John Kaminski

June 8 2006


Who Are They? - Who’s really pulling the strings and keeping everyone lost in fake games?

By John Kaminski

Few people I know really believe that we can defeat this beast, so ably represented by the leering faces of Bush and Cheney, as they and their banker bosses rain death on the world. Everybody I know is making plans to run, or hide in the swamp out behind the cement plant, or hop on the next plane to Buenos Aires.

They're coming at us from all angles, you know. An exponential pressure increase on believers and nonbelievers alike. Carcinomic food, medicated atmosphere, dependably bogus explanations of world events, poison drugs, falsified education, water you don’t dare drink, and a paid-off government from top to bottom that guarantees the human species will continue to rip itself off in pursuit of profits for the wrong reasons until it kills itself in the process.

Unless we take a clearer look at what we're doing.

What are the criteria upon which we base our decisions? How do you feel about the public education you received? Does that still function for you now that you're older? Doubtful! In which case, how do you explain things to your kids, already heavily sedated, preprogrammed by their robot schools and controlled input options

Very doubtful, as you watch your country crash into financial chaos and legalized torture in pursuit of a figmented enemy purposely created to make money from the sale of weapons more expensive and ever more diabolical than you, Joe SixPack, could possibly conceive.

How about Morgellon’s disease?

Patients claim fibers sprout from lesions and parasites crawl under their skin. Located primarily in the South Texas immigrant zone, long suffering patients testify mysterious fibers sprout from their lesions and parasites crawl under their skin.

“I would lay in the bed and it felt like an army of ants just crawling over the bed, all over my body,” says one Morgellon’s Disease sufferer. ... Plus fatigue, body aches, hair loss, rashes, and maroon and purple “fibers” that sprout from lesions. and actually move to escape extraction.

See also http://www.bibleprobe.com/morgellons.htm and a thousand other links.

Is this an alien invasion? Or the latest government program? And since the outbreaks seem centered in the South Texas immigrant zone, illegal aliens can spread it all over America. Or will this be the pretext for the latest Neocon New Orleans, a race war between the beleaguered whites and the manipulated Mexicans, now suddenly carrying a dangerous disease and worthy of slaughter by righteous and ignorant whites?

Or how about Haditha? U.S. Marines butchering 24 defenseless women and children in their insane vengeance for a blown-up friend. As John MacArthur, publisher of Harper’s Magazine, wrote in the Providence Journal (6/6/06):

“If we're to punish anyone for Haditha, we should start with President Bush and the congressmen, including Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, who sent Roel Briones and Kilo Company on a murder-suicide mission in which there can be no justice.”

That’s the mainstream version. On the deeper level that keeps Iraq seething because of constant provocations by Mossad/mercenary hit teams blowing up mosques, this now-famous American atrocity merely verifies the perception of America and its British and Israeli overlords as conscienceless brigands who have essentially NEVER kept any promise they ever made, and the rest of the world stands warned.

This is the karma that awaits America’s future generations. Karma is always repaid in full.

But I'm not telling you anything you don't already know. The news is always bad, or it wouldn't be news. But do you ever come across events that make you surprised that they didn't teach you that in school, because they're so basic and important? Like the privatizing of American banks in 1913 that guaranteed corporations — fictional and deceptive conceptual constructs — would one day rule every conceivable aspect of your existence? Hermes, the God of Thieves, must have smiled. Since that time, freedom has become just another commodity for sale in the marketplace, and most of you reading this simply don’t have the money to buy it.

As one who had kept himself outside of the consensus mainstream for my entire life, I have very recently learned something news, something I hadn’t previously understood. Unless you understand what's really going on inside yourself, you can't hope to get a truly accurate picture of what's happening in the world.

Sure, anybody with a brain can discern the obvious hoax perpetrated on all of us by our supposedly own government in 2001, with 9/11 horror stories seared into our minds that we soon learned were phantom hijackers, deliberately exploded towers, and hollow men like Bush, Clinton, Sharon and Silverstein collecting monstrous insurance payouts a short while later. Did you initially believe the lies? Do you still? Or are you still rapt in the hollow accounts put out by a kept corporate media intent more on enforcing the corporate commercial mindlock that in genuinely informing anybody about anything? The Spin cycle has taken over reality. Have you realized it yet?

But how about that thing that spins inside you? Inside us? Inside me? I can only speak for myself.

What is the purpose of our efforts? To inform? Or to profit? How am I spun, and how do I spin myself?

Do you understand the joy of speaking to someone where you can comfortably acknowledge that you both share a higher purpose, no matter what name you put on it?

I am someone who was once popular but is now mostly shunned by a brittle majority afraid to speak openly about Hebrew history and the real forces that control our puppet politicians who scorch our planet with so many Dr. Strangelove schemes.

It’s a simple proposition to understand. Who controls the money? Who always controls the money? And who, by virtue of their control of money, controls every single bit of information you receive, no matter how clever you think you are in exploring backwater websites and finding quaint old libraries.

Otherwise conscious publications, especially those riveting Italian ones — uruknet and bellaciao — are afflicted by the same mental self-censorship as the finest U.S. news websites — Online Journal, Information Clearinghouse, and Global Research.

