John Kaminski

March 3 2004

When the anchor comes loose

What to do when your compass won’t work

By John Kaminski

"What do you think of David Icke?" was the question in the e-mail from Linda.

Icke (rhymes with Mike) is the wildly popular author of a bevy of mind-wrenching books, most recently Tales from the Time Loop, Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster, Children of the Matrix and another book subtitled The Robots' Guide to Freedom. A former British soccer star turned sociopolitical guru, his most controversial thesis is that the world is ruled by a heartless band of elite lunatics he is predisposed to label as Reptilians.

I must admit for the longest time I dismissed him out of hand as simply another New Age charlatan. Notwithstanding my knowing about the triune brain in humans (and that the inner core is, in fact, the reptilian brain), I simply don't like flip categorizations of human groups, like calling Jews chiselers, Blacks lazy or Poles lightbulb changers.

I first became snagged by his website by the things he reprinted from other sources. What got me was the legendary essay "Report from Iron Mountain," which everyone in the world should read. Then I scoped out some his works and realized what he was up to. And what he is up to is probably the most important task in the world — how to identify those who control us.

Here's how I responded to that e-mail.

I think Icke may be closer to the truth than anybody else, Linda.

At the very least he is metaphorically accurate.

It’s undeniable there is a genetic grouping of "relatives" who dominate the elitist group that runs the planet. This is how people can trace the relationship of the Sabah family that runs Kuwait to be cousins, somewhat far removed, of both Queen Elizabeth and President Bush

That Icke calls them "Reptilian" may be a little unnerving and perhaps melodramatic (although there is nothing melodramatic about how our planet is being destroyed by them), but apparently this genetic link does exist.

Many of these rich psychos believe they are part of the bloodline of Jesus (or Thoth, or Abraham, or Enlil), and even though it’s proven that none of these characters were actual human beings, the pseudo-legitimacy of the claims have nevertheless been exploited to accrue great power over the centuries. Oh that supernatural sanction! The main hurdle we now face as a species is to realize that all these gods we've created are merely projected shadows of our own fears, and that cynical manipulators have been using them against us for centuries.

A lot of people regard Icke’s synopses of history as spurious pseudoscience, but let me tell you, the official histories used by credentialed academics, who look down their noses at alternative versions, really have no more credibility than Icke’s assertions, maybe less.

You only have to consider what mainstream media has told us about the war in Iraq and about 9/ 11 to realize that if this kind of cynical manipulation of the true story by the powers behind the scenes has been going on throughout history, then we don’t really have any idea
what happened at any time because we only have the tailored version the power elite used to cover up their various crimes.

When you consider this, Icke becomes credible and prescient. And everything you ever learned about the world becomes open to question. I believe that’s the way it is, for real. I believe Icke produces a useful template for understanding events. Nobody ever gets all the little details right.

The top priority for humanity has become how to identify those who are really running things, because the planet is being ruined and they are clearly the reason.

Another e-mail I received that same day, this one from Lucille, took me to task for blaming the Dark Ages on the newly formed Roman church running amok. She rightly pointed out that the Dark Ages occurred because Rome had to that point controlled most of the civilized world, and when Rome fell apart, so did the world it controlled. All the channels of authority disintegrated and chaos ensued. When I read her note, I had an inkling that this is what is about to happen to America and our whole world. A new Dark Ages, ruled by chaos and mass death.

Then my friend Pieter from Holland wrote and said he couldn’t cope with his e-mail volume, and even though he loved my essays, he asked me to stop sending them. He also explained he’d had trouble dealing with pronouncements about the formation of Christianity, and while he appreciated my political perspectives, the value he’d gotten from his beliefs and the truths he had read in Christian literature (and Pyramid inscriptions) prevented him from acknowledging the structure of his belief system as false. The proof, as it were, was in the pudding.

I replied:

I know exactly what you mean about the inbox problem. Once a
week or so I have to throw away about 500 e-mails I wanted to ponder and respond to simply because I can’t deal with the volume, and I spend all day almost every day processing them. In a way, it’s a happy problem, but frustrating. I’m sure I offend a lot of people by not answering.

One quick note about those tantalizing historical portents, which can be likened to the warmth of the accepted Christ vs. the flaws in the dogma of established churches. You don’t need to give up the former by rejecting the latter. The awesome joy of accepting one’s inclusion in the divine plan is in no way nullified by discovering that many priestly scholars are manipulative savages. This is true even if we are merely Nibiruan dogfood. The dream is the thing that’s real, even if many of the structural directions to get us there are just so many celestial Ponzi schemes.

That's why people who are really solid in their faith don’t get upset when I set a match to the fantastic fabrications of religious dogma. They know who their God is, and the validity of their allegiance to goodness and the life force. Sure, they may loosen their collars a bit when I start going into how Jesus the historical character is largely a work of fiction, but academic repartee of that nature is not going to shake the emotional foundations of what they know in their bones to be true, that acknowledging you only work for the higher plan is a far stronger force than some clumsy catechism based on ancient and confabulated fictions.

