John Kaminski

October 25 2003

Letter from Ernst

Falsely imprisoned in the Zionist gulag, Revisionist hero says it's up to us to take America back from the brink

By John Kaminski
and Ernst Zundel, prisoner of conscience

Ernst Zundel still languishes in a Canadian jail, in solitary confinement, denied of many of the basic privileges most prisoners, even actual criminals, take for granted.

A true hero of the Holocaust Revisionist movement for his outspoken opposition to the official Zionist version of World War II, Zundel was kidnapped by U.S. INS agents in February on the pretext of missing a scheduled appointment (Zundel claims he knew nothing about it), spirited off to Canada (where he resided for 42 years), and faces deportation to Germany and a long prison term, because in Germany it is against the law to contradict the Jewish version of what precisely happened during World War II.

In his Canadian prison ordeal, Zundel is not allowed to hear the evidence against him, who the witnesses are, or even what the accusations are. This procedure, permitted by Canadian anti-terrorist legislation, cancels the basic right under Anglo-Saxon common law of the defendant to know the charges against him, to face his accusers and to challenge their evidence in order to make a full and complete defense.

Canadian authorities allege that Zundel, while not personally
violent, is a terrorist and supports serious acts of violence in Canada or abroad.

Zundel, an award-winning cartoonist, artist and videographer, was Canada's best-known revisionist. For publishing a slim booklet entitled "Did Six Million Really Dieu" he was twice put on trial and convicted on a charge of spreading "false news."

It is important to understand that those who reject the Holocaust story do not dispute that large numbers of Jews were deported to concentration camps and ghettos, and that many Jews were killed during the Second World War. Every serious revisionist acknowledges that Europe's Jews suffered a catastrophe during the Hitler years. They were ruthlessly uprooted, taken from their homes, and herded into horribly overcrowded ghettos and miserable concentration camps, where many of them perished. Their property and their rights were taken away.

While conceding all of this, the men and women who have testified on Zundel's behalf have articulated their reasons for rejecting the idea that there was a German program to exterminate Europe's Jews, and for disbelieving the stories about mass killings in gas chambers.

Recently, in response to a copy of my book I sent him, Zundel sent me this letter.

12 October 03, Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend

Ernest Zundel, Toronto West Detention Center
111 Disco Road, Box 4950
Rexdale, ON M9W 1M3 CANADA