You can’t talk about a certain subject. And that subject turns out to be the No. 1 problem in the world. Only in most European countries, laws prevent you from even talking about it.

This phenomenon is at the very heart of the mindlock. It is a stain that has spread to the four corners of the world and can easily be found — in banks, and in virtually every print publication, and on every TV screen.

And every aspect of your life is now subject to a Kosher stamp of one form or another.

Dr. Strangeloves like Rumsfeld and the Bushes are merely the executors of orders from higher financial realms, situated on posh estates in Europe that are inextricably linked to the worldwide network of the forces of capital which rule human hearts like a chimera distinctly resembling that grisly parasite now known as Morgellon’s disease. When you try to grab it and root it out, it slips away. And it ruins your life.

The result of such a slippery coven of inbred billionaires ruling the world with deception and impunity down through time can be explained in one word: Haditha.

The power of money worms through our hearts until we mistake it for our life-giving blood. What’s it going to be? Your blood or your money? You know the answer. We take the money as long as it’s someone else’s blood.

A very American philosophy, wouldn’t you say?

Or is it? Some would say it’s a Hebrew philosophy, and that the religions that were created subsequently are also Hebrew constructs. So maybe it’s a Jewish philosophy, although that doesn’t explain the White Protestant extermination of the North American natives throughout the 1800s.

I already was an American who saw the facade that masked the killer machine. From smallpox blankets for the Pequot Indians as white Europe slaughtered the red aboriginals, to the bogus exercise these moneymasters staged in New York on 9/11, American history is the pits.

Murder by self-justification. The lie we tell ourselves.

But I was not a human being who walked the talk, who could see the heart of the beast, and yet failed to slay it. I did not practice what I preached. Even though I posed the question — what do we do? — I did not answer it.

As someone who was tossed off website after website for uttering a single phrase — “Everything Zionists do is justified by the Talmud” — I had yet to make anyone see what I meant by that. Most people are zoned in behind a facade of misinformation that masquerades as mainstream education. It’s makes them more willing, as we know all too well, to go fight and die after first swearing allegiance to obvious lies.

No one person or ethnic group is doomed or damned because of their lineage. Anyone can overcome any handicap with the right knowledge and determination.

It is all a matter of belief. We do what we believe.

Except when it’s a cover, a false nobility, a shredded honesty.

When you say you love something — or stand for something — you better stand by that something, or what you say isn’t true.

It is in that vein that I wish to discuss certain inconveniences that have come my way as a result of what I have previously written.

Booted unceremoniously off one popular website for a story I consider spurious — an event preceded by Jon Carlson’s laughable hit piece about me on rense.com (which Rense himself insisted he hadn’t read) alleging I was Naval intelligence. And then generally excluded from websites that had previously embraced me, all because I used the word Jew.

And challenged the orthodox version of the so-called Holocaust. And 9/11. And the Iraq war. And America’s motivation in general. And most especially, the obvious influences exerted in all walks of life by the Jewish community, which camouflages its efforts behind the labels Zionist and Israeli in a mostly successful attempt to evade criminal charges for its horrid manipulations in the general categories of money and media.

Are there any Americans remaining who think the good ole USA is actually following a noble path? If so, what kind of poison is in your water that has totally addled your mind? And why can’t you see the effect Jewish influence has had on us all? Don’t you hear the Iraqis and Palestinians screaming as they starve?

Don’t you think there’s a reason why you can’t talk about these things in public? It’s because they’re true, obviously.

Much confusion about motivation has ensued these last four years following the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York. The one thing we know for sure is that 9/11 was the trigger event for overt oppression by the United States on two (and hundreds) more impoverished countries, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Who is the chief beneficiary of both wars? Who are the men who make the money from these transactions? And who handles just about all of the money?

When you attempt to think of “good” members of this group who seem to be playing a constructive role in solving our problems, ask yourself if their efforts are genuine? Don’t they so often seem to defend Jewish innocence to the degree that they obliterate the actual question in a tsunami of triviality and charges of anti-Semitism.

Are you really insisting you don’t know who controls the money?

All these Jewish writers — Chomsky, Blum, William Rivers Pitt, and that ilk — always pinpoint the American disease without properly identifying its underlying Jewish influence. Because that is their purpose. To conceal the name of the true perpetrators in an intellectual blizzard of superficial detail.

I have chosen the path I thought was best, and most of you have turned your backs on me. Readers should know that. And editors can gauge their shuddering integrity by it, as well.

The litmus question of our age is this. Will the human herd realize the influences that control them, and identify the one shadowy group that always rises to the top, then dominates and destroys the land it plunders?

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida whose Internet essays have been seen on hundreds of websites around the world. His latest collection, Recipe for Extinction, is now available at http://www.johnkaminski.com/. He is also the author of two collections of essays, America's Autopsy Report and The Perfect Enemy, many of which have been published individually on hundreds of websites around the world. In addition, he has written The Day America Died: Why You Shouldn’t Believe the Official Story of What Happened on September 11, 2001, a 48-page booklet aimed at those who still believe the government’s highly questionable version of events. For more information and announcement of release dates, keep track at http://www.johnkaminski.com/

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