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Before We the People can talk about corporate power or anything else, We the People needs to exist...
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Paradigm Shift

It's pretty straightforward, and not all that complicated, as are most paradigm shifts (the sun does not revolve around the earth - it's actually the other way around!!!!!) - but the results are big. A complete shift in the world view of those going from one side of a paradigm shift to the other. A serious growth moment, as one takes another step closer to the truth, and the light, and away from the darkness of ignorance.

And here's what we need to do at this time in our history, here is the paradigm shift that must happen.

We shift our way of thinking from here:

The government is well organized, and tells us all what to do, and we accept it unquestioningly, along with the presence of the national police-judicial-incarceration system which fairly enforces any and all edicts of the government, for this is surely a great democracy, and we do get to choose who the government will be every few years through democratic elections so all is well ...

To this:

The so-called "democratic elections" are a complete sham as currently structured, and allow a small, wealthy elite to control the country through chosen puppet candidates and control of the national media. This is unacceptable in a people who perceive themselves as free human beings able to and desirous of organizing their own affairs. The government of such people is simply the administrative, collective voice of We the People, with no power at all beyond what We the People collectively agree to give it, and which power is at all times subject to our collective approval, or change in the parameters under which it functions - and We the People will organize in any ways we find convenient and efficient in our communities and larger areas, establish what our collective desires and priorities are and how we will meet those goals through various forms of communication and consensus, and instruct our employee administrators to undertake the things we want done, which they will do or we find more competent employees. For that is the bottom line - we are simply hiring employees, not empowering "leaders" who have some form of "carte blanche" for several years once they get the magical seat in the Houses of Parliament.

Simple as that is, it is the equivalent of a reversal in the magnetic fields of the earth - the government does not issue orders from on high for We the People to follow - but We the People give instructions to a group of people as to what we want them to do. People on the other side of such a shift cannot accept "majority" governments who are actually supported by 20% of the citizens. People on the other side of such a shift will not accept lies from the people they elect, but demand (and receive) their immediate removal as a "people's" representative. People on the other side of such a shift will not accept a series of "new" policies and initiatives that the "elected representatives" never bothered to mention they were considering during the election campaign. People on the other side of such a shift would never accept huge tax cuts to the wealthiest groups in the country, hand in hand with cries that "the government has no money and we must cut services for everyone!!!" People on the other side of such a shift would never accept the complete fraud of the so-called "National Debt Scam". People on the other side of such a shift would never accept a media which lies and propagandizes rather than giving fair and honest reporting and a full range of opinion about what is happening in their country and around the world. People on the other side of such a shift would find it unthinkable that their government continued to jail people for possession of marijuana, and spend huge amounts of money pursuing and charging people for such "crimes", when most of them believed that such drugs should be legal. And etc and etc and etc.

But Momma Momma we already DO that in our Democracy!!!! They told me so in school!!!!

Yes, Sweetie, but there's rather a large gap between the theory they "teach" you in school, and the reality on the ground. Start here for some thoughts that may lead to the Path of Enlightenment....

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