John Kaminski

January 31 2004

Kaminski on the radio after the Super Bowl

Tune in to Tom Valentine's Radio Free America 10 p.m. Sunday 2/1/04

By John Kaminski

John Kaminski, popular/notorious (depending on your outlook)
Internet columnist and author of "America's Autopsy Report," can be
heard Sunday night on Tom Valentine's Radio Free America right after the
conclusion of the Super Bowl.

The broadcast is available by tuning your shortwave radio to 5.745
or catching the webcast on your computer at

It begins at 10 p.m. on February 1.

Topics are likely to include a recent dispute between Kaminski and
an Internet site called The Webfairy about that site's contention that
no planes were used during the disaster known as 9/11. The Webfairy uses
stunning photographic evidence to contend that no planes hit the
Pentagon or the first WTC tower, and even presents a story that the
plane that struck the second tower actually appears to have been a
photographic trick. In addition, the site also presents convincing
research by Gerard Holmgren that no planes were used in the attacks.

Other topics may include the recent sudden cancellation of Kaminski
on a radio talk show because he wanted to talk about Zionist
manipulation of American media, and the host of that show didn't.

Kaminski, whose work appears on rense.com, worldnewsstand.net and
hundreds of other websites around the world, at first declared the
hologram argument to be a disinformational distraction from the mission
of conscientious researchers to expose the blatant lies told by our
government about that tragic day. But upon further reflection, he
realized that all avenues of research into this world-shattering hoax
need to be explored and either verified or debunked.

"America's Autopsy Report" is a collection of Kaminski's Internet
essays featuring such titles as "No One Is Safe From America's Killer
President," "Fake Terror Alerts," and "The Real Terrorist is George W.
Bush." A second volume of his essays, titled "The Perfect Enemy" and
featuring such columns as "9/11 is a Hoax" and "The Real Axis of Evil,"
is currently in production for publication. In addition, Kaminski will
shortly release a pamphlet aimed at those who still believe the
government's version of 9/11 events titled "The Day America Died." For
information about these and other publications and videos, click

Tom Valentine has long been one of America's most respected
political talk show hosts and always features guests too hot for the
mainstream to handle. The night after Kaminski appears, Tom's scheduled
guest is Hutton Gibson, father of Mel Gibson, who is currently under
siege for his controversial new film about the last hours in the life of
Jesus Christ.

The call-in number for listeners to Tom Valentine's Radio Free
America is 1-800-259-9231.

Don't miss America's Autopsy Report, a collection of John's Internet essays.

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