John Kaminski

January 27 2006

Words to play by

Kaminski’s new book recaps the disintegrating history of the 21st century

By John Kaminski

People are picking on me. They’re calling me a philandering Internet gigolo Zionist dupe, willingly associating with others of that ignominious ilk. Hence, everything I say should be disregarded, they insist.

Fortunately for me, I simply stand by my stories, and defy you to tell me I haven’t written the definitive history of the 21st century thus far.

The U.S. government engineered 9/11 as a pretext for permanent war. This bold plan was successful because of the media/pharmaceutical anesthesitization of the American populace over a period of 40 years, from the Kennedy assassination to the imminent beginning of World War Three in Iran.

The real money has always been made in wars and financial collapses. Current indicators are that we are about to get both.

The responsibility for this chosen course lies with the corporate establishment, which has gentrified itself right out of the human species.

What was it we were supposed to be doing while our neighbors were dying, being murdered and desecrated for what .... America’s robotic and heartless lies for the benefit of clever controllers who have captured our entire lives, from our money to hearts and minds?

We go where they go. And I’m telling you, we don’t want to go there.

So when people cast aspersions my way, I just roll out my titles, especially those in my new book, “Recipe for Extinction: John Kaminski’s Internet essays, volume 3” which is coincidentally now for sale on my website, http://www.johnkaminski.com/ even though I won’t be mailing them until the end of February, we hope.

I stand by my stories, and most especially I stand by my titles as accurate characterizations of what I have written. Consider, only for a moment, the contents of “Recipe for Extinction” and tell me if this is not what has happened.

Sick strategies for senseless slaughter was a recap of links proving U.S./Israeli complicity in the deaths of Americans in Iraq, as well as how U.S. forces tricked everyday Iraqis into transporting bombs into key locations, killing people in deceptive acts that were later blamed on America’s phantom enemies, who are invented in the Pentagon and thrust outward through media control of the minds of the populace.

Canary in the coal mine the parable of Ernst Zundel not being allowed to utter a factual statement without legally offending the Jews of the world; as a result, he has been held in prison for five years, face five more, and will probably never get out because he insists on telling the truth about the nonexistent gas chambers at Auschwitz during World War Two.

Letter to the FBI is an apt portrayal of what today's FBI has become, a cowardly secret police protecting the evil interests of the powers that be at the expense of ordinary citizens trying to live decent and honest lives.

The shattered glass asks the question “what if we thought was healthy was actually killing us?”

Peace, justice and honesty asks, “Your parents didn't bring you up to be killers, I don't think. Maybe they did and just won't admit it.”

These are five of the 30 titles in the book, now for sale (for early March delivery) on http://www.johnkaminski.com/

Thanks very much for your support and your kind words.

As regards those who would rather spend their time either supporting or denigrating one group or another, and lure unfocused people into unnecessary speculation about nonessential items, like who I might REALLY work for, I stand by my stories, and these words:

Always play for the underdog.

I learned that watching Walt Disney's Davy Crockett on black-and-white TV in the middle 1950s, typical white suburbia, in which unevolved people who failed to perceive the trauma their lifestyles inflicted on themselves and everybody else nevertheless followed civilized rules of decorum and exhibited actual signs of highly structured intelligence in myriad ways.

I learned that a constant bias toward helping anyone or thing who needed it always came back to me with a bounty I could not have anticipated prior to the action I took.

Since that time, the American mind has become dulled by the technological virtuosity of its own ingenuity, and has lapsed back into a flailing pursuit of hedonistic gratification interested in only the maximum satiation of its own feverish desires.

Specifically we have forgotten — or willingly ignore — the greater reality that we are more than ourselves, that none of us can exist without others, and that in a state of love, where you willingly sacrifice your own predilections for the polishing of that essential other, your specific action returns a bounty one hundred times greater than you ever could have expected before you took it.

Always be an umpire rather than a partisan

Since human intelligence does not know why we're here, what or where our consciousness actually is, or that other 95 percent of the known universe known as dark matter that the human mind cannot even effectively engage — it is only known by deductive theory — why would you ever think you have the final answer to anything? If you think you do, then by definition you have put a blinding filter on actual information you receive through your main windshield of consciousness, no question about it.

The first bus left for Pluto yesterday. How do you think Jesus will play in outer space? Just think of it! Cathedrals on Mars, more monuments to the human fear of itself. Think you know how to call the play. The best way is from behind the plate, with the mask on. Learn at least to tell the difference between a home run and and fixed game.

Never give up your dreams, for anything.

Wherever you are at this moment, stop and give me five more seconds. I never doubted for a moment that your heart was in the right place. It’s only the dogma I’m after, mistaken presuppositions that drown our lives in shadows and sadness, and lead us to kill others for a grievance we have created in ourselves from our fear. This is why everything is happening as it is now. I have no other message. Be who you hope to be.

So why would what I say be so objectionable?

Here’s the short answer.

Because what I am constantly attacking is a lie.

And the world runs on lies. On sleight of hand. On enforced dogma, that is also known in more polite parlance as consensual opinion. “Manufactured Consent” was the good Chomsky/Herman term.

Right now most of the world is just learning that the forces that control them are manufactured by tyrants pressing buttons in glass skyscrapers. And we’re all groping in the terminology to identify the actual perpetrators of our misery.

And actually, that’s not hard. You know their names.

But we get lost, sidetracked into futile remonstrations. Drowned out in the white noise of habit and comfort. As the big meat grinder creeps closer to all these fabulous condos in paradise we’ve created, there is a tsunami brewing in the collective human consciousness that will, in one way or another, for sure, engulf all of us.

And whether the crest of that wave is the for real beginning of an actual World War Three looms as a likely physical manifestation of the very thing that is compelling the human species to destroy itself. Somebody’s profiting from making it happen.

I pride myself on being able to adapt to new information, and to alter my fundamental view of the world on the basis of better-argued points of view. Among other things, this helps me to better appreciate people from other cultures who are not like myself.

But unfortunately, given the crisis that has been created by the media, banks and governments all seeking to squeeze in the fastest way possible every last drop of profitable blood out of every conceivable nook and crannie, we’re screwed, grist for the mill, the ingredients of a fortune cookie that is not completely of our own making. Soylent Green, if you know what I mean.

Shifting the spotlight of blame onto someone is not in itself a hostile action, because enmity can cloud fair judgment, and when all is said and done, all these human political and religious pronouncements are merely cut-and-dried, epidemiological data of the self-persecution complex of the human race.

I have to get this because .... it was so important to me.

Harrumph! — You’ve offended my honor!

Where was it you were going? And so fast.

So look at where it has gotten us.

The garden smolders, and we whistle our brittle metallic tunes that drown out the harmony of the very things we need — pine needles, a harmonica, and a warm family on a summer evening.

This should be life on earth.

But it’s not what we have.

Ask yourself why.

Will you fight for your life, or run from it?

How much will we let them take from us before we rise up and take it back?

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida who writes Internet essays for not much fun and not much profit. He is the author of two collections of essays, America's Autopsy Report and The Perfect Enemy, many of which have been published individually on hundreds of websites around the world. A third collection, “Recipe for Extinction,” is soon to be published. In addition, he has written The Day America Died: Why You Shouldn’t Believe the Official Story of What Happened on September 11, 2001, a 48-page booklet aimed at those who still believe the government’s highly questionable version of events. For more information and announcement of release dates, keep track at http://www.johnkaminski.com/

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