Toronto Star


In “Power supply woes loom?” - Mar 4 2003 - Ernie Eves is quoted as saying “"In the long term, there has (sic) to be incentives for more generation of power in the province of Ontario ... (to) encourage people to locate here and to produce power..”

Well isn’t that interesting. It seems to me that during the big debates a couple of years ago about privatising Ontario Hydro, Harris and Eves and the rest were haranguing us simple-minded folk who weren’t too sure about this scheme with the guarantee that new energy-producing companies would just flock to Ontario in a deregulated market, all anxious to provide scads of power for everyone at lower prices!! I for sure do not recall anyone saying that after deregulation and privatisation, we would have to provide “incentives” for new power companies to come and locate in Ontario. (I suppose most people are on to the fact by now that, in Neocon vocab, “incentives” means tax cuts or outright handouts for some and reduced services for others to pay for those cuts/handouts).

Oh well - P. T. Barnum said it first - a sucker born every minute. I can hardly wait to see what Ernie has to say about this small omission in the particulars of the sales plan in the upcoming election campaign - and how many Ontario voters buy it. Honest Abe had another saying, somewhat before Barnum’s time - you can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time - I wonder how many Ontario people Ernie thinks he can fool this time around? (Prediction - he’s in for a bit of a “shock” himself).

Now why wouldn't the Star print this, I wonder - there were no other comments about this matter on the editorial or letters pages in the days following - oh well, the Star is considered a "leftist" paper by many, but only because everything else is so far to the right they're outta sight!! In a properly served market, the Star would be fairly centrist, and most of their editorial stance reflects this. They do have a few good columnists though.

Gee it's good, to be Back Home again....