John Kaminski

Sept. 28 2003

Why you should not vote

Rigged computers plus corrupt candidates equal no freedom

By John Kaminski

Here's a simple message vital to the future of the human species that a majority of Americans will have no trouble heeding Don't vote. Repeat: Do not vote, under any circumstances.

How's that for a counterintuitive proposition? Don't vote and you just might, one day, regain your free country. If you do choose to cast a vote, chances are excellent that you won't ever see freedom again, because by voting, you simply a reinforce a system totally polluted by money and corruption that ultimately has nobody's best interests at heart.

Why would you cast a ballot when fascist controlled electronic voting companies conceal from the public proprietary software that allows them to change vote totals in any way they wish, as the 2002 midterm elections in Minnesota, Georgia, Texas, Alabama and other states so blatantly demonstrated?

Never mind that criminal Katherine Harris gambit in 2000 when she personally disenfranchised more than 90,000 legitimate voters, allowing George W. Bush to embark on his pathological crusade to obliterate the world in order to enrich his friends with lucrative no-bid contracts that destroy the American economy.

The real point is that your vote counts for precisely nothing if some politically motivated computer geek can whimsically change the ballot box totals at the end of the night. Evidence of this activity is now overwhelming. That's what has happened in the last two elections, and that's what will happen in 2004.

So why would you bother to vote?

Then the real question becomes: What if they held an election and nobody voted? What would happen then?

Even if the votes actually were counted honestly, there looms the larger question of who to vote for?

In this sick dance charitably referred to as the Democratic presidential primary campaign, not a single candidate has even whispered a syllable about any of the three most important issues which should be in the minds and on the lips of every prospective American voter namely, the 9/11 coverup which allowed the militaristic maniacs in the White House to start bombing every country they want to steal something from; the monstrous control of American culture by Zionist media which has twisted the U.S.A. from a well-meaning collection of God-fearing villages into a murderous and pornographic circus; and the deliberate poisoning of America's own soldiers by their own leaders with radioactive ammunition and toxic vaccines.

Not a word about any of that on the Zionist TV stations, or from the so-called liberals and progressives who seek to challenge the tyrant in charge who performs his demented charades from the White House.

Of course the alternative to those posturing, gutless Democrats is our beloved unelected Republican incumbent, the one for whom was written the popular bumper sticker: "Somewhere in Texas ... a village is missing its idiot." But this is no joke.

How many Americans will actually vote for someone who kills thousands of people based on the lies he tells? Even when the people he kills with those lies are some of America's finest citizens! What kind of twisted monsters have the American people become? Hiding in their decaying homes, ignoring the phony rationales for slaughter, they wave their flags and remain mute, not wishing to hear the truth in foreign newspapers shatter the hollow lies of their own shameful silence.

Special note to all those parents considering a career for their children in America's armed forces: Uncle Sam is killing your children, even if they don't go to war ... which most likely they will be, lives wasted in meaningless acts of aggression against some innocent Third World country that will be based on lies. These leaders you venerate and grovel in front of are deliberately killing your own children, and you're voting for them!

OK, you can wave your flag now. And stay silent if you like.

What purpose would not voting really accomplish, you ask?

Well, when there's nobody to vote for who is really going to address the legitimate problems of the world, and when the votes (it has already been proven) are not counted honestly, what is the point of voting? It's the same point as the presidential primaries: your future has already been planned for you, and you have absolutely no say in the matter.

Of course it's impossible that NO ONE would vote. Diehard political organizations would pay people to cast ballots just to have totals to count. But what if public participation got so low that it became impossible to maintain the fiction that the president had been elected by a majority of the population? As it is now, only 42-44 percent of Americans actually vote. What if that were cut in half, and only 20 percent voted?

What would really guarantee the effectiveness of this idea would be a new law stipulating that a quorum of eligible voters be required for election. Since Bush became president with only 18 percent of the votes of eligible voters, under this law he would not have been able to take office. But that's a pipedream as incumbents in Congress would and will do nothing that might jeopardize their privileged status. Still, all legislative bodies must have a quorum to legally pass legislation. It would be nice if the same basic rule applied to electing the leader of the free world/chief pillager of the planet.

But even without such a law, the consequences of such a mass movement of refusing to vote for corporate stooges who don't act in the best interests of the people would have resonant repercussions and ramifications, and kindle a movement advocating the delegitimization of the American governmental system, which must happen if humanity is to be rescued from the clutches of this new and growing totalitarian police state menace.

Would things get better, or worse? Some would say worse. But wouldn't such a protest amplify the realization that Americans no longer have a free and untainted election system?

As it stands now, only millionaires can run for national public office, and they must have the support of corporations, the very entities oppressing people everywhere in the world and curtailing individual freedom in the name of profit. So the candidates who run for public office must endorse oppressive policies in order to capture the support of the powerful entities that control the lives of everyone.

This is not freedom, people. This is economic coercion, and directly responsible for America's new trend of subverting all foreign governments through huge loans and huger repayment plans that wind up impoverishing and indenturing every nation that takes the bait.

Anyone who casts a vote for any candidate is endorsing America's stated objective of killing anyone in the world for any reason it chooses.

We need to protest in a serious way that the integrity of America's voting system has been profoundly compromised by electronic voting manipulation, and we also need to demand candidates who can tell some version of the truth that is not totally twisted by the perverse and inhuman influence of corporate financial blackmail.

Until we accomplish these objectives, we will continue to have an America that invades foreign countries based on wholly fictional pretexts and kills its own citizens with impunity, and we will have presidential candidates who cannot address the real issues that threaten our very survival because they are gagged by the financial constraints placed upon them by the very forces that jeopardize our well-being and our survival as a species.

My remedy for this double bind is not to vote. I urge everyone not to vote, under any circumstances.

The honest American people that still remain upright and independent must withdraw their sanction of a criminal and despicable governmental system that is strangling the life out of a majority of its citizens because it has rigged the laws and the courts to assist in the accelerated robbery of the poor by the rich.

What has our system of voting achieved? A Congress-full of lemming traitors who virtually all voted to seriously damage our Constitution without even reading the legislation, and who by a wide margin abdicated their legal responsibility to stop a tyrant who ordered two foreign invasions based on the lies he told.

The eventual objectives of a voting strike by the American people would be to convene Constitutional conventions to restore what rights have been nullified by the Patriot Acts, to outlaw corporate personhood, to recalibrate and detoxify the court system, and to place new restrictions on campaign financing and advertising. All these goals should have the aim of wresting political power from the coffers of huge corporations and returning it to individual citizens.

It's time for real Americans to stand up and be counted. Don't vote. Withdraw your approval of a recklessly criminal governmental system, or share in the guilt of its objective that eventually (and probably sooner than later) will destroy the entire world with its greed.

Don't vote.

Hopelessly warped by the shrill cynicism of men who do not care that real people needlessly die because of their decisions, the American system of governance must be brought down by a massive outcry of moral outrage and sincere shame from every corner of the land. Otherwise no authentic safety exists for anyone anywhere, and the human future cannot evolve with confidence that one day there really will be liberty and justice for all.

What was once the American dream is now the American nightmare.

Only by withdrawing our support for a system terminally fouled by the limitless bank accounts of the patrician plunderers will we have any hope of awakening from it.

Don't vote.

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