Canadian participation. I did not think highly of this, and let a number of people know about, including my MP at the time, one Wayne Easter. here

Write me here if you want - I do read stuff, and I am thinking of adding a page about other people's letters as well.
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