It's only the poseurs who are NOT sure of their faith who get upset when I start trashing the criminal manipulators who attended the Council of Nicea, or the psychotic propagandists who spasmodically insist exactly six millions Jews died in the German gas chambers. When I say with conviction there were NO German gas chambers, those whose faith is based on a febrile fealty to their ethnic group rather than certainty in the ground of their being instantly go mad, and start arguing that freedom of speech must be curtailed, and we may not talk about this topic.

In this same vein I believe that those who evangelize and desperately try to get others to accept their chosen path are really nonbelievers who are so insecure about their own beliefs that have to put bandages on their own doubts by getting others to accept the very thing they are not sure about.

So I copied this response to Pieter (and the one to Linda) to my friend and beloved Rense columnist Jude Moriarty. She was thankful and replied:

“John...thanks for sending. I had never seen the ICKE site ...its humor is really something. In my many readings of documents/reports from various gatherings of the “elite” it is notable that they really do have this delusionary mindset that they are the appointed guardians/gatekeepers/special bloodline: Mad yes, but they believe it ... so remarks like “we have to rid the world of 4 billion people” can be made without any semblance of humanity .... I don’t know how many times in conversations with some pretty credentialed astute writers-poets-engineers-etc., that I've heard the same remarks/observations — that so-and-so appears human, has the mannerisms of a human, but something is missing, there’s an empty or chaotic nothingness in the eyes (windows to the soul) ... stands to reason if someone is soulless the eyes have it. But then who would believe — and that’s the charm of it ... but one knows madness-inhumanness when in the presence of it. If one has any semblance of discernment that is. Most people don’t.”

We see the world around us being poisoned, prostituted, destroyed. Who are the soulless people responsible for such a crime against God?
Is it really us, or is someone else? Sure we’d like to blame someone else, but many of us are genuinely doing the best we can to stop the murderous madness. Who are those who don’t?

Yesterday morning, the very first e-mail I received, from Greg, contained the excellent recommendation to read a chapter of Carlos Castaneda’s The Active Side of Infinity, the one called “Mud Shadows.” As it happened, I had it in my bookcase. It was an excellent way to start the day.

Carlos the perpetually puzzled student was listening to his guru, the sage Indian nagual don Juan Matus, who told him (and I am condensing greatly):

The ancient sorcerors of Mexico discovered we have a companion for life. “We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners.” don Juan said this was “the topic of topics.”

Sorcerors believe that the predators have given us our system of beliefs, our ideas of good and evil, our social mores. They are the ones who set up our hopes and expectations and dreams of success or failure. Through social customs, the predators superimposed their mind on our own.

Castaneda’s whole theory throughout his astonishing series of don Juan books is that humans must resist this predatory mindset that has been imposed on humans by mysterious forces we don’t usually notice.

He has don Juan saying: “We are energetic probes created by the universe ... we are the means by which the universe becomes aware of itself.”

Now ... this conclusion. Castaneda’s mysterious shadows that prey on our minds, and were put there long ago by the creators of social custom, are not that far afield from the mysterious Reptilians whom Icke posits are controlling and savaging our world.

For years in much New Age literature, would-be gurus have been pointing to a moment in time that (to my mind) was first noted by Jose Arg??lles in his analyses of the 25,000-year-long Mayan calendar, a calendar which ends — not so incidentally — in the year 2012. Galactic synchronization, he called it. The exponential expansion of consciousness in the way I see it. The hyperbolic accleration of all human systems all point to it as occurring soon.

When this moment comes, the shameful rhetoric of George W. Bush and all his cynical rhetoricians will not stand up to the challenge. All those Democratic luminaries who silently pretend 9/11 was not an inside job, and America’s criminal invasion of the rest of the world is an inevitable development of manifest destiny will not stand up to the gut-wrenching test we are all approaching at breakneck speed.

First on the list of challenges we face is to identify the subterranean triggers that makes us kill each other and everything around us. These triggers are both people of great power and ideas that are universally accepted.

Hence the confluence of Icke’s Reptilians and Castaneda’s predators. The choice is clear. We either send them packing to rubbish heap of evolution or let them destroy us and everything we love.

How do we do that?

Stand in your own truth. Never fear what you may not avoid.

You are the reason God exists. Find your job and do it. We’re all depending on you. We’re all in this together. Nobody gets out of here alive. But that’s no reason to take everybody else with us when we go.

Or, as don Juan said, we are the means by which the universe becomes aware of itself. If we don’t do it, no one will, and that would be the greatest tragedy of all.

John Kaminski is the author of America's Autopsy Report, a collection of his Internet essays published by Dandelion Books and featured on hundreds of websites around the world. For more information on how to get this book or to financially support his work, go to http://www.johnkaminski.com/.
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