Dear Mr. Kaminski,
For some reason, I feel drawn to use the familiar "John", although I abhor the all-too-easy chumminess and often inappropriate use of a person's first name!
Ingrid, my wife, who is an ardent reader of your writings, feels the same way about this habit of familiarity, which was typical for Americans, but has now made tremendous inroads in Canada and even Germany, where young people now address people like myself, or my wife, in the term formerly reserved for parents, siblings, relatives, or very close friends. The word DU and in French tu.
For almost a month, I have had your angry book, a collection of essays titled "America's Autopsy Report," by my bunk, made of a concrete slab, in my isolation cell in solitary confinement in this prison the new Canadian gulag.
I have read, re-read, and after I was finally granted the privilege of a "yellow marker," after eight months solitary confinement, I marked some of the things I wanted to raise with you. The problem is, I can only send eight pages of these pencil-written notes, no ballpoint pens or any other pens are allowed in Canadian prisons. So please forgive the difficulty in reading this.
I feel inadequate to communicate my thoughts to you, given the handicaps described and the fact that in Canada, unlike the USA, an inmate's outgoing mail is also read by prison censors! In America this used to be a federal crime, punished by up to 8-10 years imprisonment. I am not sure if this has also been affected by the Constitution/Bill of Rights-busting provisions of the Patriot Act.
Thus, as you read these next few pages, reflect under what physical and mental constraints I am writing you! Always remember this context, in every word, phrase and thought.
I don't know how much, or how little, and from what sources you may have gathered or gleaned whatever you do know about me. I hope I am not boring you with stuff you already know.
Your writings reveal a keen appreciation of many of the topics you and I are and obviously have been interested in for decades. It seems that I must be somewhat older than you are, for your political awakening seems to have taken form in the early 1970s; with me it was in the late 1950s and early 1960s.
I had the "benefit" of being born at the outbreak of WWII, and having vivid recollections of the Allied wartime bombings, and what Americans and the Allies imposed on Germany after they did to the Germans, what has unfortunately been "their" pattern or modus operandi, in every war ever since. That saves me a lot of "pencil stubs," for I can see from your passionate writings at least an intellectual understanding of what war and subsequent unconditional surrender meant to Germany and her allies, both for civilians and also the defeated and disarmed military forces and support personnel.
You are undoubtedly familiar with James Barques' books about Eisenhower's death camps, so I won't bore you with that war crime!
I said to my wife that John Kaminski is a "work in progress," as we artists say, while we labour on a particularly multi-faceted painting with lots of detail and nuances.
For instance: I was going to write you about that often grotesquely mangled and misquoted "Big Lie" authorship, usually laid at Hitler's and/or Joseph Goebbels' feet, and I was more than pleased to read your rockbottom honesty in setting the record straight after a Canadian correspondent drew your attention to the real facts.
That one act did more to elevate you in my eyes then many of the other very courageous "acts" you undertook in your writings. You say stuff, John Kaminski, that most of the intellectuals of this world "hardly dare to think never mind write!" It's downright HEROIC!
Your comments on page 180 of your book "America's Autopsy Report" further cemented this perception of you in my mind, that here is a man who is not afraid of "calling a spade a spade," and can admit errors. A rare quality.
Once this gets past the various censors, not only inside this place but those other government snoops who lie in wait for any Zundel mail (read Andrew Mitrovica's book "Covert Entry" about how the authorities intercept my mail, and how they have analyzed and dissected it for the last 20 years), you will get to appreciate that the "Patriot Act" has only officially admitted and now sanctions what has been going on in Canada, Germany and you can bet the USA for over 50 years! More like since 1914.
You are on to most of the rackets and con-jobs already!
I was pleased that you understand or suspect the role played by the effects of drugs and electronic conditioning (p. 99) and that with all your anger, frustration, even fury at what is happening to America, you put your finger on where some of the root causes lie ... "It's the support systems that enslave us and keep us dependent on our corporate keepers. WE NEED TO EAT FOOD WE GROW IN OUR BACKYARDS, NOT BUY FROM SUPERMARKET CHAINS."
This innocuous phrase encompasses a revolutionary act in today's context. It's the first sentence in a new, not-yet- written "Declaration of Individual Independence," a supreme and basic act of self-liberation.
Not only does it make a person more self-reliant, and gives a family more nourishing food, which will within months, at most years, lead to far-healthier thinking, logic, but also a natural suspicion (not induced paranoia) that comes with good, wholesome food, outdoor activity, like digging over a garden and field, fresh air, appreciation of man's interconnnection to the earth, soil, elements, the cycle of nature and life! It means a new healthy survival instinct will be a byproduct of this "back to the basics, reconnect with nature" process.
It has been my observation, John Kaminski, that the easiest people to confuse and con, with a torrent of nice- sounding phrases, are uprooted from the land, citified populations, the world over!
The toughest customers to convince are usually "peasants"; they are some of the most CONSERVATIVE and realistic common-sense guided people. I am not saying all! I have met my share of shallow or stupid farmers but a far larger number of farmers will spot a con man or a Ponzi scheme quicker than city slickers will.
Since I am not God nor a prophet, and with my soon-to-be-dull pencil stub, can only touch on the bare essentials, I cannot and would not presume to give you advice, John Kaminski.
Let me just submit a few thoughts, so that you can dwell on them, mull them over, and then come to your own conclusions, if what I submit to you is worthy of consideration.
John, I do this based on a 40-year career as an artist, reporter, writer and broadcaster, both for radio and television.
So you can grant me that I have been around the block, as it were, and have been interviewed by the most famous, from the legendary Joe Pine, Long John Nebel in the 1960s, to Mike Wallace on 60 Minutes in the 1990s. I have broadcast and even interviewed more than 2,000 people on radio, and over 500 TV shows, which is one of the chief reasons I am called a National Security Threat in this country.
All the grilling in court for months on end already has been mainly about people I have known and interviewed, because some of those interview subjects were "decided underdogs";
many of them were, or at least declared themselves to be "political or alternative thinkers, activists and innovators," be it in religion, politics or the health and nutrition field.
That's why your book, "A.A. Report," and your other Internet essays strike such a chord because for me it's a case of deja vu, of "been there, done that."
Having researched, questioned, and allowed to give voice to some of their ideas, I have come to the conclusion that all the anger and frustration, all the eloquent manifestos, all the tirades on late night talk shows, on "patriotic short wave" and now "Internet radio," are only a safety valve for ourselves, to vent some of the pent-up frustration, like you did in "America's Autopsy Report."
If I may be so vulgar and say it, it is "emotional and verbal masturbation," not leading to conception and the subsequent birth of a promising new life. It dissipates into the ether, and since I am "living, incarcerated proof," draws the attention of the agencies of the new police state, and sets one up for "Sonderbehandlung," as it was called in WWII.
Now in American and Canada, it is called "special treatment," like I and my fellow victims in Canada get who face daily "secret evidence, secret witness in-camera hearings," where only government lawyers and prosecutors, together with the presiding "specially designated federal judge," get to hear and see this secret evidence.
The accused and his attorney never are told what his or her accusers said!
This then is the fate of me, a man of ideas, a dissident publisher and broadcaster, who from the 1960s onward has spent an entire career stressing evolution and not revolution, stressing the non-violent change of society via ideas.
I have had years and years of court appearances and merciless interrogations by all manner of police, immigration, RCMP, FBI you name it; I've had it all long before the Patriot Act and its Canadian version were ever foisted on a gullible citizenry!
I have been bombed, my home and business burned to the ground. I was knocked to the ground outside court by Jewish mobs in full view of the media and police, and I battled for my right to speak and write in Canada, Germany, and now the USA as well. So you could say that as far as the "democratic countries" or the "Western democracies" are concerned, I did help write the book on freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and of freedom of assembly.
You could say like it says in the song, "I did it my way." I once kept track of the readership and listenership, and viewership, of the claimed audiences of all the papers, radio and TV shows I appeared on in one year. It was way in excess of 500 million people, for one year. That was before I had my own radio and TV, and satellite and public access shows.
My wife tells me that the visitor count to the Zundelsite shot up to 1.2 million in the months after my arrest in the U.S. and my deportation to Canada. An average of 2.4 pages were looked at by each visitor, so that's a respectable number in anybody's book.
And yet, I believe that the humble mother who decides to go to the inconvenience and often nerve-straining trouble to homeschool her brood of children accomplishes more in the long run, as does the father who toils in his garden to bring healthful produce to the kitchen table, than all the words that I have uttered!
For the potential outcome and benefit to society of a healthy mind, dwelling in a healthy body, brought about by a healthy, wholesome, organically and lovingly grown and harvested "fuel" high-octane nourishment will be like a secret weapon of sanity unleashed against a confused herd of mindless cattle heading for the slaughterhouse.
Thus John, I would beg you, be careful in your blanket condemnation of ALL Americans, or of "America being a nation of liars, bullies, conmen, crooks, mindless robots, jackbooted enforcers, crooked judges, beholden prosecutors and grovelling whores and sellouts in the Congress and Senate."
If anybody has earned the right, or at least could be expected to espouse such unflattering epithets, then I, the marginalized, vilified, handcuffed, leg-ironed, deported German immigrant, could claim for myself the right to lash back, to ease my own pain, and assuage my own psyche.
I try desperately, in the solitude of my unenviable existence, to not allow this "short circuit" of my soul. I do not want my enemies to warp my being by their unconscionable actions against me.
John, I would urge you, one of the most evocative, skilled writers I have read, in this crucial time, do not offend and thus "neutralize" a vast segment, untold millions undoubtedly, by your anger, your hurt, and your disappointment at the failings and shortcomings and I admit, the criminal behavior of some, and the silent acquiescence of millions of others in America.
You can, of course, say to me! I am an American, these are Americans, my people, acting in my name, etc.
You can, and obviously do feel an almost holy wrath of Biblical proportions against these unsavoury elements within the American body politic, or American society.
I, the German immigrant, torn from my American citizen wife's side so cruelly, recognize all the signs of decay and decline, even of degeneration, all around us. I am not blind and my heart bleeds for the unfulfilled promise and the unrealized dream America could have been and I say defiantly STILL CAN BE if we, all of us who are alert, WILL IT TO BE, and make it come about, by our individual actions, our rededication to the core values good, solid, honest, eternal values of honesty, hard work, self-reliance, foresight, frugality, discernment, and common sense.
John, you said it yourself, millions of Americans took to the streets to protest a war before it happened these millions of Americans of all races, nationalities and ages. And I saw lots of young people at those demonstrations, John, they saw through the lies, the concocted intelligence reports, they had more sense and more guts and more idealism, and yes John, they were motivated by a new kind of mature patriotism, that was not silenced by any amount of government's invoking the flag and phony claims of national security, repeated like mantras by the kept corporate media.
Millions saw through it.
That, John, is your and our constituency.
Imagine how these many millions of dedicated, hard-working, overtaxed, and constantly lied to and emotionally blackmailed decent people must feel when someone calls all of American in fact evil that includes them, John.
It's a gross oversimplification, and insult to the untold millions who are as yet voiceless, because an "oligarchy of evil" batters on them.
They are hapless victimes, waiting, chafing at the bit, to be liberated from their myriad oppressors.
The way I see it, John, as an outsidfer, now cooped up in a 6x9, solitary confinement jail cell, where the lights are on day and night, guards come to write down all my actions, movements, every 20 minutes, 24 hours a day. Where I get 10 minutes of fresh air, by myself, in a concreted-over totally enclosed prison yard, where no one speaks to me for days, some times weeks, where all visits and phone calls have to be pre-approved.
The way I see it is not to let our anger and frustration get the better of us, but instead, carefully separate the perpetrators from the victims, then coalesce the energies of the victims, one step at a time, against their tormentors and victimizers, by showing them and explaining to them, who their enemies are, where they hide, what methods the oppressors use to enslave them, from credit cards to installment payments, to "easy home mortgages," etc.
Then educate them, how Aspartame and other chemicals in their food and drinks are used to control them, to dumb them down, to make them more easily manipulated and once you have alerted them to the problems, given them some simple slutions like you did when you said we should grow our own food. You can't do that in cities, so given them an interim solution what they can eat, simple wholesome non-junkfood diets.
Explain to them that they can rent garden plots, it was done in two World Wars well, John, we are at war, the war for the heart and soul of America and the whole Western world is now raging.
I say the enemies of mankind declared it now it's up to us, each one of us, one step and one neighbor and in your case, one reader at a time, to take America back from the brink.
Legalizing pot is not the answer, John that's largely how the 1960s revolution was channeled into nothingness turn on and tune out was what they did victims of those same corrupt servants of the military-industrial complex and media complex.
Each one of us has the power in their heads, their hearts and their individual families to issue to themselves their very own declaration of "Food and Lifestyle Independence."
Good food will lead to sound thinking, solid health, mental and spiritual independence and America and the West will be saved.
All the best.
E. Zundel

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